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R: 586 / I: 7


((Lore doc https://pastebin.com/JPhEDTcP
((Welcome players! Please post sheets at the start of (solo) session 0 and again at the start of session 1 for easy access.))
R: 991 / I: 2

PirateQuest Thread 5

Last time on PirateQuest…

After leaving behind the wreckage of the Lilliput, the party continued onward on their journey to Agyl Island, passing a journey of four days in relatively peaceful weather. That is, until they reached the waters just outside the island's perimeter. There, circling the island, they beheld a colossal storm, with dark and tumultuous clouds that surged high into the sky. As the party attempted to reach the island, they were beset by a cohort of Squall-beasts, monsters made of clouds that resembled creatures like seagulls, tigers, elephants and dragons.

The party braved the assault as their two ships flew onward to Agyl, but the beasts proved powerful, causing severe damage to all the crew with even just a scrap of the lightning that sparked and flew off their bodies. All seemed to be going well, until the final push to make it to the eye of the storm, the patch of clear sky above Agyl Island, into which no Squall-beast dared to fly. A tidal wave rose up, spurred on by the Squall-beasts' charge, and propelled the ships forward, nearly knocking them stern over bow. Most held on to the ratlines and railings, but Cloud was launched from the deck, and collided head-on with the foremast. With a sickening crunch, he flew head-first into one of the crossbeams, which drove a loose nail partway into his eye. By a miracle, the wound was not fatal, but despite Alder's best efforts to restore his severely shattered skull, his eye was beyond saving.

Neither Alder, Godot nor Sickly Sweet had the equipment to restore Cloud's vision. So now, as the party docks into Agyl Island, the crews are in a rush to find a doctor who might be able to fix his annihilated eye.
R: 1215 / I: 4

The Cleansing: Chapter II

The story so far:

The party have arrived at the far flung seaside village of Moonhollow, ruled over by the elusive Lord Harroway. They have found that among other problems, the surrounding lands are plagued by a magical corruption known as the Blight. Having befriended the aspiring knight Dalliance, the party have signed on with a slowly growing band of adventurers working to cleanse the lands around Moonhollow.

Their first mission consisted of them rescuing Anna, the local blacksmith's daughter, who had apparently not been kidnapped, but instead run away to prove herself in combat. Their mission was a success, and they made two new allies: Cinder Fabrie, a kirin, and Solar Flair, a pegasus. The latter had already succumbed to the Blight, but the party found that this could be undone through great effort. Unfortunately, Solar was attacked by a creature which appeared to be an advanced form of the Blight, and was made comatose. He is currently in recovery.

With their new friend Cinder having joined the party, the group have split into two for the moment:

Voleurz, Dalliance and Rainy have stayed in Moonhollow for the time being, seeking their next mission. They appear to have found one: food is scarce in Moonhollow due to the local farms being plagued by a terrible beast of unknown nature. After asking around, they have discerned that the beast appears to be some sort of wolf, but of an unnatural size, leaving no trace behind.

Talon, Jesse and Platinum have accompanied Cinder in trying to find her former charge, a renowned paladin called Guiding Moonlight. Cinder, Solar and a handful of others were part of a hired group to escort Moonlight to the village, but a Blight attack led to them being separated. After some investigating, they found Moonlight, only to find her having driven mad by the Blight. Unlike most, she appears to be fighting the corruption, but can no longer tell friend from foe, reduced to little more than a beast.
R: 968 / I: 5

The Return: Thread VII

After having captured the bounty hunter Clawson, the party have continued onwards on their travels, reaching the fabled Swap Meet, a great gathering of drifters from all over the Echoes. They have spent some time there exploring and stocking their new ship for their future travels. However, all is not well. They have heard whispers of Skylord Lysander building a crew for his new ship, as well as premonitions from Zunden of disaster striking should they remain for too long. Thus, they have resolved to return to the Weeping City to explore it at a later date, after the more pressing issue of the Cuckoo's Egg is dealt with.

Zunden has seen fit to hire Black Pudding to cleanse their ship of the Oneiromancer's influence and hide it from prying eyes, which he has agreed to do. However, upon returning to the ship, they found themselves faced with another problem: a strange mare has arrived on their ship,carrying a horrific creature on her back, claiming to be part of their crew. Black Pudding has diagnosed it as a Squatterbloat, a lesser name-stealing demon that drains the memories of its host and those they have met. He will banish the demon, but it is a rite that will require participation from the others…
R: 227 / I: 6

Time Quest Thread III: Time Cops Edition

>Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

Calling sheets for the 85th session of TimeQuest
R: 792 / I: 1

HolyQuest Thread Six

Last time on HolyQuest…

Threecoins' abandoned northeastern district had become a haven to a small and eclectic group of witches. No two witches were of the same race or kingdom, evidenced by the wide variety of clothing styles, skin tones and body types; they were a cross-section of witches from all regions of the known world. One of the few things they had in common was their immediate distrust of the party. All regarded our heroes with suspicion, and few would talk to them. As the party would learn, this was not without reason. The last outsider who had entered their territory had stolen the special white powder, called Dove's Incense, that the witches were using in a ritual in the city's temples to ward off the remaining demons. That outsider, as Shei learned, was almost assuredly a member of Ecclesia, as he wore an Ecclesian jacket, with a black septagram badge attached to the lapel. The Ecclesian Choir distinguished themselves with septagram necklaces, so this badge surely indicated that this thief was someone of high rank, and its black color meant that he was a member of the Morte Legionem prior to his allegiance with Ecclesia.

As all this unfolded, Flow met with three members of the Choir: Sir Ichimonji, former Governer of Merec, Metalweave, and former Accorsian Emperor, Direnus Tibault. After delivering his report on the battle with the Lich, they looked over the items that he recovered from the laboratory: a bag of white powder that caused minor hallucinations when inhaled, research notes entitled On the Construction of a Perfect Egregore, a mysterious scroll sealed by a magic binding, and a letter that accompanied all of it, reading only "Look into this," and signed by "E.I.K." The scroll contained an illustration of a monk sitting in meditation before a tree. Its seven branches each ended in a great flower's bloom, and its eight roots each ended in a serpentine dragon's head, adorned with a crown. A single word, in an ancient script, accompanied each of these seven flowers and eight dragons. Another inscription, written below the monk, was also in this script, but it could be read: Begin in Death.

Puzzled by this cryptic diagram, Ichimonji, Metalweave and Direnus advised Flow to subtly inquire about this to Sir Einmal ist Keinmal, another member of the Choir whose initials matched those upon the letter.
R: 358 / I: 55

Soul Quest Thread the First

Temporary thread for Soul Quest this evening / any future instances where we can't play on our normal site, post your sheets for the 9th session of Soul Quest
R: 104 / I: 14

DeerQuest One-Shot

Please post your sheets for a one-shot of DeerQuest!
R: 1226 / I: 1

HolyQuest Thread Five

Last time on HolyQuest…

Dawn rose on the fourth day before the Tartarus mission was set to begin. The party has all of today and tomorrow before their expedition begins, leaving them with precious little time to spend with one another, and on their preparations. Power, allies, weapons, spells, potions, scrolls, armor – just forty-eight hours to obtain all they would need before they would descend into Tartarus itself to determine who would rule the new, demon-infested world.

After breakfast, the party returned to Lilane in order to attend Pryce's award ceremony. Pryce had earned the honor of the Star-Blessed Watch in recognition of his twelve years of service as an honorable knight of the Union Church.

Upon returning to Lilane, they were met with a most massive change of scenery. As Chorazin had alluded to yesterday, Metatron had visited Lilane in the night, sending his angels to guard and fortify the city which Ecclesia had claimed as its fortress. They had also apparently healed the injuries of many Ecclesians, who had been scarred, deformed, and had even lost limbs as a result of their battles with demons. Though the Ecclesians were overjoyed at this, the party was more than unnerved because of their previous encounters with Metatron.

Shei remained behind with Mocha, partly in order to take care of various tasks during the morning, and because he was shunned in Lilane for his outburst the previous day (although he was not officially exiled).
R: 236 / I: 0

TPW Thread 2

Last time on TPW…

After entering the town of Gladiolus, the party accompanied the traveling performer troupe to the town's castle, where they secured a meeting with the Sage of the Marsh herself, an old mare by the name of Peat. Peat, upon hearing the news of what Lugh and his underlings had done, was furious, but not surprised, as this was only the latest in a series of crimes committed by druids.

Peat confided that she and the other sage had known for some time of an extremist faction within the druids, who resented the presence of foreigners on Albion, and of the destruction of the land that came as a result of icreasing idustrialization. Said industrializaton was a direct result of foreign businesses coming to Albion to set up shop, buy up land and resources that had once been wilderness and bountiful nature. Peat pledged to investigate these extremists and warn the other Sages of their activities, so that the other three Treasures of Albion could be kept safe.
R: 1736 / I: 27

The Return: Thread VI

Joined by the sorceress Aegis, the party have continued their journey towards the Weeping City, where a great Swap Meet is to take place; however, not all is well within the group. Hermodur, marked by the enigmatic Oneiromancer, has resolved to break the Cuckoo's egg, which has led to him leaving the party to go on adventures of his own, for a time. The rest of the group, meanwhile, are now being stalked by a mysterious bounty hunter called Clawson, who, out of a desire for a challenge, has given them 24 hours to put as much distance between them and himself as possible. Their quest continues, the constant presence of the Oneiromancer and the threat of Skylord Lysander hanging over them like a guillotine…
R: 1187 / I: 7

The Cleansing

A new game by me I guess
R: 1457 / I: 32

The Return: Thread V

The Drifters have made their escape from the town of Braildorn, having been made outlaws by their new nemesis Lysander. Once an adventurer like themselves, Lysander has fallen victim to his own hubris and greed, desperate to be seen as a true dragon. The party's first encounter with him led to him becoming crippled, and the party taking his ship for themselves. To make things more complex, the egg they discovered in the vault deep in the Shifting Sands is a seal preventing an entity known as the Cuckoo from awakening, an event which would result in the decimation of the Echoes as they know it.

Not only has Lysander joined forces with a mysterious being named only the Oneiromancer, but he has also discovered the location of the Cuckoo's egg. He, the Oneiromancer, and several others seem to be part of a collective that seek the egg, though for what purpose is unclear; indeed, Lysander seems blind to the egg's true nature, coveting it as a rare and valuable treasure. Seeking to oppose Lysander are a blind wanderer called Dawn, her partner Carabas, and their missing friend Etrigan.

The long term goal the party have made is clear from this: stop Lysander from getting to the egg, however possible. This is an even more pressing matter due to what the party discovered when they visited the vault: not only is the Cuckoo's egg there, but Discord, the primordial god of chaos, is sealed away there, turned to stone but still able to speak. If Lysander were to reach the vault, he would surely make an alliance with the Draconequus, making him an even greater threat. However, Lysander's whereabouts are unknown, for now; until the party can gain some insight into this, they cannot do much to stop him.

For now, the party's goals are twofold:

They have heard of a place to the north called the Dreaming Spring, where Hermodur got some of his Dreamwater from. Lilies from this spring are one of three components needed to liberate a spirit held captive by the swamp druid Black Pudding. Visiting this spring would not only help them in liberating the spirit, but also in acquiring more of the water, which has the unique quality of showing whoever the user thinks of when drinking it.

They have also caught wind of an upcoming event in the Echoes called the Swap Meet, a gathering for drifters from all over the land to come and buy, sell and trade all manner of goods. This event is unique in that while it is held, it is forbidden (by whom it is unknown) to harm anyone. Essentially, this means that everyone who attends a Swap Meet is under truce. This time around, the Swap Meet is being held in a distant place called the Weeping City, so called because it never stops raining on the abandoned metropolis.
R: 1074 / I: 6

The Pilgrim's Way

Post your sheets!
R: 1175 / I: 7

PQ Thread 4

>Thessaly 6/4
>Cloud 5/4

Last time on PirateQuest…

Disguised as guards and armed with a pocket-sized Droplet, Thessaly and Cloud Shear waited dutifully by Queen Toko's side during the circus performance so far. The Pattern Juggler pesetered them and the VIPs from all sides with an assortment of tricks and jabs, formed by hijacking various parts of the performance, and using them as weaponized annoyances. This greatly stirred up Queen Toko's ire, exposing pre-existing tensions between her and the Crimson King – possibly something that could be to the party's advantage.

