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The Drifters have made their escape from the town of Braildorn, having been made outlaws by their new nemesis Lysander. Once an adventurer like themselves, Lysander has fallen victim to his own hubris and greed, desperate to be seen as a true dragon. The party's first encounter with him led to him becoming crippled, and the party taking his ship for themselves. To make things more complex, the egg they discovered in the vault deep in the Shifting Sands is a seal preventing an entity known as the Cuckoo from awakening, an event which would result in the decimation of the Echoes as they know it.

Not only has Lysander joined forces with a mysterious being named only the Oneiromancer, but he has also discovered the location of the Cuckoo's egg. He, the Oneiromancer, and several others seem to be part of a collective that seek the egg, though for what purpose is unclear; indeed, Lysander seems blind to the egg's true nature, coveting it as a rare and valuable treasure. Seeking to oppose Lysander are a blind wanderer called Dawn, her partner Carabas, and their missing friend Etrigan.

The long term goal the party have made is clear from this: stop Lysander from getting to the egg, however possible. This is an even more pressing matter due to what the party discovered when they visited the vault: not only is the Cuckoo's egg there, but Discord, the primordial god of chaos, is sealed away there, turned to stone but still able to speak. If Lysander were to reach the vault, he would surely make an alliance with the Draconequus, making him an even greater threat. However, Lysander's whereabouts are unknown, for now; until the party can gain some insight into this, they cannot do much to stop him.

For now, the party's goals are twofold:

They have heard of a place to the north called the Dreaming Spring, where Hermodur got some of his Dreamwater from. Lilies from this spring are one of three components needed to liberate a spirit held captive by the swamp druid Black Pudding. Visiting this spring would not only help them in liberating the spirit, but also in acquiring more of the water, which has the unique quality of showing whoever the user thinks of when drinking it.

They have also caught wind of an upcoming event in the Echoes called the Swap Meet, a gathering for drifters from all over the land to come and buy, sell and trade all manner of goods. This event is unique in that while it is held, it is forbidden (by whom itPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"I have nothing better to do," Hermodur says with more happiness than such a phrase should bring. "I'd be more than happy to help you."

"Though, I must ask, will this also benefit Lysander?"

[1d10] to gauge her reaction to see if she lies

Roll #1 7 = 7


She still does not turn to you, but you notice her stiffen a little more, if such a thing is even possible for her. "…No," she answers. "…And yes. It will be more useful to my lady than it will to him, though we both suspect he will covet what the Tears will bring her. If he does anything… untoward, I will kill him."



"Well, if you need any help killing him, I am willing to help with that as well. I may not consider him my enemy, but I do consider him a threat to my health. Much like a disease, it is in my best interest that he no longer exists."

"Of course, if he would just stop hunting me, then he wouldn't need to face such a tragic fate. It's practically comical, the grand irony he is slowly bringing down on himself. If it's not me, it will be someone else."


She turns to face you, her expression inscrutable. "He is my lady's ally," she says dogmatically. "And, perhaps more. I… we should not speak ill of him."

"Enough talk," she says. "If you will aid me in this goal, then I will aid you in yours. But we are wasting time sitting about. We should be on the move. More wraiths could appear. We do not know how this place functions yet."



Herodur crosses his arms to think. He is unused to having to think about the consequences of his actions. He would much prefer to have someone simply give him orders and to have the results be on their head.

"The reason I'm here…" Hermodur contemplates out loud. "In this situation in general… It's because I promised to do something that I shouldn't have. I thought it would be good for everyone, but everyone was against it. I'm looking to find my own way now. I can't make the same mistake again. If I end up helping Lysander, the same people who I hurt before will be hurt again."

"I cannot promise, as of yet, that I will help you. Not until I know what you are looking for and why you want it. If you can't tell me now, then I'm afraid I'll have to save making the decision for after we find it. I don't think either of us would like that result."

[1d10+2] subtle intimidation

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8

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Post your sheets!
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Communions sour face softens as she listens to Peat speak. Perhaps she was hasty to imagine that the druids had such influence as Lugh implied. For now, again, she would have to put her trust in the unknown.
"What are your personal feelings on the expansion of technology and foreign influence in your realm?" This time there is no bite to the question. Communion is genuinely curious.


"I don't think he mentioned either of those. He did say he got the bell via Dead Drop, so maybe he's working with one of them here… or, someone here is working with him. Regardless, sending that letter sounds like the best bet."

