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The power that's inside!

Having finally defeated the Honedge, you are now free to proceed upstairs to find out who was behind all of this and free the Aegislash!


I'm going to need a brief recap.
Who are with me?
Julia (Gastly)
Kala (Murkrow)
Mismar (Staryu)
Haman (Monferno)
Trish (Joltik)
Dovoi (Cottonee)



That sounds right.


Let's keep the Dark type out and ready as we head up.


'1d10' spot check, as we go up. midnight as the lead, she seems to connect with other ghosts.

Roll #1 2 = 2


As will I. I think I remember my lineup, but I'm a little fuzzy on their moves.

Millie (Ralts)
Needlenose (Horsea)
Jeeg (Magnemite)
Dreamcast (Porygon)
Nightlight (Litwick)
Chopshop (Pinsir)

And I'll follow them up, keeping a wary eye behind us. Not a fan of ghosts…


The tower begins to twist here, with an incredible slope up ahead – each step on the stair increases ever so slightly until every step is a foot and a half. It really takes it out of you.

As you begin to near the top, you hear a piano playing up above.


Midnight shivers uneasily, and Kala fidgets on Arthur's shoulder. Both seem restless.


"Only one way to find out what it is. Anyone here got anything Soundproof?"


Shake my head. "That's something that pokemon in the west have I think. Defense against zubats?"
"Oh, don't be scared! Once we get up there, we'll fix it. "


"You know, just in case the sound does something to us."

"Reeady? Let's go."


Head up


Oh great, just what I needed to hear…

"Uh…I don't think so."
I'll edge up after them.


"We can just cover our ears, and our pokemon's ears too." I suggest with a grin.


You arrive at the top for landing – panting. It was a painful and strenuous climb.

There us a heavy oaken door with an iron bolt here. It looks ancient. The music is quite loud within.


"We've only got two hands for ourselves, unfortunately."


Can it open or do we have to destroy it?


"I don't think that will be enough."
Inspect the door, knocking on it. Is it locked?


You give the door an experimental shove. The bolt seems to hold it firmly in place.


Well, remove the bolt.

Wait ,it's bolted from our side?


'1d10' look around the wall for a switch
"Aw.. okay."

Roll #1 10 = 10


No, but you can see the bolt on the other side through a crack. It's a very old door, and light streams through it.


You don't detect any hidden switches. Besides, they usually hide those in trash cans, don't they?

Upon closer examination the door would probably break under application of pressure or fire. Telekinesis or strong enough wind might make the wind slide right out. Moreover, there is a window nearby. A flying Pokemon might be able to simply fly into the room and open the door. Similarly, a very small Pokemon might fit through the cracks.


"Kala, think you can fly around and open the door?""


"Hey, you wanna try burning it or having a pokemon push the door free? I mean, it might be kinda scary to go in there, but its only for a minute right?"


"Millie could probably TK it open, or Jeeg could just magnetize the thing."


Kala gives you a shrug. It's hard to tell if it's careless, uncertain, or dismissive.


"I'd rather you not go in alone, so we'll see what the others can do."

"Let's minimise damage, the Fire might hurt us."

"I think you'll have to do it."


"Go for it!" I cheer you on with a small gesture.
"Well, I have Green if we need to put it out!"


"Well okay then."
Pop out Jeeg and instruct him to try and pull out the bold from here with his magnet powers.


I believe I was in Vanilla city?


The bolt slowly slides aside… the door is yours to open.

That sounds right. I can't remember, did you ever get back to normal?


"Anyone going to open it?"


What do you mean by normal? You mean out of the crazy apocalyptic dreamscape? Then yes. However then I got rocked by the gym leader via the Anime Battle System.


I give the little orb a pat and recall him.
"Nothing ventured…"
I push it open. and peek inside.


Right, right.

And then you went to the Pokemon Center, I believe.

A mysterious robed figure sits playing at the piano. He dramatically stops at the door opens.

"I expected you sooner, Champion…"


Though it seems my sheet was on my laptop, so I don't have it on hand.



"Hmm? Which one of us are you speaking of?"


"Whaaat? Are you a psychic? Did you kidnap the pokemon so you could meet us or somethin'?"


File: 1413952672862.png (51.12 KB, 1516x413, Teams simplified.png)

The figure stands up, frowning. You're surprised, because by the deep voice you might have thought it was a man, but it is instead a woman. She has long black hair with strongly contrasting white streaks.

There's a look of confusion. "You're just some kids."

That's okay. This might be out of date though.


File: 1413952688276.png (239.26 KB, 1646x1391, Teams.png)


"Champion? I barely have two badges. That's a little much to expect from me."
"Yeah…though you have to admit doing all that crazy nonsense with the Honedge would attract somebody."


I believe I had swapped out Vivi for Lola, since Vivi doesn't like smelly industrial cities.
So. Recouping my loss in the PKC.


"Yea, well you're just a bully who's picking on innocent pokemon and their friends. Cut it out!" I pout at her with my arms folded and my best scowling eyes.


She puts her face in a hand.

"How did you manage to get past my followers? I would've expected more from them than to be beat by kids."

