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A continent that has stood divided and weak shall now unite to bring about Our Shared Dream. A golden age of peace and prosperity. No more shall small lands squabble among themselves for no greater purpose, for under my breath all shall be made as one greater.

History would hold those words forever as the start of the New Era of the Sun. What is known of the new Princess who united the lands of the squabbling humans and took those of the other races by sword or pen has been largely muddled by the many rumours surrounding her. Those who view her New Empire as the herald of new dawn, and those who refuse to yield to a power-mad tyrant alike all speak, but history has yet to come in this age to decide who would be right.

Towards the port town of Blueport, a traveling merchant ship sales. Among the cabins for passengers is a lone Capra.

Welcome, Elies Greenfields. You can see your home out the windows. You'll be there before you know it. For now, you're in your cabin with your gear.


Yawn and stretch my body in my room, begin to gather my gear and go and head to jump hug one of the crew member.
"Hey! How many more hours till we make landfall! My hooves cant wait to step on dry soil again!"


You hug a Zhivur who was about to come see you. His appendages tingle slightly under your grasp.

"…about 15 minutes, ma'am. Apologies for some delays, we needed to figure out how to dock the ship to unload our goods. Requested for a lot of weapons and armour from our traders, the port did."


"Whew, another hour or two being in a ship with dried salted fish and meat will drive me insane man…. or maybe it is stale bread and or wood in your case because of you know.. miosis or something is that right?"
I then jump off of him and try to run off to climb the crows nest
"Anywho, I will see you later Bob! I got to see from here anything that is new on the ports! Its been like forever since I've been home!"
"And I got to say it feels good."


You rush out into deck and, with your superior climbing ability, the Crow's Nest.

Blueport, the bustling trade town that stood over the warm waters. In earlier days you'd always see a wondrous jewel or treasure from the Other Lands Over the Oceans being peddled. Now only crates of weapons and armour are being loaded down from the ships that came a little earlier, worked by Capra labourers with help from a Hork or two.

Much shouting is below you. Looks like you've docked, and can disembark.

Welcome back to land, traveler. What have you come for?


"Visiting my relatives, after all this years sir." I bowed humbly to the guards as they ask me their question.
"As for visiting… this town doesnt seem to be what I remember. Where have the spice merchants and other peddlers or ware bringers gone…"
I then gulp a little.
"It looks more like a garrison than a town like I remember…. "


The guard looks puzzled by why you're suddenly talking to them about your relatives, but they're sympathetic about your last words.

"Indeed. War with the upstart Empire of Alkaidia is costing us. Damn it all… we just want to live in peace. I'm sure you do, too. Sometimes I'm not sure what the High Chieftain in Desemell is thinking, but I hope he does have a plan."


I frowned.
"So the war did reach this area's after all."
"Wait High chieftain of Desemell? What do you mean by that?"

By the way anything happening around me?


Sometimes things prompt you to trigger thoughts by asking you questions. Those won't have any quotation marks around them.

"Hmm? You could say our King to lead our lands. Desemell has served as our capital, and it shall ever be more important if we are to stand against the Empire. Or at least, fight to be recognized as a territory like the other places. Where you from?"


File: 1392400949014.jpg (85.75 KB, 516x584, map of territory 1.jpg)

He pulls out a map, looking it over and asking you to point it out if it's here.


"Desemell but if memory serves me right… hmmm…. two of my sisters lives here in Newport though I've forgotten where they are. But naahh I'll find them. We Capra's always do."
I then stroke my chin.
"So the king and our kingdom plans to fight these invaders, what is the plan? Any alliances on the way? Did we won anything major? Whats the news?"


"I don't know, really. All I know is that we have to fight to protect what's ours. The fields of our divines are here! We can't just let this little girl and her Empire absorb us in. Well, good luck. Maybe you'll be a hero of sorts if you join, hahaha."

"Oh, and, if you're heading to Desemell, you might earn a bit of coin helping to transport the goods there. Try talking to an important-looking Aeon in charge of the shipping. A caravan should be leaving in 2 days, and we could always use more guards. Shame to see lawless bandits preying on countrymen…"

The Capra guard readjusts himself and goes back to position.


You feel as if this is a good time to rest and think.



The day is still young for you, Elies. The town seems to pick up in activity as a few young capra load up gear onto a carriage. Further on the docks an Aeons is taking notes while goods are unloaded from the ships in your fleet.


I go to the important looking Aeon.
"Hey man! Need extra muscles for those loads you got there, or do you got anything in mind?" I flex my arms in front of him to show that I am a worthy




What passes for a face looks over you as you hear shimmering sounds from him while he thinks.

"Yes, actually. I require supply assistants for transport of war goods. Actual shipment was larger than I anticipated, and I need more manpower. Loading, and to guard the caravan while on the road to Desemell. Will you assist? I am willing to pay compensation."


"Wait I heard from one of the guards your caravan will go to Desemel right? I mean that is also part of the reason why I am signing up besides being part of caravan escort." I look at him and offer my hand.

"By the way my name is Greenfields, sort of a pathfinder if you wonder, been to many places yet there is no place like home dont you agree sir…?"


He puts his left upper appendage on his glowing blue 'face' to push up his glasses, but then realises he forgot to put them on.

"My concern is serving the interests of the Independent State, Pathfinder. I've never had my chance to leave. So you will join on, then? It would be excellent if you could recruit others as well."


"Hmmm… lets say that as a yes, as for recruits does that mean I should go around town and see if I can find guys willing to go earn some cash?"


"Positively. Preferably those going to Desemell as well, they would be more prepared to make the journey without draining our supplies overly much."

He hands you a small coin pouch.

"Some of the payment upfront. We leave at sunrise tomorrow morning. I hope you can gather a few people by evening today.

You now have a medium amount of wealth. Actual numbers may be implemented later

The Aeons goes back to supervising the movement of stores to the carriage warehouses. The rest of the port town has slowly grown busier as the sun continues rising. Shops are open if you like, or you can go around and look for things like recruits.


I scratch my head.
"Where do you think is a wise choice to start my hunt for suitable applicants for the job? I was thinking of standing here in the wharf waiting for new passengers though that may eat a lot of time, do you think the nearby taverns or guilds might do?"


"There are a lot of young capra looking to join the war effort and have arranged for their carriages to Desemell. In fact, I think there are a few around also packing up after receiving their supplies from the ships. Why do not you look around?"

He's very focused on his clipboard, it's clear he's not going to be able to look around himself.


"Alright Thanks!"
Lets do it!

Go around the town, the taverns and the guard and guild houses. Lets recruit anyone capable and willing to go to Desemel to guard caravans!!
"Hearye Hearye! Lend me your ears oh mighty mercenaries from all walks of life. from the scalywags of the seas up to the knight that shines thee! I, Greenfields am capable of giving opportunity to acquire bits, if said personality is willing to strike their sword, arm their bows and fight off bandits who prey on the weak and the defenseless!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Two humans and three Capra from loading goods onto a carriage come up to you.

"To Desemell, did you say? We are going there as well. We wish to take up arms to fight the Beast Queen and earn the freedom of our land. We would gladly join to sharpen our sword-arms."

One human and a capra carry a sword, the same number a bow. The last one has a wand stuck in her belt.


"Well tell me your names friend so I can list them down and tell my boss about you. Besides if you three joined up all four of us would be watching each others back eh?"


Servicus and Shuin, the two humans, swordsman and archer.

Pente, Arch and Misha, the Capra swordsman, archer and wizard.

"Where is your boss? We can go find them ourselves. Leaving tomorrow morning, I bet?"

Another Capra pair you can sense have paused nearby, watching with interest.


Reveal a paper and pen and write down their names.
"Servicus, Shiun, Pente, Arch and Misha,well let me write it down first and there. You want to meet the guy? Follow me."

I look at the other two capra.
"If you two are going to Desemel too then it is better we capra's stick with each other." I call out.


"Oh, uh… we'll think about it. Perhaps we;ll find you later?" One of them says.

