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File: 1380186762671.png (1.05 MB, 1210x2085, monstergirls.png)

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Featuring monstergirls, big hips, and yes, sometimes even ponies.

Old, exhausted thread:


File: 1380188406704.png (173.99 KB, 735x805, alignments.png)

While doing the compilation, I had the idea to put this together.
Because everyone loves alignment humor!



U wot m8


>Agua and Caimon
>True Friendly

This made me smile




Sorry m80, friendly inexperienced is best.


>Likes Paula more than Gumberry/Gillou

u got ur tiers in a twist m80


File: 1380226687505.png (175.96 KB, 735x805, alignments2.png)

Well the Y-Axis is supposed to be their sexual desire, not their sexual experience. Gillou for instance may not have a lot of encounters under her belt, so to speak, but she's got the intention.

Along those same lines, Agua should probably be lower down. Even though 'True Friendly' is a nice label for her, it implies she's got more sexual intention than some of the other girls, and she's pretty platonic.

Here's take two. The labels might be a little better this time.


>she's pretty platonic.

My heart

You broke it

oh god


Like you could even do anything with all those spines in the way.


Random naked girls incoming


I like random naked girls.





Not a problem. Help her shave first.


Oh gosh, that poor girl. How can she fly with those heavy things?


FL is the best. All the great things about a caring person with sexual repression and frustration.


GG, you're kind of doing the same thing in life for the past few years. Some advice:

>Get a drawing tablet

>Get more detailed at art
>aim to be an artist for games, movies, webcomics, etc

Right now you're kind of languishing in this small time internet stuff. You can do so much more.


i cant help but feel like putting to much more into details would somehow remove the emotion GG has in his artworks.
Something about the minimalism allows for more focus to be put into the expressions and movement of the art.


That shouldn't be an excuse to not improve, though.



He seems to have the basis of drawing. He should be able to create a new style that's more detailed yet retains the expressiveness and emotions. He can also in addition do his mouse style too. It's not like he has to drop that.


So your saying he should Change his style of art(the style that everyone immediately recognizes as Weaver/GlitterGlue) for the sake of making it look different.
If you look back at some of his earlier stuff (like the beginning of Ruby Quest) you can see that over time his art has evolved into a more detailed product, while still maintaining its minimalist and emotive style.
By asking him to put more detail into his work your sort of saying "i like what you've done so far, how about something different, something you have until now rarely or sporadically worked on".
and lest we forget most of >>6584
has been brought up (several times) in the previous Threads (>>4254).

in Conclusion, >>4304 >>4251 >>4246 >>4241


Saw this game and thought of the monstergals.


I was expecting Divinity: Dragon Commander.


File: 1381039181895.png (130.19 KB, 805x822, fitting together.png)

wander over this
*grabs dick*



ahahaha this is adorable



Aww. That's cute.



This is slightly different from the one you posted on tumblr.


File: 1381170425726.png (130.14 KB, 805x822, fit together.png)

there are in fact two versions




Terraria monstergals


now we wait for the (horrifying) wall of flesh version…


File: 1381947026404.png (92.01 KB, 779x568, applejack twins.png)

drawing some ponies again


part 2


And the shameful conclusion.


Is wearing fake stripes like blackface in Equestria?


They're not fake. He just got kicked out of them.


is this the equivalent of "kicking the black off'a someone"?


Happy Halloween from Caimon


File: 1383300231529.png (173.05 KB, 848x724, monstergirl ponies.png)

And from the ponies



Is she uh
Wearing anything down there


Well maybe some kinda pastie or something


Regarding Caimon being warm VS cold blooded: Scientific denotation aside, I figure she's a cuddly, warmth-seeking type either way, but probably doesn't get those cold-torpors or absolutely require a heating lamp or something.

I bet she does love a good electric blanket though.


How would Gillou react to anon blowing raspberries on her tummy?


She'd get really embarrassed and giggly, probably roll around, and end up kneeing anon in the face
Then she'd spend the next ten minutes apologizing and feeling terrible and asking if you need an ice bag or something.


>it always ends up with anon being beaten up

something tells em you don't like raspberries very much, GG


A raspberry is an intimate thing
don't expect to put one on a girl you barely know and come out unscathed



What if we did it to one of em only after we "knew" them very well, if you know what I mean?


Well most of them would probably think you were being weird or immature I guess


Which monstergirl is most open to sex with humans?






But she seems the most open to sex with anything.




That's sort of a winning by default thing.
How about this. Is there a taboo against having a human as a partner?


femmuschio when


File: 1383767535019.png (9.66 KB, 333x251, lichene.png)

I prefer to call her Lichene.


Why Lichene?



She really knows how to motivate her minions.


Because fummuschio isn't a name, it's a description. Do you call your African-American friend 'niggerman'?


Because Muschio means "Moss". A play on lichen works for the female counterpart.


File: 1383781762597.png (6.68 KB, 236x224, lichene dompag makeouts.png)





oh I like this a lot


I was asking why he chose that name, not why he chose a name.

Oh, alright then.


I can unf to this.


Would Lichene make sex a reward or punishment?


File: 1383836911157.png (34.23 KB, 556x336, hey boss.png)

Definitely a reward
Her minions might make it a punishment though



… huh.
All of them at once?


An efficient leader knows how to multitask.



That is relevant to my interests.


File: 1383880240359.png (88.55 KB, 829x626, alien vistas.png)

Not to detract from all this possible smut but I just made another big Quorum post after a long silence

Read up on some of the lesser races that inhabit the world here:



That's awesome. I love your Quorum stuff.


File: 1383955764206.png (9.77 KB, 800x600, lagface.png)


File: 1383972503688.png (22.8 KB, 552x552, laggie.png)


The innuendo was too much for me.


Why it's on the side on this upload I have no idea.



These are great.


Porn is also great.


might as well post this too then


So has Gillou ever had any real experience in sexual matters? You did put her in FL alignment.



Just cause she's lusty doesn't necessarily mean she has sexual experience. Frustrated virgin and all.


File: 1384550647770.png (62.89 KB, 942x479, 1384303086602.png)

I was ecstatic when I found this in the Horridus thread.


Just have her roll around in a ballpit filled with clown noses and sex becomes a lot less painful.


File: 1384884325127.png (161.97 KB, 686x600, lichenesadventures.png)


The implications of this universe fascinate me. Apparently, this is no ordinary genderswap universe - it's just one person, Muschio to Lichene. An interesting history shadows this one change. In Muschio's conquest of his dungeon, his fencing skills and minor magic were key elements - yet, these were from the education of a prince, not a princess. Lichene must have learned these skills as well, however, and more, her manner of dress and hair imply a boyishness that seems like it would be unusual, from what we've seen of the culture in-setting. Perhaps in her own flight from execution, she had to disguise herself as a man to better survive on her own, and became comfortable with it? Muschio's personality does seem the type to be frustrated by impractical dress customs - I could see him scorning skirts and excessively long hair, so Lichene could well have done so. Or what about her friendship with Ridder? Did she fall prey to his notorious charm as well, or prove to have an immunity that allowed them to be simply friends? For that matter, how did she deal with Ashedel? Did commonality of gender make her hate Vittima more, or less? Was Finesse rendered less enthusiastic to serve, or translate her feelings for the Malto line into friendship rather than love? Given goblin agelessness, could she be waiting to see what Lichene's heirs turn out? Was there any change in Ona's preoccupation with potential ravishings? The questions are many, and enthralling.

I suck at trying to draw like GG.


>Swear Competition
>Steak-eating contest
Somehow read this as "sweat competition" and "streaking contest".
Which probably fit her better.


So uh

you said something about naked kobolds earlier, GG?


This is great!


I did at that



That's a very good kobold you got there.


oh look another kobold



She seems to be overheating. She should get out of the sauna.

… Kobold saunas sound adorable.


Can we get a kobold with little titties, too~?


File: 1384992657422.png (153.99 KB, 571x408, zebras-(n1378878286565).png)

Saw you said you were looking for this.


Thank you kindly anon.


Oh no, Anon is behind on his rent! What is Dewbon going to do about it?


>all these people arguing over girls
Gillou is best and was made first.


Gillou is nice, but date of creation is irrelevant. Also Ronnie is still the best.


But Dewbon is the best and Ronnie is not Dewbon. Therefore Ronnie is not the best. Its simple logic.


File: 1385977691388.png (642.95 KB, 1600x1702, tg Fusion.png)

Hey Weaver, this might be right up your alley.


Second. Gillou will always be the best in my heart.


I'm not really a fan of these memes
And anyway I only know like one of the characters on here (2 if that's just the generic kobold lady)


I think they're all generic, aside from the Lewd Elf from that comic.


Source please?


File: 1386186197038.png (27.59 KB, 240x193, I refuse wholeheartedly.png)

For the lewd elf? It shouldn't be too hard to find.


I have no idea what's the name of that comic



File: 1386753394960.png (245.86 KB, 879x784, dewbon.png)

Drew this today.
Never posted in a place like this before, hope I'm doing this right.



That's awesome! Good job.


What if the monstergirls conspire against Anon?


File: 1387129665121.png (390.48 KB, 1698x1118, Weaver birthday.png)

Happy Birthday


File: 1387187148770.png (284.4 KB, 900x1400, Happy Birthday Weaver.png)

Might as well put this here.


Dewbon flirting with Anon


They finally stopped doing this bullshit in MLPG, don't fucking bring it here.


thank you anon

maybe soon


Meara when?


File: 1387534553318.png (209.06 KB, 1007x658, roommate.png)


How nonchalant. Did you finalize a size for her?


Lovin' Meara, she's 2big for my tastes though.


Meara's a little over 1.5 feet tall, nearer to 2 with her 'horns'.


Horns? I thought her cape just had a really high collar, being the same color and all.


I colored this.


File: 1388117947250.png (178.21 KB, 763x808, monsterguys1.png)

posting here too

femanon moves into a monsterguy apartment
as inspired by some fucked up dream


How much doublevag was there


Well, the dream did actually end with one big consensual orgy.



Do go on.


What's the deal with the little redhead? He reminds me of that one guy who can vibrate through walls.


Well, basically, she gave in to one of the guy's advances and stuff started to get hot and heavy, then one of the other guys noticed them or whatever and she decided to let him join in
and then she just said what the hell and called the whole household over for some fun


oh look

naked ladies




are you going to work on divequest "soon :)"?


No, probably soon ;)



there are not enough Muschio dicks in the world GG, don't tease


>implying there's an uncensored version

When he does these things, they're like barbies down there.


You can see the edge of muschio's pubic patch

sometimes GG draws them.


GG porfis

uncensored when


as you wish
here's the uncensored version



gotta ask though, why don't you draw naked Muschio more often?


File: 1388559070544.png (44.7 KB, 866x330, muschio prelude.png)

more than you might think


oh yeah?



"oh yeah?" means more please, by the way


I know what it means
but maybe there's a reason you haven't seen it by now


is there a reason we can't see a teensy bit more?


There's never just a teensy bit more. The hunger will never end.


the woe of an artist

no but really I would be fine with just a teensy bit more. there's only one pic of muschio that I know of.


If you could request any pic of Muschio, what would it be?



I liked these so, and learned so little from my past mistakes, that I decided I'd try my hand at imitation again and draw a version of this with Lichene and the guys. Maybe that would quell some of the manlust around here.

However, 1) there are less friendly male characters that seemed important/interesting enough to include and 2) I have no idea what the canon is on the cast's dicks. Do scalebolds have external junk? What about the bug people? Do they have weird bug dongs? And what about size?

I guess I'll take suggestions.


what an awesome thing to come back to

I had to borrow various non-minion characters for the last picture, so if you really needed to reach out for other males you could pick people like Ridder, Black Fang, Rungord Hookdon, Ian Hyde, and probably a few others I couldn't pick off the top of my head. Of course, a lot of male characters are villains too.
I'm kind of regretting not putting "Taxi Rabbit" into the first pic, come to think of it.

Anyway, this is really nicely done, thanks for the gift! You did well. As for canon dicks: there's not much canon to it. Even with breasts there's not a lot of canon to go on except Commander Salamander and Ashedel in particular, and of course down below there's nothing to really go on.
Thanks again~



Ridder and Black Fang sounded the most interesting to draw, so in they go! Ridder's expression is harder to capture than I expected. And if there's no set dick canon then I'll just go with what I made up. Added flesh color as well because it looked bare without it, compared to the ladies' pic.

I have no idea what colour Nino is.



This is wonderful.


File: 1388645189152.jpg (16.57 KB, 400x300, 377930.jpg)


what do your characters smell like?


So in what ways would Gillou spaghetti? Things like forgetting how big she is and knocking things over? Would her body betray her and do something mortifying? Of course she'll stumble on her words and avoid eye contact, but something that makes it unique to her.


Frankly I'm not big on animal-shaped dicks but hey, I did say use your imagination
Ridder and Black Fang make a rather robust addition to the crew


>what do your characters smell like?
Well gosh let's see
Meara smells like lilac perfume
Agua smells like cactus juice
Elinda probably doesn't really smell like anything
Princess Bitch smells like she needs a fucking shower
Gumberry probably smells like candy or sugary fruit preserves
Delli smells like dirt and copper
Wosyet smells like clay
Veronica smells like hastily-applied deodorant
Caimon smells like deep fried dough and other assorted cajun cooking
Gillou smells like wet earth in a rain
Dewbon smells like old books


Oh boy, character development! Tell me more, please!


What was each monstergirl's first sexual experience like?



Well, the way I see it, if you have fur or scales, or chitinous plates, then those coverings would preferably stop before the point where something's going to get wedged into someone and repeatedly rubbed back and forth. So, the dicks aren't based on any animal, I just designed them to try match what I felt was the general aesthetic of the character. So Ridder is long and thin, Babrakus spiky, Dompag big and thick, Buster's is shaped like his face, Nino's is a bit uncertain, et cetera.

I wanted to ask, since I've been looking at that original pic a lot, even though it didn't stop me making Babrakus too short compared to Tislomer; is Vittima taller than Muschio?


I wouldn't doubt it if a few are virgins… actually trying to come up with the definition of virgins for these fantastic species might be hard though. Like technically Gumberry doesn't have a vagina to penetrate.



True, like Gillou's definitely a virgin, while others, like Delli and Meara and Veronica and PB definitely aren't.


Vittima is about the same height as Muschio.


It also makes me wonder what kinds of things they might find sexual or erotic. There must be some stuff that doesn't link up.


We've seen PB get it, and Delli is way too aggressive to be, but I'm about 90% sure Veronica's never gotten the dick, and I don't see why you'd put Meara on either list.



That's interesting to consider. Even though the monstergirls each generally fit some kind of sexual archetype, I'm sure that, as well-rounded characters, they have their own desires that may or may not necessarily mesh with the role they are intended to play in our spank banks. Well, maybe some of them do, at least.


Meara is meant to be a sultry, mature woman. I think of her as being very experienced.


They were kind of made for fetishes though, so I'm hoping GG does flesh out the characters as people rather than just being a bland cardboard cutout.

Meara is kind of a mystery. There's not much on her. Or Dewbon, who would be my favorite if she had as much content as, let's say, Gillou.


File: 1388654293758.png (124.35 KB, 408x939, 1388634801892.png)


File: 1388680849994.png (91.69 KB, 623x609, femanon in equestria13.png)




I don't think that can fit her.



File: 1388768117563.png (92.51 KB, 635x496, femanon in equestria15.png)


I'm still wondering if femanon is dissapointed or scared.



Scared, obviously. How can anyone possibly be disappointed in THAT?


Well Celeste is saying EVEN my horn isn't, so I thought he meant under twelve for some reason. "Twelve inches? Isn't that a little small?" might be more clear.


File: 1388846309289.png (214.09 KB, 897x797, hey there commando.png)







Sooo… I take it that you recommend it?




yes it's a pretty fun game

also it is with some shame I recognize that's like the best thing I've drawn in a long time


Why d'you say that? Background and midground? Pose? Detail? Colouring?


yeah just in terms of like technical quality and detail and stuff


I find the lack of Dewbon less than cool brah.


I request Anon commenting on how huge a monstergirl's clothing is.


I always thought Risk of Rain was a very Weaver-y game. It had lots of the same hallmarks your Little Things game had, along with that old old game I saw a few screenshots of where you played the anature. The creature bios and item details and to a minor extent the interface itself.


I find this sentiment very flattering


>Princess Bitch smells like she needs a fucking shower

Can you draw one of the gals commenting on that?



yes, this

or more femanon x prince action


File: 1389456203242.png (91.61 KB, 500x500, title.png)

it begins

koboldly is dead
long live aganomad



i request pic of aganomad characters devouring the hearts of the koboldly characters to steal their life force


File: 1389503313785.gif (30.67 KB, 952x821, moral deadativism.GIF)

I drew this a long time ago

In one of my campaigns, set in Quorum, a group of my players stumbled upon a human sacrifice in progress – however, it was not a slave or captive being sacrificed, but a willing offering. I brought this up in /tg/ back in the day and it sparked a big debate about how the players should not have accepted that and should have busted the willing sacrifice out of there, despite their wishes to stay. To rescue them when they desired no rescue.

The idea of course being that human sacrifice is immoral – and to this, I certainly agree. But especially in a world as alien as Quorum, you have to detach your own way of thinking from your character's. They've been brought up in this world from birth and have become ingrained with its morals and values, just as we have in ours. Human sacrifice is a fact of life. And while your character may be against these traditions, busting in and trying to murder the priest is not exactly a rational way for such a character to respond. /tg/, of course, wouldn't hear it: they argued that human sacrifice is perfectly and objectively wrong, and everyone would know that (including both real and fictional cultures that practice it, I guess). People couldn't accept the idea of separating your morals from your character or growing up with a different standard.

I guess at the end of the day, religious rituals would have a lot more importance on them in a world where the gods regularly make themselves known.
That does make it a bit harder to argue.


>I guess at the end of the day, religious rituals would have a lot more importance on them in a world where the gods regularly make themselves known.

Probably, but people in the real world have certainly considered such things as important. And those times and places in the real world where such things took place didn't lack for other people who had similarly negative attitudes as /tg/ did. The ancient romans, for example, wrote with venom on celtic practices of human sacrifices, and I think most all those sacrifices were criminals of some sort.

There are considerations to take into account, as well. One, that if you ran this in a game, your players have less time to think "outside themselves" then they do in, for example, a quest. I've run a quest myself where the main character eats souls, by reader suggestion, and that's not even a quest where the players are "supposed" to be evil. It depends on how the players thought about the religion carrying out the sacrifice (if they're generally bad guys then the sacrifice's wishes can be disregarded as them being ignorant), on the status of the sacrifice (if they're a poor ignorant peasant then the same applies), and it depends on what sort of mood /tg/ was in on the day and what sort of /tg/ posters you attracted with the question.

Also, while I love trying to step outside normal morality myself, and do it with a lot of my characters in games and other things, it is hard for most people. That's why so many D&D players don't get how Lawful Good works, for example.


>The ancient romans, for example, wrote with venom on celtic practices of human sacrifices, and I think most all those sacrifices were criminals of some sort.
But again, what's significant in this metaphor is that it's one culture viewing another, rather than being raised within it



Well, in the case you presented, were the players' characters raised in the same culture and under the same religion as the one under which the sacrifice was being performed? The phrase "stumbled upon" implied to me that they were surprised by it, so I assumed they were outsiders. If they were actually of the same exact culture and not just of a neighboring one, then it is a bit strange, yes.

On the other hand, though, we live in a culture where it's acceptable to kill animals for food, and there are people of the same culture who do object to that most strenuously.



I think his point is that, in Quorum, human sacrifice (or, sentient sacrifice, whatever) is a widespread institution. The individual characters might think it's immoral, but barring extreme circumstances, it's unlikely that many inhabitants of this world would be so enraged at the prospect of human sacrifice that they'd straight-up murder the practitioners. Like today, in our world, it's a common view that multinational corporations using child labor in third world countries is immoral, but few people would be so angry if they stumbled upon a sweatshop that they'd consider gunning down all the managers to be a rational reaction.

Then again, I guess it all depends on the mood Weaver established as GM. Typically, player characters in RPGs aren't normal people. They're usually exceptionally skilled and have gumption far beyond that of a typical person. It takes a special kind of person to live the life of a murderhobo, so maybe some sort of unusual foresight into moral issues isn't entirely unrealistic.


Alternate bust drawn for someone who said Caimon's tits were too "flat and saggy, like an old lady"


And a little further


and spiderman why not


that crotch is too bare



I especially love her face in this one.

I've always liked the way you draw Caimon's underside. It really adds to her, uh, nakedness, I guess? It looks good is what I'm trying to day.


Bought Risk of Rain on your recommendation Mr.Glue. I fucking love it. Lots of items that each give unique power-ups are my fetish.


File: 1389998194210.png (100.58 KB, 775x709, run.png)

Aganomad's still going on. This is my first real ongoing work set in Quorum so I hope it pans out.

I'm pretty happy with the artstyle I'm going with for it, and the characters are fun and easy to draw.


You know how hyped I am for this GG? I am so hyped I dreamt that you already made the first ten images complete with story. Something about a remote farm and fanatical regime. Reminded me of a hyper-Amish type of people.


File: 1390118194943.png (30.44 KB, 358x321, aga.png)

that is intensely, bizarrely flattering so thank you


Love how good Aganomad is going, keep up the good work.

Question: where do you usually post new pony stuff?


Hey GG, could you please post that Anon x Pinkie image you posted on MLPG yesterday? It got deleted and I never saw it.


Here's that anon/pinkie picture you wanted


don't know about this one




Ponko bread crumbs


I know you said no pony, but what about zebra




The true ending to Koboldly


File: 1390300964119.png (25.52 KB, 256x256, 1376701848116.png)

What does Dewbon do for fun? She seems really subdued, but there must be something she's interested in.


A flash forward for Aganomad. Something to make people sweat.


careful what you wish for anon


I'm ready to take the risk.


As long as necks aren't broken and organs stay inside their cavities, it's probably going to be fine


One of the girls commenting on PB needing a shower



File: 1390305461056.png (94.26 KB, 561x649, gillousnuggle.png)

sorry this took so long I had to grab something to eat

here you go anon


File: 1390305754858.gif (918.53 KB, 500x277, 1365990277538.gif)

aw shit
it's adorable
thanks GG


love you


Any more request slots?


sure but I don't think I'll be able to get any more done tonight


I guess I'd like to see Gumberry doing something silly with Agua. They're really sweet.


this makes me so happy


File: 1390317399563.png (133 KB, 561x649, sleepygillou.png)

goodness, how adorable

here, have a impromptu colour


I am euphoric.


How would each monstergirl react to being told I love you?


oh man I really want one of those grids with each of their reactions on it now


Also, "When being asked for anal"


File: 1390369890706.png (17.56 KB, 800x800, 137846504479.png)

Something I got off of BBWchan


Wait, really? Was there any context or reaction?

It's weird seeing my characters spread beyond my little circle. Is the thread still live?


Here's the thread. Nothing notable, just a comment that it's more "monster" than most of his drawings. I guess you nailed that part.


File: 1390519374335.png (134.49 KB, 582x805, caimon couchnap.png)

there are many good reasons to own a big sofa


this is why caimon is the best monster girl




>anon attempts a snuggle sandwich with Gillou and Caimon
>he was never heard from again


Are there going to be more pictures of snugglies? I like pictures of snugglies.


File: 1390565512826.png (179.31 KB, 582x805, sleepycaimon.png)



hot dang this is cute
what a nice coloring job

the only thing I'd point out is that most of her tail should be pale in color, since we'd be seeing the underside of it from this angle


Not that anon but if there's any other things that you'd like coloured, I'd love to give it a shot.


I was gonna draw PB cuddling but she's otherwise occupied at the moment


Can we see PB being happy for once, please?


>Can we see PB being happy for once, please?

Why would you ever want that?


there are a few in some of the previous threads


File: 1390734381792.png (55.06 KB, 533x539, Gillou gets assertive.png)

Swapping personalities now? That opens up a whole new can of fun.


