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Simply put the number of dice you would like to roll followed by a "d" and then add how many sides you want each die to have. Post rolling requires this in 'quotes' or [Square brackets], and nothing is needed for email rolls.

Email Field Rolling:
You can roll one set of dice from the email field
2d20 in the email field will roll 2 20 sided dice

In Post Rolling:
You can roll up to 5 sets of dice from the post field, each set of dice can contain a different number of dice and a different number of sides.
Rolls can be placed anywhere in the post, they must be put in single 'quotes' or [Square brackets]. You can roll up to 6 sets of dice total
'3d30' will roll 3 30 sided dice.
[5d10] will roll 5 10 sided dice.

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Last time on HolyQuest…

Dawn rose on the fourth day before the Tartarus mission was set to begin. The party has all of today and tomorrow before their expedition begins, leaving them with precious little time to spend with one another, and on their preparations. Power, allies, weapons, spells, potions, scrolls, armor – just forty-eight hours to obtain all they would need before they would descend into Tartarus itself to determine who would rule the new, demon-infested world.

After breakfast, the party returned to Lilane in order to attend Pryce's award ceremony. Pryce had earned the honor of the Star-Blessed Watch in recognition of his twelve years of service as an honorable knight of the Union Church.

Upon returning to Lilane, they were met with a most massive change of scenery. As Chorazin had alluded to yesterday, Metatron had visited Lilane in the night, sending his angels to guard and fortify the city which Ecclesia had claimed as its fortress. They had also apparently healed the injuries of many Ecclesians, who had been scarred, deformed, and had even lost limbs as a result of their battles with demons. Though the Ecclesians were overjoyed at this, the party was more than unnerved because of their previous encounters with Metatron.

Shei remained behind with Mocha, partly in order to take care of various tasks during the morning, and because he was shunned in Lilane for his outburst the previous day (although he was not officially exiled).
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"A good idea. Give everyone from yesterday a break. I can't imagine what you went through at the temple, but I heard it was quite an adventure."
Pryce responds at the trio's comments before stepping aside.

"Zjetya… she wanted to leave. And it was my fault, she… I hurt her. I was stupid again, and I hated to see her like that. I have to make this up to her, so you won't mind waiting back here with the others today, will you?"
Pryce says earnestly.

KP beams up at Zjetya, reciprocating the hug excitedly.
>"See! I told you putting you up on stage would work! Wait, leaving us behind?"
KP says, his excitement quickly cutting into confusion at her last part.

>"Sure! That'll be easy, this little guy alone is enough for anypony's hooves."

KP says as he gives Lockjaw a pet, making sure to keep Hopper a safe distance away.



"Well then, that sounds like a good plan," Amy says with a nod. "You guys who came with us yesterday can get a rest and help around here. Personally, I have energy to spare," she says proudly. "I couldn't bare to miss out on any of the fun."

"We'll definitely need our Box if we're going treasure hunting, by the way," Amy says, patting Box on the head.


Shei-Sher mulls this over again, but decides he's seen enough. "Alright then. That is about all I can stomach with that. Erm, have fun with the discs I will be in Observer's lab."

And so Shei does go into Observer's lab and with the tools available he fabricates a jar from a piece of Vipaka's metal he keeps around. Fabricating the inside to have an antenna and two chambers. Shei portions the dark matter inside like he making a battery. A lid is then made and screwed onto the top,

>I Dream of Alchemy+2: Instant;

[1d10+3] making a jar that in theory could hold his data. He also makes another for Amy.

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


"Got it," Flow looks around, "Er…where is she?

Trapper pats Renee on the back.
>>"Ah, don't worry lass, we're 'ere to pick up if Flow's slacking."
>"Yes, we have our ways of pulling through just about any situation," Vice grins and crosses his front hooves.


"More like a very, very bery long day and a coplicated set of feelings," Zjetya says.

River looks a little confused, but ultimately understanding as you make the case. "I can understand this dilemma, but will you be with her the whole day?" she asks. "I don't want to lose a whole day from you, or from the others who will go with you. I care for Zjetya, I truly do, but I can't help my own feelings."

Thrilled by the thought of going on a separate mission, and by Gegenschein's words of praise, Renee smiles and hooks her arm around Flow's as they head out.
"She was here for the ceremony, and she is gone from the hill, head for the smiths' forge; she has often spent time there between missions," Gegenschein answers.