They follow you to the aeon, who almost smiles (as much as his magic-material face can let him) while he notes everything down. The band of 5 go back to their carriage after thanking you, going back to stocking up on supplies.




Before they leave.
"Hey here! Eat and drink, we will have a long time travelling so we better enjoy civilization while we are in it eh?" I smile as I gave the five some allowance for food and drinks.

I then head back to the Aeon and give a big grin.
"So what do you think of the people I recruitted? I got a feeling there will be an addition of two more by tommorow if my luck holds up."



They leave sounding happy.

The Aeon's face never leaves his ledger.

"Good fits. They are strong and capable. With more on our side we will be much safer from Bandits. We are actually at good capacity now, but a few more would be fine."

You notice the two Capra standing off in a building's shadow, watching you expectantly.


Approach the both of them.
"Say whats the matter having doubts of joining us?"

Hmmm these two looks suspicious… are they doing anything strange?

Roll #1 2 = 2


Nah, they look fine.

"Well, yes, we'd certainly like to join. After all, this is our land. But then I saw you recruiting those humans. Are you sure that's a good idea?"


I think for a moment.

"Why not?" I tilted my head.


"Spies, of course."

The other chimes in.

"Think about it. Why wouldn't they want to join up with the Beast Queen? She's human, running an Empire for humans, trodding over everyone else. Why do you think they haven't just hopped over the border yet? Go on.."


I think for a moment.
"Hmmm are you sure they are spies? I mean why bother being a spy when you cant tell anyone you are one? I mean if I become a spy I would use it to hook up with the gentlemen you know, like this."
I fashioned my hair for a moment and began pretending holding a wineglass while giving out the most suave smile that I can muster.
"Hi, my name is Greenfields… Elies Greenfields, perhaps a martinni my good sir? Stirred not shaken."


They… laugh.

"Ha. Hahahaha! Hah. Spies can do more if they don't reveal their identities, young girl. Anyway… tell you what, we'll join too."


"Alrightee, by the way let me write your names so I can give them to the boss eh? Oh and also a small token so you two can get ready for tomorrow." I give them some allowance.

"By the way how is the situation here with the supposed war going on? Based from what I am hearing it really sounds like it is really bad."


"Oh, it's bad."


"Who knows when the Empire will decide to finally strike and end it all?"

"I guess that's why we have to keep fighting, huh?"


They refuse your money, having seen the Aeon give some to all the recruits. They walk up to the Aeon and mention you brought them here.


The Aeon takes his ledger off his book for a while to examine them, then gives them the stipend. They walk off. though not before giving you a vow.

"Good work. We won't need any more people, miss… Greenfields? Here, something extra."

He reimburses you for the money you gave to the party of 5, bringing your number of 'Bits' back to normal. Looks like you still remember what they like to call the coins.


"Thank you sir, by tomorrow I'll be here and present, by the way in what time will the caravan start headin off to Desemel?"


"Sunrise at 7. Please ensure you assemble at the road outside on time."

Going to pause soon. Anything you want to do in town before hitting the road?


I nod before going to one of the nicer general stores that I see around town.
"Yo I need a small fully enclosed tent, a tinderbox, oil, a lamp, a soap, some spice, a map of this place up to Desemel and some… errr… rope and and a hook."
"hmmm… did I miss anything?"


>Inventory: food, water skin, Bag, compass, map, mirror, soap, blanket, hat, cloak,, fully enclosed tent, tindebox, oil, lamp, spice, rope roll with attachable hook

you already have a good amount of soap. This sill cost you about 3/4 of your funds, leaving you with Minimal wealth. Okay?


Lets remove the spice and the rope. How much do I have?


Sufficient, enough for a night at the inn, some food and a minor weapon repair.


Nice, lets do that mister.


All done. You just hope the Zhivur didn't leave any.. slime on the goods he passes you.


You may continue here or on the next morning when we resume.


You come out of the general shop with a full backpack. It's afternoon now, and things are slowly winding down.

The warehouse for the carriages are still open, and some are carrying cloth from it away to somewhere else. The group of 5 are parking their carriage outside a house elsewhere while they bring horses in and tie them to their fence. More activity stirs around town, though slower than before.


Hmmm…. can I track down where the one's I recruited lived or stay? Specially the humans.

Roll #1 5 = 5


It's not hard, you see them going off together after putting the goods at what seems the be the Capra's home. Their house is just a bit away, they go inside.

It's a fairly ordinary home. Strong wood and a small garden where there might have been plants before, but recently harvested.



Do they have windows? Can I just look inside from one of the windows and see whats happening?

Roll #1 6 = 6


You can. They're sharing a bottle of beer inside, singing merry songs about freedom and doing things to women, clearly intoxicated now.


Hmmm… Just stare for them for an hour or two and see what they will do next, just for precautions and stuff all the while keeping myself hidden from their sight.

If what that Capra says is true then it is better to be safe than sorry I guess.


Roll for detection.



Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh, yes. You hear voices from behind and the sound of clinking metal.

"Sure we shouldn't wait until tomorrow?"
"Positive. The alcohol we slipped them should have knocked them out by now, we get in, take one, then retreat to continue tomorrow."


I look from behind and see who are those talking all the while keeping myself undetected


Sorry, I meant the side of the house when I said behind

You go around, and you see those two Capra from before. One of them look like they're trying to pick the lock while the other stands over them.

They haven't noticed you.


What the hell are they doing here? Whats their name again?
Approach them with dagger in hand while appearing to scold them.
"Hey! What the hell are you two doing here?" I whispered to them with an angry tone.


They stare at you for a bit before springing into action.
The larger one tries to leap behind you, while the smaller one draws a dagger. Roll to avoid.


"Bastards!" I shouted as I grit my teeth and jumps sideways(and if possibly to the window that I peeked in) in a dashing attempt to escape them.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Excellent dodge. You counter by stabbing into the bigger Capra trying to grab you, then leap off him to the other side of the building.

They'll now be coming after you. Were you trying to break into the window?


Yup, lets see if I am a capra extraordainaire, like those all those capra heroes from the books that I read about.


You leap into the window, shattering the glass nosily and rousing the five inside from their drunkeness.

"Damn it. Let's go."

You hear their footsteps running away from the house.


Look around at first and smile at the five people inside.
"Hi…" wave.

"… uhhmmm there are burglers that has plans to do something I dont know to you guys? I mean they are just running right now if you can see through the smashed window. Sorry about that I mean they are going to stab me you see thats why I stabbed them back as you can see from this dagger that I got. You see? Blood from those dastards." I show them the bloodied dagger.


"Waait, you're the recruiter, aiin't yah? How we know summone got stabbed and you diddn just put yr own blood on that?"

They're suspicious and groggy.


"Why yes I am the recruiter and I have gone here to sp.. ace out those bastards you see." I smile as I dust myself.

"Well the blood is not mine you know, what made you think I stabbed myself? Thats pretty stupid, besides I'll be chocking myself if I've done that and perhaps even collapsing now."

"*sigh* If you dont believe me, here." I began to undress and show them my body as proof that I am not stabbed to begin with.
"You see? No, nonsense stabs mates." I smile


The men stare for a bit too long before plodding off back to sleep. The Capra girl however imbibed much less of the drink, and has fully recovered.

"Right…so you were defending us from thieves. I guess I can believe you. Weirdly strong for beer, we drank…"

She moves off to the back get some planks and tools to seal the window.


I just giggle at the reaction of the men before dressing up again.
"I just want to make none are harassed or has any notions of harassing the crew before we take our journey. Uhmm.. Protocol you see." I smile at the Capra.

I then look at her.
"Well you guys dont mind if I stay here right? I mean those thieves could just be outside and the Gods knows what they are up too to fine citizens like myself."


"Well, I suppose the house could use one more to fill it up on its last day of use. You'll be moving off with us tomorrow anyway. Old place may as well have another guest before she's shut down."

She seals up the windows and brings out a roll for you to rest your head.



"Shuts down?" I raise an eyebrow as I lay on the bed.


