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A night like many others at the duke's palace. A grand feast had been thrown for a visiting ambassador from one of the mighty Drakin Dynasties to the east. This alone would have kept everyone busy, but the duke's good friend, the prince, had dropped in for one of his surprise visits. His face was not unknown in the least - second in line for the crown after his older brother, and less sheltered than either the former or his younger sister, he was known for his more… active lifestyle. This caused no small amount of headaches for his bodyguards, who had had to learn to keep up with the agile prince.
The duke himself, though a more mature man, had a deep liking to the cocky prince. Some said it was something of a uncle / nephew relationship, others that it was practically just an older and younger version of the same man.

Somewhere down the line, what was planned to be a respectable upscale dinner had transformed into a roaring festival of laughter with increasingly outrageous demands from every party. The palace was in chaos and while everyone had great fun, it was very taxing on the servants and guards.

You should probably try to get to the butler and see to it that everything is in order. He is, after all, in charge of all the servants.


I walk toward the kitchen. I've been trying to learn to eat food for months but it all just keeps falling down my armor and into the left boot. The butler might be there too.


What a rush of a day…
Silently try and find out where the butler is, keeping out of the way of the nobles.


Even without orders, I've had to help a few too many Nobles who partied too hard. Let's find the Butler and see where he needs me.


Assuming he was at the kitchen, extremely busy with the orders, he prepares the many delicacies that would be the dessert to be served after the main dish, The drudge cook was left hoping to finish this quickly so he could FInally get a break.
'1d10+2' make those desserts

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


A sound plan. The butler is indeed in the kitchen, conversing with the head chef and the guard captain.
Aside from a few grabby hands from the drakin ambassador's entourage, you don't meet much resistance
The kitchen might be a good place to start.
The head chef is angry because the nobles keep changing their orders. The guard captain is angry because they won't let guards into the feast hall. The butler is trying to calm everyone down.
But that's not your business. Your business is making food.


I need to get on with my job. Head to the kitchen where all the noise is.


He focus on putting in the chocolate filling and the frosting as he pays attention to their conversation while working. he's already used to this so it shouldn't take much of his concentration


I look around the dishes while loitering around the kitchen.


Just keep my skirt up, my head up, and to the side of the long corridors and hallways.
Is the butler around?


''Ah, Wallace, hello'' The drudge whispers as he works on his sweets
''Quite the busy day don't you agree?''


Not up here. Try the kitchen.
You enter just as the head chef is brandishing a large knife and the guard captain is reaching for his sword.
They both stop and stare at you, as the butler slaps them to get their attention.
Once the batch is done, get someone to take it up to whoever ordered it.
Try not to look too bored or the captain might give you extra work.


I talk with an echo-y voice.
"Not for most of the guards. The ones not guarding the entrances to the main hall are playing cards in the barracks."


"Should I come back in a bit?"


Another quick walk then.
Scurry to the kitchen.


I salute the captain.
"Are we allowed to patrol the main hall yet, sir?"


''Phew… Could I get someone to deliver this order? a batch of chocolate Eclaire's for the Duke's table'' he sets the batch aside and immediately start working on the next one as he turns to the Aeon
'1d10' moar candies

''phs…Sometimes I wish I was put on guard instead of being charged with filling the stomachs of these nobles. worst part? See those Elcaires? half of them are probally going to be thrown in the trash by the end of the party, because the duke and his friends always chat so much and eat so little, but that doesn't stop them from ordering so many dishes. At least the good part is that I can sometimes have the leftovers, like a lowly mutt'' He guffaws

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Feast hall, master bedroom, guest bedrooms, and reading room are off limits by order of the duke. Patrol elsewhere. Secure the grounds. I'm far too on edge."
The butler gives you a condescending look
"Don't you have something productive to do?"
You burst in shortly after the capra servant. The air bristles with tension.


Well, stay out of the way of everyone and wait for a moment when I can talk to the butler if anything needs to be done.


"Yes sir, that's why I'm here. Is there any other place where I'm needed? I've attended a few Nobles already, but I usually now there are more that need my particular skills when functions get this big."


I clank away from the kitchen, going 'round the perimeter of the hall.


The butler spins in place, and barks out orders
"You, you and you! Take the desserts up to the party NOW."
He then snaps back to talking to the chef and captain.
The party is still rowdy and loud.
Everything seems calm outside too. Some guards seem to have snuck out some wine to enjoy by the armory.


"Uh, yes Sir!"

Grab a tray and start heading out.


Grab the dessert trays with a practiced motion.
Time to take these to the party, swiftly.


''yes sir'' He takes two trays and gets to carrying them to the dining hall, very carefully
''What you think they could possibly be talking about that was making them so agressive?'' He whispers on the way


"You people shouldn't be drinking on duty. Better hope the sergeants don't see you."


I'm just going to try not to fall asleep waiting for today's shift to end. Gonna go hunt those damn animals with my new boomstick today…


Whisper back.
"I try not to think about such things… must be the stress. They always yell when the big nobles visit."


''Well I have never saw them going as far as drawing weapons before… also, don't tell this to anyone but I MUST try one'' He says, carefully picking one of the elcaires and eating it delighted
''I have been working non-stop, didn't even had time for a meal myself…''


"Don't worry. My place is not to speak or tell secrets."


"Sort them around so it doesn't look like you did."


The few guards around the armory apologize sheepishly before moving on
…they still took the bottles with them…
As you approach the upper halls where the feast is being held, one of the Drakin entourage members stumbles down the stairs. He seems a little bashed up but is still laughing.


I doubt they would allow a fight at the party. Did he fall on his face while drunk?
Deliver the desserts.


he snickers as he quickly chews
''Oh right right'' He did it quickly, just before everyone arrives at the feast

Eclaire carefully dodges the stumbling drakin
''Um…sir, do you need help? Could someone help this poor Drakin up?'' He says as he gets the sweets on the table


"Well, pity whoever was supposed to look after the drinks."

Go back to fondling my big long boomstick.


I enter the armory.
"Good evening."


Oh dear. I'll drop off the Dessert and rush back.

"Are you hurt anywhere Sir? Do you need some assistance?"


As you approach the door, two of the Prince's Guard pop out to greet you.
Their garb is shorter and more form fitting than those of normal royal guards, and feature no masks. The prince selects his own guards and only accepts people he considers fun.
They flash… charming smiles and grab at the pastries
"Oh goodie"
"Where's the rest?"
Unless you want to go chase those guys down, you might want to at least report them to the captain. Or check that the party isn't too angry for their missing drink.


Hand them over.
"The kitchen staff are doing their best."


It doesn't seem that much of a breach in etiquette to me.
I'm sure they're drowning in wine in the hall.
I'll just keep walking around the perimeter then.


"…want some drinks for ourselves? If you can even drink."


"It'll be ready soon. Just bringing out what is available now, Sirs."


"Of course I can drink, I'm just like any other guard. But I'm on duty."


''We are doing our best indeed sir, we will being more shortly'' He says with a short, courteous bow


"So am I, but nothing's going to happen. It never does."

Look longingly at my gun.

"Well, maybe if they turn on me I can fire off a few warning shots. Always wanted to do that. Want to go apprehend them?"


"We could use some more entertainment too while you're at it."
"Good. Make it snappy. The prince needs his fill and drakin are known to be ravenous"
Somewhere up in the feast halls, someone throws a chair through a window. Typical noble shenanigans.


"I will tell the butler of your request."


"That's not something I can use show everyone my new weapon."

Can I see the window from here?


''Well They will need to be patient as well, these will be enough to satisfy them, trust me. I will do my best to deliver them quickly, but you can't rush perfection that is my cooking'' he says proudly


"Master is going to run his treasury dry if he keeps throwing these parties."
I'm still apprehensive about going after the other guards.


"Of course. The rest are probably in their way now."


"Hurry along then"


Do as told, hurry back to the kitchen.


"Parties can bring in money, too you know. I'm sure he has good reason. Come on, I'm bored, let's do something. Go to the sergeant, make those guards give us their drinks?"

Keep an eye on the window in the meantime.


Nod and quickly head out.


"I don't know about you, but I'm not above those lads in rank."
I look around
"But I suppose we can go after them."


He rushes back to the kitchen, slapping his paws together to call the attention of his helpers
''Alright everyone, let's get our minds into it, there's a full house out there and we need more delicious sugary treats to fill the royal blood in our patrons veins with sugar!'' He says excitedly as he sorts the ingredients for another batch


"Alright! Let's head off."
Sling my gun over my shoulder and walk towards where the drinking guards went.


I follow.


One of the Drakin from the ambassador's group flies out, carrying a giggling servant girl as he does some tricks in mid air. Laughter erupt from the window.
The captain has left and the chef is angrily working on some roasts.
"Oh good, I was low on hands. Help me finish these and take them up."
You head into the palace garden and follow the trail of trampled plants.
You can't hear anything. No laughter, no drinking, not even the clanking of armor.


"Well, they are being exceptionally quiet for a bunch of drunken fools."


''yes sir, yes sir''
'1d10+2' yummy yummy

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"I wonder what a Drakin lady's legs feel like– oh, uh… it's awfully quiet."

"Maybe they're asleep already. Oh boy, I hope they have some leftover."

Head onwards.


"The guards also request more entertainment."


"I'll do what I can for them."


The butler rolls his eyes
"And you came back here?"
It's taking shape well. Just a little more work to finish it up.
You find a smashed bottle. It wasn't empty when it broke.
Several nearby bushes have been trashed.


keep at it, this will be so great they will come here to personally praise me!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Just tell me what you need to get them ready."


