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Now, listen well! The Pokémon you have been entrusted with are unfamiliar with the world. In that regard, they’re much like you.

As fellow newcomers to the world, I hope you’ll all do well together. And now, we’ll be on our way.




Fury Swipes



Double Kick
Poison Sting

Poke Ball: 1
Potion: 2

>"Typical! Now, Inkay, confusion!"

>Nidoran (Zoro) scratches the Inkay hard! The Inkay retaliates by sending a psychic shockwave…

>It had no effect!

>"What? Did it miss?"





Clear Body

Iron Defense
Metal Claw



Sand Attack

Not memorised:



Water Gun

Paralyze Heal2
Burn Heal1
Poke Ball1
Antidote 2

Food 3
Poke treat18

>"It's dangerous to go up to random people and ask for fights! Let me show you!"

>You are challenged by Hiker!

>Hiker sends out Slugma!




Inner Focus
Leech Life
Quick Attack
Wing Attack


Speed Boost

Focus Energy



Tail Whip
Quick Attack
Focus Energy

Poke Ball3
Potion 4
Full Heal3
Oran Berry5

Poke Treat6

50P for a room.
Jasper opts to just sleep in his Pokeball today.


Sweet dreams.

Jasper has learned Astonish!
Jasper has learned Bite!
Jasper has learned Confuse Ray!

Carvanha has learned Aqua Jet!
Carvanha has learned Scary Face!
Carvanha has learned Ice Fang!

Switch out moves?




Quick Attack
Fury Cutter
Mega Drain

Not memorised:

Rock Head

Mud Slap



Spider Web
Leech Life
Thunder Wave



Poison Sting
Sand Attack
Knock Off

Rusty has learned Metal Claw!
Rusty has learned Iron Defense!
Swap out moves?

Potion 5
Escape Rope1
Poke Ball1

Food7 (restocked at base)

>You did. Sleep well, young ranger.




Known Moves:
Calm Mind


Double Team
Disarming Voice
Calm Mind

Not memorised:


Speed Boost

Sand Attack
Baton Pass

Not memorised:
Focus Energy



Water Gun
Focus Energy

Poke Ball3
Potion 3

Food 3

>The Combusken pumps a wing into the air.

>Feels really good.

>"Now that you've gotten a team together… why not challenge me at the gym?"




Sweet Kiss

Not memorised:
Tail Whip

Water Absorb

Water Sport
Water Gun

Water Absorb

Poison Sting

Poke ball2
Potion 4


>The last shot takes it down!

>You are victorious! Punk Girl was defeated! Obtained 150P in prize money.



2300 P

Natural Cure
Cloud Nine
Fury Attack

Not memorised:
Disarming Voice

Potion 3
Poke Ball6
Repel 1


You can swap out moves again.

>Good morning. Back on the road today?


Squire Escala:



Shed Skin
Marvel Scale
Thunder Wave
Aqua Jet




Potion 4
Poke Ball 3
Full Heal 2
Antidote 2

Food 5


File: 1418829327726.jpg (6.1 MB, 4112x4112, POKEMAP all towns.jpg)

Current map.


Aron: "Rusty"
Rock Head

metal claw
iron defense

not memorized:

When I wake up, I'll look around the HQ to see what they have here.


Awesome. I think that'll do for today. I should go get the pictures I've taken sent to the editor.


Squirtle, I choose you!"
Throw the ball in a very theatrical fashion!
"Water gun!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


>Switch quick attack and supersonic for bite and confusion ray


>Switch Leer, rage and focus energy for Aqua jet, Scary face and Ice fang.

Also please explain how inner focus,infiltrator and guts work in this quest.


"I suppose I could…if you think I'm ready for it."


>You get a very nice view of the Blitzle charging off, cloaked in flame. You manage to get one picture.


You get a yellow blur for your efforts.

>Just as you see Fabiorge in the distance, you see that same Skarmory again, except it has a struggling Seviper in its beak.


>Lela: "Wait, if you are that good with a camera…"

Quickly grab both Beldum and Sandile, pulling them into a hug, and smiling widely put out a peace sign.
"Take our pic!"
>7, 9

Want to remove any of these pictures before sending? Or add comments?

Your new Squirtle leaps out!
He eagerly shoots a water gun! It's super effective!
The slugma uses ember, but it's not very effective? The flames barely seem to scorch the shell.

Inner Focus mainly protects from flinching, and might allow Jasper to remain concentrated in certain difficult situations.
Infiltrator allows attacks to bypass enemy attempts to evade or protect, and barriers like Safeguard, Reflect, Light Screen and Substitutes.
Guts raises physical attack power if user is inflicted by a burn, paralysis, or poison.

"Well, maybe, we'll have to see, won't we?"

He gives you a knowing nod, and then goes off to the gym behind the meeting hall, at the back of the psychic's district.


Remove the blurred one. Add some comments of what happened to the rest.


"What was that about picking fights with strangers, old man?"
"Squirtle, one more! Water gun!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


We awake yet? Or do I get a dream cutscene or sumthing?


Alright then.
Ready to turn in for the day?

Your squirtle's pretty accurate. His water jet douses off the Slugma, putting in down.

"Oh? Have a taste of this!"
Hiker sent out Roselia!


hmm, you don't remember, but the light outside your window's poking at your eyelids.

You're in the Spring Fields now, a major city focused on agriculture. What did you plan to do today?


"Squirtle, come back! That was some great work!"
Rummage through my pokeballs… And throw Pentium out!
"Iron defense!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Yup, time to rest up.


I follow.


Stretch and study pokemon of course. Also release the Rattata Jasper and the Carvanha. I wanna see how they are doing


The opponent Roselia begins a draining attack just as Pentium is send out!

It doesn't affect Pentium that much, and Pentium gets a chance to start polishing his armor.

"Heheh, Stun Spore!"

Pentium, however, is able to avoid the spore cloud! For now.

Sweet dreams.

Pichu has learned Nasty Plot!

Poliwag has learned Doubleslap!

Cacnea has learned Growth!

Replace moves?

Thunder Wave
Sweet Kiss

Nasty Plot

Water Sport
Water Gun



How're you going to do that today?

Jasper looks well-rested, as does Carvanha.

She might be willing to respond to a nickname now…

The Ratata immediately starts sniffing around the room.

"I would like to send you off as a proper challenger, so I will set the difficulty of the gym to your appropriate skill level. Navigate through it and find me at the back, I shall be waiting."

He goes off into the gym.
Want to prepare before entering?


"Hah! Your Inkay can't even hit it's mark! All right, use Leer!" '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Remove Charm. Nasty Plot is very useful.

Remove Water Sport for Doubleslap.

Remove Leer for Growth.


No idea
I guess I'll just look around and if I find an interesting pokemon…I'll study it
Also check that Rattata. What the heck is he doing?
"Hey hey buddy what the heck are you doing? "


"Relying on such a slow attack is a fool's strategy! Let me show you true resolution!
Pentium, Iron Claws! Shear that Roselia down to size!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Yes. I'll go get a couple more potions and maybe some awakenings.


Zoro/Nidoran leers at the Inkay! It's guard falls.. defenses fell!

"Hnng! Try again!"

Inkay used confusion! The mindpower attack still doesn't affect Zoro!

Cacnea has no need to replace a move.

Good morning. What did you come to the fabricant city for, again?

You can probably find interesting Pokemon if you fought more. Maybe you could ask to check out interesting battles in the Gym, or challenge them yourself.

Else, there are groups you can check out. Breeder's Guild, Capture guild… A Pokefan club, even. These major clubs seem to have branches in every major city.

The Rattata seems to be sniffing for food. Eventually he find your bag, and without asking he breaks into your treats and eats two.

4 left.

Carvanha growls at it.

Your Beldum flies off and claws at the Roselia!

"Just take care of this one and we win! come on!"

The cloud just manages to hit Pentium…
Pentium is paralyzed! His movements slow down drastically!

How many?

You have 3500P.


Oh right.

I'd love to meet the gym leader of this city. I don't think I'm tough enough to take him or her on yet though. I guess it can't hurt to go check out the gym.


You don't need speed when you are almost indestructible!
"Keep going Pentium, you are invincible!"
Metal claaaaaaw!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Approach it and pic him up.
"Okay time out little guy. If you're that hungry you first hAve to ask. Understood? You're not in the wild anymore so first you need to introduce yourself to your new friends."
I gently place him down in front of the Carvanha and Jasper. "Now you three say 'hi' to each other."
I also take the bag and the poke treats and put it on my back. Holding the treats in my hand out of reach of the pecking Rattata


"Oh come on! Twice in a row? The first time was just bad luck, but this? This is just embarrassing!"
Fury Swipes! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Two or three ought to be enough.


The gym's easily accessible through tram. You travel through the city past small street workshops into the center…

There's the gym, a building shaped like a large shield from the top.

"Mega Drain!"

Pentium's energy is drained… it's not very effective, but the Roselia heals off a slight amount of damage!

Pentium claws into the Roselia again! Normally, one more attack would do it, but the scales could tip at any moment…

One hit!
Two hits!
Three hits!

The Inkay looks weakened.

"Fury Swipes? But.. wait… Inkay, tackle into it!"

Inkay tackles into to Zoro, and… the illusion is dispelled!

"Damn it!"

Two Potions, three awakenings? That;s 1350.


Pentium's still relatively well off, no?
"One more, she can't keep at this forever!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


A shield huh? That's a clue of what to expect I suppose.

Head inside.


Pentium's on a roll today! It keeps getting solid hits one after another!

The Roeslia tries to drain more, but relents.

Hiker was defeated!

"Well, uh… I guess you'll be alright challenging people!"

Obtained 200P for winning!

The inside is a large factory layout??

"Welcome to the Fabiorge City gym!"

An attendant is standing behind a counter.

"Do you intend to be a challenger?"


Eh, maybe just the two awakenings then. That should be enough.


"hahahahaha! Oh man, the look on your face… didn't see that one coming, did ya?"
Pursuit! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


It's not even funny anymore


"No, not just yet. I just wanted to see if it was at all possible to speak to the gym leader of this gym."



Jasper squeaks a bit, while Carvanha just stares the Rattata down.

It simply turns arund and attempts to jump to grab the treats off you…

It doesn't get high enough, fortunately.

No potions? That's just 500P.

Zorua hounds the Inkay!
The Dark attack is definitely stronger coming from Zorua.

The Inkay falls! Gym trainer was defeated!

"Riiight, so you feel for the trap on purpose…"

Obtained 100P for winning!

"For what, though?"


"Get some more training in, big guy."
Smirk at him and take my money, letting Squirtle and Pentium out of their balls.
"How are you guys feeling?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Pentium is still having difficulty moving… it's barely staying afloat and its eye isn't open fully.

You should being it to a Pokemon Center or use a paralyze heal before this worsens.

Squirtle feels great, he's barely hurt. He has his arms up in cheer and everything.


"Oh you want some of this?~" I ask in a sing song voice while shaking the bag higher up on top of him.
"Alright let's make a deal. How about it?if you succeed you can eat all that's left of the treats." I say giVing Jasper and the Carvanha a wink


Whoops, right! Let's head for the poke center, I can carry Pentium there in my arms and all!
"Good job, both of you!"
And pet its head as we head to the center.


Jasper and Carvanha both look confused.
What, you're going to tolerate this scum's behaviour?

The Rattata jumps and grabs it!
He is greedily devouring everything…


Yeah, sure. Let's just do that. To the gym.


Groan as I put him back in the pokeball.
"There goes the chance to have a nice training session…Sorry about that you guys…I promise I'll buy more for you two later…" I apologize to them and crouch down to the Carvanha."you want some too girl?I don't think I ever offered you any"


"Hello there, welcome to the Binestrone Pokemon Center! Oh, that's a pretty basic case of paralysis, isn't it? Hang on…

The attendant takes Pentium and has it put into its Poke Ball, then scans and injects something into it.

"All done! Come back anytime!"

You head for the doors to a building dug a little into a ground…

Jasper and Carvanha don't look very reassured.
The Carvanha turns to look at the treats for just a moment, before looking at you, then the Pokeball with the Rattata.

It might be less because of the treats, but maybe they're upset about the way the Rattata's treating you?

Its utter disrepect for someone it owes its life to!



"Well, it was so obvious, it wouldn't have been any fun to just go around it. Now I've got a meeting with your gym leader, so I'll be off."
Head back onto the elevator.


"That's really amazing! How do you even do it?"


"I'm a reporter on the road looking for the best of the best our region has to offer."


"Certain medicines can be administered directly to Pokeballs to improve their effectiveness. It's the power of technology you should be amazed at! Why, interested in being a nurse?"

Fortunately he seems to believe you.

The GYM LEADER button isn't highlighted anymore. Now there's just a NOT GYM LEADER and ground floor button.

"And you want to observe a gym battle? Without battling yourself?"


I sigh
"Yeah…I think the little guy is beyond fixing…Sadly…" I say looking at the pokeball before putting it on my pocket. "Ah well. Let's get going you two…come on" I say letting both follow me outside their pokeballs as I go outside


You're in town of Spring Fields. The city buildings here don't have wild Pokemon about. Maybe you should head out further?


In we go.


It should be morning time, lets check out the Ranger HQ, what kind of things are here?


but for now…let's look for a place to have fun with my pokemon. They deserve it


You slept there, remember?

Not much is going on. You got up right at reveille, and most of the rangers are helping themselves to a breakfast.

It's a completely dark space inside!

You can barely see in front of you, somehow the ground around you can be easily seen, but that's it. The ground consists of stepping stones in a pool of shallow water that extends fat beyond the tiny area you can see.

The stepping stones only go forward in one direction. A ripple in the water comes from there every five seconds…


What sort of fun?

There seems to be a show for travelers about the benefits of ground type farming somewhere. There's a gym in town… and the usual guilds.


but for now…let's look for a place to have fun with my pokemon. They deserve it


I do remember, but no one gave me a tour. Oh well, lets grab some tofu for myself and let my pokemon point out their own selections.



Maybe I should ask them where theywant to go!
"Hey you guys. There's a gym and some guilds here…but i wanna know where do You want to go " I say petting the Carvanha and Jasper


I follow the stones.
Can I sense anything?

Roll #1 7 = 7


Of your Pokemon…

Lily helps herself to salad and egss.
Rusty sniffs around and, after failing to eat the table legs, decides that spinach is just fine.

Joltik goes over to a nearby unused wall socket, and Gligar helps itself to bacon and eggs.

Jasper doesn't have much of a opinion, but Carvanha is eagerly looking at the gym.

Yes. The pulses lead you to… a trainer!

"So you're going to be challenging your mentor, eh? I'm not holding back!"


Yep, head out for Spring Fields.


Frown at Rusty. "I'll have to find you some rocks buddy.."
Maybe I should consider getting some eggs for our next journey.
Breakfast complete, look around to see if this HQ has a training area of some kind..


Smile as I take them there "the gym it is girl…" I say as I whistle a tune on the way


Back on the road.

The plains of the central region are overtaken by trees that form forest denser and denser as you walk in.

Maybe you can find some Pokemon. Look around as you walk?

Afraid not. This is a pretty small town, all the way up north. You could always practice outside in one of the battle grounds.

You enter the large doors of a barn-like gym to be overwhelmed by an earthy scent.

It looks like a large greenhouse inside.

"Hello! Are you a new challenger?"

an attendant behind a counter hails you.


Hm… on one hand, I really could use some back up for Double. On the other hand, I need to be at full strength for my hunt at the Spring Fields. Besides, my commitment to careful hunting is what sets me apart from those reckless trainers that capture everything they see.

Keep going.


Okay then. Lets just explore Greenlink.
Look for signs and such '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Take a pleased breath of the fresh muddy air before turning to speak
"Um…no I'm just bringing my Carvanha here for a visit…just look around and see some battles you know?"


Planning a hunt there are you? There have been rumours downwind…

Roll for your safety.

It links a few minor towns, but that's not really enough to make it a, major town.

A chilling wind bites you. It can be pretty cold here.

Roll for your fortune here.

"Oh, you.. only want to observe?"



Roll #1 4 = 4


I'm already generating rumors? Wow.


Roll #1 9 = 9


"Uh…yeah…Anything wrong with that? "


You trip, of all things. Lily lies underneath you, dazed when she tried to break your fall.

What's that piece of paper?

Not you, silly.
The wild Pokemon stat out of your way… you stop just short of a sudden burst of yellow spores.

"Well, uh… no one's challenging at the moment, you see…"



File: 1419744782269.jpg (4.06 MB, 4112x4112, POKEMAP cut.jpg)

Newer map


"Oh, sorry.. still not used to your new size Lily.."
Read the paper as I get up right.


"What about taking people along? There's so much out there to see, and only so little time that I don't want to wait for it to be brought to me."


It seems to be a page torn off the local paper. Mainly advertisements here….

>Can't provide a home for your Pokemon anymore? Need a new one? The Greenlink Adoption center can take in your friends for you!

>Join an exploration squad! Gathering people for expedition into Cradle Bay! Strong trainers wanted, preferably with four badges minimum.
>Come take the Gym challenge! Spring Fields gym newly open!

Lily rubs her head.

"Seeking advemture, are you? I suggest you take the gym challenge. These are dangerous expeditions at time, you'll have to show you can take care of yourself.


"Oh, that does make sense. Well, you said there were Arena's around these parts, so it might be a good idea to see what they know. I'm sure there are plenty training to take on the gyms there. Where's the closest Gym, and which arenas are on the way?"


"huh.. seems like we're gonna have to try a gym if we want jobs outside of the guild.. But maybe we can make a little money at the adoption center.."
rub Lily's head as well, trying to soothe her headache.
"Or we could check for a nice store, maybe we can snag a good frying pan, or a cool TM. Yea, then we'll know how much money we need for that kind of thing!" Lets try browsing around for what kind of stores are in greenlink.


"Oh, that's easy, there are grounds near inns like these where trainers battle. Look right outside and you'll see it. As for gyms… there's a Dragon one in the rising city. You can travel to Petrotown for a poison gym, or Lanobe for a Dark one.

You've got a nice and convenient cooking tin with your travel gear.

There's the usual Pokemart, or course. There are quite a few restaurants serving produce from the Spring Fields mixed with Herbs from the Evergreen. Now, if you wanted TMs… how about that shop with discs in the window?


"The Dark Gym suits me just fine. I'm already headed down that way to begin with. Oh, and after I stop at the Pokemon Center, are there any customs I should know about when fighting people here? I wouldn't want to be rude."


"Oh, battling's a pretty universal thing. Just that the challenger decides whether it's a single, double or triple battle."

"Anything else?"


"No. Thank you, you've been a big help. I'll stop off at the Pokemon Center before calling in for the night. It's already getting dark."

I'll lock up my bike and take Growlithe to get fixed up. A little food and sleep will do all of us well.


Lets try the disc shop, we just had breakfast so we don't need a restaurant yet.


The pokemon center's nearby. Growlithe is fine, she didn't get paralyzed or anything. the nurse simply injects a standard vaccine into the Poke ball.

A meal of noodles for dinner later, you're in your bedroom. Dratini's seems to be trying to communicate with your new Growlithe…

Turn in for today?

Loud music plays from the speakers as you walk in.
"Welcome to Rocky's Records! Can I get you anything?"

Seems like most of this shop is selling video discs and music. There is a sparse shelf of TMs at the back, though.


"Do you sell TMs?" I ask him loudly over the music.


"Are you two already starting to get along? Must be nice to be able to talk to each other."

Turn in. Tomorrow is a big day.



You see…

Good night.

Dratini has learned Twister! Swap out a move?


how much did I have if you don't mind?


4000P, at last count.


I'll swap out Leer for now.

"You two ready for a new day of excitement?"


Hmm.. Lets get protect.


Dratini wakes up curled on you, and Growlithe decided to lay at the foot of the bed.

Where're you heading today? Out of town?


2000P gone, TM PROTECT acquired.


Correct, I need to make my way towards Lanobe, but I'll keep my eye out for eager trainers. We need to get stronger in more ways than one to complete this journey.


neat! Lets go to the adoption center next, they might need something.


Duly noted.

Your route from the Snowy River will take you to Greenmouth and then to Lanobe. If you wanted to go to Greenmouth, though, the river boat's a far faster option over just cycling.

It's a small building with not many windows. The woman at the reception greets you with a wide smile.

"Hi! Want to leave a Pokemon in our care?"


Shake my head
"I was actually wondering if you needed any help? I heard about your break in before."


I did come here to experience new things. A boat would be fun.


"Break in? Uh…."

An employee from the back pulls her away and whispers some things to her.

"Oh, right! That break in! No, no, it's fine you, uh, did a wonderful job! Yes, yes…"

She's shaking a little.


Alright then. Looks like a ticket's 300P. Ready for that?


"…Oh, I see.. So you don't need any help with anything? Adoptions going well?"


It's fine. I wonder how much I'll have at the end of this.


"Adoptions? We don't do adoptions–"

The man quickly cuts her off.

"Yes, yes, uh, adoptions are going well! No need for your meddling! Now, run along!"


2200P left.

The riverboat is leaving soon. Any further business?


None really. Make sure Growlithe and Quetz are having fun too and let's set sail. Let's see what the river and the boat holds.


Hmm.. lets try leaning over the counter to be more imposing.
"…That's terrific to hear! Do you have any pokemon I could look at? I mean, I do have a few pokemon already, but I could take on another, it worth a look at least!"


Is that the name for your Dratini? Noted.

Quetz eagerly hangs on to you, while your Growlithe just decides to stay in its ball.

The steam on the boat blows and you move off. Seems like a lot of passengers are trainer travelers too.

On the deck there's even a space for battling. Some are already at it, and you might be able to join in…

"The… Pokemon are… resting. Yes. Being kidnapped is quite traumatic, you know. Are you sure you want to disturb their rest, are you?"

The woman's hand is at her pocket…


Let's get in line then for our chance. What do the other trainers look like?


"….Okay I'll come back later." seems like time to leave.


