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File: 1491600618677.png (47.4 KB, 566x665, veronica.png)

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2 years later and another thread is up
Old threads:

This is probably bad. I can barely keep up with these threads anymore and they're super slow so I don't know what my excuse is. My wallowing self-pity party notwithstanding, here is the new thread!

I'll try to be more active in discussing and addressing any stuff of mine you guys want to bring up, though I imagine monstergirls will still be the order of the day.

Here's to a new year (or more) of soft, strange ladies.
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File: 1563059766534.png (224.39 KB, 800x600, grift_canvas.png)

Weaver finally has some Grift stuff up on secret, including comics and pic related. It's honestly about time really, since most of the monsterboys are horribly underutilised (mostly because nobody wants a "LOOK THIS UGLY GUY IS FUCKING YOUR WAIFU AND BASICALLY: YOUR FUCKING STUPID" picture) but for the record I still question why Wosyet took THREE PANELS to catch up to a pratically stationary Grift on the grounds that it's a terrible design decision to create an unstoppable stone golem, and then design her to move more slowly than potential criminals.

I mean, how would she actually protect the girls when she moves so slow? Why would the criminals even be scared of her if - even given that she could potentially pursue you forever - she moves so slowly you could loose her so easily that the 24/7 pursuit feature and the ability to bust through walls like KoolAid Man doesn't actually mean anything? Every implication about it just makes me question how competent Wosyet WOULD ACTUALLY BE as a protector, where as before I was pretty confident that Wosyet was on-paper just as competent as the Sherrif is at crime-busting, but in-reality is just VERY, VERY, VERY old fashioned about it, and nobody is stupid enough to hang around for 3 seconds after Wosyet enters Law-enforcement mode.

TLDR: the last panel of the comic should have been Grift being decked by Wosyet because he WAS STANDING COMPLETELY STILL instead of running the instant Wosyet became pissed off at him. You could even say that it's the punchline.


File: 1566853407568-0.png (104.77 KB, 646x508, mearappartment.png)

File: 1566853407568-1.png (Spoiler Image, 358.53 KB, 754x600, Leousesintimidate.png)

File: 1566853407568-2.png (Spoiler Image, 109.73 KB, 521x600, elinude.png)

finally a big monstro update on secret, so some colours

Honestly, I wasn't a fan of the new gritty Leo reboot - mostly because I'm a stickler for the more normal older design - untill I thought about it since the guy can, you know, subconciously plant things into your head, so why couldn't he just make himself LOOK more intimidating than he actually is? Or more handsome, or etc you get the idea it's literal mind games


Don't know anything about Leo, but I will say that I'm sorry if it's getting the gritty reboot treatment. Ug, it just seems that everything rebooted is either grity or 100% lol random fun happy. Just wish for some subtly.

Oh and nice art!


File: 1579996281895-0.png (236.34 KB, 1120x805, veronidraonrepainted.png)

File: 1579996281895-1.png (92.94 KB, 591x600, iniminishorts.png)

boop, more colours. fun facts: I'm just waiting for secret to update so I can colour stuff that catches my fancy, so don't worry if there's large spans of innactivity colouring-wise.

First picture opinion: I don't exactly like the draconic look for Veronica. I'd accept it if it turns out the magic system in Monstro allows a certain ammount of body enhancment magic (i.e: Veronica can be more draconic thanks to enchancing her lizardness), but otherwise I just coloured this for the lewds and the play-on-words to describe this state: Vorenica. (it's just switching two words in her actual name around, it's great)

Second picture is off the mouse that actually sorta took off because of randomly having her as friends with the nerdy snake, so I wanted to give her the same coloured eyes so they have something in common visually. Otherwise: booty.


File: 1581208364907.png (Spoiler Image, 249.96 KB, 790x800, adewlut.png)

Lo and behold, Weaver dumped a lot of monster stuff on secret. Most of which I've already coloured, lol. Still, there IS some silver lining: He's finally produced a picture of Leo's new look as a full body, so I can edit that picture into something I can talk about later.

For now, have the adult Dewbon picture, done while experimenting with a brush.