Alder and Cerulean conversed backstage with the crew as they waited for their performance to come on. Cerulean nearly, er, "killed" Boneless, a rubber chicken and performer with a storied and controversial past. Alder, however, saved his life by un-breaking his plastic neck. Nonetheless, they still had plenty of time before their scheduled performances.

Cutlass successfully boarded The Golden Vein and began her invasion, capturing guards to wring out for intel on the ship's guard situation. Although there were relatively few guards left on the ship due to the security detail being spread all across Kaco Island, she learned of the presence of at least ten so-called "giants" onboard, who made up the bulk of the ship's muscle and posed the biggest threat to their attack. Cutlass split her forces; the bulk, led by Schnitzel and Make Believe, would capture the control room on the third level. The rest would break into the prison holding on the second level to free Colobok, which would allow the rest of her assassin entourage to fight without fear for his safety.

As both sides of the attack against the Crimson King and the Bee Queens unfold, neither our heroes nor our foes know what lies in wait for them at the end of the night, nor how it would change the course of their voyages.
R: 1113 / I: 8

HolyQuest Thread Four

Post Sheets.
R: 469 / I: 1

Breezie Hollow

Compared to your recent adventures, the voyage back home to the Hollow has been uneventful.

As you arrived back into the Hollow you were surrounded by curious breezies wondering not just about the strange and wonderful treasures you carry but also the shrunken zebra Oomar, who so far has been delighted to visit the breezie city. A different case entirely has been the breezie witch who has refused to speak during the travel and her stay in the hollow heavily guarded by the breezemancers.

Because of the hard-earned rewards you've been given by Tumbleweed, the wealthy breezie, you've been able to fund the development of the radan style aiship. With help from volunteers from the Guild, Pattern has started the long anticipated project.

As the project nears completion we find our heroes in a tent next to the airship warf.
The breezemancers have found that an expert in exotic and cursed artefacts is currently residing within Breezie Valley.

You're both standing around a table with airship blueprints while Marrow Fargale, as you might recall you saved from the forest just some weeks ago, finishes reading the letter.

She looks up. "It's the best we found. I'm sorry, there's simply not many breezies who seek to delve into these kinds of items. And those who do, usually aren't very willing to divulge their secrets. Like our guest."
R: 72 / I: 0

Kelani Quest

It is time for Nature
R: 222 / I: 4

BWB 3.0: For Real This Time

No more bamboozles! Probably.
R: 1031 / I: 12

PQ Thread 3

The party now returns to Kaco Island, having accomplished many things during their time on the small satellite island:

First, they learned more about aura and developed their potential even further, culminating in the creation of new abilities for some and improvements on current abilities for others. Second, they recovered a large cache of red herbs, called Helltongues, which would enable them to cure people from infection by Queen Toko's white parasites. Third, they resued an alien from outer space whose spaceship had crashed at sea during his research for his dissertation.

Now, Cutlass and Thessaly are heading back to meet with the leaders of the Three mafia Families who rule over Aristar and who have rapidly become the last stable leaders on Kaco Island following the Queens' thorough destruction of Potnia and other towns on the southern half of the island. Meanwhile, the rest of the party has plenty of time to kill before Alder and Cerulean are due for their circus performance in Aristar at 6. Thus they're heading back to check out some of the destroyed towns and pick over what might remain.

Post sheets.
R: 1521 / I: 47

The Return: Thread 4

Our heroes have returned from the Shifting Sands, where in a forgotten vault they encountered someone they did not expect: a petrified Discord, god of chaos, now known as Persolus. Seemingly under an enchantment forcing him to always tell the truth, he told the party that he had figured out a way out of the Echoes, but it required freeing him and messing with some sort of egg that was being kept in the vault. Sensibly, the party chose not to trust him, and declined his offer.

From there, they have made their way to Braildorn, one of the few places in the Echoes that most closely resembles modern society. However, while they sought respite within its walls, they soon found their troubles were far from over: Lysander, an ambitious and greedy dragon with significant influence in the Echoes, saw to the kidnapping of their friend Violet, replacing her with a spy to study the party and assess them. The party soon rooted out the spy and followed a trail of clues (including striking a tenuous alliance with the nefarious Tiger Clan) which eventually led them to Lysander's ship, the Lady Luck. From there, they proceeded to fight their way to Lysander himself, rescue Violet and take the Lady Luck for themselves - which was not a ship at all, but rather an enchanted construct called a Sanctuary. They soon found that overtaking a Sanctuary did not come without its failsafes, however; the Fulcrum, a unique magical object that controls a Sanctuary, was bound to Lysander and Lysander alone, and no one else could use it without risking severe mental harm or even death.

Via one of their newfound acquaintances, however, they may have figured out a workaround. Fumblemore, a bumbling but good natured wizard, knows of a way to break the Seal of Dominion, but it is a dangerous ritual that requires the participation of the entire group; their spiritual forms would entre the Fulcrum, according to Fumblemore, and have to physically bypass whatever defences Lysander has placed.

Meanwhile, the party have made themselves quite busy while in Braildorn:

Hermodur has accepted a contract to hunt down a creature plaguing the town's citizens, a particularly large and intelligent balaur known as the Beast of Braildorn.

Norv has expressed his interest in performing a courier task for Carnifex, a servant of Black Pudding. He has also commissioned a new sprayer to be made for him by the master craftsman Hadrian, which has dug deep into his pockets.

Silver and Rabi, now officially an item, wish to aid a farmer who's been having a strange problem: non-hostile zombies come down from the hills every night and taint his crops, targeting his farm specifically.

Violet, having experience in ousting warlocks, has shown interest in pursuing a terrible sorcerer known as the Oneiromancer, who has enslaved a small fishing village on the other side of the Broad River.
R: 169 / I: 2

Tome's Vignettes

Two candles flicker on either side of a dusty old tome. The leather-bound cover creaks open and words slowly etch themselves into the paper. This old book begins to spin you a yarn. A tale of a small mountain village. A grand quest gone wrong. Self-sacrifice gone unrewarded. And, perhaps most of all, biting off a little more than you should chew.

Post Sheets
R: 407 / I: 15


It's happening!
R: 1069 / I: 16

HolyQuest Thread 3

Post sheets
R: 1378 / I: 25

The Return: Thread 3

Hermodur, Norvegicus, Rabi, Silver and Zunden have traveled to the cruel, unforgiving expanse known as the Shifting Sands with their companion Violet. On the way, they became allies with the monks of the Lunar Monastery after helping them solve a murder case. The culprit, a bat pony mare named Aurora d'Arbanville, has also joined the party on their travels.

Back in the Dominion, Hermodur has had visions of Ailuros' continued campaign. Against her normal wishes, the would-be princess has contracted a Fire Witch, members of a sect of Celestia that are known for their prophetic powers. Ailuros is using the Fire Witch's abilities to routinely check on Hermodur. Hermodur himself has also encountered a Fire Witch called Fever Ray, who suggested trying dragonfire to transmit messages out of the Echoes.

Meanwhile, Zunden encountered a crippled mare called Dawn, who was under the care of the monks, who was found by them under bizarre circumstances. She soon found that this was the same Dawn whose ruined journal they had found at the start of their travels, although she was unfortunately not able to say much to Zunden before passing out. However, her most grevious wounds have been healed, and she will recover in time, although it is unlikely she will be able to see well again.

The Shifting Sands have proven themselves as deadly and treacherous as their reputation. A vast expanse of crimson sand, the Sands are populated by all manner of monstrous creatures, such as the predatory Terreocti or the elusive but deadly Bone Shambler, and the few that live there have been driven to madness and desperation by the desert. To make things worse, the party have discovered that the desert itself is alive, comprised of millions and millions of tiny treasure-loving insects masquerading as grains of sand.

Not all is despair, however. The party have not only grown in number with the addition of Aurora, but also made the acquaintance of a pair of traveling merchants, Rosen and Gilder, from who they acquired clothes for their journey as well as a disparity of magical trinkets. After having claimed water supplies from a reaver camp nearby, the party stand poised to embark on a long and arduous stretch of their journey traversing a vast salt flat. Beyond lies the center of the desert where Violet has heard great treasures can be found in forgotten ruins, as well as the heart of the Shifting Sands: an immense spire known as the Hive.

Old thread: >>695148
R: 492 / I: 0


You've returned safely and unscathed from the nightmarish well. A good meal and sound sleep later, you feel yourself ready for more adventure.

Twinklebreeze mentioned he had another potential location for an artefact. Such an artefact would be enough to get you at least 500 bits after Twinklebreeze's finder's commission. Combined with your reward for the Moondial, that's enough to fund the airship construction!

It's a grey and dreary morning. The ground is still damp and wet from last night's terrible stormy weather.
As you fly outside the inn towards Ribbon's bed in the barn, you notice a Breezie once again wearing a Tinker uniform. This Breezie wears a peculiar hat with lights going on in and off in different patterns. He has short white hair and white short beard. His coat is blue.
Ribbon seems to have noticed the breezie already and is eying him suspiciously.
The Breezie turns and flies to you both as you go outside.
"Observation." He announces quite dramatically. "You are…" he gets out two little cards "Pattern Pitch and….Fairweather."
R: 1025 / I: 16

PirateQuest Continuation Thread

Post sheets
R: 1124 / I: 19

HolyQuest Thread 2

Post sheets
R: 1122 / I: 48

The Return: Thread 2

Hermodur, Zunden, Rabi, Silver Song and Norvegicus have been exiled to the world known as the Echoes. Upon exploring their initial surroundings, they found an old diary belonging to someone called Dawn, and later met a fellow exile called Violet Moon, who had found a strange brick cylinder in a boat that had washed ashore nearby. Violet has so far been acting as their guide through the Echoes, and they are accompanying her on a quest to a far off desert called the Shifting Sands. According to Violet, an inscription she found in the tomb of an ancient king has led her to believe they will find something of great value in the center of the desert.

While staying in the small settlement of Ironbrook, the party ran into a notorious bandit gang called the Bloody Mummers, having gotten into a barfight with some of their members. This led to them taking a long path around so as to avoid the Mummers' attention, leading them into a treacherous stretch of swamp known as Durenwol. There they met the sorcerer Black Pudding, who had apparently had dealings with Violet in the past. Pudding promised to aid them in return for their service, asking them to bring him parts of a terrible beast called the Berrengaith.

The party agreed to this and ventured into the Rotten Wood, eventually coming across the beast. However, they soon found that there was more to it than they'd anticipated: the Berrengaith is host to a swamp spirit, which used to have dominion over Durenwol until it was overthrown by Pudding and trapped inside a monstrous boar. They were offered the choice of either slaying it now or gathering the required items to free it: a black lily from the Dreaming Spring, the eyes of a deer, and the skull of its former body, which is in the possession of Black Pudding. The party have not agreed to either choice yet, but as a sign of good faith the swamp spirit let them take the blood and teeth that Pudding had asked for; in return, they received a slew of items that will aid them on their journey. Upon returning to Violet, they also discovered that the loss of her eye was due to Pudding having taken it from her, after she tried to take the skull herself.

With their business in Durenwol finished, the party set off towards the Shifting Sands once more, eventually coming across a lakeside monastery dedicated to Luna, where they took shelter for the night. While there, they learned that the monastery were currently sheltering a severely injured pony who had been found drenched in seawater, despite being many miles inland. The party are there still, waiting out the night among the Luna worshippers.
R: 77 / I: 0


Some people live in their old ways, set in how keeping to tradition is why things kept for so long.

Some people are quick to embrace the new and unknown, convinced that evolution is all that matters.

Some people have abandoned reason as they watched their world ripped asunder and smash into realities thought to be only in the imagination.

