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Seven months ago, five drifters arrived in the far flung pocket of reality known to the outside world as the Echoes. With nothing save for their names and the clothes on their backs, they carved out a living for themselves, beginning a journey across the foreign land, gaining new allies and new enemies alike. The winds swept them across the wilds, bringing them to a forsaken desert known as the Shifting Sands, where they met someone they did not expect: a being long thought myth, known to many as Discord. Wisely opting not to free him, or retrieve the artifact he coveted, they moved on.

In Braildorn, one of the great cities built in this world, they crossed their most mortal foe of all: Lysander, a dragon of great renown and a collector of rare and magical items. They bested him, claiming his ship as their own, and were marked as his enemies forevermore. This caught the attention of an unusual couple: Dawn Chorus, a great magician, and her knight Carabas. Mortal foes of Lysander, they joined forces with the drifters, explaining the object of his desire: the Cuckoo's Egg, a harbinger of dimensional annihilation, and the very same artifact they had discovered in the Sands. Lysander wished to claim it in the name of an entity that haunts the Echoes, known only as the Oneiromancer. With the help of Cecile Grosvenor, Lady of Braildorn, these three would stop at nothing to claim the Egg for themselves.

Fate carried them across the plains, back to the fiery Shifting Sands. There, Discord was freed, and Lysander was on his way to retrieve the Egg for himself. Not only that, but he had betrayed the Oneiromancer; he rejected the entity from Outside, wanting the Egg for himself and claiming some of the Oneiromancer's powers. A great battle ensued, and Carabas was lost amidst the sands, but the Egg was wrenched from Lysander's claws, safe with the drifters, for now.

While traveling with the Egg, the party was subject to several fortunate and misfortunate adventures including the return of the Oneiromancer to the corporeal plane. The question remained of what to do with the Egg from here; after much deliberation, a plan was hatched. They would set sail for the Isle of Glass, a forsaken, beast-infested rock far removed from the rest of the Echoes. Here, they would challenge Lysander to a decisive combat, and determine the fate of the Echoes once and for all. On the eve of their final voyage, two of their number abandoned them to pursue their own goals: the warrior Hermodur, their ally from the start, and the great warlock Black Pudding. The latter departed with a nebulous promise of his return ere the end of their ordeal.

Now, the drifters prepare for what the dawn will bring. Lysander's ship lies ahead. Below, a great volcano. Above, the stars align for a celestial event. Behind, a great storm brews, and the skies blacken over the mainland.

The stage is set for war, and to the drifters, fate's finger beckons.
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He snatches the Egg off you with a single swipe, wrenching it from your robes. He spins around and takes flight.

Then, as you invoke the Sonata, you perceive an otherworldly melody. Things come to a standstill, and then begin to flow in reverse. His wings follow an unnatural rhythm as he descends, placing the Egg back on you, the rent fabric reaching out to itself and stitching back together. As his motion is undone, Carabas stumbles backwards, reeling from the attack. He seems weaker, less stable. A horrible rattling breath comes from within his helmet.

This opens him to attack for a moment. Ganzen lays into him again, tearing off parts of his armor in a frenzy. Carabas flinches, then looks up and starts taking off again, retreating from the fight and starting to fly off lopsidedly into the rain, swiping at Aurora in the process. She takes a mean hit, but shrugs it off.

Aurora lands next to you. "Zunden! Are you alright? You're bleeding… Should we go after him?" She starts casting a healing spell on you.

Aegis conjures 10 frosty orbs, which gather around her head like a floating crown of ice. Marisol wastes no time pushing the lifeboat out to sea and taking up one of several sets of oars. It's uncomfortable for those in it, to say the least; the rain, waves and wind all work against you to slow your progress. You can barely see where you're going.

I've done some sailing in the past. This isn't going to be easy. Rough weather, hard to see… Silver, help me navigate the waves, and see if you can find an entrance to the Vindicator. Aegis, can you row as well? And maybe with that ice magic you could keep the worst of the waves at bay.

Before you can act, though, things take a turn for the worse.

Violet looks at Norv with an unreadable expression. "This isn't over."

Gawain just looks uncomfortable at the conflict, while Dawn looks frustrated. "I want to trust you," she says. "Let's hope whatever madness has gripped you is for the better."

