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File: 1570864212924.jpeg (1.78 MB, 2107x3160, 2073396.jpeg)


A thread to the discussion of the post FiM era. Comics, state of things, whatever.
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File: 1582186270924.gif (91.08 KB, 370x450, 3.gif)

I'd say low but the post trump era has been so bizarre maybe it'll be okayish at some points. I mean, the Chinese using MLP for the cornavirus educational campaign is not something I'd expect either but here we are.


File: 1582788266674.jpeg (10 KB, 98x255, t_0b11ad80eaeb3ab719ab2c3….jpeg)

>we are close to having our own autowafus.
>we beat the weebs to doing this.
Yeah… anything is possible at this point.


Nice thumbnail. I'm sure the ants are enjoying it.


File: 1583046715759.jpg (653.9 KB, 1150x3000, 0b11ad80eaeb3ab719ab2c3cb7….jpg)



File: 1331121562049.jpg (458.64 KB, 1000x708, 1330273716883.jpg)


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File: 1569519970268.png (378.15 KB, 2000x2187, 1512268323209.png)

So close to the 9th year anniversary of MLP, only 14 more days. Also only 16 more days until the last episode.

It was a pleasure being on the ride with you all, it'll be sad to see it go.



you're lucky the show is ending, otherwise i'd never do this.


It'll be amazing if this thread is here in another few years.


I do not know what our future holds, but it's been an honor.


I hope the sight stays up as a bunker at the very least.

File: 1414395298548.png (62.06 KB, 958x524, banned.png)


What the hell 4chan
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File: 1561083323738.png (165.17 KB, 700x700, Fluttershy is very yellow ….png)

I can't believe my dumb thread from 5 years ago is still up


Yeah, what a shitty thread



well, it is a thread complaining about moderation. Could be worse.


File: 1561084758636.jpg (9.71 KB, 255x218, tiny fluttershy face hoof.jpg)

it's not something I would do now a days, 5 years is a long time

File: 1523629721811.png (507.63 KB, 1280x720, Zecora prepares to collect….png)


Okay MLPG scientific question. Why is Bridle Gossip a 9/10 episode? Give three reasons.
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I think I still have some sound webums
Ill have to see when I get home


It was nice but a lot of season 1-3 episodes blow it out of the water.

Remember when our standards were so high, we thought Applebuck Season was a terrible episode?

I miss how optimistic we were back then. Now we just celebrate whenever a new episode isn't 100% shit.


File: 1532293059099.webm (2.38 MB, 1280x720, MLP-2018 Panel Part 2_ - ….webm)


File: 1532891134948.webm (2.37 MB, 640x360, A Royal Problem_The_virgi….webm)


Sounds like a stoner. I hate the way stoners sound.

File: 1441178711214.png (742.92 KB, 1266x720, 1441046250846.png)

 No.12160[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

new backup horse
2015 edition
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Probably playing vidya or being somewhere else.
I wonder how many people remember the sub is a fallback place for when 4chan acts up?


I'm trying to summon a horse onto my screen. Ill show you guys later if Im successful.


File: 1567135444804.jpg (559.75 KB, 2048x1536, 1506867941293.jpg)

Should ask ponies if they wanna play too.


File: 1567149956398.png (217.95 KB, 811x755, sleepyhead rarity.png)

good night friends, may you dream with ponies


File: 1570365681849.gif (42.95 KB, 382x279, [cameo intensifies].gif)

>no thread up
What the h*ck

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File: 1523647522758.png (54 KB, 1303x1480, friday at the local gym - ….png)


Previous Thread >>32216135

>What is a 'Satyr Abomination' thread about?

A satyr is what happens when a human and a pony decide to get freaky and end up having a child. The top half is mostly human, the bottom is from pony mom (or pony dad). This thread is dedicated to the art and written works about these lovable creatures.
>What about other species?
The show had quite a few different intelligent species by season 8, 'everycreature' and all. Pick your poison, but /mlp/ is mainly into ponies.
>What is the world/characters/personalities & attributes?
The most common setting is one or multiple Anons in Equestria. Most of the established characters are in the list below, the personalities mostly vary from green to green. Just ask the thread about common headcanons.

Satyrs by Parent: https://pastebin.com/d7T2GaDk
Story by Parent: http://pastebin.com/qFf46ep5
Author List: http://pastebin.com/RFgtrECq

Searchable Archive:
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File: 1524589965916.png (119.26 KB, 656x770, broil lifting phone doodle.png)


Did 4chan shit itself again?



