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Simply put the number of dice you would like to roll followed by a "d" and then add how many sides you want each die to have. Post rolling requires this in 'quotes' or [Square brackets], and nothing is needed for email rolls.

Email Field Rolling:
You can roll one set of dice from the email field
2d20 in the email field will roll 2 20 sided dice

In Post Rolling:
You can roll up to 5 sets of dice from the post field, each set of dice can contain a different number of dice and a different number of sides.
Rolls can be placed anywhere in the post, they must be put in single 'quotes' or [Square brackets]. You can roll up to 6 sets of dice total
'3d30' will roll 3 30 sided dice.
[5d10] will roll 5 10 sided dice.

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File: 1614508779158.jpg (3.78 MB, 2048x2048, TR Map Path.jpg)

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Seven months ago, five drifters arrived in the far flung pocket of reality known to the outside world as the Echoes. With nothing save for their names and the clothes on their backs, they carved out a living for themselves, beginning a journey across the foreign land, gaining new allies and new enemies alike. The winds swept them across the wilds, bringing them to a forsaken desert known as the Shifting Sands, where they met someone they did not expect: a being long thought myth, known to many as Discord. Wisely opting not to free him, or retrieve the artifact he coveted, they moved on.

In Braildorn, one of the great cities built in this world, they crossed their most mortal foe of all: Lysander, a dragon of great renown and a collector of rare and magical items. They bested him, claiming his ship as their own, and were marked as his enemies forevermore. This caught the attention of an unusual couple: Dawn Chorus, a great magician, and her knight Carabas. Mortal foes of Lysander, they joined forces with the drifters, explaining the object of his desire: the Cuckoo's Egg, a harbinger of dimensional annihilation, and the very same artifact they had discovered in the Sands. Lysander wished to claim it in the name of an entity that haunts the Echoes, known only as the Oneiromancer. With the help of Cecile Grosvenor, Lady of Braildorn, these three would stop at nothing to claim the Egg for themselves.

Fate carried them across the plains, back to the fiery Shifting Sands. There, Discord was freed, and Lysander was on his way to retrieve the Egg for himself. Not only that, but he had betrayed the Oneiromancer; he rejected the entity from Outside, wanting the Egg for himself and claiming some of the Oneiromancer's powers. A great battle ensued, and Carabas was lost amidst the sands, but the Egg was wrenched from Lysander's claws, safe with the drifters, for now.

While traveling with the Egg, the party was subject to several fortunate and misfortunate adventures including the return of the Oneiromancer to the corporeal plane. The question remained of what to do with the Egg from here; after much deliberation, a plan was hatched. They would set sail for the Isle of Glass, a forsaken, beast-infested rock far removed from the rest of the Echoes. Here, they would challenge Lysander to a decisive combat, and deterPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I try to pinch the bridge of my muzzle but end up pinching between my mask's lenses instead. "Yeah, this is going about as well as I expected. But look. I know this looks bad," I repeat him. "But there's a reason for it. Fighting would be silly, especially when the place is about to blow. We need to go. Now. You need to listen on the way, alright? We don't have another choice right now. Dealing with O-man is one thing. We knew he'd be a problem from the beginning. Have you seen Lysander now, though? I know we were on the same ship. I blew him up, guys. Suppose it's a little late to ask, but if anyone has a better idea I'm all ears. If not then shut up and get moving." I try again to head down the path, but pause after a couple of steps. "So, uh… How we gonna get back? Please tell me the choice ain't "storm the Vindicator" or get toasted."



Everyone is alive though, yes? There are plenty of complications, I mostly worry the state of everyone's wellbeing. Egg is still in my possession.

Zunden gets back below decks, working on repairs, weaving wood back into holes with Creation runes.

[1d10] Creation

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yup. Still alive. We'll want to be careful on the island, though- it might erupt soon… I think? I had a weird vision of underneath the island when I projected."


Doing my best alongside Aurora to get the ship running again, we've just had some delays.


