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Post your sheets!


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Present and accounted for


File: 1543374773609.gif (1.5 MB, 322x275, wadamelon.gif)


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Is this good?


forgot my name



File: 1543375670294.jpg (796.07 KB, 1600x1075, example 1.jpg)


The crisp breeze, warmed by the morning sun, chases away the fatigue that this long ride across the sea has built up. You ride aboard the Generous Fates, a trader ship bound for the small island nation of Albion. You are travelling to Albion because of a recent job opportunity – and an opportunity of a lifetime at that. Some weeks ago, you received an invitation from a wizard named Philemon.

You'd heard the stories about his prowess as a mage. He is highly accomplished in many disciplines including alchemy, divination, elemancy, even the conjuring and taming of spirits; many rumors also surround his abilities, some which claim that he can even grant wishes or bring back the dead – even his most skeptical detractors put some stock into these stories. His reputation for generosity and his great prowess as a mage means that this opportunity could grant you just about anything you could dream of. You were well aware of this beforehand, so when he wrote you and asked you to come to his estate in Albion for a job, you took the opportunity.

The Generous Fates finally reaches the shores of Albion, coming in to dock at a small port town, one with a thoroughly rustic and antique feel, populated by old buildings that have stood the test of time. The town is surrounded by grassy hills, and beyond that, tall mountains fill up the landscape, dotted with wide swaths of deep green pine trees.

When the captain calls for all travelers to disembark, many guards wearing the Albion crest of arms on their armor approach the ship. They accost those disembarking the ship, demanding to see their passports before they can enter the town. You and the other sailors are forced to show your passports in order to enter the town, but once the guards see that you are who you claim to be, you are let go without any real trouble (apart from their being rather rude).

You spend a little time in the town getting your bearings; Philemon inclued instructions in his letter, giving you directions to his estate, which is on a high hill just northeast of this port town that you've arrived at. Thus, one by one, you take an old dirt path out of the town, and follow it in the direction of the estate.

It soon occurs to you that you're all walking along the same road. You recognize one another from your boat ride, but you never got a chance to introduce yourselves to one another. Now seems to be a good enough time; you're clearly all bound for the same direction at least.

>If you and another player decide OOC that you knew each other prior to this, that's cool too.



Hey I don't think I ever introduced myself properly, the name's Jesse


I give a little wave to kilroy from behind the group


What brings ya to this place? Cause frankly noone is gonna sit on that boat for no reason


During the boat ride all Little Sword had done was stare at his coin purse, totally dejected and cursing now and then beneath quiet breathes.

He now follows the dirt path up, having only eaten loafs of bread for the past 3 days the hollow hunger pangs in his stomach reduce him to a bad mood.

Little Sword just looks in your guys direction, kinda stink-ishly. Not having the energy to endure a conversation but just enough to be annoyed by one taking place.


Pippali and Sirocco are seated seated rather close by each other, being rather close friends already. The large zebra looks a little worse for wear, and seems to be trying to keep his bearings straight for most of the boat ride. He's pretty much the first person off the boat, taking a few minutes to try and get his balance back. Once he's recovered, he'll offer a bit of a wave to the other two.

"Ah, hello. Sorry I didn't introduce myself on the boat. Are you here for the wizard?"


"Uh yeah, it's a little more complicated than that though" He seems to pause and stares off for the first part of the question then moves on.


>>705189 I am here, a bit curious. How about yourself?


"Much the same. My companion and I came to meet him, since we've been told he can grant powerful gifts."


Sirocco is doing her best to make sure her pal doesn't throw up on the deck by offering him encouraging words and gentle shoulder rubs as they pull into the port. She hops off soon after him, and moves alongside him, sometimes hopping off the ground to flit in the air a bit.

"Pleasure to meet you two, I'm Sirocco. Me and my friend here are actually here for the same reason."


>>705192 I nod my head and pull a piece of wood from my pocket and fiddle with it in my talons.


"I didn't see you get off, what are ya doin' here?"


"And I'm Pippali."


>>705195 "I go from place to place, I don't think I need much reason for traveling is all." I mumble.


"Perhaps you should look a bit closer next time, then, friend. He was on the boat all the way here."

Sirocco offers a little nod to the two, and flutters her wings a bit as she turns to look back up the path.

"Well, if we're all here for the same reason, should we get a move on?"


"Howdy, I saw you seated next to Sirocco. You guys friends or somethin'?"


"With that sun hangin' where it is I agree with ya'. How long of a trek are we talkin'?"



After a short walk up the hill, you come within sight of a rather beautiful yet modest manor perched at the top. A two-story, Victorian style house, it is surrounded with a thick and well-kept garden, full of flowers and the odd stone statues and water features. The estate is made from solid red brick, which is coated with flowering vines. At first glance, it certainly doesn't strike you as the type of place a wizard would occupy.

A maid is in the front garden, sprinkling birdseed out into the grass, occasionally laughing at the colorful birds that come down to peck at it. When she sees you approaching the old iron gates which surround the garden, she pulls out a set of papers from a pocket in her dress and checks them. She then trots out to the gate and greets you with a slight curtsey. "Good morning, everyone, you're just in time. Please, go right on in through the front; Master Philemon will be waiting for you in the lounge, first door on the left."


"Indeed. We've been traveling together for a couple years, now."

"Oh! I suppose so, yes."
"Can't be too terribly long, I imagine."


Sirocco beams at the pegasus. "Oh, for sure! We've been traveling together for quite some time now. As for the trek… well, the instructions say it's not too far off, so I don't think you'll need to worry about that sun for too much longer."


"Well now this place is quite fancy" he looks up and stares at it for a solid 15 seconds completely silent


>>705201 I nod my head and do a little run walk inside the manor.


"Ah. Shorter than I'd expected, actually." the zebra says, looking around the estate for a little while to get a feel for it.

"I'd expected a wizard to, I don't know… live in a tower. That's what I'd always heard, at least. This is really fancy, though."


Little Sword follows through past the gate, stumbling on a stone as he is caught admiring the garden and estate. A humble piece of upscale living perched upon the a mountain. Gives him some nostalgia for wealthy lords in their summer house out in the green field acres some miles past his home.

Little Sword zones out, before he's prodded by the maid to follow with. He can't stop staring at her butt the entire time he follows.


"Tell me if ya'see anything as for me I'm gonna poke around the outside" He folds out his wings and takes flight.


>>705208 I attempt to ask what you meant but move on as you take flight and continue to move through the manner a bit lost.


The pale blue pegasus gives the manse a curious once-over, enjoying the simple charm of the place, before turning her attention to the maid. She offers a similar curtsy in return. "Thank you, miss. The help is appreciated."

"Honestly, I've not seen a wizard's home yet, so I didn't know what to expect. Also, Jesse, come down here and get inside! I doubt our employer's going to be very happy if you're late to the party."
Then, with a springy trot, she follows Blueblood inside.


"Come now, just inside and to the left, like she said." Siro tugs and Blue, and shows him the way to a door he walked right past.


"I'm not seein' anything anyway, I'll be down in just a minute" He gently lands and walks inside


>>705212 I slide a bit across the floor when you tug on me, I, in the end, decide to follow you.


"You know we should do a bit o' snoopin'. I doubt he'll tell us his shady business" With that he wanders away to kitchen door


The manor is a wee bit cramped on the inside, as there is a plethora of high-quality furniture dotting the walls, to say nothing of the other decorations. House crests, swords, staves and shields are mounted upon the walls, while mannequins pose in various places, some wearing fancy armor, while others wear wizard's robes and the like. There are various magic apparati and grimoires on display, and you occasionally see brightly-colored lizards walking across the floors as if they owned the place. Maids follow the lizards, periodically feeding them treats.

