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In another point of space and time…

Hello there! Welcome to the World of Pokémon!

This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokémon! For some people, Pokémon are pets. Other use them for fights. Myself… I study Pokémon as a profession.

Your very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits! Let's go!

Like every other morning, you wake up in your room. Unlike every other morning, you're not alone.

For some time, you've tried to partner with many Pokemon, though you could never really bond with any of them. You kept flitting from Pokemon to Pokemon, testing them a little before it was decided that you two just wouldn't fit. You wondered if you'd ever get your real first Pokemon at all, but at last, you have.

They wake up with you in your room, the first rays of sun on their face.

First things first, do they have a name?


Rub my eyes and get up from bed
''good day Jasper…'' I say to my zubat as I stretch and pop a few bones
''UUummngh…Gosh that was a great nice of sleep…''


Jasper chirps a little in return.

Can't stay here too long, though, the city lab's expecting you today. You probably have some sort of job.


''hey buddy,ready for another day at the lab?I know the bright lights bother you but after we can get some of your favorite snacks if you wanna,how that sounds?'' I ask rubbing his ear a little bit before leaving the room


Uh…dang. I don't think I've come up with a name for it yet. I hope it's not offended by that.


File: 1417884689840.jpg (3.76 MB, 3084x3084, POKEMAP all towns.jpg)

Jasper squeaks a little. He seems fine with that promise.

You head out onto the streets of Petrotown. Very industrialised considering the stereotype of what is referred to as the 'Grass Prefecture', it is a town of large chemical factories and labs working to find more ways to extract wealth from the chemicals of nature around you.

The lab's not too far…


I named her lily of course, I even made her a cute name tag that says "Lily" on it.


Your Ralts looks disappointed, but nods her head. After all, it hasn't been long since you met her.

You feel a little weak for a few seconds.

Your Treecko looks curiously at the nametag, then tries to taste it.


Swallow dry and try to breathe as less as I can
I always despised the smell of this place…
I remember when dad took me to a field trip once
I never had so much pleasure in breathing
I start daydreaming a bit on the way to the lab…


Laugh "Its not food, it says your name. But if you're hungry.. I bet we can get something to eat. Lets go to the kitchen."
Offer Lily the Treecko a hand.


I lean against the wall to steady myself.
"Did you feel that, or was that just me?"


A Koffing passes by you, even.

You daydream about journeying across the land, wondering what sort of Pokemon you'll come across. Not the same old poison types that come to this town to feast.

Almost there, as log as you don't stop for anything.

She pauses, looking a bit confused, but takes it. The kitchen has plenty of food for a grass Pokemon. Berries harvested from around your home in the Evergreen, mainly.


Your Ralts tilts her head about confused.

It's a feeling you sort of know. When Pokemon came close, occasionally you'd get fits of these fluctuations. Fortunately, the seers and mystics on your island of Muika were available to offer advice. You had the potential to be a psychic, much like them, and had received some training on how to control your abilities.

You haven't felt anything this strong in a while, though.


I don't even mind the poison types,they're nice
I actually one of my favorite types
But it's the damn smell of this city that I can't stand
I look for Jasperw while I go,is he near me?
Also i continue walking to the lab,there's not really much for me to do


Berries are perfect, but how will I know which one she likes.. Put a bowl full of different ones, and one for me too, berries are nature's food. Bring them over to the sofa, its comfier there.
"You can sit next to me Lily."


"Oh, Cello, there you are!"

As you walk into the town lab, your mentor greets you. Professor Gin, a white haired man dressed shabbily.

"How's the zubat? Anyway, perhaps it can help you in the task I have in mind for today."

Your Treecko picks out the pink ones. She gives them a sniff, then leisurely eats them by you. Mmmm.

Feel like trying one yourself? Either way, don't take too long. Now that you have a Pokemon comrade, the town rangers have decided to let you do some work to see how you fare.


"I think there might be something out there. How about we go see what it might be, hmm?"
I scoop her up.
"Don't worry about the name, too. I'm sorry I haven't picked anything, but I just want to come up with something that feels right. We have to make it stick, you know?"


Of course, eat up a nice breakfast of berries and get going.


Smile as I greet the proffesor
''Hi there proffesor Gin,good day. And well,Jasper is doing great I believe,the little guy'' I say as I pet him
''But what kind of job you had for Me Proffesor?''


Well, that depends on its gender. Are you a boy or a girl?


You feel a bit better.

You head out onto the streets of Muika Island. Originally a port for ships transporting salvage from the more southern islands, its location and more esoteric properties made it a gathering spot for humans gifted with overt psychic abilities. This half town itself mainly provides services to inhabitants of the island, while the psychics dwell a little further behind.

You know well the path to the gathering hall. Get going?

It's good. Still… these berries used to feel so much better. Maybe you've grown bored of them.

The Evergreen can't really be called a Town or City. From your treetop house you see those of your neighbours, shops and smaller services. More official ones, like the Pokemon center, still prefer being on the ground, though vines blanket them so they don't stick out too much. The local ranger headquarters isn't far, it's opposite the direction of the giant Tree that towers over everything, even from afar.

"Good to hear. Anyway, I was thinking, want some practice in catching Pokemon?"

He hands you five Poke balls and a potion.

"I need to study the effects of our industry on the wildlife around here. Whether you want to check around town or just outside is up to you. Though… I will be keeping any Pokemon you catch, at least for the time being, so don't get your hopes too up."


You lean down to check as your Pichu looks at you puzzled.

Boy since you're a boy, unless you'd rather girl.


Yeah, let's go. On the way, I'll review what I've been taught about psychics and my abilities so far.


''Oh…Oh man…Proffesor that would be awesome…Yeah I can do that''
I take the pokeballs and feel them in my hand
''And yeah no worries,you can keep them''
''Ready for some practise jasper?'' I ask to my zubat


Gosh, I bet there is no where better than evergreen.
Still, I can't be late for a summons.
"Are you excited Lily? We're going to do a real job for the rangers."


Psychics are people whose minds have awakened to a certain mysterious power. Its main characteristic is an attunement to the minds of other beings, allowing the psychic to affect or be affected by another entity.

You've displayed the abilities of a psychic since you were young, being affected by Pokemon's thoughts to the point where they manifested physically, like through weakness or vitality. You've been trained so you can shut off stray transmissions before your powers would grow too strong.

Almost at the hall. Ralts seems to be enjoying the walk as sea air pushes you. Your steps feel lighter.

"Good to hear. You can try around the processing plants, or near the entrances of the routes leading away. Maybe the port, too. A coastal port towns gives us quite a wide variety to choose from."

Lily seems intrigued. She eagerly follows you. You slide down the vines ash she clings on and walk across the bridges to HQ. The doors are open…


''yeah we gonna try the port'' I said walking away
''thanks proffesor,you won't be disapointed',come on Jasper'' I say rushing to the port


You wander about where the ships are, sea air whipping you.

Time to search for Pokemon. To do that, you'll have to roll.


"They must be expecting us. Lets go inside."
walk a little slower for treecko.



Roll #1 10 = 10


And so am I. It's looking like it'll be a good day.
Keep on going.


Hm, male is fine.
"I'll call you Echo, I think."


They are.

"Amber and your new friend! You two seem to be getting along well. Welcome to the Rangers, by the way."

A cool-looking lady approaches, almost having the look of an Ace trainer. She's Martha, an acquaintance of your who's taught you a few things.

"I think it's time we see how you fare with a mission today. Up to it?"

A Wild Carvanha appears!

Jasper stands ready.

>Leech Life

>Quick Attack


"Y-yea! That's why I hurried here." Grin a mile wide grin.
"What will we be doing?"



Roll #1 3 = 3


It feels like it.

The Mystic Hall helps still your mind as you enter. Strange patterns on the floor wave with ripples as you step across. A robed man is sitting on a chair, looking at you. He's one of the seniors here.

"Jake! How is everything? There's your partner too."

"Chuu…? Chu."
Your Pichu squeaks and seems to like it. Fortunately he doesn't seem to question your checking.

You might have work today. Want to get over to the studio?

"Let's see… today you'll be doing a mission on your own, so I'll keep it simple. Patrol the edge of this town for a few hours. There will be an objective your you to complete as you do that, you'll know it when you see it."

She hands you a Tool Rope, a Potion, and a Poke Ball.

"That last one's if you're really lucky or unlucky. You might have to catch a Pokemon to bring it back if it's injured. Just saying…"

She grins.

"Anything else before you go?"

It fails!

The Carvanha leaps up for a Bite, but misses as well!
It's moving pretty sluggishly. It might be weak already…


>Quick attack
Just to be sure

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Alright then Echo, let's see…"
Right. Do I have a pokéball for him? I should get going to the studio.


"Yes, though I still need to pick a name for her. Earlier I thought I felt something pretty strong earlier though, and I was wondering if you had felt anything similar."


think for a moment.
"Just patrolling for a while? I can do that. I'll come back around lunch time."


You score a grazing hit. Jasper reels back a little, though. Rough Skin hurts.

The Carvanha grows faster, suddenly! It uses Bite! Jasper yelps a bit as the teeth clamp down, but the Carvanha lets go and falls down, struggling a bit.

Course you do. You recall him.

Morning Binestrone isn't much busier than at night. That is, Binestrone is busy round the clock. One of the hearts of what is called the 'Fire Prefecture', it is responsible for managing the many power plants that surround its outskirts and distributing power. That same electricity powers its communications networks, making it rival the Rising City as an information hub. Your TV studio is pretty big.

You're waiting at the tram stop now. Should be coming soon…

"Hmm… you're forging a connection with your Ralts, I believe, if it's only recent. The common techniques to protect one's mind from interference only works if you have no intention of interacting much with a Pokemon. With your Ralts, especially as a psychich type, that isn't much of an option. Hmm…"

"Heheheh.. just… nope! You'll have to procure your own lunch. You're coming back AFTER dinner."

She tosses you a small radio, too.

"We'll contact you through that, so be sure to listen!"


"R-right. I'll take care of it." clip it onto my belt and turn to go.



Roll #1 3 = 3


Well, let's wait for it to show up then. Play with the pokéball while I'm waiting. I should let Echo out later… maybe once I get to work.


I'll look down at her.
"So…will I have to protect myself from Ralts as well?"


Off you go, leaving the grinning lady and tree-buildings behind. Now they're just trees.

You've been assigned to go patrol the Northwestern Route, the one that eventually leads to the Spring Field past a small town. Lily follows behind, looking at the forest around her.

All seems quiet for now. You hear the trickle of a stream somewhere. The morning's fog is slowly clearing out. For now, you're on the dirt road.

The Carvanha's sudden burst of speed lets it dodge the sound wave again!

It leaps out of the water again, but before it can attack, it falls limp on hard ground.

Echo looks at you from inside, grinning. He might be finding this fun.


Looks like your wait's over.

"Not exactly. You… cannot really protect yourself if you wish to know well a psychic Pokemon, especially one you've found yourself compatible with. It's something that has to come from experience not just as a psychic, but as a trainer. For now, just try meditating on nothing if it gets too intense, and try teaching your Ralts to do the same."



Alright, step onto the tram and let's get going. Let's go see what's going on at the office today.


>pokeball go?


Next time.


>lets look for another one then
>no exp?

Roll #1 5 = 5


You throw one Pokeball…

Roll for it.

The road tram takes you through the big city as fast as you need. Soon you're at the TV station.

The glass doors look inviting, as always…


Push through the doors and head inside. Let's go find the editor and see what he/she has for me today.


'1d10' tripping balls

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Parker! There you are! I want pictures of Pokemon by the end today!"

He hands you your camera. Looks like it's done with repair. He also gives you a Poke ball and a pootion.

"I'm going to need you to get me pictures of some Pokemon about here close up! Go battle someone or something or go hunt something wild, since you got a new rat to accompany you. Now, get going!"

He has a torchic light his cigar.





Carvanha was caught!

It doesn't look in very good shape, though. It might need attention…


Take the camera and look at it.
"Yes sir, I'll bring you those pictures."

Did he just call Echo a rat? What a knobhead. Bah. Let's get out of here, I need to get to a hotspot for wild pokemon.


Put my hands in the air
"Woohoo!" Takeep the pokeball and out it away.
"You doing alright there Jasper?need to take a break? " I ask turning to the zubat


Binestrone is a big city. Reaching the outskirts where the wild Pokemon really dwell would mean you can;t go anywhere else for the day.

You have these options:
Explore the less-inhabited parts of the city where wild electric pokemon may have colonised
Lake Leisan, the inland sea by the City's northeast
The route to Torchfire
The route to Fabiorge
The long route that eventually leads to the Rising City

That bite was pretty nasty, but your Zubat should be good for another few rounds.


Fighting electric pokemon with an electric type may be a pain… I think I'll check the route to this Fabiorge place.


"Jeez…Carvanhas are scary…" I say petting his ears again before heading to find another Pokémon

Roll #1 3 = 3


That's towards the City of Iron, as they call it. You'll have to take the tram. Want to stop by the Pokemart for anything, first?

A wild Koffing floats by!
Jasper stands by ready.


How much money do I have? I think I'll buy an extra pokeball and potion or two if I can afford it.


You have



Looks like you'll be needing today's pay. You wander into the nearby Pokemart.


Hey cool a Koofing
>Confusion ray


Jasper doesn't have any idea what you're talking about.

>Leech Life

>Quick Attack

The Wild Koffing tries to spray Poison Gas, but Zubat isn't affected!


Well darn. Just buy one pokeball and a potion then. I should have just enough for that. I'm putting all my faith in Echo here then.


>I meant supersonic sorry!


AAand now you're broke. You do now have 2 Pokeballs and 2 Potions, though.

Fortunately there's a Tram to the Southwest Outskirts coming in 5 minutes. There's a Tram to the Northeast Lake in 10, where you're likely to find water Pokemon, if you're worried.

You'll have to roll for attacks.


What could possibly go wrong?

The lake may actually be a better idea. Let's go there.



Roll #1 1 = 1


You arrive at the Lake. Really, from here it's indistinguishable from the sea, save the sight of the shore in the far, far distance. Passenger ferries are lined up where the tram drops you off at the dock, the Pokemon will be further along the shoreline. You can already hear the squawks of Wingulls.

It missed!

Koffing tries releasing a different sort of gas. Smog! Zubat's a little irritated, but doesn't seem too affected.

It's not very effective…


>Quick attack



Roll #1 8 = 8


Alright. Let out Echo from his ball.
"I hope you're ready for some action, pal. We've got some work to do."


Jasper flies out with a sudden burst of speed and hits the Koffing. The Koffing, in return, Tackles back.

Jasper is mostly healthy, the Koffing faring a little worse.


You wander to the shores and already, you see a few Pokemon about. There's a poliwag group, a buizel, and a flock of wingull getting ready to land.


Great! Now go for a leech life attack!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Poliwag, they're pretty small… Alright, let's approach.
"Echo, you see those Poliwag over there? We're going to isolate one of them and battle it."


Jasper bites onto the Koffing and begins to suck!

Jasper coughs a little, though. It's not very effective, but Jasper moves a bit better afterwards.

The Koffing flings itself into Jasper again, but doesn't hit well.

It looks like about half the Koffing's stamina is spent…

Your Pichu squeaks, looking intently at them.

Fortunately for you, one of the Poliwag seems to have heard something and is wandering over. It doesn't seem to have seen you yet…



Let's get a drop on this guy.
"ECHO, use your Thundershock on it! This is our time to strike!"


Echo leaps forward and attacks with a Thundershock!



Sorry, QR ate my roll.

Roll #1 6 = 6


>quick attack

Roll #1 5 = 5


The bolt strikes clean, especially from ambush.
The Poliwag is taken aback, and tries blowing a few bubbles. Pichu is hit about just as hard.


"We've got the offensive advantage in this fight, Echo. Press it and thundershock it again!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Echo uses Thundershock again!
The opposing Poliwag is pretty tired now. It looks about to run away…

The pattern on its belly swirls about a little. A hynosis attack, but Pichu doesn;t see it!


So quick! Guess I'll have to do another one of these for some photographs. Or maybe… I've got an idea.

Pokeball go!

Roll #1 10 = 10


You throw the ball!

It hits Poliwag right in the center of its whirl. It bounces back up and sucks the Poliwag in, right as the sun is behind.

Quick, try and get a shot!


Roll over, moving across my bed with eyes still closed, groaning slightly at the morning sun, and with one hand reach for the alarm clock beside me.
Unable to reach, mutter something.
"Pentiummh… Shtop 'dhat whatchh…"


Your Beldum tackles into the clock, slamming it against the wall.

Fortunately it's made of pretty good iron and still functions, you'll just need to put the bell back in place later.


Crawl out of bed and sleazily dress for the big day, going through my bags.
Smile and give a thumbs up to Pentium.
"Nice teamwork."


Your Beldum looks curiously at your thumb before trying to touch it with a claw.

What's today's itinerary?

Go to the factories to help out again? There's some more scrap to keep pounding away on, since no new relic to reverse engineer have been recovered for a while.

Go about and challenge people to battles in a town stadium?

Or is it that special day already?


Right! That would be a nice shot!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Wait, which one of those three options?


You mean 'pack your bags and leave the world behind' day?
I turned ten yesterday, of course it is that special day today!


I'm sorry? You know, take a picture!


Whoa, wait, are you sure about that?

Age for traveling is generally 15 and up. 10 2young for dangerous adventure.




Good shot! A Pokemon right as it's being captured. It's hard to get a clear photo, but you think you managed to take at least one of the right moment as you snap your shutter wildly.

wub wub
boop boop


Poliwag was caught!

You hit alright. The Koffing tries to hit back, and scores a little harder!

The Koffing looks ready to flee soon…


I was going with the classic R/B age. Sure, 15 it is.


"Heh. Not a bad shot. Great work Echo, you nailed it."
Pat him on the head and walk over to pick the ball up with a grin.
"I think I'll call you… Leviathan."


No you aint!
>pokeball go!

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1418049472004.jpg (3.79 MB, 3084x3084, POKEMAP all towns.jpg)

I sure hope you packed adequately!

You've got 2000p in your wallet.
In your bag you've got three day's worth of food and water. Traveling on foot to either of the cities next to your hometown of Fabiorge would take about two days of travel.
You've got 3 potions, 2 paralyze heals and a burn heal.

Anything else you think you can take along?

The Poliwag in the ball isn't listening, and simply looking around.

You missed! The Pokeball lies on the ground, ane you have three left with you.

Koffing tackles Jasper! Jasper's wingbeats are starting to become unstable.


I've got an idea for another shot. Ready the camera and let him out right next to Pichu. To capture the moment where former opponents are now allies.


A few pokeballs. What adventure would it be without making new friends!


>better finish this fast
>another one go!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Alright then.

You let Poliwag, or Leviathan, out. It walks around your general area, poking at your and Echo's footprints. Echo watches curiously.

You manage to dig up… one.
You have funds to buy more, at least.


Sounds good enough!
Let's get moving, after a plentyful breakfast and after saying my goodbyes to ma'.



Koffing tackles into Jasper again, and hits well!
Jasper's flight is really looking unstable now…


Let's take a snap.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Alright that's it
take Jasper out of there and run!
(rolling for it if I have to roll for it,if not ignore this roll)

Roll #1 5 = 5


It might be the last hearty meal you can eat in a long while.

You say your goodbyes to mother and read the farewell letter from your dad, who's busy at work as always.

Some trainers choose to leave their home to train elsewhere first and then return to take their gym's badge, while some prefer to conquer the gym in their hometown as their first. Are you choosing the first option?

It looks like Poliwag refuses to face Pichu. Right now he's really just distracted.


Snap my fingers and whistle to grab his attention.

Roll #1 3 = 3


That depends. What's the type in the local gym?


He instead decides to nibble on a nearby weed.

Why, Steel, of course. With all the steel types about, that's a given.


Ah well. Let's see if I can make a few shots of the Wingull or Buizels.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I will come back once I have a fire type then!
Let's get on the road, maybe I can drop by dad's workplace before skipping town for Torchfire City.


Today isn't your day. You get a clear shot of a Wingull defecating on an unlucky Buizel. You can see the disgust on the Buizel's face really clearly.

The Salvage Processing factory is on the same side of town as the Route to Fabiorge City. You take a tram there to the big gates, where you see cargo being unloaded from the nearby train station.

"Yes, I think that's something the boys in Binestrone REALLY want to see! Take care you DON'T drop it! Oh, Lela! All set for your big day?"

You manage to get out of there with Jasper. The Koffing looks relieved.

You get a sight of your Carvanha, and it really doens't look well. It's.. poisoned? You recognise the signs.


Head over to dad with my most serious expression possible.
"Sir, ready to deploy into the wild unknowns, sir!"
And crack a smirk.


Oh perfect…
I better take these two somewhere safe
Get them back to the lab
''I wonder what caused this to you…'' I say to the carvanha before I get him back into his pokeball


Damn. Well, maybe I can go elsewhere if I still have the time for it today? My initial plan was to go to the Fabiorge route.


He laughs a little, but his faces turns serious.

"I remember when I went on my own journey. You'll discover and learn a lot, but it won't be easy. Always be careful, you hear? Remember to always prepare well, especially in the wilds. Don't be afraid to give up battles that you can't win, or cost you too much to win. Take care of yourself, make sure you pack enough supplies, or know how to get from wherever you are. Above all… have fun!"

He smiles again, then gives you a train ticket.

"This one pays for a ride to any station, as long as you're departing from the same region. Anything more you want to ask me?"

You have a faint idea. Your lab has been researching the effects of the industry on the local wildlife for a while.

You manage to make it back to the lab fast enough, fortunately it's near the docks anyway.

"Back so soon, Cello? Catch anything?"

Nope. If you ride the tram back, it'll be almost evening when you reach. You'll just have to take what you can get here.


Oh well. Take a few snaps then, this will have to do.

Roll #1 8 = 8


''yeah…I caught a carvanha…but it was poisoned…think you can fix it up Proffesor?and Jasper too?''


Shake my head and give him a goodbye hug.
"I'll conquer the world, just you wait!"

On the road to Binestrone, actually. Not Torchfire.


As you take a few random snaps, you note your new Poliwag and Pichu trying to communicate. They're sitting across one another, a leaf in between them.

You got that, with some Wingulls in the background.


Awesome, take a picture of that scene.

Roll #1 6 = 6


He takes a look at both of them.

