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>Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

Calling sheets for the 85th session of TimeQuest
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Steel lets out a sigh. "That's a relief. We both know saying or doing stupid things is somewhat common with me. Still, I can't say I wouldn't also be shocked in that scenario: one who is not only skilled in metal, but a beauty to match? Unheard of."

"Well in that case, let's speak to your twin during dinner, see if we can arrange for such an outing. Your father was working in Ponyville earlier, I believe, so maybe it'd be even convenient for a vacation down there. Not that he'd work during it."

He smiles. "Ah, yes that is what you promised him. You know I don't think she'll be pleased to learn that offer was made."

As the spear drives itself into the shoulder of the griffon, he lets out a pained gasp, his beak opening wide as his sword falls to his side, the green glow throughout his body pulsating and agitating as it seems to tear him up from the inside. He grunts in pain, looking at Nero through fading eyes as Celestia and Honey come down to greet him.

"I… am… Gabriel… grandson of Garfield. Borne to his son Geoffrey." He struggles to pull himself through the spear, inching closer. "I seek to… avenge not only his defeat in Gildveast, not only the hundreds of griffons that perished, but the actions you left on our history. My father heeded the words of Garfield," he groans, struggling to maintain consciousness, "who you told to return to Equestria only from the west, having conquered all that lies between us and the rising sun before breaching the Lunar Ocean. But it was in folly… my father pushed too far, too fast, spurred on by your taunts and your feats that it drove him and our kingdom to ruins."

Celestia frowns, "It is true. Following the end of the Griffon-Equestria conflicts, the Griffon Kingdoms chose to continue their campaigns too soon following their defeat at our hooves. Garfield's son did not give the country proper time to recover from one war before starting two more."

"The Kingdoms NEVER recovered… after being gifted the power to transcend time itself to take my revenge, I learned we never come close to the height of power my grandfather held. Never again would the griffons challenge the sun itself," he says, looking to Celestia, "…until the sun itself would spend the end of days. I could not save my kingdom, but I could avenge it…"



Luna shouts, "You mean 10 and 2, right? Whatever, I'm getting a handle on this now, watch!"
The hooves of the giant come crashing down on the earthy shackles that bind it, and Luna also manages to pivot the giant around the charging stone golem, pushing it to the side and avoiding its goring horn as she lets out a whoop. "HAHAHA! You see that?! What's that about my driving now, Luke?"

Your lasers fire from the eyes of the giant, blasting more bits off of the stone golem until it detaches one of its hooves, crumbling into bricks and clay as the massive creature turns and swings a hoof towards your giant's face, which Luna moves to block and counter
[1d10: 9] Luna
[1d10+1: 2 + 1 = 3] Golem

The wires proceed to dice up Mammon over the battle-field, as Chaser looks on with rapt attention while Bossa, Plasm, and Copper hop on his back.
"Little surprised you pulled that off myself… you're some god, Southern." The giant bird-serpent complements, looking back over his shoulder as the others all situated themselves on-board. "Alright… with Mammon gone, that's a huge weight off my shoulders! Feels like I can finally wander the valley free again. Off we go!"

With that, he twists off into the sky, disappearing into one of his many clouds. After only what feels like moments of surfing through the thick sea of white, you immediately drop out of the cloud cover… in an area COMPLETELY different than Chaser's mountain-peak. Below it looks like a vast sea of tar-pits and skeletons of fallen dinosaurs, huge ivory remains of the mighty beasts littering the grounds as Chaser touches down near a bone-yeard.

"Here we are, all passengers please get off at this last stop… has Volsa told you anything about Bone? Nice fellow, honestly, you'll find him pretty friendly. Just need to look around for him, he usually isn't far from this place."


>additional posts?

Southern hops off as instructed, then hops on Plasm without a word, evidently expecting to be carried as a matter of course. "Where should we look for him? Anything that will give away his hiding place? A godly palace, perhaps?"


As you hop on the back of Plasm, he lets out a grunt, turning his head back to look at you as you decide to just help yourself to his services. "…tired?"
Bossa snickers. "No, just abusing her authority."

As Chaser looks around the boneyard, he shifts back into his griffon-like appearance after everyone has disembarked from his back. "No palace. Bone is a little odd among all the pony gods I know, unlike Azel or Volsa he really doesn't seem to appreciate stuff like palaces or thrones or servants. He could be hiding out in any one of these abandoned skulls. Just look around for him, he won't be far." Chaser comments, starting his search around a nearby bone-pile as he starts calling out, "HEY! Bone, you around?! You got guests!"

