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A new day dawns.
As the sun sweeps its welcoming light across the pine trees outside the castle walls, you take a moment to ignore your tired feet and admire your surroundings. This is an old fort, probably dating back to the former kingdom of Stava which once covered all these lands. Or so history teaches. Not everyone is well studied on stuff that happened over a hundred years ago.

You, like many others, have come to this place following a call to action by the current leader of these lands - Lord Aurel. He has sent out a call for any who are willing to join his armies. The pay will be good for mercenaries, but the work will also be dangerous. Not much else was advertised, but rumors have been circulating. Some say he wants to ready for war. Others, that he wants to leverage his neighbors into alliances. A few more seem to think the realm will soon be under attack, or that giant monsters lurk its dark corners.

Who knows. You should find one of the recruiters for more info.
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''Yeah we could do that right folks?''


"Doesn't seem like too much to ask."


"If that is his decision, of course."


The scout grins widely
"Yesss… I will be right back."
He goes to talk to the prince. You may listen in, if you so wish


I spit on the ground and look angry.


Listen in

''Oi, Mind your manners!''




I just shrug my shoulders.



"My prince, I, with great cunning and wisdom have gained the Human Lord himself as ally. Thanks to my brilliance of mind and quick thinking, you now only need wait arrival of great armies of men who fight to the last for your rulership of this forest, o glorious Mantamer!"

He is hamming it up really hard…


She crosses her arms and tries not to laugh
''THis guy…this guy right here, heh…''


"He's certainly making a good case for himself."


"That cub isn't fit to lead a hunting party, much less a clan."


Wonder where he learned it. At least he doesn't have pockets to hide daggers in.


After some more smarmy talk, the scout and prince both come to greet you
The prince is all smiles
"I await your troops eagerly. have them meet me here, so I may issue my orders to them."
The scout winks at you


''Yeah, can't really blame him I guess, I would try to get on the Prince's good side myself with sweet words and all that too…''

''Great! Sooooo canIgetsomeofthatore?''


"We will do what we can."


I pretend not to notice


"Well? Let's hurry and go."


He growls a bit
"Anything, once I am Leader."
The prince nods, and the scout leads you outside
"Where you need to get now?"


I need to go to sauna
I give him a mean look


She claps her hands together ''Excelent, Excelent!''


"Just fine if we can be guided back to the road."


Give him directions to the Lord's estate. I remember, right?


Do you wish to
>travel to Lakeshead and talk to the mayor, as you were instructed to do
>return directly to the Lord
>return to the Drudge Village


>mayor, as were instructed
I don't remember this


The Mayor. He should be informed.

We need a note from him before we can go back


Gaining the gratitude of Lakeshead by making the roads secure was the ultimate goal here.


>Mayor yep


"I suppose we should visit Lakeshead before returning to the lord."


The scout takes you to the edge of the woods and asks a final question
"What should I tell clan leader? That he not worry, should do nothing?
…or let him come to prince, so you ambush him?"


"Tell him that we're going to ambush the prince."


"You sure about that?"


"I wouldn't have said it if I wasn't."


"…I do not follow?"


"I'm not very assured that you've decided to follow our plan."


''Woah wait what? We had a plan Sirth!''


"Yes, we were going to meet with the lord?"


''yeah and bring the troops here, but not ambush them ourselves''
''Sirth I'm really starting to have trust issues with you…''


food pause


"I will not support a cub."


''Well geez missy, you're acting like a Cub yourself''


"Well let those in charge decide if they want someone else in charge, but we should try to keep ourselves clean of all of this."


I rub my temples in annoyance.
I roll my eyes.


"Tell them not to worry. This seems like political maneuvering with a political answer, not something where soldiers will be needed to fight each other."


And so you leave the forest behind, returning to the road to Lakeshead. It should be easy to find the mayor from here, given how Town Hall is hard to miss - it sits on a hill overlooking the entire town.


"Let us hope things go smoothly here."

Let's head on in and try to get a secretary to tell us where the mayor is.


Do we still have players?


A pause here seems like a good idea.


I don't know


Pausing for now.
Lets see if want to continue when maali comes back

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