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File: 1441497711095.png (29.63 KB, 795x597, pb.png)

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Monstergirls and sometimes not monstergirls

Previous threads:


File: 1441497930909.png (76.99 KB, 788x636, paonne design.png)

Starting things off with a new character, Paonne. It's French.
Two possible designs – I ended up going with the left one.

Paonne's not like the other girls in Monstro Village. Because he's a guy.


File: 1441498097736.png (5.59 KB, 334x175, 1439606760317.png)


I don't need this boner, Weaver.

But I guess that's your job anyway.


File: 1441498306616.png (283.88 KB, 724x864, paonne.png)

Paonne is an incredibly lascivious and underhanded guy. Despite his incredibly "femmy" appearance and behavior, he's only got eyes for the women of the town. He uses his effeminate ways to pass for a woman, ingratiates himself, then uses his newfound proximity to be a horrible creep.

The girls are pretty casual as it is around anon, so it goes without saying they'd be even more lax when there's (apparently) no men around. Getting invited to "girls only" sleepovers and encouraging underwear-clad pillow fights for his own viewing pleasure is just the tip of the iceberg.

Unfortunately, no one seems to pick up on Paonne's true nature but anon, making an instant enemy of the peacocking lech.

Paonne is a total asshole whose ultimate fate, realistically, would probably be a severe beating and being ridden out of town on a rail.
But since that would be the end of him, as a character, I'll probably keep him around so he can play the part of the rival.


File: 1441498632748.png (92.78 KB, 558x564, paonne gillou towel.png)

With the two set against each other, Paonne's meanspirited and showboating nature means taunting and flaunting at every opportunity, bragging to anon about seeing girls in their bras, for instance.

All the more reason to stop dragging your heels and make the move on your waifu!

by the way, Dotkwa's to thank for this lovely portrait of the peacock everyone loves to hate


File: 1441498962026.png (311.75 KB, 800x1200, tumblr_n85zazOINC1r5h2ogo1….png)




File: 1441508736909.jpg (70.78 KB, 700x463, Weaver is out of control.jpg)


File: 1441520797246.png (145.53 KB, 859x868, paonne waifu.png)

fresh Paonne


File: 1441668600219.png (Spoiler Image, 89.84 KB, 634x565, leora.png)

boop, coloured a thing for new thread

usually I'm not into this sort of image but I'll let my personal headcanons slide for the new thread.

on the subject of the new character: Weaver, you could always avoid run-out-of-town thing by just… having the girls assume Paonne is a lesbian. It'd explain why she and anon don't get along despite anon being a straight single monstergirl magnet, so it must be true.



File: 1441745932464.png (116.71 KB, 558x564, bluegirlsdoingbluethings.png)

boop, coloured paonne also

she fuck it i'll call paonne a "she", why not reminds me of a peacock, so I thought I'd see how she looked with their colours


>new thread


I thought you left us, Weaver.

requesting caimon lewd as always


File: 1441755801642.png (183.47 KB, 400x570, Words can not describe.png)


And that's why he never comes here.



Yeah, I'm sure it has to do with requests and not the weird guy who seems to have emulated his style and keeps trying to dissect his universe

But alright, request subtracted. I'll enjoy whatever.


File: 1441765884078.png (297.95 KB, 1400x1600, 1439338139465.png)


Okay, you're only part of the problem.



What do want me to say, man?

I hope I never see Caimon again if that's what it takes


File: 1441838288471.png (60.95 KB, 375x481, PBrollstoseduceanon.png)

guys pls

don't bring the drama shit from the old thread into the new thread

this is a clean slate, so I expect a nice clean ball game from both sides of the waifu fence

on that note: boop, colours


But what if I like all the goils


File: 1441841028346.png (482.22 KB, 2319x785, heights redone.png)

Because I personally find it helpful to have an easy monstergirl reference toward the top of the thread, here's the height chart.


File: 1441841288522.png (75.3 KB, 643x670, tumblr_nss971L4ua1r5h2ogo4….png)


We need to make our own chart, for everyone in the village.


every monster would be pushing it

but a actual height chart for the male monsters may be helpful though

in before poorlittlegreenanon.png


File: 1442154128530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 571.84 KB, 772x1300, tumblr_num9nuhRF21s5mjlwo2….jpg)

suni posted a thing on his tumblr


oh bby


Would fake confusion to stare at longer


But weaver, you don't make a move on Gnathodelli. You just sort of wake up with her in your bed.


give gnath some credit

She probably silently sneaks up on you/ stalks you beforehand so she knows where your bed is and the fastest route to get there

clever girl


Begrudgingly passionate hatesex with your bitter rival in love?

Oh wow, Weaver, is it my birthday already?


To be honest, I find it hard to beleive Paonne would actually get some love, let alone come close to being a rival

Sure okay, being a girl gives Paonne the advantages of aquiring knowledge, and then the photos, of things anon probably wouldn't know about the other girls

but that's not going to make anyone go full lesbian for her anytime soon

meanwhile anon can just exsist as a guy and is drowning in females who are interested in him

also, Anon is the ONLY person who would acknowledge Paonne being a guy, which is kind of sad

They could have been bros, maybe even wingmen to eachother, but sadly Paonne walked away from that path a long time ago


I'll miss you Weaver.


File: 1444053392640.gif (8.98 KB, 98x160, qBZW20q.gif)

Huh, why isn't this posted here?


sadly there's probably a lot of monstro stuff that doesn't get reposted here

people just sort fo assume we already have it, or we made it, so there's no use telling us about it


Apart from 4chan, tgchan, here and his blog, is there anywhere else he posts his stuff?


Weaver will usually post monstro stuff here or on his blog, so we're safe when it comes to content from the man himself, because we'll eventually get a picture or so

it's just a problem when other people probably slap stuff up on tumblr/where ever and we have no idea the new stuff exsists


All the porn that other people drew in the other threads is gone and that makes me sad.


truely, we have lost a valuable treasure


There was some really good Gillou and Dewbon shit man. Like tear worthy.


it's okay man

I'm sure we'll have more images to compensate in the hopefully near future

maybe we'll finally get a image of anon laying on their giant bodies like a nice, soft kingsized bed


File: 1445760719561-0.png (Spoiler Image, 65.8 KB, 452x516, legal age caimon.png)

File: 1445760719561-1.png (Spoiler Image, 73.77 KB, 452x516, legal age caimon 2.png)

a familiar blondigator




File: 1445819290404.png (5.7 KB, 320x375, PROMOTIONS.png)


oh my.

caimons lime green leg scales are gone, but they wern't consistant from day 1 anyway


File: 1445819391836.png (376.67 KB, 900x900, 1391316188389.png)


What is this? Young Caimon being molested by her brothers?


File: 1446421961571.png (184.5 KB, 591x616, aguahatless2.png)


colored the cactus of friendlyness


Weaver, are we gonna get more relationship motivations for the girls anytime?

Because currently most of the girls seemingly only want anon's D for the sake of having it, and I doubt that's the case, at least for 50% of them

I mean if it is, anon's gonna have a headache trying to schedule all the fucking things he has to do

There should be more to life in monstro village than
>I have to go to work at 9, come back at 5 and then satisfy everyone in a specific order to make them all happy, then go to bed and hope Meara doesn't suck me off in my sleep




Actually only a few of the girls would actively pursue anon, the others are just receptive to being wooed, so it's on you to strike up romance.

Meara, Gnathodelli, and maybe Dewbon would actually try to do something on their end, the rest would probably be happy just being friends and neighbors.


Would PB be receptive to wooing as well or is she an outlier?


File: 1446648368454.jpg (28.68 KB, 680x588, Sweating towel Godjirra.jpg)



File: 1446832512549-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.64 KB, 1090x918, 1.jpg)

File: 1446832512549-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.01 KB, 1280x1466, 2.jpg)

File: 1446832512549-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 863.98 KB, 1200x1600, 3.jpg)

suni comes through again

NSFW content ahoy



Actually this is probably a fair point, thinking about it

PB strikes me as more likly to tell anon to fuck off than responding to any advances, then loudly complain anon isn't trying to hit on her

I suppose if you did something she liked, then maybe, but otherwise your just asking to get punched in the face or hours of pointless arguments


That Dewbon has weird legs, but Suni already knows that.


File: 1447877060091.jpg (Spoiler Image, 196.22 KB, 899x1300, 1.jpg)

oh, suni has a new monstro image already?

Gotta say, I wouldn't have thought to use Gillou's water absorption thing like that, props for inventivness


File: 1448553554234-0.png (617.28 KB, 1583x1350, 1448525096911.png)

File: 1448553554234-1.png (37.81 KB, 444x500, 1363561253311.png)

File: 1448553554234-2.png (219.4 KB, 800x1200, 4a582d31e83fe2501afceda01a….png)

We need to remember that Weaver does more than Monster Girls.


File: 1448615673844.png (861.31 KB, 1800x2700, paonne.png)

i like him


File: 1448672832856.png (14.32 KB, 327x260, dressbitches.PNG)

Is it just me, or would PB actually look good with a decent-ish wardrobe makeover?

100 years in mspaint examples aside, PB probably could really carry the skirts, dress or robes looks very well - she's just tall enough for them, and the thighs certainly help

granted, PB probably wouldn't be seen dead in a skirt, dress or robe unless the druids/cultists/whatever Leo and Puck threw her at to run away put her in one for sacrafice reasons


Oh geez, lookit that sultry blue bird
This pic's great because it really gets across his cockiness

Yeah, part of PB's shtick is she always dresses like she's doing her laundry. She's often well off enough to afford nice clothes but she usually dresses in rags and scraps because she simply doesn't care about that stuff.


File: 1449190924025-0.png (201.02 KB, 750x1063, 1449123971112.png)

File: 1449190924025-1.png (624.82 KB, 751x800, 1449162003452.png)

File: 1449190924025-2.jpg (237.02 KB, 731x842, 1449174411869.jpg)

File: 1449190924025-3.jpg (174.23 KB, 486x918, 1449180537690.jpg)

File: 1449190924025-4.jpg (1.02 MB, 3120x2835, 1449185777386.jpg)

reposting some art from the /co/ thread

today was a very good haul for monstergirls


File: 1449192019373-0.png (128.16 KB, 788x658, 1449166663758.png)

File: 1449192019373-1.png (78.74 KB, 626x917, TpdcPFU.png)

File: 1449192019373-2.png (59.5 KB, 479x459, tumblr_ng6nc2F3jX1r5h2ogo1….png)

File: 1449192019373-3.jpg (59.21 KB, 700x700, 1449162911126.jpg)

File: 1449192019374-4.png (50.65 KB, 1265x501, 1449168458756.png)

Don't forget the rest!


File: 1449192464065-0.png (42.53 KB, 265x379, 1449169610214.png)

File: 1449192464065-1.jpg (119.06 KB, 586x800, 1449158005479.jpg)

Oh, and some stuff I missed myself


File: 1449192891538-0.png (210.06 KB, 767x782, 1449068300664.png)

File: 1449192891538-1.png (460.29 KB, 800x1644, 1431561786085.png)


Speaking of FNAF.


Meara best fuck buddy.
She'd help you fuck the entire apartment complex.


File: 1449220107714-0.png (54.6 KB, 580x678, tumblr_nynzibBiKg1rq61h5o1….png)

File: 1449220107714-1.png (104.67 KB, 822x763, tumblr_nynzibBiKg1rq61h5o2….png)

File: 1449220107714-2.png (132.81 KB, 842x791, tumblr_nynzw3VKnz1u2fskno1….png)

File: 1449220107714-3.png (71.13 KB, 653x709, tumblr_nynzw3VKnz1u2fskno2….png)

From Mutsurf


File: 1449245318886-0.png (583.17 KB, 1280x578, 7d3CEtx.png)

File: 1449245318886-1.png (168.56 KB, 967x639, tumblr_nytio4Tc8Z1th8zpyo1….png)

File: 1449245318886-2.png (119.08 KB, 572x679, tumblr_nytio4Tc8Z1th8zpyo2….png)

File: 1449245318886-3.png (248.8 KB, 815x930, tumblr_nytio4Tc8Z1th8zpyo3….png)

Both sunni and morbi have blessed us with more monstro


File: 1449251333624.png (120.48 KB, 788x495, getinthebedanon.png)

boop, colored the thing

I realise Caimon's bedsheets probably arn't supposed to be transparent, but it's totally more kinky for them to be

also hello to all the new guys I guess, welcome to the ded zone


I was wrong.
The /co/ thread ended on the highest possible note.


How did it even reach the 11th page?


How many new people here? Let's get some talking going.
Who's your favorite monstergirl(s) and why?


My favorite one is all of them.
Harem end or no end.


PB, i like angry women and redheads



I like the big blue one, but Veronica and Dewbon are my faves because big and dragony are how I roll. Though I could go for blind chompy waifu if she'd put on a little weight…


There are eleven pages on /co/ for reasons
Paula is pure and innocent and also a bird
these are my things




-shortstack: check
-size queen: check
-sultry, older, sexually experienced woman: check


File: 1449266835201.png (Spoiler Image, 424.99 KB, 889x886, 151030 agua.png)

I like Agua and Paula.

But Agua's more fun

spoilered for pleb humanized


That's going to be tough for more than one reason. Dewbon, PB, Wosyet



File: 1449278006883.png (2.34 MB, 1719x2449, kfcaimon.png)


I usually avoid coloring sketches because they're a pain to deal with, but I kinda like the style, and also how rounded caimon is


File: 1449278775413.jpg (242.97 KB, 713x800, enticing_meara_sketch.jpg)

Ohhai there.
Just tossing up a sketch of my fav spider waifu, will color this tomorrow since it's way past bedtime here.

Stay cool Weaver~


File: 1449279077383.png (286.02 KB, 803x878, 240718__safe_pinkie pie_oc….png)


1) She is shorter than a Short Stack
2) I can see her trying to guide Anon through his first time. Helping him get some experience for when he encounters his waifu. Assuming said waifu isn't Meara.


File: 1449280702910.png (Spoiler Image, 105.03 KB, 800x622, 1449168742272.png)

speaking of things you can find on /trash/



>All this fuckin monstergirl fanart
>This resurgence of interest in monstro village
hot damn
and it isn't even my birthday for another week and a half


Hey weaver I meant to ask in the /co/ thread but I ask here instead.
Does it snow in monstro village?


I genuinely hadn't even considered it
but now of course the answer is yes, in order to ramp up the cozy factor

and also so I can introduce some excessively fluffy monstergirls


Did you know that feathers are good for cuddling in cold weather


The only reason I thought of it was because of gillou packing on winter weight.


So are caimon and ronnie cold blooded?
Your answer is very important.


File: 1449292604219.png (58.43 KB, 646x555, fluctuate.png)

I don't think they're necessarily cold blooded, scientifically speaking, but they both get extremely low energy in the winter (Caimon probably much moreso of the two) and approach a very groggy kind of torpor
even when awake they're probably pretty slow

some of the monstergirls are probably only up and about for a few hours a day during the winter
others just get fluffier and/or thicker
gillou for instance packs on a little winter weight


Would gumberry freeze solid if it got too cold?


Only in sub-zero temperatures that would freeze actual people solid. In normal winter weather she'd just get really firm.



File: 1449307513661.png (83.4 KB, 542x829, ears.png)

ayyy sorry i didn't comment immediately but this is incredible
meara really looks good here

i dunno who drew this one either but I'm gonna have to start taking tips from other artists on how to draw my own characters
her expression is so good here

anyway, I doodled up a quick Meara here
she ditches the hooded horns and dons the bunny ears when she's feeling particularly open or submissive
even a girl with as much mystique and control as Meara occasionally just wants to give in to primal lust


File: 1449329642680.jpg (440.99 KB, 1129x1280, enticing_meara_colored.jpg)


Glad to hear you love it!! Here's a colored version, along with Tumblr post.


File: 1449338669323.png (98.13 KB, 542x829, Easterspider.png)

boop, colors

also, I just have the mental image of anon walking into his room, seeing this on his bed, and then politely telling Meara that it's nowhere near Easter yet


Oblivious Anon is the best thing. It's so stupid but it gets me every time.


So is this the thread where we ask about the setting?


File: 1449364209416.png (75.62 KB, 634x565, tumblr_nss971L4ua1r5h2ogo8….png)


Yeah, I guess.


File: 1449366125820.png (37.43 KB, 380x366, spider wants its fly.png)

with more permanency than any 4chan thread would get

though honestly now that I finally have a place to post my monstergirls (given that /aco/ is way too afraid of the furry boogeyman to allow many of them) I've been contemplating trying to make some kind of presence there, especially in light of the fairly recent thread activity

but yes
feel free to ask and discuss whatever you want regarding monstro village


File: 1449366295668.png (62.22 KB, 502x608, tumblr_nss971L4ua1r5h2ogo6….png)


>given that /aco/ is way too afraid of the furry boogeyman to allow many of them

Their loss.


File: 1449366347341.png (154.58 KB, 364x504, thankyoubasedjesus.png)

And dump art, but mostly talk about the setting.

The overall, overarching story - as far as anyone can really call it that, since Weaver keeps things simple - seems to be this:

Imagine a world where everything is based. As in, "holy shit this world is awesome and there are lots of people here I like" type based.

All the good things you want to happen, do so to your liking. All the bad things you dislike, are pushed away to somewhere else, where you don't have to deal with them.

Those are the rules of the world where everything is based.


So this is /tg/ with porn?


I'm sure gnat would be welcome in the xeno threads.


Does santa visit monstro village?


File: 1449366756873.jpg (2.27 MB, 1000x1541, Mcgowankrampus.jpg)


No, but Krampus does.


If you want it to be. You could probably play Dungeons and Dragons with PB's gang, except your actually going out and doing dirty deeds dirt cheap, instead of sitting around a table rolling dice.

unless you think faking them out and having them play /tg/ games around a table would be funny.

They'd probably complain about how unrealistic the dungeons you made are, and that they can't offer PB as a sacrafice to whatever powerfull boss monster is at the end. Y'know, average D&D player gripes.


File: 1449367104255.png (78.61 KB, 544x582, tumblr_nss971L4ua1r5h2ogo5….png)


>Hold on, you mean NONE of these monsters want to rape me? Jesus Christ, this is like heaven.