''Help me fill these up with the caramel filling, then put the frosting on top!''


"They're just throwing around the drinks like that! Animals, filthy animals."

Keep looking for them.


"I'll try…"

Assist '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Sass back.
"Who else is going to carry the food and clean whatever needs to be cleaned? I am sure the palace has servants other than maids who might do a better job at entertainment."


"They must've been more drunk than we thought."


Wading into the bushes, you stumble upon them.
Or what remains of them.
Two were killed neatly. One practically torn apart.
This was no drunken scuffle. There are intruders.
The chef shoves trays into your hands
"Good. Go go go! Don't leave them waiting!"


"quickly, we must ring the alarm!"
There's gotta be a bell or something for that in the gardens, right?


''you got it'' I smile and on the way, once we're out of the kitchen, I eat another one
''hmmn, so good…do you want one perhaps?''


Ready my new weapon.

"Slowly. Damn. They might still be around. You, uh… you should be more familliar with that, right? Whether there's an alarm around?"

Actually, let's try a remote charge upward. It might make a sound loud enough.


Roll #1 10 = 10


Get the trays and head back again.

"I'll pass, thank you."


"I'll take one this time."

"Yes, yes!"


He shrugs
''You have no idea what you are missing, but I respect your choice, not a fan of sweets eh?''

He passes one to the capra ''You must try it, they are absolutely wondrous!''


"I should hope so. They are devouring these in the party."

Taking a few bites and opinion. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Not a fan of the lifestyle the nobles life."


The nearest alarm bell is at the guard post by the gate. The duke hates people disturbing his garden.
However, the remote charge detonates with much more force than needed to draw some attention. The blast cracks some windows and was felt well even indoors.
The entire palace is on high alert.
You hurry back to the feast hall, but there is an unsettling lack of commotion this time.
As you knock on the door, a massive explosion outside spooks you.


"A little too sweet for me. Maybe they'll go better with tea."


I rush off to the guard post
"Get inside and explain the situation! I'll follow you once I check on the gate!"


Gasp and take a step back.
"That didn't sound reassuring… do we have any guards nearby?"
Knock on the door again!


"Ha! That was pretty good, yes? Oh, uh, right, we have intruders to deal with."

Run off to the entrance and look for other guards.


"Is this some festivity?"

Start knocking on the door to the nobles.

"Is everyone safe? What was that noise?"


''Too sweet? why I shall take note of this then, it is rather hard to know the amount to put in…I imagine the taste sensivity is different for different races no?''

''why, tasting a nice dish once in a while doesn't mean living a high life, come on, you know you want one'' He chuckles

''oh, fireworks already? but the party has not even started'' He says following along towards the nobles, carrying his tray


"Oh, that might have been just fireworks… Maybe the stress of the butler is rubbing off on me."


The guard post guards rush inside. You are left alone at the main gate.
After an agonizingly long moment, the door is pushed open. One of the Drakin ambassador's guards drags himself out, grievously wounded. Gasping for air he grabs the nearest thing he can - Cherry. He tries to say something but just spits up blood before collapsing on the floor.
Inside the scene is every bit as gruesome. Just about everyone is dead or dying, either stabbed, eviscerated or just foaming at the mouth. A small fire has started near the windows.


"It might just be the scene
The harder we work, the stronger all the tastes are. After a day of work, even stale bread tastes better than a thousand kings feasts."


I make sure the alarm has been sounded before going after them


Did we manage to tell them anything or did they just go in?

"Intruders in the garden! Patrol found dead! Where are you going?"


"Wait, hold on!"

Try to use Heal, it has to do sonethibg.! Heal '1d10+1' Master Caster

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


''ah, nevermind him, he's an old cranky guy,now come on, I must Insist to know what sort of food you enjoy''

''well that is t-''
''Oh nope, that was definetly NOT fireworks!'' He puts the tray on the ground and rushes to find anyone that could be saved


I drop the plate and start backing away.
"H-How… what happened here?"


''I have no idea but don't stand around lass! These people need help and panicking will not help!''


It's a little hard to heal 75% decapitation. But thanks for trying.
At this point the best you can do is not catch fire along with the curtains. The duke has been impaled with a large wooden post possibly from a bed. The Ambassador's own sword has been buried in his head. The prince is lying in a pool of his own foamy vomit with a large pastry and a wine bottle still in his hands.
The guards know the general gist of things before running off.
The alarm bells are sounding.
Do you wish to report to the captain?


I grasp my head in my hands
''We need to get out of here…and tell the others…now…right now! come on!'' he yells as he rushes to the exit


"We… we need to get to the guards! To anyone! Tell them what happened!"


Yes, I should do that.


"Oi! Guard the front door with me! Everyone else went inside!"


"We need to find the captain!"


"This is too much even for my meager skills! We need medics!"


"They're already going to find the captain! You sure we should go too?"


"It's what the guards are supposed to do in the case of emergency!"


''well there is no chance to save them now boy! all we can do is hope to find the ones responsible for this raid!''


"Fine, then!"

Strap on my gun and we both head for the guard captain.


Shake my head.
"We need to get help! We can't do this!"
I should really start running… I don't even know where. The first place I can find where I might get help!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Chaos and panic take over the palace, and word quickly spreads.
By the time you are nearing the Guard Captain's post, you can hear him barking out orders.
"Here's what we know - the last guards conveniently alive in the garden were the aeon and the armory master. The last party to interact with the guests was the drudge cook, the drakin maid and that one capra servant. Reports have come in that the capra was returning bloodied, and that the armory master blew up the feast hall, causing the fire we are trying to contain now.

I am giving an order for the immediate arrest and if necessary, summary execution of
Guard Wallace
Armory Master Arcie Lotte
Maidservant Deeja
Cook Eclaire
And Servant Cherry Zhongwei
For the murder of the Prince, Duke and Ambassador, along with their entourages."

You might want to reconsider presenting yourselves.


Absolutely fucking beautiful. We're all together now, are we?



"We should go clear things up."
I start walking toward the door.


Quickly stop!
What! But… I didn't… this can't be happening, I didn't do anything!
Look at the others.
"What are we going to do?"

Grab you by the arm/armor.
"They will never listen to us!"


"Do you WANT to be executed? They're going to be out for blood. They want this cleaned up fast. We don't stand a chance."


The armor stretches like on a string, but I stop
"Do you think so? Why would we lie?"


''Wonderful…Getting arrested for something i DID NOT do. Honestly sir, you see me work my tail off every day in the kitchen, I spent the last HOURS doing nothing, but preparing food. clear your mind and think this right…''
'1d10' smooth talker

Roll #1 1 = 1


One of the servants screams as she comes around the corner

It's time to run like fuck.


"We are expendable! They don't care! They-"


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"That's for them to invent a reason for. They will."

Try and listen more carefully.'1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Never mind. We run now.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"But we didn't–"
I'll run along with the others

Roll #1 1 = 1


GOddam fucker!
'1d10' time to get the hell out of dodge

Roll #1 4 = 4


Hiding is no longer an option.
As you scramble through the chaos, servants flee in terror, guards charge you without hesitation, and as the fire spreads, the feast hall collapses onto the lower floor, spilling burnt and mangled guests everywhere.
While the fire covers your escape, you can see the guard captain still trying to take pot shots at you from the windows as you flee through the gardens and out the gate.

It seems like you are
On The Run


Run without saying a word
''We are so absolutely dead''



That's all I can really say as I keep running.


Roll credits!
Just keep running! I could fly, but maybe sticking together is a better idea… to clear our names up.



You run for as long as your legs carry you, but at the end of the day you're servants and guards, not athletes.
You settle down to rest in a run down alley behind some of the lower end housing and businesses in the quieter end of the city around the palace.


Lean against a wall and gasp for air, with tears in my eyes.
"What are we going to do… they will kill us on sight…"


"We… hell, I don't know. Fuck, we only need to catch one of the perpetrators to cast doubt on our charges right? Yeah, sure, how hard could it be?"

Hug my gun.


He sits down on the ground, wiping his sweat
''I honestly have…no idea…hah…First we need to find…a place to stay and hide…''


"They… they had no problems getting rid of the royal guards! How could we even stand a chance?"

"…yes, yes… but where? None of us can go home!"


"They'll search our houses. We might have to.. ugh. stay out in the wilds. Disgusting, a place for animals."


"I dunno, catch him in his sleep? Stab him in the back and drag them to the guards? I'm no scholar. For now, It really might be best to…. to… s-sleep in the wilds. Gah."


Sigh and wipe some of my tears.
"It's the wilds or the gallows, take your pick."


"You might want get new clothes, too."


"We do… and cover up yours."


You can hear footsteps coming from… above?
Who walks on a rooftop, honestly.


Point my gun up.


''Hmnn…An inn maybe?''

''That sounds like a good option too, but we will need to buy things for our survival and camping supplies…Do you have any money?''


I could fly up and check it out, but what if they are guards? Or spymasters? Or the assassins?


I try to push myself against the wall to not be seen.


But still, maybe I should…
Sneakily fly up to peek at the roofs, to see who they are.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"You.. you don't know how to survive in the wilds? I mean, it looks like you'd be at home there."


You have him in sight. Human. Doesn't look like anything special save for the fact that she walks on a rooftop.
"Oi! Ey, no need for that. Put the gun down mate, I ain't got nothing worth robbing."
A human girl. She has not seen you, as she is focused on the gun pointed at her.


Look her up, she doesn't sound like she's from the palace…
What clothes and weapons does she have?