File: 1390745780248.png (43.49 KB, 409x449, gnathoshy.png)




Gillou having Gnathodelli's personality is pretty dangerous and also hot. At least Delli can't crush you.



also requesting PB and Caimon with Delli's personality


>Agua with Delli's personality
>she's in a big flower pot
>rocking it back and forth trying to walk it to Anon
>she says "I'm gonna rape you!"
>Anon is just standing there unfazed


File: 1390879200057.png (46.58 KB, 403x594, elinda flash.png)


File: 1390879214522.png (61.28 KB, 314x722, elinda reiduran.png)


>Gillou with Veronica's personality
>bashfulpocalypse occurs


crushed hips, broken bones
bruised ribs and splintered bedframe
satisfied gillou


I was going to ask what season you used but then it was obvious- Gillou Season.


Cuddle series continues


File: 1391049836374.png (43.75 KB, 627x352, agua cuddle.png)

and then some


File: 1391050800999.png (48.42 KB, 514x509, meara cuddle.png)

the smallest cuddle


Daw. I think she needs a little love after all the shit she's been though.
Would Meara sneak under the covers while Anon is already asleep?


>Daw. I think she needs a little love after all the shit she's been though.

>Princess Bitch

Anon, there's a term I almost never use and that's "whipped".
I'm going to use it now, if you don't mind.


Nah, I don't particularly like her, I just think everybody deserves some happiness.


File: 1391131743480.png (73.89 KB, 615x583, 3.png)

from last night's stream


File: 1391131783470.png (70.81 KB, 563x599, 8.png)



File: 1391133893996.jpg (66.06 KB, 516x516, ag1.jpg)


File: 1391133927240.jpg (67.18 KB, 516x516, ag2.jpg)


File: 1391134070131.gif (1.86 MB, 386x380, 1.gif)

she just wants a hug


File: 1391134138254.gif (1.24 MB, 294x470, 6.gif)

what a happy cactus


File: 1391134181826.gif (2.96 MB, 309x304, 4.gif)

that's all folks


Goodness! I want on- three! Where did you make this GG?


File: 1391139036479.gif (833.92 KB, 347x487, 2.gif)

graffiti kingdom
old ps2 game


Kinda reminds me of Amazing Island. Except better.


File: 1391209456711.gif (720.84 KB, 319x356, pinkdance.gif)

that party pony is pinkie


File: 1391578641047.png (159.74 KB, 800x600, ....png)

I saw a drawing you made of boxdog in a similar situation. I wondered what the source of light was. Still wondering.


Would Dewbon cuddles even be possible without crushing all the bones?


Just lay on top and use her boobs as pillows.


File: 1392244552698.png (164.13 KB, 517x953, caimon picture.png)

uh oh



Cmon Anon

This is your in




>look, I was at the beach and, er
>ok, see, its not like it seems, she
>look she was crying and I asked her and she said she had to get the bus
>but she didn't have any change
>and she was so sad-looking I offered to pay but she said she didn't want to beg
>so I said what if I paid her for a picture
>and that was it, that's all, I swear!
>don't look at me like that, it's true
>dammit this is the third time I've been taken to task on that photo
>can't a guy help a girl out
>do I have to put up with this sort of thing
>just because a girl needed about tree fiddy


Oh my god, is that Nessie?


File: 1392341215926.png (260.42 KB, 562x1200, new roommate.png)

More Monstro Towers stuff


Okay, so 13 residents, at least two floors, Lin, Ronnie, and Paula live together on at least the third floor (because first would be common area/kitchen/Dewbon's room), PB, Caimon, and Human on the second floor.

Floor plan when, GG?


4th floor apartment: Veronica, Elinda, Paula

3rd floor apartment: Anon, Caimon, Princess Bitch, Meara (freeloading in Anon's room)

2nd floor apartment: Gnathodelli, Wosyet, Gumberry

1st floor: Dewbon and the Suitors, manager’s suite

ETC: Gillou (nearby swamps), Agua (front yard/lobby)

Good luck sharing a one-bathroom apartment with three monstergirls.



I love this. Gettin a glimpse at some of your lesser-seen monstergirls. Very cute.


Elinda is adorable as fuck.


Where do you see your art/comics going in, say 10 years?


right into the garbage


File: 1392450972403.png (141.55 KB, 785x521, coltyscouts.png)

Filly scouts - > Colty scouts


File: 1392679554130.png (76.83 KB, 403x837, mayor.png)



Don't mess with the administration




what is this from


File: 1392685365451.png (111.1 KB, 728x639, mayor dictation.png)

It's not from anything
She's the mayor of Monstro Village




gg pls don't do this


File: 1392687103556.png (101.99 KB, 728x639, kobold joe's.png)

There's a lot more to the town than just the apartments
Why not stop off for a quick bite at the local restaurant


I'm sorry



Oh hey I recognize that secretary and that waitress

I liked those designs, I'm very happy to see youre using them.


File: 1392689791098.png (109.27 KB, 728x639, mecha sheriff.png)




File: 1392691313466.png (130.45 KB, 728x639, hospital staff.png)

And I hear the healthcare is top-notch.


These are some top-notch new monstergirls.


When are you going to pitch a show idea to a studio GG. I would watch the shit out of it, maybe get some kobold plastic made from China.


Waitress es cute.


File: 1392699439400.png (133.96 KB, 728x639, amenities.png)

And if you're looking for something to do, you could always spend some time at the gym or visit the local library!


File: 1392700272761.png (79.89 KB, 575x746, gnoll gal.png)



File: 1392702093881.png (83.08 KB, 728x639, storefront.png)

And if you need some shopping done, things couldn't be simpler

when there's only one store, there's only one choice!


File: 1392702486025.png (154.61 KB, 728x639, school.png)

And if you need any adult education courses, you can get a quality education at the local college! It may only have one classroom, but that's not excuse for a lack of school spirit! Everyone loves the Monstro Village Apes!

Go Apes!




They're brother and sister.


Clearly that shirt is just for the nerd rep, seeing as she doesn't have any ears.



Anon, snakes hear without holes. They hear vibrations in the ground.


none of these girls (or locations) are set in stone and I'm still just sorta feeling out the setting by putting pen to paper

so in the interest of sparking discussion

who's your favorite of the new set



Is she a mecha sheriff in that she's a robot

or is she a mecha sheriff in that there's someone very tiny in there piloting what to them is a giant robot suit


I don't know anything about any of them, so who knows?

But the waitress is cute as hell.



I like snake girl but, I like snake girls so that's not objective.

I want to know what kobold restauranteur is up to. He looks nefarious. And his sister like she's putting too much effort into that friendly smile. Kobold conspiracy???

That or she really is friendly and her brother is just "get a table or git out" or wants you to stop ogling the waitress or something. But the conspiracy seems like more fun.



Ok so pressing for dirty details so soon feels like a faux pas, but I always wonder this - is this snake girl like most half-humanoid snake girls in that her ladyparts are where her hips "would" be, or is she more like an actual snake and they're somewhere way back near the end?


She's a mecha sheriff in the sense that nobody ever acknowledges that she is a robot and she seems to have no awareness of it whatsoever

probably the former
I am not a big fan of animal genitals and she's already got titties so it's not like we're going for reptilian accuracy here



There are basic logistical considerations though

I mean she's going around with no skirt on and the orifice in question is not visible so it must be concealed between the segments of her belly scales there

which would require her to have a sideways vagina like an asian actual snake.

That or her hips are higher than I'm reading it, and she's going around with the lower edge of the shirt just barely covering her.

Which is super hot.



I'd imagine that, like most bottomless cartoon animal people, her genitalia simply isn't there when not being used and appears when she does sexy things which is, in her case, only when she's alone


File: 1392784405667.png (82.92 KB, 800x533, waifuwallgillou.png)

hypothetically if you had to boil the monstergirls down to 6 romance options, who would make the cut and who wouldn't


Dewbon, Gillou, Caimon, Gnathodelli, Veronica, and Meara. Just my personal favorites. It has a good variety for romance options though.



Gillou, Caimon, Veronica, Gumberry, Elinda, and Meara.


Gillou, Paula, Caimon, Agua, Dewbon and that tall waif figured nurse.


File: 1392789467369.png (82.4 KB, 698x888, froggy.png)

>"Psht, what're YOU doin' back here? You don't wanna be hangin' around here."


Gillou, Caimon, Veronica, Paula, Princess Bitch, Gumberry.


Veronica, Dewbon, Caimon, Gillou, Gnathodelli, and the Gnoll.


i love it
this is now my favourite monstergirl


it's a girl?


Veronica, Dewbon, Caimon, Gumberry, Agua and that milk frog you just posted.


hey heres that shhh thing coloured


Double blushies are best blushies.


I also just realised this syncs up with the "sleepy Gillou" pic beforehand incredibly well. It even doesn't matter which order they go - the implications flow just as well either way, so it doesn't matter if it's embarrasing first-time cuddling leading to sleep or if they accidentally slept together and then have a suprise in store when they wake up.


Hypothetically, if you ever need a code monkey for a visual novel project, my hands are free.


caimon, dewbon, froggy, gnathodelli, gillou, and that mantis girl


Mti and Mua IN
Aerial Antics!
Rated PG


also this


Requesting the other pics.


File: 1392897662022.png (86.89 KB, 800x568, waifuwallpb.png)

fair enough


File: 1392897678914.png (106.91 KB, 800x637, waifuwallcaimon.png)


File: 1392897692854.png (94.21 KB, 800x816, waifuwalldewbon.png)

there's just these four


What is that on the plate?


Tamale, anon. That's a tamale.


File: 1392920800646.jpg (21.13 KB, 400x298, Hot Hot.jpg)

I've heard of this food, only now do I realize I had no idea what it was.


Scale wise, that tamale looks to be about the size of a human torso. I vaguely thought it was a bale of hay.


It is a bale of hay


That makes sense. Since her spirit form is a horse.


I didn't realize she was a ruminant.


I thought it was a book. Since that's what you said she smelled of.


but what if caimon was glowy instead of veronica



and the plain jane non-glowy trip-to-the-fridge version
this one still contains nudity


Absent minded scratching is my fetish.


Since when have you been able to make animations that buttery smooth?


File: 1393027142147.png (155.6 KB, 1111x915, huntress1a.png)

They're not really that smooth. There's like four or five left arm frames and three right arm frames and two heads. That's about it.
It's just about adding subtle motions that suggest movement to the mind without actually showing it so your imagination fills in the blanks

your imagination filling in the blanks is why my art ever works at all coincidentally


File: 1393222722190.png (266.49 KB, 800x969, quorum scouts alt.png)

Art Anon's Filly Scouts, species swapped to Quorum Creatures


got this uncensored?


unfortunately not



I sometimes curse Weaver for creating such beauties that I know I will never be able to tell how much they mean to me. Damn you Weaver. Damn you and your lovely women.


File: 1393545779750.png (175.75 KB, 800x736, dewbonbed.png)

yes those are supposed to be MH greatswords


Now I can't help but see Dewbon as some sort of Bastard Child between a Rust Duramboros and a Barroth.


She is partially modeled after barroth, actually
The way I figure it, in this world, the catoblepas is a sub-species of brute wyvern


Man, fuck Duramboros. All it does is butt-smash you. I love butts and all but a man has his limits.


>suddenly, posing creatures appear out of nowhere for no reason other than just to inhabit debon's bed

why do I love this idea

>The Barrier Trio struck a Pose! It was Spectacular.

>its 4 in the morning stop flexing i'm trying to sleep


Well, those are Dewbon's Suitors. They would never do anything to inconvenience her.


I'm sure there's probably a loophole in the wording there somewhere, gg, at least in terms of humourous scenarios anyway. I mean, do they help Dewbon around the place?
because if so:

>poor little green anon.png

>suddenly Dewbon inspection (which probably comprises of her just stuicking her head around the corner, or through the window, to be honest)
>"Oh don't worry Dewbon, we we're just making sure Anon got all his stuff in, totally wasn't going to hang him off a lampost by his pants for not lifting or anything" they say, finding something heavy to lift that makes what they were doing there absolutly, definetly suspicious
>Barrier Trio shenangins continue after this untill they are sure your not going to hit on Dewbon


but the real question is, would YOU a dewbon?


i would try
for her


I don't know HOW but you can always give it a good swing.
Like MT always said, "Good foreplay and oral is a great way to make sure a girl has a good time."
or something like that


I like her sleepy time hat.


Would Dewbon's sister/cousin be based off a Jade Barroth?
Are Monsters canon in this world?
Where is the Kirin monster girl, GG?


File: 1393626927000.png (225.84 KB, 800x736, Dewbonbedtime.png)

Welp, had nothing but spare time today so I coloured this

I apologise in advance for the extremely shitty job I did with Dewbon's bed

Also I hope I got the Posing things the right colour because I have no idea what they are (seriously, I have no exact idea on what they are, even species wise, I read a bit of the thread for intel and all I got was "Barrier Trio", so I guess they guard Dewbon's precious upside-down triforce from anon if your on her route or something)

yes i shaded the end of their hands (fingers? Fist Wizard appendages?) to give them a little more detail than the "blue sonic boom knuckles minus bandages" fill tool look


My question is, would Dewbon an Anon?


Just in case anyone might like it, I went and collected all the Dewbon images I could find.

If there are any that are not here, let me know and i'll update it


oksy, it's me again went to a previous thread to colour in the monster wall, found out what the blue guys are. So at least that's cleared up my misconceptions.

also you should probably consider "comical bad ends" gags. Yeah, okay, the monstergirls were created expressivly for certain fetishes, but you probably could cartoonishly exagerate any bad end potential they have - for example, most of the monstergirls are bigger than anon, so in this hypothetical "bad end" he'd probably get accidently flattened during insert activity here, cimplete with paper-physics anon afterwards. that sort of comical "oh no you failed a romance, FISSION MAILED, load your previous save" sort of situation that is for comedy more than actual meaningful drama.


He always knew it would end like this.


If I had to die

it would be slow skull crushing by Caimon booty


I always kind of imagined Deli to be a darker shade of purple


>not trying to get all the "bad ends" to unlock all the extra art, alternate costumes and "death" reel, complete with colour commentary such as "how did you manage to make the greenhouse explode anyway, were you trying to get this ending on purpose", sort of Taiga Dojo-esque sequences

shiggy diggy 100% completion

what would you even get for doing all that anyway, do you unlock a secret Femanon route or something for dying so many times


actually, thinking about it, it makes more sense for deaths to be more for bonus content material, any secrets could probably be unlocked through less save-scumming means, like acheiving a friendship end






Jesus Christ how horrifying.


It took me a second to realize what that was
now I'm shivering and cringing in a corner of my bedroom
gj gg


wanted to mention that the one you posted is just a smooth re-do of an earlier goggles pic: >>7996


Hey GG

what about Rule63 Caimon?

bush intact


in before excessive ammounts of armpit hair


You got the right idea, anon


This happened too



Man, it's weird seeing PB not being miserable or furious or sullen.



Maybe she should show him what to do with all that


actually, on a seperate tangent for male monsters

you probably could have the femanon date able monsterguys cameo in the background if you ever do a "anon goes around town" thing

I mean it's not a female-only town, there has to be SOME males around, right?


>here has to be SOME males around, right?
why do you think Anon gets all the monster poon he gets, Anon?



Anon's supposed to be the only human in town.


There are some males, as can be seen in various town photos like these:
That said, Anon is the only human, and the overall ratio of females to males is rated at ponyville or worse.


How many different types of monster resides in this village?


Well, it IS a village, so it probably wouldn't be over 1000. I'm guessing not all the monsters live in housing provided, either - it's likly there'll probably be groups set up in small camps/hamlets in any forests or mountainous regions for one reason or another, not to mention all the solitary monsters roaming about

also there'd probably be a few in whatever dungeon/ruin is in the area, because SOME monsters have to have a job of walking back and forwards in a empty corridor all day to get by instead of live cushily in the village


File: 1393917760684.png (344.15 KB, 1200x732, Dewbon.png)

S-So I drew a thing with Dewbon


As far as I know, read books.


She probably has more hobbies than just reading, anon.

although in the interest of some charcter development, I'd bet the Suitors would have some idea of what she gets up to in her spare time due to doing one spare job or another…. but the catch is that since there are three of them, one suitor would only know 1/3 of the factual information about dewbons hobbies, or most of the things about dewbon.


In today's Aganomad, ten comics in, we finally learn the protagonist's name



File: 1394266876012.png (189.77 KB, 713x837, apt3a.png)

Welcome to your new digs


File: 1394286337940.png (118.5 KB, 776x658, pooldewbon.png)

on a dewbon colouring spree apparantly


alright, I think thats enough of dewbon for now


So, does Anon's inability to touch extend to mundane objects as well? Can he use his hoverhand powers for good?


Oh god, it's like one of those progressively worsening nightmares. First you move in with two chicks you know nothing about, then one of them turns out to be a huge bitch, and the other suddenly becomes a alligator with Duke Nukem shades, and just as you pose for a picture you realize there is a spider in your hair. And it's mashing it's breasts into the back of your head.


>There's ever enough


also someone pointed out apple drew your monstergirls, so postin that drawing here

warning: very lewd


The cold emotionless stare of Dewbon is the hottest thing ever.


>princess bitch is your roommate

oh boy

actually considering this, does that mean the village has dungeons around?

because that might be cool, having dungeon adventures with monstergirls. Some dungeons might only be accessable to certain monstergirls, for example.

dungeon 1 can be the tutorial that basically gets set up in a warehouse for anon and anyone else to practice,
rest of the dungeons can be in the traditonal places of "forest","mountains","under the ocean", probably have a link-to-the-past thing where there turns out to be a dungeon smack bang in the middle of town under a monument in the square, probably have a joke revolving around that Dewbon herself is a dungeon via a hosptial xray, that sort of thing


Dewbon herself is a dungeon



Screw you Jake


anons meet and greet of his fellow aparmentdwellers takes a bad start when nobody tells him some girls have different activity times



Or, depending on your point of view, takes a really good start.


Well, that was embarrassing

anon obviously needs to know how to better avoid this sort of thing in the future, but who to ask?

Better go back to the apparment, i'm sure one of anon's roommates will have helpfull advice at the ready


today isn't anons greatest day for introductions, it seems

at least with all this shenangins out the way, anon's returning to his neighbour now that its a little later to apologise too a hopefully more suitably dressed monstergirl




I imagine that being used to a girls-only apartment complex so long, they really might have to take some time learning to adjust their habits


>two thumbs up


All of them.


I thought Dewbon's back was dark and underbelly was light instead of being one solid color.


really dude? I think they all kinda suck. The lines are fine but the colors ruin it


NOW someone tells me this?

well, here's a practice colour just to get that look right. I tried using the appple colours above as reference for her undebelly, but the problem I got was she looked way too pink for someone who is mostly a very dark brown

yes? no? slightly too tanned looking?


Her back would probably be a little darker, a real rich deep chocolate color
meanwhile her underbelly would be a little lighter and creamier, but you can layer it however you like


>layer it how you like

oh thank goodness, we >jojo colour consistency now

but real talk, at least with this I can find a lighter skin tone for her that doesn't flare up my artism, to use on later pictures


I really love both the colours and the lines, Apple's pretty damn good at monstergals.


i wouldn't say he's good at monstergals in particular, just good at drawing cartoon characters in general.
If you'd ask my honest opinion, I've yet to see any monstergirl fanart that I like more than the original art.


>actually try to slog through the text of previous thread instead of OOO PRETTY PICTURES mode
>vore discusion breifly

welp, thanks for the comedic sociopathy mental images, everyone

I'm just be waiting for PB to be the target of it, simply because A) she's probably had worse and B) for the three panels or so of anon's NOPE face (probably doing different things like sleeping, eating and other buisness), followed by PB inexplicably being okay brushing her teeth or something mudane and then gives a witty handwave explanation about it, cue canned audience laughter (the canned reaction is actually for a monster audience who could understand the humour), cue fresh anon prince theme


thinking about it, PB doing some sort of savescum might actually be interesting as a character specific skill

I mean it literally doesn't matter to her what situation she gets into because she can simply LOAD STATE 01 and bam, PB is out of harms way, in a fashion. I mean, theres still a PB where she used to be too, but think of it like Super Meat Boy where in replay, various versions of you go through a level but only the one that makes it to the end matters.

this allows PB to be, well, PB without too much consequences, other than negative social tendencies and probably having to remind certain monsters to go on a diet because seriously they just ate her like three times in a row because she failed a long jump over a pit.


File: 1394503746237.png (66.46 KB, 351x482, whoisthisenchantressgg.png)

one of the background mons caught my eye for colouring today


Requesting PB Dragons lair parody

with realistic ragdoll physics for previous bodies and rooms slowly filling up with skeletons/PBs if you die too much in them

bonus points for acheivments for cheating, like filling a entire pit with nothing but body ragdolls and just walking over the pile to the other side


File: 1394570706195.png (200.62 KB, 763x808, femanonroute.png)

and now for a change of pace, monsterboys

even though a little on the pic, even though I know it is just a rough idea to balance ManAnon, and I don't have a lot of source material to go off so hopefully some of this get's co-opted or something:
femanon's aparment isn't even a real aparment, but just a converted lab that's being rented out to those desperate enough to stay, mostly because it still looks litle omnious despite their best efforts

all the males have their own reasons for being together in the place, and femanons arrival obviously stirs shit up because they don't know why she's here and y'know she broke up the sausague fest theme of the house and all that jazz, which eventually leads to them being more like true appartment buddies

Femanon's route probably has more anatagonists on it, and for dramatic irony of creatures being story-arc antagonists: 3 Wise Men, 3 Human-Type Monsters (such as "Man in the Mirror", "Invisible Man" and "Wolf-Man"), and by implications left around they were expecting a fourth "Man" to show up roughly around the same time Femanon appeared to complete their group and are wondering where he is

There's a dungeon that's similar to Sun/Moon Temple in La-mulana, complete with man/woman symoblism and "Do not Use Your Weapon inside the Woman" type puzzles, a joke should be made that Femanon solves a previously impassible puzzle on the Sun Temple side simply because she has the exact body shape needed in order to correctly solve it (they would have had to faff around with a complex puzzle to get something that was the actual correct way to solve it)… but it's too bad that solving the puzzle this way will just make it harder later, because there isn't a man of a suspiciously exact proportion to do the same thing for the Moon Temple side


File: 1394580388133.png (185.41 KB, 782x707, garageland.png)




also my apologies for the long spoiler speciel there, just had to get stuff out my head

If you couldn't already tell, I still find the creepy smile anon pictures 2spooky and consider that half-human monsters, if personalized correctly, would be actually pretty freaky to encounter

mostly because they'd just have question mark faces, no other expressions other than what their mouth does. And also other little neat freaky odds and ends you'd notice about them, like Man in the Mirror can abuse the magical properties of enchanted mirrors and has a reversed question mark face, the Invisible Man is COMPLETELY undetectable on almost all levels and is more like a ghost in behaviour and you'd be lucky to seem his transparency outline, Wolf-Man is actually worse than regular Lyanthropy because at least those guys have SOME control over themselves at night and arn't perminently in CURSED/BESERK combo status that protects them from all but the strongest were-creature weaknessess untill daylight. And don't get me started on the ones that can copy your looks and abilities. That's simply Final Boss tier in a monster setting due to all the various monsters around that he could simply shake hands with to gain their power, and all they'd know is that anon was being rather too friendly today, probably trying to compenstate for the hard time that he gave them earlier, oh that anon is such a little sweetie sometimes.

so yeah, nightmares forever now, sorry for the huge wall again


speaking of buildings

Anon's appartment is a high-rise flat of some sort, right?

How high? about Five floors or so, all of them Dewbon proof (i.e solid floors and foundations so Dewbon doesn't put her foot through the floor, and she can walk in peace in any corridor without ducking)? With a comically oversized elevator outside so Dewbon can access the upper floors without wiping out half the house on the stairs? And no basements of any sort? There isn't anything up high on the roof, either?

I know there's a little swampy area out the back because I remember a conversation about that being rented out also (gillou lives there, apparently the swampland is considered part of the land plot or something). Is there anything else back there? because I'd bet Caimon probably immedeatly set up a shack, a pier and a hammock there for when the weather is nice enough for it, and to occasionally stop over and visit Gillou in HER apparement, because Caimons a caring sort like that, wouldn't want her to feel forgotten now. Something tells me she might build another shack if anon visits, too.