"Magitech? I think Sirocco's told me about that a few times… it never really stuck, so to speak. Anywho, yeah- has anything ever been done about these Druids?"


"I do love the convenience of new technologies."


"Until this year, there was hardly a need to even acknowledge the issue," Peat continues. "The Druids did their work, and we Sages did ours. Only recently have there been any reports of violence by Druids against foreigners and their property. All these so-called 'extremists' ever did was grumble and mull over their grievances, so I at least never saw much point in trying to police their attitudes. I would imagine that there had to be some kind of inciting incident for them to go from griping and whining to actually acting on their views and terrorizing foreigners. Based on what they're so concerned about, perhaps some kind of environmental disaster?"

As Sirocco brings up where the Bell ought to go, Peat takes another drag on her cigarette, nearly burning it out. "…Here wouldn't be the best option. Ordinarily, the Bell is kept in a special vault in this castle. I may as well tell you, since it's clearly been compromised. The vault has physical and magical locking mechanisms that involve extensive knowledge of manipulating and releasing powerful Runes. It's also sturdy enough to withstand brute force attacks, and enchanted to prevent someone just teleporting in and out. That narrows down the list of potential thieves greatly, but that's still about 50 people. And, without knowing how they got in without alerting anyone, it's possible that they could just break into the Vault again and steal the Bell once more.

"We have another, backup hiding spot, one that I can't tell you about. If you were to find it, I can give my word that I will turn over all other duties to my assistants and spend as much time as needed guarding it personally. That's how severe this problem is."

>You can roll to gauge her intentions if she seems suspicious.

"What do I care?" Peat asks bluntly. "Technological progress can't be stopped – especially that which provides convenience. He's got the right idea," she says, gesturing to Soft. "Let the people have what they want; you certainly won't be able to turn thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



I grin and my feathers puff up a bit as I raise my head up proudly from the compliment that was given to me.

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>Thessaly 6/4
>Cloud 5/4

Last time on PirateQuest…

Disguised as guards and armed with a pocket-sized Droplet, Thessaly and Cloud Shear waited dutifully by Queen Toko's side during the circus performance so far. The Pattern Juggler pesetered them and the VIPs from all sides with an assortment of tricks and jabs, formed by hijacking various parts of the performance, and using them as weaponized annoyances. This greatly stirred up Queen Toko's ire, exposing pre-existing tensions between her and the Crimson King – possibly something that could be to the party's advantage.

Alder and Cerulean conversed backstage with the crew as they waited for their performance to come on. Cerulean nearly, er, "killed" Boneless, a rubber chicken and performer with a storied and controversial past. Alder, however, saved his life by un-breaking his plastic neck. Nonetheless, they still had plenty of time before their scheduled performances.

Cutlass successfully boarded The Golden Vein and began her invasion, capturing guards to wring out for intel on the ship's guard situation. Although there were relatively few guards left on the ship due to the security detail being spread all across Kaco Island, she learned of the presence of at least ten so-called "giants" onboard, who made up the bulk of the ship's muscle and posed the biggest threat to their attack. Cutlass split her forces; the bulk, led by Schnitzel and Make Believe, would capture the control room on the third level. The rest would break into the prison holding on the second level to free Colobok, which would allow the rest of her assassin entourage to fight without fear for his safety.

As both sides of the attack against the Crimson King and the Bee Queens unfold, neither our heroes nor our foes know what lies in wait for them at the end of the night, nor how it would change the course of their voyages.
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"P-Please, try to remain calm. W-We have done what we could. I apologize for not being more prepared to deal with such a situation. W-We are headign to shore, to get help."


"Giving you a prescription," Godot remarks dryly. "Either for a monocle or an eyepatch."

Cloud feels Godot gingerly set his fingers to the side of his head, and Cloud realizes he cannot see out of that side. What they have said is the truth. Chiu gently presses down on Cloud's chest, holding him steady while Godot works.

With Cerulean's aid, the Beesting quickly takes to the calm waves, making short work of the rest of their trek to Agyl Island.