File: 1581291455359-0.png (214.14 KB, 565x748, leonewdesign.png)

File: 1581291455359-1.png (66.89 KB, 293x303, dewbonkidhidef.PNG)

Alright, Got around to doing the edit of Leo. Yes I put a loincloth on him, I don't really feel like colouring dick because, as I've constantly mentioned before, the "this guy is fucking your monster waifu and basically, your stupid" routine isn't something I want and I have absolutly no reason to encourage it.

Also the Dewbon as a kid pictures I noseyed at on secret really bothered me, mostly because I picture her as being a little above anon's height at that age, so she REALLY shouldn't be that naked untill she gets older for a variety of reasons. Fortuanetly, Weaver has a info thingy for Dewbon so I made her an outfit that would, you know, get ACTUALLY USED in a wastland/plain - i.e a little shawl to cover her shoulders and upper body, those baggypants that everyone in Aladin seems to wear, just little bits that give her an aesthetic that have been referenced in other works.


File: 1584314620537-0.gif (41.97 KB, 254x245, Flipout.gif)

File: 1584314620537-1.gif (74.73 KB, 233x341, PBonherwaytopage10.gif)

File: 1584314620537-2.gif (303.87 KB, 304x295, Pbstretchesfinito.gif)

File: 1584314620537-3.gif (1.43 MB, 466x371, PBlipflapfinito.gif)

Posting more animations I made in SAI and posted on twitter, now that I've actually accumilated a bunch of them, previous bunch >>17160

Also, I had a small realisation that applying some scotland meme shitposting to PB actually sorta works for her, as it migates some of the need to explain WHY she's rude, crude and has an attitude in one easy to understand sentance:
She's scottish. This IS her being polite - what did you expect, a written invitation?

Also it makes Anon's two roommates both have equally ridiculous accents, with Caimon being french-american. That's somehting I can get behind.



this thread is so ded


well, people do rarely come to the site unless 4chan is down or they're questing.



I know. If I wasn't banned for posting the MLP logo on /co/ I wouldn't even be here again lol

ded show


File: 1585862245341.png (774.44 KB, 1697x1579, PBfullbio.png)

Most of the thread regulars are on Weaver's Discord nowadays.

Here's something I cooked up for April Fools that I'll post on here, while I'm here - Thing's I'll take away from it are:
1. I really like the idea of PB's birthday being on April Fools.
2. I really want PB's issues to be more than "she's just a bitch", "she's just a goblin" and "she's just scottish" meme responces
3. I really like the ability I gave her, honestly have outdone myself there and I'll definetly work more on it later



Weaver has a Discord? that's news to me.

I love goblins. Also, I got timed out with a couple day ban so shitpost away on MLPG - I can't reply xD


File: 1586295891233.png (2.63 MB, 2280x2137, discorddumppb2.png)

Yeah, I can't link you to it though since I'm not exactly very discord savy, and I'm also banned from it for pretty much telling Weaver what to do. Honestly, if it wasn't for SciFi Rice, this would be much worse than it actually is.
>shitpost away on MLPG
Roger that, I havn't posted my discord doodles for ages - so I guess i'll just throw a bunch of them together onto one thing.


File: 1589065873855.png (Spoiler Image, 128.72 KB, 357x533, curtainsforpb.png)

There was a cute pb in one of the pictures that I had to colour in during the current update.

Look at her, finally begining to metamorphasis into the waifu I always knew she could be. Make sure to thank local Anonymous madman for being her roommate and rubbing off on her.


File: 1589668415788.png (89.35 KB, 393x509, pbcape.png)

And, almost on cue, Weaver posts a PB-centric update to secret. Granted, I've ALREADY coloured 90% of it over the cource of the years, but I'm not complaining



This is quite cute, thank you for putting it together. I know it's not just for me, but I appreciate it as if you did it just for me.


File: 1590289247672.png (143.32 KB, 573x600, weddinggob.png)

Again, Weaver's secret update contains a picture that is pratically tailored just for me, I love it.

Hey, it's no problem. It's nice to know at least one person is seeing my stuff. I've been told I'm quite the taboo subject in the weaver discord, so all I know is my drawings probably arn't reposted there, ironically enough.