You are directed to the lounge, a small and cozy room full of soft chairs surrounding a low table. At the head of the room, you see a pony in a dark petticoat, which has a mosaic of golden inscriptions decorating it, chewing the end of a pipe as he reads a newspaper. He's tan, with a black, short mane which is combed in a business-like manner, and a mustache.

"Ah, welcome, welcome, and thank you for being punctual. I am Philemon. Do sit and get comfortable, no need for formality, you are here for a job after all. Marigold?"

A maid appears, holding a tray of biscuits and tea, which she sets on the table before you.


>>705214 "Doesn't he have workers around here, that we can expect to be working in here?" I ask.


Wait, not a petticoat, ignore that


>>705217 I am still unsure about the snooping but I nonetheless follow you.


Correction, he's just wearing a generic Victorian gentleman's coat, I can't think of the term for it. It's dark and gold and all that stuff I said.


Being a curious sort, Sirocco's first instinct when she sees one of the lizards is to go and give it a gentle pat as it slithers by.

Now, as she enter the room, she takes Philemon's advice, and finds the nicest chair she can find, and offers to share the spot with Pippali.
"Indeed, Sir, we're here for… well, whatever job you contacted us about. What exactly did you have in mind?"


"Well we work for him don't we? I think we got full right to look around" He opens the kitchen door


>>705222 My curiosity stirred I peak beyond the door.


You see a few maids and butlers preparing food and cleaning up in the kitchen, chit-chatting away. A few give you some odd looks as you peek in. "I think you may be lost," one of them says. "Philemon's in the lounge."


>> "Ahh, thank you." I say as I retract my head blushing from embarrasment.


"Thank you but I ain't interested in Philemon right now. Somethin' ain't right here" He surveys the kitchen




Pippali gives the lizard a rather curious look himself, eventually turning to look over the armor and robes on the mannequins. He'll eventually take a seat by Sirocco and ask "So, what exactly is the job?"


"Hoy great wizard. I don't want to be rude but I've been eating nothing but bread for the past 3 days. I feel like I'm starving to death. You have an leafy greens and vegetables?" Little Sword takes his seat.


He finds nothing and returns to Philemon taking the seat closest to the wizard. He gives him a good looking at while he reclines in his seat


>>705215 I am come in late, and sit in on the side.


The lizard you pat seems to enjoy the gesture.

Upon Little Sword's request, Marigold returns to the kitchen and brings back some greens and fruit for you all to snack on.

"Yes, let's get to business," Philemon says, folding his newspaper.

"I need you to discreetly deliver a package to the Full Bloom estate, which is on the other side of Albion, across what is approximately a two month journey by hoof; Albion is not a large country, you see.

"Upon successful delivery of the package, I will reward you with a sum of gold - 10,000 Bits, to be precise. If gold is not what you are after, I can offer you a variety of magical objects from my collection, of roughly equivalent value. Or, if you find nothing among them that strikes your interest, I am even willing to put my magical prowess as your disposal for a series of spells to satisfy whatever requests you may have. I do retain the right to veto any magical request that I find distasteful, of course.

"I have a few things to explain about the journey; logistics that you'll need to know, you see. But before I do, do you accept this job? If not, you are free to leave now."


"I'm already here n got nothin' to do, I'm in"


>>705232 "I am used to traveling already, so I don't why not."


"Oh, that sounds easy enough. Should… should we talk reward now, or later?" he asks, looking to the others curiously, before looking to Philemon again.


"I'd be delighted to deliver this package for you, though, would you mind if I were to ask why you need five bodies to do this? Wouldn't just one suffice, if it's just a quiet delivery? I, by no means, am not trying to pry too much, I'm simply curious."


>>705235 "Didn't he say it was 10,000 bits?"


"Thank you" He says quickly, Little Sword immediately begins eating, the food restoring his focus and sanity.

>10,000 Bits, to be precise.

Little Sword stops the snacking and looks up with an apple stuck in his mouth. He waits fr the wizard to finish before he says.

"That's a full year's salary. For a dilvery mission, the details of such that you aren't spilling before we say we accept the terms. Just how dangerous is this quest Maester Philemon?"


"Well, he mentioned some alternatives, too. I don't care much for gold, but hashing out all the details right now might take a while."


>>705239 I nod my head in understanding and rest my head on my shoulder.


"A compromise between subtlety and security. A lone courier is likely to be overwhelmed by monsters, but a well-guarded merchant caravan is also a juicy target for thieves. The contents are of a… personal matter and won't be of a profit, but a bandit won't know that until they've already robbed their mark."

"Good, good.

"Albion is divided into four provinces, each under the leadership of a Sage, who more or less rules as a king over their province. There's the Sage of the Sands, whose land we are in now, the Sage of the Marsh, the Sage of Storms, and the Sage of the Hearth; the Full Bloom estate is in the last Sage's land.

"Of course, the four Sages couldn't agree on the time of day if you showed them a clock, much less how to cooperatively run a country. The Sages are a jealous and petty lot; crossing between their provinces by the main roads is almost impossible these days due to sanctions that they have all passed just to spite one another, mostly in inter-province travel.

"Only licensed merchant guilds have any hope of getting past the checkpoints that divide each territory in a timely manner. And even then, they're likely to be attacked by the bandit clans and monsters that run amok in the wilderness between the provinces. Civilians get delayed by weeks or even months; foreigners like you would have to wait weeks just to hear back from the customs agents, and even then, you may just get denied.

"There is a single exception to this: The Pilgrim's Way, a road that connects all four provinces, and that has historically been kept free of legal obstructions out of respect for religious tradition. It goes through the wilderness, connects to a few major towns, but is mostly an out-of-the-way affair. By posing as pilgrims, you can circumvent the legal squabbles between the Sages and get to your destination in a timely manner.

"However, you'll also have to participate in the pilgrimage. There are several stops along the Pilgrim's Way called Stations. Each Station is believed to be the site of a miracle conducted long ago. In order to keep up the ruse that you are pilgrims, you must visit the Stations and collect a Proof from each one. That way if you are accosted by any of the Sages' guards during the journey, you can show that you are indeed doing the pilgrimage properly. Pilgrims get several legal protections, you see, and no guard is going to risk punishment over some pilgrim.

"As a show of my faith in your abilities, I have taken the liberty of procuring several licenses for you. If you are still in for the job, you have to do is sign your name on the licenses to become official pilgrims.

He hands out small rectangular bundles to each of you. They open up like passports, but only have a few sections inside, made of high-quality paper. The first page is empty apart from six squares, lined up in two rows of three columns. Below that is a spot for your signature. The other sheets have lines, presumably to act as a journal.

"If you stay alert for monsters and bandits and know how to survive in the wilderness, only moderately. Though, foolhardiness can go a long way for making something a dangerous endeavor."


"So we pose as pilgrims to deliver a thing to someone and you pay us 10,000 bits. I'm guessin' we won't have a map and I got a feelin' we're gonna kill a lot of things. When do we leave?" He says this with a smirk and fire in his eyes


>>705241 I nod my head and grab a passport to sign.


Sirocco tilts the booklet side to side, looking the whole thing over with a close eye. It was a neat little thing, and she enjoyed its design. After reaching a satisfactory amount of looking-over, she looks for a nearby writing utensil to scribble her name down in the license.

