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File: 1345507859449.jpg (1.23 MB, 2000x2000, reference.jpg)

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How about a thread about references, guidelines, examples, and the like?
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File: 1345509614794.gif (980.01 KB, 471x363, 1343510018316.gif)


Not feeling motivated? Let's fix that.
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File: 1470295156668.webm (5.17 MB, 476x338, stop.webm)

Whatever you use to dull your senses to the pain of daily existence… cut that shit out and get to work.

File: 1494666607579.png (68.06 KB, 640x563, teeny weeny.png)


Well looks like we hit the bump limit on the old thread, and it was getting unstable so I guess this thing.

Same format with the old thread. Whatever.
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Dancer's face is quite adorable in the last panel


File: 1502692078021.png (154.81 KB, 855x519, 1502689079150.png)

mlp draw thread


I've never really wanted to fuck Dancer, but I do now.


pls shouting, more moondancer


shout is easily the best thing ever. I love how expressive his art is!

File: 1491600618677.png (47.4 KB, 566x665, veronica.png)

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2 years later and another thread is up
Old threads:

This is probably bad. I can barely keep up with these threads anymore and they're super slow so I don't know what my excuse is. My wallowing self-pity party notwithstanding, here is the new thread!

I'll try to be more active in discussing and addressing any stuff of mine you guys want to bring up, though I imagine monstergirls will still be the order of the day.

Here's to a new year (or more) of soft, strange ladies.
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I was going to do a TNT joke before I realised that the countdown gag and reaction wouldn't be suited for a example picture

Also thinking about it now, it's very likly I'll have Paonne be a "tool" simply because I can believe Paonne can take a lot of perv-tier selfies and other photos and get away with it. Paonne can take all sorts of photos - like of information or evidence - in front of literally everyone and nobody would be any wiser. The perfect Undercover Camerabird, if you can stand the fuckton of selfie faces and weird posing in front of what you want to actually look at.


File: 1501621730292.png (99.95 KB, 682x541, shrinkandgrowthshenanigins.png)

also I had this lying around ever since I came up with Puck being able to use his own height to shrink/grow people.

I'm very glad I put some restrictions on it because seriously, while the ability to turn you into a manlet is funny for a "this is the worst punishment Puck could think of" joke, it could be pretty intimidating on the bigger girls and 7 ft Anon is intimidating himself - He's basically as tall as Gnath.


File: 1501882106327.png (1.38 MB, 2280x1895, femanonimous.png)

Decided to put some emphasis on the places Femanon will be able to explore that Anon possibly can't. I don't want to encourage Anon to use - or explore - dimensional fuckery more than he already has done.

Also while I'm not 100% certain on what Misfit camp looks like, I AM certain the area probably originally functioned like the Season doors from the Nightmare Before Christmas. My idea for Femanon is pretty simple: by figuring out "safe" traveling/trading routes to these places, you get nice background details. For example, the winter place being responsible for Monstro Village ever seeing snow in it's tropical climate.

I'm quite happy implying that having Misfit Camp actually function will change the big-picture parts of the area and eventually come in handy for the small-picture parts involving Anon.


File: 1502487994639.png (1.45 MB, 2280x1991, Knightynight.png)

I realised I forgot to set the tone for Anon's Knightly adventures when I mentioned them. To put it bluntly, I see them as 2nd person narrative - as in Weaver, who knows how to actually write quests, gets to do some self-depricating humour because they arn't actually "quest" quests, but more of a "Weaver gets to go full Tales of Monkey Island and poke fun at everything in a mock-quest style" sort of quest. Think the "quest" that involved only slamming the door in Rainbow dash's face, but more story-progressing.

And just in case he gets bored of that, I also made sure there are (overarching story) quests that might actually be dangerous, because Weaver's definition of fun seems to involve terror or eternal torment of some kind so maybe that's why he's been so bored of the series untill recently: Monstro Village was TOO NICE of a setting and didn't allow him to go full FnaF or Elderitch abominations.

Oh yeah, I realise you might yell at me for involving Alcadox, but please remember I'm trying to balance the "poke fun" with "occasional tragedy". I was thinking of "Alcadox gives Anon a reason to go to /tg/" because hey, they have a reputation for being dragon fuckers so guess where she was when she was younger. But for the tragedy angle, I wanted her to give you the start of a sort of resident evil puzzle, where you have to play a song to open the treasure room. http://picosong.com/vrAh/ is the sort of song I had in mind. It just really kicks you while your down when you know whos castle it is your currently in and that he's DEAD. AGAIN.


