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Simply put the number of dice you would like to roll followed by a "d" and then add how many sides you want each die to have. Post rolling requires this in 'quotes' or [Square brackets], and nothing is needed for email rolls.

Email Field Rolling:
You can roll one set of dice from the email field
2d20 in the email field will roll 2 20 sided dice

In Post Rolling:
You can roll up to 5 sets of dice from the post field, each set of dice can contain a different number of dice and a different number of sides.
Rolls can be placed anywhere in the post, they must be put in single 'quotes' or [Square brackets]. You can roll up to 6 sets of dice total
'3d30' will roll 3 30 sided dice.
[5d10] will roll 5 10 sided dice.

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Statues, flowers trees and more!
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The monkey quickly climbs up, snuggling into the warmth of your mane.

To your surprise, the wyvern lets you do so… it is probably a much better and faster flier than you are!

You are barely on when you feel the whole mountain shake from a mighty roar!


Cling to the wyvren and tap it's side, "fly? giddy up? Go down the mountain boy!" I try to encourage it to go.


You cling to it and it starts flying down the mountain, heading down towards the forest…

Near the rocky outcroppings, you see a storm has formed too, but with much more thunder and lightning any pony or gryphon creation could generate.
You see a form rise up from the gulch, a beam of blue energy shooting into the storm, another roar that shakes the island to the very core.
From the mist and rain, the form slowly takes shape.
A moving mountain that spreads it's wings, the thunder illuminating the head of the elder dragon, a giant blue horn sticking out of it's head.
The sheer size of this thing… it has got to be at least as tall as the Canterlot Mountain!

The daddy Maelstrom Dragon has woken up and he is pissed.

You glance out to the bay, and see the Airship is preparing something, a strange crimson glow gathering inside the clouds that hang under the Anvil.


The giant dragon does not fail to notice, spreading it's humungous wings that would cover the sun were it not for the cataclysmic storm it has brewed up over the island already.

The red glow just keeps getting more intense, and the Elder Dragon takes flight!

It is at that moment that the clouds supporting the Anvil suddenly pull back, the weather controlling magic of the pegasi and gryphon on board doing wonders to work at such speeds revealing the source of the glow..
It is a catalyst the size of a tree! You can hardly fathom the magic needed to power up such a thing!

As the dragon approaches, the focused energy in the catalyst rod fires off, all the thunder clouds behind the airship dissipating from the sheer force… Their cloud was not only there to keep out strangers! They've been saving it to act as a cushion so their ship wouldn't turn over after firing!

They had one shot and they have used it well.
The light is so bright and blinding you have to clench your eyes shut, but even then you see the after-image burned into your retina until you blink away.

With a sorrowful roar, you see the Elder Dragon crash into the forest, it's gargantuan body sweeping up several acres of trees from the sheer impact, the ground shaking with a small earthquake as the magic was powerful enough to tear through the hardened scales, twisting them where it warped the sides of the dragon.


Once the dragon has been downed, there is just… a long silence before the rain begins to slowly drip from the sky, as if to mourn.

The gryphon Airship Anvil, now having destroyed their most fearsome foes, no longer has to sit ildly. The giant propellers under it begin spinning more, and the hangar bay opens up, gryhpons and pegasi flying or riding war chariots pouring out, now bent to destroy the only opposing force they have left here.
The pirate ship.

…by the time you get back, the battle between the two ships will have commenced at it's full might.

File: 1476234264174.jpg (277.73 KB, 916x799, 1476158056916.jpg)

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Post Sheets when you're ready.
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>River's Hand
[1d13] [1d13] [1d13] [1d13] [1d13]

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 13 = 13 / Roll #3 13 = 13 / Roll #4 10 = 10 / Roll #5 12 = 12


"Worry not, lad! Galton has enough brains for the three of us. I shall not tell her of the plan until we are absolutely ready. She will enjoy the sudden challenge, I wager. She is one of the Setgetsiin, so not even a mind reader would be able to pry the information from her."

"For now, return to your allies and prepare yourself. I will send the information to you once it's ready."

"I'm taking you to your room, right now. You can't come out until you've grown. Then, I'm going to cast you out."

The face in the horizon and sky turns, stretching into the light until his bulging profile, distorted, lumpy and curving along the bend of the sky until his face consumes the sky above and around you. His face is pitted and mottled, and covered in filth. A hand reaches out from behind and plucks you up. One of the towers spreads outward, like an anthill. Crowley stuffs you into one of the rooms through a half-melting window at the top, into a musty, moldy room, resembling a cell.