"Jasper's fine, just let him rest a while. Or use a potion if you can't wait. The Carvanha, though…"

He takes the Pokeball and releases it in a tank of medicated water. he draws some blood with a syringe, before injecting some yellow fluid.

"A Pokemon toxified, it seems. Good work getting this guy to me."

He hands you a potion.

"Feel like trying for some more, or would you rather rest for now?"

Your last tram ride in the city. You see great buildings and giant furnaces past before you at last see the green start overtaking grey.

The dirt road lies ahead. It's about 50 km to Binestrone, and you know there's a least one rest station along the way. It'll probably take you till evening to reach that.

Your foot steps from the paved road. Are you ready?


You already got that. Now you get one of Echo and… Leviathan looking at the sky together.

Not bad, too.


Alright, that'll do.
"Alright you two, time for a rest. You deserve it."
Approach them and return them both to their pokeballs.


Yes sir captain!


Think for a moment.
"I rather take a small break. I promised Jasper I would get him his favorite snack today"
Head for the exit,but stop on the door
"Oh yeah. ..and proffessor…do you have any idea of what toxified that Carvanha? Will he be alright? "


Echo jumps in willingly, Leviathan seems pretty startled and flails about while being pulled in.

Then let's get going.

The sounds of the city fade away as you walk down the trail. The sparse trees decorating the grasslands here seem to have grown quite relaxed.

You feel truly alone. Sure, you might have ventured out on your own before, but not with no intention to return for a very, very long time. How are you going to fare out here?

Want to keep an eye out for Pokemon, or just go on your way? Roll either way.

You'll just have to pop by the store. What does he like, incidentally?

"He should be fine, the antidotes seem to be working. It's like we discussed, improper treatment of industrial waste is affecting the Pokemon around the area. Hmm… come back later when I think of something."


No, I want to keep an eye out for everything!
Also, start talking with Pentium.
"This is gonna be so amazing… But if people ask, don't tell them I'm excited about the trip, okay?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Sorry pal, it's safer this way for you. I'll let you out again once we get home."
Get him in there.


Jasper loves cinnamon flavored poke-food.
he's a bit picky
but he deserves it so let's go buy him that!
Check my wallet to see how much money I have


Pentium nods, so much you barely notice the Sandile walking across the route.

A wild Sandile appeared!
It gets the jump on you! It bites onto Pentium! It's super effective!

Pentium looks quite shaken from the attack…

He's already in there, looking out at you blankly.

1000P. Food like that will cost you about 100. There's a sale on right now, so you get an extra if you buy one.



Of course
Anything for Jasper. Granted he barely hit some attacks but I also missed two pokeball
Take him to rest under a nice shady place before sitting down and opening on of the bags
pick up some of it in my hand and open it up for Jasper,offering it to him
"Thereyou go buddy,you deserve it"


"Pentium! Wake up buddy! Iron Defense!"


Jasper bites onto it eagerly.

You two relax under a tree at a park. This feels… good. Really good. Pity about the air, though, it's usually clogged like this. At least Jasper doesn't mind much.

You vaguely recall something about the professor wanting to send an aide around the region to conduct fieldwork. You wonder if you could be that person…

Pentium manages to pull himself together. His metal coat gleams like polished steel.

The Sandle leers at Pentium, but Pentium is unaffected!

Pentium's taking a confident stance, awaiting your instructions.




Give him a contemplative look.
"Maybe I should give you a name, huh?"


Your Zorua barks excitedly. Not too loud, at least, it knows that in your small apartment room it's easy to bother others.


"Hmn… well, let's see. You're my first pokemon, so… how about Zoro?"


"Meditation? Sounds simple enough. I think we should be able to handle that together."


That's… simple. But it works. Zorua-Zoro yaps happily.

You look about your cluttered, small room. Soon you'll be leaving it behind. Like many other kids your age, you'll be travelling about the region soon. When you'll actually do it, though, is up to you.

You do have your new bicycle you saved up for, at least. This will be an excellent tool for your Journey.


"Yes, it's a simple solution. Try it out. Relax your mind and have your Ralts do the same. Try to influence her, tell her with more than your voice."


Simple is better. besides, he's my first pokemon. I'm not exactly an experienced name-giver.

That bike might not be a motorcycle yet, but it's only a matter of time. Once I get out there, I'll get my own motorcycle for sure!

"So, Zoro, feel like going on an adventure? I know I do!"


Zoro yaps.

You could always just wander town today. It gets quieter in the mornings when the casinos and other service houses close for the day. You could check out the outskirts, there's a map around here of the country that should show you where the routes outside the city are.

Oh, and, you know you've at least got a potion and a poke ball.


"All right then."
I set her down and face her, sitting.
"Let's try this out. Empty my mind…"


Let's explore the outskirts a bit today. The air's always a bit cleaner out there.


Roll for it.


To the west, then?
It's easy to forget that Lanobe city is in verdant 'Grass Region', but stepping out easily remedies that. You take your bike through the city and into where the paved roads stop.

You hear a few noises out behind some bushes.



Roll #1 9 = 9


Hmn? Investigate the bushes!


You relax and empty your mind. You feel some external influence, that is, your Ralts, but you feel that quieten as well.

"Very good. Now, try to maintain that."

He starts banging a pot near you. Try and keep focused.

It's another kid, the same age as your are. You see her with an Inkay, looking pretty condident.

"Oh ho! Looks like just found another poor sap! You, hand over your money unless you want to feel some punishment!"


My mentor has a very unorthodox teaching style. Keep concentrating, Ralts!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Raise an eyebrow at her… then bust out laughing.
"You? Punish ME? Oh, that's a good one! Go on and run home, before you do something you'll regret!"


He finishes with a loud bang, but you're unfazed.

"Very good. I think your Ralts has learned something from that, too."

Your Ralts sits, still focused. Ralts has learned Calm Mind!

"You do have a lot of potential. Ever considered going out across the country to travel? A lot of kids your age do that. The experience should help you hone your abilities, too."

"UUUGH! We'll see about that! Inkay, peck his face!"

The Inkay rushes to you!


"Zoro, use Leer!"


Roll #1 8 = 8


The Inkay flips around as your Zorua stares it down.

"Hah! Like that'll work!"

The enemy Inkay looks more confident! Inkay's defense rose!

The enemy Inkay rushes in for a peck, but it misses, thankfully.




I pick her back up and ruffle her hair…stuff. Is it even hair? Anyway, she did great. I hope she feels that.

"I…might have considered it, but it seems kinda overwhelming. I'm not even sure where I would go first."


"Okay, Zoro, use Scratch!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Anywhere, really. Learn about the world out there, expose yourself to other ways of life… perhaps collect the gym badges. They're a universal symbol of respectdhjkvAAAAAAAAAAAA

There's a strong presence nearby interfering! You can hear light, rushing footsteps, but your eyes are shut tight, flinching due to the sudden shock."

"Hey, what's wrong? Oh, wait… curses."


"Wh-what the heck was that?! Did you feel it?"


Your Zorua scratches, but the attack barely leaves a mark.

"Hahahaha! What a pathetic thing! Thanks for boosting my Inkay's defense! Tackle back!"

The Inkay hits empty air again, however.


"At least Zoro knows how to hit his mark! Use Pursuit!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


As you adjust to the shock and open your eyes, you can see a Torchic in the room. For some reason, it is banging its head on the floor repeated, calling indiscriminately. Most notably, occasionally a shadowy, black aura flashes around it.

It notices you and your Ralts, then faces you and cries out aggresively.

"Hmm… try and handle this. Perhaps… "

Wild Torchic appeared!
The wild Torchic is emitting a shadowy aura!


"What the heck's wrong with it?"
Ralts goes down on the floor.
"Careful. It looks like it's in pain, so it might do anything."

Double Team.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Not so much, unfortunately. Your Zorua scratches the empty air, and is hit by a Tackle in return.


Your Ralts rapidly creates a few mirror images of itself. Evasiveness rose!

The Torchic's shadowy aura intensifies! It charges frenzied! Wild Torchic used Shadow Blitz!

However, it hits a mirror image, fortunately.

Your mentor hands you a Poke ball.

"Try to catch it."


"Come on, Zoro! You can do it!"
Use Scratch! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I take it and nod. Clearly this Torchic needs some sort of help.


Roll #1 3 = 3


Again! Zorua misses as the Inkay floats up. The Inkay tackles back, but at least Zoro isn't hit too hard this time.

"I wonder how much you have in your pockets?"


The Torchic winces from the shot, but returns an attack as fierce. The aura intensifies again as it charges at Ralts! Wild Torchic used Shadow Blitz!

It's super effective!

Ralts is almost knocked off her feet


"Big talk, little girl!"
Use Pursuit again! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Hang in there! You can take it!"

Confusion again!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Your Zorua lands a glancing hit. The Inkay looks half-spent.

"And so you can't run when you're done…"

Opposing Inkay used Constrict! Tentacles wrap around your Zorua, but it wiggles out pretty easily.

The Torchic is almost thrown off its feet this time.
The wild Torchic breathes out a purple aura! It clings to the mirror images and dissipates them.

Wild Torchic used Shadow Mist! Torchic's evasiveness fell!


"Done? I haven't even gotten started!"
Come on, scratch! go for the eyes! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Of course, I mean Ralts' evasiveness fell

Zoro manages to scratch the mouth. The Inkay tries to peck back, but misses!

"You're so stubborn… shame if anything were to happen to your bike!"


I grit my teeth and focus!
"Stay calm, Ralts!"

Calm Mind!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Give her an icy glare.
"Touch the bike, and I'll bust every tooth in your mouth."

Scratch, you fool! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Ralts focuses…

Special Attack and Special Defense rose!

Torchic used Shadow Blitz! It's super effective!

Ralts manages to hang on, but you need to finish this quickly. One more attack should do it…

Zorua scratches again! This time it nabs a few tentacles that cobstrict and squeeze.

The girl and Inkay isn't looking so good, but Zoro looks about half-spent.


Come on, one more Confusion ought to do it…

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Come on, Zoro! Let's finish this!"
Scratch like you've got an itch! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2



You feel a large pulse of something disrupting your concentration! Your Ralts feels it too, and her attack is thrown off.

The shadowy aura intensifies! The Torchic charges, but at the last second trips and falls, thrashing about wildly.

"Hurry! Catch it now!"

Your mentor has his Alakazam standing behind him.

That botched leer is making you pay…

Zoro barks out to you, then runs to you! He then stands focused, staring at the girl and Inkay. The air in front of him seems distorted..

"Ooh, looks like your Zorua's too scared! Boo hoo! You don't have any more pokemon, do you?"

The girl begins walking towards you. Your Zorua is throwing out its paw while looking at you, trying to tell you to do something. Feign something…


Feign throwing out my Nidoran? Okay!
"All right, Nidoran, now's your chance!"
Pretend to throw out a pokeball, but instead let Zorua use it's Illusion.



Pokeball, go!

Roll #1 4 = 4


You don't have a Nidoran. Not yet, anyway.

You got the idea. You pretend to toss a Poke Ball..

"A.. a Nidoking? W-well, uh.. never mind! It was great battling you, but now I gotta go!"

She recalls her Inkay, busy spilling Ink over the ground, then runs. She's dropped some stuff…

Your Zorua breathes a sigh of relief, then laughs.

Could be better, but it's hard to miss something on the ground like that.

Wub wub
Doot doot


Torchic was caught!

Your mentor breathes a sigh of relief.

"Good work, but it's not over. Set that Poke ball between you and Ralts, then I need both of you to focus your minds. Calm Mind, and try to hush the poor Torchic."


I should be patrolling.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Bust out laughing and give Zorua some ear-scratches.
"Good job, Zoro! That was great! Now let's go see what they dropped."


I nod. I thought that could have gone better, but if he thinks it went well, I'm not about to second guess him.

I follow his instructions and focus on both Ralts and the ball.

Roll #1 1 = 1


The forest is your home.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem very friendly today
Your legs get caught in a puddle of mud, and you hear a pidgey squawk as… something lands on your hat.

2 potions, 2 poke balls, and… 2000P! Not bad at all.

Looks like the battle's drawn some attention. The mouth of a pokemon pokes out of the bushes, sniffing.

As you try opening your mind to the Torchic, you feel overwhelmed. You suddenly feel very nauseous.

"Keep trying. Focus on your Ralts first. Stabilize one another before linking the Torchic."


Its just first day jitters.
Wipe off the mud and find a better vantage point. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Oh? Hello there, little fella…"


I shift attention to Ralts. Maybe focusing on Calm Mind will help…

Roll #1 10 = 10


You and Lily climb up a tall tree.

You can see much of the Evergreen's wilderness from here. Streams pool into ponds here and there from a little away from the main path. A train track, however, cuts through to service easy transport to and from the settlement. Movement is everywhere, from the small bugs to grass types, or birds above you.

Your radio cracks to life.

"Ranger Amber! Your task is: find the rock-type pokemon hiding around your area! You have until nightfall!"

The pokemon slowly emerges…

Wild Nidoran F appeared!

It takes a defensive stance, but looks curious.


"Hey there little lady. What are you doing around here?"

Get down on my knees to get a better look at her.
"Trying to find something?"


You focus on Ralts, and Ralts you. In absolute stillness, you slowly open yourselves to the poor Torchic in the Poke Ball. You quell the cacophony of noisr within, until at last the Torchic quietens down.

You look into the ball, and for a long while you see nothing but a horribly blank stare from the Torchic. You can't see or feel anything from it. An eerie silence.

Slowly, though, a few tears come from the Torchic's eyes, but the rest of its face stays still.


The Nidoran looks at you and your Zorua for a while. Suddenly, it attacks!

Wild Nidoran used peck!
Zorua is hit squarely. You should use a potion, Zoro isn't looking do well…


"Here you go, buddy…"
Yeah, go ahead and give Zoro a potion. Can I do attacks in the same turn?


You can't, unfortunately.

The wild Nidoran used growl, but Zoro covers his ears! It missed!


"All better, buddy? Use Scratch!"
Come on, please have better luck against this wild pokemon… '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Hey there. You must have had a rough time of it. You don't have to be so angry anymore."

How is Ralts holding up?


Fortunately, Zoro is feeling a little more confident now. The scratch hits!

The Nidoran F scratches in return! It looks like a hard hit, this one is pretty strong…

Your Ralts is looking pretty tired, but otherwise fine. The Torchic, however, doesn't seem to acknowledge what you say.

"It's remarkable you managed to calm a Shadow Pokemon. This one's been giving us a hard time. I think they tried releasing it to see if undoing a capture would help calm it, but it only went berserk and got here."

He waves and gives a thumbs up to a group of trainers standing outside.

"You're pretty good. It must be because you have a Ralts. They're especially empathic."


"Oh, this is a tough one! Zoro, use Leer!"
Let's see if this works this time… '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"A rock here? I'll find it for sure Maim!" I reply over the radio.
"Well lily, a rock should be easy pickings here. I wonder what kind.."
'1d10' look at the ground for anything that looks like the tracks left by 'roll out'

Roll #1 3 = 3


I give Ralts a pat and a smile. She did great in her first battle.
"Yeah, I think that helped us understand each other a little more. She's a great partner."
I then hold up the ball with Torchic inside.
"But what's going on with this one? You said he was a Shadow Pokemon? Is that why it was acting so strangely?"


Zoro stares down the wild Nidoran, unnerving it! Wild Nidoran F's defense fell!

The wild Nidoran growls in return! Zoro is thrown off… Zoro's attack fell!


You hop down to the train tracks. No rocks, just… scraps of iron? The train tracks have a few dents in them. Uh oh.

You hear the noise of screeching metal nearby.

"Yes. Simply put, Shadow Pokemon are pokemon who have had their emotions shut away. It's called closing the door to their heart, or at least, what some old texts refer to. That makes them frighteningly strong battlers, as you've seen, but by shutting away their hearts, well… they become monsters."

He looks at the Torchic in the ball, lying still.

"I think it's best if you keep it with you. You were able to connect with it, even just a tiny bit… It took us far longer to do the same with the others we've been sheltering. When you think it's ready, come back to me and I'll show you how to do a Purification, where you can cure it once and for all."

"Until then… perhaps you should try a trainer journey, like I said. Your skills are better honed out there."


"…well that's, uh…"
Pursuit! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Sounds like trouble! Lets go Lily!" Make a pointing gesture and hurry in that direction.


I frown.
"I see. That's a little disturbing. Is this something they choose, or is it something people force on them?"
I ponder it looking at Torchic in its ball, which of those was its fate.

"But if there's more of them out there, then I should go see if I can find them…and maybe challenge the gyms along the way."


The attack missed!
Wild Nidoran used Peck, but it also misses, in its enthusiasm.

>> 10256

You head down, and there's a more damage on the tracks! An Aron is trying to feast on the train tracks!

This isn't good. The train will be coming later…


"Zoro, use Scratch!"
Just got to wear it down enough to use a pokeball on it…

Roll #1 9 = 9


"It's a process forced onto Pokemon. We're not sure who's doing it, but occasionally a trainer comes here, asking us for help. As for how it's done… from what I know, it's something I'd rather not describe."

He shudders.

"Then I guess you've made your decision. I'm glad. Perhaps a week will enough for you to prepare. Your Ralts seems excited with the idea, too."


"Okay, first off is to get that pokemon away from the tracks."
Whistle to get its attention. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Zoro lands a good hit! The wild Nidoran F is sent stumbling back! It retaliates with a strong scratch, but Zorua manages to deflect most of the blow!

It looks tired and about to flee..


The Aron looks at you, but then continues trying to gnaw at the tracks!

You might have to be more forceful..


Toss a pokeball! quick, before it runs! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Your turn Lily. Try an absorb on that aron."

Roll #1 7 = 7



The ball opens, sucking the Nidoran F in.





Congratulations! Nidoran F was caught!

Zoro's looking tired, but more confident. He howls in delight.


"All right! Good job, boy!" Go ahead and give Zoro a big hug.

"Now let's get you both down to the poke-center to get you healed up."


Lily leaps up, draining energy from the Aron! The attack pierces the Aron's tough shell, too.

The Aron is startled, but standing its ground! It hardens itself!


"Come on, you can't stand there! That's where trains go. Lily use pound to push it off the tracks"
'1d10' pound!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You get back on your bike and back into the city. Fortunately, there's a Pokemon center nearby and in other parts of the city.

"Welcome to the pokemon center? Can I see your trainer licence, please?"


I, uh… I have one of those, right?


Lily slams her tail into the Aron…

It was extremely ineffective! The Aron's shell easily stops physical attacks. The Aron is pretty set on having its meal, it seems.

You'll have to get it off somehow else.


"What a sturdy little thing.. I guess we have to tire it out. Use another absorb."

Roll #1 3 = 3


Treecko absorbs again! The attack ignore the protective steel plating, easily damaging it.

The Aron looks tired, but is pretty stubborn.

You hear the whistle of a train coming…

"Oh, I see, I see. Not to worry."

The attendant hands you a few forms.

"If you apply for a license now, you won't have to pay the membership fee till you're of a certain age. Being a member lets you use Pokemon centers for free and entitles you to a pokemon network storage box to hold your Pokemon, among other benefits. You'll also get a few detailed guides on raising pokemon and traveling with them. Up for it?"


"Uh… sure, I guess…"
Man, I hate homework. Ah well, better get filling out these forms.
Sorry, but I need to bed. Thanks for running!


"…A-a train already?! We have no more time, We have to try to ball.."
'1d10' Pokeball go!

Roll #1 6 = 6


I nod.
"That's good, because I couldn't imagine doing it without her, especially after today."
I pat the pokeball as well.
"And maybe we'll find a way to bring him back to himself too."


You obtain a Pokemon Index, a large book that helps you identify Pokemon
You also obtain a trainer card!

Night, thanks for playing.


Do do do

Shake Shake
Shake Shake
Shake shake


Congratulations! Aron was caught!

The Pokeball's on the tracks now. The tracks are vibrating as the train approaches…


Grab the ball fast and get away from the tracks with lily.


Lily leaps ahead of you! She takes the ball and leaps off, just as the whistle becomes deafeningly loud.


The radio comes to life just as the train rushes past.

"Ranger Base Evergreen to Amber! Have you found the Rock Pokemon?"


"Amber here, the rock pokemon is secured. It was an Aron, hungry one at that, it did some minor damage to the tracks."


"A.. a what? An Aron? There wasn't supposed to be an Aron there. You mean it almost caused trouble at the tracks? And you caught it?"


"…What? You mean that wasn't the one?" I blink in confusion. "Should I keep looking?"


"Just stay right there, I'm coming over…"

You hear the flapping of a large Pokemon. A Tropius, and your Ranger senior Martha is riding it down to you.

"What happened here, again? It looks like the tracks got damaged. Any more and there could have been a terrible accident. You stopped an aron from eating the tracks completely?"

She looks impressed.


"That's right!" Show her the pokeball. "I had to catch it, since it refused to move off the tracks. Its a really stubborn one!"


"Not bad, not bad! Actually, well, you were supposed to look for this guy."

She taps a nearby tree, and it reveals itself to be a Sudowoodo.

"It was supposed to be a little test, but it looks like you managed to pass the real thing! You did good work today. Hmm… you're good. You know, we were thinking of sponsoring a few junior rangers to travel around the region. Gain experience out there surviving, battling… what do you think?"


"…Martha, are you saying.. I can go do real ranger things? OHMIGOSHYESWHENCANISTART!" I reply excitedly "I get a real handbook and everything right?!"


"A few days. We'll need to register you properly and make the necessary amendments to your license. Then you can go out into the world. And yeah, you'll get most of what you need from us."

She breathes in deep.

"It's the experience of a lifetime. Go out there and prove yourself. Fight the gyms, learn from challenges, struggle in the mud and snow… you really should do it. And, if you prove yourself capable enough…"

She takes out a device from her pocket.

"You'll get your own Capture Styler."


"Oooh, so cool!" I examine the thing she's showing me carefully and pick up treecko so she can see it too, she's probably curious.
"uuh, wait. I need to clear gyms?"


"Well… badges are a universal sign of prowess. Pokemon and people will respect you for it. You don't have to, but I defeated a few gyms when I was your age. What do you think?"


"Mmm I guess it would be a good thing to do, but I mostly want to help people and pokemon live together.. Still, I'm so happy I'm a ranger now. And I've got a a great partner too.." pet lily a bit. "Hey, can we rest up at the Ranger HQ? I know that battle was a little tough on both pokemon."