Then, as Norv goes to invoke the rune…

As the lights converge on Norv and Rabi, the sky suddenly lights up brilliant green, followed by a peal of thunder that threatens to crack the sky itself. A great voice booms across the ocean, reaching everyone for miles around, as if spoken by some ancient god:


It sounds like two voices speaking as one: the growly rasp of the sorcerer Black Pudding, and something… other. Feminine. Familiar to all (save Aegis) even after all this time.



Another deafening thunderclap as a colossal lightning bolt shoots down from the firmament, striking the Isle itself, shooting down through the caldera and into the abyss, causing the whole island to rumble ominously. Out to sea, the winds begin to howl and roil, stirring the ocean into a frenzy, tossing the little rowboat Aegis and Marisol are in like a children's toy. And below the waters, faint glows of blue and purple begin to glow…

Roll #1 7 = 7


>assuming healing gets me up or I'm up after combat
"It iz bezt we take him down in caze it iz able to relay information of ze locazion of ze egg, I do not know why elze it would retreat."

Zunden carves into the deck and invokes Return, trying to wrench Carabas back to the ship forcefully.

[1d10] Return

Roll #1 7 = 7


I can row, but I doubt my magic will do much to stop the waves, even if I used all I have
As the waves go wild on the little Rowboat, Aegis tries her best to stabilize and hold on to it, or to ensure Marisol doesnt fall

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Bracing myself against the boat as the sea threatens to drown us all, I spare a glance back at the caldera before turning my attention to preventing our capsizing.

My word! He's invoked the Berrengaith?!

Looking above the side, I try to glean direction through the wind and rain, searching for a place to dock along the Vindicator.

[1d10] Perception
[1d10] Navigation

I haven't the slightest how he managed to call her from the fen, but it sounds as if whatever he did hasn't worked!

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"I… hrm. I definitely don't like the sound of this- I take it whatever you did didn't work, Norv? Or, uh… or is this part of the plan?"


I stumble back a couple of steps. "What? But I was literally the only one who wanted to help her until I found out BP murdered her! Unless Pudding is the one in control here I don't know what kinda transgressing I did, and even then I didn't do anything to him either."

I shake my head. "This wasn't me. Unless this is part of the damn game, which wouldn't surprise me, this is something else. A bunch of crazy powers comin together on this island all at once by their own will or whatever."


"Also wanna point out that that was around before I even did anything. Vi can vouch for that even if nobody else can.'


"Ah- well, shoot. It might be for the best if you hang with us for the time being- I don't really like the idea of this thing trying to whisk you away mid-return."


>Zunden heals full hits and 1 wound

Aurora's healing lends you the strength to get back up, but your mouth still hurts like nothing else. Feeling around, you find your prior suspicions confirmed: Carabas knocked out one of your front teeth. It's nowhere to be found now. Aurora grimaces and hands you a wadded up towel to help with the bleeding.

As the voice rings out, Aurora flinches, covering her sensitive ears. "What in Luna's name was that?" she asks out loud. "What did he do?"

You invoke the Return rune again, trying to tether Carabas to the ship. Between the intensifying storm and your spinning head from the blow you took, though, it's hard to make it powerful enough to fully bring him back. He is dragged backwards through the air, closer now to where he was before, but still out of reach.

Ganzen limps towards you, nudging you with his head before sitting at your feet, exhausted from the ordeal. Before he can get too comfortable, the ship suddenly rocks and lurches as it is battered by a rogue wave, rocking to and fro!
>roll to keep your footing, instant

What was that voice? What's the Berrengaith? Marisol wonders. Nothing good, obviously…

Aegis helps Marisol row, keeping the boat steady. Between the rising waves and the howling wind, it's impossible to know which way you're going; Silver can't see anything over the storm, and the two on the boat barely manage to keep it steady. You see lights in the waters converging on your ship, as if of creatures below the waves coming towards you…

"He's right," Violet says begrudgingly. "That storm's been brewing for days. Seems we're all in for it now." She gives Norv a pointed look.

The island starts to rumble again. You see a faint orange light starting to glow somewhere in the depths of the caldera. Rabi recalls the vision he had when he was cast through the island in his astral form briefly.

"W-well, we shouldn't stay here," Gawain points out. "What do we do now? Should we reconvene with Zunden? O-or go and find Silver and Aegis?"

Another lightning bolt shoots down into the abyss, deafening you with a clap of thunder. It's like the storm is targeting the island itself. "Whatever we do," Dawn points out, "Gawain's right. We should probably move."