River, Zjetya and Renee all go for the deck to replace some of their cards.
[1d13] [1d13] [1d13]
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




[1d13] [1d13]

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 1 = 1


[1d13] [1d13] [1d13]

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 6 = 6 / Roll #3 7 = 7

File: 1504406074745.jpg (651.83 KB, 1988x991, dystopian_megacity_by_simo….jpg)


Old thread: >>683231
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Scrum looks surprised as you easily just scoop up Veta without much effort. "…Aye, that works too I suppose."

You don't manage to accomplish anything other than looking rather pathetic. Eventually you just give in and resign yourself to your fate.


You get settled into your designated rooms, wash up and tuck yourselves in for the night. Despite your long and grueling adventure, you have a comfortable, restful sleep, with barely any dreams that you can remember. The next morning, you awake bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to head off to Alambil. Scrum is the last among you to awake, yawning loudly and rubbing his eyes. "Morning, lads," he grunts as he finishes washing up. "And lasses. Ready fer the trip arkside whenever ye are. How'd everyone sleep?"

You are not as lucky as your other companions, your night being a fevered blur of unclear memories of slightly sinister robotic doctors looming over you, and of intense pain and sickness. By the next morning, however, you find yourself feeling much better, albeit exhausted with a slight headache. You are in a bright white and blue medical room filled with medical posters and monitors. "Good morning, doctor!" a nearby medbot chirps, a perfect silver sphere with a singular blue photoreceptor. It has an annoyingly high, female voice."Your illnesses and ailments have been treated by our expert medical team! You are free to go, and all your belongings can be found at the door! However, please refrain from exerting yourself physically for the next 24 hours! Have a LOVELY day!" You note that despite everything, even your mechanical arms are hurting less than they have in quite some time. The medical team must've done some work on them at some point during the night.


making my way out of the room unusually giddy, i make my way out into the hall, waiting for the others to get ready.

"Never better! With me new ship safe in dock and the cash t'repair her, i'm over the moon."


Pyrite gives a friendly grin to the Diamond Dog, before heading from the rooms to the medical bay. He leaves her there for now, and heads back to his room to get some sleep!

>Time Skip

Pyrite gets up bright-eyed and giddy, much like one might expect from the overgrown colt. He's always been a morning pony, anyways! He does a bit of a morning workout regiment, mostly to just get ready for the day ahead!
"I dunno 'bout y'all, but I slept great! I'm ready t' take a trip t' the ark, yupyup!"


Veta's ears flatten back and her face scrunches in minor pain as the high voice hurts her ears. She knew she didn't want to stay in this room for much longer, or else face whatever sort of 'breakfast' this place has if prior experience was anything to go off from.

Its gathering her things she notices her arms not hurting as much. She briefly looks over them and shrugs, thinking it was just whatever they gave her still working and that her arms will no doubt go back to full pain once it works out of her system. She gets the rest of her things and heads out, giving a casual wave to whatever doctors, nurses, or receptionists she walked past. She heads for where everyone else stayed the night.
"Well…at least I didn't have to worry about bedbugs," she says to herself as the elevator door closes.


"Good to hear, cap'n!" Scrum says jovially as he stretches. "Slept like a log meself."

"Let's get a move on then. Got a big day ahead of us!"

While most of the doctors there are robots, you do pass the receptionist from earlier. She seems relieved to see you in better shape.

You all reunited before heading down to the hangars, where a shuttle is due to take off within the hour. Without much hassle, you pass through the gates and board one of the shuttles. There are a few others on board the vessel with you, but they keep to themselves mostly. After about 10 minutes, there is a rambling announcement from the pilot, and the shuttle blasts off to your next destination.


File: 1504230792156.jpg (249.45 KB, 1000x563, 1497196703898.jpg)


This is the thread for various one-shots relating to the PirateQuest which I run for the cytube group, not to be confused with other quests involving pirates.
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"What's the matter?" Sunshine asks.

Schwartzwelt returns the shake. "Likewise. I'll get to work with picking the fellows I want on your ship, and all the paperwork that'll be. I can't promise you a high-end ship, but she'll be sturdier than any small-fry pirates that try to stop you. I'll throw in a blank mast too, so you can design a jolly roger.

"For now though, you'll have to return to your cell. We need to keep up appearances until I can get all this sorted out. I plan to tell the brass only after you've turned up some results for us. Better to be forgiven than to wait for permission after all. Capiche?"



