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A night like many others at the duke's palace. A grand feast had been thrown for a visiting ambassador from one of the mighty Drakin Dynasties to the east. This alone would have kept everyone busy, but the duke's good friend, the prince, had dropped in for one of his surprise visits. His face was not unknown in the least - second in line for the crown after his older brother, and less sheltered than either the former or his younger sister, he was known for his more… active lifestyle. This caused no small amount of headaches for his bodyguards, who had had to learn to keep up with the agile prince.
The duke himself, though a more mature man, had a deep liking to the cocky prince. Some said it was something of a uncle / nephew relationship, others that it was practically just an older and younger version of the same man.

Somewhere down the line, what was planned to be a respectable upscale dinner had transformed into a roaring festival of laughter with increasingly outrageous demands from every party. The palace was in chaos and while everyone had great fun, it was very taxing on the servants and guards.

You should probably try to get to the butler and see to it that everything is in order. He is, after all, in charge of all the servants.
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"'s as generous an offer y'll ever 'ear."
"Well, 'ere's a quick lesson.
Y'got five kinds people in this industry.
The 'ands, which ya know of by now. They're the real deal. Big leagues.
The Gangs. New fangled lot, 'fink they can write rules an' make up new tradition. Quantity over quality, no 'onor. Gutter trash, but 'f ya step on 'em they'll swarm ya.
Th' Bigs, like me. Not finger or 'ands, but certainly above most. mess with at ya own peril.
Th' Lil's, like Patcheys 'ere. Small time. Might be Bigs some day. Maybe even 'ands, 'f they don't take th' easy road an' join a Gang.
An' the Fakes, like Masque. Folks 'o fink they can fake it an' still make it. Tryin' ta skip th' ladder an' not even join th' gangs. A mockery 'o th' ol' gold standard, offen reliant on gimmicks an' flashy junk. Fer all I care, use 'em as insulation in yer walls."


"Starting with a Lil' hideout might work."


''yes what she said.
And that info will help a lot, thank you. now, we just need to decide a service we can all agree to be assigned to and we'll be off


"Here's a list of me ol' contacts an' where ta find 'em.
Fer yer hideout, there're loads 'a entrances ta the undercity n' rather obvious places. Old basements, most ruins, nearly any catacomb an' 'f ya like stakeouts, follow anyone shady and see if ya get lucky with a secret entrance.
Th' Ol' Theatre 's accessible via th' new one, inne basement, which y'can reach unseen 'f ya use th' storm drains.
Take anything ya like off the wall, but remember - ya break it, ya buy it."

[List of possible allies]
Crunchy the Necromancer: Old Church
Ragamont the Knight: Prison
"Baldy" the Smith: Blanche & Ironford's Smithery
Hammerhead the Brawler: Fight Pit




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Rejoice mortals, and let the bells of your chapels ring in praise, for the lands of the East have finally opened! The evil mist has cleared, and it's treasures are open to the taking!

But it isn't so simple, or I wouldn't be here. Nor are the adventurers who will seek them.


But I am getting ahead of myself. Let us meet one such adventurer before he came to be here.

For that, we must venture to the fort city of Atocaphy. A grand city that reached for the sky and fell dangerously short. While its walls once protected its inhabitants, they are now prison gates. A terrible plague has befallen the land, and all manner of people have fallen ill. Worse yet, some have fallen on tendencies best left forgotten, expecially to the Capra.

Now then, why don't you tell me a little about yourself? What are your skills, and what type of life did you lead in Atocaphy?


Name: Analise
Gender: Female
Race: Capra
Class: Stalker
Skills: Camouflage(2), Backstab(1), Stealth(1), Marksman Shot(1)
Special Talent: +2 Backstab
Hits/Wounds: 5/5
Weapon and/or Catalyst: Stake Driver(Great), Blunderbuss(Ranged)
Character Traits: a gambler who likes to put it all on a single devastating blow, Analise is lucky to have the presence of mind to actually plan ahead.