As the island comes into better view, you are struck by its shape. The massive island's landmass appears to be constructed of immacultate hexagonal cuts of stone and sand. Where it slopes, it does so in layers of hexagons, perfectly cut and proportioned from one another. The island also appears to be triangular in shape, as the ships approach from the southwest, seeing a very large port town on the triangle's corner. The town is densely packed, with several buildings all layered in a low hillside, giving it a good deal of verticality. The structures are carved of a beautiful white adobe, with lots of cuts of blue stones as well for color. Cacti dot its landscape, and a plethora of people of a myriad of races (mostly variants of Krikral) are out and about. The nearest shipyard appears to be on the western side, in the midst of a vast bazaar.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


As the two mares that are usually the most strict or harsh tell Cloud to calm, he closes his mouth as he lies still, trying to only focus on breathing. Though he still is pretty tense.

Cloud looks over to Alder, worried, though his look is one of thanks as he says he attempted to help.

Cloud tries not to panic further as Godot puts the damage bluntly, even with how the others said it.

His remaining eye can't help but look at Godot as he grasps his head, but his hoof grasps Chiu's, holding it too tightly.


Panting a bit, Cerulean gets back up on deck.
"*huff* *huff* Okay…we made it! Now we can go to one of those places that is a lot cleaner and stuff!"

"You know, you have a cool story to tell if people ask what happened," she says with a smile, trying to lighten the mood a bit.


"I-I have some painkillers I could prepare, Mister Cloud. A-Anything I can do to help."

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Post Sheets.
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"Hehe Right." Shei feels awkward about borrowing this "Your conch is in safe hooves."


Pryce pauses. The words from Shei as his friend praises him, they touch him deeply.
"Thank you Shei."
He says with a deep feeling of gratitude.
"Out of everypony here, you've travelled with me the longest. You were there through the worst, and through what looked like the End. I don't want to make you uncomfortable or force you to come after what happened last night, but I would be grateful if you came."

"If Tantra does it, then i would fine with that."
Pryce responds after mulling the suggestion over.


Shei nods "There is much to be done. Trust in me you will be far more grateful I kept to my work once we are in Tartarus."


Pryce smiles, putting a hoof on Shei's shoulder.
"I'll expect big things then."
He says in understanding.


Shei-Sher gains a pause in judgement "On second thought, no- this is fine. There is another thing I can tend to." Shei-Sher strokes his chin "You both go see Pryce's ceremony and give the Ecclessian's my best regards."

"I do not intend to speak with Metatron right away, but last I and Mudi met with him he seemed very reasonable, very.. equine. As though he remembers his past life. And he did not kill me despite his opinions on me not being in any higher of esteem than Mudi. I've spoken to Tartarus's God. I've spoken to Y'dryth, I should speak with Metatron as well." Shei appears resolute

Before Gadds and Chorazin leave he urges them to stay just one last minute to act as witnesses for the claim Shei gives Mocha.
"Last night in Lilane I made a fool of myself and disturbed the peace. When a member of Ecclessia's choir demanded I answer for my crime I did and the rest of our company had chanced upon my trial. Ichimonji asked them, without knowledge of either our accounts if they believed me. And everyone vouched for my good character. That includes River Spring and Chorazin."

File: 1537121395935.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720, 1525026345302.png)

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Compared to your recent adventures, the voyage back home to the Hollow has been uneventful.

As you arrived back into the Hollow you were surrounded by curious breezies wondering not just about the strange and wonderful treasures you carry but also the shrunken zebra Oomar, who so far has been delighted to visit the breezie city. A different case entirely has been the breezie witch who has refused to speak during the travel and her stay in the hollow heavily guarded by the breezemancers.

Because of the hard-earned rewards you've been given by Tumbleweed, the wealthy breezie, you've been able to fund the development of the radan style aiship. With help from volunteers from the Guild, Pattern has started the long anticipated project.

As the project nears completion we find our heroes in a tent next to the airship warf.
The breezemancers have found that an expert in exotic and cursed artefacts is currently residing within Breezie Valley.

You're both standing around a table with airship blueprints while Marrow Fargale, as you might recall you saved from the forest just some weeks ago, finishes reading the letter.

She looks up. "It's the best we found. I'm sorry, there's simply not many breezies who seek to delve into these kinds of items. And those who do, usually aren't very willing to divulge their secrets. Like our guest."
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"Hmm, I had wondered if we ran into each other before, but maybe it's just coincidence. You know about all that matter with the Radan attack, and then the rogue Tinker, and that weird culty group of Butterflies or whoever. Lot of strange things in the Hollow lately."


