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Seven months ago, five drifters arrived in the far flung pocket of reality known to the outside world as the Echoes. With nothing save for their names and the clothes on their backs, they carved out a living for themselves, beginning a journey across the foreign land, gaining new allies and new enemies alike. The winds swept them across the wilds, bringing them to a forsaken desert known as the Shifting Sands, where they met someone they did not expect: a being long thought myth, known to many as Discord. Wisely opting not to free him, or retrieve the artifact he coveted, they moved on.

In Braildorn, one of the great cities built in this world, they crossed their most mortal foe of all: Lysander, a dragon of great renown and a collector of rare and magical items. They bested him, claiming his ship as their own, and were marked as his enemies forevermore. This caught the attention of an unusual couple: Dawn Chorus, a great magician, and her knight Carabas. Mortal foes of Lysander, they joined forces with the drifters, explaining the object of his desire: the Cuckoo's Egg, a harbinger of dimensional annihilation, and the very same artifact they had discovered in the Sands. Lysander wished to claim it in the name of an entity that haunts the Echoes, known only as the Oneiromancer. With the help of Cecile Grosvenor, Lady of Braildorn, these three would stop at nothing to claim the Egg for themselves.

Fate carried them across the plains, back to the fiery Shifting Sands. There, Discord was freed, and Lysander was on his way to retrieve the Egg for himself. Not only that, but he had betrayed the Oneiromancer; he rejected the entity from Outside, wanting the Egg for himself and claiming some of the Oneiromancer's powers. A great battle ensued, and Carabas was lost amidst the sands, but the Egg was wrenched from Lysander's claws, safe with the drifters, for now.

While traveling with the Egg, the party was subject to several fortunate and misfortunate adventures including the return of the Oneiromancer to the corporeal plane. The question remained of what to do with the Egg from here; after much deliberation, a plan was hatched. They would set sail for the Isle of Glass, a forsaken, beast-infested rock far removed from the rest of the Echoes. Here, they would challenge Lysander to a decisive combat, and determine the fate of the Echoes once and for all. On the eve of their final voyage, two of their number abandoned them to pursue their own goals: the warrior Hermodur, their ally from the start, and the great warlock Black Pudding. The latter departed with a nebulous promise of his return ere the end of their ordeal.

Now, the drifters prepare for what the dawn will bring. Lysander's ship lies ahead. Below, a great volcano. Above, the stars align for a celestial event. Behind, a great storm brews, and the skies blacken over the mainland.

The stage is set for war, and to the drifters, fate's finger beckons.
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You make it outside. The deck is a tangle of rubble, smashed to pieces by Lysander's ire. You can see the ship is tilted to one side, slowly sinking into the simmering sea. Gawain stands nearby, desperately trying to lift an enormous beam that's fallen, blocking the way down to the lower level. He turns around, breathing heavily, red in the face from the exertion. "Oh! Quickly, milady, I require assistance. We need to clear this before it's t-"

Your arrow is snuffed, its light consumed by the blackness.

Your words fall on deaf ears.


Before the Oneiromancer can ensnare you, the psychedelic moon flashes, and a blinding light engulfs you all. The Oneiromancer shrinks away from it, and your companions cower and avert their eyes. That tingling sensation turns into an unbearable burn from within, like your very souls are on fire.

An enormous shattering sound is heard from above, and you see cracks begin to spider across the surface of the celestial body, slowly splitting it into three pieces. As the burning intensifies, and the ship gives way and collapses into the sea, the formations on its surface continue to write, coalescing into three familiar shapes.




You're not sure how long it's been by the time you regain consciousness. One by one, you come to, tasting dirt and ash. You are caked in dust, grime, and blood. Whatever just happened, you aren't where you were before.

Looking up to the heavens, something is utterly wrong. The sky is blanketed in a layer of grey clouds, and an occasional streak of emerald lightning heralds a distant rumble. In lieu of a sun, three runes of Union now shine through the cloud layer.

The world has been altered. Irrevocably so. To what extent remains to be seen. But you are alive.