We have not seen Lysander yet, but are closing in on him. We might be able to still get a surprise strike while he's vulnerable, I hope Aegis says as she struggles to climb, trying to reach for the railing
Can anyone explain to me what is this Berrengaith character? Wasnt Black Pudding the one supposed to appear and assist us?

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File: 1472866909664.jpg (113.83 KB, 1280x720, 1032707__screencap_crossov….jpg)

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>Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

Calling sheets for the 85th session of TimeQuest
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Onyxia scoffs. "Aww, you wouldn't do that to your favorite older sister now, would you?" Onyxia says, giving Beryl a quick hug to tease a little more.

She nods to her twin as they reenter the cape.
"Right, I did promise Beryl we could take in the sights a bit. And it'd probably be a sight to see Canterlot even more in the future for Sterling."


As you hug her, she does not hug you back, but makes no attempt to break out of it either. "Well, that depends, I haven't decided which one is my favorite older sister yet. I might turn the other one into a newt for fun."
Sterling chuckles heartily, "Ooh, siblings art so much fun! Can'st though truly do that?"
"Well I think I'm about to find out…"

As you agree with Twonyxia's plan, your group swiftly moves through the graveyard, Sterling lazily flapping her wings but mostly relying on her own natural weightlessness to keep moving. Navigating out of the graveyard and to a safe distance, Steel dispels the cloak in an empty street as Sterling looks around a sleepy Canterlot, looking towards the royal, regal towers set into the side of the mountain. "Ah… it doesn't appear to have changed TOO much, thankfully. The grand towers of Her Majesty's palace are always a most welcome sight."
"If we have the time, I wanted to take a look at the marketplace. I hear there's no better place in Equestria to get magical components than Canterlot."
"Wouldn't most shops be closed by now?" Twonyxia asks.
Beryl grins, "Not the 'unconventional' ones."


"Just don't forget who brought you to Canterlot," Onyxia says, giving her one last squeeze before letting go. "Though a threat like that isn't really that much to a changeling." She retorts.

"It really is a sight to behold. And we're the only ones aside from Princess Celestia to see it from start to finish." Onyxia adds before turning to Beryl. "We can stop by some shops, if by unconventional you mean they're no worse than sneaking into a graveyard."


"I guess I'll keep that in mind…" Beryl says. "And, we're HALF changeling, we can't exactly turn into other ponies on a whim like Dad can."
Twonyxia raises a hoof, "Hey, I could have stopped you from going, but I decided to come along instead! Plus, I have seniority."
"I'll keep letting you two compete to not be toaded before we get back on the train… though, I guess that'd make it hard to explain tomorrow morning when we get back."

As you ask what she means by unconventional, she nods. "Oh, yeah, nothing legally questionable this time… unless what they're selling is. I just mean, they're gritty, you know… 'seedier'. Not afraid to tread on the side of cantrips less ambitious mages would be."
Sterling crosses her hooves, "Hmm, I begin to grow a bit concerned. I feel suspiciously like I hath been summoned into the tale of a evil sorceress origin story."
Twonyxia shakes her head, "You aren't taking ANYTHING on the train we can't get through the station, Beryl. You know how tight security is everywhere these days, if we get caught carrying something bad, we are dead when they call Dad."
"Oh I was just exaggerating!" Beryl says, smirking. "Mooostly. I'm just saying, the shops I had in mind open this late probably sell some unique stuff."


She bonks the snowpony with the staff to turn her into a yuki-ponny (yuki-onna).

Then she puts in the secret code with the staves to keep going through the level.

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File: 1613189887564.jpg (589.99 KB, 1920x1080, 161113.jpg)

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Hello user! Today's date is Tuesday, November 14th, 601 A.F.N. You have no scheduled events for today.
>Command Prompt:

/sys:(User: 0130)/Prog/Quests/Carousel/Thread 1.0



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"You Lucy?" he asks plainly. "Cherry Breeze sent us. We need to talk."


