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You said you have a dream. That dream… Make it come true! Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth! If anyone can, it's you!


You've been playing hide-and-seek with your new Misdreavus! somehow it could find you even completely in the dark, but hiding behind a lead container has made it very difficult for it to find you. It's still searching.


Lily has just shown off a new move! That's something else you've gained from the Earth Shrine. That, and the mysterious branch you've put in a jar.

>Justus, Squire

You've come out of quite an exciting day! First a beach day, then an adventure fighting baddies! It's late evening now, for both of you.


While watching a very grown-up show, a person in the crowd became rowdy! Impressing just about everyone who noticed, you took him out in a single hypnosis, clean and easy. The atmosphere, your success and the drinks are making you feel really nice….


Are you challenging the electric gym?
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"Everyone okay?" I call out to my pokemon.
But check on the plant first.


File: 1475572405268.jpg (133.67 KB, 500x333, 5054379610_8036bcc4b8.jpg)

The bud is now more. It's blossomed!
It looks like a kind of Lily, but you don't think you've ever seen it. It's a brilliant red, with a spindly flower that feels otherworldly. The leaves are far below the flower, and do not touch. It shifts, facing a forest path filled with a white mist.

Rocky emerges from between fallen trees. He shivers, being exposed to the rain, but isn't hurt. He whines, but is also enraptured by the flower.


"I was worried about you Rusty, we have a new heading, let's go!" I point toward the forest path and walk that way without even worrying about the mud surely covering me.


File: 1475573206390.jpg (531.61 KB, 1024x683, 15141639960_a04cf8fac1_b.jpg)

He's tired and whiny, and leaps back into his Pokeball. The flowers feels anxious as you step into the mist-covered path. You and Lily can feel the air changing around you, as the mist becomes thicker, blocking your vision.

When it clears, you seem to have come to the edge of the forest, where a field of flowers sit in the thinning trees. The strange lilies are bountiful here, and you spy a Floette or two tending the flowers. And beyond the trees, you can see an even more vast field, the edge of which you cannot see.


"I see now." I nod at the flower.
"Let's find you a good spot with the others."
…Let Lalita out, I feel like she'd be good at this.

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Cali and Cobalt sniff the air… roll, please.


You found the entrance to the Evergreen gym! That lady you were talking to was the leader all along.
>"It's worth a shot! only if you want to, of course. It's part of the Grasslands experience. If you're looking for other things to do around town, maybe you can check out the Earth shrine…"


For some reason, you decided to camp out in the Dervor city park. You just finished cooking and eating a camper's ration.


Proper ranger Amber! Congratulations! Before you head down the mountain, kick back and relax here, there are nice hot springs. The Fearow will be hanging around to carry you down any time.


You just got done having a chat with that boy you battled. Did you want to challenge the gym anytime soon? The leader might be waiting for you!
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Mmhmm. She was there with you.
Rolling for her hug quality '1d20'

Roll #1 19 = 19


Super comfy! Lily pressing against you lets you know how she feels. She can feel you too, and that makes both of you feel better. You can feel her heartbeat slow down as she keeps herself wrapped around you.

And yes. There's something about this branch. It'll make a good souvenir, anyway.


"The best thing I noticed there, was that we were together." I grin at her with confidence.
"We conquered a mountain together Lily. We can do anything."
Let her go when she's ready, and put the flowing branch into the jar.


Hold on, there's something she wants to try. Lily takes on a strange stance, and a column of green leaves sprouts from the ground!

Lily has learned Grass Pledge!



That's strange… How come she hasn't found me? Does she detects life differently? Could it be that this lead is disrupting her? Is it the darkness? GRAHHHH So many questions! Ghost types are really hard to understand…

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If we live a monotonous life, do we get used to it and stop thinking about it?

Who are you?

Why did you leave the comfort of home to wander?

What do you want to become?

You and your Pokemon shall ever stay on the road, even if you can't answer now.

Keep going. Gain strength, gain knowledge, gain courage. You'll know what to do with them one day.
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"I don't remember seeing you with anyone… but we just had a big batch of basic trainees. I'm sure your friend's fine."


"Alright, I'll have a lot of stories to share with her."
Open the door and enter the building with a cheerful bounce in my stride.


There's a box with all your belongings, too. Fresh clothes!

The path to the hot spring is clearly marked out.



"Let's just look around and make sure we didn't park ourselves next to someone's nest. Cali and Cobalt, you two smell anything nearby?"


A little sudden, but I think I like it. Glad the others seem to as well.

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A job offer was put out for experts and fearless fighters - A mr. Backwillow, self-proclaimed connoisseur of the unknown and unknowable, requires aid in his research of Curses and Monsters.

The flier say to find his wagon on the outskirts of the town of Winterbridge
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"Thanks… Don't know what happened there. Guess I'm getting older than I thought…" A nervous chuckle comes out as I rub my injured shoulder.


"I shall once we are safely out."


''Bah, you are so young and still such a pushover. Maudi is an elder and she feels like she could face three more of those feasters!''
''And now that we did our work here…Maudi believes it's time to give her a payment~!''


And then everyone went back to town and found a fulfilling way to go on with their lives




"Meanwhile I still owe 84 more demons."

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Continued from >>14439

"That's big, alright. Shame we happened to miss that one. We're working with other agencies to try and flush them out."

Looks like you're reaching the tower soon.

"Maybe unlike some of us, I didn't have much of a choice."

Her mood sours.

"Oh? And what's your plan?"
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"Some. Just a little… I'm looking to do way more."