I'm sorry, I know what it's like to get kicked out of "secret clubs" for things you can't fully control. In my case, it's imsomnia -> unchecked mania

Your weddig picture is very cute! Where does Weaver post his art now?

I always loved RubyQuest


Not him, but between twitter, his archival site (linked on his twitter), and whatever fandom thread he might be in at that moment, you'll probably be able to hunt him down somewhere.


File: 1590960180543.png (1.57 MB, 2280x1103, discorddumppb3.png)


You might sometimes get a false 404 for the site - since I sometimes do - but that ONLY applies to the front page, everything else still works so just click the gallery button to load images. Not everything is on there yet of cource, but it's the best we got.

Menawhile here's some more PB doodle pictures, included puck's ability to swap species and actually got around to doodling more of what PB's ability would be like at it's highest levels - in that she could literally one-shot everything just by touching (with wraps of cource), and solve and/or cause problems in seconds. Yes, I've considered lewder aplications of this ability, havn't go around to drawign any of it though


File: 1591175793507.jpg (135.37 KB, 1123x961, OoOooOoO.jpg)

What's his Twitter? I sincerely do not know.


It turns up on google, but to avoid redundancy it's here:



File: 1594067098635.png (420.95 KB, 1600x800, surrogates_named.png)

Weaver posted this on discord, with a further explaination on who each of them are. I'll paste it all here, but disclaimer warning - I'm thouroughly against replacing Anon, so this is PURELY WEAVER'S DESCRIPTIONS FROM HERE ON OUT:

so this crew is an interesting one because they're all in some way related to me phasing out "Anon" as a character a few years back not because of any reason of principle, just because (metaphorically, not literally) faceless characters got really boring for me and were unenjoyable to write any further, so this is a cast that sort of represents various uses/roles/interpretations of an "Anon" character one might have or has had historically
as such these are, more or less, all characters who are filling the gap for "Anon", in Monstro Village (and perhaps beyond) they all represent various roles of "Anon" when making a narrative structure.

The Helper is optimistic, outgoing, desires to 'fix' everything, is very much a proto-Mike-Schmidt from Roommates type. The sort of person who dreams of going to x canon universe and bringing all his meta/genre knowledge to resolve everything perfectly. The guy who writes countless posts about all the considerate things he'd do for Agua to help her move around more freely, or how much he'd pamper Gillou with all the love she so clearly deserves.

The Villain is the sinister, scheming, overt pervert. He's the guy who follows for the porn, who posts lascivious "here's what I'd do to her" comments, and might occasionally post 'god i wish that were me'. He'd be the one scheming up how Agua's immobility makes her an easy target and Gillou's physical desperation would let you run wild on her. He's also the one who'll get his head kicked in occasionally and you won't feel so bad because schemers are so often cowards.

The Apprentice is the thirsty but also sadsack nerd. He's not self-hating and he may get bursts of defiant self confidence but he's probably easy to shake down and is the kind of poster you'd see longing for comfiness, acceptance – possibly revenge. He's the one who'd definitely post 'god I wish that were me'. Kinda pathetic but flawed as we all are. Desperately wants to fall asleep between Dewbon's waterbed sized tits.

Grift represents Anon's role more than his personality. In my mind if anyone is the "protagonist" of Monstro Village, it's probably Grift. He's well-meaning, well-connected, extroverted (partially to avoid dwelling on himself/his own issues), and knows/likes everyone in town. There's definitely anons that'd apply to, too, but he's also there to give us a lens into the place. Not the brightest bulb but a real kind heart for all his flaws.



The Caps are flat, sarcastic, dead-faced, and self-made critics. They work heavy meta-maintenance in the setting, fixing plotholes and potholes alike. They're sarcastic to the point of irritation, and represent the aspect that Anon best navigated as a character with an inscrutable question mark face. They sow mischief, but instead of the Villain's gleeful wickedness they're more just jerks by exercise. The kind of posters who'd insult a children's show character for being naive.

