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Temporary thread for Soul Quest this evening / any future instances where we can't play on our normal site, post your sheets for the 9th session of Soul Quest


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coming at you live from the other side of the world



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>https://boards.4chan.org/mlp/thread/30450941 previous game


Previously on Soul Quest, a break through was made on the side of Pain, Fixer, and Aether. After briefly conversing with the disgraced hero, Triple M and Fixer had managed to see through Satar's plot and reasons for betraying his fellow Elementals, and had convinced him with a glimmer of hope that they could help to divulge the truth of all what he saw on the mountain: assaulted by Kachina's on personal dragon guards, and bore witness to a wrecked castle wherein two powerful ogres, specifically referred to as Demons, had taken her captive…

Meanwhile, Alexis was thrown from the castle after seriously injuring the ogre demon Gold Horns in one on one combat, punted down into the lake of a small village at the base of the mountain called Willow Shades. There, she was introduced to the Old Wicked Willow, a tree who helped to heal her wounds and offered troubling information on the task ahead…

>As Fixer and Triple M and Pain were conversing, Aether was standing back a bit taking notes on the situation

Fex lets out a chuckle, gaining back some of his backbone he lost. "S-see? They've fought demons before too! I should have figured."
Satar's eyes open wide, "They were DRAGONS too…?! Well, I… have to admit, that is very reassuring. Because we'll have that to worry about too." He sighs, "Sorry, lemme just start from the beginning, give you all the full picture. Then, I'll let you guys decide the best route to take."

"Last week I really did go up the mountain just like I said. There were a huge slew of goblins, ogres, and even trolls on the way up there but, I was either able to fight or slip past them no problem. No, the real problems started when I got close to the top. Dragon fire nearly turned me to melted scrap."
Fex mutters, "Pryftan and Trāgu…?"
"It was definitely Kachina's own personal dragon guards. They nearly tore me apart before I escaped into the rock to get away."
"By the Four…they haven't turned Doomed, have they?"
"They sure acted like it but, I don't know for sure. Was too busy getting away from them to get into the castle itself to find out. But point being if we do go up there, we'll have them to worry about too."



Satar wiggles in his ropes, "After that, I snuck into the castle itself, and saw the whole place was nice enough from the outside, but a total mess inside. Looked like one of the gnarliest fights ever tore the place apart. I stuck around a while, hiding in the stone, and I saw Princess Kachina in her cage, dangling from the ceiling in some kind of green orb. And, I also saw her captors." He turns to the ponies, "Two ogres, one silver and the other gold. Both as tall as me or Fex stacked on top of each other, and armed literally to the teeth. A brother and sister from the sounds of it. I spent a whole day in the stone of the castle spying on them, they were definitely the ones to take out Kachina. Learned a LOT about them, they're DEFINITELY Demons. Maybe only as fresh as a couple months, but every bit as powerful. We ain't had a Demon Tainted on Kachina in… I don't know how long. Only the Princess would probably remember if there were ever."

Old Wicked Willow puts on a stern glare, "Hrrrmph. I may be rooted to the ground, missy, but I was not always like this." she points at herself using one of her branches, "I'll have you know, I used to be a soldier, who fought in the name of Kachina across more than one lifetime. And in doing so, I came across a powerful relic, one that I used to overcome more than a few harsh trials like you face now. I have not had need to use of it in many, many years, and was going to tell you where you might find it."

"But first, you're going to take deep breaths. A few of them."


Aether puts a dot in her notepad to finish a thought, and suddenly she inquires, "Couple months? How are they formed, these demons? What are they?"


File: 1499826694822.webm (3 MB, 1280x720, when the autism hits.webm)

{Ogre Strength; […] Drawback: Fire Autocrits you.}
Pain Train listens confidently to the elemental's recount. However, when dragon fire is mentioned, his body shudders on it's own volition, a chill going down his spine.
>"What, something scared ya Pain?"
"No, atleast, I don't think so. Something about fire being mentioned is all."
>"You've worked with pyrotechnics before, you'll be fine."
"Don't say that word."
>"What, pyrotechnics?"
"Yeah, I dunno why but it's got me on edge."
>"Whatever, let's get back to the matter at hand."

>Market turns to the elementals. "Well that's why the Princess was captured, the answer was right there: Those demon guys roofied the dragon's food with that bad mojo soup we rescued those animals from earlier, and since the Princess trusted them, she never realized they had been turned. So all we gotta do is sneak into the castle, rescue the Princess, and beat up the baddies with the rescued Princess in tow. It's practically a tale from a storybook."

"Princess and the Elementals."
>"Eh, we could find a catchier title. Anyways, Could you two just tunnel your way up the mountain so we could avoid the dragons and such? That way we can deal with the demons and get the Princess, THEN deal with those turned dragons."


"You can't tell me what to do, you're not my mom!" she says angrily.

"And unless your 'relic' is going to magically make me able to save Kachina, I don't really care!"


>"Eh, we could find a catchier title. Anyways, Could you two just tunnel your way up the mountain so we could avoid the dragons and such? That way we can deal with the demons and get the Princess, THEN deal with those turned dragons."

"Huh. That's a novel idea. A good idea, if we can do it," she says in response.


Satar turns to you, "You don't know, miss…?" He says in slight confusion, taking a moment to consider how to explain.

"Well… you know about Tainted, right? How dark magic corrupts and transforms normal animals, plants, elementals, whatever into feral creatures, and then eventually into monsters? Well, most of the time when they finally succumb to the taint, they come out completely different than before. Sometimes mindless, sometimes with a totally different personality, almost always a new kind of creature." Satar's tone takes on a more serious, low note.

"Every so often, one of two things happen. First: the Tainted that comes out doesn't forget who it was. They had a strong enough will to hang on to part of what they were before. Their minds are warped, but not destroyed, and these kinds of Tainted usually end up smarter than the rest and lead them. Second: some Tainted develop this thing called Soul Hunger. They wind up with an insatiable desire to eat Souls from their victims, and the more the consume the stronger they get. These Tainted usually have the opposite problem of the first ones though: their hunger makes them stronger, but in the process they lose even more of themselves until they devolve into mindless ferocity."

"Demons… are what you get in those rare, dangerous moments where a Tainted who turns happens who have BOTH of these symptoms. A beast with a hunger for Souls that makes them more and more powerful with every bite they eat, and worse the intellect to actually put that strength to good use. And we have TWO of them up there."

"Bad mojo soup? You mean the stuff they put in those cauldrons we've seen Ogres and Goblins use to turn others into Tainted?" Fex asks.

Satar shakes his head, "They definitely did SOMETHING to Pryftan and Trāgu but, I'm not sure if they're Doomed… what you suggest would require more cunning than a Doomed is capable of, they're supposed to be mindless."
"What they DID do is irrelevant: the point is they must have had a hand in betraying the princess somehow." Fex replies.

As you make your suggestion, Fex and Satar turn to each other. Fex says "Dig up the mountain… it would take some time. Weeks for us to make a tunnel THAT long from here, the castle is 20 miles away at least, but, it is possible if we can get a bit closer, maybe a little up the mountain before the dragons see us we can dig our way in safely and quickly!"

"That's how I got in the first time," Satar answers, "I don't think I can handle both the dragons, so when I got close enough I tunneled away from them. That could work. But, while I've been in here, I've been thinking about another way that might stop the dragons as well, if you'll hear me out."

The Old Willow lets out a sigh, "No, I suppose I ain't, am I? Fine, fine, far be it from me to try and offer good advice." She purses her lips, "But, while I can't make THAT sort of promise, I can guarantee you won't regret having it. My relic used to save my life time and time again back when I was a warrior. It's a powerful little trinket that might do the same for you and, the next time you come across anything like those creatures, give you the edge you need to come out on top. And it's not that far from here. Now, are you ready to hear more?" She asks more calmly, trying to avoid raising her voice.


>"Well Satar? What of your plan?"


File: 1499828377359.webm (1.66 MB, 640x360, transition.webm)

missed my audio webm


>"…And we have TWO of them up there."

She quickly scribbles down this information, and once she finishes, she comments, "Well, that doesn't sound good."

>"…But, while I've been in here, I've been thinking about another way that might stop the dragons as well, if you'll hear me out."

>"Well Satar? What of your plan?"

"Don't delay any more. The sooner we save the princess, the better."


File: 1499829223833.jpg (37.46 KB, 504x355, selling-spongebob.jpg)

Alexis keeps listening to her sales pitch, before picking up her backpack off the ground and slinging it over her shoulder.

"Fuck this, I'm out of here. Thanks for the healing."

She turns tail, vanishes and keeps walking.


"I was never sure I could even do it at first… with the princess gone I just about gave up everything without her to lead the fight. But, with you all here, it makes me think it has a shot."

"First, I'm pretty sure even if they're demons, they're still OGRE demons. That means they should have their weakness to fire. There is a tribe of Fire Elementals to the south west raging in the forest who might help us out in a big way. That, or there's Alma Town to the south where I'm sure we could find some Fire Elemental Souls for you ponies."

"Second, when I went into the castle after getting away from the dragons, I got caught by the two demons, but before they could kill me some old looking goblin convinced them to let me go. He looked like some sort of shaman, he was the one who made that deal for me to get them supplies in exchange for leaving Seele alone. I overheard him mentioning doing something to Kachina's guards personally that didn't sound like Tainting them… and I also over heard he usually doesn't stay up there at the castle, but at the first place Tainted ever came to be on Kachina, Ogre Island just off the coast. I was thinking, with all those Tainted up on the mountain and running all over the island, their home must not be that well defended. Maybe we can catch the Shaman alone, and force him to tell us how to fix whatever he did."

As you suddenly vanish from thin air, you see Old Willow look surprised, hurriedly asking where you went and if you could return before you head your way out of her branches, pass Sawyer and a number of other animals in the village, and push your way towards the way out of there. You see to the west, the imposing figure of the mountain holding Kachina's castle, and occasionally a wide shadow passes in and out of the clouds.

Just out of the village you find a crossroads in a clearing, one path leading to the southwest around the base of the mountain. Another headed south towards a large, flowing river (with signs of another village running along it), and the last path running towards the east in the direction of a far off coast you can spot through the jungle thicket, along with a dark, black island a bit off the coast. There is a sign that says 'Sal Village' pointed to the south, along with one underneath it that says 'Alma Town' in the same direction.


"I say we beat up the shaman, demon's won't suspect the dragons to turn on them till they're up in flames."
>"And gets rid of local Tainted while we're at it. I vote 2."


After jotting down a quick note about the "home island" of the Tainted, she adds, "Dealing with the problem at the source, effective. I think that'll be a good way to do it."


"Stupid talking tree." she says, straightening her now dry hair and tying it back again.

She looks up at the castle, letting out an annoyed exhale.

"I should be doing college algebra not walking around a stupid alien planet dealing with stupid talking…."

She keeps muttering to herself, before taking flight into the air.

>Next stop, Ogre Island


Satar nods his head, "I think that's for the best. Even with this many powerful allies, after Kachina's capture I think we should be careful."

Fex pounds his fists together, "Careful? That's how you think an Elemental is supposed to do it, Satar?"

"You and I have never fought Demons, Fex. But we've heard the stories. I say if any time is good to be cautious, it's now…" He raises in his cage, "Fex knows the way, and can point it out to you on a map. I'm going to need to eat some metal before I'm up to doing anything. Maybe Fex can get started on that tunnel past the Tainted on the mountain while you investigate that island and the shaman, but I'm here to help in any way you see fit, sirs and miss. In either case, I think the lady is right: it might be a good idea to get a move on."