As he calls out, Plasm turns his head towards a massive rib-cage across one of the tar-pits that makes a xylophone-esque *ping* that echoes through the valley. "You hear that?"
It is soon followed by another *ping*, Bossa nodding her head. "Heard that one…"


Steel can feel their combined face flush a bit as he compliments Onyxia's looks.
"Well that's easy for you to say now. You haven't seen me after a day over the forge."

"I'm sure she'll understand the reasoning.Besides it is me they want to study, so I think I get first say it what happens."
Onyxia cmments on Twilight's potential displeasure.

When Steel brings up her father's work, she goes a bit into thought.
"He would know a lot of places we could, if he travels as much as it seems. But I don' know about Ponyville so soon. He did seem pretty set on us not going back there with those changelings he mentioned…"
She says, worry in her voice.


"I'm doing quite well actually."

She begins weaving armor around Plasm and Bossa from threads. She also makes some traps to protect everyone. [1d10+3]

"I take it he's going to come to us with a charming musical number about bones, if all those pings are him."

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


"Ugh, isa he seriously one of thosea types?" She says outloud with a huff and crosses her hooves.
"Blaminga others for their fucka ups, and yet the fuck upa wasn't even his! Whata a fucking joke. You deserveda to get your asses kicked bya us back there."
She looks over to Nero and uncrosses her hooves.
"C'mon, killa him or whatever. We gota more important thingsa than crybabies to deal witha."


"Well Luna, what I'm seeing here would be the modern equivalent of watching an icecream truck slam into a brick wall. So I'd say for someone without a license it's pretty good."
[1d10+4] Lukewarm continues shooting at the golem

Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14


"Then your line learned nothing from Me, King of Griffons. I gave your grandfather one warning, to be wise, to always attack with knowledge and cunning not merely raw might. I told him to make his sons greater then himself. Yet look at yourself, drunk on stolen power. You attacked us openly, no plan, no strategy, nothing but power. Challenging the gods with nothing but 'ultimate weapons'. EO, your Gildevast." Nero withdraws His spear dropping the king to the ground.

"Do not blame Me for your foolishness."
Nero nods to Honey as she says nearly the same thing He did.

"For your grandfather's sake, I would spare your life. But so close to the end, I cannot risk another ambush." He says raising His spear [but not firing it yet].


"Believe me, I doubt a layer of soot could do anything to ruin YOUR coat… if I may be so bold."

"Hmm, true. Twilight does seem extremely eager but, she'd understand the circumstances. You were helping your little sister, after all. Still, may want to at least offer her second in line, just in case."

"Hmm… well, Equestria has grown vast since the eras I've come to know it. I'm sure there are plenty of nice areas to take a camping trip, your father may well have some in mind. He strikes me as the type to enjoy the outdoors."

Plasm smirks, the strain of carrying you only slightly visible on his brow as he moves to carry you. "Of course you are. Well, wouldn't want to ruin that." He says as he moves towards the pinging rib-bones, moving around the tar-lake as they start to play out a tune…

From within the shadows of the rib-cage, you see a pony… a NORMAL pony, not like the various mishapen cave-ponies you've met so far. Brown of coat but with countless white, bone-styled tattoos adorning his coat, the pony plays a beat along the rib-cages with two white sticks in his hooves, both of which end in three-pronged tops (similar to Claw's staff). The pony plays along the beat as he whispers from the shadow of the rib-cage.
"Hey hey ho, hey hey ho…. would love to do such a number for you, but unfortunately my rhyming isn't… uh… much to do?"

He keeps the beat going, shaking his head. "All these years I can play a mean beat but I can't lyric to save my flanks." The pony sticks his head out from the shadows, covered in the skull of a long since dead velociraptor that he uses as a helmet. "Southern Point, I presume? Along with disgruntled employee Captain Plasm and ex-Order Bossa Nova."
Bossa blinks. "You… know us?"



Gabriel turns his head towards you, clicking his beak as he burrows his brow. "The wars that my father started, recklessly trying to follow in the paw-steps of my grandfather, inspired by you all… left me with nothing. My castle and house is in ruins, my heirs scattered if not dead. I have nothing left but to at least try and take vengeance for my grandfather and kingdom."