Or not. the duo waved instead.


"Oh, Hello!" Replies Rads, waving a pseudopod in grreting.

"I'm Rads! We were told you could help us with unlocking a databank? Glam let us through."


"Oh! Uh… hey. Sorry, we weren't really sure what to expect. We're here to talk about a database."


She stares at all of you, motionless for a bit. Afterwards she looks at the floor in confusion. "Yeah, sure. Look I've had a long day and I just want to go to-"

"Oh." She stops. A range of emotions spread over her face, the last being a resignation to fate. "I knew she'd cash out on this one day. Come inside and we can talk about the job." She doesn't look happy about all this, but she isn't trying to stop it either.

"Wanna order pizza or something for this?"

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File: 1611023284226.jpg (186.92 KB, 975x705, 1554993611524.jpg)

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Last time, on PirateQuest…

Cutlass, Alder and Cerulean went south through the jungles of Cuauhtemoc, seeking after Captain Bee Holder and her four first mates, to update them on the situation with the informant, and the investigation of Gullveig's attack. It wasn't long before they found them, as the Watchkeepers seemed to guard the southern regions of the island far more jealously than the northern ones, and Bee Holder's party were forced to turn back after surviving encounter after encounter.

Cloud aided Mallea, Thessaly and Godot in collecting medicinal plants to restock their supplies following all the intense battles that had plagued their stay on this mysterious island.

Meanwhile, aboard the Thunder Serpent, Captain Kukulcan and his own trusted inner circle raised an automaton of their own – but not one of the Watchkeepers, over whom Kukulcan supposedly had authority as a god of the island. Rather, it was Two Tons, a sapient construction purchased on the Black Market. They were not expecting any manner of intelligence from the robot, so rather than press it into indentured servitude, Kukulcan negotiated for the robot's loyalty in exchange for fair wages, living accommodations and mutual aid.
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"Like those metal guys they were talking about being at the temple or whatever?"


"M… not quite, I do not think. This feels different, somehow."

"It was oddly sudden, yes- so, they can deviate from this… whatever it is. Or, at least, recognize things outside of it. Perhaps we ought to test it in different ways, yes?"


She leafs back and forth through many sections of the book, only to grumble with frustration and shut it. "Nope. Looks like I'll be sticking to the ship's rations for now."

As Cloud actually puts some money up, the shopkeeper, this time, gradually turns. This time, rather than an immediate snap to the new stimulus, the shopkeeper's movements are as far as you can tell, somewhat fluid and natural. They take, and even appear to inspect the coins, then look again in your general direction, but the feeling in the air is still one of puzzlement. The one standing near you, the other customer, takes a step away, and appears to be looking about, as if significantly more confused than the shopkeeper, and not quite sure how to deal with the situation.

The shopkeeper, after some time that you can only surmise as deliberation, gestures to the wares while weighing the coins in one hand, or hoof, or whatever they might have.

"Ghosts, you said," Splendid says to Two Tons. "Perhaps you may have been closer than we thought, only, we might be the specters, as near as they can tell."



"Oh wait did we die? Does this mean I have a soul after all?"


"Hmm… I do not think we are dead. Maybe we and they are… in the same place, but not? I do not know."

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File: 1607136125227.jpg (38.25 KB, 790x438, like this in the morning, ….jpg)

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Things are starting to go 'bump' in the night, day, and wherever smoky pillars arise at dawn. After a tense night, as the doors and shutters creaked from outside pressure, you and your quiet town awake to a ravaged wilderness and another pillar of pitch black rising into the sky. This smoke is unlike any other, it does not dissipate, or sway to the breeze. Within the material void that rises are stars, nebulas, comets that have no similarity to that of the night. The day is quiet and most ponies have vacated this town for an extended vacation at nearby Tall Tale. The nearby pub is likely empty, as towncentre billboards won’t have anything on this, the best course of action for anyone brave enough is to meet up near this pillar of smoke conveniently located at the base of a nearby mountain
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"Go ahead. We trust you."


