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Hello user! Today's date is Tuesday, November 14th, 601 A.F.N. You have no scheduled events for today.
>Command Prompt:

/sys:(User: 0130)/Prog/Quests/Carousel/Thread 1.0




Rain hangs in the sky of Centro, Manehatten this evening. The CWC had this storm moved over from the upper districts to down here. Despite the weather, the area is as alive as ever. Earth Ponies, Pegasi, Unicorns, Diamond Dogs, Goats, Felids, Dragons and even Minotaurs go about their business, their glassy reflections in the pavement below them flawlessly emulating their every movement. Off the corner of 17th and Mane lies Centro Pawn Shop. A black Felid and a Unicorn sit under the overhang, catching a break from the rain. The lights are on inside, and if you read it right, this is the time and the place that mysterious message in your PDA sent you to. Hopefully this opportunity is a change of fate for you.
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"Cool. More than what we've found at least. All we've managed to get is places where some people might know about her. Like this neon nightmare." He waves a hand at the bar entrance.


Zirali waved to the griffin.


"Riiiight." Chase slowly backs off as you reunite with your companions. "I'll leave you all to it then."

Chase waves back, trying not to seem like a part of the party as they're talked to by the bouncer.

"The boss doesn't like to be bothered. He's a busy cat that doesn't have time for fanboys, fangirls and fan-" He looks over Rads for a moment. "He doesn't have time for fans." He says quickly.

"Those goons still there? The little security detail is local but the ones keeping the place closed are some gang out of Neighpon. Lotus something or whatever." He looks back over his datapad clipboard and a few images pop out into holographic space. " Three Phases Glam's favorite restaurant for miles. He's probably still upset it's closed for all that still." The Minotaur says as he exhales through his nose.


"We're looking for information, not autographs," he replies. "You sure you can't put in a word for us?" He pulls out 50 bits and gives him a meaningful side glance.
[1d10] Persuade

Roll #1 10 = 10


Zirali did her best to close the distance between her and the other.


While not quite who she was looking for, Rads waves at the griffon with a pseudopod, before turning her attention to the bouncer.

"Ooh, do you think that's really her? Maybe we should follow them!"


"I think that's our best bet for now, at least."


"You uh, still need something? Seems you guys have it handled now. That bouncer is just letting your friends in."

She looks even more surprised when a pseudopod emerges from your body. She sheepishly raises a claw and waves in return.

He takes the bits and tucks them into his pocket. "I can put in a lot more than a word. You all mean business and won't waste Glam's time, come on and meet him yourself." He opens a single side of the double doors behind him, revealing the currently dull interior of the nightclub. Chase looks over and takes a few steps closer, interested in it but backing up when the bouncer glances at her.


"Alright. Bloody beauty." He follows the bouncer in, looking back at his companions with a smug look. He does a slight double take seeing Chase there. "Who are you again?"


"Right. Let's get to meeting 'em then, yeah?"


"Oh no, was just coming over to see if you wanted to join us or not. Or chat. I dunno."


"Thank you!" cheerily replies Rads, before slipping into the club behind Mako.


"Oh. No thanks. That place kinda skeeves me out. Be careful around Glam, he can sorta be a weird cat."

You all enter into the nightclub. The floor is eerily silent, only a few lights are on and there is almost no sound besides a few bartenders shuffling glasses around off to your right. The minotaur guides you accross the dancefloor and into a back hallway lined with red carpet and walls. At the end is an elevator directly to Glam's apartment.

As you enter the barrage of strange decor and colors hits you all at once. From abstract paintings on the walls, to synthetic hardlight statues floating in mid air, Glam's place is very… eccentric. You can hear soft electronic music play along with the voice of a felid nearby.

"…well tell him that I don't care! If she doesn't want to perform that's fine by me, just as long as she isn't playing other places behind my back." He notices you all enter and raises a single finger of his paw in a 'Wait.' motion. "Look, I've got company. Just pay off her talent agent or something, I don't know." The pink and gold felid in a robe hangs up his PDA and drops it into the strange spherical chair hanging from the ceiling he's sitting in. He clicks his tongue and then speaks, eyeing over each of you. "Ali, you brought me gifts? I am so touched." On further consideration he continues. "Ehhh… They don't really look my type. Maybe one or two but…"

"Boss." The minotaur says.

"…I think maybe the zebra could look cute if she…"

"Boss. Ali says again.

"…and really since the goo pony could be anything really-"

"Glam!" He shouts.