"I don't know if I'm in danger or not. Why are you walking on a rooftop?"


"Hmnn? What are you doing up there, young lady?"

"I suppose so… I have not been raised in the wild like my kind usually is…"


Attire is so generic it practically defies description. Immaculately made to be the exact opposite of eye catching, yet close inspection shows several pockets and little hidden things.
She has at least four knives.
Probably a thief.
"I like the fresh air and lack of crowds mate. It ain't a crime last I checked."
"'Avin a stroll. What is this an iterrogation?"


Allright. Speak up.
"Get off the roof! You are going to draw attention!"


"Well it is usual to see a lady by herself, especially on top of a roof. What is your name lass?"


"I like fresh air and lack of crowds too, actually. Anything to recommend? We need.. a lot of that right now."

Slowly lower the gun


She spins around in surprise, the gives an incredulous smile
"…said the dragon in a skirt. Must be quite a view from the ground."
She sighs and hops down, slowing her descent by grabbing a few bricks along the way
"Who the hell are you lot anyway? Panting and ragged and dressed like you should be at the palace more than anything."


Blush at that comment, I didn't even think of that!
Quickly land beside her!
"It's a long story… but we are in trouble and need help… you certainly look like someone who knows about that, with all those hidden pockets and knives."


Skirt? Oh right.
Look up discreetly for a second.

"Well.. there was an attack on the palace. We think we';re in danger of those attackers coming for us. Yes."

Roll #1 9 = 9


"We are in trouble for something we haven't done!"


Drakin anatomy truly is fascinating. Try to keep your reactions to these revelations as discrete as your viewings.
Her confident smile melts away
"Wait hold up…
That thing at the palace? With the explosions and fire? That was you guys?
Well bugger me, that's… damn. Hey uh like… don't… hurt me ok? Look I just cut purses, right? Sometimes a little break in or something. You guys are way out of my league here."
She swallows rather hard
"You were saying you… needed help with something?"

There may have been a misunderstanding. But it could be a useful one if you leverage it.


"Oh, hmm…


What? Oh, right, we do need help."

birds calling, Time to sleep, thanks


…at least we have her cooperation.
We can tell her the truth once we are safe.
"Yes. We need a place to hide. Fast. You look like you have one."


''uh…Yes, we indeed need a place to hide ourselves, do you know of any?''


slp well
"You lot promise not to, you know, torch it the moment we get there… right?"


''yes yes we won't now hurry up! Before we get caught!''


"What good would that do for us? Now get to it!"


"…two block down, access via the rooftops only. Follow me."
She quickly clambers back up to the rooftop


Fly up to the roof.
And hold my skirt against myself this time to cover myself!


''huh…Do you like, work with someone? or is it just yourself?'' he says climbing along


There's only so much to hold to begin with.
"I suppose the finer points of semi-organized street crime aren't really something you types would bother to know about…
…I'll tell you when we get there, right?"


''Right, uh…You never really told me your name…''


Get on the roof and walk beside the human.
"Just make this quick, okay? If they catch us, they will go for you too."


"Call me… uh… Patches"
Obviously not her real name.
"Oi now don't drag me down with you! All I did was steal some coin, not torch the damn palace!"

After a few hops from roof to roof, she stops at a chimney, walks behind it and lifts a roof tile, pulling out a rolled up rug and a rope.
She lays the rug across one side of the chimney and the rope down the other, then carefully shimmies down.
"Alright it's safe. Don't touch the rug, it covers up the spikes but they can still poke through if you lean on it."


Follow her down then.


Shimmy-sham my way down there!


The safehouse is nothing spectacular. It's some abandoned attic with the floor hatch and all windows boarded up and the chimney torn open for access. There is plenty of room though, given the general lack of furniture.


Look around.
"It will do…
You might have to do us a few favors though. Just until we recollect ourselves."


''erm…It's…nice!'' He scoffs nervously, not used to such acomodations
''It has a rather, simple feel to it, in a good way I mean, the lack fo furniture gives room for uh…activities and such''
''Deeja, back me up here''


"Look, ey, I don't want to get mixed up in any of this terrorism stuff. I don't kill people right?"


"Yes. Very prim and proper. Just needs a good dusting off."


''it is alright, we don't have intentions on doing that, right Deeja? Now, like our drakin friend has said, we might need a few favors from yourself, Patches…are you willing to keep helping us? you have my promise that if something is to happen to us, we will not point fingers at you''


"And I s'pose if I say no, this whole place goes up in flames?"


''Do you want to try your luck?'' He flashes her a grin


"Plus, again, why would we burn our own hideout?
We can let you in on a few secrets if you help."


"Your hideout? I…
…gah. Just my luck. I meet some actual high profiles for once and they take over immediately. Figures…"

Pause soon, we're down to 2 people and I'm tired


we can pause now if you want

''Hey, don't be like that, we're not really that bad'' He pats her head with a smile


This seems like a good time to pause.
"You are connected to us now. We are in this together."


She lets out a tired laugh
"And here I thought one day I'd make enough of a name for myself to get into the big leagues. Maybe even join The Hands.
Guess not then. Unless you lot have something… even bigger in mind."



WHEN WE LAST LEFT OUR HEROES you had found a moment of peace and safety inside Patches' hideout in a sealed off attic.

Patches herself is silently sitting and staring at you, not quite sure how to break the ice.


"You mentioned the Hands? Who or what are they?"


I suppose I could dust off the tables and chairs…


"Well then, Patches, like we Said before… We will need an assortment of things, for starters, food. Do you have it?"


I s'pose you ain't from around here then. Or that your leagues don't really cross into mine.
The Hands are what those in the business call the best of us. They are a sort of… like… secret society I guess? Once you start makin' a name for yerself in the underworld, they start watching you. And if you get lucky, you might be chosen to be one of their fingers.
Now… I dunno all the details, but from what I've 'eard from you know, gossip and the like,every hand has their fingers, and they pick new ones when old fingers are promoted to hands of their own. Or something like that. I think part of that might just be my speculation on metaphorical talk."
She raises a hand in protest but holds herself back
"Look uh.. if ya want something just… ask, right? No need to rummage through everything. I ain't got much worth taking anyway"
"What, store food? In 'ere? And let the smell blow my cover?
Don't be silly.
But I can't help but notice that some of ya are kinda… lacking in gear. I mean no offence, you're all professionals 'm sure, but if you plan on making it here in the more rough cut underworld, yer gonna need some weapons.
…not to mention less flashy attire."


I'll look at y blood stained gear.

"That would make sense. You don't happen to know of a place where I can discreetly wash this off, would you?"


Nod, and keep dusting. I hate that unclean look!
"Well, you are going to be the one who gets us the clothes."


"Well then we have no time to lose, Patches. We need a new attire chop chop!
Speaking of attire, I am certain we will have a bounty on our heads soon enough… We will need disguises…"


She groans
"So.. outfits for a guy, a goat, a wolf and a crap dragon? Anything else while I'm out? Some drugs and a bagel maybe?"


Flash my claws.
"Crap dragon, huh…"


"And some jam if you can. We'll pay you back as soon as possible."


He slaps the back of her head
"Don't forget to bring some respect on your way back. And yes, make that two bagels"


Despite her obvious fear of you as a group, she still musters up some sass
"Sorry sunshine, write me a letter when you demolish a town by walking past it. Though if ya prefer I can call you a scaly bat too."
"Ow! Hey!
Any preference? I know a guy, but I'll owe him a big favor after this, not to mention the obvious load of questions he'll be askin' after I say what sort of zoo I need casual clothes for."

You can't help but notice her accent isn't entirely natural. It seems rehearsed. Not fake per se, but she probably only picked it up later in life.


"Would it help if one of us went with you then?"


"Something simple. Just like yours."


"WHat do most people wear now-adays? We'll need something that can blend in."

"It might be dangerous to go out right now. The guards and soldiers would all be deployed."


"This took years to make, aight? It ain't simple. It just LOOKS simple."
"…hm. Do any of you know how to modify clothing decently? Because I can get people clothing no hassle, and maybe capra, but seriously nobody will have spare stock that fits a drakin."


"Well then you should go. Capra are everywhere, and if you put on a robe or something, no one would notice, I'm sure. Now come get there and use your charm to grab us some attire, yes?"


"Well, you better speed up this time then."


"Very little, since I doubt being able to cover up some wounds applies to clothing."

"That makes sense."


"So the goat is coming along and I have to get race specific outfits?"


"And for a drudge?"

"Yes that is the plan, meanwhile we will stay and… Discuss our next plans"


"Yes. I trust you can handle a simple task like that."


"Probably for the vest."

"We might only be able to get some human clothes and force some modifications on them."


"Nobody will bat an eye at a near-naked drudge anyway. Well, not any more than a clothed one."
"No need to be a bitch about it…"
"Lets move then."

She tosses her rope back up the chimney and starts climbing out.


Follow behind.

"You seem to be exceptionally prepared for this career."


Time to have a look around.

Roll #1 4 = 4


He raises an eyebrow at the nude drudge comment, but she had a point…

"What are you doing?"


"Looking around?"


"uh… For?"


She really doesn't seem to own that much. The bed is nice, breaks down into a lot of parts by the looks of it. Fits one.
A few tables and some boxes for stuff, a couple of oil lanterns, a few chairs.
Old oily paper, probably wrappers for food she ate here.
Some tools for keeping her attire and weapons in good condition.
And a lockbox you can't open.
"I should. 'S what I was raised to be like."


"Out of curiousity? It's not like we have anything better to do in the meantime."