The pegasus whispers as a single ethreal claw comes back out from the tip of her hoof that she uses to draw out complex looking patterns. The end design looks like a door that poncy unicorns from Canterlot love to have. With a few more words the pattern lights up and the teary eyed mare looks at you both.
"It's ready, we'll end up at the diamond dogs' entrance to the mountain."

And with the loudest popping sound of a cork, all of you flash out of existence in this observatory and pop back into place an inch above the ground at the entrance to the mineshaft. The trees are still destroyed, there are still massive pillars of starry substance that float into the air from the hole, but it looks close to evening. Surprisingly there are still no signs of Equestrian guards despite what could be a whole day or two since this happened so close to your town.

The mare speaks up "I can't believe I did all this."


"Well, ponies tend to lose sight of things when they focus too much."
Since that starry thing is just a fancy distress beacon, I can just… pick up the source of it, right? Since we've "solved" the problem.


I pat her back again.
"I'll make sure you get a chance to make this right. What's your name?"

"Back to town, I guess? Best to not stay out here."


The pony remarks that you can't pick it up, but she dispels the beacon and slowly the last of this magical smoke rises into the sky.

"Tasia, I don't like my old name and I'm too far from my homeland for anyone to know me."

With no reason to stay here, you head back to town. Eventually an Equestrian Guard escort arrives, takes the pegasus for questioning and doles out an appropriate reward for your part in solving this mystery. Word does reach you that Tasia's sentencing involves community service, but almost none of that service is ever shown to occur in public- as tabloids have stories from time to time about the Princess scarfing cakes from all manner of exotic cultures.

Townponies do come back, but unfortunately few of them believe that you solved what looked like a massive season-wide calamity in less time than the Markers of Friendship are capable of. This is the one problem of living in Tall Tale, most stories are considered to be hoisted up on pillars of smoke.

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File: 1615253810781.png (903.31 KB, 640x480, THE ALTMEN.png)


This a sequiter to the end of Empire Arc, explaining Luke's whereabouts as he vanishes before the fight with Eon.
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Business Luke blows a plume of smoke to the side "Eon's never taken all of us at once. And he's definitely never taken anyone like you."


LukeWarm flies into more hysterics as he points and shouts at every Luke around him "Yeah great fucking accomplishment. Me. MEEEE. Is that what it's all about. You manufactured the biggest loser in the world. How am I supposed to live knowing I'll never hold a son of my own! How am I supposed to look at Lavender and tell her I cum alcohol! I'm supposed to live my life for you. Well tell me how to unfuck it first!"


Business Luke flicks his cigarette away and pokes at LukeWarm's chest "Thats for you to figure out. We've had all the time to figure out our hang ups. And if you don't like it well guess what Mister Hero, that's what you get for always being such a shoddy person when you could be the world's last hope. It's not the end of the world Luke. But it will be if we don't take you now." Business Luke snaps his fingers and The Lukes begin assembling a portable station for time travel.


It's without much fanfare that the Lukes round together and drag LukeWarm toward the portable station.

The First Luke greets LukeWarm. He grabs LukeWarm's chin raising it so he can look him in the eyes "We are all counting on you Luke. We can't do this without you. You're all our hopes and dreams now."

The First Luke steps back "AAAAALT-MEN!"
And every Luke responds in unison "RISE UP!"

They step forward now to the final battle that awaits them.