Yeah, let's get going. Wait till everyone hears about this…

Pause? We can timeskip when we resume, or we can do it now


I could stay up an hour more, go ahead and timeskip!
"I bet they'll be proud."


It's about a week later.
The Ranger Base heard about your accomplishment and were pretty happy to pick you to sponsor for a tour about the region. It'll be the trip of a lifetime.

Your new Aron seems to enjoy being around you. Were you thinking of giving it a name?

You look at the map of the land.

You're free to travel as you wish, every major and minor town here has a ranger base. Where do you think you'd like to go first?

And what have you packed?


Well, Is Aron a boy or a girl?
Greenlink look like a well connected place, I can probably hear about all kinds of trouble from there.. It looks like a good first stop.
For packing, I will pack similar to camping, bring food, water, a blanket, sleeping bag, tiny tent, escape rope, potions, antidotes, a survival knife. That should be all I could need.


It's a boy.


>Rock Head
>Mud Slap

Greenlink sounds like a good choice. It will take you about two days of travel on foot.

That's a good packing list. With your skills as a ranger, you can pack more efficiently for trips.

3x Potions
3x Antidotes
You also have 2000P. You can get reward money from helping out with missions at Ranger stations.

Feel ready yet?


For a stubborn steel type, Rusty, is probably a good name.

All that seems fine. Say goodbye to everyone and head toward Greenlink early in the morning.


Rusty. Your Aron seems to recognise it as its name now.

You're quick to head off onto the road, eager as you are. Ranger base gives you an extra Poke ball, just in case.

You hear the chirps of bird Pokemon. How would you like to travel?

Look out for Pokemon, get through as quickly as you can, or?


Take it easy and '1d10' Look out for adventure, you never know when something will happen.. A chance to use the stylus maybe right outside the tree line.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You don't have a Capture Styler yet!

It's only given to Rangers who've proven themselves capable, through a mix of dedication to missions and proof of skill.

You hear the buzz of larval bug pokemon in the distance, busy trying to gorge themselves while avoiding the attention of bird Pokemon. Above, some Starly being lead about by a Staravia.

The roads are empty for now, it seems. Some trainers might come by soon.


Right.. Everything seems normal so far. Peaceful even. Keep walking keeping an eye out just in case. '1d10'
"I guess we can relax, there doesn't seem to be anything out of place at all."

Roll #1 5 = 5


Yeah… so far.

You hear some laughing and whimpering Pokemon nearby, though.


"…probably just a game.."
'1d10' sneak over that way.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You aren't very stealthy. You go over and see a a weird-looking guy dressed in black beating around a Joltik.

"Ahahaha! Yeah, squirm some more! Man, today sucks, this is making me feel so much better…"

The Joltik looks pretty scared, though isn't hurt too much yet.


Call out to the guy. "Hey! What are you doing?!"


The guy angrily looks to you.

"None of yer business, little girl– oy, wait, you're one of them rangers! You look easy enough to beat up!"

He grins while the Joltik takes the chance to back off.

"Come on, Ekans, sic her!"

He sends out an Ekans, who glances menacingly at you, readying an attack..


"You look waaay over dressed for the woods Trainer."
"Go for it Rusty! Start off with a mud slap"
Send out Aron.
'1d10' mudslap

Roll #1 4 = 4


Rusty comes out, and attacks with a kick of mud!
It's super effective!

"Damn! Thought you were one of those grass-loving types… Bite!"

The Ekans bites onto Rusty! Fortunately, Rusty can shrug off most of the hit, for now.



Do you remember what you all were doing?

Please Quote when replying to last post involving you.



I just returned my mons to their pokeballs and was returning to the office.


"Tumi Island are where they have a fighting gym. Not only will your Ralts have an easier time, you might learn more about how to care for your Torchic…"

Skip a week ahead to start the trip?

You have 2000P to buy simple supplies. You also have an Island pass for usage of the ferry, at least on the west side.

Let's see how those photos turned out. Roll for a bonus


Yeah, sure. What can I buy here anyway?


The usual pokemart goods. Potions, balls, status medicines, repelsdf



Roll #1 6 = 6


I'll stock up on a few potions and pokeballs. Maybe a few revives if I can afford them.


Yeah, they're pretty good.
You ride back to work and to your boss.

"Whoa, hey, not bad. We can use this in our next Trainer Tribune issue! You won't believe how some people just don't understand what catching a pokemon is. Nice shots on the playing between your pets, too, some stuff for our Pokemon Cute Mags. Wait…."

He sees the picture of the Wingull and unlucky Buizel.

"We can use this in our Epic Meemee Hourly! Cack! Nice, epic, I like it!"

He fishes out 3000P from his Pocket.

"There's your pay. The funny one's worth more, incidentally. And speaking of which, we'vw been looking at sending journalist around the land to get all sorts if stories to us. We've got a publication for almost anything so we just need people to go out there and get content. Interested? I know our readers are wanting a segment about the Gym leaders…"


Three potions and pokeballs sound good?

That'll cost you 1500.


I grin at the praise.
"I try my best, sir. And that definitely sounds like a very interesting offer. There's a lot of good shots out there just waiting to be taken."


That's a good starter kit. I'll take it.


Alright then. On a day you're ready, you leave for the port. There's a section for small passenger ferries, as opposed to the large cargo ships hauling salvage.

"Excellent, Parker! You'll be paid by the picture, as usual. If you get a good story and write it yourself, you'll get more. Now if you had a video camera and shot footage… wait, I don't think you know how to do that anyway. Alright, and questions?"

He had a Cyndaquil light his Cigar this time.


"Any suggestions where I should go look for a good hook first, sir?"


Salvage ships here? I wonder what they're out looking for.

Is there a ferry to Tumi?


"Well… that's up to you! But you'll probably have an easier time at Fabiorge with your scamps. Torchfire too, perhaps. Or if you're up for it, the happenings at the Rising City are usually worth checking out."

Of course there is.

"Last call for small ferry to Muika! Transferring over one port!"


I'm going to assume he meant Tumi, since I'm on Muika.
Let's all board!


To Tumi he means


You're the last to board.

Fortunately, there are plenty of seats, but there won't be much to do till you arrive at late afternoon.

Sleep it off, or explore?


Let's explore the boat. I want to see what the island looks like as we depart.


It's a pretty small ship. Stairs lead down to the crew quarters and kitchens, but you're not allowed in there. At the front is the captain's bridge, and clearly you're not meant to go in there either.

There's always the deck behind you. A few people your age are about, and you can see bird pokemon following the ship


Yeah, that seems like a good place to go. Can I recognize any of them?


There are aways the standard wingulls, though you see a few Pelipper too. You can see some shadows of Pokemon beneath the waves as well, below a couple of Taillow.

You can roll to try seeing more.


Let's do that. I'll also take a look at who else is riding on this boat. Maybe other psychics to talk to?

Roll #1 2 = 2


So, I've got my license and my pokedex. Did they fix up my 'mons while I was filing their stupid paperwork, or do I gotta do that now?


Not many, though there's a boy with a fishing rod. It looks like he's trying to fish up some pokemon. A slowpoke is sitting next to him.


Let's go talk to him.
"They let you fish off the side of the boat? I didn't know that. Does anything even come close enough to catch?"
What's the Slowpoke up to?


"So you just think rangers are weaklings? Show him our power Rusty."
'1d10' headbutt

Roll #1 6 = 6


Yeah, they're good for some more goes.

What do you feel like?

"Yeah, a lot of trainers do it. It's a great way to find marine pokemon between the islands. They make nice rods from Shuiea, where I'm from."

The Slowpoke is staring at the sea. Maybe contemplatively


I'll head for downtown to see if anything interesting's going on.

Any idea what my Nidoran F's moves are?


"Heh, see how you like this! Poison sting!"

The Ekans spits a dart at your Aron, but it bounces off the metal! It didn't have any effect!

Rusty punishes with a tough headbutt!


"Huh. I've never really done much fishing. What've you caught so far?"

I'll put Ralts next to the Slowpoke.


"It takes more than that to get an Aron's attention. Wear it down with another mudslap '1d10'!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Nidoran F
Ability: Hustle
Poison Sting

You cycle back into town, new trainer card in pocket. It's still quiet here in the entertainment part of town, but as you walk around the corner you hear a scream.


Hmn? Head towards the sound of the scream curiously.


"Yiii! Ekans, return! Sandshrew, get'em!"

He recalls the Ekans and has a Sandshrew thrown out. The mud hits the sandshrew instead!

Sandshrew's accuracy fell!

Ralts seems to try communicating with the Slowpoke, but ends up looking confused.

"Well, I found this guy here a while back… though I didn't hook him, he decided he wanted to fish with me. Lots of fish Pokemon that I had my team battle, they're good practice. Hmm… speaking of which, feel like a match to pass the time?"


"Hey, at least your team looks healthy."
"Harden to tough it out Aron." '1d10'?

Roll #1 1 = 1


You turn around the corner, and there's a woman being held up by a masked man!

"Your purse, give it to me!"

"Someone, please help!"


Before your Rusty can harden, it's interrupted by a Mud Shot!

It's SUPER effective! Rusty can't take another of that attack…


"Yeah, sure. I might not be much of a challenge though."

Move check on Torchic?


Well, technically it's not my problem…
But, I was looking to get my Nidoran some action, so why the heck not.

"Hey jerk, hope you got something to fight back with! Nidoran, Go!"


Ability: Speed Boost
Shadow Blitz: minor damage, no additional effects, shadow type
Shadow Mist: reduces evasion of targets

"Alright, Slowpoke, you're up."

The Slowpoke waddles over and faces you.

"Heheheh, trying to be a little hero, eh?"

Thug sent out Scraggy!
What will Nidoran F do?


"Nah, just protecting my turf! Nidoran, use Growl!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Alright, your turn Lily, give it with your best an aborb."
'1d10' absorb

Roll #1 4 = 4


Right. Maybe I should give him a try and see how he can handle himself now. Let's send him out.

"Be careful, little guy. It's water, so you might be in for a rough time."


Foe Scraggy used Fake Out!

It suddenly rushes forward, clapping its hands in front of Nidoran's face for a bit of damage. Nidoran is, however, too taken aback to move.

Nidoran F flinched!

"I knew that was coming! Sandshrew, poison sting!"

The sandshrew tries to fire a dart at Lily as she comes out, but misses entirely!

Lily then has an opportunity to drain energy from the Sandshrew. It's super effective! Foe Sandshrew is pretty tired…


You have sent out Torchic!
What will Torchic do?


"You should probably go home, or back to work.. You don't really seem like a normal trainer.
Use pound to keep it at bay."
'1d10' pound

Roll #1 5 = 5


Dang it! That means there's nothing I can do this turn, right?


Torchic will use Peck!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Lily slams her tail into Sandshrew, doing significantly less damage as its hide protects it.

"Poison sting again!"

It misses yet again.

For one turn, the one where it flinched. It's already next turn, so issue a command.

Torchic pecks at the Slowpoke!

"Slowpoke, Tackle!"

The Slowpoke throws itself rather clumsily at your Torchic. Neither got hurt much here.

Torchic's leg movements are growing faster…

Torchic's speed rose!


All right!
"Nidoran, use Poison Sting!" '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Fine, go for another absorb."

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Peck again!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Nidoran stabs the Scraggy with a barb, right in the face! A critical hit! The Scraggy is shivering…

The opposing Scraggy has been poisoned! It retaliates with a feint attack!

The Scraggy is damaged by poison..

Lily deftly runs in and drains energy from the Sandshrew!
It's super effective! The Sandshrew lies down, exhausted…

"Damn it! Ekans, finish this!"

Ekans is sent back out!


"try pound!" '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You manage to land a mean Peck! The Slowpoke almost gets hit in the face.

"Slowpoke, curse!"

The Slowpoke focuses and steels itself. It slows down, but looks more immovable.

Attack and defense rose!


"Yeah, that's the way, Nidoran! Now, use Scratch!" '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Keep at it! It's all I can really do at the moment!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Lily smacks up the Ekans, though not very hard.

The Ekans retaliates with a poison sting! Lily isn't hit too bad, but It's still Super effective!

Still, the Ekans doesn't look like it can take much more.

Your Nidoran scratches, landing an average hit.

The Scraggy seems to loaf about, but suddenly strikes with a Feint Attack! It hits Nidoran squarely.

The Scraggy shivers from poison, and looks about half-spent. Your Nido fares slightly better.


Don't show fear now. '1d10'
"You can hold on, just use another pound. "

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Come on, Nido! You've got him on the ropes!"
Use Scratch again! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You could try Shadow Blitz…

Torchic pecks again, running about faster. The Slowpoke easily takes the hit, though.

It yawns loudly. Torchic looks drowsy!


lily finishes with a hard pound! Ekans lies down, defeated!

The man whimpers and recalls his pokemon, then tries to run! However, he yelps as he gets caught in a large web.

The Joltik from before sits on one end of the web, squeaking satisfied.

Nidoran uses scratch! It manages to hit the opposing Scraggy squarely! It shivers a last time from poison before falling over…

The thief looks annoyed before recalling his Scraggy.

"Who are you, anyway?"

He throws another ball, and a large crocodile pokemon is sent out! A Krookodile!


giggle a bit.
"You're lucky you only pissed off a little one, pokemon can be quite a force."


"The name's Justus, and this is my part of town!"
Nidoran, use Poison Sting! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Remember you still have a Ranger Radio

"Kaa! Lemme out, lemme out! Ow!"
The Joltik bites onto the web, and you can see a spark.


"Uh, just hold still"
Right, I better call it in, turn the radio on.
"Hello? This is Junior Ranger Amber, over."


It wasn't very effective…

The Krookodile looks barely hurt at all! It opens it's mouth, large enough to swallow Nidoran whole…

"Whoa there, I think the kid's harmless. We can stop here."

"Oh. Yes, ma'am."

The thug… obeys the woman? He recalls his Krookodile, and stands at attention, in deference to the woman who speaks to you.

"You're new at being a trainer, aren't you, kid? I think I saw you just get your licence earlier. Not bad for a newbie."


"…This was a setup?"
Give them an annoyed stare.
"and I fell for it. Yeah, you got me. I'm new to this. So what?"


"Yes, a setup for a training exercise. I think the person supposed to show up got lost, though. Anyway, you did well, I mean it. Since you just started out, I assume you're going to start travelling soon?"

"Evergreen base! What's the situation?"


"A suspicious person is trapped in an electric web. I saw him kicking around a joltik and defeated him in battle just before that."


"That's the idea. Not sure where I'm going to go first, though. Figured I'd get my stuff together, then decide where to go."


"Alright, we're sending over someone now!"

A few minutes later, a fellow ranger on a Skarmory comes in. He extracts the suspicious guy and handcuffs him.

"I'll ask the next base to leave a reward for you! Good job!"

"Not so sure? Well, then you may as well stay around here till you are. If you intend taking on the gyms, then I'll gladly be your first opponent."

She hold out a hand.

"Nistra, Leader of this town's gym. Pleased to meet you."


Take her hand and shake it.
"I'm Justus. I appreciate the offer, but I think it's going to be a while before I'm ready to take any gym leaders on, much less you, Nistra."


"That was really fast! Thanks."
Check around for the jotik.. just to make sure its okay.


She laughs.

"Don't worry too much about it. We gym leaders have to go easy on newbies. It depends on how many badges you have, and how skilled we think you should be. I think you'll do fine. Come on in tomorrow morning if you feel like it."


"You know what? I might just take you up on that offer."


It's looking at you, sitting on a low branch. It's more or less fine.


"Great! See you tomorrow, then."

She motions to the man, who nods at you and leaves with her.

You notice Nidoran practicing a kick..

Nidoran F is trying to learn Double Kick, but can only remember four moves! Forget a move to learn double kick?


>Poison Sting


Forget Scratch. I seem to have horrible luck with it anyway.


Scratch has been replaced by Double Kick!



>"Well… that's up to you! But you'll probably have an easier time at Fabiorge with your scamps. Torchfire too, perhaps. Or if you're up for it, the happenings at the Rising City are usually worth checking out."

>You vaguely recall something about the professor wanting to send an aide around the region to conduct fieldwork. You wonder if you could be that person…


"Alright, chief. I'll take the offer."


"Ha ha! Great! You'll be mostly on your own, but that's uh.. part of the experience, of course!"

He blows smoke out the window.

"You got a few days to pack, then we'll see you off! Remember to use the public PCs at Pokemon centers to send us stuff or receive instructions."


Yeah…that would be a good way to get out of town and breath some fresh air…would be good for Jasper too.
"Hey buddy, how about we make a 'trip'?
You and me,going out of this place and having fun together?"
I ask picking another handful of cinnamon snacks and handing them to the peckish Zubat


"Right. I'll see you then. I'll go make the necessary preparations."


Jasper chirps as he gleefully bites on another one of those snacks. As long as he has those, he's fine with most things.

"Remember, Parker, pictures of Pokemon!"

You've got a budget of 3000P to buy standard Pokemon items.
A unit of food costs 50 and lasts a day out in the wilderness.
Standard camping/travelling equipment are also free.


Smile at the happy bat
"Well then,let's see if the professor might get us the job. Come on buddy"
Heading back to the lab


Alright, time for some shoppage.

Buy five units of food. Two more potions. Two more pokeballs. That's… 1250 bucks?


You're back in. The first thing you see is the Carvanha in the tank, watching you. It seems a lot better than before, it looks almost cheerful.

The professor beckons you in.

"Cello, you're back. The analysis on the toxins in the Carvanha was pretty fruitful. I think we're on our way to identifying how to make more efficient filters… anything you want?"


Yes, it is.

Now you've got 3 Pokeballs, 3 Potions, and five units of food, and 1750

Note that staying in a city other than your home will cost you about 50 per day, too, for dirt-cheap lodgings. Food can also be obtained from the wilds, by foraging, fishing or hunting.


Wave at the Carvanha with a smile before turning to the professor
"Well…I just came in to see if the Carvanha was okay,glad to see the antidote worked well…And…another thing.
Say proffesor. ..I heard that you were in need of someone to help with fieldwork around the region…Aaaand I was wondering…If I could be that guy for the job…"


"Mmm… yes, you are a good fit. You're at that age where you like traveling. No, when you SHOULD travel. Now that you have a Pokemon, there's not much stopping you. Let me show you the latest in information technology…"

He pulls out a small red electronic device from a locker, then turns it on. He gives it to you, and it starts reacting to Jasper.




"Oh hey! It's a pokedex isn't it?" I ask pointing to the device
"Man that's awesome. But…Why are you giving it to me proffesor? "


Alright. Guess I'll go home to rest up with my mons for now then before we set off.


"The Pokedex Project."

He breathes deep, readying his voice.

"A dream of many Pokemon researchers like myself, to create an encyclopedia of all the Pokemon that there are. Their types, sizes, genetics, secrets… our dream might come true with the Pokedex. It automatically records data om Pokemon you meet, and the more or longer you interact with them, the more info it'll collect. That's what I'm giving you for the job."


"Oh man…Proffesor I…I have no words…Just…thank you…Really. I never thought I would be trusted with this…" I say putting it on my pocket.


You do that.

A few days later…

You wake up in your room again, bag all packed. You've already told the people you want what you're doing, and you have their blessing. As a benefit, your office has given you a Binestrone Pass, allowing you to ride the train back home for free from any station whenever you want.

But where will you be heading first? On foot?

You've discovered more about your Poliwag.

>Water Absorb

>Water Sport

"You'll do well, I'm sure. Now, more about the job itself. For every new Pokemon you scan, we'll give you 50P. For detailed information from battling them or catching them, we could give you up to 1000P. Sometimes a particular Pokemon might be in demand, and if you manage to get that Pokemon you'll be paid even more. Any questions?"

He gives you a pack of 3 potions, 3 full heals, and 1000P to start with.


Shake my head
"No sir,I have read all about this on my books,several times…It…is kind of a dream coming true for me really…ah heck I'm not crying I swear…" I say wiping a small tear forming on my eye.
"We can we leave by the way? "


Splendid. I'll be going to Fabiorge first of all. On foot for now. It'll be nice to get out of the cityscape for a bit.


"Whenever you're ready. Any town's Pokemon Center should have a PC capable of uploading what your Pokedex has recorded. I'll wire you your pay when I've or any aides here have confirmed it."

"Now, get out there and explore! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits!"


I smile
''Sure thing proffesor,but first''
I near the Carvanha and lightly place a hand on the glass of the tank
''Hey there'' I say before pulling my pokedex and place it to face him
''Let's see what we can learn about you..''


That'll take you about two days and one night. There should be a a Rest Stop somewhere along the way where you can rest a little safer.

The road to Fabiorge starts out as a desert. It's pretty dry, but about late afternoon you'll reach lush grassland.

Go fast, or look around as you travel?


I think I'll look around while I travel. Catching or snapping some mons out here in the desert might be worthwhile.

Roll #1 6 = 6



The Carvanha swims cheerfully about in the medicated water.

"I've included data for that catch in the payment just now. Incidentally, you'll need another Pokemon. I was going to release it, but why don't you take it instead?"


''Wow really?That would be great too!'' I say to the proffesor
''How about it Carvanha,you want to come along with me?'' I ask turning back to the fish,beaming with excitement


Amidst the sparse vegetation, you find a Phanpy!

Wild Phanpy appeared!

The Carvanha seems to recognise you as some sort of helper as it swims around the tank, taking gentler looks at you.

"It'll take a while to warm up, like almost all Pokemon, give it time. I'm sure it'll do great.


An excellent opponent!
"Leviathan you're up! Time to dispense some justice! Use Bubble!"
Send him out!

Roll #1 3 = 3


''Yeah…but hey,Carvanas are awesome,and after what this guy has been trough,I think he deserves swimming in clearer waters…I'll take him then proffesor'' I nod to him


Leviathan leaps out!
He starts by spitting bubbles at the Sandshrew, prompting it to recoil a bit. It's super effective!

The Sandshrew uses scratch! Leviathan is hit lightly.

The Professor recalls the Carvanha, then injects some fluid into the ball.

"Here you go. Take good care of it."

Carvanha obtained!

Speed Boost
Focus Energy


The bubbles made it look like it was a Sandshrew using scratch for a second. It was a Phanpy using tackle.

Interesting illusion with water.