"Oh! Did you need something? Not you Ali, these four. Surely my security guards haven't just let some random chaff in. You all must be interested in something, yes?" He says, crossing a leg over another and spreading his arms out to offer you all seats on various oddly shaped couches.


He raises an eyebrow at the spectacle, but doesn't question it. Nor does he waste timew with too much pleasantries. He introduces himself and gets to the point. "Mako Rinzler. Maybe you've heard of me, but probably not. Me and my mates are looking for someone in town, heard you're the guy to talk to about meeting people who don't want to be met. Specifically, one…" He checks his datapad. "Lucra Moren. Heard she runs an operation out of these parts. Got anything for us?"


Zirali nodded and went off looking for… someone. She lost track of the others so she was just sort of looking for people who stood out now.


Gamma blinks once or twice in confusion at the entire exchange, before letting out a soft whiny and saying "Yeah, nothing like that. We're just looking for someone in particular."


A seat was prompted, and Rads takes it, setting down on the couch Tarp first to avoid making a stain on the fabric.

"Yeah! It's very important we find her, would you know where she'd be?"


"Lucy?" He holds a paw up to his chin. "She came into town maybe three, four weeks ago? I could tell she was one of those 'All Business' types like you but something was different about the way she did it. She started taking out some of the less desirable gangs and left upstanding places of culture and art such as myself unscathed."

He turns over to you, sitting very strangely in his chair. "Very particular. She had this flawless, straight cut hair and some fancy old world sword on her back. Barely spoke to anyone around here. None of my agents even heard her voice."

"If it's very important around here, then it involves me. The last we heard of her we my contact said she was going to 'cut the head off of the snake'. Not sure what that means. The only snake that ever operated around here I cut off myself. Aviv had it coming.

"Admiring the artwork? It's all more expensive than you can afford, so don't touch it." He says, despite there being very little malice in his tone.

Ali exhales through his nose as he leans against a nearby wall. Glam shrugs his shoulders and looks at you all. "That's all I know, really."

>Roll Perception to see what this cat is really up to.


"No idea where she could be? I'm sure you've got ears, and your ears have ears."
[1d10] Persuade

[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Huh? Oh I guess. Wasn't planning on touching it. I don't see with my hooves."


[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Hmm… definitely sticks out, then- at the least, someone like that won't be too terribly hard to find, right?"
>Perception: [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Aw.." says Rads, drooping in her seat. "Are you sure you haven't seen her? Would you know someone who might have?"

[1d10] Persuasion

Roll #1 9 = 9


"They do. And they hear a lot of things, like a quartet of off-key singers sticking out in Thorn like-" He stops, looks towards Ali, then continues. "Well like a thorn. In my side. I don't mean to make the terrible pun."

You can't discern much from his demeanor or room. The way he sits is awfully strange, but it seems that's just the way he is.

Ali lumbers over to you and stands near a sculpture. He looks down on you, carefully studying your every move. He is wordless, but his expression says everything you need to know.

"And somebody who sticks out like that might attract some attention they might not want, right? They start causing problems, trying to change things, and people who like the status quo get upset, send little groups of runners to-" He traces a paw across his neck slowly, and then slumps down pretending to be dead.

"I've seen her and I'm sure you have too. You must have got a good look on that Syndicate PDA when you took the bounty out on her, right? Gotta say, you're the first group of assassins to pay us to fuck up your job. Whatever. Let's finish this up!"

With that, four more security personnel enter the room from hallways adjacent. Two diamond dogs, a pegasus and tall dragon with runes tattooed on their body surround you now, escalating the situation immensely.


"A-Assassins? Come now, please- we just need to talk to her about a run that went sideways. I'm not much of a fighter anyways, really- unless fighting tumblers and safe combinations counts." the earth pony says, looking around nervously.


He frowns. "If I wanted to kill you I wouldn't be waltzing in the front door now would I. You have a brain. Use it. All we want is to be pointed in the right direction, and then we'll be on our way." He tries to de escalate the situation while peering around for potential escape routes.
[1d10] Persuade
[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 9 = 9


"Hm? Assassin? No-no, we really do just want to talk to her!" says Rads, jumping up in surprise!

"We had some questions about another job that she might know about, that's all.."
[1d10] Persuasion

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Really?" He says with a genuine interest. "I could use someone like you. These brutes can barely open a safe with the keys."

"I suppose that's true. Maybe you're bluffing but you don't seem intimidated by my threats. I bet it's all bravado though." He says, smirking at you.

