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>Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

Calling sheets for the 85th session of TimeQuest
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Onyxia can't help but laugh at picturing Steel as a mobile forge.
"That would be extremely helpful, but I have to agree with Steel. Even if he is metal it can't be comfortable sitting at a few hundred degrees."

Onyxia follows along as they walk to the more tranquil part of the city.
"Now this reminds me more of the old times."

"Wow this looks great."
Onyxia comments once they step inside.
"Really? Hmm, I'm not feeling that hungry, but I guess I can try a little something."


Steel chuckles. "Thank you, Onyxia. Good to know my feelings are considered in this matter."

As you comment on not being that hungry, Twonyxia whispers, "Is that because of the love or the waffles? Either way don't worry, the salads here don't take up much room but they taste amazing, you'll like 'em. Besides, you want to keep your energy up for the day, right?"

As they head into the cafe, Twonyxia politely waits at the front for someone to seat them, before Bossa moves on ahead past her to grab a table for six (technically eight but with her / Steel's sizes you need the extra space) of her own accord. Twonyxia comments, "Um… you're actually supposed to wait for them to sit you fi-"
"It's fine, this place isn't busy yet, remember? I don't hear anyone complaining."
Twonyxia puffs out her cheeks at the rudeness, but Plasm slips past, "Sorry about her, we're still working on the 'manners' part."
Steel moves ahead next and takes a seat at the same table, evidently almost as unconcerned with procedure as Bossa is as he makes sure to pull a seat open for Onyxia first. Sighing, Twonyxia moves to take her seat as the waiter comes over to take drink orders.

As the group sits down to the meal, Bossa cranes her long next over towards your sketchbook, raising an eyebrow at the new designs. "You already working on new designs?" She turns in close, eying through the lot of them. "Damn… these are good but, am I really going to need ALL of these? I usually just wear the same thing all the time, works well for me."


"You don't like them?" Southern asks, acting hurt.


"Your feelings are always considered Steel."

"A little of both, and I guess I'm still a bit worried that today's little lesson might not work."
Onyxia admits.

Onyxia is a little surprised as well as Bossa just walks on by to take a table for them. But with some of them already moving, Onyxia follows.
"Thank you Steel."
She says as Steel pulls out her chair like a gentlecolt.

When the waiter comes by, Onyxia just orders a water.


Bossa raises an eyebrow, "What? No, they're great, I'm just saying that's a LOT of them. Why do I need so many?"

Plasm comments, "Because no one outfit is perfectly suited for every possible occasion. You need variety. I figure as a musician, you'd appreciate that."
"You're getting to be a little too chatty for me this morning, stiff. I don't remember asking you." Bossa retorts.

"I understand, but even if it doesn't, the salads aren't going to add much more on than you've already got, and they are WORTH it, trust me. Besides, I think it's working pretty well so far."

Steel pushes in the chair for Onyxia as she sits down, nodding, "My pleasure." Before taking a seat himself.

AS the waiter comes out and collects drink orders, Steel orders a water so as not to draw suspicion, along with Plasm. Twonyxia asks for a pink lemonade, and Bossa orders the only alcoholic drink so far, a glass of wine. Steel comments, "A bit early, isn't it?"
Bossa retorts, "It's the Crystal Empire. If you're not drinking the wine here, you're not drinking at all."

Twonyxia takes up the menu, and starts going over the salad selection to Onyxia, "Just about any of these are my favorite… I always have a hard time picking."



Roll #1 5, 5, 5, 9, 3, 2, 6, 3, 10, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 10, 4, 4, 10, 1, 2 = 103


Break in date RP to continue main game

Post sheets



>Southern Point
Kino is moved over to Plasm's dino, the young cave colt looking down nervously at you and the others as you dismount your parasaurs and stash them somewhere safe. Kino looks down at you as you move up ahead, your cloak giving you the benefit of invisibility, and he asks, "W-wait… if you am see Kino mother and sister, please… you am help them, pony god?"
"Stop calling her that, kid, it's weird. Just 'Boss pony' I think is enough for her ego." Bossa comments.

You move up ahead under the cover of invisibility up through the forest brush surrounding the large fortress, and as you move, you are met with a patrol: pack of raptors ridden by strange, pony-sized apes with crimson-red fur and gnashing teeth. They speak to each other, in clear language, as they go about their patrol, and you slip past to make it to the outside of the wall itself, standing about 20 feet high of lumber and stone with more of the strange red apes talking to each other up above.