"Alright good, follow that up with a Hypnosis!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Take the pokeball and smile at it
''Thanks proffesor''
''For everything…''
I wave him goodbye before leaving to the door,after opening it and closing it,I look at the city around me,and then beyong that,to the horizon…And take a deep breath…
Then I remember the awful smell and cough,ruining the moment before I head back home
''Okay,time to pack everything up''
''Hey Jasper,what you think we should take?'' I ask the bat as I open up my bag and place everything I think I will need on it,like food,tooth paste and brush,floss,soap,blanket,sleeping bag,clean clothes(Assuming I have these items)
>Also inventory check


It missed completely!

The Phanpy uses defense curl, raising its defense! It's trying to be a little more tactical.

You pack
>sleeping bag/tent
>5 days worth of food
>4 potions
>3 full heals
>4 Poke balls

You also have 1900P.


Won't help much against a Bubble attack!
"Try again Leviathan, Hypnosis!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Sigh as I get everything packed up
''I'm finally leaving this place…''
Head downstairs to look for my family,are they here?if not I guess I could leave a memo or something,not like I'm going away forever


Before than Phanpy can attack, it glances at the swirl on Leviathan's body.
Its eyelids become heavy, and it struggles to move…

The wild Phanpy is struggling with sleep!

It's some time later.

They're away right now, but they know you're leaving. There's a hearty breakfast left for you and your team and a note of well-wishes.


"Great! Now hit it with a Bubble attack!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


I smile before letting out the carvanha
''Jasper,meet your new friend…''


Leviathan cheerfully fires away at the air instead.

The wild Phanpy is still struggling with sleep!

Jasper licks his lips, but then hears what you say and sighs.
Carvanha just looks around and at the food. Some fine meat here.


"It's too early to celebrate yet, you need to hit him with those Bubbles first! Try again!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Leviathan sprays around the Phanpy instead! It looks sort of pretty, you suppose, like a decorative display.


I pick up a slab of meat
''Oh come on Jasper cheer up,she's gonna be our new friend from now on alright?And I hope to see no fights from neither of you''
Then I crouch down to the carvanha and hold up the meat above her
''you hungry girl?''


I laugh.
"No need to turn this into an art display, we're not training for contests! Come on, just steady your aim and hit it."

Roll #1 4 = 4


She leaps and manages to snatch the meat from your hands, chewing gleefully.

Your zubat sucks on his slab instead.

Your Poliwag finally hits the Phanpy! It's super effective!

Wild Phanpy woke up!

The Phanpy turns, and begins to flee…


I lean back to the Zubat and twidle with his ear
''Now you two eat,we got a long journey ahead of us''
I pick up my food and slowly eat,taking my time to enjoy the taste
I'm pretty excited,giddy to leave,but I take my time


I sigh. Let it go. I'm not going to chase it down just to hurt it some more.

"Well… you tried. At least you didn't get too hurt yourself, that's good."

Roll #1 5 = 5


Looks like Leviathan got some experience out of that, at least. Not bad.

Keep on down the road?

You enjoy it. Both Jasper and Carvanha pace themselves with you.

Still you'll have to go eventually. At least you also now have a Petrotown pass. The train services will take you here from anywhere.



Yeah, let's keep trekking. See what we can find.

Roll #1 2 = 2


After I finish I lean down to the carvanha
and slowly place a hand on top of her head,looking down at her
slowly I let my hand go lower until its inches atop of her,I stop,waiting for her reaction


A wild Blitzle appeared!

She ignores you, busy eating.

>Pentium manages to pull himself together. His metal coat gleams like polished steel.

>The Sandle leers at Pentium, but Pentium is unaffected!

>Pentium's taking a confident stance, awaiting your instructions.


"Time to weaken him, Pentium!
Show him your Iron Claws!"


Oh hello. That's an interesting looking pokemon. I'm pretty much incapable of fighting it right now though, so I'll try to get out of its sight. Maybe I can just stick to snapping pictures.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Roll for that pls

You get a very nice view of the Blitzle charging off, cloaked in flame. You manage to get one picture.


Nice. That guy would've given my team a run for my money, but it sure looks nice.

Brush myself off and continue on.

Roll #1 10 = 10



Roll #1 7 = 7


Gently, I pat her head…


Oh, what's this? Someone's dropped a potion.

The road is good and the sun is mild today, so you can cover a lot of distance. There are pokemon about to try and snap. You think you can see an Onix burrowing in the distance, and on the other side are a horde of running small Pokemon.

Pentium claws! The Sandile is hit pretty well. The Sandile in response, works itself into a rage!

Sandile used Rage!

Against Pentium's iron, though, it barely does anything.

She stays as she is, not really minding.


How bad off does the sandile look?
"Pentium, one more time for good measure!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Onix! That would be a great catch! But I don't think the team could handle one… no, let's go check those smaller pokes. Carefully.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Pentium used Metal Claw!
Right on a leg.

It looks pretty beat up. A wild pokemon would flee after getting hit again like this…

The wild Sandile used Bite! It's supert effective!
Pentium manages to hang on, floating unsteadily…


I slowly take of my hand off of her.
I'm not sure how she will be…but I'm rather curious…
"You two ready?" I ask them after I'm done eating. Putting on my backpack


"Hold on Pentium!"
Throw a pokeball at the Sandile!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Is that the first time you ever tossed one?

It lands right on the eyecovers, sucking in the Sandile before it can even struggle.



Sandile was caught!




They're a group of migrating geodude. There are some Shinx following behind, lead by a Luxio.

Jasper buzzes. He's ready.
Carvanha looks at you, then busies herself cleaning up the crumbs.


I know how to handle balls, duh!
"Ah! We did it Pentium! Look at this!"
Scoot over and recover the ball before reaching for Pentium, and caressing his beaten up shell.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Give her a few moments to finish and get her in the pokeball
"In you go"
Put the pokeball in my pocket and leave to the door
I head northwest.


File: 1418392377308.jpg (3.84 MB, 3084x3084, POKEMAP all towns shrunken.jpg)

Cello can check the map again

Pentium rubs himself against you.
He'll be better if he rests for a while, but a potion would be in order.


I just might use it. Our trip has just started!

Pot him up and keep going! Also, let's bring Sandile out and get to know him.>>10456


Towards Greenmouth, and the Rising City?

The next town is Three Days away on foot. Be prepared.

Your inventory:
>sleeping bag/tent
>5 days worth of food
>4 potions
>3 full heals
>4 Poke balls

You also have 1900P.

Pentium is feeling much better, and in prestine shape again.
You toss out the Sandile. She looks at you, before slowly walking around the area to poke at the ground. She's following at a very slow pace…


Is she hurt?
Ovserve her.


Not badly. Wild Pokemon would flee before getting seriously hurt. She's just.. not interested.

Typical of a freshly caught Pokemon, really. It's normal.


I am ready yeah…I got pretty much everything I need
head out to the oncoming route. Whistling a tune with Jasper flying along
I look at my watch to see the time as I brace myself for one heck of a trip.
I also make a mental checklist of the pokemon I want to see and check for the proffesor.
"I wonder what types of pokemon we'll meet around here…And you Jasper?how are you feeling? Do you have those butterflies in your stomach too?hehe…"


Slow down to come up to speed with her, but do this with nonchalance, as if distracted by something, whistling with arms pulled up behind my head.
Do I have any pokepuffs on me?
Or berries, or whatever the equivalent poketreat is in this region.


So, I've got a match with the city gym leader tomorrow. Guess I should probably get to know my Nidoran before then.


You forgot to buy any!
Speaking of which, your inventory:
>sleeping bag/tent
>3 days worth of food
>Potion 2
>Paralyze Heal 2
>Burn Heal 1

You also have 2000P.

You take the bus out from your house to the Northwest exit of Lanobe. This will take you through a mountain pass and into the Spring Fields, where many ground type Pokemon live to help farm the land.

Jasper is confidently perching on your head.

Where, though? You want to stay in this alley?


Well I guess I can share some of my food with her then!
What's the road ahead like?


I sit down calmly on the bus and enjoy the time of calmness with my favorite bat.
once we reach the final stop in the bus I get out and stretch a bit,looking at my surroundings


Of course not, duh! I'm not retarded.
Let's head somewhere like a park or something.


You bait her with some food. She eats a bit, and is willing to follow you.

It's still mild desert, but soon it'll be savannah and relatively lush grassland. Fortunately the weather is mild for you today.

It's pretty surreal how even in this big city, the moment the concrete ends the vegetation quickly takes over.
You stand at the Northwest exit. Ready?

Sure, then. You manage to find a pretty quiet one, though small.


Take a deep breath and make a run for It. Laughing and opening my arms to feel the wind in my body. Almost like I wad running to hug the world.


All right. Call out Nidoran from her pokeball.

"Probably should have gotten to know you first thing, but better late than never, right?"


On I go then, trying to start a conversation with Sandile!
"Soooo… You come here often?"


I don't really want to engage them in groups. Take a few shots of the two packs and see if I can spot any Geodude splitting off from the main group.



The Sandile croaks and watches a Fletchinder fly high above your party.

Welcome to your very own adventure.
Don't spend too much time like this, though! Remember to conserve energy.

Look for Pokemon, or focus on the road?

Your Nidoran F is attentive to you. Probably thanks to a battle, she trusts you at least a little.

Yeah, there's one. It decides to roll off… right in your direction. If you want, you can just wait here.


Look for pokemon of course!

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'll wait for the right moment, then send out Leviathan.
"See that Geodude over there? We're going to fight it. Bubble should do wonders here."


"True 'dat."
Keep moving, taking in the scenery. I'm in no hurry to get to my destination.


"Gotta say, I'm proud of you. You did good in that battle. And hey, you learned a new attack too!"
Turn and give Zorua some ear-scratches.
"Sorry you didn't get in on the action, Zoro, but Nidoran needs practice too. Plus, now we can plan a few tricks for tomorrow that they won't see coming, right?"


A wild Starly flies down on you!

Leviathan blows more bubbles in the air.

The Geodude arrives. It looks curiously at you, before putting its arms up.

Keep on truckin'.
You hear the train in the distance. Somewhere far away you can see it taking off for Binestrone City from your home, clouding the air there in steam. A Patrat comes running your way from that direction, and behind you can hear incredibly loud Pokemon cries.

Zoro enjoys the scratches. Watching Nidoran, though, he leaps up and claws at the air for a bit, trying out a few different scratches.

Zorua has learned Fury Swipes!


Whistle to it and extend my arm.
maybe that would be a good call
'1d10' if I need to roll if it. If not just ignore this

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Battle time! Leviathan, use your bubbles, go go go!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Nah, instead the Starly opts to squawk at you.
Wild Starly appeared!

It was extremely effective!
The Geodude barely hangs on. It's preparing to roll away now.


Well if it wants to fight…
>go Jasper!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Another one, Leviathan!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


It misses entirely!
The Starly tackles at Jasper! Jasper's thrown back!

Leviathan blows a few bubbles at the retreating Geodude. It's gone now.


"Oops…uh don't be disencouraged Jasper! That starly is just too fast! Try again come on! "

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh well.
"Good try, pal. We'll get there eventually."
How far are we from the city now? Maybe I should take a break and feed my mons. Send out Echo as well.


Turn around alarmed, looking at the source of the cries.


"You learned something new too, huh? Good job!"

I'll go ahead and replace Scratch with Fury Swipes.


Hearing a little more carefully, you recognize the mas Whismur. Oh, well.

It's around noon. Fortunately there are brooks about to rest by. Leviathan some out to play in the water, while Echo watches from shore.

Yeah, it really is too fast. The starly flies around and tackles again!

No need to replace anything, Zoro now has 4 moves.


Okay if it wants to go full agreesive
>quick attack

Roll #1 8 = 8


Sit down on the shoreside as well. Maybe I'll spot some water pokemon of sorts.
"We'll reach Fabiorge soon enough. I don't think we're tough enough to take on a gym yet, but we might find a few other trainers willing to battle."

Roll #1 6 = 6


Finally! Jasper slams into the Starly. The Starly attempts a Quick Attack too, but is slower.

A Corphish wanders the brook. There's a Psyduck a bit further back. A Cacnea comes to drink, too.


"Good job Jasper! One more!"
> quick attack

Roll #1 7 = 7


Goddamnit that poke gave me a scare.
Off we go, further down the road.


A Cacnea? Interesting, I don't have a grass pokemon yet…
"Echo… see that Cacnea there? Let's see if we can do something with it. Use Charm on it!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


All right. Should I be training them for the match tomorrow? What exactly are the rules for a gym battle?


Jasper finally gets the hang of it.
The wild Starly tries to Growl! Jasper's a bit startled. Attack fell!

It's about noon.
There's a stream nearby where you can rest if you like. Pokemon seem to be gathering here. More notably, grass and water types.

Echo leaps at the Cacnea! The Canea, bewildered, has its will easily broken.
Cacnea's attack drastically fell!

It's probably best to rest, for now.
The battles are much like any other, except the gym might be set up like a maze or gauntlet of some sort. You will likely have to battle gym trainers while looking for the leader.


"That's alright Jasper. Now fly closer to me!get that Starly to follow you come on!" I say as I start walking fast



Roll #1 1 = 1


"Now use Sweet kiss!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


That sounds most interesting!
Off to the stream!
"You two thirsty?"
She asked, to the lump of iron and the bag of sand.


I suppose, but it wouldn't feel right…
Just keep pushing ahead with Peck.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Jasper flies right into you!
The Starly hovers above, and looks like it's about to fly away.

Echo manages to look past the thorns and give a kiss.
The Cacnea looks uncomfortable.

Wild Cacnea became confused!
It manages to use absorb, draining a bit of health from Echo into itself.

The croc takes a few licks and lies still under the sun.
Pentium rolls around in it a bit before floating up, gleaming.

There's a Skiddo nearby, as well as a Corphish.

The Slowpoke's hit hard again, though it takes it a little less hard than it looks.

"Curse again!"

The slowpoke braces itself on the floor.
Attack and Defense rose! Speed fell!

Torchic succumbs to the yawn… it's struggling with drowsiness!


I need me that corpish. Motion Pentium to get closer and whisper my dark, evil plan into his microphones.
"You sneak behind him and psst psst psst, so then metal claw and psst psst-"
Step back.
"Got it?"


"Oof…it's not time for hugs now buddy. Com on try supersonic! "
> Supersonic

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Bip biip?"
Pentium.. probably understands.

He floats around behind a small hill and goes up behind the Corphish…

Jasper, in a panic, misses entirely!

The Starly flies away…


Groan as I rub my temples
"We Reall…need to practice a bit…"
I look at my pokedex


…You know what, I'm silly.
This isn't the game, this is the actual pokemon world.
I should have snuck up on the corpish!
Here's my roll to do it.


"Stay awake, Torchic!"
One more time…Peck!

Roll #1 3 = 3



Roll #1 2 = 2


I can imagine!
"Now, try a Thundershock!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Starly has been registered!

Torchic is struggling with sleep!

"Yes, let's keep cursing!"
The Slowpoke, vacantly gazing, braces itself again.
Attack and Defense Rose! Speed fell!

The Corphish sees you, and startled, prepares to defend itself!
Wild Corphish appeared!

Pichu loses an electric shock into Cacnea…
It wasn't very effective…

The Cacnea hits itself in confusion!


That's fine, we'll wear it down.
"Again, Pichu! Thundershock!"
Take a picture of the strike.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Tackle the corpish!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Scratch my hair
good enough…
turn to Jasper
"You okay buddy?"


Roll seperately for camera skill

Even from behind, the sneak attack misses utterly! Pentium manages to slow down enough before hitting you and accidentally knocking you down.


Jasper's a bit dazed, but with a bit of rest he should be fine.


Roll over, carrying pentium with me in a dramatic combat roll!
"Iron defense!"

Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 1 = 1


You get a yellow blur for your efforts.

It's not very effective…
The Cacnea uses poison sting! A barb is shot at Echo. Fortunately, no lasting poisoning.

At least you look cool.
Pentium's body gleams, right in time for the Corphish to attempt a Vicegrip attack.

It's not very effective.. Pentium barely feels it!


I grab the bat and give him a good squeeze
"There's the hug you wanted you silly bat" I say playfully as I let him go.
'Want to ta key a breal already? "


Eh, maybe this is not the poke I'm looking for…
"Pentium, Iron claws!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Just keep it up, don't worry about it! Thundershock again!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Crud. I guess I have no choice…use Shadow Blitz.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Jasper isn't bothered. He can just rest in his Poke Ball if he needs to, anyway.

Pentium's attack isn't very effective either, unfortunately.

The Corphish tries to grip in a different way…
Pentium's eye! Aaah! A Critical Hit!

Pentium's more or less fine though, once he shakeso ff the Corphish.

It's still not very effective, but the Cacnea looks pretty worn out. It might leave soon.

It tries to drain Echo, but misses!



Take out a pokeball. Time to give it a good toss.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Stupid crab!
Pentium, let's chase him off!"
Again, Iron Claw.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You miss utterly!

You've got 2 left on you, and you can try to pick up the lost one.

The Cacnea is still confused, but manages to shoot a dart at Echo.

Not so easy, Pentium's claws are Not Very Effective against the crab.

It.. maanges to grip Pentium's head again! Aaah! A Critical Hit!

At least it's still not very effective.


"Come on buddy,get some rest"
I say lowering my head. (If he wants to perch himself there)
And we go looking for more pokemon

Roll #1 4 = 4


Darn it! Try again with a different ball first!

Roll #1 4 = 4





Congratulations, Cacnea was caught!

On the road, yes?

You walk on, and come to a place near a pond. A Wooper jumps out and faces you.

Wild Wooper appeared!


"Pentium, that's enough, come back!"
Return him to his ball and share a look with the croc.
"Sandile, it's time to show what you're made of!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


The Croc looks hungry for battle, eagerly leaping into the fray.

Sandile Bites the Corphish! Looks like that's enough for a finshing blow, as it runs off.

Sandile roars out in delight.


… Great!
Quick, go pick both balls back up.
"Great job, Echo!"


Get down to him and pat him on the head.
"Good job Sandile!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


A pond!perfect!
>go Carvanha!

Roll #1 5 = 5


She's enjoying it a lot. Battles are good ways to bond.
She might accept a nickname soon.

It's going to be afternoon soon. Might want to finish your business and get back on the road.

Echo sends a few sparks into the air to celebrate.

Probably would want to get your break done with soon so you can keep on the road.

Carvanha leaps out and bites the Wooper!

The Wooper tries to shoot back with a water gun, but it's not very effective…



''aw yeah,one more time girl,you can do it!''

Roll #1 6 = 6


Right. Fill up my water bottles and get on the way!


Right, right.

Let's pack up, return my team and get back on the road then.


Torchic manages to wake up!
Torchic cloaks itself in a shadowy aura, then tackles the Slowpoke!

It's super effective!

Despite the Slowpoke's boosts, it sighs and gives up. The trainer recalls it.

"Wow, that was… interesting. Never seen anything like it. Go!"

He throws out the other pokeball he has, and a Froakie comes out.

Not bad. Carvanha goes in and delivers a hard bite.
The Wooper flinched and was unable to move!

The harsh terrain ends, and you're now walking across grassland. The sun's slowly lowering in the sky….

There are less craggy rough terrain Pokemon here. In their place are more common ones. There are a few Zigzagoon, Fletchings flit by…


Yeah, that's for both of you, Parker and Lela


''One more,this time to finish it off carvanha!''
>what were her moves again?

Roll #1 7 = 7


I wish I could fight some of them, but there will be time for that later. I should make some headway now and continue on.


I should stay near the water and look for water types, since I'm going to the Torchfire gym after this one…
But I should also start looking for a place to set up camp!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Yeah…it's probably not something I should have done. He needs to learn to…'open his heart again,' was it?"

Anyway, I recall him and send out Ralts, instructing it to use Double Image.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"….Hey, you seem a little nicer than my last bug.." lure it down with a bit of food.

Roll #1 7 = 7


>Focus Energy

A last bite, and the Wooper swims off!
Carvanha looks satisfied.


That's the name of a campground-like area in the midst of the plains. Sparse trees around, and a field with a few tents. A building seems to house a shop, and some rooms for wealthier trainers willing to pay. In the field, there's even a small place where you can see trainers battling it out.

Looks like here's your stop for the night.

Ralts focuses on creating images of itself.

"Don't be distracted. We'll find it. Bubble!"
The Froakie blows a mass of bubbles, and they stick onto Ralts.

The Joltik eagerly comes and grabs it. It seems hungry.



crouch down neaR her
''Great job there girl,that wooper stood no chance,and he didn't even landed a single hit on you too!''
I place a hand in between her eyes gently and smile to her
''Looks like you are a tough one huh?''


"Morning, Quetz, how are you feeling about today?"


He's feeling alright. He slithers to you and grins.


Well I've heard of pokemon that actually want to be owned.. maybe..
"Hey, if you stay with me, I'll feed you everyday.. What do you think?" Try showing it the pokeball.


"You ready for today? Say good bye to the bed because we'll be gone for a while."

Pet Quetz under the chin while I get ready too.


Wild Pokemon usually demand a battle before capture. It's a means of testing a trainer to see if going with them will help them grow stronger.

This one saw the battle before, though, and is satisfied to jump on your head and sit there.

But where are you headed?
You have a map…


"You remember how to ride with me on a bicycle, right? Let's not repeat what happened on our way south to Greenmouth and Lanobe City."

"Let's get some breakfast and check the maps one last time before we say good bye."


Well, that's good enough for now. pass it a bit more food and lets keep going.. we have a bit of a walk and shouldn't waste daylight.


Oh, he does.
There's a hearty breakfast waiting for you. Sandwiches, eggs, bacon… it'll be a while before you get to eat like this again.

Right, then.
So hurry on the road and don't spend time looking about?


"Don't swallow it so fast. Enjoy it."

I'll do one last inspection of the bike and make sure everything with the house is done.

"Say goodbye Quetz. It'll be a while before we come back."


Well I won't ignore people if I happen to hear them, but mostly hurrying until it get dark. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


It is. You're fully prepared… well, maybe.

How are you going to spend your funds?
You have:
Sleeping Tent
Food for 5 days
Potion x4
Poke Ball x3
Full Heal x2
Antidote x2

2500P left.

All you hear are the chirps of birds and the occasional calling of a small Pokemon.

Joltik's tapping one of your unused Pokeballs…


"We should be ready to go. Come on Quetz, time to find the road that heads down to Greenmouth. Don't forget to say good bye to the neighbors."

Start pedaling down the small roads in our neighborhood, heading out.


R-right. Make the pokeball big and tap joltik back staring at it with hopeful eyes.