Most of them people around your age, other inexperienced trainers. The more worldly-looking trainers are just relaxing, with large Pokemon by their sides.

A lass comes up to you.
"Hey there! Fancy a challenge?"

"Yes, of course…"

You hear a sudden cry of a scared pokemon and a voice from inside one of the back rooms.

"…hold it down! We don't want another 'rescue'…"


'1d10' are there any other ways into the back besides the front desk?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Not that you can see from here. The smiling pair are already pushing you out the door….


"You read my mind. My two poképals are ready for anything."


Side step them and call out joltik and aron.
"What are you doing back there?!"


You are challenged by Lass!

Lass sent out Axew!

"Hey, no need to get rough… we're administering medicine! Pokemon don't like injections, but they're necessary…"

The womans sends out an Oddish and Drowzee…


"Just let me see the resting pokemon, so I know you're not lying, and I'll leave.."

joltik, uses electro web at her feet. '1d10'
aron uses metal iron defense '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Damn it! Take her down!"

The woman gets shocked by the web and falls over, stunned!

Rusty's hide gleams and hardens… Defense sharply rose!

The Oddish aims a cloud of stun spores… right for you! Fortunately, Joltik blocks it and isn't affected.

The Drowzee aims a confusion at Rusty, but fortunately it's not very effective.


"Just stop lying! Come on guys.. Get her pokemon out"
Joltik uses leech life on the oddish '1d10'
Rusty will try a metal claw on Drowzee. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Joltik uses Leech life!
It bites onto and suck blood from the Oddish, healing itself a bit.

Rusty used Metal Claw!
He claws into the Drowzee, hitting it past its weaker defense.

The oddish retaliates by trying to Absorb back from Joltik, and Drowzee attacks with another confusion. It wasn't very effective…


"just a little harder guys."
'1d10' leech life on oddish again
'1d10' headbutt on drowzee

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 10 = 10


What? Stun spore? What's causing it?


Joltik bites on the Oddish and sucks again!

Rusty headbutts the Drowzee!
It was hit right on the nose! A Critical hit!

The Oddish absorbs back from Joltik. This could take a while…

The Drowzee is left holding its nose! Opposing Drowzee flinched!

A Spearow comes haphazardly flying out of the bushes, before collapsing on the ground. A Shrommish follows it, intending to give a a nasty tackle.


Throw down my Pokeball. "Double, you're up! And you're mine now, Shroomish! Let's open with a Sing!"

How damaged does Shroomish look? Do I have a Pokedex? If so, what does it say about the Capture Rate on Shroomish?


"Growlithe, I choose you! Show us your will to fight!"

Roar '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"…." Wait the trainer is KO'd can I go over and pick the pokeballs.. and recall those pokemon? Try to do that.. uh, send out Gligar to cover me. "Gligar, Stick close to me incase something happens."

"Keep them busy for a bit guys."
'1d10' Iron Defense
'1d10' Leech life

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 3 = 3


It doesn't look at all damaged.

What's a Pokedex? You have some small guidebooks… Shroomish isn't hard to capture.

Roll for that sing.

The Axew scratches Growlithe first as she prepares to roar…

Growlithe uses Roar!

The Axew is thrown back in panic, and throws out its partners Pokeball before retreating into its own!

Pidgey was dragged out!

The opposing trainer is stunned by the elctroweb at her feet, but not entirely out.

Gligar comes out and shields your face.

Rusty uses Iron Defense!
His body gleams and his armor hardens tremendously.

Joltik leeches the Oddish again, which is countered by another Absorb. This is going nowhere.

The Drowzee begins waving its fingers at you… You see the air next to you refract a little. Hypnosis missed!



Roll #1 3 = 3


"Good work, now go for a Bite and hold on!"

Bite '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"We don't have time for this, I'm sorry. We can have a fair fight another time!"
'2d10' Roll for snatching the pokeballs from the stunned girl and returning them?

Headbutt and electroweb

Roll #1 3, 9 = 12 / Roll #2 9, 6 = 15


"I wouldn't expect you to!"

Check moves?


Double starts signing in the wrong direction. The shroomish takes this chance to Tackle Double, interrupting him.

Growlithe charges and bites!
The Pidgey barely manages to get out of the grip, but retaliates with a Sand Attack!
Growlithe's accuracy fell…

You manage to push the woman into the web on the floo,r then snatch her Pokeballs. Before your Pokemon need do anything more, you quickly recall hers and lock them in.

The other man here puts his hands up and stands in a corner.

You are challenged by Psychic!
Psychic sent out Solosis!


Double Team
Disarming Voice
Calm Mind


Speed Boost

Sand Attack
Baton Pass



Focus Energy


Go Horsea! Use Bubble!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Sing again!" '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Nod. "Stay there, or I'll have my pokemon web you as well."
"Come on, lets hurry!" Recall Aron, Let Gligar and Joltik hang out on my shoulders, and move to the door.


"Growlithe, move to the side and and use Ember, blow your flames towards Pidgey and the water!"

Ember '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Horse is sent out!

Horsea uses Bubble! A mass of bubbles are blown at the opposing Solosis.

The opposing Solosis creates a dull light barrier in front of it. A Reflect screen has been put up!

Double faces the correct direction this time!
The wild Shroomish stumbles around…

Wild Shroomish is asleep!

You rush to the door at the back, and inside is a Pupitar staring you down! Its trainer is behind, dressed in a white uniform of some kind.

"If you know what's good for you, girl, you should leave."

No need to worry too much about that, the riverboat was designed for battles. Low-level ones, anyway. The veteran trainers hanging around look bored.

Growlithe shoots a few small flames at the Pidgey! While caught in them, the Pidgey whips a Gust to strike at Growlithe,


"Alright Wilhelm, our time is limited. First, weaken it with a Peck!"


Roll #1 2 = 2


er double


Identity confusion? Some Pokefan circles find that quite adorable.

Double flies up pecks at the helpless Shroomish from above! It's super effective!

The Shroomish is still stumblong about, struggling with drowsiness.


Shake my head. "You know I can't."
"Lily, show her how serious we are." '1d10' fury cutter.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Well if it's gonna do that, Focus Energy!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Sleepy and weakened, let's try a Pokeball!


Roll #1 3 = 3


"It's a weak Gust. Move around it and Bite it again!"

'1d10' Bite

Roll #1 6 = 6


"So be it."

Lily tries to cut at the Pupitar…

The hard shell completely deflected the attack!


The Pupitar's eyes grow wild, and it begins madly attacking Lily!

Lily is thrown back! She struggles to get back on her feet….

The Pupitar is rampaging!

Horsea uses Focus Energy!
Horsea takes up a concentrated stance, looking for weaknesses in the enemy.


The Solosis releases an odd psychic wave. It didn't seem to do much to Horsea.


The Shroomish got out! That's 5 balls left. You could just hope to aim better, or try another attack.


"Come on, you can do this! We're strong enough."
'1d10' mega Drain

Roll #1 10 = 10


Growlithe runs around and bites on the Pidgey!

The Pidgey uses sand attack again! Growlithe paws at her eyes. Accuracy fell!

The Pidgey's flight is destabilizing…


Water Gun!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"One more try…"


Roll #1 4 = 4


"Just a little more! Run towards my voice, then turn around and use Ember!"

Ember '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You notice the leaves on Lily standing especially straight. Lily makes no noise, her eyes are facing straight forward.

Lily uses Mega Drain!

The Pupitar's rampage is almost cut short by the attack! Blobs of green liquid is pulled out oft he Pupitar's body and nourishes Lily, so much then upon the next Thrash attack, she's still standing.

The Pupitar is panting and stumbling around…

Opposing Pupitar is now confused!

Horsea shoots a jet of water! It isn't stopped by the Reflect and hits the Solosis squarely.

The solosis uses Psywave again! This time, it… also doesn't do much, aside making Horsea flinch a bit.

You try aiming a bit more for the weird spore blowhole this time.



Shroomish was caught!
Double chirps happpily.

Growlithe uses your voice as a gauge even with the sand in her eyes!
She manages to aim the last fire burst! Opposing Pidgey fainted!

"Guuhh…. Go back in"

The Axew is back on the field.



Roll #1 10 = 10


"That was a close one, I was worried about getting stunned. Nice work, Double."

Sit down for a moment to rest.

"Gee, I wasn't prepare to be so far advanced in my journey already. There are a few Pokemon I like that I'd like to go find, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to seek them out…"

Which city am I closer to, the gate or field?


I feel like my own hairs are standing on end.. Or, maybe that's just Joltik's static electricity.
Either way my eyes light up and I encourage her to press harder. "Go for a pursuit." '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"You earned your break Growlithe, return! Questz, it's up to you!"

Thunder Wave '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Horsea shoots a cloud of ink at the Solosis! It gets into more than the eyes… The Solosis's accuracy greatly fell!

The next Psywave fails to hit at all, veering off course wildly.

Double chirps.
You're still closer to the gates. The road isn't as clear as it was before, you'll likely have to camp overnight at a rest stop on the way.

Grovyle rushes after and rakes the Pupitar!
However, it doesn't hit with nearly the same force of the grass attack just now.

The Pupitar struggles to pull off another Thrash, but hits a wall. It hurt itself in its confusion!

Quetz leaps out, eager!

It suffers two scratches before it manages to paralyze the Axew with a electric wave. The foe Axew is paralyzed!


Let's try to make it back to the gates. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Good! Now Water Gun again!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"You sure you don't want to just let me by now that you've seen my convictions?"

Well of course she's better at grass moves. Try another mega drain then.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Quetz, Wrap around Axew while it's paralyzed!"

Wrap '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You turn around to find the Spearow, looking pretty aggressive…

Wild spearow appeared!

The jet of water easily hits the Solosis! Not long now…

"Bah, be quiet. Thrash!"

The Pupitar gains its bearings, and begins to rampage again!

Grovyle drains energy from the Pupitar first, but that doesn't stop it this time.

Lily is panting harder than ever, but at least the Pupitar is getting slower.

Quetz uses wrap!
The Axew is caught in the wrap!
The Axew is too paralyzed to move, all the while hurt by the wrap.


One more time!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Keep it up!"

Wrap '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"We're going to get past you, and find out what's really going on! Lily, you can do this!"
'1d10' mega drain

Roll #1 8 = 8


Let's gamble.

"Open with a Fury Attack!"


Roll #1 4 = 4


Horsea tries shooting another water gun, but misses!

"Enough! Rock Tomb!"

The Solosis throws a few rocks at Horsea, hitting the fins and holding in in place…

Speed fell!

A critical hit! The Axew is struggling pretty hard.

"Be glad he doesn't have any dragon attacks! He doesn't, right? Scratch!"

The Axew manages to scratch Dratini from within.

Lily roars out a final mega drain!
The last remnants of resistance in the Pupitar are sucked away. Before it can deal the finishing blow to Lily, it falls over, defeated.


He stands by the back of the wall, hands behind his back. The room's lined with shelves containing a few Pokeballs…

Double flies in and pecks the Spearow repeatedly!
Two hits!

The spearow falls back and, despite the slowness in its step, pecks back!


Counter with Bubble!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Let Axew go and Aqua Jet him from afar!"

Aqua Jet '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Wrap him up with a spider web little buddy." I say to joltik.

Look around this room for more evidence '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Before Joltik can move, he tosses something onto the floor. A smokescreen!

You can't see anything, and are too busy choking on the air!

The wrap ends! Quetz charges at him while veiled in water!

It wasn't very effective… At least the Axew's stamina is being worn down. But so is Quetz.

Axew leers at Quetz! Defense fell!

It misses again!

The Solosis tosses more rocks at Horsea.


"Gligar.. Lily.. help?!"
'2d10' They try to assist me in getting fresh air.

Roll #1 2, 9 = 11


Rocks don't matter to Horsea! Water gun!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Hit it with another Thunder Wave while it's wet!"

Thunder Wave '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Horsea takes aim…

CRITICAL Hit! That soft spot of the Solosis was hit with a lot of extra force.

Opposing Solosis fainted! Psychic was defeated!

"Yeah, I thought you'd do well. I think up next is the gym leader."

The ripples in the water in the pond are growing stronger. The all seem to point to one source….

Gligar, smiling, fans away the air. Lily isn't faring too well, though, coughing even harder than you are.

The smoke clears out just in time for you to see the front door close.

The Axew's already paralyzed!
Thunder wave's too weak to deal enough damage, but you manage to stop it from moving.

Quetz seems eager to try out a new move…


Okay, time to call for backup. Click the radio on.
"This Is Junior Ranger Amber, calling the GreenLink HQ, Please Respond."


"Quetz, go for it!"

Let's see Quetz's new move in action.


Roll #1 6 = 6


I nod my thanks and follow the ripples to meet my final opponent.


It's something that comes to dragon types instinctively. They know how their own abilities are like.

Quetz uses Twister!

He whips up a current of wind, curving it into a small vortex, before tossing it at the Axew..

It's super effective! The Axew's skin seems like it;s being pierced!

The Axew pants, before dropping into all fours.

Lass was defeated! Obtained 100P in prize money.

"Zzzz…. uh, yes, Amber, what do you need?"

You step carefully over the stone steps, across the water to a large stone island. Here, for some reason you can see clearly, despite no obvious light. Your mentor stands in the center.

"I am pretty glad I can send you off like this before you leave. Now, are you prepared?"


"Woah there Quetz, I didn't know you had THAT in you. Way to go, you and Growlithe were great!"

Turn to the Lass and thank her. It was a great battle on her end too.


"I'm at the pokemon adopt facility, I need help. The employees are trying to cover up some kind of pokemon smuggling operation, and a couple got away."


The lass looks about to be angry, but sees your face and looks away.

"Y-yeah, it was…"

"Alright, we'll send in a few people. We'll get help from police, too! Just stay put…"



"That would be a great start!"


"Understood, I'll be expecting you. Over and out."
Start to look for other clues here, maybe some paperwork or keys or something '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Ah…darn…Well what now girl? " I ask looking down at the Carvanha. "Wanna go somewhere else or…?"


"Hmm. Luckily, there's a trainer currently battling the leader right now. Come with me…"

She beckons you towards an elevator.

After tripping over a few pokeballs, you find a few documents detailing a plan for collecting pokemon for… some purpose. Almost everything on these documents have been censored out with black marker. There is another file, though, that seems to detail each Pokemon they have and whether their 'suitability' was high or low.

Lucky for you, an experienced-looking trainer steps through the door.

"Hello, I'm looking to do a gym challenge."


"Uh.. What's all this?"
Try to find one of the pokeballs that has 'high suitability' '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Follow this nice lady.
"What did you say your name was, miss?"


Step aside to let him talk to the lady.
"Hello there. Perfect timing, I came here with my Carvanha just to watch a battle. My name is Cello, I'm a pokemon researcher. Well…in training that is" offer a hand to shake with him


Most of them have been taken out of the shelves they've been organized into, but there are a few left.

The Pokemon species themselves don't display any correlation, but looking into the balls, almost all of them look very weary and aggressive.

"I'm just a simple attendant, sir."

She leads you up an elevator onto a viewing platform. You can see someone battling it out with with the leader right now, a man who… has a metal leg? and a metal arm, too.

The challenger's Magnezone seems to be preventing the Bronzong from escaping.


Oh my.

Take out the camera!


"Huh.." And the Low suitability ones?


He only pays you a slight amount of attention before brushing you off.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Miss, if you would…"

He shows his badge case, and the attendant starts typing some things on her PC.


I step away from him.
"Sheesh. Promise you won't let me get as rude as that guy as we go. Didn't thought a trainer could be so unpolite." I whisper only to my Carvanha as I wait for them to be finished.


The Magnezone gathers energy… it takes the form of a few balls of fire! Magnezone uses Hidden Power!

While seemingly super effective, the Bronzong shakes it off like a regular attack!

Things that seem especially friendly. Instead of shying away or growling aggressively upon seeing you from inside their balls, they happily bark.

A ranger and some police come in.

"Junior Amber! What have you found?"

Your Carvanha growls at him, too.

A gym trainer comes out, and they start battling. The gym trainer sends out a Cubone!

The challenger sends out a… Oddish!


See if I can snap some pictures from this angle.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Hand over the papers.
"They weren't giving out pokemon to adopt.. but sorting them by aggression.. I couldn't find out why either.."


You catch the Magnezone looking surprised that the attack didn't work as well as expected. That bewildered eye might make a funny image macro.

"I see… I wonder if those rumours we've heard might have had anything to do wit hit. Pokemon using strange moves and behaving, well, wrong. Like they've had their souls torn out, some witnesses said."


Take a seat and let Jasper out
"Pay attention you two. This is very important. " I say as I focus as well in all minimal details


Epic. Keep observing the fight and look for opportunities to snap pictures.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Seats in a gym? What is this, a luxury club?

The Oddish uses absorb on the Cubone, and is then smacked by a bone club. This trainer doesn't seem all that experienced.

The Magnezones uses a Thunderbolt instead, but the Bronzong stands fast. Hard to see behind the lightning flash, though.


Oh well, maybe this is just a bad angle…

Let's just see who ends up winning.


"…souls torn out? What kind of monster would do that?" I frown deeply.


The Bronzong can't take another thunderbolt that well, though. It falls, and that seems to be the last of the gym leader's pokemon.

"Some evil organization, for one. The only thing we really know is that their name is Cipher. We're not even sure what they want."


Oh nice, he got beaten! I'm going to have to talk to that trainer.


"Where are they showing up? I've never heard of them before."


Smile and keep looking
"Not so experienced now are we?


The standard congratulatory speech is heard, the trainer gets the badge, all goes well. You catch him just as he's a bout to exit.

"Yes? Do you need something?"

"We're not sure. A lot of their operations are very secretive, they're well disguised. But it's possible they might be in the whole region."

They're battle tactics you could easily do. It's not very fun to watch…


Lean on the wall a bit.
"Well uh…Are you enjoying it girl?"
[This feels like a TV battle…I expected something more…epic.] I think to myself


"…Huh, well I hope this information helps.. Should we take these pokeballs back to base and try to find real homes for them?"


"Nice battle back there, you look like a trainer who has a more than a few badges under his belt already."


Carvanha and Jasper both also seem pretty bored.

"Well, we have a rule that if two trainers of about the same skill level want to challenge the gym, they can challenge each other to see who goes first…"

"The police will need to handle them to see if they can trace the kidnappers from anything they left behind. After that, they'll be given to other Pokemon homes."

"Thanks so much for your help, Amber. What are you going to do now?"


"Eeeh no thanks. I think we're out…Maybe I can try to challenge the gym…later." I say as we leave.
"Ok that was terrible. Now who's hungry?!"


"Well.. is there any place my pokemon and I can have a good lunch together? We haven't eaten since breakfast!" I laugh a bit.
"But really I'd planned to spend the whole day in town at least, maybe head toward a gym tomorrow."


"Yeah, I've gotten all the badges in the Fire Region, and some of the Grass. I'm planning to head to the Southern Islands next. You some reporter?"

Jasper does seem hungry. Carvanha is hungry for something else.

"Yeah, take your rest, you deserve it."
The ranger pulls out a slip of paper and gives it to you.

"A cafe voucher, as thanks. Enjoy!"


"Whoa! Thanks a lot. And of course if there's any more trouble let me know! I'm eager to help."
Smile and pocket the voucher.. Go to the cafe?


"I see you just wanted a battle right girl?" I ask stopping for a moment to pet her.
Also, look for somewhere cheap and cozy with good prices


"That I am. My name is Parker. I came here to investigate the gym leader, but your battle really caught my attention. Could you tell me your name? I'll keep an ear open for your future endeavors."


It's situated uphill, and from there you have a nice view of surrounding forest.

Go in?

There's a nice cafe near the gym, advertising the freshest tea in the whole land.

"I'm, uh…"

His face grows red.

"D-do you really need my name?"


"Uh… I mean if you'd rather not tell that's your right. It's just easier to keep track of trainers that way."


That's the one.
"What will you guys want? I dunno if you would even like tea but…" I say awkwardly rubbing my neck. As I pick a table and wait to take my order while I check the menu


Well lets go to counter and ask "Is it okay if my pokemon eat here too? We have a voucher."


"I-I'm… uh.. yeah, thanks. You can ask me, but.. oh fine, I'm… Candy."

A lot of different sandwiches and salads seem to be the town's specialty. Bread, too. Carvanha's more interested in the fish, though.

"Yeah, it's fine. How many?"


"Four. They mostly like eggs and leaves so salads should be fine.. but, you don't happen to have any metals for a young aron? "


I blink.
"Candy? Okay. I'll remember that."


"A simple butter sandwich for me and some tea for us three. Also do you have some fish sandwich or something with fish for the…lady? Hehehehe" I snicker playfully to her


"Metals? Oh yes, actually…"

You're invited to have a seat outside, where the air is pretty fresh. Your Pokemon take their seats, too.

"PLEASEDON'T– uh, alright… did you want to ask anything else?"

"Sure! Magikarp or Basculin meat?"


Oh, this should be nice! I'll just have a nice meal with my pokemon here.
"You all did amazing today. I'm so happy." I beam with pride at them.


"I'll leave you be, I'm sure you have places to be at. Though… would you mind if I snapped a picture of you and your team?"


They cheer, too. Gligar not so much, though. She's still new.

"Uhhh… sure."

He releases the rest of his team. Along with a Magnezone, he has a Vileplume, Staraptor, and Typhlosion.

They pose. He and his Typhlosion cover each other's faces, though.


"Hey You had a big role too gligar, without you I could have been hit with something terrible." Pet her bat like ears a bit.. maybe I haven't been giving her enough attention.


"That's for her to decide…Magikarp or Basculin girl?"


Well, you just caught her recently! She likes the attention, at least. She coos under your hand.

Joltik climbs up onto your hand, too.

She points in the middle of the menu.
So she probably has no idea.


True, but bonding won't happen if I'm not trying now will it?
Giggle and give him attention as well.
"I only have so many hands!"


Stifle a laugh. "She'll have Basculin" as I finish my order I pick her up gently "gosh for a piranha you are just adorable did you know that? I think it's time to get you a nickname."