"My little brother is training in multiple areas needed of a prince. He's being taught by Father how to lead the guard in times of need, diplomacy from mother,"
"You know, the usual princely stuff." Twonyxia says, chuckling. "But if you ask me, I think his real forte is picking out pretty nice spots to go on dates and-"
"Knightly Valor is a strong, brilliant stallion," Ulmash says cutting off Twonyxia, "There's so many duties that go into royalty that it's hard to list exactly what our day to day routines consist of, but Valor likes handling the military side of things. He works with your father and mine a lot."

As you admit she gave you a flattering description, Ulmash lowers her head, looking down at her wings. "It was definitely difficult… touch and go there for days. Chrysalis' last scheme had been her most cunning yet, or so my mother says. She very nearly had us." She smiles, "I'm just glad I was able to help out in the end. The title it earned me wasn't nearly as important as knowing my country and family were safe."
"Speaking of," Steel comments, "The Princess of Miracles… what does that mean, exactly?"
"My mother's specialty was in love-based magic. Mine is more based in fortune or luck. My magic just, makes good things happen around others that, logically speaking, shouldn't occur, and yet do. Mastering it was the key that let me help Aunt Twilight put Chrysalis down for good."

As you comment on how hard it is to adjust to the Empire, Ulmash raises her brow, "It wasn't like this in your era? I'll admit, that much I don't know much about. It's hard to imagine the Empire like anything but this."


Southern continues to look for dreamstone.


Onyxia giggles as Ulmash cuts off Twonyxia's fawning of the Prince.
"It sounds like he hasn't changed much from what I heard about him back in my time."

"What did she do? Dad didn't mention specifics, but I remember hearing about the wedding attack Chrysalis tried. I can't imagine how she could've done anything bigger after how that one ended."
Onyxia asks.

"So things just always work better when you're around? I could've used some of that these past few days." She jokes.

Onyxia nods.
"Back in my time, the Empire was a bit smaller. It looked more like… how it did back in the day. I don't know when it started to look more like this, but for me it didn't change much from how it looked when I came back when Chitus attacked."
Onyxia does her best to explain.
"Like, more of a small town and not really any of these big buildings aside the castle."


After by-passing the raptor patrols and reach the edge of the wall, you done your cloak to become invisible to the eye, and manage to pull yourself up and over the barrier using your strings, ignoring the chatter of the guards oblivious to your arrival.

On the other side of the wall, you see the large, towering pillar of stone you saw in the distance much closer, and around it within the fortress itself, is a veritable army of apes. Running to and fro moving supplies like food or weapons (basic spears of wood and sharpened stone). You also see the unfortunate site of many cave-ponies in cages, or being forced to haul goods themselves for the apes as they crack whips to force them to do their bidding. Four targets stand out among the fortress
>The central pillar, looming above has several entrances to it and seems to be of great import.
>There is a smaller inner-camp made up of various waving, primitive banners that seem to hold a number of leader apes among their number.
>The majority of captured slaves in cages grouped together, made up of many Earth, Unicorn, and Pegasi ponies.
>A corral for more dinosaurs, currently kept docile by apes feeding them.

Twonyxia smiles, "Well, THAT's good to hear… though, now you have me curious, if you aren't dating him in your original timeline, who was?"

"It was. Believe me, it was: somehow Chysalis managed to change out the leaders of almost two dozen cities in Equestria and coordinated a mass riot that left all our forces frazzled and scattered. Then her main forces attacked Canterlot in the confusion, where all the princesses and their families just happened to be gathered. It was a mess… Chrysalis had taken us entirely by surprise and we had no way of finding the real her among tens of thousands of panicking citizens."

She nods. "Pretty much. It's difficult to explain without seeing it in action, but my magic just increases the amount of good fortune ponies find themselves coming into. Sometimes to the point of creating outright miracles, hence the title."

"It was THAT small?" Twonyxia asks, "That's hard to imagine… this place is so busy these days, I wonder what exactly changed to make it so much bigger? It couldn't have been just dad."


She heads for the central pillar to continue her search.


"Huh, I'm not sure. The Royal Family was always these high up figures to me back then, so I didn't really know much outside whatever talk there was. I don't recall anypony talking about his love life."
She chuckles.
"It's hard to believe all it took was Dad to change the royals from being higher ponies to close friends and a couple."

Onyxia is surprised at the details.
"I can't believe it, she was able to set up over the whole country? I can see why Dad is so important if that happened."

"How did you find out you had that magic? Good fortune seems like something you wouldn't be able to notice you're making all that easily."