File: 1528962927775.png (34.26 KB, 859x1186, 1606381__suggestive_artist….png)

I like it when the satyrs are very large


File: 1532948079248.png (29.84 KB, 770x1251, Ariana as Link.png)

4chan ded again

File: 1514512577386.png (325.56 KB, 1600x900, mlp_background_by_ikillyou….png)


Why this board or even this site is inactive?




This board, specifically, is a backup for when 4chan goes down. /qt/ is mostly inactive due to the fact a lot of people went into a Discord server.


4chan is down while I post this and it's still far less active than mlpg. Is the discord full of activity or did everyone find something else to do?


Probably a solid third-to-half of the MLPG regulars are in the discord (I'm not because those kinds of places seem kinda dumb aside from as emergency pods for thread discussion), some people might be playing vidya, others still are stubbornly posting and using imgur to post images.

File: 1501113402290.jpg (1.08 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic cover.jpg)


I was asked to dump this here for the time being.


File: 1501113518874-0.jpg (822.79 KB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic credits.jpg)

File: 1501113518874-1.jpg (932.06 KB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 1.jpg)

File: 1501113518874-2.jpg (1.1 MB, 1158x1781, Movie Comic 2.jpg)

File: 1501113518874-3.jpg (1.05 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 3.jpg)

File: 1501113518874-4.jpg (1.25 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 4.jpg)


File: 1501113630374-0.jpg (1.08 MB, 1156x1778, Movie Comic 5.jpg)

File: 1501113630374-1.jpg (1.12 MB, 1170x1799, Movie Comic 6.jpg)

File: 1501113630374-2.jpg (1.13 MB, 1144x1759, Movie Comic 7.jpg)

File: 1501113630374-3.jpg (1.24 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 8.jpg)

File: 1501113630374-4.jpg (1.32 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 9.jpg)


File: 1501113743634-0.jpg (1.1 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 10.jpg)

File: 1501113743634-1.jpg (1.13 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 11.jpg)

File: 1501113743634-2.jpg (1.18 MB, 1158x1781, Movie Comic 12.jpg)

File: 1501113743634-3.jpg (1.14 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 13.jpg)

File: 1501113743634-4.jpg (1.3 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 14.jpg)


File: 1501113880847-0.jpg (1.13 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 15.jpg)

File: 1501113880847-1.jpg (1.12 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 16.jpg)

File: 1501113880847-2.jpg (1.23 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 17.jpg)

File: 1501113880847-3.jpg (1.13 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 18.jpg)

File: 1501113880847-4.jpg (1.14 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 19.jpg)


File: 1501113984095-0.jpg (1.2 MB, 1249x1920, Movie Comic 20.jpg)

And that's that.

File: 1487740984404.jpg (565.2 KB, 1088x1652, 00000.jpg)


Comic #51 is out on iTunes, Kindle, and other digital comic mediums, and since images on 4chan are down I'm posting it here first.

Previous comics can be found here:
They can also be viewed online here:
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Fleecs has gotten just a little better at all the slack jaws but he's still kind of bland.

Spike's oddly written.

Interesting set-up and some cute characters beyond the antagonist.

7/10 mite b cool


10/10, my skin is crawling





We can do multi pages now? Nice



Never mimd, me being dumb

File: 1449914199645.png (497.67 KB, 594x845, stram.png)


Thought I might make a thread on here so people have an easy way to check what's up next.

Air time is 10pm GMT/UTC

S01E01 - Friendship is Magic Part 1
S01E02 - Friendship is Magic Part 2

Next up:

S01E03 - The Ticket Master
S01E04 - Applebuck Season
S01E05 Griffon the Brush Off
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Next up:

S02E01 - The Return of Harmony Part 1
S02E02 - The Return of Harmony Part 2
S02E03 - Lesson Zero


Whoops, completely forgot to say what is next.

Next up:

S02E04 - Luna Eclipsed
S02E05 - Sisterhooves Social
S02E06 - The Cutie Pox

S02E07 - May the Best Pet Win
S02E08 - The Mysterious Mare Do Well
S02E09 - Sweet and Elite


Next up:

S02E10 - Secret of my Excess
S02E11 - Hearths Warming Eve
S02E12 - Family Appreciation Day


Marathon week for the rest of season 2:

S02E13 - Baby Cakes
S02E14 - The Last Roundup
S02E15 - The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy

S02E16 - Read it and Weep
S02E17 - Hearts and Hooves Day
S02E18 - A Friend in Deed

S02E19 - Putting Your Hoof Down
S02E20 - Its About Time
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


The Hiatus Stream resumes till we get new pones (so just long enough to go through season 3).
The dates can be found on >>>/ht/37
Three episodes each stream with a 4th on one of them (haven't decided when yet)

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