There's not enough PB love.


Well, there was a discussion earlier on if PB would ever actually try to make herself pretty for some reason

while the "she doesn't give a shit" option is valid since well, it's PB, I'd like to think PB would occasionally induldge her ability to make every male in a 5 mile radius suddenly pop a boner and think "hey, lets fuck this goblin" when she wanted

like, for example, on anon's birthday (or possibly the aniversary of when anon first appeared in town, if Weaver wants to avoid the "when the fuck is anons birthday" question), when her "present" boils down to
>fuck you Caimon, I can turn anon's dick into diamonds with a small makeover, beat that you fat fuck

anon's private parties turn out to always have very interesting presents like that


File: 1449369713635.jpg (237.05 KB, 731x842, tumblr_nyt3vfyCUk1s5mjlwo1….jpg)


>Meara, Gnathodelli, and Dewbon

>Dewbon attempting to hit on Anon
This would be hilarious with her deadpan personality.


File: 1449370282904.png (109.27 KB, 728x639, 1392689791098.png)

Is there any kind of personality to the sheriff yet?


File: 1449399469850.png (125.01 KB, 672x566, tumblr_nyx4k9IsVm1th8zpyo2….png)


Weaver you fucking faggot
love your shit, keep rolling you gangster



Based Morbi.


So hore's a wuestion that came to my head, and was probably answered already, wouldn't it be a good idea to make a hole on the ass part of her clothes in case she needs some web?


File: 1449415933334-0.png (2.45 KB, 456x260, C_and_b.png)

File: 1449415933334-1.png (1.85 KB, 411x347, waoh!!!.png)

File: 1449415933334-2.png (74.08 KB, 618x595, tumblr_nss971L4ua1r5h2ogo1….png)

>mfw Bratty and Caimon have similar designs
>blonde reptiles
It still took me a while to realise it.


Yeah but Bratty isn't eight feet tall.
Also she doesn't have any tits/hips to speak of



Tits and ass are both debatable.


I wouldn't think too hard about anatomy.


I've seen plenty of talk about monstro village on various chans.
It's just that this thread had been all but a secret up until the thread on /co/.


File: 1449439724531.png (Spoiler Image, 851.36 KB, 1326x937, weavermonstrovillagetamano….png)

I still think that Gnathodelli is a pretty woman.

But extremely dangerous passionate!


Those are some cute crotch freckles


>dat image
That's a nice hug, but it's not getting him out of paying rent.


It's pubic hair… Sorry.


Even better


File: 1449617486534.png (152.06 KB, 561x774, tumblr_nz2aa6v1Gd1th8zpyo1….png)


File: 1449700177167.png (247.81 KB, 827x657, tumblr_nz2aa6v1Gd1th8zpyo2….png)


Also you forgot the companion piece


File: 1449702852195-0.jpg (226.64 KB, 1196x1920, tumblr_nodhtfCtYU1uuo1yco1….jpg)

File: 1449702852195-1.jpg (196.22 KB, 1280x1693, tumblr_np1sw3ZY8q1uuo1yco1….jpg)

Have these been seen yet


Those are some lewd muscle legs right there


File: 1449724333502.png (131.14 KB, 712x738, tumblr_nz4l6hVBi01th8zpyo2….png)


fuck you morbi


>My eyes are up here.
>My boobs are down there.
I'm not sure I like this game you're playing, Gumberry.


Okay! Question!

Who would be the most fun to take a bath/shower with?


Well I can tell you caimon would be the worst due to all the gator puns.


Counterpoint: getting to wash that glorious, golden mane.

And Bush.


Gumberry, she probably becomes the water. Which would be a interesting and "fun" experience.

PB, if you definition of fun is Dwarf Fortress tier. Seriously, your dick is under goblin seige the entire time, There is probably a bronze colosus trying to break into the shower room, and someone decided to cancel their current task of pulling the lever to throw a party.


Bath: Meara, Paula, Gumberry, Gnathodelli.

Shower: Veronica, Caimon, Gillou, Dewbon.


>putting the 1 ft tall spider in the large appartment bath

are you hoping she'll drown or otherwise fail to leave the tub, anon, or do you just want to see her in swimwear and floaties?


This looks mostly accurate.


meara has built-in floaties


Floaties that leave most her body underwater.


Spiders breathe through their abdomen
she'll probably drown if she takes a bath


Spiders are also tiny and don't have tits, walk upright, or speak English

Meara is not a spider
she is a spiderlike monstergirl


Gumberry really is made out of jello though right?


Most fun? Any of the larger ladies. Of course, that might just be my size dif. Kink talking.


Obviously, Gumberry is made of jellied love.


>You recline in the tub
>Meara lies atop you
>Her moist bosom presses against you
>She nuzzles into your neck
>You kiss the top of her head
>Everything is wonderful.


File: 1449801508594.gif (820.06 KB, 275x207, mhmm.gif)


>Tiny, bath time cuddles.
I didn't know I needed this.


What if Anon was behind on rent? Would Dewbon accept… other payments?


File: 1449844256064.jpg (197.57 KB, 950x757, 1401811259469.jpg)


You sure there's nothing she might want other than money? Perhaps a service?


Christmas time in Monstro Village!
>Caroling with the college girls
>Baking cookies with Caimon
>Decorating the tree with Gillou
>Decorating Agua
>Meara hanging mistletoe in her webs
>Gnathodelli curled up by the fireplace
>Drinking hot cocoa with Gumberry
>Dewbon in a little Santa hat
Good times.


File: 1449925574618-0.png (Spoiler Image, 173.98 KB, 609x801, tumblr_nz8tu6PHir1th8zpyo1….png)

File: 1449925574619-1.png (Spoiler Image, 309.67 KB, 907x679, tumblr_nz8tu6PHir1th8zpyo2….png)

Morbi did it again
somebody stop this madman


File: 1449927288350.png (309.67 KB, 907x679, tumblr_nz8tu6PHir1th8zpyo2….png)

In todays issue; Morbi gets Caimon's species wrong.


I'm not sure who shouldi feel bad for


Between Morbi, Suni, and Weaver we're bound to hit some kind of cute, monster lady critical mass.

I'm not sure the world is ready for this.


I want these good times.
If Weaver is the god of these threads, then Morbi is clearly his high priest.


Weaver is more like the sheriff of this small town and Morbi is the well-meaning rogue gunslinger who just blew in out of the desert


File: 1449951106111.png (45.65 KB, 500x349, tumblr_inline_nz954mpTin1r….png)

Help I've been slain


Is that just a croissant with hot sauce on it?


You forget: Caimon's Cajun.
She probably made the hot sauce herself, and it's probably strong enough to scare the enamel off your teeth.


You could've just said "yes".


True, but the alternative was too much fun.


is dat sum CCC?


File: 1449975268290.jpg (51.13 KB, 250x137, bebemaman.jpg)

Kind of a cute/weird idea, but Imagine Caimon, or her grandmother because she's bigger,carrying anon or having him lay in her mouth pouch like a baby gator


>getting carried around by bigger girls
>bridal carry
>one armed/handed
I don't need these size difference feels!


50% more what?


Spicy? I'unno.


I know everybody likes monstergirls, but what about multiple monstergirls AT THE SAME TIME?!


you absolute madman


>Getting sandwiched between Veronica and Caimon.
>Doing it with Meara on top of Dewbon.
>Showing Gillou and Gumberry some love simultaneously.


I'm going to be honest here, the only team-up of monster girls I see happening, and not ending badly for anon, is PB And Caimon.

Sure, petty grviences will undermine the partnership, but seeing your two roomates actually working together for a common goal would probably be scary

they probably get super close to having a threesome on the couch, before said petty greviences flair up and status quo is restored


I bet you could sexually exploit Paula and Elinda at the same time
they would be so fucking nervous, anon would have to do all the work himself
and Wosyet would probably kill you horribly


No matter what the setup, Wosyet is likely to barge her way into the fun, claiming that she's trying to protect the other girls from your perverted shenanigans.


File: 1450092937138-0.png (196.32 KB, 483x1143, tumblr_nzcecdYrD21th8zpyo1….png)

File: 1450092937138-1.png (374.14 KB, 1242x750, tumblr_nzcecdYrD21th8zpyo2….png)


I think we need more of this, for science


Morbi is mai waifu


File: 1450232832854.jpg (1.07 MB, 1933x1934, 1442378567959.jpg)

12/15 or 15/12 is Weaver's Birthday!


File: 1450335855014.png (57.32 KB, 500x305, tumblr_nzhf9ljEsb1th8zpyo2….png)


Happy birthday to him, yes i know i'm late


why is gillou so cute


She's really not
She might be fun to observe from a distance but 0/10 would not
too tall, she's like ten foot
Wosyet is like the perfect height


neat, opinions


File: 1450551025228-0.png (Spoiler Image, 204.78 KB, 790x924, tumblr_nzlpu8wpBM1th8zpyo1….png)

File: 1450551025228-1.png (Spoiler Image, 192.76 KB, 1102x597, tumblr_nzlpu8wpBM1th8zpyo2….png)


Girl's got it good.


File: 1450760247473.png (219.65 KB, 887x759, tumblr_nzqm6gwdof1th8zpyo3….png)


The dangers of exhibitionism.


Elinda is amazing holy shit
Bravo Morbi, never before has my entire opinion of a character swung around like that


Super same.
I definitely thought about Elinda the least before Morbi came along.
Much regret.


File: 1450956398613.png (292.97 KB, 961x795, ClipboardImage.png)


Looks like Morbi's ending it with a two-in-one.
Was kinda disappointed at first, since Gnath didn't get her own post, but you know what? This is good.


I'm as happy as can be because I got Gnathodelli for christmas.


Merry Christmas, everyone!
Have some monster ladies!


well happy christmas for you guys

I wonder if we'll have a secret "oh and here is anonymous too, he's a honourary monster right?" post for fun around new years


Yeah happy hanukah to you guys


a merry decemberween to one and all a' dang yall


Homestar Runner reference!


File: 1451104533151.png (901.23 KB, 690x460, 1450762309084.png)


Call me vanilla, but Agua is my waifu and I'm a monogamous guy, so this doesn't strike my fancy. Kind of a sour note to leave Monsto month on.


One man's sour note is another's sweet, sweet crescendo.

Now the real question is: what's to be done for Monstro Month 2?





get cucked faggot
that's what you get for trying to waifu a cactus


Now that's what I'm talking about!
Ain't no breaks on the monstergirl train!


If only they had Gillette razors first


Gillette wouldn't do shit to cactus spines, you'd need to use a straight razor



Agreed, she definitely seems like the platonic partner.

But I do love the
>Look at her go!


Honestly, I kind of like Agua being optimistic and supportive at all times

I'm just imagining Agua hearing someone talk shit about someone like PB, who probably deserves being yelled at now and again, and going into a rant about all of PB's good qualities (which do exist as far as Agua is concerned)

meanwhile PB hates it because she's tried hard to gain a reputation as a unrepentant cunt and here Agua is, telling everyone about the time she gave her money away (that bastard anon conned her, she's sure of it), how she helped someone (she was trying to steal his wallet and ended up helping coincidentally) and how she tries to understand other peoples points of view (hey, how the fuck does Agua know about the balefull polymorph curse incident?)



Fucking fight me in real life


File: 1451361101430.png (1.05 MB, 1210x2085, 133047b19cb288b1983cdea482….png)


>Meara, Gnathodelli, and maybe Dewbon are after Anon

Then what girls aren't interested in Anon in the slightest? Like, even if he approached them, and got to know them incredibly well they still wouldn't like him in that way?


File: 1451395912102.png (39.01 KB, 315x311, Howdyitsme-yourself.png)

boop, colored a thing weaver posted for funsies

I'm perfectly okay with Anon having incredibly freaky nightmares like pic related

nightmares that might have not stopped if Meara wasn't there to cuddle them away


Nightmares caused by Meara trying to cuddle them away?


>not wet dreams


File: 1451703658559.png (187.3 KB, 800x706, tumblr_o0aomsQzjj1r5h2ogo1….png)

Happy New Year!

Have some partied out gators.


I cannot decipher this image



Caimon and her brothers passed out on the couch asleep. If youre having trouble keeping track of the body parts, the three of them are all slightly different shades of green.


File: 1451718066233.png (154.78 KB, 800x706, this weirdo pervert is blo….png)

I think I've got it figured out now
does this look right?



Yup, that's totally right.


This gave me a hearty kek.
And a rather obstinate erection.


File: 1451864803837.gif (161.58 KB, 800x800, Wosyet walk.gif)


File: 1451866012270.png (196.46 KB, 800x706, Howtoraisethedead.png)

boop, colours. Took a few liberties with the picture because to be honest, any party with all three of them would end up like this

I mean they'd be obnoxiously loud all day, then obnoxiously loud all night, goddamn noisy gators

parties at the appartment is copable (if your not PB - she probably can hear the snoring through locked doors, the walls and pillows literally in her ears), parties at Caimon's place is worse

like, a never ending symphony of snoring aligators worse, with the background noise of whatever the hell Caimon's parents are doing in their room, seriously anon can't fucking sleep as it is over this din, making the house rock isn't helping


File: 1451881619586.png (978.06 KB, 1000x1900, sam&maxwithgnathodelli001.png)

This is my new ship.

Woah who made that :O???


Excellent, Anon.
>never ending symphony of snoring aligators
>the background noise of whatever the hell Caimon's parents are doing in their room
>making the house rock
>anon can't fucking sleep
>goddamn noisy gators
Most excellent.


I love how you draw a six pack on her


whoa what
I can't say I ever expected a Sam and Max / Monstro Village crossover

As much as I really like how you depicted Gnathodelli, both in terms of basic appearance and her choice of clothing, I have to say as a childhood fan of the comics that I'm even more impressed by your ability to draw and write for Sam and Max

they sure do have similar mouths/heads though, don't they


While we're nn the topic of Gnathodelli.
Since you mentioned that she was a very tactile girl that likes to grab and cling and bite and all that good stuff, is she at all into pain?


Weaver, what kind of punishments does the Sherrif actually dish out?

sure, there's the usual "stick them in a cell for a few days for litering" jokes, but I'm wondering what kind of "serious" punishments she has to enforce now and again.

Like, for example, Jerry Duty. Nobody wants Jerry Duty. Everybody wants to ditch it, but SOMEONE's gotta look after Jerry and, after about a hour of having to talk to Jerry personally, Sherrif decided no honest citizen deserves that sort of punishment, and therfore the threat of having to hang out with Jerry WITHOUT being able to ditch him would deter hardened criminals

the fact it actually works just goes to show how much nobody likes Jerry


File: 1452218266875.png (Spoiler Image, 81.02 KB, 411x545, splatter.png)

she has interesting reactions
she wouldn't INTENTIONALLY harm her partner unless they asked for it, in which case she'd probably oblige with some clawing
she probably enjoys it a bit herself but only in the sense that it's sort of a forceful display and it gets her going because of where she expects it to lead, rather than having actual sadistic tendencies

speaking of gnathodelli and her tactile pleasures, I hadn't considered this before but she'd probably really enjoy this particular sensation
rubbing it all over her bare skin and feeling the warmth and the texture
just make sure you take a shower together so it doesn't dry off on her


Is she ticklish?


so uh
can somebody explain what is up with Weaver's flowerpot
is it just his avatar?



File: 1452365760619.png (37.16 KB, 517x975, UNLIMITEDPOWWWWERRR.png)

I got bored of thinking of how Puck's Fairy deal would actually work when adventuring, so I just threw something together so he'd not be incredibly OP, because "Puck just wishes away the danger", "Puck summons Punches from the Punch Dimension" and "Puck casts enlarge on PB, she is now Dewbon sized" are on my list of things Puck shouldn't be able to do instantly, whenever he wants to.

Basically, Puck IS powerfull, but he does have limits and the only things holding him back is 1 - he's a lazy self-serving asshole, 2 - he's going to need a actual fairy wand in order to cast uber-magic, and 3 - He'd need other people to, you know, actually WISH for things to happen so he can do his "You wished to be bigger, so I gave you a hourglass figure" Asshole Fairy Wishgranter job.


overthinking things again m8


Sorry, it's hard to put magic in visual terms without basically throwing all the magic steriotypes at Puck and hoping they stick

basically, right now there's a direct comparison between the Suitors and Puck, both are magical creatures and oh look, there are THREE Suitors, and there are THREE people in Pb's group, lets guess what number the most basic form of magic is going to require

I'm fine with Dewbon's Drones being 1 Dimensional magic creatures, but Puck is suffering from a bad example of Weaver TELLING us he's a magical asshole instead of SHOWING it

Seriously, having Puck literally, actually physically say the "Excuuuse me, Princess" line for casting a weak, wont-do-jack-shit spell would just cement his "I'm doing this just to ruin PB's day, one exact request at a time" Asshole-Wishgranter reputation better than any example I could try to give


>my list of things Puck shouldn't be able to do instantly, whenever he wants to
I understand the characters are designed to appeal to individuals within the audience, so of course I'd want people to have headcanons that fit what pleases them

but why bother putting it in a visual form at all? why constrict it to video game-like standards?
why not just go "he's magic, but he's not all powerful, and while he's capable of some strong stuff he has to really go all-in for it, which is rare"?
I don't understand the point of adding this circular visual metaphor or the "points" or anything like that

also he's not an asshole wishgranter, he's just a magic fairy who likes messing with her more than he likes helping, because he's an asshole
he doesn't grant wishes, he's not a genie


Can I be a genie?


Your fanbase is full of autism, Weaver
Just thought you'd like to know that


File: 1452739097528.png (69.95 KB, 699x1351, Puckthemagicalasshole.png)

Alright, since you want my headcanons for Puck, I'll provide a pic to help understanding here because fuck, Why does Puck's entire character have to revolve around him being a magical asshole in a setting where nobody tells us how magic works

also for 11's hand gesture: his dick would be the 11th finger, and I don't wanna draw that.

> but why bother putting it in a visual form at all?