Shake his breezer, with a weak little shake.
"Do you have weight statistics? I can look at it?"


He giggles a bit. "Wow, you know about that? Eh, you see that rogue Tinker business, that really isn't representative of all Tinkers."

"Yes, shall we go through the list together?"


"Of course, I've got my own notes ready, um not that I needed notes on my own ship but.." I start mumbling awkwardly.



File: 1547680025512.jpg (113.55 KB, 800x450, massive tree.jpg)


It is time for Nature
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"You might be right, but he's only one pony, and the whole town knows not to let him into the temple now." I shake my head "He can't interfere at this point. I don't think."


"What if he knows things that… I don't know… do you think he will be alone? Or… why so many people here?"
She sighs.
"I'm just worried this might be drawing the attention of the bad ponies, instead of keeping them away. All the folks here are such nice ponies, look at your Dad, making food for everyone! I don't want anything to happen to them!"


"Everypony in my town will lose their home if this goes wrong." I pause "Wait He didn't tell you why everyone is here? Why did you come here?" I ask seriously concerned that she might not know what's going on.


"Well… we know about a witch… some witch. And that there is going to be a ritual. Also that you might be in danger of being attacked when you attempt it."


"That's right. This town is built around a tree. That tree is one of Mother Nature's sacred places. Under than tree is a sacred place, where a seal that keeps an evil witch asleep rests. There are actually, were anyway, many such seals, but now this is the only one. It must be reinforced as the eclipse passes over or she will be freed and the home I knew will be destroyed, as well as much of the area around here.. and more if she escapes in to equestria." I explain. "That's the basics of the situation."

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Temporary thread for Soul Quest this evening / any future instances where we can't play on our normal site, post your sheets for the 9th session of Soul Quest
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Kam gives a dead-pan look. "We're in the Matrix… right. So, where's the part where we get to learn kung-fu?"

As you ask him to test out his theory, he pulls up his phone, "Alright, let's see." He opens it up, "Going into browser, typing 'periodic table', hitting search…" he bears a smug grin on his face, but it slowly turns into an annoyed frown, "No connection to Internet? What the hay, I was *just* streaming something."


"Its not funny. I'm really trapped in here." she reprimands.

"And see? Its not letting you online. Switch from the hospital's wifi to using the phone's internet. That's NEVER down in the city."


"I *am* using my phone's internet, it says it won't connect." He says, going through the motions of checking various settings. "Weird… maybe I hit my data limit for the month or something's just wrong with the hardware, I'm pretty sure there's better explanations than being stuck in the Matrix."

As you reprimand him for making jokes, he says, "Sorry for not taking it as seriously as I should, but come on: what would *you* say if I told you something like that?"


"I'd think you were crazy. Honestly I'm surprised you didn't start saying I had lost it, or freak out or something. If it was anypony else they'd be sending me up the river for a psyche referral."

"How do you stay so cool all the time?"


"I just smoke a ton of weed when you're not around." Kameron says extremely nonchalantly, making an obvious joke. He shrugs. "I dunno, that's just how I am. Maybe Granny rubs off on me."

"For the record though, I *do* think you're probably not thinking straight right now. You're minutes out of a hospital room and haven't eaten or drank anything in days, I think you should at least get a bite to eat before trying to convince me we're in a computer or something."

File: 1543077415343.jpg (2.15 MB, 1366x1425, pillars_of_creation.jpg)

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No more bamboozles! Probably.
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Glitter comes up next to him, setting down some sovereigns as well.
"I'll also put up 40, but on Frankie, please."


"I get that a lot for some reason."

"Yeah. Those guys really were somethin', huh? Walked away without even taking anything." He sits down next to Copper.

FJS follows Dashpot to see what he's up to. "So what do you do when you're actually on the ship? Do you always play recruiter?"


"Again, they don't expect someone to blast a hole open in them on their home turf."

Copper giggles,

"To be honest, I don't think I would be able to either. Worst would be a warning shot. That'd get authorities involved."