[End Session]


flushing out rolls for mlpg







Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1604539293441.jpg (468.29 KB, 1569x897, 1546227433601.jpg)

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>Iron King Ischyros, the Far-Seeking, sets down the First Report with a long and relieved sigh, though his brow is knit with worry. "To think, that a lead might be uncovered so early…"
>"Temper your optimism, sire," Mabin, his right-hand diamond dog, says, looking over the edge of his copy of the Report. "Our opponents are hardly the type to leave such a fortuitous opening for their foes unintentionally."
>"Regardless, it is a lead," the King replies. "And I wasn't crowned King before I'd scurried my way through my share of mousetraps. Tell the Magister to guard that young bird's life with her body, mind and soul."
>"What of his rescuers?" Mabin asks, extinguishing his cigarette butt.
>"Ah, yes. Have her compile a section on them with each report from now on."
>Sister Root enters the meeting-chamber, carrying a tray of coffee, sugar and Mabin's favorite cigarettes on her back.

Last time, inside the Castle of Silence…

The expedition team successfully recovered Green, a young and emotionally-scarred Vola, who hid in a mall security room on L-8 F-7 after surviving the Dreaded Ones' breach of Agatecastle. He was immediately classified by Magister Colonnade Reprise as a Priority 2 Person of Interest, which set him on the level of witnesses to crimes, high-level info brokers, and traitors, within Ironcastle's hierarchy of criminal investigation. His designation as such came about from the very fact that he witnessed Agatecastle's fall – which, according to prior mission intelligence, occurred thousands of years ago. Green, on the other hand, claimed it occurred only one year prior.

The Magister and Knight-Brother Mountain attempted to steal away Green into a separate decontamination room, but the expedition team intervened, insisting on their presence there to help keep Green calm after his traumas. The Magister and Knight-Brother agreed, and conducted the decontamination in the presence of Huitlapan, Conflagration, Firmgold and Cautaa. During the process, the Magister intensely questioned Green not on the fate of Agatecastle, but on a particular mural near his hideout, which depicted a beach, just on the verge of the Dark Hours, when the ceiling-panels turned a nostalgic shade of pink and orange. When Green answered thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"A cave about 2 days travel away due south." she said with a small smile to try and sell the issue.


Deadweight turns to Huitlapan and nearly jumps in shock finding him frozen solid, but she manages to keep her cool. She asks the Necromancer, "Why do you wanna know?"


[1d10] Deception

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Huitlapan, man, chill ou-oh."

"Not that you haven't been anything but friendly, but this is a good question."


So that they may join me and mine. So that I might save as many as possible. So that we may even disrupt, or if not, then delay… that which will be brought down upon your kind.

Cautaa stumbles, but catches himself, his fear disrupted by this cryptic declaration.

Brought down upon your kind, the Necromancer repeats himself. By your kind.


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File: 1606645804525.jpg (7.04 MB, 4096x4096, TR Map.jpg)

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The party have continued their journey, continuing due south towards the perilous Isle of Glass. On their adventures, they have sought out the sorcerer Black Pudding, rescuing him from the clutches of the false Oneiromancer Malverlain. They have since learned that Pudding has apparently destroyed the Beldam, eliminating a potential ally of theirs. He has offered to join them in their travels, at least for a time. Since then, the party have ventured due south, to the pirate town of Broome, their final stop before continuing onward. Here, they have stopped to rest, recover, and resupply for the battle to come…
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File: 1614419726770.png (55.7 KB, 585x714, Healing Bonds.png)

Zunden works to replace her runes such.

>Frozen Return

>Frozen Union

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 6 = 6


>Zunden takes more time making the Frozen return rune, each failed roll taking up more of her night


Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7 = 7 / Roll #3 2 = 2


File: 1614516575576.jpg (108.17 KB, 1000x664, 1_DSC_0201nikon1.jpg)


A full moon looms on the horizon. The waves roil. Far to the northwest, a great storm brews, staining the black skies eigengrau.

The drifters have their final meal. Drink their final drinks. Sleep their final sleeps before the quiet comes.

Etrigan watches from the prow. Just staring out at the waves under the moonstruck sky. Will he remain after all this is done? Should he exist anymore? …Does he exist?

A part of him longs for release. To be free of this half-life.

But perhaps a half life is better than none at all.