"If you taught my grandfather such things, my father did not heed them… all he took was the challenge to conquer his way back to Equestria towards the East."

He closes his eyes, "I was told the power of this 'E.O.' would be enough. Clearly whoever told me this was mistaken, or my lineage for foolishness precedes me…" he looks to you, "I took my shot and I missed. Do what you will with me. I've made my nest and now I must lay in it."

Luna expertly maneuvers the giant's hooves up into a block, taking the brunt of the massive stone-pony's fist and deflecting it away before rearing back with the other hoof to deliver a crushing blow. Meanwhile, you blast away at the massive monolith with your laser, red-hot beams of heat shooting out of the giant's eyes as they melt the head of the enemy golem. The brittle, red-hot stone collides with the giant's hoof as Luna directs its punch straight into its maw, exploding the head of the golem in an almost volcanic-lie explosion before it starts crumbling apart, falling back on itself and falling to pieces in scattered chunks around the ground. Luna lets out a whooop of victory, throwing the own giant's hooves into the air as she celebrates its win

"HAHAHAHA! Knock out! Take that, Lamashtu, is that all you have to throw at us?! Told you I knew how to move this thing Luke, I'll take an apology for your earlier comments at any time."
>Roll a perception check, instant


Honey hovers in the air and looks down at him.
"Pathetic." She gives a huff to blow a bang out of her face and turns away from him.
"Okay, whicha way to the sick, twisteda fuck that made this weirda ass place?"


"That line about Plasm just isn't true,
He loves all the tasks I give him to do.
Now how bout we find some Dreamstone,
Where can we find it, Mister Bone?"

>another Trap Default


Their metallic coat starts to shine a bit, as if freshly polished, at Steel's line.
"You may."
Onyxia says a bit bashfully.

"Oh definitely. Lapizulas may be interesting in this topic, but I think Twilight would probably be more help if she gets a second look."

"From what my Mom used to tell me, he did seem to be the outdoors, working type. Maybe he used to camp before they met."


Lukewarm shields his eyes from the hot shrapnel that bursts into the air at the Golem's decisive defeat. "Alright, yeah I'm sorry. If I ever need help crashing a minivan into a brick wall I'll give you call. How about you take us down to Nero. They're probably sick waiting for us by now."

[1d10] perception check

Roll #1 4 = 4


Nero looks to the griffon with some mixture of pity and disgust. His spear shines with light, before casting forth the divine windstorm to shred his body and carry it off the spiral. Nothing beside remains. He speaks to Celestia.

"Thus begins the long slide to Goudeau. What a vulgar end. Theirs was the true way of kingship. Power and will, unhindered by foolish modern philosophies. Men who challenged even the heavens. Yet this little king was nothing more then a slave."

He looks aside down the spiral with further disgust, before looking to Honey.
"Further within this spiral. Keep your eyes open, the rest of the Order could already be here." He says, about to go further within before stopping.

"Where is Luna and the giant?"

He goes to the 'edge' of the current locale and looks down to see what is taking them climbing the mountain.


As Nero blasts away Gabriel, Celestia averts her eyes, only opening them once Nero speaks to her.

"…his fate is regrettable. But, I do not agree, with the idea that the griffon leadership's last great beacon was Garfield. I have known great kings and queens of the griffon lands in the time since Garfield's era. I find it pitiable Gabriel, despite having looked at his people's future, saw only the lack of worldwide conquest and not the strength they've shown in other ways."

You do not see anything as the giant crumbles into pebbles before your eyes, Luna moving the giant forward over its remains unimpeded as she shouts, "Yeah, yeah, smartass… Still saved our giant's tremendous black rear though, I demand credit for that. And sure thing, I agree: I wonder if he heard or saw any of that going on from up ahead?"

You move the giant up the stretch of twisting land-scape towards Nero…

As Nero asks about the giant, Celestia turns her head down from whence you came, seeing the giant starting to climb up to their position. Both are now within sight of each other as Celestia comments, "Speak of Tirek, here he is…. huh. The giant wasn't looking THAT beat up before, was it?"


Bone's teeth widen up to a big, white grin, the skull-like tattoos on his face making him look much like a pony candy-skull as he laughs. "Hahaahahahaha! Hey, you're pretty good."