"We're leaving with you tomorrow, remember? We're going to be joining the fight for freedom. We don't know if we'll be coming back."

She lights up the fireplace, bringing some warmth into the nights that are becoming cooler as the days go by.


"Oh… Oh I see." I then remove my cap and lay my head on the bedding given to me as I try to relax my muscle from the tense situations moments ago.

"Why fight?" I mumbled as I close my eyes.


"For a better future. For ideals and dreams. That's why we put our life on the lines, for a free land where we're away from others trying to tell us how to live. I wonder if those fighters on the other side think that way, too?"

She opens another bottle, sipping slowly.

Timeskip to next morning?


With that I try to get a good nice sleep.


Roll #1 7 = 7


You dream of riding across the land with a band of merry followers. Plundering treasure, good food and wine, it's a fantastic life. Suddenly, you find yourself being corralled by your followers into a valley where they surround you. They praise you, cheer, then their limbs fall of and move onto your back, where they become like butterfly wings. They slither on the ground, awaiting your instructions while you flit about.

It's still dark when you're nodded up by noise. Opening your eyes, you can see the humans and Capra also waking up.


"Euughh… what coo-coo dream." I rub my head as I put on my cap and stand up.

"Rise and shine guys… hhnngghh… " I began to stretch. "Time to go and do our business."

I then look around and yawn "But first things first, anything to fill this belly of mine will be welcome if you have idea's. If not then lets be on our way to the Aeon, maybe he got food."


The lady Capra, whose name you remember as Misha, is serving a simple breakfast. The last batch of milk and buttered bread. The rest turn to their weapons and are inspecting them.

"About an hour to meetup. We can rest a bit."


"Ah there we go." grab my fair share and began to get some food.

"Say all of you are mercenaries going to that war or am I mistaken?" I began to chow down.


"Yeah. We'll do what we can to help. Got a good set of skills between us. Misha can heal, I can shoot pretty well, Arch over there can sneak himself into any place…"

A male capra a bit shorter than you waves.

"We figure we'll find a way."

[PAUSE] for now


I then take bite a mouthful of buttered bread.
"I have little to no heart for this war, its bad to my taste you see. I'll go to that caravan we will travel so that I can check out if any of my relatives are still on that town we are going too. They have a head on their shoulder if I didnt find them there, it means they have gone to greener pastures. If not then I may need to knock some sense into their heads and convince them to go. Its not safe here anymore."


"I.. see. Well, suit yourself. Thanks for letting us know about the caravan, again. Hope your family's safe."

They finish eating pretty quickly.


Finish up as well and get to the door.
"Come, lets go. We might get late you know." I smile as I began to leave for the caravan."


They go to their cart, having prepared their horses beforehand. Their gear all packed already, they climb up and offer you a lift with them.

The stars are pretty bright for morning.


"Ah thanks for the lift!" I nod as I offer my hand and get up to their horses.


The horses ride down the street, towards the central square where a group of other carts are lined up. Leading them is the Aeon, inspecting a checklist.

"Yes, Greenfields and your recruits, right? Though there are two missing… what happened to them?"


I scratch my head before remembering.
"Oh they…. well turns out they are not up for the job so they left. No point in chasing them down." I smile at him.

I hop down the horse and ready myself.
"So when are we are to leave? I think riding on one of the carts is okay for me boss."


What passes for his face gazes at you for a long few seconds, right into your eyes.

"I see. In that case, we won't wait for them. We'll have to figure out caravan arrangements now. Would you mind being near the front?"


Did he see anything from me…?
I shake my head before noding at him.

"Aye aye boss." I give him a salute before going to the front caravan and ride there.
"Hey we'll be leaving now, keep your ears clean and your eyes on your back." I nod to the other recruits.

"You just dont know who may be watching." I look around a bit, making sure no one is looking at us who are suspicious.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Briefly, everyone around you seems to have the faces of the two who escaped you. In a bit of panic before you calm down, you notice the Aeon is gazing at you again.

"…are you quite alright? You're going to be helping us look out near the caravan's front. If you are unwell from any sort of… injury, perhaps, speak to our medic."


I shake at the thought before calming myself down.
"No… no! I mean nope sir. Its just…. well just some close calls last night, nothing permanent damage you see, just something that brushes past me in the night that creeps me out." I give a confident smile to him before trying to calm down and sit in front of the caravan.

I then look at the horses.
"Now, do I have any idea how to run this thing…." I steadied my hands and think for a moment if I have any idea how to handle horses.

Roll #1 9 = 9


The Aeon nods and goes off giving instructions to the rest of the caravaners. You take the reigns of your cart and easily steer the horses to their correct position. You're a pretty good equestrian.

"Volunteering to take the reigns of the horses first? Just let us know when you're tired!"

The five recruits promptly nod off to sleep.


"Nahh.. It'll be alright for me to take first, then I'll call Misha as second alright." I smile as I take care of the horses.
"Alright buddy time to get this train moving." I pet the horse first before signaling for it to move.



You make reference to your map.
The road out town is fairly straight, following a large river that sails to the sea near Blueport. The floodplains give rise to good earth for farming, as fields of marshrice lie to either side of the road once you've left the city outskirts. The sun's rays are slowly emerging from behind you, and you hear your comrades shifting in their sleep as the light hits their eyelids.

Roll for relaxation, or mood otherwise.


Hmmm… looks like both sides are fair and all nothing hostile it seems. Alright lets go.

Rolling for relaxation and mood all the while keepn an eye on things.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Pretty.. perfect. You're relaxed, but not so much to be asleep at the reigns. You know that the plains will end soon and you'll enter forest, and that's where you'll get to cool off under the tree shades. The head caravan switches leaders, the Aeon stepping down and a Myrmid taking the reigns from him while he sorts out a map.



File: 1396714766102.jpg (85.46 KB, 516x584, distance.jpg)

By this time the sun is almost overhead. Paths have been made within the Skirting Forest from constant journeys through, and there is no reason to even visit the deeper reaches.

You feel a lot better here under the shady canopy. It doesn't have the tallest trees, but it works. The horses trot along.

Roll for spotchecking.


"Ahhh!! This is a very good day isnt it boys?" I shout to the others who are sleeping.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"It is!"

They're taking a few drinks out of their canteens. Looks like plain water this time. You do hear some rustling about in the shrubbery on the side of the clear paths.

"Think it's an animal?"

Keep trying to spotcheck.


I look at the shrubs, a bit alerted and also worried. I draw my dagger.
"I dont know…" I stare at it.


Roll #1 4 = 4


A few birds fly out.

"Hey, maybe we don't need to use up our dried rations! Probably a few pheasants or deer to hunt!"

From the front Caravan, though, the Aeon looks pretty tired. His form sways a bit while looking to the right of the caravan, then falls over.


"Damn birds! Yes go and fly away whereever you damn things…. go! Haha!!" I shout before looking at the Aeon.

"Sir, are you fine? You look tired."

I then look at the sky, what time is it btw?


You estimate 11. Just a bit before noon.

The Aeon doesn't respond. He's completely still, from what you can see. His Myrmid comrade prods him, but there's no response. You're the only one who can see the front wagon, being just second from the front.

One of the humans behind offer to take over, you seem pretty bothered now.


"Hey dude, hold this reigns for me alright?" I then jump and go to the other cart.

"Old man! Are you alright? Hey!" Go and inspect what is happening.

Roll #1 7 = 7


With your inborn agility, you jump over to the front cart and find the Aeon lying still there. He pulses a little under your shadow.

"Someone there… tried to do a mindread.. used connection to knock me out…."


I look at him with a worried expression.
"Mind read? What happened? Do you know where it came from?"


"R-right side.. they knew I was trying to read their mind…"

He's struggling to stay lucid, his ethereal limbs are pulsating a lot.


"What?" I then look to my right and draw my dagger as I try to spot any intruder to our right flank.

I then go and look at the other guards and make a signal to indicate that there are intruders nearby.

Roll #1 3 = 3


There's no one there yet. You do a hand signal to indicate danger, and the relaxing crew see it just in time and begin to draw their weapons.