Do do dododo


Of course, now what do we do? Just go out and train? Or try and puzzle out what that gym leader was ranting about about items? Maybe hit the shrine, see what they can offer.


I cross my arms defiantly.
"Well you should have spelled that out for them then."


"You've got quite some cooperative followers. Mind telling us what you're doing here?"


"Listen up mean lady. Let those honedge go free or we'll defeat you just like your goons!"
whisper to Midnight "do a spooky ghost thing, maybe she'll give up." '1d10' spooky

Roll #1 8 = 8


Whatever you want to do.

"How obscene. All this and not even the Champion. Hm."

She raises a brow. You're not sure if it's mocking or genuinely inquisitive.

"Still, you have displayed some level of power. In any case, if you're here, then my plans have already failed anyway. Very well, these Pokemon mean nothing to me."

She begins to glow.


To the shrine, then. Maybe they won't be as completely against my mere existence as the other two were.


"Teleporting away, are you?"

Any sight of a Pokemon?


You're in the main square. Arceus – or Mirror God – only knows where the shrine is.


Grin victoriously. That glow must mean she is releasing them.. right?
See how Midnight feels right now.


Well, I'll let Lola out of her ball. Type shrines only seem to open to pokemon of the same type, so I'll just trust her and follow her lead.


"Hey, it's not gonna be that easy!"


No direct line of sight, but there is a large black drape spread on the floor that looks rather obvious.


And with that, she's gone.

Midnight looms gravely. Ghost types certainly are mysterious.

Midnight does seem a bit different than that Gengar and Honedge, too, though. It makes you think about how even among an easily-stereotyped group like Ghosts, there are strongly distinct personality traits that make them different.

Roll Wisdom


"…huh. Who do you think she was?"
Inspect the drape next. And the piano she was playing.


'1d10' I'm sure mom will be proud if I can figure something like this out.

Roll #1 4 = 4


The piano looks very old. You experimentally press a key. It sounds outrageously out of tune. Like, one and three forth steps.

How did she play it so well?

The drape seems to be quivering slightly.

Midnight seems to have a Skeptical personality.


Send out Julia.

"Here, see what you make of the aftermath."


But, turn my attention to that drape.I kneel over it and inspect it some more, giving it a poke.


There is restless rattling below.

Julia floats about uneasily, seemingly troubled by the drape.


Skeptical, that must be why he's so hard to get along with.
"You can trust me Midnight. I won't let you down!" I say with a smile. "and looks like I can trust you too."

'1d10' look around for more stairs or a way to where the Aegislash was chained.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I yank the drape up.
"Guys, there's something under here!"


"Julia, behind Kala."

Let's watch that drape.


This appears to be the room you saw it in before.

Jake pulls the drape free. Aegislash looks different than before – no longer contained within a psychic field nor laying docile.

Aegislash is chained to the ground here, and rattling about, trying to get free.


"Ooh. Anyone have spare Poke Balls?"


"Oh geez…hang on now…"
I pop out Chopshop and instruct him to break those chains.


"Oooh I know who's the best at cutting, your twin!"
Send out Rena and try a fury swipes at the chain. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Anyone want to catch it? Sure?"


"Don't you think it's been through enough for one night?"


"Yeah, well, being with us might make it feel better! Proper capture and all."


Shake my head furiously
"I can't take away the honedge's momma! No way. Not unless she wanted to come along."


I raise an eyebrow.
"That's…a big assumption you have there."



"I don't think I could give it enough attention right now, so we'll just have to leave it."


"Try to find a key for these chain instead. If you wanna be friends a good place to start is freeing it right?"


Chopshop smashes through those chains like a pro! No problem.


And with that, the Aegislash finally rises uneasily. There's an otherworldly moan and Honedges drift in through the walls…


"All done. Aegislash, happy?"

Beckon Julia here too.


I…give them a wave.
"O-okay then…are we good now?"


Smile and sit calmly here. "Don't worry, we got your friend Gengar to a doctor."


The Honedge raise ominously, preparing their blades…

And begin to dance about cheerfully, making little ghostly sounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdpvj_iVAFk


"Ooh, is this a swords dance?"


"Oooh, is this a game? I want to play too!"
'1d10' try to hum along.

Roll #1 5 = 5


It's certainly something to behold. The display continues as all of them – Aegislash included, slowly fade from view, and you're left in an empty, quiet chamber.

PokeKarma gained


"Okay! Bye! I hope we can play again soon."
Skip happily to the exit


I follow her out.


Recall Julia, call Kala to me and leave with them



You're standing outside a ruined castle on a mountain ridge. From your vantage point, you can see Sapshire and Fogmire.


"Phew…that was an experience. Where are you all headed next, anyway?"


"Maybe I'll head back to Fogmire to try out the shrine. I want to learn more about my Gastly, too."


"Fogmire, huh? I don't think I've been there yet. Never was much of a fan of ghost types…"


Guess I'll start on my way to Fogmire…


"Right, you're a psychic. Still, one must confront their weaknesses to blossom. Why not find a Dark type?"


Misery loves company.
I nod.
"I suppose that would help, though do you think I would be able to train one of those too? I have Nightlight already."