[1d10] footing

Zunden continues to beckon out amidst the storm, shouting over the wind to Aurora, "It wazth a creature we found onzthe before, but I hear Black Pudding'z voizthe in it too - we can only hope he temperzth zthe zthorm. Put a Zthervitor on zthe balliztha and take down Carabazth before we lozthe him to zthe zthorm."

Return [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Aegis tosses out a couple pieces of her crown down into the water, hoping the glowing orbs will discourage or at least distract the creatures below.
Putting in all the strenght she can, Aegis begins to also furiously row the boat away from the monsters
Master Silver. I will fire off my magic in every direction in a circle. I want you to fly up and see which one of them will stop, that will be where the Vindicator most likely will be. Dont lose track of it. Ready?
With that, Aegis breathes in and releases all of her magic into a burst that flies from the rowboat to 8 different directions



Roll #1 6, 4, 8, 3, 10, 6, 4, 10 = 51


The Berrengaith was a spirit in the Fen around Black Pudding's old home. She was powerful enough that Black Pudding could do naught but hold her within the fen, tasking us with removing her. To hear her this far from her origin.. Norvy must be truly playing with fire now.

My thoughts are interrupted by another rogue wave crashing into the lifeboat, obscuring my vision briefly before clearing enough to spot the lights rapidly approaching our boat.

Looking back to nod, I take flight, watching for the lights of aegis' magic.
[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Could just be me, but also a little weird she called herself Berrengaith. That was the monster she was trapped in, wasn't it? Maybe I'm wrong, but can't imagine that'd be a name she'd wanna hang on to." I stumble a bit as the island rumbles. "Alright. Yeah. We gotta go. You guys know how far off the ship is? If it's still in good enough shape we really ought to cut and run." I look to Dawn. "And if you still trust me enough and got enough power to open up a little portal about this big-" I gesture about the size of a cannonball. "Above the middle smokestack on The Vindicator we can even leave Lysander's crew a little parting gift on the way. Really gotta try and learn how to do that. Real useful."


"R-Right! Uhm, in the caldera, there's huge cavern of magma- lava? whichever it is." he says, shrugging "I-It's likely not a good idea to stay here with the lightning striking in there."


You stumble, but throw your hand out and catch yourself on some ratlines.

Aurora nods and concentrates, closing her eyes. Your invocation slows his escape; then, you hear the twang of a scorpion bolt from nearby.

Unfortunately, firing projectiles at a target in a storm is easier said than done. The bolt flies off course, but luckily manages to clip Carabas' metal wings, damaging one of them. His flight crippled, he corkscrews out of the air and plunges into the bubbling ocean all around. Aurora hisses and pulls out of control. "Sorry. I think I lost him. It's this storm-"


The deck is illuminated by a lightning bolt from above that strikes only a few feet from where you are. A surge of electricity courses through the ship, conducted by the rain on the ship's surface, threatening to fry the three of you!
>roll to dodge

A flash of lightning disorients Silver, causing her to fail to spot where Aegis' barrage of magic missiles go. Most of them vanish into the storm, but Marisol points some of them out. "Oh no. Look…"

The shots have hit the sources of the lights in the water you can see; one of them is slain by the shots, while others are merely wounded.

Mirodan. Dozens of them. Closing in on your location. Controlled by the Berrengaith.

Before you have time to fully process this, however, another huge wave comes coursing towards your little boat, threatening to smash it to splinters!
>Aegis roll to navigate over it, instant action
[1d10] Marisol navigating

"It sounded like him talking," Gawain points out. "Perhaps they've… merged, somehow?" He interlocks his fingers to make the point, even though it's perfectly clear what he means.

"I have my own theory, but I need more," Dawn replies shrewdly. Whatever that theory is, she keeps it to herself for now. "My magic can hardly reach that far," she answers Norv. "Not now, at least. And certainly not in this weather."

Violet grits her teeth at Rabi's warning. "Sounds like this place is a ticking bomb. We're going to need a pickup, I reckon. Do we have a way to contact Zunden?"

"Here, do you need to use my phone?"

It's him. A towering vaguely draconic figure comprised of a congeries of different beasts. Discord's standing right in front of you, blocking the way down. He's holding a bright pink umbrella with cat ears. He flashes you all a Cheshire cat grin.