Lily just leans her head on an arm while Rusty looks at the door, waiting for service.

"Salads and a special metal order?"

The waitress comes and delivers a few egg salads. For Lily, you, and Gligar. Joltik gets a large battery in the middle of its veggies. Rusty gets a (ceramic) pot full of spare metal pipe parts. His eyes look absolutely stunned in disbelief.

Carvanha looks at you eagerly. Finally…


"Uh… could you not cover your faces? If you want to stay anonymous I can make sure your faces are blurred out."


Pet her head.
" Nadia…How does that sounds?"


"I'll hold you to it. I'm… a strong battler, as you've just seen. Oh, and cover my Typhlosion, too."

He and his Typhlosion slowly


lower their arms to reveal awkward faces on them both. The other Pokemon pay it no mind.


Sounds perfect. Nadia yaps happily.

The Ratata bursts out of its ball, though, spoiling the moment a little. It starts sniffing out the table.


"See, I didn't forget about you Rusty." I giggle with delight. "Oh right before I forget, I thought of a name for you Joltik: Webster."
For myself, give the eggs an honest try, Lily goes crazy for it after all, and I do need the protean.


Snap snap. Take some pictures.


Webster remembers his name.


You feel nourished. They're remarkably nutritious. Just salty enough, and ti flows over your tongue…

Roll for that quality


"Oh no no no you had your chance little guy, get back here"
'1d10'pokeball red laser thing

Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 10 = 10


Recall done.

Just nice, your sandwiches and tea are served. Jasper gets a rare piece of meat to suck from, Nadia gets here sandwich, and you another sanwich, but with more veggies. Tea for you three, too.


~Happy poke bonding time~


Well.. maybe eggs are okay. Its not a live pokemon yet..
"Heh, you teach me something new all the time lily." I smile at pet one of her leaves.
….then just let everyone finish eating.


Absolutely perfect.

It's a pity you'll have to censor their faces, but the way the trainer and the Typhlosion's postures match make it clear they're true bros. You can tell they're both shy even without the faces, too.

You enjoy a meal together…

This is a good memory.

You three will surely treasure this. Hold on to it, and don't let go.

Webster's probably going to want to suck on his battery for a looong time. Oh, well, he can take it with him.

Your bellies are full. Gaahh… today feelsl ike it would be perfect as a lazy day.


I can't get this stupid smile out of my face
Pay the bill and get out of the place once we're done
it's time to go to the poke center talk to the professor


Yeah. got to get your Pokedex appraised. Maybe even show him your drawings.


Damn, the internet is slow today.

I need to make sure I recorded everything you've seen, please hold


Put webster and his battery into my pocket.. and, I already did work today so why not just relax. We'll take a nap back at the ranger base, its a prefect idea.


Well, that's how it is. I smile.
"Thank you, that's a great image."


play with Jasper and Nadia while I wait
try to see if I can find some tickling weak spot in either of them~


Jasper squeaks as you tickle him. Gayahahaha~



Damn, this will take a while.

The weather's so nice too. Up north, there are cooling winds everywhere. Though as the fall comes you'll be feeling more cold, but you're probably moving west or south.

Laze around till the next day?

He nods.
"W-well, thanks. I.. guess you can put up my full pic. Gotta get over this fear somehow…"
The Typhlosion pats him on the back.


"Alright! I'm sure we'll run into each other again some day. Maybe I'll even be able to challenge you to a battle."


but I can't be mad with this cute bat
Move on to Nadia for tickle attack~


"Oh.. that'd be nice, yeah! I gotta go…"

The Magnezone nudges him away, and now you're left alone in the gym.

"Right then, did you want to challenge? Or you still want to spectate? There might be more people coming in."


Alright, but I want to use the protect TM on gligar sometime today, replacing sand attack.


"I don't think I'm ready for a gym battle yet, but I definitely will challenge you once I feel I'm ready. Speaking of which, I should probably get to training."


Sure. While you're lazing around in the bunk, you stick the disc onto Gligar's head.


Rusty has learned Roar! Change anything?

"Well, good luck! Where do you plan to go? I heard there are rumours of a few pretty tough trainers roaming around…"

Just as you were tickling Nadia.

What would you like to do? Upload Pokedex data?


"Ah finally!"
Yes upload the datdata AND contact the professor


"Roaming around this area?"


I stretch and look straight at him.
"As prepared as I'll ever be. I admit, I'm kind of looking forward to this."



Of these, you drew some nice pictures of a Paras feeding, and a Rhyhorn obtaining food.

The professor sends you a message.

"Hello, Cello? How's it going?"

"I heard about a boy in a cap with a Raichu wanting to challenge the gym, but I'm not sure. Rumours could turn out to be true or false."


Nah, roar is not required for battle.


"Hey there proffesor. I sent you the data I collected and even some drawings. Did you get them? What you think?"


"Hahaha, as am I. That is why Pokemon have battled since the earliest of memories available to us, and why we have followed in such footsteps. Battling is a means of communion and growth in peace, peacemaker in war… well, enough rambling."

You are challenged Gym Leader Simon!

Drowzee is sent out!


The early morning winds howl against the window. They'll be on your back today.

Where to?

"Data collection, not bad, not bad…"
He wires you 3200P.

"There's your pay. These pictures, though… could we have your permission to use them in some books? Or do you have your own plans for them?"


"Alright, I'll keep an eye out for this trainer. Thanks for the info."


"No problem. I hope you'll come in again one day!"

What's the plan now that you've decided to put off the gym?


I should go train. Find either trainers or wild pokémon to fight, whichever I run into first.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Holyshit that's a lot of money
"Hmn…well I'm not sure yet actually…I guess I could let you use it but as long as you credited me for all of them. After all I spent a couple of years in art school, guess I'll make sure they pay off now right?" I say giving him a friendly smile


Heading toward springfeilds, where that new gym is.


"Yeah, I don't think I ever heard anyone put it like that."
I send out Horsea and use Smokescreen.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Wild Pokemon don't really live in the city streets where they're a lot of people.

"Hey! I bet you just lost a gym battle! Me too!"

You are challenged by Youngster!
Youngster send out Sentret!

"Of course. Now, anything else? Want to hear about Pokemon we're currently looking for data on, by any chance?"

Ground type would be a cinch with your team.

Setting off on the road from here would take overnight at least. Let's go.

Roll for safety if wanting to go fast, or luck if looking for things.

Horsea is sent out!

Horsea uses Smokescreen!
Horsea fires a blob of ink, splattering over the Drowzee's eyes.

Drowzee used Hypnosis!
Luckly, it misses. The smokescreen saved you.


Oh well.

"Echo, you're up first! Start things off with a thundershock!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Ah yes please, give me a list of the pokemon you need. And there's also a little problem… I rescued and caught this Rattata you see but…well he's looking and acting like a wild pokemon still, comcompletely disobeys my orders and only wants to know about eating. I think there's something wrong with him…so, think I could send him over to you? He won't do any good being in my team so I think he will be much more useful to you in your lab."


Good for me. Counter with Water Gun.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Echo is getting used to the drill. He shocks the opposing Sentret. It hits back with a tackle of about the same strength.

They seem pretty evenly matched.

[code]Gibles are more likely to appear as you approach the Rising City, but where you are, maybe a few could be there. We're interested in their habits right now, you see, and how their scales vary by environment. Oh, and it might seem an outlandish request, but… if you can get data on a Charizard, let me know immediately, alright?

And sure, just put it in my deposit box.[/code]

Horsea used Water Gun!
It sprays a jet of water at the Drowzee!
Though it would easily shaken most of the Pokemon you've fought till now, the Drowzee shakes it off easily.

It tries to use hypnosis again, but it still can't hit properly.


"Now, go for a Sweet kiss!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Well of course, it's the leader's. Let's try to slow it down with Bubble.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Echo leaps, but kisses the ground!

The Sentret uses Fury Swipes!
5 hits!

Echo is attacked over and over! Echo's tiring…

Horsea sprays the Drowzee in bubbles!

The Drowze blinks as the bubbles burst near its eyes.

"Never mind that. Let's focus to find our answer. Calm Mind!"

The Drowzee takes up a meditative stance…

Special Attack and Defense increased!


"Gible, Charizard, got it." Pick up Rattata pokeball. "See you around little guy. Hope yyou learn to be a better person. I mean pokemon."
Sent the Rattata to the professor and say my goodbyes.
Time to leave to Rising city and to the wild and look for pokemon!
Take a look around the area first though


Crap. Return him.

Send out Valeriana!


'1d10' always roll luck

Roll #1 3 = 3


Well, then Focus Energy!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Sure you don't want to take on the gym? Or at least, check for new challengers?

If you want to leave, you might want to rest till tomorrow.

The Cacnea takes Echo's place!
The Sentret tries another bunch of Fury Swipes.

3 hits!

A Horde of Wurmple ambush you on the path!


"Valeriana, use Absorb!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Psh, we can take them, Send out joltik.
Use leech life '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Wonder where's that voice coming from…my head? I dunno. But the voice is right. Maybe we should rest up after watching a battle
head to the gym, hopefully there will be a better challenger there
"Wanna watch that battle still Nadia?I'm sure that this one won't be so bad"


Valeriana barely manages to land the hit, sucking some health from the Sentret.

It decides to curl itself up in a ball.
Defense rose!

Horsea tries to concentrate…

"Now! Confusion!"

Horsea is hit by a psychic attack! It failed to pull off the Focus energy.

Webster comes out!
It leeches juust enough from one Wurmple to drive it off. Four remain.

Two wild wurmples used tackle!
Two wild Wurmples used String Shot!
Joltik's speed greatly fell!

Nadia seems excited.

You head back to the gym…

"Oh! Did you maybe want to challenge us after all?"


"Mnnope. We're here to watch a battle again, maybe we'll challenge the gym tomorrow. So, any battle going on right now?"


"Try again, don't let it outdamage you!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Water Gun again!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"No, it's quiet–"

"Excuse me, but is the leader in?"

A spiky-haired boy older than you walks in. He's wearing an odd pendant.

"Oh, so you'd like to challenge? What level are you?"

"Hmm… I'd like to fight the gym leader at his strongest. A full 6 on 6 battle."

Valeriana isn't doing so great. At least the absorbs are returning some health.

The Sentret tries to swipe again, but fortunately misses.

Horsea used Water Gun!
The water jet seems to hit the Drowzee even less effectively!
The Drowzee continues meditating…

Special Attack and Defense increased


"Concentrate, you can do it. He can't take you down if you just keep it up! Absorb!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Rubs my hands and smile at Carvanha. " Oh this is gonna be guuuud"
He looks like a veteran as well. Maybe it's not best try to be friendly with him…
…what am I saying? Offer him a hand to shake.
" Hey I'm Cello, pokemon researcher in training. Good luck with your battle."


Oh, that hit the mark. The seemingly invincible Sentret goes down.

You are victorious! Obtained 100P for winning.

"I guess I should really get more Pokemon…"

"Pfft, I don't need luck– researcher in training you say?"

He looks at Nadia and Jasper.

"Hmm, you have a long way to go. I helped my grandad with his research some time ago, and you'll need tough Pokemon for tasks you'll have to take on."


"Thanks for the battle. Good job, Valeriana."
Pocket the cash.


"Ah thanks for the advice then. I'll make sure to remember that." I give him a tumbs up.
Yep, another arrogant trainer. Well at least he meant to help. I think…


You're a little richer now and have 2000P.

Where to now, if you decide the gym here's not for you? Elsewhere in the city, or get ready to move off?

The gym leader and the trainer meet.

"You look tough, boy. I can feel it from you. Let's go!"

The two trainers send out Pokemon…

The leader sends out a Hippowdon, while the guy sends out a Pidgeot!


I'm going to keep finding battles to fight. My pokémon need to get stronger.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Oh that's a pretty Bird!
Immediately pick up my notepad and drawing ahoy

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Silly wurmples."
Electroweb '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Switch to Combusken and use Peck.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Watch out for that manhole!


It's completely dark in here, and your body hurts from falling down.

The whirlwinds it whips up make you ruin a half-completed sketch!

It looks like the Pidgeot and Hippowdon are both pretty worn out.

The guy sends out a Rhyperior, and the leader sends out a Dugtrio!

The Dugtrio creates a trap, so they Rhyperior can't escape…

Webster webs the area!
The electric net shocks all the Wurmple, sending them scurrying!

No more irritating bugs for now, at least.

You switch the Combusken just as the Drowzee tries to use Hypnosis again.
It just barely misses!

Combusken is ready to repay you. It pecks onto the Drowzee, onto its weaker defense! The Drowzee looks like it was actually hurt.

"Mind over matter, Jake."

The foe's Drowzee used confusion!

Combusken jumps out of the way! it missed completely!

Combusken is moving faster..
Speed rose!


"Good job Webster."
'1d10' roll for more luck.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Dangit that sketch was going so well…
ah well let's try doodling the dugtrio. What a weird pokemon…
'1d10' sketch

Roll #1 4 = 4


Ah damn… where is the ladder out of this place? Pick myself up and regain my bearings.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"But heart over mind!"
Sand attack!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Are those… yellow spores flying towards you?

Roll to dodge them!

It's pretty weird. You capture the scene in mind perfectly before working on the draw.

By the time you look up, both trainers look exhausted.

"We've both saved our best for last, haven't we?"


The leader sends out a Garchomp, while the boy sends out a… Charizard!

The boy is holding the pendant around his neck, while the Gym Leader does the same to an odd wristband…

Echo tries to light the place with a few sparks.

The ladder is right next to you, of course, you feel straight down. Except it's way to high for you to reach, the first step.

Gah. there seem to be lights along the walls, at least.

"And one must have dominion over all those aspects! Confusion!"

The Drowzee sends a wave of energy at your Combusken! The sand attack is thrown off! It's super effective! Combusken didn't take that attack well…


Oh shit get the pokedex and point it to them
"Oh boy oh boy Oh boy oh boy!"


'1d10' what the hell

Roll #1 2 = 2


The scanning light blinks reliably. But that's not the only thing…

The guy holds on his pendant, and something on the Charizard reacts!

It roars loudly as flames swathe it, concealing it entirely…

It comes out looking different. Its wings have become longer, its grown larger in general, and more wings have grown on its arms.

Charizard has mega evolved into Mega Charizard-Y!

The same thing happens to the Garchomp. The Gym leader holds out his bracelet, and the Garchomp is swathed in white flame. It comes out looking far fiercer, its claws developed into huge blades.

Garchomp has Mega evolved into Mega Garchomp!

You couldn't avoid them! Joltik isn't affected, but you find it incredibly difficult to move!

You hear the shrill cry of some sort of Pokemon approaching…


I need to draw that so bad
'1d10' draw nigga!
Try to get a good picture With both of them in one page, this one should be good for a mega evolution article or something.
" Jasper, Nadia are you two seeing that?! "

Roll #1 7 = 7


Sorry, was AFK for a bit.
Hmmm… maybe there's pokemon in here!
"Think we should check this place out, Echo?"


Sand Attack, one more time!

Roll #1 3 = 3


They're seeing it. They're awestruck, mouths gaping open.

You manage to get a good sketch, though the sudden harsh sunlight through the glass roof is making things a little difficult.

Echo doesn't mind.

It doesn't seem to be a sewer, since there's no water around. Hmmm..

Combusken kicks more sand into the Drowzee's face!
Drowzee's accuracy fell!

The Drowzee prepares to deliver the finishin blow, but… it sends the attack in the opposite direction!

it's pretty confused.



Groan. "Webster, Whatever it is you've got to fend it off for me." '1d10' for that if you need.

Do I have anything in my bag like paralyze heal maybe? roll to move/look in there '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Well… let's follow the lighting.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Draw more! Now focus in only the Charizard

Roll #1 5 = 5


You hear the cry of some sort of grass type!

Webster stands guard, but can't see anything. You manage to grab a paralyze heal from your stock of 2, now you need to breathe in the aerosol. And to do that you need to bring it to your face.

A burst of flames make it hard to see. The Garchomp seems to be trying to block the sun with a sandstorm.


Baton Pass to Ralts!


Doest matter try AGAIN!
'1d10' Draw nigga!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Combusken runs back towards you! Ralts comes out, and Combusken taps Ralts on the horn. Ralts begins to move a lot faster.

Ralts horn shivers as it looks at the Drowzee.

For Drowzee used Hypnosis!
It still missed!




Roll #1 7 = 7


Calm Mind. Focus!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Success, at least.

It looks like you've got just a bit more to capture more of the scene. The Mega Garchomp, while mighty, seems like it's about to get defeated by the Mega Charizard. The Garchomp begins charging with blades raised, while the Charizard is charging a breath attack.

Ralts meditates!
In the environment of this chamber, you can almost feel the ripples of psychic power emanating from it.

"Take your time, Zee."
The foe Drowzee's hypnosis missed again! but this time, to a opposite direction. It might be trying to zero in on you…


turn into ANOTHER PAGE of the book and draw the Charizard, again

Roll #1 5 = 5


Well then.
"Ralts, keep moving and use Disarming Voice!

Roll #1 7 = 7


You manage to get a decent sketch of it as it unleashes a Dragon Pulse.

The Garchomp tries to get off one final attack, but must fall to the ground, panting and defeated.

The Charizard roars in delight. Both trainers look exhausted after using Mega Evolution, especially the gyn leader who lost.

Ralts dances to the side, and shouts!
The Drowzee is hit harder by your focused Ralts. It should take a bit shorter than before to whittle it down.

This hypnosis hit dangerously close. It might know…


'1d10' draw the charizard roaring! Thats's magnificent!

Roll #1 3 = 3


It reverts to its normal form too fast for you to sketch it in Mega Y form, so you have to draw it like that.

The trainer and gym leader shake hands as he gets his badge.


Keep it up!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Ralts yells out again! It's enough to disrupt the Drowzee's strange wave chargining, so much that it loses control and misses entirely!

You can feel the water around you rippling.


oh well lets try one more sketch before he gets on the pokebal
'1d10' dicebots come on

Roll #1 10 = 10


You get a sudden flash of inspiration as you see the trainer pet it before recalling the Charizard. You quickly sketch that, and remember enough details about its mega from to draw it from memory, even.

"And that's how its done, kid. gotta be strong if you want to get anything done. Who're you working for?"

The trainer approaches you.


Calm Mind again.

Roll #1 5 = 5


You can feel the ripples around you growing stronger. You feel compelled to mediate along with Ralts.

"We have it! Hypnosis!"

The Drowzee finally lands a wave of odd light at your Ralts.

Ralts is unaffected?



''Oh hey, Proffesor Holly is who I'm working for, he's pretty nice guy, Also I drew you and your charizard if you don't mind it.'' Show him the last sketch with him petting the charizard.


"Drawing? Heh, that's for nerds– oh hey, not bad. Well, I'm not familiar with the region or the people around here, but mind directing me to wherever this guy's lab is?"


Press the advantage! Disarming Voice!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Before the Drowzee can react, Ralts takes advantage of the surprise! Ralts's yell knock the Drowzee back!

Frustration at missed attacks doesn't help the exhasution, and it slumps down, defeated.

"You Traced my Drowzee's Insomnia, didn't you? Well done. Now, let's have one more."

Leader sent out Xatu!


Well this ought to be fun. Double Image!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Ralts used Double Team!
Ralts, taking advantage of her speed, leaves mirror images of herself around to confuse the Xatu.

Xatu used Tailwind!
A great wind blows from behind the Xatu. It begins to move faster…


Double Team it again! Got to make sure it doesn't get to take advantage of that.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"One should be able to see with more than just the eyes. Your tricks will have to be more creative. Miracle Eye!"

The eyes on the Xatu's body glow!

The illusory images fade. Ralts sticks out like a sore thumb in the middle of them.

Evasion reset!


"I suppose that wouldn't work a second time."
Disarming Voice!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Zatu spreads out its wings to ride the winds.

The eyes on it glow…
Xatu foresaw an attack!

Ralts yells out!
The opposing Xatu is hit a little harder thsn it expected, it seems.


"We need to finish this quick…"
Keep pummeling it with Disarming Voice!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Ralts yells out first. The sound shakes the Xatu again as it charges into Ralts.

Xatu used Aerial Ace!

It uses its beak to elaborately slash at Ralts. Ralts wasn't braced for this attack…


"I haven't been this excited since got Quetz. Thanks for the battle. If you don't mind,m I'd like to ask you where you're heading after getting off?"


'1d10' spray in into my face roll
'1d10' webster guard roll.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 6 = 6


"Well… once we get off a Greenmouth, I was wondering if I should head to Lanobe on foot or by ship… They have a Dark type gym there."

You miss!
Or rather, you still can't aim it at your face.

Wild Victreebel appeared!


"..ugh, try a leech life while I work on this."
'1d10' leech life
'1d10' aim better

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Joltik used Leech Life!
It didn't hit the Victreebel very well…

Wild Victreebel used Acid!
Joltik is shuddering from the poison…

You still can't aim the paralyze heal!


"Just hang in there, try zapping intead."
'1d10' electroweb
'1d10' its all in the wrist amber..

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Let's walk. Part of the fun of any journey is just getting there, right!? By the way, my name is Squire, what's yours?"


Webster used Electroweb!
Trying to guard you, it spits out an electrified net.

Wild Victreebel's speed fell!

However, that's not enough to stop it, who scatters sleep powders around your Webster.

Webster is struggling with sleep….

"You, uh.. you wanna go with me?"

She almost covers her face.

"I'm Riss. So, uh… you got any badges?"


"None! Zip! Zilch!" I reply non-chalantly.

"I've just been traveliing recently. Are you going to try and get all the badges?"


but I thought he was poisoned?
"Just drain a little life off the thing.."
'1d10' try another leech life
'1d10' with just a simple spray, you too can reduce plant rape

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"I dunno… I just thought I'd like to adventure for a while. Some badges, maybe, but not all. That'll take a long time!"

Nah, he was just hit hard by acid.
Webster's asleep now, though. He tries to sleepwalk to the Victreebel,but it fails to do anything.

