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A new day dawns.
As the sun sweeps its welcoming light across the pine trees outside the castle walls, you take a moment to ignore your tired feet and admire your surroundings. This is an old fort, probably dating back to the former kingdom of Stava which once covered all these lands. Or so history teaches. Not everyone is well studied on stuff that happened over a hundred years ago.

You, like many others, have come to this place following a call to action by the current leader of these lands - Lord Aurel. He has sent out a call for any who are willing to join his armies. The pay will be good for mercenaries, but the work will also be dangerous. Not much else was advertised, but rumors have been circulating. Some say he wants to ready for war. Others, that he wants to leverage his neighbors into alliances. A few more seem to think the realm will soon be under attack, or that giant monsters lurk its dark corners.

Who knows. You should find one of the recruiters for more info.


Oh my, time to live up to the great warriors of my line. I'm just going to look for a recruitment office.


The soft clopping of a pair of hooves sounded after each of Duna's steps. she had this smile on her lips and the sound of metal hitting metal echoing in her mind like a bell.
she looked around for anyone that seemed to either be clad in armor, or at least seemed to have some sort of authority of some kind…


I can buy plenty of books with the pay and still have lots left over. Time to go sign up!


They probably have a bunch of recruiters inside the fort, and there appears to be some also taking names out in the courtyard.
You might want to tag along with a group to make things easier.


I'll go find someone inside the fort proper to sign up with, just so I can walk around and see what types I will be working with.


She looks around for someone unique, she was quite small and didn't really enjoy being a stranger in a crowd…
''Perfect'' She mutters as she approcaches the myrmid, who stood tall and huge compared to her compact size
''heya'' sounds a voice from below him


Walk right to those taking names.


"Oh, hello there. Are you here to sign up too?"


''yep yep, mind if I join ya in the line big guy?'' She was a small capra, earthy fur and dark blonde hair, her clothings and accesories just screamed ''smith''
she had a pair of googles hanging on her neck, exposing her squinted dark brown eyes


The recruiter looks like a young scholar type. Probably a student earning some side money by helping with clerical work at the fort. Certainly not a soldier himself.
"Name, occupation, notable skills?"
The inside of the fort is really crowded. Soldiers are milling about, there are dozens of mercenaries lining up everywhere and a constant chatter fills the air. This is far from organized.
The fort itself has a lot of history to it, which is obvious from the repairs done against old battle damage and tons of old shields, tapestries and paintings lining the walls. Though it is likely that some of those were only brought in for this event.


"Gaspar, mage. I am capable of conjuring magic barriers."


"Hey, I don't look too much like a guy… Do i?" I respond, shifting my hammers around as I think, my white shell doing little to hide that I am a bit lost in though.

"We should first get in line to become mercenaries here and observe who we will be working with. In the meantime, tell me, why is a Capra like you looking to sign up for such a dangerous job?"

At least they have some. If nothing else, I can trust on these walls to holds.

Let's get in line to sign up.


He writes down some notes then looks you over
"Any precious combat experience, experience with leading others, or other notable experience?"
You're in luck, a new recruiter joins the scene to help manage the crowd. You can be first in line!


She couldn't help but look up at all the decorations, patterns, painting, and the general look to this place, she was never a fan of building anything out of armory, but places like these always gave her a chill in her belly

''well you know, typical girl who just got into adulthood, moving away from my parent's house and trying to find my own way in this wide world.'' She said giving him a wide toothy grin…She had a tooth missing…
''My name is Duna, master smith in ascension, and you are?''
She said heading off to sign up with him

''Hello, we would like to sign up please''



The shame.


I'll take advantage of the serendipity.

"My name is Maianthemum Racemosum. I'm trained in the Healing Arts, though as you can see, I'm no slouch when it comes to fighting and heavy lifting."


"I'm Maianthemum Racemosum, but I'll make it easy and shorten it to Maia before people get ideas to give me other names. I'm just here to make some money. I have a few things I'd like to buy with them."


He draws a line on his notes, then pulls a small paper from his bag, signs it and stamps a wax seal on it before handing it to you
"Captain Rodin will be giving out tasks in half an hour. Enjoy yourself until then. The armory is selling equipment if you feel you need some. Housing will not be provided, we assume you aren't homeless. Payment will be done upon return with proof of success.
Any questions?"
"Mhm- Healer, strong back, myrmid… not bad.
Any combat or leadership experience?"
"Name, occupation, notable skills, past experience please"


"None yet." I sigh.


''Ooh Maia, I like the sound of that!''
''Uh… Duna. I was trained and raised by my master and father Theirim and my mother Berta. I'm a great smith, I make and fix weapons, armor, high expertise with metals and ore. also strong'' She said smirking and showing her toned muscles
''And no past experience at all honestly…I left my home to find my place just a few days ago''


"Interesting. A smith will serve our needs well."
He takes out a pair of paper slips, signs them and stamps them with seals.
"Here you go. Report to Captain Rodin in twenty minutes for your assignments. Until then, feel free to roam but don't be a nuisance.
Payment will be done upon returning with proof of success. Housing will not be provided. The armory can sell you some things if you feel underequipped.
Any questions?"


I'm going to go hang out where I'll need to meet.


''uh…Jeez I thought we would have at least some housing…'' She rubs the back of her neck as she reads the paper
''hmn… where can I find the nearest inn?''


"I'm glad you do."

"Let's go look at the Armory, see what we might be able to use."

"Thank you for your time."


''Oh yeah, let's do that. Hey, as a gift for being my first friend out there, how about I give you a nice fix on whatever weapon you pick? free of charge?'' She asks pulling a hammer to show him what she means


"There is one along the road out of here. Quaint place, I hear it was actually built to house mercs who used to serve here in past times."
Armory is down the hall, on the left.
You might want to inquire about that from someone to be sure where to go. Other than that, the stage set up out on the yard seems a good bet.


"I appreciate it, but there isn't much anyone can do for weapons like these."

She has two Over-sized, Great hammers, that resemble big lumps of metal on a stick.

"Thank you kindly."

We'll check out what types of equipment they have and what types of mercenaries are here.


Down the hall we go
''thank you'' She waves to him as she heads out with the Maia

''hmn…Is that a challenge?'' She smirks at her with a daring and determined expression


go back t he receptionist and ask!

"Look, excuse me, but where's this person I must meet?"


"Let's take it as one. I'd like to see what those Smithing skills of yours can do?"


''you got it big gu-eer…girl…Sorry about that I didn't realize at first that you were a female myrmid…''


Hi, what's up?


"The captain will be at the training grounds at the back of the fort."
Loads of folks here. Most of them human, which is understandable. A few capra here and there. Glancing outside a window you notice an absolute mountain a myrmid sparring with two human guards. His decorations seem to imply he might be an officer.
There is a long line to the armory. The guy at the back of the line is some flamboyantly dressed bloke with a whole lot of different weapons on him, from knives to rapiers to small pistols. There is a long feather on his floppy hat, and his coat has a fur trim.
The fort guards give you a judging look
"You here to sign up for merc service, or you just looking around?"


I sneer at the guard.
"Of course I'm here for mercenary service. You must be as wise as you're ugly."