Name: Bellvedere
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Ascendant
Skills: Healing Hammer, Empower Weapon, Retaliate
Special Talent: Empower Weapon recharge 3
Hits/Wounds: 5/5

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A new day dawns.
As the sun sweeps its welcoming light across the pine trees outside the castle walls, you take a moment to ignore your tired feet and admire your surroundings. This is an old fort, probably dating back to the former kingdom of Stava which once covered all these lands. Or so history teaches. Not everyone is well studied on stuff that happened over a hundred years ago.

You, like many others, have come to this place following a call to action by the current leader of these lands - Lord Aurel. He has sent out a call for any who are willing to join his armies. The pay will be good for mercenaries, but the work will also be dangerous. Not much else was advertised, but rumors have been circulating. Some say he wants to ready for war. Others, that he wants to leverage his neighbors into alliances. A few more seem to think the realm will soon be under attack, or that giant monsters lurk its dark corners.

Who knows. You should find one of the recruiters for more info.
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"Let us hope things go smoothly here."

Let's head on in and try to get a secretary to tell us where the mayor is.


Do we still have players?


A pause here seems like a good idea.


I don't know


Pausing for now.
Lets see if want to continue when maali comes back

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Now, listen well! The Pokémon you have been entrusted with are unfamiliar with the world. In that regard, they’re much like you.

As fellow newcomers to the world, I hope you’ll all do well together. And now, we’ll be on our way.
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Congratulations! Totodile was caught!

You gave him a pretty rough beating. Want to name him yet?

"Well… I'm sure there are tourist centers you can check out. As for transporting Pokemon, I assume those that can't be held in Pokeballs for any reason? They have to be secure and pose no threat to the train, for more dangerous ones we have high security deliveries."


"All right! Good job, Nidoran!"
I already know what I'm going to name him.
"Come on out, Lyle!"


"too the train.. Uh well okay, she definitely doesn't pose a threat. And she's already on board, I'd like to pick her up and take her through the city, a lead should be good enough for that?"
show off the ticket to the worker.


Lyle comes out. He looks a little bitter at Nidoran as he rubs the spot he was kicked, but seems curious about you.

"Alright, then. Oh hang on, there were instructions to have it shipped to a lab. The driver should be here any time now…"



"Oooh, that makes it easier, should I go look for him? What does he look like?"

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In another point of space and time…

Hello there! Welcome to the World of Pokémon!

This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokémon! For some people, Pokémon are pets. Other use them for fights. Myself… I study Pokémon as a profession.

Your very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits! Let's go!

Like every other morning, you wake up in your room. Unlike every other morning, you're not alone.

For some time, you've tried to partner with many Pokemon, though you could never really bond with any of them. You kept flitting from Pokemon to Pokemon, testing them a little before it was decided that you two just wouldn't fit. You wondered if you'd ever get your real first Pokemon at all, but at last, you have.

They wake up with you in your room, the first rays of sun on their face.

First things first, do they have a name?
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swap moves to..
pursuit, quick attack, mega drain, absorb


"What about taking people along? There's so much out there to see, and only so little time that I don't want to wait for it to be brought to me."


pursuit, fury cutter, mega drain. quick attack.




>You get a very nice view of the Blitzle charging off, cloaked in flame. You manage to get one picture.


You get a yellow blur for your efforts.

>Just as you see Fabiorge in the distance, you see that same Skarmory again, except it has a struggling Seviper in its beak.


>Lela: "Wait, if you are that good with a camera…"

Quickly grab both Beldum and Sandile, pulling them into a hug, and smiling widely put out a peace sign.
"Take our pic!"
>7, 9
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File: 1417529427032.jpg (131.15 KB, 900x900, Brown french capra.jpg)


Temporary relocation for the developer meta

File: 1413948838022.png (400.7 KB, 2418x998, routes.png)

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The power that's inside!