You finally manage to spray the medicine into your face. The effect's near-instantaneous, you're free to move!


"Then it's settled! Let's stop at a Pokemon Center, then we can be on our way. Who knows what people and Pokemon will await!"


Whew! Swap out lily and webster.
"Alright, your turn lily."
'1d10' lily uses fury cutter

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Adventure, huh… sure."

The boat will arrive soon. Anything else you want to do before landing?

Webster returns, and Lily emerges!
Lily cuts at the Victreebel, but it does a small amount of damage. It'll get better…

Victreebel sprays some yellow spores at Lily, but Lily is unaffected!


"Just keep wearing it down."
'1d10' fury cutter

Roll #1 3 = 3


Ask for directions to the Pokemon center, that would be all.


Lily uses Fury Cutter!
Lily cuts again, this time with more precision.

The opposing Victrebel tries to spit sleep powers this time, but Lily is still unaffected!

One of the riverboat attendants tells you it's easy to spot once you land. If it wasn't, there'd be signs.

You land! Riss gets off with you.

"see you tomorrow at the route towards Lanobe, then?"


"Yeah, let's get there early and beat the rush!"

Time to head to the Pokemon Center first, then we can go and find some lodging. I'll listen in to hear if any locals are talking about interesting going ons.


If it works, then keep doing it? Fury cutter again.
"Maybe it will figure out it can't beat us and just leave."



Roll #1 6 = 6


Interesting going-ons don't really happen in minor towns. Here' a small transitional port for travelers. You at least see a small traveler's inn on the way to the Pokecenter.


I'll chain up my bike outside the Pokemon Center and go in. Quetz and Growlithe could use some of their care.

After that, I'll make sure to get us a room and prepare for tomorrow.


Lily slashes!
It does a significantly more amount of damage this time.

Lucky for you, the Victreebel decides its too much trouble to tr yand eat you, and leaves! No pun intended

Pokemon center care is fast, except for serious ailments. The Pokemon don't even have to come out of their balls.

"Please come again at any time!"

Where to now? Sleep at the inn?


Let's pick up some snacks and a few pokeballs before we do. We need to be ready for the morning.


"Whew. Well, maybe you should walk with me lily, we wouldn't want another ambush."
'1d10' travelin' roll

Roll #1 10 = 10


You've got 2550P right now.

4 Potions, 2 full heals, 2 antidotes, and 2 poke balls. 5 days of food.

What would you like?


A tailwind helps your speed!
Gligar comes out of her ball to ride the wind. She's enjoying it a lot.


At least one more Pokeball. If I'm challenged to another dual battle, I have to put it all on the line as I currently am.


That's 200P. What else?


That should be enough, then. Time to get some shuteye with my pokepals and greet the next day.


"Ha! If only I could do that too." I laugh and playfully mimic her by spreading my arms out and sprinting slightly. I mean there's no one to see this so there's nothing to be embarrassed over.. '1d10' rolling for fun

Roll #1 6 = 6


Top fun
Gligar even reaches down and… almost lifts you up. She's not strong enough for that yet. Oh, well.

Where did the time go? You're already at the halfway point rest stop, and the sun's lowering. Huh.


50P used.
Dratini has learned Dragon Rage!

Growlithe has learned Odor Seluth and Helping Hand!


"Let's go you two, Riss is waiting!"


You tuck them into their containers and meet up with her at the southern exit.

"I just got here myself. So, uh… we just walk?"


"Not just that, keep an eye out and enjoy the sights and sounds. Who knows what types of Pokemon we'll meet by looking around. Take it all in, you'll only get to enjoy these moments once."

Let's head off towards the Dark Gym!


Giggle softly and head into the rest stop.
"Hopefully they have a room."


It'll take overnight travel for that!

So, how you want to do this? Look for Pokemon, or just walk fast?

The old man at the counter greets you, as does the Chansey he's with.

"50P for a room, unless you wanna camp out outside. Good weather, so there's no need to worry."


Some Pokemon are good. Only having two available for now looks like a bad proposition for me.

Keep my eyes peeled for what shows its head or ears.


"I'll pay for a room."
Pay up for a room key.



This region's heavily forested, so there's plenty of places for wild Pokemon to hide. There's a Croagunk busy stalking something through the undebrush, while a Chespin sits on a branch. A Yanma flies overhead while a Venipede digs through some roots.

"Here you go. Feel free to come down for dinner anytime, make sure you show the ticket the the canteen chef."

You got a room key!

Laze away till tomorrow?


"Hold on Riss, let me catch that Croagunk."

Let's get as close as possible, then have Quetz Wrap around it so it can't escape! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You sneak up… The Croagunk reacts first! It easily dodges the wrap!

Wild Croagunk appeared!


"Quetz, use Thunder Wave and then we'll give it another go!"


Roll #1 8 = 8


Diner and sleep to travel better tomorrow isn't being lazy!


Quetz uses Thunder wave!
The weak electric shock finds its mark.
Wild Coragunk is paralyzed!
Caught by surprise, it's unable to move to attack!

Goodnight, Ranger.

Morning came too soon. This bed is pretty comfy, even out in the wilds.

It looks like your room was organized overnight? Trash is gone and you wake up to a nice floral scent.


Make sure nothing was stolen, check my bags and such.


"Wrap around the Croagunk, don't let it escape." '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Nope, everything's fine. In fact, it looks like your bags have been cleaned of whatever dirt they were in.

Dratini used wrap!
The for Croagunk is trapped as Dratini wraps around it!

Wild Croagunk used poison sting!
It manages to stab Quetz with a barb, but not much comes of it.


"Keep it up, just a little more to go!"

Wrap '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Uh, that's some effective service they have. Anyway, come here a moment Gligar."


The Croagunk actually manages to free itself!

It stabs Dratini with a poison sting in retaliation! Dratini shivers….

Quetz is poisoned!

However, a small sheet of skin peels off. Quetz's Shed Skin healed it!


Gligar hops up to you, that cheeky grin on her face. What would you like?

A fluffy white Pokemon slips into your room from under the door. A Whimsicott! It, however ,notes that the room has already been cleaned, and leaves the same way.


"…" I get distracted by the fluffy pokemon a moment, but then go back to gligar slowly petting her. "So, You seem ready for a name. I have one.. I think, Tamiyo." Gage her reaction.


"Quetz, don't let it run! Use Twister." '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


The Gligar looks confused a moment, but then shrugs and leaps up happily. She has a name now!

Dratini whips up a a small cyclone, then sends it at the Croagunk!

A critical hit! The Croagunk cringes, and can't move!
It looks like it might be ready for capture…


"Pokeball, GO!"


Roll #1 5 = 5



Dun dun dun!

Wub wub
Wub wub

Croagunk was caught!

"Nice catch." Riss says.


"Thanks. You should probably catch a few more if all you have is Pidgey and Axew. I for one will try to catch that Chespin that was a bit back there."


"Heh, I'm sure you'll remember it eventually. Lets see if what luck we have today."
On the road we go. '1d10' rolling luck

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Sure! Let's see…"

The Chespin is walking away already. It seems to be wsihing itself in a river, where a Oshawott is playing, too.

Reply hazy, check later



A Butterfree passes by you!
More are follwing it, and you can hear the sound of cracking shells from where it came from.


"Uh.. this is weird.. Stay close lily."
'1d10' creep that direction

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'm at a major disadvantage here…
One more time!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Yes, shells.

The ground is littered with Metapod! The shells are cracked open, and their eyes are missing. More Butterfree flit by you.

Ralts used Disarming Voice!
The foe Xatu is struck by the voice before it can move, despite the tailwind.

"Tailwind again!"

The foe Xatu stirs the failing winds up! Tailwind renewed!

A sudden flash of light overwhelems Ralts! Ralts took the Future Sight attack!

Fortunately, Ralts is barely affected… she easily shrugs off the attack.


"…maybe they just evolved?"
Do I have a reference on medapod perhaps?


Thank the world for small favors. Let's see how far I can push this!

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1421389849631.png (1.35 MB, 200x150, Kakuna_evolution_anime.png)

Yeah, you got some field books. Indeed, it says here that when Metapod evolve, their shells get cast off when they emerge as Butterfree.

In fact, there's still a remaining Metapod right in front of you. A crack starts forming on its body, a light shines out, and the Butterfree emerges, tossing down the empty shell.

Oddly enough, there's a Kakuna among them, also evolving.


Ralts yells out! A Critical Hit! The Xatu is hit way harder than it expected!

Despite that, it manages to cut into Ralts with another Aerial Ace. Ralts can't take much more, but the Xatu looks exhausted as well.

"It comes down to one more move, Jake!"


"Amazing." I comment on the bugs.. "I've only seen your evolution before this lily.."
Read on more about the bugs, look at kakuna this time.


"Stand strong, Ralts!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


>Evolution for Pokemon such as Caterpie and Weedle occurs very quickly compared to most other Pokemon. Once they have fed enough in their first stage, they evolve into cocoon Pokemon and remain immobile, awaiting further evolution that without trainer intervention. After about three weeks, they emerge into their final forms and migrate as seasons like winter demand.

A Beedrill is emerging from the Kakuna! However, it looks frightened, turning its head around rapidly as if confused by the strangers.

The Xatu flies towards Ralts, determined to give the finishing blow…
Ralts cries out! Just as its beak is about to make contact with Ralts, it slows down. It stops, and kneels on the floor.

It doesn't get up!


"Wow, this was really neat." I smile and back off once I stop staring in awe of the newly flight enabled bugs.


…is that it?



You see your mentor looking tired, but he sits on the floor and closes his eyes!

The Xatu slowly, slowly picks itself up!

The water on the floor starts rippling around them…

"It's not over yet!"

It's really pretty… except for the Beedrill. It's cornered up a tree branch, unsure of how to maneuver away from the Butterfree swarm forming.



'1d10' try to spot a way out for the little guy

Roll #1 5 = 5


More and more Butterfree emerge by the minute! You might ave to shove your way through.


"You're doing well, but there's something else I'd like to see you do before I let you win this one. Until then, I'm not losing!"

The reflection of water on the ceiling is distorting, even.


'1d10' shove past the butterflies. They aren't that tough!

Roll #1 3 = 3


I grimace and sit down, forcing myself to lapse into meditation.

Calm mind…

Roll #1 4 = 4


Most of them are too giddy about finally being able to fly that they just go around you. None of them feel threatened enough to attack.

You reach the Beedrill pretty soon. It's raising a stinger towards you as it backs up against the tree.

Very briefly, an image flashes in your mind's eye. It's of the room, but from the perspective of something smaller than you.

An overwhelming sense of exhaustion overtakes you! At the same time, the image returns, clearer. You're seeing things from Ralt's perspective!

Roll to keep up like this!


Throw a bit of food at it.
"Come on, you can't fly away from there."


Come on Ralts!
Stay focused!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Cautiously, it tastes some of the food. Then it quickly gobbles it.

It did just fast for about three weeks, after all. It seems willing to follow you now.

From your mind's perspective, you see Ralts slowly recovering! The Xatu attempts one FINAL slash, but Ralts manages to glance away most of the blow with her arm!

She uses one last Disarming Voice, and this time the Xatu truly is down.

You are victorious!

"Very impressive, Jake. Congratulations. I'm proud to be able to send you off like this."

As the high of the battle wears off, you realise your throat and arm is a little sore.


make a path for us to get clear of the butterfrees '1d10'
"That's it. This way."

Roll #1 9 = 9


I smile and stand up, scooping up Ralts in the process.
"She did amazingly well, but I think I still have quite a bit to learn about battling, and Pokemon in general. Still, this was very illuminating."


You easily shoo off the Butterfrees, though having a Beedrill follow you probably helped. Soon enough you're outside the swarm.

You can hear some loud buzzing. The Beedrill perks its head up! It gets ready to fly away…

"And you'll have much further to go. I see great potential in you, young acolyte."

Obtained Interlinked Badge!
Obtained 2000P in prize money!
Obtained TM REFLECT!

"You will use these well, I think."




>Echo doesn't mind.

>It doesn't seem to be a sewer, since there's no water around. Hmmm..


"Bye bye beedrill! Your swarm is waiting." I wave to the bug. Hopefully it has a nice life out there.


The Beedrill turns to look at you…

And flies off into the buzzing. Soon he'll be flying South to the warmer forests.


Maybe we'll meet again someday.. wouldn't that be something?
I'll stare at him fly away until I can't see him anymore, just like in a movie.


Give him the professor address.
"There. You can find him at his lab almost all the time. He's a really cool guy too."


Maybe someday.

For now, though, he's off to have an adventure with his new friends. He's flying about with another Beedrill till they disappear into specks in the sky.

"In that poison town, huh? Thanks, kid. You take care, alright?"

He strolls out of the gym, while his Charizard follows.


I try to resist the urge
but I must draw it

Roll #1 8 = 8


"We should get started on our adventure too."
And then I went onto the road again. Rolling speed '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


You manage to get a quick sketch of the Charizard walking along its trainer. Makes for a sweet picture.

Not a lot of things get in your way this time. Soon the lush forest changes to wide fields of lovely grass. A few Rhyhorn can be seen grazing, and a lot of grass Pokemon are half buried in the soil, lazing in the sun.


"Oooh, that's so pretty. When is the last time we saw an open field like this guys?"
'1d10' walk into the grassy area.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Stand there and watch for a bit.
"Wait…oh crap the professor! "
Rush to the pokecenter


You get your foot stuck in a hole in the ground!

You feel something poking from underneath…

Didn't you just see him? Anyway, the Pokecenter's nearby.


Yeah but I must tell him of the charizard immediately!
Run to the computer and call him up! Go go go!


Alright… let's see what we can find down here in this sinister tunnel!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Aaah!" '1d10' pull my foot free.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You beat out a guy who looked like he was wanting to use it. He skulks away.

I stroke you and ask you "Who's a good Machoke?"

Whoa wait wrong convo window hi Cello, what did you need?

You follow the lights along the walls, until the corridor lightens up significantly. There are some glass windows here, for some reason. The light's coming in from there, but it's definitely not sunlight.

Your feet are too big!

The ground around your other foot is sinking!


Peer through the windows curiously.


Give the guy a look that asserts my dominance and then turn to the s-woah okay let's pretend that we didn't see that
"Uh hey professor, you said that you wanted info on charizard right? Well guess just what I saw on the gym! A charizard fighting a Garchomp! And both of them freaking MEGA EVOLVED!" I scream at the monitor


"Uuuh, Webster, Rocky! I need your help. Webster, I need you to make a web from me to rocky, Rocky, once that's done, walk toward the road.. and it should pull me free."

Roll #1 8, 6 = 14


What you can see is… a giant steel ship? There are a few people in bright hazard gear and helmets working on it, seeing as it's still under construction.

Another bright light is headed towards you from a corridor.

"You did? Oh, wonderful! Thanks a lot! I don't have anything to reward you with right now, but get back to me some other time. Which Mega was it?"

Webster and Rocky leap out, but the ground under them shifts too! It's slowly forming into a pit…

A horde of wild Diglett appeared! They come out of the ground, screeching noisily.


Follow the corridor and see what's to see!


It's a Raichu! It seems to be using Flash to light the area. Behind it is its trainer, a boy somewhat older than you are wearing a baseball cap.

"Whoa! Didn't expect to find anyone else here. Fell in, you see?"


"Don't sweat it professor. Just doing my job really. Oh and it was Mega Charizard Y. Really awesome thing to see. I even drew a bunch of it. Would you want the pics as well?"


Holy moly!
"Funny you say that… I fell in too."
Take out my camera as I speak.
"That's a really nice raichu you have there… You must be a pretty good trainer."


"That would be nice, I enjoy seeing your pictures."

"What? I, uh… I'm alright, I guess. Ahahaha…"

He sheepily scratches the back of his head.

"But yeah, this Raichu here's a very trusted Pokemon!"


"Are you in town for the gym? Did you battle already?"


I try not to blush
blush just a bit
"Heh… r-really? Well thanks professor I try…"
Send him the drawings and the data I got


"Not yet! I was hoping to do a battle today, actually. Just got to find my way out. Any ideas?"


Point behind me.
"There's a ladder that way if you want to get out. Some kind of strange… ship as well. I'd offer to battle but… well I'm not exactly an advanced level trainer."


I wince at the sound.
"Okay, Rusty, use metal claw.. Webster, come back for now, ground types are too dangerous for you."

Roll #1 3 = 3


"That's fine! I'm too used to just about everyone challenging me the moment they see me. Gets annoying, you know? I have to sneak around them if I'm in a hurry sometimes. Yeah, I saw the ship. This is a factory town though, isn't it?"

He begins walking to the ladder.

Two Digletts used Mud Slap!
It was extremely effective! Rusty's shaking wildly, trying to get the mud out of him! He can't see so well either…

Two Digletts used Scratch!
Fortunately, Rusty's barely affected by that. He's still distressed, though.

Received 200 for Charizard and Garchomp data!


"I guess so. Hey, did you see any pokemon down here by the way?"


Huh…thought I would get more but okay
"So. Anything else that you needed professor? "


Two? Alright I'll send out Gligar as well.
"Tamiyo, give Rusty a hand with knockoff." '1d10'
"Bulk up that defense rusty." iron defense '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 6 = 6


"Hmmm? Not really, except for the Fire Pokemon working on the ship just now. I think I saw them casting metal."

Not at the moment, thank you!

Four in total.
Two Digletts try to Mud Slap Tamiyo, but she easily dodges! She slaps a Diglett, sending it scurrying.

The remaining Diglett scratches Rusty, but barely affects him.


Well okay, see ya"
Head out and stretch.
"Hmm…now what?"


"Darn, alright. That's a shame. Guess I'm getting out of here too then."


Want to sleep off a night, then?


While you couldn't reach the ladder just now, with his help you both make it. He has his Raichu help toss everyone up.

"By the way, is the gym still open?"


"Put on a little more pressure! They won't last too much longer."
'1d10' knockoff
'1d10' metal claw

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 3 = 3


what time is it right now?


"Yup, should be. Good luck, pal."


It was already getting late, wasn't it?


As he walks away, though, a Charmander comes out of the same manhole, looking around anxiously.


I guess so
let's find a place to sleep then


Helllooooo! That's no common sight.
"Hey! Is this yours?"


There's always the Traveler's Inn. For 50P a night, they offer canteen meals and a nice, clean bed. There's one in every town, too.

"What? Nope, it isn't! I think I saw it running away from the work crew, though! It didn't seem like it was formally caught or anything, maybe it grew bored and just wanted to leave."

The Charmander slowly climbs out.


Each blow lands their mark! Digletts are timid, it doesn't take much to shoo them.

Just one left, looking quite scared.


Breakfast on the morning sounds good…
actually food right now sounds good
let's go buy some more poke snacks for Jasper aand Nadia


"Alright… Hey Echo, want to give it a shot?"


"Go on, get out of here."
poison sting, metal claw '2d10'

Roll #1 9, 1 = 10



Sparks are flying from his cheeks.

Want to eat at the Inn canteen, or buy something back?

As the last Diglett pops its head back in and runs, the ground stabilizes! The Arena Trap is no long in effect.


Let's buy something to snack on tonight


"Alright then, go! Sweet kiss!!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


There's a lot of fresh produce around this town… well, there would be in the mornings. There are roadside stores selling food like kebabs, though.


Pichu used Sweet Kiss!

The Charmander rolls out of the way, but instead of fleeing, hangs around and prepares for battle.


"Try again! Come on!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Get back on to the road. "Wow. Take one step off the road and you get ambushed.. This area is really good for practice. We'll have to remember it." I smile. "Gotta toughen up to be able to save people right?"


Kebab it is
I have no idea what the hell is that but let's get 3!


Pichu tries to use Sweet Kiss again!

Charmander looks confused. By the situation that is. He isn't actually confused.

It seems you're entering the edges of town. Pastures are set up. some for conventional farming Pokemon like Tauros and Milktank, others for even more Diglett. The plants here seem especially healthy…

Cooked veggies and meat on skewers.
"Yo! Want yours just warm or deep fried? More meat or veggies?"


"…maybe the diglet are good for the plants?" Check my book about that.


"Ehhh give me three deep fried ones with lots of meat!" I ask as I release my pokes


"Hmmm, fine, nasty plot then!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


Actually, yes! Digletts are beloved by farmers for how they till the soil. A lot of them are kept around here, both tamed and wild. Further away you can see a thriving berry orchard.

Jasper and Nadia both sound eager at the thought as they come out.

"Coming right up!"

As the vendor begins to cook, you feel something around your legs. Looks like a Snivy, searching the ground for something. It has a bunch of coins in one hand, too.


"Uh…hey little guy…you're lost? " I asked crouching besides it


"How nice. But berries attract bugs…" look for the house near these berry trees.


It looks at you, but quickly turns away. It finds a coin on the ground and adds it to the pile in its hands, before looking longingly at the stall.


Yes, there's a house that probably belongs to the owner. A guy's lazing on a chair outside.

Echo sued Nasty Plot!
Echo schemes… SPATK greatly rose!

The Charmander decides that your Pichu wasn't trying to come on to him after all and used Growl!

Echo's attack falls as it gets thrown off.


"Hey mister, is this Snivy yours? " I ask to the guy running the stand


"Now kiss! Sweet kiss!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


approach the person on the chair. "Excuse me? I wasn't sure if you knew, but up the road a whole swarm of bugs just evolved. Your berries might be in danger."


"This one? Nope! I think it's wild, I've never seen it with a trainer. Sometimes she comes with a bunch of coins, and I give her some food for it. I think she's trying to buy stuff, too."

Echo rushes in and plants a kiss right on the Charmander's lips!

Now the Charmander is really confused. He grabs his cheeks that are glowing more than they should before rubbing his lips. He accidentally hit himself that way.

Wild Charmander hurt itself in its confusion!


"Now, thundershock!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Oh its a she? Woah she's actually that smart? Dang…Hey get her a kebab then, it's on me" I smile at him
then crouch down near the snivy. "Hey. I'm Cello and you are?"