"Well done, Norvy! Well done indeed! You made the right choice bringing me here. And just in the nick of time, too. Things are starting to get very, very interesting."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Aegis wordlessly makes an attempt to keep the boat steady, radiant a faint blue light while multitasking this deed with firing off a bolt of magic, barely refined into a sharp shard of ice, and tossing it at the nearest Mirodan threat
'1d10+2' navigate
'2d10+2' magic bolt, ice
Master Silver, try to find land or the Vindicator, whichever's nearest, we will go towards it

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 8, 1 + 2 = 11


Wide-eyed at the site of so many mirrodan, My stunned pause is interrupted by Aegis' message
The Mirrodan.. I shall try to find a way away from them, be ready!

Struggling to circle around the ship though the pounding rain, I try to spot land or ship from my elevated position.
[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 5 = 5


Aegis and Marisol have the same idea: the lifeboat gets steered toward the wave, coursing jerkily over it and to the other side in one piece. You're safe, for now. One of the Mirodan gets hit by an ice bolt, but this seems to only anger it more.

Silver scouts ahead, buffeted by the wind and rain, and almost hits a solid wall of metal. The Vindicator. It's right in front of you. You can see a huge iron chain protruding from the water, swaying in the tempest wind. Anything? Marisol asks, struggling to maintain control over the lifeboat.

A Mirodan comes up from below and rams the boat!
>Aegis roll to maintain footing
[1d10] Marisol

Roll #1 7 = 7


course correcting at the last moment, I look up at the towering ship for a moment before returning to the lifeboat, holding nearby to direct them.

It's the vindicator! We're right next to it!

Quickly, this way!


Aegis grits her teeth as she steers the lifeboat and tries to maintain her focus and footing, her colors becoming much more faded as her concentration momentarily slips away

Roll #1 9 - 1 = 8


Marisol and Aegis hunker down as the lifeboat lurches violently. You hear a telltale crack from under your feet; the hull's breached. It doesn't look like the boat will last much longer.

The ship comes into view for everyone now. Marisol looks around in a panic as water begins to seep in. What now? How do we get on board?
>roll Perception

Another Mirodan starts surging forward to ram the boat!


Calm down Marisol. Row us out of here while I plug this leak, quick! Aegis says as she attempts a quick fix by freezing the area around the crack to stop more water from flowing in, tapping it with a frozen hoof and letting the ice stick to the surface
'1d10' earthen strike, ice (Very gently)
'1d10' perception

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 4 = 4


traveling the length of the ship, I try to find some means of climbing aboard!
[1d10] Perception
Almost.. Hold them for a moment longer, else you'll have to climb the anchor chain!

Roll #1 6 = 6


You manage to freeze it to the best of your abilities, stalling the water from coming in, but it won't hold for very long.

Bad news all around. The Vindicator is just a solid wall of steel all the way up. A true floating fortress. It looks like the only way out of this is to risk climbing the chain.

Marisol tries to fire her flintlock off at one of the Mirodan, but it gets wet and fizzles in the rain. She curses. Looks like we don't have much of a choice there… She starts steering the boat towards the chain, clearly intending to climb to safety!

The Mirodan rams the lifeboat again!
>Aegis roll to brace again


It only has to hold for a few seconds
Once approaching the chain, Aegis gets ready to jump to grab it, but notices the approaching mirodan, and braces once more for impact

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Flying near the boat, I try to assist the two in grabbing hold of the chain.
[1d10] Assist

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 3 = 3


As the Mirodan approaches, Aegis tries to brace, but isn't quite fast enough. She and Marisol are sent tumbling forward by the impact as the hull splinters. Thinking fast, Silver manages to catch Aegis, helping her get a grip on the giant iron chain. Marisol manages to grab it, but hits her head in the process, being left stunned momentarily. Below, the Mirodan converge on the remains of the lifeboat, thrashing wildly and tearing it to shreds. No going back that way now. Climbing the chain won't be easy, especially with the winds, and there's no telling how far up it goes…
>roll Navigation


Thank you Master Silver Aegis says through the mental link as she works on climbing up before the wind and the storm knock her into the water

Roll #1 5 = 5


I snap. Yeah, I didn't think she could reach that far. "Dang. I was gonna drop a loaded cannon shell right into their central coal stove. Maybe start a chain reaction in their boilers. Trap everyone else on the island when it blows. Oh well. It was worth considering, at least."