Cutlass groans. "You're really killing my badass factor here. I had it all planned out!"


Schwartz laughs. "Planning a prison break when I could also just open the door for you? Well, don't keep me in suspense."



"No, I just had a few choice words for someone. But, subsequently having to spend the night here really cuts back on the drama of it all. But," Cutlass sighs. "I suppose I'll do what I must."

"Lead me back to my cell for now, I guess," Cutlass says to Miss Sunshine.


"Mmm, it's a big sea. I'm sure you'll get your chance sooner or later," Schwartz says.

Sunshine bounces down the steps with excitement. "Nice work! I can't believe we're really getting this opportunity. It'll be a big day tomorrow, so you really be sure that you're well-rested, alright?"


File: 1488679149661.jpg (388.83 KB, 1919x1080, screen-8_0.jpg)

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This is a sci fi game using FEMTO. Information on it can be found here: http://pastebin.com/pf0hnWFi
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She cowers slightly, but then meekly nods and disappears through a door. After a minute or two, she returns with a familiar orange cylindrical bottle. "H-here you go, ma'am."

Scrum thinks for a moment. "Hm. Well, I'm no engineer, nor a fighter, but I can pilot a ship just fine. 'Specially the Moonstruck. Know all the secret compartments that Redgrave weren't able to find. Plus, I'd say I'm well connected. I know people what know people, y'know? Can get you into places, get favors from friends of friends." He takes a final swig of his gin and tonic. "Can cook pretty well too, with the right stuff." He shrugs.

A panel opens on the robot, and a third appendage hands you both a small data pad. From the lunch menu, you can choose from the following:
>Caesar salad
>Fruit salad
>Chicken, beef, lamb or vegetarian burger
>Beef rump with mashed potatoes
>Chicken salad
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


test post please ignore



Guys, I am unable to turn on my pc and my default phone net is barely working, to the point where this site loads ~15 min. At least the former was not an issue until today. Can't really play like this, sorry.


Got it, will run in the new thread next week.


File: 1499824717350.png (478 KB, 793x951, soul9.png)


Temporary thread for Soul Quest this evening / any future instances where we can't play on our normal site, post your sheets for the 9th session of Soul Quest
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File: 1502173848850.webm (1.52 MB, 900x720, batjoke.webm)

Pain falls flat. However, as sword starts swinging, Pain grabs onto it, using it's momentum to cannonball into Silver.

Tumble [1d10+1] DC-1 Damage+2

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Fixer fires his magic orbs at Silver.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 6 = 6


File: 1502174029242.png (998.58 KB, 1600x1200, hadou_no_33__sokatsui_by_k….png)

Alexis is hit hard by the sword in her side, sending her flying into one of the remaining pillars as it cuts a wide gash into her side. She reaches down to feel it with her hoof, finding a gaping slide through her right side almost to her navel, which the robe covers.

>"I don't know what this stuff is, but I'm so glad its hard to break." she thinks to herself, before trying Plan B.

"Glavo: Sokatsui!"


Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Satar nods his head as you manage to stand, keeping his eye out over the pillar investigating the battle, "Alright. Looks like it's pretty even out there so far…"

You fire a spell on Pain Train, and the sphere this time forms successfully around his body.
>Inured from Slashing for 5 turns

The sword comes down on top of you, but Aether's barrier protects you from harm as it fails to pass through the shield. You grab it successfully, but the barrier forces you to let go early and you miss your mark on Silver, rolling closer to her but not hitting her
>0/4 still

Silver notices the barrier protecting you, "Huh… what's that?"


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


[1d10] Huge for next time

Roll #1 6 = 6

File: 1499212475979.jpg (615.27 KB, 1024x768, 2383078547_77bc4b8bbb_b.jpg)


The colthunt to find the cursed young zebra who is responsible for the heavy snowfall and ice covering everything around the once thriving zebra coastal city.
Unfortunately, this meant that Curry had to rush to Felfire and the colt and his uncle, heading off through the barren, icy wastes to find the witch doctor responsible.