Dewbon can basically only get around the lobby. That's why she has the Suitors.


Hmm. So, basically all the doors except for the front door are roughly Caimon-sized (she may have to duck, or walk sideways through some), and the front door is basically a garrage door in size (unless Dewbon has other ways to just appear in the lobby)

I assume Dewbon has her own quaters somewhere on site, which is possibly a converted garrage/warehouse (in that it's JUST a big single room, but it needs to be that huge because it has to fit the XXXXL bed and other personal belongings of Dewbon and all the equipment the Suitors use in some corner. What? You think Dewbon's just gonna fall asleep on the desk?)


File: 1394744290277.png (35.71 KB, 939x592, tryingtogainascenseofscale….PNG)

alright, now I can somewhat unveil why I was asking some of the questions about the apparment that I was

please ignore the shitty mspaint skills and tell me what you think of the layout, as much as the layout you can make out anyway

I'm trying of cource to design the first floor so Dewbon has at least two rooms to go into (one being the entrance to the apprtment she owns and the other being that big hole behind the counter to the lounge - some places do have archways like that), while simultaniously trying to make sure all the other smaller monstergirls can get around where dewbon can't AND for it to make some sort of sense for incidents to happen between anon and said monstergirls there (i.e the walls are too near the ground and the doors too small in some areas for dewbon to go through, the stairs are basically small and narrow from some monstergirls perception and probably a small deathtrap waiting too happen, or at least a gropefest and "did anon just touch my butt/did i just touch anon's butt" hijinks for those that want that sort of thing)

also yes I put a window looking into the kitchen, some resdents might be interested in what the chef is cooking (or more interested in the chef if anon learns how to cook/can cook), I wonder who cooks stuff in the apparment anyways and if there are barbeque days (good luck getting Caimon off the grill) or other such specials


File: 1394745156194.png (22.37 KB, 755x508, tryingtogainascenseofscale….PNG)

and for those who have no idea what the fuck is going on in that picture, have a simpler 2d view to help


As someone has extensively taken drafting in high school, GG, please never draw isometrics again. You floor plan looks good though so far.


Oh yes, Zebra and Griffon action is very appreciated~ I bet they love teasing the brothers.


>tfw mistaken for gg

I'm sorry glitter glue

pls don't be made for being lumped with my mishapen isometrics

I was only trying to give the monster house some love


File: 1394839571623.png (51.71 KB, 302x528, GETEQUIPEDWITHVARIASUIT.png)

also felt like colouring more monstergirls, here's samus- I mean sherrif, don't cause no trouble or you might get abducted by crane-game police ufo and your planet base will explode for no real reason, there'll be a escape sequence and everything, but probably no zero suit ending for you


also, gg annonuced on his tumblr he's gonna be out of his state for a while, so art and responces are gonna be a little on the short side

left something for us though



Did he give that to you specifically? Cuz there's only the message on his tumblr and naught else.


no, he left it on mlpg during the reactions to the new episode, I think


for the sake of discussion and curiosity, I thought I'd introduce an interesting bracket to see how the girls are considered

I was going to suggest organizing the 12 major monstergirls by likelihood of past encounters, but that's too specific

So as a reminder, the list is:
Princess Bitch

And, for a more direct and simple question:
If you had to guess which girls are and are not still virgins, what would you pick?


Here, why not just do it this way?



>Gillou being on the poll at all



>someone thinks Agua isn't a virgin

literally hitler


It's a little hard to tell how many people voted overall. Still pretty telling so far.


File: 1395745090801.png (112.26 KB, 620x627, Gillouinswimsuit.png)


I'm 99% sure she's supposed to be grinning.



Those are her teeth, not an open mouth.


File: 1395770211168.png (113.58 KB, 620x627, Gillouinswimsuit.png)

my apologies, I see it now


File: 1395780933341.png (40.37 KB, 350x543, femsnailsstartled.png)

also coloured a femsnails for nostalgia value


might as well post these




… did I make a boo-boo by colouring something before it's offical release,as it were? have I done goofed and spoiled something?


no it's fine I was just lazy getting around to posting it


File: 1395797180764.png (163.76 KB, 905x589, anonpickscaptainfalcon.png)


also the femsnails colour re-activated something in me, because I now find myself pouring over all the old pictures again to find something about the subject to colour, and am not sure why. Possibly nostalgia.

anyway, hers the colour. We never did find out what anon got from them.

probably the pleasure of a group Dinner


File: 1395800241472.png (155.34 KB, 530x852, fusedfemales.png)

also theres this


File: 1395832880926.png (120.04 KB, 755x721, femsnailswardrobemalfuncti….png)

I'll try not to dominate the thread with this stuff too much


This is kinda GG's thread. I don't think he'd mind if you posted his stuff.


File: 1395843427304.png (74.86 KB, 665x398, femsnailsbedfallout.png)

alrighty, just didn't want to go overboard is all


File: 1395869936676.png (246.88 KB, 800x678, family photo named.png)

Family comin' to visit this weekend, anon.
Bring your appetite because there's always a lot of food to go around at these dinners.


I think we're going to need introductions. And possibly family order. I mean, I could porbably guess who the Grandparents and Father of Caimon are, but after that…

anyways, onto introductiory trail baloon questions: Is Granipere that cool old guy who tells you all the awsome stories and has a great sense of humour? Does Pappy's expression of disproval ever lift or is the pokerface a feature? Why is there a sudden name out in french?


I'd guess Poli and Beau are brothers. Dame is probably the mum unless Pappy is a widower. Lastly, I'm pretty sure Caimon is of Cajun decent which is descendants of French peoples who were exiled to what is now known today as the state of Louisiana.


>Poli and Beau are brothers

well, that is probably true. Good luck figuring out which is older and which is younger, though. Mostly because it's probably a trick question.



Is there still incest


The only ones to have actual names are the kids; everyone else is just named by familial relations. Marécage is the family name.

Polisson is the younger brother.
Caimon is the middle child.
Beau is the older brother.
Dame is the mother.
Pappy is the father.
Gran'pere and Granee are the grandfather and grandmother respectively.


File: 1395881191381.png (269.8 KB, 800x678, Caimonfamilyphoto.png)

Caimon Marécage, huh.

also obligitary colours, and obligitary complaints about my own handiwork:

Beau is actually very hard to pick a colour for, because he can't be too light green (he looks weird) and he can't be too dark green (looks incredibly off-putting), so he has to be this weird in-between shade (which I havn't found yet, but the green n the picture is the closest to a acceptable green I could go)

Poli also looks slightly sickly due to the green I picked for his skin - mostly because the original skin colour was too close to the colour of his belly


File: 1395882925674.png (40.57 KB, 351x335, tumblr_m3gwbrmcCK1rpgrp8o5….png)


Dat Gmilf



Poli strikes me as something of a sleaze anyway.


I just had a conversation about the origination of some music. I learned that a good portion of music originated from Southern U.S.'s, especially Louisiana and the such, blues contingency. Like Country and Rock and the music that stemmed from those. Long story short, I got an intense lesson in musical history, a respect for swamp and bog countries, and I was wondering if Caimon had any attachments to the old type of steel washboard, banjo, bayou Blues.


>gators just keep growing bigger as they get older
>that wink from grandpappy
fuck, I bet him and his lady would be down for all sorts of good times


So I'm guessing Poli tries to sneak a peak every chance he gets, and one of his arms is black and blue from all the times Beau caught him and gave him a charlie horse


Just because Beau is earnest and direct doesn't mean he wouldn't steal his sister's panties too if he had the chance



He just looks innocent to me, I see a hand on her shoulder, but I don't see him sliding that strap down or even a glance downward. You're the boss though.


>I see a hand on her shoulder, but I don't see him sliding that strap down or even a glance downward.
That's because he's pulling it back over her shoulder, raising the fabric instead. It's noticeable if you look for it.
But unlike with Poli I'd believe it really was an honest mistake.


You sly dog



So just uh

just how far has she gone with her brothers?


I'm now thinking of how the family would work on a rpg subtext for some reason. Here's a small wall of text of ideas:

Granipere is the one the gives you hints about Caimon-related sidequests you can do as well as some interesting worldbuilding titbits and probably knows where Caimons ultimate/best equipment items in the game are
Granee is one of the chefs you can aquire for Heaven's Kitchen Sidequest if your cooking skill is high enough - she's one of the Uber-tier chefs you need for the quest
Pappy is the one that gives you Caimon's best weapon, which pretty much decimates water-affinity monsters - have fun trying to get it though
Dame gives out Caimon's best armour, which has NulWater and NulFrost on it
Beau is great for farming your cooking skill on when your low level - he'll literally eat anything if it's free - and giving him great food when your a high level cook results in him giving you great Caimon-specific accesory items (gloves,boots,shirts, that sort of thing). Another good thing about this is he's one of the characters whos commentary about your food greatly expands your food index tab (his commentary appears on whatever food item you gave him when you look at that food in the journal), which also includes side-notes on what foods Caimon doesn't like (which is good for keeping your relationship level high with Caimon - you won't have to trail-and-error with her to find out her tastes… but you'll probably feed her stuff she doesn't like anyway to unlock her reactions in the gallery)
Poli has a quest that gives you something that SEEMS useless, especially after what you did for him to get it, but is a key item in maxing Caimon's relationship rank with you

Caimon herself comes with a few traits that help in combat (such as Scaleskin, Call of the Cajun, Subdynamic) and one Unique Trait (Cold Night For Alligators). Keep in mind, traits can't be unequipped and can affect out-of-battle scenarios (for example: Subdynamic makes her a excelent swimmer). She has low MP (which can be helped via accessory equipment), but teaching her Quick or Slow is a good call (as it takes advantage of her speed stat), and of cource give her a Ribbon to protect from all the negative status effects


>some interesting worldbuilding titbits


File: 1395950490823.png (447.87 KB, 639x478, la-mulanaequipment.PNG)

also I imagine that the equipment mechanic would work like a cross between pic related and soul caliber

as in you get a actual character model "doll" and you can see how different all your equipment makes the charater look, it also tells you the stats that increase or decrease by equiping it and the ability to turn the model in a 360 degree angle and you get get bonus images in the gallery for unequiping everything for each playable character. Yes, this includes Anon (and probably bonus/temporary party members), and you can change the tabs to bring up a different screen that does different stuff (Status, equipment, journal, gallery, etc)



I was wondering about alligator size by sex, because it seemed you had drawn all the ladies to be bigger than the fellows, but male alligators are generally larger so I guess they're just unusual that way? Males do tend to broader heads, so that's accurate.

I have also learned that alligator eggs are gender-determined by the temperature of the nest. Warmer produces males and colder produces females. That isn't relevant to this case, obviously, I just thought it was interesting.

I was going to ask what side the grandparents were on but I think I figured it out.


>I was going to ask what side the grandparents were on but I think I figured it out.
Do tell.


That anon is implying incest, or looking at the snout shapes and figuring they're the mother's parents.


granny tits when


File: 1396055605443.png (71.64 KB, 624x321, suddenspiderroommate.png)

just coloured a panel from the Meara intro comic

wonder if shes found out other things the roomates get up that are particularly embarresing for them to not say anything about her being there

in before it snowballs into something silly like she has a photograph of Dewbon making a legitmately noticable expression and it's treated like blackmail material untill it turns out that no, this picture is actually something she took to actually try and help Dewbon out during the days where every monster had no idea if the 16 foot tall monstergirl was actually friendly or had come to sort of conquer the town (again - bad historical experiences with bigger monsters are involved, also it didn't help that Dewbon is notoriously poker-faced), it never went into circulation however (a different picture was used instead to advertise what Dewbon was buying all that land for in a local paper) and Meara just sorta kept it as a memento. Yes, this ment them being silent about her exsistence was for nothing because Dewbon knows she is somewhere in the house. I mean, Meara did sort of pull a few strings and be a friendly face contact for her to start the place up (Meara has been around the block before with a lot of odd-jobs and has quite a contact list) so of cource she's welcome to stay.


File: 1396057821689.png (213.34 KB, 713x837, ainteasybeinggreen.png)

also theres this I guess

they all cheat through saint patricks day


File: 1396129944205.png (79.72 KB, 514x509, sleepymeara.png)

also I realised I never did finish colouring through the sleepy mongirls stuff

I should really get around to that


File: 1396140456129.png (55.22 KB, 627x352, sleepyagua.png)

remember to wear protective equipment when handling your cacti

also speaking of which, do you think the flat has a greenhouse? It's something that's been bothering me a bit about Agua, in that nobody really has a place for her in the house anywhere (to live and hang out, anyway - I'm sure she's welcome inside and everything), and obviously the flat is built to cater to all the clientets… special needs, so I sort of assume Agua hangs out in a greenhouse because, y'know, it's tailor made to be a perfect place for plants to be. And it also explains where the hotel can get vegitables from: Because Agua puts lots of love into growing them, and probably produces lots of surplus (i'm imagining the Greenhouse's inside can vary from "this looks like a zen garden" to "this looks like a african jungle" to "why are there millions of Eggplants everywhere")


File: 1396209033552.png (140.44 KB, 645x615, sleepypb.png)

alright, thats that finished.


As a trial baloon question: what sort of healthcare does monster village have? Do they have a full-on hospital or is it just a on-call doctor?

Because I've been wondering about a in-story reason for having the monster girls height, age, weight, etc. catagorized, and healthcare is one of the more logical reasons to go with (because I dunno if theres a tailor around). I realise you can easily wave most injures away with CAST CURE/USE POTION or something, but SOMEONE's gotta get the actual health stuff down for situations where those arn't going to cut it

Also, I have a mental image of a doctor with a ladder and a measuring tape trying to take Dewbon's height or something.



The healthcare, as far as we know, is comprised of these two. >>8219


… I can't believe I actually somehow missed that post. Thanks for the heads up.


>equipment min-maxing

I say it should have the mechanic FF9 had for it's equipment - ie, that most equipment allow your character to learn a ability/skill, and once that character had learned it you'd better not sell that piece of early game equipment because someone else later down the line might be able to learn something from it as well.

This means you'll at least want to hold onto and wear every equipment item you can, which means at least every party memeber monstergirl will get a variety of stuff to wear and hold onto their equipment items for a while (first it'll be for the skill it teaches, and then youll look at the equipments actual stats and decide wether you want to keep that on untill you run into a equip piece that gives you a new skill to learn), and it also makes sure the monstergirls stay unique (there will always be equipment some monstergirls can't equip while others can, so they'll end up with drastically different skills and abilites in a 100% run - you won't have them all running around casting flare at 999 speed, for example, but you probably would be able to level Gnath's speed to that level through a equipment that grants her Auto-Haste and a equipment skill that can teach her Fleetfoot, and Princess Bitch would probably make for a suprisingly good mage with the right stuff, if you could get past the fact she's almost certainly going to be casting all that BLK Magic Lvl you teach her on you eventually, so good luck dodging her casting Meteor)

Things that can be fun to do for it meta-wise: The training place can have training weapons that you can hold on too (the skill they teach is Lvl 0 affinity in that particular weapon - so the wooden sword teaches SwordLvl0, wooden spear teaches SpearLvl0, etc - this basically allows you to equip shit-tier weapons so you can learn their abilites and get your Lvl up), the reward for giving Anon Meara's hats (remember: her hats are XS size) is more Lvls in XS equipment (which allows him to wear more luxorious tiny hats), and this might apply to other monstergirls. You could give the Suitors a ruler to increase Dewbon's Accuracy (it helps her figure the length of things), and you can level Caimon to the point she can actually wear shirts and shorts without crippling her speed (from overheating - she probably would still sweat a lot). Other Meta-jokes can be made, But I'm running out of text space, so you get the picture. Go nuts with exploiting Fantasy setting common cliches for jokes, if you want.


File: 1396305499937.png (131.35 KB, 676x850, gumbelt.png)

actually, thinking about it, "thats it i'm done" probably isn't the parting thoughts I should leave on the series.

I actually do hope a little that maybe the cuddle series will one day extend, and we get to see other cute things like veronica literally glowing when you hug her


File: 1396308893945.png (197.77 KB, 1082x892, dewbonnakedapron.png)

also should showcase Dewbon's new colour scheme

I did actually try to implement apple's colourscheme, but they were far too light for my tastes. I actually tried quite a few shades of brown for her, and none of them really panned out. Ironically, the brown that now is her lighter skin shade came from one of gg's very own coloured concepts for dewbon (in the previous thread)


File: 1396482161756.png (75.63 KB, 750x522, monstergirlsetting.PNG)

also a neat little coincidence I came acorss in GG's set-up pic of the monstergirl world

notice the really tall building on the town map (on the upper left world map view)?

If you look closely you'll see the swamp/lake/treeline. Now, Look behind Dewbon's aparments.

Yes, It's very likly the same building. Which means since Dewbon's place is probably shown on the map, it's the tallest building in the town and likly a landmark (Dewbon is 16 foot tall, so for her to access the first floor confortably the house's ground floor must at least be 20 foot tall or over, and every subsiquent floor must have room for all the other monstergirl heights so each and every floor is probably 15 foot tall each give or take)

thats a very, very tall apartment



This is Weaver we're talking about, there's no such thing as coincidence.


I want to ride around on Dewbon and nap on her rocky carapace.


Thats probably the reason for the apron, thinking about it. It probably has a little pouch for the Suitors to inexplicably appear from when she needs them (because having them co-incidentally near-teleport to Dewbon when she suddenly needs them is usefull - it saves money on rebuilding walls - and it creates excellent sight gags of them mysteriously vanishing from halfway across town to immedeatly help Dewbon do something mudane, especially if they vanish into a dead end, as well as a cute visuall of all three of them just riding along with their heads sticking out the apron's pouch like some sort of kangeroo)


File: 1396834397606.png (78.62 KB, 512x471, racemix.png)

12 main races
12 main monstergirls
time to make it happen


File: 1396844380575.png (419.82 KB, 1200x900, monstergirlswitch.png)



File: 1396977604087.png (127.33 KB, 800x816, mountaindew.png)

more of tallest, brownest girl


File: 1396994931417.jpg (147.59 KB, 750x888, ratanon17cen.jpg)

what's the pest situation at monstro towers like


I'm pretty sure Princess bitch counts as "permanent pest"

if you mean otherwise, we'd have to get into the whole sapient/non-sentient monster divide thing and that'd most certainly get weird (for example: Gnathodelli would have had to have passed some of this test - if not vocally, then at least she'd have proven shes not completely feral by the test's standards through actions, so she's not accosted when around town or arrested as a potential wild monster threat)


File: 1397168136532.png (54.94 KB, 409x449, gynathshy.png)

also coloured one of the "personality swap" images

I actually like the concept, both of the personality swap deal and Gynath actually wearing clothes - its a big enough change to almost be disconcerning (and considering she only "speaks" through body language and such it'd be wacky hijinks time soon enough)

though I have to wonder what caused personality shift anyway. A cursed Item, maybe?


File: 1397337511694.png (95.35 KB, 609x497, hugacactustoday.png)

so soft and squishy


File: 1397436212248.png (91.59 KB, 511x685, Wosyet.png)

some Golem girl this time, suprisingly not much of her around, also are the orange bits actual clothing/construction or some sort of green lantern esque construct type thing she can create

anyway, looking in previous thread, it seems that although you have a rough reason for her to be in the appartment (and almost certainly get into hijincks with anon), we don't really have much else for her, which is a shame - we probably could do with things like what she does in town and her reasons for moving into the aparment. So the rest of this post will be dedicate to coming up for new scenarios for her, so if you want to avoid the wall of text, this is the cue to bail.

Now, the concept of her being able to "see"/"detect" curses (obviously it's not the correct term for what Wosyet actually does to know a curse is there, but there's probably no closer translation for it in plain old english) opens a lot of doors for perception filter gags (as in, a comic/sequence that focuses entirly on what Wosyet's mystic eyes see that normal people don't) - For example, Dewbon could inexplicably be wearing ancient regal attire, complete with a headdress that seems to emit a halo-type light effect (because shes the head honcho of a large patch of land, and the light effect makes it hard to see Dewbon's face - i.e hides her emotions on even a magical scale), Princess Bitch could eminate this dark gunky shroud (because shes almost certainly been cursed enough to cause… interesting things to happen to her, so just imagine that from a magic percpective), and every other monstergirl can have her own individual things that only Wosyet can see about them. and for Anon? She sees him exactly how he is… which from her point of view is a VERY BAD THING, because that means one of two things: 1 - that Anon is being honest and has no idea why this is (meta reason: because he's a self-insert character, so Wosyet can only see Anon as he is - not as he is being projected upon to be, hence no aura) or 2. That Anon is currently casting a high-level Viel in order to mask whatever magical energies he SHOULD be giving off, which means Anon could be a great number of things, like not human or something else pretending to be anon and not wanting it's cover blown, or worse, and so the monster towers obviously needs her to be more vilgilant in her protection… much to Anon's bewilderment, he probably only came to say hi and introduce himself and didn't expect a mystic and cryptic lecture


File: 1397598117522.png (1005.4 KB, 1210x2085, ggmonstergirlschart.png)

man, I forget how quiet the sub is

I'm much too used to MLPG, especially for ideas brainstorming (I try not to be a ideas guy too much - not really that great at it, as you can probably tell)

anyway for thread's 500th image, have the OP picture coloured - just some flats. It's neat to see how the Monstergirls have changed since this picture.

I wonder if we'll ever get something like this for the Monsterboys (Femanon's thing). I know there's a seemingly lackluster interest in them, but I'm sure GG could figure something out to garner interest in their setting (Could play the whole "Parralel World" thing straight - MaleAnon is in a land overabundant in life to the point its a problem, so Femanon is in a land thats on deaths door, where something terrible has already taken place and towns struggle to get by with the steady decline of civilization outside the cities - probably not a Fist of The North Star tier apocalypse, but something close. Again, just Ideas, it'll be up to GG for what to do with Femanon's mostly unexplored setting. I hope we at least get a comic that compares to the "Male Anon arrives in monstergirl world" comic and is almost shot-for-shot the same, but with obvious differences such as the world map, the place Femanon stays and who she talks too, ect. But they probably sould share the "I've made a terrible mistake" final panel, just for the difference in context it would make.)


File: 1397690023574.gif (325.36 KB, 350x350, agua.gif)



File: 1397690432474.gif (325.36 KB, 350x350, aguaslower.gif)

Here, this one's a lot more readable due to slower speed


After a very stressful day, this made me smile.


File: 1397748482127.png (119.19 KB, 787x598, Caimoninadressinggown.png)

thanks for streaming today gg


File: 1397751252497.png (251.48 KB, 821x781, vidyawithmons.png)

coloured another of your old pics

also changed PB's colourscheme to one of yours because it was a better fit


File: 1397842371177.png (78.42 KB, 623x563, brownestgirl.png)

also theres this. And yes, I'm considering adding a seperate colour entirly for Dewbon's bellybutton.


was in a PB mood. Sorry for editing the picture a little too - hopefully it turned out okay.

While colouring this picture I realised that having PB's adventure partner "Friends" come over to visit/harrass her at Monstro Towers could make a excelent shenangins comic

obviously nothing too lewd - it IS anon's harem show after all - but they almost certainly do stuff to make boners so complicated, like Puck probably uses his magic on every monstergirl in the house, probably several times over if he runs into them, sort of complicated boners. Obviously there'd be a monstergirl that can perfectly counter their shit to keep things interesting and lead to a humourous conclusion… and probably a conclusion that anon benfits from entirly, which can leave with the other monsterguys thinking Anon is truly a terrifying oppenent - they just unwittingly played into his hands, anon didn't even move to betray them and let them hang themselves, and now he's in this appartment with half-naked hot ladies all too himself, like some sort of personal harem. Obviously, Anon is the final boss to overcome with the power of teamwork, so they can get the treasure of hot women away from his evil clutches.


File: 1397963758764.jpg (33.06 KB, 625x594, naga.jpg)

Someone drew this.