A few arrows begin to fly out of the bushes. Roll for defense and initiative.


Defense and doge!


Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Just one roll will do.

In a single skillful lucky leap, you dodge two arrows and a magic bolt aimed straight for you, landing right on your wagon's goods with an excellent view of everything around you. You can now see people in the bushes, all armed and about to attack.


A few Capra leap onto your wagon, axes at ready.

Capra Fighter 1 5/5
Fighter 2 5/5
Fighter 3 5/5


"Ahhh! Master!" I drag the master Aeon inside the wagon to keep him safe!

Roll #1 6 = 6


He's already in there. He manages to get up and conjure a shield around you, while you evade and stab one Capra fighter.

Capra Fighter 1 4/5
Fighter 2 5/5
Fighter 3 5/5

Greenfields: 8/5 H


"Ha! Got ya!" I then step back and climb the top of the cart before I draw my bow and shot an arro to the fighter!
Marksman shot.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


You get him good, right in the chest. He's out.

The Aeon perfectly evades a swing and puts a shield around himself as well. Facing the back of the caravan, you see other hostiles have jumped on as well, almost each wagon is being fought for.

Fighter 2 5/5
Fighter 3 5/5

Greenfields: 8/5 H


I then step back again trying my best to stay on top and ready my bow again to fire another shot!

Roll #1 5 = 5


The second fighter rushes up at you to point blank, knocking away your arrows and swinging his axe at you. The shield glances the hit away. The Aeon manages to hit his back with a bolt.

The wagon shakes violently, and you turn around to see the Myrmid driver trying to fend off the attacks from the third fighter while directing the horses. It would be bad if the Caravan couldn't be driven properly now…

Fighter 2 4/5
Fighter 3 5/5

Greenfields: 7/5 H
Myrmid Driver: 5/6 H


"Aaah!! Not now! Not right now!"
I began to stretch the cold bowstring of my bow and fast, trying in vain in making it more potent as a weapon.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Your quick fingers work their magic, and the bow is tightened to be far more potent.

+2 for 5 turns, after that +1 for the rest of the fight

The Aeon focuses his efforts on engaging the fighter attacking the driver, leaving you to fend against the other.

Fighter 2 4/5
Fighter 3 4/5

Greenfields: 7/5 H
Aeon Administrator: 3/5 H
Myrmid Driver: 5/6 H


"Alright! This will do!" I smile and stand up.
"Get ready for here comes Greenfiedl!!" I shouted in a vain attempt to scare off these intruders.
Marksman shot on one of the fighetrs

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


It's a vain attempt, indeed. In your haste you miss, letting him smack your shield down.

Fighter 2 4/5
Fighter 3 4/5

Greenfields: 5/5 H
Aeon Administrator: 2/5 H
Myrmid Driver: 4/6 H

To the back, you see some familiar Capras on the Wagon you were driving carrying glowing weapons.



File: 1397196186097.jpg (110.92 KB, 580x564, territory named.jpg)

Welcome, Ibizan Talbain.

Today is starting out as any other day of work in your Master's mansion. Sihnzih, your Zhivur senior, is already up and about watering the shrubs (and himself), you can hear as you lie in your bed inside your modest quarters for the morning. You can smell a nice breakfast being prepared by the Capra chef.

What will you do?


Get up and water those plants. Sihnzih has the right idea, work first and build a good appetite for later. What does the garden need?


Sorry, /s10/'s autoupdate is always borked

You see him swinging watering cans around with his noodly appendages as he tends to the flowers.

"Morning, Ibizan! Haven't you eaten? I already did, actually, you know I like to start work before the sun comes out and take breaks in the afternoon. Or if you'd rather work up your appetite, help me shovel some compost on the tomato plots, would you?"


"They're coming along nicely, aren't they?"

Put these arms to work. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Heightened senses has its disadvantages. It's harder for you to handle stuff that smells like.. this. Roll to not heave


"Maybe, I should use some cloth over my nose next time."

Keeping it inside. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Great work. You're a good worker, after all. You spread the compost and you can now feel the fertility of the soil here, though less smell it. Fried eggs and roast boar is coming from the kitchen window…


Now I can dig in! No matter the cooking, it always tastes better when you're hungry.


"Morning there!"
"Good morning."
"How are your sheets?"
"Good morning, Ibizan."

Today your employer, Lord Smith, is joining you servants for breakfast. The Capra Chef is serving out a few more dishes, while the Drakin maid and human Butler sit around him.

"Please, Ibizan, come and join us."


Take a seat, but keep my distance from the others. I can't let the compost smell ruin their apetite.

"It's nice to have everyone here. Is it a special occasion?"


"Oh, just a happy coincidence, I suppose. Say, Ibizan, I don't quite recall where you were from. What was it, again?

Pick a home region from the map, unless you were born outside the Drudge lands.


"Just a paw's touch south of here, but I've spent so much of my life working around Westwind here."


"I see. Unfortunate, but I still can't think of anyone more suited for the task. I have a letter here that needs delivery to Waterplains, the port to the west. It's in the territory of your people, so you out of all of us would be the best fit to go. I'll give you money for any expenses along the way. Do you have any questions?


"Not really. I don't mind the idea of a vacation." Offer a bright smile. "I wanted to go see them ever since I heard some people talking about it, so I don't mind. Who am I supposed to deliver it too?"


Lord Smith smiles back.

"That is excellent to hear. I have two letters, actually. One to the executive of my shipping company at the port, and another to the Chieftain of Seaplains. It's a drudge settlement, a little newer than others, and the leader's a nice chap. I'll leave it to you how you want to go. Overland will be much slower, but there have been a lot of pirate attacks lately, so I won't blame you if you don't want to go by ship."


"Ship might not be so bad. 'Sides, I can take a little longer on the way back, after the job is done. Plus, I work for the company too, I can't be allowing pesky pirates to ply with that."


"Indeed you do! In that case, I believe a ship to Waterplains will be leaving tomorrow. Why don't you spend today preparing for it?"

He hands you a pouch of coins and some paper notes.

"If our storeroom doesn't have enough for you, go ahead and look around town for supplies. This is meant for your entire trip, so use it wisely."


"Thank ye' kindly, sir. I'll probably just pack the necessities, not like I don't already walk around with a fur coat. Since I'm done with breakfast, I'll excuse myself and get ready to move."

I need a shower, and then let's see what's available in the store room.


A nice shower later you check out the storeroom. There's a large array of weapons: a small sword, a larger one for two limbs to hold, a spear, a halberd, a small hammer, an axe, and a bow. There's a basic wooden wand, too, and a backpack to hold things. A small telescope to be carried around and a tattered bedroll now the home of several moths, too.

What do you want to take?


The wagon train is under attack. The Myrmid driver of your cart is doing his best to steer while fending off the assailants. The Aeon administrator is helping you.

Sharpen with grant you +2 for bow attacks for four more turns.

Fighter 2 4/5
Fighter 3 4/5

Greenfields: 5/5 H
Aeon Administrator: 2/5 H
Myrmid Driver: 4/6 H


"Hold it steady sir? I got it!" I shout to my boss as I steady my aim and fire at figher no.2
Marksman shot

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


That's better. You strike fighter 2 right between the eyes, throwing what's left of him back for the Aeon to catch with his Telekinesis. He slams it into the remaining fighter and takes him down.

"Greenfields. Allow me to hold this cart. Could you move back and help clear the rest out?"


"Moving back it is yes sir!" I shouted as I move to the back of the cart and scout. What do I see?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Your cartful of comrades are easily beating away a few fighters, some human.

Human Fighter 3/5
Capra Fighter 4/5


You do note, however, a few assailants further back carrying what appear to be glowing weapons.


Those at the back are not of my problem yet. Lets fire at the capra!

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Your arrow finishes off the Capara already beaten up heavily by the rest.

The Human realising he's alone jumps off, leaving your cart empty… for now.


I call out to the others.
"There are more coming towards here! Be ready!"
Climb up the cart where I am and look on the horizon what I saw before.