Mocha nods, lifting up the discs carefully with a blanket.

You make two such jars out of the metal, ensuring they can safely store them without fear of losing them or having them broken. "So, what did you see?" Mocha asks, making idle conversation as you work.
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File: 1547380261930.png (4.33 MB, 3427x3500, The Return.png)

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Joined by the sorceress Aegis, the party have continued their journey towards the Weeping City, where a great Swap Meet is to take place; however, not all is well within the group. Hermodur, marked by the enigmatic Oneiromancer, has resolved to break the Cuckoo's egg, which has led to him leaving the party to go on adventures of his own, for a time. The rest of the group, meanwhile, are now being stalked by a mysterious bounty hunter called Clawson, who, out of a desire for a challenge, has given them 24 hours to put as much distance between them and himself as possible. Their quest continues, the constant presence of the Oneiromancer and the threat of Skylord Lysander hanging over them like a guillotine…
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Zunden looks over to Norv for confirmation, but nodding,

"Your handiwork haz zaved uz multiple timez, even rezently. I'd truzt ze money I made today in remaking zhiz weapon."

Zunden turns back to Norv, "Let me prezent zhiz to Violet when you give her ze helmet pleaze. I zhink it'd be nize."


''That was not the book's fault'' She assures firmly

''Next I wanted to find other books, the usual magic kind. We can pause for food. Would you like to return to the ship or would you rather try to find somewhere here where we can eat?''


"I was… joking," she says, giving you an odd look.

"I'd like some books as well, actually. Do you like to read? I don't get the chance to much, so I'd like to pick up something to read in my spare time…"

"Oh, I'm sure we could find a place to get food here. I saw a lot of street vendors before. Though… it might be better to go back to the ship and check up on everyone. What do you think? I can go either way."


''I love reading'' Aegis says, stone-faced

''I'm certain they are fine, but yes, we could spare some time to return. The Meet isnt going anywhere for now''


Aurora blinks. "H-hey, me too!" There's a bit of an awkward silence afterwards as she doesn't elaborate.

"Well, alright, let's go drop off our gear then."

You pick your way through the dense crowd and return to the ship. It doesn't seem like anyone else is here at the moment, apart from Silver.

File: 1546304268118.jpg (183.81 KB, 960x539, 1523461769814.jpg)

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>Thessaly 6/4
>Cloud 5/4

Last time on PirateQuest…

Disguised as guards and armed with a pocket-sized Droplet, Thessaly and Cloud Shear waited dutifully by Queen Toko's side during the circus performance so far. The Pattern Juggler pesetered them and the VIPs from all sides with an assortment of tricks and jabs, formed by hijacking various parts of the performance, and using them as weaponized annoyances. This greatly stirred up Queen Toko's ire, exposing pre-existing tensions between her and the Crimson King – possibly something that could be to the party's advantage.

Alder and Cerulean conversed backstage with the crew as they waited for their performance to come on. Cerulean nearly, er, "killed" Boneless, a rubber chicken and performer with a storied and controversial past. Alder, however, saved his life by un-breaking his plastic neck. Nonetheless, they still had plenty of time before their scheduled performances.

Cutlass successfully boarded The Golden Vein and began her invasion, capturing guards to wring out for intel on the ship's guard situation. Although there were relatively few guards left on the ship due to the security detail being spread all across Kaco Island, she learned of the presence of at least ten so-called "giants" onboard, who made up the bulk of the ship's muscle and posed the biggest threat to their attack. Cutlass split her forces; the bulk, led by Schnitzel and Make Believe, would capture the control room on the third level. The rest would break into the prison holding on the second level to free Colobok, which would allow the rest of her assassin entourage to fight without fear for his safety.

As both sides of the attack against the Crimson King and the Bee Queens unfold, neither our heroes nor our foes know what lies in wait for them at the end of the night, nor how it would change the course of their voyages.
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>The RP on the Beesting side can continue until you guys are ready to timeskip

"Ah can," Granny says, and leaves it at that as she cleans. "Ach, just look at this fahckin' deck, all the care in the world ain't much good against saltwater and dirt, innit? Cryin' shame, cryin' shame, a maid's work is never done."