File: 1397983928304.png (27.95 KB, 182x250, whoisthisenchantressgg2v2.png)

fuck forgot to colour her eyes


File: 1397984945926.png (68.92 KB, 351x464, whoisthisenchantressggv2.png)

also, normally i'm against re-colouring pictures I've done before, but the colourschemes are so wildly different I actually need this (the previous version was prototype colours anyway)

anyway, thats all there is for this qtsnake right now


happy easter, colouring more pb and running out of things to colour at a steady pace


>tfw someone reposted my old gg bday art


I'm surprised no one noticed the Mika refeence. It's cute.



D-does that mean Dewbon's a player?


File: 1398172962467.png (60.8 KB, 369x663, prof.png)

>weaver updated his tumblr with some monster guys profiles

neat, heres a colour for one, go check it yourselves. Gonna talk about this guy for a bit, so spoilers wall time:

Totally knew this guy would be a mage in his spare time - he'd probably be a excelent magic user too, considering he's educated enough to know when something is a bad idea for him to personally be attributed to a magic contract. I fully expect him to be the type to rules lawyer his way out of any bad side effects for learning about Forbbiden Spells/Ruinous Powers, too - he'd probably get a empty book to contract instead and point out later that, as a sworn witness to the event, he HAD to vertify the magical bargin was upheld (in other words, fact check the book), so that oh-so-convientently means you can't peg anything on him because he was doing EXACTLY what he should have be doing as the sole witness.

Some of the knowledge he gets that way would be pretty hard-core powerfull, too: He probably has a book dedicated entirely to explaining the Ultimate Spells, which Forbidden/Ruinous power they are affiliated to and the requirements for their casting (read: These spells are things like Ultima, Meteor, Ex-Zone, Grand Cross, Stopzaga a.k.a ZA WARUDO - that sort of thing. And your party is almost certainly unable to cast any of them, although you probably could get a Meteorite Piece), He probably has a book on Summons (insert ff8 "tfw no gf" jokes here) and various other chekovs gun tier books laying around to be fired whenever Anon, Veronica, snakegirl (she really needs a name gg) and Helias (the only party you can probably have on Campus - everyone but Veronica are guest party members there, game standard wise) find his secret lair by a wacky hijynx accident (probably lean on a bookshelf type gag)


File: 1398175936474.png (34.41 KB, 226x405, prof2.png)

also I just realised that the horns in that picture are the wrong colour



also, some added thoughts of what you could also do with him:

You could make him a secret boss akin to pic related. Rememeber: All the Proffesor has to do is make sure his magic and INT stat is high enough to equip his books and he'd turn into a magical rape engine, simply because he can have the books cast Uber-tier spells instead of personally casting them (so basically the only mp cost on his side is if he changes his equiped books around or has to use some of his mp in order to give the book enough magic to summon it's next One-hit = 9999 damage spell/summon creature). And he probably has spells and summons your not able to get in the game for your characters (those would probably be few and far between though - most of the high-tier summons he'd cast would probably be obtainable as character specific summons - for example, Gillou would be the only one able to summon Leviathan, a water deity summon, because she's a guardian of a large body of water and has learned the skill via a late-game weapon, accesory or sidequest - and some of the ultimate spells, although unobtainable due to story and balance reasons, would be seen cast by Final Boss in-story to let you know just how bad your going to get wrecked if your on the recieving end of Meteor or Ultima)

also even outside of battle Prof should probably use basic/subtle mage stuff in school, like Power Words (to get all the students to sit down, all he'd have to say is "Sit" and they'd all do it - remember, his magic stat is VERY high), but he probably wouldn't do anything that'd put his job on the line


File: 1398554186550.png (123.45 KB, 647x590, snailsselfcest.png)

and now for something completely different: ponies


just hope shes not sucking too hard on your lollipop or loves gonna get you down


File: 1398641467805.png (87.68 KB, 575x866, Scotch.png)

also, thank you for giving a little background on one of the Femanonbowl hopefulls

No seriously, most people would have just kept the altverse as a joke, instead of trying to cater to female fetishes while making sure they arn't all twilight-tier cardboard love interests.


>cater to female fetishes

Hey I'm a man and I like Scotch

he's so big



I kinda wanna pinch on his lovehandles


>female fetishes on mlpg.co
That's a laugh and a half


File: 1398899144559.png (96.18 KB, 750x850, yaga desert.png)

I like drawing Quorum stuff
It relaxes me
I wish everyone else was as into Quorum as I was but I guess there's so little about it and no actual characters other than Nome and Strudel so far

It's easier to care about Monstro Village when you see Caimon than if I told you there's a whole race of alligator people out there
Maybe what I need to do is make more Quorum characters


Aganomad's definitely a good start.



You could share some stories from those RPGs you ran in the setting.


I second this. I've been curious about them as well.


Just reposting something I asked GG, because he said it was okay.

Hey, GG. I've been interested in Quorum lately, and now I'm pretty curious. What would Zecora, Ice Pack, Mti, and Mua look like as Quorum races?

Sorry about it taking a while. I also went to take a nap. Was going to post this before that nap, but meh.


You could also make sexy Quorum characters. People would be interested in those.


Let's see
Zecora: As a nature-intuned mystic, witch doctor, and alchemist, Zecora would definitely be a Dev. They're typically the most revered and powerful in such positions, and generally hold a great communion with nature.
Ice Pack: Petrod. Petrods are seen as an 'exotic' race and Petrod slaves and servants are not uncommon. Rich and affluent (but single) older women sometimes indulge this way. Seems fitting enough.
Mti and Mua: Anyone can be a follower of the gods of Love, but I'd probably put them as Lomites, given their utterly hedonistic outlook.


File: 1398979359709.png (51.38 KB, 320x384, Dewportrait.png)

>gg enters the dreaded depression zone

get happier soon gg

here, have a thing that, while made with good intentions, probably proves why I should just stick to colouring your art like usual instead of doing actual original content


fuck i'm late to the party
got some other RoR fanart?


>Mti and Mua
>one of the shortest races
>a race known for stealth

Oh man, I can already see how they're going to take this to their advantage.

>"being short doesn't hurt"

>"when there's so many skirts"

Yes, this is the same anon who asked in case you're wondering.


>>8886 (me)
The funny thing is that I was wondering them screwing around while being short, but as another race. Nomad apparently convinced me Yagas were short for a long while.


Incidentally most races are physically compatible
And they all sort of skew towards a central size



So like, a Lomite could take a Thrott? Or is that size difference TOO extreme?


Where there's a will there's a way


Better question is why would a Thrott want to fuck a puny little Lomite anyway


Cause Mt–eer, the Lomite was caught looking up a skirt.


>>8898 (me)
Or Mua if he's the one more likely to do it. Was going to say both, but I forgot to use my plurals.


Oh, fuck! I thought you meant more like fuck up.

Well, I guess it sort of still applies…?


Tell us about the status of Oldest Profession in Quorum


People have sex for money


Does the World Eater campaign not count? It had some pretty interesting characters.


But which one? I need to know!
Do they enjoy it?


Which what? Which sex do they have? I'm not sure if there'd be that many.

…How many different sexes are there in Quorum?


Technically five, I guess? Most races have male and female. Id have only one homogeneous gender. Pereki have no gender. And Thrott are hermaphromorphic, meaning if you give them about 24 hours they can switch between male and female at will.


Ona is such a klutz.



Maybe now she'll learn from her mistakes and start wearing underwear.


She canonically does not.



Well that just seems to be asking for trouble!


Makes you think she does….



Are you implying that Ona gsecretly wants to take part in one of those rape things?


Well, she mentions it so much. And she dress is so skimpy (not complaining here). It makes you wonder…..



Maybe she was so eager to take the job as Muschio's henchman just so she'd be surrounded by men much bigger than her in a dungeon.


I'm just saying she wouldn't object…


If she doesn't object, it's not one of those rape things.


What if, it's her fetish?


Then she'd better object, or she won't be satisfied.



Well it's just her luck she picks a dungeon full of men who don't want to rape her. Poor Ona.


Well, there's an enemy army literally on their doorstep.



That many guys might be more than she bargained for.


File: 1399970005204.png (79.57 KB, 608x536, gumberry cheering up.png)

Don't let the world get you down


I like the way you draw anons. They're all cute and green.

Have you got any thoughts on continuing the Femanon in Equestria series?


I think that it's because you have two different flavors going on, broad and narrow. One is a whole world of possibility and another is a group of characters with personalities and relationships. I like Quorum and MV, but it's easier to converse about a character we know rather than a whole world.


Don't put yourself down. If I could draw that well I'd be doodling monster girls all the time.




What about in the town with Monstro Village?



Gumberry is super cute.


File: 1400703555276.png (101.14 KB, 704x549, movies.png)

The twins are at it again, inviting femanon over for movie night


File: 1400703569502.png (241.25 KB, 800x606, movie pile.png)

But at least she gets to pick the movie


It's almost as if they have some sort of ulterior motive!


Wait, if that's femanon, then who's the girl in PLH and Stablehands?




Just some actress I guess


Whenever there's a pile of VHS tapes, Hook is always in there somewhere



The same one?

What a life, to be the sole female human porn star in malequestria


>The same one?
I'm assuming it's a separate copy of Hook each time. Then again, when it comes to weird time shit who can say for sure?


i don't even own a copy of hook, but whenever i pile up my old VHS tapes i always see a copy in the pile, when i go look for it it vanishes.


File: 1400955091761.png (222.15 KB, 800x1200, misc1.png)

not part of the main Aganomad storyline so I'm just posting it by itself

always exercise proper precautions when traveling


Oh my god, that is freakin great. Thank you so much weaver.



The reaction is interesting to pick apart. On the one hand, how is drinking the milk of a sentient being, who presumably practices some level of personal hygiene and selection of diet, more repulsive than drinking the milk of some animal you never heard of, when even the animals you have heard of are generally pretty filthy in comparison to their owners? For "how wonderful" it was, it COULD have been some sort of giant mammalian dung beetle. And if species pathogens are your problem, they're not the same species anyway!

So that just leaves the vague social and sexual implications, and attendant awkwardness thereof.

It kind of reminds me of this one comic I read with some aliens who thought dairy products were great but thought it was absolutely disgusting if it came from anything but an intelligent lifeform.


I guess you're more prone to react to a relevation like that when the source is right there winking at you


File: 1401079422663.jpg (88.54 KB, 560x599, 1401062399278.jpg)


Oh no. Ona is in quite the sexy predickament…



Maybe if she doesn't move they'll go away or maybe they'll just push it further


Do you think Agua is "hired" by Dewbon? She acts as the front door greeter and messenger in return for water and some gardening. A living bulletin board.


>Agua taking pay
Personally, I believe Agua probably would most jobs shes able too for free, and Dewbon just sort of accepted it as just Agua being who she is. Sure, Dewbon probably wouldn't allow it to be completely for free: there's probably a few empty plant pots around the place for Agua to inexplicably appear in them, despite being outside like a second ago, and if there is a gardening shed/greenhouse, it might as well be Agua's appartment by now, but I'm sure any complications Agua's living arrangments might bring is offset by Agua being a optimistic little ray of sunshine and all-around moral boost that tries her best everyday.


>tfw ywn have a cute little Agua Gyroid to greet you at your house's entrance every day


File: 1401133175118.png (24.15 KB, 734x442, everytimeigethomeshesmakin….PNG)

five million years in mspaint


File: 1401251024547.png (44.32 KB, 380x288, MOM.png)


File: 1401321993439.png (104.53 KB, 608x536, gummygummygumdrops.png)


will we get more "anon cheers up monstergirls"? its kind of cute


>seconds before anon is engulfed from the neck down in pink goo.png


>Anon trying to cheer up a crying PB
>ends with stab wounds

>can't think of a way to get him to console her
>stays quiet and leaves him alone
>ignores the emotions

>doesn't think she's worth it
>makes another joke at her own expense

>she's a cactus
>no problems

>fuck these sad emotions
>get his dick


So what happens if I twist off the cactus pears growing on Agua's chest?



File: 1401785734595.png (284.42 KB, 918x716, agua chart.png)

Agua is not easily rattled


File: 1401811259469.jpg (197.57 KB, 950x757, 1401781145255.jpg)


would snuggle tight/10


File: 1401847664898.png (196.5 KB, 917x749, gnatho chart.png)

Do not hit Gnathodelli

Do not hit Gnathodelli.


>That transition from badmouth to hate
Pretty great.

Doing this with any other of your characters barring PB or Woyset would be heartbreaking.


She's an angry sandstone golem. If anything she'd just choke you out or break your arm to keep you in line.
Weaver has never ever hinted that she has the slightest romancability, which is pretty stunning considering.


I said barring which means "except".


I know it's wrong but those hips…


GG pls more of this


So, to continue the discussion we were having in MLPG

How would Gillou react to being told she is very desirable?


>that look
I'm guessing this is the second before she figures out Anon's standing there.











Well, maybe she's alright with Anon being there.


>a lone voice rings out
>the other 5-10 guys who came here to continue the fiery off-topic discussion from mere minutes ago remain quiet




But that's like, post relationship get. The fun part is beforehand.



She might just be very open with Anon and very appreciative of his supportive nature.


What is monster girl chimeras

Princess BitchBerry


Gillou is the most cuddlable monstergirl

this can not be disputed




I think I have a valid argument



Caimon has gator skin, which is rough and slimy

Gillou's skin is soft and jiggly, like a waterbed


What would Dewbon do if rent is late?


She's not slimy! Most of the time.
Anon looks pretty damn comfortable.


How would each monstergirl react to Anon's advances?



Monstergirl skype group when


I'd be up for it
i-if he'd let me


I'd be up for it


I'd be up for lurking and never saying anything.


me too!


I'm up for heavy-handedly attempting to inject rape into every scenario.


Well considering that a good number of the girls are HUGE, and most of them have great ways to GOUGE ANON'S EYES OUT, I don't think that'd be a great idea

There IS Princess Bitch though


The vast majority of rape isn't the 'hold a girl down in an alley and have your way with her' type, Nony.


Describe how you'd rape…

Actually don't, I'm not a fan of rape


I want to confess my painful attraction to various residents of Monstro Towers to one of the friendly male residents in town just to get it off my chest. I hope they'd understand.


You could just say you want to fuck the guys, too

No one'll judge



It's okay, we all want to sexually with Scotch.


Me especially


Meara trying to manipulate/seduce Anon when?


Wish Monstergirl Chat was 4real


File: 1402939115532.png (39.62 KB, 406x309, Dewbonopensyourwindowandsa….png)

might as well post this here


File: 1402958287677.png (71.84 KB, 531x758, newfrog1.png)

I don't know, I'm thinking about it
Is it really worth creating? Should it be monstergirl-only, or should I co-opt it to post and discuss Quorum stuff too? Do people care enough about that? And at what point would it just become "Talk About Me: The Chatroom"? Isn't that sort of like, insanely egotistical?



>Isn't that sort of like, insanely egotistical?
Only if you're the one who makes it. If somebody else does, it's the Weaver Fanclub Chatroom.



If you'd made it without anyone asking then yeah it'd be egotistical, but there's a lot of demand for it, so I think it'd be warranted.

I think it's totally worth creating, cause I love hearing about monstergirls and quorum and stuff and hey maybe it'd even foster some Aganomad discussion, and I know you'd like that.


well I guess I might as well then
I've never made a skype chat before so I gotta figure this out


All right, chat's up
hit me up or drop a skype name and I'll add you


What happened to getting your own website


That was planned during a time when it looked like I had money coming in. Then my family hit some serious shit and now that money is a long way away, again.
Gotta spend money to make money


What's gonna happen when the monstergirls have to compete for Anon's attention?


Things would get kind of hectic for a while

at least untill they realise Anon probably paid them all more attention when they were doing their normal routines than right now, because right now anon is pratically half-dead on the floor and nobody is quite sure how that happened, but they know it probably has something to do with how they basically mobbed him while trying to get his attention and maybe he got hit too hard in the head by someones arm or tits or something

Anon got better, mostly because Wosyet stood at his door and stared at people untill they went away or promised not to maul him to death any further while he was recovering, and probably appreciated the return too normal routines because now he could talk to whoever he liked and there wouldn't be a sudden downpour of monstergirls to drown in


File: 1403302966096.png (65.67 KB, 552x579, robo.png)

Originally had the idea this guy would be the mailman
Now I'm thinking some kind of administration or civic service


Civic service sounds a lot more comical, go with that.


He's a robot. There could be more than one of the same model.


He could be a sort of quantum civic serviceman. Runs the DMV, the police station, the fire department, does all the mail stuff, but you never see two of him at once and if you try to organize catching him in two places only one person will see him while the other sees a 'out to lunch' sign or something.


I have a few questions Mr. Glue, if you have the time; tho you probably have been asked them already numerous time in the past.

What are your plans for Monstro Towers ? As in, do you want to turn this into a comic, or a VN, or a quest à la Valley of Love?

Should you concretize your story, what would be the Player Character's mindset like? Would he want to FUCK ALL THE BITCHES, or be completely clueless of their attemps at romance or sex, or try to act in a sensible and respectful manner? Or perhaps he would even be completely dependant of the readers' comments ?


Did the Skype chat thing ever pan out?


There were like twenty people last time I logged in. Lots of general artchat though.



We have 12 people in the chat and we're fairly active in the night, US time.


I'll join to I guess.

Skype name is meta_mode


I ca just imagine Anon stumbling onto PB trying to catch him in two places at once, and then both of them teaming up.

Anon goes to the DMV and PB follows him as he delivers mail, PB sees him walk behind a Pole and he vanishes JUST as Anon see's him coming out of the back room at the DMV counter.


>"Can you turn on the fan, as long as you're up there?"
needed some tweaking


spent far too long on mspaint than what its actually worth

I just wanted to doodle Caimon and PB interaction sillyness

also my headcanon is PB curses in a actual curse language (since it's PB the catch is that although PB might understand curse language, that doens't mean shes fleuent enough to literally curse people magically)


File: 1404070888584.png (85.98 KB, 400x300, PBgetsacurseditem.png)

Also heres this, because I just wanted to go with the Cursed Item thing

Which I probably should ask: what sort of curse tiers are there in Monstergirl setting?
I keep coming across little theoreticals on how cursed PB might be or if she finds Cursed Items but I never see anything too solid (which isn't bad in upon itself), so what tier of curses are there? Because a list of least bad - most bad would be in the interest of not litering the setting with utterly broken cursed items and spells (and allow people to tell the difference in how bad one cursed item is to have compared to another)

I realise skype could iron some of the details out, but here's a example:

Low tier: spells, monster conditions (lyanthropy/vampirism), enchanted items (cursed gloves, belts, armour, weapons, rings - all that stuff)
Mid tier: Fiends (half-demonic), haunted places, Sealed creatures (i.e genies in a bottle, creatures trapped in a accessory basically)
High tier: Demons, Clowns, CLOWNCAR/BASE
Uber tier: Forbidden Knowledge.

thats the absolute most basic gyst of curses in the setting so far, right?


That looks oddly like the command artifact from risk of rain.


any chance there's room for another in the skype chat? Username is Aaaapppee


File: 1404347318781.png (166.89 KB, 793x783, Caishenanigins.png)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much trouble are Caimon's brothers going to be and how much of their mischeif will they try to pin on Anon (with varying degrees success)?


File: 1404428499136.png (141.79 KB, 601x870, LibaryGhost.png)

also gg posted more background monstergirls on his tumblr, so I coloured this to bring attention to that, and also post headcanons on libaryghost lady (assuming she IS a ghost, I'm not exactly great at guessing monster types) because she caught my attention (finally) and I felt like thinking up things for her that might be interesting for gg to draw later as a request or something, so you can stop reading here if that's not interesting to you and you just wanted to know gg updated his tumblr.

So, thoughts on the possibilities of the character:

She's probably been in charge of the libary for a while. She was probably in charge of it when she was alive, and then she died, and then the high concentration of magic books ensured she just sort of… continued to do what she always has done, really. Assuming she was alive in the first place, and isn't actually the libary's soul or something. Hey, stranger stuff has happened.

She's not a malicious spirit, most of the students at the school know her (sometimes she haunts their libary, the proffessor probably arranged it so one of her books is in the school libary so she can come over on a magical "just checking on my book" technicality), touching her (or her touching you) gets you inflicted with the Float status (hope you enjoy the ceiling), and she can posses people that are in the libary (i.e if a book is too dangerous for a mortal to read, she'll just possess them and read the book for them in a interesting magic loophole - basically, no curses on the mortals, and the mortal gains the books bonuses because they "read" it)

probably teases everyone who comes in a little, but obviously anon gets the most interesting treatment (she probably wants to haunt his dick or something), And since your pratically guarenteed to encounter her on the Veronica route, she'll almost certain tease her as well (because she glows like a bright green neon sign when flustered).

She might even start shipping people together on Valentines day just to have some fun - she'd probably use a few novels for inspiration, and then literally ghost-write love letters based on what she knows about the people she's shipping.

Yes, you can expect her to ghost-write as anon, and then send a personal love letter to all the girls in monstro house, just for the fun of watching the house figurativly explode. She'll probably begin dropping hints she is messing around almost a soon as they visit her just to make sure anon doesn't die or anything - I mean, he's not in the libary, so she wouldn't get a qt anon ghost if that happened.

But seriously, it'd all be in good fun if she pulled stunts like that, nobody would be too hurt and they'd be closer to eachother. She makes sure that there's a line she's not crossing (she'll most likly not pull a stunt if too many people risk getting hurt badly), and generally she's a nice, mischeivous, undead, mint-and-fresh-paper smelling lady. Who you don't want to fight, because she can wreck your shit with high-level magic spells and you can't do shit back too her, which makes the libary a protected neutral ground - anyone of any faction can go in to a public place, but if you cause shit, your going on the magical blacklist and you'll never get in again.


some of these ideas are actually pretty good
I like the idea of her being a matchmaker/romantic figure


File: 1404458101564.png (40.98 KB, 373x377, 1368095425746.png)


File: 1404458116134.png (55.43 KB, 503x627, 1368096068753.png)


File: 1404458130911.png (45.14 KB, 608x476, 1368096866020.png)


more gg tumblr stuff.

Oh Wosyet, your so silly

fun facts: this entire situation could have been averted if Anon learned how to knock and didn't just suddenly open doors without warning

Although considering it IS Wosyet, she'd probably almost immedeatly close the door on him regardless, so Anon will probably never learn to knock first because then nobody would answer the door


>Anon just outright opens doors
>doesn't even give a damn of whats behind it, and even if he does know, he's going on in anyway regardless

five thousand years of bad tracing in SAI later

No regrets

yes, those are goofy print heart underwear boxer shorts PB is holding. I personaly think that she wears boxers, mostly because she can steal some from Anon (who is roughly the same size as her), instead of having to scrounge for female underwear that is her size, or worse, have to actually pay money for her own underwear.



I had assumed she was some sort of air elemental, myself.

Ghosts are fun too, though.


Yeah, she's definitely a ghost


File: 1404562795924.png (83.81 KB, 469x573, libaryghost2.png)

more ghost lady it is, then



If Wosyet is a golem then it raises the question of who made her and for what purpose. The most straightforward idea is that she was made by some rabbi-equivalent and her attitudes are just due to a strict religious 'upbringing', but if that's the case, why is she so… anatomically correct?

A darker take on it would be that she was created by someone who had very different intentions, and after unknown ugliness, that's why she has the attitudes she has now. That's maybe too dark for us, so lighter option, maybe she was made by followers of a more hippyish fertility-goddess sort of religion, which would explain her figure and her imagery (gold = sun, dark brown = earth, snake iconography, etc). Or perhaps she was just made by someone who wanted her to be a person and to be able to have intimate relations with other creatures if she wanted to. Then, in either case, maybe she got embarrassed because all the other golems made fun of her for having naughty bits. Or she just 'grew up' with 'parents' who were all free-love and swingers parties and casual sexuality, and she rebelled against it.

Thinking of it in game terms, the quest for an answer to the question of Wosyet's origins could be key to unlocking her opinion of Anon.