Echo used Thundershock! A jolt of electricity shocks the wild Charmander.

It retaliates with an Ember! The flames hit Echo pretty well, too.

"Sure thing."
He puts another on the grill.

The Snivy seems to have noticed your act of charity. She pushes her collected coins into your hands.


"What? No no I can't take it. You'll need those for your next kebabs. I can't ppay for your next lunch…I mean I wouldn't let you starve but I'm leaving tomorrow…I'm sorry…"


"Again! Thundershock!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


It's dinner time
The Snivy hears that, then reaches out its arm to you. She's either saluting you, or asking to take your hand.

This is a quick one!
The Charmander dodges the jolt before throwing up a smokescreen. The wind blows it away, though.


Look at her ststubby leaf arm and gently shake her hand. Looking at her a bit confused.


Why you little…
"Come on Echo! Don't let this charmander get the better of you! Thundershock!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


Her expression is composed and friendly. She shakes your hand, then looks at Jasper and Nadia. Both seem curious.

That hit the mark! Maybe Echo planned for this with that Nasty Plot or something, because that hit well.

The charmander falls over!


"Why aren't you just the nicest…here. I got a little treat for you… I'm sure Jasper won't mind." I says as I get her the last poke treats we got "this should open your appetite


Alright… throw a pokeball!
"Great hit, Echo!"

Roll #1 7 = 7



"W-wha? What kind of bugs?"

She pushes the treat back, and insists you take her batch of coins first!

The charmander suddenly leaps up!

…and throws itself at the Poke ball?


The pokeball didn't shake so much. Oh, well. Charmander was caught!



"I told you I can't do that!" Push the coins back to her hands and hold them with mine "Keep them alright? You'll need it a lot more than I will…"



I grin and pick up the ball.
"We've got ourselves a new teammate, Echo!"


The Snivy sighs.
She grabs a spare Pokeball out of your bag pocket. and puts it in your hand.


I look concerned.
"butterfree and beedrill. Do you have a pokemon that can handle those?"





He laughs.

"Oh, no worries! Butterfree help pollinate the flowers, and Beedrill, they don't eat the berries. The eat the damn wurmple and paras that tear the plants apart. As for that…"

He whistles, and a fierce-looking scyther flies to his side.


"Ooh, it looks strong. Have you been in a lot of battles together?"


"Oh, you could say that. He's been around traveling with me in my younger days. Then when I decided to settle down with a orchard this became his home, too."


"Have you been to the new gym up in Springfields? A fighter like him might enjoy the challenge."


"I sure hope so. But I'm not sure where to go next."


"Yes. In fact, that was the first gym I took back in the day! Of course, the leader was different then."


"Oh? Is that why they are saying its newly opened? Was it closed down?" Show him the flier.


"Nah, just that there haven't been too many challengers recently. Trying to drum up visitors to our town, you know?"


I frown. "That's a cheap trick! Can't they attract people just by being a gym?"


"Well, I suppose it counts, since it was recently remodeled… gah, I suppose I don't go into town too often. It's nice just being here in the Orchard."


"Well, how about the mainland? Or you could head over to the water city, Shuiea. You might want to look out for more poor Shadow Pokemon, either way, but trust your instincts."

Ralts is dancing around in happiness. You briefly feel a pulse of power from her.


"I see.. Have you seen any unsual pokemon around?"


"Not really. It's usually quiet here. Why do you ask?"


"I suppose I should, there have to be more out there. I never have seen the mainland too. I wonder what it could offer."


"Hmm because there are some kind of odd gangsters showing up looking for rare and strong pokemon, and I want to try and protect pokemon and become a full ranger!" I explain with enthusiasm. "Of course any old problem you have I'm happy to help. So Let me know."


"That's fine, really. Hmm… well, if you're any expert on plants, there's comments going around that the soil isn't what it used to be. Like… it feels like the berries were tastier ages ago than they are now. You know anything about that?"

"Oh, very much. You'll see the firey cities, the dense jungles, and pokemon stronger than you've seen here. I recommend it."


"I'm not an expert sir, but I think it might be the diglet. Diglet help til the soil for plants according to my reference book."


"Yeah, but the number of diglett we have here have never changed. Everything checks out. The soil's good. We've been doing things the same way. It's just… something I don't know. Like there's something missing from it all."


"Hmm.. Would you like to me to investigate? Maybe some new pokemon IS here and you just don't know it.."


"Yes, so I've heard. It sounds like my decision is made for me, then."


"No, it's fine. We've had rangers investigate, just about everyone, really. It's not a small problem that just came up, it's something that's been happening for years… since I was a boy. The weirdest explanation I've heard is that the land is losing its life. Can you believe that? But now that I think about it…"

"Indeed. You planning to leave soon?"


"I think so, at least as soon as preparations are made."


I look honestly stunned.


You can do it now, if you like. Buy your supplies around time, rest as you like and you can start heading off."

"Yeah, that's the reaction I gave to the mystic who told me that! Someone from the Evergreen, if I remember."

He laughs.


"Well.. I'll look into as well.. If I find anything I'll let you know."
Time to get moving again.


You head on further into town proper, past pastures, orchards and farms. There are some modern-looking tall buildings in the center, but most of the town is made of rustic old buildings. The scent of fresh earth pervades the air.


"I will. Thank you for everything."


Look around for the local ranger HQ so I can check in.


It's a building a little bigger than the one before, but still small compared to the one at home.

"Hello there! From that badge, it looks like you're a ranger?"

The attendant at the desk greets you.


"We'll be going after that Oshawott. Holler if you need us."

Turn to trusty Quetz.

"One more, then we can head on out. Ya ready? Thunderwave!" '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Only a Junior Ranger right Maim. I'm Amber." I approach the desk.


*right now


"Wow, again?"

Quetz glides up to the Oshawott… surprise! The Oshawott is paralysed by the Thunder Wave!

""Oh, I see, I see. Things are pretty quiet around here, for better or worse. But at least the gym's open!"


"Oh, what about the rumor that the land here is dying?"


"That? That's been around for decades! If it's true, then that's not something we can solve. Not so soon, anyway."

The receptionist shrugs.


"There's only so many times we can catch Pokemon on our terms."

"Quetz, Wrap around him, while it's paralyzed!" '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Can I take a look at past research on it?"


"Go forth. You've got a whole adventure ahead of you, Jake. You can trust the Pokemon with you to go places none of you could together."

What will you do now?
You've got 5500P, 3 potions, 2 poke balls and 3 units of food.

Quetz wraps the Oshawott! A critical hit!
The Oshawott is struggling against the wrap! It tackles Quetz, sending both tumbling around.

"This has been out of our hands for a long time. Maybe you could check out a local library? Or ask the scientists in the capital yourself, even."


"Oshawott is strong, but your stronger Quetz! Keep it up!"

Wrap '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Oh, alright. I'll be on the radio if you need me."
Shrug and walk over toward the library.


A critical hit!
Quetz is merciless! Dragons rule the water, grass and flames, and such is the natural order of things here.

The Oshawott tries to use Wtaer Gun on Quetz! It wasn't very effective! Quetz easily shrugs off the attack!


The town's library is a easy place to get to. The first thing you notice is that the vast majority of books are on ground-type Pokemon ans agriculture…


…I won't run out of research materials, but try to find something suitable to start with. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"This is your fight Quetz. Once more!"

Wrap '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10



It's a detailed report by a team of researches looking to access the supposed 'life loss'. They note that tests over several years have indicated soil quality to be the same, the difference being in the plants themselves. Plants are actually growing at the same rate, but seem to be losing the ability to effectively absorb certain unrelated nutrients. The cause remains unknown, as DNA tests have not concluded any differences between affected and unaffected plants. A note also shows that this seems to be affecting plants in the entire continent as well.

Another critical hit!
The Oshawott is utterly defeated. It does not even have the spirit to flee or attack further.


Use Pokeball.

"Don't worry, we'll get you and Croagunk to a Pokemon Center once we hit the next town."

"Oi, Riss, you doing okay?"


"…" How depressing. I'll look in my pokemon guide and see if there is are pokemon that might be causing it. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Roll for that.

"Yeah, I'm good!"

Your Pokemon guide doesn't seem to have anything! There are mentions of Pokemon called Xerneas, Yveltal and Shaymin, but that's all the info you're getting.


Pokeball '1d10'

"What did you catch?"

Roll #1 7 = 7





Oshawott was caught!

She's petting a confused-looking Chespin.

"This one! And you?"


Well fine.. I'll just put the library's book back and move on from here.
Go to a coffee shop around here.


"Oshawott and Croagunk here, but Quetz might have been to rough on them. Chespin looks like he's ready to hang out with you. Ready to move on?"


They specialise in serving very, very fresh coffee. New beans are delivered every day.

"How can I help?"

"Yeah, let's go!

Move fast, or slow?


Gotta go FAST.

Croagunk and Oshawott could use a stop at the Pokemon Center.


"Are you very busy right now? I'd like to have some coffee and talk to you about the town if that's okay."


"You… uh…"

The waiter blushes.

"Oh, sure! We're not busy. Yeah, I'll get us both coffee."

He directs you to a table and brings coffee for you both.

"So… what do you think about town?"

Roll for speed.


Shifting the bikes into proper gear.


Roll #1 10 = 10


Well, let's visit the shop first, see what they have for sale.
what is a food unit


Sip on the coffee and smile. "I just got here actually, I was hoping to ask you about it! My name is Amber, and I'm a junior ranger. They said its all quiet, so I don't have any work to do or anything..
I did notice that the town is kind of mixture of old and new buildings."


Your supplies to last one day outside of town. Not having food means you grow weak and will have to start trying to gather food from around you.

Your mentor chases you!

"Wait, I forgot something."

He hands you a small plastic box. Inside are some earplugs."


"Yeah. We've always been a farming town, but times change. A lot of companies like us for our location, so they put office buildings here. The food around keeps them healthier, they think."

He looks proud.

You go fast as all hell. Soon you're at the rest camp.

"Looks like we'll be spending the night here."


"Really? When did the companies start moving in?"


"I'll start setting up the tents."

Look around, how does the Campgrounds look? Are there other people?


"Uh…thanks? What are these for?"


"Few years ago. Apparently a few suddenly had a craving for a different atmosphere. Not that I'm complaining, place actually felt a bit better when they came in. More people, different kinds of Pokemon…"

There are quite a few trainers, also setting up. There's a building nearby that serves as a shop and a place to pay for a room if you don't want to camp.

"You might need these. Your powers… well, you have a long way to go in developing them. If you lose control, these will help."


"But…they're earplugs. I don't understand."


"Different pokemon? You mean wild pokemon followed the people here?"


"This place is perfect. I always wanted to try camping. At least here we aren't alone."

Ask Russ if she needs any help setting up.


"Yes, well, it's the easiest place on your head to fit them. We used to have lead helmets, but these operate on a solar battery to create a repellent zone."

"Some, yeah, along with the Pokemon they owned. We had a good harvest that year, for some reason."


Riss is fine, she's finished settign up before you did.

"You set up pretty fast for how you look!"


"Really? Do you know which pokemon specifically?"


"I did practice before I hit the road, but I'll bow to the master."

Tip my imaginary hat and show a smile.

"Have you been traveling long?"


He shrugs.

"Too many to list, they were every type. Oh, but there were a couple of fairy Pokemon! Those are pretty rare most of the time."

"Not too long. I don't have any badges, like you. The next city will be my first."


"huh.." sip on the coffee. "What about the Gym? I heard there was a new leader."


"Hmm? No, there hasn't been a new leader. Well, not for the past decade or so. Leaders are always replaced, after all."


"I'll be cheering you on then, but I'll try for one too while we're there."


Time to show off the flier.
"Oh, Uh.. do you know what this is about then?"


"Oh, that? It was closed for renovation a while back. Why do you ask?"


"I'm just curious! I haven't been many places yet after all, and I'd hate to miss something. Maybe you should just tell me what's fun to do instead of me guessing?"


"Taste the local food, challenge the gym, play in the ranches… see, there's a reason you don't see lots of young folk around."



"You think your team is ready?"


"We;'ve got to try, don't we?"

She pets her hew Chespin.

Might be good to turn in soon.


Time to find the Gym Leader!


You head back into the lift. Along with the ground floor button, the NOT GYM LEADER button is still highlighted.


"Let's tie down everything we can and call it a night. I'll be in the tent over if you need something."

Tip my imaginary hat and get inside.


Push it and get down to business for real this time!


You're trying to be classy, which is for men, after all.


The morning came so quickly. It was a surprisingly nice sleep, roughing it out.

The elevator brings you down…

The lights go out!


"I slept like a log, Quetz? How are you this morning? I should check on our neighbor too."


Heh. Dark gym leader wants to battle in the dark. I get it.
Carefully and quietly move through the darkness, hunting for the gym leader.


Quetz squeaks.
Your neighbour's Axew is eating breakfast, but she's still asleep.

You're still in the elevator!
It's not moving!


"Axew has the right idea. Let's get breakfast ready, then you can really meet our new travel long companions."

I'll prepare the food for the Poképals, then let Crogunk and Oshawott out, to see how they interact.


Hmn? Try to get the doors to open.
I should also call out zorua disguised as nidoran, just in case.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Oh yeah, one unit of food used up from yesterday.

You get out today's rations and cook them over a campfire. Croagunk and Oshawott shift about awkwardly, but Quetz is welcoming. Growlithe is sitting patiently.

Riss quickly wakes up and tries to pretend she was awake all along.

No! They're stuck!

Zorua comes out just as the lift starts to fall!


…either this is all part of their setup to shake up new challengers, or this really is a scam. I'm leaning towards it being part of their intimidation attempts.
Lean back and cross my legs as I wait to get to whereever we're going.


I'll offer the new members of the team some food, but I'll keep my eyes away from Riss.

"You get a good night's rest?"


You sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

The lift suddenly slows them and come,s to a gentle stop, and the doors open! You were right.

A spotlight shines over a stage in front of the lift…

"Yes. You too, I hope?"

Her Chespin, Axew and Pidgey gather around their food.


Walk on out with my hands in my pockets and a cocky grin on my face.
"Nice intro with the elevator there! So, you ready to do this, miss?"


"Yup! I'll be camping out if it's like this. You ready for another day on the road?"


The gym leader steps on the stage.

"Of course. Good job getting this far. Now, if you'll come closer…"

"Yeah! Let's just eat, and we can go. Oh, but you might want to greet your team first."


Step out onto the stage.
"Are the juvenile misdirections on the elevator part of the normal battle setup? Seriously, 'not-the-gym-leader?' Not the most creative…"


"Oh, right."

Turn towards the new additions.

"Oshawott, Growlithe, Crogunk, I'll be your new trainer from now on. Let's work together, okay? You'll be working with Quetz here, I hope we can work together."


She shrugs.

"You fell for it, anyway. Now if you'll pay attention to the trapdoor at your feet…"

They croak and bark in response. They seem to understand.


"Alright! I'm sure we'll be awesome at whatever we do!"

Ready to pack up and move on towards the gym town.


Hop backwards quickly!


Your squad pack up your tent and provisions. Ever onward, alongside your companion.

Roll for speed?

You evade the trapdoor before it opens!

Well, if it would open. There doesn't seem to be a trapdoor.

"Ahahaha! Well, it is better to be cautious than cocky. Right, then… shall we begin?"

you are challenged by Leader Sinistra!
Leader sent out Sneasel!


Pedal, pedal


Roll #1 8 = 8


"Come on, Nidoran, let's make this count!"
Send out Zorua trollbait and get ready to D-D-D-D-D-D-DUEL!


Sure is lucky your companion has a bike too, so she isn't left behind. The trees start getting strange…. marks here and there, bent in weird shapes.


We're making good time, we should stop to look around.

"Hey Risks, have you ever seen stuff like this? Everything looks a little off."


Zoro (Nidoran-F) is out!

"Oh dear, this might be bad."



"My name's Riss! And nope, never, but I hear that it's one of the unique things about the wood here! It's supposed to be sort of scary!"


"Oh please, you're the gym-master. You don't honestly expect me to believe you're intimidated, do you?"
Start with a Scratch! '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Maybe for some people, I just see the work of someone with bad tastes and skills in tree maintenance. Anyways, what kind of stories have you heard? I'm sure they're scarier than the real thing."


"Evacuate, Sneasel! Go out, Murkrow!"

In the Sneasel's place, a crow-like Pokemon comes out!"

Zoro hits the Murkrow solidly!

"Pokemon lurk here that'll eat you in ways more gruesome than others! Bleh!"

She makes a funyn face.


"Hahaha! We should get going then. The both of us might make an enticing snack, don't you think?"


"Well, now… I honestly wasn't expecting you to react like that."
Leer on Murkrow! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I, er, suppose."

Keep rolling for dat speed.

"Well, it's always best to be unknowable."

The Murkrow moves first! The Murkrow uses Taunt! It slaps its wings together, spitting.

Zoro is too angry to focus on a non-damagin move!


"Next place we camp out, go ahead and tell me some of those stories, okay?"

Pedal, pedal '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"heh… You've got a point there." My smirk grows just a bit.
Well fine then, Scratch his bitch-ass! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


A Pawniard jumps out at you from the foliage!

Wild Pawniard appeared!

That anger also works in your favour. Zoro scratches the Murkrow! A critical hit!

The Murkrow reels, but manages to peck into Zoro!

The illusion is broken!

"Oh, I see, I see. Clever."


"Be unknowable, right? It took you flunky a lot longer to catch on."
Now that the illusion's broken, Fury Swipes! '1d10'
>captcha: teese

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Growlithe, your turn! It seems sharp, so use Ember to keep it back!


Roll #1 9 = 9


Zorua uses Fury swipes!
Howveer, it only manages to get in two hits.
It's enough to weaken the Murkrow, though.

The Murkrow dives into Zoro again! Zoro's not looking too good, either.

Growlithe leaps out! she uses Ember!
It's super effective! the flames not only hurt the Pawniard, it leave it burnt! The scratch it tries to do does almost nothing.


"Howl Growlithe! Let it hear your strength!" '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Come on, Zoro, you've got them on the ropes!"
Use Leer to hamper their assault! '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Growlithe Howls!
Attack rose!

The Pawniard tires to scratch again, but it's too weakened by its burn!

"Taunt again!"

The Murkrow does the same as before! Zoro's too distracted to do anything other than directly attack!


Well then, I'll use Fury Swipes!
I think I'm starting to catch on…

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Grab a hold of his back, Growlithe!"

Bite '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Five Hits!
Zoro slashes and over! The Murkrow is struck down from the air!

"Well, well… lucky shot there."

Leader sent out Sneasel!

It wasn't very effective… but it was enough to hold down the Pawniard! It seems to have given up.


If I have a Pokéball, I'll go for the catch. '1d10'

If not, I'll let Riss decide if she wants it.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Lucky shot indeed… and I know enough about luck that you shouldn't push it too hard."
Recall Zoro and send out Nidoran!


Nope you're out.

Riss decides she doesn;t want it either.

"We've won. Why not let it go?"

"Icy Wind!"
As Nidoran comes out, an Icy Wind chills her bones!

It didn't do much damage, but Nidoran finds it harder to move!


"Well, that's clever…"
Poison Sting! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Yeah, maybe next time buddy."

I can at least carry him away from the road. We'll be on our way, then.


The Sneasel moves first! It tries to go for a fury Swipes… it missed! Nidoran still moves well.

Nidoran jabs into the Sneasel with a poison barb! It doesn;t do much, though.

No need. The moment Growlithe looks away, it suddenly leaps up and flees.


"Guess that's how it goes then. Hopefully it learned its lesson not to attack people."

Pedal towards town '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Try a double-Kick! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Still some ways to go…

The Sneasel quickly slams into Nidoran! Nidoran holds on, however!

Nidoran gathers enough to swiftly kicks into the Sneasel twice! It was EXTREMELY effective!

The sneasel is thrown backwards, and barely gets up!


"So that's why you didn't want sneasel going up against my nidoran…"
Use Double-Kick one last time to finish him off! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Not as easy as that!"

Sneasel uses Quick Attack! It tries to take down Nidoran before it can attack..

Nidoran just barely hangs on! She's quick to counter with A Double Kick!

It only needed to hit once. Sneasel is finished!

"Very interesting. But can you stand up against my last Pokemon?"


Get ready for the last match!
"I can give it a shot! Even if I can't, you know I'll go down swinging!"


She motions to toss a Pokeball… then doesn't.

"I was kidding, I don't have any more I plan on using. Congratulations, you win."

You are victorious!

Obtained 3000P in prize money!
Obtained Shadow Badge!
Obtained TM Taunt!


"…Really? Sweet! Great battle, by the way. It could have gone either way at the end there!"


Gotta hit the sack now. Thanks for running!


"Indeed. One must always use whatever opportunities they get. That is a way of life."



"ooh… OOOOH, so you wanted to come along… Oh gosh now I feel stupid… " I gently slap my forehead before looking down at the snake pokemon." uh… Are you really sure about that? You know this might be dangerous and all… I dunno if you're up to the challenge you know? " I chuckle as I place a hand on her head


The Snivy straightens herself up. She's trying to look tough.. well, she does seem pretty determined.


I smile down at her.
"alright… Well then…" I book the pokeball against her forehead. "welcome to the team, Snivy…"


Snivy has been captured!

"Here you go, some kebabs!"

The vendor hands you a few sticks of meat and veggies.

"Good on you for taking on the Snivy. Most Pokemon wouldn't accept a trainer until after a battle. This one might have been waiting a long time."


"yeah… This one is something else… I can feel it. Oh and thanks. Come on guys, let's find a place to sit down and eat" I say to Jasper and Nadia as we go with our kebabs. Once we find a nice place, I release the snivy and offer her half of my kebab


Paid 20P for team kebabs.

You sit in a nice park, watching the sun set. It'll be dark out soon…

Jasper and Nadia come out ,as does your new Snivy. She gladly accepts what you offer and eats.