Exceptional people of these beliefs have dealt with their realm bleeding into others by fast becoming saviors, diplomats, leaders, caretakers, salvagers, scavengers, conquering heroes or scheming villains. Throughout the world, every expanding inch of it, opportunities are popping up for these exceptional people to prove themselves; for profit or charity…

Somewhere in a great underground dungeon made of steel and glass are some of these people who are quickly meeting back-to-back as they face tribals carrying spears and blugeons from all directions!
R: 188 / I: 2

Brotherhood Without Banners Volume 3

Old thread: >>688329
R: 2 / I: 0

Songs of Concord & Discord Thread 1

The landis rife with conflict as the goddess Concord and the god Discord are forever at odds with one another in a constant struggle, thus true harmony can only be claimed by those who take it.

Name: Your identity.
Gender: Boy or girl?
Race: Each race has unique racial skills.
Class: Determines which skills you can take. Take a second class to become Multiclass.
Skills: You get 5 points to spend on skills. (3 if you are Multiclass)
Special Talent: Typically a +2 bonus to one skill.
Hits/Wounds: Nonlethal/lethal damage you can take.
Weapon and/or Catalyst: How you attack or cast spells.
Character Traits: Details that make your character unique, like looks, gear, and personality.
R: 1108 / I: 17

PirateQuest one-shot thread

This is the thread for various one-shots relating to the PirateQuest which I run for the cytube group, not to be confused with other quests involving pirates.
R: 1149 / I: 45

The Return

This is a FEMTO game. Information on it can be found here: https://pastebin.com/8shJWpxm
R: 1 / I: 0
I just leave it here: http://doujinmusic.ru

This is a lossless (FLAC) doujin music library that you can listen on the fly with a browser or mobile device (Android, iOS).

The library is constantly updated, and you can add your own collections.
And of course the hunt for priority.

You can get into the library by receiving an invite in the telegram-channel @touhouchan
It's free.

We are glad to everyone who is interested.

Demo account:

R: 924 / I: 1


A timid fall sun shines above the Great Forest. Far down below near the ground, beneath a golden brown canopy, a caravan, too tiny for even Big Pony eyes makes its way through the bushes.

At the head, riding on a white kitty named Ribbon, is a courageous breezie named Fairweather. Foollowing behind, in a blue tunic with a gear emblem and wearing goggles is the genius tinker breezie Petilia.

They're very close now to their destination, the Big Pony village on the edge of the forest. Their missions is to obtain a Big Pony item of great value. Their contact in the city is an ex-Tinker, a toymaker by the name of Twinklebreeze.

Do you want to talk a bit and get back in the routine before making our way to town?
R: 1123 / I: 19

HolyQuest Thread - Do not toot it!

Post Sheets when you're ready.
R: 913 / I: 16

Brotherhood Without Banners Volume 2

Old thread: >>683231
R: 1072 / I: 0

Destiny Quest - Kelani Rush

The search for statues continues.
R: 31 / I: 1

Luna Quest Session #34 - Final Battle

>After staying together for quite some time in your dreams, you and Luna finally leave to face Tiamat
>You both agree that you must face her in her prison to decrease the amount of lives lost should you fail and give the others a little more time, and prevent her possible escape should you choose to face her outside of the prison
>While Luna discusses this with Celestia, you visit a now healed Lucent with Baron
>Lucent doesn't want either you or Baron to go fight Tiamat, but you all say your goodbyes for you and Baron depart for the prison
>You meet up with Luna in Emperor Halberd's throne room and decide upon the following for your party
>Celestia, Luna, Baron, Pierce, and yourself
>Gold Heart, Thorn, and Halberd are to prepare troops and evacuate the city while you're away to prepare for Tiamat's arrival
>Starswirl will help how he can from outside the prison's maze
>Upon entering the maze, Starswirl helps to lead you to Tiamat's cell and leads her to you
>The final battle has begun

Luna and Celestia are carrying the Chains of Harmony through the air and attempting to restrain Tiamat's movement. Pierce's fireballs and Baron's magic blasts are having little effect on Tiamat, and there's a chance she could shoot another burst of fire again.

There has to be something you can do with the magical power you have. Figuring who you should help first might help you figure out how. The princesses are agile enough to avoid any of Tiamat's physical attacks for now, but you'll have to keep moving if you want to avoid any of her attacks on the ground. You assume her current raging state is the only thing keeping her from using her own magical ability to attempt to harm you much like Tiamat harmed Lucent.
R: 53 / I: 0

HorizonQuest: Chapter XX


It was not long after departing the Highlands, mushrooms in tow, that you made landfall in southern Equestria. The wilds between cities, it reminded you a lot of the wilderness in which your old den lay. In many ways you had come full circle, in the most obvious: literally. With your arrival back in Equestria, you have officially circumnavigated the world, meeting all sorts of individuals along the way.

Old Ram MacMeal has called for a meeting - mandatory. Everyone's going to be there, except Professor Steve, who is still working on the filters made from the mushrooms for the final design. That still leaves you, Flapjack, Gunny, and the Ram himself, though.
R: 78 / I: 0

Luna Quest Session #33

Bit of a warning here, but the Internet is fickle where I live and tends to go out for no reason at all for brief to extended periods of time. I'll do what I can to restore it if it does go out. Thank you for your patience and I hope you're all doing well.

It's been 2 years…

At least that's what it feels like. After you and Luna fell asleep, the two of you met up again in your dreams. It was here that Luna explained to you the full potential of Heart Song and Kris' hideaway. Time outside of it stood still for as long as the door was sealed and two beings were inside. This allowed whoever used it as much time as they wished to be with the one they loved without any consequences that time might take on they body, and without the world going on without them.

This coupled with Luna's powers over dreams meant that the two of you could essentially live your lives here and explore whatever worlds or possibilities your minds could imagine together. The thought of abandoning the world outside and spending eternity dreaming with Luna was tempting, and Nightmare Moon and made this offer on more than one occasion, but you both knew that you'd have to take care of Tiamat eventually. Leaving things as they were wouldn't feel right to either of you.

Two years was nothing more than a moment to someone who lived over one-thousand, but it was a good moment, and one she would always remember.

The two of you awoke, clinging to each other and taking in everything you both could offer. The desire to fade back into your dreams was almost impossible to resist with Luna resting in your arms. With one more kiss, lingering as long as the two of you could allow, you and Luna gathered up the strength to leave.

"You chose a convenient time to awaken," Luna said and paused for a moment to take a deep breath of the cool night breeze that blew by, her mane restrained by the hairband you'd gifted her. "Celestia should be raising the sun soon, then we head for Halberd's throne room to discuss further planning and preparation."
R: 3 / I: 0

Immortal Cycle Quest

A cloaked figure trudges along the snow laden path as he eyes the walled settlement upon the hill…

Another day I walk this land, the wood buildings built upon stone foundations, Greater cities existed before this very spot and an even greater one will be built after this one is burned to ash and scattered to the wind. I hope that there is a warm place to lay my head…
R: 556 / I: 12


Another one of London's famous fogs covers the streets as Edward Sullivan makes his way to the George's Court Pub. The streets are bustling with scruffy laborers carrying equipment and stone, while the housewives are going from store to store haggling for whatever food they can get. On the street there's an old filthy man with only one leg begging.

A certain uneasiness has fallen over the greatest city in the world after the war. While the Great War ended in victory, the effects are still felt in daily life.

As you open the door, Edward steps from the fog outside to the smog of cigarettes and pipes. Old men are drinking a pint while playing cards and a red haired with a voluptuous figure keeps the ale flowing.

At the table in the corner, Edward sees the figure he's looking for. An older man with a white beard dressed in a costume that must have been top of the line ten years ago.
He's accompanied by another man…

Perhaps you both could briefly describe how you look and introduce yourself.
R: 114 / I: 1

Veteran's Return

Titans used to speak your name with fear, oh how quick time passes. Upon a gentle wind do the wonders of newer heroes get carried, so far and wide have they replaced your works. The life of an adventurer-retired is peaceful, tranquil, and well afforded. Such is the tradeoff for not dying with no one to mourn your passing. Unfortunately, this cannot continue as a threat unknown to these generations arises. Out here by shoreline of the Equestrian provinces there’s little need for any sell sword for civilized ponies, so when idle gossip and caravan word picks up about approaching danger it’s time to worry.

It is morning and a familiar bonnet wearing mare is politely knocking on your door, Ms. Carrot Juice.
R: 1554 / I: 0

Destiny Quest - Kelani Rush

Statues, flowers trees and more!
R: 1108 / I: 46

Brotherhood Without Banners

This is a sci fi game using FEMTO. Information on it can be found here: http://pastebin.com/pf0hnWFi
R: 85 / I: 0

Destiny - Curry Intermission Edition

The colthunt to find the cursed young zebra who is responsible for the heavy snowfall and ice covering everything around the once thriving zebra coastal city.
Unfortunately, this meant that Curry had to rush to Felfire and the colt and his uncle, heading off through the barren, icy wastes to find the witch doctor responsible.

The journey was hard and unforgiving, but the cave where she dwells was found eventually.
Unfortunately, the cold outside did not leave any room for leaving anyone outside to wait, which turned out to be lucky once the evil enchantress has turned up.
By all accounts, she was more monster than pony or zebra at this point, only voodoo magic keeping her undead form from revealing itself.
However, the power of Felfire's dagger has sapped those necromantic energies and absorbed it, leaving the undead hag to die after the battle with Curry.
The colt, excitedly, rushed outside, only to dejectedly see that the death of the witch has not lifted the curse and the cold was still to persist. His uncle told him it is alright, embracing him in a hug as he said how sorry he was. No one even saw him pull the blade he sunk into the heart of the child, quickly turning it onto his own throat right afterwards.
Still, as Felfire rushed to his side and even as his blood colored the snow around him red, he smiled as the super-imposed cutie mark faded and he saw the snowflakes from the sky disappear. The last one to have fallen landed on his muzzle as he closed his eyes and breathed his last.
However, the dagger stirred with power. It whispered in unspeakable tongues to Felfire, telling her she can atone for every sin and make everything alright. The dark magic left no room for arguments, coursing outwards from the artifact into an eldritch flash.
Once the magic subsided, the colt coughed and breathed again. Felfire felt as if a great weight has been lifted from her soul and the dagger has fallen silent… still, she could not bring herself to get rid of it, her very body aching any time it got too far away from her even in it's dormant state.
All of this obviously made the walk back rather awkward, and the colt, despite all odds, managed to be happy with his entire family gone, knowing he can start anew.
R: 391 / I: 1

HorizonQuest: Chapter XIX

When we last left our hero and her tagalong courier and sharpshooter, they narrowly avoided a class of young donkeys being taken by pregnant mother jenny to visit the minority shrines. Here, the lords of Abeardeen permit the jennies to continue their worship of whatever faith they had before coming to this place. The largest and most active shrine was for Celestia, but they have shrines for all the major pantheons, even a cobweb-covered, ill-tended one for the Doggic Pantheon, which Klava, your sapper, snorts at.

Your options are clear: brave the crypt which no doubt is filled with ghosts of heroes' past, or go above and sneak through the dairy refinery. One way or the other, you've got to get to the skull keep of Abeardeen Fortress.

You know from your scouting that the jenny Cation lives up near the top of it, who was a smalltime performer before, but she rapidly shot up in the world with the smaller audience pool and became an 'idol' - a very popular performer. You were hoping to convince her to put on a show, which would distract all the donkeys so you could sneak out Adel.
R: 228 / I: 3

One-shot thread

Using this thread for one-shots and for testing out new things.
R: 164 / I: 0

Caballeria Caster Quest

It's a routine thing for you now, isn't it?
To be on the road, or at sea, looking for something new.

Well, you're in luck. There's a whole new continent out there for you. Even for you, it's a good chance to start anew. There's no established order, very little in the ways of cities, and a whole lot of folks who wouldn't want it any other way.

