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Simply put the number of dice you would like to roll followed by a "d" and then add how many sides you want each die to have. Post rolling requires this in 'quotes' or [Square brackets], and nothing is needed for email rolls.

Email Field Rolling:
You can roll one set of dice from the email field
2d20 in the email field will roll 2 20 sided dice

In Post Rolling:
You can roll up to 5 sets of dice from the post field, each set of dice can contain a different number of dice and a different number of sides.
Rolls can be placed anywhere in the post, they must be put in single 'quotes' or [Square brackets]. You can roll up to 6 sets of dice total
'3d30' will roll 3 30 sided dice.
[5d10] will roll 5 10 sided dice.

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File: 1638067597243.jpg (98.89 KB, 631x631, 5f386b24-636d9529.jpg)


At last, the final sight of the Tartarian Descent Team is engulfed by the interminable darkness.

The Great Seal rends the earth with a deafening quake, as it slides nearly shut, open only by a hairsbreadth. The Loyal Kerberos, ten thousand Umbral Hounds strong, holds one end of Shei's Black Thread in one of his mouths. He leers at it contemptuously, but holds it nonetheless as agreed.

Most of the others accompanying Sir Pryce cannot look anymore at the Great Seal, ready to direct their thoughts to anything other than the fates of their friends… and foes. Sir Estuary is the only one who seems composed. He looks to Pryce, and with a slight bow of his head, says, "Perhaps we should make for the surface, milord. We have no further business here."
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Lockjaw flails about, slapping KP with his tail hard enough to sting. It was playful, but a deviljho's idea of play is far different than most other creatures'. Hopper squirts him with the water staff. Perhaps it may pay to invest in training for Lockjaw… and maybe even make him KP's familar.

"I was thinking," Spitshine continues. "If Lockjaw's a shrunken version of a gigantic powerful monster, his scales should be worth something. Hey, maybe we could even make something out of 'em. Monster hides of all kinds are sought after for making into armor. His scales should have some utility. Either way, keep a stash of 'em."

Vortigern rubs the dragon's head. "Not all that well. He hardly ate last night or this morning. I must smell quite like Shorthorned after that hug, because he won't play with any of the pets or children, he just stays with me. I hope to get him in better spirits soon."


KP sharply inhales as the tail slaps him, rubbing the sore spot as he huffs at the lizard.
>"The witches did seem to quick to get him small again when the magic was undid in Threecoin… Alright, I'll start keeping them."
He says, keeping the collected pile this time on hoof and notesto find a place to store them.
>"But he's not getting any more brushing until he learns to respect his surroundings!"
He says sternly, looking and directing it to Lockjaw to get his point to the deviljho.

"I hope so too. Don't think there'd be any dragon trainers around or easily accessible, and I know Flaming wouldn't like it if he was sad the whole time away."


Lockjaw looks confused and sad as he is scolded, clearly not understanding the charge or the punishment.

"Oh, I can train him," Vortigern says. "Him and Lockjaw. I just don't want either of them to become more attached to me than their true masters."

Some hours pass in transit, until you hear a far-off chime signaling the coming of the first hour. Lilane, nestled in hills as it is, still retains some of the morning fog that was burned off elsewhere. You park in the usual place, on an open plateau, as the gatekeepers make ready to let you all in.


KP hides the brush away to amplify his threat.

"Won't have any worries on that with Lockjaw, but I can see the concern with Spark. We should have gotten a photo, that could've helped maybe."

Pryce goes through the landing procedures as he did with take off, going slow and making sure it's easy to pick up, since it is one of the more important parts. Once the ship is landed and secure, Pryce makes ready to head into the camp to meet with Sir Einmal.
"Everypony stick together now. Don't want to get caught up in anything else they have going on, or disrupt any training or preparations they're going through."


Lockjaw flops over, playing dead. He remains dead even as the others make ready to disembark back into the familiar town-turned-fortress.

File: 1638223244379.png (4.82 MB, 2577x3350, HolyQuest - The Spiders.png)


At last, the final sight of all those staying upon the surface of your World is engulfed by the interminable darkness.

The Great Seal rends the earth with a deafening quake, as it slides nearly shut, open only by a hairsbreadth. The Loyal Kerberos, ten thousand Umbral Hounds strong, holds one end of Shei's Black Thread in one of his mouths. It is for that reason that the Great Seal has not been shut entirely.

Members of each faction procure a variety of small light sources to aid in grasping the shifting, unpredictable stuff that became darkness upon your perceiving it. The presence of the light, conceptually implying a "darkness that must be lit," renders more of the chaotic stuff into darkness, that is then lit. Fortunately, all that seems to be around you now is a cavern tunnel, as long as it is broad and tall.