Plasm shakes his head, "Seriously though, how did you know who we were?"
"My old lady told me." Bone says casually.
"Your wife told you…?"
"Figure of speech, will explain it all later. Anyways, you're looking for Dreamstone. Well, then you're in luck: I happen to know where Mammon was keeping his."

Bossa smiles, "Well hey there. He wasn't so keen on giving it up… but, what he wants isn't going to be much of an issue anymore."
"Heh, yeah so I've heard." He crosses his twin sticks, bowing in respect. "REALLY impressive by the way, wish I could have been there. Fought Mammon myself, long long time ago… I won but, did NOT do so in a straight up fight. Had to use every trick in the book to nail him. But, that's all ancient history.

Plasm raises his brow, "I'm still very dubious on this… all the other gods seem to trust you, but this all seems too easy."
"Sometimes, the best things in life are my boy." Bone smiles, reaching over to pat him on the head while looking up at you. "Mammon had his own castle apart from the apes he was working with. I was not thinking assaulting it was a good idea with him around but, if he's no longer around, it'll be easy pickings."

Steel grins as he feels your combined coat shining, chuckling at your response. "Anyways, I think that is a good enough deal for the Princess of Friendship. Honestly speaking, offering yourself up as a test subject is in itself extremely generous, what order they get to you study in should be of little import by comparison to that. I look forward to camping with your family, assuming even your father is not so knowledgeable I should be able to pick up the slack. I know how to start a fire without magic, set up a tent, even forage. Also took the time to learn constellations to find my way by starlight…" he pauses, "I must sound like I'm bragging, forgive me. The idea… just excites me."


The wires keep Bone from being able to pat Plasm. Southern glares at him as a sign of warning.

"On to the castle, let's take a peek,
Because it is there lies loot we seek.
From his other treasure, take your pick
But the Dreamstone is mine; he was a dick."

>another default



"You did not see the last of the griffon's kings, as I did. They never again approached Garfield's glory. Their history is a slow decline in his shadow, ending in a laughingstock. A few bouts of prosperity means nothing in comparison."
As the giant emerges Nero shouts into its eye socket.

"What happened?"

>continues into spiral after this exchange, party in front, giant following behind.


Onyxia nods in agreement.
"Mhmm. It'll be a ways off either way since Lapizulas has his tour, so it shouldn't be much of an issue unless we run into Twilight anytime soon."

"Don't apologize, it's good to hear you excited! I'm getting excited myself, it'll be my first family vacation with my whole family!"


Honey hovers onward through the spiral.


"We just ran into a little trouble, a stone golem. No biggy. This big ole corpse has another 100k miles on it before it's decommissioned."


Bone pulls his hoof back after the wires first start to dig into his hoof's coat, pulling it back sharply as he turns and grins. "If that's your wish, then be my guest. I'll be the one to… uh… I…." Bone stammers.

Plasm groans. "'Lead you on your quest'?"
"HAH! Hey, what do you know, guess phasing isn't your only super-power, huh?"

As he moves away from his rib-cage, he calls over Chaser, the griffon bounding over from another pile of bones to run up to and hug Bone. "Bone! There you are. Up for another game of hide and seek later?"
"Later, Chaser," Bone remarks. "Got something to take care of first. Heard Mammon's been recently-"
"Relieved of his head? Yes. Got a front row seat of all things…"
"Well, then, I think you know where I'm going with this?"
Chaser grins, "Was just needing YOU to lead the way."

Chaser transforms back into his giant serpentine self, Bone hopping on and lending a hoof to you all to help get on his back.
As Plasm carries you aboard, gently moving his hooves beneath you to princess-carry you up on the seat carefully, he asks, "So… about that Dreamstone," he whispers, "We still planning on splitting the cut with Volsa and Azel?"


"I suppose I didn't. But, in all fairness, I don't suppose any nation's line was looking too good in that era. From what I could tell there wasn't even any pony royalty left at all."

As the group meets up once again, Luna looks out from the eye-socket as well. "Some sort of giant stone pony thing rose up and attacked us. I was more than enough to kick its rocky rear-end though." She glowers, "Oh, and Luke helped too I guess…"

Celestia rolls her eyes at her sister's attitude before moving along with Nero to the front of the group, continuing up towards the bundle that forms as the center of Lamashtu's domain. The gravity intensifies with every step, but it is not more than a mile further before you suddenly start to feel the earth shaking, and the sounds of a great stone splitting and creaking as though the entire segment of spiral you're currently on is trying to snap itself off
>Roll a perception check, instant

Steel chuckles, "Thank you, for understanding. It was a hobby of mine I enjoyed, sleeping out under the stars like that. Made you feel… FREE. Like you were your own Master. I hope your family takes to the idea. Though, if they don't, I'm more than flexible to anything they wish to do."