File: 1503156381185.png (908.65 KB, 2280x2024, knight101.png)

This started as a continuation of the knight theme and ended up as supporting character development. Honestly, I needed someone with actual knight experience and this guy just fucking off after a while seemed like a waste of a perfectly good support character

File: 1375075724581.png (234.11 KB, 1000x737, skpone.png)

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Trying to get back into it. Can't really say I had good fundamentals if I forget so easily.
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File: 1478638335868.png (318.33 KB, 1200x1200, tuft luck.png)


File: 1479846803103.png (Spoiler Image, 2.23 MB, 3000x2000, save a pony.png)


Still one of the most hilarious pictures. I love your work and I'm sad we don't see it so much anymore.

>>8153 I've always enjoyed how stoic he is, like a male Maude Pie


File: 1498256774548-0.jpg (271.51 KB, 2456x2672, 001.jpg)

File: 1498256774548-1.jpg (316.3 KB, 2500x2220, 002.jpg)

File: 1498256774548-2.jpg (303.11 KB, 2500x3028, 003.jpg)

File: 1368205491052.jpg (234.31 KB, 1191x1500, Twilight_Alicentaur.jpg)

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the noncrazy edition
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File: 1381556450980.jpg (303.64 KB, 1366x1200, LamiaFaustIsHungry.jpg)

someone give me something to draw sweet Celestia I am bored


For Nightmare Night all the alicorns are going as Nightmare versions of themselves?


i like it, but keep in mind, i'm contractually obligated to dislike anything with Spike in it


dude, respect the beb


I'm gonna

File: 1455946658820.png (20.18 KB, 566x402, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha….png)


I wanted to consult you /art/.
I want a list of online website canvases, where you can draw..

I didn't see such a list anywhere.

To start, I have

Normal canvases
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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One of the best, if not the best, drawing applications I've ever used.


everything is in wapanese, are you weaboo enough?



for some diagrams too


Discovered this one

File: 1441497711095.png (29.63 KB, 795x597, pb.png)

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Monstergirls and sometimes not monstergirls

Previous threads:
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File: 1491331645808.png (307.67 KB, 810x683, videagames.png)

and now for a blast from the past, redrawn



Is this entire site dead?


You get used to it - it only really gets active if 4chan is down

ironically, this thread is the most active thread simply because it's NOT about ponies.


File: 1371336898838.png (155.99 KB, 1059x565, fancy rarity with average ….png)


I don't draw as often as I should, but leave me requests here and I'll see what I can do. Requests can be small animations.

I like eyebrows so those are always a plus.
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I was just thinking about how much I love that you're still around and all the cute wonderful things you bring us. Like, I had the exact thought, "I'm sad about all the people I've seen leave, but I'm super happy Poniator's still around and as passionate as ever."

And then this literally a day later.

I love you man, and I always will, but still. Fuck me man.




I always enjoyed your post episode strams. I am going to miss you.


File: 1487106877478-0.gif (60.27 KB, 384x220, youre-waifu-a-cute_m_4x.gif)

File: 1487106877478-1.gif (11.05 KB, 96x55, youre-waifu-a-cute_m.gif)

File: 1487106877478-2.gif (59.53 KB, 384x220, youre-waifu-a-cute_4x.gif)

File: 1487106877478-3.gif (10.93 KB, 96x55, youre-waifu-a-cute.gif)

Might as well post here for safekeepenings>


File: 1491084016335-0.gif (5.42 KB, 224x176, fugggg.gif)

File: 1491084016335-1.gif (1.41 KB, 56x44, fugggg_orig.gif)

april fuggsssss :DDDDDdddf

File: 1410851311283.png (54.92 KB, 328x350, it's shit.png)

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Pleased to meet you. I guess this is going to be the dumping ground of some rubbish I will, and have drawn.

Totally taking requests also (as long as they're good).
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File: 1493674558209.png (270.74 KB, 926x867, she might not be a doormat….png)


this totally should have happened


She's the one that caused the mess to begin with so she would deserve it. She's not smart anyhow, even if that door wasn't blocked she was pushing on it without even attempting to turn the doorknob (which was round O.o)




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