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After parting ways with their comrades descending into Tartarus, the remaining group of the Saviors met with Ecclesia to join into the Vermillion Corps, a mercenary faction that would give extra aid while they prepare for the oncoming forces of the Treibheanna. Their first mission is heading north to Ornifex to uphold the promise made to Zjetya to help her homeland with the Draconic Lords. Their official task for Ecclesia is to end the civil war, not mattering which side wins, leaving leverage of their aid to stick with the victor.

After a long journey, they reached their first destination of Vortigern's home village, where they met her husband, Grantz, and were filled in over time on the history of the land and the takeover enacted by the Dragon Lords. With unanimous agreement to aid the rebels against the dragons, their first step in fighting the war was to recruit Alloy, a descendant of Buiwong and sister of Mocha, to strip the draconic power given to knights that collected tributes from the lower villages.

With a grand success, they then joined a meeting of the villages, learning they were divided between the sides of the war as well, leading to a sneak attack against them in their sleep. Stopping the attacked, they discovered the dragons also had the aid of angels on their side, with the attacked under a heavy and inescapable mental alteration.

Now, they work to decide their next step. Lying low while they wait for the villages to decide who they stand with, and working on a defense against the angelic mind control to avoid losing themselves in the conflict.


"That's precisely the issue," Vortigern says. "The uptick in war aggression and banditry has caused certain monsters to flee their usual roaming grounds for the nearby regions. It's akin to an out-of-season migration, and likewise risks disrupting the balance of the food chain. It's not dire at the moment, but we want to nip this problem in the bud before it gets worse."

At the mention of W&W, Spitshine and Sugar's ears perk up. In fact– so do the others. Vortigern, now recalling Regina's board games, smiles. "Sounds like you're already prepared for this task."


"Ah, so we'll be keeping their numbers in check and corralling them if we can to keep things in order."

Pryce chuckles as everypony's ears perk up at the mention of the game.
"It seems so, yeah. I've set up a monster island for our games, so we've already been through this a few times in a sense," He explains, then looking over to the others. "Guess we'll see whose paid the most attention."


Vortigern nods. "Always nice to see a hobby Rise to the level of practical skills."

Spitshine pokes Onion's arm. "I know we're supposed to stay out of harm's way but since we've been practicing with the game, can me and Sugar give the hunt a Tri?"

Onion shrugs. "I don't got any objections to it, if nobody else thinks of any. But we should get a move on. Sun's Breaking through the clouds."

"Yeah," Zjetya says. "Every hunter in the World knows the early bird gets the worm."

Sugar clutches her head as the existential horror overwhelms her.


"If we're all together, it'll be fine. Besides, hitting the Wilds will be a good test for all the training we've done, both in-game and what Sir Estuary has taught us," Pryce adds.

"So, what kind of monsters should we be on the lookout for? And where should we start?" He asks Vortigern with everypony on board.


"I suggest taking a two-pronged approach," Vortigern says. "There are a number of less dangerous monsters which one group can handle, but there are some bigger threats that I just can't allow KP, Sugar and Spitshine to fight, in good conscience. So perhaps they could take the first group with the assistance of Grantz and Onion, and you, River and Zjetya can handle the second category."

Zjetya's intimidated, in a rare turn, and Sugar and Spitshine are simply too thrilled about getting to fight to be disappointed that they can only fight the easy ones.


Pryce nods in agreement.
"That sounds good, it'll be a good test of all their training."

>"What kind of monsters are around here? Is there any more like our pets?"

KP asks Vortigern curiously, holding onto Lockjaw while pointing out Pucchini and Catcher.

Seeing Zjetya intimidated, Pryce can't help but chuckle a little.
"Us three can handle anything, don't worry."


Vortigern shakes her head. "Yours are a special case. You can hunt without fear of fighting a potential friend."

"Well, I am getting thrown right into the test so soon after my training…" Zjetya says.

"Just copy our answers and you'll be fine," River jokes.

"Pfft. That's why we're dating," Zjetya says.

"Pryce, your group will deal with a quarray eel that's moved into the cliffs north of here," Vortigern says. "Should you need any more supplies, you can get them freely from the village."


>"Cool! This'll be a great way to fill out my bestiary!"

"Hey now, no cheating," Pryce mock scolds. "Heh, how about whoever gets the last hit gets a gold star."

"A quarray eel, good thing we can all fly," Pryce comments. "Got it. Think we're mostly set, but we should recheck our stocks."


Vortigern nods. "With that, I think that covers our meeting. Zjetya, Pryce, Alloy, if you need more sleep following your rude awakening, don't hesitate to take it. We'll need everyone operating at top condition every day from now on."

"I… might take that offer," Alloy admits. To tell the truth, Zjetya looks like she could use the same.


"I can only imagine. We'll be sure to be at 110% with what's coming."

Pryce looks to the others as it looks Alloy and Zjetya will be taking the offer of sleep.
"You guys can head back to the ship, I'll do a check on the supplies and see what we need."


River gives you a light boop. "I'll handle the restocking. You go catch up on your sleep."

"Thanks," Zjetya says, brushing up against her as she heads for the ship. Alloy follows as well, giving each of the pets a scratch as he goes. The others break away to go get ready for their own hunts.


(Pardon my intrusion, had an question, is there a way to join these games? I was intrigued and wanted to join but there is no link or anything in Quest Talk.


"I'll be fine, I got enough," Pryce says in response to the boop, before yawning a little to undercut that. "…Okay, maybe a little nap."

