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>Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

Calling sheets for the 85th session of TimeQuest


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>YEAR: 1501 AE

Last time on TimeQuest:

Nero and Luke faced off against the mercenaries of Goudeau's Army on their way to the surface, fighting a fierce battle against them which resulted in many dead, the rest retreating, and their leader Magz sans a foreleg to be questioned of what he knew of Eo-Naxx Claw. Meanwhile, hidden away in a locker in their chamber, Luke Warm found yet another of his temporal dopplegangers…

Honey had found a secret passage beneath the refuse of the underground junkyard, but her trailblazing was cut short by a surprise appearance from Caduceus . After a swift retaliation, Caduceus hid among the junk as he called for assistance from another surprising figure: one of the mercenaries that led the theft from the Blaster Base and Crumple's primary rival in the Shade, Bulldozer of Pain

Onyxia had put her hoof down to Red in her stalwart refusal to use Big Green, otherwise known as Eon, to exact vengeance on behalf of the Danger Dogz on their nearby Dome problem, so after fusing with Steel's cape she and him went to solve the issue personally. Arriving at the location, automated defenses built into the cavern of Dome G-777 began to attack them.

Southern Point had opted to stay behind and assist with the moving of debris that troubled the dogs, and for her donations to their massive bank of shinies was rewarded with an old cloaking device. Following Onyxia down into the shiny-trail tunnel, she was met with a quick glimpse of Big Green before ascending back to the cavern above, where she saw an opportunity…



The black crystal goes sliding up the defensive laser towers surrounding you, crawling up and forcing the turrets to lock on to each other instead, and the lasers begin pouring into one another as the beams tear through each turret. Steel nods his head, drawing his sword and slashing at the energy barrier to no avail, growling as the sword only clangs off its surface with electrical sparks. "No going through!"

As the turrets blow themselves apart, a few of the stalactites in the cieling begin to open up, revealing themselves as artificial as the tops split apart and the tops of missiles reveal themselves, readying to launch as fire sparks out of the top of the stalactites.

[1d10+1: 5]


Gray, and numerous dogs, pull their claws back in shock as the chest is slammed soundly, looking at you with wide, grayed out eyes (many have shades) as you make the offer known to them.

One of the dogs rubs behind her neck, "We not all know how to fight… it can get rough up there."

Another dog looks on with wide eyes, "Y-you know how to make shinies like these?" He pulls at his own vest, a dull orange, "I-I only make this with scraps, it dirty, dull, not nice at all… b-but me can learn!"

Other dogs look around in discussion, some splitting off to focus on their invasion plot as others peak their interest in your audition. "You have things to show dogs??"


The voice continues howling for a bit latter, before a low, gruff tone yells over the gattling fire, which pierces your hull for 5 hits (2/7). "What the hell else is new, you flying washing unit! Hahahahaha!" From atop the pile of cars, you can see him more clearly: large, white, and hulking minotaur with an X-shape harness on his chest made of thick chains, touting multiple weapons. Most notably in his bulking biceps, is a full Gatling gun wielded in each. "Been a while there, Crumple: can't say I like the new look, gettin' bigger like that makes it look like you're getting a little Bulldozer envy." He grins as he keeps a bead on you, "Sound like you've been expectin' me?!"

As you command Lead Head to start blasting the pile, she nods her head, although you see Caduceus has already disappeared behind it. "I'm on it! You drop that son of a bitch hard!" She shouts as she fires a rocket towards the pile, running after it as she loads another shot.

The wrath hits Bulldozer hard, the wave of elemental sound shaking his foundation of the junkpile and sending it tumbling down, one of his gattling guns dropped in the process. He growls, "HEY! I just got done supin' that one up, tin-can!" He digs into his weapon array as he tumbles, a plasma caster leveled up at you next. The latter begins to charge a deep red pulse.
>cannot attack due to Wrath's effect


Magz grunts loudly as he's kicked while being down, looking up at Luke while holding at his gaping wound, "I-I could still kick your ass, you little whelp…"

Twilight sighs, barely picking herself up as well off the floor with severe burns and cuts as she holds her head, "Th-that's the truth though. Oww…. it's gonna take a lot of healing to patch this up. It's too bad about your men," she huffs, "We TRIED to be reasonable with you…"

As the sound of the pounding in the cabinet comes to light, Twilight turns her head, "Huh…? What's that?" As the new Luke falls suddenly out of the cabinet, she grits her teeth as her ears flatten, "Y-you're kidding me! ANOTHER one?!"

As Luke puts the duct-tape back on, Twilight huffs, walking over to him, "Luke, ungag yourself, please."

Magz grunts, giving a slight grin at the complement. "Heh. Flattery will get you nowhere, bastard…" he groans, gripping at his wound, "Though I'll admit. Tougher than you look. Can't remember the last time I lost this hard…" As you ask about Eo-Naxx Claw, he turns his head, growling. "Never heard of 'im…" You can tell subtly by his expression he's obviously not letting on all he knows.

Twilight grunts as she drags herself over, "He has a lot of loyalty for a thug…" she turns her notice towards the gaping wound, "Should I try to close that at least, so he doesn't…*gag* bleed out before we finish asking him?"

As the new Luke is freed, Magz groans, "Oh, for fuck's sake, not him…"

He looks up at Nero, "We found that idiot just outside the top entrance. Let him in because he said he had something for us, but all he's gone on about is friendship and harmony and a whole lot of other crap. We were originally gonna kill him but honestly, we didn't want to waste the ammo. Thought he'd also make good bait in case the Dome's robots had some traps set up."




"Damn right I have! Been blue-balled many good times lately!" Crumple yells back, missile rack opening up from the back.
"And what can I say? Old me couldn't handle the level of badass I've become! Which means you've been slacking!"

Crumple laughs as the gun is dropped.
"Don't worry! I've got one RIGHT HERE!"
At that, Crumple unloads its own gatling gun at Bulldozer and blasting the downed Dozer with some missiles.
"Better not disappoint me like every mare you've banged! Haahaha!"

>Dual Great Ranged Napalm Decay

[1d10+2: 2 + 2 = 4]
[1d10+2: 7 + 2 = 9]

As Honey get Crumple shooting and blasting, Honey gets to work with her magic to fix up that gatling gun fire.
>Magitech healing

Roll #1 10 = 10


While waiting for a dog to present her a worthy audition, she gets out her wire.

"Anybody who wants to wear something OTHER than shoddy rags, leave 'em over here," she says, pointing at a cleared-out space nearby. "But if you use this as an opportunity to flash around your ugly bits, you're going to lose them."

[1d10] fixing up doggo clothes

Roll #1 4 = 4


Her crystal retracts once the turrets are destroyed, taking a breath as Steel charges at the barrier.
"Keep me covered then! I'll worry about getting in!"
She commands, running closer to the gate.

Looking over the barrier, Onyxia stomps both her hooves on the ground. Crystal spreads and digs into the dirt and stone as she tries to raise up the ground right under the barrier, hoping it'll move it aside so they can pass through it before the new turrets start to fire.
>Transmute [1d10: 10]


Lukewarms grimaces as he squats beside the bounded iteration of himself. "Ehh do we have to? I mean, lets at least wait for the guy to calm down a bit. You hear that dude. I'm not undoing your wraps until you calm down."
The tied up and gagged Lukewarm only accelerates his frantic jittering, desperately wanting to be free. "Dude what is wrong with I said all you had to do was calm down." Luke chuckles a bit before turning to Twilight "He's eventually gotta tire himself out."
Lukewarm's bounded iteration of himself looks at twilight with doughy eyes, for a moment.


>As you ask about Eo-Naxx Claw, he turns his head, growling. "Never heard of 'im…"

The radiant crystal pony stomps down on Magz left leg, hard, shattering the bone under His heel.

"Two! Tell me what you know!" Nero commands.

"He's with the Order of Eon." Nero explains to Twilight when she comments on Magz' loyalty.

"Either a servant or a pawn."
"Leave your copy bound until I finish with Magz. The last one we found wanted to kill you, remember?"


"Alright, sounds good to me. To be honest though he doesn't look like he could swat a fly."


"Slacking?! HAH!" Bulldozer calls out, bouncing along the tumbling scraps of hovercar as his junkpile collapses, but grunts as he's nailed with the flares of your missiles and the decaying napalm scatters on his arms, "I've practically been running this dump since day one! You're just catching up to me is all, Tin Can!"

As the plasma caster finishes its charge, he points its hot red focus point directly at you, "And you take that back, you motherfucker! There isn't a mare, cow, griffoness, or any damn lady's world that the BULLDOZER hasn't rocked!"

[1d10+1] The beam fires out at Honey Bunch
>Repeating Fire, Trick Ammo: EMP

>You successfully use your magitech to patch up Crumple's damages, taking yourself back to 7/7

As you point out their shoddy rags, Gray lifts up his claws to pull at the fabric. It's definitely not in the best of shape, and a piece of it even comes off as he pulls at it. With this, he nods his head, "Hrrmm… it would be nice for Dogz to wear NEW vests for once…" he comments as he removes his vest on the spot, other dogs nodding their heads as they slowly crawl towards you, the various sized pack giving you clothes ranging from as small as washclothes to as large as bed-sheets. "We no show ponies any bits, egh. We CLASSY Dogz," Gray says as he picks his nose.