Having finally defeated the Honedge, you are now free to proceed upstairs to find out who was behind all of this and free the Aegislash!
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"Hopefully we won't have to!"

"Haman, throw out a few embers! See if anything moves!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


The world seems to darken around you, constricting the flames of Haman… He's probably moving in for an attack!


"Kala? Wake up…"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Drive it back with a Psybeam!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Kala isn't awakening, and the shot goes wide.

Gengar smashes your Porygon on the nose, and he looks like he's in bad shape…

Things are bad.

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A continent that has stood divided and weak shall now unite to bring about Our Shared Dream. A golden age of peace and prosperity. No more shall small lands squabble among themselves for no greater purpose, for under my breath all shall be made as one greater.

History would hold those words forever as the start of the New Era of the Sun. What is known of the new Princess who united the lands of the squabbling humans and took those of the other races by sword or pen has been largely muddled by the many rumours surrounding her. Those who view her New Empire as the herald of new dawn, and those who refuse to yield to a power-mad tyrant alike all speak, but history has yet to come in this age to decide who would be right.

Towards the port town of Blueport, a traveling merchant ship sales. Among the cabins for passengers is a lone Capra.

Welcome, Elies Greenfields. You can see your home out the windows. You'll be there before you know it. For now, you're in your cabin with your gear.
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You do just that, knocking him back and down. Boss Aeon manages to recover, and your companions beat him mercilessly again.

Capra commander: Helpless/4

Greenfields: 5/4
Aeon: 5/3
Bowman: 0/1 OUT
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 5/5


"You made me worry there for a second, stand at the back boss and be careful." I look at the Aeon irritatingly as I redraw my bow.
Target his legs and perhaps we can put this business out of the side.


Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Your arrow followed with the assault of the others is the last thing needed. He falls over, bleeding out.

He crawls over to his human partner and shakes her. There is no reaponse…


I then approach him with a sad expression….
"If you have just given us what is rightfully ours you stupid bastard none of this would've happened."

I then look at my boss as I slowly grab and retireve the bag containing the artifcat.
"So what will we do with them?"


"Allow me to handle this."

The Aeon holds down the Capra, then stares intently into his head. The Aeon yelps and flinches back, giving enough time for the Capra to pull out a hidden knife.

"In Her Glory!"

He stabs himself in the neck. Blood spurts out, and his last act is to hug his partner.

There are plenty of bags about the room..


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Each Pokemon, to understand
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I'll drink it, gratefully.


One of the Honedges looks a little weakened, but Midnight goes down from a pursuit. It was a one hit wonder!

One of the honedges crashes through the floor, fainted.

Three honedges group around him and start Pursuiting him. Haman may have a resistance, but the brutal assault would take a toll on any Pokemon. It occurs to you that your calculated strategies from the 1v1 League are less applicable in a brutal melee such as this.

Your rock types are ROUGH AND TOUGH! Camo's rocky hide absorbs two Pursuits like a champ.

Well… berry juice tastes nice, but it's not suturing your wound. You should get some pressure on that.


'1d10' "Come on venom, you can confused them can't you? Give it a big supersonic.. it will be like singing at the sleepover.."
'1d10' I try to hold her up higher so she can disorient more of them

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 1 = 1


"Camo, we're trying to save the Honedge, so use Water Gun to knock them away!" '1d10'

"Here," I'll ripp off a piece of my shirt to use as a bandage, "cover the wound with this."

Roll #1 3 = 3



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Searching far and wide.

They're out on Fall Road.
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"Yeah, well, I'm not the one out there fighting. And if you'll excuse me, I've got to get these guys healed up after that beating they just got…"
I'll start to head towards the exit.



It's like I actually have friends


"Let's go!" I say enthusiastically.


I'll pop the marching music on my headphones as we walk out.


You head out into the dark…

"Good luck out there!"

You head to the Pokemon center

do do dododo


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