He leans back in the pool, looking up. "…what about you, Onyxia? If you could take a trip to anywhere, do anything, where would you go?"


She rewards Plasm with a headpat. "Yes, they're still getting their cut unless they betray me, in which case I annihilate them and give you their share. Otherwise, you, Bossa, Copper and I split my takings."

>another default on Trap


Nero banishes His spear to hammer-space as He notices the entire bridge seems liable to snap. He rushes to the large emerging crack at the end and grips it in both hooves, trying to pull both pieces back together.

[1d10+4] DYEL

Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10 / Roll #2 2 + 4 = 6


Onyxia says in thought.
"I don't know. The Empire changed a little from what it was, so I wouldn't even know if anything else I heard of the rest of the world is the same. I guess… just anywhere, to see what the world is like now."


Lukewarm doesn't think much of Lunas teasing. Though he can See Celestia roll her eyes from up here. Lukewarm corroborates the story. "It wasn't much. So I just cracked open a beer and shot a couple rounds. Nothing to fuss over."

Lukewarm turns back to Luna "You know since we started hanging out I've been getting a nagging feeling I met you before. Did you ever play teufort on tf2 past midnight?"

[1d10] perception check

Roll #1 3 = 3


Honey attempts to rocket thrust against the gravity increase as everything starts to happen.
"Shit…everything isa going to shit!"



Roll #1 8 = 8


Plasm nods, "Alright. Just wanted to make sure that was all still above board."

As you all hop onto Chaser, the serpent lifts back up into the cloud layer, disappearing in a sea of white as you feel the winds rushing past your faces. In only moments more, you drop out of the clouds in a completely different location just as you had before, Bossa looking out over the side in amazement.
"How the fuck do you do that…?"
Chaser lets out a chuckle. "That's my little secret. Maybe if you stick around and play a while, I'll tell you…" he says as he slices through the air to the ground below. You are now in a massive canyon, dried and lacking in almost any vegetation at all as he slides through the canyon's narrow passage at Bone's direction. After a few minutes of flight, Bones pulls up on one of Chaser's feathers, prompting him to stop at a opening in the side of the canyon wall, dark and foreboding as he points towards it with one of his staves.
"In there. Mammon kept everything that ever belong to him in there as far back as a 1000 years. He's a creature of habit, I doubt that's changed. Let's head on in." Bone comments as he leaps through the hall, magically lighting a small torch in one of his staves to light the way ahead.

Celestia smiles up at Luke, "Well, I'm glad at least someone up there knows a little something about humility."
"Humility schumility." Luna comments. As Luke turns to ask her if she played TF2 in the past, Luna's eyes widen, and she puts her hooves back in the brain trying to re-focus. "Uhh… I don't know what you're talking about. I don't even play Trot Fortress 2."

Seeing the massive expanse of land starting to break apart, Nero swiftly jumps into action to grab at the other side of the crack, pulling back with massive amounts of strength to keep the bridge from breaking off. And, to the utter shock of Celestia, it succeeds, your god-like strength keeping the pillar-mass from snapping off to the void below!

"We have to get across while Nero's holding it together, hurry!" Celestia shouts, directing Luna to move the giant over the crack while Nero holds it together

Honey activates her rockets against the gravity increase, everyone managing to pull themselves closer to the crack even as the gravity becomes more and more intense and the cracking land itself grows more and more brittle. Out of the corners of their eyes, Honey and Nero spot something moving between the cracks. Familiar purplish glows of magic that remind both Nero and Honey of the flashes of magic Obsidious used when you fought him in Luke's era

>Nero, roll instant to keep the bridge held together

"Just anywhere? Hmmm…" Steel comments, reaching up to rub your combined chin. "Anywhere leaves a lot to the imagination… I've had my share of travels so I'm not particularly picky on where it is we go. Preferably someplace WARM is the only requirement I'd have. But you never thought of the other places across Equestria? The Pegasi's cloud cities? Or the desert settlements? Oh, or going on a boat, perhaps visit an island?"


Southern heads in.