The Fawn is a split aspect of specifically Femanon, who traditionally played a smaller (or at least more specific) role. She represents the nerdy inexperienced shut-in type (who might also post "god I wish that were me") and would get along well with both Paula for her nervous naivetey and Elinda for her giddy online quirks. Emphasizes inexperience, relatability, girl-next-door stylings. Also might discover bi/pansexuality by day two. >TFW no big hunky Oni to sweep you off your feet and let you suck his dick

lastly, The Flamingo is basically the opposite extreme of the 'Femanon' archetype: confident, driven, and lecherous enough to match any guy in the lineup. The wanton sex maniac of the set, whose posts are more just a laundry list of all the monsterguys she'd bang and the tier list of what their dicks are probably like. Shameless enough to survive and thrive in a perverted setting, and more the type to make other girls discover their bi/pansexuality. Easy porn ally.


File: 1594417628130.png (560.44 KB, 1600x800, newguysintown.png)

coloured all the guys in, will give a breif sumary even though I know nobody cares:

Fine with The Helper and what he does.
Villain won't work out very well if he's an actual villain for the same reason having PB be an actually good criminal won't work - i.e they'd be in jail because of the NIGH INVINICBLE ROBOT COP and not to mention all the other stronger contenders who are out of their league - Which is why I referer to him as the Hinderance instead (because htat's pretty much all he'd actually Be, anyway)
Apprentice is okay, but only if the magic system is actually explored with him since I'm pretty much currently on HunterXhunter rules for Monstro now.
Grift really, really can't take Anon's place at Monsto towers, but I'm happy I thought of the idea of Grift having a pawnshop because Weaver's description helps with that.
The Caps are background characters at best.
Don't know what to make of The Fawn, honestly.
The Flamingo makes me really glad to support PB simply because Panone was supposed to be Anon's rival, so anybody giving me shit about Anon x PB can take a long hard look at the inevitable Panone x Flamingo pairing and tell me if you can spot the difference.


File: 1595539223498.png (889.71 KB, 1827x1607, anontoysofpower.PNG)

Alright, I know you guys don't care about my autism projects, but I finally finished this and am going to get the most controversial statment out of the way:

Anon from Monstro is the same Anon from Toybox Pals. The reasons why is because it gives Anon a good 30 YEARS of development and mentality to write around for Monstro, and it also explains why he's suspiciously abscent from Anne's life and Toybx Pals in general. It also gives him 30 years of living with and understanding how to make and maintain magical toys, which is what my drawing autism prompt was about.

Honestly, Anon personally being a magical toy maker allows for more than just these tweleve toys examples to exsist, but outside of gimmicks or toys for other people these are things I see Anon CONSTANTLY using for personal reasons over than just producing them for money or for other people.

I also threw pretty much everything I could think of, like toys that'd help move the plot of Monstro along (future vision), toys that'd actually be incredily usefull to have in the house (being able to conjure x ammount food or water under certain specific conditions is no joke for a magic ability, even if there is a daily limit), and even considered how Anon was meant to be projected on and threw in a toy for that (which also showcases how dangerous magic toys actually ARE, since he's essentially being haunted by a strange old man he doesn't know via Astral Projection and bad things always, always happen to him under certain conditions - like being too human - and Anon can't REALLY explain why, just the effects and what to avoid.)


File: 1595884121452-0.png (Spoiler Image, 347.56 KB, 789x731, Edn_0szVAAAOPDN.png)

File: 1595884121452-1.png (Spoiler Image, 174.13 KB, 969x800, gillou_toweled.png)

File: 1595884121452-2.png (Spoiler Image, 206.19 KB, 800x983, meara_fingered.png)

Also, Weaver has been doing Monster Girl lewds recently, so here they are. Gotta say, the best option here is definetly Gillou - not only would she be soft and huggable, but being out in the rain she will slowly increase in size due to her natural water-absorbing body, so it'll eventually become pretty plush under that towel, even if you might not complete fit under there over time due to certain… "natural features" of Gillou taking up slightly too much towel than they did earlier.