"You all keep mentioning this other job. Tell me what that is and why you need to speak with Lucra. She very specifically told me to look out for little groups of runners like you all. The more disorganized and thrown together they looked, the more of a threat they were she said." He says, waving his goons down as he fiddles with one of his own claws.

The rune-clad dragon clenches a fist, and a fire hisses in his claw. He releases it with a sigh. The two diamond dogs lower their rifles and stand at attention. Things are just as tense, but at least it isn't going to be a bloodbath.


"Long and convoluted story short, we're trying to get into the EXO database to follow up on a job we took. Our boss said Lucy could help with that."


"I'm a little busy right now, but maybe after we've finished this up. We're looking for her to figure out how to open some data files. The guy that put us up from the job just sort of… well… vanished."


"Yeah! We were mid-mission and he disappeared, we learned she may know where he went."


Zirali was really hoping that she had her minions right now as they were surrounded.


"Huh. Certainly odd. Exactly the type of business I'd expect her to get involved in though."

He mulls it over a bit, then concedes. With another wave of his paws all the guards leave except the dragon who waits patiently near the door, taking Ali's spot. Glam looks at a clock on the wall, then back at all of you.

"She had a meeting a few hours ago. By now she's back in her apartment. Room 214. Axkan over there will show you the way." He gestures towards the dragon. "Now, unless you have any more questions or are going to go downstairs and buy drinks, get out of my fur and my nightclub."


"Huh- I was worried she might've been getting held up elsewhere. Well, that's good- hopefully she won't mind a few visitors, then- thanks for the help!"


"Ah, thank you for the help, and for not killing us! Sorry for the confusion!"

With the matter settled, Rads heads for the door, waiting for the others before following Axkan out.


"Gladly." He touches the brim of his hat and leaves with the others. "Wanker," he mutters to himself once he's safely out of earshot.


Zirali remained quiet and tailed the others out.


The dragon leads you back through Glam's room to a back stairwell. After a few flights of stairs you reach the apartments above Glam's. They're drab in comparison to the lightshow downstairs. Axkan walks to room 214, looks at the number, looks at you, then nods his head ever so slightly. One quarter of an inch. The dragon is tall, imposing but absolutely silent. He walks away, leaving you all alone.

Interestingly, the door is already cracked open a tiny bit.


Zirali works to summon a hologram to investigate the room.

[1d10+1} Summoning


[1d10+1] Summoning but right this time

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


He watches patiently to make sure Axkan really is gone, then sums up the room, looking for any potential oddities before knocking.
[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 5 = 5


Gamma returns the gesture to Axkan and frowns as he notices the door slightly ajar, taking a look around.
>Master Thief: [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


Waving goodbye to Axkan as he marches off, Rads turns her attention to the door, noting the opened state of it.

"Hello?" she calls, peeking through the crack of the door.


At first you don't see the hologram come out of your orb, then realize it merely spawned on the opposite side of you. It smiles and waves before trotting in. It looks back at you with some concern.

The dragon is gone unusually quickly, must be busy. Poking your head into the room you notice a small kitchen. It looks completely unused, with some pots and pans bearing a bit of dust.

There's a short entrance with a door on your right. Towards the end of it you can see the flicker of some sort of light.

Being the only one to actually just say something, you get a response. There's a small amount of clattering, then the sound of something metal hitting the ground. With every description you've recieved of Lucy thus far, the figure in front of you betrays it immensely. Her coat is purple with her mane cut in a flawless edge hanging just below her ear. She stands before you wearing a black sweatshirt, covering up the various splatterings of blood in her coat. Her apartment is a bit of a mess, with various containers of fast food, video game discs and other things strewn about. The nicest thing in the entire place is a katana, carefully placed onto the couch in it's sheath.

"You guys uh… need something?


She sent it into the room first to play Canary in the coal mine.


"You Lucy?" he asks plainly. "Cherry Breeze sent us. We need to talk."


Or not. the duo waved instead.


"Oh, Hello!" Replies Rads, waving a pseudopod in grreting.

"I'm Rads! We were told you could help us with unlocking a databank? Glam let us through."


"Oh! Uh… hey. Sorry, we weren't really sure what to expect. We're here to talk about a database."


She stares at all of you, motionless for a bit. Afterwards she looks at the floor in confusion. "Yeah, sure. Look I've had a long day and I just want to go to-"

"Oh." She stops. A range of emotions spread over her face, the last being a resignation to fate. "I knew she'd cash out on this one day. Come inside and we can talk about the job." She doesn't look happy about all this, but she isn't trying to stop it either.

"Wanna order pizza or something for this?"

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