Check the boxes.


"Being a thief has been all you've ever worked for?"


"Hey now, don't sell me short mr. big shot arsonist. I also cut purses and do break-ins."
She starts running across rooftops. Try to keep up. '1d10'
Assorted stuff. Some of it valuable, some complete junk. Letters, silverware, jewellery, knick-knacks… probably unsorted loot from past jobs.
One box has almost nothing but letters. The fact that they are neatly organized indicates that they are special somehow, unlike the randomly thrown around ones.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"But it's all the same!"

Running '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Well… I guess she won't mind if I read some of those letters.


"My my, so invasive you are."
He then shrugs
"I suppose we could talk, after all, we barely saw each other at the Manor, even less had conversation of any kind. At least would be better than fussing with the belongings of someone that is helping us. But who am I to judge? Just make sure to leave everything in its exact place for when they return"


"I was a maid, don't worry, I know how to make everything look like they have never been touched."
Shrug as well.
"I never was much of a conversationalist. A good maid must be like a ghost, never seen, never heard. If you are, you are doing a bad job."


"End results are similar, methodology is very different. Just because I'm not in big league terrorism like you doesn't mean you should throw around such blatant ignorance."
You actually keep up decently, until she comes to a stop then hops down to street level, entering a small, run down looking house.
From a glance, they all seem to be addressed to her, and written by the same person. They are all signed "Nosey".


Hm. And the contents? Are they about those sneaky stealy jobs of hers?


"It wasn't like I wanted to!"

Anything safe I could use to get down there? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


They seem more personal. Asking about her life, and telling small bits about his own. Looks like Nosey had trouble with his leg, but it's getting better now.
Not really.
Maybe she could catch you if you ask.


Hm. Interesting. Are there any dates on when the last letter was written?


"Hey, I'm not as practiced in this as you are. Help me get down."


None, but Some of the letters towards the bottom are a little yellowed, so they clearly span years.
She sighs and holds out her arms.
Roll to land safely.


I see.
Well, read some of the non-organized letters too.


"It's tiluck and roll in this situation, I'm sure of it." I think to myself. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I suppose that would be true, but you are not a maid anymore now, are you?" he snickers


She sees you landing at a bad angle and tries to compensate her catch '1d10'
Clearly stolen. Personal letters from normal people and even lesser nobles. Some contain juicy scandal material, good for future blackmail.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You slam into Patches quite roughly, knocking the wind out of her.
"…Did you… break anything?"


"I, don't think I did." Check myself. '1d10'

"What about you?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Not really. Aren't you going to miss the Palace?"

Put the boxes back where they belong


You rearrange the room with maid skill. Patches will never know of your snooping.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Both of you got pretty badly hit.
"I'm alive, but running will hurt for a while."


Try the bed, all that running did make me exhausted.


"What? Miss the place were I hoped to go to get praised as a famous chef? But instead all I got was borderlining slave labor with ridiculous work times and low salary? Why absolutely, I am fighting the tears to not cry over my loss."
She could taste The sarcasm in his voice…


For something so cobbled together, it's incredibly comfortable. She probably spends most of her time here on it.


"My apologies. I'm used to moving silently, but not jumping."


Plop down.

"I'm sure you will enjoy the gallows much more."
Sass back.


Very comfy, but not really built for someone your size.
"Lets just get this thing done, right?"
She goes inside.


"Yes, let's get back before the police are around in full force tonight."


Fidget around to find at least some sort of comfortable position.


"oh absolutely! Why ever since I was a child I always envied the Simple life of a criminal, why who wouldn't want to start their days with a bounty on their heads for a crime they haven't done after years of loyal servitude?!"
The air gets tense with the aura of this sass battle


Oh no you deedn't.
"Psch, please."
Wave a hand.
"I bet you don't even have a Master's Degree and a Royal Decree in being hanged and decapitated, in that order."


"Don't fret. They don't usually come out to these districts. Too many unfortunate accidents in the past."
Inside, the place seems to be some form of second hand store. Very threadbare. Patches does a quick lookaround, then grabs some stuff off the shelves. Before she can even turn around again, the owner is behind her. A young-ish capra.
"Not planning to steal anything, are you?"
You eventually find a decent position on your side, with your wings and tail off the side of the bed.


"Madam please, I was the prodigy in the Longknot Academy of being a criminal scum!" he does a bow
"Why, I mastered their three main courses, being hanged! Decapitated, and INCINERATED!" He snaps his finger at her


"Just looking around…"

I do have the blood removed, right?


Eh, it will do.

"Impressive. And yet, you failed to show up at your own execution. Such a shame."


He points a finger at her face
"And so did you my scaly friend, so, did, you!"


"I always skipped that class anyway."


After the fall, most of it's covered in grime and your own blood anyway.
Patches also chimes in.
"We need some outfits right? Couple 'o mens', something for the little guy over there, some shred of dignity for a visiting Drudge and anything whatsoever that fits on a lady drakin of… generous proportions.
The shopkeeper looks incredulous.
"Where the hell did you get a zoo like that, girl?"
"…don't ask."
"Look, it's not exactly a great time for business right now. I hear they actually are bringing patrols into the district tonight, what with the assassinations at the palace. As such I need to close up. Last thing I want to do is be forced into helping that asshole duke's lapdogs. Good riddance I say. If I could meet the guy who put him out of his misery I'd shake his hand. Or any other part he asked me to."
Patches seems surprised at the mention of assassinations, and turns to look at you.


"Hmnph, what a terrible student you are." he sits in the corner of the bed and gently pushes her off
"Scoot aside a bit, I am also tired and A rest would be good by now, mind the tail too"


Sigh and sit up.
"Just when I managed to get comfortable!"


"Aah, this is actually better than my bed. Too bad, Scalie, hehe… But we are sharing this now… " he puts his arms behind his head


Just glare daggers…
"I'm so going to get you back for this."


"You can get a my back now if you want" he snickers at he turns a bit,, making sure to move around a lot as his back was now facing her


"Look at me, do I look like someone capable of that? I was just a Servant, nothing more."


"I don't think so."
He did say mind his tail, so sit on it.
"This is actually pretty comfy…"


The shopkeeper gives a slightly relieved, if confused sign
"Riiiight. Well, ok, guess it ain't my business. But this stuff ain't going to be cheap. What the hell do you even need drakin clothes for? We barely even have drakins around here…"
He climbs the shelves and looks for something suitable, quickly getting frustrated.
"…see, human clothing is easy. You get that off any random guy who dies in the street. Capra clothing is the same. Or just use clothing meant for kids and do some sewing. Simple stuff…"


"Hey! Get off of that!"


"I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of you taking up half the bed!"


"I'll take anything right now. After all the trouble we got in back there, something as simple as clothes that don't fit will make the night easier to bear."

"How about anything for hefty humans? We can tie it down later."


He gets a hold of her tail and pushes her away
"Half? Your rear takes most of the space!"


"What… I decided to use it in the first place, you would have just stood around!"


He just growls in response
"get off my tail, right now!"


"I got some stuff but it ain't exactly prime condition.
Of course if you don't mind it being a little attention grabbing… and expensive… I got a set I never thought I could sell off. Used to belong to a pit fighter, think they called her Large Marge. Good at fighting, bad at picking her fights. I managed to grab her old gear when she uh… well, no, can't think of a good euphemism for getting shanked by half a dozen angry bookies and being thrown in the river.
Good stuff that, but yeah, never seen anyone need fighting gear for a two meter tall lady."


Stand up.
"Fine, have the bed for yourself then! Some manners you have!"


"Ah yes! Thank you dear" he chuckles as he rolls around it a bit
"oooh yes this is great." he says With a smile on his face from the comfort and his small victory


"She might not even like it, but if it's affordable…"

"How much are you asking for something you dragged out of the water?"


Go and sit on a chair or something.


"…how much do you have? It's one of a kind, after all."


"Hey, no need to have such a long face. I was just wanting to pull your tail… I'm awfully bored you see"


"You could be making plans on what we will do then!"


"Hopefully enough to get it out of here. It's not doing you any good just sitting here, and I don't exactly have most of my bits on me after being a few hooves from that explosion."

Do I have any on me?


"Didn't it crossed your mind that I was making plans while Messing with you?" he smirks


Raise a brow.
"Oh, did you? Do share."


A personal purse with some spare cash for late night food.
Patches may have more.
"Unfortunately you might be right about that one.
You got anything to sweeten the deal? Buy the gear and I'll throw in your other rags for free."


"Well. It would be better to discuss it once we are all reunited, I hate having to repeat myself, Deeja"


Roll my eyes.


He stretches in the bed
"Bahamas, it's not as fun and comfy without someone to fight for it" he sits up


"How about a trade? Real servant clothes must be hard to fake. Mine's a little bloodied, but nothing some washing won't clear up. Hold onto it for a bit, and the smell will be gone too."


"Hrm… I actually do know someone who'd probably pay well for a genuine article…
Patches is equal parts surprised at the ease of this transaction, and annoyed that she didn't think of fencing your outfits herself.


"If you keep it, you could probably make some decent forgeries too."

I'll get whatever Capra clothes he has available to me and put them on.


It's a bit of a poor fit but makes you look appropriately thugish. Don't mind the stab wound shaped hole in the back. It helps the fabric breathe.
You hang on to your purse and a palace branded handkerchief. You have a feeling they might come in handy later, and aren't really worth anything to the clothier.

You have received
[human street outfit x2]
[capra street outfit]
[ragged bestial outfit]
[Large Marge's Pit Fighting Gear]


"Patches, you ready to go?"