>May opt to have Fixer drive you guys towards this location at your ready when you're done in the village. Of note to both Pain Train and Aether Bright, Alexis has not been seen floating around in some time.

You take off into the air and make for the pitch-black island off the coast, flying over miles of jungle on your approach. Below, you see a few wasted villages, the damage looking worse with each one closer to the coast, and upon arriving at the sandy beach you see the dark, imposing island. A scary face with horns seems to be made into the rock-face itself on the island, looking out at you from across the short channel of ocean separating you and it, and several signs of movement can be seen the closer you arrive.

The island on inspection is infested with goblins running about the outside, ogres fighting over large dead animals, and others training their goblin hordes in the art of war-fare and fighting. However, you notice, there seems to be a significantly less number of them present here than you saw on the mountain trail leading up to Kachina's castle.


File: 1499832330009.jpg (32.97 KB, 320x320, oni island.jpg)

>Ogre Island


>"Safar ain't wrong. If you all live as long as you say you do, you have all the time in the world to do things right. It's the people with short lives who have to do things fast and stupid."

[load up car with metal elementals, make transformers, hire michael bay, head towards island]


File: 1499832805585.webm (2.59 MB, 800x450, bearandthebigbluehouse.webm)

keep forgetting my allotted webm


The ghost girl keeps flying over the island, still in a very sour mood over learning of the extreme odds facing her on the mountaintop. In her moody flying she eventually comes to the open sea, and continues on.

When she sees Ogre Island, she opts to continue towards it, before stepping down on the pitch black sands, her astral form failing to leave any footprints.

She walks out among the Ogres and Goblins, looking around the island invisibly.

>"What am I even doing here?" she wonders to herself.

>Still intangible/invisible.


"I'm, uh, not so keen on stupid, but yes, I think we should go as soon as possible. Which right now would be after Satar, ah, eats some metal."

She looks to Satar.

"How does that work?" she asks, before pestering him with a barrage of questions for the rest of the time. The air around her smells almost smokey from how much scratching her pen is making.

[going to island now now now]


>She looks to Satar…

[disregard this portion]


>"…Which right now would be after Satar, ah, eats some metal."

[disregard this portion as well]


File: 1499835654225.png (493.73 KB, 443x572, update8.png)

As you investigate the island shores, you hear many ogres and goblins conversing among themselves about crass things such as the latest capturees they had pulled in to be turned by 'the grand shaman', or speaking of the latest villages their comrades had plundered. You see there are indeed many, many Tainted around this island, but fairly spread out to the point you would never have to worry about fighting them all at once.

Heading up the coast, you find that, despite some rustic shacks outside of it, the majority of their homes are inside deep tunnels that lead into the ogre-faced rock-cliff itself, deeper than the hideout you ran across earlier today. Heading inside, it is a maze to navigate, and it is easy to get lost. You happen to run across a goblin, a bag along his back, walking around confused before he runs into a much larger ogre, who turns and growls at him.

The goblin with the bag states, "Aiee! Sorry, Sorry, Very sorry! But, I do not come to these caves often. I-I am told the shaman here is offering rewards for…" he leans into whisper something to the ogre you cannot hear, and the ogre growls.
>"Head down that way, take the next two lefts, then a right. You'll find him in his chambers."
The goblin hurriedly bows in thanks, and begins to trot towards that way.

Fex looks down, crossing his powerful arms. "I guess you have a point there. Hrrmm… well, there are a few preparations we could make. Wouldn't want to charge into a horde of Tainted and a pair of Demons with out all our stones in a line. I can work on getting things ready after the Shamans' been dealt with."

Satar coughs, "Right, I need something to eat after all this time punishing myself…" with a slight flex, Satar's arms sharpen into blades, but he quickly slumps back. "Too weak to even cut through these ropes… Fex, you can give me a hand here, right?"

Fex groans. "I'm half obliged to leave you starving for the shit you put me through… but I suppose that won't do the island any good. You're getting the cheap iron crap though, none of the copper."

At each other's haste, you both retreat back to Fixer's car parked outside of Seele, and with all due haste (and directions provided by a map from Fex detailing the location of Ogre Island off the coast of Kachina island, and over the course of around a 30-minute drive along the dirt roads of the Island you speed along under the twin moons and gas giant above in the sky. Several villages, caravans, and signs of destruction you pass by as you loop around the southern mountain base to make your way east, until after a bit you finally come upon the shores of the ocean, and the sight of the imposing pitch-black isle off the coast.

The island has an imposing face built into it, a grimace with two horns, and is across the water by a significant distance that makes swimming less viable, and Fixer's car is parked uselessly on the sands unable to traverse this last stretch separating you from your goal. However, fortuitously, you happen to see a row-boat beached in the sands near by, that appears to be mostly intact and a pair of rows still within it to you.
>marked by the red dot on the right side of the map is the cape you find yourself in


>"So uh, you guys that can make water appear, could we perhaps make this a magical motor boat instead of rowing?"
Pain goes to lift them out of the sand while Market talks


File: 1499836191868.webm (3.98 MB, 640x360, parappa.webm)


She gets out of the car and stares at the island.

"Well… that doesn't look friendly."

She then says, "Looks too far to just teleport to."

She notices the boat and says, "Oh, yeah, no problem. This should be easy enough."

Her horn lights up and lifts the boat and oars out of the sand and off of Pain's burden, puts the oars into the boat's oarlocks, and lightly places the package in the water. She walks over to the boat, and at the water's edge, she is reminded of something.

"Oh! I think I can, uh…"

She walks into the water, knees deep, then suddenly dunks her head in, looks around in the water, and whips her head out.

She spits a stream of water out, and exclaims, "Amazing! That should be very helpful."

>Glavo: none / Sildo: Lesser Canine / Ilo: Water



File: 1499837755905.jpg (13.5 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

The ghost continues walking along the beach, backpack on her back, mind still distracted with worry and annoyance.

As she looks around the island she has a weak urge to continue looking around further in, having come here almost by accident.

An urge she eventually gives in to, entering the cave not through the entrance, but by phasing through the walls and advancing onwards. She floats slowly, cautiously, before something seems to almost jump out at her as she phases halfway through a wall. She recoils in horror at the sudden appearance of the goblin and Ogre.

The ghost girl elects to follow the goblin to the shaman.


>…Her horn lights up and lifts the boat and oars out of the sand and off of Pain's burden, puts the oars into the boat's oarlocks, and lightly places the package in the water. She walks over to the boat, and at the water's edge, she is reminded of something…

[inserting something]

…Her horn lights up and lifts the boat and oars out of the sand and off of Pain's burden, puts the oars into the boat's oarlocks, and lightly places the package in the water.

"This should do."

She walks over to the boat, and at the water's edge, she is reminded of something….


Pain goes and lifts the row-boat out of the sand, but feels it swiftly leave his grip as Aether's magic takes hold of the boat and lifts it up to be set down on the water, gently floating along in the shallows of the cape as the mare walks up to it.

However, as she is reminded of her Water Soul, the mare re-adjusts her Water Soul successfully to the Ilo slot, gaining the utility function of Lotus' gift and gaining aquatic swimming abilities.

>Utility: Can breath underwater and use sonar [while underwater light levels do not affect you and enemies cannot become hidden].

In the water, you begin to 'hear' something vibrating just off the shallows close by, underneath the waves, with your new senses.

After you run into the goblin and ogre conversing in the caves, the goblin grabs at his bag and hurries his way through the caves at a pace you manage to easily keep up with. He follows the directions provided to the letter, through which tunnels you see many homes/dwellings/armories etched into the sides of the tunnels, before he comes out to a large chamber of a slightly larger size than the earlier hideout.

Around the circumfrance of this chamber is a squad of over a dozen goblins standing at attention or sharpening their blades. Along with them are a pair of ogres, the smaller variety fortunately, and with chains around their necks attached hard to the wall, you see a Stone Elemental and a large bear growling and pulling at their metal leashes, crazed and barking at the goblins just out of reach.

In the center of this room is a cauldron, more than four times the size of the small one you saw earlier, boiling despite no heat and turning the entire chamber green. Standing on top of its edge on the side of the pot, a long wooden pole moving in stirring, you see yet another goblin, though this one clearly far older than the others, with long, thick white side-burns and a thick mane of white hair ground around a bald crown, and a ceremonial garb filled with teeth and hides. The goblin you followed down here takes a gulp, and slowly approached the cauldron while the shaman gives no notice.


Her gleeful face disappears when she says, "Wait a second."

She sticks her head in the water again and looks around.

Underwater, she asks herself, "What that?" and tries to get closer to the source of the vibration, whether by walking or swimming, her curiosity getting the better of her.


File: 1499839706356.webm (1.05 MB, 601x396, goldolascape.webm)

"Should we wait to start going?"


Unfortunately, Pain's words don't appear to reach Aether's ears. She continues to meander in the water with her head underwater, determined to find out what she's sensing.


Alexis walks with the goblin, carrying her bag as she steps unseen through the Tainted's rotten fortress. She looks around nervously at their great numbers, like at any moment she would be rendered visible and torn asunder.

When she sees the numerous monsters in the cauldron's room, and the dark wretched shaman himself, she reacts much as the goblin does, with barely hidden fear. Her boots click on the stone floor, audible only in the astral realm as she slowly approaches the shaman with him.


Aether decides to stick her head further into the water to get a better sense of what her newfound sonar abilities are showing her from beneath the waves. And as she does so, her vision completely clear underneath the water as she swims, she finds what it is: a large-sized Shark, eyes glowing green with the sign of Taint taking hold, is steadily swimming towards the mare in the water. As she ducks her head down to see up close, the Doomed shark begins to surge forward, maws opening wide to clamp down on the mare with its upper and lower jaws through the water

[1d10+1]/[1d10+1] Biting
>From above the sea-level, Pain and Triple M and see a ripple forming from underneath the waves racing towards Aether but no sign of what it is yet

"Ahem…? Your shaman-ship, Master Grak?" the goblin asks gently as the shaman stirs his cauldron, only briefly grabbing the Shaman's attention before the Doomed bear chained to the cave roars at it, causing the goblin to fall back in fear before the Shaman gives him his full attention.

"Hmm?" The shaman says, not stopping with his stirring. "Speak up, I don't have all day." He speaks with a more eloquent tongue than most of his kind do, and the goblin you followed adjusts himself.

"Ah… uh, hello! It is an honor to meet you at last, sir. I hail from the caves on the main island. Sort of on my own from the rest of the horde, you see-"
"Get on with it." The shaman snaps.
"Right. I uh, heard from my brethren spreading rumors that you were offering rewards for Souls and artifacts?"
This seems to draw the Shaman's attention, and he smiles a sickly grin. "Indeed I am. You have tribute?"
"Yes sir!" The goblin smiles, grabbing at his back and jostling it, lots of clanking coming from within. "Lots of treasures pilfered from villages closest to the castle! Now, what kind of rewards we talking?"
"That depends on what you have to offer."

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5


"Ah! Nope! Nope!" she yells underwater once she discovers what she's been looking for. She whips her head out of the water again, this time not so gracefully, and with a yelp she scrambles on her hooves to try to make like a tree and not get bitten by the shark.

[1d10] Dodgey dodge hold the podge

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1499841967210.webm (2.22 MB, 406x720, giraffic park.webm)

"What's up Aether? Fish?"


With eyes wide open and adrenaline pumping, she shouts, "Shark! Shark!"


Alexis appears and takes the bag.