As you start to work on the dogs' vests, a small bunch of the female dogs look to meet your challenge as they move to grab some material from their huts, a small circle forming near you as they begin to construct something noteworthy to earn your shinies (though none of their material shines as such)

>You managed to strengthen/reinforce the fabric of their clothes a bit, but it's hard to make anything out of the ratty material they've given you. Many of these should have been destroyed LONG ago and are stiff/unmanageable.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Steel nods his head and leaps at the first missile inbound to you, but he grunts as his slice to deflect the projectile causes it to explode, causing a hit of damage on you (4/4) from the heat and blast nearby as you work. However, the defense provided is not enough to break your steely concentration: your crystal spreads into the ground and hits the ground underneath the barrier, pushing and shifting the stone and gravel of the cavern floor to form a hole in its defense. As you shift the ground around, you can see that the barrier doesn't make a dome, but a sphere, protecting underground attack as well, but the transmutation accounts for this as the hole is formed successfully.

Steel looks at the opening, and nods his head, "Go! Go!"

The missiles fire twice
[1d10+1] / [1d10+1]

Magz coughs up a little blood as he lays against the wall, growling, "Hrrrng… no complaints on my part. We were just going to leave him in here like that anyhow."

Twilight sighs and rubs her head, "Yeah, that's true, he might. But, I'm not sure if staying bound and gagged is going to help out with that. At least let him talk…" She uses her magic to lower Saint Luke's gag, lowering her head, "Listen, I don't know how much you know about what's going on right now, but, I promise we're here to help."

Magz's teeth snap tight and he lets out a massive hiss, pounding his good leg on the floor with anger and agony as Twilight winces hard, bring up a wing to cover one of her eyes. Magz spits on the floor, "AAAGH! FUCK!" he looks up at you with disdain, growling, "Order of what….? Alright, jackass, look: we know Claw, but I don't know shit about any Order. How the hell do YOU know him?" He asks with strain in his voice.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


>Correction, 2/7: there was a critfail with that 2 on a Great weapon roll, but the 10 to heal cancelled it out


Onyxia pulls her hooves from the ground, her coat glowing as she pushes herself to break in, the vibrant blacks and crimson reds now looking more like polished leather than cloth. She doesn't even wait for Steel's command, she's already charging through her opening to the Dome's door. She practically tackles it as she slams her hooves onto the metal shutters, black crystal spreading over to peel the Dome's exterior open like a tin can.
>Transmute [1d10+1]

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


As Dozer points his red, hot plasma shooter at Crumple, it gets the unibeam up and running with a swing of its head.
"That's funny, 'cause I can name one that you sure as hell haven't rocked! And you keep this shit fighting up, you never will!"

Grinning with excitement of messing with her crush, Honey has Crumple fire up the jets and fly at Bulldozer to slash with the blazing red unibeam.
>Napalm Decay Single (DC -2)

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


She continues to fix the clothing. [1d10]

As she pores over the work of the dogs, her attention is especially drawn to a corgi with cool pointed shades and a poncho, obsessively hunched over a tiny pony action figure, stitching together a costume for it.

The dog just werks. [1d10]

Southern merely observes from a distance as she fixes the dog clothes.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 6 = 6


File: 1472871608184.png (116.43 KB, 836x836, 1469383830544.png)


Nero reaches down, picking up Magz by the throat and lifting him into the air as he says he knows who Claw is.

"Where is he?" the king says with a glare, looking up into Magz eyes as his legs dangle.


>"Either a servant or a pawn."
"Whoa Whoa This guy's working for the Order?" Luke ambles over to Magz and Nero. Luke taps Magz's head with his bat "Y'know we lost some ponies we cared a whole lot about to those guys. We don't even know you." Luke says to Magz
>How the hell do YOU know him?"
"You hear that Nero! He totally works for them. Why the else would he give a damn how we knew about the Order." Luke taps at Magz's skull harder than before
[1d10] intimidation roll

>Saint gasp for some fresh air again once ungagged.
"Friggin frack! Friggit! c'mooon you're not even gonna do the bonds. I get clausterphobic! gaaah. I know exactly why you guys are here. Working with that snake in the garden Nero. It's hopeless, there is nothing worth saving but your soul! Leave this era, let the day of judgement come, our sins against harmony be cleansed by Celestia's holy fire. Everything putrid be cleansed by her sun. I'm serious Luke, you are me right? The guy in the bandages. You're a really weird looking Lukewarm. I guess thats what friggin happens when you get a bunch of Lukes in a room and tell'em to make the ultimate luke. Or more squabble what'd cool in a lukewarm. I'm serious though, Go home, learn carpentry, start a family, go to church. this adventure's all a bunch of horse manure." Luke continue jittering about in his bondage "At least undo my ties!! AHHHH!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


I forgot to encapsulate all of Saint luke's text in greentext. Will be doing that for future reference.


"Could you just shut the fuck up for twelve seconds?" Luke is agitate
>"Untie me! also its a sin to curse"
"What you can undo with that tent your pitching. Looks you like being tied up if ya ask me"
>"REEEE! Untie me! Untie me! Untie me!" Saint Luke goes nuts.


You jump through the hole you've made in the shimmering barrier, and Steel follows suit right behind you as you dash the remaining 50 feet to the shutter doors of the Dome. One missile impacts on the exterior of the barrier, but one manages to sink directly through and explode next to Steel, severely damaging him as he's thrown away by the impact, rolling towards you. He begins to stand with his newfound scorch marks.

The moment you press your hooves against the doors, there is a brief flash of blue light, and you feel your body surged with thousands and thousands of volts of electricity, disrupting your concentration as you're sent flying backwards (0/3) by the sheer shock. Steel grunts, and as you're sent back you hear the fine music from before shut off, as a red alarm starts to blare instead. "I think they know we're here…"

>4 on DC -2
The unibeam scratches across his forehead, causing a shallow gash as he manages to swing his neck just in time to avoid a decapitation, "HA! As if robots knew ANY babes in the Shade. You're kidding if you can fool me with that shit, Crump-Dump."

The hot red plasma screams through the air as you get close, scorching directly through part of your deck and setting fires down stairs, the damage critical as fire and electrical pulses course through your system.
>Next attack against you will crit on 8+, and cannot cast spell next turn.

He skids across the floor of the junkyard on a broken off door from the hovercars, turning about on it to take his next shot, "Hehehe, kicking your ass. Kicking your ass never changes."

Moving over to the dogs, you notice said corgi-based Danger Dog, notably with a finer poncho than most other dogs in the House, has done a fine job for her costume to the pony action figure, resembling a super-hero of sorts. The stitching is detailed, for these creatures.

You continue to do what you can for their ratty clothes, able to re-attached broken pieces and re-secure the stitching with a little supply of thread from your own, making them look more presentable and usable (but not yet perfected). Red, the leader you had met earlier, hops over to you and looks down at the clothes, he himself still wearing his torn red vest. He sniffs. "Hmm.. they smell prettier already…" he growls, "You nicer to dogs. Dogz no make you want to run?"

As you pick him up by the throat, Magz gags, his legs kicking as his robotic arm hangs limp and he stares down Nero with gritted teeth. "Grrr… I… don't… know." He sneers, "He lives in some hidden Dome far from here. He either comes to US, or gives instructions on the radio." He coughs, "We've only been working with the fucker these last couple weeks, only Goudeau himself has ever been there, after he changed his mind…"

As he's choked out by Nero and tapped with your bat, Magz looks at you, and sneers, "I-I said I don't know any damn Order or whatever you're talking about, I just know Claw! But who gives a fuck who you lost, everyone's lost someone nowadays…"

As you bat his head slightly harder, he doesn't given into the threat. "Grrr… go ahead, bitch. I already have a broken leg and my fucking arm is gone, what's a little cracked skull to the mix?"

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Onyxia stops for just a moment to look back as Steel's hit, but she pushes on. If she doesn't get in things will be even worse.

She shouts out as her body is electrified on contact with the door, falling in a heap as it launches her back, glow fading from her body.
"G-Good, then they'll open up then to come after us."
She groans through her teeth, pushing herself to stand.
>Recover [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


As Holy Luke begins screaming and wiggling, Twilight suddenly steps back, her face full of shock, as she deftly pulls the gag back up over his mouth, re-gaging the irate holypone. "O-okay, maybe he needs to calm just a bit more…"


Despite being downed, Crumple still shit talks.
"A dumbass like you would think that. She knows all about you, without you even knowing it, you overgrown steak!"
>Crumple instant helpless recovery

Roll #1 3 = 3


>Honey's instant attempt

Roll #1 9 = 9


Back up and standing, the unibeam turns off for now, but the ball and chain that is now Crumple's tail extended. Doing a few spins in place before a thruster-assisted one, Crumple swings the tail mace at Bulldozer.

>Gonzo mace, also crits on 8+


As Crumple does its thing, Honey routes magical power towards fire supression systems! Which is mostly just her draining the hot tub and having it dumped whever the fires are.
>Magitech repair

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 3 = 3


"He means how do I know Claw." Nero explains, still holding up the warrior.
"Which Dome? And what do you mean that Goudeau only met Claw after 'changing his mind'? Changing it about what?" Nero says still holding up Magz by the throat.


Lukewarm's eyes leer at Magz, he glares at him stewing in contemplative rage and then Lukewarm shrugs.
"Eh he called my bluff. I'm too tired to bash his head in." Luke ambles away, "I'm only not beating your brains in cuz I think you're tellin the truth. So don't go thinkin I wouldn't otherwise!"


"Why would I run away from paying customers?" she asks. "Emphasis on 'paying.' Sanitary clothing is worth something, right?"

"The rest of you can stop, but keep what you've got. Lessons are on sale today if you intend to improve your craft."

She puts her hoof on the diamond corgi's shoulder. "You're pretty good," she notes, bending down to observe the detail in the costume and the sturdiness of the tiny stitches.

>"JUST pretty good?" the dog challenges, hiding the action figure from sight.

"Just pretty good. But you're becoming my protege. Can't let you remain just pretty good," Southern maintains as she wheels over her cart. She pushes aside the clothes to clear open a safe and surprisingly expansive workshop for the dog. "Get in…"

>"Copper Conduit," the diamond corgi answers. "No relation. I guess it beats getting turned into jerky out there," she concedes as she hops inside.