I look up at Discord and let out a relieved sigh. A reaction I never expected to have upon seeing him, and one I'm honestly not even sure is appropriate yet. "Yeah, you're right on time. Can I tell everyone what's going on now, then? I assume you're not gonna welsh, at least." I turn around to look up at the mountain. "Talk on the way to the coast. Not partial to a lava bath. The rain on its own has me smelling bad enough. Burnt dog probably doesn't smell much better than wet dog." I gesture down the path behind Discord. "May I?"


"It'zth fine, juzth focuzth on-" Zunden is interupted with the lighting bolt, causing her to jump.
[1d10] Dodge

"We'll focuzth on getting zthe zhthip moving, we can't zthay at zthea wizth zthe wavezth growing."

Roll #1 6 = 6


Aurora takes flight, and you and Ganzen manage to scramble to higher ground as the lightning courses through the ship, narrowly avoiding getting fried on the spot.

Aurora nods and flies over. "Let's just take a m- oh gods Zunden, your face…!" She hurriedly tries to cast a reconstructive spell.

The ship rocks violently as waves crash against it, threatening to hurl you all overboard!
>roll to remain standing, instant



Roll #1 2 = 2


Correction: Aurora nods and flies over. "Let's just take a moment to patch you up. You don't want to look in the mirror right now. Gods, that's a lot of blood…" She tries to cast a reconstructive spell.
>casting Mend


"Zthe zthorm doezthn't care how I look, and nor do I -" Zunden catches herself and tries to remain still.
[1d10] stability
"Zthe oztherzth are going zthrough zthe zthame zthorm, main goal izth zthill to make zthure we do not zthrand zthem on zthe izthland."

She attempts to summon a Return orb for future use bailing water out or returning from being overboard.
> Thaumaturgy:Frozen Return

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 8 = 8


The sudden slam of the tidal wave knocks Aurora off balance, interrupting her spell. It doesn't seem to have helped much. You manage to conjure the Return rune to help with the ship.

"Well you can't stay like this," she says stubbornly. "Let's get out of the rain at least." She offers to help you get below deck where it's less chaotic. Ganzen limps over to you with a soft growl, affectionately headbutting you. He seems hurt.


Zunden runs her claw alongside Ganzen's back as she makes her way to belowdecks with Aurora, "Proud of you boy, let me patztch you up."

Zunden pulses out more healing magic to Ganzen and Aurora, using her healing orb only to replenish it despite being topped off herself.

>Healing Bonds (spending orb only for the +1)


"I know not how to counter a zthorm like zthizth or if Lyzthander izth going to uzthe it to hizth advantage. In eizther cazthe, we zthould try and reezthablizth contact with zthe oztherzth."

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


You head downstairs, making your way to the mess hall. It's barely recognizable after everything that's happened; the door to the kitchen has been smashed in by some fallen debris, and the table has been broken in two. Most of the chairs are reduced to splinters, and there's a hole in the roof. Aurora grimaces at the state of the place. It's a far cry from the cozy dining room you've sat at time and time again.

Nevertheless, you sit down. The exhaustion from the whole ordeal is starting to catch up with you; you begin to ache all over and shiver uncontrollably from the cold of the rain, and your face throbs and smarts. Aurora seems to be coming down from the adrenaline as well; she concentrates for a bit and summons a Servitor, who she puts to work making tea. It'll be a minute before it's ready.

She nods at your proposal. "Yeah. Can't imagine they're doing too well. Try and think to them, I'll focus on fixing you up."
[1d10] Mend

Roll #1 4 = 4


Seeing Aurora's dismay at the destruction, Zunden tries to offer some comforting words despite her adrenaline fading. "N-neizther of uzth are zthrangerzth to lozthing zthe p-plaze we call home - we are exthpertzth at putting zthingzth b-back togezther, no?"

Upset she doesn't have her bag of holding to pull out her warmest set of clothes from, she instead pulls Ganzen close to try and share some warmth between the two coldblooded species. Wanting to assist the struggling batpony, Zunden weaves her healing magic with Aurora's, wanting to help her start the process rather than outright healing herself without help.
[1d10] Mend

Is everyone okay? The ship is getting hit bad by the storm and we have some injuries but we're trying to get it in condition to fly again. What is the situation with Lysander?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Ah. Well, I guess that's… another player. And, yeah- we ought to be able to get in touch with Zunden, if everything still works."

"Hey, Zunden. Can you hear us?"


Not a problem, Aegis.

Now, careful climbing the chain, you two! You likely won't have a second chance to grab hold.. N-not that I doubt you'll be fine, of course!