Carry as much as I can.


"Yeah nothing more to do here.
Take care mr. Buttons."
The shopkeeper capra waves a polite goodbye. Your suggestion of making forgeries may have netted you a friend in him.

Patches clambers back up to the rooftops
"We need to hurry. If the patrols are indeed comin' we gotta be inside fast."


"Of course. I'd rather not deal with anyone else at this time."


Fall-induced pain nonwithstanding, you make good time returning to the hideout.
"Aight you two, we got the clothes. Not an easy job mind you but at least it got done."


"Good. Show them."


"Ah fantastic. We were were waiting for you to join us. Now I wanted to discuss something deadly serious.
I think, we should try to join the hands."


"We managed to get you something that might be a little, outside of your taste."

I'll show you the [Large Marge's Pit Fighting Gear].

"Are you sure?"

Pass Eclaire some of the street clothes we bought.


Two sets of fairly average human clothing. Commoner stuff with lots of room for improvement and customization.
A raggedy, somewhat tribal looking piece that would draw attention on anything but a drudge.
Cherry is already wearing some capra-modified clothes.
And a set of pit fighter gear, made from tough leather with some metal plates to protect important bits, along with a harness to keep it together and matching boots. They won't fit your feet, but could probably be cut up into shin guards.
Patches looks incredulous
"Takes some real achievement to get noticed by those guys. And they usually don't deal in arson."


"Well then hear me out. What we will do is. Get in, and overthrow them. Become trusted members, and once they trust us completely, we give them to justice! It will be the perfect way to prove our innocence!"


Raise an eyebrow.
"Well, that's just… I'm at a loss of words… guess it will be the last outfit they look for a maid to be in."


"We'd have our hands stained just getting their eyes. But it might just be the only option we have. Anything we do that falls short of a pardon keeps us down here in the shadows."

"You look like someone completely different. But we'll need to act the part too."


"I'm not sure I can do a good pit fighter impression."


Outfit customization unlocked.
You have
[maid skirt]
[maid hat]
[maid corset]
[pit fighter harness]
[pit fighter leather shorts]
[pit fighter boots]
"You lost me mate. What innocence? You burned down a damn palace!
And what the hell is this about stabbing us all in the back like that? Why would I do that to The Hands?"


"You just have to look the part."

"And after witnessing all the bodies, it's probably throwing us all off. You saw the blood on my clothes. It was physically there, no escaping that for us."


"Honestly, I liked the maid outfit better…"

"Exactly, but we must not tell this to Patches, I hope to keep her safe and all, but she could become a trouble"
>that was supposed to be in whispers just for Deeja and Cheery


Lets ignore it then.


Give them both a flat look.

Turn to the human girl.
"I don't suppose there's a changing room?"


"Let's get some rest and worry about staying alive first. It might be trouble just getting bread for ourselves."


She looks around
"This is only a single room, the whole place. I didn't exactly expect to ever share it."


"Very well very well. All in due time"



"Well, I'm sure you have a blanket then at least, you can hold that up like a screen."

"You know exactly what."


"I'm afraid I'm quite ignorant my scaly friend, you have to tell me what is on your mind "


"We'll turn away at least, I don't think there's anything big enough for that right now."


"Fine, just turn away then! And don't even think about peeking!"


She sighs and goes get the blanket off her bed.
"And where would the princess prefer me to stand for her?"


"Just hold it up, next to that wall, that should be enough."
And then it's time for a quick change of clothes.


"I promise I won't, I am not like that kind of perverted filth"


"It's not my thing."

Turn and face the wall.


Pick your outfit


Do you wish to continue?


Not for today, I'm good with pausing


Guess we're out of players.



Oh, I've got perfectly fine weapons. This outfit, though… these are very trying times.

What's around me?


Seems like most of the others have taken some rest.
Patches is awake.
There are footsteps outside, but you are safely in the sealed off attic, far from their reach.
She gives you a look.
"Well well, finally awake."


Give her a more playful look.
"Oh my, watching me while I slept?"


"Considerin' how you slept through well… most everything, I had to be sure you weren't dead. Or incredibly high.
The others are takin' their chance to rest now, so guess it's just us."
She tosses you a wad of clothes
"We got you lot some disguises. No need to stand out on the street wearing all that palace gear."


"That's very thoughtful of you. What's our next move?"

Act as if I'm going to take off my shirt on the spot and watch her face.


She doesn't seem to react at all, but turns to look at the wall as she points at it. Roll to see if you can make out more of a reaction.
"You hear that? Intensified patrols. They rarely send guards into these parts of town, so they mean business. Probably looking for you lot."


Come on, I have good eyes. I think. '1d10'

"That's possible. Once we have our disguises it may be safer to move out in the day. Where will you take us?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your efforts to stare at everything but her face betray any hopes of that.
The fact that her outfit is in no way or form revealing means you don't even get anything out of it.
"What do you mean, where will I take you? Did you come here to burn down a palace with no escape plan?"


Damn it. Still sleepy.

"Just curious. You did seem to have some hopes when you picked us up. I doubt you're exactly helping us for free, either."


"I'm expecting to get out of this alive. I know the drill, just do as told and hope you guys are satisfied. That's how it goes when big shots come to town.
…all I really have to give is what info I got on the local underground, the Hands, and well… I'd hate to drag him into this but…
There is someone I know who might be able to get you out of town. Or at least into a better safehouse."


"Oh, yes, those are all offers we're interested in. Tell more."


"Well… the Hands, as I told the others, are what most in the business would consider the best around. Mind you they operate in more places than just here, but the idea is the same. From the stories and rumors I've gathered, each hand has their Fingers. Now, once a Finger matches the Hand itself, it can break off to become a Hand of its own once it finds Fingers to work with.
Do a big enough job and you might get to be a Finger some day."
She looks a little dreamy when explaining it all. Must be very romantic to her mind.
"As for the underground 'ere, well, most anyone poor knows how ta steal. But there's more to it than the poor. Ya got yer forgers, swindlers, thugs, that whole lot. From brutes who beat up deadbeats for a share of the debt, to artists willing to sell forgeries of just about anything under the counter for the right price. You just need to know where to look, who to ask.
And follow the golden rule - we're all in this together, so nobody gets to foul the shared soup. The worst you could ever do is rat out someone else."


"Sounds simple enough to understand. You hoping to to fit a finger on a hand someday?"


"Yep. It's the dream of most thieves."


"It's lovely to know that you can have a dream, no matter what. How long've you been in this line of work?"


"Since I can remember. It's how I was raised.
…you plan on just sitting there exchanging pleasantries or actually putting on the disguise some day?"


"Well, you are in this room here with me… some people don't mind looking, of course, but most do."

Give her a smirk before moving off to somewhere covered to change.


The entire attic is one space.
She rolls her eyes "Fine, I'll stare at a wall"


"No need to do that if you don't want to, I've got no problem with admirers."

Hope she doesn't actually turn back as I change.


"It's less that and more me not liking the idea of turnin' my back on people."


"That's understandable, too. Sure you don't want to turn back, then?"

Quickly get done changing before she does


The drudge groans and sits back up
"You two are too loud…" he yawns and scratches his ears with a hand
"what are you going on about?"


As you finish, she is facing you once again.
"I might say somethin' but I'll try to remain respectful."
"Sleepyhead needed a recap on the day's events, and then flipflopped on whether or not he wanted me to look away as he changed or not."


"What a dirty pervert he is." the drudge chuckles and stretches
"I think he might have a thing for you Patches"


"Would probably be healthier not to."


"Respectful, eh? That's respectable."

"Humans are more complex that than, dear Drudge."

Laugh it off.


"I suppose we're stuck in here until the patrols are gone.
If you need anything, ask."


"Well you are quite pretty now that I stop to notice, also, the name Patches is adorable"

"Oh please, you want to stick it in someone, no shame in that"


She blushes a little. Clearly not a topic she's used to discussing.


"Daaaw, look how red you are, you're like a doll, it fits your title too!"


"Don't push your luck, I've taken on bigger things than you."


"Oh have you now? Do tell" he sits down, playing with his tail with a smile in his face


"A very animalistic view. Not that I expected much more and there's a certain wisdom in that. But there are things more.. enjoyable."

"Have you a workbench or anything of the sort? I would like to update my gear a bit."

Take out my toolbox.


"For example?"


"I once got into a scuffle with a drudge. Your ears are sensitive to loud noises at close range, your noses burn easily with pepper and if your hands are disabled you are reduced to that clumsy upright walk you can't hold decent balance in. I walked away with no permanent damage, but I'm not sure if the same can be said of him."
"Shh! Put that down. Are you mad there are guards right outside and this place is supposed to be abandoned!
…and no. The guy I mentioned he… he should have one. He likes guns too."


He stared at her, eyebrows raised on slight surprise
"Well… Now that is impressive I must say… " he muses with a parachute rubbing his chin


"I think I'll like him, too."

Put away my tools and just admire my gun.


"Things most animals don't do. Teasing around, I'm sure you kind can understand that."


"I know about teasing, and I know that If you tease, it's because you're interested…"


"Just be glad we need to be quiet, so I don't demonstrate my whistle.
…and please don't make me. I's rather avoid any confrontation when possible."
"His name is N-… Aloysius. A good man to those he deems are worth being good to."


"Aww, you know I am just trying to entertain myself. It is awfully tedious in here"


"Halfway there. Just what am I interested in?, though?"

Simple minds can be charming.

