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>Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

Calling sheets for the 85th session of TimeQuest
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"They can only jump between the two at those gates. That's good to know, it'll be easy to slip away from them."

"Thank you."
She responds in the message being sent.

"Maybe after all of this is done. For now my focus is on stopping the Master."

Onyxia is silent as Eta speaks, looking away.
"…Your mother is fine, and she misses you. I owe it at least to deliver that message directly too."


>Side RP for Luke and Onyxia in the morning after the G-777 invasion

After leaving the Danger House and making her way back to Dome C-545, Onyxia is accompanied by Steel as they wander through the halls of the base, passing by the occasional worker or occupant going about their duties. They make their way to the kitchen area of the Dome, wherein they find Luke Warm wide awake after some escapades of his own
>May specify if you are drinking or eating breakfast, what have you

You two spot each other from the hallway, and Steel gives a curt nod to Luke as they enter in greeting. Luke notices that something significant has changed regarding Onyxia: she has put on a fair amount of weight, even outstripping the husky Boo, and is sporting a pair of sunglasses similar to what you saw the Dogz wearing when you last saw them on arriving here in Future before.
Steel breaks the silence first. "Luke, morning. I see you are still in one piece."


Onyxia looks over to Luke as they enter, an apprehensive expression on her face.
"H-Hey Luke, are you busy?"
She asks at the doorway.


Luke stands by the kitchen counter where the coffee maker is. Elbow leaning on the surface, coffee in hoof, stirring. "Oh yeah, everything worked out, again. Hay did you know they got coffee in the future? Init that weird? Like they don't have much space or light to grow decent crops but they got enough for coffee."

Remarkably, Luke eyes Onyxia with a peculiar look, squinting his eyes unawaredly as he does. If he was drunk he'd have the bluntness to ask who brought the cow in the room, but he wonders if he's only noticing because he's sober and without a hangover right now.


"Yeah I'm busy, look at me, stirring coffee, leaning on the counter, wearing Closed Circuit's bath robe. This is a full time job, nah I'm joking, whats up?" He says oblivious to any pending drama or need for privacy.


>forgot namefield


Onyxia's silent at first, looking a bit relived.

"I wanted to apologize… for how I acted and what I did to you yesterday."
She says slowly, as if worried for the reaction.
"I'm sorry. You didn't deserve any of that."


Lukewarm squints again, now making a face of derision. He looks to the side of you for a second to think and then drinks some of his coffee, which puts wrinkles in his face as he is dissatisfied with the strong taste.

"Sorry, could you'uh refresh me on what happened?"


Onyxia walks into the room, taking a nearby seat to Luke. She sighs as she sits, hard to tel whether its from guilt on her apology or having to retell the incident.
"When I tried to crush you, and sending you off on the tram all tied up."


Lukewarm tries again at taking another drink of the robust coffee in his 'Best Dad' mug. The taste is just so bad, coupled with the news Onyxia gives sends Lukewarm spitting the coffee in the sink beside him. "Ah! Celestia!" immediately he begins opening cabinets in search for sugar "Er why you'd do that ya freakin psychopath -ah no wait, I'm sorry." Luke catches himself and phrases the following words with a hint of laughter "we're all sorta crazy in this ragtag bunch we got here. The word psychopath just kinda loses weight when the point of reference is even less scary" LukeWarm opens and closes the last cabinet, failing to find anything. He starts looking in his bag for something "Sorry, why did you try killing??"


"I don't know."
Onyxia hangs her head.
"'I've been stressed over everything we've had to put up with, and I was upset over a number of things…"
She pauses for a moment.
"But that doesn't excuse me attacking and treating you like that. There were… a lot of things I did yesterday, that I wish I could take back. But the only one I can truly make amends with is you. After everything we've been through together, I shouldn't have lost my temper…"


"Man I don't even remember it happening. I bet if I could remember half the things I do drunk or hungover I'd probably be spending the rest of my twenties apologizing to folks." Luke takes a bottle of grain alcohol out from his bag. It's almost empty. He just looks at it for a moment before shrugging and mixing the last bit of it into his coffee. "Yeah, I mean, I've tried killing Honey before, and I wasn't even angry. We're still friends. No I'm sorries needed. Same for you, don't sweat it."