The trip down the White River would take about a day on foot to the next town, but on your bike it'll only take about afternoon.


Joltik was caught!

Leech Life
Spider Web
Fury Cutter

The road ahead's still peaceful.


My helmet is on and Quetz is strapped on. Ready to go!


I should make a nice campsite.. look around for a place to set up my tent. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Time to go!

You cycle put past the massive city to the outskirts. There's actually a paved road here for travelers that you can cycle on, though it doesn't stop Pokemon from appearing.

Enjoy the wind in your face, or slow down to see what you encounter?

No need to do it yet, nightfall will take a bit more to arrive. At your pace you should be able to find a Rest Stop by sundown, where there's a shop, rooms you can pay for, or safer camping ground.

Unless you'd like to be truly out in the wilderness…


It'll be forever by the time we come back, so we'll slow down and enjoy the moment. Get that nice air too!


Oh, I guess I got ahead of myself!
"Well, if we hurry we might get a real bed, and see some newspapers or something too.. Still it feels pretty good to walk around."



A lot of Pokemon live in the central region. Almost every type, actually. You're cycling on paved road by a river on plains, and you can see snow-capped mountains to either side.

Want to see what Pokemon appear?

It's up to you. Perhaps you should try a night out alone…

If you keep walking, you'll get to the rest stop, but you've found a pretty comfy spot if you want to camp yourself. A nice grass bed, in a clearing with open sky… you can barely imagine what the stars would look like from here.


I'll pull out my Pokedex and take some pictures first. Then I'll see what type of Pokemon live so close to the road.


Pokedex? What's a Pokedex?
It's something you heard about in the news, some great project being undertaken by pokemon researchera around the land. You don't have one of those things they use to scan Pokemon, though.

You don't have a camera, either.

At least, you can see… couple of Pidgey and Ratatta hopping around. A Lotad's climbing to shore from the river. A Magnemite's floating away from here… there's more if you want to look.


"..Well Then again I did pack my sleeping bag.. And this is a great spot.. Lets set up here."
Set up the tent in the comfy spot.


"Quetz, let's go off the usual trail and say hello to some of the other Pokemon. Hopefully there's a nature trail nearby."

Let's see if we can follow the Magnemite, that one seems odd being here.


Alright, then.

You set up your tent… now you need a fire.

Your Pokemon come out of their balls of their own volition, and wander the area. Rusty's sniffing around the ground, while Lily and your Joltik are looking up at a few trees.

It's going back the way you came from, and to the west. Probably going home now, there are more Magnemite to the northwest.


I'll just look around for some suitable sticks to burn..

Roll #1 3 = 3


You just find a few twigs…

You hear a thud behind you. A tree branch's fallen, and Lily is standing on it. She's busy eating an egg on a nest, while the Joltik is slurping up the leftovers.

There's some wood.


"Guess that's that."

How many other Pokemon are in the area? There should be more of them now that we've left the main human road.


"Don't sweat it! Use Confusion!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Frown a bit and pick up the wood for my collection. "You guys really like that stuff?" then sigh and look thoughtful "Maybe I can get a little frying pan to cook eggs in next time we're in town."


"Just this one and the other crumbles! Shadow Sneak!"

The Froakie's skin seems to darken…

The Froakie attacks with a extended shadow, but Ralts avoids the attack!

In return, the psiwave hits Froakie right on the nose, throwing it back!


As you go along off the road, you see more typical Pokemon. Zigzagoon ubiquitous as always, a Pidove flying off… there's a Growlithe sniffing around too.

They're too busy relishing the stuff to enjoy.
Rusty seems disappointed, he can't find any ore to dig up.

Now you just need to get a fire going.


Put a bit of berries down in a bowl for the poor guy.
"You worked hard today too."

'1d10' do the old fashioned rubbing sticks together way of making a campfire.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Pet Quetz on the head.

"Come on, let's see what that Growlithe is searching for. Maybe we can capture it too. Would you like to have another friend?"


"Aah! Watch out for that attack!"
Confusion again!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Ehhh… you really wish you had a fire Pokemon. It's hard, but with your ranger skills you manage to get a small one up.

Quetz seems pretty agreeable to the idea.
You approach the Growlithe sniffing the grass. Actually, it looks like it's heading towards you…

The psiwave hits the Froakie as it extends its shadow! The Froakie isn't too haken, but looks about half-done.
However, it hits a mirror image instead.

"Focus! Come on!"


"Get ready, wait for it to get close…"

Stay low, let Growlithe approach, then Wrap around it.


I'm not certain i've even met a fire pokemon before, but I've heard they can be destructive.
I'll pop a few berries onto sticks and roast them over the fire.


"Don't lose your focus! Keep pressing it!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


You have to roll for attacks
The Growlithe goes towards you, and…

Quetz uses Wrap!
The Growlithe is bound by Quetz, and takes a bit of damage!

The Growlith is hurt by Wrap.

Most Fire Pokemon stay to the western areas. The environment here is more suited for other kinds of Pokemon.

Smells good. Rusty decides he'll just eat some of that, too, and sits by you. Lily and Joltik seem full, so they waltz over and pop themselves down to relax.

By the way, roll

"Wait.. now! Shadow Sneak that one!"
The Froakie's shadow strikes Ralts! It's super effective!

Ralts is thrown back, but can still attack. The Froakie is hit again.

The Froakie's movements become restless…


"Just hold him tight for a little longer!"

Wrap '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Happily share fried berries with Rusty. They're a good meal.

Rolling '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


File: 1418452453612.jpg (176.29 KB, 1024x683, night.jpg)

Dratini squeezes some more!
The Growlithe manages to spit a few Embers at dratini!

It wasn't very effective…
Growlithe is hurt by wrap! Probably a bit more.

Rusty happily eats them, though some are slightly burnt.

The sun's gone down and the stars are coming out. It's a beautiful scene. Even in the Evergreen, the lights are out at night, obscuring view of the night sky. Here's it's clearer than you could have ever imagined.



"Hold it just a little longer. I'll get the Pokeball ready!"

Wrap '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Hold on! Just a bit more!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Lay back and enjoy the view, scooping an arm around my pokemon to bring them closer.
"This is it.. This is what we're trying to protect.."


Qutz wraps again!
The Growlithe tries to Ember, but it misses! Somehow.

It would flee soon if it could.

"Your Torrent is up! Bubble!"
The Froakie blows a mass of bubbles at Ralts! They flow like a stream, and Ralts is hit hard!
Ralts barely hangs on and shoots off a last Confusion! The Froakie is hit, and falls on all fours.

Ralts falls over backwards the same, panting.

"Huh… you're good. Though I've only recently started, myself. Good work, guys."

The trainer starts tending to his Pokemon with a potion.

It is.
The sounds of nocturnal Pokemon quiet down, even. There's nothing but the silence of the sky, not even wind.



I even have a comfy sleeping bag.
'1d10' sleep well.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Pokéball go! Dodge it Quetz!"


Roll #1 6 = 6


You sleep well. Very well…

It's your first day with Lily! You remember the nametag you gave her? Well' she ate it completely and she's telling you sleep sleep good I must feast why are her eyes melting and her teeth expanding



Growlithe was caught!


"Yeah, me too. I wasn't really sure I was going to make it past your Slowpoke, to be honest."
I follow his example and start treating my own.



"This is a good sign, we just started and we've already added Growlithe to our repertoire. Onwards, back to the road and towards even more adventure!"

Pick up the pokéball with Growlithe and make sure it's fastened.

"Wonder what it was looking for out here. Maybe just some food. Let's head back and find a quieter place to snack, Quetz."


"W-what, lily did you learn some kind of illusion trick? Come on that isn't funny!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


One potion used to bring Torchic and Ralts to alright HP. They can just rest the rest of the way.

"She's a tough one, hahah. Thanks. Your Torchic was pretty strong, too. Interestign move."

He rubs his Slowpoke on the head while his Froakie looks out at the sea.

"Incidentally, what's your name?"

Carvanha leaps about in the bond before jumping out to rejoin you.

There are some benches by the roadside…
Stop here?

Lily leaps at you! Her maw is full of bleeding teeth, growing more by the moment…

You wake up in your tent, Lily shaking you. She looks worried.

Something's off…


"Wohoah!…calm down girl…you want to kick more ass huh?"
"Alright alright "
'1d10' look for more pokemon TO BATTLE

Roll #1 5 = 5


I hug her tightly, and shake of my own accord. "T-that was really scary."


Yeah, I have to reward Quetz for the hard work.


"Yeah. He's…kind of a special case, and part of the reason why I'm on the ferry."
I pick Ralts back up and give Torchic a look.
"Name's Jake. What's yours?"


Well, there's a Burmy on a tree. Some Oddish walking by… and a Bidoof.

Lily hugs you but then quickly breaks it. She turns her attention to.. whatever's outside the tent.

The rest of your team seem to be asleep in their Poke balls.

You two relax on the bench. You give him a petting and some food. He likes it, he does.

It's only around noon, too. With your bike you can reach the next town by sundown.

He puts out a hand.

"Arthur. Nice meeting you."


I shake it.
"Where are you headed?"


Show then to the Carvanha
"So girl. I'm gonna let you pick whichever you like for a battle.
how that sounds? "


"Oh.." lets take a look outside. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


He shakes.

"I'm going back to Shuiea for a while. I'm going to start journeying soon. For now I'm just exploring the tamer parts of the isles, training myself a little. How about you? You look like you're journeying, yourself."

Carvanha looks towards the Burmy.. then to Jasper. Jasper flies forward.

It's incredibly dark. The night sky's cloudy, and you just remembered it's a New Moon tonight.

Noises can be heard in the bushes around you, but you can't see anything. Even in this clearing visibility is poor…


Groan. "Lily, I can't see at all. What's out there?"
'1d10' maybe my eyes will adjust over time, keep trying to figure out what's out here.

Roll #1 4 = 4


As you focus more, you can hear whispering…



There's something! It's behind your tent!


"Yeah, training myself. I'm from the temples on Muika, and I'm going to see if I can expand my understanding of Pokemon around the world."


"Oh yes, that's something I'd like to do, too. There's so much out there to learn, you know? I actually just visited Muika for a while, it's where I found this Slowpoke fishing by me."

He casts his line into the seawater again.


"Oh. ..I see…You want Jasper to fight the burmy huh?"
"Well alright then. Go Jasper! Use Sup-eer..thinking we'll go for quick attack! "

Roll #1 2 = 2


"L-lily stay close.. we've got to go over there."
'1d10' investigate behind the tent.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Jasper quickly attacks the Burmy!

The Burmy tries to tackle Jasper's wing, but misses. Jasper has an idea…

Jasper has learned Wing attack!


A Pokemon with a carved Pumpkin for a lower body.. A wild Gourgeist appeared!

Slowly, it walks towards you, arms outstretched…


"Haha great Jasper! Use wing attack!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Jasper flies into the Burmy and slams it with wings!
A Critical hit! The Burmy is hot right on the face! It's super effective!

The Burm quickly rolls away, defeated.


"AAaaah, use absorb!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Yes, I'm not surprised. He looks like he might have come from there. Ralts is a native of Muika as well, though I don't really know where Torchic came from."


Lily leaps at the Gourgeist, absorbing!
It's not very effective… it was barely effective! The Gourgeist doesn't look hurt at all!

The Gourgeist extends a shadow under Lily… a Shadow Sneak attack! Lily is thrown upwards by the sheer force of the blow!

Lily is hurt badly, but tries her best to stand strong. She grows quieter…


Behind you! A horde of Pumpkaboo! They're slowly congregating on you@


"Yeah!" I run up and hug Jasper, jumping around with him
"Amazing job Jasper!that was sooooooooo good!"


Jasper feels good.

Conserve your strength, though. It's a bit after noon, and you want to try to hit the rest stop by sundown.


Yap his head gently
then go tothe Carvanha
"Betc you know that didn't ya?clever girl"
Head out and continue on my path


"Maybe we can just run.."
'1d10' return lily and race away from the ghosts

Roll #1 4 = 4


You can see the valley approaching. The rest camp should be at the base. Just walk and don't look for Pokemon?

You're utterly surrounded!

The Pumpkaboo make a barrier to block your escape, while letting the Gourgeist in. Lily steps between you and the Gourgeist, breathing heavily.


Your vision begins to darken…


"Its not gonna work again them.."
Switch lily with joltik.
"I need your help. Use Leech life!" '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Put my pokes away and look for pokemon to observe from afar and peacefully

Roll #1 9 = 9


Joltik, even in the panic, manages to latch onto the Gourgeist right on the eye.

A critical hit!

The Gourgeist isn't bothered. It extends a shadow and knocks Joltik back to you.

Joltik screeches wistfully, lying on its back and legs flailing in the air. It can't battle for now.

The Gourgeist is right in front of Lily. It's charging a ball of black shadow…

You can see a light appear somewhere behind it, in the distance.

You come across a strange looking-tree. Wait, it's not a tree, it's a Sudowoodo! A Diglett is happily trailing along the dirt near it.


Watch them go from afar…
'1d10'anything I notice frim either of them?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"STOP IT!" A light? Is it something that can help? Well I can't worry about the light I'll just pick up lily and try to force her back into the ball since she didn't return.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Hmm… Oh, a Roselia is tending the soil! And there's a Psyduck spraying water. A bit hits the Sudowoodo, and it shivers.

You recall Lily, who's worn out enough that she can't fight the recall.

Now there's nothing standing between you and the ghost horde!

The gourgeist's arms reach you…

"Hurry! Mystical Fire!"



So, i guess it would be a good idea to go ahead and head home now.






"Maybe someone dropped it off there. I'd expect to find them up North. Whoa!"

His fishing line snags something, and he pulls out a Horsea. He sends out his Froakie to attack it.

Yeah. Want to rest up till tomorrow?

By resting you can have your Pokemon meditate on moves they previously forgot to memorise them again. Right now you can replace one of Nidoran F's current moves for scratch, if you desire.


A massive blast of fire cloaks the area. The Gourgeist and Pumpkaboo shriek and flee, and all is quiet.

A Delphox comes out of the woods, holding a lighted stick up as a torch. Behind is a white-haired man riding a Venusaur.

"Hey, are you alright?"


Rest up till tomorrow.

I had it forget Scratch for a reason. Though, I think I'll look through the pokedex for good illusions for Zoro to use tomorrow.

"So… what type of pokemon would be good against Dark types?"


Pokemon Index, you mean.

You flip through your book. It says Fighting, Fairy and Bug types are good against Dark.

Come to think of it, Nidoran does have Double Kick, which is a fighting-type move. That could help immensely.


Squint a bit at the guy.
"Uh, not really! That ghost nearly killed my partner!"


Squinting I pick up my notepad. Taking in all details I gather ad I silently watch…


"Oh, no. Let me see it!"

He jumps off and walks towards you, his Delphox still holding a light.

Show him your Pokemon?


Well.. can I show him while holding her?


Yeah, you can.

"Hmm. Standard battle injuries… Well, it's not serious, you don't have to worry. Let me help you out."

He drops a Poke Ball, and a Clefable comes out. It examines Lily, and looses a beige pulse at her…

Lily looks a lot better.


Sweet. Now, to try some things out…
"Hey, Zoro, mind trying a few illusion disguises for me? Good practice for if we need them again."


Zoro dissapears, and now you have two Nidorans!

It seems Zoro will instinctively disguise himself as teammate at the start of a battle.


"Yeah, I think my master mentioned that. They seemed to be trying to heal it. What's the plan for that one?"


"Who are you? …I don't have to battle you now do I?"
Look a little worried and stroke lily's back.


"What, for this Horsea? Just training– now, Pound it!"

"Oh, no worries, I'm not into battling much. I'm Gin, a traveling healer, to put it a certain way."

His Clefable examines the rest of your Pokemon, and heals them too.

"What are you doing out here, anyway? You look a bit like a ranger. Training?"


"Perfect… They think they already know Nidoran's moves, so we might be able to take them by surprise for the first few rounds. We'll have to make the most of it while it lasts."

All right, rest until morning time. Zoro doesn't mind sleeping in the same bed as me, right?


I nod and watch him.
"You don't seem to have a very balanced team yet. Of course, neither do I."


"Yea, My name's amber and I'm traveling as part of training to become a full ranger.. I did so well today I guess I got over confident and thought I could sleep outside.."


He even claims his spot before you do.


Morning time. Go to the gym?


"Well, normally that'd be safe, but it's a new moon and the Gourgeist are hungry. You should be fine from now on, I think. Or at least when your Pokemon get stronger. You mind if I camp out with you tonight?"

His Venusaur walks in from behind, a few bags strapped on.



"We'll find our allies as we journey. Balanced is one thing, but I'd like to find Pokemon whose spirits are headed the same way mine is. Partners, you know?"

The Horsea looks about ready to jump back into the sea and flee.

"Say, you could use a water Pokemon. Want to take this rod? It's a spare, really."


You know it! Bike over there ready for a match!


You note that the Pokemon seem to be cultivating Oran berries. None of them prey on one another, making this sort of cooperation possible. Interesting.

Done yet?

A bike makes travel pretty convenient.

The Gym's address is… the place of an abandoned building? The windows are all borded up, and the door looks like it hasn't been used in a while.


"I suppose there's enough room.. But I doubt I'll be able to fall asleep so soon after that!"


Blink and frown. Considering how convenient our meeting was yesterday, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a setup…

Circle the building a few times looking for ways in.


"Yeah, I suppose I could. Thanks."
I'll take the rod as well.
"Mind if I try to catch it?"


Yes all this sort of information is really good.
can't wait to show it to the professor.
head onwards to continue my journey with a big smile


"Well, if it helps, just having my Pokemon around keeps them away. Before that, I had to have my Pokemon sleep in shifts, or camp out at the rest stops. Once your Pokemon get strong enough they'll stop trying to bother you."

He has his Delphox light a small campfire, before some tools to extract some fluids and leaves from his Venusaur. The Clefable goes to you and gestures as if it were shooting out another Heal Pulse. It might be asking if you'd like a dose too.

"Sure, go ahead."
He calls his Froakie back.

Wild Horsea appeared!
It's sort of beat up. It looks ready to flee after another attack.

Well, the door is right there…

Sun's coming down soon. You manage to reach the foot of the mountains. At the pass, there's a rest stop. It provides services like a PC, a shop, some rooms you can pay for, or a campground you can use if you're on a budget.


Fine. Enter cautiously, listening carefully for anyone.


Maybe tomorrow.
right now I start heading to the campground and get everything prepared for a night of sleep


You go inside and… hey, it IS the gym! The statues are right there, spelling it clearly.

It's dark beyond what you can see of the first room, though.


"Heh, That would be a smart idea.." I rub my head a little anxiously and check myself for whatever the pink fairy is gesturing at.



Roll #1 3 = 3


Head into the darkness and start looking for anyone. It would be funny if I found them before they realized I was here.


Doot doot doot… click!

Congratulations! Horsea was caught!

"Woo, congrats. I think we're arriving soon, so I'm just going to take a nap till then. See you around."

He calls his Froakie with him and retreats into the passenger seats.

It sees you rub your head and shoots a Heal Pulse there.

Hmm, you feel way better and more relaxed. You might be able to sleep now.


I blink surprised.
"Your Clefable is really nice.."
try to pet it.


I nod and wave him goodbye. I suppose I can chill out for the rest of the trip.


The Clefable enjoys it and lets you pet it. The Delphox walks by and relights your fire, too.

"Yeah, He's been with me for a very long time. Now he accompanies me as I travel around the land. Like I said, I'm a healer. I guess my team's picked up my habits."

You'll be napping overnight. You've got plenty of time to Chill.

Arrive next morning?

Oh, hey, there's a boy here! His back is turned to you, though, and he's giggling. He looks like he's waiting for someone to pounce on.


"I remember that, but what makes you want to travel instead of working in a pokecenter or something?"


"It's… complicated. But that's what I promised the Fairies I'd do."

He looks wistfully at the sky.


Yes. Commence chill.


"…" Turn a couple berries over the fire, I could use a snack.


Grab his shoulder suddenly to startle him.


"And hey, occasionally I save a wayward traveler like you. It all works out in the end. It's one thing Rangers usually do, so you can use this experience to help you out in the future, eh?"

He eats some biscuits from his bag, and gives some to his Delphox and Clefable. The Venusaur's already fast asleep.

"I'll be sleeping now, I got to be moving off pretty early. I'll probably be gone by then, so if you need anything, feel free to wake me up. Goodnight."

He sleeps on a mat and his Clefable jumps back into its Poke ball, while his Delphox sits to tend the flames.


He turns about and spots you.

"O-oh, w-welcome to the Lanobe City gym! You're, uh, light-years away from facing Nistra, leader of our gym! I'll have to test you first!"

You have been challenged!
Gym Trainer sends out Poocheyena!

You get back on your seat. The sun's setting…

Ralts is pretty chill in her Pokeball, and tapping to communicate with her new coworker. The Torchic is unresponsive, as usual.


Delfox sure is pretty.. and that venusaur is nice too..
I guess I'll curl up in my tent with my pokemon..
"I'm sorry I let you down.." I whisper to them. "I'm only a junior ranger for now.. just keep believing in me, and I'll believe in you too.. We'll be as good as Gin."
'1d10' try to sleep without worrying about anything.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Hah! Sure I am, mister screams-like-a-girl."
Send out Nidoran F. If I face the actual gym leader later, I don't want to have played all my cards already.


Your Pokemon understand. Lily rubs your arms as she curls up to sleep beside you.

After all, isn't that why they've chosen to stick with you instead of running back into the woods? Your Pokemon could easily do that. They're weak too, but with you they can become something better. With them, you can become more.

You sleep away the night peacefully…

You wake up to fresh air and dew on your tent.

The man and his Pokemon are already gone.


Nidoran F comes out, ready!
What will she do?

Double Kick
Poison Sting


Let's start with a Poison Sting. See if we can soften it up.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Lets eat some breakfast, pack up and head out down the road.


Nidoran jabs a poisonous barb into the Poocheyena!

The opposing Poocheyena is poisoned!

The Poocheyena tackes Nidoran, doing an average amount of damage.

It shivers from poison…
Sorry for not responding
So, just set up your tent on the grounds?

First, you pass by the Rest Stop. A few Dark and Fire Pokemon are out, sleeping, while a few trainers seem to be trying to train some freshly captured Pumpkaboo.