Two reasons: Because it helps the audience understand WHAT he's doing while casting magic beyond "heres a sudden flash of light" (hand signs, carefully worded dialogue, little details), and it allows you to actually draw Puck, who is barely 1 foot tall, more often. That way, you can have Puck pull a "handshake shock" gag by using a Shocking Grasp spell, and you'd SEE Puck's fingers move into a odd position for the shake.

>why not just go "he's magic, but he's not all powerful, and while he's capable of some strong stuff he has to really go all-in for it, which is rare"?

>I don't understand the point of adding this circular visual metaphor or the "points" or anything like that

Because then the difference between magical creatures powerlevels is too vague (How powerfull is one Suitor compared to Puck? How about Wosyet?), and you'd have to tier EVERY fucking magical creature you make, which is more complicated then just saying "here is a basic magic system that ALL magical creatures use to some degree (what level they are on is something that you decide), have fun with some gags straight out of Looney Tunes because this system enables that"

as for the circles, sorry, but it's the only way I can depict how Magic should work, and that is:
If Puck can cast a spell, someone should be able to actually dispell it, or block it completely. Puck also needs to not be too weak, or PB wouldn't want him, but he can't be too strong or he'd literally turn the appartments upside-down.

Puck Vs 1 Suitor would be evenly matched (because it'd be 7 vs 7 points), but if Puck pulls out a wand, it'd be 9 vs 7, so the Suitor would need backup, making it 9 vs 7-7-7. The Suitors get into the triangle formation, making it 9 vs 21, thus Puck automatically loses

In this way, Teamwork becomes what makes all magical creatures strong or weak, instead of pure 1V1 magic ability - Puck has to rely on others physical strength to protect him, just as the Suitors rely on Dewbon to think for them.

>he doesn't grant wishes, he's not a genie

Faries can grant wishes in some mythologies, albeit I understand why you don't want Puck to have Wish potential - Puck would almost immedeatly corrupt wishes for huge tits and ass on every monstergirl, death to the flats, Vote President Puck now and your girlfriend is guarenteed D+ cups

But please consider all the situations where you might just need a Wish, like maybe turning PB into a Goblin Shortstack for her birthday because Puck heard she once wished for it.

And don't forget Puck will probably meet Anon and Caimon occasionally when visiting, so THEIR wishes might get slightly corrupted, at least untill Anon bribes Puck with porn, and maybe Meara threatens him if he doublecrosses Anon. Hell, maybe Caimon's brothers could team up with Puck for some DELIBERATE Wish corruption.




You're still reading way too much into it.
And why do you, seemingly, look at the setting like it's a game all the time?


what the crispy fuck is all this


I wasn't actually asking for your headcanon, just trying to understand why you had to frame everything with some kind of visual shorthand, like creating some video-game-like "magic circle" design for Puck's magic and ascribing it precise power levels.

I guess my whole point is that magic is magic. It's not technology, it's not science. Putting magic to a precise standard doesn't make sense to me, because in my mind, magic is by nature mysterious and nebulous, not easily defined nor rigorously testable. Similarly, I totally don't need to tier every magical creature I make, because it's not necessary to know that. This isn't a video game where you need to have everyone's stats on hand in order to make an informed decision. "Nobody telling us how magic works in this setting" is the whole point. It's just magic.

My main confusion was why you were ascribing everything to this video game style, but it seems like, for everything you've written, the answer is simply "it's easier for me to visualize like this".
Which is totally fine, if that helps you imagine it then by all means, enjoy your headcanon.

But I should say I don't think it makes as much sense to other people as it does to you. You can say "it helps the audience understand what he's doing" but I'm not sure it helps most people the way it helps you. Which is probably why everyone reacts to your big posts like this as though you were dipping into madness.

bottom line: magic in this setting isn't explained because it can't be; it's not a science, it's beyond physics and normal understanding. And if your system works for you, power to you, but I think it's safe to assume not everyone benefits from it the same way you do.



So you subscribe to the "don't think about it, it's fiction and runs off of cool/comedy/plot school of magic? Me too. That Guy needs to relax.


File: 1452908600664.png (67.2 KB, 962x925, actuallyICANexplainshit.png)

Sorry for the very long post there.

>bottom line: magic in this setting isn't explained because it can't be; it's not a science, it's beyond physics and normal understanding. And if your system works for you, power to you, but I think it's safe to assume not everyone benefits from it the same way you do.

Well, if thats your final decision, I can't do much about it. You probably COULD explain it, pic related, but I suppose there's no point forcing myself on you.

I just thought it'd be much easier to just give magic a basic math system BEFORE making it situation based and vague for comedy. Enjoy Puck being… well, too small to actually see half the time he's on-panel, I guess.

oh, and about the Genie Puck thing: I was thinking more on the lines of Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty when it comes for Puck - just him, choosing wether to help the person who made the wish or not, and how many loopholes he can find in it to exploit, like a classic fairy story.

Although to be honest, Puck strikes me as a terrible Fairy Godfather. Seriously, how desperate for kids would PB need to be, that she would actually agree to that sort of thing in exchange for getting rid of whatever curse stops her from being a rape baby factory


File: 1452944624027.png (157.44 KB, 356x600, JUST LIKE LAST TIME YOU FA….png)

for fucks sake man, THIS is why Weaver dissapeared from this site for so long last time, headcannon is like a dick, its ok to have, its ok to enjoy it, but for the love of god, don't go slapping it into peoples faces, and especially don't slap it into the face of some-ones child while they have to watch.

Because that is what you're doing
you're slapping your dick in Weavers child's face right now
I hope you're happy, Because he's sure not.

also, put your dick away anon, its weird and malformed and bends weirdly and no-one want to see it, seriously.


File: 1452951061091.jpg (51.29 KB, 468x305, 1387222133253.jpg)

I understand how Lauren Faust must feel now
Holy shit this is retarded


Why would a setting made for comedy and smut need a detailed magic system?
And if a character is small, all you have to do when featuring it in a gag is to zoom in.


File: 1452973978389.png (1.32 MB, 1500x2500, NEEERRRRRRD.png)

I mean, it's impressive the guy can put that much thought into things, but…


Wait, does that mean that Lauren Faust doesn't want to see my dick?
What the fuck?


Again, pls go and stay go.
Nobody likes or wants your bullshit headcannon.At this point it's looking a lot more like you're just shitposting for attention. Hopefully a kind Scruffy can clean your mess


I'm fine with the labels, honestly. It's not like I don't deserve the infamy. It's just disheartening to see how little anyone actually cares about looking up the classical magic myths stuff (seriously, why the fuck did Weaver think Fairy wishes are like genies, there's like billions of middle ages - victorian stuff on fae/fairies to use) and, y'know, actually trying to apply it to a modern era magic setting where they probably have satelite images to prove the world is round, and not flat.

Also, speaking of classical refences: Weaver, NEVER use stars as a magic system in whatever you decide.

No, seriously, don't try it. We've spent several posts arguing about a 2 dimensional circle representing magic - something that has been a steriotype for millenia and used in literally every media I bothered to check - actual planets aligning in a 3 dimensional solar system, and other astronomy related stuff might SOUND fun for your more Lovecraft-tier Starchild looking monsters, but it'd probably end up as half Astronomy 101 and half a heated argument on if we can use 4th Dimensional Hypercube math to find the size of a Elder Gods dick or not.


File: 1453001009557.png (13.05 KB, 537x279, is this you, did you do th….png)

yeah, but the thing is, This sin't classical mythology, its literally a slight back story to weavers drawings, its not a RPG, its not a DnD setting, its not even a fucking Quest, its just the background to a few drawings.

This is what, the third time you've tried to hijack Monstro village and a ton of people, including the creator of the thing, have told you too fuck off?

stop trying to insert your shitty head cannon dick into weavers settings, no-one want to see that.
what your doing is rape, you are trying to rape his idea.
and that's bad.

Thats what, at LEAST 10 people that want you to fuck off, 3 of those are even well thought out replies from weaver saying 'no, you're wrong, stop over thinking this, its not a fucking video game you man child, its fucking magic, i dont have to explain shit' but in a way that wont end with you following him home with an icepick and a plan to make a portal to monstro village from his bones.
when will you get the tip and stop.


While I do wish he'd tone it down a little, my main wish is that he'd stop his apparent willful ignorance as to the purpose of the setting.


File: 1453024360741.jpg (372.69 KB, 728x1096, onepunchmetalbatvsherohunt….jpg)

No more please!!!


that's really well done anon, like, REALLY well done.


I'm starting to lean towards it's just dedicated fucking with us


anon instead of worrying about weavers concepts you should make your own ideas. you could probably make something cool.
all this complication doesn't fit weavers cute monster girl shenanigans setting.


Make it elsewhere though.


Oh wow. I opened that up and was thought it was an original work for a second. Fucking congrats for matching the style.


>for fucks sake man, THIS is why Weaver dissapeared from this site for so long last time
no it isn't

sure dude's got some weird ways of looking at things but he's free to overanalyze this stuff all he wants, or re-frame it in very specific, vaguely video-gamey visual shorthand

the fact that he prefers to think of it this way or frames it in a visual medium that makes more sense to him is a little strange to me, but he's more than welcome to it

i sure didn't get scared off by some guy enjoying my creations the wrong way


Finally, finally some vindication.

My problems have always come down to: what kind of scale am I supposed to be using? and Weaver has given me a bottom line answer. Despite everything, I am gratefull Weaver actually bothered to give me a answer despite all the shit that inevitably goes down whenever I find a problem.

So now, instead of something vague, I have two absolute answers:

1. The Setting is a nice place, with nice people, where good things you want happen all the time, while bad things you don't like are magically displaced to somewhere you don't need to worry about them

2. Magic is controlled by Weaver's narrative. If Weaver cannot take your call right now, see rule 1: by default, Good people will have good things happen to them, and bad people will have bad things happen to them.

And who knows? We got that /co/ thread after the first argument which brought in Morbi. We'll probably get something nice after this one, too.

Maybe Weaver will use the oppertunity to put his Author avatar into the Monstro setting somewhere, now that "Power as the Weaver demands" is a thing. It'd always be a great joke if it turned out all those times magic fucked up in a story was because Weaver was literally not doing his boring 9 to 5 magic-watching office job.


>Finally, finally some vindication.

oh god, now you've done it.


ok, it obvious you're just fucking with people now.


Why made you draw an Oblina out of the blue?
Been a long long time since I saw that show on anything


*What made


Saying I want him to fuck off is a bit harsh. Maybe dial it back a bit, but not fuck off.


File: 1453110806191.png (65.28 KB, 677x551, oblina.png)

I have no idea
For some reason old cartoons came up and I was drawing the monsters from memory
maybe it was the name ickis that came up

either way
i won't say i had a childhood crush on her or anything (klasky csupo is just a bit too grotesque for me in all its forms) but she did stand out


Galaxy High was far superior in terms of waifu material.


…so, what has Weaver done, exactly, other than point out that the sandbox IS intended for everyone, regardless of how simple or complex your views are?

For example, If I wanted Veronica to be more of a nerd, and put this in the perspective of her and Anon discussing if Jung's Theory of the Collective Unconcious was written with creatures like the Suitors as a reference, or was made to explain how Anonymous humans sometimes become Legion, for whatever degree she's doing at her college, then I would be welcome to it.

The same would go if your only interested in Veronica for her… other, more luminous features. There are many interesting discussion points you could have with her about those, especially over how her kisses glow in the dark and turn anon's dick into a glow rod, And you'd be welcome to that.


pls go


File: 1453341339470.png (101.49 KB, 218x353, cantdeal.png)

well thats not nice anon

I'm only pointing out Weaver's made the correct choice here, and providing a bad, hastily searched on google example in the interest of making sure the argument stays dead on both sides.

So, do you have anything you'd like to see Weaver do, possibly that would make you happier, or do you wanna just sit around and stay pissed off?


You forgot to go.


File: 1453428096160.png (66.32 KB, 323x171, whatevenistheargument.png)

So your just gonna remain pissed off, instead of taking the obvious opportunity to talk about literally anything else other than a argument that has already ended?

Not even a cheeky reply, like how you'd like it if Weaver drew Caimon as a alligator more often, or how Anon is definetly XxXmonstahuntaXxX tier because reasons?

well, that'll teach me to give a damn about how others feel. Lets all be miserable cunts together instead, what a lovely fucking idea.


I'm pretty sure she is an alligator.
But now you've got me second guessing myself.


>Anyone but you is getting bootyburnt.
Feel free to keep shitposting I guess. There's never enough of that.
Ah, ok.


You're not helping by replying to obvious baiting either.
Just ignore it. Eventually they get bored with the lack of attention and wander off.


Finally, a fucking hero emerges from the sea of shit, who has a opinion that isn't Dr. Autism

Please, tell me your second guess. Anything would be better than arguing with someone who has to be baiting me.


Well it would have to be crocodile.
But I think I remember reading Weaver saying she's an alligator. That and crocodiles being more toothy, not existing in the bayou and Caimon's name almost certainly being a play on Caiman, a species belonging to the same family as alligators.
What I do know for sure is that she isn't my cup of tea.


Caimans are similar to Allogators but not at all the same


well, thats okay. I'm sure there is a way to tell if Caimon is a crocodile or a alligator for sure.

It's totally when she's wearing her sunglasses. It's perfect, nobody would suspect a thing from such a flawless disguise.


I was just using the Caimon-Caiman thing as a base for the guess she belongs to the alligatoridae family rather than the Crocodylidae family.


File: 1453593562262.png (143.87 KB, 600x600, whew.png)

>those new pics


>almost misred that as "Aligatorade"

Gotta say, thats a excelent name for one of Caimon's custom, home-made drinks


File: 1453670167811.png (69.58 KB, 426x766, 1450645137450.png)


>Those relatively old pics


Not everyone is a creepily obsessive stalker of him as you.
Now share motherfucker.


You know, PB may be a huge bitch, but what if she was your huge bitch?

like, Grove street 4 life style. It's not easy being green - Agua's a hippie, Anon's a dork and Caimon's a hick, but she's the only one that gets to diss them personally - no-one's gonna be allowed to be a rude fucker to her roomies and get away scot free, thats her gig.




>Not being a fag


Would hug


Hey man, Homie Hugs (TM) don't just happen, PB's not gonna be a sap, even if Anon is her dork

You'll get your hug if you FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN ANON


she seems like she would be down for a bonnie and clyde type deal if she benefited from it.

you'd have to be a real top dog alpha high test sorta guy to keep her though


Well, it is PB, so I'm not gonna deny she wants several impossible standards from everyone

But since it's PB, you can just tell her that, y'know, you'd rather be a dork who occasionaly induldges in her shady stuff for them bad boy points

sure she'll bitch moan and complain about it, but eventually she'll accept it like she accepts Agua being a source of constant, obnoxious happyness in her life: Its a pain in her ass, but things have been worse for years so this is technically a improvement


File: 1454362568765.png (81.56 KB, 1064x785, 1449242460410.png)

Caimon's not anything. She's a monster that resembles an animal, which is why she has hair, breasts, human speech, etc. instead of being some tiny-brained reptile.

the animal she most closely resembles is an alligator but she certainly isn't actually one


but does she got da booty?


I wasn't being literal.


See, I told you guys Caimon was secretly the sunglassess all along


File: 1454570813577.png (323.8 KB, 900x750, dejavu00.png)

A new adventure begins, get ready anon.


File: 1454571507357.png (300.07 KB, 850x1100, dejavu01.png)

Sometimes, living in an apartment with one bathroom has its advantages.



actually on the PB thing we were talking about earlier:

I personally think PB would like Anon for his determination.

Anon is Determined to live by his own values (i.e yours), to befriend/fuck everyone on his own terms, and PB would like that part of him.

I mean, it'd make sense why Anon is literally the only person who doesn't try to rape her - Anon decided that was "too easy", and actually trying to have a healthy relationship with PB is harder, and therefore is worth more to him so he's gonna do that.

Ironically, PB would understand this line of thinking - I mean, which place would you steal from: someone's empty unlocked house, or a ruin in the middle of nowhere teaming with guardians who'll likly rape you?

PB picks the ruins every time. It's harder, so obviously it's more rewarding, so it's worth doing! Meanwhile Leo and Puck groan because they have to hike 50 miles of countryside AGAIN, why hasn't PB just pussywhipped anon into being the team's driver yet


File: 1454704850002.png (323.57 KB, 498x556, Caimon.png)

Aw shit son, just look at this sexy beast.


oh bby


oh man that caimon




God almighty, Caimon has a yummy tummy.


well since we're in a Caimon mood

Weaver, how big will Caimon become, and does she have any issues over it?

This might be a odd question, but I'm looking at her Grandparents for reference, and her Grandparents seem about Gillou-ish heightwise

So unless Giant Alligator Genes are recessive, there's a pretty good chance Caimon gets a growth spurt one day, and ends up having Giant Woman Problems - doors, ceilings, bikini snaps, and most importantly, will Anon still like her when suddenly shes 9, maybe 10 ft tall?




>will Anon still like her
Why wouldn't he?
He likes Gillou and Dewbon just fine and they absolutely dwarf him.


It's slightly more difficult than that. Like okay, sure, Anon is okay with Giants, but having someone your already familiar with potentially grow into one is a different thing. How is Anon even going to respond to a situation like that?

And then we go into a Opinion Minefield, because some people are fine with Caimon as she is, and some wouldn't care how big she got and etc etc.

Which is why I'm asking Weaver how Caimon feels about it. Would she have had a talk with her Grandparents about being a giant? Would she be nervous that she could ever get too big for some things? I just wanna know.


Ho would the different tenants of the tower approach anon on valentines?


In most cases very openly.
In Gnathodeli's case, well, it'd probably be better to walk around with a first-aid kit.


>Agua has cards stuck to her


File: 1455590270597-0.png (92.89 KB, 500x587, tumblr_o2kbc9yhsW1r5h2ogo3….png)

File: 1455590270597-1.png (56.35 KB, 500x587, tumblr_o2kbc9yhsW1r5h2ogo6….png)

File: 1455590270597-2.png (62.6 KB, 500x587, tumblr_o2kbc9yhsW1r5h2ogo1….png)

File: 1455590270597-3.png (54.36 KB, 500x587, tumblr_o2kbc9yhsW1r5h2ogo4….png)

File: 1455590270597-4.png (44.5 KB, 500x587, tumblr_o2kbc9yhsW1r5h2ogo2….png)

I want to smooch every single one of them.