"Should be hardly any different from the rest of my travels, considering I'm already on a pilgrimage of sorts. See the world, bring back whatever knowledge I can, and this seems to be an excellent learning opportunity. Such a road seems like it'd be well traveled by others, either posing as pilgrims like us, or by sneaks looking to follow the path and dodge the guards. Think we'll see either?"


>but hashing out all the details right now might take a while."
"Oh that's mighty fine of you" Little sword rights on a piece of paper and hands it to you, "by the way you mind signing this contract, don't bother reading it we can hash out the details later."

The note reads 'the signature here indicates the zebra of name is contractually obligated to be Little Sword's farm mull and personal fool for the rest of his life."


He signs the small sheet of paper somewhat recklessly


Little Sword mulls it over for a bit "hmm Yeah. I'll do it. I'll do it if they do it is my exception."


File: 1543381432581.png (178.42 KB, 528x741, Pippali.png)

Pippali looks the booklet and licenses over and hums a little, before nodding a little.
"Well… that seems easy enough if you've got all the pilgrim papers sorted out for us, already." He says, looking for a pen to sign the license.

The zebra gives Little Sword a confused look, and says "Uh… hash out the reward, not the details of the job itself."


Siro gently shoos the paper Little Sword is trying to pass away from her good friend.
"No need to be petty. We're all adults here."


"Right, fine, sorry. I haven't eaten well in days I'm a little testy."

"I just don't want to be traveling with retards. Is all I ask. Not going to die for a retard, not going to rely on a retard. Really, you should appreciate the service I'm providing here. Most are too shy to probe their crew at first meet."


So we're in agreement, we'll do your job


Once you've signed your licenses, Philemon nods, puffing away at his pipe. "Good, good. I'll write ahead to the customs office that oversees pilgrimages. Foreigners who wish to be pilgrims require local sponsorship, you see. Keep these licenses with you at all times; you'll use them to collect the Proofs, and ward off any guards who might try to shake you down.

"In any case, you are all set to leave. Here."

Philemon walks over to an opaque dresser nearby, and unlocks it with a spell, revealing a small traveling backpack, about the size of a housecat. He retrieves the bag and places it on the table. "This is the package. It should go without saying, but do not open it. I will know if you do.

"In any case, your next step will be to reach the first Station. It's located in the Dogeared Hills, which are northwest of here. You can either head there directly from my estate, or retrace your steps to the town and buy supplies if you need them, then head north out of the town along the path. At a certain point, you will find a signpost which will direct you to the Pilgrim's Way. However, don't expect to find too many markers to give you directions. Pilgrims are expected to carry their own weight, of course.

"That's all from me, unless you have questions. Oh, a final note: if you are ever stumped during your quest, send me a note."

He hands you a case containing a pack of paper sheets, a quill pen, an inkwell and vials of ink, and a smaller case which contains a green bit of charcoal.

"Write your message on the note and rub the charcoal on it once you're done. The note will ignite in fire and come straight to me. I will write back at my earliest convenience."


"Seems so."


"And you best quit talkin' like that. You outta show a little bit of respect" He gives the unicorn a really stern look



>>705252 "I am thankful for all these conveniences sir."


Siro tilts her head as she gazes at the pack. "Anything fragile inside? Or… better question: What should we *not* do to this package? I don't want to accidentally jostle it and break anything, or get it damp and ruin it."

"And you, please, show some decorum, or at least some basic courtesy. We're all together on this, after all."


"You got a point, I don't wanna end up half dead just to realize the thing's broken"


"HaHa! I think we'll find our respect on the road." Little Sword signs his licenses and passport, relieved his real name isn't on the license, instead his moniker Little Sword.

"Alright well.." Little Sword stands up from the couch "I'm dirt poor. See you all at the start of Pilgrim's road. Look forward to traveling and such and such."

Little Sword takes off out of the house and makes way to pilgrims road where he will wait for the rest of the party to convene.


He stands up and leaves. Once getting outside the mansion he unveils his wings and flies into the air


"Right, we're all together on this. Is that a death sentence or a relief. Time will tell. I'm taking my leave now."


I follow along with the others at a slower pace, twiddling junk in my hands.


Little Sword squints at the sky, seeing you take off into the air with sudden velocity. "…show off.."

Little Sword walks down the hill


"Hey you! I'm gonna need another flyer to scout the areas we venture! You wanna help?" He yells from the air


"Haven't eaten? I'm sure I've got some food stashed away, if you need it." he offers

"Huh. Magic paper, then? That's really cool." he says, stroking his chin a little as he looks it over. "I'm sure we can find our own way well enough- Sirocco here is fantastic at figuring out the best way to go and all of that."


>>705264 I go to fly up to you. "I believe I can do that for the group"


"The wizard just fed me. Save it for when we make camp."


"If you don't tell ya to watch my back then you should search the left I'll take the right. Tell me if you got a problem"


"Alright we got a two month walk ahead of us, I say we get movin' and set up camp by nightfall" He gestures toward the path


>>705268 I nod my head and go on watch.


The zebra shrugs a little, and chuckles "Some ponies eat a lot, but I'll save it for later."

"Sounds like a plan. I hope everyone's got some good camping supplies."


"W-Well, I have been on the road for a long while, so it's only natural.
"And that sounds fine, just be sure to pace yourself. Take it nice and slow while we can, yeah?"


"But of course; I'll be thankful for your honest work. Happy travels, but do be on the lookout for danger."

"Worry not; I have placed a few protective wards upon the contents inside. The backpack is just one of a few buffers put in place to defend the actual package itself. You won't break it with sudden moves, impacts or falls, but you should exercise caution around fire or liquids."

He laughs grimly. "Oh, and just because it's warded, don't try to use it as a shield or a cudgel in battle. I had one previous courier try that, and, well… the point is that I've had to hire your group now."

With all of that done, you depart from Philemon's estate, heading northwest in search of the road leading to the Dogeared Hills, and the Pilgrim's way. The vast countryside sprawls before you with tall, forest-wrapped hills, as if the earth itself was pulling upward to meet the sky. You recall hearing during your ride that Albion was a highly magical country, and that raw magic power even springs up to the surface in pools at certain places. Whether this is true or not, something in the air is invigorating, making your steps light as you travel.

Eventually, after reaching a dirt road heading north, you approach the base of a hill, which creates a fork in the road. There's a signpost at the fork, half-hidden by thick grasses and some trees. However, you can make out that the Pilgrim's Way is on the left, while the right path leads to another town.

You see that the left path leads up into some hills, with the view obscured by dense foliage. Now seems like a good time for some perception and navigation rolls to help you travel.


He looks over at the griffon and gestures to the air


>>How do I do this, do I just say I want to roll for perception, sorry for the ooc.


Yeah, whenever you're making a roll, it helps to keep track by saying what you want the roll to be for. For example,

[1d10] So-and-so tries to scout out the area

Roll #1 4 = 4


"So… no fire, no water. We'll keep it somewhere safe, then." he remarks, deciding to avoid asking what happened to the last group.

While they're on the road, Pippali tries his best to keep aware of their surroundings.
>Perception: [1d10+1]

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


"Well we got a lotta time so, who are ya? What's your story?"


>>705274 {1d10} I attempt to scout ahead

>>Like that?


[1d10+2] The pretty pega peers ahead!

"Off to a fine start. Let's just try to head down the left path for now, and try to stick to the path so you don't lose your way." Sirocco keeps closest to Pippali, since she knows him the best.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Kilroy has been looking at his sword for some time now. Whispering things to himself.