Luke takes a testing sip of his coffee. He makes the same displeased face "There was this dude at my campus I got in a fight with over a cartoon -well at first it was about the cartoon but hehe it got really personal, pretty quick. And there's a lot of piano wire in those pianos, in those musical class rooms. But I still wave at him, you know, whenever we pass by."


Onyxia looks up, a little surprised.
"R-Really, you're not mad or anything?"

Onyxia watches as Luke rattles of his story and mixes his drink, looking better from her glum, worried tone she had when she first walked in.
"You just get into fights and then forget about it regularly?"
She questions.
"Well, I'm glad you won't hold it against me. But I still want to make it up to you."


>"You just get into fights and then forget about it regularly?"
"I don't know, I think I bring out the worst in people sometimes."

>"Well, I'm glad you won't hold it against me. But I still want to make it up to you."

"hnnm.." Luke seems uneasy about the suggestion "Well, if you wanna do something for me you could give Jean a bath. She hates those and she's past due for one."


"You don't bring out the worst in ponies. You didn't for me at least, it was just bad timing."

Onyxia nods at Luke's suggestion.
"Consider it done. Is she around here, or still sleeping? I can't tell how early it is down here."


"She's somewhere, the sneaky little rat. If you find her, net her. Don't even mention the word bath. She knows."


"I don't think I'll need to be that extreme, I've usually been pretty good around animals."
Onyxia says as she stands up from her chair.
"Thank you Luke, for being so understanding."
She says with a smile as she departs from the kitchen.
"Again, I'm sorry. I promise that won't ever happen again."


>Cat Bath [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


Calling for sheets for side-session with Southern/Onyxia's side (middle of Session 150)




>Previously on Time Quest, Onyxia and Southern had made their way to the Ug Corp building on tour of the Crystal Empire's commercial district, wherein Southern procured a large set of business cards in the aid of promoting her business. In addition to this, she also paid for a photo-shoot to be taken on one of the higher floors so that her outfits could be advertised on television, online, and in news papers, so after the deal was made and informing Onyxia and her group of such, Southern got to work swiftly stitching together a pair of stylish new attire for Plasm and Bossa Nova, her first employees, to model.

Southern has been hard at work and is just about finished with both of the planned ensembles (may describe in character), as Bossa Nova lounges out on a couch in the main lobby in wait while Plasm stands diligently outside the door, occasionally knocking asking if Southern needs any help.

Meanwhile, Twonyxia, Steel, and Onyxia have kept close by. They were, unfortunately, unable to convince Silver Tongue to allow them to take the floor-model out for a drive due to its expensive nature, but Twonyxia currently sits in the front seat (shotgun) of the model while Onyxia sits in the driver's seat, offering her tips about how to drive while they wait for Southern to finish as well (Steel sitting comfortably in the back).


Southern brings out their outfits, looking exactly as they were in the sketches: a punk gray dress for Bossa with a nice scarf, and a well-tailored suit for Plasm. "Here you go. Are you ready?"


Onyxia sits in the driver seat, hooves on the well as she looks at all the panels and the dashboard.
"This… this is going to take some getting used to."
She says, feeling like a fish out of water with this relatively simple machine.


Southern comes out with the suits for her two employees, and Plasm is the first to give response as you come out. He turns to look at the tailored suit you offer him, holding it up in his hooves. "Wow… this is nice. In my time you'd see ponies in suits like this all the time in posters, but everything you'd find is in pretty poor condition. I've been used to G-777 jumpsuits all my life." He holds it up, particularly admiring the tie with it, and coughs. "Uh… just out of curiosity, is there a hat that goes with it? The poster ponies usually had hats too."