"Brave choice!" he says cheerily, registering your bet. He tells you a little about Helter Skelter: a well traveled spacer and part time bounty hunter, Helter Skelter is a crack shot with his guns, one of the best slingers in the 'verse. He's a one time champion of the arena on planet Dylath, and got second place in last year's tournament here on Euryale. The others, however, are slightly more qualified than him by a margin, so he's a bit of an underdog this year. "He may pull through yet though!" the bookie concludes. "Good luck, chum!"
>-40 sovs

He nods and shrugs. "That'd be Jody Domingre's gang. They've been roughin' up newcomers for going' on a year now. Haven't been able to uproot 'em yet, but someday, maybe."

Keg shrugs and grabs himself a huge, frothing mug of house brew ale. He toasts silently and downs most of it in one swig. "'S alright, I guess," he shrugs. The bartender looks a little miffed.

"Good choice, good choice." You learn a bit about Frankie: a newcomer to the arena, he's gone undefeated since he started. He's young, cocky and an extremely skilled bare hand fighter. He even beat the previous three time champion, Garland Ferris, in one of the tournament matches. No one knows how he lost his finger. "Best of luck!" says the bookie. "This is gonna be his biggest challenge yet!"
>-40 sovs

You follow Dashpot as he heads to the bridge, stopping him in his tracks. He looks a little irritated by the interruption, but he brushes it off. "Well, I'm the pilot," he answers. "Cap's my copilot. Used to be the other way 'round, but… well, situation done changed. I'm the first mate, so I get to do a lot of the dirty work. Including admin stuff like recruiting newbies, I guess. Mae ought to be the one doin' it, but she deserves a break. Last mission was… Well, you don't need to know about that." He gives you a warm smile.


"Oh, this should be really fun! I hope they all play it up a lot!"

File: 1536800281358.jpg (227.22 KB, 750x984, 1533166277266.jpg)

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The party now returns to Kaco Island, having accomplished many things during their time on the small satellite island:

First, they learned more about aura and developed their potential even further, culminating in the creation of new abilities for some and improvements on current abilities for others. Second, they recovered a large cache of red herbs, called Helltongues, which would enable them to cure people from infection by Queen Toko's white parasites. Third, they resued an alien from outer space whose spaceship had crashed at sea during his research for his dissertation.

Now, Cutlass and Thessaly are heading back to meet with the leaders of the Three mafia Families who rule over Aristar and who have rapidly become the last stable leaders on Kaco Island following the Queens' thorough destruction of Potnia and other towns on the southern half of the island. Meanwhile, the rest of the party has plenty of time to kill before Alder and Cerulean are due for their circus performance in Aristar at 6. Thus they're heading back to check out some of the destroyed towns and pick over what might remain.

Post sheets.
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>Posting with Timber's permission due to internet troubles

"Alright then," Cutlass says after taking a moment to think. "We'll have to divide our forces. If we take the control room, the battle is ours. And, while they are distracted, we'll search for Colobok in the prison. If all goes well, we'll get this thing moving before anyone on shore knows what's going on."
"Shnitzel and Make Believe take 25 of our fighters and take the control room. You're in charge, Shnitzel."
"Everyone else come with me to the prison."

Schnitzel and Make Believe gulp a little; fear is written plainly across Schnitzel's face, and Make Believe, though also nervous, has an expression of pure excitement over his. By your order, captain!

"Agreed," Ossie says.
Sparkler is already heading for the door, impatient and worried. "Stay quiet, everyone. Don't engage unless we have to. I don't need anyone else getting themselves hurt or worse before this night's over. That goes triple for you, captain!"



If it isn't clear, Cutlass' post ends after "come with me to the prison," and my response begins with "Scnitzel and Make Believe…"



Cloud eyes the squirming under Toko's clothes, assuming it must be some parasites she has prepared with how she glares down Pattern Juggler.

Cloud takes his spot back at the side of the bleachers, toughing this out and not taking the quick reprieve. A feeling he starts to regret as he stands there with his minor burns, making his skin crawl and his legs wanting to just rest.


"N-Not to worry! I will ensure that everyone is safe!"


File: 1536889432941.jpg (255.68 KB, 1080x1350, TR - The Oneiromancer.jpg)

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Our heroes have returned from the Shifting Sands, where in a forgotten vault they encountered someone they did not expect: a petrified Discord, god of chaos, now known as Persolus. Seemingly under an enchantment forcing him to always tell the truth, he told the party that he had figured out a way out of the Echoes, but it required freeing him and messing with some sort of egg that was being kept in the vault. Sensibly, the party chose not to trust him, and declined his offer.