File: 1455590382825-0.png (48.42 KB, 500x587, tumblr_o2ke2lNsrR1r5h2ogo1….png)

File: 1455590382825-1.png (48.41 KB, 500x587, tumblr_o2ke2lNsrR1r5h2ogo2….png)

File: 1455590382825-2.png (73.2 KB, 500x587, tumblr_o2ke2lNsrR1r5h2ogo4….png)

File: 1455590382825-3.png (63.6 KB, 500x587, tumblr_o2ke2lNsrR1r5h2ogo6….png)

File: 1455590382825-4.png (46.65 KB, 500x587, tumblr_o2ke2lNsrR1r5h2ogo5….png)

Every single one.


File: 1455590433930-0.png (57.7 KB, 500x587, tumblr_o2kbc9yhsW1r5h2ogo5….png)

File: 1455590433930-1.png (67.09 KB, 500x587, tumblr_o2ke2lNsrR1r5h2ogo3….png)

Even the mean ones.


I want to spend a lazy day with the Cajun gator.


File: 1455680773796.png (203.94 KB, 700x635, anondawwww.png)


File: 1455699244362.png (Spoiler Image, 140.42 KB, 498x655, thegrumpiestgoblin.png)

Don't ask her how her day was.


Alligator-folk like Caimon basically never stop growing. So the older she gets, the bigger she gets.
It's also why Grannee has such a huge rack.
I'm sure she just takes it as a natural part of growing up.


The smooching would never stop.

I'm going to assume "bad."

>big, cajun gator getting bigger
Yes, please.


File: 1455932440894-0.png (1.18 MB, 1364x768, Caimon's Granny.png)

File: 1455932440894-1.png (1.11 MB, 1366x768, I don't want to fuck it.png)


I'm not sure how to feel.


File: 1455950391592.gif (788.55 KB, 444x272, d13.gif)

I know how I feel! ;^D


Why is Caimon so perfect?




File: 1456754229257.png (221.55 KB, 800x618, Houseofmouse.png)



File: 1456777506429-0.png (351.74 KB, 1000x1000, a1.png)

File: 1456777506429-1.png (371.81 KB, 871x910, a2.png)

File: 1456777506429-2.png (33.97 KB, 825x949, a3.png)

File: 1456777506429-3.png (23.12 KB, 634x677, a4.png)

Also, some /trash/ and tumblr stuff


File: 1456953985869.png (385.87 KB, 1400x1000, DOITFORHER.png)


I suppose the real question is, would PB join in on giant Caimon shenanigins?

Something tells me PB will only start doing things for Caimon because she's pissed off that Anon spends more time doing stuff for the giant alligator that he could be doing for her instead.

PB wants some snacks now dammit, stop carting around the food trolley for that fatass gator and go get her something already.


Dragons don't get old
They just get huge
Ancalagon was as big as a mountain range
Reeeeee you portrayed these fictional creatures wrong



File: 1457797958251.png (Spoiler Image, 67.05 KB, 487x416, twomonstersonehuman.png)

After thinking about it, I'm pretty sure letting PB be salty about Caimon and Anon interacting would probably just lead to threesomes.

See, Caimon and her bros probably did everything together up untill she was about 10, she probably wouldn't mind PB just joining in on whatever Anon is doing for her, and would probably find it nice that all three of them are cleaning, eating and sleeping together.

PB would still complain - Caimon is far too casual, Anon is being a dork, the sky is too blue right now and it'll be hours before she gets to sleep with Anon… and Caimon.

And finally, Anon would have a lot of time to consider how he's made yet another terrible mistake in allowing himself to be sandwiched between his roomies at night, pic related.


File: 1457809453660-0.png (Spoiler Image, 416.5 KB, 850x1100, dejavu02.png)

File: 1457809453660-1.png (Spoiler Image, 986.37 KB, 850x1467, dejavu03.png)

Sorry for the long time guys, and the disprorpotion on caimon :(

It's the third time I draw her

I hope to finish this tomorrow.

Two pages left


File: 1457812636268.jpg (18.29 KB, 305x318, 1442547878011.jpg)

This is great I love you



Ohhh shit this is amazing.




File: 1457833852485.png (522.93 KB, 850x1466, dejavu04.png)


I will need more love to make the final page guys!!!

But seriously, I will finish it tommorrow, my hands hurt.


It's going to be PB isn't it?


pls be spodergrill
a Dewbon is fine too


Either Wosyet or PB.
Anon has shit luck.


File: 1457903590314.png (602.76 KB, 850x1300, dejavu05.png)

The End ;p




O nooooooooo
Poor Caimon:(



i hope she's okay


So what did she ate?


Alcohol, buckets and buckets of alcohol.


>Not holding her hair out of the way while giving her words of comfort.


Why would she eat a bucket?


Because she doesn't want to have an iron deficiency?


File: 1458096618793.png (438.76 KB, 1000x1000, 1458050537110.png)

Courtesy of lonbluewolf via the /trash/ drawthread.


File: 1458131101813.jpg (19.71 KB, 500x500, sans537274165_preview_artw….jpg)


Was it worth it?




Would gumberry like to be on a thresome?

More specifically, would she like you to put your dick in her so you can put her AND your dick in another girl's pussy?


Bro that's some fucking next level shit right there


Please. Gumberry is not the only one who is able to do things like this, She is just the safest for the fetish in question - it just takes the right combination of girls and the right safety precautions.

Meara is a obvious choice due to how small she is, Dewbon is larger than Anon is so anyone smaller than him is fine too, things like that

incidentally, if Caimon is going to eventually become even bigger than depicted in >>15847 , then quality time with your roomates is now rated M for Mature.


File: 1458440816918.png (109.6 KB, 645x615, tumblr_n076uwTSqm1r5h2ogo3….png)

>tfw you'll never try to cuddle with Bitch, but realize that she's a fucking slob
>You will never take her into the shower to wash her
>You try to avoid washing her breasts and crotch, but it's inevitable
>You won't get to vigorously massage her breasts and wash her bush
>She will never say that was the nicest experience she's ever had


ur fetish is dum



It's not my fetish. I just thought it as hot.


mah nigga

PB having some actually good experiences for once always gets me

considering how shit her life is/was, a guy who tries not to sexualy harrass her immedeatly is rare.

Although that makes for a hilarious mental image of PB being pissed off Anon only does maintence on everything but her private areas - stop slacking off on the job, she didn't hear him complain when she sat her thigh gap over his privates, why have a labour strike over touching hers.


File: 1458526493229.png (92.93 KB, 572x562, pb caughthim.png)

It's important to realize PB has met non-hostile guys in the past, and it hasn't changed her life. She has encountered good people and kind souls, and she often ends up stealing from them or kicking their asses.

PB is not a wilting flower or wounded bird who needs help to fly. You being nice to her is not going to make her like you. She might like you but it wouldn't really be reliant on that, and certainly not a guarantee.

You could be your best for her but it's not necessarily going to mean shit.


What would a viable tactic for handling her be?


I've honestly known people like PB in real life, and I've found that the best way to interact with them is to NOT.

Some people are just angry and unhappy and there's nothing to be done about it.


Well, it's not like I ever believed PB wasn't independant, or that she wouldn't have expectations that are unreasonable. She spent years out in the wild, probably came to Monstro Towers beaten up and half-crazy, and probably had to spend years with Caimon to even reach the level Anon sees her at when he moves in, which is Troublesome Roommate levels of bitchy.

My view on PB is that her respect comes with three principles: Don't be good just to get some sex (whiteknighting), Don't bend over backwards for others constantly (being a doormat), Don't pussy out at a little danger (being spineless)

You keep to that and PB will be reletivly easy to understand, get along with, and predict for when she decides to be a bad girl and Anon has to get out the folded newspaper. Just hope she isn't playing up because she deliberatly wants him to smack her ass with it.



I want to be her bitch.


You'll never get anywhere with that attitude


I wouldn't recomend that

I mean we literally just discussed how PB has a Grade A Grimdark past (spoilers: being constantly sexually used by monsters for years isnt fun even if 1/6 times you deserved it), and even though PB as she is now isn't going to go feral on you and cut you (Gnathodelli has the monopoly on Anon scratching in THIS house, thank you very much), she still has a personality akin to the Navy Seal copypasta. You give her a oppertunity to rule you, and you might as well buy her a complimentary trenchcoat, fedora and katana for gradutating Edgelord school.

Instead, I'll point out how alike Anon and PB are: both of them have left behind a life they were unsatisfied with, but both are still using the skills they learned from it their current Town life, and occasionally induldge in it now and again as a hobby.

Since PB and Anon are now equals in easing into Town life, despite how opposite they are, you can instead swap the role of who is the bitch in the relationship on whim, on a situational basis. Perhaps both of you will be the bottom bitch to eachother once, just to try it out. Maybe both of you will try to out-dominate eachother in a very passionate make-out session.

As Weaver said, PB doesn't need our help to fly, but our help sure lets her appreciate the view instead of concentrating just on flying



File: 1458822439403.png (277.06 KB, 550x1300, 1409420759441.png)

So in short, Princess Bitch lives up to her name.

Now what about Woyset?


File: 1458971074432.png (Spoiler Image, 308.36 KB, 685x1200, princessbitchdrunk.png)

You walk into your room and see this in your bed.

What would you do anon?


I'd immediately call the authorities.



+30 moral
+40 decent
+200 virginity

Every action has a consequence.


Wonder where the armpit hair is


File: 1459011441340.png (2.41 MB, 933x1352, I'M A FUCKING WIZARD.png)



I'd break out a weedwacker for that jungle cooter.


>that bush



I roll a d20 to see if I can successfully huff that thick bush.


File: 1459466450115.gif (Spoiler Image, 17.64 KB, 138x177, AncientAnonymousmatingdanc….gif)

herro everybody I am weaver, make good april fools joke

u reddy?

actual content


>X: Doubt


File: 1459537225574.png (103.4 KB, 450x515, Edgeyocsisternotincluded.png)

berieve it

look i even post something from folder of old works i one day will upload as prof

1000% legit, unobtanbed tru weaver quality


looks cute tho



Seems legit.


File: 1459644042380.png (175.21 KB, 827x439, Futuretech.png)

alright so now that 1st april is gone

What kind of technology does the Anonymous cities have anyway?

I mean we have two pretty advanced robots in Monstro Village, and thats all the way out in the boonies. I think it's safe to say they might not be in the 21st Century technology era anymore - They probably upgraded everything to run in Gentoo by now.

Robot Maids when? Jetpacks when? Virtual Waifus when? HAL tier AIs when? Matrix Agents when? Consentual Augmentation when?


>tfw no more Weaver visits



We scared him off with our autism.


>Somebody linked his super secret clubhouse on /co/ so he can never come back
>He's been busy drawing for some general on /vg/
>Morbi tracked him down and they are having wild sex AS WE SPEAK
>he's incredibly lazy
>it turns out that removing the source of long term stress doesn't actually improve your condition so he's still super depressed
I dunno anon, but I don't think Weaver is feeling all that well
I hope he gets better (so he can draw me more waifus)


Well, he is drawing Zootopia stuff, so at least you got your wish of him drawing more waifus.

I mean sure, we probably won't get anything Monstro related, like:
>Anon attempts to teach PB anonymous morals and values, unfortunatly he succeeds
>Anon introduces Caimon to Tofu and vegan sausages, unintentionally ruins her diet
>Meara's attempts to wear a corset devolve into just sewing it shut and hoping Anon doesn't question why she needs a pair of scizzors for later

But I'm sure we'll eventually get things that shows all the girls in a positive light


Well, this was fun. Other than the lore/overthinking fucktard shithead that is.


>you will never jump up and down Puckanon's cock as he explains to you more of his bullshit


I even had these doc martins picked out just for ballstompin too


File: 1461284393656-0.png (178.21 KB, 763x808, 1ref.png)

File: 1461284393656-1.png (218.46 KB, 800x626, 2ref.png)

you know, we could always come up with some new bullshit if you really want something to complain about


I claim FemAnon actually lives with her Monsterguys in Misfit Camp because of the actions of Anonymous.

Tldr version: while Anon is living slice of life, Femanon is in Gravity Falls lite.

Firstly, pics related. Notice the Unicorn? I'm pretty sure it's the same one. It'd also give a reason to do more stuff with Femanon.

Second, We don't acutally know how Anon's job worked, in context to Anonymous=Human thing that Weaver's made. But it was important enough that the moment he decided to quit, he also got the fuck out of his own dimension as fast as possible. Which is not the normal reaction to quitting a normal job.

Third, the fact Monstroverse basically has Discworld rules for magic, so since Anon comes from a dimension where magic is more controllable, his appearance in Monstroverse definetly wasn't unnoticed - look, they have advanced robots, a Supercomputer capable of observing the dimensional rifts just in case of a dimensional catastrophe isn't out the question.

So to summerise: Femanon got sent out to the middle of nowhere by her boss - who is either a supercomputer, someone who is so shady they make PB look a saint, or possibly both at the same time - on a mission to "study the rift, up close" without telling her anything more than "try not to die horribly", and when she gets there everyone tells her that "her boyfriend left 24 hours ago". And her boss immedeatly says to find this mystery human AND study the rift upon reporting this, again without telling her why. They've scouted a location REALLY close to the Dimensional Rift, go live there, and try not to accidently step through a door leading to a dimension where /b/tards roam the wastelands Mad Max/Fist of the North Star style. This is her life now, living in a place where sometimes, the doors open to rooms that only exisit in the house that was built in this spot in a alternate dimension.

Meanwhile, Anon is living pretty swell in Monstro Village - life at Monstro Towers is great, the doors there open usually to one of the girls undressing, everythings pretty okay in town too. And if something bad does happen, well he deals with it and it's mostly shoved off elsewhere - I mean, who is ever going to be on the receiving end of a sudden storm of spam mail he shoved into the mechnical post office sorter randomly?

And on cue, Femanon walks past the letterbox to her place, which suddenly explodes into millions of love letters, none of them are for her and one of them seems to taunt her about how she missed the one good lead she had on the mystery guy her boss wants her to find because it is written for fucking guy. She hates this fucking town and if it wasn't for the guys here, she'd have quit and gone to the next town over ages ago - It's apparently very nice there.


Can I suck your dick? Or can I at least have your children?


File: 1461377417584.png (286.53 KB, 800x1038, tumblr_o62dxuQZzZ1r5h2ogo1….png)

>go to weaver's tumblr
>posted 1 second ago




Delicious floor cake…


Oh no, not Paula, not muh waifu


File: 1462484246610.png (31.46 KB, 349x210, top10saddestanimedeaths.png)


Is this what sadness feels like


No, true sadness is knowing that nobody appreciates how much effort Paula put into making her own cake despite not having hands.


File: 1462579825262.png (36.13 KB, 229x281, boid.png)

>Paula sadness

guuuyysss cut it out, you can do happy things with bird too

Going to see the upper areas of Monstro Village with Paula!
kissing Paula on her forehead!
unintentionally reminding Paula of her dad!


Is that last one a good or a bad thing


Considering Paula seems to have no outstanding issues with Anon, who would technically look identicall to every other Anonymous, I'd say it's a good enough thing, and assume that Paula definetly takes after her birdmom in more than just looks, if you catch my drift.


File: 1462836821267.png (6.96 KB, 230x237, paulachildhood.png)

depends on what your assumptions are about Paula's parents, I guess. Knowing Weaver, either of Paula's parents could be between Kazooie and Steven Universe Pearl on the bird scale.

but honestly, Anonymous father doting on his daughter is a cute image, so 6000 hours in mspaint later


Heeyyyyy, that's pretty good.



I tried my best to think about problems like "how would Paula even recognise her dad when flying" when drawing it

although I guess I sorta made him the one guy who wears a flightsuit everywhere, and everyone wonders if he actually owns a biplane to go with that pilot gear, but oh well

he does, he uses it to shoot at/fly rings around potential/wannabe boyfriends he didn't like (all of them).


File: 1463515998060.png (437.31 KB, 1348x420, villain-o-meter.png)

I dunno if Weaver answers questions on here anymore but

I'm sort of confused about the whole thing with PB

like, she's supposed to be the big bad gurl who does all this bad stuff, but also she can be a actual friend without too many strings attatched at the same time?

anyway, point is I don't know whats happening with her, so I made a shitty thing. Do I have the right idea for her or am I way out?


File: 1464071058137.png (189.23 KB, 1000x700, tumblr_mq4019rGvp1rgu2c4o1….png)

Caimon cooking.


and rubbing her huge mutant alligator cock against the bottom of the table


File: 1464109231946.png (1.11 MB, 1280x1280, tumblr_mq69wtk9zd1s5tlxzo2….png)

Caimon cooking.


She should buy a fan





It may be lewd, but is it hot?



i-is it really?


File: 1465347023959-0.png (210.13 KB, 735x804, 1435396692733.png)

File: 1465347023959-1.png (32 KB, 736x804, Waifu Husbando Alignment.png)

File: 1465347023959-2.png (175.96 KB, 735x805, tumblr_mtrmiuM7JR1r5h2ogo1….png)

>Monstro Dating Sim fucking never


At this rate Weaver will need his own forum.


Caimon's big lizard cock




Loudly slapping against the bottom of the table each time she stirs


File: 1467132000360.png (10.14 KB, 320x296, publictransit.png)

ten million years in mspaint

NTR is not my fetish of choice, but I can honestly see PB taking every oppertunity she can to get Leo pissed off at Anonymous

It doesn't take a genius to see PB is built for sex and that Anon is a sex machine in the making

And PB would almost certainly dump Leo for Anonymous simply because Anon can fufill her EVERY desire, if you catch my drift. He's like the Swiss Army knife of boyfriends, who only requires you occasionally dress up like a secretary to turn his dick into diamonds. also Anon doesn't need a magic eye to get goblin pussy


What's that on the background anyways?