Granny looks your way a few times as well, sizing you up. There's a gleam in her eye that hints she knows a little more than she lets on. "There somethin' I can do for ye, missy?"

"I don't know enough about you to give a definite answer, but you strike me as a petty pony, nonetheless," Crop says without much care. "You seem like the kind of person to ruminate on an argument while you're in the bath, fantasizing about all the things you could've said differently to make a fool out of the person you were arguing with. Given that, the things I just said could by themselves incline you to round me up and torture me."

He smiles the kind of childish smile that is used by children everywhere up to no good. "Am I right?"

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[1d10] Thieves' Intuition

Roll #1 8 = 8


"A nature spirit? How did one of those end up dropping into my pocket?"
Cloud wonders aloud.
"Cleaning is something i have no interest in interfering with, so no worry there."


It clicks for you as you look again. It is not out of inexperience that Splendid seems so unsteady on the ship, nor even the base and animal fear of falling overboard and drowning, but nearly imperceptible in her eyes and face, you catch bits of shame and a different kind of fear altogether.


"Is… everything alright? You seem rather nervous, Miss Splendid- if it is something personal, I understand- we could find somewhere private, or save it for a later date. Being nervous the whole time you are aboard would be bad for your health, though."

File: 1544234934002.jpg (396.37 KB, 2000x1001, dci1bs8-e9750ebb-116d-4ed3….jpg)

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A new game by me I guess
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She shakes her head as if to clear it. She is trying to recall where she could have dropped her pack. All her cool junk was in there! "Yeah, I bet. I'm a regular open book. No poker sense, to be honest." And her face betrays the truth of this statement.


"Considerin' where we met we got a couple hour's walk into the woods. Then of course we got the issue of findin' the thing and gettin' back. Hope y'all packed some extra clothes and food. We may be out here for a while"


"Well, let's hope that's not the case. I'd hate to stay out here any longer than needed, and I'm sure I can say the same of most of us."


You head out towards the crash site, heading out through the main gate and into the wilderness, keeping an eye out for traps and ambushes. All seems quite this time around. Perhaps too quiet. There's no signs of any Blights or other monsters anywhere; at least, not at first glance.
>roll Perception

You head to the guild hall, entering through the side door and not the main one as you have learned by now. You notice that Zeke isn't around; in fact, there's barely anyone here at all. The only ones around are a zebra mare wearing a bandanna, and an elegant looking lilac hippogriff. Neither of them pay you much attention as they converse near the notice board, as casually as office employees hanging out near the water cooler.



"Keep your eyes peeled, there's somethin' in these woods"

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12

File: 1540859918768.png (1.03 MB, 1111x736, C8_QQgDQ.png)

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Post Sheets.
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"Hehe Right." Shei feels awkward about borrowing this "Your conch is in safe hooves."


Pryce pauses. The words from Shei as his friend praises him, they touch him deeply.
"Thank you Shei."
He says with a deep feeling of gratitude.
"Out of everypony here, you've travelled with me the longest. You were there through the worst, and through what looked like the End. I don't want to make you uncomfortable or force you to come after what happened last night, but I would be grateful if you came."

"If Tantra does it, then i would fine with that."
Pryce responds after mulling the suggestion over.


Shei nods "There is much to be done. Trust in me you will be far more grateful I kept to my work once we are in Tartarus."


Pryce smiles, putting a hoof on Shei's shoulder.
"I'll expect big things then."
He says in understanding.


Shei-Sher gains a pause in judgement "On second thought, no- this is fine. There is another thing I can tend to." Shei-Sher strokes his chin "You both go see Pryce's ceremony and give the Ecclessian's my best regards."

"I do not intend to speak with Metatron right away, but last I and Mudi met with him he seemed very reasonable, very.. equine. As though he remembers his past life. And he did not kill me despite his opinions on me not being in any higher of esteem than Mudi. I've spoken to Tartarus's God. I've spoken to Y'dryth, I should speak with Metatron as well." Shei appears resolute

Before Gadds and Chorazin leave he urges them to stay just one last minute to act as witnesses for the claim Shei gives Mocha.
"Last night in Lilane I made a fool of myself and disturbed the peace. When a member of Ecclessia's choir demanded I answer for my crime I did and the rest of our company had chanced upon my trial. Ichimonji asked them, without knowledge of either our accounts if they believed me. And everyone vouched for my good character. That includes River Spring and Chorazin."