But all that depends on a very simple thing: Making it there alive.
R: 103 / I: 15

Soul Quest: Thread I

Migrating here from 4Connection Error for tonight's game

Continue RP as you will
R: 132 / I: 0

Gods & Kings

At first there was balance but soon there fire and smoke as sword clashed against sword and blood stained the earth. And there stood a pale horse and whomever mounted it would become master over the land.

But maybe matters of a pale horse concern you not and you seek something else than power, something unlike other men have dreamed, well that is for you to decide.

The inn of Brazos was a humble for a Karl of Sungard, a region the received a great deal of Sun and fair weather in the north. What fate will one such as you find?
R: 1089 / I: 0

Destiny Quest - Kelani Rush

Those statues aren't going to collect themselves.
R: 886 / I: 0

HorizonQuest: Chapter XVIII

Wheels still spinning

As you are in uptown near the palace, you can see the university clock tower from here. The piping office isn't immediately obvious though. You take a moment to search and notice, across the square, there is indeed a building with some large pipes.

Municipal Water Reserve

Hmm, maybe this was the building the pony was talking about?

Being lost in your thoughts - trying to shut out the idea that you are Southern to the core - makes it easy to go numb and ignore your body. Blackpaw finishes scrubbing you and washing you. He pulls you out and dresses you. Yesterday, all of this might have felt like a violation of privacy, but you don't have the energy to protest.

You're left to your thoughts, sitting still on the couch. You smell like a steel mill.

In any case, it doesn't take her long to recognize Cumin in the robe. "The prodigal prince returns! Do you need some more dresses 'for the palace maids'?"

Cumin turns red. "N-no! P-lease, don't! Don't tease me. I, uh… brought you a new customer. I didn't think you would s-spread rumors…"

"Of course not darling. Is he ready for his measurements?"

"S-stop! S-she's my, uh… s-special somepony."

"Oh? This should be fun, then. Come on back."

"Maybe… it's a little disconcerting though… I'm not in the business of hurting anypony, I used to be a nurse."

She gathers herself on the couch and straightens a picture frame housing a bullet on the wall, which had been knocked askew during the shouting.
R: 1054 / I: 8

Cyberpunk Quest 3

It's been a long few days for our intrepid group. Confessions, murders, and a fair number of kidnappings can be tossed into one hectic week, and no one knows how much longer it is going to go on for.

Our intrepid adventurers are headed homeward tonight, after succesfully completing scouting and retrieval missions. Now they're all in a too small apartment with too many people.

Cita: To the normal eye, she was just a kidnapped Gryphon who worked for a shipping company. She's a bit bulkier than you, since she had money to spend on proper nutrition and then some.

Yura: A much younger, fresher clone meant to protect Providence, a sickly Jenny. Much harder to approach.

Acino: A clone whose feather and fur style makes her resemble a hen more than a hawk. She's been quiet for most of this. Missing the left, front leg.
R: 1301 / I: 2

Destiny Quest - Kelani Rush

It turns out that collecting statues for Mother Nature is not just about rolling around the grass and seducing mares.

It's still a big part of it, thankfully.
R: 937 / I: 0

Tales Of Breezie Hollow- Adventure 3

JustPretending Productions presents

Tales of Breezie Hollow
Adventure 3: The Breezie Rises

Wf as Fairweather
Andelia as Pattern Pitch
Sion and Nopony as Everyone Else

And introducing

Sylt as Pitilia

Rated B for Breezie

R: 81 / I: 12

Mortal Souls Thread Numero Siete

Old: >>680222
R: 379 / I: 27

Mortal Souls Thread Numero Seis

Old thread: http://mlpg.co/q/res/676259.html
R: 293 / I: 11


Post Sheets
R: 1030 / I: 1

HorizonQuest: Chapter XVII

From your airborne vantage, you can see Aira headed up to the roof. It's large and flat - it could perhaps accommodate a rooftop garden. Based on the wooden remains, it looks as though it once housed a pigeon aviary.

There are a lot of young ponies playing out on the playground, it's hard to pick out any one individual from here.

Booking passage south is no difficult matter, but the waters are a different story. The storms that have plagued the Equestrian coast for months continue to rage on, eerily reminding you of Caballeria, though not nearly as intense.

That changed once you got out onto open waters, though. With a terrible squall bearing down on your ship, threatening to prevent access to the coast of the New World and its fast current, the only option was to cut through the great sea… skirting the edge of the Manesian Triangle. It is no surprise that no storm lurks there, for they are infamous doldrums, and many a ship had been lost to ocean madness in the clutches of the Triangle.

By the fourth day of your journey, it has become clear that the wind is quickly fleeing your sails. You know the captain of the trade vessel you're on is planning a meeting with his mates today. Maybe you should try to Persuade him to tell you his plans, or just outright spy on the meeting. You could even send Horosha.

The arc-lamps on the rocket-ship cut out, allowing your eyes to adjust somewhat to the dark. It feels almost like being in space – this whole giant cavern is dark, but filled with star-like pinpricks of light – coming from domiciles and shops. As far as you know, you're in some kind of residential district.

Your Doggish is a little rusty, but you should be able to read the signs. Hopefully.

With your marefriend now in possession of a proper dress of her own, you are free to make your way to the temple. Although, for the first time in a long time, you're not in a rush. No one's in prison under threat of torture, no terrible nightmare demon timer, no horrible storm. And after the excellent night you gave her, Cumin has stopped being so anxious and antsy about turning back into a stallion. Maybe it's just that she's in a different persona and not at risk of being "found out" - after all, with the crew gone the two of you are all alone now. With all that being said, you are finally free to choose to either relax or continue. If you want to get a hotel room and take another day or two on the town before visiting the temple, that's up to you. Once you DO go after the altar, though, you might want to be ready to leave town immediately, just in case you have a run in with the Celestials.

You found some paperwork for special counsel. With this you might be able to talk to someone about Law. Interestingly, there's a default option for a Celestial consultation. Radiant must get a lot of business.

The situation with your moms is getting a little difficult. George has been talking about leaving, and you seemed to be attempting to convince him to stay. There are a lot of crab nests to search for clues… or bones.

George speaks, muffled through the mask, "I came up north because I thought you were interesting, but you have a lot going on. A lot to think about. My plan is to head south to Hamburgerburg now - good luck with your search."
R: 581 / I: 1

Vampire Solo Quest

You wake up early one evening after a long day's sleep. Your room resembles that of any well-to-do mare's except for the lack of windows and mirror, and a coffin instead of a bed. The walls, floor, and ceiling are cut from the bedrock as is the rest of the complex the Twins had constructed when they first took control of the Nature temple. Thanks to you their relationship with the members of the temple is more friendly and less parasitic than it was in the past. Countless rituals allowed you to redeem not only yourself, but the Twins too, in the eyes of Nature. Thanks to this the three of you can enter the temple itself now without risking annihilation and you've even regained your status as a priestess of Nature.
You did not exert yourself much last night so your blood pool is still mostly full, although a unicorn Nature priest is waiting by your coffin in case you want a bite.
R: 1040 / I: 9


Post sheets
R: 823 / I: 0

Destiny Quest - Felfire and Curry

Time has passed since you both got off the terrible, cursed island where Buck and his raiders spread their terror, but the shadow of their lives and deaths still loom over you.
The loss of many new friends both there and the haunted Ironclad has taken its toll on both of you, mentally and physically, but you are finally safe in the city state of Pontugal, where you get to enjoy the aid and hospitality of the ponies here.
R: 49 / I: 0

Destiny Quest - Zander Webb

All those years of studying finally paying off.
While it was tough to stay in with all that competition, especially with your social background, you managed to pull it off.
Now you reap the benefits, after your graduation and your degree, you immediately got a job at Los Pegasus Central Hopsital, known to most as Hope Beacon Hospital.
You even got leased an apartment nearby, in a much friendlier neighbourhood and close to work - obviously so you can be called in at any time if there is some sort of emergency.

As you approach on your first day, you see the hustle and bustle around, pegasi pulled wagons landing on top of the large building while earth pony pulled carts carry ponies at the front.
You are supposed to find a conference room so the director of the hospital can greet you before you get to do the intern work - quite dull from the rumors you've heard, with tons of hoofholding to make sure you don't treat anypony on your own without the proper experience.
R: 744 / I: 35

Forbidden Lands Thread 4

Time for our fourth thread to open up! Post them sheets!
R: 238 / I: 0

Travel Quest Episode 2

Previously on Travel: http://mlpg.co/arc/q/raw/knight/travelquest/648989.html

Our brave little Deer is pulled to safety as strange multi-limbed beings he tried to save nearly pulled him under the water. Maali and Rhodan manage to rwo back to the safety of the ship, the crew aiming weapons at you in fear.

"What in the Princess' world was that?!" Captain Corsican demands of you, asking as the tower behind you burns. "Just what did you run into!?"
R: 204 / I: 23


R: 145 / I: 10

Grotto Exploration Oneshot

The small tidal cave system known as Alcatel Grotto has been reported to be host to eldritch activity by the locals of the area. Whispers have circulated of shadowy, shapeless figures seen entering the grotto at sundown, and of unearthly wails and screams heard during the witching hours. A group of sellswords from all walks of life have been hired to investigate this grotto and discover the truth behind the rumors - and to put an end to their source, if possible. Who will answer to this call?
R: 832 / I: 68


First of many threads to come.
R: 938 / I: 0

HorizonQuest: Chapter XVI

The oasis is alive with activity, from colts playing to busy merchants and traders. It seems most of the structures here are tents.

You were examining the strawberry trees last. It's not fruiting right now, which isn't surprising since you're headed into winter – not that you can tell by the heat out. The tree is large, with thick branches and a wide canopy of flat, wide leaves. Strange pitcher-shaped leaves are growing around the case of the tree. The wood itself is red-orange.

Your eyes bolt open and you jerk awake. Morning. You're in an inn. Not in chains. Yet, anyway.

Kotone & Marina
Your travel makes for odd bedfellows. Now that you've departed for the high seas and your crew is full-to-burst, space is at a premium. A certain ninja having to be downsized and stored in Kotone's room, and Marina having to share Cumin's "room" since it takes up so much space and that's already running short.

Kotone learned the ninja's name is Horosha – "Wanderer" – but that seems more like a codename than a real name to you. Maybe in time you can get her to open up a little more. Speaking of little, you've pilfered some of Marina's seeds and set to work developing your little garden a little more. Of course, rations have to compete with alchemy ingredients for your limited hydroponics trays.

Marina has been spending some time closer with Cumin. If you're getting married soon, you might as well know about each other. It seems Cumin had already known a lot about your mother before meeting - she had read about her in scholarly texts. It's kind of weird to think of Mom in that way, that there are Equestrians speculating on who she is, what she's like. To raise crew morale, you distilled some fruity wine, and even got Cumin to drink some after assuring her that everyone else was drinking it anyway so nopony would make fun. While she was tipsy she admitted to trying on one of your dresses - not the wedding dress she insists - and apologized because she felt bad about violating your privacy. The two of you passed out drunk in bed, but nothing came of it, because sometimes getting drunk in close quarters really doesn't add up to anything. In any case, she assures you that her supposed confession was probably a drink-induced dream and she didn't wear any of it.

Now, though you are making port in Autumnsreach once again. Kotone may part as soon as she wishes, or she may choose to linger and help Marina with whatever it is she's doing here.

The night is talking to you… interrogating you. You swing your eyes wildly but can't fix on any movement or creatures out in the dark. No doubt that you've been surrounded by the infamously stealthy bat ponies.

It would be a gambit to shout for help – maybe you can talk them down without the need to go to blades.

You spent the rest of the day awkwardly working on the raft in silence. By nightfall, it's ready to take you to that island, Elba. That's where Rosemary is thought to have fled. Perhaps you'll find a grave.
R: 1001 / I: 3

HorizonQuest: Chapter XV

In the garden of the royal palace at Istanbull…

"I thought you said you came because you got mail saying our ship sank?" Aria asks, surprised. You said you came because of that weird letter that said Reptil.