File: 1467240140051.png (153.55 KB, 794x866, tumblr_n4elgpNjvl1r5h2ogo5….png)


That might just be Puck in the shape of an exclamation point.


File: 1467289605182.png (63.12 KB, 574x299, 72aa6f0a588f9d3d0aa6250360….png)

I don't know why, but I need preggo versions of the Monstro Girls.


now that you say it, I do want to see a preggo gillou



I don't exactly like the Navi look for Puck but honestly, he's so tiny it gets hard to choose if Puck should get a body in a specific picture or not


File: 1468024820128.png (Spoiler Image, 7.73 KB, 329x314, insertdisneyendinghere.png)

I'll try to keep mspaintposting to a minimum but
mah nigga, have something for that

Yeah I also gave PB's curse a placeholder name. Hey, it's a curse that prevents unwanted pregnancy via fertility, what else could I call it?



And then she beats the shit out of Anon.


Now she has to wail on him for two


File: 1468469106009.png (119.97 KB, 740x715, c65954beff912c59927dccaca5….png)

Caimon is the very definition of southern comfort.
It just so happens that she also looks quite comfortable.
Am I the only one who would love to sleep on her?
Like a soft, scaly mattress?


File: 1468470222817.gif (291.23 KB, 350x315, 1459007477095.gif)



but no you aren't the only one

can you imagine cuddling her when she's like that?


How old can gators be again?


30-50 years


>Caimon's lying on her bed
>you're lying on Caimon
>you've both decided to take a midday nap
>you both figured you'd share it
>her arm is loosely wrapped around your chest
>your head is nestled between her breasts
>her belly rises and falls with every breath she takes, and you rise and fall with it
>her loud snoring is a familiar, comfortable sound that lulls you asleep
>with your ear to her chest, you can hear her heartbeat


So she's not saying her age on that pic?


More than likely.


File: 1468512739301.png (134.49 KB, 582x805, 1390519374335.png)


65 kids


Moral of the story: don't rely on curses like they are condoms - Curses break more easily

also I like how pregnancy makes 0 changes in PB's usual behaviour apart from random food cravings


File: 1469006692761.png (96.63 KB, 488x933, calendergirls.png)

slowpoke here

just realised Monstro Towers has just enough girls to fit on a calender.

Also I'm okay with once-a-month birthday parties if the girls actually get a month to themselves


>Fuck every girl
>Make a child with each
>Name all of them after a month
>Street fighter dolls cosplays


>the girls share Anon
>each one gets him for a month at a time
>it's like a boyfriend timeshare


Does Anon have a calendar on his wall, complete with pictures of each girl for their month? Gotta avoid mix-ups when there's 12 girls 1 guy.

although I suppose everyone would wonder where he got the obviously custom calendar from, and how he found all these pictures of them in bikinis


File: 1469573610889.png (Spoiler Image, 11.44 KB, 377x497, 1pintofspider.png)

I know I promised to keep mspaintposting to a minimum

but I got struck by a silly idea when I had to move a spider outside with a pint glass and I just had to draw it


Adorable perfection.


>Does Anon have a calendar on his wall, complete with pictures of each girl for their month?
Of course.
>where he got the obviously custom calendar from
>The girls agreed to a photo shoot. It's a yearly thing now.
>how he found all these pictures of them in bikinis
Anon has very distinctive tastes.


File: 1469686327449.png (Spoiler Image, 335.87 KB, 1366x685, mearaandanon.png)


Just sit on top so she can cup you


Clearly the girls love him for his brains.


>January: Meara
A month of class and spider ass. Anon minds his manners, gets rewarded, and has a good start to the year.
>February: Agua
Sort of a dry period. Agua's not the most sexual of monsters, but she is nice to be around.
>March: Elinda
A month of hanging out, ERP, watching pornography, and fucking. Elinda knows what she wants, and Anon is happy to supply.
>April: Princess Bitch
It starts with a series of awful pranks on April Fool's, then it's all down hill from there. Pure Hell.
>May: Paula
RELIEF. Paula is a breath of fresh air after PB. Plenty of cuteness, sexiness, cute sexiness, and sexy cuteness.
>June: Gumberry
Anon's dry cleaning bill skyrockets, but it's worth it. Gumberry is easily the sweetest both literally and figuratively.
>July: Wosyet
A month of stress, repressed emotions, yelling, and angry sex. Wosyet keeps trying to drag her month out. To protect the other girls, of course.
>August: Gnathodelli
Nonstop, vicious, animalistic fucking from the word go. Anon is exhausted by the end.
>September: Veronica
Helping with school work and being lewd. Veronica gets to let loose and Anon gets to encourage her. Win/Win.
>October: Caimon
Southern Comfort 24/7. Anon puts on surprisingly little weight. Turns out gator sex is good cardio.
>November: Gillou
Adorable awkwardness and lots of big, squishy, sexy playtime. Plenty of smiles to go around.
>December: Dewbon
Rent is due in more ways than one. Dewbon expects Anon to pay in spades. Christmas eve gets very exciting.


File: 1469779428581.png (Spoiler Image, 242.79 KB, 600x1200, mearaandanon1.png)

He took it literally.

At least Anon has very quick reflexes.


File: 1469799132859.png (25.7 KB, 183x284, chestheight.png)

>that april description

actually, I've been wondering why most people think PB would be pure hell to live with, and I think it just clicked a little.

Is everyone here Humanizing PB? Why don't you treat her with more Anonimity instead?

What, do you think PB is going to say no to stealing 40 cakes for her birthday or blowing up a yellow van? Or would turn her nose up at banter or irl shitposting/trolling?

It's not 100% pure unfiltered hell. She's more a 4Channer "I just ordered 1000 pizzas in your name" familiar meme sort of hell, where Anon can get away with casually squeezing her ass unharmed (pic related - although she'd probably squeeze Anon's ass right back) provided she gets away with leaving bite marks during the incredibly passionate sex sessions.

Also like 4chan, handholding and headpats are /d/ tier. It's too lewd for PB and probably will result in being banned from PB's Wild Ride for quite some time


But she's ok right…r-right?


She's just having a shitty day.


Actually, thinking about it, Humanity/Anonimity might function as a sort of BIOWARE MORAILTY CHOICE stopgap for waifu purposes, but I've probably opened a can of worms I shouldn't have.

I mean, Anon being a natural 50/50 for BIOWARE MORALITY CHOICE is a given, it just makes everything easier.

But it also leaves the possibility of Anonymous reaching 100% in either catagory for whatever reason.

I mean, 100% Humanity? How does a human become TOO Human anyway?

And 100% Anonimity sounds fishy, since how do you put a number on a Anonymous concept to begin with? Wouldn't the value of Anonimity automatically be ???% anyway?

I just wanted to make PB less of a pain to do anything fun with, not turn Anon into Mob Psycho 100.


please stop inserting game mechanics into the waifu thread, thanks


File: 1471360879295.png (105.93 KB, 2202x290, ScaleofPersonalcontact.png)

There isn't anything else I can compare it too, though.

I mean, I've tried to actually do literally anything else - heck, pic related - but it always came crashing down because of how vague context was and how unneccessarily complex everything became over something trival. BIOWARE MORALITY is literally the only thing that can actually fit into the setting as a mechanism to make different situations arise, and not immedeatly break everything, and also doesn't have to be explained in detail.

The saddest thing about this is that this system actually works in context. Take Weaver's PB Slavery comment - Humanity choice obviously ends in arguing about morals with PB and Anonimity choice probably ends with discovering PB tried to sell Gnathodelli as a pet or something. It works for people who want to waifu PB and those who don't, while not stretching into anything too unreasonable either way.

Unfortuanly it only works for self-contained stories and situations - actually trying to string things together with this system results in leaning one way or the other too hard for Anonymous to actually support on his own, hence why 100/???% is a thing.


I still don't understand why you're treating anon like a personality concept or a unique creature when he's literally just an artistic shorthand for the everyman.
He doesn't need a meter to rate his actions and decisions.
You're still trying to gamify what is essentially a guided freewriting/drawing setting.


File: 1472172415320.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.48 KB, 606x837, monstrovillageaguamaybesun….jpg)

Did sunibee made this cinnamon roll?


Nah, her curves would be twice their size


File: 1472812750921.png (114.32 KB, 389x749, teamsss.png)

Actually now that someone brought it up, I don't think we have any PB-Gnathodelli interaction

have a thing



I would like to see the girls interacting in general.


This is super cute, Anon!
>Gnathodelli wearing shimapan
Sweet mother of christ, my dick…


File: 1473086350401.png (136.99 KB, 724x444, profilethings.png)

I'll try and work on that.

In the meantime have this thing


File: 1473775815773.png (73.26 KB, 800x815, femempty.png)

>plan to follow this up with PB and Caimon drawings
>become unable to actually think of anything PB and Caimon would do together that does not include Anonymous or getting on eachothers nerves

someone send help

also, have something of Weaver's I found


Maybe have PB trick caimon to help her steal a thing, which ends up in a bonding situation?



What's so hot about striped panties?



Woysett versus Paonne fucking WHEN?


File: 1474100830302.png (274.18 KB, 1350x620, paonnevswosyet.png)

right NOW!!!



Perfect. If Woysett figured out that Paonne was a guy trying to perv on women by pretending to be a women shit would be going down.


I'm not actually sure if Caimon would fall for anything like that, unless it was something like "lets steal Anon's virginity"

Caimon and PB just seem more and more distant the more I try thinking about what they actually DO other than give eachother space, and them being as different as night and day doesn't help.

Caimon probably tries being friendly, but her discussion topics would probably revolve around her family, and, well, PB's family might as well be the Zoldycks from HunterXHunter, and thus don't make for a nice discussion topic.

If PB even knows her family. but since PB is pretty unfortuante she probably does know SOME of her family, and some details about the others she hasn't met. I don't want to step into OC territory, but I'm itching to just draw something, so if anyone's interested in the idea of PB's family just say, and I'll try to cook something up.


Well i give, the only other thing i can think of is each girl secretly wanting to be a little more like the other but thats feels to farfetch'd


actually, I suppose that Caimon and PB would probably have the whole independence thing to bond over

Caimon is trying to live on her own from a slightly overbearing family, PB is trying to put as much distance between herself and her crazy/asshole relatives, they could at least have something that passes for respect


So how would that turn into a bonding scene, maybe they are in the middle of a fight until one of them brings it up?


Hmm… I'd say there is a chance they'd probably watch paintdry tv channels together in order to go to sleep (from the boredom), and Caimon would likly be the one who slowly changes the subject from PB complaining about how boring tv is to how much she dislikes people visiting, and since Caimon is pratcially ALWAYS visted by her family…

Anyway, the likly outcome is that PB doesn't like being reminded that her family is terrible in comparison to Caimon's and, while I doubt Caimon will say anything bad, PB has a small minefield of issues just waiting to go off in that area, so it's probably a spur-of-moment conversation save on Caimon's part to talk about being independent and avoid setting PB off


also, I just realised:

It'd be a far simpler scenario to have Caimon's family push PB's buttons. After all, Caimon's family DO visit often.

Caimon can remain such a square - and in PB's good graces - then, simply because her brothers basically waltz right into all the social mines PB has but wouldn't tell Caimon about otherwise - and Caimon would then use that knowledge to bail Anon out if HE tries stepping on the taboos.

Caimon's mom strikes me as someone who devotes herself into trying to make her children the best they can be, and probably doesn't attempt to conceal her dislike for PB's mom, and probably treats PB like a rebelious tomboy teenager and second daughter. Probably the only person who's ever successfully grounded her.

and on the subject of families visiting… I figure PB's family is basically the in-Law joke and sterotypes, much like Caimon's family are steriotype hicks. Y'know, Brother-in-laws want to kill you, sister-in-laws are huge cunts, mother-in-law spits fire, weilds ligthing and turns into a demon/dragon/insert creature here… And no father-in-laws, because this IS Pb's family I'm talking about and I doubt they stick around

And for the record: The PB family thing is JUST for the jokes you can make with her and Caimon for now. I can come up with more concrete DONUTSTEEL stuff if anyone is interested


What about the other girl's families?


Gillou's family when



What family?


Isn't she the guardian of a bunch of water nymphs


File: 1474995869325.png (99.55 KB, 297x673, gatgob.png)

first things first.

I finally got enough ideas to run with Caimon and PB to actually draw them interacting just by themselves. It's important for Caimon to be a good example, and just as important for PB to be a bad example. So PB probably encourages Caimon to get drunk and go outside exploring, while Caimon is likly involved with whatever rehab system is in place so PB can, y'know, actually function in a society WITHOUT doing something criminal.

Thinking of how Caimon's family would actually act when visiting is next on my agenda - then figuring out a at least plausable DONUT STEEL family for PB (Although I have a idea - I could always have PB family members represent something that PB went through, but CAN'T be fit into the slice-of-life cubbyhole of Monstro Towers) - and I'd be REALLY stretching to give any of the other girls relatives because I'd have to justify Anonymous actually being introduced to them beyond "They turn up to visit their relatives, and Anon shares the same room", and I honestly think Weaver would be the better option for coming up for family


>That pic
But what about bathing?


I actually don't think they do that together

PB probably barely used the bath, at least until Anon gave her a reason to suddeny become interested in being cleaned by someone else, and Caimon probably hogs the tub for hours


Maybe you can try interactions between other girls then?


File: 1475253297324.png (577.82 KB, 947x1345, basicideas.png)

Possibly. I'm thinking that I can't put too much undue pressure on Caimon to support PB, but I have to give a reason for PB to go AWOL other than bordom, so coming up with ways for Caimon's family to do things to get the interaction going is currently my focus. The hard part is having it so that Caimon's family support mixes well with Caimon, but pisses off PB somehow… So I'm starting with pic related as a base and then working on up from there. May include Leo and Puck at a later date, once I have a idea of what I'd like to draw them doing

Although I've always pegged Wosyet as PB's Parole officer, if that helps.


Rip foo fighters


File: 1476020745459-0.png (157.51 KB, 796x384, BestBeauForever.png)

File: 1476020745459-1.png (121.57 KB, 796x384, PoliProcurmentProcedure.png)

I think I've offically burnt myself out

I just wanted to draw cute interactions between PB and Caimon, but without Anon being the glue to hold them together they need one heck of a Secondary Character safety net to get anything going

I wish Weaver was here, he'd at least make sure I'm not fucking anything up. I mean, I don't even know any french, which is sort of needed for any sort of interaction between Caimon's family. I literally used google translate and prayed it wasn't trash.

Gimme something else to do pls


Maybe you should take a break mate, you sound a little exhausted


File: 1476208089786.png (Spoiler Image, 87.47 KB, 576x334, goblinshilouettes.png)

It is pretty exahusting stuff

actually using the support characters as supports is pretty hard work, mostly because Weaver has made Caimon's family Caimon-specific supports, although there are some nice, easy ideas - for example, Poli and Paonne sharing naughty pictures with eachother.

But at least I get to sort out the PB's family idea in the downtime and - okay sure I don't know EXACTLY what they look like - I at least have a rough enough idea to produce pic related.

PB's Mom has the least ideas behind her for now - I havn't got a good idea for Caimon's mom so nothing to work with. The Eldest has the most ideas behind him - think of him as the Anti-Gnathodelli. PB's bro is basically Motherfucking Garry Oak, mostly for that name pun synergy.


Does she have stealing competitions with her brother?


PB's mom has got it going on.


File: 1476463602000.png (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 1699x1431, familycomparisons.png)

Wow, I'm suprised about the reception.
I'll provide my character reference (pic related) to try and help my answers. Yeah, I'm trying to work on good ideas for Caimon's mom.

They are two peas in a pod. He'd win though, because PB is a scrub 1v1 and needs a team to do what he can do all on his own. He's pratically the opposite of Anonymous: He can do everything, except get a girlfriend.

PB's Mom is a Super Milf - comes with the "My Mother-in-Law is a evil enchantress" territory. Her physical attributes ARE real, and asking will get you killed.

As far as Pb Family is concerned: It's a Bowser and the Koopalings scenario. They ARE related, Nobody knows who or where the father is, and don't question it if you know what's good for you.

Yeah that means PB's Mom has had SEVEN kids. I'm only showing 3 because I'm comparing to Caimon's Family - so in other words, I'm comparing to people who will ACTUALLY SHOW UP for PB. PB's Mom probably wouldn't visit, however, but could probably have some connection to why Leo is essentially PB's babysitter.


Soumds like the perfect broken family if you were going for that


File: 1476644320337.png (Spoiler Image, 152.63 KB, 325x817, wildgobbos.png)

Well, These ARE Pb's relatives. Values dissonance is a given, and they probably enforce the fact that PB is a porn character - she doesn't go on adventures, or belong anywhere outside of maybe a brothel. Being in a Rape Dungeon is beneath Mom's expectations and The Eldest can always find her - and kill everyone in the dungeon while he's there - and "casually explain" this to PB. He'd probably also do this when visiting Monstro Towers, minus most the MurderHobo tendencies.

but enough of donut steels for now - gotta work on making Caimon's Mom be a good support character for 4 people. Maybe then I can work on Caimon's dad, which will (later) help me refine the Donut Steels into something more 2D than "These are people PB should never be like".


File: 1476801428036.png (180.89 KB, 741x528, mamamarecage.png)

in other news, I still wish Weaver would do something with Caimon's family, it feels weird to sort of assume what they're like, such as that french is their first language.

I mean sure, Caimon's mom had to raise 3 kids in hickville, so it's a given she'll take none of PB's shit. There's no guarentee, however, on what she'll actually do to correct PB's behaviour.

Although it might be funny for some "old fashioned values get lost in translation" gags, such as:
>Caimon's mom assumes PB is acting up from hunger and proceeds to make her a Giant Gator portion meal, and then make her eat all of it
>Caimon's mom doesn't understand an explanation about PB being salty and ends up putting her in a soup "to add flavour"
>Caimon's mom doesn't understand that PB only accepts discipline spanking if it's from Anon


Also, I've officially given up on Caimon's dad supporting anyone outside his own family. I can imagine Caimon's mom doing it - mostly because Caimon has to inherit her attitude from someone - but Pappy is too silent for me to actually do anything solid with. Same for the Grandparents - I REALLY doubt they come over to the Tower for anything except for Caimon's birthday, because old age and a belief Caimon's not gonna find a guy with the entire family breathing down her neck constantly.