File: 1543373855118.jpeg (152.35 KB, 1280x692, zKDE6Ilw.jpeg)

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Post your sheets!
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"Well- hello, Vine. To my knowledge, we're not in some sort of Spirit World… unless we crossed over unknowingly, somehow.

He looks to Suncatcher in concern, and sets a hoof on her shoulder "Why don't we take a break, then? We could all use a chance to settle down and rest up for a bit." Before he says much else, he cocks his head to the side and asks "What's with those runes? Did you find them somewhere?"



Communion does a double take. "William, we're not in the Sidhe are we??"


"In a way, yeah- we're on the pilgrim's route. This is a bit of a detour, but… probably not too much."

"Well, I'd hope not." the large zebra says, frowning a little "I don't know how we'd have gotten there."


Siro gives the dryad a pathetic, and pitiful look. She could only imagine being so uppity and presumptuous. "Well, pleasure to meet you, Vine. I'm, uh, glad we got here in time! Though, I'm afraid you're not in Sidhe. This is the real world."

"A-And Suncatcher, please, Pippali is right, we can take a break and tend to everyone's wounds. No use continuing if you're hurt, you know?"

"Indeed we are, miss! In a way, as Pippali here said."


"Yes, but I've got a good reputation to keep, so I can't repeat what that cat just said. Very foul language coming from that one! There's no need to use such words."

The cat meows, shooting a look at William.

"Now that one was just disgusting," William says to the cat. "You kiss your mother with that mouth?"

All you can surmise is that they're healing runes as Candelabrum gently presses some against Suncatcher's side, which magically heal her wounds and then vanish.

"I carve them myself," Suncatcher says with obvious reticence.

Suncatcher winces. "Yeah, you're right. We should settle down for a spot of lunch too–"
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File: 1545015454796.png (1.23 MB, 2750x1885, The Drifters.png)

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The Drifters have made their escape from the town of Braildorn, having been made outlaws by their new nemesis Lysander. Once an adventurer like themselves, Lysander has fallen victim to his own hubris and greed, desperate to be seen as a true dragon. The party's first encounter with him led to him becoming crippled, and the party taking his ship for themselves. To make things more complex, the egg they discovered in the vault deep in the Shifting Sands is a seal preventing an entity known as the Cuckoo from awakening, an event which would result in the decimation of the Echoes as they know it.

Not only has Lysander joined forces with a mysterious being named only the Oneiromancer, but he has also discovered the location of the Cuckoo's egg. He, the Oneiromancer, and several others seem to be part of a collective that seek the egg, though for what purpose is unclear; indeed, Lysander seems blind to the egg's true nature, coveting it as a rare and valuable treasure. Seeking to oppose Lysander are a blind wanderer called Dawn, her partner Carabas, and their missing friend Etrigan.

The long term goal the party have made is clear from this: stop Lysander from getting to the egg, however possible. This is an even more pressing matter due to what the party discovered when they visited the vault: not only is the Cuckoo's egg there, but Discord, the primordial god of chaos, is sealed away there, turned to stone but still able to speak. If Lysander were to reach the vault, he would surely make an alliance with the Draconequus, making him an even greater threat. However, Lysander's whereabouts are unknown, for now; until the party can gain some insight into this, they cannot do much to stop him.

For now, the party's goals are twofold:

They have heard of a place to the north called the Dreaming Spring, where Hermodur got some of his Dreamwater from. Lilies from this spring are one of three components needed to liberate a spirit held captive by the swamp druid Black Pudding. Visiting this spring would not only help them in liberating the spirit, but also in acquiring more of the water, which has the unique quality of showing whoever the user thinks of when drinking it.

They have also caught wind of an upcoming event in the Echoes called the Swap Meet, a gathering for drifters from all over the land to come and buy, sell and trade all manner of goods. This event is unique in that while it is held, it is forbidden (by whom itPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Not eel of this world, and certainly not anything so extravagant," Hermodur answers as he observes the creature happily. "Are you sure we'll be able to hold much more. I'd hate to lose our catch due to our own hubris."