>Equipping Souls

>Glavo: Goblin
>Sildo: Feline
>Ilo: Goblin

[1d10] DC 4

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Cast the Nets, Market, I'm going fishing!"
>Squared Circle: Market makes sure the opponent knows where the fight is, and when it's going down. Enemies can't flee from a set area and only one opponent maximum can attack Pain Train per round.

Pain dives into the water, heading for the nearest shark to punch square in the nose, breaking the cartilage.
>"It's Summer Slammer all over again!"

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


As the Shark lashes out at you from the water, you swiftly bring yourself up above out of it and practically run along the water to avoid its gaping maw. Amazingly, you succeed, and the teeth chomp down on nothing but empty air as they miss you entirely

Seeing the huge shark miss Aether with its gaping jaws, you race into the water and with your powerful hoof bash it square in the nose, causing it to reel back in pain and try to swim away for a moment to distance itself for another charge
>All moves crit on 8+ for the round

The shark pulls back and tries for another bite this time on Pain as it leaps out of the water to bite at his upper-body

As the Goblin grabs at his bag, he smiles widely, "Well then prepare to be amazed, Master Grak! I assure you, what I have to offer you are rare, one of a kind Souls and items the likes of which Kachina only sees once in a hundred lifetimes. Many goods from beyond our shores and-"

As you appear from nowhere, The Goblin keeps his grin as he feels his bag taken right from his arms, only able to turn and look at you with that same stupid grin on his face as his fortune leaves him in an instant. Meanwhile, the Shaman takes note of your appearance, and retracts his long wooden pole from the goop to swing at you
>Earthen Strike

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #3 10 + 1 = 11


File: 1499843824088.jpg (901.82 KB, 896x504, Shamansfacewhen.jpg)

The ghost girl is slammed hard in the side, rolling across the floor, holding the bag tightly before vanishing again mid-roll.

She sits on the ground holding the stolen treasure between her legs as the goblins are left once again by themselves.


Now on shore, she tries to catch her breath. She looks back and sees Pain Train getting physical with the shark.

"Agh! What are you doing?" she shouts at him.

Whatever he's doing, he's gonna need some protection. Her horn glows as she points it at him, and she sends his way a spell that should keep him from getting his head bitten off.

[1d10+2] Inure from piercing damage

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Oh no you don't!"
Pain catches the shark midair, bending it's flexible vertebrate over his back.

>Fists of Fury: Great Weapon

[1d10] Crit on 7

Roll #1 8 = 8


File: 1499844025613.jpg (47.46 KB, 900x506, bock_shark_promo_USE.jpg)


The wooden pole slams into you with impressive force, sending you sliding across the floor with an eerie green glow but you successfully manage to escape from the Shaman as you phase back into the astral with your goods
>0/4, may get up automatically

As you vanish, the smiling goblin turns and looks around, before his smile slowly fades away in realization. "Ah… ah… aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! WHat the… what?! I… my stuff! What?!"

The Shaman's eyes open wide and he turns around, "That couldn't have been… it's just not possible. Damn it all, where did it go?!" He growls and looks around, then shouts to the goblins in the room. "ALL OF YOU! Fan out, tell the guards to look for an intruder!" He turns around, looking in every direction as he sniffs the air. "Did you turn invisible… no, I smell nothing…" he turns to the goblin, growling. "You couldn't have held on to your bag?! Idiot!"

"W-wait! I-I kept the REALLY good shit on me personally!" He reaches into his vest, panicking as he pulls out a button used for a shirt. "Oooooh, see this? This is rare. This is a magical button that… magically makes anything you sew it on too look to be in perfect style! A-and makes you live forever!"

The Shaman glares, clearly not amused.

The shark opens its maw wide, and is about to slam down shut on top of Pain Train before a magical barrier from Aether surrounds the donkey, the Shark's teeth slamming down on only impenetrable barrier that cracks its teeth slightly when it tries to bite through.

Pain successfully catches the creature in-mid air as it leaps for him, and brings it down to crack its vertebrate in two over his back. Pain hears a satisfying *CRACK* from the Shark's spine as it seizes up, wallowing in pain before it tries thrashing about to pull free of your grip
[1d10] Get up from helpless

Roll #1 5 = 5


"My patience is running fin, shark. Time to end this!"

Pain says, cracking the shark over a bent knee
[1d10] crit DC9

Roll #1 3 = 3


She watches the fight unfold and cringes when she hears a crack from the shark.

"Eiee, that's a sound I don't like to hear…"


Alexis sits on the ground with her stolen bag, backing up closer to the wall out of the way with it, breathing heavily from the excitement.

She keeps listening to the shaman as he goes on, but turns towards her bag, digging through it.

>"Lets see, marbles, garbage….Souls!" she says, picking them out and setting them on top of her backpack. She pulls out a green necklace on a golden chain, dangling it.

>"Whats this?" she thinks to herself.


File: 1499847330993.jpg (506.88 KB, 970x970, verdantcharm.jpg)

The Shark gives yet another satisfying crack as you bend it over your knee, but despite the intense pain it must be feeling it continues to put up a fight and thrashes to pull itself free and get back into the water. As it does so, you hear a few things pinging off the sides of its innards.

You put the Souls down on top of your backpack, and as you touch them you recognize the light sage, white, and orange-red colored orbs are

>Fire Elemental:

>-Offense: Can apply Fire to your Attacks
>-Defense: Fire Shield; passive: Fire damage is halved.
>-Utility: Flame Shield: passive; you are immune to natural fires [this extends to lava]. This does not >shield against Fire damage caused by an attack.


>-Offense: Distraction; recharge 1: Enemy's actions next turn suffer -2.
>-Defense: Prince with a Thousand Enemies; passive: If an enemy critfails an attack roll against you, you >may immediately become Stealthed.
>-Utility: Rabbit Form; passive: You take the form of a Rabbit, your equipment either vanishing or >shifting to match your new form. Gain Adorable.


>-Offense: Entangle; recharge 2: Target enemy cannot act next turn. This attack does not deal damage.
>-Defense: An attack used on you has its recharge increased by 1 [assuming the recharge was at least 1 >already]
>-Utility: Miracle Grow

However, as you hold up the green-necklace on the chain to inspect it more closely, you hear the shouting from the Goblin peddler increase. "A-and this handkerchief! Woven by the finest Spiders from the lands of shadow, it's imbue-acacckh acaaakh!" The Goblin starts to choke as the Goblin points his staff at his throat, pressing up into it and pushing down to the floor as the pole threatens to cut off his circulation.

"Anything you had to offer me is clearly been pilfered. I have no use for a meager Soul as yours, but if you do not vacate yourself from my chambers, and my island, in the next minute I will gladly take it. Every bit helps." He says as he removes his pole from the peddler's throat, and the goblin swifty runs away from the chamber for his life, as the Shaman looks around sniffing the air. "Grrrrm… only saw it for a moment, but I'm sure what I saw." He turns to walk out of this chamber, headed for the halls.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Alexis races to her hooves as she sees the Shaman move to leave, dropping the jewel over her neck and absorbing the souls before tossing her backpack over one shoulder and moving to follow the Shaman out.

She moves a little too close to him and the Ogre for comfort and backs away, before following him on foot at a slight distance.


"Hmm, maybe I'm going about this the wrong way. Time to show this son of a beach some sand!"

Pain takes the shark on one shoulder and starts wading back to the surface, intent on killing the shark via lack of oxygenated water.

[1d10+2]Carry Fish(er)

"Really, I'm doing you a favor. You'll feel an extreme urge to take a breath you can't take, but atleast it's not me breaking you until you die from internal bleeding. Lesser of two evils."

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


By this time Aether's parasympathetic nervous system has kicked in, and she's now a mostly calm bystander to the ordeal taking place.

"Uhh…" she utters, head tilted to the side, as she watches the donkey try to lift the shark out of the water.


Aether then decides to "help out" and simply lift the shark out the the water and out of Pain Train's hooves, her expression halfway between disgusted and bewildered.

[1d10+3] Telekenesis

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


You hoist the Shark over one shoulder and start to drag it back onto the shore, but in a last ditch effort it summons the will to fight back as its tail-fin slips and slaps you right into the side of the muzzle with great force, sending you down to your side

As it makes its way back to open water, You successfully manage to grab hold of it before it manages to escape your grasp, and assist Pain Train in dragging it back up the rest of the way onto the sandy shore where it lays still, trying to wiggle its way back to the ocean before, between the lack of oxygen and its broken bones, it eventually lays still, and a small wisp of gray-white smoke pours out of its mouth and coalesces into a Soul. After wards, a slide churning occurs in its gut, and you see two more Souls of the same color fall out of its jaws and land into the sand, making 3 total


>-Offense: Splash: Spell; deals standard damage to single target. On a crit instead casts Tsunami, rendering all enemies Helpless.
>-Defense: Summon School; recharge 2: Summon a school of fish to distract your foe, giving him -2 rolls to attack you.
>-Utility: Fish Form; passive: You take the form of a Fish, your equipment either vanishing or shifting to match your new form. You can breath underwater and talk to nonsentient fish.

You place the necklace around your neck and follow the Shaman, and a single Ogre accompanying him, out of the cauldron chamber as he winds his way through a tunnel, grumbling to himself all the while in contemplation. Eventually, he comes across a small cave that he turns into. Within it appears to be some kind of personal study / lab, with a large alchemy set on one side of the room, a miniature cauldron on the far-side, and a writing desk at the other.

There, he sits down at a desk, and puts down his wooden staff. He grabs at a quill in his hands, and begins to stick it into a ink-vial and write something on the pages. The ogre stands at attention just outside his door as a guard as he continues to write out a letter. "The cat had better have an explanation for this…" he mumbles.


Her expression becomes more disgusted than bewildered as she stares at the dying shark. Once the threat is neutralized, she says, "Ah, well, that was unpleasant."

She inches over to the dead shark, eyeing its souls. With more caution that necessary, she slowly reaches for one and quickly retracts her hoof once she absorbs it.

She then looks to Pain Train to say, "Come on, let's get a move on. Sooner the better," and she proceeds to hop in the boat.


File: 1499850711019.jpg (49.63 KB, 564x564, 892d2bb581fdae1215b0444a56….jpg)

Alexis follows the goblin into his study, taking a seat on the other side of his desk. She sets her bag on one side of her chair, and takes the time to hide her new necklace under her white T-shirt.

>"I still have no idea what I'm doing. This is so stupid." she thinks to herself, before appearing out of thin air and quickly beginning to speak before the Goblin can panic.

"Uh. Hi. Sorry about stealing your Souls. Probably not the best first impression. My name's Alexis. I'm a ghost. I mean, you can probably see that. I'm kind of see-through. And you're not an idiot, I mean how could you be given you know magic. I'm getting mixed up, this was such a stupid idea."

"Please don't kill me. I only turned visible to talk."


File: 1499850877143.webm (372.59 KB, 480x480, internal external.webm)


Pain wipes the sand from his shorts, standing up as the shark is lifted off of him.

"Thanks Aether, now I've only got to deal with sea salt getting over everything."

One of the souls flies into Pain as he absorbs it.
>Offense: Splash: Spell; deals standard damage to single target. On a crit instead casts Tsunami, rendering all enemies Helpless.
Pain groans, grabbing his neck in pain (hah). He checks himself over, but sees no changes,
"Huh, no physical change with this one."
He checks his teeth and turns to Aether, rubbing the back of his neck as he accidently reveals a set of gills, albeit unbeknownst to him.

"Alrighty, can you magic the boat forward? Don't really feel like rowing after that."


In response to Pain's gratitude, she says "You're welcome."

The oars of the boat suddenly come to life as Aether works her magic once again.

"No problem at all."