The other factions are silent as they walk, tensely keeping weapons at the ready. As you go with them, a nauseating vertigo wells up from within. It feels like gravity's shifting to be before you, as if you were walking down a vertical surface. Although you do not fall, your bodies scream warnings at you that every step could send you hurtling into the chaos ahead, or perhaps, "below" you.

File: 1635909906550.png (680.14 KB, 640x640, The highschool arc.png)

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Last time on HolyQuest Autumn had arrived from his leave of absence only to beset us with another hiatus. The HQ crew strung out of their crack ships have taken their last resort to defeat a monday without a game. FEMTO Presents Holy Kyusetsu!! Uchikeshi no Rapyuchitsu ga Koko ni!

This quest is intended to burn the time away while we wait for the current hiatus to be over and we can move on with the main plot of the 3rd act of HolyQuest. Players will be allowed to remake their character sheets and replay old characters or multiple characters at the DM's discretion. Please make your character appropriate to a highschool setting.

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"Well duuuuuh! That's how the game works!"



Punish can't help but chuckle at Gabby's struggle.


"Well, yes, I am AWARE of that, Amy…" Gabriele shouts, scratching her head, "I'm just, trying to encourage you to do it better than normal!"


The boys offer a downcast expression as you scold them "Yeah we know." Shei says "Amy already gave us a proper telling about that."

Mocha is about respond but before she can she's interrupted by the whistle. Buiwong yells after her "Mocha off the bleachers you're captaining the north team."

"But- b- Coach!" She voices her displeasure.

"Don't give me that-" Buiwong chastises her "No grand-daughter of mine is going to be a mushroom." He blows his whistle twice "Now don't make me ask again."

Mocha accepts her responsibility and takes the stairs off the bleachers "It was nice talking to you Gabriele. We should study group together for math some time."

"You" Buiwong points to Punish "You have the three qualities dodgeball necessitates in a team leader. Spunk, attitude, and sass. And you have all three. You're the south side team leader.

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"Oooooh!" Amy says, finally understanding. "I can see why you're not a cheerleader," she says with a giggle.

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File: 1627816437480.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1080, The Conjunction.png)

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The Echoes are changed to their core.

Skylord Lysander is dead. The veil of the Cuckoo's Egg is lifted, revealing a new and altered world. The old chaos runs rampant. In a distant land, the flame of ambition is lit in a woman's heart. And somewhere, sometime, the drifters who were at the heart of it all awaken, amidst the ash and rubble of their former home.

Runes of Union hang in the sky, radiating their primordial spell. The world is unmade and remade again. Beyond the scope of the light they knew, and beyond the reach of the terror and dark, the drifters tread now, peering through the fog of the Conjunction, in search of answers…
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The dragoness does not attempt to hide her dissatisfaction with the state of their adventure. "As if the starvation and dehydration was not enough. The gods challenge us once more." She says, scoffing at that last statement. She begins to spread her wings as the aching pain of exhaustion shoots through them, keeping her grounded.

"If we cannot find shelter, we must hurry into this town." She says, surveying the landscape in a vain attempt to find anything that would help.

Perception [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I would have found it if it was destroyed" Aegis says plainly
"It could have decided to leave… I haven't made use of it much, if at all… Perhaps one of the demons got impatient and decided it should go into someone else's hooves so they could get them to come after me, since I didn't manage to keep my end of a deal"

Upon hearing the serpents up to trouble again, Aegis stands up and trots after Dalliance


"Up to it again? We'd best go see what's up, yeah?" he offers, grabbing his bow and running out after Dalliance.


"Hmm.. I could certainly check. The fall damaged my notes quite badly, but perhaps there's still something of use on gunpowder.."

Pulling out the remains of my Alchemy notes, I carefully flip through what's left on the hunt for gunpowder recipes.
[1d10] notes search

Having checked for Information, my search was interrupted by the sounds of the serpents' arrival.

Packing away my notes, I follow after Dalliance in concern, tense at the thought of the serpent's strange gaze.

Roll #1 6 = 6


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File: 1618707103826.jpg (722.56 KB, 1280x1717, 1546161690358.jpg)

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Last time, on Anno Castra…

A long discussion unfolded between our explorers and "Mendicant Rudolph," assuming that was his true name. The dissident priest who unleashed a startling manifesto about the bleak future facing Ironcastle was, after all the panic and unrest he caused, a rather unassuming figure, not particularly unusual, nor even memorable. He maintained that everything in his manifesto came to him in a startling vision, which also included the zero-day virus that he used to forcibly download the manifesto to every Magicomp in Ironcastle.