''ah lines…the least thing I would have expected and yet the bane of my patience…I seriously can not just stand around in a liiiiiine'' she pulls her left ear a bit. ''ugh…you know what I'm saying? a capra isn't made to stay still. we're little guys with a huge bunch of energy!''


Right, then!
Slowly make my way there.

How many human warriors are around?

Of course, a warrior comes in many forms, they don't need to wear armor or hold a weapon.


"I tend to wear baggy clothes and these two mallets don't help, it's nothing to worry about."

"Though, I will admit that Officer over there makes me think it might not be a bad thing. I'm still young, maybe I'll still grow up to be like that?"

I look towards the foppishly dressed person.

"Excuse me, but don't those weapons already weigh you down?"

"I've learned that from travelling. Just a bit longer, we'll see what we might need and you can plan what to do in the meantime."


''well…what did you planned to do then meantime? I seriously don't know what else we could need besides what we already got…''


"Delightful. Find a recruiter and get signed up."
Most of the mercs here seem to be human. A few capras here and there but that's about it.
There is a huge myrmid out on the training grounds though, manhanding a couple of guards.
"Now with proper weight distribution they don't, love. A tool for every occasion, but always room for improvement!"


she claps her hands ''that guy right here. I like him'' She smiles poking at his thigh


"It's not so much to shop as it is to see who we will be working with. We'll be spending lots of time here, so we should meet as many as possible and befriend them."

"I see. You've actually given me a bit of an idea. Those pistols, how are they? I've seen them used, but never paid them too much mind."


Manhandling? Does it look like trouble?


I walk in on all fours and try to look for a recruiter.


You feel a concealed blade
"Careful, lass. Don't poke what you haven't seen."
Seems like rough sparring.
"Inaccurate and not too reliable, but they will spook most folks to half death and do leave a mean wound if they actually hit. More of a novelty if you ask me, but I won them off a bet so they are special to me at least."


''yeah you got a point there, let's do that''

''Oh sorry mate, I'll keep that in mind… Sooooo mind sharing where you got so many weapons from?''


"Hmm, if they sell some, I might pick one up. I can only hurl so many rocks before I start to feel self-conscious."


I have a name now


Well, never mind. Look aground for a group.


"Looted a few of them off past jobs, bought some, won a couple, got gifted the rest."
"I thought Myrmids just… body slammed things to death?"
You locate a recruiter
"A drudge?
name, occupation, past experiences and notable skills please"


"That is… the usual plan. But thinking about it with you here, it won't work on those faraway. I should at least plan on that eventuality, correct?*


''ooh I see you must be quite the experienced adventurer then? got any advices for a begginer?''


"I am Sirth of the clan Fang. Shaman. I have taken part in more than a few clan wars in my time."


"Suppose so.
Ah, seems like my turn is up. See you later."
"Don't try stuff you saw in the theatre, and wear extra armor anywhere you'd really hate to get cut."
"Impressive. Report to Captain Rodin right away at the training grounds out back."
The recruiter signs and stamps you a small paper slip.


Let's go there then.


"We'll be seeing you later then."

Wait for our turn, hopefully we can see what they have before the meeting starts.


''Don't try stuff of the theathre, cover myself, got it! and see you around'' she said as she waited in the line

''so…what kind of stuff you were planning on buying if you don't mind me asking?''


Your turn to shop
"What'll it be ladies?"
As you arrive, you see a few onlookers cheering as a huge myrmid throws down the last of his sparring partners


''I don't know, what you got that you think could interest a smith like me?'' She asked, leaning into the counter


"I saw some pistols on the gentlehuman who was here. Do you have any, or any types of bows?"


"We only have standard issue gear here. You'll want to ask the contraband impound for special stuff."
"I got a few crossbows left, at least"


It seems people are finally gathering up, save for the last few who are still at the armory


"I don't even have a bag to carry them in, but it'll be good to save up for one."

"Looks like we'll have to hold off for now. We should get going."


''You're the boss Maia. I think it's actually about time we met that captain guy or something…'' She said stretching


Yeah, I'll wait for an established group to come by.


"Don't say that. As far as they are concerned, we're probably worth the same."



The slight murmur of talking slowly died down as the sparring show ended and the officers came to assign tasks. Several lines were formed based on who you were told to get your assignments from. Go find yours!


I try to find this captain Rodina person.


Yeah, i'm going to Rodin too.


She kept following her new myrmid friend


I'll need to go towards the line of Captain Rodin.


Well look at that, what a neat coincidence.
Looks like they are taking in groups of four at a time. You'll have a moment to chat before you get assigned a task.


"Hello there. I'm "Maia", it seems we'll be working together. Please treat me well."


Look around and try to hide my disappointment that there are no other humans.

"Gasper. Pleased to meet you all."


''hello there mister Gaspar friend. I'm Duna, this big girl here is Maia and I'm a smith. that's pretty much all you have to know for now''

''Hey there big drudge dude, the name is Duna, nice to meet you''


I hiss at the goat for calling me a dude
"Hello. I am Sirth of the Fang."


I'll bow politely to them.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."


''eesh. Sorry there man…did I stepped on your t-oh… wait a minute…long fluffy tail…Oooooh goodness I'm stupid!'' She slapped her forehead
''You are also a female! Gosh this is the second time in the day hehe…I really need to stop that…''


"You can be quite dense, you know? But it must serve you as a Smith, though."


''heh…yeah…My dad never let me go out and have many friends. It was always ''stay at home, finish polishing the swords, go buy some more steel, go stay at the counter'' and so on… Now that I'm free, I feel this kind of thing is going to happen a lot…''


"Yes, good to meet you… good people too."

Look dignified.

Roll #1 7 = 7


''you look really dignified!'' She said giving him a thumbs up


"At least we know ahead of time. Though, does that make us your first group of friends since you left?"


''Mnnnyeeeesss…'' she ponders ''yes I think you are, I don't remember ever having someone to talk to for so long without my father scaring them away with a hammer twice his size…'' SHe chuckles at the thought


I just keep silent, looking around and scribbling on the floor with my staff.


"Uh.. oh! why, thank you, Capra."

Be proud, I'm showing these creatures my superiority.


"So that's what threw you off in all those cases. My hammers probably didn't aid you."


"Alright NEXT GROUP. Step up."


''heh…Well as big as those are and as big as YOU are as well, I think my dad could still have a good chance to win in a fair match, old man got a strenght inside of him that is insane. and that was the only thing I got from him. He once told me that he managed to lift a hork with his own hands. can you believe that? his own. hands!''

''Oh hey I think that's us.''
She walks up to the caller ''here!''


"That's an interesting, story. We should meet him one day."

"Ready and waiting, sir."


"We're here."


''Yeah, hey maybe you could let me try to lift you sometime!'' She said before bursting into laughter
''Hehehahahah okay okay I'm just joking around''




The Captain appears to be a woman with a scar across her lip and a bored expression.
"Present your recruitment slips please"


I'll properly present my wax sealed forms.


Place it there.



Roll #1 1 = 1


''yes ma'am'' she presents her papers


I plant my slip in front of her.