Gawain polishes his armor, and tempers his beloved sword. The greatest challenge a knight can face awaits. Yet is he truly a knight, or merely a pretender? What is knighthood, really?

This wasn't meant to be his fight; yet, it's one that has to be fought. Not for knighthood, but for everyone. Everywhere.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Across the bay…


Gavrilo puts down his spyglass with a lopsided grin. It's in range. Finally. Now the real show begins.

He un-manifests the spyglass and takes to the air, flying out of the crow's nest and onto the bridge. He trots eagerly below the upper deck, with its helm and guns. Past the main deck, where the armory, capstan and galley are. Down past the lower decks, past the captain's storage, cockpit and cabins, and into the hold.

This long, cold room is kept in good condition. Cruel meat hooks line the walls, with those… things… the boss brought with him hanging from them, like marionettes. He notices that feral cat on rent from Grosvenor working on one of them.

A single grey and white cuckoo bird stands perched near an iron table; whatever lies on top is covered by a stained sheet. Gavrilo's lip curls a little. He doesn't fancy what's under it, but whatever pays.

"Boss. I've seen it. We're in range now. Is it time?"

The bird's head turns to the newcomer.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



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File: 1607486417477.png (4.97 MB, 2710x2125, The Choristers -- Tartarus….png)

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>Last time, on HolyQuest…

>Amy, Cloak, Pryce

Salt maintains her steady and judgmental glare, even as you respond. "Finally… it seems that you get it. In the end, one Will shall prevail above the others; it is those who do not conquer, who shall be subsumed. Know that all those who enter Tartarus must understand this. And if they do not, then rest assured that they will."

Ignoring Amy's other question, Salt nods. "See to it that you pass along my question to those other members of your small army. Not for my satisfaction, but for their hope of survival."

Like Sulfur before her, Salt is engulfed in a small and dense cloud of gaseous salt, and then vanishes.


Gadds slowly turns his head your way as you make more suggestions. "…How about we take the 'expected' way down."
"Yeah," Busta says. "The Sons of God would have probably taken extra care to put up obstacles against demons that could just phase through walls and bypass all their more conventional traps and impediments. Whatever those things were, they won't be the last ones we face if we try that again."


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Hard to believe she'd be testing the rest of us so casually."

When Mudi expands on her plan, energy crackling about, Pryce ushers KP and the pets over to him, keeping them shielded as he glares down the witch as she extends what she'd destroy.
That is, until Busta stops her simply and effectively.
He is shocked silent at the display, Busta of any of them stopping Mudi like a child right before they start throwing a tantrum.


Shei looks on in disdain. He's ready to leave now. And waits for the party to move on.


"I still think it worked as an effective communion despite the ending, all in all a success." Leather says, rather detached from the threat.


"Well, even if she DIDN'T consider the duel to be over, if we won, what could she do about it? If she started the fight all over again, it'd just end the same way, with us winning!"

As Mudi lets them know what would happen if they didn't follow through, and a small cyclone of energy appears around her, Shorthorns is caught off guard, taking a few steps back in shock as she reminds herself to stand her ground, looking on at Mudi with determination to meet her threats…

Before being interrupted by Busta coming in to lighten the mood, giving Mudi a bonk on the head with a buggy chop. She looks at Busta, smiles, and starts giggling uncontrollably, the sheer contrast of what could have been an incredibly dangerous situation ending so light-hearted causing her to break out in giggles.

"AHahahahah! Well, I think I know who *I* want to fight Mudi if it came to that. Clearly, Busta's in a league of his own!" She compliments the demon fly


Mudi, blinking away a few tears of pain after that chop, doesn't respond to anyone, and instead slinks away.


Following Shorthorned's lead, Gegenschein allows himself to laugh. He is the only one. Even Vizsla, normally so cold toward her sister, looks on in silence.

"Now that that's settled… why don't we put this bowl to good use? Galton, dear, another fruit, if you will."

Doctor Galton flies over and retrieves another large fruit of possibility from the garden walls.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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