Bossa gives a yawn from the couch, the very long legged pony turning to sit up as she scratches at her cheek beneath the scarf. "Done? That took a while. So, what exactly did you-"
As you present the punk dress for her next, accompanied with scarf, she looks at it very pensively, holding it up herself. You think you spot a bit of blush creeping up from above her scarf. "It's… not bad. It's definitely the nicest dress I didn't have to steal first." She holds it up, checking out the details. "Yeah. It's punk enough. Though about me modeling it…"

Twonyxia chuckles, reaching over to put your hooves at 9 and 3 positions. "I know, I was a little intimidated by it at first too, but trust me, it's easier than it looks. See what you would do is just keep your hooves on the wheel like so, and then," she directs you to a stick on the side, "You put this into 'drive', and then you'd press on the right pedal to go. You ever play one of those racing video games at least? Sting has a copy he likes to play with me."

Steel looks over the dashboard, "Who needs most of this? 'Cruise control'? 'A/C'? Seems to me all you need is a cart that propels itself."


Southern starts making a hat for Plasm and looks at Bossa. "If you don't want to, there's nothing making you do it. You can keep the dress even if you don't want to model; you'll be beautiful in it any time."


Onyxia nods as her twin points out instructions, moving her hooves and pushing down on the pedal to simulate it out.
"No, I never really played with those things."
She says, getting a little more comfortable.

"The A/C is good for when it gets real hot out, but I don't know what cruise control is for."
Onyxia answers back to Steel.


As you start up on the hat for Plasm, Bossa Nova turns her head to the side as you comment on her being beautiful, "Oh shut up. You're making it weird."

Plasm chuckles, "You know, originally *I* was the nervous one about this photo-shoot. Now that I have the suit, I'm a little more psyched for it. You on the other hand-"
"I was all set for it… dressed as I am, the way I look. In a dress like this… I'm not sure we shouldn't try going for Photoclop or something."
"Ah, so fancy dresses are your weakness? That'll be useful to know."

She grunts, getting up and walking with the dress gripped in hoof. "Shut up or I'll kill you. Where do I change?"

"Really? Wow." Twonyxia comments. "I think it sounds like you *needed* a couple of siblings, they open you up to a whole new world of hobbies. And yeah you seem to be getting the hang of it. Now the most important step while driving is to be aware of your surroundings, so in addition to keeping an eye ahead, you also want to be able to see as much as you can from your mirrors." She huffs, "I really wish we could take this thing out for a spin. It's so much nicer than Dad's car."

Steel looks at the dashboard. "When it got 'real hot out', we drank water."
"Well that was fine for your time, but now you have 'options', Steel. And come on, what's wrong with extra features anyway?"
"Hmm… I suppose not. But it seems unnecessarily distracting."


Southern finishes the hat for Plasm, then directs Bossa to the room where she made the dresses (presuming it has no windows and has a lock).


"I suppose so, especially Beryl." She says with a little laugh, "That shouldn't be too hard. We've had to keep watch all around us in all these travels."
She comments, looking up into the mirrors to get used to the idea.
"Will driving a normal car be like this one, or is any of this stuff different cause of these magnets?"
Onyxia asks as she brings up Dad's car.

Onyxia chuckles at Steel's old-fashioned comment.
"You'll need a water then if you have a long drive."


"Pfff, don't even get me started on Beryl's tastes. That's a whole other project. Now, as to the car, it'll be pretty much the same. All these features are pretty common place in carts nowadays, the only thing you have less to worry about with these magnets is fueling up, but I can show you how that works with Dad's car. The only different thing about this one is that it's faster, handles better, and looks cooler, but if you can handle Dad's you can handle all of them."

Steel chuckles. "Well… perhaps someone quite like 'me' wouldn't need water now."