You fuck up
Roll to see how bad.
She reads them through
"Hm hm hm… yes, I think I know just the job for you…"


''Oh boy our first job, what will it be? Deal with a pack of thieves? retrieve some goods that were stolen? be sneaky and go in an assasination mission? or explore uncharted areas and uncovering fantastical monsters and see breat-taking views of the beauty of the world? haha yeah right, but still I'm so excited!''




Roll #1 10 = 10


You drop the paper, catch it as it falls, and then hand it to her.
"Something like that. Now most of you are too inexperienced to send to direct combat or delicate political situations, but there is a mission you might be well suited for.
Lord Aurel seeks to expand his connection with the neighboring states, and as a sign of goodwill, wants to help solve the drudge problem in the nearby forestlands.
The drudges there have been becoming increasingly aggressive towards eachother and other races, making trade difficult. This in turn hurts everyone in the area. We want you to go there, find out what is going on, and deal with it. Once the trade routes and forests are clear, visit the mayor of the nearby trade hub town of Lakeshead and return to us with a note from him."


See! Flawless. Give a smile.

Sorry, I gotta go


"That sounds reasonable. How long have they been acting up?"


The hair on my back stands up.
"Which clan of drudges live in the area?


''oh…by ''deal with it'' does that mean we are allowed to use violence if things get ugly?''


The captain looks puzzled
"Drudges and… other drudges? Dog politics aren't really my business."
"By all means. We'd rather you didn't burn down the whole forest though."
"Many weeks. Reports from local hunters say there was some skirmish between clans there some time back, and that this may somehow be tied to the aftermath of that."


''you got it. when we leave for duty then captain?''


"Very well. Let's just pray the disturbance is minor."


I spit on the ground and grab my stuff, readying to leave.
"Humans and other humans…they all taste the same…"


"Leave as soon as possible. It's a day's worth of walking, but I'm sure you won't mind too much. Happy hunting and return with good news."


''We will, thanks captain.'' She said walking away, but slowly enough that her allies would catch up.''


"Yes, Captain."

"Hey, don't leave without me."
I rush after her, trying to keep my garments on.


''wouldn't dream of it big girl!'' She lags behind. ''so… on the way, would you like to tell me more about you myrmids? I always loved how you guys are pratically walking armors of your own.'' She said knocking on one of her plates like how one would knock on a door


I move to run four-footed.


And so begins your first adventure

Do you want to spend more time at the fort or move on?


"I, uh, practiced for this question, but outside the armor, we're known for our fortresses. When we leave, I'll show you the one I grew up in. It's much bigger than this place, and much more colorful."

"Wait, just because I can carry them doesn't mean they're easy to run with."

Ready to move on.


''oh man really? really really?'' She asks, looking at Maia like she just offered her a bag of gold

Onwards we go!


"I have my reason for leaving, but I won't mind going back with a friend eventually."


I'm ready to move.
"Carry wot?"


''aw man aw man aw maaaan I would love to go there with ya Maia!'' She said giving her a gentle punch on the her thigh. ''Seriously you are the nicest Myrmid I ever met''


I'm running around behind you with two massive hammers.

Smile and try not to blush at her kindness.


Roll #1 8 = 8


It might be possible to save some time if you get one of the locals to take you to the woods. Many hunters have carts and horses for bigger kills, and know the forests well.


''No seriously, you tottally gotta let me do something for ya…Like…uh… oh oh I can do something about your natural armor! My father taught me how to make any armor work better and get tougher. I'm sure that works with a myrmid carapace too!''


"Sirth, do you think you can get the smell of this area, or should we ask the locals."

"I'll think about it. Maybe you can start with the hammers first. There's not much that can be done to hurt them."


"Let me try."
I try to find my way forwards with my drudge senses

Roll #1 4 = 4


''hmn…can I take a look at them?'' She said staring at the two massive hammers



They are very plain, no additional decoration on them. One resembles a malformed cube, the second is more so here like, but mostly because it has been used often.


She cringes a bit
''eeh…Maia…girl I think you should get a new weapon… I know these sure must hurt but if you do a bad swing or hit something too hard too many times, it's going to break off in a bunch of pieces…'' She said running a hand through the hammer


Finding the forest isn't much of an issue, but you'll be walking all day if you try to get there on foot.


I slap my forehead.
"Let's just get a ride!"


"It'll make my arms feel better."

"I didn't have many options when I left with them. I was thinking of having them smelted into new weapons when that happens."


"You should get a harness or something to hold those."


''yeah she got a good point.'' she points to Sirth
''And hey, if you would allow me to do that for you, it would be an honor''


"I'd be grateful. It seemed impossible enough to make a harness for one of them."


As you walk, an old guy passes you on his cart


''well I can either make you a shoddy harness…or we could get some proper materials and I can make you something that could last you for a good while…''

''hey hey hey, man, can we have a ride?''


"Once we settle the issue here, I'll properly pay you for one."


"…A ride, youngster? Where to?"


I bark "Where's ya goin?"


''yeah, where ya going?''

''Pay? naw naw naw girl, it will be my pleasure to pay for it myself, don't worry. seriously, consider this a gift. my mother always thaught me to be generous and whatnot, besides, you're now my best friend ever! so I can't charge you for a gift, that's no good!''


"Lakeshead. Gonna need to take a detour though. They say the forest roads aren't safe any more. Shame. I used to like that place when I was young."


"We can assure you safe passage through the forest."
Try to sound genuine '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


''yeah what she said!''


"Then as a friend, at least let me pay for the materials."

"We'll be more than able to make sure you get safely through."


''hmmnngh…fine…but you gotta keep telling me more about you myrmids and your culture and stuff!''


"Well now. That's mighty kind of you. Hop on then.
You from 'round these parts?"


''I'm from a bit far away, don't know anything from these parts, no sir''


"I'm from the far north."


"I'm from far too many lands to the East. I must admit that every place here is new to me."


"Well maybe I can tell you young 'un's a little history then while we travel?"


''hey I love stories, I'm all ears''


"Anything to take my mind off of all that running."



"Go ahead."
I pull my hood on top of my long ears.


"Well hop on and lets get going."
The cart starts heading down the road towards your destination, and after a while, the old guy starts his history lesson.
"You probably know this as the realm of Lord Aurel, but over the last… little over a hundred years, it has changed hands quite a bit. You see this used to all be one big kingdom - Stava. This, the neighboring realms, and plenty of other lands stretching for quite some distance. Of course that all changed with the great wars. Stava was splintered, the king died, the princes were killed or went into hiding and exile, and the lands changed shape for generations. Though not like I can complain, after all, I never lived back in those supposed golden days. I just hope Lord Aurel has a good head on his shoulders. Would hate to see more petty warlords drown themselves in blood for no good reason other than to get on the pages of history."


She silently listened to the story, her usual smile slowly fading as she stared at the distance, her ears just slightly perked up


I try to nap on the road but interject with a comment.
"Alla the nobles have piss for brains and dung for senses."


"There were a lot of people being hired for mercenary duty, if we can stabilize the lands, you'll yet be able to live in a new golden age."


"Please refrain from insulting our employers, no matter how right you usually are."


I make dog noises.




After a mostly uneventful ride, you arrive at the edge of the forest

"Well, here we are. From this point onwards, anything can happen.
You sure you want me along for this? A cart is a much bigger target"


How much would it add to our travel time? Too much?