Lukewarm scratches his head before squatting beside Twilight and the hysterical version of himself.
"nah, I think this is something we're just gonna have to deal with eventually." Luke undoes the strip of tape again.
"Aye shut up for a moment, and i'll untie you. I gotta ask you something. Is that really how it happened? Like you guys just bounced ideas off a board *pop* I came out."
>"Nooo not really. It was more like most of us wanted our regular life back, so we fiddled with the timeline a whole bunch. but uhh we were all kinda fiddling with it and at a certain point it got really confusing and impossible I guess. And as time went by more lukes were getting churned out and -and so yeah you know how it goes, happy birthday, untie me please."
"Yeah thats basically what Mr.Warm told me" Lukewarm sits Holyluke upright and begins untieing him.
>"You mean the all business one! Where is he?"
"I don't know, Last I saw him was a couple thousand years back."
>"No he's here! And he's up to his avaricious ways!"
"No shit eh, whats he's up to?"
>"He was at another dome.. selling.. selling bottled water for organs. I told him it might not be such a good way to use his time and maybe he'd like to donate some water to the children's sanctuary church I was building and h-he mugged me. Not only that but he took my kidney. He didn't even have the good grace to stitch it back up, he just threw a big gulp of ice at me and said thats more handouts than he's ever got, and that'a pony should learn to work for what they get. I couldn't even sow it myself, I had to get one of the foals to do it for me."
"Haha, wow that sucks." Luke said apathetically.


You and Steel both manage to successfully stand up, and as the alarms continue to blare, you hear the sounds of gears moving right underneath your hooves, the floor of the cavern at four spots around you (each about ten feet away) opening up to make small holes a foot in diameter. "Well, they did open SOMETHING…" STeel comments, readying his sword.

Out of the four holes, four round, black spheres rise, a slice through their midsection glowing red as they buzz and float through the air closer to you and Steel, two focused on each. "Not the worst welcome I've received."

The two spheres shoot out red rings towards you, and the same with Steel
[1d10] / [1d10] Onyxia
[1d10] / [1d10] Steel
[1d10+1] / [1d10+1] Steel slashes at his two

As the ball and chain falls out of the tail, Bulldozer pauses, "Fucking hell…. that is fucking METAL! When did you get that?!" He shouts with glee, "AAaah, that is SO going with me after I leave you with your buddies in the scrapheap. This new getup isn't such a disappointment after all!"

He jumps off of his sliding car-door and rolls towards you, ducking underneath the swing of the tail and firing up at your shoulder blades with the plasma caster, the red beam scorching through your armor (3/6), and the fire suppression system of your hot bath water doesn't put out the burning below.

Magz grunts, kicking his legs. "Hnng. He never told me the ID, just always called it 'the Station'. Goudeau must know it but.. hnng… never thought to tell his 2nd in command."

As you ask about him changing his mind, he looks away, "We knew of Eo-Naxx Claw BEFORE we started working with him. Not long after Goudeau first took charge of the Army and made it his own. The two of them apparently go way back," he clenches his metallic arm, "And I don't think in a good way. Goudeau hates the everloving shit out of Claw for some reason, and I assume the feeling's mutual. Every time I ask, he says it's none of my business."

Magz turns back, "That never stopped Claw from asking us for work in the past, but it kept Goudeau from accepting good sounding jobs. He only just switched on it a little over a week ago. Said he just had an 'epiphany' was it."

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 6 = 6 / Roll #3 7 = 7 / Roll #4 7 = 7 / Roll #5 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #6 2 + 1 = 3


>Damn, forgot to roll for his third shot

He swiftly moves back, and preps a third round of the plasma cannon as you see its barrel beginning to distort from the sheer heat
>[1d10+3], Trick Ammo: Knockout

Red snorts, nodding his head. "Hrrmph. We no have many shinies to give that we can afford to take from trail, but, Dogz DO always pay debt." He looks at the clean clothes, smirking, "Hehehe… Red am sorry, we may get nice shiny clothes dirty again too quicks. Lots of diggings, yes?" He reaches for his own, "Um… can you fix Red's too?"

As you call out to them to put down their threads, they turn to you with disappointment in their muzzles, seemingly sad that they couldn't make something more impressive to show you (despite their efforts). As you offer lessons, however, their frowns turn up, and they hop towards you, "You know how to teach?! What you want for lessons, Shiny Dress?"

Magz grunts, "Hey, no assumptions from me. Anyone who isn't willing to beat someone's brains in isn't going to go far in the Shade. Sorry this Order took someone, but that's life, kid…"

As the gag is removed once more, Twilight looks down at Holy Luke with a cringe, "I know you're upset, believe me, I can sympathize but, think you could tone it down JUST a little…?"

As the Luke explains his backstory, Twilight looks down intently, "So all of these Lukes we meet are just, some kind of team that goes messing with the timestream trying to 'fix' your lives, and all it resulted in was a bunch of different versions of yourselves…?" She shakes her head, "Okay, that makes this all even MORE confusing. Just how many of you are there?"

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


"Hah, keep dreaming! Cause's you're going down, and your new fuck buddy!"
Crumple's jaws open, and the flames well up within as Crumple attempts to match the plasma shot by breathing fire, and have the flames keep going to burn up Bulldozer.

>Napalm Decay Cleave on Bulldozer and the incoming plasma shot

>2 Targets, talent reduces critfail to 1-

As Crumple breathes fire, his voice still calls out.
"Lead, how you holding up over there?!"

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12


Onyxia looks at the four orbs, turning in place between them all thinking of what to do.
"Didn't send out anypony, no wonder the dogs had trouble with all of this."
As they start to fire out a swarm of rings, Onyxia jumps at the one firing at her. She grabs it between her hooves, attempting to warp and mold the object into a weapon she can use.
>Transmute [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


File: 1472876328609.gif (316.24 KB, 450x187, Godzilla.gif)


Nero listens to all this, still holding him upright.

"Last questions. First, who is Geigero, the griffon I spoke to on the radio downstairs? And lastly, where is your master now?"
Nero turns as Holy Luke starts spewing his lines, looking towards the priest.

"Wait, say that again. About the various Lukes and their origins. Where are you people coming from?"


She fixes Red's outfit, as well as anyone's that needs more repair. [1d10]

"Depends on how much you got," she responds. "'On sale' is a relative term, after all."

With her head poking out of the chest, Copper begins to think of ways to impress her new employer. She decides that, given the high capacity of explosive-users in this era, that something to protect from explosives would be in order. Noting Southern's mastery of thread, she imbues a specific line of indestructible thread with repelling properties.

>Beginning Repel: Blast thread.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yeah whatever man." Luke says wanting to end that discussion with Magz.

>think you could tone it down JUST a little…?"

Holy Luke responds simply
>"O-okay." appearing more reticent and shy than before
>"I don't know how many other Lukewarms are out there. I didn't really think to keep count. I think there is a lot though…"

"So uhh are you going to be tagging along with us now or what"
>"Oh n-no.. I'd rather not."
>Holy Luke suddenly stands on his four hooves "Wheres my bike. Where'd they put my bike?" He starts rummaging about the area looking for his collapsible bike.

>"uuggh I just said. They're coming from us. I don't really participate in that anymore but a lot of us lukes wanted to put our life back to normal and I guess in the simplest way I can put it we didn't know how to and just kept making up alternate timelines we couldn't insert ourselves back into. I'm sure a lot others gave up too, and some are still trying. Is this the current Luke? The one in bandages? You can bet he's eventually going to do the same."
The current Lukewarm smiles innocently at Nero.


Nero listens to this.

"So all the Lukewarms are just temporal copies you made trying to alter Luke's life. Meaning this isn't the original Luke."

Nero says looking to Luke.

"If that is true, who is? What is the first Lukewarm like?"


>"I- I don't know! Help me look for my bike." He seems more occupied with finding his bike


"HAH! You just admitted you're gay, you fuckin'…." he taunts as his plasma beam cuts through you again, burning another deck as you go helpless from the damage (0/5)

Bulldozer's eyes go wide as the flames build up in the jaw of Crumple, and as the streaks of flame fire out in a glorious blaze Bulldozer is thrown back from the force, he screams in pain as the fire send him careening into another junk pile, the metal dump exploding in to shrapnel with a violent explosion, one that rocks the entirety of the cavern. You see the top part of the underground junkyard, the ceiling, cracking and breaking underneath the quakes, and a sliver of light shoots down into the junkyard, immediately vaporizing a moped into plasma. Wherever this place is, it's buried OUTSIDE of the Shade.

As the pyre roars, you see a shaking among the pile, and Bulldozer throws up the burning scraps off of him, his Plasma cannon rendered to molten scrap as . "GRAAAAH! Well, congratulations are in order, Zone: you just officially PISSED! ME! OFFFF!" He roars as he pulls out two of his only good weapons left, a rocket launcher and a flamethrower, and holds them up shoulder to shoulder, preparing to fire both

>[1d10+1] Rocket

>[1d10+1] Flamethrower

Steel nods his head, "They certainly don't take to the hooves on approach, it seems."

You grab at one of the orbs flying around you, swiftly nabbing it and transmuting its metal into the shape of a weapon of your choice, electricity sparking as you mess with its internals. The other one manages to land one of the red rings on your rear hoof, but thanks to your flowy, cloth-based form you slip out of it.

The two assaulting steel manage to land a ring on each of his hooves, and they constrict, binding his rear hooves together as he tries to fight their pull, "T-they're restraining me… grrr… destroy the other, quick!" He shouts as his blade cuts a deep gash in one orb, but misses the other

[1d10] Onyxia
[1d10] / [1d10] Steel
[1d10] / [1d10] Steel slashes at his two

As you ask about Geigaro, Magz sneers, "Says he's Claw's son. Usually when we're contacted over the radio, it's through him. Nicer guy to hold a conversation with than his old buzzard, but I get the feeling he doesn't get out much. Doesn't see the world for what it is yet."