Fortuantly, the attempts to draw him at least gave me a idea on PB's dad - in that I should make him the opposite of the stoic Pappy - and how fucked up I should consider making any grandparents: It has to be more unnerving than implications on Giant Gator traditions.
I consider Drows/Dark Elves to fufill the "this is fucked up" niche of PB Grandparents. This should be more obvious after looking at Eldest and why he is essentially a supernatural murderhobo.


File: 1477586987645.png (Spoiler Image, 355.33 KB, 744x840, danbackslide.png)

more Donut steel stuff. Honestly, I feel bad about drawing PB's dad, simply because I now have to justify something terrible happening to him in order to seperate them. But the good news is, I can always come up with something to justify him not being dead, and so he can eventually turn up and thouroughly embarass her by showing everyone PB babyphotos or something, because PB needs someone in her family that gives a shit about her.


So the dad is a incompetent villain and the mom is a competent one, how did that relationship spawned that many kids?


File: 1477947999689-0.png (Spoiler Image, 326.36 KB, 1036x1281, gobbosfamilytree.png)

File: 1477947999689-1.png (Spoiler Image, 368.69 KB, 835x517, typesofdarkelf.png)

I wouldn't say they are ALL his kids, since this IS PB's Family - although since I'm comparing to Caimon's family here, I'd say he'll be responsable for three of them (still wip). Remember: PB's Mom is essentially Lady Venus, she can pick and choose men as she likes - meanwhile any sane man isn't going to say no to the 10/10 Eternal Goblin MILF if she wants to fuck you and produce a heir for you, even if she is the Herzkönigin and has a awfull personality.

However, I'll say this: PB's Dad is almost certainly the guy who put a stop to the inheritance scheme (at least for a while). It probably wasn't intended, but let's say PB liking tall, green oblivious idiots follows an old saying: the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Also, since I'm posting this Wip to a relevant question - which contains all my current DONUT STEEL ideas, even ones that arn't relevant right now - AND it is halloween, I might as well talk spooky about the idea I mentioned about Drows. See, Elves ARN'T pointy-ear humans - they are more like spirits, or ghosts, but the best way to describe Drows is they are like Aku from Samurai Jack - Eldritch Shadow-like creatures that enjoy your suffering. With Humans being Golem builders, however, you can create a interesting scenario: Elves war with humans, Humans curse Elves with the unkillable meme of humanity, Elves become pointy eared humans over the eons. Drows, desperate to return to their Eldritch roots and terrorize the lands again, do unspeakable acts to their Goblins serfs, which allows for PB's Mom to be born. 4 Heroes - Spade, Club, Hearts and Diamond - cast down Der Erlkönig and Goblins are free. If PB ever visited the local Library, she could know a interesting fact about one of them.

Sorry for long post, will post more fun-related halloween pics later


File: 1477952958610.png (95.52 KB, 664x250, halloweenhijynx.png)

alrighty, happy halloween everyone, sorry for taking up so many posts this month

I was going to go along with the previous Calender Girl suggestion and use Caimon October to my advantage, but seeing as how I succeeded in derailing myself from the simple task of "Just draw Caimon doing stuff", I'll probably just switch back to posting silly things whenever they get done


File: 1478431008920.png (121.17 KB, 681x834, 1478228097483.png)

Remember that Weaver has other stuff too.

But while we're on the subject, Undertale style game where instead of befriending monsters you seduce them.


I'd much rather have an Animal crossing style game.



I'm fine with either.


File: 1478454353312.png (Spoiler Image, 88.95 KB, 521x421, pbseductionroll.png)

it'd have to be done well, since Undertale likes to break meta, so it'd break the harem/porn logic often

also have some PB



Too much Princess, not enough Bitch.


Boy those are some tasty pubes


File: 1478527427381.png (42.91 KB, 220x229, mynameisleoandihateeverysi….png)

>not enough bitch

this reminds me of that one copypasta



You mean the one where Weaver himself explains that Bitch is a cunt?


No, I mean the "this is me and my bitch" one, which PB would likly not appreciate due to the punne, or play on words


File: 1478892379963.png (108.83 KB, 709x724, gobocomparison.png)

you know, I'm suprised people just sort of immedeatly assume PB is a huge cunt without asking themselves what level of cunt she is, exactly, and how they should deal with it.

Oh sure, she IS a bitch - I mean, it's in her name, and if I compare her to the only other goblin in town, she is literally completely different, so there is enough evidence of that - but Grift is also considered a loser by everyone, so that sort of makes it look like PB is a failure to society by comparison - I mean, at least Grift has etched out a somewhat dubiously-honest living. PB has pratically failed to define her own life and flip-flops between "I want to adventure" and "I want to stop getting raped", and just sort of exsists without having any real friends or family to rely on.

Nobody has considered if, say, Goblin Culture is a fusion between Pathfinder and Discworld Goblins, and that the reason PB acts like a spoilt twelve-year-old is because Goblin Adulthood actually STARTS at 12 in Pathfinder.

Nobody considers that Goblins die at 40 in Pathfinder, and PB, looking somewhat 20-ish, might have literally wasted her life being someone/something else's plaything and could be VERY bitter about this state of affairs by now.

And nobody considers the cultural overlap - in that there are so many legends of goblins being under demons or elves or evil overlords - that PB might have a EVEN WORSE reason to be a huge cunt and "she was born to be one, don't question it" is possibly one of the worst outcomes you could come up with.


File: 1480242302736.png (138.94 KB, 364x432, beachwaterbed.png)

…okay, well that wasn't what I expected to find after taking a real art break.


File: 1480709607232.png (30.55 KB, 182x230, aguachristmas.png)

also it's december already, so it's time for festive drawings


Oh, my~
That is super comfy looking.
Good work.


File: 1480934822190.png (171.84 KB, 800x1069, plantedatthedesk.png)

>Weaver posting monstro stuff on his tumblr


boop, colours


thank you

I'm also going to point out - while it is festive season - that 12 days of christmas can happily co-incide in monstro towers, because there ARE 12 girls, who will probably give you a gift each.

Although you probably shouldn't explain the song lyrics to them, because if they somehow get past who anon's "true love" is going to be (they won't), they'd probably wonder what anon is going to do with 12 pear trees, where the 5 gold rings are coming from (PB would probably steal the same set over and over and hope anon doesn't notice), why half the song involves different kinds of bird (and how Paula is going to sort out the phone calling bill), and a very long pause to consider what exactly the 8 maids are milking


>why half the song involves different kinds of bird (and how Paula is going to sort out the phone calling bill)
Paula just keeps inviting harpies over. Just harpy after harpy. An entire goddamn flock.


actually it'd be pretty funny if Paula just invited the majority of her home town over for christmas (I'm running on the assumption Paula is in Monstro Tower for the education accessable location)

Just to have them do silly things like perch on the tower roof or all gather on a electric line so it droops dangerously low or just go carol singing together (they ARE birds)


>Paula is in Monstro Tower for the education accessable location
You'd think a harpy wouldn't need to worry about location and traveling.


well, flying several miles to college and back every day doesn't sound very fun and I doubt she can just hitch a ride on a passing airplane.


Very true.


File: 1481868978559.png (567.3 KB, 1280x1017, 7576c7a7ac758aa8f65a4326c4….png)

Look what Mangneto made for Weaver's birthday!


hey that's really nice



It's Weaver's birthday? Well shit.


File: 1482112240087.png (309.91 KB, 768x1024, betterlovestorythantwiligh….png)

its a ungodly hour and I've read too much of A Friendly Orc's Daily Life

send help


What is this?


File: 1482157625096.png (475.53 KB, 600x800, IREFUSE.png)

you mean the drawing?

It's what happens when at some ridiculous timeframe I have a sudden idea - that is, if a relationship with PB would degrade into hentai dialogue, I might as well pick some quotes or a decent series for the humour - and then remember that OrcxElf comic that sometimes makes the rounds

It's actually a pretty good comparison - PB probably would act up just to test you, considering PB is apparently used to hentai porn situations, not normal vanilla relationships. Don't ask me if you pass or fail the test by resisting just fucking her.

if you mean the comic I shamelessly traced over for the joke, just google search the name I posted. for reference, it's pic related


File: 1482411904472.png (167.64 KB, 800x439, fourbirdsacallingforyou.png)

oh right, before I forget due to arguing over a bad joke, I actually doodled something for >>16346 conversation

unfortunatly I have no originality whatsoever when it comes to bird characters

merry christmas everyone


i-is that a Cheerie I see?


File: 1483010944065.png (78.36 KB, 667x706, BUNGEEGUM.png)

>Weaver posts stram results on tumblr

boop, colours


File: 1483115890349.png (88.22 KB, 800x595, gillouaggressivlyapproache….png)

boop, more colours

I used to wonder why Gillou went from "awkward lonely girl" to "unintentially intimidating" untill I remembered Weaver used to draw PB and Gillou hanging out together

Honestly it says a lot. After all, Gillou's background is that the Nymphs she is supposed to guard are innocently neglectfull at best. But Gillou doesn't feel so excluded in the Tower she has to leave, even when hanging around PB.

It's likly PB is giving advice on how to be direct with Anon, and in exchange Gillou protects PB from her urge to punch the shit out of whichever Nymph really dishes out the nasty insults at Gillou


File: 1483196146523.png (92 KB, 453x573, agouacactus.png)

sorry for rambling on and taking up so many posts by myself

but I just realised it's gonna be 2017 soon

so happy new years


Oh it's allright, i don't think anyone really minds around here


File: 1483391270606.png (408.05 KB, 1553x1609, supporting cast.png)

fun facts - I was going to do a small fun thing of looking around for support characters to prop up the tower girls or their visitors so that a normal life could be effectivly lead

like, haha what if Leo's mom was that crazy fucking lady demon and that's why he travels and REALLY doesn't want to stay in town for too long, or hey wouldn't it be great if you can break any eye magic stuff Leo is doing just by pointing out his girlfriend is over there, and then watch him run like hell?

several tumblrpages of monstergirls later and it turned into this huge clusterfuck, and I havn't even tried to include things like shopkeeps or various other around-town people

send help, this was supposed to be a SMALL thing



>Gnathodeli sniffing out that Paonne is male

Why haven't I thought of this shit?


Good show, my friend.


File: 1483881162570.png (97.68 KB, 489x464, Slendergob2.png)

Thanks. For this new years, I'm going to try and get cracking on the problem of Leo and Puck. The problem being: PB isn't exactly going to have a normalish life - the entire point of the series - with them coming around and fucking up the effort to keep PB on the straight and narrow, or at least out of jail. So I'll need to come up with ways to distract or get them out of the way for a little while, hence why there is a lot of Leo-related support characters on the thing - he is defined by his physical strength and manipulation ability, so having lots of characters that can keep one or the other, in some cases both, in check will be a situational advantage Anon will have. Example: Anon could always make it so Leo gets a gym membership, and since Leo IS the physical kind of guy, you can at least make it a 50/50 if he is in town to pester PB or work out.

As for why Leo gave up his dungeon boss gig to basically babysit PB and plant ideas in her head, I already have a decent enough reason: Leo was offered a job for life, and he accepted it -entirly- of his own free will. Pic related.


File: 1483922377951.png (220.38 KB, 800x696, PBSLOWTHEFUCKDOWN.png)

Weaver updated his tumblr with more monstro stuff

here's a topical colour that shows why Anon should drive and why PB should never, ever be let behind the wheel except under dire circumstances


>except under dire circumstances
ESPECIALLY under dire circumstances!
She's bad enough when she's NOT in a hurry!


File: 1484000413424-0.png (68.33 KB, 422x449, pbmondaymornings.png)

File: 1484000413424-1.png (80.65 KB, 532x611, MayorofLazytown.png)

File: 1484000413424-2.png (140.04 KB, 749x768, gillou remaster.png)

she probably has https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgu3G-gYxME on the radio at all times when driving

At least she won't have the green hill sanic ear rape song on when going 100 MPH over the speed limit of 30

also here's a bunch of colours. Oh, the Gillou one was already done about 4 years ago, but I decided to do it again in my new and improved colour schemes


She needs loud music to drown out all the screaming.


That's probably Leo

Its the downside of being able to put your thoughts in the heads of others, sometimes "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" is the only thought that comes to mind

PB takes it as a cue she's not driving fast enough, because she can still hear it and it's really loud. She probably wouldn't be driving fast enough even if the car was on fire and currently flipping off the road because it's being put into her head but hey, what can you do


File: 1484144054458.png (86.45 KB, 715x289, ZERO DUBS.png)

Now, now. PB is a perfectly fine driver - when it comes to getting ahead of everyone else, stopping to cheat, and then falling right into her own trap, she learned about driving from the best possible person

it's just a unfair presumption to consider her definition of driving is the same as the legal definition of driving, which is slow and boring and doesn't involve pouring nails onto the road




File: 1484244373056.png (456.37 KB, 1440x900, nat20stealth.png)

Yep, that's the spirit. I'm not kidding when I say I'm almost tempted to just draw more Pb's Dad and little PB stuff simply for that sort of sillyness.
It's the dastardly duo dynamic that really sells it for me - Dick Dastardly/Mutley, Teisel Bonne/Tronn Bonne, Krunk/Yzma - all those examples are the sort of dynamic I'm aiming for, simply because PB needs more love. Also, 12 year old Tomboy PB playing the straight man will never not be funny to me.


File: 1484406840021-0.png (250.67 KB, 772x499, caimonpappy.png)

File: 1484406840021-1.png (257.6 KB, 772x581, dadoftheyear.png)

oh right, I promised to actually work on Caimon's family alongside the Donut steel autism I occasionally induldge in to try and make PB more fun/understandable

Welp, have both dads.

Honestly Caimon's dad is actually super hard to make stuff around because he's stoic. He'd work better if you could see his internal monologue to what is happening around him, but I'll play with the hand I've been delt. I instead try other ideas, such as his accent is so thick that even if he did talk to you, you wouldn't understand him for long anyway, and re-working some cliches like - would a giant alligator need a shotgun? I mean, giant alligators are armoured targets. So I gave him a Anti-Boyfriend Bazooka instead of a traditional redneck shotgun to pull out of the comedic hyperspace pants. Nobody is touching his only daughter.

Also fun facts, I created PB's parents based on the poem/literature Der Erlkönigs Tochter. I tweeked the story a little, but the basic narrative is still there. Otherwise, PB does sort of need someone who can point out the good points in her, and since my idea of her dad is basically "they probably traveled all over for about 4 years", there might even be room to ask: Has PB visited Monstro Village before? Would there be people who remember her being a cheeky little shit and ask what happened to make her so bitter? Do they have any previous "criminal" record there as to all the super silly stuff they got into when they were there? Does PB have any actually happy memories tied to the place, which is why she's reluctant to just staight up leave the Tower and never come back?

gotta keep the doors of the future open


File: 1484503228277.png (57.59 KB, 876x679, tumblr_ojp828Psrd1r5h2ogo5….png)

Wet gator.


How big is her dick?


File: 1485277182373-0.png (66.54 KB, 351x462, Slendergob.png)

File: 1485277182373-1.png (418.04 KB, 980x826, superpredator.png)

oh yeah, I had more images of goblin edgelord

Honestly, while I made him to basically be Preditor to Gnathodeli's Alien, I think he's probably closer to Sniktbub in function: He's really good at what he does, and what he does isn't very nice. But he is a good substitue for anything violent PB cannot do - or is no longer acceptable for her to do - in the context of Monstro Village, like beat up Anonymous when he doesn't deserve a beating.

His main job is to hunt down Drow aberations, and any serial reincarnators from The Erlking's court. His dad is probably one of them. (Elven Immortality comes in a lot of varieties)

His second job is making sure nobody goes near the Erlking's resting place. Especially not people who might free him from being a evil tree. (Elven Immortality comes in many odd flavours)

His third job is making sure PB hasn't died yet and, in the event she is still a weakling, provide suitable encouragement to get stronger.


He looks aroused on the bottom left


File: 1485702781227.png (34 KB, 892x445, THECYCLE.png)

Yep. Consider what would excite a professional murderhobo.
Remember: The scary part about Eldest ISN'T that he's a sociopath who could kill everyone in town if he really wanted to. It's that if PB was actually good at surving in the wild, she'd be just like him. Sometimes, you'd even see the similarities. Eldest is the cause and answer to half of PB's violence problems - the unnacceptable violence that PB wouldn't be allowed to do in Monstro Village, but WOULD out in the wild.

It's what makes PB interesting: she has two types of support characters, and one side supports her Monstro Village settling and the other supports her porn and adventure lifestyle, and reasons vary and some characters could flip sides under the right circumstance.

Take Melchior. He owns a brothel, so you'd think he'd automatically support her porn lifestyle because he'd benefit in the end, right? But privatly, he's a sofy, and if someone like PB could be happy - for example, let's say she gets married and has kids with Anon like some steriotype fairy story - he'd probably cry like a baby that something good happened to someone who needed it. He'd end up in a interesting dilema where he MUST ensure his demonic reputation stands, but also give enough wiggle room and loopholes that everyone is so suprised PB managed to transend the porn lifestyle deal and go on and live free, that they don't even look twice at Melchior because he made all the right moves.


>that cycle.


File: 1485965454275.png (48.64 KB, 643x749, thicc.png)

Yep, PB's life revlolves around "PB needs more love" and "PB can never catch a break".

In other PB related problems, I realised I have no idea how much she'd actually eat. There's actually very little solid stuff on the subject of goblin diets, except for "They either eat a lot or very little".

It's easy enough to imagine PB being super picky about her food, and it is also easy enough to imagine PB just hogging all the food just to deny it to anyone else, So I tried to just work out her weight and go from there.

Basically, It's highly likly PB has been eating Giant Alligator portion food, and Caimon never questioned it untill Anon does not eat as much and PB ends up stealing his leftovers. I honestly have no idea how PB loses weight so fast and why she hasn't died of hunger yet, but I'm okay with it since I can now joke that PB is more likly to break chairs than Caimon.