You'll need to head down the mountainside. Carefully now.


"Your Litwick? They'd complement one another. Hmm.. maybe a Murkrow? I'm just speaking from experience since Kala is lovely."

Pet him if he's out.

Send out Kala and have him watch over while we get down


"Is she? Where I come from, most people seem to think Murkrow are pests."
Let's navigate this terrain carefully.


Roll to carefully navigate.



Roll #1 2 = 2



"He. I dunno, he's nice to have around. Real smart, too."

Roll #1 3 = 3


You slide down unevenly, roughing up your legs as you slide down the mountainside. Up ahead, you see dancing lights in the darkness.



"Careful. Might be ghosts."
Resist urge to hold Kala close and keep going


"No kidding? I haven't really seen many–"
I get up and brush myself off, checking for bleeding, then point towards the light.
"Hey, what's that?"


"Hopefully an Ignis Fatuus. Else… "


Up ahead, you can see a swarm of Ghastly! You might be able to sneak past, if you want…


"See them? I can help you if you want to try fighting them…"

Try not to shiver


"I'm…not familiar with that…"
"I don't think we're in any condition to fight those guys after what we went through in the castle, do you?"

What's my party status, anyway?


Jeeg: Fainted
Nightlight: Fainted
Needlenose: Badly injured

Others: OK


"Lights that can appear because of burning swamp gas. But these are Gastly… "

Check party. About how much further to Fogmire?


Haman and Kala are badly injured. The rest are still okay.

It's hard to judge how far to Fogmire now that you've descended into the swamp. Probably a short hike back from here, might see more Pokemon on the way.


"Yeah. You feeling up to it?"


"Never mind. Let's not draw attention."

Begin sneak '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I nod and follow, sneakily.

Roll #1 2 = 2


They catch Jake. Try to outrun them?


Let me just stand by. Oh dear.



Can I escape?!

Roll #1 3 = 3


The swarm attacks! Who will you send out?


Kala quick

Thief one as soon as possible


Roll #1 7 = 7


Oh man, I'm gonna regret this.
Millie, use Confusion!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Millie blasts one out of the sky, and Kala strikes one down like a bolt from behind!

The two of them are coated in a barrage of Licks – which Kala shakes off, but Millie seems to not take as easily.


Oh, wait! I know!
DC, switch in! Use Psybeam!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Another Gastley is blasted out of the sky, but this time, the licks do nothing! They're coming around for another pass… maybe they'll try a new tactic?


Just hit the ones in front as we run


Roll #1 8 = 8


Keep moving forward and focus on the ones keep us in.

Roll #1 3 = 3


This time they just Leer at you, but then fly away. Looks like you've dispersed them… for now.



"Come on, hurry!"

Down the road!


"Right, yeah!"
I run off after him!


Roll for encounters one more time



We're almost there!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Arceus protect me!

Roll #1 1 = 1


>believing Arceus cares


Maybe you should've invested in the Mirror Lord instead.

Up ahead you see a little girl. She's sobbing. One of her legs is stuck in the mud, up to the groin. She can't pull herself free.


"Hey, are you okay?"
We have to go help her!


"Wait.. WAIT! Be careful! It could be something pretedning to be a girl!"


If Kala is out have him be near and see how he reacts as I approach the girl


As you draw closer, you can see smoke is pouring out of its eyes and mouth. Its head inverts entirely: completely upside down. She grins widely… or depending on your perspective, frowns.

That's when it blasts forward and knocks Jake to the ground with a crushing Sucker Punch. Illusion dispelled, it gives a gleeful chuckle.



"Away from the shadows! AWAY FROM THE SHADOWS!"

Send out Haman. Let his tail fire keep the surroundings lit at least.


It vanishes, no doubt preparing for some sort of invisible attack. You hear whispers from all directions.

Turn around.
The shadows dance.
You will never escape.
Your friend will betray you.


Crawl back away! Gotta get back to Arthur!


You are a wild Pokemon. What does what you say matter?

Calm Mind, Calm Mind…

"Hurry! Don't mind the voices if they come into your head. I believe the Gengar's trying to brainwash me."


"Voices? I think I'm used to that!"


Nearby, Kala falls out of the sky. At first you think he's been hit, but then you realize he's slumped over, asleep.


"Oh, good! We'll try to get to safety using my Monferno's tail light! Kala, stay near–"

"No! Beware of hypnosis!"

Put Kala on my shoulder and hope the chaos about wakes him up.

"Send out something!"


Dreamcast goes out, and stays near us..


"Good choice! It nulls ghost, does it have.. psybeam, maybe?"

Let's inch out of this place. Calm Mind, Calm Mind..

Rock Kala awake

Roll #1 4 = 4


"It does, but we need something to shoot first!"


"Hopefully we won't have to!"

"Haman, throw out a few embers! See if anything moves!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


The world seems to darken around you, constricting the flames of Haman… He's probably moving in for an attack!


"Kala? Wake up…"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Drive it back with a Psybeam!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Kala isn't awakening, and the shot goes wide.

Gengar smashes your Porygon on the nose, and he looks like he's in bad shape…

Things are bad.

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