Sit down and have another nice silent meal with my pokemon again, after we all finish I stand up and stretch a bit "oh man these kebabs things are great.. Anyways… Jasper, Nadia, I want you to meet your new friend. Snivy, say hi to Jasper and Nadia."


Snivy politely bows!

Jasper and Nadia seem taken aback by her manners, but screech/growl warmly.


How nice
"okay guys, it's getting late and we got a lot to do tomorrow…im considering we actually do some training and try to face the gym leader, what you think? "


Nadia seems especially excited.
Snivy agrees, and Jasper is the last. Everyone seems willing to try it out.


"alright. Then let's go get some rest guys, we will have a full day tomorrow!"
Head off with them to find a place to sleep


There's the traveller's inn! Located in every town, they provide food and lodging at 50P a night.


"Huh. I see. I don't think I've heard of these before."


Pay everything and ask my pokemon how/ every they want to sleep before giving each one of them a smooch on the forehead (yes on Jasper too) and take a moment to watch their reactions before setting down on bed.


"Mmm. It's not something a lot of psychics like to talk about. Not many of them need these anyway, but since you are bonding with a Ralts, who are known for their attunement with the minds of others, you should be prepared."

In your comfy room, Nadia'd prefer to just stay in her ball, since there isn't a water tank around. Jasper hands from the ceiling light and folds himself up. Snovy, she looks at theb ed for a while, but then carries her Pokeball to a table to let herself in.


No one wanted to cuddle? =<



Cuddling wouldn't be very comfortable for Nadia, and Jasper could do it if you wanted.

Snivy'd be the best to cuddle, but you only just met her!
Although you can swear she's looking at you from her Poke ball…


Spooky! But someday I will successfully cuddle with all of them, even if not to sleep.

'1d10' sweet dreams

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Sounds like they might be useful."
I take them.
"Is there anything else?"


You were dreaming of something, but it's replaced by a dream of the Snivy jumping into your arms. She seems really happy to have joined you.



Vine Whip

Wakey wakey! Jasper screeches to wake you.

"Please take those earplugs seriousno, that's all. Good luck!"


Groan and run my eyes
"aught…. It's too early Jasper… Let me sleeeep… " I say turning back to lay on my stomach and bury my face on the pillow


"Thank you, for everything."
I leave. Time to visit the store and see what they have.


Snivy joins in! She pulls off the blanket and tries to pull you up.

It's a poke mart! Standard items are being sold. potions, status heals, balls, repels… Oh, and ration packs.

You have:
Poke Ballx3


"H-hey who… How did you get out of your pokeball missy?!" I laugh as I slowly sit up and grab her. Commencing playfight!


I guess…I'll buy a little extra food.


You grab her! She doesn't wiggle too hard, laughing.

How many? 50P for a day's pack.

How about status heals? Be prepared.


"trying to wake me up huh? Well I got you now you silly snake!" I say before unleashing the tickles upon her poor form.


Well I'm not sure where I'm going yet. How far to the nearest mainland port anyway?


Tickling her only seems to make her stronger, though!
She soon slips out of your grasp, and sits atop a high cabinet.

If you want to head over to the mainland

Make your choice between the Fire Region or through Shueia, and the Cyan Shore.


"alright alright I'm up You two… " I stretch and groan before yawning and jumping out of bed. Open my backpack and pick up my best clothes to look good for my first gym battle.
I change myself and put on my shoes. "oh I am so ready for this!" I say confidently to Jasper and Snivy before letting Nadia out


Nadia rides on your shoulder, Snivy following behind and Jasper flying above.

Great to see you excited. It's a spirit that will take you far.



I think I'll head for Cyan, see where that takes me.


So you want to go through Shuiea?


"Ah, I see. Have you got pokemon of your own?"


"Yeah. Tort, we need more water!"

A Turtwig carrying a tray with a jug of water on its back comes lumbering in.

"Just one, this guy here. We're going to travel together once I've saved enough."


"Oh! What an adorable little guy. Is he hard to take care of? Have you been in a battle before?"


"Nope! He's easy to care for. Doesn't ask for much and he's just nice overall. A few battles, yeah. There are always other rookies to spar with everywhere."


"Nice! How about a battle with me then? I'll just use one pokemon since you only one too."


"Now? Well, sicne the cafe is empty, sure!"

He steps out to the small empty garden outside, taking the work equipment off his Turtwig as he does.


"Nice!" I follow him out and call out Gligar.
"Ready to start?"


"Of course!"

You are challenged by Waiter William!
Waiter has sent out Turtwig!


"Alright Tamiyo, lets start with poison sting!" '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Your Gligar deftly flies up to the Turtwig! She strikes it with her stinger, right on the head leaf! A critical hit!

The foe Turtwig is shuddering from poison…

"Don't worry about it! Curse!"

The opposing Turtwigh stabilises itself! It slows down, but its body tenses up…

Attack and Defense rose! Speed fell!


"Alright, its prepping for something big.. Go for protect." '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Tamiyo used Protect!
Tamiyo guards herself with her pincers! She's ready to avoid or block any attack for a few moments.

The Turtwig, however, doesn't attack!

"Be patient! Curse again!"

It prepares itself even more, even while shivering from the poison.

Attack and Defenses rose! Speed fell!


"Okay, try a knock-off attack." '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Tamiyo uses Knock Off!
She leaps towards the Turtwig and slaps it! You see a berry fall to the ground.

"The berry! Nevermind, let's just attack! Razor leaf!"

The Turtwig isn't too shaken by the attack, but fires a cloud of sharp leaves at Tamiyo! Tamiyo is hit pretty hard, especially seeing how concentrated the Turtwig is.


"That was a pretty good hit, better try a protect to make it through." '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Tamiyo guards herself!

"We're running out of time… come on, Twig! We're leaving in just a month! Let's make the best of what we have here!"

Just as the Turtwig is about to fire another cloud of leaves, it grows! It roars out as the leaf on its head retracts, and bushes grow on its shell…

Opposing Turtwig has evovled into Grotle!

Tamiyo dodges parries the cloud of leaves, but they look like they've been fired by a lot more force than before.


"W-whoa, A midbattle evolution?!" I am amazed for a moment, before taking a breath. "Go for knock off again" '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Honestly, did these woods race ahead of us when we stopped? I was certain we would have been out of them by now."

Pedal '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Tamiyo slaps into the Grotle!
It didn't do much against the shell and the focused pokemon underneath…

"R-razor Leaf! Try to finish it!"

The Grotle fires amother cloud of leaves at Tamiyo!
Tamiyo barely holds on!

The Grotle is shuddering, too. The poison is goign to finish its wor ksoon…


"Stick it out with protect." '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Tamiyo protects perfectly!

The Grotle tries to send another swarm of leaves, but Tamiyo dodges again!

"Come on! Just one more! Let's make or break it!"

One turn till the poison finishes.


"…hold on, just a bit longer!" '1d10' protect again

Roll #1 5 = 5


Usually you'd be unable to protect so well again after a successful one, but that perfect protect lets Tamiyo guard again.

The leaf cloud dissipates harmlessly, and the Grotle's legs buckle under it! Opposing Grotle has fainted!

You are victorious!

"Awww… you are good."


Its 50% chance the second time
Pat Tamiyo on the head for her victory. "You almost had us there. I think you're gonna be great out there."


Yes, but you crit, so the counter doesn't go down.]

"You really think so? I mean, you're a ranger and all, so I guess I can believe you."


Rub the back of my head a bit "Well only a junior ranger, I haven't earned my styler yet. But I have fought quite a few people, and I've never seen someone's pokemon evolve midfight like that. Amazing." I s grin. "It means you really have potential for sure. Uh, I'm gonna go to the center and heal up, you probably should too."


"I have medicine here, it's fine. I'm still working, after all."

He rubs his tired Grotle a little before administering a revive and some potions.

"Want me to heal your Pokemon, too?"


"Riss, you falling asleep back there?"


"Oh, that's awfully nice of you. Sure."



"H-huh! No! Why, it'd be silly for someone to fall asleep while pedaling!"

Just a bit more…"

He feeds a berry to Tamiyo and sprays her wounds.

"There! All happy and healthy! Anyway, thanks so much for joining me! What do you plan to do now?"


"The Gym probably." I glance at my quiet radio. "A guild leader even told me I should collect a few, and I'd be able to help more people if I could prove my strength easily."


"Don't tell me you actually started to believe in those ghost stories? Are you throwing salt over your shoulders or something?"

Pedal '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Sounds like a good idea! I planned to challenge the gym here before leaving, myself. Good luck with that!"


"Maybe I'll come back for another coffee before I leave too." I grin at him before leaving.


He waves happily.

Want to go to the gym now, then?


"Ghosts? Well, for what's scary in these woods, they're supposed to be pretty mundane. For really scary stuff, head over to this island at the south, called Bridge Island. I heard it's where a lot of people go to have their last rites."

The dirt path has become solid paved road! Just a little more. You can see the bustling city from here.


Yes please.


"You seem to know a lot about this. Outside of gyms, are you interested in the Occult too?"

Pedal, pedal '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


The gym's in the shape of a large barn! The sign above is painted fresh-smelling wood.

The attendant greets you.
"Hello there! A trainer? Looking to challenge this gym?"


Well, its not very fancy.
"That's right! Can I go in right away?"


"Hang on…."

She types something on her computer for a few minutes…

"All set! Seems like this is your first gym challenge, so difficulty has been adjusted."

Inside the layout is like a big greenhouse. Small plaints line paths around the gym, but there's another path up above from the bars on the ceiling, which you can climb to with a ladder.


"Oh.. thanks." Lets go down the first path.


A camper leaps out from behind the bushes!

"Too afraid to leave the ground! You get to fight me!"

You are challenged by Gym Trainer!

Gym Trainer sent out Trapinch!


"Afraid? No way! Go Lily." Send out Grovyle, use mega drain '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Not really. But I really want to go to the ends of the world. And I kinda mean it in a literal sense. I want to explore, you know? Ever heard of the story of the great Calamity?"

You've reached Lanobe City! A bustling City in the middle of dense forest, where the night is lit up by casinos and entertainment galore. Tall buildings tower in the distance amidst neon lights that are off for the day.


"Wow, this place is bigger than I though. But, what about the Great Calamity? Tell me, it sounds schway cool."


Lily bounds out! She drains energy from the Trapinch!

Before it can even finish digging the Arena Trap, it's down.

"What? You trained a lot before coming, didn't you? Gah, they said it was someone with no badges…"

You are victorious!


"…We've only been traveling a week so far.."
I say with a synthetic frown and move on the path.


Ad you pedal past nightclubs and bars waiting for sundown to open…

"The story is, some great disaster destroyed the world long before our time. Titanic, legendary Pokemon caused it, it seems! They fought and fought until there was nothing but swirling chaos. But then came the Dragon Pokemon! They managed to drive off the legendary poekmon, then created a new land from the ruins called Moida, our continent. People and Pokemon then came over and rebuilt, and here we are now!"

She looks excited to be telling a story.

"It's a strange tale, I know, but then why do you think we keep salvaging weird technology from the seas? It's like it's the leftovers from the ruined lands! And… well, sailors are still trying to explore the seas beyond what we have mapped, but it's like they can't make any progress."

The gym leader is standing at the end of the path, in the middle of a large field. He's a man wearing farmer's overalls, leaning on a rake.

"Hey! Thought you were a rookie, but you're not bad. I had to make some last minute adjustments. Wait, that uniform.. you're a ranger, aren't you? That explains a few things. Ready?




Let's recap. What condition is Spearow in? Double?

How about my new catch?


Sparks fly from Echo as he celebrates with you. Charmander, Poliwag and a Pichu… you sure are surrounding yourself with pokemon popular in adventure stories!


"Explains what? I still haven't been to a gym before!" I ask confused.
"My name is Amber."


Head inside to the gym and make the most badass entry I can muster


'1d10' I came here to kick ass

Roll #1 8 = 8


Your new catch is pretty beat up, but can fight a little. Double's eager for me.

The Spearow's irate, a few attacks should drive it off. Double opens with a Fury attack,hitting twice, true to his name. The Spearow angrily pecks back ineffectively.

"You're good for someone with no badges! Call me Bram. Let's begin!"

You are challenged by Leader Bram!
Leader Bram sends out Diglett!

You take out a spare treat from your bag and chew on it, too.
"Good day! are you here for the challenge?"


And more importantly, I'm getting a good mix of types.
"Four pokémon now… we're getting there. I think we can try to challenge the gym leader soon. But let's go to the pokécenter to get some rest first."


"You bet I am!" I say excitedly
"And these guys are too" I motion to my Pokémon
"How do I start? "


"Oh, is that all?" I grin and send out Grovyle. "Lily, use Mega Drain." '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


For more, I mean.

If everyone rested at a pokecenter, no one would get to heal! But it's always wise to get your new Pokemon additions checked up at the Pokecenter.

After running a quick scan on the rest of your party., the nurse injects the pokeball containing your newest comrade with a few syringes. Basic vaccination and registration.

"All done! Please, come back any time! Your Pichu's such a sweet little thing, by the way."

"Well, uh, see, we have a challenger right now. Would you like to spectate, or come back later?"

"Whoa there! Come back, Diglett! And you go, Numel!"

Grovyle's Mega Drain instead hits a Numel, who doesn't take the hit nearly as hard as Diglett would. It slowly looks at its surroundings, realising its in battle.


"Whoa! A numel, that's so neat. Better swap out too.."
Gligar coming out. Use poison sting. '1d10'
"Tamiyo, your turn."

Roll #1 3 = 3


I need to name that charmander…

"Hm? What did Echo do?"


Suddenly all of my bravado crashes and ccrushes like a glass cup
"W-wha…oh…I…okay…Uh, can I watch the battle then?"


The Numel's Ember instead hits Tamiyo! Tamiyo brushes it off and stings the Numel, but it doesn't seem to have hit very hard at all. It wasn't very effective…

"What a cute name! I just like the Pikachu family, that's all."

"Yeah, go on ahead!"


"Right, go for a knock off!" '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Alright thank you." I go to the arena and let my pokes out
"Watch closely everyone… Pay attention to his battle style and tactics. I hold Nadia up to give her a better view


"Oh… well, I like them too. That's why he's my first pokemon. Won't be much longer now until he evolves for the first time."


Tamiyo slaps down something from the Numel's mouth!
The Numel is hit hard this time. It was about to eat that berry too, so good on you.

"Don't worry about it! Ember!"

Almost as if it's angry about that, fierce flames are thrown at Tamiyo! Tamiyo is burned….

You note that the challenger is wearing a Ranger's uniform! She's battling with a Gligar right now.

"Once he's a pikachu, I bet everyone would live pictures of him! You know, if you took a picture of him doing cool stuff and put it on the internet? I bet you'd be wicked popular."


"Mmmm, you might have a point there, you know. People do love funny pictures of pokémon."


Oh rangers! I always loved those uniforms
watch the battle and try to resist not taking glances at her
maybe I should draw her butt-eeer Gligar!
Pick up my notebook and get to doodling!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Yeah! I like to go home and go to memebasemon and 6gag! The, uh… ebin meemees section is my favourite! I hear it's own by this one company from Binestrone City. You're from there, right? Says so on your trainer card."

That Gligar of yours looks like a butt…


"Keep trying with poison sting" '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"That's right. I'm a reporter."


"DAMMIT!" I shoutsuddenly before I put my hand in my mouth.
I shouldn't have shouted on the middle of the battle
Try to not be noticed as I hide away this drawing and try again

Roll #1 3 = 3


Tamiyo tries to use Poison sting again!
The burn, however, makes it difficult for Tamiyo to attack! She barely hurts the Numel!

"Tackle it down!"

The Numel, despite its sluggishness, charges into Tamiyo!

Tamiyo can't take much more, not with that burn.

"Whoa! That's cool. So what do you like to report on? Do you also take the funny pictures?"

The Gligar looks like it's melting! Well, it is burnt.


"Sometimes. Other times I like snapping pictures of pokémon just going about their business or being with their trainers. They're interesting creatures."


I'll switch over to Aron I guess.
'1d10' go with an mud slap.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Groan as I sit back.
"Oh never mind…Stupid sec ranger…" I mutter as I hold the snivy in my arms with a defeated sigh
"I really need to get a girlfriend…" I say as I watch the rest of the battle, seeing if my dexter is getting the data


"Yeah! Anyways, good luck with your adventures! I'll be sure to look out for pictures of your Pikachu! I'll even suggest a funny caption!"

Aron takes Tamiyo's place! Rusty takes a Tackle, but his armour deflects almost all of the attack. The Mud Slap's enough to send the Numel stumbling…

It's super effective!


Dexter? Yes, it's blinking, recording data.


'1d10' Go for another mud slap.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Thanks. Have a nice day."

Well… I guess it's about time I go challenge that gym. But first, let Charmander out of his ball.


My pokedex yes.
"Ah screw it let's draw the other Pokémon."
Pick up my pencil and try again. As I wait for this eternal battle to end…

Roll #1 5 = 5


That was the last one needed! The Numel falls!

"Nice job! Diglett, you're back in!"

Leader Bram sends out Diglett!

Charmander is out! He dusts himself off.




You draw the Diglett. You wonder what's below it…


"Whew, good going Rusty. Now show your claws." '1d10' metal claw

Roll #1 3 = 3


I decide to stay put until the battle is over.
"gosh this is really boring when it's rookie trainers… just hope no one comes to watch our battle as well, heh, right Nadia?…"


"I'll call you… Atlas. Welcome to the team."



Before Rusty can even get close to the Diglett, a shock wave bursts from the ground below him!

Magnitude 7! That double weakness doesn't do Rusty any favours. As he drops, the Arena Trap around him is recalled.

Rusty has fainted!

He seems to recognise that he's been given a name. His tail waves around behind him, sort of excited and curious.


"Lily, you're back in, drain life off it."
'1d10' mega drain spam

Roll #1 8 = 8


"We'll see how you fare in battle soon enough, don't you worry."
Return him to his ball.

It's time to return to the gym. As a challenger this time.


The Diglett motions to attack, but Lily is faster!

One hit is all that's needed, The Diglett almost pops out of the ground before it's recalled.

"Not bad at all. You're the last one, let's do this!"

Leader Bram sends out Gabite!


I blink in surprise. "..Is that a dragon?"
"…Try a Fury cutter." '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Oh…that's an interesting Pokémon." I say trying to doodle I out
"Maybe this battle won't be so boring after all…"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Hello there! Here to challenge the gym?"

"Yes, it is! Gabite, Dual Chop!"

The Gabite wastes no time. The air around its claws shimmer as it strikes into Lily! Lily can't hit her attack after the blow.

A gabite replaced the diglett!


I should get some kind of held item to prevent this flinching stuff.
'1d10' mega drain "Its okay Lily, you can wear it down!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


That's decent I suppose
look down at my pokes
"You guys holding up alright? I know this might not be so exciting but you guys need to focus alright?" I say letting Nadia down on the floor and picking up the Sniveling
"You too have to payattention to this, or else how are you going to be strong huh?" I say with a chuckle as I lilift the little snake up


Lily moves first! She recovers some stamina as the Mega Drain heels her.

"Can you really? Sandstorm!"

The Gabite whips up a sandstorm! It looks like it's blending into the sand…

Lily is hit by the Sandstorm!


The snake is eager to learn and was actually watching the battle intently, seeing its fellow grass pokemon perform. Until you picked her up, that is.


"That's right, this time I am."


"A little dust won't stop us."

'1d10' "…quick attack."

Roll #1 8 = 8


I picked her up to give her a better view!
"Oh man I got an idea!" I say as the sandstorm wakes up the muse inside of me
"One moment girl" I set her down and start scribbling furiously, doodling Lilly performing her quick attack in the middle of the sandstorm

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Cool, though there's a battle going on right now. They might finish soon, why don't you go in and wait?"

Not for now. Lily dives in, tackling the Gabite in a fast charge!

"Take it down right back! This is our last stand!"

The Gabite charges at Lily in a way just as fearsome! The blow is so great, the Gabite looks like it got hurt a bit, too.

Lily is getting worn down by the sand…

Not bad. You capture the Grovyle charges right into the Gabite. You even made the Gabite look like it was blending into the Sandstorm, a consequence of its Sand Veil.


"Sure, thank you!"
Let's go in!


"Just a little more."
'1d10' mega drain

Roll #1 2 = 2


Ah yeah that's a nice one
Let's see if I can try another one. I heard Groviles are sorta rare so…
'1d10' noodle doodle

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Thunderbolt it!"

"Just one last attack and you can take it down! Brave Bird!"

You walk right into a fierce battle! The trainer you met previously is battling the leader, a woman in a suit of armor. The Raichu you met previously is chasing a Skarmory around.

Lily doesn't hit the Gabite! It looks like it effortlessly melted in the sandstorm, then reappears away.

"Take Down!"

Lily is hit hard again! The Gabite seems to be expending all its energy into this attack, so much that it's not concerned for its own condition.

Why is the tail leaf so long in your drawing?


Fucking perspective!
Fix that crappie and try again

Roll #1 2 = 2


Raichu versus Skarmory huh? Interesting. Let's see how this turns out.


"Oof, okay.. try dodging out of the way and then hitting it."
'1d10' mega drain

Roll #1 4 = 4


You drew the the Grovyle a little too curvy…

It goes about as much as you'd expect. The Raichu's Thunderbolt finishes off the Skarmory, knocking it out of the air. However, the Raichu also collapses from exhaustion after all that time spent battling.

"Looks like we're both down to our last Pokemon."


The trainer sends out a large quadruped Pokemon with a bug flower on its back. A Venusaur! The gym leader sends out an Aggron in response!

A pin on the challenger's cap is pulsing, while the badge on the gym leader's shirt is glowing the same way.

"Ready for this"

Lily sucks the life out of the Gabite! The dragon aspect of the gabite protects it from the full force of the attack, but it's been taking sufficient damage.

"Come now, let's not go down easy! Last one! Take down!"

The Gabite roars!