He groans, "I know where Goudeau is going to be. We had a meet up point after we were done with the Dome here and he finished his other task. Question is this: if I spill, do I get to live?"

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 9 + 1 = 10 / Roll #3 2 = 2 / Roll #4 2 = 2 / Roll #5 2 = 2 / Roll #6 8 = 8 /


Red looks and sniffs at your handiwork as you repair his battered vest, fixing the trims and adding a nice clean shimmer to the cloth. He takes it back immediately on his completion greedily, "Oooh… this good. Red get you something nice for good work…"

As you ask of your potential new students of what they own, they huddle together, trying to think of what it is they could give. One approaches you, and lowers her head, "We have lots of scrap, metal, nothing shiny enough to use for trail but, still useful for ponies that make things. They give you more shinies for scrap, scrap work for Clothes lessons?"

>Copper begins her new job as a weaver, using latent magic rarely found in dogs…

Twilight lowers her ears in response to Holy Luke's statement, "This is distressing. I think this goes against what we know of time travel so far. Any changes made to the past SHOULDN'T change the 'present' Luke after he's been time-locked. Do you know different versions of me, too?"

As you start rummaging around for your bike, Holy Luke finds no trace of such a thing in the immediate area, and Twilight lowers her brow, "Your… bike?"


>Hmm. Apparently there's a limit to rolls. Missing last roll from Steel's attack


Roll #1 10 = 10


"Shit! Fucking hell, what the hell are we doing this far away from the Shade?!"
Crumple yells out, with Honey acting as eyes at the moment.
"Lead?! LEAD?! Where the fuck are you?! We have to bail, pronto!"

>Honey perception


At hearing Bulldozer roar, Honey chuckles even in these circumstances.
"Told ya you've been slacking!"
As Honey keps an eye out for wherever Lead is/went, Crumple gives another burst of fire from the mouth, as well as a small swarm of missiles, to match Dozer's attacks.

>the usual


Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12 / Roll #3 4 + 2 = 6


Lukewarm responds to Magz's reply "Y'know we could just kill you in that case. How would this Goudeau guy know. Not like we're gonna tattle on you."

>"No, I can't say I have" He says he searches on for his bike. He eventually ambles back to his original spot, defeated.
>"I had a collapsable bike, My mom bought it a long time ago."
"Tough tits, I used to have a car't. You know what you need to do. Develop a drinking problem."
>Holy Luke returns Lukewarm's comments with an angry glare.
>"I think I'm just going to leave. Thanks for saving me and all." Holy Luke begins ambly out slovenly and sad.


>forgot Honey and Crumple instants

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 8 = 8


The crystal recedes off the orb, now in the shape of a sleek Gunlance that matches her current form in colors.
>+1 Masterwork Gunlance

She looks over as Steel is grabbed and continued to be shot at. She tosses the Gunlance over her back, sinking away temporarily into the shadowscape as it falls through her. She holds out her hoof, shifting into a broadsword.
>Shapeshift: Switch-Axe [Sword] [Automatic]

She rushes past Steel, swinging a wide arc to slice both the orbs attacking him.
>Cleave [vs 2] [Crit fail 2-] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"Well, it looks like your boss's gonna take care of all that for me anyway. Here's how you're going to repay me: by using this knowledge to establish better commerce inside and outside your dome. Everything around here is unnecessarily violent and stupid. I mean, what does everyone eat? What does everyone drink? Where is everyone getting the resources to kill everyone else all the time? Why have socio-economic norms dissolved now that the sun's a little closer? Use all that I teach you to make your dome great again."

She begins to make a Masterwork Bangle for herself.


As Honey looks around from her cockpit, you do manage to find Lead Head: she is pinned beneath a few steel beams a distance away from you, unmoving. The rocket launcher lays close to her, but you do not see blood.

As Crumple starts to shout about the dangerous situation they find themselves in, the crack slowly spread, and the deadly sunlight spreads, the flamethrower hits you hard, taking you down to 2/5 as the fire spreads along your machine
>Taking ongoing 1
>Next recovery only succeeds on 7 or higher

The explosions from your burst fire and missiles impact against Bulldozer, his muscular body getting torn apart by the explosions racking it but you see his skin slowly piecing itself together despite the heat, and he smiles, tossing aside the weapons. "Hahh.. hahh… What's wrong, Crumple?! Leavin' already cause of a little sun? Though you were made from tougher stuff…" he cracks his knuckles, "Enough toys… get over here!"

He charges, horns and fists out as he moves like a locomotive towards you heads on, extending out his fists as he gets close, "LET'S REALLY RUMBLE, CRUMPLE!!"

The orb you grabbed is formed into a gunlance at first, but as you see Steel assaulted with the red rings around his hooves, you successfully transmute your hoof into the Switch-Axe, leaping at the two orbs and slicing at them, but they swiftly dodge out of the path of the blade. Behind you, the orb that was not transmuted and was attacking you fires one such red ring at your own hoof, but to do so it ends up on the back-swing of your arc, the blade slicing into it and cutting it in twain, a small explosion occurring as it shatters to pieces but hits you with the explosive force (3/3).

The remaining two orbs are also cut and destroyed by Steel's swing, all four of the orbs now indisposed as Steel looks down at the red-bindings holding his rear hooves, "Urrgh… it's strong. I can barely pull against it." The alarm continues to blare, and you see four MORE of the orbs beginning to lift out of their pods. "More?"

"Commerce…?" Red asks aloud, "Ooooh, like tradings! Normally most ponies scared of Dogz, but, with new shiny clothes, perhaps they not so quick to shoot." As you comment on the status of the current era, Red lowers his head, "Hmmm, well, we scavenge in ruins, both above ground and below, for food. We can carries water from the underground lakes near that city you found mes in." He shakes his head, "But, everyone so violent because, that just way everything been. Since Red was born, since before Red was born. Not enough to goes around. Ponies have to fight to live. Same with Dogz." He looks at the growing pile of fixed up clothes, "But, not everyone bad… some ponies help each other. Maybe, if we try, we could get them to help Dogz too. Instead of stealings from them all the times."

Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12 / Roll #2 7 + 4 = 11


Onyxia grumbles as more orbs float out. Her hoof shifts back to normal, the gunlance being pulled out of the shadowscape as she readies it up, the barrel glowing red.
"Keep these distracted for a moment, shouldn't take long."

She runs back over to the shutters, lifting up the lance. If she can't touch them to pry them open, then she'll blast them down to get inside. She fires the gunlance, the red rings the orb used to fire now a focused orb of energy.
>Overload [1d10+4]

Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10


Shit, maybe bringing her along was a bit of a liability. Still though, Crumple jets its way over to Lead. The head compartment opens just enough for Honey to peek out and shrink her down. At hearing Bulldozer readying to charge, Honey quickly drags Lead into the cockpit of Crumple and shuts the head.
>Honey using Shrink Ray to rescue Lead Head

Crumple turns around to meet the charging buffalo, the speakers opening up and flickering.
"As much as I'd love to kick your ass as usual, I've got too much shit to do to stick around and burn."

>Napalm Decay Wrath


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Steel stands on his hooves, pulling at his red restraints and slightly pulling them apart as he readies his sword, "Right." He confirms as he leaps at the flying orbs, cutting at them to keep them off guard of you
[1d10+1] / [1d10+1] (Steel)
[1d10] [1d10] [1d10] [1d10] (The orbs)

They do not concentrate on you, and you race up to the metal shutters keeping you out of Dome G-777, the powerful orb of energy striking into the shutters and beginning to vaporize its outer defenses

You quickly race past where the sun starts to peak in, and pick up Lead Head using your shrink ray successfully. As you drag her in, you take the note that she's still breathing: alive.

After getting back in the cockpit, however, the flaring speakers roar against Bulldozer, whose mighty fists raise up to guard his face against the onslaught, himself cringing. "GGRRR!! N-not that… fast…" he says as he pushes against the waves of sound, "I…"

He grabs at your tail, "Want my souvenir, first!" He roars as he swings Crumple around by the tail, throwing the entire machine up and over his shoulders like a sack of hay as you are thrown into another pile of junk, the tower of scrap collapsing down on you (0/3). He huffs, jumping back into the pile in his assault, "Sorry, but you leave in a box of scrap this time, ol' buddy! Maybe if you're lucky the nerds who hired me will put ya back together, I'd hate if we couldn't do this anymore!"

[1d10+2] / [1d10+2]

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #3 3 = 3 / Roll #4 2 = 2 / Roll #5 1 = 1 / Roll #6 4 = 4 /


>again with the limit, heh

>Bulldozer's rolls

[1d10+2] / [1d10+2]

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12


>>CONTINUING A CUT-OFF Session 94 here for Southern and Onyxia's section


"You're more or less spot on: Sanctuary does reach out to mutants in Swing City and convince them we're doing the right thing," Geigaro goes on, "And, sometimes that involves them going away from the Dome to help other settlements. Ponies don't come back for a while and, given how small the world-view is here, it's practically an obituary." You find a large, comfy leather chair besides a table in the center, and Steel decides to remain standing. "The Master was the one who turned the Dome into what it is: it used to be a high-tech research facility but, since he took it over, he's turned it into a safe-haven for mutants throughout the Shade. The rockets are his experiment for giving us another one, sending materials and robots we can expend to the moon above our heads. So far it hasn't been working so well but, that doesn't stop him from trying and any the rockets affect in the mean time from getting hurt."