"He might come from a wealthy background. Don't hear a lot of names like these. Unless, of course, he had another, which is probably pretty common."


"The majority of stealth is waiting, punctuated by bursts of intense action. How do you usually entertain yourself then?"
"I call him what he tells me to call him. Simple as that.
used to work as a servant for some royalty. Butler and groundskeeper. Best marksman I've ever seen."


"What a guy. Is he as handsome as I imagine?"


''I enjoy reading, and cooking, especially cooking''


"That depends on yer tastes regarding age."
"Well, sucks to be you then. No cooking here, it would draw attention."


He blows air through his nose with a frown
''Alright then what do YOU do for fun?''


"Beauty is timeless."

No reaction. Fine, then.


"I sleep. I plan how to survive the next few days. I train. If I have something new to read, I might read too."
She probably has very little idea of what you're like, and just takes anything at face value.


"Well, tell me about this training then"


"Picking locks. Building houses of cards, then putting small items in them and taking them out without disturbing the cards. Tossing down sharp stuff and walking through it with my eyes closed. Working on my suit. You know."


"oh, I could use some training in the art of lockpicking. I never did it myself, surprisingly"


"I suppose a lock needs little picking if you burn the entire place down.
Can those big hands even handle a pick?"


"Very diligent. I'm not much of a sleight of hand or reflexes man. I work on my weapons and tools first of all. Your way is very admirable."


''We can only find out trying, agreed?''


"To each their own.
I have no idea how to train to be like you, for instance."
She sighs and goes dig around her boxes, looking for a spare pick and training lock.


He claps his paws together ''Excelent''



Roll #1 3 = 3


She slips on some loose junk on her floor before finding what she needed.
This might tell a lot about why she isn't a Finger yet, despite her big talk…

She hands you a lock and a pick
"Do you know how these work?"


''Honestly, not quite…I know there is a mechanism that matches the key inside the lock and opens when the key is turned, but I don't know how to operate it…'' he picks them and peeks inside the lock


It's dark.
"Well, the point is to use the pick to set the lock so that it thinks there is a key in there. Find the parts of the lock that the key would push up, then turn the lock to open it."


For a moment, Patches freezes in place
"…listen. They are right outside. Probably talking to the neighbour."


Be still and listen.

Roll #1 5 = 5


''Okay got it…but…''
He freezes and stand still, ears perking up to see if he could hear…

Roll #1 2 = 2


>"…that is correct. Two men, a capra, a drudge, and a female drakin. They are wanted for the murders of the Duke, of the Prince, of Ambassador Firewing and those of several guards and servants, and the destruction of much royal property."

Patches turns to look at you, pale as a ghost



"We said as much, didn't we?"


"you… never said anything about being… a-assassins!"


He turns to her, and puts a finger in front of his mouth, as he keeps listening


"Ah, well, that's something we don't like talking about. You understand, I'm sure."


>"be sure to inform us of any sightings. They care dangerous and unpredictable. Thank you for your time and cooperation."
She's speechless, and pale as ever.


''Look, Patches, no need to be like that, we won't try to hurt you or anything,alright?''


"I liked your plan earlier. Bringing us to Mister Aloysius. We'll be needing your help with that, of course. Let's focus."


Plop down on the bed.
"Maybe if we had a human girl with us all the times, it would confuse them. They aren't looking for a human female, and why would one hang out with people who just commited regicide?"


"Along with killing Ambassadors and their entourage, plus whatever coworkers were there who we've known for years."

I just look down for now.


"Oh curses. how long have you been awake?"
She takes a few breaths to calm down.
"…I doubt I'm in any position to argue"


He pats her head with a big pawn to help her calm a bit more


"Maybe I haven't slept at all, and just pretended. Watching you. You looked nervous."


"This isn't exactly a common night, wouldn't you agree?"


She flinches at the first pat but then keeps still.
"I'm sure the gentleman with the rifle appreciates that knowledge."
"Well… no.
Lets just hold out a bit longer to ensure the guards move on. Then we can, if you still want it, go meet up with Aloysius to see if he can help you out of town, or find a better safe house or whatever.
After the shit you pulled… yeah… I think he'll listen."


"That you were nervous?"


"That you were keeping an eye on us."


"Of course. It's good to have someone keep a look out."

Keep my face just a little smiley. Very little.


"As much as I like this attic, it's cozy and high up, I wouldn't mind moving. Just tell us when you think it's safe yo do sof."


"Had to make sure you wouldn't do anything stupid."


"Well I'm sure you can talk it out at some point"
"This is my place and the only one I know. Aloysius told me how to find good hideouts, but he has many more he already knows of. So trust his advice, not mine."


Raise an eyebrow.
"…Anyway, how's the leg?"


"Just how much of this city is involved in criminal activity?"

"Oh, is it still hurting?"


"Whose leg? Mine or the goat's?"
"Those who need it to live, those who like the extra profit, and those who just enjoy the thrills.
So… a very small minority, but in a place this size, there are still more than you could ever remember by name or face."


"The leg of Nosey."


"Just hopefully there will be something for a Capra to do besides trying to take up shop."


She sighs deeply
"Don't… call him that to his face when you meet him, right?"


"Oh, so that's another name he goes by? Very charming. You have the honour of addressing him as that, I'm envious."


"Well, maybe you should say your real name too, then."


"Patches… well, it pretty much is my real name. It's the most real name I have anyway.
Nosey told me that among big time guys, when a new guy makes it to the big leagues, they get a stupid nickname from the others. It keeps ya humble. Hard to have a big head when everyone calls you Nosey or Fumbles.
…'course, I'm not a big league player, far from it. Patches is just…
…what he named me."


"Sounds like you really care for your name, and for Nosey…"


''Patches is a good name, it's easy to remember and cute as well''


"You seem like you like him. A lot."


"It wouldn't be very proper if I didn't. Nosey… gave me a lot."
"Cute… hm"


"Cuteness is a weapon, too."


''Yes cute, I always liked huan females and capras for being so pretty, I love pretty things''


"He sounds like a good person, if in a questionable career."

"Do you think I'm cute?" I smile.


''Yes dear, you're cute'' he ruffles her hair a bit


"I prefer to not be seen.
…wait… are you trying to imply something?"
"He was a fine upstanding man when he felt like it."


Try not to blush '1d10'

"I figure once you have an organization, even a criminal one, would prefer to employ reliable personnel."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I don't know. Am I?"

That mischievous grin again, I know I've perfected it.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You do more than just blush


"I'm not going to put on the maid costume for you."


''Oh gosh…I see you're getting pretty excited yourself young capra…'' He snickers


"I doubt it would even fit."


"Sorry, just any praise tended to do it for me. We had to be quiet and unseen most of the time, so getting a compliment was a privilege."


"My, where do you get these ideas? Just saying, there are more weapons than steel and stealth."


She just glances away before regaining her composure
"…I suppose resting time is over then. Should we get moving?"


''Ah I know how it is fellow, I have not even once have been praised for the hard work I did on the kitchen, it is an unfortunate. but perhaps you could follow Arcie's advice as well, many folks would think you are a cute little fellow, and that could be used for our advantage as well, hmmn?''
''take the lead, dear''


You think it's safe?"


"I'm kinda tempted to see how far it gets us now…'

"Is this a good chance?"


''Would you need help? I think you'd look good in Deeja's maid clothing'' he snortles


"We can wait. But it should be safe to go from here on out."


"I don't think I can pull off that look."


''Slap in some makeup and everything is possible


"You don't know till you try."


"I'm sincerely sure I couldn't even get the clothing on me, to start. There is an appreciable size difference you two can fill out better."


"Me, in that outfit? Hmm, might not be such a bad idea…"

Take a look at Deeja… her outfit. Yeah.


''I doubt it, my race is ugly in the eyes of others, honestly even in mine, beauty is not my forte as you can see''


"I, I wasn't being all that serious about you wearing her clothes, you know?"


Oh come on, it's a state of mind. You're never becoming beautiful like that."

"Wow, thanks for breaking my heart. I was so excited for my grand debut as a cute maid, you know? My dream of 5 seconds old crushed like that, so cruel…"


''Oh, you weren't? hehe well that is a relief now. but I think I could be a good…hmn…A butler maybe?''


"I'm as ready as ever."

I Grumble.

"I can offer you lessons in that."


''Oh and I could maybe teach you how to be a cook eh?''


"It might be a better skill to know. Who knows how long we will be without proper tools for a real meal."


''ah yes, that is rather disapointing that I won't be able to practise what I love…''


When you are all [READY] we move on




Ready 4




Yeah, ready.


And so, clad in your new disguises, you leave Patches' hideout behind.
It is still some time before sunrise, and you silently run across rooftops, watching the sleeping city around you. Some lights are on in windows, and the lanterns of patrols are easy to see. The fire at the palace has been put out, but the smoke is still easy to see, giving the moon an eerie ashen shroud. Eventually you reach what seems like an abandoned lot. Some run down buildings here and there, sheds and the like, along with some old stonework. Closer inspection reveals the stones to in fact be remains of old gravestones.
"The old graveyard. Long since abandoned in favour 'o the three newer ones. I don't think anyone's been officially buried here in… well, decades."
She silently walks to one of the fallen gravestones and lifts it back up, revealing a… patch of dirt.


"Nice dirt! Looking to raise a potted plant?"


''Officially, hmn? Interesting choice of words there…'' He said as he stares at the dirt, dirtily


She reaches into the dirt and opens the hatch under it
"Ok it's fine to be a smartass at me but please, try to be a little respectful towards Nos-…Aloysius."
She hops down into the darkness.