Onyxia thinks a moment.
"When we came back to the Empire before, the castle was attacked by those Sons of Sombra ponies. That didn't happen in my time so that might have had something to do with it, since the castle had to be rebuilt and all."



Roll #1 5 = 5


You head straight for the important looking structure in the center of the fortress, and infiltrate through one of the many openings. You explore through its vast network of tunnels that spiral up and around the tall mountain spire, many apes passing you buy as you sneak around.

It takes time, but you eventually come across something interesting within the complex: a decently sized cavern, big enough to hold three large cages. In the one on the far right, you see a dinosaur, one with a heavy, dome-shaped head and a bipedal body. The left holds a cavepony, looking scared out of their wits as they scream incoherently, gnawing and biting at the wooden bars of their cage trying to escape. In the center, at the top of the cage, you see a spiral-shaped gem surrounded by three unicorn horns, detached from their owners, magical energy sparking between them.

Nearby, an elderly red-ape flanked by two strong looking guards is mumbling under his breath, seeming to be preparing a spell as the spiral jewel in the center cage glows more brightly the more he chants.

Twonyxia blushes, "And, let me tell you, I do not regret it one bit. I can't wait for you two to meet Knightly, he's just so… princely."
"He's just out in the barracks practicing, I thik, if you want to pay a visit. I need to stay close to the baby I'm looking after though, Twonyxia do you know the way out there?"

As you ask about Chrysalis and her take over, she nods. "It was scary. They got to my mother and Aunt Celestia at one point too… in the end, the only thing that could find Chrysalis among the chaos so we can stop her once and for all was pure, dumb luck. Fortunately," her horn sparks a little golden light. "That's what I excel at. It's actually come a little easy to me ever since I was a filly. When I realized coins I flip would ALWAYS come up the side I picked, I started to get an idea that something was up."

As you point out the castle collapse, Twonyxia nods, "OH! Dad told me about that too. Maybe that did help, lots of ponies had to be contracted to fix that AND the ziggurat, after all…"
"I wouldn't sell your dad's contributions short, Twonyxia."


"You've really fallen for him, haven't you?" Onyxia jests at just how smitten Twonyxia is acting.

"You foalsit, even as a princess?"
Onyxia questions, surprised at hearing such.

"That is scary, even with what I've faced. Just thinking of ponies you know getting taken out without anypony knowing, it's terrifying. I'm glad we won't have to worry about that anymore."
Onyxia smiles as Ulmash talks about coin flips.
"I guess ponies don't make bets with you often then."

"The castle does look better, you can hardly tell it was all broken up."
Onyxia nods after Ulmash's comment.
"Or you either, Princess. With all the help you and Dad have given with everything I can imagine ponies wanting ot come here just to see where you came from."


Southern slices the locks off the cages, throwing them open to let the occupants loose.


Twonyxia shrugs, "Well, once you meet him, you'll see exactly 'why' I've fallen so hard.

Ulmash nods, "Yes. Actually my mother did it as well, she used to babysit my Aunt Twilight. I've been babysitting my younger siblings since I was young, and today I'm watching over the Emperor's daughter so her mother can have a chance to rest. She's adorable but, always wants to be busy."

Going back onto the subject of Chrysalis, she nods her head. "It was, but, thankfully it's all in the past. Chrysalis died in that last fateful battle, I saw it with my own eyes… now her replacement, Queen Metamorphia, appears to be keeping things on a quieter profile."

As you ask about the bets, she blushes, "Sadly, I've been banned from most poker nights I know. Probably for the best, gambling's a bad habit anyhow."

Your wires cut through the cages' locks, dicing them and reducing them to shreds as the cage doors swing wide open. The panicking pony, looking on in surprise at his sudden freedom, does not take long to look around before jumping out. Likewise, the Pachycephalosaurus in the other cage casually wanders out of it, looking around for something interesting as the red-ape shaman above the cages suddenly stops in his chanting, the elder's eyes widening in shock.

"WHAT!? W-what happen?! What happen to the cage!" He growls, slapping at both of the guards. "THEY LOOSE! Go get them!"

The red-ape guards are quick to respond, both of the muscley creatures chasing after the pony and dinosaur alike
[1d10] Pony escape
[1d10] Pachy escape
Meanwhile, the shaman shouts, "Who do this?! Me sense strange juju in air… me know someone here!" He shouts, stepping down from his step as he keeps his hands gripped tightly on a wand (another dismembered unicorn horn). "COME OUT!"

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Southern grabs the glowing stone and folds it into her invisibility cloak so as to draw the apes to her position, then slips away, leaving behind a trap for the pursuers.


Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


"I don't know, I think our tastes differ a little bit."
Onyxia comments with a glance to Steel.
"But let's hurry on then. I would like to see the Prince in person if we're all friendly now."

"When I was told you're busy, that sounds like an understatement. Foalsitting doesn't sound like it'd mesh well with royal work."

Onyxia is silent at hearing Chrysalis died, still not to keen on death.
"She was replaced? That's good to hear she's not attacking at least, but Metamorphia… That name sounds familiar."

Onyxia chuckles.
"Especially if you'd always win, you'd never leave at that rate."


Your wires slip out and catch at the glowing stone and pull it away from the center, and as it does so, the elder ape begins to show visible panick. The dinosaur and the pony are not so agile as to get away from the apes, both muscular creatures managing to grab hold of their recently escaped wards and hold them tight before the shaman shouts,

"NO! Forget them, the stone! The Tyrant Stone is gone!" He shouts, "They no can get the stone, Razar will cook us all ALIVE and feed us to big lizards if looking around frantically as he puts out his wand, murmuring another incantation as the tip of his horn-wand sends out a small, glittering light

The distraction is successful, and the guards leave the pony and dino to their own devices, which after just being grabbed is to escape. They both make for the exit to catch you, but find themselves caught up in your trap, ensnaring them both in a series of wires leaving you the opportunity to escape.

Twonyxia looks over towards Steel, giving a raised eyebrow. "Hmmm… I guess now we'll be able to find out who has the 'better' tastes then, huh?" She says with a mischievous smirk. You all start to walk out towards the barracks, Ulmash leading the way.

Ulmash sighs, "It's very busy indeed. And it doesn't always, but, I sort of had a clear day today, and Isha looked pretty exhausted, so I made the offer."

As you remark that Metamorphia sounds familiar, you see Twonyxia noticeably shuffle her hooves uncomfortably. Ulmash remarks, "You may recognize her from your adventures… according to information you all brought back from the future, *she* is the one who ultimately creates Eon, the monster that eventually dooms the future. Which, while MASSIVE, is surprisingly the lesser of our concerns compared to her actions in the present. She's not openly attacking, but more changelings have been found infiltrating."

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Southern leaps aboard the dinosaur and kicks it with her spurs, leading it onward to their freedom. She prepares more traps for the guards outside so they can escape unabataed.


Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


"Are you trying to say the Prince is better than Steel?"
Onyxia pushes at the smirk.
"I've heard a lot of great things about the Prince in my day, but I don't think he can live up to my knight."
Onyxia boasts as they head to the barracks.

"Oh, I hope we're not cutting in on any spare time you had today if this was a day off for you."

"Sh-She is? That might be it then, though I feel I heard it somewhere else. It's kinda hard to keep things straight when you hop back and forth all over a timeline."
Onyxia says.
"Right. Dad was mentioning how he's been trying to find some Elites when he came to get me. It's probably not good that's happening if Chrysalis did the same thing before."


The spell on the shaman's part has a brief flash of light, and then suddenly, you see a horrible backlash shoot outwards from the horn. The shaman is enveloped in magic, screaming as he does so, and looking back on your escape, all you see is a small toad where the shaman once stood, ribbiting as you mount the dinosaur.

The pachy lets out an unwelcome cry, looking back at the pony riding it without its permission, and starts to try and buck you off, though thankfully it does so in the direction of the exit. The pony, noticing the rampaging dinosaur heading towards freedom, leaps on and grabs at the tail, wailing loudly as he does so.

The traps are set up as more guards are alerted by the commotion, and some of them are caught up in the wires, leaving them to dangle helplessly as they are unable to follow you. Others manage to get through, and chuck spears in your direction
[1d10], [1d10]

The dinosaur is being ridden, but you are not yet in control of it as it attempts to throw you off, though you do manage to stay on long enough as it takes you back out of the pillar and into broad daylight, the sun beating down on you once more.

"Steel's alright," Twonyxia says, "He's a little quiet though. I haven't heard him say 'I love you' today yet, have you? Now 'Valor'…"
"Ahem…" Steel speaks up. "You're both aware I'm standing right behind you?"

Ulmash shakes her head, "Not at all, seeing Onyxia… or, two even, is always a day off well spent."
"She 'has' increased infiltration but, something's different about it this time. This time it's fewer Changelings, more powerful ones selected, and unlike before NO leaderships have been targeted, every single mayor, lord, and baron from Manehattan to Las Pegasus is cleared. Wherever they're hiding, it's in very low places… which makes it all the more concerting what her plan is." Ulmash moves down another hall, "I'll meet you all out there, I'm just going to go check on little Nau."