Further musing: in one of the old golem legends, the golem keeps growing larger, and the rabbi finds he can no longer stop it because he can't reach up to its forehead to erase the word that brought it to life. One wonders if the little cover on Wosyet's forehead is there to stop anyone from being able to casually deanimate her. Or maybe it stops her getting huge?


It probably was a very interesting conversation they had about giving golems breasts which sort of work and are subject to breast physics

obviously such a conversation is subject to values dissonance, so it's likly the only problem they had was if Wosyet didn't turn out to be enough of a person for their patron god to bless her or something


We Wosyet headcanons now?

Well, firstly, here's a extremly obviously traced and stolen joke to try and explain my headcannon on why, exactly, Wosyet was created, and if she could speak different languages.

Secondly, yes, I do beleive Wosyet might have been made by humans. Sure, okay, I'll give you that I don't think it happened EXACTLY as depicted in my pic, but it'd explain why she'd have a human-ish shape and have a colourfull opinion on anon despite him being the only human in town for possible a while.

And to reiterate: yes, I beleive humans in the setting are all green anons. They can have real-world human features (so they don't all look like anon completely), but rules are: if they're not green, they're not human. And any human with too many facial features could either be a half-human (such as a werewolf or a vampire) or a magical reason to have that many facial features. The reason for the green questions mark faces should remain implied (i.e a god might be behind it would probably be all the implications needed) and be utilized to be both for funny gags and dramatic moments (because anon would still have human facial recognition… for everyone except himself, because he has a giant question mark face)

But I'm not here for Anon headcanons - so back to Wosyet:

Wosyet's values should be a little old fashioned. And by old fashioned I mean it clashes hilariously with modern culture, so anon wearing shoes while doing certain chores gets him a earfull… and then PB goes and gets the same lecture for having her ears showing for doing a different thing. And don't even start on the potential for Wosyet to misinterpret modern ways, because I'm pretty sure she already assumes anon is out to fuck someone in the house because they shook hands one time

Wosyet's standards for men and women are also vastly different (i.e She thinks anon is a fox in a henhouse and is just asking for trouble, but she'd probably be alright with femanon). Her standards for Dewbon is also compeltely different from those, as well.

Don't question Wosyet on what she does in the house, either. She'll take it as "your doing nothing" and you'll probably have her browbeating you more than usual because yes, she actually does do something for the house, and that something is: being incredibly frightening to highly magical creatures, as Dewbon herself is only ultra-strong physically plus magic RESISTANT, but probably isn't a mystical heavyweight (i.e couldn't throw the spell right back or hurt certain opponents), unlike Wosyet.
To put it into perspective: You could probably throw Hellfire at Wosyet if you wanted, and she'd shrug that shit off like it was nothing, and then she'd come after you like a magical Terminator to kick your ass for throwing Hellfire, because this neighbourhood is too nice to have some demon hotshot thinking it can throw Hellfire at just anyone it sees. And she can in fact thoroughly kick your ass, even if your a strong guy, so just don't fucking go nuts with magic spells if you want functioning organs.


I like that first idea, that she was meant to be a lewd toy, submissive and fertile for some perverted mage to enjoy. Then when it turned out she was more independant and human than he expected, she was written off as a "failed" golem. It goes a ways towards explaining her attitudes and aggression especially if her body wants Anon.
I had a lot more to type here but the board ate my post so fuck it


actually, since we're discussing backstory for the main datable girls: Shouldn't we set a bar for ourselves on what the setting should be like?

I mean, it's a harem series. We should be carefull not to make it rape simulator 12373, or slice of life 2127432. If it's too dark it might as well be rubyquest, and if it's too light it might devolve into generic harem mode where anon's swag is apparently a natural 20 roll stat.

Personally, it should be on a tier of Kirby, Xenoblade, and One Piece all rolled into some freaky hyrbid.

I mean, You have the town. Anon isn't going to be able to explore too far from this town. So you have town affinity meter in the logbook, and a affinity meter with all the party members. You have quests that do various things for the town and your affinity with it. Anon can give 0 fucks about al this and run around with a bugnet (and get in trouble for catching a bug mosnter), or go fishing (and get in trouble for catching someone's underwear or a sacred boot), and generally have a jolly time with the girls. And then you could also litter around dark implications about the world and stuff to find and put in the logbook, and shit can suddenly get serious if it needs to, such as for the final boss. Everyone has a quirky character or sense of humour and possibly a unique laugh for every character you can see, flashback or otherwise.


File: 1404812308667.png (45.73 KB, 349x521, gumberry shares a tshirt.png)


we need more backstory for gumberry
she's too cute to be as bland she probably tastes like spicy-sweet chilies as she is


Alrighty. But we'd probably have to at least give her some interactions with others first to help this process.

Headcanons for Gumberry time:

Gumberry can take whatever form she wants (it's a species trait), but has the humanoid form as her default (as apposed to the ditto/dragon quest type bloby orb that is the usual default standard)

Gumberry probably has a liquid-only diet, which has the upside of not melting everything she touches, but the downside of PB can just stick a hose in her and watch her become way too "fat" (in the sense of "Gumberry is now basically some bloby jeleton orb from Puyo Pop Fever, rather than humanish-looking" and not "thousands of chins and jelly rolls Gumberry")

And yes, she can control her size and shape depending on how much or how little water she has in her. Which means although she'll keep about anon-size, she probably could be bigger (my bets is she probably could just reach Caimon-ish size before becoming a slime blob), and yes, she does have complete control over all her body and what bit of it gets how much.

She probably has a bizzare friendship with Gillou, due to Gillou being a water-element Guardian and Gumberry being a living liquid creature. Gillou probably would be the one to rescue Gumberry if she's too waterlogged to do anything. It'd probably be very comparible of Super Mario Sunshine's Petey Pirahna battle.

You could give Gumberry new powers probably through special food, such as make her aware of things she could do by giving her different kinds of liquid than just plain water. for example: fizzy drinks would probably help her realize she can keep carbonated bubbles inside her, wherever she liked


Also I just realized half that wall of text can be summerised into "gtfo inflationfag" when I was trying to give Gumberry a actually unique thing that she can utilize - for example, if something was out of her reach she could just give herself enough water, so then she could reach it, or if anon falls over a steep incline she can use the fact her slime body is good for halting momentum to break his fall, or turn itno something to catch him, or become big enough to be a solid jello wall to colide into harmlessly - Basically, it utilizes the fact she doesn't have to stay in cutie human mode and the fact her weight is probably measured in litres and entirly controlable by her, which allows her to be more versitile.

It'd also be something she wouldn't use right away, as obviously shes cute and unusually clingy and probably gets teased often by PB for it, so a bit of Gumberry's route would probably be giving her the self-confidence neccessary of instead of turning into a tears fountain on demand whenever she falls for "bucket over the door", she can just turn her hands into water guns and spray PB back, or keep the excess water for later.


hey gg

are there any bigfoot-tier legend stuff in the monster village? Or UMAs (Unknown Monster/Alien) stories?

Yes, I know, the setting has monsters of all shapes and sizes who if you claimed were a unknown monster type would complain and write a strongly worded letter to the mayor (I mean, is it such a crime to just walk through the woods now?), but I'm trying to think of how "anon and girls tell spooky camp stories" would go, and unless there's some actually frightening, one-of-a-kind genuine unknown creature that is a myth/legend/fable/actually real sighting in the town, it kind of falls flat.

It'd also help wave away some other inconcistencies that would inevitably come up in explaining how magic works with monsters: they would be the "there's always one exception to a rule" class of one-of-a-kind monster, which would help fluff out the Forbbiden Magic (because some UMA would defy the laws of Space-Time and go full King Crimson mode in how they work, and so when normal people found out how to circumvent a magic law like the UMA could do naturally, obviously replicating that effect would became Forbbiden) and also at the same time allow you to create really wacky, silly UMAs (because some UMAs would only be breaking some really minor rule, like being able to swim through the air when your not supposed to, and that'd literally be all they could do, and they'd STILL get weird creepy stories about them despite being somewhat non-threatening)


I think in a world of friendly monsters, the really scary ones would be the ones you never notice. Like, there would be stories about the Invisible Gnasher or the psychotic doppelganger that poses as an old friend. Shapeshifting, uncertain characters who make you question your safety.
Then there could be stories of certain feral (not like Gnathodelli, she's just really blunt) or insane monsters that just wander about at night and scare the bejeezus out of others.


Hmm, Feral creatures and shapeshifters make a good base for a spooky legend, sure.

I'm just going to bet half the spooky stories are actually origininating from what most monsters get up to on halloween, though. I'd bet there are lots of situations that grow out of control into urban myths simply because someone saw something weird on that day

Also I'm slowly coming round to the idea of a select few monsters being born/magically able to subvert magic rules (one magic rule for one monster). It allows for things like explaining why anon is the protagonist in-story, while allowing gg to slip all of its implications right under a first-time readers nose untill the reveal


File: 1405033057955.jpg (201.41 KB, 1024x1536, gone.jpg)

what about


File: 1405033173165.jpg (480.45 KB, 983x2062, clink.jpg)

or maybe more like


actually, wouldn't there be human-related spooky stories in a monster society?

It'd probably be funny if anon himself was the scooby doo tier "monster" of the spooky story, simply because he was dressed differently

But anyway, onto the topic at hand:

Personally, I think a 2spooky campstory story would be best if gg flip-floped between "oh no its [thing] thats was in the story!" and then subverts it with "actually no, the teeth were just Gnath, oh that sillly Gnath" or "no, Veronicas was just glowing in the dark again, please don't NIPPLE LIGHTS irresponsibly", and then things happen and the girls inevitably scare eachother and pile onto anon for the night, everybody laughs the day after, the end

And then GG subverts the typical "oooh the spooky thing might have been REAL all along" ending you come to expect from the genre with something laughably mudane happening, like the sherrif turns up the day after they leave camp because somebody saw some spooky stuff happening, and then she turns to the thing thats still shilloetted in the trees and directly asks it if its seen anything unusal around.

or something like that, I'm no good at taking a spooky camp story and making it just silly enough to not completely ruin the attmosphere of either the harem shenanigins that'll obviously happen or the camp story arc itself


Well that's all well and creepy, GG. But >>9353 would just be calling the cops.
>"Mister Hak'kuman has been spotted squatting in Miss Onerckeck's home. Please detain and question."


File: 1405097366286.jpg (178.81 KB, 800x1158, awoundedoldman.jpg)

I was thinking more like

The situation TRIES to be scary, it tries so hard to be taken seriously… but then something happens to make it ridiculous instead of spooky


… so what, the twist of the story arc is it's actually being told from the antagonist's point of view, and the entire story was how they scared him through their "normal" antics, instead of what we would have expected?

That might actually be kind cool, simply to see how weird anon being with the monster girls together would be from a outside perspective, especially all the harem antics.


File: 1405180374018.png (58.16 KB, 255x361, Dewbonschildhood.png)

sorry for interupting the ideas train your having here, but the kid caimon picture gg did a while back was posted recently, and it got me to doodle

I'd probably be interested in seeing more "here's one image of their childhood, you fill in the blanks" pictures of the girls (and possibly anon), to be honest.

Yes, I do imagine that in her childhood, Dewbon really could find pants that would fit her, if she cut them enough to be confortable (She'd probably be about Wosyet's size as a kid, I'd estimate)


No needles of course.


I'm trying to figure out what that would feel like but as a resident of the NE U.S. I can't exactly remember the last time I touched the "meat" of a cactus


Cacti are actually really firm and kinda rubbery even when wet. You'd need a bit of lube and even then only low-pressure strokes.



As an animate cactus, she presumably has some muscle-like tissue that needs to be able to stretch and compress. Her skin would need to have some give to it as well, to allow deformation. So she would be more yielding than that.




Also I just realised I have no idea what Veronica is actually studying to become


From the looks of this, it looks like how to be in debt!


Last I checked, she's a Women's Studies major.

So yeah, pretty much.


Hey, for all we know, their government generously subsidizes third-level education.


A town full of serial rapists and vicious roving gangs of rape-rabbits has ONE COP, and you think they bother with student aid?


Their "one cop" is basically Samus Aran.

Go ahead, pick a fight with the one person armed to the teeth with high-tech weapons, I dare you, see what happens

Protip: you better be able to run like hell


Doesn't matter who the one cop is, one person can't be everywhere at once. While it's arresting and processing one criminal, a dozen rapes are in progress.


… So why exactly is Monstro Village suddenly Detroit, again?

My personal opinion is: Monstro town IS very peacefull, and most crime is done in secret (for serious crimes), is petty (because PB), or is supernatural in nature. And the reason for the peace is the different types of monsters living in the town are a natural sort of rock-paper-scizzors to crime, simply because you don't know if a weak monster is actually a weakling or is a uber-level mage or a speedster.

Sure, I'll admit there MIGHT be serious roaming bands out there. I mean, technically PB's little get-together of friends is a "roaming band". I won't deny travel in the countryside wouldn't be dangerous.

But I doubt they'd hit a town over a village or hamlet unless they were dead-certain it didn't contain anyone who could clean them all out in ten seconds (Such as Dewbon, or Wosyet, or the one cop.)

That should be enough to keep the "anon harem antics with a little fantasy and shoen thrown in" feel without it turning into Fist of the North Star for some reason, but I'll at least try to add some meta reasons:

I mean, think about it - most roving bands would have to be oppertunistic in what they do simply because they can't afford to run into the Uber-leveled civillians that they might accidentally mistake as someone weak, and then get utterly destroyed

Even ones that have giants leading them would have to be carefull, because a town could have someone like Dewbon living in it, which would be a very big warning flag for the smarter giant bands to not risk finding out that Dewbon is strong enough to punch them from here to the nearest city.

The only sort of gangs that could even do the sort of things your suggesting would all have to be uber-leveled creatures themselves: that way they wouldn't have to fear picking a fight they can't win so much (but would run into the problem of literally everyone is their enemy, even divine creatures that arn't part of their faction)


actually speaking of crime

What IS Princess Bitch's notoriety rating in town anyway?

I mean, we know PB, Leo and Puck are sort of a little shady, but we really don't know how their able to just sort of waltz around unmolested in town without anyone really caring much.

Headcanons time:

They are actually only offically listed as petty criminals. Sure, they may attempt to paint themselves as something other than that, and probably do know or are aquainted with some actual shady characters, but most of the time they are really just petty minor annoyances that more often then not are comedically brought low by their own pettyness.

So sure, the people in town mostly try not to piss them off, less they decide to do petty stuff to that person, but it'd explain how PB isn't in prison or anything and why they keep raiding dungeons: they probably have to pay for most their petty actions in fines.

I'm also pretty sure PB, Leo and Puck will go full Ed, Edd n Eddy mode at times in a attempt to make it big, and fail just as spectaculary (and then have to pay for the damages, so they have to go raiding some dungon again)

Also, while on the topic of dungeons: I just know there'll probably be a "Anon gets roped into a dungeon raid" story (probably the tutorial dungeon, just to add to the joke), so it'd be extremely funny if it turns out that despite never having been dungeon raiding before, he is still better at it then the three experienced guys combined, simply because of how well-rounded his skills, stats and equipment are.

To explain further: I personally think PB, Leo and Puck took a very lazy approach to dungeon raiding to begin with - they most likly specialized around on their natural talents, because anything else would require actual effort, which just so happens to mean all of them are light classes that specialise in dealing a high ammount of damage quickly - so they have no "tank" class that can sponge hits

So Anon would be better in terms of "actually uses a sheild and armour, and keeps them equipped unless he finds a better armour or sheild for the situation/dungeon", and they'd be better in terms of "deals a high ammount of damage under the right circumstances, have knowledge on how dungeons work"


PB is technically a tank, she can take any kind of monster dick that swings her way

I'm sure most of her delving ends up with getting raped while Leo and Puck make away with the goods


But PB is a Rouge/Theif, right? Would monster dick fall under things Escape Artist could be used on?

This is important




Also, no, she really isn't. If anything she's classless, having displayed no real skill or strategy of any kind beyond 'tire out the enemy, then walk out with their stuff'. And unless the monster's dick is prehensile, no, it wouldn't fall under the purview of Escape Artist.


My god, you fucked up thief and circumference too.


… Do they even have a prison in town, thinking about it?

I mean, they must have a prison due to there being a sherrif in town, sure, but is the prison actually built in-town, or is it some facility out somewhere where all the big-league guys are sent, while all the small time crooks just either sit in the shitty town cells or just get a fine and are shooed out the door, because the robocop has bigger criminals to deal with?


Monstro Tower is the prison
It's voluntary rehabilitation for desperate waifus


File: 1405987406620.jpg (54.42 KB, 431x564, image.jpg)

Yo Weaver, do you play smt? I'm jousting asking cause
A) it's got tons of monster girls, and
B) Sedna kind looks like Dewborn


Ah, I see. We've been watching "poor little green Anon" all along.

at least anon will die as he lived: being snuggled by monstergirls several times his size and reproducing the Terminator 2 thumbs up scene with Dewbon's tits


File: 1406023174902.png (42.51 KB, 536x721, AE6kx4J.png)


File: 1406206508668.png (184.24 KB, 743x1038, dewbs.png)

Dewbon, more like Dweebon

Get it, because you're a huge nerd, Dewbon

You're a nerd who is huge, Dewbon

(please let me touch your underbelly Dewbon)


I don't think dewbon is that fat
or at least the fat isn't in her belly


Dewbon probably could get fat if she doesn't watch herself, though (or if the suitors arn't watching for her, as the case may be)

it's probably not easy getting the right food groups for her, and I bet her metabolism is slow

so she'd probably eat like once a week, maybe twice. Not sure if Dewbon should have a once-a-day meal time, simply because where would she get the xxl food from?

if you gave her some sort of giant banquet that probably could feed half the town, she'd probably not eat for a month and is more visibly full. If thats your thing.


oh, are we being /ck/ for a moment?

would you carefully prepare your monster waifus diet so she looks stunning for summer?


jeez man

draw a little lighter why don't you


Monstergirls sizechange


File: 1406504363661.png (144.47 KB, 796x595, bigmouth.png)

actually you know what, it's been a while since I've touched Gillou

have some more stuff


File: 1406675142266.png (118.2 KB, 857x556, scantilyclad.png)

I was going to put a background on this to make it more "anon takes a photo", but it just wasn't working out right

my guess is anon will have a lot of photos of this nature soon enough


File: 1406756102172.png (70.95 KB, 616x585, amazonianfemanon.png)

just reposting this here


Actually this does raise a question that I'm suprised nobody asked:

why hasn't there been a "monstergirls hopes and expectations" of what they hoped anon looked/was like vs what they actually got?

I mean, I doubt they all expected a BUFF BANDERHUGE anon, but I'm sure some of them wanted a bit more than just "normal guy"

and it's not like they wouldn't nudge anon gently into doing things that'd make him closer to their hopes and dreams later anyway


I think the point is for him to be a blank slate so the reader (you) can imagine it's you as Anon. The more personality Weaver puts in, the less you can import yourself. Same with their expectations. The end result is they want you.


That's incredibly lame, and better to just go with the idea that he's a blank slate because the focus is on the other characters and he doesn't really matter.


guys pls I know anon is supposed to be a blank slate

thats part of the joke

you know, that they projected what they expected of anon, only to get it ether hilariously crushed (because readers projection of anon trumps in-story characters projection of anon) or for their projection to be so weird in the first place that nobody knows how they even got their opinion on humans (which allows gg to make meta-humour of previous "anon humans" he's done, like "epic fail guy", and then five months later, it turns out there really IS someone who looks exactly like that, everybody laughs, drum roll, curtains close)


They're going to be so disappointed that Anon doesn't have like, eight dicks the size of his arm that are equally dextrous.


Thats the spirit.

They'd eventually get over it, I'm sure, and enjoy anon for who he is (or who the player custom-builds him to be, as the case might be)

in before a silly story about why it's a bad idea to try and modify someone magically to look like what you wanted them to look like, to close of that route to players (I'm expecting a Big Head mode joke)


You know, all this talk about size has got me thinking (this might have already been answered at some point, but I can't find anything on it):

How big is the town anon is living in, really?

It has a university, so I assume it's not some small rural town, but actually a rather large town that just happens to be out in the sticks?

Yes, I realise the correct answer is
>pls don't overthink the waifu simulator, shh only cuddles now

I also do realise gg can just give different parts of town their own atmosphere as a simple "THERE I FIXED IT, DO WHATEVER" patch and then let us think whatever (i.e "this building must be over here!" "no its over here" "pls i got 1 gorrillion confirmed kills on modern town planning so it must be here"), so it won't matter too much how much of the town is pre-planned by gg and how much comes into being because someone like me came along and says "hurdur gg night on the town story when" or "do trolls set up a tollbooth underneith the bridges?"

I just want to know how big the town is simply so I can imagine anon taking walks around, possibly being accompanied by the waifu of choice, and set a location for that in my mind

Hey, don't judge my hardcore fetish tier desire to just walk around and talk and maybe hold hands in public



so uh

is the entire town a little run down like that, or is it just the district the aparment is in?


File: 1407282814519.png (30.56 KB, 734x442, TOTALLYLEGITOFFICALMAP.PNG)

Oh wait, this is a question on where the house is within town and it's proximity to shops? I didn't realise we were playing "Where's My House?" for a grand prize

well, gg hasn't really set anything in stone, but since Gillou is staying there it has to be close to the lake, and thats really the only canon thing we got on the place other than "it looks kinda asian"

so here, have a headcanon in crude picture form, it's probably the only thing we're gonna get. I've taken the liberty of showing where the town starts to be visibly different areas.

I placed it right between a chinatown and a lakeside district simply to justify both why monstro towers has a china-ish theme and why it's so close to the lake that gillou stays there

also my personal headcanon is Dewbon lives in a renovated warehouse due to her size, so thats why that huge eyesore is also considered a part of the monstro towers circle (because then delivery trucks can literally drive to her house her custom-ordered xxxxl stuff)

did that answer everything you wanted (to the best of our current known knowledge on the town)?


File: 1407368732707.png (96.51 KB, 435x817, Leoandpuck.png)

can we go back to talking about characters or art of them yet?

Cause after doodling PB for most the day (gotta practice art fast), I finally decided on a passible colour scheme for Leo, so I took a small break from doodling PB emoticons to cook up this thing

Also I'll say right now I like the previous Puck colours I did better on a earlier "Puck messes around with PB" colour I did

Anyways, I'll probably get back to doodling all three of them as practice (I also can't draw Puck to save my life, by the way - curse your tiny appendeges, Puck!)

Also congrats on going over 220 mark in your third thread, gg


Also while I'm messing around drawing with your charatcers, I might as well show you the rough chart sizes that got cooked up during drawing which I thought Leo and Puck would be, but feel free to tell me if the size is wrong, that'd actually be really helpfull for drawing them.

Art talk begins here for those not interested in my opinion:

Puck was kinda easy to put on the size chart (big enough to be visible on the chart but smaller than everyone and everything else - also, no stick figures allowed), but all the miniture details are a pain in the ass to show at the size Puck is (and what I mean is, you'd probably have to move Puck closer to the audience in order to see his face and markings in any sort of detail beyond "blobs"), but there's not much I can do about that for the size chart (showing just how small he is is more important than the little details for this example, I'm afraid).

Leo's entire problem, however, is his size. And not just because I find his horns somewhat finiky to put on him and end up over-exagerating them.

For his height, He HAS to be taller than PB (because otherwise she'd be able to boss him around much more effecitvly) and he HAS to be at least look a little bigger than Anon (because then he wouldn't be intimidating at all, anon would literally look down on him), but he CAN'T be too big, as if he's too big he'd dwarf Wosyet and upset the power balance (in that Wosyet is supposed to intimidate him, not engage him in a grand fight everytime he visits)

So I made him just a little over 6, used his hair to bump him to 6 1/2 to make him look more than "just a littler bigger than anon", and let there be a visual pecking order on the size chart

Also yes, I had problems deciding how big Leo's package should be, too. In the end, I made it big enough to justify not wearing pants (they'd be very tight due to his big buldges) and to favour loincloths (because then he could then walk without seriously injuring his loins), also it allows for a suprise package delivery to PB's rear



I like to think Leo is a major grower. Maybe a bit bigger than Anon flaccid but watch the fuck out when he's horny.