File: 1605141002184-0.png (270.04 KB, 1200x800, alttober1.png)

File: 1605141002184-1.png (218.6 KB, 1200x800, alttober2.png)

File: 1605141002184-2.png (352.63 KB, 1200x800, alttober3.png)

File: 1605141002184-3.png (368.44 KB, 1200x800, alttober4.png)

File: 1605141002184-4.png (335.76 KB, 1200x800, alttober5.png)

Weaver doodled alternate form for the monstergirls. I WAS going to wait untill he doodled them all, but I guess he's not oging to do that. Still, I'll try and incorporate as many as these into my ideas as I can since they are all nice designs and it'd be a shame if I couldn't come up with a workable gimick/explanation for at least a few of these


File: 1608593199984-0.png (Spoiler Image, 199.74 KB, 552x695, caiflash.png)

File: 1608593199984-1.png (Spoiler Image, 207.36 KB, 641x699, caispredd.png)

File: 1608593199984-2.png (120.81 KB, 555x365, weddinggator.png)

Weaver's been on a Caimon spree over on Secret so boop, colours


File: 1615825130486.png (183.14 KB, 383x627, EeC8PMNXgAUfQM8.png)

I just wanted to say I think Gillou is very cute and I wish I could hug her without it being too awkward.


File: 1618359463534-0.png (Spoiler Image, 209.05 KB, 766x773, gilloupranked.png)

File: 1618359463534-1.png (186.14 KB, 800x533, gilloudatan.png)

File: 1618359463534-2.png (265.5 KB, 752x702, pbvariousfaces.png)

File: 1618359463534-3.png (154.79 KB, 584x425, caisiblings.png)

acumilated enough colours to make another update here - honestly, I've been pretty good at posting these elsewhere when I colour em, but I like to at least have a good handfull of colours to post on here nowadays - just shows I've been busy despite my defacto exile.


File: 1618363583156-0.png (769.69 KB, 1191x822, pbvalentines.png)

Also I'm still doodling away, although doodles don't really make it to MLPG so I mgith as well give the link out - this doodle was done for April fools: https://twitter.com/UCNSFW/status/1377745227604185096

I just want to go into a bit of detail here and say that, despite how ridculously off-tone this comic doodle is, it's basically certain the Anon-PB relationship would play off eachother like this.

Yes, I envision Anon AND PB have a very solid Anonymous relationship, simply because PB is the closest thing Monstro has to an actual 4chan user, which is Anonymous's entire society and the culture he was born into.
It's not NICE, but it IS something that gives them a nice relationship arc, even if in my head I know Anon's personal issues would clash with PB's personal values - but, well, that's just sort of what a relationship IS, really. They basically work to bring eachother's best out, and it's hard bloody work sometimes, but by god is the result worth it: people probably wouldn't even recognise PB if she didn't have the uncurable habit of being a cheeky little shit, And Anon might actually not feel like he doesn't belong in any sort of reality, with a strong incling of staying in this reality that involves him and PB having an Understanding.


Random lurker. This is actually interesting to me as you are using green anon, something that is kind of rare now. There was some newfags recently on /qa/ who thought green anon was just a /mlp/ thing and I wonder what it is like for your use of green anon out in the wilderness like that.


File: 1621806193069.gif (903.31 KB, 640x360, pbmiddlefinger(360).gif)

Well, mostly I stick with green Anon becaue that's who Weaver started with - Continuity is important to me, and considering the number of argument's I've invertently started it sometimes feels like I am alone in that regard.

To be honest, I never agreed with his idea of trying to remove Anon from Monstro in favour of some other rando monster because, well, I know Weaver will never draw those "replacements" and there's only going to be so much of "look this monsterguy is fucking your waifu and basically your stupid" most people will be willing to sit through, and I start at 0 tolerance for cuck shit like that - Anon is one of us through and through, He might have a lot of problems such as "how am I supposed to write for someone who has his own subtle personality, but is also an audience insert?" but those problems ARE solvable, it's just a matter of figuring out who is best for exposing Anon's problems for them to either be sorta-fixed or to get worse (some of Anon's problems are REALLY deep and I doubt monsters have the right ANYTHING to deal with anonymous terminology), And Anon should only be gotten rid of if it's GOOD FOR THE STORY that he dies (which is likly, 30 years of living in IRL 4chan before moving away would give anybody enough mental issues to last a lifetime) and not because IT'S GOOD FOR THE AUTHOR that he dies (being really hard to write for just means he's going to spend a lot of time being seen through OTHER PEOPLE'S perspectives, but possibly only going to Anon's for punchlines or reveals)