As you suddenly appear from thin-air, the Shaman cannot help but be caught off guard. "ACH!" He shouts as he suddenly flies backwards in his chair, ending up on his back, "What on Tetra?!" He turns and looks at you, peering in disbelief as he slowly rises up.

The Ogre guard is less amused, and he reaches for his sabre to rise up high above his head, "Pony scum! Here on Ogre Island!?"

"Hold your blade! That's an order…" the Shaman demands, and the ogre quickly complies, visibly sweating as he backs off from you and the Shaman pulls himself up to his chair. "…you're awfully polite for a thief. But, I suppose I can accept the apology…" He leans forward, "I can well see you are a ghost. But I have seen ghosts before. I notice you are also a pony. That draws more of my attention…." He rubs his chin, "…Alexis, was it? Haven't heard of that one before. I am Master Grak, High Shaman of the Tainted on this island. Indulge my curiosity: what exactly are you doing here?"

Aether takes in the Soul from the Doomed Shark, successfully adding to her reservoir. When you put your hoof close to the Shark's mouth, you swear you see it close a little bit, but surely that is impossible given it has coughed up its Soul…

After rubbing out the pains of combat from the tail whip-lash, Pain also takes in his Soul from the Shark's corpse, changing his appearance subtly as Aether successfully animates the rowing oars of the boat with her magic as you both move into the boat. Aether's Sonar from her Water Ilo picks up no more movement from just off the shore of the cape, and with the magic moving at full speed, you two begin to motor on towards the black island ahead…
>Exact detail of propulsion to be determined start of next game



File: 1499852675636.webm (2.25 MB, 720x1280, jewbird.webm)


File: 1502170915797.webm (3.99 MB, 360x199, Adventure Call.webm)



Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


>>30683269 (Fixer)
Satar closes his eyes, a happy appearance on his face as he responds, "I appreciate that, but don't worry about me. If the Princess and the Island are saved I would gladly put down my life, so just focus on yourselves."

As Fixer points out the hall, Satar and Fex both sigh, "Aye," Fex says, "What a mess…. this place used to be the envy of all the villages, now it's a damned wreck."

>>30683257 (Aether)

>>30683269 (Fixer)
>>30683363 (Aether)
Satar nods, looking warily at the demon pair, "Do you have any Anima that'd let you make spikes? Or something to help you dig and make holes for them to fall into? Then we could catch them by surpr-"

>>30683360 (Aether)

>>30683363 (Fixer)
As Pain Train goes strolling out, Satar's eyes open wide, looking between him and you two. "He… I guess he thinks he has this…?"

>>30683350 (Pain Train)

As Pain Train goes strolling out into the carpet, and MMM begins blaring into the microphone, the two ogres are immediately alerted, standing up and grabbing at their weapons. "What's that?!" Gold Horns shouts in a deep voice, looking around until he notices Pain Train coming up.

The two Demons are silent as MMM gives his introduction, staring questioningly at the Donkey and unicorn, but the silver one sparks a grin as he finishes. "Is… he challenging us to a FIGHT, brother?" Silver asks.
"I think he is. That's pretty damn stupid of him, ain't it sister?"
"Hehehehehe. Well, I'll be damned though. It's ANOTHER ugly pony! Two of them! Where in the Taint are they crawling out from…" Silver asks, glaring between the two. "Hrmm… neither of them are that bitch from this morning…"

>>30683364 (Alexis)

As Alexis strolls out, Gold Horns' eyes open wide, gripping on his claymore as he takes a step forwards. "THERE SHE IS! I told you Silver!" He points at you, "I knew you'd come back here! Hey!" He throws up his newly regrown arm, patting it, "I owe you for THIS! We're gonna see how you like getting your limbs chopped of, ghosty!"
Silver Horns growls, reaching forward to catch her brother by the shoulder. "So it is… looks like we finally have another real fight on our hands. Wanna tear her apart limb from limb first and see if Souls come out?"
Gold Horns bares his teeth, eyes bearing on Alexis. "You know it."
"Then let's go!"

The two twelve-foot tall demons start stomping their feet on the ground, the hall starting to shake lightly from their tremendous stomps. Gold Horns crosses his arms, kneeling down, "Who will impale you upon his mighty sword…" he throws his arms up, "GOLD HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORNS!"

Silver like-wise crosses her arms, "Who will make you go splat on her unyielding shield….." she throws hers up, "SILVER HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORNS!"

"We'll grind you up and spit you out! Ponies!!!" They both shout in unison before leaping from the throne, Silver closely sticking to Gold Horns as the golden foe swings his sword down at Alexis, and Silver slams her mace down on top of Pain
>Silver: [1d10+1] Suppress
>Gold: [1d10+2] Suppress

You fire off a sphere of magic to protect Pain Train from harm, but as you do so the Demons, in the middle of their charge, kick few pieces of broken marble out of the way right towards you, breaking over the pillar you hide behind and hitting you in the head and sending you to the ground mid-spell. The spell fails to cast

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3


Just testing

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 7 = 7 / Roll #3 6 = 6 / Roll #4 6 = 6 / Roll #5 10 = 10


Name fix


>"This is it." Alexis thinks flinching, before rolling out the way of Gold's sword. She takes a few steps forward and cuts at his knee with her katana.


Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 1 = 1


"ooAAH!" is all Aether's able to say before being struck right in the head by a piece of marble. It knocks her over onto her back, and it looks like some stars and birds circle above her head as she groans, less of a disapproving groan and more of a pain stricken one.

She shakes her head and tries to get back up.



Roll #1 10 = 10


"Well, I'll be staying here," he says, "For now at least."

Homing Magic

Roll #1 8 = 8


File: 1502172593031.webm (2.84 MB, 900x506, asscat.webm)

Pain runs towards the demons intent on meeting them half way. "And who's going to stop you? Pain Train!"

Pain slides underneath Silver, slamming hooves into her feet as he goes by.

>Disgruntled: Silver

Shatter (breaking bones) [1d10+1] DC-1 (single), +2 Damage (ogre knight)

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


You successfully manage to pull yourself up from the ground, shaking the stars and birds from your vision as Satar tries to help steady you from behind the pillar (5/4). "Oooof! Are you alright?"

You successfully summon 3 floating spheres of magic over-head ready to be cast

Your sword cuts cleanly at Gold's knee, but Silver's shield swiftly comes down to protect her brother from the attack. "Nuh uh! Not that easy this time…" she shouts as she kneels down to parry the blow

>Silver: Vanguard, the two critfails of the Siblings are negated

>Silver: Protect on Gold
Your sword slides up along the shield towards Silver's arm, the ogre barely moving out of the way as you slice some of her shoulder off, causing her to roar in pain
>Sildo: Fire damage is halved
>Silver: 8/6

Gold, safe from your attack to he knee, swings down his sword at you to cut deeply along your side, "I underestimated you before! Not again!"
>Alexis: 2/6

Gold Horns, meanwhile, picks up his large sword, and swings it around violently to mark both Alexis and Pain Train with one large swing
[1d10+1] Cleave 2, Alexis + Pain Train

You slide underneath Silver amid their charge, but as you attempt to slam your hooves into her feet she nimbly jumps up in the nick of time, swinging her mace down on you at an angle to send you sliding away from her, "HAH! Oldest trick in the book, puny!" The mace hits hard and fast, hearing a crack already
>Pain Train: 0/4

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


>Protect is Automatic INSTANT
After she slams her mace into Pain Train, her mace begins to vibrate and shake violently, but she keeps a steady grip on it.
[1d10+2] Retaliate

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


>"Oooof! Are you alright?"

"Woo… not as alright as I wish I was at the moment, but I'll, uh, manage," she says. She blinks and her eyes spin derpily for a moment before she blinks again, now ready to cast another spell.

She spies the swinging (and intimidating) sword and gives an "Eek!" She then casts a spell again on Pain Train.

[1d10+2] Inure to metal I guess lol rip

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


File: 1502173848850.webm (1.52 MB, 900x720, batjoke.webm)

Pain falls flat. However, as sword starts swinging, Pain grabs onto it, using it's momentum to cannonball into Silver.

Tumble [1d10+1] DC-1 Damage+2

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Fixer fires his magic orbs at Silver.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 6 = 6


File: 1502174029242.png (998.58 KB, 1600x1200, hadou_no_33__sokatsui_by_k….png)

Alexis is hit hard by the sword in her side, sending her flying into one of the remaining pillars as it cuts a wide gash into her side. She reaches down to feel it with her hoof, finding a gaping slide through her right side almost to her navel, which the robe covers.

>"I don't know what this stuff is, but I'm so glad its hard to break." she thinks to herself, before trying Plan B.

"Glavo: Sokatsui!"


Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Satar nods his head as you manage to stand, keeping his eye out over the pillar investigating the battle, "Alright. Looks like it's pretty even out there so far…"

You fire a spell on Pain Train, and the sphere this time forms successfully around his body.
>Inured from Slashing for 5 turns

The sword comes down on top of you, but Aether's barrier protects you from harm as it fails to pass through the shield. You grab it successfully, but the barrier forces you to let go early and you miss your mark on Silver, rolling closer to her but not hitting her
>0/4 still

Silver notices the barrier protecting you, "Huh… what's that?"


You fire out the orbs from behind cover at Silver, she's caught off guard as she stares at Pain, the orbs all impacting on her with explosive force as she cries out in pain
>Silver: 2/6

She turns towards the pillars as the spheres impact her, knocking one back to explode nearby
>Fixer: 2/5
"More of them!? You have GOT to be kidding me!"

You fire off a fire-burst, and Silver jumps to intercept it with her shield, the flames bursting and covering her shield-arm in flames, scorching her, "GAAAAH!"
>Silver: 2/5
>Alexis: 0/4

As you burst her with fire, Gold swings up his sword after his attack failed on Pain, running towards you, "You can shoot fire now?! Didn't have that little trick earlier..!"
Silver catches his attention, "Brother! We got two more over here!"
"I'll take care of THEM soon as I get pay-back for my damned arm!" He shouts as pulls back his sword his sword, and brings it down for another swing
>All or Nothing
Silver curses, instead racing over to swing her mace down on top of the newly discovered Fixer Heater, "Fine! More for me then!"

>Previous results: [3+2=5] for Gold, [10+1=11] for Silver


[1d10] Huge for next time

Roll #1 6 = 6


File: 1510544593562.jpg (78.08 KB, 862x502, forestclearingforweb_small.jpg)

It is in the dead of night, the bluish-purplish glow of the gas planet above shining down on the red-tinted Rosemary Woods. It has been a few hours since the party had gone to sleep, accepting the accommodations provided by the Lorde overseeing and running the Tournament. Many other Numeri have taken him up on his offer and have gone to sleep in his estate, though those who need not for sleep can still be heard going about their business in the main hall.

Alexis, among those who do not sleep, has decided to take herself away from the Villa and into the dark of the woods in order to train her Anima in private so she betters her odds of winning the Lorde's wish.

Alexis finds herself in a clearing, a large hole in the canopy of the trees letting the 'moon'light shine down onto it. There are many flowers scattered about the grass, and a few fallen trees gathered off to one side. A small stream passes over to the side, the occasional sounds of frogs croaking the only sounds she can hear in her secluded training circle.


The ghost girl stands in the clearing in the black robe granted to her by her Sildoastra, clutching her sword in her right hoof. It has been just over two hours now, and debris and shattered wood surrounds her as she tries to get her accuracy down for these strange pseudo-magical abilities. She presses her hooves together, extending a long iron-looking quarterstaff between them.