I give them each a pat myself before drifting off. Hopefully the next island will prove fruitful.


grumble a bit and move on quickly before one of those fire users decides to bother me.


"Nidoran, Use Growl!"

Roll #1 4 = 4



You have a dream where you and Ralts are playing around a big tower.

On and on you go…

Nocturnal Pokemon are drifting off to sleep. You catch sight of some Hoothoot nesting, and some Spinrarak. A Sentret hops out of a burrow, calling for the rest of its pack to join today's forage.

Nidoran growls!
The Poocheyena is unnerved. Attack fell!
It tacksles Nidoran again, but barely manages to hit!
The Poocheyena is shivering from poison…


"Alright, Nidoran, use Double Kick!"

"So, still think I'm not ready to face your gym leader?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Nidoran quickly kicks!

1 Hit!

2 Hits! It's super effective!

The Poocheyena falls!


Gym trainer sends out Carvanha!


Those are all pretty cute.. I'd comment on that but then my pokemon might get jealous.
'1d10' keep an eye out for trouble.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"All right Nidoran, time for a quick break."
Call Nidoran back and send out Zoro!

Have him use Leer right off the bat! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


No trouble. All's quiet and peaceful today.

You might be able to make it to the Greenlink earlier than you think.

Zoro leers at the Carvanha! It looks startled. Defense fell!

It tries to bite Zoro, but it's not very effective!


"Use Furious Swipes!" '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Fury Swipes, you mean.

2 hits!

The Carvanha looks pretty shaken, but it's Rough Skin hurts Zoro back when he touches it. Oooh.

The Carvanha uses Rage!
It attacks Zoro in a fury! Not much yet, though.


That would be better than staying out again at least.
Talk at my pokemon "Hey, if we make it there before dark, we could sneak a little training in before we go report. What do you think?"


Ooh… what's Zoro's moves again?

Try using Pursuit! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Lily nods.

Joltik on your head seems content with whatever, as long as it can keep clinging on.

Rusty shakes around a bit in his ball. He probably doesn't mind.

Nothing bothers you. The trees soon begin to dissipate, opening up to large pastures. Tauros and Milktank, graze, while opposite are a couple of Ponyta and Rapidash. A farmer rides his Rapidash out to herd the livestock.

Ability 2Prankster
Move 1Scratch
Move 2Leer
Move 3Pursuit
Move 4Fury Swipes

Zoro chases the Carvanha around! A Critical hit! Though it wasn't very effective… you recall that Dark type moves are resisted by dark type pokemon.

Carvanha's Rage is building!
Carvanha uses Rage! It attacks more fiercely now. Not long more to topple it, though.


Chuckle a bit and pet joltik.
"Those ponyta sure look happy.. huh, you know I remember hearing that they use obstacle courses with fences to work out.. I wonder if the ranger's have anything like that at the HQ."
'1d10' nothing seems amiss at the ranch from a glace does it?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Right then. Use Scratch to finish it off! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Nope. All's quiet, it seems.
I wonder if you'd like things to stay this way?

Zoro scratches, and the Carvanha falls!

You defeated Gym Trainer!
"Wait, darn it! Light years doesn't measure time, it measures distance!"

He hands over 100P as prize money for winning!



Yep set up it over there and call out Carvanha
nothing bad could possibly happen right?


Alright… Time for some rest then, let my pokes out.


Nope. Rest stops are safe, particularly because loads of trainers opt to rest here. Any wild Pokemon trying to attack would be quickly driven off.

Carvanha comes out to look at the place. There's a even a small field nearby where a few trainers are battling.

Echo and Leviathan come out, and go around look for an unoccupied comfy spot. Cacnea just sort of wanders around.


Look down at Cacnea.
"Hey there pal, how about I give you a nickname?"


Time to check this camp out! They have a mart, right?


Hmn…Trainers are much tougher than wild pokemon…
"Do you wanna go battle again girl?"


File: 1418567285472.jpg (246.76 KB, 643x603, Mart_Sketch.jpg)

Cacnea isn't paying attention…

Pokemon generally don't respond to nicknames until they've bonded with their trainers a little.

They do. It's run by an old lady and a cottonee.

"Travelling on the road, eh? Need to buy anything?"

Basic goods they're selling:
Poke Balls
Status Heals
Tool Rope


Right, right. That's fine. What gender is this Cacnea?




Water Absorb

Poison Sting


"Something for my friends…"
Two potions, two poke balls, and one status heal. How much is that?


"I'll call you… Valeriana."
She'll grow used to it. Anyway, I should still have plenty of supplies so I'm not worried about buying anything.

Maybe instead I can find a trainer to battle?


"What sort of status heal?"

Paralyze Heal: 150
Antidote: 100
Awakening: 250
Burn Heal: 250
Ice Heal: 250
Full Heal: 250

Two potions and two pokeballs will cost 1000. You have 2000P, and this is your current inventory:

Paralyze Heal2
Burn Heal1


A couple of rookie youngsters are shuffling about uncomfortably…

"Oh! You look new– uh, like a strong opponent! Let's battle!"


"Two antidotes, please."
Lean over the desk, suddenly excited.
"Oh, and do you have poke treats?"


"Sure thing, I've been looking for a battle. Echo! You're up first!"


"That'll be 1200P in all. Wait, Poketreats?"

She digs around under her counter and manages to find a pack of them.

"50P for a pack of ten."


"Alright, HERE WE GO! TITAN!"

He sends out a Ratata!

What will Echo do?


"I'll buy two."
Drop her 1300P and pet the cottonee's head as I leave.


"Echo, start things off with a sweet kiss!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


You have 700P left.
Current inventory:

Paralyze Heal2
Burn Heal1
Antidote 2
Poke Ball2
Poke Treats 20

Echo rushes to kiss the Ratata..
It misses entirely and Echo kisses its backside! Ugh!

"Eww! Tackle that gaylord!"

The Ratata, however, can't reach around, and so can't hit.


So… What's there to see in this camp?


"Nevermind that, just use Thundershock!"

Roll #1 10 = 10



Sorry I keep missing yours

Your Carvanha tries to spring up, but then falls to the ground. Looks like she's done for today.

There's a guy with a Pichu battling some kid with a Ratata. It just loosed a wicked Thundershock. A few other rookies are battling it out. The few trainers not battling are just sitting in their tents, relaxing. They look far more experienced.

Pichu manages to stay at the Ratata's backside…

A critical hit! The shock courses through the Ratata!
It's havign difficulty moving… the opposing Rattata is paralyzed! Tt may be unable to attack!

It, however, manages to tackle Echo.


"Great hit! Go for another one!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Pick her up gently and lay down.
"Hege it's okay. We can battle tomorrow when you're rested.
now in you go." I say putting her back in the pokeball
"Ready to sleep Jasper?"


Echo Thundershocks again!

It doesn't hit as hard, but the Rattata shivers.

It tackles again! It's fighting pretty hard. A bit more…

Jasper's already hanging from the top of your tent, wings wrapped around himself.


Woah didn't even see him get there
the quick little bat
>engage sleep


I'll scoot over and watch the match.


"Finish this up, Echo! Thundershock!!"

Roll #1 2 = 2



Good morning! It's sunrise.

You've used up one unit of food, and your next stop is the Spring Fields. Hopefully you can get there by evening.

"Ratata, get out of the-ah!"

The thundershock, though weak, manages to knock it down. It's out!

You are victorious! The youngster hands over 50P as prize money.

"Ugh.. you looked weak."

You see the last thundershock from the Pichu knock out some Rookie's Rattata. The guy owning the Pichu gets some money now.


Stretch and get going
Whistling somethingon the way and always on the lookout for someinteresting pokemon

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Not bad."


"Keep training, I'm just a starting trainer as well."
Walk over to Echo and pick him up.
"Well done buddy, you showed him."

"Hello? Who's this?"


"Just a passing trainer."
Smile at him.
"I started my journey yesterday!"


You're near the mountain foots.
Some rock and ground Pokemon wander around. Mostly Geodude… there's a Nosepass.


"I started today, really. I'm not really a trainer in the traditional sense though."
Take out my camera.
"I'm just a reporter on the road."


"Well that's something new.
And yet your friends there seem in great shape!"


See eh
I better pass
rock pokemon are kinda boring…
there's gotta be something better around these mountains

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I'm happy with how they're shaping up so far. I got my Pichu and Poliwag a few days ago, so they have a headstart on Cacnea here."
Are your pokemon roaming about as well?


Really? Even the Rhyhorn walking across the road? you see more ground types, like a Drillbur. What do you think you'd like to find?


Actually the rhyhorn looks pretty damn cool
watch that pokemon for a bit. Notepid in hand to draw and write


"I've my trusty Beldum here, he's been following me ever since I was ten!
And a new friend I met down the road coming here, as well, a sandile.
We already began bonding!"
Smirk and do a fist pump motion to show confidence.
"So, mister reporter, where are you headed now?"


You observe it as it walks towards a few boulders… it charges! It tackles the boulder, splitting it apart before licking up the moss inside.


"Fabiorge city is where I'm heading. I'm on the road to challenge gym leaders and immortalize these battles."


Oh so it feeds on moss!
I better draw a bit of it too.
It's been so long since I draw anything
just hope I'm not rusty

Roll #1 8 = 8


Yawn and shift for a moment as my mind focuses on awakening.

Then bolt up. "Right! Today's the day, Double. Today, we set out."


"Ahw, such a shame. There is no way the gym leader would lose to an amateur pokemon trainer, but it's a nice thought!"
Cross my arms over my chest and smirk in confidence.
"Best of luck with it anyway."


"Even if winning was the point, I don't think that's how gym leaders operate."


You sketch like an artist, capturing the detail of the scene.

The pokedex beeps a bit, indicating that it's managing to collect data.

Your Swablu plops down on your head.

Indeed, this is your day. You wish to travel around the region.

Do you have a sponsor, though? The capture or hunting guild, perhaps? Or is this entirely on your own with no obligations to them?


now let's get out of here before it decides to ram me for invading it's territory
proceed onwards


"It's about the iron will to win, not the strength of your pokemons!
But if you are not going to Binestrone City I guess it's no use!"


It couldn't hurt to see what they say one last time before setting out. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

"Looks like you're ready. Alright, let's go."

Head downstairs. Who's here?


"I'm sure I'll get around to visiting Binestrone eventually."


"I was looking for a travel partner now, though!"


Your mom!

"That's right, all boys leave home someday. Looks like it's your turn."

She's finished making you a hearty farewell breakfast. Your dad left a nice letter as a farewell, since he's away at work.


Eat breakfast robustly and pass Double some bacon while I read the letter.


How nice. I wonder what it means?

Anyway, I guess I wake up when necessary.


"Hmmm… You said you're a trainer in training as well, right? Might end up giving me some good battle shots… Where did you say you were going?"


"Binestrone! I'm gonna challenge the gym there! And then off to Torchfire City!
And from there, the sea!"


It tells you how proud he is of you now that you've decided to journey around own your own. They didn't have this sort of thing back in his day, and he urges you to enjoy it as much as possible. Of course, stay safe. Don't let greed overcome common sense, always be prepared, and don't be afraid to run if you have to.


There are quite a few ground Pokemon about. Sandshrew in particular.


Ralts has learned Disarming Voice!
Replace a move for Disarming Voice, or put it aside for now?

Ability 2Telepathy
Move 1Confusion
Move 2Double Team
Move 3Growl
Move 4Calm Mind


Oh man
sandshrew is also pretty cool
let's study them a bit before battle
I'd Jasper with me outside of the pokeball?


Well, he is now, perched on you.


"Alright, I'm going to go talk to the guilds. I'll swing by before I leave town. Farewell!"

Let's visit the capture guild first.


"Hey Jasper,feast your eyes at thaaaa-oops…uh…my bad…well do yOu want to battle some sandshrew? " I ask silentlyrics watching them


Hm. Let's replace Growl.


"Well… I guess we can travel together for a while. Might be an interesting experience and all."


"Now that's talking!
I'm Lela, what's your name?"


There's only one guild, really. The Capture Guild it is. It's where experts in hunting and catching Pokemon are around. You take the tram across the city…

"Hoy, there! Isn't it little Wilheim! I heard you're starting out your quest across the land!"

Jasper's hesitant. They have pretty high defenses, fighting them might take up too much effort.

If you like, you can have Ralts recall Growl the next time you rest.

You wake up in the morning, to a scene of Ralts playing around your Horsea.

"We've arrived at Port Hako. Thank you for traveling with us. Those wishing to transfer to another ship will find it at the docks.

Where will you two be going, though?


I'm still thinking Binestrone!


"Parker. From Binestrone city actually."


Pet him
"It's ok buddy. We could just watch them."
And that'sexactly what I'll do
take out my notepad again and carefully analyze everything they're doing


"That's gonna be fun!
Whenever you're ready then, Parker!"


How well do you do it?
Roll for it.

So where will you guys be heading?
You came from opposite directions.


"Ooh, come on guys!"
Which island is this on?


Well ok

Roll #1 7 = 7


I'm going to be backtracking I suppose. This girl seems to have a lot of spirit, so it should be worth recording her battles for a while.


"So, what's Binestrone's specialty?"


Port Hako. You check a map…

Your destination is Tumi Island.

There is a map available..

You manage to record them without disturbing them. They roll up and start fighting off some wild ekans. They ekans can't fight them well because of their hides.

Alright then.

It's getting dark…


"Electricity. It's one of the powerhubs of the region generating an obscene amount of energy."


>It's getting dark
I just woke up and watched one battle!


"Right. Well, you work with a lot of people who travel all over, right?"


Naw, you arrived here as the sun was setting!


Right, yeah. To the next dock!


Oh, I thought this was day 2 already!
"Guess the time for adventure is over, the day is drawing to a close!"


I nod.
"We can leave at dawn tomorrow and make the most out of the day."


"Yeah, and with a lot of different skill levels. You've been practicing with us for a bit, so don't worry, you'll get to hear about contracts we think you can do first! We have branches in about every major city. And we can sell you some equipment at a lower price, too."

Tumi Island ferry leaving soon. Please board.

It's plainly there, if you like.


How interesting. They are also seemingly territorial
well let's see what else I can get from them and those ekans


"Guess it's time to get something in our tummies now!"

So, what's my 'food' like?


I do like. We'll listen to the voice and board the ferry.

Is this whole island just one big waystation?



Roll #1 4 = 4


"That's good to know. I think I'm going to head out into the forests. I could use a Grass type, and I have advantage against it with Double."


The Ekans are driven off, and the Sandshrew are victorious. But first they go around some bushes and catch some Wurmple from a few bushes, before gleefully slaughtering and feasting on them.

Delicious, it seems.

For you, the dinner section includes some precooked noodles. You can eat them dry, or cook them with your camp gear. The others are… nutrition bars. And all your pokemon really get are food blocks.

Well, the outdoors makes things taste better, at least. That's what 50P a day gets you. If the environment here permitted it, you could forage for berries and mushrooms, or fish for Magikarp and Basculin…

"The Grasslands out east? Sounds good. Going through the Spring Fields, or Lanobe City? Down south is Dervor, where they have a bug gym, if you're interested."


It seems to hold a lot of warehouses too. Lots of seaweed harvesting happens here, as well as fishing for food.

You see a truck drop a load of bones into the sea.


Well, feed my mons and heat up some food for myself.


Eating magikarps is a bad omen!
Rollig for survival gear expertise. Self roll please ignore.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Okay, I know enough to heat my dinner up on the cooking equipment!
And for my pokes, mix one of the treats in with the nutrition cubes!
"What's your story, Parker?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


How…Disgustingly fascinating…
hope the pokedex is catching all of this.
I better get out of here as well
"Come on Jasper. .."


"I'll see where the winds take me. Maybe the fields. It'll be nice to have some alone time to bond."


"I work for a press company based in Binestrone. They liked the work I did so they sent me on a bigger task which involves me taking pictures of pokemon both rare and common, in battle or just in their natural environment. I'd also like to battle against each gym leader at least once for some action pictures."


It's getting pretty comfy here as the stars come out and the night air blows. You all gather around a campfire.


Lela's Pentium somewhat hesitantly eats the treat, knowing how it'll be like, but the Sandile isn't concerned. Food's food.

"Where the winds take you? Heh, that's a pretty romantic notion… alright, any questions before you head out?"


"Wait, if you are that good with a camera…"
Quickly grab both Beldum and Sandile, pulling them into a hug, and smiling widely put out a peace sign.
"Take our pic!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Huh. Didn't think there was such an industry this far south. Awfully busy place for such a tiny island.


Take out the camera and snap a shot.

Roll #1 9 = 9


The warehouses seem to hold salvage from the sea. A lot of it is sent over to the fire region to be refurbished, or in rare cases, researched for a breakthrough in technology.

The ferry honks, and you leave….

Sleep off the trip?

You look full of spirit, you and your Pokemon.

Very nice. You take them round the campfire, showing the spirit of their passion and yet the same time the innocence of youth. Whoa, she looks pretty cute here, too.


You leave them be.

Keep looking?


Yeah, let's rest up some more. I think we're going to need it.


No I'll get going. For now


I smile.
"Not a bad shot I think."


"Got yourself three amazing models, of course!"

And I let go of my pokes.


You spend the trip playing around with Ralts, and a little bit with your new Horsea. The torchic doesn't respond when you try to play with it.

You wake up from your nap at sunset.

Welcome to Tumi Island. We hope you will travel with us again.

Rill for your safety.


"You think I can find some Shroomish out there in the fields?"


Now I'm worried

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I hope your battle portraits will be just as good."


"Hmm… maybe. That'll be up to your hunter's skill, isn't it? Hah! But yeah, you should be able to find them around there."


Everyone else is already asleep…

No need to worry, you're safe. No pokemon really come and bother you today.

You're coming across lots of vast crop fields. You're near the main settlement.


Well let's see what pokemon I can find around here
'1d10' just to explore
Also any trees nearby?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Well… I should get some sleep."


"Yeah. Long day ahead tomorrow.
There's a gym to conquer!"


"Good night then. Sleep tight."
Time for slp.


Nod- and off to sleep.




Echo has learned Thunder Wave!
Leviathan has learned Water Gun!

Forget a move for Echo to memorise Thunder Wave?

Sweet Kiss

Sandile has learned Torment!
Delete a move to memorise Torment?



Sand Attack

A few grass types, going around to inspect the soil. Oddish.. oh, a Fairy type, even, a few Flabebe. Some Combee are going about tending to the flowering plants.

No trees here, all field crops.


"Then that's where I'm headed. Thanks."

Stop by the house to say goodbye, then off to the Spring Fields!


What fairy type is that?
Also more looking around. Anything else I can find?maybe a poke hiding around?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Nah, I'm fine with these moves for now.


I'm still worried about the little guy.
I disembark with all three. Let's see how this new island is laid out.


Wait wait wait, what about your supplies? Make sure you're properly packed up.

You've got 3 Potions, 3 Antidotes, 3 Poke Balls and 5 days worth of food with you, and 2500P to spare.

Anything else you want to buy?
The guild sells Poke balls a little cheaper.



Yes, I'll make him forget Encore.


File: 1418578286177.png (177.93 KB, 402x335, 1382060374778.png)




Hm, it wouldn't hurt to get three more balls at the Guild. But that should be plenty. I'll have to test the wild to see how much it takes out of me – and I can always return and get more if things get too hot.


Make this about 20 minutes, lemme do a map update


File: 1418580475311.jpg (6.1 MB, 4112x4112, POKEMAP all towns.jpg)

And we're back. Please be sure to check your handy maps, everyone.

It's seems normal for a water settlement… the town here, that is.


The town here provides services for the inhabitants, who make their living fishing or harvesting. Besdies that, a lot of trainers come here at least once no matter their type.

Nearer the back, though, you can see a prominent-looking dojo. Might be the gym.



Wakey wakey! The sun's coming up. If you set off early enough, you'll get to Binestrone by evening.

Three Poke balls at 600P. That's half price! 1900 P left.
Where you headed?

A Flabebe! Your Pokedex is even telling you that.

Most of the Pokemon here are owned by farmers… Hmm? What's a Pinsir doing here?


Wait, that's 300 P for 3 balls. Sorry wIlheim.


Oh right flabebe are faiy tyep
now let's take a look at that pinstripe
It certainly has some business here…
'1d10' carefully watch

Roll #1 8 = 8


To the Past Gate.


Feed my mons some blocks first.

Hmmm… maybe I should reconsider my options.


Kinda weird seeing a Fighting gym down here on an island, but I suppose my home is no different. Oh well.
Time to go to the gym and see what they can tell me about Torchi.


Heading back to Binestrone with Lela, were you?

It's searching around the ground for something…

Oh, it found a Rattata trying to eat some of the crops! It holds the struggling Rattata in its pincers…

Settledments around the rising city have paved roads leading to them. You can reach there by nightfall.

You follow the Northern River east. To your sides are both mountains in the distabce. Here, it's clear fields. Common normal types lurk around.

You approach the gym. A man in a loose suit is standing there.

"Welcome to the Tumi Island gym. Are you a challenger?"


"So! Still on board with this, Parker?"


Keep going. I need to push through to Past Gate, maybe find somewhere to sleep there tonight before pushing on to the Fields.


"Jasper go!Wing attack! "

Roll #1 6 = 6


"You know, after a night of sleep I was thinking maybe I shouldn't. Not that I don't want to, but I've already pretty much seen Brinestone."
Is there a way to call each other or something?


"No, I'm actually here to ask for some insight."
I hold up Torchic.
"This little guy has…'closed off his heart,' I think it was."


Smile, a little sad.
"Well, it's okay. Makes sense after all.
You get me that pic next time we meet, okay?"


"I will. I'm sure we'll run into each other again, you seem pretty driven."


Not going to look for Pokemon, then?

Jasper quickly swoops in! He slams the Pinsir with wings. It's super effective!

The Pinsir is thrown back and lets the rattata go. It looks angry being deprived of its meal…

Wild Pinsir appeared!

Afraid not. You can always send each other emails.

"Hmm.. yes, I've heard of them. You're a student of the psychics, aren't you? I can sense your spirit. Your town has contacted mine asking for help with this very strange illness, and it was together that we managed to find a cure. To reopen the heart, the Pokemon should be exposed to the pleasures of life. A caring trainer, compassion.. and of course battling. It might seem odd, but the battles under you as a trainer concerned for it… it will have a different effect from whatever evil desires wanted to turn this into a sheer weapon."

He looks at the Torchic.