The iron pony interjects, "However, back onto the points of the missing ponies: Sanctuary isn't responsible for ALL of them. We're being blamed for 'corrupting' ponies that we've never even met before, and for disappearances we had no part of in the slightest." He pauses, "We don't know for sure what IS happening to them, but, we suspect the Master himself is behind them."

"Problem being, we have absolutely no proof in the matter: but if we could find some, it could cause the mutants to turn to our side."

As you ask about Eta, Geigaro frowns on the computer screen, "Oh… yeah. She would. Eta's fine and safe, working on our other asset at this moment, but it's only natural for her mom to miss her."

>Southern Point

"Well, shit, sorry but you know you DO sort of set yourself up for a lot of string allegories. Anyways, I realize this is coming on sort of strong, but we could really use your help and I think you'll find you could really use our own in exchange… I'm not sure who it is you're after, but we can help you, and if explanations are what you're looking for, we have them too. Just outside of your restaurant there's a doctor's office: Ironclad Care. I'll be waiting around the back side of an alleyway besides it. Look for a yellow colored gooze. I promise, we're on the level, and if you just hearing us out is all I ask. We'll do what we can to either maintain your cover or get you out of the city whether you help or not, since you or your string being caught would be bad for us."

"Just lose your date before you come: if he finds out who or what we are we can't do anything to help."

Meanwhile, outside the rest room, Plasm feels the bump sliding against his leg as Copper retracts the bendy-straw from the counter, turning down to look at Southern's bag in confusion as he keeps an eye out for any of her strings going haywire


"I hope you know which ones you're sending out. We ran into some giant grabber thing when we met the dogs. Don't know if there's mutant's elsewhere besides you're little home here, but that isn't helping your image much."
She sits down in the leather chair, sliding back off a bit given her cloth skin. She readjusts herself and manages to stay put this time.
"Shooting rockets to the moon? Can ponies even live up there? I've only heard of Princess Luna being imprisoned there."
She huffs at hearing the Masters continued trials despite no success.
"So he came in and took over for his little plans. How did he turn it around for this whole place to be under him? Why is he even called "Master"?"

"So you want me to find proof that the Master is making mutants disappear. How am I supposed to do that? I'd rather just get this all done with and just take him out so I can move on from this place."
She questions, falling into grumbling at their proposal.

"That pony I met then, she was…"
Onyxia's voice lowers, head tilting down slightly.
"What's so important she has to work on that she can't see family? Have you been keeping them from talking?"
She questions in an accusing tone, voice growing in dislike for this group now after her own experience of being forced apart from family.


"Oh joy, I went from being a nobody to everyone's new favorite target, all thanks to those retards who I thought would be a good idea to follow. That makes me a bigger retard, huh? Whatever. But if assimilating into the mutant culture and having this whole dome eat out of my hoof while I make dresses for them proves a lot easier than whatever you are, don't get your hopes up. Now, I dunno how to operate this thing, so start crying as loud as you can, then… stop talking, I guess? Do something to make sure they can't figure out it's us talking."

Unsure how to hang up, she waits until the speaker does it for her. Once done, she hands the device back to Plasm and starts wheeling out the door, ordering another pie to go for Copper. "I have to go back to my dorm, but you spend as long as you like out here. But before you ask, I won't need an escort. I've already kept you long enough on this half-date, half-tour of the destruction. Bye!"


On the screen, the black griffon rubs his beak lightly, chuckling, "We keep track of EVERYONE. We're not a huge group, yet. We don't have anyone reported as meeting you before you came to the Dome, but, it sounds like you ran into a feral. And, yeah: those ones DO ruin the reputation for mutants." As you comment on the moon, Geigaro nods his head, "Master at least believes we can, and thinks it's more viable than trying to make another base in the Shade."

"The Master's background is a little long, and it'd be easier to explain it in time. But, I can tell you why you can't just off the Master and be done with it," Geigaro explains. "It won't change anything. A foreigner coming from the outside to kill the person every mutant loves most? It'd AFFIRM their xenophobia! Even if we could kill the Master, I know for a fact he has backup plans in place. No, we can't save this dome just through stopping the Master: we have to stop his ideology. We have to turn the citizens of Swing City against him."

Bringing up Beta, the iron pony who saw you all in shakes his head, "We discourage it if they don't support Sanctuary: I know that seems harsh but the more Eta contacts with her mother, the more likely her mother will be able to capture her and then the rest of the organization is compromised. Eta is doing good work: she is going to locations no non-mutant can go and retrieving goods for both us and settlements that need them. She misses her mom and we wish it could be different, but the less often they communicate, the better."

"If you can manage on without us, all the more power too you, but I guarantee the charade can't last forever: they'll find out both the work you and we have been doing to hide your identity as an outsider eventually, and when that happens there's going to be a lot of radiation leakage, if you catch my drift. Like I said, just look for me in the alley I mentioned. I'll be the one wearing the sun-glasses."

"Huh? You don't know how to work a radio..? Oh, um, alright then, I can do that…. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" She screeches through the radio as per your instructions as you leave the bathroom, the speaker clicking off suddenly as Plasm turns to you in surprise. "Shit. That didn't sound like it was going all that well." As you comment on not needing an escort, he blushes at the date-mention again, before chuckling. "If you say so: if you need anything or, need to tell us anything about what you saw out there, just look us up, Ms. Point." The glowing pony fetches you your second pie, and you head out of the restaurant.

Going outside into the streets once more, you can see the 'Ironclad Care' sign in bright red neon lights as the caller on the phone mentioned, and to it's side, the alleyway. If you choose to travel down it, you can see a sole mutant occupying it: pressed up against the side of the wall secret-agent style is a yellow, gooey pone (much like Plasm's hair, only her entire body is made of the liquid substance) wearing a pair of shades that wouldn't do much to hide her identity given her mutation. She seems to be looking up at the roof of the Level, acting nonchalant as she can.


She dips down into the alleyway, not bothering to look behind her, as that would only make her look suspicious. Once hidden, she slips the pie into the chest, and is greeted with a rapid stream of Cooper's Brooklynesque gibberish, ending with, "Eyy, thanks toots but if ya ain't lemme outta here into a nice lush bed soon, I'm diggin' a hole in ya garters over 'ere, I'm gettin' worked to tha bone!"

"So is this where you betray me or does that come later?" Southern asks, folding her arms and waiting for the goo's offer.


"If he can send things up to the moon why doesn't he just work on stopping the sun while he's at it." Onyxia scoffs. "Yea, with this dome you don't need anything else down here."

"So just sneak in and show off all his plans then and hope there's things that'd ruin his image in there. Fine, whatever. How am I supposed to do that then with all the guards around after that explosion?"

Onyxia grumbles as they explain how they have to keep the two separate.
"No wonder she spoke so badly of your group, when it looks like you're keeping her hostage. Tell me straight what I need to do, so all this nonsense can stop."


As you slip the pie into your chest, you see the golden gooze suddenly jump up in a lump as she's taken out of her ceiling gazing, before she lifts up her sun-glasses to take a closer look at you, the partially-liquid pony eying you up and down before shaking her head, "What? N-no! I don't have any plans to betray you, that'd be terrible!" She says sweetly, before turning to shake your hoof with her own, "I'm sorry for the awkward circumstances but, it seemed the safest way. My name is Eta." She nods her head to a side-entrance to the clinic, and opens it up for you as she holds it ajar, "We, I mean, my group, is very excited to meet you. Not a lot of ponies have ever broken into G-777, much less two in one day. However did you get to be friends with Danger Dogz?"

Inside, the clinic is fairly less put together than other establishments you've visited. It certainly has advanced equipment, consisting of two floors and, behind a curtain, a series of dozens of beds to treat patients on as a number of small spheres (similar to the ones you fought outside) move between beds to fix sheets/clean utensils, but the walls seem to be coming apart in sections.

The griffon on the view screen rubs his plume feathers, shaped on his head similar to a pompadour, and lets it slick back into place, "He is, but, only a hoof-full of people know how far along he is with it. Or really all what he has going down there."

"More or less: we'll provide you with whatever support we can, we don't expect you exactly to do this alone. Just, find some sort of evidence that ties him into the ponies that have been going missing. And you're more than welcome to use this base," the computer griffon DJ waves his claws around on screen," as a safehouse to eat or rest while we think something up. Dr. Irons here can also patch up the worse of what you get out there."

As you mention the group's ethics, Irons casts his eyes down, as Geigaro speaks up, "We don't FORCE Eta to stay on with us: she believes in what we're doing."


"I don't know if they're my friends. I've been getting whisked around through time and space by these four or five-ish freaks that run away and split up at every opportunity, so they've probably already abandoned me by now. I was following the pony who broke into the dome, but the dogs wanted to destroy it with a big worm-larva thing. So instead they followed the pony as well. I think her name's Onyxia or something."

"Why are you taking me back here?" she asks, suspiciously eyeing the equipment and slowing her pace.


"Down there, so I have to snoop around level 3. Hope you have an idea on how to get there. Doubt I can sneak by when they even have guards in the "Void Zone" as everypony here loves calling it. …And about that. How are they even able to get in there? Nothing else ever has unless we've brought them in."

"That would've been helpful earlier when I was getting burnt and scorched."
She retorts on the availability of the clinic. She looks around the open room as Geigaro waves his claws.
"Let's start with some manuals on how this stuff works then. Barely got through that elevator on luck, be nice to know how all to use these machines."

"Not from her perspective. Unable to talk with her own daughter even if she's doing what she wants. I know what it's like to have a family member torn from you, and it doesn't matter what the reason is. It's horrible. So let's cut to the chase so everypony can stop splitting on sides and just go back to their lives."