He is engrossed in a conversation with the spirit that inhabits his family sword
"What do you think of our companions."
>"Far too early to tell son."
"Last couple errands we were sent turned bad. Dumb starry eyed mercs, a dime a dozen and honestly these guys are putting off the same signs."
>"You're a WortCaster Dammit! Be it royal fools or village idiots, a WortCaster doesn't shulk'n whine over their recruits. He makes them in men."
"Yeah, alright I know what you're saying" Little Sword sighs.

Little Sword points his sword leftward to the path obscured by dense foilage.
"Do you sense anything?"
>Talent: YOU'RE'A WORTCASTER!!: Automatic, Instant, Once Per Combat; A wizened ancestor of Numbra Wortcaster posseses his family sword. Ask your sword for advice and the DM will impart a clue, secret knowledge, or a full Appraisal of the opponent's stats. If the DM can't think of anything give an autocrit to the next successful roll in battle. Can be used outside of combat for general advice with a cooldown of 3 turns.


It has to be either square brackets [] or single quotation marks.
Like so

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 6 = 6


"heheh I keep forgetting to actually talk to you mercs. Ponies call me Little Sword and that's the monicker I'm sticking with. Nine months ago my parents kicked me out of home because they thought I was a useless piece of shit. And that's about it. Why are YOU here?


[1d10] Roll for perception on scouting ahead

Roll #1 1 = 1


"You got one pretty fine weapon right there. And as for me that's a different story" he shifts his gaze from the sword to the road ahead with that last comment


"I'm Pipalli. I'm from the zebralands, which is a good ways from here. I'm traveling in search of a better weapon, or an improvement on the one I've already got- I intend to slay a monster."


Take note for newfriends, that my skill is automatic which is why I do not need to roll


"I've killed my fair share of monsters, not all of em non pony"


"Its -uh- just for looking. No touch."


"You never touch another man's weapon, usually ends up with someone dead" He looks to the unicorn with a soft expression


"I'd like to own some land some day, a couple farms. Be a lord and such build my name on this sword I have. The bounty from this quest is going to amount an excelent start for my capital. Though honestly, I've been thinking about maybe asking the wizard for one of his maiden's hoof in marriage after we finish our quest."


"Like I told the wizard, I'm on a pilgrimage of my own. I was sent out about five years ago now to go out and accumulate knowledge of the outside world before returning. After I bring back all that, I'm not quite sure what I'll do. Perhaps just continue my travels." Siro flits around her friend, sometimes landing on his back to rest as he trots along. She rolls her eyes at… whatever Little Sword is doing, and just adjusts the needles in her bun a tad.


"Well we got one might fine reward and two months to think of our choice. Just don't make the wrong one now, son"


"Very wise of you to say." Little Sword sheathes his sword "Maybe this quest won't be the death of me after all."


"That's what I've done, mostly. I haven't found the weapon I sought yet, but Sirocco's been kind enough to offer her help."

"That definitely is something to ask for, I suppose."


"It's always good to fight alongside someone, but there's one thing you should know. Never stop your travels until you know for sure it's what you should do" He tips his hat to the Pegasus


"Those maids are beautiful, courteous, probably lived their lives on fine manners. And they prepare food pleasant to senses. Any one of them would make a good wife. It's more than that though, I would also be securing a connection to the wizard. Such a valuable source of knowledge and wealth as a relative would be quite the boon."


"Tough decisions are a game, and you gotta know what pieces to move"


You get a certain odd feeling about the future; it's the kind of nagging obligation that someone gets when someone does them a favor without having been asked for it, that kind of instinct toward reciprocity that all social creatures have, which can always be a source of easy manipulation.

You keep a sharp eye out on your hike, with Sirocco and Pippali dilligently pointing out spots where you might slip or fall, or where tree branches and rocks look loose. With this careful guidance, you make an easy headway through the hill, and are accompanied by a soft and varied assortment of sounds: The swirling of the breeze through the trees, the birds chirping out their songs, the crunch of branches and stones at your hooves, and so on. The road elevates along with the hills, leading you up along the side of one of the mountains you saw when you first disembarked from the Generous Fates

Suddenly, your ears pick up on a high-pitched whistling, coming from just behind you.

1. Jesse Blackbriar
2. Little Sword
3. Pippali
4. Soft Talon
5. Sirocco

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Please, don't mention it. I should be the one thanking you for dragging me along!" She chuffs in amusement, touching down right beside him and fussing with his mane as she does.

"You're right. That's why I said I'm not quite sure. Haven't made up my mind and all, considering that my return's still a few years off."


A bad feeling jolts into the back of your mind at the sound of the whistling. Something's about to happen, but you don't know what, but your survival instinct shouts at you to move!


He turns on the spot and faces the whistling


>>705299 I curse in my head from what I can perceive as danger.


Pippali is about to ruffle the mare's mane in response, before freezing up at the odd feeling. Trusting on his racial instincts, the zebra tries to zig-zag dodge out of the way!
>Dodge I guess? [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


Right, if this goes wrong I want Little sword and the Zebra to my right and left, the rest of you stick together


Pippali is nailed in the back of the head by a flurry of spiky seed pods and rocks, which end up digging into his hair and the skin on the back of his neck, giving him quite the headache and a ringing in his ear.
>Pippali loses 3 Hits

After this, the rest of you turn to see a group of rather ugly monsters standing on some of the rocks of the cliff face to your right and behind you: about three feet tall, they are like a hybrid of goblins and beetles, with big buglike heads, and chitin over their bipedal bodies. They carry crude weapons, mostly clubs with rocks poking through them, and slings made of cloth, loaded with seed pods and rocks. They chatter away, grunting and snarling, beating their chests while hopping around in place. There are six of them in this group.

For a brief explanation of combat, read on.
Combat starts with the DM posting the enemy's actions and their rolls for the turn. The players then post their actions and rolls in response. The DM then responds and resolves all the consequences from the rolls in that post, and then posts the enemy's actions and rolls.
Generally, failing a roll results in damage to your character based on how severe the failure is. Succeeding your attacks deals damage to the enemies, with more damage being dealt based on how good your roll is.
Also, you can only take one normal action and one instant action per turn. Instant actions are tagged as such in the rules document, while everything else would be considered a normal action.
For the sake of time, try to post your skill's description when you use it so I can reference it when writing the post. Just copy paste from the rules document.

In this scenario, the monsters aren't attacking this turn. This won't be the norm, but now is your chance to act anyway.


Little Sword turns around and holds onto the hilt of his sword which sits in his sheath.
He assumes a combative stance.

>STANCES: Passive; Switching stance is an Instant Automatic action.

>Stance of the Tiger: You cannot benefit from weapon tags, but gain +1 to all normal attacks

>SHARPEN: Once per combat, give one ally (or self) +1 to their weapon for the duration of the battle

[1d10] on self

Roll #1 7 = 7


Succeeds (since this was your action last turn, you can make a normal action and instant one for the first turn of combat).


Jesse draws his weapon and fires

Roll #1 6 = 6


>>705307 I draw my own weapon and fire

Roll #1 4 = 4


Little Sword picks the largest monster of the group and side steps into close-quarters. And inch before touch it's body, Little Sword uses his range to fight inside the creature's defenses.