Roll #1 7 = 7


One of the Capra from before approach, this time one of them holding a glowing sword. On closer inspection, the weapon is ethereal; wisp of mist emanate from it, yet it can be seen through.

He leaps at you and vanishes. Roll.


"What?" I look stunned.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You fall out of the way just in time to avoid the same sword coming from behind you. You turn about and he is there, in the middle of your cart, expression unreadable.

Capra Spellblade: ?/?


"Holy crap." Keep some distance and ready my bow again, keeping my senses high, I then aim for him.

Marksman shot.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


The last of your bow's extra charge tuning is consumed with this arrow as it glances off his arm. He evades blows from the others, and manages to land a good hit on Misha, the lady Capra mage.

Capra Spellblade: 24/25

Servicus 6/6
Shuin 5/5
Pente 6/6
Arch 5/5
Misha 1/5


"MIsha! Stay away!" I shouted as I stand between her and the spellblade.

Fire again at the capra!

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Misha manages to get away and heal herself, but the human ranges isn't so successful as the sword strikes his back, glowing ever brighter. In the same movement the Capra grabs your arrow, throws it aside and lands a cut on you.

Capra Spellblade: 20/25

Servicus 6/6
Shuin 0/5, Helpless
Pente 6/6
Arch 5/5
Misha 4/5


"Bastard! Men surround him!' I shout as I back down and fire an arrow.
Marksman shot!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You kick him away and land a perfect shot, though at the very last moment a flickering shield stops the arrow from going all the way into his head. Leaping on this moment of weakness, the rest of your crew wail on him, and his sword is beginning to dissipate.

Capra Spellblade: 7/25

Servicus 6/6
Shuin 5/5
Pente 6/6
Arch 5/5
Misha 1/5


Seeing his weakness I draw my dagger and try to stab him right there and then.

Roll #1 6 = 6


He barely manages to block your blow with his sword, but you can see fear in his eyes. The sword flickers away, but before Servicus can move in for a finishing blow he vanishes. You hear a commotion up front, he managed the surprise and knock down the tired Aeon administrator and jumps off the wagon carrying something.

A loud bang is heard from the back, one of the enemy mages shoots up a lighting bolt, and the assailants now scurry off with whatever they can carry, leaving you alone on the path approaching a jungle clearing.


"That bastard!" I shouted as I go down and check out the aeon boss.
"Sir! Sir! Are you okay! We've driven them away!" I smile


He's lying on the ground, trying to stabilize himself again.

"Not fine, not fine! They had something very important! Clearing ahead, we stop, rest and trace them down. You're still fit for more work? No injuries?"


I wince at my cut before smiling.
"Nothing bad but I can manage, I'll take care of the horses boss."
I then go and hop to take the reigns! Lets stop these caravan now!


"No, not now! Up ahead!"

He manages to wrest the reigns from you with his telekinesis and give them to someone else. He signals appropriately for the caravan to slow and prepare to stop.



You're now resting in a clearing somewhere within the untamed forests.

Your wounded are being tended to. Fortunately, your comrades and the administrator need relatively little attention, and now he's waiting near the front of the caravan for any news at all.


I began to approach administrator and look at him.
"Those buggers got us big time, didnt thought they would even be this bold. It looks like that thing they took, whatever that is seems pretty fancy and important to risk their lives for it hmmm?"


"Of course it was. I'm still quite sure they're nearby, though."

He pours a flask of ale over himself , shivering a bit as it flows around him.

"Did you notice anything weird about them, though?"


I think for a minute before shaking my head.
"Not much but so far that bastard who took me by surprise sure is a fighter with his fancy magic and stuff. Almost took us out if it has not been us working together. Besisdes that, they are fearless fighters, looks like they are not afraid to die with the way they are fighting. Didnt back down an inch until they got what they need."

I then stood there thinking for a moment. Did I notice anything different from those assholes that attacked us?


"Of course you did. Most of them were just wayward bandits trying to take on more than they could, but what gave them that confidence? And you have to consider how much stronger those people with the conjured weapons were. This doesn't look good."


I chuckle.
"Gold, money and fame can make any man confident if the price is right? If not for that why would they attack a caravan aye?"

I then look at the aeon commander and stand ready.
"So what is your command sir, anything you needed done. But do take note that any additional assignment to me needs additional… compensation for it. Besides my official work is to guard the caravan." I give him a confident smile.


"For now, we wait until we find where they;re hiding. They're still licking their wounds till they move out, and besides…"

He reaches into his… mouth, and pulls out an envelope before shoving it back in.

"They still haven't got everything they want."


I look at the envelope with curiosity before looking back at him.
"If I might ask, what is it that they took from us sir?"


"Can't say. For now it's only here and in my mind."

Some Capra are running back from the thick bush, and they quickly report that they've found a small cave that seems to have bandits hiding in it.

The Aeon says that you'll be leaving soon for it. Say when you're ready.


I look at my back pack and things, anything missing?
Besides, perhaps I need some torch, rope, match sticks, a small spade and a some pitons. Who knows how deep and dank these cave systems goes.


You have everything with you. All clear.


I then haul my stuff and go to the other capra's.
"I'm ready, where are the rest by the way?"


They're also waiting to go off. You and a small group head out, leaving the rest to guard the caravan.

Eventually, after a bit of trudging through dense underbrush, you find a cave in a cliff wall, sealed with a wooden door. It appears to be barred from behind.


I stand up a bit and began to look from left to right for any activity in the vicinity near the wooden door. Perhaps there might be movement up on the cliff or the general area.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Good call. There are two guards there who haven't noticed you.


I then look at my companions and whispered in a low voice.
"Anyone of you good at shooting an arrow or bow stealthily? I may need the help in taking out those guards quietly if you guys dont mind. Anyone who volunteers will get a reward from me later.~" I wink.


The men look nervously at one another. The aeon admin sighs and takes aim with his arms.


I smile at the aeon.
"Alright commander, I'll take the left guard while you take out the right will that be fine?"


"Whenever you're ready."

The rest behind you take aim also, in case.


Alright first and foremost lets sharpen my bow.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You fail to do any substantial improvement, and the noise attracts their attention. They're turning around…


Alright lets aim at the guard from the left and fire!
marksman shot!

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Maybe that sharpen wasn't so good after all. Your arrow slips and it flies up, before diving back down and right on your foot.

The noise draws attention of the two guards. A third comes out from under them (above the cliff wall), and they attack.



Welcome back, #Ibizan.
Need a reminder on your task? You were to deliver a letter to port, as well as to Waterplains. Your ship leaves tomorrow, so this leaves you time to ready yourself.


The Telescope and the bedroll, of course. I want to at least enjoy the way back.

As for the weapon, let's take a sword. Small enough to keep on our person and fashionable enough with some of the humans and others around.

Let's see if the chef has any spare snacks to give me for the road.


You head over to the kitchen, an the Capra chef is busy figuring out lunch.

"Ibizan! Good to see that you're showered before you come in. What do you need?"


"Hey, my fur doesn't usually smell that bad. I'm here for any leftovers I can take. I'd rather hold onto my coin as long as possible."


"Oh, you're not the only one who smells bad! My kitchen is for me only! All despoilers must pay! But since you're clean.."

He puts away a cleaning rage and bottle of strong-smelling cleaner he was about to throw at you, and packs up some leftovers into sealed bags.

"Now, I expect these bags to be returned! They're the only things that can store food safe for a long time without needing too many fancy magics. They cost a pretty penny to replace."


"I'll make sure to return that and the other things I borrowed, since I know what you're capable of. I have the other stuff to bring back, so no worries, okay?"

Offer a smile and pick up the bags, then be on our way. What's the walk to the town like?


It's a young town. Used to be a simple fishing settlement, but with the introduction of trade it has become a major port filled with bazaars of all kinds. There are rare goods from lands to the east on display, but for more conventional stuff there are the streets further away from the docks. Currently major construction is going on to build the Waterway, which will allow ships to sail into the seas inland.


The smells and noises of the bazaar are tempting, but I need to make sure my boat is available first. It'll look bad on me if they leave me behind.