File: 1407708930498.png (120.37 KB, 935x927, appartment.png)

You know what, I kinda like this

simply because Leo gets to do a visual double-take when he inevitably uses his magical eye for penis inspection day and, for one breif moment, thinks anon might actually be the same size as he is (I'm pretty sure Leo could probably do limited X-ray vision stuff if his usual mental suggestion doesn't work, or couldn't be used under the circumstances)

also while doodling I realised I might actually need a handy guide to who lives where in the house when those two are stomping around the place, so I did a little digging in the previous threads to make this thing as a reference (interesting fact: We've actually never seen monstro tower's roof)

spoilers: getting up the stairs to floor 3 is going to be a challenge on it's own simply because of the ammount of things that would inevitably get in PB, Leo and Puck's way or distract them

That's not even getting into the residents of Floor 3


I should clarify that I was using American denotation when describing the floors. "First floor" means ground floor in the US.


Ah, okay, my bad

Just one question: is the front door (the "ground floor", as I put it) and the room with the cracked window part of the same floor, or two different storeys?

Sure, it'd be easy to say that Dewbon just modifed a five story building into a legally four story one due to her size needs (and thus you'd be able to have the suite, which is probably 20 foot tall at the very least when you consider what she'll have in her room, and all the other stuff a apparment would have like the lobby, a kitchen, storeroom and dining room because your playing with technically 2 floors of height instead of just one)

But you might decide differently, so just be carefull not to turn Monstro Heights into a building thats… well, not very high.


The floor with the cracked window is indeed part of the "lobby" floor. It's extra tall so Dewbon can move around the ground floor with comfort. Same reason the front door is enormous.

Also it's not actually cracked. It just has curtains.
The floor above it has AC to keep Gumberry in particular cool.



What happens if Gumberry gets too hot?


Same thing that happens to you, she's just more comfortable at a slightly lower temperature.


I'm sorry to go off topic here but god damnit Glitter Glue you got me addicted to Risk of Rain. I've done like 4 games today, each at at least an hour and a half long. Thank you for giving me something to have fun with. Which class did you enjoy using the most by the way?


File: 1407732445543.png (83.54 KB, 747x766, lemurian.png)


those are probably my toppest picks


HAN-D is an under appreciated choice. Acrid is my most played though. I'd love to have a match or two with you if I could learn how to port forward.


I'd join too, but my sound is fucked.


File: 1407791403209.png (231.68 KB, 800x823, ajktlg.png)

reposting from mlpg


File: 1407796960895.png (45.15 KB, 543x430, scotchcloseup.png)

also, I think someone was complaining about the lack of chubby bunny over there, so here, I coloured the other thing



So who gets her first?





In that case

Who gets which part of Femanon?


>Male Caimon in speedo.

Life is now complete.


Mine isn't complete until we see him nude.

with all the old features


Does Prince Bitch get into "exciting" adventures like his female counterpart?

Yes, they do have the same nickname. They got it in different ways, but the name itself is the same.


I guess you could say pant bulges are more than enough for me, since I'm a sucker for spheres.



I'm sure Prince Bitch has found himself well-acquainted with all the inhabitants of the local dungeons.

Male and female.


>male Caimon discussion

might as well use this oppertunity to post the rough size chart of caimon's family I've been using for doodles

I use this to practice my weakest monster girl, because I really can't draw alligators that well for some reason (as you probably can tell), but I theorise it's probably the heads (which I'm going to practice with more)

also alligator dicks are horrifying, seriously don't google it, I'll probably stick to "it's human enough" dick rather than realism if I draw them in the future because seriously, ugh

as for the chart: It was actually smooth sailing due to the family photo album pic gg did, so all I had to do was compare the sizes in that picture to Caimon and there you go

Noteworthy mentions:

I made Polt a lot shorter simply to give the visual cue of "this guy is the eternal little brother of the family", and also to make him the least imposing member of the family by comparison

Gillou is on this reference chart to stop the grandparents from being too big (and Grandma is really big, too - it's due to a throwaway comment of GG's about her hugs that I tried to impliment)


Also while messing around doodling Caimon's family I realised almost none of the other monster girls have a visible family quite like her

yes, I realise that's probably because you havn't thought of a need to give them one, but you probably should at least give the girls at least one family-like figure that are either in their lives and visit occasionally or they at least write too, just so the fact Anon doesn't have that luxury anymore hits right in the feels.

Headcanon examples (for if original ideas becoming lacking):

Agua probably lived on a Cactus farm. It was called that because cactuses owned the farm. They grew vegetables, not Cacti.

Wosyet would probably grudingly consider any priest of her religion "father"

PB's father is her compelte opposite - a man of wealth, taste, understanding, and is almost certainly a crimelord. Is in prison for accidently forgetting to pay his heating bills again. Probably has a weird name like his daughter, too (i.e King Bastard).

Veronica has no tail due to a Salamander heritage. Although she probably could just attach and de-attach her tail via magic or something as a easier explanation, it's more fun to give her a Salamander in her family as well, and let the gender studies implications do the rest

Gnyathoset's family is probably more "sentient" than Gnyathy is when you compare them (i.e they talk a understandable language and she does not)

Gillou really is alone, other than the being that charged her with guarding the lake, she probably has no-one but her friends

Dewbon is the one who writes home, mostly because it's impossible for her family to come visit due to the fact her family visiting counts as a seige and probably violates international giant invasion laws.


File: 1408899132181.png (83.97 KB, 615x583, floofyhaircaimon.png)

also I'm still doing colour stuff between doodling to keep myself on task (because ultimatly, I'm doodling for practice of pre-exsisting characters here, not to make a million OC stuff) and ask myself questions I never thought about like "What colour is Caimon's inner mouth?", "Should it be possible for Caimon to stick her tounge out to tease?" and "how ridiculous can I make brushing her teeth be?"


File: 1409262817226.png (183.14 KB, 950x914, graph.png)

also something that was done for funsies when the graph was making rounds

No, I have no idea how this graph is/was supposed to work, especially with the varying sizes of the monstergirls

yes, anon does indeed have a nice butt. He's allowed to have a nice butt, there's no rule against it. Yet.


Requesting a monstergirl noticing Anon's butt.


File: 1409420759441.png (277.06 KB, 550x1300, Anonbackside.png)

Well, gg seems to have vanished into the ether for now

But I'll do my best at your request regardless, as it's kind of what the point of all the practicing I've done is, right?

warning: I'm very, very bad at punchlines, it turns out practicing drawing and practicing dialogue are two different things. Who knew, right?


>Well, gg seems to have vanished into the ether for now

He's still active in the Skype group.


File: 1409514516177.png (180.57 KB, 1198x281, sofatime.png)

Oh, thats good enough, I guess. I thought he'd gone and vanished on us.

Have more anon and his whpsh-able butt.

spoilers: No, I too have no idea why I continue to draw male backside. Maybe I'm just not happy about how my previous attempts turned out.

also I found out I have no idea about clothing design (or /fa/ in general), and when I asked myself "what would Caimon actually wear, apart from the bikini setup?" my answer was "a umbrella"

I'm not a very clever man


File: 1410097175017.png (136.67 KB, 800x637, caimontable.png)

more colour caimon stuff, because it's exhausting to fail at making jokes

Caimon seems a believer in healthy eatin, although being a big girl and all, I think nobody's going to dare ask her what her definition of "healthy" is.

also that door is super thin, who bought that thing, I mean really, it's like your asking Caimon to get stuck in the doorframe


File: 1410134282437.png (56.93 KB, 639x496, caimon pone.png)

Recently starting thinking about instrumental character themes for whatever reason

I think this makes a good Caimon theme


what, like little leitmotifs that play when they show up? Could be cool

Although that does bring up the question; what music DO the various monstergirls like anyway?

Obviously Caimon's got a soft spot for New Orleans tier music, but who would have what preferences?

And no, I'm not saying Caimons's stuck purely to [banjo intensifies], she could be into other stuff, like jazz or just whistling songs she doesn't rememeber the words too.


The real question is
which one is the best at giving head


Obviously the guy who's best at giving head is Muschio.


also on a somewhat unrelated note about heads;

while doodling Veronica I realised her tits were roughly the same size and height as anon's head

Yes, slowpoke.png applies, as it's clearly shown on the sizechart gg did and all, but sometimes you just don't realise the sheer scale of things untill you draw them and think "damn son, if she stands too closely to anon he's probably going to suffocate to death in her lavalamps"


AJ's Southern Hospitality vs Caimons (Cajin) Southern Hospitality

Also, fuck that is adorable.


File: 1410869178810.png (207.92 KB, 590x864, 1410808680392.png)



Actually, thinking about Gillou for a bit:

Is there any actual perks or upsides to her increadibly lonly Guardian of The Lake job?

You know, like, Walk on water at will, or her body is a natural purifier of liquids so she can't be poisoned even by liquid metals like mercury, sort of perks?

Maybe throw in some Avatar: the Last Airbender tier waterbending in there so you can have her get a good moment to show WHY Gillou is the Guardian, and not anybody else?

Have her be absolutly crucial to Excaliber expy sidequest?

I mean, there's gotta be at least something, because otherwise she wouldn't really be able to guard the lake from various threats a lake will face (like garbage being dumped into it or something mystical freezing the entire thing solid), and it'd raise the question of why she's even guarding the lake anyway if it isn't mystical/dangerous enough to be worth a guard (although meta-wise, we could guess it's because there's a dungeon at the very bottom, or at least there's something dangerous enough down there that higher powers want it to be kept down there)


Last I checked, nymphs aren't guardians of things so much as manifestations of them. A wood nymph is a manifestation of a forest or tree, not a guardian of it.


Pretty sure Gillou was a guardian as a job, though

maybe I'm just getting various small factoids mixed up




oh, are we arguing gillou headcannons?

I know gg has some simple points nailed down for her on his tumblr, so thinking on those points alone (i.e keep it simple), my headcannon is:

1 - you could probably hear the ocean if you pressed your ear against her after she comes back from swimming
2 - She's like a huge, warm waterbed, and gives very tender and gentle hugs and cuddles for her size (i.e not the deathgrip "Spinebreaker" patented hugs Caimon gives you)
3 - Gillou actually drinks GALLONS of water on average (with a loose definition of "drink"), but she probably has bad, strange or outright bizzare drinking habbits (instead of unscrewing a 1 litre/pint bottle to get water, she'd probably just swallow the bottle whole, or she'd drink from a showerhose, for example.)
4 - Gillou's body is probably a natural water filter due to being from a swampy lake, so she is VERY unlikly to get drunk from any traditonal liquor (unless it's something silly that gets her drunk, like pool chlorine)
5 - Gilllou probably considers any food that has a high water content to be extremely tasty, and possibly somewhat addictive (like junk food, except her "junk food" is watermellons)
6 - Yes, Gillous mouth IS big enough to swallow things like said watermellons whole. Yes, Anon (i.e, thats you) DOES have a high enough body water content to taste nice. No, that doesn't mean she's into Soylent Green, it just means when she kisses you, she'll consider you a really fucking good kisser, because you taste nice to kiss.
7 - When Gillou gets thin (seasonal weight issues, remember), holy shit does she become homely. No seriously, her waistline recides like a low tide and she gets quite the lovehandles due to her hips staying relativly the same size


Hey, I really like this. Most of this even.

Gillou's texture seems to be a topic of hot debate though


>that sideways pocket
Monstro Town's fashionista is not the greatest.


>hot debate

Then Gillou's texture should have the offical label as "interesting", and when pressed for a less vague answer, start using metaphors for describing what she actually feels like (i.e "like a hot water bottle", "like a water bed", "like a water balloon" or a more literall "like your hand is going to sink into her and be hard to pull out") rather than how it actually feels to touch her (because allowing people to come up with their own idea on how Gillou feels to touch through relevant metaphors is probably better)

but in real headcanon talk, Gillou is probably not unplesant to touch, just… really weird in a "what am I touching" way, in that your touching what is essentially a organic water tank, so there arn't any metaphors that come to mind that can quite desribe it accurately. Gillou is probably more relativly plesant to touch when wet than when dry, though.


There seems to be a big misconception that Gillou is full of water.

I mean, technically she is, because algae (like humans) is mostly made of water. But she's not like, a container. She's not a waterbed or water balloon. She is very soft, smooth, pliable, but she doesn't just feel like a layer over a liquid. Texture could be compared to a lot of thing, but she's not a waterbed.


jellyfish like then?
maybe a bit more firm


Probably more firmer than that. Possibly frog-esque?

I have a feeling we're overthinking this, though.

Sure, I could go full frodo "but why doesn't she use her algae" mode questions, But I want to avoid any "it just works" explanations for how Gillou's body actually operates.

We probably should keep it simple for now, though, and allow the question of "what exactly is Gillou anyway" and it's sub-questions to be more of a plot thing that gets answered over time, and lets us overcome our misconceptions and misinformation about Gillou sort of story thing

It'd allow gg the most legroom to create lore and stuff anyway, and the potential for a good interesting story is always better than just straight out answers.


Also, having slept on the question of texture, I realise I forgot the most crucial thing:

"Show, don't tell" would probably be more impactfull than just using words to describe it

Simply because something simple as, say, a handshake, could get a "wait, what" reaction if something weird happened (for example, during the handshake there is a wet-ish noise, but Gillou isn't wet and neither is anon's hand)

It'd also do a lot to explain where Gillou's basic social woes come from (because it'd create a weird first impression and would honestly take some getting used to that yes, this does happen at seemingly random, it'd be like if she was walking and then one of her footsteps squelched, but only once)


File: 1411753964324.png (276.79 KB, 1230x1010, swampyexamples.PNG)

Oops, did I set something off by asking about Gillou headcanons?

I really just want Gillou to be "sort of like LK fat ponies" tier in terms of how she is so you can fun around with her (i.e firm, but squishy enough that a bit spills over), but I guess there also has to be a technical, in-universe explanation that people can understand, or at least suspend their disbelief over

I suppose this (pic related) helps to describe how I personally think Gillou works. Yeah, I put in several headcanons, especially on the questions we're curently argueing over, and pulled a oc out of the air in order to make the comparison work, but thats just to gain a easier understanding of how I beleived Gillou worked (i.e, by reading the simple stuff gg put out and interpreting it in a way that you can see the difference between what Gillou actually does and what you think a "swamp monster" would do.)


Also I just realised I skipped past the "but what does Gillou feel like" question talk like a idiot


Well fortuantly, I believe it's actually very simple, and could probably be best examplified by doing this little thought experiment:

roll up your sleeve right now, and touch your arm. How does it feel to touch? How does the palm of your hand feel touching it?

Now, go and wash your hands for a few seconds and touch your arm in the same spot again. How different does it feel now? How does the palm of your hand feel?

Touching Gillou would be exactly like that feeling, minus any water - it would be weird, because your body is basically hard-coded to react to "water is wet", so it'd take some getting used to the idea that Gillou ISN'T wet like you expected, but it wouldn't be unpleasent, as it'd leave you feeling somewhat refreshed despite the inital confusion of "why do I suddenly feel clean?".

This thought excercise was inspired by the one picture of gillou and anon sleeping cute together. And now, you can imagine that Gillou's full-contact body hugs are probably the cleanest hugs you'll ever get in your life, and you'd wake up every morning feeling extremely fresh and ready to go.

And really, what else could you want?



actually, Is GG gonna bother to create a pantheon for this setting?

I realise this is a much bigger can of worms than "what does gillou feel to touch", but really, Gillou is a Nymph and Wosyet is a Golem, so it's obvious there's SOME sort of religious fluff that's going to come up around them, and that GG can't just ignore the possibility.

Sure, It'll probably get handwaved for being "too complex", but I still hope for GG will think about Pantheon stuff, just for some possible world fluff material. And also because the mental image of Wosyet just asking the forge god in person for her equipment is great.


The whole setting is a fast-and-loose mishmash of basically every possible pool of mythos and lore that has nonhuman creatures, so there's a little of everything, though most not quite so hard and fast to their original literal depictions.
That's why you've got medieval knights on cell phones and Onis going to college and a Catoblepas who runs an apartment building.



just make sure not to mash them together too hard, and consider which gods would have what symbol and how common the symbol is for the setting, and who'd be more into gods than others

spoilers: Wosyet would take it seriously, probably due to the fact she's a Golem and they probably exsist as a actual race due to them, instead of being just tools.


So, basically just put it in the background as "oh, it's just culture", and then pull a fast ruse to make it relevent later on, so people go and look back to see where else it appeared?

As in, what GG usually does (when he uses a background)?


I feel lost

No, I get if gg follows this logically, we could get some neat suprises or puzzles, but where I'm lost is how, or if, it's all gonna work out

But it's like, what is this series, y'know? Because I don't think this is the type of series where gg goes "oh boy I hope you paid attention to what symbol agua had on her hippie bobblehead 145837 images ago or your dead", I just don't feel it is that serious.

I just wanted some happy fun monstergirls feels man, can I just have some non-complex, silly things happen, such as "Anon becomes so unfazed by Monstro Heights hijynx he gains the same expression as Dewbon, everyone assumes something is wrong with him" or "PB deliberatly gets Anon cursed, then immedeatly regrets it because he becomes a lucky son of a bitch for a week", or "Anon, Caimon and PB accidently synchronise their morning routines, have no idea how they are doing this"?

is it too much to ask for just that


File: 1412719712382.png (28.27 KB, 186x201, dewsmile.png)

well, this thread took a dramatic downturn

So without further ado, Monstergirls

Which one would you want to protect the smile of the most?
which one would want to protect anon's smile?

reposting relvent oc from mlpg


>happy monstergirls

Actually, how happy are PB and Caimon to have Anon as their roommate?

I wanna know how happy they are about the change in their living arangments, in so much as they can be (Because I'm not sure if PB even does happy)


Well, if you want a vague answer to a vague question, "I'm sure its full of ups and downs" will probably the offical, gg patented "I want to draw stuff I like the sound of without constraints" answer

But if you want something more than that, you could put some happy/comfy heacanons up

For example: I'm pretty sure having Caimon, Princess Bitch and Anon on the couch with a blanket, drinks, maybe some bowls of snacks to eat and a lot to talk about would be a pretty comfy way to spend their afternoon

Anon should make sure to check what drinks and food are in first though - can't spend all afternoon lazing around together having a good time if you havn't got anything in the cubboards or the fridge for all three, and a quick shoprun might be in order anyway so you have stuff left over for tomorrow, just in case

And yes, Caimon, PB and Anon are all probably gonna crash on the couch together tonight. It'd probably be cute to see them all leant up or laying against eachother having a snooze, but I'm a sucker for that sort of stuff.


File: 1414336184874.png (210.06 KB, 1198x281, FFFFFFRIDAYNIGHT(coloured).png)

eh, been in a art slump so might as well humour your thing

No, I'm not very good when it comes to giving seperate /ck/ diet headcanons and took the lazy way of "give them the potato/vegitable/meat combo meal" standard, instead of "just give them a pizza", or trying to research something southern for Caimon, or actually wondering if Caimon eats meat at all

Except for PB, who I'm pretty sure would have terrible food/health standards (like drink out of cans and avoid healthy food), and would take any oppertunity where Anon buys the food to pig out, and then for the next week blame Anon for her pants now being too tight for her.
She just strikes me as that sort of person from everything's gg done on her.


File: 1414588879999.png (85.21 KB, 757x738, tittymonsterbootycolour.png)

Also just as a slowpoke moment I had while practicing:

Veronica has a HUGE ass

like okay, I know she's almost twice anon's size but seriously - a single one of her buttcheeks are roughly the same size as Anon's torso on the sizechart

that's a whole lot of ass


So does Veronica have a tail? I've seen her with and without one.


It's probably not going to be a straightforward answer for that one, and I doubt gg is going to come out and strike down any potential stuff he could do with either scenario

However, my personal headcanon on the matter is that Veronica does indeed have a tail… but because of Puck being kind of a asshole fairy(fae?), it has a wax on, wax off type of magic applied to it. Which Veronica is smart enough to live around (i.e actually went to the libary and learned about the magic and how to use it, instead of play chiken with Puck's magic like PB would)

She likly goes through a lot of pants as a unfortuante side effect to this. Also, I'm pretty sure her tail is kind of sensetive due to this now. Don't rub it, especially not the tip or the base.


File: 1414949555585.png (259.41 KB, 781x1280, goodlucktranslatingthis.png)

good news everyone, I finally found out how to write a legible language on sai and used it to finally get out of my writing problems I had with my art

the bad news is this language is La-Mulanese, and I spent so damn long trying to understand it so I could draw it, I missed any haloween art oppertunities


So anyway, here are some of my assumptions/headcanons for Anon and Femanon in the gg monstroverse - as in, what their true identies are, so their age, faces, names, height, star sign and most obviously gender.

Yes, I made Anon and Femanon have what are essentially birth certificates in La-Mulanese just for the purpose of keeping these things a vague secret from anyone else and hence Anonymous, because I'd bet actual money their past identities (i.e not the ones the readers made) will come into play eventualy somehow, and also giving anons a actual ancient history would be cool

as for what's with (%) and bellow?
Who knows?
Goodness, It's a secret to everybody~

Also I'll try to practice drawing actual english as well, don't worry, I'm not going to troll you by making a entire comic in La-Mulanese or something


Thanks m8 I'm having loads of fun translating this back again


Just a quick question, for those of you not wanting to get spoiled don't read further
Are some of the words purposefully misspelled or am I just getting the letters wrong?


It might be a little bit of both

I will admit right now, my translation might not be the greatest since I learned the hard way (by going into the game and reading) and I might have drawn the La-Mulanese letters somewhat inconsistently, so it isnt your fault if you are confused - there shouldn't be any mispellings and if there are, my apologies

But you should be able to read it in it's entirety with what a little context I gave, and get a good picture of what I wanted to imply regardless

for example, as a freebee: Rebirth, as its many concepts, is the theme that connects Anon and Femanon, and the colours used to represent them are similar to a magnets.


I noticed and I finished
Also I'm pretty sure you missed a "d" in corridor


I will straight up admit that I never played the game and only had one piece of translated in-game art to go by, so if I mistook something that might be on me, but a very few characters seem to have been mis-written or swapped for another letter

Let me know if you have anywhere you'd like me to submit my answer for the translation. Partly because I want to stroke my own ego and partly because I really enjoyed the hours of fun I had with translating it and want to share the product of it.


File: 1414969198653.png (30.53 KB, 326x162, wosyetnoticesthemisuseofan….png)

Ah, so I did. Nice catch! Have a quick thing as a reward.

You can always share it here. We are, after all, discussing something made about, and mostly for one of gg's settings, so discuss away.

I mean, it's not like I'm going to be anywhere else for gg monsterverse discussion


Neat, thank you for that, I didn't have the letter V in my list so Femanon seemed a little sad
I thought it was a mis-written N


Sorry about the cluttery translation


hee hee, goodness, you have enjoyed yourself a lot I see

I might even do more La-mulanese stuff at a later date if people want, I dunno if gg will mind but it is quite fun to try and make cryptic things built around his previous stuff

but don't forget, the La-mulanese numbers have special meanings


Please do, I at least find it fun

As I said, I never played the game so all I have to go by was the literal translations


File: 1414981613521.png (68.16 KB, 671x290, Easy to get wrong.png)

Scribbles, so many scribbles
I'm not supposed to be nitpicking about something so nice, but not sure if "Ano" is missing an "n" or it's an endearing name. Also you swapped the "a" and "e" in speak I believe

I really am a horrible person aren't I?


File: 1414982245833.png (181.4 KB, 672x832, predeterminedshipping.png)


I've done it now

I've thought of The Thing That Must Not Be Seen while making something else for you guys to play with (probably the last for a little while, gotta stagger out those anon/femanon related ideas)

This is in context to something gg said about Femanon(the one in the scotch and monsterboys picture)xAnon

and you know, I thought: what if I didn't heed that warning? What if I wanted to take this secret, forbidden path? What could possibly go wrong?

treasure sealed off theme intensifies


I don't think I understand this thread anymore


Me neither. Shouldn't this guy get his own thread for his autismcanon?


it's not like it's continuing, at any rate

We can go back to things we can understand now

things like monstergirls

which monstergirl would you, enthusiastically?