File: 1624499826141-0.png (235.88 KB, 1425x849, Anonsbios.png)

File: 1624499826141-1.png (192.65 KB, 677x654, anonandpbfancyparty.PNG)

I wanna continue this little post, but here's my perspective:

To put it simply, Anon of Monstro Village is almost certainly the same one as Toybox Pals (pic related). You might say it's unlikly, but consider Anon's complete non-reaction to being around actual monsters - that sort of thinking would take, say, growing up around sentient toy animals for 20-30 years to achieve.
Also, Toybox Pals are not the sort of toys you can just sell to people you don't know: they'd just move back to be with him - ergo, Anne MUST be a family relative that Toybox Pals would accept to be with when they split up.
It then paints a rather sad picture because that means Femanon is Anne, and basically the big secret Anon is hiding is that he probably gave up his chance to actually BE a human being offically, so his little sister could be one instead, and Anne might never see her big brother ever again in her life because to be Anonymous, you can't leave any evidence behind.

Also, one reason I have him paired with PB ISN'T just for the hilarious mental image of Paonne - who's supposed to be Anon's mirrored rival in a way - gaining a relationship with somone like the Flamingo at the same time.
It ISN'T just because it's the relationship option that would cause the most trouble and therfore has the most potential to build a story on because PB herself is also an odd character out in Monstro's setting who needs addressing in her own way.
It's because that ultimately, while Anon only opens up about certain things to certain people, SHE'S the one that would fight tooth and nail to actually piece it all together to find out his real name for one reason or another. And of cource, Weaver could be fucking sadistic about it since he's already said his name is Anton on discord, so it's basically both a death flag AND a relationship goal for the both of them to be on a first name basis with eachother - after all, PB would then spend her time fighting tooth and nail to make sure he wouldn't die or disappear, because part of being Anonymous means not leaving any evidence behind. Honestly, Anon's survival really could go either way after a certain point in the story, I can't really predict how PB's actions would effect it from this point forwards.


File: 1637020637931-0.png (Spoiler Image, 232.14 KB, 645x615, anonpbsleepytimes.png)

File: 1637020637931-1.png (Spoiler Image, 201.21 KB, 645x615, anonpbsleepytimesdark.png)

File: 1637020637931-2.png (Spoiler Image, 160.4 KB, 527x448, goblinlineups.png)

boop, colours

I am here to say that I am deeply saddened that the PB and Anon sleeping picture doesn't have a cuminflation edit, since it'd be great if there was a secondary reason for PB to take up so much of that damn bed

That is all for now and is also a glimpse into why I never subscribed into Weaver wanting the setting to be porn-only since it would turn into /d/ lite almost imeadeatly on the exact second I grasped the concept


File: 1640375632437.png (Spoiler Image, 607.59 KB, 1000x800, goblinporno.png)

Boop, colours

Honestly I don't really like colouring dick, it's sorta gay and I'm dead against colouring NTR shit because "hey, see all these monstergirl waifus? I'm goign to make sure everybody ELSE is goign to fuck them" isn't really a winning formula

Mostly coloured so I can pinch the colours for later, also I'm absolutle 100% certain Leo's dick isn't that big on the groudns that I KNOW Puck can make titties bigger, and while it's pretty gay to make another man's dick 4 inches thicker I can't really say Puck would NEVER do soemthing like that


File: 1646682441790-0.png (Spoiler Image, 914.37 KB, 1763x2019, dewbonbeachbody.png)

File: 1646682441790-1.png (Spoiler Image, 230.66 KB, 600x693, caishower.png)

File: 1646682441790-2.png (155.86 KB, 572x562, stealthmissionfailed.png)

File: 1646682441790-3.png (141.34 KB, 476x553, smokingob.png)