"Before, I only ever thought of travelling when it was to find my dad."
Onyxia starts, turning their head to look down at their reflection in the water.
"But I did like the idea you suggested, back when we were in the future. Travelling the world, seeing all the new sights for the first time together."
Onyxia trails off in hopeful thought.


Bone nods his head, "Quite correct. When you touch a piece of raw dreamstone, it is possible to use it to take yourself to a higher plane… the plane of the gods… and you can do it with any miniscule amount. But, once you do that, you're at your peak: more dreamstone won't do anything on its own."

Plasm turns his head, "Then, yeah, how do we use the rest…?"

Bone picks up a little bit of the dreamstone off the floor, "Dreamstone is a bit like ponies, I like to think… when it starts out, it is a blank slate. Like a pony without its calling, it remains in this red, raw state of matter. Filled with endless potential, but no purpose. To find its purpose, the dreamstone reaches out and listens to the dreams of those nearby. Their hopes, their wishes, their desires, the dreamstone slowly absorbs them all over time… and then once it has accumulated enough, it turns into a magical tool that can make your wish a reality. The Alicorn Amulet was forged from a desire for power, the Elements out of a desire for order, and so on and so forth." He points at the massive store of dreamstone you hold. "All you need now is simply desire, Southern: concentrate on that which you want, and over time, the Dreamstone will be able to adapt to your wishes."

Bossa frowns, "How long will that take?"
"Not sure, in this regard the dreamstone can be a bit finicky. Some seem to adapt within days, others months, there doesn't seem to be a consistent pattern. Though from what I understand sorcery goes a long way in speeding up the process."


"Hmm, I'm sure this won't be a bad idea," Southern muses to herself. She then sits on top of Plasm, and then pulls over Bossa, using the former as a recliner and the latter as a leg rest. Then, getting comfy, she starts to make a nice dress out of the Dreamstone.


As you pull Plasm over to you, he lets out a surprise gasp, not putting up much of an argument as he lets you sit on top of him, grunting as you start getting to work on sewing a dress from the dreamstone.

Bossa, meanwhile, lets out a small squawk as you use her as a leg-rest. She snorts through her nostrils, getting up and depriving you of your foot rest while she plays a quick hyme on her guitar to summon a bit of earth for you to plant your hooves on instead. "Hey! I know I'm not exactly the highest on the totem-pole, boss, but I am *not* the bottom-bitch. You want a foot-rest, grab Rubianca." She moves off to the side, looking down as you begin sewing the dress. "You're going to make a dress from it…? Huh. Well I guess I can't say I'm surprised."

"I think it's rather unique…" Bone mentions, moving over to look at the dress you begin to sew. "I don't think I've ever seen anyone try spinning dreamstone into thread before… that is, besides your string, Southern."
Plasm grunts. "So… I get breaks, right?"


Southern seamlessly floats over to sit on Bossa, switching places so that Plasm is the leg-rest. "Yes, you'll eventually get time to make me sandwiches," she answers Plasm.

She continues working on making her super-cool super-duper-powerful magic relic. "Well, anyway, let's go get some more dreamstone. Do we have any leads on where we can get more?"


Bossa looks back as you float above her and plop down on her back, letting out an oof as she looks back at you with narrowed eyes. "You REALLY can't just thread yourself up some kind of couch? Gotta use your loyal and beloved employee?"

Plasm lets out a grunt, "Fantastic… good to know I'm still of 'some' use to you."
Bossa blinks, "Hey… speaking of 'use', you said 'we' could use some of these dreamstone pieces to ascend too, right? Can I get some of that like, NOW?"
Plasm, at the mention of this, looks down, contemplating as he keeps your hooves up.

While you knit your dreamstone dress, Bone shakes his head. "I'm afraid I don't… THIS was the biggest haul I knew how to find. There's probably plenty more out there, hidden in the cracks of this world, but that'll require more searching and, probably not near as big as the score you just made here. Though maybe the villagers the apes took this dreamstone from in the first place would have hidden caches where Mammon couldn't find."



She then hands Bossa and Plasm their own shares of it. "About time you asked."

"Let's go out and question them, then. Chop chop."


Bossa takes in her dreamstone with eager glee, bouncing her pieces up and down in her hoof as she already seems contemplative of what to do with them. "Niiiiice…. alright, what kind of goddess should I turn into? Only get to do this once… or, do I even get a choice?" She turns to you, "How did it work for you did you, you know, get to pick?"