Twonxyia leads the rest of the way towards the barracks, and outside you see a number of Crystal Pony guards practicing. In particular, two are standing in a circle with swords drawn, held in telekinetic grips as they clash, again and again. On one side is a crystal pony with amber coat and sapphire hair, but he's being pushed back by the armored opponent he faces: with a white coat, long, flourishing pink mane, and you notice a couple of ear-rings in his ears, he gives out a triumphant cry as the sword comes down again with a flourish, skillfully disarming his opponent's telekinetic grip and sending the sword flying away, putting it down close to the crystal pony's chest. He smirks, "Now, everyone, who would like to point out what Sergeant Toppa did wrong?"

Twonyxia smirks, looking over to you. "I'll give you ONE chance to guess who he is."

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 7 = 7 / Roll #3 2 = 2


Southern leaves behind more traps as she steers the dino to their freedom. [1d10+3]

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


Onyxia gives her sister a look.
"We covered this morning why he doesn't need to say it to prove it."
She says in the flattest and accusatory tone she can, before breaking out a small chuckle.
"Of course Steel. Though you have been a bit quiet today, how come?"

"Yea, not everyday you see two of a friend."

"That is strange… But I'm sure Dad will help root them out."
Onyxia says to look on a brighter side of it.
"Ok, see you later."

Onyxia looks on to the fight as they step in, reminded of the few times Steel helped train her in fighting.
"Well I might be a bit biased here, but I assume the one who won?"
Onyxia says, feigning ignorance as she waits for the formal introduction.


File: 1544854418695.png (2.62 KB, 110x108, tricerataur.png)

As the spears the apes chuck go flying at you, they are caught up in more wires, as are those who through them, leaving a veritable web of apes behind you as your pursuers are left in the dust. One spear manages to get through and slightly tear your dress's shoulder (5/6), but other than that you and the dino manage to come out unscathed on the other side.

The dinosaur tries hard to buck you, but fails entirely, your grip on him tight and in control as he instead decides to re-focus on escaping, yourself and the pony you freed grabbing on to his tail as you ride him out. A large horn is sounded from off in the distance, and in moments it appears the camp is mobilized, seeking out the intruder within. Your escape was quick, however, and before the majority of the guard can do anything to stop you, you are near the walls.

However, one obstacle does stand in your path up ahead: a bizarre creature, seeming to be half ape and half triceratops, with patches of red fur but the leathery hide and very obvious head of a triceratops. It begins letting out monstrous growls as he picks up a boulder, and flings it towards you. He is the only thing between you and the wall

"Oh, well…" Twonyxia says, looking at you, "Right, good point… I think you're working it off, by the way. Just so you know."
Steel shrugs. "I am not much of a conversationalist Onyxia. At least not in a group. I am simply pleased to be in your company, and keep you safe."
"I guess I *do* make it a little hard to get a word in edge-wise…" Twonyxia says.

As you make your guess as to which one is Valor, the pony moving over to help up his defeated opponent, Twonyxia responds to her feigned ignorance with feigned surprise. "Whaaaaaaat? How did you know? Are you psychic?"

Knightly Valor (who, on closer inspection, you see also boasts a long, braided pony-tail going down his back and red eyes), turns to the class he is apparently instructing, "Remember, a unicorn's magic can make any number of unpredictable angles of attack, so keep a tight grip on your blade at all times. Everyone, take fifteen." He turns, smiling as he spots Twonyxia and trots on over. "Well, what's this? Surprise inspection? I assure you, 'royal blacksmith', our arms are kept in the utmost perfect condition."

Twonyxia strolls forward, grinning. "It's not the weapons and armor I'm worried about, Captain."
"I see. Well, I assure you, the soldiers are sharp as ever as well." He says, leaning in close to nuzzle Twonyxia's muzzle as she reciprocates. "Really though, this is a surprise. I thought you said yesterday you were going to spend the day at home?"
"I got some unexpected visitors last night."

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Southern doesn't stop moving, instead leaving another trap for the monster.


Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


"You think so?" Onyxia says as she looks herself over, "I knew a walk on the town would be good."
She says, proud that it's been working.
"I know that, though I guess we have been meeting a lot of ponies today."

"I can't blame you there, how often do you get to give a home tour for yourself?" Onyxia says to Twonyxia's benefit, "And then gush about your special somepony." She adds in for a tease.

"You could say I can see into the future."
She responds.