Boop, more colours, which I forgot to post here mostly because I think Inkbunny, tumblr or Furaffinity gets more traffic for these - Might as well spread the colours out into the rest of the internet so people see them, I'm sure SOMEONE out there will enjoy them

Also, I'm pretty sure I'll eventually take over and dominate the google search for TGweaver sooner or later by doing this, since it'll be easier to find my colours than the acutal original sources considering how everyone else thought it'd be a fun idea to dissapear into discord - where nobody can find their shit - leaving me with THE REST OF THE INTERNET and WITHOUT ANYONE TO OVERSEE MY ACTIVITIES - But oh well, I'll try and make the best with what I have.


File: 1647494082269-0.png (34.14 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


File: 1660853802780-0.png (Spoiler Image, 171.3 KB, 545x735, dotkwacaimon.png)

File: 1660853802780-1.png (Spoiler Image, 232.2 KB, 607x562, caianontime.png)

File: 1660853802780-2.png (124.46 KB, 498x609, elindadotkwa.png)

File: 1660853802780-3.png (122.72 KB, 442x551, paulaperch.png)

File: 1660853802780-4.png (119.17 KB, 435x572, wosyetwoysit.png)

Been a while since I was here, I went on a dotkwa colouring spree a few months ago, since I found out his tumblr was saved on wayback


File: 1667443297261-0.png (Spoiler Image, 183.38 KB, 639x627, cainude.png)

File: 1667443297261-1.png (Spoiler Image, 159.12 KB, 847x524, dewlay.png)

File: 1667443297261-2.png (Spoiler Image, 356.83 KB, 1011x577, pbkinktober.png)

File: 1667443297261-3.png (Spoiler Image, 689.84 KB, 2035x596, veronicakinktober.png)

Boop, colours - most of it is lewd stuff from the kinktober spree Weaver did on twitter, a little birdy tells me he's still uninspired to doodle stuff, so I'll shoot out a free idea for him to play with:

Meara being one of the Witches of the town. Think about it: her dresses are always extravigant and have to have been custom made for her size by someone, and her more subded clothes are, upon inspection, actually pretty close in design to the goat witch we know about. Weaver gives her a web theme but also tells us she doesn't have web making organs, so maybe they are conjured? Weaver could pull a lot of nsfw tricks with conjuring webs on demand, I'm sure.
And then of cource it creates a logical reason for her to hide her age outside of being a lady (how long do witches live?), and gives her a solid reason to be in the appartment - it's an all girls appartment and a witch coven is always 3 Witches: The Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, and Meara and the Goat Witch probably do their best to dodge being the Crone, while looking for a Maiden candidate in a porn setting (a difficult task) becuase lets be honest neither of them fall into "The Maiden" catigory at their time of life, especially with what Weaver is going for



For what it's worth, Weaver has a gallery site now



File: 1681156240852-0.png (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 1591x1749, twitterpb1.PNG)

File: 1681156240852-1.png (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 1528x1588, twitterpb2.PNG)

File: 1681156240852-2.png (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 1587x1616, twitterpb3.PNG)

File: 1681156240852-3.png (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 1596x1600, twitterpb4.PNG)

Here's a very special update from me - I was told Weaver had lost someone IRL, so I decided to relent a little on my issues with drawing lewd stuff - Yes, it's finally time, the moment where after years of telling me to draw porn, people are finally going to get exactly what the asked for, which is me drawing porn, and probably realise why I spent years telling them this was going to end in tears

I decided to focus on the idea Weaver came up with about PB's vagina being cursed - which while I can't find it on twitter/tumblr I have been assured actually exsists - and the idea is she can fit - ANY OBJECT - into it, although the focus was on dicks at the time

However, a curse that focuses JUST on fitting dick into you is weird to place on an adventurer, since it's VERY specific - I just can't really imagine someone catching PB stealing something from them and going "Hey, I'm going to put this curse on you that allows you to take as much dick as you like without having kids", and besides there is such a fetish as "object insertion" and, if Weaver is going to put their foot down on it being a fetish setting, then he might as well include as any fetishes as possible

This leaves a sort of logical hole though, in that PB has a truely distressing tendency to see people as objects, so that means sooner or later she'll try to fit someone in there, if not on purpose than by accident - you CAN insert someone's fist after all, so all it would take is PB deciding to see how far in you can actually go.