Taking one last glance down at the smashed boat, I focus my efforts into helping the pair climb the chain, fighting the wind and rain all the while.
[1d10] Assist

Roll #1 10 = 10


Your companions don't react nearly as kindly to Discord's sudden rather unceremonious appearance. Violet yells and scrambles backwards, while Dawn freezes and lights up her horn. "That voice…" Gawain's feathers stand on end, and in sheer instinct he swings his sword at Discord. The draconequus catches it and twists it into a balloon animal with the flick of a wrist. It's a tiny rubber Gawain.

"Temper, temper. Now, let me explain. I know this looks bad-"

"Don't listen to him!" Dawn commands, her voice trembling. "This was your plan?!" Violet says to Norv in disbelief. Gawain just stares in disbelief at the balloon animal, which deflates with a comical sound and turns back into his sword.

Discord frowns. "Can I at least-"

"No." Dawn isn't letting him get a single word in. "I know what you are. You lie as easily as you breathe."

"Fair enough. But-"

"ENOUGH!" She blasts him with a gigantic silver nova, blinding you all with its radiance. Pearlescent flames engulf Discord for a solid minute.

When it dissipates, he's brushing the magical energies away with a feather duster, raising an eyebrow. "Rude."

Dawn stumbles backwards in disbelief. Seems fighting won't solve much here.

Marisol and Aegis crawl on the chain. It's painstakingly slow progress; the wind and rain blind them to their progress and threaten to hurl them off into the waters below, but with Silver's guidance you manage to keep going in one piece. At one point, Aegis slips and nearly falls, but Silver manages to catch her. You're about halfway to the end of the chain; in between bursts of torrential rain, you can see a railing. If you just keep crawling forward, you can grab on to the railing and haul yourselves onto the ship.

Ganzen is surprisingly warm; balaur seem to be warm blooded, despite their reptilian appearance. He coils around you and rests his watermelon-sized head on your lap with a heavy sigh.

Aurora nods. "I suppose. What is home, anyway, but where the heart is." As she reaches out with her healing magic, you focus inwardly and cast your own spell. The end result is more your healing than Aurora's, but either way, you feel a slight itching sensation in your mouth as the damage gets repaired. Much better.

As Rabi and Zunden call out through your mental bond, you all hear their voices in your heads.

Not on board the Vindicator yet. Kind of in a tight spot, Marisol thinks.

Hm, we might be in a spot of bother ourselves, Gawain thinks.

Slight understatement, Dawn thinks. We found Norv, but, well… She trails off.


You've found norvy? I send via thoughtspeak, in between struggling with helping the pair climb. While I'm glad he still lives, I do hope he knows what he's doing! We were very nearly torn apart by mirrodan on route, possessed by the Berrengaith of all things!

We're just about aboard the vindicator, though I'm concerned their ritual is near completion! Any word on the egg?


"Right. Uh… there's a couple new players now, it sounds like. Black Pudding and the Berrengaith, and… Discord?"


I try to pinch the bridge of my muzzle but end up pinching between my mask's lenses instead. "Yeah, this is going about as well as I expected. But look. I know this looks bad," I repeat him. "But there's a reason for it. Fighting would be silly, especially when the place is about to blow. We need to go. Now. You need to listen on the way, alright? We don't have another choice right now. Dealing with O-man is one thing. We knew he'd be a problem from the beginning. Have you seen Lysander now, though? I know we were on the same ship. I blew him up, guys. Suppose it's a little late to ask, but if anyone has a better idea I'm all ears. If not then shut up and get moving." I try again to head down the path, but pause after a couple of steps. "So, uh… How we gonna get back? Please tell me the choice ain't "storm the Vindicator" or get toasted."



Everyone is alive though, yes? There are plenty of complications, I mostly worry the state of everyone's wellbeing. Egg is still in my possession.

Zunden gets back below decks, working on repairs, weaving wood back into holes with Creation runes.

[1d10] Creation

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yup. Still alive. We'll want to be careful on the island, though- it might erupt soon… I think? I had a weird vision of underneath the island when I projected."


Doing my best alongside Aurora to get the ship running again, we've just had some delays.


We have not seen Lysander yet, but are closing in on him. We might be able to still get a surprise strike while he's vulnerable, I hope Aegis says as she struggles to climb, trying to reach for the railing
Can anyone explain to me what is this Berrengaith character? Wasnt Black Pudding the one supposed to appear and assist us?

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