As Twonyxia and Valor approach each other, Onyxia feels a bit flustered at seeing what is essentially herself being this close to the Prince.
She waves as her twin mentions getting unexpected visitors.
"Hello, Prince Valor. I'm Onyxia, and this is Steel."
She says, introducing herself and Steel straight away rather than the awkward start with Ulmash.


Your wire trap springs up, and as the boulder flies into the network of strings, it is sliced into several pieces, all the debris going in other directions than you and your pachysaurus. Your wires spring out and trap the tricerataur in place as well, the monster growling and roaring as he struggles to get loose, but cannot find the leverage to do so.

Moving full speed ahead, your pachy aims its head directly at the wooden barrier, homing in on a weakpoint between posts as its dome-shaped head bashed through a weak part of the barrier, pulling you and it to safety as it continues roaring in defiance, making a run out into the deep jungle with you still in control of it.

As you leave the borders of the fortress, you feel a hoof tap you from behind. The pony in the cage is still grabbing on for dear life, and shouts, "DO P-PONY KNOW WHERE THIS THING GOING?!"
The horns still sound off in the fortress behind you, apes running around preparing their next move as you escape into the jungle.

Steel nods, "Lots of 'chatty' ponies, if I may add. I'm just the quiet sort of stallion is all, Onyxia. You could say me being down a mouth for years wasn't all that much of a loss for me."
"Still, I'll slow it down a bit." Twonyxia adds. "You're a nice guy to listen to, Steel."
As you comment on seeing into the future, Twonyxia rolls her eyes. "Pfff. Somehow I knew I'd go there."

As Valor and Twonyxia finish their nuzzle, the prince looks over towards you, raising a brow, and then to Steel. "Onyxia… and Steel?" He looks up at the armor, "AH! Yes, my sister told me with the Emperor's return, his allies might be around as well." He turns towards Onyxia, "Well, two of you? That gives me a few ideas for how to spend the evening…"
"HEY!" Twonyxia says, giving a weak hoof-slap against Valor's armor, the prince chuckling.
"It was just a joke, Onyxia." Valor explains, before turning his attention to you.

He grabs at your hoof, raising it up to his lips to lay a small kiss upon. "It is an honor." His hoof is swiftly grabbed by Steel's in turn, who decides to cut the gesture short with a firm hoof-shake.
"The honor is all ours." Steel states simply.



"True, though I imagine not having a mouth probably helped that as well."
Onyxia adds.

Onyxia chuckles.
"You can't blame me with that setup you gave."

Onyxia tilts her head, lost as Twonyxia slaps Valor for his joke and his chuckle.

She's a little surprised as Valor grabs her hoof, caught off guard by the formality and also the Prince getting that close. Though as Steel quickly ends it to be a hoof-shake instead, she can't help but smile at his protection.
"It's a pleasure. Onyxia was telling me all about you," She responds, "Still adjusting to how our families are so close now."


Twonyxia sighs, "Just because the setup was put out there doesn't mean you HAVE to use it!"

As Steel finishes the hoof-shake with Valor, the prince smiles, giving a whip-lash of his pony-tail so it drapes down the front (stylishly), and offers a bow. "Has she now? Well then, allow me to set the record straight-"
"I've only told her GOOD things!" Twonyxia contests.
"Yes, I'm sure you have…" He says sarcastically, before turning his attention back to Onyxia. "I don't know all the details, but I'm assuming there's been a LOT of changes in this era for you to adjust to. Is there anything at all I or my family can do for you to make you feel more at home?"


>"I feel absolutely dinoble and dinowledgeable," Southern says.
>As they're ambushed, Southern leaves behind a trap and leads her allies to safety. [1d10+3: 1 + 3 = 4]

Bossa snickers beneath the scarf. "You don't say. Sounds pretty dino-mite. Maybe I should try it next. Doesn't feel weird at all?"

As the raptors and the apes move into position, they manage to circle around the parasaurs in their attempts to flee, causing the frightened big dinos to buck as Southern prepares her trap, throwing her from the back to the hard dirt below (1/6) as they start to attack. "Give us back the gem!"
[1d10+1: 8 + 1 = 9] One ape/raptor attacking Southern [1d10+1: 9 + 1 = 10]/[1d10+1: 6 + 1 = 7] two attacking Bossa [1d10+1: 5 + 1 = 6]/[1d10+1: 8 + 1 = 9] two attacking Plasm
[1d10+3: 9 + 3 = 12] Bossa quickly brings out her guitar, and strums it as she attempts to bring the ground to life. "I can handle a few monkey's. Plasm, get the goods out of here before they get scratched up. Boss, you can take off for the dreamstone if you want, the chief shouldn't have to dirty her hooves with shit like this."
[1d10+2: 10 + 2 = 12] Plasm uses his phasing ability to help the Parasaurs get through the circle of raptor-scouts.