You look around. All your companions are here with you, in varying states of consciousness. Zunden is there, as is her pet, but Dawn is nowhere to be found. You are standing in an open field, with nary a spot of green to be found. This is a wasteland.

It takes you a moment to realize you are surrounded by wooden and metal debris. The remains of your ship.

Not far off, you see a slumped over figure, much larger than any of you, bearing tattered wings and a single arm. You're not sure if Lysander is still alive or not, but he doesn't look so good.


"We're… alive? What happened to the sky- err… what's happening in the sky?" Rabi asks, shakily getting to his hooves and using the cantrip he was taught to clear him and the others of blood and grime- enough at least to check for injuries.

"Hold on… Lysander's here, too."


Opening my eyes to the light, I give them a moment to adjust before lifting my head, then shifting upright, surveying the destruction around me.

"Goodness.. Where are we? Is everypony alright?" I call out to the others.


''So he is'' Aegis says as she pats the dirt out of her clothes and nearly stomps her way to Lysander, conjuring a set of ice crystal orbs
''Explain what happened Lysander, now.'' She commands, threatening the dragon from behind with magic
'1d10' homing magic, ice

Roll #1 6 = 6


I groan and peel my mask off, dropping it to the ground next to me. What- what just happened? Trying to rub the blurriness from my eyes, I take a look around, then up at the sky. Finally, at Lysander. Taking a deep breath, I shakily pull myself up and dust my jacket off. "First thing's first," I say, walking over to Lysander to check on him. On the way I unsling my rifle and aim it right at his head. Without looking up, I continue, "Is everyone alright?"


"I believe so.. The way to Zunden was blocked, but at least she was teleported with us."


Gawain pulls his face out of the dirt. "Mph… Are… are we dead?"

"Maybe we're going to wish we were," Violet groans as she sits up, trying unsuccessfully to wipe herself off.

"Gods. The swamp spirit warned us this would happen," Marisol mutters quietly. Out of everyone, she seems to be the most unharmed, despite taking a beating several times. It's as if she's invincible.

"So… what happens now?" Aurora asks, not leaving Zunden's side.

"First things first, answers," Violet demands, looking over as Aegis confronts Lysander.

Lysander slowly looks up. His magic arm has been completely obliterated, and his white scales are tarnished with ash. His right eye has been pierced by a chunk of debris, and blood pours from his mouth as he speaks. Much of his power is gone, but he's still clinging to life.

He just laughs in Aegis' face before breaking into a hacking cough, flecking blood on the mud. "…You… you tell me. Maybe ask that belligerent little… homunculus you keep around. He's got friends in… in high places…" He points an accusing claw at Norv.

"You killed Violet, and now you killed the world. Live with that, hero."

He snarls and lashes out at Aegis with his remaining claw all of a sudden!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Aegis swiftly responds by swipping away his attack with her shield and freezing over his last claw
'1d10' homing magic, ice
'2d10' magic bolt, ice
''Dont. touch me'' she says, her voice much more stern than usual
''Now start making sense. Why did the Union rune appear on the moon? I'm sure you knew exactly what was going on, so start explaining yourself proper before I decide to freeze your forked tongue''

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 6, 6 = 12


'1d10' potent potion, make him suffer

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Well, you seemed fairly happy with what was going on- only makes sense to ask you." He suggests, shrugging a little bit. He scans the area around them, trying to spot any of that blackness that would signal the Oneiromancer.
>perception [1d10]
"What… rune is that, anyways? Is that Union?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


I flip my rifle and smash the butt into his face. "That doesn't actually explain anything. Stop being so damn cryptic, ya stupid, arrogant bastard. What was the alternative? Give you the egg? Or the Oneiromancer? Maybe break it myself? I took a calculated gamble. The egg is gone. You're obviously dealt with. He's still around, but he can't do anything but be spooky now. No more egg means no more Cuckoo. You're saying whatever is happening Discord is doing it, then?"


only mildly concerned as the dying dragon swipes at Aegis and norv, I instead focus on our surroundings, shaking off the dust and taking flight, observing the local area from above.
[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 1 = 1


You hop backward and hit him with a one-two combo of ice missiles. He recoils.