"But are the bodies still here, or were they removed?"


"Oh there are plenty of bodies here."


''Fine fine, we'll be respectful, as long as he respects us as well''


"Normal behavioral demeanor is easy enough for me."


"Ugh, not a fan."


In the dark we go


"I'll give it a little effort."

Hop down.


"Alright, now. This is the part where you listen up, or you die.
Remember my chimney? Well, I learned the idea of safety measures like that from him.
The moment we pass into the next room, he will shoot twice. Once on either side.
Do. Not. Dodge.
Got it?"


"Staying still, got it."


"Very innovative. I got it."


''That is rather unusual, I like it''


"Odd, but understandable."


She takes a breath and steps into the next room.
"Nosey it's me! Patches!"
Two shots ring out, hitting the wall behind you.
Judging by the holes in the wall, his aim is remarkable.
Judging by the stains on the wall and floor, there are some who indeed tried to move after the first shot missed them. They were not lucky.


he did't speak a single word


I'll let her lead the way…


"Just shooting, with no hesitation."


"Well so far so good. At least we're welcome in.
Now lets see if he actually agrees to talk…"
The room you dropped into seems to be excavated into the side of an old catacomb of some description. Patches lights a lantern and leads you along a few corridors deeper underground, before you reach a gate.
"Let us in Nosey! These are folks you might take a likin' to. They're the lot who killed the Duke and Prince!"
For a moment, nothing happens.


"Was it wise to start off on that?"


Keep waiting…''



Admire the aim. Damn.


"I sure hope this was worth the trip."


"Let him think."
After a few more moments, the gate slowly opens.
A staircase behind it leads upwards, and Patches practically squeals as she starts climbing it. She is clearly excited.


Climb up last, standing behind the group
she must really admire him


I'll follow quickly behind.


"Ah, young love."

Climb up.


Someone clearly has a crush


The stairs loop around, and end up in what was probably once a chapel. Given the depths you are in, it is possible that this is still underground…

The area is quite spacious. You can see many rooms branching off from here. It's all fully furnished and well lit, the chandelier almost burning your eyes as you enter. Some plants even grow in pots here. Strange plants at that. Paintings hang on the walls and there are nice carpets on the floors. Much love and effort has gone into this place.

You can hear uneven footsteps approaching


Keep an eye out, I'm curious who this Nosey guy is.


''really nice decoration'' he comments as he keeps looking around


"This seems so out of place. I'd never expect this to be here."
I'll go examine the plants.


"See! I knew that soil was good for plants. Just call it the drudge in me."


Nosey does eventually limp in. His left leg is a mess and he needs a cane to stay up, but he has very sharp eyes.
The man himself seems to be in his 50s, wearing rather formal looking attire and carrying a heavily customized rifle.
His voice seems a little burnt out from years of drink, but at least you can finally place Patches' accent - she was trying to mimic his.
"Patcheys? Wot'r ya doin' 'ere? 'Ow'd y'even figure m' 'ideout out?"
Patches smiles at him
"I managed to follow you once when you came to pick up my reply letter."
Nosey shakes his head with a small smile
"'At's me Patheys. Always tryin' somefin' new an' crazy…"
Slightly luminescent. Possibly poisonous. Oddly beautiful, almost hauntingly so.


A different sort of love. Bah, it looked so exciting, too.

"You're an amazing shot. The build of that rifle alone is incredible enough, too."


raise a paw to greet him
''Hello, that was some nice shooting there, mate''


It's… not quite what I imagined.
"The girl has a serious… admiring of you."


Step away and see how he responds to the others


"'s wot kept me alive 'n fed fer 'e last four decades right? 'course 'avin' a be'er gun 'an the other guy also 'elps."
While he isn't exactly brandishing it, it's hard to miss that the rifle has both a very intricate scope and some sort of curious cartridge loading system.
"She well should, eh? Man's entitles ta a bit 'a admirashon 'fer puttin near twenty years inta somefin' like 'er."

"Now… wossis about yer bein the lot 'at iced the duke an' prince?"


"It's a very complicated matter, as you might guess."


''Exactly what she said, now we cannot put our faces outside or else all the royal guard will be after us''


"There's some bits that need more details, though."


"Did you build that yourself? Astounding craftsmanship. I have many years to reach a skill level like that."

"As for the party… well, it's quite a complicated matter, as the maid says."


"'s a custom. A real project 's never finished."
"Now y'see normally I'd've shot ya dead at th' door, but 'm willin' ta make'n exception fer Patcheys.
Y'feel like sharin' yer story, or at least showin' some proof 'at you are, indeed, 'at lot the guards'r lookin' fer? Not 'at there'd be lotsa drakin' gals around, but 'er getup don't look… palace standard."


"I've left my maid outfit at Patches, but you didn't expect us to keep walking in those did you? We would get caught right away."


"Patches very kindly obtained disguises for us. We'd be caught and executed otherwise."

(So, do we want to tell him the truth? We've been framed.)


''well of course not. If we walked around with our palace attire, it would give us right away, agreed?''


"'y don't feel an ol' fox 'a my caliber so easily.
'f ye ever 'ad palace outfits, show 'em. I should know th' real fing when I see it."


"Mere disguises, but this should prove our authenticity."

Show him our handkerchiefs.


''Well…Did anyone bring Deeja's outfit? or their own outfits with them? if not we can-''
''yeah, that''


Turn to Patches.
"Do you have them? Feel free to show them now."


"I had a hand in maintaining them myself, in fact. Along with the swords and bows of the duke's armoury. Boring work, really, guns are the future."



(Let's wait and see about him first.)


He takes them and carefully looks at the embroidery.
"…'at's genuine. No doubt. Unstained too. Not washed recently… Hm. Either you lot 'ave the gentlest of hands when stealin' 'ankies or yer speakin' the truth.
…'spose I believe ye then."
She blushes a bit, being busted like this, and pulls out the maid costume from her bag.
"Brought is as proof, yeah."


"Sure it has. I'm not sure it's your size, but I can bet you'd figure something out."


''Well that's good then, now that we have your trust, we can have a more relaxed conversation''


"I'm curious as to how you know they are genuine."


He gives a crooked smile and reaches into his breast pocket, pulling out an identical one
"Mr. Aloysius, servant 'o 'er 'onor the …late… Duchess.
Among others."
"…wot do y' mean?"
She tries to shush you


''Well, I assume you don't see us as potential threats, but we still have your respect, yes?''


"I don't even know what to think now."


Grin at her, but then back to Nosey.
"You were a servant there too? That's new."


"Wot y'have 's a good first impression."
"Yer tellin' me y' pulled off 'th biggest hit in recent history… an' y got no idea how ta capitalize 'n it?"
"'v been a lot 'o things over 'e years."


"It kind of happen quickly and I'm still in a rush. I'd think a rutabaga is a family member right now."


"Things just happened to happen, you see."

(Tell him the truth?)


(Not yet, no)


(Wait a bit more)


("Let's see where this leads.")


"Well… 'f ye ask me, with my… understandin' of the business an' yer… merits…
…we might stand a chance at becoming a 'and."


"Oh, you've got a goal like that too?"


"Just what else do we have to do to get the position?"


"Get accepted by another 'o them.
Though y' put out a pretty grand advertisement fer yerselves with th' guards doin' rounds out 'ere in the Shambles. So 'at's some time saved."
"Innit the dream 'o' all crooks? Respect, tribute, security an' excitement whenever nee'ed."


(Sooner we come clear the better. He's enraptured with the idea now, drop it on him.)


"As much temptations the idea brings, there should be some clearing up. Most of us were just working our regular jobs when the attack hit. The only reason I was covered in blood was for trying to help a Drakin."


"Consider the offer. 'ere are guest beds in th' left hand room."



You have a chance to be alone for a moment, and discuss the situation without Nosey or Patches overhearing


Look carefully.



"We don't really have much choice now, do we? Maybe this will give us a link to finding the real culprits. I don't have anywhere to go otherwise."


"It's the best lead we have."


"So we should hold our cards close for now?"


''this could be it as well. who knows if it wasn't one of the Hands that assasinated them?''

''it would be for the best. you all remember the plan I proposed right?''


"I was occupied, what was that plan again?"


"Play it safe."


"With what we've learned, you want to stick with it?"

"Yeah, there's too many unknowns to do anything else."


''well…It was to join the hands, gain their trust, and when we were high enough in ranks, bait them into a trap to the autorities. they would have their execution and we would prove ourselves innocent. two stones, one bird''

''well. do you have a better idea? and I don't mean to sound condenscent, no. I am genuinelly worried if this plan might fail horribly, so I am very open for another idea if you could find us a better solution my goat friend…''


"Being in the hands would imply we're guilty of numerous other crimes already, you stupid goat. I think we can only see where this leads and try to focus on finding the culprits in the long run."


I am crashing this plane with no survivors
What are we doing


"I can live with almost any other crime, since we can make amends. But if we don't find the real villains, we'll be hunted for all time."


"I see no alternative. We have to accept."


he coughs
''Goat?…I believe you need glasses my friend. and if you don't agree with my plan, oh well.'' He shrugs

''true true…well, do you think that if we move to another country we would be safe though?…Start a new life, change my name to ''Arevaldo Juarez' and you could be 'Paco' and we would make a living as a traveling band.'' He smiles, putting a paw on his chin as he stares at the wall with an amused look on his face


"I have family here… I just hope they are safe. But that is why I have to clear this up as fast as we can. Running is not an option for me."