The journey was hard and unforgiving, but the cave where she dwells was found eventually.
Unfortunately, the cold outside did not leave any room for leaving anyone outside to wait, which turned out to be lucky once the evil enchantress has turned up.
By all accounts, she was more monster than pony or zebra at this point, only voodoo magic keeping her undead form from revealing itself.
However, the power of Felfire's dagger has sapped those necromantic energies and absorbed it, leaving the undead hag to die after the battle with Curry.
The colt, excitedly, rushed outside, only to dejectedly see that the death of the witch has not lifted the curse and the cold was still to persist. His uncle told him it is alright, embracing him in a hug as he said how sorry he was. No one even saw him pull the blade he sunk into the heart of the child, quickly turning it onto his own throat right afterwards.
Still, as Felfire rushed to his side and even as his blood colored the snow around him red, he smiled as the super-imposed cutie mark faded and he saw the snowflakes from the sky disappear. The last one to have fallen landed on his muzzle as he closed his eyes and breathed his last.
However, the dagger stirred with power. It whispered in unspeakable tongues to Felfire, telling her she can atone for every sin and make everything alright. The dark magic left no room for arguments, coursing outwards from the artifact into an eldritch flash.
Once the magic subsided, the colt coughed and breathed again. Felfire felt as if a great weight has been lifted from her soul and the dagger has fallen silent… still, she could not bring herself to get rid of it, her very body aching any time it got too far away from her even in it's dormant state.
All of this obviously made the walk back rather awkward, and the colt, despite all odds, managed to be happy with his entire family gone, knowing he can start anew.
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I'll bow my head.
"In your service, now and forever."


Luna spreads her wings, floating upwards a bit, and you see your mother approach, her horn glowing.
"Present thine horn, Curry."


Raise my horn into position.


She leans hers close until they almost touch, the blue glow from hers spreading over to you…
The glow of her magic turns a pale white, like the butterlfy wings…

While you feel your own magic to be bolstered, and you feel it inside your heart and soul…
You… did it, you became the Guardian of the Moon!
You inherited a part of Princess Luna's magic!
Not only that, but your horn now glows the same soothing blue as hers, not of your own!


I'll feel a surge of pride for a moment, but I can't let that run out of control. I'll smile, though.
Once I'm sure that part of the ritual's over, I'll raise my head.

File: 1492949723510.png (94.67 KB, 1686x620, 1460107572279.png)

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When we last left our hero and her tagalong courier and sharpshooter, they narrowly avoided a class of young donkeys being taken by pregnant mother jenny to visit the minority shrines. Here, the lords of Abeardeen permit the jennies to continue their worship of whatever faith they had before coming to this place. The largest and most active shrine was for Celestia, but they have shrines for all the major pantheons, even a cobweb-covered, ill-tended one for the Doggic Pantheon, which Klava, your sapper, snorts at.

Your options are clear: brave the crypt which no doubt is filled with ghosts of heroes' past, or go above and sneak through the dairy refinery. One way or the other, you've got to get to the skull keep of Abeardeen Fortress.

You know from your scouting that the jenny Cation lives up near the top of it, who was a smalltime performer before, but she rapidly shot up in the world with the smaller audience pool and became an 'idol' - a very popular performer. You were hoping to convince her to put on a show, which would distract all the donkeys so you could sneak out Adel.
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He gives you another squeeze. "It's okay to tell me those things, okay? I want to be here for you. Out there on adventures, I was no good at that stuff, but I've been noble for all my life. These things are more manageable to me than deer cults controlling the weather or demons infesting a shrine. So… talk to me, alright?"


Sniffle again, and then giggle a bit.
"Okay. But just so you know, I have got a lot of questions about courtly manners. And how I'm going to politely ask the chefs to rein it in a little, otherwise I'll never fit in the aisle, let alone the dress."
Smile a little weakly, gripping his hoof softly.
"Do you think, maybe tonight after dinner, we can have a nice talk, just the two of us? We could walk around the garden for a while, or find a nice spot to sit and chat. That'd be good, right?"


File: 1500858833519.png (622.23 KB, 1582x1175, 6Sd1cBL.png)

Taking out his tape, he urges you up against the wall, "Marina, there's no dress I can't make bigger, and what kind of fiance would I be if I cared what you looked like?"

He wraps the measure around your belly, "You've already looked past so much for me – don't you know I've always done the same? I want you to be happy. You're never going to look like they want you to, because you're always going to have fins and lunar jewelry. So don't worry about the dress. I will make it fit you. And tomorrow, instead of princess luncheons, why don't I take you to meet my friends instead?"

It's quite a shift from before. Being the daughter of Mera, you always had to be strong - be the one for others to lean on. It only felt natural to have to support Cumin in all his weaknesses and imperfections. But now that you're in a life totally alien, it's a relief to have someone you can trust to lean on too.