"If I knew, why would I tell you?" he retorts. "I'm already a corpse. You're stranded wherever… this is. I thought you were a smart girl. You figure it out. I'm sure you'll come up with something."

He grunts as you hit him, sending some scales scattering. He just laughs at you, looking through you with his good eye. "Hah. You and your gambits. Think, Norv. Was there ever a scenario where you really won? Ask yourself, who's the only one who's actually come out on top, who's gained anything from all this?…"

You notice his chest dripping with what you took as blood before, but you now see is shadows. Whatever corruption the Oneiromancer placed in him is slowly taking over, and spreading across his body. Doesn't look like he has much time left. He looks up at you all mockingly, his eye glazed over. "Do it already. Finish it. Isn't that what you've been waiting for?"

Apart from the above, there's no sign of the Oneiromancer. Looking around, the ruins of the Fortune stretch out for a good while, but the landscape is just barren, desolate waste. Far in the distance is what might be a settlement, but it's too far away to tell. Behind you is what looks like a burned forest.

You notice some movement in the sky above. Another streak of green lightning, followed by a swirl of rainbow magic, like the portals that deposit things from the outside world into the Echoes. Something falls from the sky unceremoniously, crash landing not far from your location.


''You're right about one thing, I will figure it out, but you are not quite a corpse, not yet'' Aegis says as she covers her shield with a coat of ice and spikes before mercilessly bringing it down on Lysander
'1d10-2' earthen strike, ice

Roll #1 4 - 2 = 2


The gravity of the situation hits me as I soar above the others. Whatever happened, Everything around us, if not the whole realm, is in ruin.

Already in the air and spotting the portal, I fly a little ways towards the object to get a closer look.
[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Silver, dear? What was it? It looked like… one of the portals opened back up. Did someone drop out?"


"It could be!" I shout down to Rabi from above.

"I'm going to move closer and take a look! If it is somepony, they've worse luck than us arriving now!"


Rabi centers towards the new… Arrival, keeping the party in sight.


"But why would he do this? This ain't interesting or chaotic. This is a wasteland. You can't get much more boring than that. Discord- He's somethin wild, but he ain't evil. Chaos. Randomness. Entropy. Stuff like that ain't evil. It's chaotic by nature, but it's indifferent. The ball don't care if it lands on red, black, or 0." But I guess Discord ain't the ball, either. He's the one who spins the wheel. I smooth my fur back and resling my rifle.

"Just- do what you gotta do. Keep some scales, some claw clippings, teeth, stuff like that for Silvy. Maybe even his tongue. No way they ain't real strong alchemy stuff."

I walk away from Lysander and begin to search the wreckage for anything we can salvage. Looks like pieces of the ship are everywhere, so not sure how much we'll actually be able to find, but it's worth a shot.


Roll #1 4 = 4



"Why are you asking me?" he spits. "Ask him yourself. There's nothing left but cinders here. Maybe that's what it'll take for him to be king of the ashes."

Looks like everything's been obliterated. You find some scraps here, some metal shards there, the occasional remains of a book. At the most you manage to recover some money. You're not sure whose.
>+150 bits

Something catches your eye amidst the shattered wreck. A brown hooded poncho. Dawn wore this all the time.

There's a folded note in one of its pockets. On it is written "To my friends".

Marisol accompanies you as you move over to it. It's landed at the bottom of a steep incline. A Union rune has been branded into the earth where it landed: a single, tiny red gem sits at the center. As you watch, black, ropy tendrils sprout from within it, rapidly expanding into a chaotic shape. It's a Prowler. It skitters away as quickly as it appeared, leaving nothing behind but the Union brand. "That's a new one," Marisol points out. "Usually things just fall, they don't leave a mark like that."

Aegis brings the shield down into his skull with a bloody crack. He slumps over onto his side, and as life ebbs, he gives you one last toothy grin.

"See you soon."

He lets out a rattling breath, and the light goes out in his remaining eye.

As he is finally still, the shadows on his chest begin to spread at a tenfold rate, engulfing him. The ground becomes tainted with blackness, and his corpse sinks into the ichorous earth. The Oneiromancer's darkness retreats, and nothing remains of the Skylord, save for a black stain.