"Glavo: Hyapporankan!" she shouts, throwing it at an undestroyed section of trees. Mid-flight, it transforms into numerous such iron bars.


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


You toss the single quarterstaff towards the trees, but as they split off, your aim proves to need more work as the split-bars veer off into various directions, impacting into the floor and into the brook, causing a large series of splashes, but only one or two among them manage to hit any trees. Minimal damage is done around you.

The frogs have stopped croaking, evidently scared off by this latest display. You feel a small tremor in the earth replacing their chorus, a small but noticeable rumble.


"Ugh! Come on!" she throws down her sword, which lands in the dirt blade-first, standing up on its own.

"Hooves together, like you're praying." she says outloud to herself, making the motion.

"Glavo" she says, pausing, pulling her right arm back like its holding a javelin.

"Hy-app-o Ran-Kan" she says pronouncing every syllable one by one. She moves her arm like its throwing the imaginary 'javelin' she's holding.

>"All together." she thinks to herself.

"Glavo: Hyapporankan!"


Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


File: 1510546452365.jpg (1.53 MB, 2480x3507, Giant.Soldier.Of.Stone.ful….jpg)

On the second attempt, you toss out the iron javelin, and this time when it splits off, the flying spears hit far more of their marks. Several trees explode into shrapnel of pine and splinters as many of your poles hit them dead on, and leave another good section of the clearing devoid of standing trees.

As you practice, the rumble you felt before intensifies, and begins growing in frequency. You see the stream you practice besides splash and ripple as the tremors, now sounding like giant hoof-steps as they make their way into your clearing.

Just barely standing beneath the top of the trees is the shadow of a giant monolith. It is hard to make out its features cleanly in the dark, particularly any on his face but it does not take much to recognize the giant stone elemental you noticed at the entrance to the Lorde's estate. "You're making quite a racket you know… some competitors are trying to sleep." He shouts in a low, gravelly voice as he stands at the edge of the clearing, making his presence known but no longer coming in.


The ghost looks on with approval at another successful hit, slowly but surely getting a handle on these stupid things. She freezes as the enormous creature stomps its way towards the clearing, looking up at his silhouette in the low-light.

"Uh. Sorry?" she says, still frozen where she stood at his sudden appearance.


The enormous stone elemental lets out a grunt, shaking his head. "Forget it. Just wanted to come over and see what was making all the noise." He looks over at the recent mess of destroyed trees, stepping through the clearing closer to you to get a better look. As he steps out into the moonlight, you see his face is covered by a stone plate that hides everything but the top ridge of his nose and his eyes, which seem to be made of blue gems. "You did that?" He says, pointing a somewhat stubby stone finger towards the collapsed trees.


She remains still, only speaking when he addresses her directly.

"Will you step on me if I say yes?" she says timidly.


File: 1510547668403.png (2.33 MB, 1482x1355, Stone Elemental Comparison….png)

>Posted for scale.


He turns towards you as you ask that, gem-eyes beaming in the reflection. "What? No, why would I…" he pauses part way, grumbling underneath. "Forget it. The answer is obvious, anyways." He says reaching for one of the fallen trees, picking up the broken off body in the palm. "Answer me this instead: what are you doing out here blasting trees to bits this late at night?"


"I'm practicing Anima." she says, taking a step backwards, floating into the air a little [but still nowhere near his eye level].

"Why are you in the estate with the others?"




"Too big for any of the Lordes' chambers. He offered his grand hall but I prefer to be out here. It's secluded, it's quiet… WAS quiet."

He tosses the tree off to the side, "You're practicing your Anima? I see…" he looks down at you. "Then, was it true? What the red pony was saying? Only one of you ponies are a fighter?"


She looks nervous as he tells her it 'was' quiet.

"No, its not true. None of us are fighters. I mean, I guess I am now. I didn't join the Tournament to be a spectator."


He takes another look towards the array of destroyed foliage. "So I see. No one who isn't a fighter could do this." He pauses, taking one more look back at you, then to the trees, before turning around to turn his whole body towards you.

"Well then. How about you try something a little hardier than twigs and leaves. I'd like to see just how true or false that statement is."


She floats backwards, looking shocked.

"What!? I can't fight you you're enormous! It wouldn't even be a fight it'd just be you stepping on me!"


The stone elemental looks at you with his piercing gaze. "Ooooh? I take that to mean you've never fought an opponent as large as me?"

He leans over you, pointing a finger, "And what difference does that make? What do you intend to do if you were to come across me in the finals? Surrender?"


"No, but-"


"Then what should it matter if I'm bigger than you if you'll eventually need to fight me, or someone who's defeated me, anyway? I'm not going to shrink any time before the competition starts, pony." He says, his voice getting a little sharper.

"If you don't have the courage to face me now, you might as well drop any hope for the tournament. Because there are fighters here who aren't afraid to take me for my size."


Alexis pauses, staring up at the living mountain before her.

>"This is ridiculous! I can't fight this thing." she thinks to herself.

>"But….that's what I thought about those Demons too…"
>"I had HELP then." she thinks, continuing her inner monologue.
>"The options are fight, or stay dead. The rules say you have to accept a challenge."

She breathes heavily as she takes a step closer to the behemoth, and draws her sword up out of the ground.

"I ante the Verdant Charm, my Astra." she says sounding like she's on the verge of an anxiety attack by the way of how she's breathing.


As you draw up your sword and ante up your Soul, you see the stone soldier hold up his palm, open, as a (comparatively) tiny sphere appears in its center.

"That's more like it. I ante up my Warblade Class Soul in turn." The sphere disappears back into his palm, and he reaches up for his back, picking out two short swords made entirely from stone out of their sheathes, brandishing them against you. "Brace yourself-!"

He swings up his swords into the air, swinging them down with a crash
>Earthen Strike
[1d10+1] Crits on 8+
>Living Steel: passive; Lowers critfail range by 2 for all skills and attacks with a minimum of 1.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 1 = 1


File: 1510551685527.jpg (25.02 KB, 631x474, Meta_Knight_Sword_Beam.jpg)

>"Oh. My-" Alexis eyes go wide as the swords come crashing down, missing her by far. Nonetheless the sheer shockwave knocks her backwards, stumbling to regain her footing as she slides to a stop on her heels.

>"WhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdo" she thinks to herself as she see him towering over her.

"Glavo: Haien!" she says, swinging her sword with a backhand, causing a purple beam-slash to fly up and collide with the Giant's chest.

>Like this but smaller and purple
>Dual Ethereal

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4 = 4


You avoid twins swords bearing down on you, leaving a large impact crater where they crashed initially, but are hit by the shockwave they create. You swing you sword and a beam-slash goes barreling for the stone elementals chest. However, with surprising quickness, he brings his swords up to an X to criss cross his chest, blocking the slash in time. "Not enough-!" He says as he swings the sword against you in a counterattack, hitting you with the flat of his blade and sending you flying back (0/5)

He comes barreling at you, looking to body slam you with his sheer size on his next attack.
Roll #1 7 = 7 Great weapon, crits on 9+


Alexis doesn't even have time to react as she's sent flying through a nearby tree, skidding backwards over the dirt as she rolls.

Her eyes go wide as she sees the enormous creature barreling towards her.

[1d10] Huge
>Posting again please wait

Roll #1 3 = 3


The ghost girl pushes herself up out of the dirt and off her stomach as he barrels at her.

>"Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap-" she thinks to herself, eyes scanning her environment.

She swings her sword at the nearest tree, the thin black plan falling over the giant's path, hopefully tripping him.

>Road of the Spirited

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 3 = 3


You slice at the tree, cutting it down and blocking the giants' path, but it is ultimately to no avail: he careens right through it like a freight train, smashing it to splinters on his way to you. It is only with brief moments to spare you can get out of the way of being ran over by him, though the shockwaves and gravel he kicks up still collides with you and doing damage as he screeches to a stop in the woods.

He swings up his swords again, preparing to bring them down on top of you again like before, "Haaah!" He shouts as they crash down.
[1d10+1] Earthen Strike, Crits on 8+
[1d10] Fortify

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Alexis barely manages to dodge the giant at the last moment, leaping out of the way before the shockwave sends her flying, slamming into the branches of a tree.

>"Ow, ouch shit fuck!" she thinks to herself out of habit, despite not feeling any pain as she rolls to a stop.

[1d10] Recovery
>Clarifying she is IN a tree right now, so he's attacking her near eye level.

Roll #1 1 = 1


The shockwave sends you flying and slamming into the trees branches, rolling down to a stop after the powerful blow connects. You hear a few more stomps as he walks along the ground towards your position hidden in the tree tops.

He raises his swords again, turning them so that only the flat side connects. "I suppose we have our answer… you aren't a fighter." He raises them up, holding them up at a side in preparation to swing them back at you to knock you out of the trees. "Let's get this over with."


The ghost looks on in horror at the enormous foe before her, readying to finish her off.

>"I…..I'm going to lose."

>"I didn't even scratch it." she thinks to herself, tears running down her face as he holds his sword overhead.
>"Why is this so hard?" she thinks to herself, vanishing into the astral.


As you contemplate your seeming defeat, the two swords never fall, and the stone elemental looks on confused at your position in the astral, where in the physical plane he now sees nothing.

"What…?" He says aloud, looking around as he scans the nearby area. "Where did she go?" He swings his sword at a nearby tree, causing it to collapse over as he looks around the area.

"Are you just going to hide? There is more shame in cowardice than defeat, pony!" He says, pacing around the clearing looking for you.


Her robe vanishes, replaced by her typical attire as the Verdant Charm dangles from her neck, tears still streaming down her face.

>"Damn it! Damn it damn it damn iiiiiit! Its not fair!"

She thinks, burying her face in the tree branch. Her Troll's Sildo activates. Though her spirit shows no signs of wear in this dimension, the energy replenishes her as her Vimana begins to rise…


As the Troll Sildo continues to recover Alexis' astral body, the stone soldier paces around the clearing, angrily looking around as he pushes aside another couple of trees. "Damn it!"

He looks up and shouts to the air, "This isn't going to end until one of us loses our ante, pony! Either fight me or surrender. There is no other options for you." He says with increasing agitation. "I'm waiting…!"


File: 1510556477022.png (247.21 KB, 540x350, 36Ichigo_powers_up.png)

>"Its not fair…." her sadness begins to twist into anger as she grits her teeth, slowly rising her head off of the branch.

>"Grrrrrrr." she begins breathing very heavily, shaking in anger.

"No." she says simply.
"Sildo: Shihakusho."

>Glavo: Ogre Knight [recovered from Pain]

>Sildo: Verdant Charm
>Ilo: Ogre

Standing on the branch, eyes focused into a death-glare, stands Alexis. Her faint blue aura has turned white, and burns so intensely it seems to rise off her silhouette. She points her sword at the Stone Giant.


The stone giant turns around to see his opponent, his gem eyes reflecting the light of the moon as he re-brandishes his swords, preparing for another attack. "There you are. Got tired of hiding?"

He pushes his leg forward, leaping into a charge as he crosses his sabres, charging at Alexis on the branch "As I said… let's get this over with-!"

[1d10+1] Earthen Strike on Alexis
[1d10] Fortify

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1


She swings her katana at his short swords, shattering the tips off of both, not moving from her position.

>Ogre for the required strength

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4 = 4


You swing your sword and clashes against the stone elemental's two swords, causing an intense struggle break between the two of you as your attacks parry each others, both defending against the other but leaving each combatant strained
>Alexis: 1/6

"Urg… much better-!" He comments, taking up his blades into the air and swinging them down again in a criss-cross motion
[1d10] Great weapon, 9+ crits

Roll #1 8 = 8


File: 1510557497166.jpg (114.69 KB, 1024x708, BLEACH.full.758880.jpg)

The ghost grits her teeth as she parries, still standing on the branch as she slashes out at his left hand.


Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 6 = 6


[1d10] Huge

Roll #1 4 = 4


You parry his blow with your sword, and successfully lash out at his left hand, slashing it as he grunts in pain and drops his saber, breaking off from the clash as you are both dealt more damage by the powerful blows colliding. You remain in the tree branches as she slides back a bit, kneeling to collect his dropped sword.
>Alexis: 0/5
>Obelisk: 0/6

"…much, much better." He repeats, leaning down to pick up his sword. "But, I'd like to see what you used to take out those trees."
[1d10] Recovery

Roll #1 1 = 1


*0/4 for Obelisk


[1d10] Recover

Roll #1 2 = 2


Alexis stands on the branch, clutching her blade in her right hoof for dear life, teeth grit, eyes not even seeming to be looking at the Stone Giant, but rather right through him.


The stone soldier narrows his glare as she stares right through him. He brings himself back up to standing, cracks forming along his hand where you slashed him before, and he re brandishes his weapons. "Not in a talking mood. Fine by me."

[1d10] Recovery

Roll #1 9 = 9


She leaps at him, slashing across his chest [counterattack from last turn, 0/3] before landing on the ground.

[1d10] Recovery

Roll #1 1 = 1


He grunts as you slash him across his chest, leaving a clean gash in the stone as he staggers back, clearly feeling the damage now as he holds his swords. But, he continues standing upright, and you see a white glow appear around him.

"Sildo: Armament…" he mutters
>Bear Sildo

He spins around, bringing up his heavy stone swords to crash down on you as he makes a rotation, "And Heavy Crash!"
[1d10+1] Earthen Strike
[1d10] Fortify

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 1 = 1


[1d10] She raises up her sword, hoof to the back of it to block.

"Rrrgh, just get out of my way!" she screams, finally speaking.

Roll #1 1 = 1


The sword comes baring down on Alexis, causing a small crater to appear below and around her as the two stone swords drive down with terrific force from above. The stone elemental presses down with all his might, pushing through to finish the job with determination.

[1d10] Great attack

Roll #1 7 = 7


File: 1510559234244.jpg (8.98 KB, 480x360, Rukiacrying.jpg)


The white aura rages around Alexis as her Vimana lashes the empty and cool night air. She holds up her sword, hoof to its back as she tries to absorb the unstoppable force slamming down over her head. Her rage slips, and she feels her grip on her sword just barely loosen.

>"Nothing I try is working…"

>"I should have lost already. This is completely ridiculous. I'm no hero. I'm no fighter. I don't even know where this power came from. I was stupid, thinking I could just get angry and win, like this was some cartoon."

The tears break in again as she holds her blade up, trying to soak the strike.

Her scream of defiance echos in the night.

[1d10] Last Recovery

Roll #1 2 = 2


As you hoist up your blade against the onslaught of the stone sabers, you hear your scream piercing throughout the woods, and your sword slowly pushes back more and more against your grip. The stone elemental pushes down with his last push of power, breaking through your block as the force becomes too much to bear.

A shockwave surrounds you as you feel the blades push past your blade and pin you into the ground, pushed onto your back as the blades cross at your mid-section. The stone giant looks at you with an expressionless gaze as he stares at your tear strained face, keeping his blades from digging any further.

"…it is over." He says as he withdraws his blades. "You did well."


The young girl looks over on the ground, the scattered shrapnel of her sword disappearing.

"It was a stupid idea." she mutters, just barely audible.


The stone giant continues kneeling over you, sheathing his swords back up into their holsters on his back. "It wasn't. You could have won." He reaches up and runs a hand against the gash in his stone chest, then looking down at the cracks on his hand. "The only difference in us is in experience, not power. I don't know if I could have handled another blow like this one."


File: 1510561048532.jpg (119.16 KB, 624x755, rukias-face-start-to-disap….jpg)

She pushes herself up to standing. She puts her hoof at her throat, and her robe disappears as she grips the green necklace around her neck, pulling it hard enough it snaps.

"I was stupid." she tosses the Charm on the ground, barely three feet in front of her.

She sobs, closing her eyes hard as her teeth gnash, and with an astral step she is gone. They never even exchanged names.

>"So stupid."



File: 1516675293957.jpg (7.67 KB, 256x197, soul32.jpg)

Please post your sheets for the 32nd session of SoulQuest!


File: 1516675473819.png (17.99 KB, 542x771, 1516302801782.png)


File: 1516675493833.webm (3.95 MB, 480x270, trump's bizzare election.webm)


File: 1516675618924.jpg (223.84 KB, 1300x974, anxious-student-closeup-po….jpg)


Alexis: 7/5
>Glavo: Air Elemental / Sildo: Fruit/ Ilo: Speed Elemental +1
Pain: 1/4
>Glavo: Rhino / Sildo: Bear / Ilo: Knight
Aether: 5/5
>Glavo: Sand Elemental / Sildo: Troll / Ilo: Gambler
Castle: 8/6
>Glavo: Bear / Sildo: Knight / Ilo: Ogre>>692454

Previously on SQ,

The battle heated up between Rasheo and Pain Train at last, the later of whom even daring to fight the impatient lion with the wounded Raja on his back, no longer trusting their surroundings. Rasheo angrily accepted the terms, and the battle was joined. Though they clashed fiercely, Pain gained the upper-hoof quickly, powering through Rasheo's attack and sending him tumbling into the pit before he erupted in an attack of anger.

Alexis and Aether located the alliance of Baron Elijah Bello of Swampbottom, who extended the same offer he had made to Pain Train to the two of them. Telling him they'd think it over, the two instead challenged some of his alliance - the crocodile guard Darik and the mystical snow-elemental Firig - and handily won, shocking the King of Hippos and his companions.

Back in Equestria, Col. Castle Rock was met in his den by a mysterious military pony draped in white, who cited Rock's illustrious career as part of SHIELDWALL and offered a new mission for the retired soldier. After declining at first, the mysterious entity enticed him with an offer he could no longer refuse: a means of helping his deceased friend's ailing grand-daughter. Accepting the bargain and donning his old IRNHRT Mk II, Castle was instantly teleported in a bright flash of light to another world…

Aether's horn glows bright gold, magic swirling around it until it's all released at once towards the hapless ice elemental. The snowman looks up in time to see the massive force of golden energy rush him, and offers a mild,

Before he's bowled over by the rush of magical energy, busting him into powder as he goes flying down the path a ways. Most of his body is broken apart, scattered bits of snow all over the path, and Firig's body is significantly reduced, from his former ogre size to a size closer to the mares.

Elijah looks on from the side, flabbergasted as two more members of his alliance are beaten so hoofedly, "Well… that was rather brief wasn't it?"
The rat shakes his head, "They took them down in under a minute! I always heard stories about ponies but this…"
The hippo steps forward, moving to help up Darik first, "Someone see to Firig and see if he needs healing." He turns to you, "Congratulations are in order, Alexis and Aether… I've rarely seen such skill, even among Numeri."
Darik lets out a cough, "I… heh… don't suppose you've given more thought to the alliance, huh?"


>>(Luce's sheet here)
You take a closer look at the symbol in the pale 'moon'light of the gas giant, the blue hue mixing with the red of the trees to create a purple glow around this place. Inspecting the spot, you find the dirt has been clearly burnt, grass that was once here having been blasted away to make the crossed symbol. You feel a light heat from the burnt marks, but it's quickly fading in the chill of the evening (which while is hard to feel outside your armor, you can sense there is a coldness to the air).

You see no others around you, and you appear to be alone in the dense forest, though far off through the trees you think you spot lights of some sort of another peering through the maze of red trunks.

The lion jumps and leaps clear of the pit, but you are quickly there to meet him as you deliver a swift kick to his chest, sending him flying back down into the pit with a crash as he lets out a roar of pain.

As you taunt him, the lion's electricity starts to surge out of control, and he begins losing the shape of a lion, becoming more akin to a being made entirely of lightning that's merely in the shape of a lion. His eyes remain however, as they stare up at you with a hateful glow. "You…. dare…. mock…. me?!"
He moves to stand, roaring out angrier than ever as a tremendous shout fills your eardrums. "You fool! I! AM! RASHEO! And I WON'T be beaten by a novice! RAAAAAAAGH!"
He leaps out of the pit in a blast of lightning, poised to strike at you directly
[1d10+1: 10 + 1 = 11] Tumble
>Lightning Elementalist


Alexis stares at her sword as the rat and Elijah go on, marveling at the ease with which they won.

"Lets go again. You two this time." she says pointing at the rat, then the cactus with her sword.


File: 1516677736644.webm (3.82 MB, 640x360, DoubleCrit.webm)

Pain Train's eyes widen, but lets his face turn to a grin, jumping into the air to drop his full bodyweight on Rasheo, letting out a heart laugh,

"This Train's going off the rails! Woohoo!"


Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7 / Roll #2 9 + 3 = 12


Well, that sure was something.

Aether's horn almost appears to be red hot. Looking up at that thing sticking out of her forehead, she tries fanning it with her forehoof.

>"Lets go again. You two this time."

She stops fanning and says, "O—oh, we're doing this again? Uh, okay…"


*hearty laugh


Darik and Firig raise from their defeated positions, one of the other non-Numeri crocodiles, gifted with healing magic, steps forth to heal their wounds, and the two of them release the promised Souls to you
>Ice Ogre Mage Soul and Gecko Knight Soul gained

The rat looks alarmed as your sword points to him, looking back up at Elijah then to you. "What, who me? No way!" He says, pointing at Elijah, "You're fighting him next, I'm not losing one of my two chances to you!"
The hippo laughs, "She challenge you, Rachshun, not me."
"This is bad…" The cloaked rat protests, reaching up to rub at his head.

The cactus lets out a smug grin, pushing the rat aside as it pumps its fists together. "Aw, stop bein' such a sourpuss." The cactus speaks with a deeper, but clearly feminine voice, apparently female. "How many of your next lives are gonna be grateful for the opportunity to have fought a pony!? This is just the test I needed before huntin' down that lizard freak…"
Rachshun lets out a scowl, "You're pretty excitable for a Vegetable, you know that Getta…?" he sighs, drawing his two daggers. "Alright, fine, whatever. Name's Rachshun, from Serpen. I've got a pretty strong Mouse Soul if you beat me."
The cactus, evidently named Getta, continues to grip her glove-covered fists, needles moving up and down on their own along her body as she steps closer. "I'm Getta. Mostly I'm in this tournament for a shot at the Heavyweight Champ, and that Pain fella now that I think of it, but I won't mind usin' you two for practice. Got me a Pugilist Soul if you win."

Rasheo lets out an ear-splitting roar as his thunderous form rises up to slash at you, the long claws created from pure lightning creating a sizable and painful gash in your side when the pass through, thousands of volts of electricity now coursing through you. However, your final blow takes its effect on Rasheo as well: you collide with him in mid-air, crushing him with a full powered body blow that sends you both crashing into the ground below with you on-top of him, albeit paralyzed due to the lightning.

The crash creates a large crater, widening the pit even further with your body-slam, and after a few more sparks arc around the circumference of the hole, you feel a large, lion-shaped mass shakily breathing beneath you, no blood pouring from him but only the occasional low-spark of electricity. Rasheo lets out a pain grunt, "Im-*cough* impossible…"
>0/3, combat over. Raja is still snugly secured to your back, and you hear the clops of a sheep running over to the side of the hole
"PAIN! Pain you alright?! Hold on, I'll be down there in a sec…"

Rasheo struggles underneath your weight, unable to move easily, "Get… off… me… *now*."


