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File: 1410851311283.png (54.92 KB, 328x350, it's shit.png)

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Pleased to meet you. I guess this is going to be the dumping ground of some rubbish I will, and have drawn.

Totally taking requests also (as long as they're good).
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She's the one that caused the mess to begin with so she would deserve it. She's not smart anyhow, even if that door wasn't blocked she was pushing on it without even attempting to turn the doorknob (which was round O.o)





Still hoping for more Greasy Slut from the master…


File: 1361254919494.png (195.39 KB, 800x800, rumble fly.png)

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I draw cute pones and cute pone accessories. It's tough goings but goings it is. I'll post stuff frequently/infrequently depending on if I remember that this threads here.
Also. If I ask for requests in the thread, on the offchance I'm drunk/tired and forget, please post your request here. I try writing them down but sometimes I even lose those.
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File: 1487743317333.png (809.02 KB, 1560x938, 12 9 2016 Hammock.png)


File: 1487743331213.png (595.35 KB, 1725x1613, draco scoot sketches 2.png)


File: 1487743341264.png (459.72 KB, 1380x1020, 10 22 2016 bubble berry.png)


File: 1487743354056.png (428.18 KB, 1680x1020, 10 24 2016 rumblekiss.png)


File: 1487743369580.png (672.43 KB, 1380x938, 11 7 2016 I can beat you a….png)

File: 1451649025288.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x1080, 160101 retrospective.jpg)


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File: 1462228728847-0.jpg (480.89 KB, 942x1080, 06.JPG)

File: 1462228728847-1.jpg (527.12 KB, 1256x1070, 07.JPG)

File: 1462228728847-2.jpg (2.46 MB, 3152x1806, 08.JPG)

File: 1462228728847-3.jpg (472.53 KB, 889x1080, 09.JPG)

File: 1462228728847-4.jpg (666.34 KB, 1518x1080, 10.JPG)

Despite hanging around in the video game room, I didn't find a Monster Hunter crew til the end of Saturday when everyone got temporarily kicked out to make room for the Smash tourney. We met up on Sunday and hunted all day long.


File: 1462778029395-0.jpg (385.56 KB, 1200x1200, 160414 canterlot high.jpg)

File: 1462778029395-1.jpg (1015.51 KB, 1200x1800, 160414 chryssy vs.jpg)

I think someone said I should make Dorkalis into a series
I'll think about it


File: 1466955933721.jpg (1.03 MB, 2952x2400, 160625 twist_sweaterchart.jpg)


File: 1466962368525.gif (1.54 MB, 300x229, Whoa.gif)

Bloody awesome!


Here lies MSOB.
Died as he lived.

File: 1429606434291-0.jpg (1.78 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0007.JPG)

File: 1429606434291-1.jpg (1.9 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0003.JPG)

File: 1429606434291-2.jpg (1.81 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0001.JPG)


I'm a wannabe drawfag.
I dump some of my "art" here.
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OK! I will downsize them.

Also no. It just begins and there are no breaks.


File: 1430424546518.jpg (429.62 KB, 1728x972, DSC_0001 01.jpg)

had a long run with depression; didn't improved
but at least I can draw again and will resize my pics.

I try to use the digital too but I am so bad that I just can't get myself to use it.


Oh boy. I sure had a break and didn't improved at all.

But on the bight side I am emotionally stable and more autistic with my horses.
I kinda want to have a second or n+1 th chance with you guys. Dunno why. Maybe to prove something.

>implying anybody remembers me




File: 1480006244740.jpg (174.17 KB, 1350x762, IMG_20161111_202246.jpg)

I took up drawing again a few weeks ago.
This was my old thread. I haven't improved at all in just two short years. lol

File: 1412898089556.png (287.1 KB, 1600x1000, SweetDreamsScootaloo.png)


Can't really draw…but that doesn't stop me from trying apparently.
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File: 1445579446331.png (115.66 KB, 880x504, penis.png)

tried to draw a horse with a penis. There was another penis drawing I did, but I accidentally saved over it without saving when I made this one. All wrong.


File: 1447060507658.png (58.21 KB, 320x514, ChrysanthemumLooksBack.png)


File: 1476313434954.png (63.57 KB, 479x286, Random Ponies.png)


File: 1476313461906.png (181.96 KB, 816x599, Glim Glam in Shim Sham fas….png)


File: 1476313492785.png (38.9 KB, 531x371, Wyvern Prototype.png)

File: 1468201212050-0.png (80.11 KB, 676x648, aXJJEM2WPUGTGeHjiO8TRw.png)

File: 1468201212050-1.png (46.01 KB, 484x571, table.png)

File: 1468201212050-2.png (67.95 KB, 492x589, the absolute madman.png)

File: 1468201212051-3.png (40.39 KB, 470x390, whoa nelly.png)


I should have made a thread here a while ago!