Kotone and Marina
The ship's bell rings from above, freeing poor Cumin from answering any further questions – though Marina no doubt has some serious questions for her father. With such a tiny boat, he has nowhere to hide.

Still, that bell signals docking… Kotone will soon have to make a choice about whether to leave the party for good, but the chance to leave and pick up her room means that she doesn't have to answer any hard questions about whether she was eavesdropping on that VERY private conversation.

You've just learned some serious theological lore surrounding the creation of the world – the well known Mother Nature, and the scarcely mentioned Spirit of Law… this corruption wasn't what you were expecting, but it's certainly raising some questions. On the other hoof, you've had the most exhausting day you've had in a long time.

While you've started to get unpacked to make your cave nook a little more comfy, Sitar went ahead to try to find an elder to get that lead you suggested.

It's just you and George left in the room. He flops open his bedroll and strings up some ropes in the cave.

>"Heh, don't we all look tired though… say, how did Esther do her job while blind? Out of curiosity?"
"Well, as a unicorn, she had some magical talent. I'm afraid I don't know the specifics – I know of how unicorns can read braille at a distance by developing a sense of feeling to their telekinesis, perhaps it's related to that. I understand it is quite an art to master. On the other hand, perhaps there are other ways… The stars are one of our few constants, though, maybe the colts at the Engineering Corps could tell you more about cartography and charts."
R: 167 / I: 11


This is a thread for ███████████, commonly known as ARC, hosted by the GM Timber.

Addendum (1); Femto Roleplaying System: http://pastebin.com/Pu749mrT
Addendum (2) [DATA EXPUNGED]
Addendum (3); ARC Info Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W0vz-DIzE7oXBylKUewIqqao70xlMbY7LUymLl6RnK4/edit
R: 79 / I: 20


20 years ago, the Changeling Army took over the world. No military or mage could go up against them and come back alive. So the Princesses of the world surrender.

Now, the world is under the control of the CHRYSALID Organization, responsible for maintaining their power performing their heinous projects.

But you are not one to let yourself get used that way. You have made contact with the Resistance, and now your efforts are needed if any Equestrian wants to see a world free of the Changelings control.
R: 893 / I: 2

HorizonQuest: Chapter XIV

Slowly, gently, a tremor running through your body – you lean in. It feels so surreal. The air seems to be made of cotton - your whole body is numb, like a dream. You feel like you've been in the motion of leaning forward for several minutes when suddenly your sense of balance goes and you plant your face on the bed. Opening your eyes, you see you were a little too far to the side, and missed. At least your mouth didn't end up anywhere embarrassing. Strictures kisses your forehead as you lay there, red-faced.

Just when it seems the furnace is hot enough to make a decent bath, your door suddenly swings open, interrupting your moment. One of the Inquisitors you met earlier barges in out of the rain, shutting the storm out with a slam of the door.

"We've found the source."

Stricture, not missing a beat, replies: "That was fast."

"It's closer than we thought. Somewhere on the southern half of Dandelion Island."

You went into the military wing and into a basement store room - with nothing but some crates, a lit sconce, and a little bell. You rang the bell.

At first, nothing. Then, bricks in front of you rippling like water, a blue pony with a green mane sticks his head out through the apparently-not-solid wall. He has tired eyes.

"Make it quick. We're shorthoofed as it is."

Rather than respond to your statement directly, Aria makes for the door, and Aira is close behind. Right… nowhere to go but the audience chamber.

The room is perhaps not what you expected. Like the previous room, all of the walls here are carpeted. There are many designs, most in blues and purples, inlaid with cloth of gold. But besides this peculiarity, it more resembles a feasting hall than an audience chamber, not at all like the dome below where the Majordomo held court. There is one long feasting table covered in shining silverware and trays laden with foods from every corner of the world, and the room is decorated with brilliantly shined suits of ceremonial armor - from the ceiling hang interesting models - you recognize one right away as an armillary sphere. You stand perpendicular to the table, and none of the chairs on your side of the table are occupied. At the center of the table on the side opposite of you is a pony in opulent white robes, wearing a turban with a huge sapphire/ruby centerpiece and the largest feather you've ever seen - roc feather, if you had to guess. On either side of him there are a number of strange ponies, horses, and zebras. At the very end of the table on the far left, there's even a foal. Most of them have obscured faces - masks, shawls, hajibs.

The pony in white calls to you in Equestrian, though his Emirati accent is heavy. "Miss Roger and daughters! What a pleasant surprise. Join my table, you must be famished after your journey. You did not send word you were coming!"
R: 321 / I: 16

Clockwork Conundrum

The first thread, in which the GM is nervous

R: 504 / I: 5

The Witch

You spent weeks studying
Learning about the way of the mystic
Perfecting your magical abilities at the Canterlot Academy of the arcane arts for the magically endowed
All you had to worry about was the bell, your homework, and grades
But an accident made your life take a turn you were not prepared for
You were transported back in time to a simpler age, and to return, you will have to use everything you learned, and more…
R: 1080 / I: 4

HorizonQuest: Chapter XIII

Chapter XIII: A Terrible Storm Gathers

Princessland has, if nothing else, plenty of buildings. Perhaps some description is in order. The larder is hosted out of the great dining hall, which could easily host 1,000 guests at once. The diningware is polished stone, and modest drapes add some color to the grey tones of the stone walls in this chamber. Long wooden tables in the light tones of banana palm seem more ornamental than sturdy, but the long, stalwart yew benches at their feet are terraced with steel rings on which to hook chains.

To find your way around Princessland, it is ironically probably not best to turn to the Office of Holy Information, which in this case is information in a more general sense, and rather consult the local priesthood. You might try the secretaries at the Office of the Abbot, or for a less formal session, consult the groundskeeper at his house apart.

Grey told you that chasing graves seems crazy. Now that breakfast is settled, you have nothing but the road ahead of you… do you want to ask anyone to come with you besides Sitar?

Maybe the other mercenaries, like George or Emrille, or even Lacy might come. On the other hand, they might have their own business.

Another day, another posh suite. If nothing else, the Belle family is well off. Lilly may want help - or perhaps you could follow up on that lead with Bran. Apparently Selena and her daughters got in last night. Or maybe George has interesting stuff going on. Plenty to investigate.
R: 1087 / I: 4

Tales Of Breezie Hollow - Adventure 2

JustPretending Productions presents

Tales of Breezie Hollow
Adventure 2: The Incredible Journey


Wf as Fairweather
Andelia as Pattern Pitch
Sion as Everyone Else

And introducing

Nopony as Co-GM

Rated B for Breezie
R: 78 / I: 3

Iron (will) Docks - One shot edition.

You have been gathered together for one reason. The royal army has hired you for a black operations mission to rid a gang of Minotaurs. They have been capturing all sorts of rare species from across the seas, only now have they settled down to train and weaponize these beasts… possibly to sell it to a warmonger.

As long as you keep quiet about your mercenary work for the Royal Army and kill the captain leading these pirates. Other than these conditions, you may work how you proceed.

Which of you have been chosen for this job?
>Post them Sheets!
R: 380 / I: 0

Destiny Quest - Cloud Skimmer

After working as a Weather Patrol pony for the Cloudsdale Weather Factory, you got both good and bad news - while you got accepted to the Wonderbolts, your father, who relies on you taking up the director position of the Factory, fell sick.

Time is running out before you have to leave to the Wonderbolts boot camp.
R: 924 / I: 44

Forbidden Lands Thread 3

Time to get our groove on and get this party rollin'! Post your sheets!
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Destiny Quest - Aether Yin

Trouble is always on the rise, and it is in the hooves of those who can to seek and stem it.
R: 204 / I: 0

There won't be a second session

"What you mean no?
That's your fockin' job!"

The warm light of tallow candles bathes over the scene.
Three Earthies, townsfolks, now circling around one much taller gray maned unicorn in what you and everypony here can at a glance tell to be very expensive armor.
They are having a shouting match before the counter of this shallow-roofed inn, cramped walls pressing them close against each other. None of them seems happy in the least.

"I said no. The coin is not right. You can find someone else for the job. Now get out of my way."

With naught but his walk, the unicorn shoves one of the peasants aside, making him fall on his ass, as he leaves the door. Mean gazes from the crowd follow him cut the corner onto the broken down, muddy road cutting through this two-houses village like a snake, as a chill evening wind hisses through the door.

But even peasants are not fools, and sacking the insult, the three sit back at their table. Just like that, silence comes back to the inn.

You on the other hand, are stuck. Almost out of money, with a letter burning inside your pocket. A letter which just has to make it to the capital.
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HorizonQuest: Chapter XII

>"and what if it's just some crminals and heretics?"
"A rifle like this one would help you engage at a range without endangering yourself, although you may want a sidearm for close engagements."

"But how can anypony carry such a spear gun, aren't those really big and heavy?"

"They come in more than one size. Miniaturization is always a popular sport."

Emrille & Lilly
Emrille: "On her way I guess?"
Lilly: "Let's hope she didn't get lost. I'd like to see her before I take off to Hamburgerburg."

George grows distant from the conversation and begins to clean his primary firearm, although he carries three.

You wake up, and your head is pounding. The last thing you remember is asking for more whiskey. Ugh. The night is a blur after that.

You wake up in your shoebox. You're tired and drained: you thought you'd never get to sleep. Too much dwelling on the maybe-hatred of Maeda. Hopefully she got better.

You woke up because a face is looming over you. A servant. "Breakfast, Leaf-san."

When you rouse yourself from sleep, you can see Lord Wind is already sitting at the table, gear packed, enjoying a cup of something. Stricture is cleaning up the blind in preparation for departure.

You return to the ship with the spellsword-for-hire, but dusk has already fallen. People are ready to eat. Fortunately, you haven't been alone. Davy proactively ordered your seaponies to hunt crabs, and his own men to cast out nets into the shallows. It yielded some meat.
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Mortal Souls Thread Numero Seis

Old thread: >>658506
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Chaotic Realms

Haha, new thread

R: 607 / I: 33

Chaotic Realms Thread 1


This is the thread for the Chaotic Realms game sessions and stories.

Post sheets, use character names.
R: 845 / I: 76

Mortal Souls Thread Numero Cinco

Old thread: >>653219
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Destiny Quest - Kelani Rush

Your quest to reclaim the sacred animal statues of Mother Nature is going… well. Could go better, but definitely could be worse! Two statues are already reclaimed, not to mention you have made many allies already. Yet some of those friendships come at the price of powerful enemies being on your tail. Still, nothing could make your willpower to falter, you will collect those statues for Her, one way or another!
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Neo Paladins: Thread 1

On the long caravan north you have time to reflect on the past couple of days.
You are nearing the end of your cadethood at the Paladin Academy of Equestria. All that remains is the dreaded Field Trials. You remember the words of Master Radiant Hope well - "You go now to face your greatest challenge, out in the field. I cannot direct you by hoof any more, but I will be there if you need to ask for guidance. How you complete your trials is up to you. So is the decision of returning home when you are done. All I can say is I hope to see you again."
Thinking back to her voice is calming. She is among the youngest to ever reach the rank of Master in the Paladin Order, known well for her stubborn desire to see the best in everyone. Perhaps that is why you all ended up united under her service and guidance.

The Field Trials are what separates a Cadet from a Paladin - you must go out into the world and prove your devotion to the paladin path. Help others and become renowned as a paragon of the virtues of the Sisters. Then, choose to leave it all behind and return to the academy, where you earn your title of Paladin at last. Many choose to never return, content with the freedom they gain outside the order's fortresses and dormitories. Many others do not survive their trials at all.
Your fate remains to be seen.

You are headed to the northern Crystal Empire, like many others. Equestria seeks a more firm alliance with these strange ponies and their Crystal Queen, and for this purpose has chosen to allow her teachings equal standing among the Paladin Order. Love and compassion form the basis of the Crystal Path, much like how valor and justice form the Sun Path, and vigilance and knowledge the Moon Path. However, those are not concerns of Cadets. You can think of your path once you are full Paladins. For now, you have other things on your mind.