I would Dewbon and Gillou full force.


But would Dewbon even feel it?


If she doesn't i'm sure I could find a scuba suit or some kinda magical help.


A Meara and Agua is fine too.


It's always easier getting ready for the day when you have a song in your heart


QR image posting is borked for some reason with the new Firefox update.


well I'm looking at this page through a competely different browser and theres still nothing

I guess gg's browser derped? or am I misseing the point completely?


trying again, then


File: 1415660529126.png (21.95 KB, 794x748, dancing.png)

let's try regular mode


Girl's got some moves


And some booty.

Probably has a wonderful voice, too.


File: 1415752187059.png (30.3 KB, 794x748, caisong.PNG)

dangit, I'm out of practice with colorin binary stuff


QR picture posting still works in chrome, but for some reason Firefox's update broke the picture posting script on here.


alright, so that test didn't exactly go well because it didn't tell me much of anything

good news is, I think the in-thread image counter is borked because it went up to 251 images, and the delete function still works on firefox (albet really slowly)


File: 1416843066632.png (480.03 KB, 859x1592, Leomagiceyeredux.png)

also I redid the shitty doodle image into something actually presentable

Mostly because I find Leo having a perspective so sensitive, he can see Anon's facial movements a actually interesting concept I might want to draw more of later


File: 1417887042109.png (127.51 KB, 717x928, curseoftheunknown.png)

well, for some reason half the images in this thread vanished

in other news, was trying to actually draw Paula when I wondered why she's not green anonymous human, considering Harpies are half-human and all, so I made something plausable enough to calm autism and get back to drawing stuff, so here, something to (maybe) discus.


You do realize you're building canon in a place where you can literally just ask the actual creator what is and isn't canon, right?


what the fuck dude
this is a fantasy world


well, yeah. How else would there be "faceless, unimportant NPCs" in the setting otherwise?

I mean, most of the NPCs in town are unique, sure, but there will always be monster npc number 13373232 types that say one-line legends such as "I LIKE SHORTS, THEY ARE COMFY AND EASY TO WEAR", and that is their entire contribution to Anon's life.


No, there won't be. This isn't a fucking RPG, this is a world currently being built by somebody who is incredibly good at worldbuilding. Last I checked, he didn't ask for your help or your autism.


Yes, I am aware that gg is increadibly good at worldbuilding and does not need any of my help, or autism, in order to complete a project.

However, I am also aware that gg is very busy doing various other stuff at the moment. He is only a one man production, and bugging him constantly about petty minor questions isn't going to help that, so if I, by some miracle, could provide even one thing that gg looks at and goes "sure, why not? Thanks for the hard work, sucker", then I can't shy away from trying to help just because he might give me a answer I didn't want (i.e "your idea is terrible, and you are a terrible person, I wish I had someone with a better EVERYTHING be this interested in my stuff instead")

So, to keep it simple:
- I don't see how some (and ONLY some) partially human monsters having the chance to have the ? mark faces would hurt the setting, and beleive they could only add to it. (for example: a human dominant town/city scenario)
- Yes, the setting ISN'T a RPG, but it DOES have RPG meta-references, so I don't see why nonsensical NPC quotes shouldn't be a occasional joke (for example: as newspaper quotes)
- No, I don't think even for a moment that gg actually needs me. But I do think he does need other people, people who are better artists and writers than me, to help inspire him to do stuff. And if our conversation leads to that, instead of seeming like "two people who like thing clash over opinion, BUT ONLY ONE OF THEM WILL LEAVE THE THUNDERDOME", then that'll be enough for me.


File: 1418014957470.png (80.13 KB, 442x551, paula1.png)

dumpin monstuhs


File: 1418014984450.png (82.66 KB, 435x572, wosyet1.png)


File: 1418015020288.png (220.24 KB, 1185x1193, caimon6.png)


File: 1418015067218.png (75.27 KB, 498x453, agua1.png)


File: 1418076509615.png (67.45 KB, 479x459, aguahatless.png)

oh yeah, gg posted more monstergirls on his tumblr, have a colour of one


File: 1418155385810.png (68.74 KB, 388x511, caicai.png)

also I took a liking to the expression here, so have a thing


File: 1418516224106.png (52.55 KB, 278x597, veronicacollege.png)

went through ggs older stuff for clothing ideas to maybe produce a winter thing later (still terrible at coming up with /fa/ stuff), coloured a veronica in the process

who I finally twigged on to why she even owns a green shirt: because she glows green in the dark. So the entire shirt would illuminate instead of just certain bits of it.




File: 1418695209827.png (142.48 KB, 617x384, ggbirthday.png)

>check gg's tumblr on a whim before finishing up for the day
>it is apparently his birthday

fine, have something ridiculous

also birthdays for monstergirls when


actually thinking about it what gifts would they even want anyway

I mean sure okay, Anon would probably just be happy to spend christmas with people who arn't all named "anonymous" and making gift-giving dante-must-die mode difficult (on the plus side: extreme secret santa), and we get all the feels and yada yada that sort of thing

But I don't think the others in the appartment would be happy enough just to recieve sweaters and socks. Well, maybe they would if it was especially cold that day, but thats beside the point.


Anons can choose a name and identity for themselves, can't they? Though it's frowned upon in some cultures. Maybe his homeland has a bad case of leejun.


Honestly, it seems likly that you've pretty much hit the nail on this subject.

I mean, having to live in a leejun town/place, where all you probably have to identify you is some hilariously innapropriate Ducktales Beagle Boy-tier number?

It's no wonder Anon got a ticket out of there when the oppertunity arose, and at the same time, it would also explain why he puts up with the hyjinx that happens around him in his new place.


i'm not sure why but the idea of anon's putting on a mask to define themselves (and removing them when not needed) is something that feels like something from the world of Qorum,


well, gg did say the setting was a mix of everything, I suppose.

Having Anon humans have a Maskerade-esque culture like that might be interesting, though. Of cource, Anon only brought two suitcases of essentials with him, so if he brought a mask with him or not in one of them is up for debate.


File: 1419733073562.png (182.59 KB, 883x686, caimon7.png)

some caimon


File: 1419733101572.png (625.45 KB, 1053x767, caimon8.png)


File: 1419748848367.png (141.37 KB, 1206x814, caimon9.png)



File: 1419780411348.png (205.26 KB, 883x686, caichriscouch.png)

caimon is totally going to catch a cold one of these days

hopefully anon had some forethought and bought her a blanket for christmas or something


maximum unf


7,8,9… and the others?


File: 1420413378374.png (110.03 KB, 970x452, ImadethissimplytodrawCaimo….PNG)

Well, if we're in a Caimon mood

have a thing, joke text included.

Also, does Caimon have a bedroom, or does she actually sleep on the mainroom couch? enquiring minds want to know


I miss gg


File: 1420682432020.png (124.13 KB, 725x618, tumblr_nhswf5mS2U1r5h2ogo6….png)

don't worry, i'm sure he's around occasionally

or at least it's implied, occording to his tumblr

also on his tumblr: gg knows what the thread wants right now, pic related


Alright, I realise this question's going to be out of the blue, but I've just gotta know:

GG, How average is Anon, really?

Now stay with me: This may seem bullshit, but I honestly, anon might not be 100% average as has been advertised in "come and project yourself here" nature of the series, and we might be being taken for a wild ride

For example, let's take gg's intro to the monstro series (it's on his tumblr):

It seems average enough, standard HELLO WORLD fare to get you into it immedeatly, but think about it: what are the odds for finding a appartment room, in a world that has overcrowding issues, that happens to be a perfect setting for harem comedy, with no complications getting there whatsoever, despite having just immigrated?

The chances are so fucking low, I'm dead certian Anon has a 777 luck stat or something because damn, those are sure some fucking fortuante co-incidences that someone "average" wouldn't possibly have a chance of getting

What else has anon got hidden away, gg

Your not gonna pull a fast ruse over on me that easy, I'm betting right now the moment I slap my projections onto Anon, you'll pull the carpet from under my feet to reveal I stepped right onto a trap

Show me the ruse that is "PB has a negative luck stat that makes Anon be average whenever she is in a certain radius", reveal your hand of "anon is a lucky son of a bitch all the time, everytime" royal flush, go all in with "anon pulls crits out of his ass on my demand, roll for anal circumference bitch"

do it, I'm ready

It's going to be bullshit, but whatever the answer is, I beleive it.


File: 1421107472697.png (62.04 KB, 434x391, D'Anon.png)

C'mon anon, I doubt GG is going to go crazy places with it

It's just going to be justification for Anon landing in harem situtions, if anything at all

Even if GG did some weird stuff with it, like your predicting he might, at the most Anon would probably only be banned from casinos and lotteries due to it - I sincerly doubt GG is going to go full "Strip poker THAT STRIPS YOU OF YOUR SOUL" or "Luck=Charisma=Gravity, therefor ZA WORLD SPINS AROUND YOU" tier of what-the-fuck-is-going-on

tldr; calm the fuck down, but thanks for giving me something to get my doodle on for today

you better get hyped for the gambling part of the jojo anime


Anon lucked into a good situation because that's the entire premise of the setting and if he didn't there wouldn't have been a story


well, that was sorted out quickly.

Anon is hereby that one lucky son of a bitch, where he gets into rediculous situations just as easily as he gets out of them, and everyone wonders how the hell he even pulled it off to begin with

but he probably still doesn't get to play card games, neither on motorcycles or standing still on the ground, and thats just terrible


I think we all like lewd monstergirls, but what about the next step?

Threesomes. All those combinations…


hate sex with PB


>not finding out what she's cursed with first

well, you enjoy that gamble, I guess

But it probably isn't anything that is going to effect you, since she wouldn't be fucked with so much by everyone if it was a curse like that. Probably.

post-adventure sexual misconduct is best PB times btw



mfm > mff


There are monsterguys too.


>sharing anything



and then everyone blames PB for teaching Anon bad hoarding habits are normal


File: 1421454210599.png (31.39 KB, 138x266, beanpolehugs.png)

Now now, PB isn't made 100% of hate and bad habits you know

yes, I know that is shocking and completely unbelievable, but it's probably true. Hopefully.

She probably enjoys the occasional vanilla hug. Maybe. You'd probably have to filter some of her complaints about it first. And avoid doing anything that gets you elbowed.

I'm not doing a very good job trying to sell this am I

just take this silly picture on the subject, and try not to



art technical question for gg here:

Was doodling Meara and realised: does she have any insignia on her back? like a pattern or a shape?

I have no idea if her back is supposed to be blank or not, so thought I'd ask


File: 1421689377529.png (108.68 KB, 609x649, dewvalentine.png)

boop, dewbon dates


… so, why not both to solve the problem?

No, hear me out now:

GG has made the setting have magic in it (see: Puck), right?

therefore, it is possible for other characters to either a: learn magic for themselves to use or b: receive a item of some description that has a desired magic effect by touching/equiping/whatevering it

So, instead of asking if EITHER Meara has something on her back or doesn't, ask: is it possible for Meara to change whats on her back via some method?

Like I dunno, maybe a cursed tatoo set, or something you can get for her while out questing, or a book on spiders, anything - I'm sure something will get figured out eventually

that way you can draw whatever you damn well please on Meara's back, while GG can play around with and see how many quest goers will die mistaking "deadly lethal poison bites" Meara back pattern for "gives boner that lasts for hours via bites" Meara back pattern, and everyone wins.

you can go back to drawing, and gg can be happy unleashing unspeakable suffering onto people who play his quests.

problem solved.


File: 1422234483418.png (314 KB, 567x850, 1422234251909.png)

so this appeared on mlpg



Gumberry trying to get into Anon's pants shenanigans.


File: 1422244581437.png (218.72 KB, 1243x1003, paula.png)

Here's a Paula sketch! She's a cutie.



Oh cool, that's cute.


File: 1422490329310.png (235.12 KB, 1243x1003, paulap.png)

boop, have a colour of your thing


hey gg, if your back from irl, random yet important question I just thought of:

How powerfull is Pb's hearing?

she kind of strikes me as "I put my ear to the door to try and listen to whatever is going on on the other side" sort, so

might as well ask about if PB's ears can basically be a stethoscope, or if they're just sensative and she really wishes you'd stop breathing near her, and don't dare touch them




So did that creepy, way too into this guy scare off gg or did he get bored?


He visited family, then helped a friend move, and will be moving himself soon. These things don't leave a lot of spare tim.



Valentines day soon fellow stalker

is anon ready for the most joyous of days, where he almost certainly won't be worn ragged by various bizarre yet hilarious circumstances that happen with monstergirls?

no, he is certainly not ready for the ammount of love he is going to receive. Good luck, anon, and try not to drown in love letters


>someone asks on gg's tumblr if he can draw stuff for him
>nobody bothers to link his picture afterwards


c'mon guys


File: 1423666004274.png (76.43 KB, 416x585, caimonnewclothes.png)

also gg posted some stuff on his tumblr

have a colour


File: 1423907523078.png (177.07 KB, 784x784, playedtoomuchpersonaq.png)

happy love day

drew a not great thing based on

just for the pun


actually, about anons roomate situation:

how on earth have Caimon and pb been able to get along before anon came along, let alone for how they're gonna get along with anon there?

Okay, I'll give you that pb is probably less anonying than either of Caimon's brothers (a real acheivment), and is probably a cakewalk in comparison, and the same logic goes for anon-Caimon interactions

but pb's perspective is another matter entirly, and I don't buy that Caimon's just gonna let ALL of Pb's petty bullshit fly, even if anon somehow buys that pb is just tsundere and isn't going to actully mug him for his money and his D.

so, whats the story gonna be, gg? Because I really hope Caimon and PB have more in common than
1. having inadequate clothing choices
2. having really sharp teeth
3. neither of them shave


File: 1424740339991.png (55.5 KB, 214x453, shortstackhugs.png)

well three things to keep in mind:

1. I think we've had a similar question to this before, getting some deja-vu from the "hey how does the roommate thing workout?" line of questions, gg should really get on that online monstergirl folder thing as a "SEE MY TUMBLR FIRST" method of answering questions

2. Thinking of things to have in common is all well and good, but you might be overthinking it by trying to think of what PB has in common with the other girls and Anon. I think the whole point is she's the odd one out when compared to the other girls. She's not nice, and in fact will be impolite, so handle with care.

3. Regardless of the above, that doesn't mean you can't try to think of something positive involving PB - in fact, even at the ungodly hour I decided to check out how dead this place was, I can churn out one art before I crash. Have some happy PB art - I've currently been in a rut of just drawing her with expressions going from "I hate you" up to "Yu-gi-oh tier rape face" - so thanks for making me think about what PB looks like when she's actually happy.

Yes, I think PB being somewhat dominant on a somewhat suggestivly naked anon makes her happy. Hey, she's kinda short, oppertunities to have something Caimon seems to recive everyday are hard to come by. She wants to lay about in undies and hug anon too, dammit, stop hogging the man.


So, Guy Who Draws A Lot of Weaver Fanart and Writes A Lot of Fanon

Think of getting your own general?


Why? I'd have to actually be good at drawing and writing stuff to warrant having my own general. And it'd be full of gg's stuff anyway.

I have put thought into what it is I'm praticing and writing all this for, though.

I'll do some show and tell later on, once I've got all my stuff sorted and drawn to at least a passible standard. Does that help?


File: 1425073395475.gif (345.53 KB, 312x389, Dewblink.gif)

It'd help if I actually posted something when saying "Hey, wait and see what I'm cooking up guys", huh

well, here's a little something to tide you over while I try to think of witty dialogue and fail

oh yeah, and I guess this marks the first gif I've made.


File: 1425855811286.gif (466.57 KB, 368x452, Howtopickupguys.gif)

hey, it's me, being a pest again

making gifs so I can git gud for THE THING is hard, I have no idea how gg does it

Protip: don't spend hours drawing individual frames in SAI, only to fuck up aligning them because of a mix up with your layers opacity levels. This is bad, and you will feel bad.

Also, you will never be picked up by Dewbon. That's a bad feel as well.


oh that is so cute


File: 1426723884555.png (200.31 KB, 1000x800, tumblr_nlfk7t5VqG1r5h2ogo1….png)

>check gg's tumblr
>see this



File: 1426792968829.jpg (9.91 KB, 221x229, Bury me with my gems.jpg)

>Dat Agua


I wish he'd post here.


its been about 4 months since he last posted here, not pointing fingers, but i blame that one guy that's a little bit to into the Monstro Village universe.


Actually, speaking of that, legit, no autism involved question here:

Why does PB stay at Monstro Towers again?

No, seriously - I know PB has it as a safe place to crash after potentially weeks of being out of town, since that's on gg's tumblr

But there's no other actual reason for her to, y'know, stay there for a reasonable enough ammount of time for Anon to do his damn job as a waifu projector magnet and get to know PB. She could just literally be there for a day before going off again, for example.

I mean, there'd be barely any point with putting PB forward as waifu potential if it was literally just going to be Anon and Caimon all week, every week, alone together in their appartment.


i like to think that she spends her plundered loot after each adventure, giving her a good 2-3 months of relaxing and being a bitch to the residents of the tower.
she just seems like the kind of person would spend all her loot before acquiring any more.


I wonder what she actually spends it on

Are we sure she doesn't just throw it at people to make them go away or something


PB needs a base of operations. Even the most aggressive adventurer can't spend 90% of their time in the field. Even if she were to start planning an adventurer immediately after returning, which she wouldn't really do, she'd need downtime for rest and recovery, planning, gearing up, that sort of thing. Going on big adventures is something she usually does once a month or less, and uses the spoils to sustain herself in the meantime. She's a career adventurer but the work is intermittent.


File: 1427364753357.png (88.36 KB, 563x548, headphones.png)

also, Paula doesn't get much screentime, so here's some more of her


File: 1427399654542.png (102.78 KB, 563x548, Paulashouldbuyavest.png)

Actually, it's interesting you mention that Paula doesn't get a lot of stuff

Maybe it's because she's possibly the most normal (read: human), so nobody really thinks of stuff she can do?

I mean, I don't get a "oh look, Paula has carried off anon to the roof again, someone get the ladder" sort of vibe from her - She seems more Agua-tier innocent right now, which is probably as close to "normal" as possible in Town.


Of all the people in town, or at least those introduced, Paula has perhaps the most 'believable' personality. She's something of a girl-next-door type and doesn't have particularly weird quirks beyond naivete and some oblivious habits. And being half-bird.

All things considered, in a town full of weirdos, she's probably the normalfag's choice.


B-but muh Caimon


Caimon's too casual to be winner of "most normal girl" award

she'd probably be 2nd/3rd though


An Elinda is fine too.


File: 1427781285841.png (22.38 KB, 403x396, sunglasses.png)

Caimon is also far less human than Paula. Also a much less traditional build, while Paula is fairly petite and girly.


File: 1427833219264.png (35.72 KB, 243x348, YOURAPRETTYBIGGIRL.png)

I'm not sure Caimon would appreciate such implications about her fairness

she happens to be a very fair aligator, why when PB comes close to harming Anon, she casually reminds her why that is a very, very bad idea instead of just ripping her arms off and throwing her out the window, for example

also sure she's gonna be ticked off if you call her fat again


I know, but Caimon is just too rad.


You literally had to crop off a chunk of a word to get the meaning you want to protest.

This is tumblr levels of taking shit out of context. Please lease.


File: 1428167093321.gif (33.45 KB, 94x217, happytest.gif)

oh, hush. I lease launder posts for fun and profit and terrible puns only on occasion.

also, >tfw it's pony season again


File: 1428324973663.png (156.32 KB, 681x593, sleepygnath.png)

>that sudden lewd on gg's tumblr

Can't post that on a christian imageboard.png





Absolutely love it


File: 1429041195543.png (72.2 KB, 370x821, 1.png)

also theres a certain /co/ thread getting bugged


on a final note about insects: Where in Anon's Room DOES Meara sleep? Apart from occasionally with him, on his bed?

I realise this is a perfect "monster under the bed" gag but I honestly don't see Meara living under your bed, and it'd also make things a little awkward when you start buying Under-The-Bed Storage Boxes for Anon's inventory.

And while the Closet is the next logical choice for a monster to be in, Opening your wardrobe to find a small spider suite isn't exactly very hidden and would require a lot of explanation if, for example, Caimon decided to do something like return some coat hangers.


File: 1429397184976.png (136.68 KB, 1020x308, PBsthreestepplan.png)

I realise >not your personal blog applies here, but I was looking at gg's wonder over yonder doodles when it hit me

That show's ying-yang synergy with Wander and Sylvia can totally work with Caimon, Anon and PB

No seriously

You take them and try to puzzle piece them together like WoY does their characters, and you find that Caimon-Anon and Anon-PB synergize really well with their height differences and Caimon-PB do not, creating some pretty subtle social standings (especially by having Anon be the bridge in the middle between those two opposites)

it really works to make their interacions more animated and intimate

also for some reason I imagined Anon as Wander for the above example, so I guess he can get away with touching Caimon's butt during hugs and turning PB's rough, tough and inconsiderate adventure session into a npc helpathon, making PB thouroughly regret ever bringing him along now

And finally, by going through and thinking of traits Sylvia has that would be fun to give the girls, I think pic related is the perfect personality PB should have - Hey, even PB probably isn't super bitchy 100% of the time, so having her be naturally sassy and sarcastic seems a logical step forward in the "how does PB get romanced by anon anyway?" department


File: 1429648663280.png (Spoiler Image, 87.39 KB, 490x554, agualewd.png)


wear pierce/spike resist equipment


File: 1429711675047.png (348.74 KB, 800x626, misfitmons.png)

also, in the realm of non-lewd

I coloured this simply because I just know that unicorn is going to somehow be connected to the one Femanon was drawn with ages ago, and I find any sort of thing where completing a quest on one side (with anon) opens up more options on the other (with femanon) and vise-versa to be super interesting


das it mane


File: 1429919367272.png (Spoiler Image, 98.35 KB, 668x524, Caimon'sculturaldifference.png)

>check gg's tumblr at random
>Caimon, Caimon everywhere

yes, it is good day for aligator

Also I find it hilarious that those chairs can support the giant aligator with their spindly little legs


>yes, it is good day for alligator
So, everyday then?


File: 1430087815826.png (81.49 KB, 480x542, regularcai.png)

Caimon can have bad days too y'know

I mean sure, okay, they probably don't happen often because PB is apparently the universes "bad shit happens to me all the time" magnet, but it's possible for Caimon's parade to get rained on

It's probably nothing a little time with Anon couldn't fix, but it's still possible


Hey gg, I wanna ask something:

I remember there was a joke image waaaay back of monstro village (it was some femsnails thing) where PB appears and is all "who the fuck is this get the fuck out before I call the cops"

Can this be Pb's first ever conversation when meeting Anon, please?

I just find the concept of PB projecting on Anon almost as hard as the readers due to all the wild rumours (I know there was a comic where Veronica says something like "a man wil move in tommorrow", so I guess Anon has at least a day worth of time unnaccounted for to build MYSTERY MAN APPEARS gossip) and having those projections blown into a thousand tiny pieces when Anon actually shows up at the door and she finally actualy sees him hilarious


File: 1430606869183.png (89.58 KB, 591x591, Femanonrecievesagift.png)

also browsing through .moe /mlp/ archive landed me this picture

I coloured it since it's quite rare we get a Femanon that isn't with ponies and could be, with enough ambigiousness, considered to be with monsterguys

Monsterguys who are almost certainly going to get a earfull if one of them doesn't decide to take one for the team, or more likly, be sacraficed for the greater good of not being yelled at for an hour

My bets is on the little green guy being too slow on the uptake to avoid this fate


File: 1430949341223.png (130.55 KB, 500x1099, DUNGEAN.png)

I know that this sort of thing isn't exactly fondly looked at, but I'm so glad the Dating Sim thing was debunked on GG's Tumblr.

Monstro Village honestly gives me more of a Xenoblade feel - like, See that mountain? There's a quest that goes there. See that ocean? there's a quest that goes there. See that ruin? there's a Quest with Pb where you raid the shit out of it.