Doodl is a little program I wrote that lets you draw little doodles and upload them. You can also edit other people's doodles and upload them as edits. Unlike other drawing programs, Doodl saves all the vector data of every stroke you put on the canvas. That data gets uploaded alongside the image and downloaded when you edit someone else's doodle. So for example you could draw something and someone else could cleanly erase parts of or entire lines very easily.

The download is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nfcecqmbmpcpqyq/Doodl.exe?dl=0
It's also open source: https://github.com/emptyaudio/doodl

Here's a little thing I did in the general. Once you have Doodl downloaded, run it once then you can click on the edit button and add your own edit to this starter image.


I'm planning on integrating with Discord and Skype at some point so you can send doodles to channels and groups without having to paste a link yourself. Doodles show thumbnails in both clients already for quick previews. If there's interest, I might also make it so you can post to the sub or to the general itself.
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File: 1469037371511.png (68.01 KB, 484x470, appul.png)

I'm an moron and don't know how to upload the doodl file with this, oops


File: 1469049539214.png (30.4 KB, 710x541, how is doodl formed.png)

Whoa nice apple!

Upload is the icon on the far right. You can just paste the link so people can do edits.



web version when


Probably never - the whole thing relies on the InkCanvas element in WPF. I didn't actually write any tablet-specific stuff or even any drawing specific stuff. The program is really just a fancy InkCanvas host with an upload feature.

File: 1363124412689.png (189.22 KB, 945x839, fluttershy_by_moongazeponi….png)


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Needs to be sexier. I'd rather have a mexican accent AJ if it sounds hot.


File: 1368205479674.png (822.23 KB, 1146x1036, datass.png)

I didn't know you had a thread




Cool! I'm pumped.


I got excited until I noticed the timestamps

File: 1373572128862.jpg (2.46 MB, 2467x1654, celestia pukin sun.jpg)


I've been putting this off for quite awhile, so I might as well do it now.

I draw ponies as well as strange and delirious artwork, I'm mostly on traditional but hopefully in the future will switch to digital…maybe.

Feel free to ask questions if you feel like it.
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File: 1385895200248.png (809.71 KB, 1660x1548, cmc mix.png)


If any of you come across this for some reason.

I'm beb and I love you.

Just checking in to see how you guys are doing also.


>tfw Inky is beb and lubs us


File: 1462395461775.png (340.82 KB, 1013x968, Inkytime.png)

Hey guys, guess who it is!

So I miss you guys and was thinking of the old times when I use to hang out on the thread from dusk till dawn. Got nostalgia pretty bad so I came back to draw one last pony.

Love you guys and I'm beb, in case you wanna see how much I procrastinated over the two years here's my normie art tumblr.



That's some pretty cool stuff. Nice to see you are still alive.

File: 1423522272282.png (63.55 KB, 418x391, http://40.media.tumblr.com….png)


Thanks to AndeliaGreen for giving me the push to do this.

Now this is where I will obviously post my old and recent art.
Any comments, critique and thoughts, serious or silly are appreciated
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What's the japone wwwwwwing at?


Your dick


What's so funny about it?




I bet my 8 inches would make the jahorse beg for more!

File: 1430974575286.jpg (84.47 KB, 1202x816, April 28th Golly.jpg)


The steam chat regulars don't like being banned for long periods of time so in order to trick them into drawing ponies we have implemented the pone tax where in order to become unbanned they just have to draw a pony.

This thread is for those submissions.

First one is from Golly, on April 28th.(USER WAS BANNED FOR INVENTING THE PONE TAX)
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File: 1455528481961.png (227.39 KB, 1280x1024, 2016 February 14th Mortron.png)

Mortron ran it into the ground.


File: 1455528512694.jpg (94.98 KB, 800x600, 2016 February 14th BRAVESP….jpg)

BRAVESPARK triggered our resident plague god.


File: 1457317973824.png (20.95 KB, 826x486, 2016 March 6th Cerean.png)

Oedip- I mean Cerean might be a pedo or something.


File: 1459915976750.png (5.46 KB, 141x133, 2016 April 5th Smuglord.png)

Smuglord has shit taste


File: 1460081533831.png (91.58 KB, 658x631, 2016 April 7th Golly.png)

I never actually know what Golly is guilty of (besides being a DORK)

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