From there, they have made their way to Braildorn, one of the few places in the Echoes that most closely resembles modern society. However, while they sought respite within its walls, they soon found their troubles were far from over: Lysander, an ambitious and greedy dragon with significant influence in the Echoes, saw to the kidnapping of their friend Violet, replacing her with a spy to study the party and assess them. The party soon rooted out the spy and followed a trail of clues (including striking a tenuous alliance with the nefarious Tiger Clan) which eventually led them to Lysander's ship, the Lady Luck. From there, they proceeded to fight their way to Lysander himself, rescue Violet and take the Lady Luck for themselves - which was not a ship at all, but rather an enchanted construct called a Sanctuary. They soon found that overtaking a Sanctuary did not come without its failsafes, however; the Fulcrum, a unique magical object that controls a Sanctuary, was bound to Lysander and Lysander alone, and no one else could use it without risking severe mental harm or even death.

Via one of their newfound acquaintances, however, they may have figured out a workaround. Fumblemore, a bumbling but good natured wizard, knows of a way to break the Seal of Dominion, but it is a dangerous ritual that requires the participation of the entire group; their spiritual forms would entre the Fulcrum, according to Fumblemore, and have to physically bypass whatever defences Lysander has placed.

Meanwhile, the party have made themselves quite busy while in Braildorn:

Hermodur has accepted a contract to hunt down a creature plaguing the town's citizens, a particularly large and intelligent balaur known as the Beast of Braildorn.

Norv has expressed his interest in performing a courier task for Carnifex, a servant of Black Pudding. He has also commissioned a new sprayer to be made for him by the master craftsman Hadrian, which has dug deep into his pockets.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"I'm certain we can find an outfit almost as amazing as you, Silvy.~"


"Ohho you charmer! We'll have to get you something nice to wear as well, dear. It wouldn't do to leave you with only traveling gear."

"We'll have to speak to a tailor, something more fitted would look wonderful on you." i add, nuzzling you affectionately as i start start cleaning.


Aurora seethes silently as she's ignored yet again, but says nothing. When you mention wanting to help Persolus, she gasps quietly and blinks. "…Do… do you realize what a terrible idea that is?" she says faintly. "We're in over our heads with this Cuckoo nonsense as it is. Violet doesn't speak up, but stands by your side, wordlessly showing her commitment to your plan.

The ship shudders, and you watch as the lateral sails unfurl once it rises into the air, gentle as a feather. The Servitor helps you settle into your room, where you slump into a chair as you manipulate the ship. You're starting to get the hang of it, although moving around yourself is difficult. It will be some time before you can have complete control of yourself, the Servitors, and the ship, as Lysander showed.

You feel the ship shake as Zunden begins to carry it away, rising out of the river. In the distance, you hear alarm bells ringing in Braildorn, but at this point, there's not much they can do to stop you. Violet goes to take in the view from the deck, and Aurora follows suit, flying up to the crow's nest and looking out. The moon is huge on the horizon, and already you are flying above the canopy of the trees on the distant shore of the Broad River as you head northwards, to the next leg of your new lives. "The way I see it," says Violet happily, "we can do whatever we want."

End of Part One.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


"Oh! Aurora, it's been so long since this 'swamp spirit' situation began i had forgotten you weren't up to speed."

"We were tasked with clearing a bog near Black Pudding's forest, a rather worrying ooze. The spirit involved was cursed by Pudding, and asked us to cleanse it."

"As i recall, there is a patch of lilies near the dream springs that are a part of the spell, though Norvy would know more."


"Yeah, that about sums it up. We agreed to help her if she let us finish a job BP gave us to collect a tusk and blood and let us out of the swamp alive. We needed a couple of things to do it. The lilies from the dreaming spring, the eyes of a deer, and a skull. The problem with the skull is it's actually in BP's home, and apparently he has some sort of spell protecting his stuff, so that's kind of a 'cross that bridge when we come to it' situation." I sigh at the mention of how bad of an idea helping him is. I know. It's probably one of the dumbest ideas I've had, but I'm not going to back down now. "Leaving him there while Lysander -who probably has an idea of who he is- knows where he is and will probably show up to strike a deal with him and actually release him is an even worse idea in my eyes. With the mancer guy he's already proven he's not above helping shady individuals to increase his own power. If he thought he was going to get help from someone like a literal god of chaos do you really think he wouldn't jump at the chance?"

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