"Just a little more, it seems. A Torchic evolves into a Fighting type, too, so perhaps exposure to our style will help it even more. What do you say? Do you wish to challenge us?"


"Wing attack again come on!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


I have a goal in mind! A Hunter doesn't frivolously catch anything he sees, he seeks out one specific target at a time.


"You'll see me once I'm league champion, I bet."
Smirk and OFFWEGO!
Back on the road!
I need to look for a water mon…


"I hope so, that would be a great story. Good luck, Lela."
I'm off to Fabiorge!


Jasper flies a round through the air before swooping down on the Pinsir.

It's super effective!

The Pinsir angrily trips to catch Jasper, but he flies out of the way! It missed!

That's admirable. Very much so.
Roll for your safety, at least.

On the way to Binestrone!
If you want Water mons, you can try checking around the shores of Binestrone. Or travel to the Water Isles down south.

It's comfy grassland for now.

Look for Pokemon, or hurry? Roll either way.

The sun's mild again today. Good for you.

Look for Pokemon, or hurry? Roll either way.


I nod at his guess.
"That seems like an odd way to get him to reopen his heart, but if you think it will help him, then I will gladly accept it."



Roll #1 10 = 10


Pick up the Rattata to see if it is okay
'One more Jasper! show that pincir who is the boss!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


I can afford to look around I think.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Look for pokemons. Or trainers.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Then come with me."

He leads you inside and round his dojo, past a few other training within. He brings you to a large battle room.

"Incidentally… are you familliar with Double Battles? I think that would be the best choice for our fight."

Just in case you weren't feeling safe enough, you come across a dropped bottle of repel!

Repel obtained.

About halfway there and nothing's bothered you. Keep going?

Jasper used Wing Attack!
It's super effective! The wild Pinsir gives up and flees.

The Rattata's more or less fine, but quite dazed.

Some Dwebble are coming out the ground A Skorupi walking down a weird indent in the ground suddenly falls out of sight.

You come across a lass!
"Hey, you a trainer too? Let's battle!"


Yeah, let's cover the rest of this ground. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hell yeah!"
"Pentium, I choose you!"


"No…I can't say that I am. Why's that?"


Bug pokemon… interesting. Not the best targets for my cacnea though. Keep walking.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"That's right you bully! You better run!"
Gently pat the Rattata and put it on the ground
"You ok there little guy?"



You start seeing vast crop fields around you. You must be close to the main city.

The lass sends out a Nidoran M!

Pentium floats energetically.

What will Pentium do?

"I intend to battle in that format. Each of us will use two Pokemon at a time on the field. The synergy between your Pokemon shall be more important, in that case. I believe that your Torchic having a partner alongside it on the field will help it much more. How about it?"

Targets for your Cacnea, huh?
As you come across a river, there are a few Wooper. There's also a Rhyhorn drinking from it.

The Rattata seems fine, but obviously terrified. The other Pokemon are looking at the crops the Rattata has harmed…


"Pentium, Iron Defense!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Past gate here, right? How close to night time is it? Look around for people to consult with.


Pick up some of that cinnamon snacks and offer some to him
"It's okay…it's alright "


Rhyhorn might be a little much, but those Wooper could be good practice! Send her out!


I think about it for a moment, then nod.
"I agree. It's sound reasoning."


Pentium's body gleams as it braces its metal body!
Defense greatly rose!

"Horn Attack!"
The Nidoran M rams Pentium with its horn… it's not very effective! Pentium's barely moved.

The sun's orange and down the sky. You could always check in to a Traveler's Inn. 50P a night, and comes with meals. Should be some helpful people inside.

You enter town, which has a large arch in the middle of the road. Following the directions to the Inn is pretty simple.

It greedily eats your cinnamon treat, then demands more with a burp.
You have 7 left.

One comes you way…
Wild Wooper appeared!
What will Cacnea/Valeriana do?

"Ready to begin, then?"

You are challenged by Gym Leader Jima!
Leader Jima sends out Machop and Riolu!


"Now now I'm sure Jasper wouldn't mind sharing some."
give it a bit more


I send out Torchic and Ralts!
Torchic will use Peck on Machop, and Ralts will use Confusion on Riolu!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Iron claw!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


You have to roll for each attack.


"Valeriana, use Absorb!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Head inside and find the proprietor.

"Are we far from the Spring Field, here?"


It's still not satisfied!
You have 5 left.

Jasper doesn't look happy with it.

Beldum used Metal Claw!
The opposing Nidoran M takes a heavy hit. It retaliates with another Horn Attack.. Pentium's EYE! A critical hit!

At least it's not very effective.

Cacnea uses Absorb!
It's extremely effective!
The Wooper reteliates with a water gun…
Cacnea's water absorb nullified the attack! Valeriana actually feels refreshed,

"Just another day's walk, young man. In the meantime, why don't you rent a room for the night?"


Well aren't you just a hungry hungry guy.
pick him up
"Let's take him with us"
Pick up a pokeball and tap it against its head


"Don't worry Pentium, he can't even dent you!
Go on and give me one claw attack more!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Groan. "A whole day? I guess I'll have to. I'll pay ahead of time. Hold on to the meal for now, though. I'm going to practice around town until I get tired."

Pat Double and pay the keeper.


Poor Wooper doesn't stand a chance.
"Again, Absorb!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Right, yeah.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Roll for that to work.

It missed entirely!
Fortunately, the Nidoran misses as well, flopping onto its face.

"Your room's on your key. Go out there and have your fun till then."

Right then, look for some minor arenas around?

A CRITICAL hit! It's EXTREMELY effective!

The poor Wooper faints. A group of them come and quickly cart it away.

Torchic's attack missed!
Ralts uses confusion! It's super effective!

The foe Machop uses Focus Energy!
Accuracy increased!

The for Riolu tries to counter confusion, but fails!


'1d10' oh duh

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Well done Valeriana. That was an easy foe, but it doesn't matter because those were good hits."
I wonder… does it hurt to touch her?


Encourage Torchic and use Peck again!
Keep using Confusion as well.

Roll #1 4, 7 = 11


Hmm I suppose its a nice quiet walk the rest of the way?


Groan. Sit down and watch this calmly, cheering for Pentium.
"Go on, I know you can do this! Keep trying to hit him!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Sounds good.

"Feeling ready, Double?"


Rattata was caught!

The pokemon around you seem to react to the capture. Some look relieved that it probably won't be coming back.

Not really. Cacnea don't have Rough Skin or Barbs that are very hard.

Same targets?


Torchic pecks at the Machop again! It's super effective!
Ralts fires another psiwave on the Riolu. It's super effective!

The Machop and Riolu both face your Ralts…

The Machop uses Karate Chop! It swings its hand at Ralts, while the Riolu rushes at Ralts in a Quick attack!

At least the first hit was incredibly ineffective.

A foam sword is suddenly thrown into your hands, and the Gym leader charges at you with one!

"Come, defend yourself! Our pokemon shouldn't be the only ones to fight!"

Roll for you to fight, too.


Look around and approach one of them
"Something wrong? "



Alright, return her and move on.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Roll for your safety.

Metal Claw, again, and it hits!
Nidoran shouldn't be able to stay up for longer.

"Try double kick!"

One hit! Two hits!
Pentium barely manages to resist it ,the Iron defense making a lot of difference.

"Cheep cheep."

You see some other kids battling nearby…

They all move away. A Flabebe shakes its flowers at you. Nope, please, move along.


Alright, engage one!

"Hey, you know what it means when you lock eyes with another trainer right? You have to battle!"

Guild Hunter Wilhelm wants to fight!


>psycho + steel + 2 def even fazed by a fighting move
"Send him to the ground! Tackle!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Well ok
"See you guys then"
Move out
"Great job Jasper,you deserve a special treat. Come on. Eat as much as you'd like." Open the bag for him as I go



Roll #1 5 = 5


Yeah, same targets. They're doing great.

"Wait, what?"

Ralts and Torchic can keep it up against their targets, but I'll do what I can to keep this guy off my back!

Roll #1 7, 5, 10 = 22


Steel is weak to fighting

That did it. Nidoran-M goes down!

"Ahh… hmmph! Go, STEELKILLA!"

A Bronzor is sent out!

What will Pentium do?

Jasper takes just one. He's polite like this.

Not much pokemon except small wild ones. A few more combee.

You do fine, more or less.
Greenlink's buildings can be seen in the distance.

Torchic pecks on the Machop, and Ralts sends another shockwave onto the Riolu!
Both were super effective!

The Riolu is looking pretty tired…

The Machop chops your Ralts again! While it's incredibly ineffective, it crits! Ralts is also looking tired.

The Riolu tries for another quick hit, but misses.

Meanwhile, you fling your sword out to deflect the gym leader's. Wait, you're not even holding it, but it's floating there!

"Hoho! Fight as you will, then."


A Bug Catcher answers the call!

"Yeah, sure, I'll take you on! Go, NIDHOGRR!"

He sends out a Caterpie!


"Dawww you're too cute" I say scratching his chin with a finger
"Let's get going then buddy"
Examine the cowbee closely

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Pentium, great job, come back!"
Suck him up in the pokeball and throw Sandile onto the field!
"It's your turn Sandile!
Use leer!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


It's carrying Honey!
It must be going out to feed the other Combee collecting pollen.

Sandile stares down the Bronzor! Defense fell.

It uses Hypnosis! Sandile is struck! Sandile is struggling with sleep…


"Ha! Nearly there."
Any signs we can spot from here?

Roll #1 10 = 10


Didn't even know I had it in me…

Both Ralts and Torchic switch attacks to the Riolu! Meanwhile, I'll see if I can use the sword to flank that gym leader.

Roll #1 1, 5, 7 = 13


"Sandile! Bite!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


Oh crap
"Jasper snatch that honey!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Double, you're in charge!"

What are my moves?


Yes! Very clearly, actually. Greenlink is right by a mountain, near some plains flanked with rivers. At times, mountain Pokemon come falling by…


Wild Gligar appeared!

Torchic misses again, but Ralts manages to finish off the Riolu!

Only the Machop left. It goes for Torchic instead with the chop!

A critical hit! Torchic is hit on the beak!

You do, in fact, as you twist the sword around to confuse him, before tapping him.

Sandile woke up!
Sandile quickly bites the Bronzor. It's super effective!

"Eeek! Hypnosis again!"

However, the Bronzor misses.

Jasper doesn't know Thief… he won't be very good at taking items. He does, however, irritate the Combee enough for it to fly away.

AbilityNatural Cure
Ability 2Cloud Nine
Move 1Peck
Move 2Growl
Move 3Astonish
Move 4Sing


"You are doing great Sandile!
Keep it up!"
Another bite!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Well chase after it and use wing attack! "



Roll #1 7 = 7


"Whoa! Slow down there." send out Aron.


"Okay, Double, Peck attack!"


Again! Sandile bites the Bronzor, right where it really hurts. It's super effective!

The Bronzor's out!

Sandile roars in delight.

You're victorious! Lass hands over 100P in prize money.

Jasper chases the wild Combee and hits it with a wing! It's super effective!

The combee retaliates with a Sweet Scent. Jasper's evasiveness fell…

Rusty's out!
What will Rusty do?

Mud Slap

Double flies in and pecks! It's super effective!

"Alright! Uh… string shot!"

The Caterpie fires silk around Double. Speed fell!


"Tsk! Good try though!"
Slap the guy on the back and look for MONS!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Peck again!"


Hah. That won't help him
'Don't let it escape Jasper! Supersonic now!"
'1d10' I pray that one day Jasper will hit a supersonic

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 4 = 4


Guy? That's a girl!

The grassland's giving way to desert. There are a few solar panels here… There's a Helioptile relaxing near one of them. A voltorb's rolling around near an Electrike.

Roll pls

Why, it actually hits! The soundwave is heard by the Combee!
The Combee hurts itself in its confusion!

Rusty slams into it!
The Gligar tries to use poison sting, but the barb boucnes off Rusty's hide!



Roll #1 10 = 10


Sorry for missing Parker.

You keep along the road to Fabiorge. Everything's looking good… you travel pretty fast.

Is that a Skarmory up there?


I will actually ignore them all!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Throw my fists in the air
'Now finish him off with Wing attack! "

Roll #1 8 = 8


Ralts, switch to Disarming Voice!
Torchic, keep at the Pecking!

And I'll…smack him in the back of the head!

Roll #1 5, 1, 6 = 12


'1d10' "Keep it up, another headbutt."

Roll #1 10 = 10


None of them held your interest?

Well, okay. You progress smoothly on the road…

Jasper slams his wings into the Combee!

The combee is forced to flee and drop its honey!

Torchic misses, but Ralts yelps ar the Machop!
The Machop is stunned and weak.

"Ha! Your Pokemon are stro–OW!"

The last blow on him also seems to affect his Machop, which falls over.

You are victorious!

Ralts cheers, while the Torchic shakes a little before staying still again.

"Congratulations, kid. Looks like you've got your own way to grow, too. Take this, it's proof of having overcome this challenge."

He hands you the Spirit Badge. It's shaped like a running figure.

"I think that Torchic's ready now. See what happens when you bring it back home! Take good care of it, you hear?"

A Critical Hit!
The Gligar tries to kick up sand to blind Rusty, but it fails!

Never mind, it might decide to flee soon…


I might just decide to roll some more into the grass.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Huh, you didn't want to fight?"
Try a pokeball?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Aw yeah! Great job Jasper! " I say picking up the honey. And continuing onwards with a huge smile
"Wanna eat some of this later?or should we sent some to the professor? "


"Well thanks, but really I just hope that Torchic is learning from all this. Still, both him and Ralts did great, and I couldn't be prouder of the both of them."

I pick them both up and make to leave.

"Thanks for all your help. I'll be sure to tell you of any improvements!"


"It's super effective! A Critical hit!"

"Hey! Stop! Come back!"

The bug catcher has to recall his Caterpie from your Swablu's mouth as he tries to carry it to a nearby tree.

"Uggh… go, WORMY!"

He sends out a Venipede!

Grass? Well, there's short one around here.

What are you expecting to find, though? There are some Geodude, a Hippopotas…

Jasper takes one lick and he's done.

"Of course. Perhaps one day you can come back and we can both fight at our true power, hmm?"






You got it! Gligar was caught!



"Venipede, eh? Should also be weak to flying. Keep up those pecks, Double!"


Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh, that looks rare! Zoom in on it with my camera to get a better look.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I laugh.
"Well I'm sure that'll be a long way off. Thanks again!"

Off I go, inspecting the badge. I never thought I would come away with one of those as well.


I dunno, what's in this area in general?
What strikes me?

Roll #1 4 = 4


Before the Venipede can even point a stinger, Double rushes in and pecks at it! Peck is a very mild word for what he's doing.

A Critical Hit! It's Super Effective!


The Venipede tries to curl up, in some vain hope of defending itself.

Not from this angle, the sun is going to make you look like a amateur who can't even into lens flare.

It's no ordinary piece of metal. You can feel… something coming off it. Come to think of it, how do they make these?

It's late, want to stay the night? Or look for an overnight ferry?

Well, the more unique features of this route and the electric and steel types you can come across.

Ferroseed digging into the ground over there?
Klink and Magnemite floating around and hitting each other?
There's an Aron busy and greedily digging.

There's some electrode rolling by, and a Tynamo swimming in the air…


Staying the night might be a good idea, provided I can afford it. What lodgings are there?


''Aw,aren't you just the cutest,well I guess I'll try somme too''
Try some of that honey before putting it away in my bag
''you know…we just attacked an innocent cowbee for honey…does that makes us villains?'' I ask Jasper


Damn. Well, nevermind then. Out of my reach I guess.

Moving on.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Only you can end this! It's time to finish this – Peck!"


Roll #1 8 = 8


"Good job Rusty." Give him a little snack and start heading into town, the glisor probably needs to heal up now.


A small travelers Inn, that also provides food. That's 50P a day.

Oh, right, you forgot the prize money handed along with the badge. That's 1500P.

Jasper shrugs.
He's wondering the same as you.

You don't see a sight that interesting after that. Just more geodude rolling around. Occasionally a machop picks one up and tosses it at another.

It's super effective!


You are victorious!
Obtained 50P in prize money.

"Damn birds.."

Greenlink sits right on the border of rocky terrain and the continuation of the great jungle growing about the land. You can get your Pokemon checked out at the Pokecenter. There's a mart, as usual, and you're sure you can find a ranger HQ in town omewhere,


Gasp in surprise, calling out to my pokes with starry eyes.
"Guys do you see it?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh well, how much further to Fabiorge?


''Well We saved that Ratatta,so I guess we're even with the universe''
Let him perch up in my head and keep going
There are only plant pokemon and the such around here,nothing much interesting
Go ahead
'1d10' rolling for safe journey,if I need to

Roll #1 7 = 7


"There's one they fear. In their tongue, he is 'damn bird' – DRAGONBORN!"

Pat Double. "Feel up to more work?"


To the center first.. Keep an eye out for any interesting signs or posters to check out later '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'll spend the night there then. It'll be a good chance to see how well everyone is growing with me.


They see it.
Your Sandile is in her ball and doesn't really look concenred.
Pentium however, doesn't look all that happy. He might be jealous.

Not much longer now, if you keep on the road and don't stop to look around too much. Roll either way.

Double licks his beak and cheeps.

Oh, yes.

Syph Pokemon Adoption Company! Can't care for your friends anymore! We'll provide them with new homes!

Keep heading to the Pokemon center?

Here? Sure. You enter a small inn near the coastline.


Let's get to it.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I'm not about to choose mega-aggron over mega-metagross, if that's what he's worried about!
Poke him with an elbow.
"C'mon, I bet you two would be great friends."


Yep. But Its nice to know one of those is here.


Okay, lock eyes with another trainer!

"Looks like I've got you in my sights!"

GUILD HUNTER WILHELM wants to fight!


In I go, and get a room. How is the party holding up?



Roll for your fortune.

Just as you see Fabiorge in the distance, you see that same Skarmory again, except it has a struggling Seviper in its beak.

Pentium relents.
Well, not like some double-weak to ground and fighting's going to stop him…

Your room faces the sea, too, so you can leave that window open for a breeze.
Ralts is happily mimicking the actions of swinging a sword, while your new Horseas looking on. Torchic is looking out of the window, which is an improvement over looking at nothing…

Man, sorry.

The town of Spring Fields was meant first to be a big farmer's community. You pass by lots of crop fields, some with Pokemon tending them, others being defended by Pokemon against hungry wild ones.

You do see a lot of ground pokemon tilling the soil.


Holy moly!

Snap a picture of that!

Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 5 = 5


It's okay
I know I'm not that important for you…

''That's interesting…'' I say taking a few glances
''heh,maybe we'll run in a miltank farm eh jasper?'' I say jokingly but I can't help but look for one


I just have an hardon for 'dat iron, mang!
You know, they could be friends…
Share a second look with Pentium. Nah. Hug him and keep going.
Sure as shit I ain't touching smogonseed.
"There's no replacing you, silly."


Your posts are harder to immediately think up a reply for, so I tend to write others first, then I forget yours

Nope, no grazing here in this valuable fertile land. All crops grown from the earth. You see a berry orchard, even, but no ranches.

Awww. The Machop and Scraggy who pass by looks a little jealous, even.

Not too long now. Stay on the road?

A youngster answers the call!
"And why aren't YOU wearing shorts? Go, FUFFWUBBLES!"

He sends out a Zigzagoon!

Fortunately there isn't a long queue today at the center.

"Welcome to the Pokemon Center? ID please… great! Any emergencies or serious injuries?"

OOoh, you got a nice shot before it flies way to its nest somewhere.

Already, ready to enter the city?


Ralts is doing great. Don't think I could have ended up with a better partner, especially after that battle. Horsea seems to be adjusting as well.

I pick up Torchic and look at him. Let's see if he acknowledges me now.


"Nope, just wanted to make sure everyone is in top shape before we do anything serious." hand over the pokeballs


Yup. I'm ready to enter. Pokecenter should be my first goal.


Well Stop that!

Ooh berries
That is something I wanna get all over into
Get closer and examine them
''hey Jasper,I know you ate cookies and some honey,but you up for some berries?''


Sure. Even though some steel-willed fighter might be good for my team…


Hm, a normal type, huh? Okay, let's open with a Sing! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Torchic looks at you, deeply. There's something in its eyes…

The shadowy aura around it intensifies!

The Torchic begins writhing about on the ground uncontrollably, slamming its head on the ground!

The Horsea looks pretty scared. Ralts , for some reason, sits next to the Torchic, and begins meditating. Calm Mind, calm mind…

City of the Forges and Steel, many of the buildings have chrome on them plated on. The Pokecenter's a large building near the middle of town, you take a tram there.

This is private property.

A Marowak holding a bone threateningly at you indicates as such.

Something with a cannon to support your frontline fighters, maybe?
Perhaps looking around the shores of the great lake northwest would be a good idea.

You can see the lights of Binestrone even while it's still sunset and not yet dark. A little more.

Double used Sing!


It's a sweet melody. The opposing Zigzagoon begins struggling with drowsiness!


Raise my hands and check out the house,staying away from the berries
any humans here?maybe I could kindly ask for some berries


The attendant quickly puts them through a scanner, before using a a syringe to inject some fluid into Joltik's and Gligar's pokeballs.

"No worries, they're in good shape! We hope to see you again!"


"Have a good day.."
Lets see, I could try the radio to see where the HQ is, or I could just wander around the city.. I bet the HQ is really tall, so I'll look for the tallest of buildings '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Ha! He knew what I wanted, even without saying it aloud! Now, let's Peck it!"



Roll #1 2 = 2


Then I will take the shoreside all the way to Binestrone for this, always on the lookout for new mons.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Ralts has the right idea. I follow her lead and meditate, focusing on the both of them. Calm Mind!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Right, I want to go make sure my team gets some rest.


You can see a farmhouse, and a man in a rocking chair on the porch.

The tallest building? Well, it's got no name on it, and it's not the Ranger HQ, which is just next to it.

Double swoops in to Peck!
The Zigzagoon isn't hit hard, though. And it's still stuggling with sleep.

That's through Binestrone! The coast there is a popular relaxing spot. Go through the city?

You focus on each other's minds, stabilizing yourself, before reaching into the Torchic.

It isn't the emptiness you felt before. There's something here, trying desperately to get out. However, every time the Torchic tries to bring it forth, a flood of shadow overwhelms it…

You bring them to the attendant, and she scans them for you, though she injects fluid into Cacnea/Veleriana's Poke ball.