Aether absorbs the Ice Ogre Mage soul.

>switching gambler ilo for ice ogre mage soul ilo (still saving that pocketed crit tho, just for l8r)

"I have a… what was—Oh yeah, a Paladin soul."

After a brief pause, she says, "Uh, I dunno if I should say my name again.

After another brief pause, she blurts out, "It's Aether, in case you missed it."


Pain Train nearly flops on his back before remembering to remove his belt, checking Raja's pulse as he elects for Market's help getting the tiger out of the crater.
>"Pain Train wiiiiiins agaaaaaain!" The unicorn shouts to a crowd that isn't there, using telekinesis to take the load of the tiger off of Pain somewhat.


Alexis absorbs Gecko Knight.

"I'll wager the Soul I just won." she says, taking a stance with her katana held in front of her.

"Okay. Go!"

She lets out an anxious exhale, before vanishing from view. She quickly reappears behind Getta with an arcing upward slash.


Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11



>"Okay. Go!"

"Oh! Okay."

She watches as Alexis hits the ground running, practically, then she shifts her attention to the cactus.

"Yeesh…" she mutters to herself quietly before casting a protective spell on Alexis, already in the fray.

>inure from piercing, benefits from mage ilo


Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


Getta offers a shrug, "Eh, it's really just a formality thing, but it's still nice to hear, honey. Let's do this!"

Getta looks surprised as you suddenly shoot out of nowhere and then attack her first, "Woah, fast!" She says in exclamation as you cut off a piece of her hard cactus exteriors. "GRrr!" However, as they impact, the cactus' needles shoot out at Alexis, injuring her in a counter-attack.
>Alexis at 4/5

The spell from Aether's horn shoots out at Alexis, covering her in a golden glow that protects her from any and all stabbing attacks for 7 turns, shimmering around her.

Rachshun lets out a whoop of glee, "WOOOOH! I'm not first, thank the Four!" he shouts as he loops behind Alexis, pulling into his cloak to pull out some sort of powder, which he then sprinkles over the mare as she attacks Getta, "Think fast, pony!"
>Rodent Swarm; recharge 2: The target is swarmed by rodents that deal 1 Hit per round until removed as a rolled action. They deal a Wound if the target is helpless. A target cannot be targeted by this attack twice in one battle.

Getta quickly re-stabilizes herself, and then throws a powerful punch in Alexis' direction, "Make that 'twice' as fast! Strong right hook, comin' at ya!"
>Dynamic Duo: Rachshun selected
[1d10] Knockout Punch

Raja is successfully lifted up and out of the pit by Market's magic, Lachoc coming over to assist the manager as his hooves reach up to grab at Raja's sides and pull him in closer to them, "Easy, easy there… got 'im!" He shouts as he helps steady them. He looks down into the pit, shaking with excitement, "That was one unforgettable fight, Pain Train! I doubt he'll forget it anytime soon either?"

As Pain Train gets up, Rasheo barely manages to do so, still sparking arcs of lightning instead of blood as the lion growls angrily at no one in particular, crawling away from Pain Train, "It's… it doesn't make sense… you've only been a Numeri for a few days… yet against me and Hun-Hun you wield Anima like it was second nature… it's impossible."

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #2 7 = 7


>Inured against physical damage
>5 turns max


Alexis looks down at her shoulder as several pins are fired into her, not wincing or otherwise responding due to lack of the ability to feel pain. When Rachshun tells her to think fast, she does quickly spinning around and kicking him like a ball into a nearby tree.

Getta's punch slams into Aether's barrier while Alexis is facing the other way, drawing in the ghost's attention.

"Whoa!" she says as the large Cactus towers over her. She slashes across the front of her chest.


Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


Pain Train goes to actually help the lion up, but assumedly the prideful beast rejects him. He instead sits down, atleast beckoning the lion to join him.

"Well by my understanding, you can use souls like an extension of your own body, empowering the natural skills you already have."

Pain grunts, trying to flatten his static-shocked fur,

"I just figure, if you've got mastery of the body already down, then souls are that much easier."

He turns to Lachoc,

"Thanks Lachoc, I'm glad you enjoyed the spectacle. I think I'm going to avoid fighting for now on, I want to get this fellow as close to the border of the forest as possible. I don't trust the lord after all this."


File: 1516682994142.webm (351.17 KB, 960x540, murderhobo stealth.webm)

forgot my post-ly webm


Seeing that her barrier's doing the trick, Aether looks around for something heavy, and she spies a few boulders on the path. Her horn lights up as one of those boulders starts to rise. She flings it at the porcupine vegetable.



Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


As you punt Rachshun towards the tree, he lets out a pained grunt as your hoof connects with his abdomen, "OOOFF! Okay that's pretty faaaasst!" he shouts as he collides into the tree, quickly picking himself up afterwards. Meanwhile, Getta's fist slams against the golden shield Aether erected around you, bouncing off harmlessly as Getta staggers backwards.
"D-damn, that shield again! That was my strongest punch too…"
Your sword then connects cleanly against her, cutting off a large swath of body as yet more needles spray out in retaliation

"Need a new plan!" Rachshun shouts, looking around as Aether's magic begins to cast a familiar glow around one of the nearby boulders. He races to it, jumping off on its size and, with a strong kick of both his hind-legs, sends it flying back towards Aether, the rock impacting against her side and sending her down (0/4). "Switch your Souls, I'll cover you!" He shouts as he brings up his knives in a defensive posture, the rats' arms moving unusually quickly
>Speed Elemental Sildo
[1d10+3] Dodging/protecting on behalf of Getta against Alexis

Getta grunts, "R-right! Thanks!"
[1d10] Switching Glavo Soul

You presume correctly: even as you offer a hoof to assist him, the lion snaps and pulls away, insisting on getting up himself though you see he is clearly having trouble. He listens to you though, as you explain your reasoning.

"…possible." He struggles to lean against the side of the pit, panting heavily as the sparks shoot out. "I'll admit: I did not think you for having such 'mastery' at first. Gifted with Anima, perhaps; you used what you had brilliantly against Hun-Hun. The monkey's a fool, but he's not a pushover."
He turns away, "But, still I thought you were merely coasting on it, using your new found Souls as a crutch. Your attitude is nothing like that of a 'true' warrior." He grunts, "Part of me still thinks that's true. But… grr…" he growls angrily. "It doesn't matter. I lost. You won. By all accounts I should be dead, not arguing." He lets out a sigh, and with that a bright yellow soul comes out of his chest, and he offers it to you. "Yet another reason to despise this tournament."

>Swordmage Soul gained

>Offense: Enchanted Blade; passive: Select two Elemental Effects you have access to through Skills or Souls. You may apply them to your normal attacks.
>Defense: Cut Magic; instant recharge 2: On a success negate one Spell targeting you this turn [if it is an AoE it is negated for all targets].
>Utility: Adaptible Style: Once an encounter you may reselect all your Souls as though out of combat.

Meanwhile, Lachoc nods, "I understand. But, you remember that's going to be quite a journey to the edge of the forest? It'll take some time to reach there by hoof."

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4 / Roll #2 4 = 4


>Dodge is only instant
>As he brings up his daggers, Rachshun also pulls out a few small spheres from his cloak, throwing it out at Alexis' face as they explode into blinding flashes of light
[1d10+1] Blind

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


It all happened so quickly. Aether was caught off guard, not anticipating the rat's next move, and the consequences are unforgiving.

"Ooh…" Aether groans as she lays/lies on the ground, feeling as though she was just hit by a ton of bricks (and that's not far at all from the truth).

She tries to right herself.


Roll #1 9 = 9


Alexis parries his knives and creates an opening, swinging it widely against her enemies moments before he throws his flash-bombs.

>First hit is against Getta, if it takes her out second hit is against Rachshun otherwise the second is also against Getta. Fluffwise its just one sideways swing regardless.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6


>additional change
>As Getta focuses on changing her slots, you see bits of her body starting to heal up and piece together as the vegetation grows to replenish the cut off pieces
>Sildo: Fruit activated
>1 wound restored


Having little reason to linger and look for visual clues in the middle of the night, I scoop up a small patch of the burnt earth and wrap it in my spare handkerchief. Taking a last scan of the perimeter and still satisfied I'm alone, I head out at a quick trot towards the lights through the wood, my eyes drawn increasingly towards the alien moon.


You manage to pull yourself up successfully (5/4) while Alexis takes on both the rat and the cactus alone.

Rachshun grunts as he tries to parry your attacks to keep Getta safe, but finds himself in dismay as you slip through his defenses and slash at Getta once across the side, causing the cactus to grunt and yell out as she's tossed aside, her regeneration failing to keep up with the new wound.
"Gaaaah!" she cries out as she goes down, Rachshun looking at her with wide open eyes as his light-bombs go off in your face, blurring and blinding your field of vision towards the rat
>+2 to rolls against you

"Oh, Taint me!" He shouts in dismay, gripping at his knives precariously as he digs into his cloak again, preparing to throw the same powder as before at Alexis, "For the record, I thought this was a bad idea!"
[1d10+3] Rodent Swarm

You take up the small patch of burnt earth and secured it safely, and began your trek through the red-tinted forest under the bright, luminous gaze towards the lights.

>You spend the evening in the forest, the lights you saw being bio-luminescent plants, and the next morning you trek through the forest in broad-daylight to explore. Along your travels, you manage to come across hostile elements in the forest that attack you on sight (a mad bear, and a pair of ferocious ogres). You manage to come on top in all these encounters, and with each one defeated they leave behind small, glowing orbs that absorb into your body naturally, granting you enhanced abilities you are somehow innately aware of and know well how to use right away.

>Later that evening, you happen upon a civilization at last in the forest: a location called the Rosemary Villa, home to the Lorde of the Rosemary Woods. Overseen by deer-plant like hybrids (you gather are referred to as 'Fae') as custodians, and filled with a myriad of talking/moving animals, plants, elementals, and even a working robot (which, you notice, every attendee in your limited interactions seem to mistake you for with your armor on, specifically a 'Machine'), you discover that this gathering is the Tournament of Roses the stallion in white told you to join, and amid its festivities you see four (and only four) ponies among the attendees.

>You rest in the Villa that evening, and the next morning move out into the forest to join in the Tournament of Roses, which requires you to seek out opponents among the many competitors in the forest. In your travel, you hear a loud crack of thunder, and are drawn to the sight of a great clash of light between a lion made of lightning and a donkey wearing a championship belt (one of the equines you saw last night), who came out victorious in the match. You watch them now from beyond the trees as the donkey, the lion, along with a nearby sheep and unicorn (older looking than the donkey) converse among themselves.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


When she gets back up, her eyes narrow at the rat.


Two more boulders start floating now, and both are heading straight for the rat.

>telekenesis x2, road of the wise


Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7 / Roll #2 2 + 3 = 5


File: 1516688126221.gif (3.33 MB, 190x108, Shō.gif)

>"Got her!" Alexis thinks to herself, moments before the bombs go off in her face, blinding her.

She raises her free hoof as he throws the powder in her direction, her other hoof covering her blinded eyes.

"Glavo: Sho!"

A small bullet-like projectile flies from the tip of her hoof towards Rachshun, with similar velocity.