There's the possibility that goblins have crazy high metabolisms.
It'd answer a few of the food questions.


File: 1486155852060.png (79.08 KB, 676x232, valentine'sday.png)

Well, That's true I guess. However, it's likly PB also doesn't eat properly, so I dunno.

PB probably doesn't eat three meals a day. 1/3rd of 42.5 is 14.16. 14 pounds of food as a square meal is much easier to hide because, well, PB lives with Caimon. So she at the very least is guarenteed 1 square meal a day, but no guarentees for when that happens. I assume PB just scrounges up the rest by buying from shops, going to Joes or rummaging in Cargonia (There are sailors in Monstro Town, so there has to be a port of some kind, and thus a cargo bay full of freight to move), basically doing everything short of just eating smaller monsters

But it'd still be funny to, I dunno, just cruise up to a drive through and PB just comes out with two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda. She'd even eat all of it. And probably take some of yours if your not watching out.

Also, Valentines Day is coming up soon, so now is a excelent time to consider that maybe a box of chocolates won't actually be enough for some of the monstergirls, unless they are very large boxes.

I am a dummy for not realising the most obvious clue to Anon's name all this time. I've just been calling him Ace of Hearts to give myself a foundation for doodles, and I never really thought about the implications.


>just cruise up to a drive through and PB just comes out with two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda
She ordered you a kid's meal, but she wants the toy.

>Valentines Day

Anon's gonna be busy.


File: 1486322401704.png (1.35 MB, 1305x1513, overalstoryarc.png)

>Anon's gonna be busy

There is an old saying, that every dog has his day.

Anon will certainly do what he must to ensure that the nice atmosphere in the Tower doesn't become too toxic, because that is what the narrative demands he do regardless our personal waifu choices.

However, love stories do need a guideline on how they should go, so here is mine. This way, when a date is neccessary and the waifu asks: Anon, will you be my Valentine? the responce can be: will you be mine?


>tarot cards
That's a good way to summon a demon, anon.


File: 1486481830373.png (175.15 KB, 1040x692, Chapter 1 - Tower Trials.png)

It's a good job there are already some quite nice ones in Monstro Village then.

But seriously, it's just a story narrative for me to follow that is vague enough to be anything and yet specific enough to have a theme for Chapters (or - at what point in the story am I).

So Ace would be Chapter 1, which would be the introductory period. Basically, here are probably all the characters that would appear in Chapter 1, and even then it's likly the Ace Themes would appear - So Anon can basically be shown how the tower is a nice place and nice people live, and he doesn't have to sneak around Anonymously to avoid people, but it can also show the other themes of how the girls are likly supressing their own emotions in order to "play it cool", and basically make a good first impression so they don't blow their chances with Anon instantly. Also, "Blocked or Repressed emotions" is a excelent descriptor for Dewbon.

Chapter 2 would probably be introduction to the girls relationships proper, in how they related to each other and interact with eachother and setting up how they project onto Anon in various ways, Chapter 3 is about who in town they interact with and who visits them and how they react to Anon, and so on and so forth

so long as it fits the theme of a chapter you could basically come up with a decent enough reason for anything. For example, currently I am brainstorming how to get more interaction with Meara - Chapter 3 context -, and I thought: what if I use Illistere, who originally was going to be in the Tower, but Weaver replaced by Meara, as a friend?

That way, I could present Anonymous sneaking off with a suitcase to Melchior's place in the red light district and play up what it LOOKS like Anon is doing for laughs, and then I can make what actually happens even more hilarious, because "Anon has a tea party with monster and demon strippers while being hit on by a magical drag queen who is raising Paonne to be a man/woman/whatever" is completely unbeleiveable and would be met with "Sure Anon, now tell me what you REALLY did in the STRIPPER NIGHTCLUB with THE SUSPICIOUS BREIFCASE YOU BROUGHT WITH YOU"


Here's a question.
Living with so many different species, would you have to learn about their biology?
Like what common allergies there are for Veronica's species? Does Agua actually need to eat? How do you help an alligator with a toothache?


I would say yes, your probably going to spend a bunch of time in the libary and on the internet learning what you can and can't give them, like Meara is a spider so don't give her coffee unless you want her REALLY drunk

1. It depends entirly on what type of lizard species Veronica is

2. Agua does need to eat, I'd recomend following any guide on how to take care of a cactus - i.e don't overwater a cactus, because they can actually drown from absorbing too much

3. Very carfully.


File: 1486929193893.png (Spoiler Image, 142.61 KB, 800x622, wosyettitjob.png)

>catch tailend of weaver stram
>more monstro village stuff on the way

okay then, gotta clear the colour backlog


warning: nsfw


I think you're being a bit too literal, anon.
I refer you to >>15463 and >>15762


File: 1486994450681.png (220.24 KB, 1185x1193, 1418015020288.png)

Are you saying that you wouldn't be careful when helping a big, toothy lady like Caimon with her toothache?
Because that's what it sounds like.


File: 1486995229811-0.png (159.36 KB, 800x694, caimontv.png)

File: 1486995229811-1.png (194.28 KB, 781x627, GillouRusalka.png)

boop, as promised I coloured some of the new stuff on weavers tumblr


Weaver's chests and bellies are so damn attractive.
Don't you just want to rest your head on them?


File: 1487015257307.png (239.65 KB, 718x905, arachnaephobia.png)

yes, yes I do. It's why I moved those two pictures to the top of my colouring queue.

You might not notice, but Gillou is actually slowly absorbing the pool she's bathing in to gain that figure

also just colouring more weaver tumblr monstergirls


>soft, warm, snuggly monster bellies
Who even needs a mattress?


Being gentle is probably not a viable approach to dentistry for people as big and dentally well-endowed as Caimon.
I've only had teeth removed as a child and even back then the dentist had to use quite a bit of force.

Splendid work on the Gillou picture.
She needs more love.


File: 1487029244728.png (113.15 KB, 455x381, xxxlsubwaybestship.png)

The monster girls, probably. I doubt most of them can lay on their own bellies.

its like double comfy if the monster girl is also comfy

ty, I knew the instant I saw it on stram I had to colour the gillou picture ASAP because it was SO GOOD

I hope Weaver senpai notices it

also for valentine's day, I colour the best ship and tell everyone I reserve the right to colour >>16451 like a glam rock star




File: 1487035295527.png (95.86 KB, 758x629, tumblr_oladix80za1r5h2ogo2….png)


I want to watch Gillou slurp up water through her puss puss.




File: 1487059631443.png (485.25 KB, 1064x844, drider.png)

>glam rock spider

actually I've been needing a reason to make Meara more actually relevant than "puck pest controll"

turns out being secret and depending on Anon alone to build her character makes her very hard to actually do anything with

also since we are apparently talking bellies, I do have a relevant pb thing I could post, but it's based more on the possible pregnancy size mentioned in >>16433

does anyone wanna see it anyway or


>does anyone wanna see it anyway or
Of course.


File: 1487085152385.png (Spoiler Image, 247.17 KB, 2439x314, fivestagesofpregnancy.png)

alrighty. It's a bit big because, well, Goblin pregnancy is a wild ride. Also, it doesn't help that my immedeate idea for how PB pregnancy ends is The Loud House

lets see if it actually fits the image size


>Her head/puss puss hair slowly growing


longer hair is a integral part of the MILF effect

The other part being tits and ass remaining thicc


File: 1487100178134.png (133.69 KB, 758x629, aguaambush.png)

boop, colours

This thread has seen a huge spike in activity recently


File: 1487111347355.png (190.61 KB, 900x1525, gillou_2_by_chongothedrawf….png)

Fucking sweet!

All true!

Ain't it grand?


File: 1487115155734.png (665.78 KB, 1411x1695, theerlking.png)

alright, since we apparently are contributing today, guess I'll post a donut steel I've been working on and talking about for some time, but never actually got to post about

Weaver has expressed interest in creating some fucked up looking monsters on his tumblr, but they might not fit into Monstro Village, so I'm just creating a enviroment they might be used in for later, like the drider I posted earlier.

The king of elves. He's one of the four old kings, alongside the king of Monsters, the king of Angels, and the king of Dragons. He's a evil tree. He has ExDeath's origins crossed with Aku's 1000 years of ruling a evil future angle. His Elf immortality sucks - he's immortal only if he doesn't move, because HES A TREE. So he compensated for that by basically invading people who had magical artifacts that could be easily stolen - like magical grails - and then hoarding their gifts for himself and his court, so that they, the chosen ones, could live forever in decedance while everyone else suffers.

It turns out pissing off people who can literally talk to different dimensions for advise on how to fight Elves was a bad idea. Sure, he's a shapeshifting physial god who can't be killed if he just stands still, but that doesn't help him when people figure out that since he started as a evil-SEALING tree, and the erlking himself is 1 fused evil spirit instead of the original however many, all they have to do is seal him in his own tree body forever.

I'm sure the seal will never break and that his flunkies won't have resurrected by now - several times over depending on their immortality - to try and bring back their king and with him the good times they had being utter bastards at everyone elses expense


But has he turned into a female to have sex with fools?


>Turns into a literal semen demon
>Dates anon for months
>LOTS of sex
>Dates anon for years
>Eventually they marry
>One night in the middle of sex he finally turns back


File: 1487120330561.gif (Spoiler Image, 294.77 KB, 512x409, AkuGreatFlamingEyebrows.GIF)

One bad dude.
But he doesn't have GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS!


Because for once there is activity that isn't just the ravings of a certain someone.


File: 1487167884755.png (542.33 KB, 1139x959, leostory.png)

He's a Dark Elf. If there is some act of Hedonism, it is highly likly he has done it, possibly in a way to drive someone to suicide or maybe just for kicks

well, he'd be too much of a aku rip-off then. He probably leans more towards Exdeath in that regard.


Also I suppose I should just say that making antagonistic characters is a dangerous buisness for a supposidly comfy setting that is Monstro Village, so here's a list I'm using

1. PB is basically a false threat, in that there is nothing she could do or say that won't have consequences and basically she'd have to be a uber retard to be anything other than pissed off

2. Leo is a dick, and borderline antogonist because he could easily fuck up your comfy life with his power. However, I think Anon himself can ONLY be effected by Projection - pic related - so you can spell it out that if Leo tries to controll you, your going to teach him why you don't fuck with Anonymous.

3. Melchior gives me some Hello Neighbour vibes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziaf3RrG80U). He's classic demon material, but he does help the town in his own way - It's better the devil you know, than someone who wouldn't fuck around with burning the town to the ground.

4. I created Eldest to represent how fucked up being a wild murderhobo for who knows how long would actually be. He's basically unable to live normally in civilization, prefering the life of a hunter that tracks down those worse than himself and rips them to shreds, possibly at the request of his mom

5. Eldest's Dad. Hey, I said The erlking's flunkies have their ways of reviving. His is that whenever you remember him, or even think about him at all, he can manipulate your mind. Even when he's dead. Appearances, memories, thoughts and feelings, all these things are at his mercy, and he doesn't DO mercy, unlike his son who can at least understand the concept of restraint.

6. The Erlking. He's a ancient evil, of cource he's the worst on this list. It's sort of why I made him - so that everyone can have a reminder of how bad someone can actually be. Possibly will die like exdeath.


File: 1487170849424.jpg (49.86 KB, 514x536, 1479063468015.jpg)

Does Weaver even visit anymore.


No, because this one autistic pederast homonculus has taken over the thread.


File: 1487188119006.png (Spoiler Image, 101 KB, 555x291, RUNPUCKRUNVERYFAST.png)

actually, speaking of leo being a antagonist/rival

I realise Puck has gotten very little notice

I'm pretty sure Puck is a jerk mostly because PB is mean to him (sometimes rightly so) and because he hangs around Leo (genuine bros), and he doesn't actually interact much with most people on his own (he's probably around either PB or Leo)

Obviously he's gonna have to interact with Anon sooner or later and, depending on how much of a jerk he is to him, he might have to learn the hard lesson that somone the size of your palm shouldn't antagonise a man who knows a basketball sized spider that is in his room.

And may or may not be currently behind Puck. And not wearing anything.

Does he want to talk about his issues to Anon now or take his chances with the big titty spider

also because Puck can shrink people - possibly just by making them match his size -, it's highly likly Meara COULD be convinced to be more co-operative to Puck's problems. Meara being the big spoon for Anon would be a change of pace


File: 1487194966821.png (616.81 KB, 2087x3177, gillou_bikini_by_chongothe….png)

I can't help but notice that you keep complaining, but post no content.
I'll take a poster with content and ideas over a whiny pissant with no content any day, no matter how odd the former's ideas are.


>Meara mawshot
Didn't know I wanted this.


File: 1487198613311.png (21.36 KB, 219x192, pucksfacewhen.png)

It was the first thing I thought of when I realised the height difference between Puck and Meara

However, I don't really want fear and web bondage to be something to keep Puck in line, because that fear is Meara specific. Instead, it would be better for Puck to think of Anon as a legend.

So, let's say that Puck's mini/shrinking spell does work on Anon. He'd probably have to be around for the spell to continue functioning or be dispelled by Puck. Therefore, the best way to win Puck's respect is to take this chance to hit on Meara, someone who Puck would instinctually be cautitious about due to being a tiny winged thing.

Unfortunatly for Puck, this means he'd probably have to be there and watch you two go at it in various make out session styles, such as Paula style, PB style, Caimon style, Veronica Style and Dewbon style.

But maybe if Puck was a good boy and helped Anon more often, He'd put in a good word for Puck and Meara COULD consider letting him do more than just watch, since he's proven to be ever so helpfull and all…

PB would probably be instantly suspicious of Puck actually being more helpfull for some reason from then on, but thems the breaks


This is all assuming that Puck doesn't develop a fetish for voyeurism.


>various make out session styles, such as >Paula style
Enthusiastic, but inexperienced. Kinda sloppy.
>PB style
Rough. Primarily wants to satisfy herself. Will call you names afterward.
>Caimon style
No lips, so lots of tongue. Lound and messy.
>Veronica Style
Lots of touching and stroking. Almost as much tongue as Caimon.
>Dewbon style
Slow, steady, and passionate. Your entire face gets involved.


File: 1487217722337.png (28.37 KB, 365x449, tumblr_olagjfCh0Y1r5h2ogo1….png)

>tfw no Monstro Village Dating Sim that wouldn't involve this sperg in the writing


File: 1487218130464.png (168.44 KB, 900x900, gillou_bikini_by_chongothe….png)

>no content


File: 1487218354023.png (103.19 KB, 903x784, 2ae65205feec972a5e336b30a0….png)


>tfw no Monstro Village Dating Sim at all


File: 1487254016869.png (63.32 KB, 763x1091, straightfrompathfinder.png)

Well, he might, but something tells me he'd much rather get in on the action just from what Weaver has revealed about him

I mean, he hangs out with Leo. It is much more likly he fights between "Meara is is a giant spider stay away" instincts and "holy shit look at the size of her tits" personality

If, say, he could get in on that action safely - for example, him and a shrunken anon could have one huge spidertity each to satisfy - He'd probably work towards that goal rather than "I'll stay here and watch Meara and anon go to town on eachother - holy shit did she just put his entire body into her- is anon actually just fucking her from inside- this is the weirdest boner"


File: 1487277197961.png (43.55 KB, 225x229, daddiesgirl.png)

also for anyone not into the meara circlejerk we have going on here's >>15974 done

variety is the spice of life


Man, fantasy falconry is weird.


Yep. It makes for good excerise for both parties though. Paula will only be small enough to have those experiences once in a life time, so might as well make the most of it.

Also Chibi-chaser has done a thing


Man that's a glowy set of genitals
Wonder if she can use them to see in the dark


I love the concept.
She's like a living nightlight.
Imagine making love in the dark.


File: 1487334880788.png (135.23 KB, 1321x389, ITSPOTTERYTHEPOTTENING.png)

I just had a idea regarding pb

in that she's probably get really salty if you paid too much attention to/dated a girl that wasn't her, and probably would "date" (read: force herself onto) another guy as proxy revenge

it would probably end terribly but at least it gives me a reason to use some of the monsterguys Weaver has just lying around waiting to be relevant

Also it allows a secondary relation to anon, in that Leo and Puck can either bend the knee for his help or get wrecked, Paonne made his bed a long time ago and Anon will probably screw him over the moment he slips up on the lesbian act, Polt never gets laid depite really wanting too and is probably miserable because Caimon doesn't help him with PB, Scotch being the most interesting choice simply because if he gets too forward, all Anon has to do is make a phonecall to a cetain someone who will be super pissed off at him


So many characters.
Who's Scotch again?


File: 1487356024749.jpg (157.08 KB, 428x1272, 1450354192402.jpg)

Scotch is the giant yellow rabbit. Was concieved as a character for Femanon, before Weaver realised nobody really wanted to see femanon get railed by monsterboys over anon hoarding his own personal harem. Also, there was no /ss/ candidate so it was bound to fail anyway

However, I'm a stickler for details and, if something REALLY doesn't fit the narative of Monstro Village, then I can put it aside untill I can find a way to make it relevant.

Fortuantly for me, Weaver posted something on his tumblr to say that Scotch does occasionally make runs back and forth between where he lives and Monstro Village, and therefore, I have a small lifeline to a out-of-the-way settlment positioned pricariously around a dimensional rift (another seemingly useless trivia information Weaver released). Therefore, Anon could find out Femanon exsists just by talking to him, or otherwise knowing where Scotch goes and keeping his ear to the ground for relevent information from people who ARE willing to talk to Anon about Scotch, and it'd possibly be easy to find her contact details anonymously and begin anonymous buisness such as anonymous phonecalls, anonymous transactions and anonymous e-mails/internet stuff (they are anons, they will act like anons, everything is anonymous because it's what they are)

This way I have a excuse to introduce the monstero village ship captain and his crew, because then if I get them invovled in this buisness Monstro Village could technially become a town where lots of cargo sits in warehouses to be transported via land or sea, and thus I now have the groundwork neccessary to go on a sea-faring adventure if PB ever decides for a change of pace from regular adventures, and femanon can have be sent excess monsterboys that are just hanging around the town waiting for relevency and has Scotch as a way to quickly get anything she needs from a trusted location she invested in for the purpose of getting stuff quickly

two birds, one stone


I just wanna hot monster to sit on me.