I pocket the bits. Well, at least it's a start I guess. Not too surprised everything is so scattered we can't really salvage too much.

I knit my brow as the cloak catches my eye. Slowly, I squat down, scoop up both it and the piece of paper, unfold the note, and read.

"Found something from Dawn," I go ahead and shout to everyone who can actually hear. "A note."


"That is… weird. Maybe it's something like a merging that happened? That's all I could think of." He says, shrugging a little bit and frowning as he looks around "I wonder if she survived, too. I guess I'll know for sure next time I project."

"Wait- from Dawn? Read it."


Aegis pries her shield off of Lysander's skull before the shadows begin taking over. ''Goodbye forever'' She says with disdain
Wiping the blood out of her weapon, Aegis turns to Norv, listening in to his reading of Dawn's note


I decide to read it out loud.


>The Reader:

You sit in your room, consumed by thoughts of the grand cosmic event that is taking place. Ganzen curled around you like a python, you are only dimly aware of everything going on around you. Aurora enters your room several times, bringing food, water and comfort to the best of her abilities. Only after a particularly powerful explosion is she forced to depart. You see the storm outside begin to turn red as the volcano erupts. Voices buzz through your head like a swarm of locusts, vague, unformed thoughts fading in and out. Eventually, perhaps subconsciously, they subside as the rest of the party disembark, and there is nothing but a long, prolonged silence.

Eventually, the door opens again. As you sit, withdrawn into yourself, you sense Ganzen stirring. Someone else enters the room, and you hear words exchanged between her and Aurora before a spell is cast, seemingly sealing the door with a spell. It's Dawn.

She looks around, almost stumbling into you as she gets her bearings in the room. She regards you with a gentle expression, then sits down across from you in a meditative stance, bowing her head. Her horn starts to light up silver faintly as she starts casting a spell of some sort.

Will you speak?

Her voice drifts through your mind through the Union you invoked.

If not, I understand. I'll leave you be if you like. I rather enjoy the silence myself.


Zunden stares blankly, shivering with her mind awash with plans for situations that no longer will happen and overthinking every possible ramification of Norv's allegiance to Discord. She firsts mistakes Dawn's voice for more of her worries, but it's relative softness compared to the buzzing of the rest pierces through when she mentions possibly leaving.

Zunden attempts to opens her mouth to speak, but her body to continues to shake and stay motionless, paralyzed in indecision and stress.

IhaveknowntheTowerwascomingIthoughtIwaspreparedwhydidwegiveitawayalltheplanswehadI am unwellHowlonghasNorvconspiredagainstusdotheothershavetheirownplansamIaloneIamaloneIcantmoveIcantthink..

Zunden's voice barely makes it over her insecurities as she opens her mind to respond, unable to properly get ahold of her thoughts to filter the message from her line of thinking.


Her soft smile fades slightly, and her horn flickers as she is suddenly invaded by the cascade of terrible thoughts rushing through your head. She goes to speak, but can't find the words at first, merely nodding. She seems to understand how you feel right now.

Yes, things are rather dire now, aren't they.

There is a prolonged silence as she tries to find the right words. You hear cannons firing in the distance, and the roar of battle rages on. Dawn seems unfazed by the chaotic situation outside, continuing to lower her head as she continues to focus on her spell. She sends you thoughts while she does so.

Things haven't quite gone to plan, have they. I don't think any of us were quite prepared for today. But how can we be. Life is chaos by nature, is it not. I daresay the world you'll see tomorrow will be quite different to the one we've come to know. Just as the one we know today was not the one we knew yesterday. We cannot always be masters of our own destiny. Oftentimes, the path before us is twisted, tangled in vines of entropy. It's up to us to blaze the trail through it, make our own glorious purpose, and decide what to do with what we are given.

She smiles. I am not much of a wordsmith. Apologies. I won't pretend I'll be able to heal your soul. But I'll stay with you a while longer, for what little it may help. Everyone here is fighting for you, Zunden. It's a brighter world with people like you in it.