>Fruit Sildo as well, back to 7/5

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5


"What else do we have to do? I've done quite a bit of fighting, and I'd like to see if the forest keeps fighting back to confirm my theory."
Pain shrugs to Lachoc, turning to Rasheo,

"And please, using the souls as a crutch? I was a champion of my world before I was even introduced to Souls. What is a true warrior to you anyways? I love to fight, I hone by body to do so; is that not what true warriors are like?"
He laughs again,
"And besides the host, what's not to like about tournaments. Besides a war, how else does one get so many great fighters in one place to challenge?"


Still confused beyond words, I do take some comfort in my unasked-for disguise. As soon as I realized this place was home to intelligent life, my primary concern was disturbing the locals. Finding myself indistinguishable from an indigenous race (never mind the unlikelihood of machine "life" in the first place) was almost suspiciously convenient, but I had no reason to question it, and the facade was easy enough to maintain with some improvisation. It had been a long time since I'd slept in my armor, and the morning aches were all too familiar.

I was really starting to gag for a cigarette, though.

Curbing an impulse to lean against something I remain stock upright, watching the melee for any new revelations. It had taken a while, but to my shock I'd realized this was, in fact, the same donkey I'd seen occasionally on television over the last few years. Whether this was in favor or opposed to the "I'm dead" working theory, I hadn't decided yet.


The rocks Aether flings out at Rachshun hit him on either side: one impacts, causing him to stagger back, though he manages to hop on one of the others and throw a small dagger at Aether Bright, which barely grazes her but creates a small cut (4/4)

Alexis' hoof-bullets fire out at Rachshun at the same time as the powder covers the blinded pony, causing another wound on him that causes him to let out a grunt as the bullet-like projectile goes through his side. "Graah! A-alright, time for back-up…" he smiles as a couple dozen rats (normal sized, unintelligent) begin pouring out of the bushes and racing towards Alexis, jumping up to bite her and pester her as she tries to fight Rachshun
>Rodent Swarm active

Meanwhile, Rachshun charges at Aether, holding up his blades as readies to swing, "Nothing personal, lady, just can't have you castin' any more spells!"
[1d10+1] Backstab

Lachoc rubs at his long goatee, trying to think of a solution. "Well… it's a long way to run or walk but, if we could track down anyone with a Soul that would allow us to fly, it'd let us make the trip much more quickly." He raises his hoof to his chest, "I wouldn't want you getting disqualified though, in case we leave the boundaries of the tournament by accident." He lets out a sad sigh, "It's… pretty clear this ol' ram's not gonna make it far in this Tourney anyhow, I'd take him back on your behalf if we found one."

Rasheo growls, "What makes a warrior isn't just how he fights. It's 'why'." He grunts, pulling himself up into a more up-right position, but still laying down injured. "You fight for the roar and approval of the crowd. To hear them chanting your name. Your fights hold no lives at stake. That isn't a battle: it is entertainment." He grunts, reaching up to put a paw to his chest, "I fight to become stronger. To crush anyone who would stand in my way. I don't care who or what sees me do it. And, usually, 'no one' is supposed to live to tell about it afterwards."

He growls, looking around the forest, "This entire tournament is a mockery of the Numeri way. ALL of these Fae and flowers want is a 'spectacle'. Unless they are incompetent and fall to the forest's natural dangers," he says with a snide look towards Lachoc, "Every competitor will walk away from this without a scratch. If all these so-called 'fighters' wanted Souls so badly, they know damn well how they are earned."

>Unfortunately the stay hasn't been the most forthcoming in information as well: the myriad of talking animals/plants/elementals, the machines, the spheres you gathered and the nature of this place leaves much to be learned since you've arrived.

>You are close enough to hear the above conversation exchanged between the talking lion, the ram and the donkey. They have not noticed your approach yet from behind the trees, and everyone but the donkey looks fairly injured.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


*Alexis hoof-bullet


File: 1516690436768.jpg (502.08 KB, 841x1280, VopRO.jpg)

The ghost regains her sight just in time to see the dozens of rats swarm around her and begin leaping onto her legs and climbing up her, biting her.

"Wagh! Get off! Get off! Get off! Get off!" she shakes around, trying to get them to leave her alone.

"Rrrgh. Glavo: Tenran!" she shouts, dropping her sword and holding one hoof at her wrist before a tornado roars, carrying away many of the rats as well as slamming into Rachshun.

>Still many rats ON her however.



Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3


>note: Rachshun is using a Single weapon


"Ah!" Aether yelps. She inhales audibly through her teeth. She almost forgot how it felt to get hurt.

She isn't given much time to tend her wounds, though.

"Ah! Nope!" she says as she casts a protective spell on herself before he can lay another blade on her.

>inure self, etc.


Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


"I Fight for the roar and approval of the crowd?"
Pain laughs,
"You're mistaking my drive for my job. I fight because I like to fight. I just get the money as a bonus, AND get to fight upcoming and famous fighters. Killing someone just means you don't get to fight them later when they're stronger. Like you, ideally. Assumedly you'd be the kind to want a rematch someday, I don't believe you could keep that hanging over your head the whole time."

He points to the tiger,

"And please, leave without a scratch? What was that vine pit. Those things don't follow the tournament rules. I certainly suspect something is ahoof."

He turns to Lachoc again,

"If I get disqualified, at least I saved a life. Don't lose any souls I won either. If we come across someone who can fly, that's just a bonus. Don't worry about how long it'll take, we'll go as far as we can."


But even though she isn't able to cast a healing spell on herself, the cut on her leg appears to be mending herself, all thanks to the magic of Anima.



Roll #1 5 = 5


I linger behind the trees, straining my hearing to follow the train of conversation while busying myself with some approximation of "mechanical" behavior. Flashbacks to grade school drama class appear, unwelcome. The self-consciousness only makes it worse.

With some interest, I notice the pit and move to the edge, examining it.


>Inured for 1 turn against physical attacks
>Alexis' inure lasts for 1 more turn as well
The knives scrape against Aether's magical shield just as she manages to put it up, the rat's eye twitching as his knives clink uselessly against it, "I 'REALLY' hate this thing!" He shouts as he pulls himself back, bringing up his blades in a defensive posture, "It's gotta come down sooner or later…!"

Meanwhile, the tornado fired from Alexis scatters several of the rats and hits Rachshun as he move away from Aether, injuring him again with the blast though several rats still clammer on you

Rachshun brings up his knives in a defensive posture, his arms seeming to cast after-images as he brings them up and spins his daggers about at unnatural speeds, "Please let this work… Sildo: Swift-Escape!"
>[1d10+1] Dodge roll (instant)
>[1d10+1] Dodge roll (action)

>The regeneration begins, but it is slow and does not close up the wound immediately like it should, Still at 4/4

Rasheo leers, but your words seem to have some impact on him. "Hrrrm… it is easy enough to 'say' that is why you fight. Another to prove it. But," he says as he moves to stand, "I admit I underestimated you. Perhaps there is the making of a warrior in you." He bares his fangs, "And you are correct in one other regard: I 'will' have a rematch. And next time, I will not be burdened by the rules of this farce of a tournament. We'll see if you still hold the advantage 'then'."
He growls, "But, for now… you have proven yourself. Exceed expectations, even."

Lachoc nods his head, "That's mighty fine of you, Pain Train. That saving a creature's life on the line means more than winning… you're mighty fine indeed." He nods, "If you'll have me I'll join you on the trip while we look for one."
"You would risk losing just to save that tiger, even…" Rasheo lets out a sigh, "Can't believe I lost to this… why do you not just seek out a healer instead? There are as many Souls in this forest that grant healing as well as flight."
Lachoc smiles, "Oooh… that could work too!"

You maneuver yourself closer to the edge of the pit to take a gander inside: within are the torn husks of what appears to be three massive, carnivorous venus-flytrap like creatures, their leaves and mouths and vines torn apart and scattered among the pit. Within it is also a good deal of blood and what appears to be sheep-wool. A violent scuffle took place within it only just recently, most likely from the quartet you see besides it.

As Castle Rock maneuvers closer to the pit in order to investigate, his massive iron suit's weight gives away his position, the sound of plant/dirt crushing under hoof and the servos of his machine giving a clear sign of somewhat's presence.

Rasheo immediately turns his attention towards it, moving into a battle ready stance despite his injuries as he growls, "We have company… come out! Show yourself!" The lion bellows, electricity coursing through his mane as he does so.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


I gaze down into the pit with some apprehension, disliking the implications.

The lion catches my attention instantly and I turn to regard it as hydraulically as I'm able. I take a quick stock of the situation and decide this is probably posturing, but quietly toggle my shoulder cannon's safety to off.

I struggle for a reply, not having had a strict need to speak before now. Nothing springs to mind. Now I start to panic a little.

"Ahurmurrrhh…. Beep boop."


The teen continues ripping the rats off of her as they continue to swarm, nibbling at her arms, legs, neck, ripping at the strange astral matter that composes her.

"Let GO!" she screams ripping one particularly nasty rat off her neck, tossing it to the ground and stomping on it.

She picks up her sword and shakes her head. She rushes at Rachshun and swings her sword, knocking his defenses out of the way, before kicking him in the abdomen like a soccer ball again.

"Call off these rats!" she yells.


Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 6 + 1 = 7


"Oh—oh boy!" Aether says when she notices Alexis'… new friends. She casts a healing spell on her when she notices bits of her getting gnawed off.


Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


File: 1516693985998.gif (1.98 MB, 500x280, robots.gif)

"Haha, glad to hear it. As for a healer, I personally have a flower soul, but I can't stick it in him by force. We'll, er, that being Lachoc and me I suppose, see if we find anyone on the way, but might as well head towards the border in the mean time. Still, I'd like to see another disqualified person, see if they run into the same sort of traps once they've been booted off. I don't trust-"
Pain turns his head to the horse-looking robot, looking bemused.
"Don't suppose we'll be fighting you too, metalhead?"
>"Oh please I hope not, we already did one crosspromotion before, we don't need another robot fight."
"I thought it was harmless fun."


"… After consulting with my urhhh… probability trebuchet… outcome unclear. Boop boop."

"Internal hyperbole motor suggests subject is…" I wrack my actual memory. "Pain Train, holder of Saddlemania Series Championship Belt. Analysis: satisfying finishers despite annoying theme song."




Rachshun keeps his blades spinning as your sword comes at him, the rat grunting as you knock them aside with your sword before delivering another brutal kick to his gut, the cloaked rat coughing out painfully as you send him flying away down the path, making him roll before he tumbles out of his spin, coughing up a bit of blood as he brings himself to stand near where Getta was taken down
>Road of the Spirited

Aether's healing magic takes effect and cures Alexis of her minor injuries (7/5), as Rachshun gets back up again.
"Aaaaacgh… ooooow…. urg… what's wrong? They're just playing!" He says as he takes out his daggers, and charges at Alexis once more, "But lemme see if I can cut a few of them off!"
[1d10+1] Dual attacks

"We can't-" Lachoc comments, "But if we can wake him to be just lucid enough we might get him to take it. The issue is getting it 'back', we can't take it by force either. Well, not without killing the poor lad at least. Think he'll give it up afterwards?"
"At any rate, I guess I'm fine to head towards the borders whenever you are. I'm not quite sure what the best way is to find other fallen competitors, Raja was the first one we've met to lose twice…"

Rasheo looks towards Castle, decked head to toe in his IRNHRT Mk. 2 armor, taking cautious steps forward as he lets out a grunt of disapproval. "A Machine… not something you'd normally find wandering 'these' woods. Obviously another competitor." Rasheo lets out a grunt, turning his head towards Pain and Lachoc, "Scrap-heap! If you're looking for a fight, you'll have to wait. Neither of us are in much condition at the moment."

He pauses, taking a look, "…odd. Never seen a model like that before. New?"

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2



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