Southern leaves another trap for the enemies.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


Southern's wires spring into action around the ape/raptor that charges against her, snatching it up in its clutches as both dinosaur and ape struggle to escape its confines, letting out roars of anger as they struggle to escape.
>One minion obtained, +1 to rolls

Plasm's phasing allows the parasaurs and the cave-ponies riding them to phase directly through their attacking raptors, the enemies hitting nothing but open air as Plasm leads them to safety. "We'll meet up with you later, Southern!" He lets out a shout, the two apes/raptors that missed them giving pursuit.

The two remaining that fight Bossa manage to make some scratches upon her, but she quickly manages to shrug them off as the tall pony throws them to the side, the earth rising up beneath them as she plays her guitar. She continues to bend the earth to her whim as the rocky terrain swoops up and bashes one of the dinosaurs
[1d10+1] Minion attack
[1d10+3] Bossa continues to play (summoning more of the earth)

[1d10+1] / [1d10+1] The raptors attack Bossa
Bossa turns to you, and shouts, "Dino-girl! I think I have these things, go find the dreamstone!"

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 4 + 3 = 7 / Roll #3 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #4 8 + 1 = 9


Southern bops Bossa on the shoulder with her claws. "Cute. Who's the boss around here, me or you? Me. You might be on the business cards, but I'm the one who gives the oders."
[1d10+1] Minion attacks raptor 1
[1d10+5] Charge Trap against raptor 2

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 2 + 5 = 7


Your stringed up minion gets to work attacking his brethren, the red-apes shouting at each other as to what the hell they think they're doing while your puppet starts tearing into them, albeit receiving some scratches in return. Meanwhile, your other trap manages to snare the second raptor in its clutches, creating a second captive.

As your claw taps on her shoulder, Bossa turns to face you, raising an eyebrow. "I was just trying to show a little self-management skills, is all. I'm not just some yes-mare like Plasm, I go out and get things done for the company!" She says as she's struck by a particularly painful slash of the raptor attacking her, causing her to fire off a powerful soundwave in its direction
[1d10+1] / [1d10+1] the earth minions slam the raptor from either side
[1d10+2] Transfix from Bossa
"You know, Sight and Claw would never get their hooves dirty on my behalf."

[1d10+1] the last remaining free raptor tries to attack Raptor 2

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #3 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #4 6 + 1 = 7


>charge increases critfail range to 2
As you converse with Bossa, the second raptor you trapped seems to free itself from its bindings, having narrowly avoided the wires catching it by sheer force of luck as its talons dig into your scaly hide. Your newfound leathery skin makes it less painful, but you find yourself beneath the raptor as it tries snapping at you while helpless

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"You might have served some bad bosses in the past, but I don't treat my employeees like mere disposable tools. Any leader who does should be driven out of business."

She gets up. [1d10]
[1d10+1] Minion attacks the free raptor

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


The earth strikes at the raptor from either side when Bossa strikes a powerful chord, sandwiching it between two solid shifting piles of rock and dirt as you manage to roll up successfully (6/5), the raptor you 'Charged' against now looking pretty injured, but still able to fight. The puppet raptor is clawed out by the other raptor, sending it to the ground free of your wires as it manages to losen itself from its grasp.

Bossa turns to you, shaking off a nasty bite she received from one of them as she nods her head. "Well… I guess I should thank you for that then. And these bastards are a *little* more annoying than I gave credit for so, I guess I wouldn't mind the extra claw. But for the record, I COULD handle this on my own."

"Death to the ponies!" One of the apes cries out, "They stole juju rock, they die!"
>For clarity's sake: Raptor 1 is the first raptor you trapped, Raptor 2 is the one that was attacking Bossa, and Raptor 3 is the one you failed to trap last turn.
[1d10+1] / [1d10+1] Raptors 1 and 2 attack Bossa
[1d10+1] Raptor 3 attacks Southern

[1d10+3] Bossa starts strumming her guitar to summon more of the earth
[1d10+1] Minion 1 attacks Raptor 1
[1d10+1] Minion 2 attacks Raptor 1

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #3 9 + 1 = 10 / Roll #4 5 + 3 = 8 / Roll #5 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #6 3 + 1 = 4


Southern traps Raptor 3

"I don't take chances on good investments," Southern stubbornly answers.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


Raptor 3 and its ape handler are caught up in your strings as it tries to attack, making for an additional puppet to use for the attack as more of the terrain is summoned up into various tendrils, swaying and dancing to the beat Bossa's guitar creates as she kicks away another one of the raptors.