"I don't mind the company, and if some no good bandits come around, we have Maia over here to protect our skin, right?" She pats the Myrmid's leg


"Would it even be safe for you to head out on your own?"




"There's only so much I can do if we're outnumbered…"


It would not affect that. You need to find the cause of the drudge problem, he is just heading to Lakeshead.
Unless you want to try and avoid that until meeting the mayor.
"It's the warlike drudges that worry me. Reaching Lakeshead is not a problem if I just take detours, but cutting through the woods would save half a day"


"Oh, I'm sure we can keep you safe enough."


"With so many shortcuts and detours, you're likely to get yourself injured. At least with us, they'd have to hesitate to attack."


"Well you'll be having me right behind you! There's nothing we can beat With some teamwork right?"
"… Unless we come across a dragon, dragons are on another level… "

"You don't have to worry, like Maia said, we'll keep you safe."


"Well lets keep going then."
Roll for a safe journey



Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'm sure we'd have noticed a Dragon here, at least."


Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 4 = 4


An uneasy silence follows you throughout the journey. You can't even hear birds in the air.
Something is deeply wrong here…


I lay on the luggage in the cart.
"I think there's a dragon about."


"Ugh, I hate this…"

"Please don't call ill upon us."


"Blame Maia, she started it."


''Oh…uh…I'll stay behind maiaa, like I said I would'' She says a bit nervous as she hid behind the myrmid, looking around for anything suspicious. she could swear there was something following them
'1d10' check?

Roll #1 2 = 2




"Just stay focused."


Your chatting disguises the sound of their arrival. Before you know it, the cart has stopped, its wheels snagged in trap rods.
Four drudge scouts circle you
Their leader, you assume, speaks
"What is business of yours here?"


I get up, baring my fangs.
"Who's asking?"


"We heard there was a problem… And that problem is that you drudges are being too hostile."


I'll step up besides Sirth.

"They might just be guards."


"Clan Proudmane of the great forest, rightful owner of this land.
Why you bringing strange creatures here?"


"We're saving this old man a week's worth of travel around your thicket."


"Strange creature? Now I'm offended"


"What do we care of some man-thing's time, when the traitor lurks in our woods even now?"
"Methinks they could be spies"
"Silence, food-thing"


"Now it can't be helped."

"Besides, we just got here. How can we be spies?"


"oh wow, that lady wasn't kidding when she mentioned your aggressiveness…" She mutters mostly to herself


I growl.
"It's saving our time as well!"
I hide my fangs and ask:
"What traitor?"


"You lot can be most tricksy"
"Traitor to the clan! Traitor to the forest! Bastard pup who follows in tracks of his traitor father, brother to our great leader!"


"Maybe he just wanted to go live on the plains like REAL drudges do. You can either stop wasting our time or make sense!"


"I prefer the straightforward approach."

I'll shoulder my hammers.

"We're just investigating disturbances. Is this 'traitor' what is causing all the ruckus?"


"oh so that's the problem… What's up with this traitor? Did he stole something? Murdered someone? "


"Many traditions broken here. Lines of succession confused. Elders most angry…"
He looks you over, gives a few sniffs
"On other hand, you not seem like spies. Work with us, against traitors?"


"I think we have to."


She gives a toothy smile
"I say we're on the case! As long as we can avoid a bloody carnage, I can help!"


"This must have ben what we were sent to deal with. What can you tell us?"


"Do you need cart and man-thing with you?"


"Well If it doesn't bother… Yes, now can you give us more information on this whole betrayal thing?"


"No, he is just going to the town on the other side of this forest. And I think we were supposed to go there too, eventually."
I bare my fangs again
"And don't even think of hurting this man-thing!"


"He was just helping us get here. We are helping him stay safe in his journey."


The pack leader pulls a feather from his mane and stick it to the cart
"Run along. None bother you."
The old timer just gives a scared not and hurries his horse to start moving again

"There. Now follow, and not cause trouble. Tell you what I can, but elders will provide full story, if they see you worth it."


She stretches a bit. "How far are we from where the elders are then?"


"Start yapping then. Do any of you speak good Common?"


"They in great cave at rock of leaders. Heart of forest."
"We not. Tongue of man-things strange and useless. Only scouts even taught it."


I bark at him sensually


"living in forests huh? This might be interesting " She gladly follows along


"Let us go to them and talk. We have our reasons for being here as well."


He brushes a hand through his mane and flops an ear.
It probably carries some meaning among these savages.
"Great leader born greatest of litter. Strong, proud mane, clever head. Elders see him as worthy leader.
His brother, firstborn but not strongest, resent this. Challenge Elder of War and win. Other elders refuse him, say he cheat.
So he banished, but rumor say he not gone. Some follow him, never return.
But one. She come to us, say she ran from others, help us find their hideouts, help us kill many traitor. Great leader accept her, but she harbor secret. She gives birth to litter. Litter looks like old traitor.
None surprised when one of them turns against us. So we banish the rest to be sure.
Now everything all confused, because only pup of Great Leader run off with one of them. Worry we might be soon without leaders, when great leader join Elders…"


It took her a few seconds to completely understand the situation, she scratches her head a bit as she walks along. "This is uh… A very interesting story…"


"Even here, the battles between nobles is the same. Lord Aurel has tasked us with making this path safe, if helping you out is what it takes, take us to your Elders."


[exasperated dog noises]


"We ask you show respect to elders. They wisest, cleverest, bravest, strongest and most fertile of us, or were when they had their duties. Now they elders, serve to guide new generation.
I speak, you be silent unless asked."


"Just like home. We'll cooperate as long as no harms comes to the old man."


"I know how to treat a council of elders, I wasn't born in a city."


She makes a zipping motion with her hand and her mouth, showing she would be silent


Not too much time later, you arrive to a large rock that juts out of the ground, towering about even the treetops. Several small huts and burrows line the area, along with some tree houses, which aren't common for drudges.
Several sets of eyes cautiously observe you.


I lick my lips.
"Where are the elders then?"


She smiles and waves to them drudges.


"How long have you all lived here?" I ask our escorters.


"In great cave at base of rock. Come."
A few pups look on, curious but slightly scared
"Many generations. Not even oldest of elders remember exactly."

The three other scouts leave, while the leader takes you to the base of the rock - a crater can be seen beneath it. This rock must have fallen here, perhaps from space.
Several large guards stand watch at the door


Looks like the leader will have to lead us in.


She tried to not look so menacing as she kept walking and waving

"huh… A meteorite?"


"It's a good a place as any to set up leaders. It has a presence of its own."


"A what?"
The guards exchange a few growls and then let you pass.
Inside, the cave glows with eery power. Veins of strange green ore can be seen lining the walls, and blue, luminescent fungus grows in patches around the walls. You can hear running water.


I look around and smell the air.
"This place does seem to have magic in it."
try to smell magic

Roll #1 5 = 5


"oh, that's something…" I say approaching the ore.
"anyone minds if I get a sample of these?"


"This place is, intriguing."


You smell water, metal and mold
"Do not damage things"
"Is why it houses elders."