"So, how long have you been doing this? You certainly seem like an expert," Hermodur observes as he casts his rod back out into the water. [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'm not going until we fill that bucket," he says, watching as Rozy lands a fish of her own, albeit a much smaller one, proceeding to clean it.

"Been out on the waters my whole life," he answers. "Even back in the Dominion. My whole family's full of sailors, you know. …Think I said that already. Anyhoo, yeah, ever since I was a little lad I've been fishing. Not to blow my own horn, but I'd definitely say I'm an expert. Haha."

You feel something strong tugging. Both of them look over interestedly, watching as you struggle with it. It feels forceful, like the last one, but this time more aggressive. "Easy does it, lad," Cas says calmly.



Hermodur against wait for a strong tug to pull the rod. [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8



*again waits


You pull up after a while, revealing the head of the creature. It's no fish at all; it looks like some strange mix between mammal and reptile, with a long, flat snout, several rows of shark-like teeth and a sort of lion's mane resembling kelp. Rozy and Cas freak out at the sight of it. "M-Mirodan!" she stammers, scrambling for the oars. "Let it have the rod," Cas says, doing the same. Both of them start rowing as hard as they can to get out of these waters. "Shoulda known it was quiet for a reason…"

File: 1537121395935.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720, 1525026345302.png)

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Compared to your recent adventures, the voyage back home to the Hollow has been uneventful.

As you arrived back into the Hollow you were surrounded by curious breezies wondering not just about the strange and wonderful treasures you carry but also the shrunken zebra Oomar, who so far has been delighted to visit the breezie city. A different case entirely has been the breezie witch who has refused to speak during the travel and her stay in the hollow heavily guarded by the breezemancers.

Because of the hard-earned rewards you've been given by Tumbleweed, the wealthy breezie, you've been able to fund the development of the radan style aiship. With help from volunteers from the Guild, Pattern has started the long anticipated project.

As the project nears completion we find our heroes in a tent next to the airship warf.
The breezemancers have found that an expert in exotic and cursed artefacts is currently residing within Breezie Valley.

You're both standing around a table with airship blueprints while Marrow Fargale, as you might recall you saved from the forest just some weeks ago, finishes reading the letter.

She looks up. "It's the best we found. I'm sorry, there's simply not many breezies who seek to delve into these kinds of items. And those who do, usually aren't very willing to divulge their secrets. Like our guest."
464 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


"Hmm, I had wondered if we ran into each other before, but maybe it's just coincidence. You know about all that matter with the Radan attack, and then the rogue Tinker, and that weird culty group of Butterflies or whoever. Lot of strange things in the Hollow lately."


Shake his breezer, with a weak little shake.
"Do you have weight statistics? I can look at it?"


He giggles a bit. "Wow, you know about that? Eh, you see that rogue Tinker business, that really isn't representative of all Tinkers."

"Yes, shall we go through the list together?"


"Of course, I've got my own notes ready, um not that I needed notes on my own ship but.." I start mumbling awkwardly.



File: 1547680025512.jpg (113.55 KB, 800x450, massive tree.jpg)


It is time for Nature
67 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


"You might be right, but he's only one pony, and the whole town knows not to let him into the temple now." I shake my head "He can't interfere at this point. I don't think."


"What if he knows things that… I don't know… do you think he will be alone? Or… why so many people here?"
She sighs.
"I'm just worried this might be drawing the attention of the bad ponies, instead of keeping them away. All the folks here are such nice ponies, look at your Dad, making food for everyone! I don't want anything to happen to them!"


"Everypony in my town will lose their home if this goes wrong." I pause "Wait He didn't tell you why everyone is here? Why did you come here?" I ask seriously concerned that she might not know what's going on.


"Well… we know about a witch… some witch. And that there is going to be a ritual. Also that you might be in danger of being attacked when you attempt it."


"That's right. This town is built around a tree. That tree is one of Mother Nature's sacred places. Under than tree is a sacred place, where a seal that keeps an evil witch asleep rests. There are actually, were anyway, many such seals, but now this is the only one. It must be reinforced as the eclipse passes over or she will be freed and the home I knew will be destroyed, as well as much of the area around here.. and more if she escapes in to equestria." I explain. "That's the basics of the situation."

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