Azurill happily gulps up the milk. She should be weaned soon…

"But not today. I'm tired ,and I want to explore tomorrow. I'll be headed to bed shortly after this. you? Stopping off at Dervor Town?"


"Yea, I'm not in the mood for a battle myself, but there is the battle cart if we have time before you then."
"I went to the duality tower, it was really a unique experience, I even got to draw on the wall!"


"Cool! I climbed once. It's a… a very unique place."

She yawns. A full belly is making you sleepy, too.

"I think that's it for me today. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow. Have fun!"

She ups and leaves. will you retire, too?


I stay up late reading about about bug type pokemon from my booklet, because I'm too excited about the gym.


It'll take while for the contents to get to your head.


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The traps are ready.
Soon The Cavalry will take a shot at the Golden Dragons at their initiation ritual.
All that is left to do is make sure everyone and everything is ready.

Cloudbreaker, the captured drakin messenger of the Golden Dragons, is at the hideout if you want info out of him.
Patches and Masque are also available.
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"I still need that ice packet…"


'1d10' natural remedy "Calm down Princess.. I'll make you some medicine."

Roll #1 8 = 8


He lets out a sigh of relief after being given some of that healing medicine. "Thank you…"


Patches inspects the situation
"Blindfold him and lets haul him back home. We might need to get a little clever with avoiding guards on the way in though."


"Yea, you big baby.. just take a nap." I pat your head.
"Right away Boss." I tear off some cloth from his clothes and blindfold him. "Uh, someone else better talk to the guards, I don't think I'd be good at it, I always just sneak around them.."

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I wish I could go on an adventure with Pokemon.

Crawl through some damp grass…

Climb rocky, rugged mountains…

Cross the raging seas…

Wander about in dark caves…

And sometimes, just sometimes, get a little homesick…

It mus be amazing to travel!

You've got your sheets. Where in the wide world are you, seeking our your own adventures?
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"Fair trial? I'll be jailed and left to rot forgotten. But since you're my friend, you can help me escape, right?"



''Uuh…Yeah, I do…Why would you be living here in the wild otherwise?''


"I can help you, yeah, but you have to help me too, Francois. You know as well as I do that there's probably a few people hiding around here and more than enough traps to stop the best, of which someone of your caliber can see I'm not. Just help me, and I can help you."


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A fun night at the pits for everyone. Plenty of broken noses, black eyes, dislocated limbs and lost teeth. Money changed hands, beer was guzzled, laughs were had.
At the end of the night, Daisari fought like a marvel but could not beat the champ. Not that most people even cared, they demolished the ring and several rows of seats getting that far. The little capra was like the fist of an angry god. She will make a fine addition to the Cavalry.

But now, greater tasks lie ahead of you.
Patches has been keeping her ears open, and worrying news has reached them - when you spared the old Masque troupe, they did what you wanted: spread word of your coming. This got you some fame and attention, but that is not always a good thing. Lately, the Black Skull gang had had their leaders killed and their hideouts burned. The culprit was no secret, the gold coins left in their neck stumps were a well known calling card.
The Golden Dragons had come to town, and they were looking to expand.

Furthermore, you were still no closer to freeing Sir Ragamont from Dead Man Headland, nor had you made any progress towards shortening Crunchy's hit list.

Time to get serious.
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''Ah it was worth a try kid'' I go get her some more water


"I'm trying to make idle conversation here, I'm not going to chop you to bits unless you try running away. So go on… keep talking, otherwise this is going to get a lot more awkward."

"So what did you do to this guy? Looks like he might piss himself any moment now. Then again the axe doesn't help that."


''Well first I held him at crossbow point, then offered him a chance to fight and earn his right to leave instead of killing him right there, Got him down in one move and broke his wing a bit, and then spoke to him a little, trust me Logan, you just really don't want to see my bad side''


"I don't know, I like it when a woman gets a little rough." He smirks a bit. "Did a good job though, guy seems obedient enough. Sure he won't do something stupid. Hey, I'll save one of my bottles just for you."



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File: 1435082330231.jpg (1.56 MB, 1479x2124, 024.jpg)

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Back at Nosey's hideout, the Cavalry was busy picking out their new nicknames for eachother.

A bit of lighthearted fun, before the big serious jobs began.
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I visibly struggle to not smile at that comment
"Ah whatever… You know I'm not so good without my hammer… Besides, I know deep down that you too want some sugar from Duna"


I roll my eyes and make a fake gagging reaction again.
"Ew, I'd get a hairball doing that."


"Ah, just shuddup and let's go get a drink" I take my seat on the table, patting a place besides me as I wait for the barkeep


"None for me, pyrotechs and alcohol are a big no." I say and lean back in our prep area.


"Ah well, maybe when you're old enough for it" I take a sip With a small giggle

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The time has come for you to pick out a place to establish your hideout.

Patches can offer some further thoughts on the issue before you get going, and you can ask Aloysius for anything if you feel ill prepared.
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Nosey is pinching the bridge of his nose and trying to stifle uncontrollable giggling as he listens to you squabble.


"No scratch Big Prude. You are such a prude, that you should be called THE Prude!"


"Hey, I actually wanted a painting at first. Thought some of it would make nice inspiration for weapon decoration. I'm content in knowing I can indulge myself in my vices and never reach your level."

"Hey, hope's not wrong."


Snicker and let him be.
"Is this amusing you?
How much longer should we keep going, then?"


"'ntil y'feel sa'isfied."


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