A short way down, you come to another door. The guards here are wearing a lot of armor, and seem like they could, indeed, jam the doorway with their bodies with ease.
They exchange some… seemingly harsh words with the scout leader.


I bark at them, too.


"aw come on… I just wanted a piece… " defeated, she watches as the dogs bark to each other


The guards turn to you
"Do you seek a challenge?"


The scout backs off
"They worry that my decision to bring outsiders this far in was… unwise. Do you have any words to convince them otherwise?


I bare my teeth again
"I'll beat a forest-dwelling furbush any day of the week!"


"huh… I could try. "
She walks up to them and does a courteous bow.
" Hello, my name is Duna, me and my companions are here to have an audience with the elders, we mean no harm and you can be certain we are not spies. As a sign of good faith, I offer you all my belongings, save for the clothing I wear for the sake of decency from the society I live in… But if it is needed, I will hand them over as well." the way she said it makes it sound like it was a totally different Capra talking to them


The scout turns to the guards again, and relays the message.
A short conversation occurs, and he then turns to you.
"Your challenge is accepted.
To meet the elders, you must prove yourselves worthy of the elders.
Each of you will take part in a trial of one of the virtues of the elders
And Courage.
For the sake of efficiency, we will not offer the Trial of Fertility, as it takes quite a while.
You may choose any."


"oh good, I won't need to get naked, haha… Uh… I guess I'll take the Strength trial then! "


"Which one lets me kick that guard's stupid face up his arse?"
I point at the guard who asked about the challenge


"Test of Strength it is then"
The scout relays the message, and the guards nod, discarding their weapons.
"Rules simple: you wrestle until someone can't keep going or gives up.
Then we judge if you showed great strength or not."


"huh… That's all? Alright I'm in it. Who will be my opponent then?"


I put my staff aside and motion for the guard to come over
And then jump to get on his back

Roll #1 10 = 10


It's rather obvious it's one of the guards.
In a swift tumble, you manage to leap over the guard, push him over, and get him in a head lock.
He tries to struggle loose '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I kick him in the guts
Earthen Strike

Roll #1 6 = 6


"uh… Sorry if I break a bone or two… Buuuuuut IT'S PART OF YOUR CULTURE! HAYAAAA!" She shouts as she jumped on the leftmost guard, wrapping her arms around him and keeping him on an armlock

Roll #1 8 = 8


While he manages to throw you off, his attempt to block is… '1d10'
The guard attempts a counter '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Inadequate to say the least. You bring him down to a knee, gasping for air.
A small frame proves difficult to deal with, and the guard has great trouble reaching you.


I jump on him, straddling his chest and holding him down with my chest tuft

Roll #1 5 = 5


She Gives him an elbow jab to the top of his head "HOOYAA!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Lets see if he can… '1d10'
That will be hard to counter '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Not one bit. He is entirely helpless there.
The guard struggles to stay upright, but refuses to go down that easily


I bare my fangs at him.
"Are you giving up already?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Got some fight left in ya? Alright how about THIS!" She lifts him up, her muscles bulging and nostrils flaring as she throws him in the wall

Roll #1 10 = 10


Lets see if he does '1d10'
Can he recover? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 10 = 10


With a whimper, the guard surrenders
The guard gets tossed, but manages to land on his feet! He still has some fight left in him!


I bark at him again.


She lets out a sigh. "Curses these dogs…"
She charged up at him head on and rammed the poor dog with her horns, emptying her lungs of air with a battle scream

Roll #1 1 = 1


The scout applauds you
"A good show of strength from you. And a truly weak one from him. He is yours to do with as you wish."
Lets see where such a reckless charge leads you '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


The guard grabs you by the horns and lifts you up, growling at you


"not today, friend" She turned her body a bit to deliver a bucking blow to his face

Roll #1 1 = 1


Can he hold on? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


The guard just holds you there as you flail at nothing.
The scout chuckles
"Not a bad show. I think we can let you pass."


"No! I'm not done yet! My pride has been hurt and I will not be done until he is on his kneeeeeeeees!" She flails out of his grip in an attempt to escape

Roll #1 7 = 7


I take my staff and find a rock to sit on, and watch the Capra flail around.
I shrug "I have no need for a servant, he can do whatever he feels is right."

I think we could pause here now that knight is gone and all


Can he hold on? '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You have been defeated.
The scout nods to the guard, who looks rather defeated as he picks up his spear again.



I bark sensually again

I think pause, I'm going to bed around 3am.


She grits her teeth before stopping, looking down in shame.
>yes let's pause






The party left with some drudge scouts to meet the elders of the Proudmane clan, and negotiate a solution to the problem that has made the forest a dangerous place for everyone: a war is breaking out between the clan and an offshot founded by the clan leader's brother.


Shamefully defeated, Duna quietly waited for the decision of the drudges, her usual cheerful and confident Demeanor was clearly broken from this defeat.
"So… What happens now that I lost?… "


"It can't be anything too big, right?"


"Test was of strength, not victory. For small prey-thing to lift and throw a guard is proof enough of strength"


I'm completely lost. I'm gonna need a summary of everything or assume I was in a coma till now


Her goat ears perked up a bit
"oh yeah?… Oh… Wow… Hey Maia did you hear that? I passed!" She flexed her arm, her well defined muscles bulging as she smirks
"aw Yeah I'm the best!" Her depression now gone, replaced by her usual happy mood again


For those who missed it
The party was issued a challenge: they must pass one a trial based on one of the clan's virtues to be granted passage to the Elders. The virtues are Strength, Cunning, Wisdom and Courage.

You are currently inside a cave under a large rock that sits in a equally huge crater, possibly after it fell from space. The inside has many veins of glowing ore that offers light.
The Elders await at the bottom.

Clan Proudmane does not use names, only titles. Only their scouts speak any common languages.
Their leaders are the Glorious Leader and the Elders. Leaders are chosen once they prove to embody a virtue better than any other challenger for the post. Elders are former Leaders and other notably virtuous drudges. The five virtues are: Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Cunning and Fertility.


"Well they'll have to respect you now!"


"Well of course. Who in the hell do you think I am?" She smirks, playfully punching Maia in the side, which she could barely feel


The scout folds his arms
"Perhaps this enough proof then. Are you ready?"


"Yes, we need to move on as fast as possible with this situation."


"We should be moving, yes."


She nods
"yes, Oh and now that I showed that I am worthy and all that… Can I take a sample of that glowing ore on the way back? Can I? Can I?"


"Touch not that which is not yours."
The scout yaps at the door guards for a moment, and then nods, prompting them to open the gates to the inner cave.

He then turns back to you
"Speak softly, and leave weapons at door. Elders easily angered by disrespect."


Leave my wand hidden under my armor and present my sword by the entrance before going on.


"huh… Jeez now let's see… " She picked her hammer, pliers and knife and her other, larger hammer
" All of these can be considered Weapons right? Ah well I'll leave it all here just in case" She shrugs and does as she was told and heads inside


"Try not to scratch them."

Pit my hammers against the wall.


The scout nods, and keeps his eyes down as he heads into the deepest part of the cave.

Illuminated by giant crystals of the glowing stuff, several tall pedestals sit atop a small hill surrounded by moving water. Atop each one sits an elder. Though only two of them actually look old.
They present a questioning growl.