Perhaps talking to your trialmates will help ease some tension.
R: 140 / I: 4


In this world Drakin are not born, they are made

In the 2nd age since Dolvia's Wrath, Esten has seen decades of uncertain peace. Major powers vie for more control over land where the great dragon's tomb lay. But while armies and assassins march to a tired political tune, adventurers and unaligned desperados scour it's depths.

A pair reaches the tomb, meeting several other adventurers already at it's entrance.

When resolving events, your Offense and Defense numbers are going to be key. If your offense is greater than the event's defense then you successfully resolve whatever blocks your path. You will need to pool your points at certain times in order to overcome an event.
R: 1185 / I: 0

HorizonQuest: Chapter XI

The town is in an uproar! Tribal ponies are going nuts and the ship is already prepared to leave. You don't see Aria or Aira anywhere, though!

The ship worker you spoke to before yells: "If you're coming, get on now! Something's got them madder than Tartarus!"

The trip to the plateway is not terribly long. The place is rather unusual, however: there's a large sort of structure, like an office, but it has a long deck looming next to what appears to be a stone path that stretches into the distance, flanked by two metal rails. Ponies are gathering on the deck in anticipation.

"There's expected to be another iron horse in soon - still a sight for many."

Clerics' Egress
This chamber serves as the central entrance to Bright Harbor: all traffic passes through these mighty doors. The front desk is now drenched in blood, a clerk slumped over it. Behind him, a spatter of red runs down a card catalog on a series of shelves and cabinets. Behind the main desk, there are five paths: one stairwell up and down on each side, and a great hall in the center which appears to lead directly into a library. The library is not warmed by the morning sun, firmly secure in the center of the structure. Of the remaining four paths, they are unlabeled, perhaps in an effort to confuse intruders. They are not totally indistinguishable though: the stairs up on each side have banners with symbols (Cumin isn't here to help, roll to identify). The stairs down to the right look slick and damp, and the remaining stairs down on the left are cold and nondescript.

Rolling to identify stuff won't cost you time.

"There are a number of questions still to be answered. Primordial creatures such as the one we hunt are typically very destructive: it is unexpected that in any place where one would be sighted the landscape would go unleveled. To that end, I have arranged a more formal meeting with the local chief of the operations."

Stricture cuts in: "It wasn't easy, either. Normally civilians will give up resistance when they see Inquisition identification, but they've been very resistant. We finally bargained into meeting them away from the worksite itself in one of their offices. Obviously they don't want us poking around."

Wind nods. "We might gain something yet from the meeting, however."


Flapjack urges you on, "You sure do read a lot Rhanna. What'chu want with the words of a bunch of dead old ponies anyway?"

The iconic Princess's Retreat makes the skyline easily discernible. The inner city is a beautiful, modern work, and the other city is filled with great fences to keep the work camps segregated. To the south, you see the imposing island upon which Bright Harbor stands proudly, like a rock amongst the tossing seas.
R: 311 / I: 0

Tales Of Breezie Hollow - Thread 1


JustPretending Productions presents

Tales of Breezie Hollow


Wf as Fairweather
Andelia as Pattern Pitch


Sion as Everyone Else

Rated B for Breezie
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HorizonQuest: Chapter X

Selena, Maeda, Rhanna

Dusking. At long last, you have reconvened at Forward Camp: Courage, setting aside your personal duties for a time. Now there is a higher call. Any number of remaining adventurers have rallied at the city for one final push - onto the final tier - the seventh. As the sun falls, the visage of the moon gains purchase. Tonight it serves as an ominous sigil: a crimson moon, red as blood. Could this be what the remaining cultists have been waiting for?

The city itself is decimated. Temples pillaged and looted, there are still many fires raging across the lower tiers. You can see a number of antiquarians venturing down the stairs to the lower city, in hopes of recovering artifacts from the corpse of the Demon of Fives. The lower six tiers are devoid of turmoil: battle has pushed into the siege of the final tier at the top.

Before proceeding, you take a moment to split your earnings from the bounty and loot. You each gained 172 bits. You can also divide up these pirate dice as you see fit:

1d4, 2d7, 1d9, 1d10


The cost of travel is terrible, but worse now than ever. The price of a return voyage to New Earth would be 80 bits, which seems a bit more than you paid before. Is it worth it? Or maybe there's another way… some ship headed out in the same general direction, or a ship you could labor on to reduce costs. Maybe the mail office has an offer for a delivery to the new world that would offset costs?
R: 73 / I: 0

Legends of Sunlantis: The Spellbane Incident of Spiritos: Part 1 of a Skyyarr Prequel Series

It has been seven years since Stiltson in the high northern docks, the last significant city-state, signed the Unity Agreement: making the Sunlantian Union a truly intimidating force. So far the Opaleyes of Lawforge have not demanded anything more than cooperation with a few safety laws to reduce monster attacks and support in defending other Sunlantis Union members. To ensure that the laws are being followed and help negotiate trading terms for more supplies, the Lawforgians regularly send a caravan to their allies containing a diplomat, a monster expert, and a trading expert in addition to the required guards to even arrive by hoof. It is now the time when they would visit Spiritos, the City of Souls, true home to every mage and old ally to Lawforge: of the first the sign the Unity Agreement even.. however..
The Council of Magi has summoned three experts of their own in concern of this pending arrival, sending them each and urgent summons to the city. Its gates open and its common ponies wandering around normally, but the Council guards certainly seemed anxious when they greeted you and escorted you inside the meeting hall, seats for all ten representatives on one side of their grand table decorated with a shimmering cloth, empty plates and seats for four visitors on the opposite. You might expect them all to be filled but, of course, only one of the Magi was there to meet you. Typical Wizards, only being where they want to. The old crystal pony doesn't smile, but simply nods under his beard. "I see you are as timely as your reputations let on. I am Blaze, the Magi of Elements, I trust that the the Magi of Illusion's message was at least basically informative about the situation?"
You know that they are having a problem with some 'over zealous' wizards doing 'dangerous and unstable' spells which 'may need the attention of a monster slayer'
R: 242 / I: 10

Discordant Realms

R: 94 / I: 0

Defense of Twente

The snow is coming. It'll bring a lot more Diamond Dog attacks.

You are stationed in the modest town of Twente, home to a decent sized Magic Academy supplying goods to your forces against the Diamond Dog hordes. While your group has brought in plenty of supplies, you can still see the weariness in the eyes of the civilians, the constant attacks and ceaseless production makes it hard to rest.

But for now, you have a few moments to yourself, at least during this afternoon break. Several other Equines are busy working on fortifications, while a few merchants sell what food and candies they can to liven up spirits in town. Several loud noises can be heard coming from the nearby Academy.
R: 223 / I: 5

Airships and Piracy: Thread 4

It has been a long and relatively quiet flight to the edge of the plains. You managed to avoid towns on your chosen route. You've been in the right area since last night but, Its late afternoon before spot what looks like stone buildings covered in moss, and washed over by the river water a few times judging by the discoloration. You land your ship nearby, anchoring it down to a particularly heavy boulder.
R: 6 / I: 6


Something something I'm posting quest pictures here.
R: 249 / I: 0

Destiny Quest - Lone Mesa

Being a Ranger of Equestria is never easy.
Especially not in the desert.
Even moreso if you lose a leg and have to sell everything to get a new one, just so you can get back to protecting the innocent ponies from outlaws again.
But it's the life you chose, and what you are good at.

Even if it leads you into strange wars between mercenaries and bandits who are shooting up the town.
R: 140 / I: 0

SHOPQUEST - the quest in which you are on an errand

It is a lovely Saturday afternoon. The weather pegasuses made sure there wasn't a cloud left in the sky after this morning's light rain, and the ponies of the town are hustling and bustling about.
You, Troy and Cloudbloom, are no different. Though your adventures are currently taking place in your house.
R: 52 / I: 0

Luna Quest Session #32

>You continue to spend time with Luna despite being unable to separate yourselves from Nightmare Moon
>"Truly," Luna says, placing a hoof on your hand. "While I do not wish for her to be here, I would not push her away."
>Luna tells you more about her past, herself, and Celestia
>According to Luna, she and Celestia (as alicorns) have always been and known that their purpose was to move the moon and the sun
>Over the years they sought out others like themselves, but only managed to stumble across Discord in that time.
>When Equestria was first being formed as a country, Starswirl called upon them for leadership and tutored them for their role as princesses and guardians of the country
>No others came before them, but there has always been a natural force of Harmony within their world
>Until Celestia and Luna had taken up the responsibility of harboring its growth, the flow of Harmony in their world was unpredictable and chaotic
>Starswirl believed that Luna and Celestia could use what power they had for the betterment of this world and they believed him
>Curious to see if you can change your form, you proceed to use what magical ability you possess to do so
>Your first change into a pony comes easily, partly due to the dream making things easier
>Luna favors this form greatly
>You change again into a Diamond Dog, and then once more into a near flawless copy of Baron before reverting back to your pony form
>You lie with Luna before the fireplace you've created and the two of you fall asleep
R: 305 / I: 4

Diamond Dog Fortress

You have arrived. After a journey from the Mountainhomes into the forbidding wilderness beyond, your harsh trek has finally ended. Your party of seven is to make an outpost for the glory of your civilization.
There are almost no supplies left save the ones you thought to stock up on, but with stout labor comes sustenance. Whether by bolt, plow, or hook, provide for yourselves. You are expecting a supply caravan just before Winter arrives, but it is Spring now. Enough time to delve secure lodgings, ere the hagfish get hungry. A new chapter of diamond dog history begins at this place.

Strike the earth!
R: 49 / I: 0

Equestrian Alliances

Tension can be felt all over Equestria, all over the world for this day. Sentient creatures of all kinds wonder what the future will bring. A future that may be decided in the coming week, as the leaders of the most advanced civilizations are gathered together. Will this future be decided by words or by steel?

Equestria organized this event. The two leaders, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.
It is not held in their Royal Castle that stands in the middle of Equestria however. Everypony and Everyone is supposed to meet near a small town south to it. Furthermore, the accomodations are not even going to be in any house, but in the tents and camps set around the town, similar to those used when the envoys were travelling.
"To avoid showing an air of intimidation by having it in the Halls of the Sisters." They say. "To negotiate on neutral grounds, as equals." They say.
The two alicorns who control the Sun and the Moon, the beings who banished a draconeequs into stone, talking about Equality.

Tension and suspiscion. Every faction bringing their champions. Every faction bringing more - too small to be called an army, too many to be called guards.
R: 90 / I: 0

Chi Boost Monk Test

Tranquility and Prosperity.

Your temple is the pinnacle of both, where young monks can relax and train so one day they might find
inner peace and reach the ultimate state of zen.
Also you can learn how to punch wooden planks in two which is really freaking cool.

This day started out just like the others, but things have been strange… Master Setting Sun has sent most of the youngsters on field trips with other, younger masters, leaving the training fields mostly abandoned, save for you. You three, however, are called to him in the garden for a meeting.
You can see his shriveled, old and haggard form walking up and down in a small circle, a relaxed smile on his face.
R: 578 / I: 32

AltG2 Thread 2

Flicker- http://pastebin.com/sPBNsr1D
Violet Ray- http://pastebin.com/a6KFKfZ7
Minty Jones- http://pastebin.com/XP1VnRV6
Rushin'- http://pastebin.com/qHBnvGGR
Bonnie Rill- http://pastebin.com/HssubyX0
Bang- http://pastebin.com/gUJJDdMJ

Infosheet: http://pastebin.com/cj9drtQH
Combat Flow: http://pastebin.com/J4xCRQrN
Pet Monster Manual: http://pastebin.com/XfxF1S6z
R: 37 / I: 0

Infiltration Quest

"Alright you two, I don't know what possessed you to take this job, but you did. You've got the basic gist of what's going on, so I'll focus on the other stuff of how to get it done."

"First off, N.M.M. is desperate. Just so you know, if they hired anyone to do a job like this for them. Second, they've graciously provided you with transportation and they aren't even going to charge us. They'll drop you off a ways away from the facility, which is deep in the Forest, so even our drones are going to lose sight of you. Be careful just getting into the place."

