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A night like many others at the duke's palace. A grand feast had been thrown for a visiting ambassador from one of the mighty Drakin Dynasties to the east. This alone would have kept everyone busy, but the duke's good friend, the prince, had dropped in for one of his surprise visits. His face was not unknown in the least - second in line for the crown after his older brother, and less sheltered than either the former or his younger sister, he was known for his more… active lifestyle. This caused no small amount of headaches for his bodyguards, who had had to learn to keep up with the agile prince.
The duke himself, though a more mature man, had a deep liking to the cocky prince. Some said it was something of a uncle / nephew relationship, others that it was practically just an older and younger version of the same man.

Somewhere down the line, what was planned to be a respectable upscale dinner had transformed into a roaring festival of laughter with increasingly outrageous demands from every party. The palace was in chaos and while everyone had great fun, it was very taxing on the servants and guards.

You should probably try to get to the butler and see to it that everything is in order. He is, after all, in charge of all the servants.
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READY to play along






There is a knock on the door.
It's Patches.
"So, given it enough thought?"


"Yes. We'll… help you out."


She perks up notably, her eyes glimmering with glee
"Oh. OH! Oh this is such great news!"


''We decided to-''
''uh, yes, what he said.''


"See? You're cute when you want to be."


"I am still not sure what use you'll have for a walking suit of armor. But I suppose I'm in the same boat as everyone else in here."


"No time for idle dilly dallying, come on, we must tell Nosey!"
She starts quickly walking to the main room. By the sound of it, Nosey has a fire going there.


''yes yes, we'll be right after you…''


As you enter the main room, located on the other side of the entrance room, you find Nosey sitting by the fire. His damaged leg rests on a pillow and his cane leans on the side of the chair. The fire gives him a strong, rather ominous back light.
There are many other chairs for you to sit down in, and the room is furnished in much the same way as the entrance, save for substituting the paintings for various trophies from old jobs - costumes, weapons, rare curiosities and the like. One could spend hours just trying to study all of them, and probably weeks just listening to the stories behind them.

The old man speaks
"So… it is decided then?"


Find a suitable chair.
"It is."


''Indeed. We will assist you''


I look at the mementos, particularly the costumes


"Sure, we'll give you our help."


Several suits of armor from times of old, probably stolen from historical collections. Some quite ornate.
A few outfits including the old style Royal Servant and a few military ones.
A really fancy hat.
A few ornate masks.
A long coat with a cape, somewhat worn and showing signs of repair. Possibly Nosey's old getup.
A smile creeps up his face, revealing some broken teeth.
He reaches for a glass he drink he had on a nearby table
"Now… I'm sure you have many questions."


"Too many. How are we reaching our long term goal."


''hmnn…a few but I wanted to know how you plan on having us, become a hand?''


"Do you know anybody who can tear a man limb from limb and not make a sound?"




"Used ta. But I fink they might be r'tired by now."
The very first step will be ta establish ourselves onne 'scene' 'f you will. Usually 'is entails pulling some kinda big job, but you already got 'at covered. So we can move right into the second act - makin' our faces known among those 'o need ta know.
Then, well, the simple version is 'at we keep at it ta prove we aren't some one-'it wonder group. I have some… old plans stashed away we can adapt fer ideas. I also know a lot 'a people who'd be willing to pay well and put out a good word for… some services.

'owever, that is not all. Beyond establishing ourselves 's a group, you lot need ta establish yerselves 's innividuals.
Fer one, you don't even have names. Let alone a hidin' place 'o yer own."


"Aloysius or 'Nosey'… neither of those are your real name, are they? I doubt we should be revealing ours, either, but the guards already know."


His face sours for a moment
"…That's Mr. Aloysius ta you, nameless one. Y'dont get ta call me Nosey 'till you've earned a proper name 'o yer own, even if y'did somehow find it out."
He gives Patches an accusing glare.


''Well then how are we going to, estabilish ourselves? oh and what services are those you're talking about?''


"We sort-of have a hiding place."
Glance at the human girl.


"Y' will want ta get yer 'signature' right. Fer a lot that pulled the biggest hit 'o the century y' seem awful green an' frightful. Guess they don't run stuff like this where yer from.
So, y'll need ta do some more stuff. More assassinations, or somethin' else. The point is ta establish yer prowess as innividuals, leave yer own hand marks on the job so others can see ya did it.
As fer services, well, erryone needs somethin'. I can give ya a list o' me old contacts so ya gan get ta work. Small stuff. Breakouts, breakins, maybe a few revenge murders, ya know.
But the real plus side is, those guys, they know a lot 'o stuff. An' they would be more than willin' ta teach ye."
[Completing jobs for Nosey's Buddies will unlock access to Skill Trainers]
"'f yer talkin' 'bout Patcheys' hidey hole, ferget it. Y'aint takin' what I gave 'er.
'f y' insist on a takeover, I can point y' at better targets."


"As you may know, we need something very secure."



"Very useful. So you're saying the best chance we have of getting a hideout is taking over one?"


''uh…Well that is a lot to take in at once but I understand…hmn…What you recomend we start from then?''