Another prolonged silence. She offers you a smile as she continues to hone whatever spell she's casting. A Servitor manifests, carrying a tray with a kettle, two cups, a small wooden box of tiny bags, and some milk and honey. It sets them down on the table nearby, and Dawn gets up and makes her way over to it. Tea?


Zunden does have at least some reactions, body flinching at cannon shots and the following of movement with her eyes.

IcantevenfollowmyownguidancedestructionbringsrenewalbutwhatifImdestroyedTaught the same things, overwhelmedwhatifIcantsavesomeoneagainImnotsavingthemnowwhatifIlosethemlikethetribewhatifitsmyfatetobealone

Zunden's eyes move to the tea, but her mind keeps her body locked up in a self-hugging pose.

I'm sorry, I don't think I canIcantIcantIcantImstupidtothinkIcouldever-

She winces as she tries to gain some control over filtering her insecurities from her telepathy, cutting it off short.


"Ah. I'll drink for the two of us, then," she states plainly, out loud this time. She gets up and pours two cups of tea, leaving one next to you in case you change your mind and mixing a little honey into hers. She raises the cup to you silently, and takes a sip, almost immediately regretting it as she scalds herself a little, fanning her mouth with discomfort. "Mh. Hot."

She takes a seat, this time next to you. She waits for the tea to cool, pondering the thoughts she felt racing through your head.

"I was much the same, you know. After Carabas died." It's the first time she's ever really talked about it that you can recall. "It was like I was nothing without him. He was always my anchor, my corner to retreat to. It felt like part of me had been ripped away, and I needed it back…"

"I felt lost at sea. Useless. Alone. I couldn't even look you all in the eye. I tried to build a world in my mind where everything was perfect, to escape reality, to… to join him, again. It was like that for the longest time. More than anything, I wanted to hide in my shell, and abandon everyone here, and…" ."

She trails off, and laughs humorlessly. "Well. Grief is funny like that, isn't it. Every time you try to stand, it just knocks you down, like this wave that just washes over you. Over and over and over." She looks you in the eye. "You feel like you're broken. Like you're drowning."

"But then you start talking to others. Breaking out of the shell. Meeting people, sharing your thoughts, your soul… and it's not all sorrow anymore. Grief, fear, loneliness… it's all just part of who we are. It's all just love. Love persevering. There's so much more to us, more that we can feel, and take in, and give back."

"You've given so much to everyone here. Gods know you've done more work than any of us. It's time we started giving back. You, of all people, deserve happiness. You're not broken, Zunden. And you're not alone."

She gives you another warm smile, letting that thought linger for a moment.


Zunden looks at Dawn's smile, teeth gritted as tears start to roll down her scaled cheeks.

BebetternowwhyarentyoulisteningjustdontbebrokenjustmovealreadyI understand, you all mean the world tfixyourselftheywilldieitwillbeyourfaultI wish it was easydisapointingherfailingthemfailingthemfai-

Zunden winces again, trying to save Dawn the headache of hearing hers.


She wraps her hoof around you comfortingly, pulling you in for a warm hug. "It's never easy, is it. Gods know I've wished it wasn't us that had to share this burden, but it is. Everything is going to work out. For all of us. And it's alright to feel overwhelmed." She stops talking for a bit and lets you get a word in, floating the tea she made over to you. "Drink. I insist."


Zunden winces hard as she tries to pull her arm away from her body. She does succeeding in some extent, able to slowly start to reach out the floating cup. However, at the rate her hand is shaking intensely, she shys away again to protect herself from spilling and burning herself.

please can yoweakweakweakuselesscant-

She winces, looking at the cup as tears continue to gently flow.

notsureifican She quickly messages out and clenches her eyes shut to try to curtail the unwanted slips.


She lets go, standing by in case you hurt yourself. The tea is comforting in its own way, warmth rippling and soaking your body down to the tip of your tail. You feel a bit more energetic. "There's nothing a little tea can't fix, I say."

"Come on, stand up," Dawn urges. "You've been sitting like that for ages. It's not healthy. You should stretch." Ganzen watches you curiously, uncurling from around you. "Aurora's piloting, don't worry. She's handling it quite well."