"Once you do, the building is pretty big. Three stories and wide open. I've updated your Com-Links with a frequency tracker set to the target. Get to him and get him out of there. Don't forget their two files. Those are probably going to be worth a pretty penny to them."

"Alright, I've got your ride approaching your dropoff. Ready to go?"
R: 1 / I: 0

Nhorse Quest

In the northern Isles of Friesland are the clans of Sleipnir. Sieg, Silva, Talion, and Doga. All squabbling amongst themselves, trying to claim dominion over the others. Will you remain with the clan you were born into, or defect to another clan in the search for power and riches. Only through your decisions will the fatemof the Nhorse be determined.
R: 83 / I: 0

Equestrian Active Reserve Tactical Horses

The year is 4267, Equestria has become a highly advanced society,thanks to Earth-Equus Alliance. However monsters have plagued earth and Equus. With the beings known as Chaos threatening the peace of everyone's lives, we have been caught up in a struggle for the fate of Equus & Earth.

This story begins at Marshallese Orbital Colony. A few individuals were preparing to board the tram to head over to the Marshal Academy to take the entry exam.
R: 92 / I: 14

Mysterious Dungeon Quest

"You sure you're up to this?" The Guard asks you. "Still gives me the creeps knowing something like this was underneath us. Wouldn't blame you for walking away." He says as he tries to peer deeper into the cavernous door, just a few steps away from the city's market district.

"Of course, with all the stuff that might be down there, I could see why you would. Though, what exactly are you hoping to find for yourself down there? Give me something so I can write it on your death papers."
R: 130 / I: 0

Space Oneshot - Jazz and Noir

Smoke steams from the open ponyholes in the narrow streets, covering just barely the smell of fried fish smothering your nose from the nearby pan-oriental restaurant, its kitchen openly facing the street.
You are sitting across it, past a narrow street of black stone flooded with equines of all races and ages dressed in an offensive variety of colors and styles, sitting at the table of a neo-prench café which is actually just a front for your contact, Japieré, griffon middleman for some grey-area organization off the blue moons of Jupiter.

You are penniless, with not enough fuel in your tank to even think about escaping Callisto's shallow gravity well, and just a small slew of options still open to you.
At least Madamé Lucia, the white coated unicorn owning the bar, does credit.
The large, boxy CRT TV is tuned on a bounty hunting show.
R: 60 / I: 0

North Quest

Beyond the Crystal Empire lay the Frozen North. Many have tried to pierce the Frozen tundra. At the edge of the world lies the Frostmourn Keep. Here a brave, curious, or just Foolish few have come here to discover what secrets reside in the North.

"Alright lads, roll call! Regis Fenwyck, Sapphire Melody, Duncan Northpaw". The Stallion continued listing names until…
" Last on the list is"?

[State Your name, race, and gender]
R: 1 / I: 0

Wander Quest

The wagon will soon be coming to a halt.

Your old life is now gone and all that's left is a blank slate.

Only you choose whether to adapt and thrive or fail and perish.
R: 71 / I: 1

The Cult of Nightmares

The Desert
Infinite specs of sand forming a golden sea that spreads for miles into the horizon. Coupled with a characteristic heat, places like this are only traversed by either the hidden dwellers that lurk under the dunes or caravans transporting goods, food or travelers.
In the vast fields of sand, a long gathering of Carts stained the sight of the desert. Pulled by two camels, it slowly crosses the Sands at a steady pace, enough to not disturb the passengers inside…

Many miles away from there, to the south, another story is being told. Inside a massive city hidden in the Sands…
R: 39 / I: 0

Destiny Quest - Iga

You came from the far away land of Neighpon, to start your life anew.

It has been slower than you were hoping for. Still, at least you have an honorable job as a delivery pony for the Pony Express.

The only problem is that they don't pay extra for hazard fees.
R: 75 / I: 0

CE defense: The Escort Mission

Its a bright day, the sun is shining off the crystalline decorations, the wind is the coldest it gets, and the snow is nearly blindly bright. It would seem like a peaceful winter day, but you knew better than to trust that feeling. You were interviewed earlier this week by a representative for house Sectorium, the Germane representatives in the empire, and must escort Gunther Sectorium safely to a meeting on the east side of the empire, in Castle Rosefall. However, the only available path this time of year is quite risky. The Gorges of the Neverthaw Mountain Range.
You are waiting here at the meeting point, just on the outskirts of Rockfell a fine city in the mid south of the Empire, with two of the servants, sturdy earth pony stallions they are, and volunteered to pull the cart for their Lord despite the well known dangers. Gunther himself is taking a moment extra to arrive, which gives you a moment to size up your partners in this venture.
R: 220 / I: 0

Twilight of the Gods II

You cannot recall what was your last action before awakening here, yet here you are. Bathed in warm sunlight beneath strange skies, standing at the steps of a towering marble and gold palace that stretches into the heavens.
The air around you bristles with energy, and you are not alone. At your side stand a few others.
From inside, you can hear music and soft singing.

Before you, stands a unicorn. Old and faded, yet with sharp eyes. He seems tired, as if he had just performed a feat of great strength, yet happy, as if the outcome was exactly as he had desired it.
R: 672 / I: 28


This is the second thread for Vermin Destruction, a game about killing creepy mutant bugs.

This is the proposal document that will maybe get updated in the future: http://pastebin.com/Lwe6uHn6

This is OOC chat: http://cytu.be/r/pretendhorse_playhouse#
R: 254 / I: 0

Trotantium: Fantasycraft - 7

Previous Thread: http://mlpg.co/arc/q/raw/groves/trotantium_fanasycraft/629461.html

Last time…

The party arrived in Thema Saddlonica and were granted asylum after a curt audience with the Doux of the province: lord Pontus. The Doux had warned them that the dromon they were using was reported to have been captured during a pirate raid urged to apply some 'modifications' to the vessel.

As Nolin set out to request Pomme de Mare's advice, Marcus and Flavia reunited with their mother and sister. Furthermore, Marcus shared some sensitive information with the Peneian Doux Hypatia and her brother Andronicus regarding the Agrian Crisis.
R: 746 / I: 65


This is the thread for the game called AltG2, which might migrate between /mlp/ and MLPG.
R: 385 / I: 11

Golden Leaf Days

The town of Golden Leaf has been the talk of excitement lately. The Rescue team hub has been standing for nearly 10 years, and in celebration they got funding to renovate and add on space for more teams to join. They even contracted a local pokemon building team for the job and it was supposed to be finished today. Of course this news is sure to attract more businesses, maybe even a real dojo of its own! Everyone is eager to see what will happen, and the small cross roads town is surely crowded by now. The weather is fair as you approach..
And then there is a sudden fog and you hear the confused cries of a pichu on the road ahead.
R: 77 / I: 0

Strange Days have Found You

Mist. It covers you like a wet sheet of the softest silks, seeping inside your ragged breaths sapping the air away from your throat.
You are left here, dizzy and stunned, water reaching up to your ankles, in what seems to be the crossing between two very large roads.
And on every side, old buildings like you have never seen before, covered in the green and blue colors of nature's unchecked growth, fighting high against the fog.
As the initial stupor fades away and the softer, clearer strokes of the world which now surrounds you fall into place, details begin to crop up.
The crumbled walls and open doors suggest this place has been long since abandoned, and the water-flooded streets are scattered with strange, unusual sights.
Long stilts of metal jutting out of the water, overgrown skeletrons of large rusted boxes, tiny fishes swimming without a care between your legs as you catch a glimpse of your own reflection in the murky green water…
And them. Other ponies, looking all different, all as out of place as you, in this silent piece of old civilization.

Character list: http://pastebin.com/TgwJKKP1
R: 107 / I: 2


200 years after the world burns.

Located in Las Pegasus, where floating cloud cities and extravagant buildings have collapsed under lawlessness and desperation. The party is found in front of an abandoned radio station, just arriving after word got out that someone is hiring for mercenaries to gather parts. Easy mission from the sound of things.
R: 100 / I: 2

Dice Pool Test Game

Dice Pool Test Game, feel free to just put your chosen format in your post if you don't want to edit your sheet.
R: 83 / I: 0

Fallout Testquest Take 2

*While technically a continuation, this is also something of a reboot. If you wish to play a different character than you did the first time around, feel free to do so.


You are all in an old school held by raiders because (reasons). You found the children being held in the cell down below. You are now at the top floor. There are three raiders that you can see.
You have not yet been detected.

R: 39 / I: 1

The Receptacle

''What even is the point Korona? Akael's power grows while our numbers decrease. every week more and more nativs are captured and turned into more wolfen! What are our hopes? Why do we even bother to resist?''

''…You ask many questions, young Koga…Many of which…I do not possess the aswer myself…''

''B-but you're the E-elder… Y-you should know what to d-do! You always taught us to get out of trouble when you needed, you are the wisest nativ a-among us!''

''And even still…I do not hold the aswer to our salvation Kaoo…All we can do now…Is pray to our ancestors for a miracle…''


''Don't look at me like that now…While I do not know how we will manage with most of the tribe gone, I know that we will not last much longer without any food…That is why I must ask you-''

''You want us to go outside the village!? There are Wolfen EVERYWHERE! We'll get caught for sure!''

''So you rather stay and starve the whole tribe or run a risk to help us all survive longer?''


''That is what I thought…Now go. The Flying Forest is blooming with life this time of the year, so make sure to take a basket or two eh? hehehe…''
R: 307 / I: 9

Life of Travellers

Chapter 1: Storytelling be Damned

At the Dawn of our Celestial Reign, King Aeternos of the Silver Path to the East sat amidst his council. Raiders had taken over a small caravan city during daylight, with the patrol wiped out. All trade along the path is stopped as the city sits, guarded by its new marauding lord.

As the King deliberates and listens to talk of levies or daring charges, his personal wizard (a most insane pony) has drawn, etched, and burned an insignia over a closet door. Whomever walks through it shall be taken up to deal with His Majesty's problem.
R: 80 / I: 0

3.0 Test Quest

I don't know what led you to the city of Snowfall, but whatever did is probably interested in your death. The city has been blanketed by strong snow and winds, damaging numerous buildings, such as the small inn you were staying at. Now you face the problem of finding food and shelter during a whiteout.

How do you feel?
R: 160 / I: 2

Army of Zaun

Times are tough
You could remember the taste of the warm bread and fresh milk on the table for breakfast…
Now all that you had for breakfast was the remains of moldy fruits and dirty water…
It has been 14 years. 14 years since the first of these wretched machines started roaming the country. Destroying everything in their sight and killing everyone. Regardless of race and gender.
The soldiers were no match for them, their metal hides were barely scrapped by sword and spear… And quickly, the great city of Arghalest was destroyed, it's inhabitants, mostly killed. A few survivors ran away, searching for new homes. But everywhere they went, the same story was repeated. Iron machines appeared suddenly and in less than a day. All that remained was rubble and corpses.
Today, very few villages remain, for all cities have been lost.
There are rumors of a resistance, brave ponies who claim to have a plan. A plan to find out about these machines and the one who created them.
The sun is setting… Will the village of leatherwing be safe for another day?
R: 79 / I: 0

FantasyCraft: Naval matters

Tall Tale, Equestria

The room you’re in is rather messy. Scrolls, maps and random bits of paper lay scattered around in a disorderly fashion while the desk in the middle of the room remains clear of all but the bare necessities to write. The sunrays casting themselves into the room through the windows reveal the air to be filled with particles of dust, a clear sign of a poor cleaning record.

You were led into this office a few minutes ago, having come here after having received a job offer of dubious nature.

Most notably, preference was given to orphans.

Whether or not this criteria applies to you matters not, as you were among those who were accepted. Now all that remains is to hear exactly what this job entails and sign a contract of agreement. You’re not alone here, of course. There are two others who have joined you here.
R: 88 / I: 6


Garrisons is a game about the Commanders of an outpost working together to defend it from the Mantoid threat, as well as going out on missions and building the outpost up.

http://cytu.be/r/pretendhorse_playhouse# OOC chat here.
R: 140 / I: 6


The world was shaken to the core at the arrival of invasion forces from beyond the stars, the Ponies of Equestria completely unprepared for what they will soon face.