It charges at Lily in reckless rage. Lily is thrown back by the force of the blow, and try as she might, she';s brought to her knees.

The Gabite looks briefly triumphant, before it grasps itself and falters to the ground.

You are victorious! Leader Bram has been defeated!

"Well, well, I decided to use one of my stronger Pokemon instead, and you've still prevailed! Congratulations."

Obtained Fertility Badge!
Obtained 2000P!
Obtained TM Bulldoze!


Oooooh boy! Time to take out the camera!

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Amazing work Lily." return her sigh a satisfied smile.
"Yea.. It was pretty close." Flip the badge around in my hand and put the money and tm away.
"This little thing is gonna help me out huh.."


I stand up and clap my hands a bit. "Great battle that one was! I say to both of them.
"Even managed to get some nice sketches too so thanks for that"


Just in time, too!
Both the Venusaur and Aggron are surrounded by rings ofl ight! They are completely enveloped before they both burst out, roaring viciously! The Venusaur's plant has grown even more massive, while the Aggron's armour has completely enveloped its body.

Venusaur has Mega Evolved into Mega Venusaur!
Aggron has Mega Evolved into Mega Aggron!

"Good luck! I've always admired Rangers, since I was a kid. My life was saved by one long, long ago! I hope you'll carry on the great work that your organization is doing. Please, let me say thank you."


"Oh, you're most welcome. I think you wanted to challenge me next? Hang on, let me change my Pokemon…"


"Sketches? Can I take a look?"

Blush a bit "I hope so too. Its all I ever wanted to help people. Maybe I'll even come back after I've got some stories to share."


"Yeah but there'sno rush really. Take your time "

"Oh sure! Here you go." Show her all my doodles except for THAT one pic
"They're not that good really…I'm was kinda out of it today you know? "


That's a picture of the Diglett, Gabite, and your Grovyle fighting the Gabite as it melts into the Sand Veil.

>5, 6, 7

The leader says "I'd gladly hear them."


Nod to him and turn to leave toward the pokecenter as I look over the pictures.
"Huh, you're not bad. I can't draw at all but I'm pretty sure Lily will love to know someone drew her. Are these for your own collection?"


"Oh hey if you want I could try to draw you and draw you and your Grovile together. Could make for a nice size comparison chart or something"

"Well they were going to be but I actually have been aiming to make some kind of encyclopedia yards know? With pictures and descriptions of the Pokémon. You see I'm a researcher, it's my job to find out everything about Pokémon. From diets to their food chain or even behavior changes from wild Pokémon to caught pokemon


Megas… now those looks really impressive. This battle is going to be explosive.


The gym leader decides to water his plants in the meantime. You're free to call him over if you like.

The Venusaur stands its ground as the Aggron charges! The ground erupts from beneath the Aggron. An Earth Power attack! The armour, however, defends the Aggron despite the weakness!


"Oh, I see. And sure I wouldn't mind that. You're staying overnight in town?" I pass over your sketch pad again. "I wouldn't want to hold you up."


Pokecenter for me.


This gym seems big on defense…


"Nah its alright. To be honest I have no idea where to go next after here. So it's no problem. "
I pick up my drawing materials
"Now come on, try a nice pose with Lilly for me."


"Sure once she's healed up! Can't ask her to pose about after such a hard battle."
"Maybe you want to try the gym yourself actually? I could be back in time to catch your match if I hurry."


They are! Steel-hard protection and so on. The Venusaur is hitting hard on their weaker special defense, though. From the open windows, it seems to be drawing in sunlight…


"Hmm…yeah that actually sounds like a good idea. Okay then, just hurry up or I might have already wiped the GYm floor with his pokemons."
"…haha just kidding I'm gonna get mowed over! See ya!" I say rushing towards the gym
"I'm ready for my challenge!"


The Leader seems to be done watering his plants.



And [PAUSED] for now.




From your home in Muika, you want to head to Cyan? Through Shuiea, maybe?


You're biking your way through Lanobe City, your friend in tow.


"Come to think of it, this is my first time here in Lanobe. Do you know where the Dark Gym is located?" I ask her.


Yeah, I think that was the plan.


"Actually, I don't know! They say finding it is part of the challenge. We've got to be cunning if we want to find it."

Alright then.

Poke Ball3


Do you want to stock up before heading off?


"Ehh!? That just seems way over the top! Is there a hint they put out? 'It's hidden' doesn't give anyone much to go on."


"Apparently it's some sort of abandoned office building!" Riss says, checking her map and guidebook. "It might take a while, but the guidebook says to ask around."


Nah, I think I should be good.


"As long as we don't go around in circles. Where should we ask first? A Pokemon Center, or at a store, or just some people on the street?"


Alright then. Fortunately, there's a direct Ferry to Shuiea here. Ready to set off? It's 200P for a ticket.

"Well, let's see.."

Riss hails a tired-looking man walking along the street.

"Hey, do you know where the town's gym is?"

He looks around for a bit before replying.

"Meet at the alleyways two streets away from the Pokemon center tonight."


On da boat.


"Just so we're all clear, Growlithe and one of your Pokemon stays out at all time, RIss. In the meantime, do you have anything that needs to be taken care of?"


Today it's raining, even out at sea… an announcement has been made for everyone to get inside and buckle yourselves in.

At least it's nice and dry in here. The boat's still rocking mostly gently so far, and it's only about half full so there's plenty of room even inside.


"I got nothing. Maybe, hmm…"

She looks at one of the Game Corners around, opening up their shutters.


Well I was going to try meditating, but now I just hope I don't get seasick…


"You interested in going a few rounds?"


Nothing stopping you from trying. A familiar-looking guy in front stroking a slowpoke seems to be trying, at least.


Well I suppose I try to could follow his example.

Roll #1 4 = 4



The place inside is decorated like a kid's arcade. The grown men crowding around the pink ponyta-themed game machines kind of ruin the magic, though.

The sudden rocking of the ship interrupts you as you try to start focusing in your breathing.

From here, suddenly, you can hear a terrible roar coming from outside the ship.


"It's been so long since I've been to one of these. Nothing but studying and books until this vacation popped up. What game are you interested in?"


She immediately puts her bag on a free coin dozer, then goes off to trade for Coins.

"200P for ten coins! Oh boy!"

She cheers as she manages to get a few more coins, the puts in even more.


Uh…I hope that's the engines. Maybe I'll go take a look regardless.


"Hey, hold on, don't go too crazy on those machines! Even I know they're designed to take your money."


The passengers on the boat are looking around. They've also heard the roar.
Far away, where the rain seems to be heavier, a large whale-like Pokemon leaps out of the water.

The PA system clicks.

"This is your captain speaking. We are unfortunately about to be attacked by a dangerous Pokemon. A distress call has been dispatched, but in the meantime, we need whatever trainers we have available to step forward to repel the beast. This is a plea for trainers to assist in repelling the beast…"

"But it's fun!"
She's getting even more coins. For now.


"I'll give it a shot, but don't be spending too much! We still have to go find the gym."

Let's try my luck. Spend 200P and see how much I get. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You get your coins from a dispensing machine. That's 10 coins.


You've got 309 coins now. Well, that was easy.


[PAUSE]ing here since I'm tired, ugh.

sorry guys


"So do we trade these in or something?" I ask Ross while trying to jot look too giddy.


"Shouldn't they plan these routes?!"

Well, what the heck do they expect us to do?


They pick the safest routes and have surveillance checking for dangerous pokemon, but sometimes things slip through.

A cacophony of cries are coming from a deck! Aside the huge roar you heard just now, it seems wild pokemon have been driven into a frenzy. Some are trying to board the ship!


Hmmm, I'll snap a picture of that attack. Looks powerful.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I think I healed up after my gym challenge and was going to watch that reporter kid with his?


All you get is a huge lens flare! Your camera can't pick up the Solarbeam well at all. Shoddy company camera, this is.

The Aggron looks to be on its last legs. It roars desperately…


Aww dang. Which one is closest to me?


He left you his email, but had to be off in a hurry. So yeah, you've just earned a second badge.

The smell of fresh earth is still very refreshing. A few carts of berries are being hauled around…


Oh well, let's just watch the battle go on then…


Oh? Hauled by what pokemon?


They're not close yet, since they're still outside, but a few trainers have gone out to try and drive them off. Some fish Pokemon are panicking and just flopping about. while others like the Tentacool are looking pretty aggressive.

Some stoic-looking Rhyhorn. Seems they're being carried to processing centers where they'll be shipped around.

The Aggron has to fall. It collapses onto its arms, before being recalled by the leader.

"Very impressive, challenger. You fight without holding back and in absolute synchronicity with your pokemon comrades. For your spirit, the Steelforged Badge."

The cap-wearing trainer cheers with his Venusaur, holidng up the badge together.


I'll go out and help them, releasing Ralts and Horsea.


I think I still have a long way to go…


How neat. This is a really peaceful place.
The coffee shop guy mentioned ranches. Lets head to one of those.


You head out onto the deck…

The ship's rocking is tolerable for now. Fortunately, strong winds aren't in this rain, but you're still getting soaked.

A horde of Tentacool appear! Five of them close around you…

The capped trainer recalls his Pokemon and turns to leave.
"Well, good luck out there! Nice meeting you. Get anything good on that camera?"

Nearby there's a Miltank farm! Most of them are laying about in the grass, enjoying an afternoon nap. The few Tauros are kept in a separate enclosure, with a few hay piles here and there for them to vent their frustrations on.


I walk over to the building and knock on the door.


Horsea, use Smokescreen to cover us, while Ralts uses Confusion.

Roll #1 8, 7 = 15


Horsea covers a small area with a smokescreen!

It covers the horde, but it's also difficult for you to see…

Ralts is able to knock away a Tentacool with a confusion attack! Another confusion attack from outside the screen knocks away another one.


Give it another Confusion, Horse uses Focus Energy!

Roll #1 4, 8 = 12


A young girl comes out.

"Yes, miss? How can I help ya?"

Horsea focuses and takes aim…

A Tentacool is blown away again by the confusion attack!

A confusion attack and a thundershock comes from where you can't see, getting rid of the last tentacools. The smoke clears up to see some other trainers on the deck with you.

Three Carvanha and three Krabby are approaching!


"Hello, I'm Amber, a Junior Ranger. I'm visiting in town and was wondering if you needed any help. "


"Well, um… actually, do you know anything about sick Pokemon? We've got a Miltank that's been acting strangely lately. We isolated her just in case, but we're not sure what's wrong. She tries to bite tree roots, doesn't like the sunlight.. it's weird."


Sorry, had to go eat dinner.
"A whole lot of lens flare if you're into that."


"Aww, that's a pity. Maybe I can help you with that? I mean, if you'd like another picture…"

His Raichu pops out, eager at the prospect.


I grin and bring out my camera.
"Does a skitty have a tail? Of course I'd like to take more pictures!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"…she doesn't like sunlight?"
'1d10' try to recall something relevant

Roll #1 1 = 1


He hugs his Venusaur and Raichu close. All three smile eagerly.


She might think she's a sunflora!
Oh wait, no, not really.


I frown
"Sorry.. I only know how to fix basic wounds so far. I could look at her if you want, or try to find a doctor?"


"We're not even sure if she's sick or just in a strange mood. Do you think you could see her first, then see if she really needs a doctor?"

There are medics at ranger bases you can contact for help, if you need.


Aw dang…
Ralts, Disarming Voice on the Carvahna, while Horsea uses Water Gun on the Krabby!

Roll #1 4, 1 = 5



Roll #1 9 = 9


Ralts staggers a Carvanha, while Horsea misses her water shot! The krabby pinches her in return.

Assisting attacks help keep the others busy. A Froakie slaps a Krabby hard and away.

Oooh, that's good one. Despite their obvious experience, they still feel like happy rookies eager for new adventures.

"Need any more?"


Keep at it you two! Hang in there, Horsea!

Roll #1 5, 10 = 15


Nod and make an energetic gesture.
"Consider me on the case Maim. I'll look around to see if anything is making her upset too. Lead the way!"


"Hold one one second…"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Lighting doesn't look good on this one, mainly since a Dragonite jumped out to pose behind.

Ralts removes another Carvanha! Horsea, taking careful aim shoots away a Krabby! Critical hit!

A group of Chinchou and Corsosal now jump out of the sea. Just as they hit the deck, a devastating roar is heard from the sea…


She takes you to see the Miltank. It's in a enclosed stall in one of the barns.

It flinches away from the sunlight as you open the door to enter. The windows have been boarded up for its own comfort. It hides itself in a corner, not making a sound while barely paying attention to you.

Its hay is only a little eaten, but a tree root that made its way into the barn seems to have been gnawed on.


Hmmm, another!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Hey, I'm not gonna hurt you Miltank." I speak softly too it.
Do I have a berry I can offer it?


W-what the heck is that anyway?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Nope, but the farmgirl offers you some to try feeding.

The Milktank takes the berry, thenlays the oran berry on the floor and rolls on it! Its back is now covered in juice. It then eats whats left of the berry. Its eyes don't change.

What the hell is that in your shot? There's this spooky shadow…
A Gengar jumped out, as did a Lapras and Snorlax. You manage to get this guy's entire team, it seems.


"That's a wrap. Thanks for the poses, guys."


Examine the roots it was eating.


The roar is loud enough, but something else begins to overwhelm your mind!

You hear the noises of the deeps, water crashing around you, into you, inside you… You need to make the noises stop!

You manage to keep your eyes open to see a large blue Pokemon leap out of the water, closer to the ship than before. Fins like wings, fearsome teeth and unknowable eyes. A Kyogre!


It seems like the fluids have been sucked out. It wasn't eating the roots, it was draining them.

"No problem! Hope we'll meet again! I'll look out for your publication!"


"Maybe she's just really thirsty.. Has she been drinking a lot of water?"


Well… enough of that then. Time to confront the gym leader.


A legendary…here? Why now? Did something upset it?

Roll #1 9 = 9


There's a water trough right here. It's been drunk from enough for a Pokemon her size.

It's still not responding much to what you do, but it's always keeping its back against a damp portion of the walls.

"You were watching, huh? Excited for your first gym match?" The leader asks. He's wearing a factory worker's suit, but has a few badges of honor sewn proudly on.

Not as far as you can tell. It is hard to concentrate, though. Your mind is being invaded by this overwhelming presence… you need to block it out! Ralts too is holding onto the floor.


Both of us, Calm Mind! We need to focus!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I'm exhilarated alright. And optimistic despite the lack of experience on my part. I'm looking forward to a good battle with many highs and lows."


It's hard to concentrate with so much being blasted into your minds!

Don't you have those earplugs?

"Don't worry too much about it. As long as you've got a will you'll find a way! Ready to start?"


"Ready when you are."
Prepare my balls. Pokeballs.


Oh, uh yeah! Maybe those will help!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"We begin!"

You are challenged by leader Stahl!

Leader Stahl sent out Aron!


They really do!
The noises of the outside world are blocked out, leaving behind a calm peace. Ralts looks a lot better, too.

There's a problem, though… a Tentacruel has boarded!

Wild Tentacruel appeared!


…this milktank is acting like a shroomish.
I'd like to try petting her and checking her fur for mutations.


"I know just the poliwag for the job!"
Send out Leviathan!


Well at least I can focus now…

Confusion! Bubble!

Roll #1 1, 9 = 10


That sounds pretty reasonable considering what you're seeing.

However, as you move your hand to near the back area where it bathed in berry juice, it starts to flail and back away from you.

Leviathan springs out! He's ready to face off the Aron.


I frown and step back giving the animal space. "Is she normally this shy?"


Ralts is still reeling from the mental fatigue, and misses entirely! Horsea scores a critical hit under the Tentacruel's dome, but even that isn't doing much.

The Tentacruel busies itself trying to hit the Froakie from before, who suddenly seems unhittable with a normal attack.


"No, not at all. She used to be so friendly. She really wants to protect that spot on her back…"


"Start this off with a Hypnotize!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


"would you mind helping me keep her still so we can look at it?"


Ralts, give it another try! Horsea, use Smokescreen again!

Roll #1 10, 3 = 13


"Ah, it might be easier if we did this…"

She whistles. A Noctowl comes flying in, and hypnotises the Miltank. Without resistance, it drifts off to sleep.

The swirls on Leviathan's body seem to pulsate and move.

The Aron, in the midst of a charge, becomes drowsy! It struggles with sleep…


Your renewed spirit easily helps Ralts recover! Her next attack hits the same spot that the bubbles hit! A critical hit!

The smokescreen helps immensely against a single big enemy like this. It tries to grab onto things, but fails!


I nod and tip-toe over to the miltank's back to examine her.


"Now Bubble!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Keep it up, you two! Try and knock it off the boat!

Roll #1 7, 7 = 14


There seem to be… roots? No, you grew up surrounded by plants, these aren't plant roots. They're fungal mycelia!

You can recognise them as the kind that grow on Paras.

It's super effective! The shell of the Aron holds no sway over mighty bubbles.


"That's right! See that? What you just did? Keep doing it! Bubble!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


I look a little freaked out and motion to the ranch girl to look.


It's suffering from the combined attacks of the trainers gathered. In perfect synch, your two deliver the last blow, sending it sliding back into the seawater.

That terrible roar again. Fortunately the earplugs actually do function as earplugs to an extent.

It seems to be following the ship now…


Why the heck would it be doing that?
…dare I try to sense why from it?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Oh goodness… d-do you have a vet with you rangers or something? This is horrible!"

She's not handling it well.

That hit hard! It might have gotten into the holes in the metal armor. The Aron is still tumbling around!


"Don't stop now, Leviathan!"

Roll #1 8 = 8


Slowly, you take your earplugs off to try and get a read from it.


Its eyes glow as it looks at the ship…


"Alright, let's get out for now!"

The bubbles instead hit a Magnemite! He's switched Pokemon…


Wh-what does that mean!?
Calm Mind! I have to pacify it somehow.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'll call it in right away, do you think noctowl can keep it sleeping like this in the meantime?"
step back to fiddle with my radio
"Hello, Ranger HQ? This is Junior Ranger Amber."


"Hypnotize it! Swiftly!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


It means
It means

The sea is the source of all life. to expand it is the most noble goal any living being can imagine. Jump in to the sea. Let the water claim you as her child. Do it.







"We hear you, Spring fields HQ receiving. What's wrong?"

Leviathan misses!
The Magnemite almost seems to grin before loosing a thundershock at Leviathan!

It's super effective! Leviathan is panting, trying to stand from the attack…



Roll #1 8 = 8


"Alright, come back Leviathan! You did your part."
Return him. Send up my fiery friend next.
"Atlas, you're up!"


"I need a pokemon vet to come look at miltank, she's got parasect growths on her back."


That's what you're trying to think. your legs are already taking you towards the water…

"The hell are you doing?"

A pair of hands holding onto your arms stop you as your madness subsides. Above in the sky, rangers on flying Pokemon arrive. Lightning cracks in the air as the Kyogre is repelled by thunderbolts from powerful electric Pokemon.

Charmander is sent out!
He looks ready to prove himself. He takes a thundershock, but isn't hit too hard.


"You know what to do here, use Ember on that flying magnet!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"What? This is new. Yes, we'll send someone over quick."

In a few minutes the vet arrives. Oddly enough, she's decked out in more protective gear than expected. She's wearing not just a facemask, but a protective cap and gown. She examines the Miltank carefully, frowning.

"There have been reports of mutated paras fungus lately, and unfortunately I think your Miltank here caught an active spore somehow. You're really lucky you isolated it. Unfortunately… we're not sure of a cure, but the good news is that there's a lab in the Rising City already studying this fungus. I think it would be best if you sent your Miltank there. Ranger amber, is it alright if you escort the Miltank there?"


I nod.
"I can handle that.. but I haven't been issued a Styler being only a Junior Ranger."


Atlas sprays small flames at the Magnemite! The smug look quickly turns into horror.

It discharges a weak electric bolt… A Thunder Wave! Luckily, it misses. For now.

"That's fine. I just need you to accompany it on the train ride, then make sure it gets sent to the lab safely. That alright for you to handle?"




The gym leader is done watering his plants. While the Ranger girl is gone, she left you her email.



I think I'll sit down after that…

"Thanks. Not sure what came over me."


"Lucky thing Beth here pointed you out, it was hard to notice in the chaos."

The guy holding on to you gestures to a Slowpoke.

"She's really perceptive. Wait, you're Jake!"

You recognise this guy too. He was the one you met on your earlier boat trip.


"weeeell… Now that you asked, maybe I should head back and train some more and… Nah just kidding, I'm ready for this." I send out my zubat "Go Jasper!"


"If this were a dark gym, I'd change the Pokemon I planned on sending out! Go, Diglett!"

Jasper is on the field with a Diglett! He looks reader and eager.


"Supersonic, go!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Jasper unleashes a soundwave!

The opposing Diglett is confused! It spins in the ground… it manages to hold on to enough sense to scratch Jasper!


"counter that with wing attack!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Jasper slaps the Diglett! This time, it's confused enough to hurt itself. It flinches at something where you can't see below…


Better ignore it, he must be feeling really crazy
"wing attack again! "

Roll #1 4 = 4


"That's enough, retreat for now! Go, Rhyhorn!"

Jasper wing's almost bounce off the hard plate of the Rhyhorn that takes the Diglett's place! It was n't very effective…


"oh crap… " Jasper come back!
I get him back into his pokeball and send out Nadia


As Nadia comes out, she takes a rock to the face! Fortunately, she isn't Smacked Down as the attack was meant to do.


"ouch… Sorry about that girl. Quick, use that RAGE against them!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Oh yeah…it's you! What are you doing here?"


A critical hit! Nadia goes into a frenzy! The Rhydon is hit between the hard spines! It winces, but… it's barely affected! It's almost laughing even!

The Rhyhorn charges and jabs Nadia with its horn! Nadia's rage is building, but she doesn't look like she can take many more attacks…

She does, however, seems to be moving faster. Speed Boost caused Nadia's speed to rise!