Dawn nods, letting go and helping you drink with the aid of her telekinesis. The tea is comforting in its own way, warmth rippling and soaking your body down to the tip of your tail. You feel a bit more energetic. "There's nothing a little tea can't fix, I say."

"Come on, stand up," Dawn urges. "You've been sitting like that for ages. It's not healthy. You should stretch." Ganzen watches you curiously, uncurling from around you. "Aurora's piloting, don't worry. She's handling it quite well."


Thankyou Zunden quickly responds telepathically, learning to control her responses in short bursts, her actual mental condition unknown to Dawn if improving.

Zunden attempts to stand, shakily, but her body is still too overwhelmed with stress and grief to commit to the action, quickly falling back to her seat. Her eye dart around for the Servitor.

ThinkIfeeblewea- Zunden winces, Needmorehelp. She inhales and exhales slowly, Leanonsomething


Dawn moves to your side, while the Servitor takes your staff from where it's leaning against the wall and passes it to you before joining her in helping you stand. "Easy," says Dawn gently. "A little bit at a time. Don't push yourself."


Zunden pulls herself up slowly again, shaking and leaning on her staff heavily. She stands there, tears remaining on her cheeks but the flow stopped for now. She stands there shaking, not sure what to do now that she's up.


Your body aches as you move for the first time in a while, but in a good way. The ship shakes again as Lysander's ship outside returns fire, but Aurora seems to be on top of things. "Here. Let's go stretch our legs," Dawn offers, lifting the enchantment on the door. "It's probably not a good idea to go outside until it's over, but we could go walk around the ship at least." Ganzen nudges you, looking for attention.

You notice that her horn hasn't stopped glowing since she entered. Looking around, you notice a quill and ink moving with the same silver glow. Looks like she's been penning a note the whole time she's been with you.


Landing, I step towards the rune to examine it.
[1d10] Perception

"How peculiar.. You don't suppose the prowlers are linked with runes now, do you?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Zunden looks out of the door, but hesitates. Lead? She asks shortly, hoping to follow the mare around the damaged ship.

Zunden looks over to the note, trying to make out anything written. With the advent of her realizing her shortsightedness with the usage of the magical glasses given by Aegis, as well as the unwiped tears left in her eyes, she can't really get a good read either way.

Her eyes then fall to Ganzen, who she can only look at sadly as she has nowhere near the energy to give the monster what they want.


Ganzen seems offended, and keeps his distance after giving you a headbutt.

You can't make out anything on the note. Dawn finishes it and tucks it into her coat pocket. She smiles, but it's a slightly wistful one this time. "There's… something I have to do soon. Nothing to worry about."

She leads you outside. You feel a bit of strength returning as you walk; being locked up for so long has made you stiff and uncomfortable, but getting to move around some gives you a scantling of energy again. Everything is quiet for now. You hear the creaking of the ship and the rumble of the ongoing storm and volcanic eruption.

As the quiet comes, Dawn tilts her head slightly. She seems to be thinking to someone else. "…Well that's good. The party should be back soon. Aurora's moved us out of range of the fight for a while. Do you want to see her?"


Don'twandisapointheryoureweaky Zunden winces. She slows her breath down, Dontwanttolookweak

Still, she follows Dawn if she keeps moving.


Dawn nods understandingly. "Alright then."

You take a walk around the ship. Dawn stays quiet; the only sound is the rumbling ambience from outside, and your own footsteps, and the clack of Ganzen's claws. It feels both serene and anticipatory. You do a whole loop around the ship, going through all the rooms you've come to be acquainted with; Aegis' chicken room, Silver's lab, the hold below, the mess hall, the kitchen, and finally, coming back to your room.

Dawn opens the door, bowing her head slightly. She seems to be communicating with someone again. You hear the cannons start to sound again, and the ship moves and shakes. Dawn takes a deep breath. "That's my queue," she smiles. "It's not going to be safe for a while. But it'll be over before you know it. Better you stay in your room while we handle this."

She pauses for a moment, trying to find the right words, but can't seem to find much more to say. "Zunden… Everything will be alright in the end. …You're going to do a great job."