This was an impossible feat, according to the Lux Deorum, as Rudolph had no background in technology whatsoever. They completely discredited his story about receiving it all in a vision, divine or otherwise, and maintained that he had to be working with a group of fellow terrorists and malcontents who wished only to stir up chaos in Ironcastle. However, Rudolph proved that he had information he could not have possibly accessed otherwise: He knew that the party had spoken with Godspeed. Just as this seemed to lend credence to his story about visions, he uttered a still stranger thing… that events that had unfolded in Ironcastle were also unfolding in other Castles as well, from ancient historical events such as the rise of the Brotherhood of Flagellants, to the schism of the Charismatics from the Abbey, to the development of mutually intelligible languages across Castles, despite there being no methods of communication between them, and the massive distances that separated them.

Before they could question him further, the DLs furiously dismissed the party, and took them away, back to the baggage claim area of the Ramparts. Many more hours than they had perceived finally caught up with them, and they had to get a ride from Rockfall back to House Titanite.
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>You may wish to do the same for the others.

With that he sent the feline his Mother's concord contact info.

>Where are you by the way?


Rich accepts the friend request. "Yeah, I'll be in touch! Appreciate it pal," he says as he tops off your drink.


Another song comes on as you suggest that the bickering lawyers work together to come to the Mendicant's aid. "Yeah!" Fate says, the idea clearly catching her attention. "You guys can tag team it, switching out whenever one gets tired!"
"Despite all the months you've worked with Ave as his aid," Square says. "You seem to have not learned how trials work."
"What?" Fate gasps. "I'm like 90% of the reason he's won every case!"
"Hey, I think I can take credit for a good 60… no, 70% of the work!" Ave protests.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Grutar takes awhile to figure out how to open up mail once again on his magicomp before "Blasted thing, how do these things work again?"


"Hmm. A new mission? This could be good, I think- I have been stationary too long."


>Indeed. I shall inform them
>As to where we are, we're at a bar in the noble district, down an alleyway.

"Well, perhaps you can all work it out once you've had a chance to meet with Rudolph. I will see if I can arrange one more audience with him, provided his jailers are merciful enough for at least that."

Zamrud looks down as the three start their spirited and heated debate once again, noticing the alert coming in from Mabin. Taking a look at it and finishing it, Zamrud lets out a quite groan, before moving over to Grutar and looking over his shoulder, pointing out the directions to use the magicomp. "Just click that symbol there…" he says as he starts out the process of explaining it.

He takes another look at the message before looking to the others, presuming they may have acquired a similar message. "I assume we're all available for that time?"

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File: 1618452033498.jpg (599.23 KB, 1920x1997, 1547170014862.jpg)

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Last time, in the Castle of Silence…

After whipping up a quick meal offering, the expedition team ventured out from the warehouse to approach the Necromancer, who floated languidly through the northern streets. Upon confronting him, they found him willing to engage in dialogue, whereupon he divulged that he indeed had been to the Pillars… in fact, he entered Agatecastle through the Pillars, indicating the existence of a clandestine gateway between the Pillars and the Castle itself. It was as this came up that Lost Hope accidentally divulged the existence of the Ironcastle Expedition Team, a fact which the Necromancer found quite interesting. Huitlapan panicked and tried to walk back Lost's revelation, only to be frozen solid with a blast of winter air.
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Deadweight follows, biting her lips.



Roll #1 5 = 5


Ruby frowns. "Her name is Amber Preserve," she says. "I… part of me wants to go look for her, to tell you the truth… how far down do you intend to go in Agatecastle?"

You head for the eastern end of the wall, heading wide of the guard tower then clinging to the wall once you've circumvented his line of sight. You then slink in through a side-door, and dart to the shadow of a nearby building – only to stop dead in your tracks unexpectedly. You look down to see your model having collided with a sleeping guard; formerly sleeping, that is. The guard Ruby stands up, and alert music starts to play as she draws her club to bonk you both.



The plant monster slaps your storm bolt back to you, and you quickly turn into a one-pony barbecue.

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I try to put myself out while screaming.

Roll #1 7 = 7

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File: 1630202127533.jpg (408.37 KB, 1920x1344, jurijus-chitrovas-gas-stat….jpg)


Pitstops. Small buildings that exist between cities all across Equestria. Often there will be rusting down autocarriages and chariots rusting around them in makeshift walls. Among many of the pony tribes these are considered neutral ground for all to gain respite from. These pitstops are centers for trade and could be the basis for many cities if they had better fortifications.

A pair of heavily armed and armored ponies have arrived at such a pitstop in the northwest, where tall buildings vie for vertical control against tall forests both dead and alive. It is midday and there are few inhabitants resting here.
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Grimsley grimaces at the molerat biting at him. He stomps on its enlarged head.

>Unarmed attack with 10 grit


Tora, dismissing the rats as basically harmless, moves to just hit that big bastard with another pair of strikes.



Grimsley looks to the big diamond dog. "I suggest you run," he says in a flat tone.