In one motion Little Sword unsheathes his sword with digging slice through the monster's torso.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Oh yeah
>Also, exiting Tiger Stance now. Switching to being Stanceless


Pippali shouts a little as he's beaned across the back of his head by a bunch of fruit, before whirling around and springing into action with his weighted guantlet!
>Dynamic Duo: Swirling Sirocco
>Slam: [1d10] (DC-1 due to Single Weapon, crits on 9+)

Roll #1 1 = 1


Sirocco is going to first choose Pippali as her target for dynamic Duo, and then use supersonic to dash right into the center of the group, looking to knock down as many of the creatures as possible. [1d10]

>Supersonic; once per combat, ranged; You dash in a massive burst of speed to ram into any target and deal damage. On DC8 the shockwave from your sonicboom renders all nearby foes helpless. More powerful foes are immune to this effect.

>Dynamic Duo: At the start of combat, pick one ally. When that ally successfully hits an enemy, your next attack at the same enemy becomes Instant.

Roll #1 5 = 5


One of the monsters hooks its club under Pippali's leg, throwing him off-balance, while another leaps in from the side and thwacks him on the back of the head with his own spiked club, knocking him for a loop. Just as the monsters get this victory, Little Sword steps in and handily slays the first one with a powerful slash. The others don't seem perturbed by this loss, and in fact hoot and laugh at the death.

>Pippali loses 5 Hits and 1 wound, helpless

Soft Talon and Blackbriar pepper the goblins with attacks, but only score a few hits on one of them before the monsters retaliate back with a hail of lobbed rocks and seed pods, which mostly hit Soft Talon.

>Soft Talon loses 2 Hits

Sirocco tries to bowl the monsters over, but the trees and rocks leave her with little room to build up speed, and they interrupt her by hitting her with their clubs.

>Sirocco loses 1 Hit

>In the future, if your attack only affects one of the enemies, specify which one you want to hit.

The monsters regroup and charge at your party, bellowing and swinging their clubs with wild glee and bloodlust.

>Beetle Monster A dead

>Beetle Monster B attacks Little Sword [1d10]
>Beetle Monster C attacks Sirocco [1d10]
>Beetle Monster D attacks Blackbriar [1d10]
>Beetle Monster E attacks Pippali [1d10]
>Beetle Monster F attacks Soft Talon [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 9 = 9 / Roll #3 6 = 6 / Roll #4 4 = 4 / Roll #5 2 = 2


>Reflex Shot: recharge 1, requires ranged weapon; Deals double damage as well as suffers double counterattack damage.


Jesse uses his trained talent on Beetle Monster E

Jesse takes a turn to focus on an enemy, then deals 1d4+5 damage to them the turn after that. Recharge 3. Effect is canceled and put on cooldown if Jesse is knocked helpless before it triggers.


Roll #1 4 + 5 = 9


The zebra hisses a little as he's thwacked across the head again, stumbling across the ground. If possible, he'll pick himself up
>[1d10] recover

Roll #1 4 = 4


My sword is tagged dual and great, therefore much assrape shall be incurred.

In Little Sword's next motion he flourishes his sword stabbing a monster behind him, his next swing slashes a monster beside him, in two steps he slashes the other two ending his flowing motion of sword dancing.

>Dual Cleaveing all 5 of the monsters


Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


>Reflex Shot: recharge 1, requires ranged weapon; Deals double damage as well as suffers double counterattack damage.


Roll #1 7 = 7


Sirocco will face the monster that's attempting to whack her, and attempt to counterattack with a solid hit to the creature's head.

>Punch Creature C [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


Sirocco and Soft Talon are quick to act, felling the monsters charging at them with a quick barrage of retaliatory strikes and shots. Little Sword slices and dices two of the remaining monsters, and just as the last one tries to creep up on him from behind, Blackbriar blasts it with his six-shooter, killing it before it can sneak-attack Little Sword.

With that, you've defeated the pack of weird goblin-like creatures. A quick look over them shows they have little of value upon them - no gold, nor useful weapons. Still, you survived with relative ease in what was the first of likely many battles to come.



>>705323 I fall backwards after the battle, hitting the hard ground. "Ouch" is my only response.


He slowly walks over to the bodies and stares at them, his right hoof shakes violently


Post sheets






>Pippali 5/4
>Soft Talon 3/5
>Sirocco 4/5

Last time on The Pilgrim's Way…

The party set off on their journey across Albion to deliver a package, addressed to the Full Bloom estate, on behalf of the great wizard, Philemon. To do this expediently amid Albion's political turmoils and trouble with bandits, the party followed Philemon's advice and looked for a highway called the Pilgrim's Way, a trail through the wilderness which connects the four provinces of Albion.

Along their trek, they were attacked by squat, ugly-looking monsters, looking like a hybrid between beetles and goblins. They dispatched the monsters without much trouble, and were able to continue their journey, the last we saw them.

With the monsters slain, you're given a moment to breathe and survey your surroundings. The trail is leading up a rocky cliffside, not too high or narrow just yet. Thick trees surround you to the left and right, filling the air with the scent of pine. The sun is just beyond its zenith, indicating it's a little past noon.

>Make navigation rolls when ready to move on


"That wasn't so bad. Would not want to be caught along with six of those buggers though." Little sheaths his sword and gets back on the trail.

[1d10] navigation

Roll #1 9 = 9


Pippali hope up fromn his back and shakes himself off, before offering a bit of a nod in agreement with Little Sword.

"At least we know how they act now, I suppose."
>Navigation [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


He stands over the bodies completely silent and his gun falls to the dirt


Sirocco quickly moves to help Pippali up after she finishes decking the creature in the face. She gently brushes him off, and checks him over for any serious injuries, before giving him a gentle pat on the back. "Goodness, Pip, you had me worried for a second. Glad to see that everyone's okay, though! We should probably get a move on before any more of these nasties show their mugs."

[1d10+2] navigation

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9



"I guess we should get going" he says in a grave voice and picks up his gun
[1d10] navigation

Roll #1 8 = 8


>Reminder to put on your characters' names.


As you trek along, the trail along the mountainside gradually becomes more narrow, hugging the grassy cliffs quite tightly at some points, forcing you to slow and cross it in single file lest you risk falling.

Sirocco and Little Sword are also quick to spot places in the trail where the path is unstable and liable to drop away should anyone step on it. With their guidance, you are able to progress without any slips or falls down the ravine below you.

Eventually, you reach a fork in the road, where the trail diverges to the northwest and to the east-southeast. There doesn't seem to be any signposts nearby indicating which way you should go, and to make things worse, you are starting to feel peckish from all the hiking you've done so far.

Roll for perception/navigation, whichever gets you a better bonus (or would be appropriate for your character).


He takes flight and looks along the paths

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


"I will try to look around" I tell killroy.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Little Sword waits for Jesse's reconnaisance.
"Hay! How's it look up there!?" He calls down from below.

"Hay, you still have some food on you? All this hikings gotten me a tad hungry."


"Be fast son, we don't got all day" He replies and continues to look

"Well I definitely see something" He shouts


>Use skill survival, do I roll for this?


Pippali maintains the best footing (hoofing?) he can, with Little Sword and Sirocco's guidance. He'll try and keep his eyes peeled for any good signs of where to go.
>Perception: [1d10+1]

"Hmm? Yeah, I still do. We might want to take a chance to forage soon too- best to keep topped off on supplies."

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Sirocco takes flight as well, and uses her considerable height advantage to flap around and seek out the proper way forwards. While in the air, she makes sure to do a little loop around Jesse with a smile on her face, before continuing on.

[1d10+2] navigation

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


It seems that the trail leading to the northwest eventually leads to a small outpost, as you can see the very tips of the rooftops just barely peeking through the treeline. It seems to be only a few hours away, and you should make it by nightfall.