Eta frowns in response as the gooey pony guides you through, "Oh… I'm sorry. That has to be very difficult to deal with. No pony should have to feel that alone." As you mention Onyxia by name, she turns and smiles, "Is that her name? Well, hopefully we'll be able to help you find her soon. Maybe we can help you find the others, too. I ran into some pretty freaky ponies today too, I'm sorry to say…"

When you bring up why you're bringing her back here, she pauses, looking around as she bows her head, "Oh, right! Sorry, I'm not much of a 'pony'-person, I forget some important details. This clinic belongs to my friends. Sort of a 'safehouse', if you don't mind keeping hush about it: we're a group of ponies who want to try and help spread the Dome's generosity to outside of it. We thought we could help you and ask for your help in return. For whatever reason you chose to broke into the Dome, it means you're NOT with the Master, we probably share some of the same goals.

As she heads in, you see a stair-well open in the wall, leading downwards as Eta waits along side of it, "My friends are just down here, and then, if you want to stick around before going back out there, we'll offer whatever we can in this clinic for rest, food, whatever."

"Right," Geigaro comments, clicking his claws in a 'gotcha' gesture, "Level 3 is the Master's workshop level. It's true, the guards have really upped their patrols since your fight with Jazz, but nothing's impregnable. There's finding the cards we need to get down there through the elevator, or breaching the 50 feet of solid steel ourselves, or we even could pull off disguises. We had one more pony who broke in we'd like you to meet with, she'll probably be able to help a good deal as well in getting down there and finding the evidence we need. Plus, extra muscle never hurts."

Dr. Iron looks at you with a small chuckle that shakes his heavy body, "Not used to this sort of tech, huh? It's fine: I can give you a introduction on how almost everything works in here. You did awfully well with the elevators, though."

Geigaro sighs, "Yeah, well, I have to give it to you on that: I'd like for Sanctuary to stop being hunted down just for trying to do the right thing so that Eta doesn't need to worry about being caught anymore. Think this will help go that way."
Irons nods as well, "I understand if you don't believe us, but, we know how much it's been hurtin' both Beta and Eta. How was she?"


"Wait, you really just let me into your safehouse without knowing jack about me, aside from the fact that I broke in and have no fucking idea what I'm doing? How generous. I guess I'd have to help then, right? I just got food from that guard over there, so I don't have much I need. When do I start?"


"If you just want to break through the steel, I could get that done given time and a safe spot, and we did have an idea for a disguise. But who's this other pony that broke in? Don't you mean dogs?"

"I learned just a bare amount at another dome, but that was only a few wires. The elevator as just brute force that managed to work."

"Good, let's hope it does."
"She looked fine. Can't tell how well she's doing, she was shaken up from dragging her around and that whole fight."


Eta frowns, "Well, 'generosity' is sort of our motto, but, normally no, we'd be MUCH more stingy on this. It's sort of a special circumstance with you all things considered. Besides, what would you turning us in get you? You're at risk of exposing yourself if you expose us, I believe." She smiles, "So, we'll give the benefit of the doubt on this."

"We could work on finding one," Geigaro concludes, "But it'd have to be back on Level 2 to get down to Level 3. I'll do what I can with moving the patrols, but we may have to find something else to re-route them than just faulty commands. We have a few uniforms ourselves, but if you have your own disguise that works great."

Eta taps down the stairs, motioning for Southern to follow as Geigaro begins to explain to Onyxia about the dogs, "No, the dogs were leading the charge but none of them got down to Level 1: only one pony who was with them did." As Eta leads down the steps, she waves towards Onyxia and flops down in a puddle to the last step, sloshing around before reforming as Southern follows down. Southern sees Steel and Onyxia (still in her cloth/cape form) standing around a table, the dark pompadoured griffon on the far viewscreen, and a pony who's skin seems to be made entirely of metal.

"And here she is." the griffon over the tele-screen comments, "Southern Point, baby, great to have you here. Please, pull up a chair, we have tons to talk about. Good work, Eta, my cameras show no one followed the two of you in."

Steel turns towards Southern, mouth smirking. "Southern! You made it."


"Oh good, there you are," she says to Onyxia. "So, did you obviate the need to send the big larva thing at them?"

She attempts to sit on the chest to keep Copper contained, but Copper springs out, causing Southern to fall onto the floor. Copper stretches and scratches herself, straightening her poncho and her cool pointy shades. "Ayy toots, where you drag us to, eh? Some kinda pride parade or something? What's all these fancy folk doing?"

Southern frowns and takes the new wire from Copper, seeing as it's about finished. "We'll be finding out, won't we?" she asks, as the two sit back on the chest and share the second pie.


Onyxia looks over as Southern ad the goo enters.
"Southern? You're here, I though you were staying with the dogs?"

"So far, sort of. The quakes are stopped for now, but its going to take a little more to stop them."
Onyxia pauses as Copper leaps out of the chest.
"And who's this?"

Onyxia turns back to the screen.
"So back on level 2. I could try to rework the elevator again, but they have guards around the only one I saw. And you still never answered how the guards here are able to get into that "Void Zone"."

"So the dogs are still out there? Is there anyway you can send them a message?"
She asks on hearing that none of the dogs got inside.


"The dogs decided to invade because you did. This is my new unpaid intern, Copper Conduit."
>"Hey babe, I ain't makin' your flabby ass shit, you ain't payin' me. Ay, Oney-sha. You pay me better than 'er, I'll make you and ya boyfriend somethin' good too, eh? Make you a good deal what'll fix up ya afterhours business."
"As you can see, she has much difficulty speaking Equish," Southern sighs.


"Its good they came then, instead of trying their other plan. But how did you get down here, did they call you over the radio too?"
Onyxia looks down to Copper.
"You'll… what?"

"I see what you mean."
She comments back to Southern.


"There are a total of five elevators going between Level 1 and Level 2: one on each cardinal direction, and then one in the center. Only the center one goes down into Level 3, though, given how few have access to it."

"It's Zero Zone," Geigaro explains, "Z-Z, it's alliterative, dig it?" The griffon seems to lay back, pucking up his beak, "We've had it for years now, I think: it was an experiment by the Master to create another habitat for mutants, but it proved less viable than he hoped. Now we mostly use it for extra storage and construction space."

Steel frowns, looking at Onyxia, "Out of curiosity, how MANY years?"
"About… six years."
"…Onyxia," he whispers, "I created my cape six years ago from my perspective of time."

Eta raises a brow, "Big larvae thing…? Sounds messy."

As Copper spills out onto the floor, the three Sanctuary members in the room open their eyes wide, and Geigaro chuckles, "Huh… well, I guess all but one, anyhow. Hey there pupper."

As Onyxia asks about the dogs, Geigaro nods, "They're still being held up on the first level: given room to relax and lick their wounds. Mostly behaving, I can get a message to them if you want." Geigaro turns towards Southern, "I'm surprised: you two already know each other? I mean, I guess it makes sense. The odds of two totally unrelated break-ins occurring on the same day seemed a bit slim."

The griffon clears his throat, "Well, to bring you up to speed, Southern baby, the name's Geigaro. You may have heard me DJing the radios out there but, I also handle communications and cyber security for the Dome. I'm the one who phonied up a history of you being a resident. The big iron pone next to you is our physician, Dr. Irons, and you've already met one of our forward scouts, Eta. We're members of Sanctuary. I'm not sure how much the guard told you so, if you have ANY questions just toss them out there, we're a very informal group here."

"To sort of dive into the meat of it: we want to consider helping us take down the Master of the Dome through locating some incriminating evidence of his wrongdoings against the Dome. Doing so would ensure your dog friends never have to worry about another rocket, and it would mean you'd have MUCH less to fear if they ever got a hold of you or your string. You don't know how contraband what you're carrying is down in this dome."


"Yeah, they called a guy that I started to hang onto for free food. I told them I was a resident, and they believed me, so Eta… somehow knew and decided to finalize it.
>"Eh? Eh? Ya boy know what I'm talkin' about, a little somethin' for gettin' under ya hood, right?"

"What's he done so wrong that you're willing to risk upending the entire leadership structure over?"


"How do they get in it then, I don't see them having like what I have."

"He made the same thing at the same time." She whispers to Steel. "…I don't are what they say, we're going to talk with this Master before we're done here."

"Can you tell them the quakes are done, and I'm working to keep them shut down? I don't want them going for their backup plan."

"Yea we both met a while before this, got wrapped up in something that'd take too long to explain."

As Geigaro explains things, Onyxia looks over as he names of Eta.
"So you're Eta…"

"Well its good to see you're in one piece. Been rough for us ever since I walked in here."

Onyxia still looks dumbfounded at Copper's words.
"Can you.. talk normally? What do you even make?"

"So far he's been the one causing all the cave ins. Don't know what he's done in this dome specifically."


As you comment on Eta, she brings up a hoof, "It was when Plasm made his report: we intercepted his call and finalized it when he was giving the administration an update about you."

As you ask what's wrong, Geigaro runs a claw through his feathered-pompadour, "You might have heard from Plasm that Sanctuary seeks to provide some of G-777's services outside the dome, where the rest of the population believes there's nothing out there worth saving. We've been accused of brainwashing mutants to join us to be never seen again, and blamed with any disappearances, like 'yours', that occur."

"However, some of the disappearances reported? We never even knew. I have good ears and eyes over who comes in and out of the Dome, and some of those who they claim to have been taken by Sanctuary I know for a fact we never came into contact with. It isn't a pleasant theory, least of all to the normie citizens of this fine groovin' city, but we believe the Master himself might be behind these disappearances. We want to try and prove it, so we could figure out what happened to the disappearances for real."

"Portal Gates: like, giant rings that float of the ground that you step through to get into the Zero Zone. They're only on Level's 2 and 3, anyone on Level 1 are supposed to be unaware of them, though word gets around.