She looks up at them, a curious gaze as she looks at each of them.
Silently, she bows.


They don't understand us, do they?


I'll offer a formal greeting, but then I'll look towards our guide because I don't understand Drudge.


The scout exchanges a short conversation in growls and yelps with the elders, then turns to you
"The elders wish to know why you would aid us be rid of the traitor"


"We are working for a lord who wishes peace upon the area so his business can thrive. It is hard to do business in times of unrest, you see."


"Our leaders sent us here to help make peace with whatever sort of conflict was happening here. So Commerce can prosper again and such"


"Selfish reasons with no desire to see help done to the clan..

The elders speak some more and the scout translates
"Things complex. Traitor and his clan hidden well in forest. Great leader's alpha son missing…
Your aid appreciated. Needed."


"We can do as much as would benefit our Lord. Please tell us as much as you can about their whereabouts."


"it's not really selfish, the selling of wares, food, water, clothing and other goods is essential for the life of many. With the commercial area being harmed, it also harms our people. Wouldn't you do the same in our place?"



"It would help you as well, would it not? Regardless, please tell us their location."


"We scouts know traitors seen in northern parts of woods, but no exact location is found yet.
No leads on son as far as-
…well… not as far as can say in front of elders."


"We'd appreciate it if you could guide us there and discuss it, then."


"What about away from elders, then?"


"Well then let's get out and we talk outside over some tea and toast… " She jokes
" but seriously though… Why can't it be discussed in front of the elders?"


"I will ask permission"
"Matter delicate. Also, Elder of Cunning former scout. Might still remember how to speak human."


"huh, alright… Ask if the Capra can take some of that glowing ore too! Or at least, if there is some way she can have some of it, if you sell it, or have a stock full of them, I dunno" She shrugs before going back to waiting


"Let's not be more of a hassle to them, at least for now."


"But…But Gloooooowing oooooooooreeee! Imagine the awesome Weapons I could do with that!"


"We'll ask for it after they trust us, how does that sound?"


"I thought they already trusted us… But fine… I'll wait" She crosses her arms


The scout finishes his conversation and returns to you
"We may go. The Elders trust us to find the wayward son, or return with the traitor's head. If we do, they will reward us all."


"A reward eh? You can count me in!"


"We might have to pass that on to our Lord, but I'm sure they'll be pleased if we deal with this issue."


"I am looking forward to that."

"The spoils are unrelated to the mission. Let's hope the elders don't say anything."


pausing to eat, we continue soon


AND SO OUR HEROES LEFT the drudge settlement behind and made their way towards the northern forest.
"Now we speak freely. Slight deception at times necessary to avoid hassle. Such is path of cunning.
Elders not approve of you giving help, they approve of me using you as help."


"Cunning is a necessity and only fools deny it. What do we do now?"


"It serves both our purposes, everything else is just wordplay."


"Now we pick target, and get on their trail."


"you mean like tracking?… Uh… I'm not exactly that kind of girl…"


"Let's try to find the son first. We wait till the last moment before we draw arms."


"Lead the way."


"The son it is then…
Luck is, I know of things about him. For one, know why he left."


"time for another story ey?" She walks closer to the drudge
"I'm all ears"


"Not much story. He having litter with daughter of traitor. Know this much from talking to scout who leave to protect him.
One day I become Elder of Cunning at this rate…"


"We might need to know that."


"keep going, keep going "


"That all. Him not tell where they are, or what they plan. Northeast is where he headed."


"At least the Drudge politics are much clearer."


"I thought this would be complicated. He would likely have joined the traitors. We should be prepared to try and subdue him alive."


"aw. And here I was hoping to hear a story of love, betrayal and sorrow, just like in my mother's novel books." She walks along


"I simplify greatly to ensure you understand. Finding suitable words to convey the nuances impossible."
"If he join them, why not go to them?"
"Books? What is… books?"


"uh… It's like… Those square things that are full of little words written on it"


"No, it's fine that way. It's clear and easy to understand. I've had to sit through so much flowery language before that I'm grateful for simplicity."


"He is waiting. Maybe he expects a party headed for him and wants to either destroy us or win us over to his side. That's what I think, anyway."

"Books are recorded knowledge so that you don't need to hear the knowledge directly from another person. That's the simplest way I can explain it."

What to expect from animals?


"Ah yes, written language. Such silly things you create."
"Worst case, bear horde. One on move these last weeks, not sure where now, all scouting efforts gone to locating traitors.
Traitor scouts would also be problem… for most."


"Well at least I don't pee in trees to mark territory…
That's a thing you drudges do Right? "


"How big a Horde are we talking about?"


No quotations are thoughts, so I'm thinking these drudges are animals

"Not well trained? I'm sure we are more than capable of felling a few."


"Not thing for public discussion."
"Three tens, at last count."
"We see, when time comes"

Roll for tracking


Have '1d10' as help

I need to go slp, 5am

Roll #1 4 = 4



"So many should have a hard time surrounding us."

Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 1 = 1


"You'd think so, but clearly, you've never seen a bear horde.



So yeah
There was a bear horde


Bear horde
Last time I checked we were still talking to the drudges


"Where did they come from!?"


"They're not here yet. We should leave while we're able."


"Oh. That's neat…" She says sarcastically

"Hey Maia, I never worked with fur before… Think I could make you a nice bear set if we're lucky though… "


"I never thought about what hammers would do to fur."


The scout, alarmed but composed, looks around
"Possible to still evade it. But must hurry, and hope others where they should be."


"My hammer isn't my only tool big girl. Besides, I love trying new things" She bumps Maia side with her elbow

"You're the boss.. So, should we just stay quiet or distract them with something?"


"Then let's leave! I'd rather save my strength for felling the rebels."


"Show us what we need to do."


"Speed will be key. Run as fast as possible, do not fall. Caves near here. Good defensive position. Allies there."


We roll to run?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Going fast. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Running? Huh… I never really worked with my legs, mostly with my arms." She said hopping a bit to ward up. "But running it is!"
She speeds up and bolts away
'1d10' FAST

Roll #1 6 = 6


gotta go relatively quickly



Roll #1 1 = 1


It may be the panic getting the best of you, or perhaps you really just are lethally incompetent.
Roll for terribleness of outcome.
You make decent speed, and soon approach the caves. Near then, you can see a few drudges standing watch. Their marking do not look at all like the marking of the clan you just visited…


Nature. It conspires against us.

Roll #1 6 = 6


She blinks and waves.
"uh… Hello"
"Wait… Wait… Where are the human guy and the drudge?" She asks no one in particular, looking behind her


"Any idea on how many there are?"


"I'm sure they'll be right with us."



Roll #1 10 = 10


The thing you stumbled over was a trip wire. It springs a trap, sending rocks tumbling down the hillside into the approaching bears.
Siri makes it out with but a few torn articles of clothing, Gaspar additionally suffers some big bruises but nothing dangerous.
The scout motions you towards the cave
"Inside! Hurry!"


"Pardon me."

Quickly get the fuck in!


Keep moving, making whiny noises


"Shouldn't we look for traps?"

Get in there with them.


Get inside quickly!


