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Long ago, in a land of endless sands, there lived a group of humans, how long they had lived here no one knew for sure, mostly because no one kept records. But they were strong, they made strong weapons, and hunted strong animals to stay big and strong. Which is all that really mattered to Aggagarn. He moved through the lands shielding his eyes from the blowing sands with his cloth hood, and his mighty great sword at his side, he walked in search of a great hunt to impress the clan with, for it would be a shame to come back empty handed.
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You don't have to try to look strong, you look very strong, because you are very strong! I bet everyone feels stronger just by being near you, you're so full of muscles.
The half elf stands a little taller around you.
The two humans the full elf smile back.
"So, you are the famed wildlings?" The elf girl remarks with a tone of disinterest. She pulls her bow onto her lap.
"I think we saw one of yours earlier, we thought we'd passed you by." The more well-armored human remarks, his arms are almost comparable to yours even.
"Ah, as I thought, you're simply lost. The city is back that way." Fast winds points to the west. "I can help you find a route-"
"-that won't be necessary" the smaller human replies, his eyes as sharp as daggers. "We aren't going back to the city."
"Why not?" Fast replies
"No food, no jobs, no work. No place for us. We are better off in the wild."
Fast ponders this a moment. "Maybe things are bad in your city, but you can't stay here, this is our land. Sanctioned by the royal family and everything."
the four city folk grumble a bit at that.


Observe all quite and stoic like.

Fast probably knows how to handle this. If he doesn't, well, I can do my stuff.


roll to keep from getting too bored.


I got this!

What is it, Constitution?


Roll #1 14 = 14


You manage to listen to the whole conversation.
The small human does a lot of the talking, the elf girl commenting occasionally (usually in a rude way, to make the small human look bad), the larger human and the half elf both seem kind of annoyed with the whole situation.
You notice the conversation escalate until they are yelling at each other over a slip of paper that the large human dropped.
The elf draws her bow and glares at everyone "all of you shut up"

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I will travel across the land.

Emily was facing off with Ivan. Everyone else was in Autumn Glen. Except Hannah: she's on the East Road outside of Covalent with the ghosties.
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Right, wake up in the Pokecenter.

Check Chris and Kingsley's locations. And Emily too I guess.


Louie sucks on the end of the paintbrush thoughtlessly.


Right, with that sorted out, it's time for a bit of training. I'm falling behind everyone else, so I've really got to step it up.
…Kinda don't want to go hunting around in the Fairy forest, though. Doesn't seem right. Don't think I'm strong enough to take the shrinekeeper… so I guess I'll head to Fandango.


Oh and
>1k posts


"Well, yeah. Neither of us are dead…"

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To train them is my cause.

It encourages it, through arcane means not fully understood. Some call this pseudoscience "voodoo breeding", but you can't argue with results. Well, you can. Mostly by calling it voodoo or pseudoscience.

You wonder if Pokemon actually have a nature at birth or if that develops over time. Of course, it's the classic nature vs nurture argument.

You quickly traverse the remainder of the terrain and make it to Amber City with no incident.

Hit 3 times!

Azumarill used Bubble Beam!

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Two boys, and they both aren't Chris? Maybe something happened..


I'll head out of the center, and have both Lucas and Oswald out.


Is this guy following me or something?


Look impressed by his speech. "You really are smart Ivan. I am learning so much from this shrine already!" I say excited. "Of course I want to be with my pokemon forever, so I can understand that."

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It is New Year in the High Mountain of Brynmor.
Fifty years ago when it was still just a mountain, a capra named Brynmor claimed this middle-sized mountain for his own and seceded from the larger Capra kingdom.
This incident got little more than a shrug from the other Capra as Brynmor was a nobody and nobody cared about the far-off mountain anyway.

In one of the larger caves of the mountain Brynmor settled his throne and built the Palace of Brynmor (he added a large amount of chairs and a fireplace and some mats) and ruled his populace consisting of a few birds and the occasional Capra passing by with an iron fist.
But there is one day capra and others come from far and wide to his Throne, because on New Years Eve, free liquor and beer flows like honey in his palace.

You have ventured from wherever to witness wether the fantastic, grotesque and lewd stories you've heard about this strange place are true.

You have entered the palace of Brynmor and the celebration is already in full swing. Capras, horks, humans and all kinds of creatures dance and eat merrily while Brynmor drinks on his wooden throne surrounded by wenches.
The stench of liquor is overwhelming and you occasionaly have to watch your step to avoid passed out revelers.
It seems you're early though, everyone still has their clothes on.

Suddenly a capra women barges through the hall and announces with a trembling voice.
"The booze! There's only 100 barrels left!"
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Leo, I give it 10 purps out of 10 and 3 thumbs up.


Overconfidently, I plunge into the drakin lady

Roll #1 10 = 10


You truly provide a shining example for the others.
It seems the lewd part of the party has just begun.


Thanks for the quest.




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Everyone is gathered in the Adventurer's Guild's main hall. It is filled with comfy chairs and tables, and it's large fireplace has a crackling fire in it. It's the last weeks of autumn, but it tends to get cold fast in the city of Brukke.

"Here are the details of the job. The client wants you to venture into some caves on top of the North-Eastern Mountains, where he believes his ancestry comes from. You're to find some sort of a heirloom for him that supposedly proves his family's connection to the dragons of old…or some such. The point here is that you're free to take whatever else you find from the caves except for the heirloom, which is a red jewel called "the Dragon's Eye". It glows in the dark so it shouldn't be too hard to find. The client advised you to start your journey from a village called Heimdall. You'd best get going so you'll make it back before the first snow."

The guild secretary scrolls up the piece of pergament he was reading from and quickly hides it in one of his sleeves.

"Any questions?"
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We could go share the stablehand later~


There's an idea.


But first Mirrin has some bells to ring~


I'm watching


Just two capra sharing a bucket of well water.

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