Head towards the docks, but can keep an ear out for what the locals are saying.


You hear something about how dealings with the Drudges further North may not be going so well. That, and Drakin are starting to show some activity after the conquering that's been going on for the past few years.

Your ship's there, the Waveparter. Sturdily build and in service for a long time, it's had a reputation for surviving all sort of attacks. Cargo is still being loaded on.


Let's find whoever is in charge of passengers, let them know I'm coming aboard.

Does the ship have any visible cannons or other weapons.


You're stopped by a crew, another Drudge.
"Identification, please? We're not leaving till tomorrow."

There's a few cannons, but less than what's necessary for combat ships.


"Here you go, friend." Paw over my papers.

"If you're not leaving today, can I still leave some of my things here and go out into the town?"


He studies them carefully.

"Yes, of course, your bunk is right behind the staff ones."

Remember, you have a letter to give to the executive of the shipping company.


Once we get to the other town, right? I'll keep that on me, but I can drop off the bed roll and other supplies I brought. I'll keep the sword on me.

What's the inside of the ship like? Does a Drudge like me sense any unusual smells?


The wood smells a lot fresher than it should, despite it being an old ship. Almost like it's still alive, hell.


Maybe it was just replaced. A ship that seen its share of action is probably sporting new planks.

Put a paw on a wall.

"I ask that you carry us to the other side safely."

I'll leave my bed roll and food bags in the room and lock it. What vendors are hanging around the dock at this hour?


It's noon. You have people peddling odd charms and trinkets. A lot of Drudge, actually, selling crafts from beastbone and other parts.


What kinds of accessories are they selling? And how are the Drudge vendors dressed?


Like… foreigners trying to blend in. They're wearing poor-fitting floral-printed shirts and pants, and have to pick up their falling hats every now and then. they're mainly trying to sell to non-drudge, though.


Approach one with a hat.

"Nick the hat a bit, around your ears." Point to my own ears. "It'll be harder to fall off."

What type of non-Drudge tourists are around here?


He figures it out pretty quickly, and thanks you profusely. It's heavily accented with what you figure is the local dialect in the homeranges.

Mainly Capra, since they love to tour. The only Zhivur you've seen is your fellow gardener, and most of the Drudges are workers.

You going to give that letter to the executive out?


I thought the executive was in the next town. If he's here, let's search him out.


I guess Lord Smith should have been clearer. The offices of the shipping company dominate the port as a tall, grand-looking building or marble. The corners look shaped like trees, too. Inside is a receptionist human looking at you curiously.


This time, I'll flash her the letter and show her my own papers.

"Sorry to step in, but I have an important letter to bring in."


She sniffles.

"Yes, do come in, then. Try not to dirty the carpet. The executive is on the second floor. You will have to be escorted, of course."

She calls over a human guard, who stands by the stairs to lead you up.


Just grumble at the carpet comment, but follow the guard anyway. This is official business and I don't need to cause problems now.


Very tough-minded of you. The guard leads you to a grand-looking office, where a Drakin is reclining behind a desk.

"Yes, yes, come on in, you must be Lord Smith's servant, no? I was told you'd be giving me something."


"Letter to the Executive, paw-delivered." Pull it up and put it on his desk, then let him read it.


Roll for observation.


Come on, Drudge senses. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Now that you think about it, the wood used makes you feel right at home and more alert, like what was used in the ship.

The Drakin finishes reading the letter and slowly pockets it.

"Well, then! Thanks for your trouble! Here, I heard you're going over to Waterplains on the ship there tomorrow, so please…

He hands you a bag of coins.

"Whatever business it must be, it should be important! Wish you luck! And don't mind the receptionist down there. Nobody likes her."


"Thank you. I'll let Lord Smith know I left it with you. But, has the floor or the walls been replaced recently? They feel different."


"Glad you noticed! Made of living wood, they are. Drudges helped to establish our town with their architecture. Why, in the basement you can see where we maintain the roots. Well, not really, since it's off limits to visitors. Sensitive stuff, you know?"


"Of course, Lord Smith wasn't always talking about work and I'm sure he'd like to keep things that are here away from prying eyes."

Let's head out, but not too far. I'd at least like to do a pass around the building, on the outside.

'Good bye, Miss Secretary." I say on my way out, but make sure to show some teeth this time.


She simply sniffles again.

Looks like you're done for the day. If there's nothing else, when to go home and wait till tomorrow?


Yeah, I should be rested before we head out to sea.


Welcome back, #Greenfields.

Your Caravan to the Capital was interrupted by bandits. While no one was hurt too badly, something very important was lost, and now you, the Aeon Administrator and a party have to go look for it back.

You found a door in a cave wall, but the three guards were alerted and are attacking.

Enemy Capra 1: 5/5
2: 5/5
3: 5/5

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 5/5
Bowman: 5/5
Myrmid Knight: 6/6
Capra wizard: 5/5


I yelp as I draw my bow and shoot the first capra guard!
Marksman shot

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


In your panic your arrows flies just above one of the targeted heads. The Myrmid tries to come to your aid, but is pulled back.

Enemy Capra 1: 3/5
2: 2/5
3: 2/5

Greenfields: 4/5
Aeon: 5/5
Bowman: 5/5
Myrmid Knight: 4/6
Capra wizard: 5/5


"Ah keep it steady." I grit at myself as I try to aim again.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You lose your focus when you see the armoured Capra rush at you. Fortunately, however, the Myrmid manages to jump in the way and take the hit, but he;'s knocked down.

Enemy Capra 1: 2/5
2: 1/5
3: Helpless/5

Greenfields: 4/5
Aeon: 4/5
Bowman: 2/5
Myrmid Knight: Helpless/5
Capra wizard: 3/5


I gulp as I look at my bow and see if it has some defects as I try to warm it up. I cant really be that stupid or nervous in these kinds of fights! I am warrior, not worrier!
Sharpen on bow

Roll #1 4 = 4


What's with this malaise about you? No one can save you from a glancing blow from a sword right now.

Enemy Capra 1: 1/5
2: 1/5
3: Helpless/3

Greenfields: 3/5
Aeon: 3/5
Bowman: 2/5
Myrmid Knight: 5/5
Capra wizard: 1/5


"Ack!" Step back! Step back before drawing my dagger and engage this attacker!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Looks like fortune wishes you go upfront today. You manage to parry the sword blow and hit back. Your allies use this chance to gang up on him, forcing him down.

Enemy Capra 1: Helpless/2
2: Helpless/5
3: 5/3

Greenfields: 3/5
Aeon: 3/5
Bowman: 2/5
Myrmid Knight: 5/5
Capra wizard: 1/5


Put this capra down as I held the dagger close to him.
"Stay down or you'll regret it!" I stare.

Roll #1 7 = 7


A magic bolt to the chest following your dagger and it looks like he won't be troubling you for a while.

2: 5/4
3: 4/3

Greenfields: 3/5
Aeon: 3/5
Bowman: 1/5
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: Helpless


Seeing the chance, I then try to reorganize my bow again.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You finally got it. Your bow is primed for a firing.
..Though not much is left.

2: 3/4
3: 2/3

Greenfields: 3/5
Aeon: 1/5
Bowman: 1/5
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 5/4


Then lets aim for the strongest one. I then set my sight on the guard no.2
Marksman shot

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


You just barely make it. The arrow pierces an arm well, giving space for everyone to get off their attacks.

2: Helpless/3
3: Helpless/2

Greenfields: 3/5
Aeon: 1/5
Bowman: 1/5
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 5/4


Target the leg of no.2, keep him down!

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


That same weakness is coming back…
The sudden faltering of your party give the guards ample time to recover.

2: 5/3
3: 5/2

Greenfields: 3/5
Aeon: 1/5
Bowman: 1/5
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 5/4


"Tsk!" Seeing that my bleeding shooting arm is getting tired, I then change my stance and then slowly back away as I continue to fire.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Turns out that was what you need. Your arrows strikes true and number 2 is put down. Your allies follow up, leaving him in dust.