As for the trail leading east-southeast, you can't get a good glimpse of where it leads, as the trees and foliage grow thicker in that direction, obscuring your view. However, you see that a great rocky outcropping eventually arises from amid the trees, and it's safe to assume that that branch of the trail leads to that outcropping.

Though you aren't able to see much due to the thickness of the pine forest around you, you do notice that the trees around here are greatly battered, full of dents and spots where the bark is missing. Many plants also seem to have been damaged in a similar fashion. It's far more common on the side of the east-southeast trail than it is on the side of the northbound trail.


"I say we head towards that outpost, there's bound to be somethin'" He says as he lands and looks down the path


"I think it is best to go northwest, to the outpost like Jesse suggest," I tell the group coming back from my search.


Sirocco lightly taps Jesse's back with a hoof, before setting down right next to him. "Well, yes, but is it the right way? I feel like those tokens we're supposed to be gathering on the path won't be found in outposts, and we'll need to grab all we can if we're going to keep up the disguise."


"Think about this, nobody puts an outpost in the middle of nowhere unless they're watching or guardin' somethin'. That means there's probably a town further down that path" he advised with a stern look


"Remember, the wizard said they'd be checking our little booklets to make sure we're really pilgrims. I'd bet my tail that that's what the outpost is for."


I sit back to listen.


"It looks like if we go south, we'll probably be in for some sort of fight, but… I don't know if the outpost'll have what we need."


"Uhh forage?" He says like the idea is completely foreign to him.

"I like outpost" Little, flings his sword out of his sheath in the outposts's direction "let's go."


"Well I say we head out before we waste anymore daylight." He instructs and marches down the path with the outpost


"Just, please don't go too far from the group." I mumble.


"If you think that's best, then yes, we should head on out." Siro remarks as she starts to follow Jesse. She brushes Pippali with one of her wings as she passes, motioning for him to come along. "Though, if they ask about who we are, we should try and get more information about where these tokens are."


"Missy c'mere I got a question for ya" He gestures


Siro hops up next to Jesse and tilts her head towards him. "Hm? What is it?"


Having reached a consensus, you head down the northwestern path. After an hour of travel, a chilly breeze picks up, whistling through the trees and lightly refreshing you after your hike thus far. You keep your eyes peeled for monsters and the like, but apart from the occasional squirrel darting along tree branches, or birds chasing one another, it's a peaceful walk. After a few more hours following this trail, the sun droops in the sky and colors the landscape a warm orange. Yet, it's quite cold out, and you can even see the faintest fog of your breath in the air.


You eventually reach the outpost, and see on closer inspection that, with just a few more buildings, it could very well be a small village. There are a few homes here and there, some shops and tradesponies' houses. A cobblestone road connects everything, and in the distance, you hear a creek puttering along. You're now quite famished and cold by the time you arrive, but your eyes are caught by a hostel on the eastern end of the outpost, in which you can hear some music and talking. There is a "Help Wanted" sign on the window, but "Wanted" is crossed out, and replaced with "Desperately needed please anyone I'm serious I'll pay you."


"Well that's one peculiar sign." Jesse observed and flicked his hoof toward it


"I feel things are only going to get interesting and more peculiar as time goes on." I say to no one in particular.


"Well if that ain't an adventure then I don't know what is" He says and strides over to the door opening it


Little Sword, with his sword taps on the window the Poster is posted on. "That's what I call convenient. Didn't have money for a meal or lodging."
>>"Nightmare's Raze! Son! Sheath your sword at once." The spirit in Little's sword scolds him for tapping a window with his blade.

"Eh, sorry." Little Sword walks into the Hostel. "Saw the poster! For a free meal now, I'll help ya with your problem."


"Well… I guess we should see what he needs, then." the zebra says, shrugging a little bit as he follows the unicorn inside.

He'll head up to the desk inside along with the rest of the group, asking "Is there something we can help with? And, have any food, by chance?"


Siro is no stranger to cold weather and bad hiking conditions, but that doesn't mean she enjoys it any more than your average pegasus. She just knows how to tolerate it better. Her eyes wander to the wanted sign as well, curious about what the person could so desperately need.

"Very peculiar, but what was your question?" Sirocco asks, prodding Jesse in the side as she stands alongside him.


"I saw you flyin' around me with that smile. And you've only just met me. So my question is, Do you got somethin' to tell me?" He whispered


I follow the group into the bar without much celebration


Sirocco puts a hoof over her mouth in an attempt to hide her grin and her little giggle. It doesn't work. "Pff, I-I'm sorry, Mister, but I think you've got the wrong idea. I was just being friendly. If you couldn't tell from my traveling partner…" She motions to the zebra, Pippali. "I've already got somepony."

She gives Jesse a playful tap on the shoulder and a wink before bouncing into the bar with the rest.


"Good, now anyone feelin' like showin' yourself or are we gonna have to look?" He cries into the room


You enter the hostel, finding it to be a cozy affair: a two-story building with quite a few guest rooms, all communal, further back. The first floor doubles as a lounge and an eatery, as you see quite a few ponies of various shapes and sizes sitting and discussing things over fresh, hot plates of food, generously piled high.

After heading up to the main desk, you see a harried-looking middle aged mare checking over the ledger. "Nothing's free; food and lodging for the night runs 20 Bits per person."

She looks up from the ledger and sizes you all up. "Hmph. Foreigners, huh? Oh bollocks, what more harm could it do? You folks look like you can handle yourselves in a fight, at least. I need someone to take care of a pest infestation that's been keeping pilgrims from getting to the local shrine and getting their first Proof. People have been getting attacked by packs of these wild little goblin beasts along the road. You'll find 'em…"

She sighs. "I should probably ask before you turn me down, but you're not going to back down now that I've told you it's about pest control, right?"


"Don't prance around the issue, what're the pests we're dealin' with?" He inquires putting his hoof on the table and leaning on the counter


"Didn't we all just fight some goblin beetles on the way here?" I whisper to Jesse.


"We actually sorted out a problem with 6 goblins before we hit one of the mountain steeps in the area. Without much difficulty, I'd add. Dinner and a bed should be enough payment."


"We might have dealt with a few of these before, actually. I'm sure dealing with more wouldn't be too troubling for us."


"Well aren't you sharp, so if we're messin' with more of these guys do you think there'll be?" He asks


"Pardon me, Jesse, but she said it was some goblin things, presumably the ones we fought before." The pegasus nods towards Jesse, before turning her attention to the mare addressing them. "Seeing as how we're trying to grab ourselves a proof as well, I see no harm in helping you. Besides, those creatures were vicious, and I'd hate to hear that others are having to tangle with them."


"eeeeh, she said golbins, guy."

"Yeah, the little green guys with carapace backs."


He gives the unicorn a hard and stubborn look and turns back to the shopkeep


"Maybe that's what left that southern path so damaged?"


"If that's the case that means they're protectin' somethin'" He proposes to the group


"They're called gobbeetles; an ugly name for an ugly pest. Lately, people have been getting attacked along the road south of here by roving packs of the gobbeetle hatchlings.

"While the attacks are one thing, I'm more concerned about something more fundamental. Normally, gobbeetles don't live around here. They're only found in the Land of the Marsh, which is about a week and a half's journey north of here. For the life of me, I can't figure out how or why they would have come down this far south. Still, they're here, and they're playing hell on the environment and the locals like the invasive species they are. If you can, wipe 'em all out, and try to find any evidence of how or why they got here. I've tried asking the guards, but they're only interested in things that come into town, so they're no good."