"Traveling back home before I head out to the mainland. How about you? Wait, we should probably get back in. It's still raining…"


"Yeah, but I think that Kyogre out there is to blame for all this."


"Most likely. The old stories always talks about how it summons the rains. So… you want to go in?"

He's holding the door open for you.


"ugh… Come on Nadia you can do it! Focus Energy come on!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


Nadia concentrates! She's pumped and more able to spot weak points! Though that might barely help without the proper attacks…

The Rhydon tosses a rock at her again! Smack Down! Nadia's struggling to stay up at this point…

"Using a normal move on a rock type, hahaha! It never gets old!"


Inside I go. I look back out at the water. What could have caused it to act like that?


You know as much as you could discern from it. The old myths speak about how great, titanic legendary Pokemon brought a world before your time to ruin. Perhap's they're protecting territory, or maybe the got curious. Maybe it's something far more malevolent. You really don't know.

Turns out the other boy's sitting right in front of you. He offers you a hot drink.


The realization hit me harder than the rocks on Nadia
"goddammit I'm sorry Nadia…" I say before I get her back.
"I gotta say, that was a rookie mistake, and it will not happen again."
And I send out my Snivy


I take it.
"Thanks again. If it weren't for you two, I probably would be at the bottom of the ocean by now."


Snivy takes Nadia's place! She shields her from a Smack Down as she comes in, but takes it significantly better. She straightens up and stands tall.

"Oh, I think I've seen that Snivy around.."

It's warm milk, sweet and nourishing. Mmmm.

"Us three! Walter here helped make sure I didn't fall down with you."

A Froakie pops up from the seat in front and waves.

"Anyway, how've you been?"


"you did? So you like kebabs too?"
"oh and use vine Whip! "

Roll #1 2 = 2


Snivy attacks rather clumsily, but that doesn't stop her vines from digging into the Rhyhorn! It was extremely effective!

The Rhyhorn is stunned by the sudden intensity of the attack, so much that it misses its charge and almost falls over!

"Yeah, well, I do sell them my vegetables as ingredients, I like to try what everyone makes."


"All things considered, well enough. Still, I never expected to run into something like this so soon."

How is Ralts doing?


"woah, way to go Snivy! One more come on!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Just having you calm and enjoying your milk is good for her. She's seated on your lap, rocking gently.

"You never know. Things are pretty unpredictable. That's what they say is part of an adventure, I guess. Going to be headed to the mainland anytime soon?"

Snivy is emboldened by her success! She lashes at the Rhyhorn again, this time with much more proficiency as the pores in the rocky hide are bored into. It was extremely effective!

The Rhyhorn tosses a rock, but Snivy mostly shrugs it off.


"Okay.. But she freaks out in the light, so I'm worried she will just run away without a pokemon ball or a styler. Also, why are you so covered up?"


"haha, great going Snivy! One more, finish him off!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Safety considerations. Speaking of which… you didn't touch the mushrooms, did you? And don't worry, we'll ship it in a comfortable crate."


That did the trick. The Rhyhorn tumbles onto the ground, defeated!

"Right, then… come on!"

A Gible faces you! It looks clumsy from the way it moves….


"dragon and ground huh… Snivy use wrap!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


That's good. Give her a reassuring pet on the head.
"Yeah, I was on my way through to the water country."


Snivy wraps the opposing Gible! The Gible, though constricted, is able to stir up the ground beneath!

A sandstorm has been made! The Gible seems to dissolve in the view…

"Water capital, you mean? How long are you planning to stay?"


"Dan I knew he was going to do that… Good thing she's close to him now… Snivy, Vine Whip!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I touched her, but I don't think I got any mushroom on me."


Despite the Sand Veil, Snivy still has it firmly in her grasp! She lashes at the Gible!

The Gible, however, struggles like crazy! It manages to Take Down snivy even while wrapped!

The sand buffets Snivy. It looks like she's finally getting worn down…

She quickly sprays your hands with some liquid that stings a little.

"Do be careful. There aren't any reports of humans being infected yet, but watch out you don't accidentally transmit it or anything! If it helps, no grass Pokemon have been reported infected, so that might be helpful. Anyway, I think this can get on the train tonight."


"Not sure. I don't really have any plans to stay for long-mostly to see what the mainland is like."


Mainland refers to the big continent landmass with all the cities, Shuiea is the local capital and not a mainland. What are you trying to say?


"dang it… This sandstorm is the worst… Snivy use Leer! Don't let him get away!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


I thought I was going to the mainland by way of Shuiea.


"Owch. " I wave my hands back and forth.
"That sound fine, we want to get her well as soon as we can. Uh, are you saying its safe to have a grass pokemon around her in case of trouble?"


Snivy leers at the Gible!

It seems a little unnerved, lowering its defense. Its massive attacking power isn't reduced, though, as it takes down Snivy again!

Snivy looks very tired now… she;s uanble to keep holding onto the Gible with Wrap.

Misread your post then, whoops

"Planning to stay at an inn, then?"


"Yeah, for at least a night. What's the island like, anyway?"


"Snivy, let go of him! Keep up from far away and get him with vine Whip!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Yeah! Don't let other Pokemon near her at all, though."

A crew of ranger medics in protective clothing soon arrive. They pack the Miltank up in a crate and have it shipped off. The ranger vet discusses a few details with them before handing you you a train ticket.

"This is good for a trip to the Rising City. Train leaves this evening, so make sure to board in time! Cargo details are also on it, by the way, so you can check up on her whenever you like."


I look at the ticket to get the exact time and such nodding at her instructions.
"I'll get some food to go and head over there."


File: 1425926738198.png (3.29 KB, 74x90, Dream_Mystic_Water_Sprite.png)

"It's, well… it's home. Beautiful beaches for relaxation, lots of seagrasses to harvest and all the fish you could want to eat. It's near the sea, but there's a lot of clean, fresh water as well. There are underground springs of pure water you could just drink whenever you like."

He pulls out a pendant that appears to be filled with water.

"Locals believe carrying the water with you is good for luck. I've always just liked looking at it. Besides that, we've got the biggest city a bit further inland, since this is a pretty good location to access the rest of the archipelago."

Snivy takes a gallant last stand. With all her might she lashes into the Gible. A critical hit! So much that the Gible's charge almost misses. Almost.

Snivy falls to her knees, supporting herself with her arms. She's panting heavily.

"Alright, good luck! Though I hear the train kitchens make some great dinner and supper."


I blush a bit as I leave.
"Yea, but I want to say goodbye to someone."


"Well, you have plenty of time for that!"


"alright that's enough! Come back Snivy!" I aim the laser at her and send out Nadia again


Head over to the Cafe!
What time is it now?


"Really? That's kinda neat. Maybe you could show me around for the night. I'm in no particular hurry."


About afternoon, so you got about two hours. Train leaves in the evening.

Waiter's still there, petting his new Grotle and enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

"Sure! Actually, since it's sort of holiday season right now, lots of inns will be full. You can crash at my place if you like."

Nadia comes in. She's faring a little better than Snivy, but looks encouraged.


I wave as I come in and walk over to him.
"Hey! I have some good news!"


"alright, your foe is weak Nadia, get him with a good Bite!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"You're going to be eating here again? Aha, just kidding. What is it?"

Nadia's fierce bite locks on to the Gible's jaw!

The Gible is undaunted, though, and slams Nadia onto the floor.

That was as much as she could take. She tries to get back up, but fails. At last, though, the gible is beginning to look weak…


I snicker and present my badge proudly. "I got the badge, AND an assignment from the guild!"


"Oh…well that's awfully generous of you. I hope it's not a problem."


"That's amazing! Ooh, just one more week… I'm so excited. I'm so happy for you, too!"

He and his Grotle even stand up eagerly.

"All the best, you hear? And here, a little parting gift."

He hands you a small sachet. They smell incredibly soothing.

"Grew the leaves to make those myself! I got another one at home, so no worries."

"It's no problem! My parents are away anyway, so at least I won't be going home to an empty house."

It looks like the rain outside is clearing up. Night's fallen in the meantime.


I accept the Sachet.
"Oh! it smells amazing, is this an item for grass pokemon?"


"Well… my Grotle liked it! I find it helps keep my bag smelling nice. Helps us both sleep better at night, too. I wouldn't take it into battle, though, it might break."


"Well, thanks then."
Hard to believe not long ago we were next to a rampaging Kyogre.


"Ooh, that sound nice, you know my first night on the road I was attacked by a ghost, makes it harder to trust falling asleep out there.. Don't worry, I won't break it!"


"It's cool. Anyway, I'm tired, so I'm going to take a nap till we arrive."

Proceed to destination?

"I'll trust you on that!"


Nod. "Hmm, my train leaves in about an hour, so.. I'd like to get something to go, Hmm like a few sandwiches that I can eat on the train."




"Sure thing!"

He heads behind the counter and gets to work, Grotle supporting him. He hums a little.

Lights of a port soon become clearer and clearer through a window. The captain announces that you'll be reaching land soon, and you can hear everyone breathe a collective sigh.



Gosh, what a nice guy, I'll sit here and wait, did he say his name before? Maybe its on a name tag?


You can make out the name 'Waldo'.


Pretty easy name to remember!



It is.

He's a natural at sandwich making, as far as you can tell. His hands move with such speed and precision it almost looks like they're blurred. Before you notice it, he's already up to you and holding a bag of sandwiches.

"100P! Enjoy!"


Another day survived. Pokemon sure are fascinating.


Another day, another adventure!
Where was I?


Pay him and get going before I can say anything weird, er, before I'm late to the train.
"Thanks Waldo. I hope you have a good journey."



You had gone to Binestrone to challenge the gym. You were first practicing by fighting differetn trainers, though. Pentium got paralysed, so you went to the Pokemon center to heal it.

Arthur wakes up and yawns just as the boat stops.

"We're here! We can heat up some dinner at my place, then we'll have tomorrow for whatever we like."

He waits patiently as the rest of the passengers scramble to get off.

"Thank you! I'm sure it'll be good now that I have your blessing! Hahaha!"


Ahahaha, why are we laughing? Oh well, to the train station!


Grit my teeth and call her back
"you did good Nadia, now come on, get some rest… "
I send out Jasper


I follow him off the boat.
"Well, it's your home. Lead the way."


File: 1426095368435.jpg (45.95 KB, 748x499, Belgrade-Kalemegdan-river-….jpg)

"Yes, why are we laughing?"

He waves goodbye to you as you leave for the train station.

The train station of this town is surprisingly big. Large containers of crops are being shipped around. Looks like your train just opened for boarding, so go show them your ticket.

You exit the boat to find a large port. Bigger cargo ships can be seen in the distance, docked at the bigger, more developed part of the port. The passenger section here is well decorated with palms as you walk down the jetty to city streets lined with canals with boats.

"Hope you don't mind more walking, I don't really live in the city. Wait, actually…."

He hails small boat being pulled by a Seaking, and invites you to get in.

It's now all down to Jasper. The Gible opens its mouth to roar, but mainly coughs.


"Alright Jasper, it's up to you now buddy, quick attack! "



Roll #1 10 = 10


"Sea taxis, huh? I didn't think you used them."
I board it.


Easy, my ticket is right here, I'll just show them and get on board.


How much fun!
Team and moves?


File: 1426096525499.jpg (15.39 KB, 300x265, Toraja Land, Excotic Indon….jpg)

Jasper charges in a burst of blinding speed!

He strikes right into the Gible's fin! A critical hit!

The Gible is really slowing down now. Its take down attack couldn't hit Jasper.

"Easier than raising Ponytas or whatnot to pull carriages around. There's water around and so many water Pokemon, so why not?"

The boat takes you outside the city and into the outskirts, towards a cove. It's hard not to fall asleep on this gentle ride…

The houses here are built on stilts to better weather the waves. The boat stops near one of them.

"Here we are! Go on ahead."

"Yes, that looks about right. Your cargo's in the first cargo carriage if you want to check on it at any time. Enjoy your ride!"

The attendant welcomes you in.

Clear body

Metal Claw
Iron Defense

Sandile F

Squirtle M
Water Gun

You have a lot of Poke treats, 3 days worth of food, 5 Potions, 1 burn heal, 1 antidote, and 1000P.


"yeah! Come on Jasper, one more!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Let's go beat up kids for lunch money.
Rolling for a fight!

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Thank you! Also are we allowed to have pokemon out on the train?"


Jasper charges again at the Gabite in the sand… the image dissolves!

The Gabite leaps out and takes Jasper down!

That gabite is still going to be down soon.

Whoops, you should have about 1700 by now.

At the battle square, most trainers are trying to avert your gaze for now after seeing what you've done. The only one left is an older girl in a short dress, looking around interestedly.

"As long as they don't inconvenience other passengers! Also, not too heavy or big."


"Huh. Are all the houses like this?"
I get out of the boat.


I'll go find a nice booth on the train.


"oh the goddamn sandstorm… "
" Jasper, use wing attack!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Though as nails she's gonna be, I can tell.


"The older ones are. Especially from places that are or used to be fishing villages. Come on in."

The inside is mostly like any other home, though far more filled with the scent of sea air. It doesn't look like anyone's been home in a while.

"Frozen pizza fine for you?"

You were assigned a cabin, it looks like! You follow the number on your ticket to a tiny room in one of the carriages. Just enough for a small bed and a sink.

Jasper opts instead to dive from above, wings spread out…

The Gible is knocked down just as the sandstorm subsides!

It tries to stand back up, but relents.

You are victorious!
Obtained 1000P for winning!
Obtained Fertility Badge
Obtained TM Bulldoze!

"Well now, not bad for your first try." The gym leader says as he hands you your winnings.


"Hmm? Can I help you, little miss?"
She has her arms folded around herself as she leans back.


"We are you waiting for! You are a trainer right?
Our gazes met!"


Wow, this must be a long train ride. Set down the heaviest of my stuff here and stretch.
Lets have those sandwiches to waste a bit of time, I bet my pokemon are hungry too, I'll share sandwiches with them.


"Oh yeah! I swear I was going to lose this one because of that mistake from before"
I take all the stuff.
"thanks, I can't believe how tough that was"


She laughs.
"Well… if you insist."

Mystery Girl sends out Clefable!

This Pokemon looks a lot different from all the Pokemon you've seen up till now. It's far more sure in step and stance…

Everyone comes out, though there's a lot of fidgeting for space. There's a canteen carriage on the train, but enjoying yourself in your comfy cabin is fine too.

"Well, that's my job. What are you going to do now?"


"Yeah, sure."
I inspect the decor. I don't think we have many places like this on my island, do we?


"Go on Pentium!
Iron Defense!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


Well.. maybe it wasn't a good idea to have them all out, I'll hold Gligar and Joltik to help out anyway. Then we can split tasty sandwiches and enjoy ourselves for a bit.
"You all did great on the gym match. We are way strong enough for it! You can't go near this miltank thou, I don't want you getting sick."


"Good dodge, but try another ember on that thing."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"oh I'm definitely going to stop by the pokemon center and then we're going to celebrate. Also, see if I can talk more to that Ranger, she seemed interested in my drawings, and maybe I could tag along. I always wanted to see Rangers in action, and I got to see one today, so thanks for that, and these." I walk away with a triumphant smile


Pentium feels it, too. It doesn't need to be told twice to brace itself for an attack. Defense greatly rose!

"Let's see if we're feeling lucky today! Metronome!"

The Clefable wags its fingers, chanting. A blade of water forms! Metronome triggered Water Shuriken!

Pentium is braced and can endure… one hit! Two hits!

Still, it was obvious the Clefable was merely playing around, but to Pentium it feels like a full attack.

It's a little different. There are some houses like this, but most of your island lives further inland where these houses aren't really needed. There are still similar influences you can spot here and there, though.

The smell of pizza is making you pretty hungry.

They cheer. Some of them are looking at the sandwich bag, but Lily is instead looking at your ticket, which mentions a buffet at the canteen carriage for dinner.

That was a good dodge.
For them.
It's the Magnemite's turn to dodge, and it counters with a thunder shock!

She had to leave, but you have her email!

Heading to the Pokemon center?


Pass a sandwich to gligar and aron, breaking off a little piece for joltik, he probably can't even eat that much.
"Oh, you're saying you're hungier than a mere sandwhich, alright I'll take you up there." I say patting Lily's leaf before biting into a sandwich of my own.


Is this gonna be a thing I'm forced to lose? Because I'd rather not waste time if it is.
"Metal claw!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh that's sad
Ah well, time to head to the center and then spend some quality time with my pokemon.
Once I get there I leave my pokemon to be healed and boot up the PC
I gotta report this to the professor


It feels like you're the plant itself as you taste the veggies in this sandwich. Like, you can feel the joy of the plant itself as it grew. That and a little more with the skill of the chef who put it together.

Not really

Pentium ferociously digs into the Clefable! As the iron claws touch it, the Clefable winces.

It's super effective!

The Clefable was taken aback, but continues to wag its fingers. A ghastly haze envelops Pentium. It looks different.

Metronome triggered Trick or Treat! Pentium now has ghost typing!

You're there, and the nurse is free to take your pokemon.


"You rely too much on luck!
Pentium, go again!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Oh wow, I wonder if Waldo will become a famous chef one day.. He could be a really great one..
Hmm, I should check on the miltank now. Make sure she's settled in.


"take good care of them alright? They worked really hard… "


"Just for a bit of fun!"

Pentium goes for another claw attack. The Clefable is more prepared this time, though, and swats the claw away!

It waves its fingers, chanting lazily…
Its eyes suddenly widen in shock before a loud boom is heard!

Metronome triggered Explosion!

A large shockwave erupts from the Clefable! You're knocked off your feet and onto the ground by the force! Your ears are ringing, even, and you're gasping for air to stand up by the sheer power of the attack. The opposing Clefable, dizzy, falls over as well.

Pentium continues floating there, completely unaffected.

The girl sighs and calls back her Clefable.

"Well, tough luck for me. I'll give you the win on this one. You have at least two badges, I think? Pretty good."

You head out to the cargo carriage, where you can check on her in a plastic crate. She's kept away from the food in case of any contamination.

She's sleeping, so more or less fine.

"We'll just do a checkup to make sure there aren't any lasting injuries and speed up healing."

"Nothing else needs our attention, so you're free to take them back!"

A quick scan is all they needed.


Good good, now I'll just take Lily to the buffet mentioned on the ticket and see if we can't find her some eggs.


I sigh I'm relief.
I take their pokeballs and head straight for the computer.
I first need to chat with the professor, and then send a message to that Ranger
After that, fun times for us


Well I did have a long day. Let's go join him in the kitchen, or wherever the pizzas are reheated.


Grin and recall Pentium.
"Not yet, but soon enough!
So that's why you were so nonchalant, you must be way ahead already with your collection!"


Dinnertime soon, so good enough.

Down at the canteen carriage, they've got a nice and wide spread. An assortment of berries, rice, vegetables and other things grown out of the earth. the bread is freshly baked, too. And yes, eggs and some meat, too.

Drop him a message, then?

No need he's headed out here into the living room with them. Frozen supermarket pizzas nothing special.

"Eat up! Drinks in the fridge, help yourself."

There's some for his pokemon, and yours too.

"Yeah! I'm actually still challenging loads of gyms, though, that's why I stopped around here. Wait, don't tell me you only have one badge? Or none? Wow, you're really good in that case! Kind of like myself when I started out, even."


"I'm gonna roll through the local gym first thing in the morning, don't you worry!"
Make a fist pump and grin at her, but shift the motion, extending my arm and opening the hand wide, offering it to her.
"I'm Leila. What's your name?"


Rev up that PC


She takes the hand.

"Blue! Nice to meet you, Leila! Really, I was impressed! Tell you what, why don't we keep in contact. Maybe I could teach you a thing or two!"

He's online, you can send him an instant message.



I'll take a few berries and bread for myself and let Lily pick out the food she likes.
The others should be fine for a while.


She picks out an assortment of meat, eggs, grains and veggies. Seems she's really into having a balanced diet.

There are nice bar tables to sit down on and watch the outside through the windows. The sunset from the train through the forest is nice…


"Sure thing Blue! Here, that's my number.
Will you be in town for long?"


"I was actually going to challenge the gym tomorrow. How about you?"


>Hey professor. I just beat my first gym leader. I know I'm not exactly a trainer but it was lots of fun, also it was hard as balls! These leader guys looks like they're all tough, but still I can't wait for the next battle.
I'll go celebrate today with my pokemon and tomorrow I'll pick up on work again. See you later!


"Hey I was going to challenge the gym tomorrow!"


"I'm sure they'll take both of us, the leader will need different pokemon for each of us anyway. You wanna go first tomorrow?"

Good luck!


Now to check that Ranger girl
Did she left me a message or just gave me her address?


"Alright, I don't want her to go to heavy on me after the mess you will make of her."
"So, what's up with your pokemon anyway?"


She hasn't yet left you a message, but you can send one to her.

"They're my friends and they've been me for a very long time. What d'ya want to know?"

She leans back onto a wall.


"It's just… Some kind of feeling I get when I saw your clefable in battle.
It looked different from most."


>hey There, it's the guy that drew Lilly.
I beat the gym leader, it was super close too, but now I got myself a shiny badge, so that's awesome
>I know something must have come up that didn't let you watch the battle but that's no problem, so no worries about that
I also have no idea where to go now, so I'll just spend this day having some quality time with my pokemon, hope you do the same!
Bye, hope to see you again somewhere


"Really? Well, this Clefable was my second Pokemon, so it's really, really experienced! It's cool that you were able to feel it. Sometimes it just comes to you when you're facing a Pokemon way stronger than what you've known before that. It's a good instinct to trust."


"Good thing I didn't back down though."
Smirk at her.


"Yes, well… you literally got lucky."
She laughs.

"Are you going to bed anytime soon? I'm just about ready to hit the bed…"


Huff a bit, crossing my arms and glaring at the other trainers.
"Seems like the whole plaza is afraid of me, so I might as well."


Yea.. It really is nice to ride on a train.. I think I'll head back to my cabin and sleep through the night, its been a nice full day after all.