Plasm looks down at his much more hesitantly, contemplatively. After several quiet moments, he lets out a sigh. "I… think I'll delay on mine."

As you suggest going out to question them, Bossa speaks up, "Well, we got Kino and that other cave-pony we picked up out of that ape base you broke into, maybe they can show us some other settlements that had been hit. Otherwise,"
"Otherwise, the only ones you can question are still being held captive in Razar's fortress. Though, if they were to be liberated, something tells me they'd be quiet forthcoming with their rescuers." Bone suggests, rubbing his stick against his chin


"It was just sort of natural for me. I'm sure you'll make a fine goddess of music. Or of being a chair."

She shrugs at Plasm. "It'd be best to do it sooner rather than later. I'd rather you be immortal for what's going to come next. I think we're going to be in the middle of some serious battles."

"Who's Razar and where does he live?"

She begins making traps (default). (How many do I have now?)


Bossa rolls her eyes at you, "Hardy har. On that note: the second I'm a goddess, I am done being your furniture, Southern." She looks down at the red gem in her hooves, letting a deep exhale escape her as she concentrates on it, closing her eyes. "Alright…. magic rock, I guess it's time for you to do your stuff."

She concentrates on her stone, Bone and Plasm both looking on at her in surprise as a glow begins to envelop her body. In a brief flash of light, much like you, she disappears from existence, leaving a small smoking stain on the ground near her as Plasm looks around in surprise. "Just like you, she's gone…"

He turns back to you, looking down at his stone, frowning. "I… I understand that, thigns will be heating up. Very soon, even. But I'm…" he sighs. "I'm just… I'm not a god. I don't think I ever thought of 'being' a god, this is so far above what I had anticipated."

Bone turns to you, "Razar lives in a massive palace to the south of here. He's the leader of the apes, the war chieftain who united several opposing ape-tribes under a single banner to campaign against the rest of the valley. Mammon has been his right-hand, his ringer to keep everyone in charge… but with Mammon 'gone' he might just have a rebellion on his hand."


"Just think of it as some extra protection for your life. Leave all the grandeur and glory for me."

>More traps (default)

(How many do I have?)

"He sounds like a real caesar. How do we leverage others against him? Surely he has many under him who would like to team up against him."


"But it's not just extra protection, is it?!" Plasm shoots back, actually coming out from under you as his demeanor seems to crumble. "It's immortality! Living forever, assuming I don't get myself killed, power I never thought I'd have… you know what my biggest problem was a week ago? A missing mutants' report. That's IT. This…" he calms himself. "I don't know if I want to go through with it."

Bone nods his head, crossing his bone-sticks together, "Oh, like you wouldn't imagine! The other ape-tribes were basically forced by Razar's tribe to follow his banner or be destroyed, and admittedly a LARGE part of that was Razar's army being so big to begin with… but with his biggest ringer out of the way, they might be willing to team-up against him once they find out who killed Mammon, exactly."

After a few more moments, a bright, indigo-flash of light, causing Plasm to shield his eyes as the bluish-purple glow subsides.

Bossa stands as tall as she always did, but the first thing you notice is that her scarf has been lowered to just covering her neck, revealing her lower-face to you for the first time since you've met her. It appears rather normal, questioning why she wanted it covered at all, though she bears a small smile through which you can see odd, pointed, shark-like teeth. Her mane is dropped from its pony-tail into a full flowing mane, ethereally moving on its own like Celestia's albeit with a clear water / ocean aesthetic. Her guitar has been upgraded, resembling that of a giant fish-bone with strings, and her punk-rock aesthetic has been changed as well. Though her clothes are still dark in shade, they take on the appearance of a flowing gown resembling a fish's tail going down her long legs, and her upper-body appears mostly bear save for shells covering her chest (in strategic areas).

The newly formed ocean goddess floats down to the floor, looking down at herself as her newly un-hidden face lessens its grin, taking in her newly forged god-form. "H-huh… I'm… I'm…"
"Beautiful!" Bone shouts with a chuckle, prompting Bossa to blush. "You're surprised?"
"… a little…"


"Well, think about it like this. If at any point you decide you don't want to be a god anymore, I can destroy you myself."

Southern shoves Bone aside and takes Bossa by the hoof. "Keep your eyes averted. She's my employee. But you ARE beautiful. Second most beautiful mare in the world, after me. So what should I call you, my goddess?"

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