"Your Pokemon are in tip top shape! We hope to see you again!"

Right, now manybe you have to find an inn…


''hey mister,you mind if I get some berries for me and my pokemon?''


Nothing too posh. Try to find something average.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Keep it up! Peck again!"


Roll #1 3 = 3


He looks you up and down, incredulous.

"Well, uh… sure, I guess. Are you broke or something? Starving"

He goes to a nearby storehouse to look for some.

You find a small hotel providing pay per day lodgings. It's 50P, and also lets you take some sandwiches for free.

Double pecks on the Zigzagoon again!
It's still asleep! It clutches the ground, probably caught in a bad dream.


Well that was easily found, I'll just walk into the HQ then.


"We'll set you free soon, little guy…"
I put him back down and pat Ralts. She did good in reacting to it.

Comfort Horsea as well.


Yeah, and on my way through check out the gym's from outside.


''Well I'm a rookie pokemon researcher…also would you mind if I watched your pokemon for a bit?for scientific purposes?''


Pay up. What time is it?


You walk in to find the front reception desk.

"Welcome back, fellow ranger. Do you need any assistance?"

The Horsea looks a little frightened, but you pat her down good.

The sea air is calming…

You board a tram to pass through the city fast.

You get a glimpse of the gym on the way, decorated with powers coils around it.

"Oh, I see. Well, I'm sure these will be of use to you."

You obtained five Oran berries.

"And sure, you can walk around, just don't disturb the crops or they'll be quite angry."

Just after dinnertime. What do you feel like?


''Thanks you very much'' I say saluting him
and leaving to see what pokemon I can find'


"I'm here a little early. Amber. Are there any jobs I could take?"


Eh… can I find someone to battle?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Come on, give it a strong one!"

Peck '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Just you wait!
Sandile and me are gonna stomp ya!


"Don't worry. We're going to make sure he gets better."
Perhaps she would like it if we slept with the window open tonight.


Off you go.
Aside the grass pokemon, you note that quite a few Pokemon here don't seem to be the kind that primarily eat berries. There's a few combee, some ledyba… oh, a Scyther, too.

You can see a Paras poking out of the ground.

"Amber? Oh, right, the one who captured that thug some days back! Yeah, you might want to see our head ranger here for that. Please, go upstairs!"

You might see a few stragglers in the city battle grounds. You could head off there.

Swablu pauses a bit before pecking the Zigzagoon in the face. The Zigzagoon finally wakes up, only to slump over defeated.

"Ugh! Well… go, ESSO!"
He sends out a Dwebble!


The people on the tram give you some funny looks from behind.

You get off at the beach! Over here's where the ships heading for across the great lake are, but if you walk along the coast…

She would, that's nice.

Sleep for the next day?


Yup, going there.



This could get dangerous… "Sing it, quick!" '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Go up the stairs with excitement and whisper to my pokemon. "Hear that guys, we're already famous!"


Gently pet the paras in the mushroom while I see what I can make out of it
'1d10' analyze it

Roll #1 6 = 6


"What, do I have something on my butt?"
Along the coast I go!


Yep. Slp.


It's dark, but at least the battle spots are usually brightly lit.

Are those roughnecks? People in leather jackets and dyed hair are hanging about and talking loudly.

You go in and the head ranger's there, ready to welcome you."

"Ah, our newest talent! I heard you resolved a real problem in your practice mission! Just let me congratulate you myself as well for your contributions."

It just missed!
"Rock Blast!"

The Dwebble tries shooting a rock, but misses, fortuantely.

It looks like a migrant. Paras population here musn't be large, or there would be a lot more.

It starts sipping on the roots of the berry tree…

The lake has lights coming from within. bioluminescent Pokemon, perhaps?

Let's see what you can find, roll.



You have a pretty vivid dream of wrestling down a large Pokemon with Ralts.

You awaken early. The place should provide breakfast, and then off you go.

Fast travel home? You can fast travel over routes or places you've already visited.


Or at least, over the water when you're just taking a ferry.


Will I be the fly drawn to the fire?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Thank you sir! I hope I can be a great Ranger." Grin a mile wide, I just got a compliment from a real boss ranger.


Point at one of them.
"You there! The unwritten trainer law says that if two trainers meet eyes, they must battle. Battle me!"


Pokedex do your job
also sketch that

Roll #1 10 = 10


"You have to incapacitate it! Again!"


Roll #1 5 = 5


The great lake at night is amazingly beautiful. If only you had a rod to plumb the depths.

Some lights are on the shore, even. A few Staryu lie about. Poliwag huddle about before heading back into the water. A Squirtle comes out, looking for something. Some duckletts are pecking at some Shellos.

"That's a right attitude! Now… if you want missions, we recently received a call for a lost Pokemon. I understand if you'd rather keep on the road, but I thought this would be a great chance to get more practice in."


One guy walks towards you. Spiky hair, leather jacket and clothes.

"You got some guts, boy. This ought to be fun!"

You are challenged by Punk Guy!
Punk Guy sends out Zubat!

The Pokedex light blinks…

You do a very fast, but great sketch of the Paras feedding on the tree root. You do make a good artist! Fast enough to be done before the Scyther sneaks up, about to bring its scythe down on the Paras.

Wilheim doesn't manage to quite sing the masterpiece as before, but it works.

The Dwebble falls to drowsiness!


A squirtle! That's some widening type coverage finally!
Throw out Pentium!
"Pentium! Quick! Tackle the Squirtle!"


Forgot my roll.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'm not that young. Maybe I have a youthful complexion?
"Echo, get out there! Thundershock!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


I get away from the possibly violent scent and anaanalyze the scyther and such.
Poor paras

Roll #1 6 = 6


Yeah, I'll fast travel back home.




Roll #1 1 = 1


"No way I'd back down! Besides, I came to ask about a mission, what pokemon is missing?"


Pentium bursts out and charges into the Squirtle!

The Squirtle's caught by surprise, and withdraws quickly into its shell!
Defense rose!

Not especially. It's just the way of these punks.

Echo looses an electric shock! It's super effective!

The Zubat's wings are having a hard time keeping it up… it's paralyzed!

The Zubat manages to bite Echo and leech of some life.

Looks like the Scyther's owned by the farmer, and is here to get rid of pests.

The way it swings its scythes is quite beautiful, and it feeds on prey pretty elegantly, actually, using its scythes like a fork and knife at dinner.

In the meantime…

Ralts has learned Teleport!
Change a move for Teleport?


Double Team
Disarming Voice
Calm Mind

It misses entirely! Double is being a little too cautious…

"We heard it was a Larvesta. Apparently, it was on the mountainous area south of here. We're going to start our search now, so get ready and join in!"

He and a few other rangers ready their things. You take two more potions from the stock here before joining them as they go down.


"Don't stop now – Peck!"



Roll #1 1 = 1


Whoa, so cool, a real ranger team. Try not to get caught admiring their uniforms or anything too much.


Holy cow
I hope the Dez us getting thay
if not I'm writing it down just in case
Okay now it's time to get out
leave the farm. I can visit again later
continue onwards


"Pentium, iron claw! Get him to come out of there!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


No matter.
"Let loose another!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Double's missing again!
At least the Dwebble's still helpless, for now.

You got your own uniform, too!

You all head out to the foots of the mountains.

"Right, so… You two search over there, and you two there… that leaves me with you, junior Amber."

The Ranger boss points you to the terrain before you.

"I'll let you decide where we tr yto go first. Let's see your judgment!"

You can go to a small forest by the mountain, a small cave, or climb the mountain up a bit.


It's super effective!

Echo's pretty fierce with this one. The Zubat's out.

"Whoa, hey! Go, Aron!"

The Punk sends out an Aron!


Peck, now! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8



Nah, I'll stick with what she has for the moment.


"Good job Echo. Return."
Return him and send out Leviathan.



Pentium uses Metal Claw!
It manages to hit the squirtle's body! The claw used to attack is still hard… Pentium's Attack Rose!

The Squirtle spits a water gun at Pentium! Pentium stays in the air.

Yeah, it's scanning the Scyther.

It's getting late…

Alright then.

It's morning when you're back at Muika. You awaken from a nice sleep on the ferry. Head for your Mentor?

Leviathan comes out, but is hit by a tackle. Not too hard, though.

Double finally aims a peck at the bug!
It's got a hard shell, though…

The dwebble wakes up!

"Rock Blast!

It takes aim at Double…

It fires 1, 2, 3 stones! It's super effective!

Double looks like he's got only half his strength left…


"Water Gun! On the double!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Yes, back to the temple!


We should actually buy a later somewhere sometime
that way we could stay up lt and study the nocturnal pokemon.
keep that in mind as I head somewhere safe with Jasper to lie down and sleep


"Pentium, tackle him down!"
I forgot, he's got metal claw, iron defense, tackle and?



Roll #1 8 = 8


"Lets try the cave."
'1d10' search roll

Roll #1 6 = 6


Sing again! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


It's super effective! The Aron's metal body doesn't stop the water jet.

"Uh.. mud slap?"

The Aron, weakened, can only kick up some mud into Leviathan's eye.

Accuracy fell!

You see your mentor sipping some tea.
"Good day Jake. Yes, I heard about your victory over the Fighting gym. Are you ready to begin purification of the Torchic?"

You're in a town area! You should go to an inn, unless you really want to camp out.

That's all. Beldums don't get much.

Pentium Tackles!
The Squirtle Tackles at the same time, but it's the one that's thrown back!

It's looking pretty tired. It might flee soon…

You enter the small cave, the ranger boss following you.

Is that a light somewhere in the darkness Of the cave, that is.

Double can't concentrate!
The Dwebble readies another rock blast…

It misses! One more and this would end, though.


"Now a Bubble!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Well.. the pokemon we want is a fire type, it might be glowing.. head toward that light.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Not if I can help it!
"Pentium just keep him still!"
Throw my pokeball at the squirtle!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Sing!" '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I nod.
"Yes, I think so. I think he's ready as well."


YOU miss!

The Squirtle shoots a water gun at Pentium, trying to get it away!

You have one left. You can pick up missed balls, but that costs a turn.

Astute judgment.

You make it through the tunnel safe, then come to a large cavern. You see frightened Larvesta at one end… it's tied to a rock! And there are a few Poke balls around it!

Leviathan misses!
The Aron mud slaps again! Accuracy fell again!

Finally, Double gets it right again.
The Dwebble falls asleep…

He leads you to a quiet room, and begins lighting some aromatic candles.

"In order to purify, you will need your Ralts. If you have another other Pokemon with you, they can assist, too. Put your Torchic in the middle, and sit around it."


Throw the other one!
"Don't let go!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Water gun, spray away the mud!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


Better head out to an inn
go rent a room and go to sleep with Jasper (up to you where he sleeps)


"Hey.. Calm down there. We're here to take you back to your trainer."
Try offering it some food as a way to get closer.


I follow the instructions and let out both Ralts and Horsea.



Wub wub
wub wub
wub wub


Congratulations! Squirtle was caught!

Leviathan sprays away some mud around, and hits the Aron hard! It's super effective! The Aron goes down.

You are victorious! You gain 100P for winning.

"Uhh… s-sorry! I was just kidding about you being a kid!"

50P for a room.
He opts to just sleep in his Pokeball today.


Sweet dreams.

"It's tied, it can't come to you even if it wanted to. Something's wrong, Amber."

The boss goes in for a closer look…

"Mm, good. Now, as before, I want you to calm your minds again. Then go into the Torchic's mind, and try and draw out its repressed soul. Then you must keep it calm and still while it remembers itself. Use your Horsea as a means of stabilizing you bot has well."


I meant to go closer with a berry to calm it down, sorry.
"Someone kidnapped it?"
Go in along side him, '1d10' look at the pokeballs around the pokemon too.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I thought so. Good fight."


"Alright! Great job team!"
Pick up the ball which missed and the freshly caught squirtle, quickly bringing him out!
"Hey there! I'm Lela, and this is the rest of the team, Pentium and Sandile!"
Let out the others, so they can introduce themselves!


I take a deep breath and focus.
Calm Mind, Calm Mind on everybody…

Roll #1 8 = 8


File: 1418689814904.png (23.33 KB, 84x250, Cipher_Peon.png)

They look occupied, at least.

"Alright, so we just use this thing, and soon we can out that last Larvesta into a new Poke ball– what? Who are you? Intruders!"

Two strangely-dressed guys enter the cavern. The ranger boss faces them, ready for battle.

"Amber, we may need to drive them off. Help me."

He goes back to his group and sulks.

Squirtle is still dazed from battle.

Pentium floats around it, and Sandile just burps.



Water Gun

Well done. You link yourself with Ralts, and let Horsea's normal presence help you.

You delve into the Torchic's mind. You can feel what was hidden trying to come out…

"Alright. Now, you need to let it out. Focus on an emotion of some kind."


Try to pet Squirtle back to reality.
"You there, little guy?"


"Is there anyone else?"


The Squirtle manages to calm down, then looks at you curiously. Its stomach grumbles.

A punk woman appraoches.

"Sure, I'll give it a shot!"

You are challenged by Punk Girl!
A Magnemite is sent out!


"Does it matter what kind…?"
Let's try…bliss?

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Who are you guys?!"
Send out Treecko.


"Echo, you're up first! Use Sweet kiss!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Good, I have just the thing!
Pull out one of the poketreats and show it to him with a smile!


"We're… well, we're not supposed to say. But have at you!"

They send out a Boldore and Ninjask!
Your ranger boss sends out a Gengar!

What will Lily do?

It's difficult, but you can just barely get out some of that…

The shadowy aura is growing out of control! It's flooding around…

"Keep it there! It'll dissipate soon!"

Echo kisses the Magnemite!

It became confused!

The Magnemite loses control of its levitation and drops in confusion!

Ooh. He sniffs it, and quickly gobbles it up. He looks a lot happier now.

It's getting cold out here so late. Why don't you get to an inn in town?


Of course I'm going to the inn! The local trainer inn, if that even exists!


Stay focused!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Now Thunder wave!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Well if we win, you'll tell us right?"

"Try an absorb on Boldore!" '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Yeah, it does! These inns cater to traveling trainers like you. For 50P a night you get a comfy bed, and whatever their kitchens cook for the day.

Well? You can take a tram to one.

The Torchic's mind is slowly lifting. Slowly…

Keep going.

It fails! Electric types can't be paralyzed!

The Magnemite hurts itself in confusion again!

Lily drains energy from the Boldore! It's super effective!

The Ninjask tries to come after Lily, claws shimmering, but a shadow ball from the Gengar quickly drives it off.


But do they allow battling at the inn?


Not inside, of course, but usually such inns are near public battle grounds.


"Alright, lets keep up the pressure!" '1d10' absorb that boldore again.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Wake up Torchic!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Riiight, forgot about that.

Send out Leviathan.
"Use Hypnosis!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Off to the inn!


'1d10' Peck!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Lily dashes around the Boldore, draining it from a vital point!
A Critical Hit! It's super effective!

The Ninjask throws a Shadow Ball at the allied Gengar, but it esily takes the hit before relaliating with a Sludge Bomb.

You keep the Torchic still as it writhes about. Emotions and memories long suppressed are at last returning…

A large burst throws you off your focus, but you open your eyes to find the Torchic freed from its taint. It's crying out happily, and there is no longer any shadow on it!

Torchic has been purified!

Shadow Blitz and Shadow Mist have been forgotten. Torchic has recalled Sand Attack and Baton Pass!

Leviathan comes forth, and tries to use Hypnosis, but it misses entirely!

Leviathan takes a tackle meant for Echo.

You arrive. There's a warm reception counter at the front, along with entrance to a canteen behind.

"Hello there! How long you staying, miss?"

Double picks at the Dwebble again! The hard shell protects it well, but it seems like it's about halfway down.

The dwebble continues sturggling with sleep…


"Just one night. In today and out with the badge by tomorrow!"


'1d10' Peck

Roll #1 4 = 4


I scoop it up and squeeze it gleefully. It's great to see it back to normal.

"We did it! Thanks, everybody!


"Hypnosis again!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Its a pretty sturdy pokemon, but I think you're wearing it down. Keep it up!" '1d10' absorb again.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"You sure sound confident! Sure you wouldn't like to spend more time in the city? Oh well, you can always extend your stay!"

You pay up 50P.

Again! Just a bit more..

The Dwebble might wake up any second. Better hurry…

"Well done, Jake. You've managed to cure your friend of a most terrible affliction. I believe he will serve you very well now, look."

Torchic is glowing with power… Torchic is evolving!

You hit this time!

The Magnemite is struggling with drowsiness… it can't attack!

It's super effective! Anything the Boldore tries to do is nullified by the amount Lily saps out of it!

It goes down, just as the Ninjask flops on the ground as well.

"Uhh… damn it! Run!"

The strange men recall their Pokemon and run out the tunnel…


"Niiice. I will be back later."
Off to mingle with the trainers here!


"Double, we need to finish this now! Give it your all – PECK ATTACK!"



Roll #1 1 = 1


"Now, water gun!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Huh, they already left.. should I try to follow them?"


Those who aren't eating or resting in their rooms will be outside. You can go look for challengers if you like.

Double flies up, then dives…. and misses the peck!

The Dwebble is still sleeping! Hurry!

Leviathan sprays a stream of water!
The Magnemite is hit solidly.

It's still fast asleep…

"…yes, to all nearby Rangers, hurry and search for two suspicious individuals in white!"

"Amber, they might have traps around, so be careful! Just stick with me and comb the area round here. Oh, and, your treecko…"

Lily is glowing with power!
Lily is evolving…


"Wait, already?"


"Again, Water Gun!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"You have to finish this now Double! Nothing fancy, no dives, just close in and finish the job!"


Roll #1 6 = 6


"W-what Lily..?! You're already evolving?!"
Watch with amazement.


"Yes, looks like it was near evolution for a while. It didn't get any from the battles it fought as a shadow pokemon until now."


In your Torchic's place is a Combusken! Congratulations!

The Magnemite's hit harder!
It's still not waking up. One more should do it.

Double finally gets it, and dives in for the last hit!

The opposing Dwebble fainted!

You are victorious! Obtained 100P as prize money.

"Awww, I wanted to knock out your bird, too."


Lily is now a Grovyle! Congratulations!
Lily has learned Pursuit!


"Finish it! Water Gun!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


Yeah, I'd love to do that.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Those are the breaks. Come on Double, we should hit the hay."

Go back and rest.


"Well aren't you a sight! How's it feel?"


My grin widens.
"…I understand, you evolved so fast because you wanna catch the bad guys as much as I do! Well alright Lily, lets do our best to find clues!"
'1d10' searching with Grovyle~

Roll #1 6 = 6


The last shot takes it down!

You are victorious!

You look around…

"Hey there, little girl! You look full of spirit!"

A large Hiker approaches you!

Your room's comfy, and you remembered to eat your dinner before.


Double has learned Roost!
double has learned Fury Attack!

Swap out any moves?

The Combusken pumps a wing into the air.

Feels really good.

"Now that you've gotten a team together… why not challenge me at the gym?"

You comb around the cave's outside with your new bigger Lily…

You spot footprints, but they end adruptly at nowhere.



Roost for Growl and Fury Attack for Astonish. Ghost is very useful but I won't get STAB.


"You can say that! Wanna battle?"


"Good job, Leviathan!"

Roll #1 5 = 5



Natural Cure
Cloud Nine
Fury Attack

Good morning. Back on the road today?

"It's dangerous to go up to random people and ask for fights! Let me show you!"

You are challenged by Hiker!

Hiker sends out Slugma!

You high-five Leviathan's tail.


"hmmm" Send out Aron, he's always digging around..
"Hey Rusty, can you see anything off about this spot?"


"Okay, that's enough time spent. Let's go Quetz, we don't want to say that our first day out was spent near the house, right!"


Rusty digs a bit…

Nope, nothing.

The other ranges return, sayign that they haven't been able to find anyone. It's likely they Flew off from this spot.

It's dark, it'll be impossible to chase them. May as well just free to stolen Pokemon now.

Get going fast, or look for Pokemon?


Ride with the wind in my hair and Quetz's scales. We've left home, we should make sure to be far as possible our first day.


grumble a bit.
"I can't believe they got away.."
Go over the to the pokemon.. are those pokeballs still over there?


You were going down south on the river, right?

Roll for your safety.

Yes, they are.
The fellow rangers are picking them up now.

"Oh, we just received a call from the adoption center. Apparently these poke balls were stolen from there! Strange that they;d wait till now to make the report… oh, well."

The Larvesta's still panicked though. One of the rangers whips out a styler and calms it down before having it follow her out of the cave.

"Good work, Amber. You can go back to Ranger base for rewards for this and that last thing you did… oh, and, we have a bed for you, so unless you feel like paying for a hotel, feel free to sleep in the dorm!"


That's one dark trainer down. Onward to the Gym Leader!



Safe passage down properly built and marked roads.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"thanks, by the way were those all fire type pokemon that were stolen?"


You head to the elevator at the back.

The button labeled 'GYM LEADER' is very well highlighted at the top of the console. At the bottom is one labeled 'NOT GYM LEADER'.

Yes, you're safe, alright.

You make it to the town of Snowy River. Located in a valley, it's named for the river that flows through its center, oft fed by the snow that lines the peaks of the mountains.

What are you looking for?


Ranger Boss answers as you walk back to town.
"No, seems like they were just taking whatever they could get from the adoption center. Why, though?"


This is our first night out, so we should find a place to get Growlithe a bit better off and to set up our tent. Being near town seems like a good idea.



Okay, so are those the two buttons? because that would kinda make sense, I guess… 'not-gym-leader' would bring me back here…


Sure you don't want to hire an inn in town? It's 50P a night, and they provide food.

No, wait, there's a button that says entrance too, but it's not highlighted.


All right… push the "Gym Leader" button.


"Oh.. I was just worried.. If some evil group collected fire pokemon they could terrorize our land after all.."


Well, I guess I could use some information about all the places to see nearby. Helping Growlithe is a priority, though.

Let's walk in and start chatting up the inn keeper.


The elevator goes up. The door opens, revealing…

"You were expecting some cute Gym Leader, weren't you? Well too bad, there's only me! Wait, it's you! HAHAHAHAHA!"

It's not the gym leader! It's that guy pretending to be a thug from yesterday!

"I thought that setting today's puzzle difficulty so low would make things too easy, but you feel for it anyway! Unless you just wanted to fight me?"