I want Gillou to sit on my lap while we watch a movie together!


Anon, I'm sure it'd be a lovely view, but you wouldn't be able to see the movie.


Well, I guess trying to look through her, the movie will be magnified


I'm fairly certain Gillou isn't transparent.
Gumberry is, but then everything would have a pink filter over it.


File: 1488030799812.png (139.37 KB, 762x618, cardgamesonmonstergirls.png)

boop, colours

mostly just wanted to give Elinda more stuff, she has increasingly little focus because she sort of suffers from the same thing as Gnath, really - it's too easy to focus on the sythe hands that slice through everything over the fact she has wings and can sorta fly, probably sounding like a Half-Life 2 Antlion


File: 1488149758378.png (284.37 KB, 805x763, QueenofAirandDarkness.png)

I realise people might not want to talk at length right now, but I'm having relevancy problems and I'd like some feed back

Basically, I realized one of my donut steels, PB's Mom, could actually fit the role of The Queen of The Night (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP9SX7V14Z4) for a story idea, which is a classic Mozart song where the Queen sings that her daughter either kills the man she loves or she gets disowned.

The dilema itself would be sound enough for good later story character development for PB (does she choose her bad-guy cred or love?), but the problem lies in the narrative relevancy

I mean, first I'd have to build the narrative of PB's life - she was born and cursed, dumped into a school/orphange, proceeded to be a failure to all expectations, became a porn character possibly at age 12 - and then I'd have to build the narrative of her mom - how she was cursed by her father to inherit her father's empire exactly because she fought against it for her freedom, how what happened to her Eldest and Secondborn sons convinced her she had no buisness raising children, and that she is basically a Princess Celestia tier Demi-god complete with the "I miss my [x]" issue - and somehow, I have to come up with a decent way of putting all this across without it being xbox huge wall of text/pannels

basically, does anyone want to know about PB's family past? Would it be relevant to the story to reveal it at all, should I only reveal relevant portions like "PB's Mom did all the magic/horoscoping stuff that is on PB's medical/personal record to decipher exactly how terrible her daughter's future was going to be"? What relevant ideas should I put in reserve, for example do I want to have a Going to the Gala arc for the reveal the Gala is hosted by PB's Mom, and then maybe pull out a small nuclear bomb so everything can go to hell by reminding everyone about the story of Anon and PB going to Monster Vegas and came back with identical rings, one to identify Anon so nobody mistakes him with another anon, and the other because PB just wanted to put a ring on Anon's finger before any other girl got a chance and now gets to gloat, and now it's certain PB's mom is going to notice this and flip her shit, leading to the above dilema?

It's all a big mess and I just wanted to draw some silly pictures for everyone and maybe polish PB into more of a relevant waifu than only-does-bad-things-the-character. Sorry for the long post.



I actually really like your art.


File: 1488566045964.png (25.72 KB, 362x143, babie.png)

thank you

I try my best to vent on a canvas, although some of my ideas just don't come out

Currently I'm trying to make monstro tower girls parents relevent - Veronica and Elinda are probably the only girls who have Parents that live in-town - and also not detract much from what goes on normally

take my PB example, currently I have a pretty strong image of what the right way vs wrong way is for her. It'd be EASY to say that her parents are trailer trash or her fmaily is not worth knowing or completely unpleasent just like PB, but I decided I wanted to take the hard path and maybe make them tragic anti-villains at best.

I just thought that that the image of PB's mom being so… reluctant, to hold her own baby and involve her children in her life simply because of how crazy her life turned out, and how she wants them to take hold of what THEY want rather than what is forced onto them by being involved with her and just… lets her little baby girl go in the hope that one day, she'll be strong enough to take the things she wants in life such a strong yet sad image

I don't even know how to properly go about putting it down y'know


Just take your time.


File: 1488809472462.png (86.29 KB, 493x452, howtobreakacontinentinfive….png)

I will.

As a example of how weird my ideas are: Agua probably comes from a cactus valley in the northern badlands, Elinda has a single mom, Paula's mom is super fluffy, Wosyet technically has two dads, Veronica's parents would be mortified if she dated a human, Gillou's mom is actually THE LAKE, and currently I'm deciding wether I want Dewbon to have two parents or one Patriarch for pottery/mythology reasons, I'm leaning more towards singular Patriarch for simpler weirdness like "Dewbon's old man is actually that huge moutain right over there, no really"


Please! By all means! Expound upon your ideas.
I'm actually curious.


File: 1489071413428.png (108.28 KB, 781x627, tumblr_oladix80za1r5h2ogo1….png)

So do we know enough about the monstro girls to make profiles of them?

Not including head canon stuff.


File: 1489074491498.png (1.9 MB, 1800x3400, Tower Girls pt. 1.png)

Monstro Village Girls in a Tower Girls scenario. y/n?


File: 1489177240749.png (511.07 KB, 1069x837, mostpunchablefaceintheworl….png)

sorry for the long delay, I got busy and explaining my ideas takes a while to sort out in my head

Right, so basically, my problem is I have to remember constantly that this is a romance story. I mean, you have fun with monstergirls, so it shouldn't get too heavy with story or fluff unless it'd bring you closer to one or all of the girls somehow. But my problem is that PB is such a oddity amongst the girls, she slowly becomes the narrative protagonist simply because her being the underdog and overcoming all the psych issues and bullshit hurdles placed in her path is more interesting to read than, say, Paula Veronica and Elinda college girl problems. But I also have to know when to ease of the goblin wild ride and let PB rest so I can have nice, relaxing and comfy stories with other girls for a while. It's a hard balance.

So right now, working on that aim, I am exploring the idea of "acceptable violence". I'm currently using Gnathadeli to frame it. So, Gnath would be the most likly to scratch or bite Anon simply because she has no eyes, and I think of house rules like maybe if Gnath bites too hard she has to wear one of those dog cones on her head. This rule then can apply to the other girls, so if PB bites you SHE wears the cone of shame, if Caimon bites you SHE wears it, and so on and so forth for more and more humourous situations like Anon has to wear it or Meara wears a super tiny one and that sort of thing. It's a fun idea, I should stop there right?

However, unlike the other girls, Gnath included, PB has a history of violence, and so once again I have to devote special attention to her so that I can have a reason for her to attack random people less often now, which basically means CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT ARC OH BOY. It gets a little irritating that PB sort of takes centre stage like this all the time, and I do hope Weaver bothers to give attnetion to issues like this one day

Anyway, so far I've ended up with pic related, who started when I realised a Weaver character would look super smug doing ANY other expression, but has become a sort of wild card Anti-PB character. He's not looking to win, he's not looking to lose, in some cases he just isn't even looking, he's here to wind everyone up with his position and disposition and ESPECIALLY make PB's life worse… AGAIN. Just because he's petty. Spoilers: guess who's going to be punched in the face by PB the moment Anon finds out a legal loophole, like if there was some evidence that PB was anatagonised she could defend herself without risking jail and oh dear, look who just happens to have been recording most of the blatently anatagonistic conversation

I'm pretty sure this is the part where a Anon-PB wild makeout session ending should be implied, possibly just by having PB wear the cone the very next time we see her and Anon having quite a few more bite marks on him, but honestly I havn't really gotten this far yet


File: 1489194175894.png (86.89 KB, 800x568, tumblr_n10sc8Paml1r5h2ogo3….png)

Now what's this about Bitch having this true love curse that keeps her from getting pregnant? Is this something Weaver only mentioned once?


Do you forget or do you choose to ignore things? >>14675

I recently went through bot Weaver's tumblr and these threads. Apart from the ramblings of a certain someone I don't remember seeing anything about any curse.

And here's an awful Gillou scribble to appease >>16483


File: 1489200094839.png (41.74 KB, 500x500, oops my top slipped.png)

forgot the pic


File: 1489504998192.png (197.13 KB, 800x872, tumblr_nmtrlrAmWs1r5h2ogo1….png)


>Princess Bitch with Goblin Princesses insatiable desire to breed

>"Anon, get the fuck over here. Leo won't put out and I'm looking to get triplets."
>Hands you a cup of the Stud's stout and drags you by the collar of your shirt to your room


File: 1489520777723.png (93.17 KB, 593x325, naturedocumentry.png)

Alirght. Finally can sort my fucking shit out. Sorry for the ridiculously long posts latly.

FIRST - Gnathodeli. I'm gonna draw the other girls, PB wait your goddamn turn

Well, Weaver did play around with PB being cursed. It's likely PB probably has accumilated some curses. However, PB is a porn character, so logically she'd need something that would help her fufill that purpose - AND she is also supposed to be part of Anon's normal everyday life, so that something would also need to be removable for the sake of romance/waifuism.

A True Love Curse fufills both requirements and is simple to understand. Anything else gets bogged down by the mountain of awful implications and isn't very simple, at all. Remember: Waifu romance is serious buisness.

THIRD- and this is a long one
No, I havn't forgotten. But the thing is, the sitation has changed, and I need to address those changes. See, the thing is since then Weaver has also confirmed that Narrative is basically what magic runs on. So PB has to have a consistant, if slightly full of holes and not nailed down narrative - from her birth to how she is now living in monstro village - in order to be cursed, or effected by Leo in the first place. And yes all the girls are going to need this treatment, but the difference is their lives are NORMAL - what the story wants and thus allows for more vague ideas - and Pb's life is that of A PORN CHARACTER - which is not normal and thus needs lots and lots of tender, loving care and carefully trying not to retcon or plot hole ANYTHING, all just so that PB can eventually qualify for "normal life" at a much, much later date (the end of the story by this point)

tldr: Weaver wants Anon to be the protagonist, but the narrative constantly beats me up with Frodo tier why-don't-we-use-the-eagles-to-go-to-mordor logic questions involving PB, so I think she's the main protagonist, Anon is the Deuterologist who's job it is to introduce the setting and ask the audience's questions, but who will slowly lose his "protagonist" status as he becomes a normal part of the town.

For example, a narrative question is: Why is PB living in Monstro Towers and not Melchior's whorehouse if she's a porn character? and the narrative answer is: Because Dewbon thwarted the plans of a Greater Demon - Melchior - by also offering her a place to stay when PB had no other choices left. The consequences of this lead to Anon having a guarenteed space in Dewbon's Appartment, as nobody wants to live with PB as a roommate, and because humans have no magic, they have no set story purpose, meaning Dewbon would be the first person to see, hear or interact with him in the story… Which would mean the begining of the story, and thus the begining of our projections.


Sounds good to me.

The story is what you make of it, Anon.
Just keep doing your thing.


File: 1489775421155.png (86.19 KB, 483x287, NOWAYGOBBO.png)

I intend too, but it's a bit irritating that there is so much confusion when it really isn't that neccessary

For example, Narrative Question: How can Elinda hold a Phone with her mantis arms? Answer: Because it's a HANDS-FREE phone. Most people would just be annoyed by the pun, and not consider that lots of monsters wouldn't have hands, so obviously someone would invent a phone that doesn't need thumbs, right? Elinda could still scratch her phone badly, sure, but it's a logic that holds regardless of what is thrown at it.

Also "Anon is not a character", while technically true as a argument (projections arn't characters), probably should be revised to "Anon is HIDING things about his character", because it makes anon more drawable and it fits with Anonymous nature: to hide as much information about yourself as possible. Depending on what I want to do with Wosyet, it's even possible that information on anons identity is "Sacred" - it's supposed to be hidden away and protected, so the story itself might not even be able to touch it (which is why his name is auto-censored in panel 1)

And I've noticed a weird thing accuring lately in that nobody thinks PB, the porn character, would want to fuck Anon, the guy custom-made to be a lady love machine, so have a meme. I mean come on, is it so hard to imagine that PB, who would climb buildings and trees and mountains to get what she wants, wouldn't climb onto Anon's dick given the right circumstances and motivation?


>turning down delicious green pussy
Absolutely, disgustingly plebian.


File: 1490041710066.png (99.21 KB, 402x313, atthegalaaaa.png)

I know right, it's sort of sad that I can basically water down their relationship to meme-shitpost tier instead of actually-cute, semi-beliveable tier

She's probably the only girl with the right build for skateboarding and classical dancing (tango, waltz, etc), would probably be great in paintball or go-karting, there's a high possibility that if you go camping/adventuring she'd end up swoocing right into your sleepingbag

And obviously there's benny hill booking it from trouble to Dance of the Goblins (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lACoAxJkfO8), complete with scooby doo hallway-with-lots-of-doors-and-pillars gag

Also if your interested depending on if PB has the "goblin pregancy" feitsh applied to her like the towergirls gobbo, you probably COULD cheat at cuminflation by having a threesome with Gumberry. I mean, if you put Gumberry smack bang in-between, sooner or later it's just going to be Anon fucking a much rounder PB, and good luck getting your slime back

But oh no, let's just focus on how much of a cunt she is. Because that's fun.
As a final note: I'm extremely glad I mentioned "Wosyet" and "Sacred" in the same sentance because I'm now inspired to create a punny title for her creator:
Sage Goes-In-All-The-Fields.


File: 1490289572778.png (55.88 KB, 566x665, tumblr_o2kbc9yhsW1r5h2ogo5….png)


Because she is a cunt? Granted, I have a Love/Hate thing going on for this cute, yet bitchy, character.


File: 1490291959117.png (28.16 KB, 500x639, tumblr_n1qy96HlpG1ts9xvyo1….png)


>Forgetting about the Stud Brew

Nigga, you gonna cum buckets
Put a life Pearl into a cream pie and make Gumberry a boyfriend


File: 1490387830908.png (72.01 KB, 452x233, manicallaughterintensifies.png)

But the problem is, it's hyper focused on and there's literally nothing else - at least nothing FUN - you can do with her, minus take dangerous steps into autistism/headcanon like me.

It's why I've gravitated towards "PB is at a crossroads in her life, she could come to like/love you or stay a frosty cunt" rather than "PB is a no-fun ultracunt, you can't date her and she ruins everything because I say so". I mean, could you imagine if all Gnatodelli did anytime she appeared was scratch the shit out of Anon, and did nothing else? I'd bet the 3rd or so time it happend people would be fed up of her and would consider just getting a gun and shooting the wild animal that does nothing but maul Anon half to death.

Ultimatly, it should be fun being with the "bad girl" Tomboy of the tower, and not be something like "Anon should save himself the hastle and shoot PB in her sleep"

I dunno if PB can actually cook or brew anything though, except for trouble. But PB is generally the "safe" character when it comes to fetish stuff due to porn character reasons, but there's lots of overlap, like you COULD try and fuck PB when she's shrunken by Puck but that sort of takes Meara's thing, and since Meara has precious little stuff about her anyway you might as well say "Meara's the mastermind behind PB's current sitation right now"

So basically it turns into a threesome between Anon, Meara and a tiny PB, where Meara basically coaches her on what to do the entire time and PB will inevitably become more cum than Goblin when Meara joins in


>Gnath in a cone
I laughed harder than I should have.


File: 1490559509746.png (276.12 KB, 613x862, gobbogob.png)

I try my best. Gnathodeli can be tough to work around since the positive things I can think of for her is pet-related stuff like "Gnathodelli knocks the glass off the table" joke, or maybe Anon buys some rollerskates and a leash and Gnath blasts through town.

I'm trying the same thing with PB too. It'd be super fun for PB to be bitching about how Anon isn't meeting her expectations and it's almost like nobody taught him how to be a man, and then she get's the "brilliant" idea to just train him properly herself, and cue Drill Sargent PB, so show her your warface Anon! No, that's not good enough maggot get down and give her 20!

Also, Equipment Inspection day. Where she actually inspects the shit he'd bring with him out into the wild, and it turns out to be all the Gadgets from Ape Escape. She can understand a stun club and a slingshot but a fucking hoola hoop, really? What the fuck are you gonna do with a net? Where the hell did you buy a extending boxing glove from, ACME? Where the fuck does Anon think she's taking him, to a tropical resort?

Also since this is the 1 millionth time PB has derailed my train of thought, I'm going to make good on my promise to make her the main girl, but no guarentees on if she wins the anonbowl, have a bunch of older PB doodles while I think of a way to destroy PB's happy future


File: 1490572366882.png (222.15 KB, 800x1200, tumblr_n63brlQ0Lf1r5h2ogo1….png)


File: 1490627205387.png (66.1 KB, 500x590, thinnerfemanon.png)

boop, colours


File: 1490900200740.png (118.09 KB, 609x270, thatsterrible.png)

actually thinking of femanon

I'm considering her possibly becoming a irregular visitor like Caimon's brothers or PB's crew (I'll come up with something)

It's struck me as a little bullshit that it's totally fine to have two guys per girl basically waltz in and do whatever and no-one bats an eye, but Anon isn't allowed to have anyone come visit him because REASONS. Also, Anon trying to figure out how the fuck she found him and why she's even here would be amazing to watch, because she COULD be a stranger or someone who actually does know him - that's how Anonymous Society works.

also I'm thinking April 1st should be PB's birthday, simply because it'd suck that nobody would believe her or actually celebrate her birthday, and would make most pranks on her be super-mean if it ruins the birthday party… but it also means she gets to mess with people and do stuff she wouldn't normally let herself do and everyone's just like "oh, it's april 1st" instead of "please arrest PB for carting off 40 cakes"


File: 1491062171064.png (62.4 KB, 332x260, hellodarknessmyoldfriend.png)

happy april fools everyone

want to hear a good joke?

PB being happy and having friends



>Implying I wouldn't attend her birthday


File: 1491241452158.png (41.96 KB, 214x327, paulamama.png)

honestly, I'm pretty sure knowing when her birthday is and actually throwing (and attending) a wild party is probably a step in the right direction

also I finally came up with a idea for Paula's mom that doesn't look ridiculous or top-heavy because of fluff physics


File: 1491331645808.png (307.67 KB, 810x683, videagames.png)

and now for a blast from the past, redrawn



Is this entire site dead?


You get used to it - it only really gets active if 4chan is down

ironically, this thread is the most active thread simply because it's NOT about ponies.


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