"O I know plenty.
Fer one.. I know a lot about history. Over th' last few hundreds 'o years this place has stood, we've 'ad enough fires an' earthquakes ta bury the equivalent 'o an entire district. An 's still down there, the ol' forgotten town. 'f someone 's brave enough ta carve out a place fer themselves there.
…or, 'f ya prefer somethin a bit more… high profile, there'r loads o' small villages outside th' city limits ripe fer takeovers."
"Most 'a the good spots 'ave been taken' fer longer than I've been inna industry. 'ard ta find great places 'at 'ave never been claimed, an' even 'arder ta reinforce them against unwanteds."
"What kinda jobs do ya think ya want ta start with?"


"High profile is very bad for us. How would we claim a bit of this undertown?"


"Keeping it hidden would also be good."


He scratches his chin
''Uh…Something small to start with sounds nice…a small Breakout maybe?''


"We pick a spot, kill everyone inside an' lay claim ta it."
"Well, the first thing that springs t'mind is Sir Ragamont. Ol' bastard was one hell of a wall-o-meat. Legit knight too, though well, we all know 'as just a title these days.
Met 'im back in the service of 'er Ladyship. Fine guard, but lil' too prone ta fightin'. Went ta prison fer killin' a dozen people inna pit fight, then takin' out two o' the watchmen who came ta break up the event."


"How about without the killing?"


"Town's not so forgotten if there are already outlaws there, isn't it? It looks like our best option at this rate."


he rubs his neck.
''Well…that sounds…delightful…But yes, I suppose first we would need to find ourselves a hideout…and some weapons…''


He seems genuinely surprised
"..uh… what did ya' 'ave in mind then?"
"Forgotten by th' general population.
'course, there are parts 'at remain buried. Lots 'o work ta get one back ta livable conditions tho."
"Allernatively, 'ere's me ol' buddy Crunchy. 'e's a bit ovvan odd'un, what with th' whole dabblin' in the death arts 'n all, but 'f ya do 'im a solid, ya got some damn good 'elp in yer corner."

"So… 'side from the gent with th' nice rifle, yer all unarmed. D'ya need some spares for th' time being?"


"Scaring them off? It would go a long way for building our reputation too."


"So take a building down there. What sort of criminals are we dealing with? No one with any important connections, I hope?

And thanks for the compliment, it's my latest work in what will be a long line."


''Hmn…Spare weapons sure sound nice. how can we repay you for them later?''


"Ah. Clever girl.
Just be sure ta not tick off the wrong lot, or they'll just be back with mates."
"Fer one, bring 'em back.
Fer two, I take 'alf of yer loot."
"Depends. 'f ya go fer the best locations, like the ol' fort or th' ruins dungeon, y'll run inta some pretty big shots pretty fast.
'course 'f ya settle fer less, like some 'o th' ol' residential basements, there'll probably be nothin' worse 'an some druggies or a few smalltimers squattin' it out. Maybe an escapee or two.
'f ya ask me… go fer the ol' theatre. S' got a reputation, changed 'ands a lot a times, an' now should be 'eld by th' Masque an 'is crew. Why 'em? Cause the Masque 's a right bastard an' I want 'im gone."


''Half?…Well…I suppose it's fair…'' he scratches his ears


"You know which ones are the not-wrong lots, don't you?"


"'s as generous an offer y'll ever 'ear."
"Well, 'ere's a quick lesson.
Y'got five kinds people in this industry.
The 'ands, which ya know of by now. They're the real deal. Big leagues.
The Gangs. New fangled lot, 'fink they can write rules an' make up new tradition. Quantity over quality, no 'onor. Gutter trash, but 'f ya step on 'em they'll swarm ya.
Th' Bigs, like me. Not finger or 'ands, but certainly above most. mess with at ya own peril.
Th' Lil's, like Patcheys 'ere. Small time. Might be Bigs some day. Maybe even 'ands, 'f they don't take th' easy road an' join a Gang.
An' the Fakes, like Masque. Folks 'o fink they can fake it an' still make it. Tryin' ta skip th' ladder an' not even join th' gangs. A mockery 'o th' ol' gold standard, offen reliant on gimmicks an' flashy junk. Fer all I care, use 'em as insulation in yer walls."


"Starting with a Lil' hideout might work."


''yes what she said.
And that info will help a lot, thank you. now, we just need to decide a service we can all agree to be assigned to and we'll be off


"Here's a list of me ol' contacts an' where ta find 'em.
Fer yer hideout, there're loads 'a entrances ta the undercity n' rather obvious places. Old basements, most ruins, nearly any catacomb an' 'f ya like stakeouts, follow anyone shady and see if ya get lucky with a secret entrance.
Th' Ol' Theatre 's accessible via th' new one, inne basement, which y'can reach unseen 'f ya use th' storm drains.
Take anything ya like off the wall, but remember - ya break it, ya buy it."

[List of possible allies]
Crunchy the Necromancer: Old Church
Ragamont the Knight: Prison
"Baldy" the Smith: Blanche & Ironford's Smithery
Hammerhead the Brawler: Fight Pit




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