Geigaro nods his head, "I'll get the word out now. They're mostly behaving themselves: trying to grab anything shiny but, other than that. I think they'll stay put until you guys give them reason not to."

As you explain your background to Southern, Geigaro shrugs, "Eh, your choice: I'm always down for a story but I'll leave that to you."

Eta, when you look at her, turns her gooey head to the side. You see a lot of similarity to Beta, albeit Eta is golden-yellow instead. "Oh? Yes, did they mention me?"


"They can only jump between the two at those gates. That's good to know, it'll be easy to slip away from them."

"Thank you."
She responds in the message being sent.

"Maybe after all of this is done. For now my focus is on stopping the Master."

Onyxia is silent as Eta speaks, looking away.
"…Your mother is fine, and she misses you. I owe it at least to deliver that message directly too."


>Side RP for Luke and Onyxia in the morning after the G-777 invasion

After leaving the Danger House and making her way back to Dome C-545, Onyxia is accompanied by Steel as they wander through the halls of the base, passing by the occasional worker or occupant going about their duties. They make their way to the kitchen area of the Dome, wherein they find Luke Warm wide awake after some escapades of his own
>May specify if you are drinking or eating breakfast, what have you

You two spot each other from the hallway, and Steel gives a curt nod to Luke as they enter in greeting. Luke notices that something significant has changed regarding Onyxia: she has put on a fair amount of weight, even outstripping the husky Boo, and is sporting a pair of sunglasses similar to what you saw the Dogz wearing when you last saw them on arriving here in Future before.
Steel breaks the silence first. "Luke, morning. I see you are still in one piece."


Onyxia looks over to Luke as they enter, an apprehensive expression on her face.
"H-Hey Luke, are you busy?"
She asks at the doorway.


Luke stands by the kitchen counter where the coffee maker is. Elbow leaning on the surface, coffee in hoof, stirring. "Oh yeah, everything worked out, again. Hay did you know they got coffee in the future? Init that weird? Like they don't have much space or light to grow decent crops but they got enough for coffee."

Remarkably, Luke eyes Onyxia with a peculiar look, squinting his eyes unawaredly as he does. If he was drunk he'd have the bluntness to ask who brought the cow in the room, but he wonders if he's only noticing because he's sober and without a hangover right now.


"Yeah I'm busy, look at me, stirring coffee, leaning on the counter, wearing Closed Circuit's bath robe. This is a full time job, nah I'm joking, whats up?" He says oblivious to any pending drama or need for privacy.


>forgot namefield


Onyxia's silent at first, looking a bit relived.

"I wanted to apologize… for how I acted and what I did to you yesterday."
She says slowly, as if worried for the reaction.
"I'm sorry. You didn't deserve any of that."


Lukewarm squints again, now making a face of derision. He looks to the side of you for a second to think and then drinks some of his coffee, which puts wrinkles in his face as he is dissatisfied with the strong taste.

"Sorry, could you'uh refresh me on what happened?"


Onyxia walks into the room, taking a nearby seat to Luke. She sighs as she sits, hard to tel whether its from guilt on her apology or having to retell the incident.
"When I tried to crush you, and sending you off on the tram all tied up."


Lukewarm tries again at taking another drink of the robust coffee in his 'Best Dad' mug. The taste is just so bad, coupled with the news Onyxia gives sends Lukewarm spitting the coffee in the sink beside him. "Ah! Celestia!" immediately he begins opening cabinets in search for sugar "Er why you'd do that ya freakin psychopath -ah no wait, I'm sorry." Luke catches himself and phrases the following words with a hint of laughter "we're all sorta crazy in this ragtag bunch we got here. The word psychopath just kinda loses weight when the point of reference is even less scary" LukeWarm opens and closes the last cabinet, failing to find anything. He starts looking in his bag for something "Sorry, why did you try killing??"


"I don't know."
Onyxia hangs her head.
"'I've been stressed over everything we've had to put up with, and I was upset over a number of things…"
She pauses for a moment.
"But that doesn't excuse me attacking and treating you like that. There were… a lot of things I did yesterday, that I wish I could take back. But the only one I can truly make amends with is you. After everything we've been through together, I shouldn't have lost my temper…"


"Man I don't even remember it happening. I bet if I could remember half the things I do drunk or hungover I'd probably be spending the rest of my twenties apologizing to folks." Luke takes a bottle of grain alcohol out from his bag. It's almost empty. He just looks at it for a moment before shrugging and mixing the last bit of it into his coffee. "Yeah, I mean, I've tried killing Honey before, and I wasn't even angry. We're still friends. No I'm sorries needed. Same for you, don't sweat it."

Luke takes a testing sip of his coffee. He makes the same displeased face "There was this dude at my campus I got in a fight with over a cartoon -well at first it was about the cartoon but hehe it got really personal, pretty quick. And there's a lot of piano wire in those pianos, in those musical class rooms. But I still wave at him, you know, whenever we pass by."


Onyxia looks up, a little surprised.
"R-Really, you're not mad or anything?"

Onyxia watches as Luke rattles of his story and mixes his drink, looking better from her glum, worried tone she had when she first walked in.
"You just get into fights and then forget about it regularly?"
She questions.
"Well, I'm glad you won't hold it against me. But I still want to make it up to you."


>"You just get into fights and then forget about it regularly?"
"I don't know, I think I bring out the worst in people sometimes."

>"Well, I'm glad you won't hold it against me. But I still want to make it up to you."

"hnnm.." Luke seems uneasy about the suggestion "Well, if you wanna do something for me you could give Jean a bath. She hates those and she's past due for one."


"You don't bring out the worst in ponies. You didn't for me at least, it was just bad timing."

Onyxia nods at Luke's suggestion.
"Consider it done. Is she around here, or still sleeping? I can't tell how early it is down here."


"She's somewhere, the sneaky little rat. If you find her, net her. Don't even mention the word bath. She knows."


"I don't think I'll need to be that extreme, I've usually been pretty good around animals."
Onyxia says as she stands up from her chair.
"Thank you Luke, for being so understanding."
She says with a smile as she departs from the kitchen.
"Again, I'm sorry. I promise that won't ever happen again."


>Cat Bath [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


Calling for sheets for side-session with Southern/Onyxia's side (middle of Session 150)




>Previously on Time Quest, Onyxia and Southern had made their way to the Ug Corp building on tour of the Crystal Empire's commercial district, wherein Southern procured a large set of business cards in the aid of promoting her business. In addition to this, she also paid for a photo-shoot to be taken on one of the higher floors so that her outfits could be advertised on television, online, and in news papers, so after the deal was made and informing Onyxia and her group of such, Southern got to work swiftly stitching together a pair of stylish new attire for Plasm and Bossa Nova, her first employees, to model.

Southern has been hard at work and is just about finished with both of the planned ensembles (may describe in character), as Bossa Nova lounges out on a couch in the main lobby in wait while Plasm stands diligently outside the door, occasionally knocking asking if Southern needs any help.

Meanwhile, Twonyxia, Steel, and Onyxia have kept close by. They were, unfortunately, unable to convince Silver Tongue to allow them to take the floor-model out for a drive due to its expensive nature, but Twonyxia currently sits in the front seat (shotgun) of the model while Onyxia sits in the driver's seat, offering her tips about how to drive while they wait for Southern to finish as well (Steel sitting comfortably in the back).


Southern brings out their outfits, looking exactly as they were in the sketches: a punk gray dress for Bossa with a nice scarf, and a well-tailored suit for Plasm. "Here you go. Are you ready?"


Onyxia sits in the driver seat, hooves on the well as she looks at all the panels and the dashboard.
"This… this is going to take some getting used to."
She says, feeling like a fish out of water with this relatively simple machine.


Southern comes out with the suits for her two employees, and Plasm is the first to give response as you come out. He turns to look at the tailored suit you offer him, holding it up in his hooves. "Wow… this is nice. In my time you'd see ponies in suits like this all the time in posters, but everything you'd find is in pretty poor condition. I've been used to G-777 jumpsuits all my life." He holds it up, particularly admiring the tie with it, and coughs. "Uh… just out of curiosity, is there a hat that goes with it? The poster ponies usually had hats too."

Bossa gives a yawn from the couch, the very long legged pony turning to sit up as she scratches at her cheek beneath the scarf. "Done? That took a while. So, what exactly did you-"
As you present the punk dress for her next, accompanied with scarf, she looks at it very pensively, holding it up herself. You think you spot a bit of blush creeping up from above her scarf. "It's… not bad. It's definitely the nicest dress I didn't have to steal first." She holds it up, checking out the details. "Yeah. It's punk enough. Though about me modeling it…"

Twonyxia chuckles, reaching over to put your hooves at 9 and 3 positions. "I know, I was a little intimidated by it at first too, but trust me, it's easier than it looks. See what you would do is just keep your hooves on the wheel like so, and then," she directs you to a stick on the side, "You put this into 'drive', and then you'd press on the right pedal to go. You ever play one of those racing video games at least? Sting has a copy he likes to play with me."

Steel looks over the dashboard, "Who needs most of this? 'Cruise control'? 'A/C'? Seems to me all you need is a cart that propels itself."


Southern starts making a hat for Plasm and looks at Bossa. "If you don't want to, there's nothing making you do it. You can keep the dress even if you don't want to model; you'll be beautiful in it any time."


Onyxia nods as her twin points out instructions, moving her hooves and pushing down on the pedal to simulate it out.
"No, I never really played with those things."
She says, getting a little more comfortable.

"The A/C is good for when it gets real hot out, but I don't know what cruise control is for."
Onyxia answers back to Steel.


As you start up on the hat for Plasm, Bossa Nova turns her head to the side as you comment on her being beautiful, "Oh shut up. You're making it weird."