Once inside, the sentry signals the other drudges, who lower large wooden stakes across the entrance.
"Good. We safe for now. Come. Time for honesty now.
…Always knew where son of leader was. He here. We plan together."


"…You have your own goals. What are you looking for?"


"I thought we got here a little too fast and quietly. What is your angle in all this then?"


"Great prince has tongue more suited for fancy words than I, but plan simple - we take over both clans."



What the fug happened last time


"How could that he done? They seem liable to tear each other apart than work together."


The elders approved of you to hunt down the traitor leader, or find the clan leader's missing son.
The scout had a 'rough idea' where the missing prince was.
He was, as always, telling half truths.


So, what, we're helping this kid who is not from the traitors but from the other clan usurp the traitors and his own clan?


"Well, on out side we have alpha son of proudmane clan, and prized daughter of splinter clan.
And great prince has devious plan."
Well, the scout just suggested the idea.
Of course, you can just kill him and everyone else here.


I cross my arms.
"And why should we help you?"


"This whelp wants to take over everything? Now that's going to cost quite a bit. That depends if he agrees with our terms."


"And do you at least have a plan to do this?"


She mimics the drudge, standing by her side and crossing her arms
"Uh… Yeah! Why should we help you?"


"Perhaps best we let him explain in person."
He leads you deeper, past several guards and servants who all seem to know him.
At the back of the cave, behind many lines of defence, awaits the prince and his mate.

The scout bows before him
"Great prince. I return."


I scout for a fast way out and smell the air while I wait behind the scout.


"Prince. Harbouring dreams of rebellion? Seizing power… I'm impressed."


She does a short bow, remaining courteous. "Your highness."


"The political game is the same everywhere. Only the faces change."


I'll offer a respectful bow. This is a situation we are dealing with, not our fight yet. No need to antagonize.


Many guards between you and the exit. It'd be a fight.
The prince, an impressive young thing, flashes his teeth with a smile.
"I see my little snake has served me well once again. I will see him well rewarded.
If all has gone to plan, you should have met my old clan, and have their approval to… hunt me down? Bring me back?
But I assure you, if you just listen to my proposal, you'll soon see that their offering is a mere perchance of what I can give you."
His slight stumbling in vocabulary aside, the prince is notably more eloquent than the other drudges you've met in these woods…


I keep a frowny face on.
"A silver tongue fits you like a bastard fits on a throne, Prince."


"Well then, what are you offering? Not just for us, mind you. I'd like to hear how your new order will affect the wood."


Hey he didn't seem like a bad dude at all. "I'm listening, not sure about my friends here." She says motioning to the human, the drudge and the Myrmid


"There's still too much I am not certain of, but I can at least listen to your proposal as well."


"If you help me claim the throne, I will be in a position to offer you whatever it is you need. Unlike my father, who is too proud to admit it when he needed help."


"So is there some situation going on they are keeping to themselves? Anything that would lead to so much trouble for others."


"What are your plans? An usurpation plot is best done as quickly as possible. You'll want your jungle intact. And how about your plan after that? If you can acknowledge your ascension to the throne here was with the help of other races act act accordingly…"


She scratches her ears.
"Will you Forge an alliance with our leaders?"


"Last I checked we only needed to have this shrubbery be quiet for the local nobles. Can you offer us that and why would it be better than trying to help the rightful leader of the tribe?"


"Well, father will grow old, and his price will only grow deeper. Unless humbled now, he may soon just deny you passage to what he sees as 'his' forests."
First, I send you and my trusty snake off to the splinter clan, to tell them of a supposed chance for an attack on my father's clan.
Then, I return to my father, and slay him in a duel to become the Great Leader.
And when the splinter clan arrives, they will be greeted with open arms by me and their own princess bitch here."
He runs his hand along his mate's tail.
"if that is the price of your aid"


"Or maybe we should tie you up and bring you back to the tribe to wait for your balls to drop, whelp."


"Oh now what would you gain from that?"


I start counting with my paw
"Well, Integrity, self-respect, ability to sleep at night…"


"Allow roads to be constructed through the woods and guarantee the safe passage of travelers. Those are my base terms. If you were to construct services for them, I'm sure you'll benefit as well. The Elders are not likely the type to allows this, so if we are helping you we must see a change. Is that understood?"

Give a strange look, then quickly look away.


"I guess so… Among a few other things… Though I'm not really comfortable about making this deal for personal gains without first talking to our leaders. Would you let us have audience with them before we have a deal? It would be for the best."
She says before turning to the drudge. "What you have against him? He seems nice enough really… Well except for the fact that he's giving away his mate like a toy… That's really not nice."


"Hm? You are not convinced? Perhaps if I offered personal rewards too?"
"Under my rule, those who march under the banners of my allies will be free to go as they please.
The council of elders will not overrule me. I will ensure that."


"Free travel is what we are here to do, and this sounds like the only way we can achieve it."


I whisper in a really silent voice
"Not in front of the whelp."
I start counting the amount of guards we're gonna have to smack on the head to get out of here, while I whisper to the others
"We'll have to nab the bastard and beat a hasty retreat, are you ready?"


"I'm willing to take his terms. Something wrong?"


"Would you wish to contemplate in private?"


"Hmn… I guess this is good enough… But really. Let me talk to my leaders first, I will feel more comfortable that way… But since you're offering… I would like some of that glowing ore,yeah…"

"Seriously, don't. Let's talk this and come to an agreement together. Not jump to brash choices. Heck even I am not that bold.. "

" Yeah that sounds perfect right guys?"


"So am I. I just didn't expect a coup so soon."

"Perhaps just a moment."

"We'd probably not make it back with their scouts hounding us."


I roll my eyes.
"Yes, fine, we'll have a chat."


"It'll only take a minute or so, but sure."


He points you to a side room
"Return to me when you have reached a verdict."


She puts a hand on your shoulder. "Stay cool alright? No masterwork is forged just by hammering metal with a hammer. You need patience and know when and where to strike." She raises a finger, quoting someone
"My father used to tell me that all the time"


"Got it. Thank you"

Once there, she turns to her allies
"So… We have to decide what we'll do. Us three are mostly fine with accepting but I still want to report back about this… I have a bad feeling in my gut… And our drudge friend is really against this it seems."



"Thank you."

When we're inside, turn to Siri.

"What's your objection?"


"Rule number 1 of Drudges: Respect your elders. I don't trust that idiot. He's more like a human noble wearing the coat of a drudge than a drudge."
I scrape the floor with my claws.
"He's not fit to lead a hunting pack, much less a tribe. If we can secure a deal with the council and the chieftain, the forest will be safe for life."


"The elders seem to be doing a fine job. Rebels, unrest… is this a norm?"


"yeah he sounded nice at first but quickly escalated into a huge ass… But there is some truth in your customs… Though… Yeah I really can't decide. His offers are tempting but the Council sounds like the right choice. What do you guys think?"


"I agree with Duna. We are Mercenaries, not legislators, this seems way over us. If we can at least keep them talking to us, we can hand this off to more qualified personnel."


"We wouldn't be here if your leaders hadn't invaded Drudge territory, would we?"
"Whatever we do, I will not do that whelp's bidding."