>rolling to intimidate with a Charisma of 2


Roll #1 1 = 1


I also try to make the molerats flee with angry irish horse noises with a Charisma of 7


Roll #1 6 = 6


You stop the molerat's head and its skull explodes under your armored hoof.

You hit the Diamond's weapon out of his hand and break off the last of his armor, he would be dead here but.

Covered in blood of a fallen pet, the shivering Diamond Dog nods and starts digging his way back into the ground he burst from.

You stomp and snort with the correct vigor to scare off these remaining molerats who dig and burrow back into the ground as fast as they can.

It is quiet again, dark still. Ahead of you is a bridge made of old grey sandcrete with ruins of a shanty on it.

File: 1472866909664.jpg (113.83 KB, 1280x720, 1032707__screencap_crossov….jpg)

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>Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

Calling sheets for the 85th session of TimeQuest
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"It was horrible. Since then, Steel's been helping in training me to fight so I can avoid that from happening again."

She looks up as Sterling suggestions a new promise.
"Oh? What did you have in mind?"


"Oh." Sterling says in response, a slight red glow appearing in her cheeks as she scrunches her muzzle. "Ah… I was hoping thou might have had an idea. I had a goal but, not really a 'plan'. Suggestions?" She says, offering a sheepish grin.

Twonyxia lifts her head lazily, smirking. "Well, I think I have one… think, however could a BLACKSMITH protect a KNIGHT from danger even when they're separated?"







>"The world you seek shall burn. I offer you salvation." Claw's voice echoes from the mechanical apparatus of his beak as you pick up the Bell of Black Omens, gathering the massive object in your strings as Silkie turns to you as you prepare to rip and tear through the moon-base, setting off from the bottom of Level 12 as she asks, "I'm… I'm sorry that happened to you. What you said, about your family…"

?Yuki and Mirror continue looking around, then at each other as they seem to grow more and more cognitive, but little time is given to their development as your wires tear through everything they can touch through out the level. You ascend upwards from this area, but you can hear Claw's voice reverberating throughout the beams as you see them growing more and more dense ahead of, the way you took into this place now seeming like a tunnel that continuously grows longer and longer as you try to move out.

>"This world is MY salvation… you have taken everything else from me. You will not take this moon! You are not the only god here, Southern Point." He cries out as the beams all start to collectively close in on you, creating a crushing sphere of influence that piles on top of your wires as they catch and shield you from them.

>Meanwhile, Mirror looks to you, speaking in your voice. "This moron doesn't like it when you break the rules of his stupid game. I think that's what everything is to him, even this. We need to shut it off."

"I've taken everything?" Southern asks. She looks around with divine sight, not at the false world surrounding her, but at what's truly beyond. Her eyes settle on where Claw really is. "Not yet, I haven't."

A storm of wires tears through the shell of metal and rips Claw to pieces.

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File: 1613189887564.jpg (589.99 KB, 1920x1080, 161113.jpg)

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Hello user! Today's date is Tuesday, November 14th, 601 A.F.N. You have no scheduled events for today.
>Command Prompt:

/sys:(User: 0130)/Prog/Quests/Carousel/Thread 1.0



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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After a long, fruitless night of discussing plans and alternatives, you each end up asleep in various locations in Lucy's apartment. The following morning Lucy heads with you to Glam who nervously fiddles with his claws as you approach. After his long apology about misunderstandings and how he owes you a favor for trying to kill you, you head out of Thorn street for now.

Lucy hesitates as you step down into the subway station. After a moment's consideration she steps down with the rest of you, bearing only a pair of saddlebags and her katana strewn across her back. This mission was a success with Lucy coming back to Centro with you. But her knowledge of [null] and the task at hand has only really added more questions.

>Despite this, you feel like you have learned something from this tumultuous trip. +3 Karma to all party members.

After a much more uneventful return trip than the one you took out to Thorn you all find yourself back at Centro. The skies are cloudy and dull. The dogs are suspiciously absent.

Lucy speaks up. "Cute place. Not one of Cherry's safehouses I remember though. That means we have basically nothing to work with for this heist. That means not enough firepower to kick the door down and hold off security. Seems like the stealth approach is our best bet. Objections?"


He snorts with displeasure at meeting up with Glam again. "You yellow little shit. Next time, it'll be double- no, triple the pay, up front, or you can find some other goon to do your dirty work."


He takes a look around, arms folded. "None from me. I can work with stealth. Seems like the easiest way to go about it. Forget the uniforms."


I mean with enough time I can get a decent gang together of holograms to act as muscle for us."


He nods. "Once things inevitably go tits up we'll need some meat shields for sure. Can't see this going any other way than punching our way out."


>That's a total of 4 Karma, I think!
"Stealth is fine by me, yup. It'd probably be a bad idea to risk making too much noise, even if we had the gear to. Need me to try scouting ahead?"

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