3: 4/2

Greenfields: 3/5
Aeon: 1/5
Bowman: 1/5
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 5/4


Alright one more.
"Lets gang him up team!"

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


They don't even need to do anything. You strike him just as he's about to try and run.

The door is now left unguarded, free for your group to enter. The Aeon shivers slightly, but raises an appendage and makes for it.



I approach the master and help him up.
"Hey now, we are just at the start. We will make it through." I smile at him with enthusiasm.



"It's really important, what they've taken. It's the key to stopping the humans from razing us."

He stops to stabilize himself, then begins healing everyone.


I smile
"Oh is it? I mean well it is not really that…."

Wait…. WHAT?!
"Wait? What?"


"Just keep that in mind. I'll tell you more later when we get to Desemell. There's no way we can win an all-out war, so there are… deals we can make."

He opens the door, and a corridor stretches inwards into the dark.


I step in front of him with a pout.
"Hey, you know. I do respect you since you really look kind of the guy who is the honest type, I dont know if you are hiding more inside that cart of yours but I tell you now that if this ever leads with those damn humans arresting my fluffy ass…" I then dust myself.

"Also stay at the rear, it is my… no, our job to protect you."


I then look at the others.
"Lets keep this quiet…. alright?" I then began to move slowly and act as scout and head in. Keep a wary eye on anything that moves while trying my best to be out of sight.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Oh no, nothing involving anything like that-"

As try to concentrate, you are stunned by a sudden flash, and you lose your balance and fall over.

"I should have known the place was trapped…"


I shake my head as I stumble and try to stand up.
"ugghh….. wait what happened?"
I then try to stand up.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Light traps. The guards outside would normally have hidden here and attacked, but the last attack has put them out of a few fighters. Let's keep going in."

The Aeon focuses himself into a deep concentration, so much that the Myrmid has to move him along as you walk down the corridor.

A fork in the path lies ahead. The Aeon doesn't respond for now. Which way?


I then steady myself.
I then produce a coin.
"Heads we will go left, if not. eh…. " I grin.
Flip coin.
1 head
2 tail


Roll #1 2 = 2


"Right it is." I grin.

I then keep on the forefront and do my scouting duties, lets just keep my eyes open on both enemies and for traps.

Roll #1 2 = 2


It's much too dark.
"Wait! Don't-"
Another burst of light flies your way, but you manage to avoid being stunned by all of it. When your vision returns, you're in a different room. The rest of your group is nowhere. Two enemies waiting block the only exit you see.

Capra A: 5/5
Capara B: 5/5

Greenfields: 5/5


"Oh…. oh…." I gulp as I step back with my bow held up as I point at them.
"Hi?" I grin as I do my best to keep an eye on these two.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You manage to loose one arrow in the face of one of them, stopping both in their tracks.

A: 2/5
B: 5/5

Greenfields: 5/5


"Ack!" I yelp seeing what I've done.
Well no time to be prudent lets loose another one at the other guy and try my best to keep away!
Marksman shot

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Perfect shot. There's nothing more that needs to be said about it, as he's brought down by the perfect arrow to his face.

A: 2/5
B: Helpless/4


Now that both are distracted make a run for it!

Roll #1 2 = 2


With just one hurt, chasing you, it's easy to run for the exit, but not before receiving a blow to the back.

Hurry, down the corridor. Which way again, left or right?


Right! That is where they've gone too and run!

Roll #1 1 = 1


You trip and fall. Except when your face should hit the ground, you keep on falling and falling through a seemingly infinite black space. A sudden assault of noise then blares forth from below, where you can see misshapen hands from void trying to reach and claim you.

L sissten meee swef


Holy shit…. what the….
Oh no! Dont ever let those hands near me and get away from it! Avoid it if I can.
But aside from that what is that voice?


iSS mee, the AeeoN. YoU ARE trappedd in illuusion. Tryy thiink your waay out. Teleeporrter trapped you we finding

for now, you can dodge the hands coming. Roll to try and break out of this.


Alright just dont let those hands near me, I then try my best to find a way out of this mess! If those bandits are able to afford to use these kind of tricks then that treasure really must be worth its weight!

Roll #1 9 = 9


You manage to see that the hands are really just walls, and if you follow them you could probably find your way back to your party. A straight corridor lies ahead, and it looks the the one with that teleporter trap that you already triggered.


Ha! Its just like he said!
I then use the 'hands' as a guide out of this mess, follow the corridor to the end!
And hope I dont get lost!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Where are you going?"
The Aeon and party appear behind you, coming out of a side corridor.

"Come on, this way. If they have teleport traps, they might be sending off the item already! Just this corridor left!"

They go back in there.


"Ah! Oh no! Not good man!" I yelp as I go and follow the rest of the group.
But not before lightly slapping my fuzzy face, getting myself lost like that, what a good scout I am.:


They're too busy to pay attention to that!
A trail of KO'd guards litter the corridor. At least the path ahead is clear.

Opening an ominous metal door leads to a large room, where a human, that capra with the summoned sword, and some henchmen await.



It looks like you were just in time. The group were busy packing their bags, presumably with your objective inside one of them.

"You again. Turn back and leave. We'll only give you this chance now."

Capra commander: 20/20
Human henchman: 7/7
Guard (dual blade): 5/5
Guard knight: 6/6


I stand forward with a smug smile.
"Hey come on, cant we just talk this out? I mean all of us can walk out of this unscathed if you guys just give us what you thieves steal"


"It's something very dear and important to us. You Capra wouldn't understand. Leave, NOW."

The henchmen readies a spell…


"Dear and important eh? It does not matter you know for you stole it and if you dont pay for it then you guys got no business on owning it no matter how much you thieves treasure whatever it is you stole." I ready my bow.
"You give it to us and we will leave."
Sharpen bow

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You'll just have to leave whether you like it or not."

You feel a force trying to pull you away. Roll to resist.


"Eh…. whoa hey boss, whats happening?" I look at the aeon as my eyes widen as I felt it, I then try my best to let my hooves land on the floor.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You barely manage to resist the teleport spell, as does the rest of your party.

"Have it your way, then. What a pity you dropped that chance."

Capra commander: 15/15
Human henchman: 7/7
Guard (dual blade): 5/5
Guard knight: 6/6


"Pfff… a pity indeed."
Aim for the group and aim as I ready my explosive charged arrow and fire!
Remote charge explode upon impact

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"Too slow."
Before you can see it, the Capra rushes at you, his glowing sword striking you off balance and pinning you to the ground.

Capra commander: 15/15
Human henchman: 2/7
Guard (dual blade): 2/5
Guard knight: 6/6

Greenfields: Helpless/5
Aeon: 5/5
Bowman: 5/5
Myrmid Knight: 5/5
Capra wizard: Helpless/5


"Ow… ow… Hey!" I grit my teeth at the pain. Seeing myself being pinned down, I try my best to get off this capra's grasp and try to stand up!

Roll #1 2 = 2


While he prepares to strike at you again, the Knight quickly comes to your aid, pulling him away and defecting the blow.

Capra commander: 15/15
Human henchman: Helpless/6
Guard (dual blade): 2/5
Guard knight: 6/6

Greenfields: Helpless/5
Aeon: 5/5
Bowman: 5/5
Myrmid Knight: 2/6
Capra wizard: 5/5


"Ah damn… damnit I screwed up… no no.." I pant as I try not to panic and try to stand up!

Roll #1 5 = 5


You barely manage to regain your footing.

Meanwhile, the bowman and wizard savagely attack the downed human, as the Aeon covers you in protective shielding.

Capra commander: 15/15
Human henchman: Helpless/3
Guard (dual blade): 2/5
Guard knight: 6/6

Greenfields: 8/5
Aeon: 5/5
Bowman: 5/5
Myrmid Knight: 1/6
Capra wizard: 5/5


As I regain my footing, I examine the guard holding dual blades and try my best to see if he has a weakness.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Your exposing yourself like this only nets you an attack in the face. Fortunately, the shield absorbs the entire blow before fading.