Bossa takes the dressing room provided to try on the dress, and after his hat is completed, Plasm does likewise. Soon, both are looking extremely sharp, Plasm's professionalism breaking down as he revels in looking like the ancient stars of the past seen in the music-loving Dome he grew up in, while Bossa keeps a stoic expression, not so much looking uncomfortable in her new dress as she is unsure, occasionally reaching down to give the skirt a tug.

After Silver Tongue is alerted, he directs you all to the third-floor shooting room where an aging photographer directs Bossa, Plasm, and even yourself into various positions and poses, taking snap-shots every few seconds as she keeps coming up with bolder and bolder looks for the company's image. Plasm soon finds himself a little overwhelmed, struggling to keep up with her demands, but Bossa seems to find her stride again despite her earlier discomfort, reveling a bit in the chaos.

After a bit of time, the photographer says her work is done, and Silver Tongue passes along information for Southern to pick up the photos later as well as their plans to begin advertising as soon as possible. The employees are still sharply dressed, but Plasm looks a bit warn out after the experience.
"That was… something."


"Why don't we go get lunch while we wait for them to finish the cards?" Southern asks.


"They certainly were different, but I'll admit it was pretty interesting after talking to that professor.
Onyxia looks back to the wheel, turning it back and forth.
"Alright, I'll have to ask him if I can take it out for practice sometime."

"Yup, which makes the A/C all that better then since it can help cool down that metal too. Even though you probably don't need that either."


"They're definitely interesting, I'll give them that. I can't quite wrap my head around what that filly is all about sometimes. But I know it's something special too." As you bring up the car, she nods, "Oh yeah! Maybe later tonight when we get home, we can just take it around the block?"

"Well, Steel might not need it, but imagine anyone sitting next to him who might touch the hot iron?" Twonyxia chuckles.

Plasm nods, "After that, I could certainly use something to eat. Just let me change out of the suit, don't want to get it messed up…"

Bossa laughs. "I don't know what you're talking about. That was fun. I think I might keep the dress on for a while longer. Any objections boss?"

After Plasm goes to get changed, they approach Onyxia and her group. Plasm holds up a hoof, "Well, we're just about all done here, Onyxia. Ready to go grab something to eat?"

Twonyxia nods, "Yeah, I could go for a bite. Being I'm the local around here, you mind if I pick the place or did you want to look around and see what looks good?"


"I'll have to make you another dress if you get this one dirty while we're out in the city. And you wouldn't just accept a second dress and not wear it, would you?" she asks Bossa. She then turns to Twonyxia. "You pick."


"Sure. It'll be a lot better than just sitting in this one and pretending."

"Good point. He'd end up being a mini forge."

"Oh, sure."
Onyxia says, getting out of the car with the others done with their task.

"How'd getting your business cards go?"


"I really like them," Southern whispers.


"Oh good! Can I see one?"
Onyxia whispers back.


"I don't mean the business cards. I haven't gotten those yet."


"Then what do you mean?"


"Bossa and Plasm."


"Oh. Yea, even though I've only just met them they seem nice."


"Then I'll be extra sure not to get this one dirty."
"I'd just change out of it, Bossa. It's a nice dress." Plasm retorts.
"That's why I want to wear it, duh." She throws up her hoof. "You know what, forget it, I'll go change too. But I'm wearing it later."

Twonyxia chuckles, "Oh, a mini-forge actually sounds REALLY convenient! Imagine how much work we'd get done on the road?"
Steel shakes his head, "I do not consent to this idea. For the record."

As Twonyxia is allowed to pick the place, she smiles and heads out the door of the UgCorp Building. "Great! Just follow me, I know just the place. It's a little small but it's cozy too."