"I… I'd like that."
Smile a little, though I'll inwardly wince at the amount of tape he's spooling out to get around my stomach. When did I get so huge? This just means that, after the ceremony, I'll have to start burning off this gut. Knowing I can count on Cumin like this really puts me at ease, and even though the events of earlier still sting, it's so much less now.
"Still, I really have to ask how you got so good as a tailor! When did you find the time to practice?"


"Well, I was going to have to admit to who my friends were some time before tomorrow anyway…"


The next day, Cumin would take you to meet the "sewing circle" he was a part of here in Manehatten before moving to Autumnsreach. Amongst them, Stella, the dressmaker you met at the great shopping center the first time you visited. It's a relief to be away from judging eyes and meeting ponies who aren't there because of any obligations. You had asked Cumin, previously, for lessons in sewing – and it's a fun activity to bond over, but you quickly turn up hopeless at it. It's one thing to navigate utensils with practice, but the needles are just too small.

As the days passed, it became easier to cast off the expectations of appearances and princesshood. With Cumin at your side, you visited Baldric's fishing pond, and cast off your fancy dress to go for a swim! The three of you laughed as you broke the water with a huge mackerel in tow. Feeling like home again already.

Days swimming by, the two of you spending more and more hours together, invitations out across the sea and many returned. This new life, of forgetting everyone else's expectations and focusing on just your love, seemed so idyllic and peaceful. Perfect. Until one last letter arrived. One that demands appearances and acting. The kind that shrinks your pupils and rocks you to the core, and makes you lean on those close to you.

RSVP for one

Eternal God-Empress of Equestria, Defender of Prance, Germany, Great Bridle, Poneland, Lethuania, Snowborder, Crystalheart, Grand Duchess of Everfree, Overlord of Witherloo, Holy Successor to the Imperial Throne of Trotantium, True Ruler-In-Absentia of Colonial Dixie, Chief Claimant to Cabelleria, Defender of the Faithful, the Redeemer, the Light of Dawn, Princess Celestia

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1497062163272.jpg (190.37 KB, 1024x1024, 1496422602170.jpg)

 No.686385[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Using this thread for one-shots and for testing out new things.
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>"…Later, I shall prepare sundaes for three, after your training session."

Upon hearing these words, he yells "BLESS" with his hooves together in the air, him still lying down.

>He sighs, then smiles, "Shows me! I should have never even thought to doubt the Rushin' master mind, am I right?"

"Hey, I think, like, at least 30% was my awesome performance. I should get an Trotscar."

>He offers a hoof to help Slippy up, "Man, got to say, I don't envy the burden you carry dude."

He takes his hoof and gets right back up.

"Ah, well, it's a burden somep0ny's gotta carry, man."
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


"The restaurant, asshole! The restaurant that you wrecked when you came to get me? You're covering the costs before we go anywhere else, or I'll bite you so hard that you won't be able to use Aura for anything except that hairdo."


Rushin' nods, "Eh, I guess I do have to give you SOME of the credit, you really did help sell that performance. Good work man."

He smiles, "I just want MOST oft he credit that's all. Hehehehe."

"Oh, also: buying you horseshoes."

Rushin' hisses, "Oooooo…. riiiiiight… th-that. Heh."

He gulps, then looks at his bag, "Eeeeh… well, that wasn't THAT bad what we pulled in there, that should hardly make a dent in this. Alright, I'll go get the money to the restaurant owners first thing then. And then after…..?" He smiles hopefully.


"…Good work man."

"You too, dude. I gotta admit, you were the man with the plan, man."

>"I just want MOST oft he credit that's all. Hehehehe."

"Sure, you can have that if I can have most of the ice cream, how 'bout that."

>"Oh, also: buying you horseshoes."


>"…or I'll bite you so hard that you won't be able to use Aura for anything except that hairdo."
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


"Maybe," she says, trotting along ahead to drag you to the restaurant.

"Then keep moving and don't stop until we fix that restaurant up," Gaoxing orders.

Eventually, you returned to the hotel, where the robo butler served you all grilled cheeses and sundaes, as well as served as a sparring partner for training Aura. Eventually, he revealed that he realized partway through what was truly going on, but had always believed that Haietlik deserved a good thrashing now and then to keep him in check, and thus went along with things. Indeed, even though his mother would let him out of jail shortly, Haietlik's birthday was surely ruined– as Gaoxing and the butler believed he deserved. Over time, Las Pegasus became a slightly better place, and Haietlik's rampant crimes dwindled until he was hardly heard from again.

>The end

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