Capra commander: 15/15
Human henchman: 3/3
Guard (dual blade): 2/5
Guard knight: 3/6

Greenfields: 8/5
Aeon: 5/5
Bowman: 5/5
Myrmid Knight: 6/6
Capra wizard: 5/5


Whelp, nope wrong move.
Alright Lets target the dual weilding guard! Put him down!
Marksman shot

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Well done.
Your arrow hits the guard right in the face, sending him tumbling backwards. A good magic bolt and arrow follows.

Capra commander: 15/15
Human henchman: 3/3
Guard (dual blade): Helpless/2
Guard knight: 3/6

Greenfields: 8/5
Aeon: 5/5
Bowman: 5/5
Myrmid Knight: 1/6
Capra wizard: 2/5


Now lets target the capra commander and land an explosive round at his face!
Remote charge

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


His knight jumps in the way, taking the primary hit for him, but the explosion is able to damage all of them.

Capra commander: 14/15
Human henchman: Helpless/3
Guard (dual blade): 2/2
Guard knight: Helpless/5

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 5/5
Bowman: 3/5
Myrmid Knight: Helpless/6
Capra wizard: Helpless/5


"Tsk!" I grit my teeth as I target the knight and attack!

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Right through the armour plating. They're looking pretty worn down compared to your squad, thanks to the Aeon's quick healing.

Capra commander: 14/15
Human henchman: 3/3
Guard (dual blade): 2/2
Guard knight: Helpless/3

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 4/5
Bowman: 3/5
Myrmid Knight: 6/6
Capra wizard: Helpless/4


Target his legs and pin this guard down so he wont cause anymore trouble!

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


The sound of your arrow piercing flesh chills the other enemies, giving time for your team to keep unleashing attacks. The bowman follows up with another arrow for the other leg.

Capra commander: 13/15
Human henchman: 3/3
Guard (dual blade): 2/2

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 4/5
Bowman: 3/5
Myrmid Knight: 2/6
Capra wizard: 5/4


Seeing the commander having no more to guard him, I then aim my bow at him and let loose.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Marksman shot.


Your arrows flies deadly and true, hitting him with so much force he flies backwards. His sword flickers and fades as his focus fails.

Capra commander: 3/15
Human henchman: 3/3
Guard (dual blade): 1/2

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 2/5
Bowman: Helpless/5
Myrmid Knight: 6/6
Capra wizard: 3/4


"Gotcha sucker!" I grin as I aim again while he is momentarily stunned, go again and let my arrow fly!

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


You don't relent. With precision that could be the mark of an epic, you hit him again, finally knocking him off his feet.

Capra commander: Helpless/15
Human henchman: 3/3

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 2/5
Bowman: Helpless/3
Myrmid Knight: 2/6
Capra wizard: 3/4


"Ha! How do you like that!" I then aim for his legs and disable him!

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


He roll out of the way, trying to conjure his sword again. His henchhuman quickly pulls him up.
"We need to run, NOW!"

Capra commander: 15/15
Human henchman: 3/3

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 2/5
Bowman: Helpless/3
Myrmid Knight: 2/6
Capra wizard: 3/4


Wait where is the bag?! or I mean the artifact that we need!

Roll #1 8 = 8


They've just grabbed it.

The henchman is focusing, while the commander doles out a flurry of blows.

Capra commander: 15/15
Human henchman: 3/3

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 1/5
Bowman: Helpless/2
Myrmid Knight: Helpless/6
Capra wizard: 1/4


Target the human henchman as I draw an explosive charge! Dont let them escape
Remote charge

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Good work. You manage to disrupt her out of her teleportation spell. The Aeon and Capra follows up with their own bolts, and she's sent limp.


The lone Capra remaining conjures another sword, and looks enraged.

Capra commander: 15/15

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 1/5
Bowman: Helpless/2
Myrmid Knight: Helpless/5
Capra wizard: 1/4


Keep myself at the back and launch another volley at thim and keep him distracted!

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


He raises his arms as if to parry, but fails and is struck again. How long can he last?

Capra commander: 10/15

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 5/5
Bowman: 5/2
Myrmid Knight: 6/5
Capra wizard: 1/4


"Give up man, you have no chance of escaping this!" I then aim another arrow and shoot!

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Sensing weakness, before you can even realise it, he cuts into you. You feel not just your flesh giving way, but your mind is also filled with an image of grief.

Capra commander: 10/15

Greenfields: Helpless/4
Aeon: 5/5
Bowman: 5/5
Myrmid Knight: 2/5
Capra wizard: Helpless/4


"W.. what the.. " I shake my head, feeling the pain as I try my best to stand up.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You manage to stagger up, just in time to see him cut down the Bowman into nothing.

Capra commander: 10/15

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 5/5
Bowman: 0/1 OUT
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 1/4


Whoa holy hell, this guy is something!
Marksman shot!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


You manage to stagger him in the midst of his fury, stopping his wild attack. He looks about to fall over…

Capra commander: 1/15

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 5/5
Bowman: 0/1 OUT
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 5/5


I breath under my breath a blessing and with tahat I fire another shot to put him down!

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


You manage to take him down. The rest follow up on your lead, injuring him as he thrashes about in rage.

Capra commander: 8/11

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 5/5
Bowman: 0/1 OUT
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 5/5


Fire another round and distract him!

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


He jumps in the way of his henchwoman, catching your arrow in himself in the process

Capra commander: 2/11

Greenfields: 5/5
Aeon: 3/5
Bowman: 0/1 OUT
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 5/5


Oh… I see much more.
Seeing him distracted I then target him again and put on the pressure.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


He comes for you again, slicing into the Aeon as well, but after that the Knight and wizard manage to brign him down again.

Capra commander: Helpless/11

Greenfields: 3/5
Aeon: 1/5
Bowman: 0/1 OUT
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 5/5


Lets target his legs and put him down!
marksman shot!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


You miss, as he rolls away from your arrow, He curses loudly as the Aeon and Knight manage to hit him hard.

Capra commander: Helpless/8

Greenfields: 3/5
Aeon: 1/5
Bowman: 0/1 OUT
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 5/5


Go again for another shot! Dont let up!

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Unfortunately, he manages to leap up as you draw back. Cutting into you, you can feel the same grief from before cut even deeper.

Capra commander: 6/6

Greenfields: Helpless/4
Aeon: Helpless/5
Bowman: 0/1 OUT
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 5/5


I gasp for air as I fall down and shiver from the feeling….
"W… what is that…. sword… its like it drawing out my soul… " I look at my Aeon boss as I try to get a grip of myself and stand up!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"It's my soul."
You hear him say that as him whirls about and strikes the Aeon, making it wobble almost comically.

Capra commander: 1/6

Greenfields: 5/4
Aeon: Helpless/3
Bowman: 0/1 OUT
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 5/5


I aim at him and stop him dead in his track! DOnt let him near my boss!
Marksman shot!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


You do just that, knocking him back and down. Boss Aeon manages to recover, and your companions beat him mercilessly again.

Capra commander: Helpless/4

Greenfields: 5/4
Aeon: 5/3
Bowman: 0/1 OUT
Myrmid Knight: 3/5
Capra wizard: 5/5


"You made me worry there for a second, stand at the back boss and be careful." I look at the Aeon irritatingly as I redraw my bow.
Target his legs and perhaps we can put this business out of the side.


Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Your arrow followed with the assault of the others is the last thing needed. He falls over, bleeding out.

He crawls over to his human partner and shakes her. There is no reaponse…


I then approach him with a sad expression….
"If you have just given us what is rightfully ours you stupid bastard none of this would've happened."

I then look at my boss as I slowly grab and retireve the bag containing the artifcat.
"So what will we do with them?"


"Allow me to handle this."

The Aeon holds down the Capra, then stares intently into his head. The Aeon yelps and flinches back, giving enough time for the Capra to pull out a hidden knife.

"In Her Glory!"

He stabs himself in the neck. Blood spurts out, and his last act is to hug his partner.

There are plenty of bags about the room..


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