Zunden grits her teeth and closes her eyes as she tears start to fall again, leaning against the door frame as she slowly makes it back to her room.

Thankyou-Seize your fate, make it yours.


"And you," she reciprocates. She stops again, as if wanting to say more, then turns away, pulling her hood about her. She leaves to her room, closing the door behind her. Ganzen coils about you comfortingly, resting his head on your lap.


You hear faint whispering coming from the rune. There's something about it that's greatly comforting. It seems to fulfil something precious, deep within your soul, something essential. You can't help but feel drawn to it.

"I wouldn't touch that," Marisol warns, bringing you out of the brief reverie. "We don't know what that does yet. We don't even know where or when we are. Let's… let's just take this one step at a time."

She looks grim at the implication, and somewhat uncomfortable. You get the feeling she's keeping something to herself. "She survived," she asserts. "I can feel it. We'll bring her around before the end. She's hurting, but I know if we can just talk, I can bring her around…"

As the remains of Lysander vanish into the bubbling pit, you feel a sense of unease, more than vindictive triumph. Like this is just the start of something far, far larger.


File: 1627724924256.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1080, The Conjunction.png)

You read the letter.


My dear friends,

If you are reading this, then I am gone, and you have survived. I do not know what the next day will bring for you, but I feel it's time to repay my debt.

I brought you all into this, that day in Braildorn. The burden should never have been yours to bear, and it's out of sheer desperation that Etrigan, Carabas and I turned to you for help.

Now we're at the precipice. The Egg is gone, and something far bigger than us all is looming. We have waged a terrible war, and Lysander holds all the cards. If not for what I must do, I fear no one will survive.

Lysander is an old, old wound. He took everything I had and more. After Carabas died, I felt the light in my life go out. I was so broken. Wrapped in a cocoon of misery and loneliness. But through your kindness, you all helped me. You took me out of and helped me reconnect. To feel something again, even in the face of certain doom.

You gave me so much, and I couldn't repay a single thing. Now, this is me making things right. For you, for myself, for everyone everywhere.

No matter what you may have done to end up in this land, I believe you are all truly good at heart. Anyone can be a great person, if they love themselves and try to do better. This world is not a prison. It is a second chance. Keep fighting for it.

And never forget: you are not alone. This group, this family, is unbreakable. You all have hearts of gold. Don't let anyone or anything take them from you.

Well. It's time to go now. Don't cry for me, for I'll be whole again. Please, all of you, look after yourselves. Live your life as you see fit.

What lies ahead, only you can see.

Your friend forever,

Dawn Chorus

End of Part 2.

>everyone gains 2 Enlightenment Points




Somewhere else…

The world shakes, and green lightning streaks the sky as the great celestial object in the sky begins to crack. With the sound of a thousand crumbling castles, it finally shatters, raining hellfire on the Echoes. Three great runes begin to appear through the writhing clouds, forming the dreaded symbol only a select few would know the meaning of.

Grosvenor watches from the window, arms folded, her feline face illuminated in shades of green and grey by the cosmic event unfolding. As she contemplates the apocalypse, the door opens, and her servant enters, bowing her head fearfully.

"Is it done?"

Elaina swallows and nods. "Lysander never suspected a thing, my lady. Th-the bombs were planted. Those drifters had… had plans of their own and saw to his demise. …I-I saw it all from the astral plane! If the explosion or the volcano didn't kill him, then the Oneiromancer will…"

Grosvenor nods, almost imperceptibly. "And you didn't kill your sister."

No response.

"And she must have taken the Tears by now. You disappoint me, Elaina."

Elaina's lip trembles, and she shrinks away from the motionless Felid. "P… please… don't…"

Grosvenor glances over her shoulder. "The world is changing, and you are a flaw. I should have fixed you long ago."

She makes a small gesture, and Elaina collapses, motionless. Grosvenor calls for guards, and two automatons enter. "Take her downstairs. I'll have to get my hands dirty before we put things into motion."

As they leave, she turns away from the window, moving towards a desk. She shifts aside a glass jar filled with green smoke, picking up a heavy, worn black book, and opens it to read as the world continues to crumble and shift outside.

The cover reads:


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