'ah pshh, I was merely jesting…But that brings an important subject to discuss…what about our families? should we talk to them about this? could they help prove our innocence?''


"We can't. I'm sure they have our families questioned and monitored, if not outright jailed."


"If we contact them, they might get in trouble about harboring a criminal. It might be best to keep our distance."


Once you feel confident in a plan, get READY


''Ah, true true…that was a bad idea…hmnn, then we are truly alone in this…''



READY to play along






There is a knock on the door.
It's Patches.
"So, given it enough thought?"


"Yes. We'll… help you out."


She perks up notably, her eyes glimmering with glee
"Oh. OH! Oh this is such great news!"


''We decided to-''
''uh, yes, what he said.''


"See? You're cute when you want to be."


"I am still not sure what use you'll have for a walking suit of armor. But I suppose I'm in the same boat as everyone else in here."


"No time for idle dilly dallying, come on, we must tell Nosey!"
She starts quickly walking to the main room. By the sound of it, Nosey has a fire going there.


''yes yes, we'll be right after you…''


As you enter the main room, located on the other side of the entrance room, you find Nosey sitting by the fire. His damaged leg rests on a pillow and his cane leans on the side of the chair. The fire gives him a strong, rather ominous back light.
There are many other chairs for you to sit down in, and the room is furnished in much the same way as the entrance, save for substituting the paintings for various trophies from old jobs - costumes, weapons, rare curiosities and the like. One could spend hours just trying to study all of them, and probably weeks just listening to the stories behind them.

The old man speaks
"So… it is decided then?"


Find a suitable chair.
"It is."


''Indeed. We will assist you''


I look at the mementos, particularly the costumes


"Sure, we'll give you our help."


Several suits of armor from times of old, probably stolen from historical collections. Some quite ornate.
A few outfits including the old style Royal Servant and a few military ones.
A really fancy hat.
A few ornate masks.
A long coat with a cape, somewhat worn and showing signs of repair. Possibly Nosey's old getup.
A smile creeps up his face, revealing some broken teeth.
He reaches for a glass he drink he had on a nearby table
"Now… I'm sure you have many questions."


"Too many. How are we reaching our long term goal."


''hmnn…a few but I wanted to know how you plan on having us, become a hand?''


"Do you know anybody who can tear a man limb from limb and not make a sound?"




"Used ta. But I fink they might be r'tired by now."
The very first step will be ta establish ourselves onne 'scene' 'f you will. Usually 'is entails pulling some kinda big job, but you already got 'at covered. So we can move right into the second act - makin' our faces known among those 'o need ta know.
Then, well, the simple version is 'at we keep at it ta prove we aren't some one-'it wonder group. I have some… old plans stashed away we can adapt fer ideas. I also know a lot 'a people who'd be willing to pay well and put out a good word for… some services.

'owever, that is not all. Beyond establishing ourselves 's a group, you lot need ta establish yerselves 's innividuals.
Fer one, you don't even have names. Let alone a hidin' place 'o yer own."


"Aloysius or 'Nosey'… neither of those are your real name, are they? I doubt we should be revealing ours, either, but the guards already know."


His face sours for a moment
"…That's Mr. Aloysius ta you, nameless one. Y'dont get ta call me Nosey 'till you've earned a proper name 'o yer own, even if y'did somehow find it out."
He gives Patches an accusing glare.


''Well then how are we going to, estabilish ourselves? oh and what services are those you're talking about?''


"We sort-of have a hiding place."
Glance at the human girl.


"Y' will want ta get yer 'signature' right. Fer a lot that pulled the biggest hit 'o the century y' seem awful green an' frightful. Guess they don't run stuff like this where yer from.
So, y'll need ta do some more stuff. More assassinations, or somethin' else. The point is ta establish yer prowess as innividuals, leave yer own hand marks on the job so others can see ya did it.
As fer services, well, erryone needs somethin'. I can give ya a list o' me old contacts so ya gan get ta work. Small stuff. Breakouts, breakins, maybe a few revenge murders, ya know.
But the real plus side is, those guys, they know a lot 'o stuff. An' they would be more than willin' ta teach ye."
[Completing jobs for Nosey's Buddies will unlock access to Skill Trainers]
"'f yer talkin' 'bout Patcheys' hidey hole, ferget it. Y'aint takin' what I gave 'er.
'f y' insist on a takeover, I can point y' at better targets."


"As you may know, we need something very secure."



"Very useful. So you're saying the best chance we have of getting a hideout is taking over one?"


''uh…Well that is a lot to take in at once but I understand…hmn…What you recomend we start from then?''


"O I know plenty.
Fer one.. I know a lot about history. Over th' last few hundreds 'o years this place has stood, we've 'ad enough fires an' earthquakes ta bury the equivalent 'o an entire district. An 's still down there, the ol' forgotten town. 'f someone 's brave enough ta carve out a place fer themselves there.
…or, 'f ya prefer somethin a bit more… high profile, there'r loads o' small villages outside th' city limits ripe fer takeovers."
"Most 'a the good spots 'ave been taken' fer longer than I've been inna industry. 'ard ta find great places 'at 'ave never been claimed, an' even 'arder ta reinforce them against unwanteds."
"What kinda jobs do ya think ya want ta start with?"


"High profile is very bad for us. How would we claim a bit of this undertown?"


"Keeping it hidden would also be good."


He scratches his chin
''Uh…Something small to start with sounds nice…a small Breakout maybe?''


"We pick a spot, kill everyone inside an' lay claim ta it."
"Well, the first thing that springs t'mind is Sir Ragamont. Ol' bastard was one hell of a wall-o-meat. Legit knight too, though well, we all know 'as just a title these days.
Met 'im back in the service of 'er Ladyship. Fine guard, but lil' too prone ta fightin'. Went ta prison fer killin' a dozen people inna pit fight, then takin' out two o' the watchmen who came ta break up the event."


"How about without the killing?"


"Town's not so forgotten if there are already outlaws there, isn't it? It looks like our best option at this rate."


he rubs his neck.
''Well…that sounds…delightful…But yes, I suppose first we would need to find ourselves a hideout…and some weapons…''


He seems genuinely surprised
"..uh… what did ya' 'ave in mind then?"
"Forgotten by th' general population.
'course, there are parts 'at remain buried. Lots 'o work ta get one back ta livable conditions tho."
"Allernatively, 'ere's me ol' buddy Crunchy. 'e's a bit ovvan odd'un, what with th' whole dabblin' in the death arts 'n all, but 'f ya do 'im a solid, ya got some damn good 'elp in yer corner."

"So… 'side from the gent with th' nice rifle, yer all unarmed. D'ya need some spares for th' time being?"


"Scaring them off? It would go a long way for building our reputation too."


"So take a building down there. What sort of criminals are we dealing with? No one with any important connections, I hope?

And thanks for the compliment, it's my latest work in what will be a long line."


''Hmn…Spare weapons sure sound nice. how can we repay you for them later?''


"Ah. Clever girl.
Just be sure ta not tick off the wrong lot, or they'll just be back with mates."
"Fer one, bring 'em back.
Fer two, I take 'alf of yer loot."
"Depends. 'f ya go fer the best locations, like the ol' fort or th' ruins dungeon, y'll run inta some pretty big shots pretty fast.
'course 'f ya settle fer less, like some 'o th' ol' residential basements, there'll probably be nothin' worse 'an some druggies or a few smalltimers squattin' it out. Maybe an escapee or two.
'f ya ask me… go fer the ol' theatre. S' got a reputation, changed 'ands a lot a times, an' now should be 'eld by th' Masque an 'is crew. Why 'em? Cause the Masque 's a right bastard an' I want 'im gone."


''Half?…Well…I suppose it's fair…'' he scratches his ears


"You know which ones are the not-wrong lots, don't you?"


"'s as generous an offer y'll ever 'ear."
"Well, 'ere's a quick lesson.
Y'got five kinds people in this industry.
The 'ands, which ya know of by now. They're the real deal. Big leagues.
The Gangs. New fangled lot, 'fink they can write rules an' make up new tradition. Quantity over quality, no 'onor. Gutter trash, but 'f ya step on 'em they'll swarm ya.
Th' Bigs, like me. Not finger or 'ands, but certainly above most. mess with at ya own peril.
Th' Lil's, like Patcheys 'ere. Small time. Might be Bigs some day. Maybe even 'ands, 'f they don't take th' easy road an' join a Gang.
An' the Fakes, like Masque. Folks 'o fink they can fake it an' still make it. Tryin' ta skip th' ladder an' not even join th' gangs. A mockery 'o th' ol' gold standard, offen reliant on gimmicks an' flashy junk. Fer all I care, use 'em as insulation in yer walls."


"Starting with a Lil' hideout might work."


''yes what she said.
And that info will help a lot, thank you. now, we just need to decide a service we can all agree to be assigned to and we'll be off


"Here's a list of me ol' contacts an' where ta find 'em.
Fer yer hideout, there're loads 'a entrances ta the undercity n' rather obvious places. Old basements, most ruins, nearly any catacomb an' 'f ya like stakeouts, follow anyone shady and see if ya get lucky with a secret entrance.
Th' Ol' Theatre 's accessible via th' new one, inne basement, which y'can reach unseen 'f ya use th' storm drains.
Take anything ya like off the wall, but remember - ya break it, ya buy it."

[List of possible allies]
Crunchy the Necromancer: Old Church
Ragamont the Knight: Prison
"Baldy" the Smith: Blanche & Ironford's Smithery
Hammerhead the Brawler: Fight Pit




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