>"I'll help out with supplies! Could pick up some snacks for the monsters out there."

KP says, stepping up to bat to help out with River.

With duties split, Pryce heads back to the airship, inadvertantly following Zjetya back in her room.


River ruffles KP's hair and throws in an ear scratch, then goes with Vortigern to do the supply check.

As you enter Zjetya's room, finding it an utter mess of unfolded clothes, half-open drawers and unsorted picture books, Zjetya scoffs. "Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door. Your room is two down."


Pryce stops at the scoff, taking a moment to process that he stepped into the wrong room.
"Huh? Oh, must be more tired than I thought," He responds, his eyes glancing around before he realizes, then averting his gaze to not pry.
"Sorry, but, uh… bit of a mess you have…"


"You offering butler service?" Zjetya banters, unphased by the observation. "You'd look pretty dashing in Ecclesian dress uniform."


"Seems like the fair thing to do here," Pryce counters, with how the stallions handled lunch services earlier. "Though we're a bit short on uniforms," He adds with a laugh.


"Well offer it later," Zjetya counters. "It's naptime."

With that she turns and bucks with one leg, vaguely in your direction. The universal equine sign to get gone.

>timeskip available


"Right, right. Night Zjetya," Pryce says with a yawn, leaving off to his own room for a nap before the monster hunts.


Hopper retires to his aquarium as you hit the hay.

About two hours later, you awaken, certainly feeling revived after your rude awakening, as is Hopper. You freshen up and leave the airship, where you see Zjetya, River, Grantz, Onion, KP, Spitshine, Sugar and the pets. Alloy has already gone on ahead to see to the POWs.

"Supplies are all topped up," River reports. "And I procured maps for our hunts."
"We'll meet back at the trailhead after each hunt is done," Grantz adds.


Pryce wakes up feeling plenty rejuvenated, not just catching up on sleep but also resting after the mental connection with the villager. He gets ready, picks up Hopper, and heads out to meet the others.

Pryce nods at the report update.
"Good, so what's the spread look like?"

KP has his bestiary at the ready, all set to record info on the monsters.
>"Yea, who do we get to pick from!"


River passes KP a map. "You're looking for bnahabra and jaggi. They're the ones most stirred up and mobile out of this region's monster population. They're pests and more than plentiful this time of year, so the village hunters always welcome extra help culling them."

She passes you the other map. "And Vortigern already assigned us the quarray eel. Between the three of us, we might have more trouble with the hike up than the eel itself. It's a rocky, rarely-used trail we'll have to take."


>"All mobile and stuff… wonder if I should get a net."
KP mutters aloud, thinking about the monsters they'll be hunting.

"Right," Pryce says, looking over the map. "I don't think that'll be too much of a problem, all three of us can fly if it gets too rough."


River looks over at Zjetya. "You seem to be lacking your cello-scythe."
"Musta left it in my other armor set," Zjetya says. "But maybe for today… Pryce, think you can make a special order for me?"

Assuming you assent, Zjetya describes a weapon for you to conjure for her… though the description superficially matches other swords you've seen before, more particulars emerge in the details. It seems to be of a kind very local to Yongning-si.


"Of course, got to be prepared for your first test after all."
As Zjetya describes her sword of choice, Pryce focuses his magic onto making it to her order, pulling it from his bracelet once she's finished, adding his own element and adjustments as well.
>Conjure Weapon: Jikdo Sword (Fire, Single, Shield) [DC5] [1d10+1]

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Attribute: Buff
Tags: Passive
Effect: Conjured Weapons get a second Weapon tag and are +1 by Default, or +2 on a critical success; Landing a critical success with that Conjured Weapon grants it another +1, this Effect does not Stack.
Duration: N/A
Recharge: N/A


Zjetya takes the sword and steps back, performing a few practice swings in air and on the ground. River nods in admiration for the technique.

"Something tells me you're already a dab hoof at this," she says.
"Oh–" Zjetya stammers, a little embarrassed for the praise. "Yeah, I used to do some dancing, forever ago. Pryce and I sparred yesterday, so it must be coming back to me."

She sheathes the sword and adjusts her bags, as do the others, as they make ready to get on the hunt.

>roll navigation twice, take better


"Keep it up an you'll be a knight yet," Pryce adds.

With everypony prepared, they set off for the hunt.
>Navigation [2d10]

Roll #1 7, 4 = 11


Once your group arrives at the trailhead, Grantz and Onion take point, and lead their group down a smoother and more well-worn trail due west to begin their hunt. As for your group, it's a little difficult to be even sure where your trail is supposed to begin among the rocky northern hillside. Only after a bit of eliminating possibilities do you find a steep, grassy lead up the slope. Your wings are certainly going to get a workout today.


Pryce bids good luck to the other group as they split up on their hunts.

Now on their hunt for the Quarray Eel, and the path to start it, Pryce leads on as he holds up the map so they don't get lost.
"If it moved into the cliffside, we should try to lure it out as much as we can. That way we can avoid getting caught in any rockslides or being knocked out of the sky," Pryce says, planning their method of attack.


"Maybe we could set up bait, and a trap," River suggests.
"How big are these things exactly?" Zjetya asks. "And they don't eat equines, do they?"
"About the two of us stacked together is how tall they are," River says. "And it's not out of the question."
"Great…" Zjetya mutters.


"A trap sounds good. Maybe we could set up a small avalanche ourselves to bury it."
Pryce thinks a moment on the threat these eels hold.
"I'll take it's attention when it comes to fighting, so you don't need to worry about what it might eat."

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