And all the while you build affinity with the Girls, the Town, and people around the world you explore depending on your actions. A dating sim just seems… too small for the setting, restricting it's potential.

Yeah, I realise it's major autism to compare a bunch of losely-connected pictures and comics to a quest-based system of all things, but Monstro is a mish-mash of things and I hope, with the right mish-mash influence, that one day GG can build it to the point he can do pic related type quests on /q/ for ideas that just don't fit his current "pictures and comics" narrative.

Obviously not EXACTLY like pic related, but you get the idea - something that instead of GG going the usual quest route of "Oh you failed? well your fucked", he can go "Oh look, you failed, here's a picture to commemorate how you failed. Okay, Now back to the start~" and be able to provide the failure/success entertainment players came for, while simultaniously going through various ideas and scenarios he might have had for something like this that didn't fit elsewhere (i.e bad endings he might not want to become "canon" just because he drew a joke strip of Anon being crushed/sliced/skewered/devoured comically and/or cartoonishly)


He's done it before.
I think he's just more invested in the female Monstro Towers.


I can't exactly say I'm suprised, considering Waifus will probably always be more interesting to people than Husabandos.

Also, I probably should mention right now that whenever I think of "Femanon" and "Monsterguys" in the same world, I think of that one picture where Femanon is with a pink unicorn and other monsterguys, not the genderswap.

Yes, I think Femanon should be her own person, not a technical 100% genderswap. It'd make for a interesting callback later at least, if gg decides to go full rusecruise with a "But who said the world Anon left behind and the world Femanon lives in wasn't the same place?" or something just as trolly


File: 1431114654858.png (198.64 KB, 1021x316, cyoatime.png)

All this talk about trying to make Femanon relevant and how the audience can decide things for the setting reminds me

For some reason, The magic mirror thing Anon goes through gives me Chrono Trigger vibes

Like, I'm half expecting a GOOD MORNING ANON, and then a reveal that because the audience fucked around with something they shouldn't have, everyone is genderswapped, or anon is a monsterguy and everyone else is human, or something screwy like that

Also, the concept of the audience being able to decide a good ending or a bad ending by going back to a certain point in time and doing something different to get a different ending is also kind of like Chrono Trigger

Yeah, I know there won't be a BUT THE FUTURE REFUSED TO CHANGE or anything, but it would provide for alternate endings - for example, what girl anon goes for and what the relationship is like depends on what the audience did - and if the audience chooses (and gg allows it), they can go back to a previous point in time to do a sequence earlier OR go to a later point in time to do the same sequence later for different results.

Obviously there's no time travel involved, and it's just people going "Hey gg, can we do this thing at this point?" and gg going "sure, why not?" or "hahaha no", but I do think it'd be a direction that gg could consider going if he wants Monstro Towers to have a non-linear ending set-up

also, I like the concept of alternate future endings so much, I made a stupid picture of it. Enjoy your adventure end, your crime family end, and your PB Boss Antagonist end


Why do you do this


File: 1431139684115.jpg (724.5 KB, 1200x1200, 1390786902198.jpg)

What magic mirror? What audience? Endings? Bosses? Time travel? What the fuck?
What the fuck?


not even magic sky man knows but it's getting like Chrischan levels of creepy now


File: 1431164658798.png (292.75 KB, 881x1170, tumblr_mn0plt4x9M1r5h2ogo1….png)

>what magic mirror

This magic mirror? You know, the one that's very specifically shown on GG's tumblr?

>what audience

Gee I dunno, It's not like anybody is apparently reading anyfucking thing gg is making, especially not US RIGHT NOW or anything


Yes, different endings. Because almost certainly there's going to be people who won't be happy if their Monster Waifu goes a direction they don't like, and the entire point of the setting is to do things with Monster Girls.


Again, different folks will want different things to do with their Waifus. So people who want adventure end and the standard fantasy final boss could probably do so if GG can think of which girl would suit that, and where that'd be appropriate.

>Time Travel

I very specifically said it REMINDED me of Chrono Trigger due to the portal thing. No actuall Time Travel should be involved in the setting - ultimatly it should go forward. However, Much like Chrono Trigger, We could change WHERE Anon goes forward towards from whatever selection GG gives us.
And we could do this whenever we like, because as a audience we can read previous Monstro things gg has done and decide this time, we'll want to do something different, and gg can decide if he'll allow it.

This isn't Rocket Science, Guys. Literally 1/4 of your confusion could have been solved with a search on GG's Tumblr. The other half is that GG CONSTANTLY FUCKING TELLS US that he goes for simple, so with a bit of reasoning, a simple way of controlling the direction of his huge Sandbox called "Monstro Towers" WITHOUT pissing off anyone who wants to do X with Y Waifu would be alternate routes to choose from. So then:

People who want X, can get X
People who want Y, can get Y
People who want to fuck around and see how they can get Anon killed either get comically blueballed or punched right in the feels for being a asshole

This isn't that hard of a concept, is it?


File: 1431204451846.png (73.05 KB, 585x648, Anonbutterflyeffect.png)

Look, I know I'm really fucking bad at trying to explain myself here, especially because I'm still ticked off nobody thought to check GG's monster related tags on Tumblr to measure it on their bullshit-o-meter first (seriously, how the hell did any of you guys survive one of GG's one-fuck-up-and-you-die-forever quests)

But literally all I would like is something like pic related. That's it, nothing more. Just that simple.

GG gets to do whatever stories he wants, people get to influence the outcome they want from those stories, however many times they have to take untill they get what they want, and Anon can do his narration thing to make sure the story/outcome ratio doesn't get too crazy for gg/everyone to handle.

And so, the mish-mash of a setting actually starts looking cohesive and like it actually has a plan to it, instead of like a small apocalypse came and blew up a fictional concept universe, and then god went and outsourced world building to some korean guys who had nothing but glue and no idea what they are doing.


File: 1431260909042.png (13.05 KB, 537x279, is this you, did you do th….png)

mate, listen, we care about you, and thats why were telling you to tone it the fuck down, i mean FUCK, this is literally just a flimsy setting for GG to make pictures for, and your wondering about the 'endings' and 'final bosses', its just a fucking premice for some silly fucking drawings, its not a god-damned quest, its not a pitch for a dating sim, its just a fucking way to link pictures together.

cool your fucking autism and look at the pretty pictures like every-one else, dont get to excited.

i mean, i stalk him on about 12 different websites, i have a bot scanning 4chan boards for his art/names, and i still feel safe knowing that im not the creepiest of his fans.


were you that guy that asked him about it on his tumblr? because when i first saw this i thought of you immediately.


>(seriously, how the hell did any of you guys survive one of GG's one-fuck-up-and-you-die-forever quests)

Oh, so you're that guy who writes a fucking college dissertation at every choice.


File: 1431288437846.png (261.26 KB, 356x600, 1entiredayofthis.png)

Yes, I know it's a flimsy setting. That's why this entire argument is happening: Because ultimatly, if it was ONLY SLIGHTLY less flimsy and had a vague order to it, instead of the huge fuckfest we can argue and be confused over right now, we can instead have a "draw a line through the story narrative for what you want" that still involves pretty pictures, but also gets gg to create new ideas to try out in a enclosed, controlled space that can be as dubiously "canon" as he wants it to be, so he can later pull those things out of his box of tricks to suprise us.

I just want GG not to miss the mark on the level of control he'll need over his setting, and for ideas of how he could establish a simple yet efficent way of making sure the narritve never goes spiraling off into the infinite he has created to flourish over a "it's just some pictures, so who cares what happens next" mentality.

Not gonna throw stones about the bot comment, however: considering I'm pretty much religious zelot tier when it coems to checking GG's tumblr. Glass houses and all.

Also, I realise I have absolutly no way to prove this but for your peace of mind: no, I did not send that. In fact, that very comment got me to think about the different ways gg could controll his setting now that he has dropped a very restrictive, hands-on narrative in favour of a more open-eneded one he can choose the direction of.

Finally, And perhaps rather weirdly, I just realised we might actually be arguing the same point at eachother from different perspectives.

No, think about it: Your telling me too much controll is stupid, and I'm telling you too little controll is stupid.

This is a "two sides of the same coin" scenario if I ever saw one


The birth of a stalker.


File: 1431341100627.png (157.44 KB, 356x600, Untitled.png)

no anon, just no, please stop.


Fine, just don't say I didn't warn you that allowing a infinite ammount of what you want in a setting would only result in a infinite ammount of work, instead of the easy time you could have had by laying a foundation (i.e: there are 13 residents of Monstro Towers, so 13 different end scenarios could happen, minimum) and building up from there


I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that it's up to us to add things to the setting or that we get to to begin with.


Fucking, this.


…Because if we leave it to gg completely, his simple but effective apathy to the series will give us a story where Anon wins by doing absolutly nothing, with no chance of failure, no hope of success and leaving his life in a different dimension looking almost exactly like the one he left behind in the first place?

Anon's going to lose the entire point of his character (which is to be projected upon untill he matures enough to not need that anymore and be his own person) if that happens, and if the audience can't do anything with him due to being locked out the story by Anon's narrative, then the setting becomes pointless.

But by relinquishing control of Anonymous, GG effectivly gives controll of his own story narrative direction to us, the people projecting onto Anon.

Which turns the story into a power struggle between Authour and Audience over Anonymous, and this current conversation should, if anything, be all the proof he needs that this is going to be toxic to his setting if nothing is done about it, and soon

Fortuantly a rather simple solution exsists to this whole argument: Making Anonymous less important to the overall story.

Anon cannot be retconed out the story, and his narrative can't be taken back without causing a huge shitfest, but thankfully gg made it so that he IS going to go through that magic mirror and NOTHING WE CAN DO will ever change that fact, nor change how the mirror works.

Therefore, if GG makes it so the fact that the Magic Mirror was the actuall important thing in the story INSTEAD of Anonymous, then the audience participating in gg's story can be written as a side-effect of it's magic.

Some routes can be retconned into being Different Dimensions. Others could be discarded alltogether, and neither GG or Us have to give a damn about anonymous's fate, because we can just go get another one thanks to the magical dimensional mirror

meanwhile Anon can have his narrative perspective: he leaves home, he stays at monstro towers, spring is followed by summer, fall and winter, his future unfolds, and best of all: there is absolutly no continuity arguments, because everything revolves around a inanimate, uncontrollable object, NOT the audience's surrogate.


File: 1431388470600.png (95.84 KB, 610x710, daisyscale.png)

I don't even know what you're talking about. Uncontrollable objects? 13 endings? Too much work?? You've acknowledged there's no VN so what is this about? You keep talking about endings and story arcs and success and failure. The only "audience involvement" here is making requests for the next pic, or maybe drawing fanart. Anon being a self-insert character doesn't mean you use some kind of mental projection power to actually control him within the diegesis, it just means he could be anybody.

There is no "ENDING". There are no "BOSSES". There are no "ROUTES"! There is no "success", there is no "failure". This is not a quest. This is not a webcomic. This is not even a linear story. And it's certainly not some weird skyrim/paper mario/mass effect/strategy-JRPG thing with loyalty missions, skill trees and affinities, and inter-character synergies.

The point of anon is NOT to eventually bloom into his own distinct character who doesn't need to be projected on, he's meant to be a totally generic projected protagonist, because the focus is on the monsters.

This is just a SETTING, primarily for cute/lewd stuff.
It's no more complex than "anon is at a summer camp, and it's all ladies!". This is like Animal Crossing. It's just a place, with characters, and they all go about their lives together. Animal Crossing sets up a scenario and a pool of characters, but there's no endings, no branching paths, no "continuity".

The fact that you even bring up "continuity" means you don't understand my goal here.


File: 1431389315721.png (252.61 KB, 795x767, the queen.png)

I have nothing to add so here's a neat thing Weaver did a bit ago.


File: 1431400285591.gif (209.52 KB, 299x122, azn nodding beardman appro….gif)

Thanks bru.


File: 1431420339951.png (408.64 KB, 833x703, caimonsketche.png)

now that that nonsense is out of the way
how about some fan art?


File: 1431439439341.png (110.29 KB, 610x710, ITISTEATIMEMORTAL.png)

Finally, a end to this.


File: 1431471804900.png (82.41 KB, 475x528, caigown.png)

Oh, that reminds me
Weaver didn't do any pictures for Mothers day.
It'd probably be super-late to do right now, but honestly: would anyone object to stuff of Caimon's Mom?
Boop again.


Do it fgt.
I-if that's ok with you.


I say do it. Dame Marecage doesn't get much attention. Even though she'd absolutely bask in it.


… I probably should mention the guy who drew the sketch and me, the guy who colours stuff, are different guys

I'll try to do some Caimon's mom since it's my fault this mistake happened

But it's going to take a while to deliver anything decent-ish


File: 1431516046226.png (135.93 KB, 470x595, verbloniga.png)

Sketch guy here,
Pretty unfamiliar with the female form, (And Dame Marecage sure is feminine) so I'm not sure what I can deliver.
But hey, I can try.


File: 1431528530765.png (108.11 KB, 310x595, verniface.png)

ty sketch guy

I'll probably stick to doing things like this

no pressure

boop of confidence


You could try a Caimon's pawpaw if you wanted a twist.


Actually, on the subject of Caimon's papa

The guy CAN talk and have facial expression other than "touch my daughter and I shoot you in the face", right?

it probably wouldn't be a big deal if not, but I'm not sure if Weaver should turn Caimon's family dinners into Cajun Cromatorie High, Queen guitar riff possibly not included


File: 1431994959069.png (45.16 KB, 474x380, Viridian.png)

I realise this is going a bit far from the topic of Caimon's family, but while we wait for possible sketchanon magic, the Veronica stuff reminds me

she is totally tall enough to peer over Anon's head to see what he is doing (although granted she IS bigger than him in every way)

I find the image of her just resting her head on top of his cute

pls don't judge my pleb-tier mspaint "art", I just wanna talk about how cute Veronica could be


File: 1432123856845.png (90.56 KB, 755x644, whynotboth.png)

>supposedly flaunting how tall she is over him
>but really just taking the chance to smoosh her tits into his back
>sometimes aggressively


>somewhat aggressive Veronica
Y'know, I never actually considered this

I always thought Veronica was the "big ass titty monster problems" type, in that she TRIES to do normal things, but the results end up lewd

I can't say I dislike the idea of Veronica maybe doing it deliberatly


File: 1432324095957.png (94.04 KB, 761x481, tumblr_m4nu70RNYd1r5h2ogo1….png)

I am so fucking glad that this thread exists.


File: 1432328040592.png (88.9 KB, 640x876, tumblr_mbghaiOor71r5h2ogo9….png)

Does Dewbon know that Meara is in the building?


I think Meara is freeloading, and in a place Dewbon can't really go, so I guess the answer is "No"

Although I wouldn't rule it out completely - we have no idea if Dewbon and Meara have met or how long the freeloading has been going on for

For all we know Meara might have done something to earn her free ride in the appartment, and Dewbon just deals with those reporting her as a heads up that she's still around



Oh shit, there are people here.


I'm more glad it's getting past creepy obsession guy.


File: 1432389559972.png (419.56 KB, 2319x785, pJ4CXhj.png)


>implying we're not all obsessed


File: 1432394980786.png (80.92 KB, 465x638, tumblr_mk7fspg46V1r5h2ogo8….png)


Monster Pussy game too strong.





I know?


File: 1432429368397.png (80.42 KB, 763x584, tumblr_nnbygnqogo1r5h2ogo3….png)


That's not a bush, it's a fucking forest. Hell, her and Caimon need to shave up.


Would you a Meara?



If I didn't destroy her pussy and kill her with the size difference, yes.


How often does Weaver/Glitter Glue grace us with his presence?


quite often before the guy obsessed with monstro arrived, since then, almost never.


I doubt I'd break her, but like… she has a lot of eyes and some REALLY big fangs. All the foreplay in the world can't keep me from freezing up the moment those come out.

I think he checks in regularly. If you need to get a hold of him, others can pass on messages.


File: 1432571112038.png (286.02 KB, 803x878, 240718__safe_pinkie pie_oc….png)


He can be brought forth by sacrificing a chubby virgin to him.


File: 1432587399961.png (138.92 KB, 755x644, gnathgill.png)

pls don't sacrifice the Gillou


File: 1432593794003.png (219.4 KB, 800x1200, 4a582d31e83fe2501afceda01a….png)


>implying I would sacrifice best waifu


File: 1432741920721.jpg (90.46 KB, 582x805, image.jpg)


Okay, so most of the girls' races are pretty self explanatory, but what about Wosyet and Veronica? What are they?


Wosyet is a golem and Veronica seems like some sort of lizard.
But what is Gnathodelli? Is she one of those rape things?



Veronica seems like some sort of amphibious snake to me.

Gnathodelli is a fucking Demon, that's all you need to know.



Gnathodelli is a Xeno race, I think

Basically she's Unidentified, with lots of fucked up shit going on for her - her long limbs are probably double jointed and can bend unnaturally, and I've seen a few pictures where her "belly button" is actually a mouth… that doesn't seem to actually go to anywhere - it's just sort of there as this big, gaping hole.

Gnath probably uses it in place of a bag, or some other weird use that exsists soley to freak people out.



>her "belly button" is actually a mouth

I'm even more terrified of her now.



You better have these pics man.


File: 1432899577485.png (57.83 KB, 491x479, gnathodelli fanning.png)

It's more accurate to say she has a uniquely flexible anatomy


File: 1432901043575.gif (982.3 KB, 320x287, tumblr_inline_mlxvqwdOvb1q….gif)


Christ on a tandem bike with Satan, that's terrifying.


>nice tits


File: 1432926805922.jpg (70.72 KB, 561x265, image.jpg)


Now I'm imagining that her kind are some sort of fucked up marsupials.


File: 1432930835664.png (96.87 KB, 689x653, 1430425456890.png)

oh christ
that shade of red is not a good one
oh god


File: 1432950127068.png (44.73 KB, 555x1086, Damn, Weaver....png)

So going through the past threads I found these pro and con things.

Couldn't help but notice there's four out of twelve. I know the other girls weren't made yet, but we gotta get on this.


>Pros: Fascinated with what you do and always down to watch movies, play games, go places, etc. if you are. Will protect you and the house better than a guard dog. Great entertainer for your friends. More fun than a barrel of monkeys.
>Cons: Unpredictable, physically intrusive, sometimes too rough, hard to understand, drives off cliffs.


>Pros: (For the most part, with a few exceptions) a very considerate roommate, makes the whole room smell nice, incredibly easy to get along with. Respectful of privacy. Occasionally grows natural algaes that can create psychoactive, narcotic, or mildly hallucinogenic effects.
>Cons: Always taking showers/baths, dips into other people's food, takes up the entire couch, inept with technology and constantly asking you for help with even the most simple tasks. Sometimes noisy in uncomfortable ways.


>Pros: The embodiment of southern hospitality. Looks out for you, especially against PB. Fantastic chef, always making huge family-sized suppers for everyone. Never loses her temper.
>Cons: Stubborn as a mule. Sticks to her own values like glue, even it if means barging in on you in the bathroom to get her toothbrush because it's "no big deal". Often has family stop by to visit, sometimes without warning. Snores like a truck downshifting on the highway.

>Princess Bitch:

>Pros: Not likely.
>Cons: 24/7 bitch. No respect for you, your stuff, or your space. Will mock you and other roommates constantly. Often late or short with rent. Due to some kind of contractual obligation, she cannot be evicted for any reason, and knows it.



>Sticks to her own values like glue, even it if means barging in on you in the bathroom to get her toothbrush because it's "no big deal".

I don't quite understand this.




It means she's callous to what you might think of what she's doing. If you object and yell at her for something, unless she agrees she'll just brush it off.
Might come across as a dick if you're different personalities.
It'd make for a stubborn waifu that's for sure.



Ah, okay.


File: 1432987352489.gif (987.63 KB, 250x250, Embaressed pup.gif)


Pros: Uh… She's… You know.
Cons: What the hell is she feeling right now?


File: 1433021234385.png (51.39 KB, 747x595, 1361196741646.png)



>Pros: Quiet, and won't invade your privacy. Her Suitors take care of the chores. She let you live in an apartment that she intended for females only, so she's cool.
>Cons: Cold, calculating, still asks you for the rent.


She's not neccessarily calculating. She just doesn't know how to express more feeling than a sentence of approval.
Her very first picture was her trying to flirt with someone by putting on a bikini… and doing nothing else.
Also Weaver, I don't think we've had a full on comic with Dewbon as a focus? Is there a way to request that?



I'm pretty damn sure that Weaver does requests. [?]Unless he thinks it's awesome idea too.



Yay, a failed spoiler that I can't fix…


File: 1433109213707.png (793.84 KB, 474x750, [speaksinternally].png)

>Dewbon focus
so basically you want weaver to draw something like pic related?


Well I know that but I hate feeling like a burden on people
it really sucks

That would be fucking hilarious or really sad if he did it right. Anon comes up to pay his rent and Dewbon is doing all these pickup lines in her head while silently staring at him.


File: 1433158981251.png (151.25 KB, 627x598, 5-31-2015-1 pricklyshirtho….png)



File: 1433159104263.png (Spoiler Image, 128.06 KB, 648x612, 5-31-2015-4 dotguy feels t….png)



File: 1433183623060.png (149.7 KB, 627x598, aguashirt.png)




File: 1433210453865.gif (25.49 KB, 550x943, 4e66682204b2be1c5e8f6a5381….gif)

I can't stand how slow this thread/board/site moves. 4Chan spoils me.


File: 1433283705011.gif (857.04 KB, 500x281, This argument is going now….gif)

Is Weaver ded?


Nah, this is the natural cycle of gg art thread

we get really busy with sudden content all at once, and then there is a lull in activity for a week or so


File: 1433354926379.png (473.86 KB, 800x2000, 1433272317060.png)

Given this is Weaver's thread. It kinda relies on him posting, or at least reposting what he posts elsewhere.




>implying naga porn doesn't already exist


No you are.
Welcome to purgatory. Please take you free hat and giant foam #1 hand and follow the yellow line to the Wandering Fields of Melancholy.


Why is Spike being such a buzzkill?


File: 1433599236505.png (116.84 KB, 595x727, 1431390218306.png)

So is there a list of all the Monstro Village inhabitants? Not just the girls in waifu towers?


File: 1433639085156.gif (1005.81 KB, 384x216, Dude, pay attention.gif)


Do most of them even have names?



File: 1433643558441-0.png (77.82 KB, 509x719, tumblr_n840ov087y1r5h2ogo5….png)

File: 1433643558441-1.png (134.79 KB, 800x741, tumblr_n840ov087y1r5h2ogo4….png)

File: 1433643558441-2.png (153.43 KB, 720x783, tumblr_n840ov087y1r5h2ogo3….png)


What about these guys?




File: 1433790502597.png (125.85 KB, 634x881, 1364059423167.png)


>Those bat things

The resemblance is uncanny.


File: 1433809862569.png (139.5 KB, 941x964, 1370160426756.png)

How many people even partake in these threads?


all of them



You, Weaver, I, who else?


Me and the other guy as well



But who's the other guy?


File: 1433886948789-0.png (284.42 KB, 918x716, 1401785734595.png)

File: 1433886948789-1.png (109.6 KB, 645x615, tumblr_n076uwTSqm1r5h2ogo3….png)

>Think about how a "NOT Doing hurtful things to your waifu" chart would go for Princess Bitch
>Realize that from her perspective it would be a "Doing hurtful things to your husbando" chart


I'm sure PB wouldn't be completely, 100% abusive if you treated her decently, although she certainly would be ungratefull about it

I mean, how many folks are there that have actually been nice to her, and continued to stay that way with no strings attatched, ever?

Agua is positive to everyone and Caimon is, well, Caimon, but I think we can safely say nobody else really cares for PB much

unless the family discussion angle from earlier comes around again, which could be interesting


File: 1433893012132.png (61.61 KB, 503x650, tumblr_mtcc78Fkkz1r5h2ogo5….png)


Well she is pretty terrible, and she stinks. I don't know if it has to do with how others treat her, but rather how she treats others.