She smiles. "Alright, I guess we'll be making an excuse to leave and talk with the elders… Or rip his head and bring it for them…" She shrugs


"Perhaps if you'd let the whelp bring a bit of civilisation it'd work out, you know? You're free to scamper among some flowers while we do the work if you like."


"Honestly, let her have a voice in this conversation. This is an important matter for her as well."


"Perhaps we should tie you up with the prince and bring you both back to the tribe."
I bare my fangs.


"You know, turning against your allies is also a bad thing, if you are planning on betraying us, who you were assigned to this mission with, then you are no better than he is Sirth… "


"Both of you stop. This is clearly over all of us. Let's give the Lord the option. He can bring in a force greater than several mercenaries and hammer out a deal. At least we know the players now."


Look back cooly. Snarling dog.

"I'll rephrase this. What's the best way to make sure we won;t have problems here for as long as possible?"

"That's one option as well. It really might be easier to keep our hand clear."


The Scout pokes his head into the room
"You need help with anything?"


"Like I said, if we make a deal with the council and the chieftain, the tribe will respect it to the ends of time!"
I growl
"Or more likely until your lord decides to break the deal."
"Fine. We'll go back to the castle."


She leans her back against the wall.
"That's a damn good plan too… But bringing a bunch of soldiers might give the wrong impression… "


"We only need to secure their cooperation. Anything else is their business."


"That's easiest. In the end we're just here to make sure they stay out of trouble. I'm not too concerned which group."


She claps her hands.
"Excellent! We have an agreement. The sooner we go, the sooner I can get my hands on that precious glowing ore ehehehe…" She mischievously rubs her hands together


Once in agreement, talk to the Prince or the Scout.


So it seems we're going to retreat and get the Lord's thoughts on this


You may tell this directly to the prince, or see if the Scout can come up with some sneaky solution for you.


Talk to the scout and get out for now. Regime change is too far out of our pay grade.


The scout slips into the room with you
"yes? A solution you have found?"


"We'll need to discuss it with the local noble. A situation like this might need his opinion."


The scout glances over his shoulder
"…and if assist you in this…
…what is my reward?"


"It'll be discussed with with the noble. I'll ask for a small sum in your favour at minimum, if that interests you."


"Small sum not much of offer.
Prince would make me Elder of Cunning."


I'll leave this to be discussed when everyone else is back.


I bark at him suggestively


I think we're kinda low on people
Should we keep going?


It's ogre for now


But I just made a great jooooke


"Is that an offer?"


"What kind of a drudge doesn't speak [bark]"?


"…misunderstandings have happened in the past"


"Maybe you'll tell about those when we walk to the castle"
Fine then, pause


It's only a pause if the players stop playing


Well, no one else is here?


I am, but tired


Fine, lets call it a pause then.



We can continue on steam~


Drudge politics were ongoing.

The Scout is willing to help you leave in peace to meet up with your lord… for a price.


"Sssssooooo, what was your name again?"


"Scout. Is what I do - so is who I am."


"Your reward would have to wait, but you can always remember to offer that to our lord. Maybe if we invade and crush all opposition you'll be made leader."


"If nothing else, you'd be able to appeal to the Lord in case things get worse."


''Huh…So…Following that thought it means the smith is called ''Smith''?
''And the medic? Is his name ''Medic''?
she scratched a bit of her half burnt hair as she spoke


"…thought you work for important lord man. You not able to give more?"
"Elder is elder. Leader is leader. Scout is scout. But scout can become leader, or elder. Then leader or elder. Simple, no?"


''So simple it's confusing…But hey, I can give you something in exchange…I couuuuld…'' She puts a hand in her chin
''Make a weapon especially for you! Or an amazing shiny new armor for you to use in battle!''


"We're only employed by him, nothing else. But this is a matter someone like him can handle."


"We're contracted. We are not a part of a long lived group like a tribe or clan, we're merely hired swords."


He thinks for a while.
"…Prince offer me position as Elder… Can you asks lord man to help him win, so I get it, and reward?"


''Yeah we could do that right folks?''


"Doesn't seem like too much to ask."


"If that is his decision, of course."


The scout grins widely
"Yesss… I will be right back."
He goes to talk to the prince. You may listen in, if you so wish


I spit on the ground and look angry.


Listen in

''Oi, Mind your manners!''




I just shrug my shoulders.



"My prince, I, with great cunning and wisdom have gained the Human Lord himself as ally. Thanks to my brilliance of mind and quick thinking, you now only need wait arrival of great armies of men who fight to the last for your rulership of this forest, o glorious Mantamer!"

He is hamming it up really hard…


She crosses her arms and tries not to laugh
''THis guy…this guy right here, heh…''


"He's certainly making a good case for himself."


"That cub isn't fit to lead a hunting party, much less a clan."


Wonder where he learned it. At least he doesn't have pockets to hide daggers in.


After some more smarmy talk, the scout and prince both come to greet you
The prince is all smiles
"I await your troops eagerly. have them meet me here, so I may issue my orders to them."
The scout winks at you


''Yeah, can't really blame him I guess, I would try to get on the Prince's good side myself with sweet words and all that too…''

''Great! Sooooo canIgetsomeofthatore?''


"We will do what we can."


I pretend not to notice


"Well? Let's hurry and go."


He growls a bit
"Anything, once I am Leader."
The prince nods, and the scout leads you outside
"Where you need to get now?"


I need to go to sauna
I give him a mean look


She claps her hands together ''Excelent, Excelent!''


"Just fine if we can be guided back to the road."


Give him directions to the Lord's estate. I remember, right?


Do you wish to
>travel to Lakeshead and talk to the mayor, as you were instructed to do
>return directly to the Lord
>return to the Drudge Village


>mayor, as were instructed
I don't remember this


The Mayor. He should be informed.

We need a note from him before we can go back


Gaining the gratitude of Lakeshead by making the roads secure was the ultimate goal here.


>Mayor yep


"I suppose we should visit Lakeshead before returning to the lord."


The scout takes you to the edge of the woods and asks a final question
"What should I tell clan leader? That he not worry, should do nothing?
…or let him come to prince, so you ambush him?"


"Tell him that we're going to ambush the prince."


"You sure about that?"


"I wouldn't have said it if I wasn't."


"…I do not follow?"


"I'm not very assured that you've decided to follow our plan."


''Woah wait what? We had a plan Sirth!''


"Yes, we were going to meet with the lord?"


''yeah and bring the troops here, but not ambush them ourselves''
''Sirth I'm really starting to have trust issues with you…''


food pause


"I will not support a cub."


''Well geez missy, you're acting like a Cub yourself''


"Well let those in charge decide if they want someone else in charge, but we should try to keep ourselves clean of all of this."


I rub my temples in annoyance.
I roll my eyes.


"Tell them not to worry. This seems like political maneuvering with a political answer, not something where soldiers will be needed to fight each other."


And so you leave the forest behind, returning to the road to Lakeshead. It should be easy to find the mayor from here, given how Town Hall is hard to miss - it sits on a hill overlooking the entire town.


"Let us hope things go smoothly here."

Let's head on in and try to get a secretary to tell us where the mayor is.


Do we still have players?


A pause here seems like a good idea.


I don't know


Pausing for now.
Lets see if want to continue when maali comes back

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