Plasm chuckles, "You know, originally *I* was the nervous one about this photo-shoot. Now that I have the suit, I'm a little more psyched for it. You on the other hand-"
"I was all set for it… dressed as I am, the way I look. In a dress like this… I'm not sure we shouldn't try going for Photoclop or something."
"Ah, so fancy dresses are your weakness? That'll be useful to know."

She grunts, getting up and walking with the dress gripped in hoof. "Shut up or I'll kill you. Where do I change?"

"Really? Wow." Twonyxia comments. "I think it sounds like you *needed* a couple of siblings, they open you up to a whole new world of hobbies. And yeah you seem to be getting the hang of it. Now the most important step while driving is to be aware of your surroundings, so in addition to keeping an eye ahead, you also want to be able to see as much as you can from your mirrors." She huffs, "I really wish we could take this thing out for a spin. It's so much nicer than Dad's car."

Steel looks at the dashboard. "When it got 'real hot out', we drank water."
"Well that was fine for your time, but now you have 'options', Steel. And come on, what's wrong with extra features anyway?"
"Hmm… I suppose not. But it seems unnecessarily distracting."


Southern finishes the hat for Plasm, then directs Bossa to the room where she made the dresses (presuming it has no windows and has a lock).


"I suppose so, especially Beryl." She says with a little laugh, "That shouldn't be too hard. We've had to keep watch all around us in all these travels."
She comments, looking up into the mirrors to get used to the idea.
"Will driving a normal car be like this one, or is any of this stuff different cause of these magnets?"
Onyxia asks as she brings up Dad's car.

Onyxia chuckles at Steel's old-fashioned comment.
"You'll need a water then if you have a long drive."


"Pfff, don't even get me started on Beryl's tastes. That's a whole other project. Now, as to the car, it'll be pretty much the same. All these features are pretty common place in carts nowadays, the only thing you have less to worry about with these magnets is fueling up, but I can show you how that works with Dad's car. The only different thing about this one is that it's faster, handles better, and looks cooler, but if you can handle Dad's you can handle all of them."

Steel chuckles. "Well… perhaps someone quite like 'me' wouldn't need water now."

Bossa takes the dressing room provided to try on the dress, and after his hat is completed, Plasm does likewise. Soon, both are looking extremely sharp, Plasm's professionalism breaking down as he revels in looking like the ancient stars of the past seen in the music-loving Dome he grew up in, while Bossa keeps a stoic expression, not so much looking uncomfortable in her new dress as she is unsure, occasionally reaching down to give the skirt a tug.

After Silver Tongue is alerted, he directs you all to the third-floor shooting room where an aging photographer directs Bossa, Plasm, and even yourself into various positions and poses, taking snap-shots every few seconds as she keeps coming up with bolder and bolder looks for the company's image. Plasm soon finds himself a little overwhelmed, struggling to keep up with her demands, but Bossa seems to find her stride again despite her earlier discomfort, reveling a bit in the chaos.

After a bit of time, the photographer says her work is done, and Silver Tongue passes along information for Southern to pick up the photos later as well as their plans to begin advertising as soon as possible. The employees are still sharply dressed, but Plasm looks a bit warn out after the experience.
"That was… something."


"Why don't we go get lunch while we wait for them to finish the cards?" Southern asks.


"They certainly were different, but I'll admit it was pretty interesting after talking to that professor.
Onyxia looks back to the wheel, turning it back and forth.
"Alright, I'll have to ask him if I can take it out for practice sometime."

"Yup, which makes the A/C all that better then since it can help cool down that metal too. Even though you probably don't need that either."


"They're definitely interesting, I'll give them that. I can't quite wrap my head around what that filly is all about sometimes. But I know it's something special too." As you bring up the car, she nods, "Oh yeah! Maybe later tonight when we get home, we can just take it around the block?"

"Well, Steel might not need it, but imagine anyone sitting next to him who might touch the hot iron?" Twonyxia chuckles.

Plasm nods, "After that, I could certainly use something to eat. Just let me change out of the suit, don't want to get it messed up…"

Bossa laughs. "I don't know what you're talking about. That was fun. I think I might keep the dress on for a while longer. Any objections boss?"

After Plasm goes to get changed, they approach Onyxia and her group. Plasm holds up a hoof, "Well, we're just about all done here, Onyxia. Ready to go grab something to eat?"

Twonyxia nods, "Yeah, I could go for a bite. Being I'm the local around here, you mind if I pick the place or did you want to look around and see what looks good?"


"I'll have to make you another dress if you get this one dirty while we're out in the city. And you wouldn't just accept a second dress and not wear it, would you?" she asks Bossa. She then turns to Twonyxia. "You pick."


"Sure. It'll be a lot better than just sitting in this one and pretending."

"Good point. He'd end up being a mini forge."

"Oh, sure."
Onyxia says, getting out of the car with the others done with their task.

"How'd getting your business cards go?"


"I really like them," Southern whispers.


"Oh good! Can I see one?"
Onyxia whispers back.


"I don't mean the business cards. I haven't gotten those yet."


"Then what do you mean?"


"Bossa and Plasm."


"Oh. Yea, even though I've only just met them they seem nice."


"Then I'll be extra sure not to get this one dirty."
"I'd just change out of it, Bossa. It's a nice dress." Plasm retorts.
"That's why I want to wear it, duh." She throws up her hoof. "You know what, forget it, I'll go change too. But I'm wearing it later."

Twonyxia chuckles, "Oh, a mini-forge actually sounds REALLY convenient! Imagine how much work we'd get done on the road?"
Steel shakes his head, "I do not consent to this idea. For the record."

As Twonyxia is allowed to pick the place, she smiles and heads out the door of the UgCorp Building. "Great! Just follow me, I know just the place. It's a little small but it's cozy too."

Twonyxia leads the way down the street away from the commercial district, showing the group towards a much calmer part of the city that isn't quite so heavy in traffic. She nods towards a cafe situated on the corner, looking out towards a vibrant park (with crystalline art-work 'trees' decorating within). The name of the cafe says 'Crown Jewel' on the top, though despite the imposing name while the interior is pretty nice/decorated it's comparatively small to a lot of other restaurants you've seen. "This is a place me and mom found on a walk to get supplies for the forge a while back. It doesn't get its crazy rush until much later, so they should be able to seat us right away. And the food is terrific!"


Southern has already begun drafting outfit lineups for the two, for a variety of social situations.


Onyxia can't help but laugh at picturing Steel as a mobile forge.
"That would be extremely helpful, but I have to agree with Steel. Even if he is metal it can't be comfortable sitting at a few hundred degrees."

Onyxia follows along as they walk to the more tranquil part of the city.
"Now this reminds me more of the old times."

"Wow this looks great."
Onyxia comments once they step inside.
"Really? Hmm, I'm not feeling that hungry, but I guess I can try a little something."


Steel chuckles. "Thank you, Onyxia. Good to know my feelings are considered in this matter."

As you comment on not being that hungry, Twonyxia whispers, "Is that because of the love or the waffles? Either way don't worry, the salads here don't take up much room but they taste amazing, you'll like 'em. Besides, you want to keep your energy up for the day, right?"

As they head into the cafe, Twonyxia politely waits at the front for someone to seat them, before Bossa moves on ahead past her to grab a table for six (technically eight but with her / Steel's sizes you need the extra space) of her own accord. Twonyxia comments, "Um… you're actually supposed to wait for them to sit you fi-"
"It's fine, this place isn't busy yet, remember? I don't hear anyone complaining."
Twonyxia puffs out her cheeks at the rudeness, but Plasm slips past, "Sorry about her, we're still working on the 'manners' part."
Steel moves ahead next and takes a seat at the same table, evidently almost as unconcerned with procedure as Bossa is as he makes sure to pull a seat open for Onyxia first. Sighing, Twonyxia moves to take her seat as the waiter comes over to take drink orders.

As the group sits down to the meal, Bossa cranes her long next over towards your sketchbook, raising an eyebrow at the new designs. "You already working on new designs?" She turns in close, eying through the lot of them. "Damn… these are good but, am I really going to need ALL of these? I usually just wear the same thing all the time, works well for me."


"You don't like them?" Southern asks, acting hurt.


"Your feelings are always considered Steel."

"A little of both, and I guess I'm still a bit worried that today's little lesson might not work."
Onyxia admits.

Onyxia is a little surprised as well as Bossa just walks on by to take a table for them. But with some of them already moving, Onyxia follows.
"Thank you Steel."
She says as Steel pulls out her chair like a gentlecolt.

When the waiter comes by, Onyxia just orders a water.


Bossa raises an eyebrow, "What? No, they're great, I'm just saying that's a LOT of them. Why do I need so many?"

Plasm comments, "Because no one outfit is perfectly suited for every possible occasion. You need variety. I figure as a musician, you'd appreciate that."
"You're getting to be a little too chatty for me this morning, stiff. I don't remember asking you." Bossa retorts.

"I understand, but even if it doesn't, the salads aren't going to add much more on than you've already got, and they are WORTH it, trust me. Besides, I think it's working pretty well so far."

Steel pushes in the chair for Onyxia as she sits down, nodding, "My pleasure." Before taking a seat himself.

AS the waiter comes out and collects drink orders, Steel orders a water so as not to draw suspicion, along with Plasm. Twonyxia asks for a pink lemonade, and Bossa orders the only alcoholic drink so far, a glass of wine. Steel comments, "A bit early, isn't it?"
Bossa retorts, "It's the Crystal Empire. If you're not drinking the wine here, you're not drinking at all."

Twonyxia takes up the menu, and starts going over the salad selection to Onyxia, "Just about any of these are my favorite… I always have a hard time picking."



Roll #1 5, 5, 5, 9, 3, 2, 6, 3, 10, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 10, 4, 4, 10, 1, 2 = 103

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