We return to the Party standing at the edge of the newly formed crater, the remains of the strange Disc seeming to disappear into thin air.
Post Sheets!
R: 94 / I: 11
You sit patiently in your seat. The cool air of the room chills past your coat. The bright light pouring out of the large windows forcing you to keep your eyes focused low, the neutral browns and greys of the solid wood table and stone floor refrshing. In the corner of the room you see the zebra continue to stand there silently, staring off to the side in an obvious attempt to avoid eye contact. Small puffs of steam emit from his nostrils with every exhale before dissipating back into the silent cold.

The akward silence hangs in the room, neither you, the striped equine standing in the corner nor the others sitting at the table with you break it. It's been like this long before you entered, the only noise that breaks the serenity is the opening and closing of the thick ornate door and the scraping of chairs. You think back to the strange letter calling you to this place that made it way to you, albeit in somewhat unorthodox means. Every natural instinct tugged at you to ignore such bizarre dealings and yet, for some reason that you can't quite recall right now, you find yourself sitting here. You glance up briefly looking around the table at those sitting with you feeling a little easier that you aren't alone. Though once more your mind slips back to the content of the letter…

(Dear Talented Individual,
Through Our observations We feel you are an excellent choice for a task We would like completed. We would like to have the pleasure of discussing the matters further along with payment and services that are in Our power to provide.
-Ouroborus Fourteen)

Well I'm outta practice but practice makes perfect so here goes. Wish me luck anyone who scrolled over this spoiler!
R: 200 / I: 9

FalloutQuestria Test Quest

FalloutQuestria rules doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1whdQhzD0h-yluJ-yk8VRiQCIYTFlrX-V1xWn4JhQcNU/edit?usp=sharing

Ponies in the local settlement report that several ponies have gone missing, including several children, and have recruited you to help find them. At long last, you found the trail that led you here. To a building that, according to the bright red sign in front of it, used to be an elementary school. The western side is collapsed, and the skeletons of the pre-War houses of this town stand opposite of it on the other side of a crumbling roadway, the pavement cracked and disintegrating.
However, grafitti on the walls of the school imply that it's inhabited.
There is a set of large double doors in front of you. Enter through here, or look for another way inside?
R: 79 / I: 1


“Once upon a time adventurers and adventures both were in abundance. Titans in their own right; these quest seekers could reshape entire nations through combat, diplomacy, magic, and boundless ingenuity. Yet this was once upon a time…
Recent years have not been kind to these living wonders. Wars, dungeons, mazes, and imminent threats having been whittled to myth – there was nothing to save remnants of an ending era. Some accepted their new, safer world; others found solace feasting within a great pantheon of dead gods. This was the sunset age, giving way to an age of night.
The Age of Night, modern times, has new need of adventurers once more. Nations crumble under scarce resources; wars, and rumors of wars loom over all horizon; thoughts and actions begin to spill into dangerous radical areas. Indeed the entire world anxiously waits for heroes to rise up and combat villains.
And waits…
And waits…
Failure after heroic failure has taught the powers-that-be everywhere one thing: more must be given to the new champions if they are to have their fighting chance…
One dreary morning in a dreary city, a corner café is bright and bustling with colorful individuals. Gathered underneath a glimmering golden banner are nurses, patriots, vampires, and colorful tribals line the tables and walkways. Nearly every available inch taken up by excited chatter, sweeping motions, and grand introductions. Heroes, villains, and every flavor of character in-between gathered in this small café. Cosplayers the lot of ‘em! Their strength and right of life given through adorning costumes!
The stories of all bright eyed thrill seekers cannot be told at once, so for now the story of a single myrmid lucky to be seated at a table will suffice…“
(I don't know what you're dressed as!)
R: 647 / I: 42

Deathblow Test

Welcome to the set, everyone. While the writers are busy writing how this movie is going to finally play out, I wanted you all to meet and to see if we could start practising the cinematography for the movie.

Now, let's get everyone in position and hand out the foam swords. No need to get injured now.
R: 542 / I: 0

Mage Academy #3: First Day of Class

After a thrilling first day of exploring, registering, and talking amongst other students, it comes the time to start studying in earnest. It's the first day of classes, and the dawn breaks over the school, rousing the campus. Time to wake up.
R: 888 / I: 72

AltG1- Quest for Chuck

AltG1 is a game once run on /mlp/, now migrated to MLPG unless/until we have reason to move back. The story centers around a group of characters who were suddenly whisked away into a fantasy land of ponies from space, liches older than any living civilization, and frustration upon frustration. Finally, after meeting an old witch named Gally, they were told of a wizard named Chuck whose body parts were spread by the Overlich, King Skullheart, and that the wizard's arms were close by and being wielded by the Peacock Demon known as King Crimson. If they gather Chuck's various body parts and put them together, he will be able to send them home at last!

OOC chat takes place at cytu.be/r/Pretendhorse_Playhouse
The GM may be reached on Steam, username Dusty, icon normally featuring the Forever GM, currently featuring Santimus Prime until the end of December.

Houserule sheet here: http://pastebin.com/fyiid5We
As of this writing, the infosheet has not been updated. When it has been, it will be linked to in-thread and posted in the new thread's OP.

Players and regular onlookers are encouraged to bookmark this thread, as it will be going for quite some time.
R: 559 / I: 58


This is going to be the thread for Vermin Destruction, a game about exterminators killing creepy mutant bugs.

Here's the first draft of the proposal sheet: http://pastebin.com/Lwe6uHn6
It will maybe get updated in the future.

I don't have a suitable OP. Happy New Year's!
R: 49 / I: 12

Commander Pink in the Unknown - Chapter 1

Discovering new technologies has equipped our equine friends with the ability to fly into space. Twilight, who had been the lead scientist involved with this project, put out a drawing where ponies entered for a chance to experience the vast emptiness for the first time before any other pony. Except for Princess Luna, of course. By the luck of the drawing, Pinkie Pie has been chosen as the commanding pilot of the spacecraft. Fluttershy and Derpy were chosen as co-pilots. Our pony friends have currently been on journey for a few days now, and have flown past the moon. Who knows what kind of things will happen to them on their mission to discover new things.
R: 1114 / I: 71


AltG1 is an ongoing game that normally runs on 4chan's /mlp/ board. Unfortunately, the GM has been banned from /mlp/ for a day, and the game will be running here tonight as a substitute.

>ooc chat

>Alternate Chat
This is where everyone is! Stop by and say hi!
R: 63 / I: 1

Mystery Adventure Quest: Chapter 3 part 1

[i]Can't say for sure what happened when he went up on that stage. When he came down though, his eyes were all glassed over looking. Glossy, but without focus. Said he was alright-and I should trust him all things considered-but even now I have my doubts.

Previously, on MAQ:

Puff and his crew finished exploring the underground temple/tomb, exploring the final room and finding a trio of strange artifacts: A bracer, a necklace, and some form of jewelry meant for one's tail.

Puff-The ever curious and daring soul-put on all three artifacts. Curiously enough he found that once they were put on, he could not remove the artifacts. Additionally, he could see a green mist coming forth from the gate upon the stage, and a light beyond the gate that the others could not see.

Stepping forward onto the dias, the young detective came face to face with….something. An image in the mist, in the form of a large dragon, spoke to him with words of great import.

And with those words, bore upon the young stallion a power unknown.

A horrific vision took hold of our detective; Artifacts worn burning his coat and flesh, melding with his body as the world seemed to stand still.

An eternity of terrible pain and burning. And for what?

Waking in his own home, the detective found himself filled with questions and a desperate thirst. Seeking to quench at least one of these, he went to his kitchen to procure a drink.
Only to discover during the recovery of a dropped glass that he bore some new strength.

One that would no doubt be useful in the days to come.

For even as he worked feverishly with his cohorts to unravel the mystery surrounding the Green Stallion, The Harbinger, and the involvement of his party, other forces were now in motion.

Even today, well after the fact, their motives remain shrouded in mystery….
R: 374 / I: 2

We shall never speak of this again

From the deck of the passanger boat you took a ride on, you can see the small island of Red Flight and its large volcano, covered in lushing jungles.
You are actually just a short way south of Horseshoe Bay, maybe one day of sailing at most.
In the distance, a few, modest houses can be seen, painted in a variety of bright colors. They seem to be getting close by the minute.

Your wealth level is 7
R: 275 / I: 1

M10Quest - Thread 1

Life in Equestria can be a volatile thing.
From ancient beings of chaos to mighty demons, hungry monsters and dishonest if still huggable ponies, adventure and danger have been known to lurk around every corner.
But in the past several decades, this has not been the case as much as before. Life has been mundane. Quiet. Boring even. Princess Celestia watches over all from Canterlot, and the few who still remember the time when two princesses ruled rarely bother talking of those days. Or of the dreaded Nightmare Night. Simply looking at the moon in the night sky is reminder enough.
But there are those who have not embraced this new era - those who still regard the late Princess Luna as the only true ruler of the night and refuse to accept Celestia as the sole ruler. These Lunatics come from many walks of life. Nobles who had close ties to her or grudges against Celestia, night guards who refused to serve the one who sent their princess to the moon, those following in the hoofsteps of the original Nightmare Cult, and many more. Whatever their reasons, their goals are the same - to rescue Nightmare Moon from the Moon, and restore her as the ruler of Equestria's night.

"This is where you come in.
I, by request of, Chancellor Fairmane, have been tasked with gathering a suitable group of adventurers and mercenaries for a little off thr record work.
I trust you understand why secrecy of your mission is an important priority. Which also means I cannot, officially, outfit of finance you. But if you return victorious, you will be well rewarded.
Your first mission is to head to the village of Duskheim, where you will meet with one of Canterlot's forward scouts, Sky Eye. He will tell you more about the place you'll be going soon enough. Dismissed."
R: 852 / I: 1


To the west of Baltimare city, a settlement was raised by ponies in post-apocalyptic times, centuries after the war. The 'town' of Hayburg is in reality an old carriage parking lot filled with shacks used as homes, with a ruined hayburger joint in the center of it all. You've come to this particular settlement with reason. While it is not as big as other communities, it is still the biggest town in the Baltimare area. The Brotherhood of Steel deemed it important enough to send one of its scribes here and use it as a place to contract individuals willing to do jobs and perform tasks the Brotherhood itself has no time for.

Usually this is because they are too trivial or time-consuming to waste rangers on.

Sometimes this is because they are too dangerous to waste rangers on.

As unique as it is for the Brotherhood to ask help from outsiders, the particular chapter behind these tasks is understandably busy up north in Fillydelphia. Perhaps this is the reason the ponies in this area are somewhat more sympathetic towards them than elsewhere, where they are most commonly referred to as 'power armored assholes'.

Whatever the case may be, the town is not much further now. You can see the large neon sign perched on top of the hayburger joint already. Only the letters HAYBURG are lit up on said sign. How clever.
R: 0 / I: 0

==Working the Dice==

Simply put the number of dice you would like to roll followed by a "d" and then add how many sides you want each die to have. Post rolling requires this in 'quotes' or [Square brackets], and nothing is needed for email rolls.

Email Field Rolling:
You can roll one set of dice from the email field
2d20 in the email field will roll 2 20 sided dice

In Post Rolling:
You can roll up to 5 sets of dice from the post field, each set of dice can contain a different number of dice and a different number of sides.
Rolls can be placed anywhere in the post, they must be put in single 'quotes' or [Square brackets]. You can roll up to 6 sets of dice total
'3d30' will roll 3 30 sided dice.
[5d10] will roll 5 10 sided dice.

You can also add and subtract from roll totals.
[10d10-5] subtract 5 from the total
[10d10+5] will add 5 to the total

Everything is case and space sensitive.
Email rolls count towards your 6 total rolls
Maximum of 25 dice per roll, 1000 sides per die.

Have >Fun!