"Well, I AM a good investment, so I can't fault you for logic there." She says, "But you know, taking risks can lead to high rewards too." She punctuates with a strum of her guitar as the earth descends on one of the raptors
[1d10+1] / [1d10+1] / [1d10+1] attacking Raptor 1
Bossa Transfixing Raptor 2 [1d10+2]

Raptor 1 attacks at Bossa while Raptor 2 turns its attention to Southern. "T-this ponies last warning! Give back stone or DIE!"

"Aww, here that? They're trying to negotiate now, how cute."

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #3 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #4 7 + 2 = 9


[1d10+1] / [1d10+1] Forgot the raptors' roles

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5


"This is the kind of risk I don't take. Stop portraying yourself as someone disposable, it's really quite irritating to see," she demands.

[1d10+3] trap on raptor 1
[1d10+1] Raptor 3 attacks raptor 2

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8 / Roll #2 7 + 1 = 8


"Disposable? What makes you think what I'm doing makes me disposable, because I'm offering to do my fair share and let my boss do something more important?"

The earth slams down into raptor 1 and the ape riding it, burying them both under gravel as they're smashed to bits. Raptor 2 attempts to strike at Southern, but finds itself trapped in more wires of Southern as it's rendered helpless by the music/strings. Raptor 3, under Southern's control, starts to devour its enemy, the ape shouting at the confused animal to let go as they struggle to break free of the trap.

Bossa huffs, looking ahead as Raptor 2 and 3 are now both caught up in wire, and then starts strumming her guitar to maneuver the earth tendrils around them. "Okay, think we're just about done here. Should we leave one alive for questioning? Don't know how much we'll get out of these primitive freaks but, you never know."
[1d10+1] / [1d10+1] / [1d10+1] attacking Raptor 2

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #3 9 + 1 = 10


"Leave one of them alive for questioning," Southern says as she captures all 3 dinosaurs for her dino-farm.

She then looks back at Bossa. "Because I didn't tell you to do it. The boss must be the sole voice in how an employee serves them. A single employee cannot understand their full role in the whole company. Instead, they must trust the boss, whose responsibility it is to manage all that they have been given authority over. For an employee to assume what they must do without the boss's input indicates that that employee sees themselves as a disposable, replaceable unit, who is valued so little that the boss would not think to give them a role only they can do. I have tasks I can only give to you, not to Copper or Plasm or a dinosaur, so why do you waste your time and mine by doing something I can have someone else do? Never disobey me again."


>Fix to the previous post: the earth Bossa controls to smoosh Raptor 1 only disposes of the Ape riding it, leaving the raptor merely contained in the earth and unable to move.

Raptor 3 lashes up and eats the ape rider of Raptor 2, leaving only the red-ape on the back of the controlled dino as the survivor as Raptor 3 enjoys a little snack. "Uh-oh… me get out of here!" He shouts, but finds himself still caught up in Southern's wires, struggling and screaming to get out.

"Well, there's our one! Lucky him, between this or dino chow…" Bossa comments, before turning back to you. She listens to your speech, and closes her eyes. "Well, I have a few 'trust' issues if that wasn't indicator enough. Like you said yourself, my last few bosses were pretty bad, and I didn't exactly have it easy before then. Trust isn't something I'm used to, so give me a bit of a break."

She sighs. "But, alright. You don't want me jumping into it, I won't. What WOULD you like me to do then, go find Plasm? I can help you in there, you know."


"Yes, get Plasm and then come back here and make me something to snack on. Something with a lot of spinach will do."

Southern looks at the ape. "Where's the rest of the dreamstone?"


"Alright, fine. I'll round up our newest additions to our zoo and go round him up, hopefully he could handle the two that went after him without me. Getting a good collection here going." As you ask for soemthing to snack on, she raises her brow. "Ooooh. Well, of course, my duchess. Would you like me to prepare some iced tea and a few snack cakes to go with that?"

As you look at the ape tied up in the string, he opens his eyes wide, "N-no kill me! Razar keep dreamstone at top of tower, w-we keep it safe for Mammon the Mighty!"

Bossa whistles. "Mammon… that's a nasty Order member there. You think I'M difficult to control, even Sight and his attack dog have trouble keeping Mammon under their hoof. From what I gathered from Claw, his arrangement with Sight is complicated."

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