Twonyxia leads the way down the street away from the commercial district, showing the group towards a much calmer part of the city that isn't quite so heavy in traffic. She nods towards a cafe situated on the corner, looking out towards a vibrant park (with crystalline art-work 'trees' decorating within). The name of the cafe says 'Crown Jewel' on the top, though despite the imposing name while the interior is pretty nice/decorated it's comparatively small to a lot of other restaurants you've seen. "This is a place me and mom found on a walk to get supplies for the forge a while back. It doesn't get its crazy rush until much later, so they should be able to seat us right away. And the food is terrific!"


Southern has already begun drafting outfit lineups for the two, for a variety of social situations.


Onyxia can't help but laugh at picturing Steel as a mobile forge.
"That would be extremely helpful, but I have to agree with Steel. Even if he is metal it can't be comfortable sitting at a few hundred degrees."

Onyxia follows along as they walk to the more tranquil part of the city.
"Now this reminds me more of the old times."

"Wow this looks great."
Onyxia comments once they step inside.
"Really? Hmm, I'm not feeling that hungry, but I guess I can try a little something."


Steel chuckles. "Thank you, Onyxia. Good to know my feelings are considered in this matter."

As you comment on not being that hungry, Twonyxia whispers, "Is that because of the love or the waffles? Either way don't worry, the salads here don't take up much room but they taste amazing, you'll like 'em. Besides, you want to keep your energy up for the day, right?"

As they head into the cafe, Twonyxia politely waits at the front for someone to seat them, before Bossa moves on ahead past her to grab a table for six (technically eight but with her / Steel's sizes you need the extra space) of her own accord. Twonyxia comments, "Um… you're actually supposed to wait for them to sit you fi-"
"It's fine, this place isn't busy yet, remember? I don't hear anyone complaining."
Twonyxia puffs out her cheeks at the rudeness, but Plasm slips past, "Sorry about her, we're still working on the 'manners' part."
Steel moves ahead next and takes a seat at the same table, evidently almost as unconcerned with procedure as Bossa is as he makes sure to pull a seat open for Onyxia first. Sighing, Twonyxia moves to take her seat as the waiter comes over to take drink orders.

As the group sits down to the meal, Bossa cranes her long next over towards your sketchbook, raising an eyebrow at the new designs. "You already working on new designs?" She turns in close, eying through the lot of them. "Damn… these are good but, am I really going to need ALL of these? I usually just wear the same thing all the time, works well for me."


"You don't like them?" Southern asks, acting hurt.


"Your feelings are always considered Steel."

"A little of both, and I guess I'm still a bit worried that today's little lesson might not work."
Onyxia admits.

Onyxia is a little surprised as well as Bossa just walks on by to take a table for them. But with some of them already moving, Onyxia follows.
"Thank you Steel."
She says as Steel pulls out her chair like a gentlecolt.

When the waiter comes by, Onyxia just orders a water.


Bossa raises an eyebrow, "What? No, they're great, I'm just saying that's a LOT of them. Why do I need so many?"

Plasm comments, "Because no one outfit is perfectly suited for every possible occasion. You need variety. I figure as a musician, you'd appreciate that."
"You're getting to be a little too chatty for me this morning, stiff. I don't remember asking you." Bossa retorts.

"I understand, but even if it doesn't, the salads aren't going to add much more on than you've already got, and they are WORTH it, trust me. Besides, I think it's working pretty well so far."

Steel pushes in the chair for Onyxia as she sits down, nodding, "My pleasure." Before taking a seat himself.

AS the waiter comes out and collects drink orders, Steel orders a water so as not to draw suspicion, along with Plasm. Twonyxia asks for a pink lemonade, and Bossa orders the only alcoholic drink so far, a glass of wine. Steel comments, "A bit early, isn't it?"
Bossa retorts, "It's the Crystal Empire. If you're not drinking the wine here, you're not drinking at all."

Twonyxia takes up the menu, and starts going over the salad selection to Onyxia, "Just about any of these are my favorite… I always have a hard time picking."



Roll #1 5, 5, 5, 9, 3, 2, 6, 3, 10, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 10, 4, 4, 10, 1, 2 = 103

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