"Wow, six of the hatchlings? I'm so impressed," the mare says dryly. "I'll serve you a free drink if you get the other forty, and the adolescent ones, AND any adults."


"Do you think we can pick off forty of these things?" I question.


"So these bug things invaded, and the gaurds won't help. Well missy you might be in luck seein' as we have weapons in our hands and plenty of free time" He says
"Oh and get me any cigars ya got"

"Moderation and stealth does wonders buddy"


"Hrm… well, it shouldn't be too hard to find out why. At the least, we can clear them out."

"Maybe something else pushed them out?"


"That is a pleasant thought after our last encounter." I remark.


"Then we got one hell of a problem. They're awful mean and if somethin' pushed em out who knows what we're up against" He stammered


"Hm, that's quite the… hive? Swarm? I'm not sure what to call a group of these things. I'm sorry that my… friends… are so pushy, but I'd be happy to assist. Do you know anything more about where they live, other than "around the southern path"? And as a final question, what exactly are we looking at for a reward?"

"Jesse, whatever pushed them out won't be *here*. If it was, the beetles wouldn't be here, so we don't have to worry about facing whatever it is."


"That's wishful thinking. Remember to always consider the down side of everything" he rasped and tipped his hat down shrouding his face


"Er, no, that's logical thinking. If it was terrible enough to make them run a week and a half away, why in the world would they stay here if it was here."


"That's assuming the beast didn't follow which I hope isn't the case"


"Please, let's not argue in front of our potential employer." I mumble.


"My little militia can't serve a genocide for just a free drink. Guarantee us, food and board plus enough money for our next day's meals and you have yourself some mercenaries."

Bartering roll [1d10]

"It'll take some tactics, but we dealt with 6 of their lot quite easily. If 40 goblins scare you, probably shouldn't of taken a bid on riches from a wizard too scared to deliver his own package."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Yeah you're right, we gotta job to do" he dismisses and turns back to the shopkeep


I grunt and pat your head.


"Maybe you should hear what she's going to offer us before trying to barter for a price?" Sirocco offers with a little shrug.


"Cigars? Do I look like a merchant caravan? You'd be better off looking in Gold Gulch for those. It's a trading hub, you're always bound to find something exotic like cigars around there."

"You've got food and board if you get the lot of them and find out why they're here. I wouldn't recommend going tonight in this chill, so you can stay here and eat. But if you don't deliver within two days, you're paying up."

As Sirocco prods for more information, the mare shakes her head. "Most folks who strayed off the road to try to find out where they're hiding didn't 't get very far before they got ambushed and driven off. However, I did some reading on the beasts. Being their natural habitat is a marsh, they stick to warm, damp areas. However, this is a cold part of the province we're in. For them not to die out, they have to have found somewhere they can survive and lay eggs, but I don't know where that would be in these parts.

"Now, there is a pilgrim staying here who says she found some clues, but she got discouraged after nobody wanted to help her take 'em out. Goes by the name of Suncatcher, and I saw her heading out to the second floor balcony with some cider a little while ago. Orange robe, white mane, can't miss her."


"Thank you kindly ma'am" He says and turns away from the mare


"Well, we can hope if something did do that, it didn't follow them- in fact, it'll probably just be something we bump into later."

"A mare named Suncatcher? We'll take a look for her," he says, before thinking to himself a little.
"…Maybe they found a cave, or something?"


"Hm… well, in that case, they might be hiding somewhere inside the rocky outcropping we saw. Being in there might offer some protection from the cold, though they might just be holed up in some hill…" Sirocco thinks aloud as her hoof taps at her chin. She softly shakes her head, before looking back up and dipping her head towards the mare. "Thank you, miss. We'll go ask this Suncatcher for some more info. Before we leave though, could I ask your name?"


"Well I think we should talk to her before we rest up to not lose, if that all works for you guys." I ask the group.


"Yeah, we gotta play this smart. An entire tribe ain't easy to take down" Warned the stallion with some fear in his voice


Little Sword swats your hoof away "Don't pat me on the head, man."

"What're you looking for a bag of diamonds? You wanna be bait for bandits, then you can do the talking next time."

"Free meals for 2 days boys!" You guys sort out the rest. I'm helping myself to a bowl of curry." Which is what Little Sword thinks he smells in the kicthen.

Little Sword ambles to the kitchen server side and ask for whatever they're serving.


I chuckle at your indignation.


"The name's Haggis," the hostel owner says. "I own and run this place, and I'm also in charge of the Station of the Hounds for the Pilgrim's Way. If you have any questions on where you are or what's going on lately, I'm the one to talk to. I'll send a note to our chef to make some food for you while you go talk to Suncatcher."

Your attempt to enter the kitchen is stopped at the door by one of the chefs, his horn sparkling with magical lightning. "You can either step out of my kitchen or I can remove your ashes in a dustbin. You'll get what we serve when we serve it."


"Calm down ya little spas, nobody likes a glutton" Jesse asserted


"Thank you for having us at your establishment."
I tip my head forward in a little bow.


"Thank you ma'am" He says sincerely and tips his hat to the mare


Little Sword puts up his hooves in submission as he backs off "Alright, alright. Put down the horn. I was just looking for where to pick up a serving."


"Good to meet you, I suppose. I'm Pippali. If we have any questions, we'll be sure to find you."
Pippali chuckles slightly at Little Sword's unexpected block, before heading upstairs and looking around for the mare in particular.


After snickering at the backlash Little Sword was receiving, the striped pegasus addresses the owner with as much kindness as she can. "A pleasure to meet you, Haggis." Sirocco warmly smiles, and gives the mare a bow, before turning to head on up the stairs. She stops after a single step, realizing that she forgot something. Swiveling back to face Haggis, with a silly smile spread across her muzzle, she speaks. "Before I go bother Suncatcher, I need to ask: Should we just come back to you when we're ready to bed for the night? Or is there someone else who handles that?"


He walks up to the chef
"I know you're all high society but don't threaten my little friend here" he growled at the chef


The chef strides away, back to focusing on a number of different dishes and soups in the kitchen, and you get the feeling he's already putting you out of mind. "Foreigners! In my Albion! Blimey, what's the world coming to?"

Haggis checks the ledger, then fishes around under the desk, and gives you a large brass key, marked #11. "This is yours. The rooms are communal, as this is a hostel, but each bed has a set of curtains around it. If you really don't want to be around the stallions at night, there are a few other sex-segregated rooms."

After that's all sorted out, you head up to the second floor, finding the balcony at the far end of the hall. Outside are a small congregation of ponies of various types, hanging out and enjoying life over various drinks. Most seem to be some sort of magic users, as quite a few of them are engaged in magical games and competitions, showing off various spells. It is interesting to note that few of them are unicorns; the non-magical races use grimoires and wands to perform their magic.

You spot a mare by Suncatcher's description sitting on the railing, apart from the others. She appears to be ruminating over some notes with a deep frown.


"Hey missy, we heard you had some info about the goblin things 'round here. We'd appreciate it if you can tell us what ya know" he urged the monk


>"Foreigners! In my Albion! Blimey, what's the world coming to?"
When he thinks no-one is around to hear he says "Well damn, I'm not taking your daughters for wives I just want to eat dinner." He sighs and mozies on up stairs to the find the rest of his crew.

He ambles over to the guys to see what they're up to and maybe participate in the conversation.