And then of cource there's the fact that Puck can shrink people, so it'd be VERY easy to go that route since you'd be small enough to NOT be noticed if she, say, inserted you entirely into herself for a few hours, and I seriously doubt whoever placed the curse on PB had the forsight to say "oh and by the way this curse allows anyone inserted into your insides to breathe and not starve to death or die of thirst", it sort of stops being a curse if there arn't any downsides

This is why I used my previous idea of Meara being a witch - there's nothing REALLY stopping anyone magical from adding their own subclauses to the curse AFTERWARDS, so it's okay for her to do so in order to survive after, say, PB realises she's small enough to shove into herself since Meara is about 12 inches tall, which is probably the same size and shape as some monster's dicks or, more likly, smaller than the dicks of literally everyone when PB herself has been shrunken down, because YES it is possible with the curse to fuck her when she's as shrunken, she WILL still fit, it's part of the parcel of being A CURSE

But I decided to doodle something far lewder than that on the grounds Weaver is never going to do it himself, and if I'm going to draw something lewd AND apply actual logical conclusions to ideas that have been left hanging for years, I might as well go all the way


File: 1681172511092.jpg (98.1 KB, 545x476, Shit dude 1 INT.jpg)

what kind of autist decides to draw porn of someone else's stuff in response to hearing that someone died


File: 1704919784730-0.png (382.45 KB, 800x1200, oreilles_grift_greeting.png)

File: 1704919784731-1.png (378.6 KB, 800x1200, grift_oreilles_greeting2.png)

File: 1704919784731-2.png (514.48 KB, 800x1200, grift_oreilles_greeting3.png)

File: 1704919784731-3.png (459.72 KB, 800x1200, oreilles_grift_greeting4.png)

Posting oldish Weaver stuff over here, Weaver tried to put Grift in Anon's place very hard for a story… and it just ends because it doesn't really work out.

Honestly, I like the IDEA that the same thing happens to Grift and Anon when they come around: they both get the topless mousegirl first go around, it'd just be a funny joke to repeat for other first-time visitors to the house. Otherwise, I'm against Grift trying to be in Anon's place - I'm pretty sure that PB would literally make his life hell for one thing, since Grift was first designed as a loser I quite frankly think Grift would have his rent stolen from him by her and be kicked out within about a week of trying to stay at Monstro Towers.

No, having a sword isn't going to help him - PB can just knife him if he's stupid enough to try that. She doesn't need to mug him in a alley or something drastic when he has to come to and be inside the same room as her sooner or later, and Grift can't really afford to dodge PB forever since his previous character tic - that he's terrible with money anyway since he apparently doesn't save it and most of his plans fizzle out - means he could just be sabotaged whenever, and just not have the money to stay that way. Grift's ability to actually stay in one place for a length of time is pretty weak the more you think about it, honestly.


File: 1704929581618-0.gif (1.39 MB, 800x600, tg_weaver - 17068385215066….gif)

File: 1704929581619-1.png (6.09 KB, 520x446, F6_otLga8AAvAIz.png)

File: 1704929581619-2.png (8.27 MB, 5016x3344, monstro_village.png)

File: 1704929581619-3.png (5.78 MB, 5016x3344, monstro_village2.png)

Also, here's some twitter/discord reposts - Weaver is mostly working on Divequest right now, but apparently is planning on writing some Monstro stuff, who knows where he'll post that though


what the fuck is this autism
some gremlin who stalked weaver started drawing fanart of his characters years later and rewriting stories or something


it is indeed autism
as long as he's not going to try and wear weaver's skin, it's harmless enough.


I wouldn't honestly put it past him at this point


>Posting oldish Weaver stuff over here, Weaver tried to put Grift in Anon's place very hard for a story… and it just ends because it doesn't really work out.
"it just ends" because i had to prioritize other work, including real life shit as a result of my partner dying, you narcissistic fucking lunatic

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