"We are a group who have heard about the trouble around these parts and that you also had some interest in taking the pest out, so any help is appreciated," I say as I join Jesse.


Sirocco doesn't really mind rooming with the stallions, so she'll be fine with that, so she just thanks Haggis and heads on up the stairs to meet Suncatcher. The little displays of magic catch her eye, and she finds herself looking over at the wizards every now and then. When she is able to pull her gaze away, she greets Suncatcher with the same courtesy she always tries to show. "Hello there! Miss Suncatcher, isn't it? Haggis told us that you'd be able to held with the goblin beetles around here. What exactly have you found out so far?"


"Hello! You're Miss Suncatcher, right? We came to see if you knew anything about these goblin beetles."


Suncatcher's interest is clearly piqued by your introductions, but she takes a moment to size all of you up. "I hope you aren't just curious for its own sake and do plan to take them all out, but I'll go over what I know."

She rifles through her notes and then straightens them out. "It looks like these gobbeetles have found a cozy place to settle into in the tunnels below the Station of the Hounds. The Station of the Hounds is located in a cave to the southeast of here. Traditionally, this Station is the first one that pilgrims are supposed to visit as they go along the Pilgrim's Way. If you don't know, it's basically just a shrine and some mural or something.

"There are tunnels below the Station, but the local government blocked them off about ten years ago, as they are quite unsafe due to the risk of cave-ins and getting lost down there. But, that's the only place these gobbeetles could be hiding. No other place around here is damp and warm enough for their eggs to survive. To make sure, I've charted out all the known gobbeetle hatchling attacks in recent weeks, and they all seem to be in a radius of a few miles around this area, forming a rough circle with the Station at its center.

"All of this is to say is that they're in a damn cave. That's really all I know – not how many there are, or if there are adolesents and adults in there as well, or if it's just hatchlings so far. So, you still want to get in there and kill them, right?"


"Yes ma'am we're going down there to kill them. And thank you for telling us what you know." He sighs slightly disappointed. Hearing her voice causes him to stare off into space with a glassy expression. His expression turns sour and he stares back at the mare.


"So, when will we clean up this mess?" I ask.


"Yeah, we plan on still taking the task. You get a lot of people getting cold hooves I wager?"


"I'm gonna say as soon as we can. We already got a long journey ahead of us and we gotta get movin' fast." He commanded with a certain air of lost authority.


"About what I thought, then: Hidden underground," Sirocco comments as she knowingly nods her head. "And no worries, we do plan on taking them out, though a good night's rest comes first. Could you tell me about what the adults and adolescents are like? We've only really seen the hatchlings, I'm afraid."


"Ah, I knew it'd be a cave. No cold hooves here, too. We're more than willing to help you put an end to them, Miss Suncatcher- the sooner, the better." the zebra offers, giving her a hoof to shake.

"And, hey- maybe we can use the cave to our advantage- smoke them out with a fire, or bring the cave down on them… the second one's a little more dangerous, though."


"Whatever works for all these buggers. For today we are the hired professionals to take them out!" I exclaim.


"'Cold hooves' would imply that most of them at least had the mettle to accept it before backing down; most didn't even want anything to do with me when I first asked them for their help. Oh, on that note, I want to go with you people when you go to fight 'em; I need to visit this Station already so I can get started on my pilgrimage, and in return I'll clean, dress and mend any wounds you get. Deal?"

"They get bigger and meaner, but not any smarter," Suncatcher explains. "But, they also get more territorial. While hatchlings will wander out and pester anyone and anything nearby, adolescents and adults will stick to their nest and guard it rather than go out and forage or pick fights. So, if we start seeing any big guys, about four to six feet tall, we should be getting close to the source. I don't know if they're susceptible to any particular substances or foods, or what their natural predators are. I've never been outside this province, to tell the truth."

Suncatcher backs away from the hoofshake as if you had pointed a knife at her. "Fair warning, maintain a one foot radius around me at all times. Leave room for the deity of your choice, so to speak."

"To your suggestions, I say go for 'em, as long as we don't damage the Station; I need it intact. But, fighting dozens of hatchlings isn't good for anyone's health, so if we can kill 'em without a direct fight, that's a good plan in my book."


"Ehhh no cave ins. Half the point is to make sure pilgrims can use the cave again."


"Well I'd be honored to fight along side with ya miss. Welcome to the group I guess" He extends his hoof to the mare and has an unusual hardy smile on his face


"No complaints here. I have to start on our pilgrimage as well. Around morning we should get the move on."


"Little Sword I wanna talk with ya inside real quick." He gestures toward the door of the balcony


"It is an adventure then our new friend." I ramble in the back of the group.


Little Sword stretches and yawns and follows you inside.


"As you know we're gonna be up against a lot of things tryin' to kill us. "We're gonna need a good plan so we don't die. I see how you see the numbers side of things so I want your help"


Sirocco gives Pip a consolation pat on the side, since the mare doesn't seem too keen on shaking, before responding.

"I'd be glad to have you along, Suncatcher. Having someone to dress our wounds would be much appreciated, especially if you can lead the way to the Station. At what time would you like to leave tomorrow? The walk seems long, so early morning seems best, if you want my opinion."


"One foot, got it." the zebra says, taking a decent step back. He's not sure why, but the large, bulky stallion's not one to make people uncomfortable. He gives Sirocco a friendly smile and pats her on the head before saying "Yeah- early morning sounds good, unless everyone has objections."


"Any ideas on how to start this attack?"


"If the majority of these things are like what we saw at the cliff steeps then we shouldn't have much of a problem just as long as we don't attract the horde. Pick at them 5-6 at a time and we'll be safe. Just as long as we stick together that is."


"I don't know, stab them all to death, don't break the cave. The most I can say is just be cautious about the surroundings so we find them instead of them finding us."


"We cant make too much noise, the cave'll collapse. I say we start of quiet"


"Draw them out into smaller groups, and smoke them out beforehand with fire perhaps?"


"I like that but how do we know their reaction to fire"


"We know they like warm damp places, not sure if we can spread a fire in that cave in the first place, nothing is ever that easy." I remark.


"If it's damp it won't burn too well"


"Do you two know what "smoke out" means? It means to "smoke" something out by filling a closed space with smoke. Smoke is dangerous to breathe for anything living, so it's not an unreasonable plan, though we'll just have to see once we get there."


"Fair point. We'd need to do an awful lot of work to get a fire started. It'd be good to find something to help us separate them, though."


"I wonder if we all would be able to fly in there?" I mumble to myself.


"Well we're not going to be carrying around logs of wood and chopping trees all day to smoke the cave."

"Nyeah, sure that would work too."

"Look I think you guys might be over thinking this one. We'll get a better read on tactics when we can actually see the grubby goblins. Now I'm gonna go check if supper is ready. I'll chat with you guys later."


"As important as this is it's gettin awful dark and we need strategy as well as rest" Jesse implies


"It would be nice to know what would be best to bring to fight these pest, is there any room to fly in the cave?" I ask.


"I'm gonna say not, wingspan's too long"


>outta character real quick. I gotta get off for the night so I may leave early. Sorry about that


"Yeah, fair enough." the zebra says, following after the unicorn. Supper does sound good. He'll drag along Sirocco, too!


Sirocco lets herself get dragged along by the zeeb. She could use the grub herself, to be honest! Though, she makes sure that one of her wings unfurls itself and flutters in Pippali's face, just to mess with him.


Jesse walks down the wooden steps and to the dining hall. He hasn't had a good meal in forever

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