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Back at Nosey's hideout, the Cavalry was busy picking out their new nicknames for eachother.

A bit of lighthearted fun, before the big serious jobs began.


"So this bit about giving names, should we throw a party afterwards?"


"Hmm if we have money for a proper party.. once we fence off some of those things."


"Seems roight. Y'lot did a foine job back'ere, might's well cellybrate."

"Now… y'all de'cided on wot t' call eashover?"


Tailift and Demoncock for that fine lady and gentleman. As for the Capra and Kelpie here… eh, I'm not in the spirit to call them anything less than decent."


"Well, I was taken hostage on my first job since the palace, used to start a conversation, then forgotten about. I thinkbthat's the definition of a scapegoat."

I just lean back and sigh.

"Still, I'll tell you it's pretty common among Capra. Yell that out in a crowded room and you'll get 4 or 5 looking at ya'."


He gives you a dull look of confusion and disappointment
"Namin'… yerself?
Wosrongwitcha? Gessome spiri' in ya. 'Ere. Name the lil' lady."


I shrug.
"I'm not too good at names."


"'s not a case 'a names lass - 's th' deeds 'at d'fine y'.
An th' deeds so daft ya nev'r live 'em down. Them's th' kind 'y get names from."


I scratch my chin.
"getting held hostage is pretty memorable.. and your name is a cherry.. and.. AHA We can call you Bait."


"Sorry, let's say it's been a while since I've done that."

"Well, it certainly would fit. Can't say I didn't wind up as that."

"And you did change teams, so how about sideswipe? Easy enough to remember and hardly anyone would take it."


I giggle at that. "It sounds kinda cool, but sorta manly, in a way."
"But what do call you.. Mr. Not-the-boss big-gun human"


"Faint o' Heart, that's what I'd call him."


"Misdirection is what this industry is all about. The coppers come looking for a 'Sideswipe', they probably arrest every big guy instead of you."


"So 's'at all 'en or y'got more?"


"Bait seems nice and easy enough."


"What are gonna call Dio? Napping all day and taking weird art with him. Makes him seem like.. a spooky ghoul or some kind of Punk rocker.."


"I work alone, never been good with names."


"n'ver been good w' fashon ei'er ave ya, Fancypants?"


"Not all that Fancy to me, I'd say."

Smile shamelessly.


Flex my legs.
"Fashion is a thing of the present, grandpa."


"Awh, you wanna be a kitten, with little mittens and-" I suddenly get distracted by Dio.
"How.. What.. your pants should be broken doing things like that."


"I wouldn't have taken you for that."

"Breeches, then. Even if you don't like 'em, you'd still know what they are and what it's a call back to."


"haw, sounds fitting for me, let's call him Mittens, Ay?"


Sway my hips around, showing off.
"It's all about style."
"What a lousy nickname. It lacks… Bite."


"S' perfect 'en, Mittens."


"Not about bite. Probably the last thing you want to emphasize too. Who wants to pick a fight with Mittens, or swear revenge on. Someone with that name?"


What, you want something with bite? All I've seen you do is show off and dance like you were some kind of boy prostitute… Hmnn… That gives me an idea, ehehehe… How about Peacock? Sounds perfect for a guy like ya"


I look a little frustrated. "That's not so special. I could do that to If I had pants like those."


"Yeah Mittens, but this guy sure has more than one nickname to fit him. Sheesh, choosing a good one is hard"


"Well fr'm wot I hear, th' only ques'on in yer case is how ta say "Knocks self out with own hammer and slips on bananas" more shortly.


Raise my hand in the air, lying against the wall.
"Fine, not about to argue with you guys. Mittens it is."
Fun fact. I wanted to link Cherry's post about Breeches when I said it lacked bite, but mislinked.
"Sure would like to see you try."
Smirk at her.


"Fuck you, that sounds weak as hell!"


He smiles softly
"'s decided 'en."


"Don't worry, soon we will just all start calling you stick, and then everyone will think you are one of them blokes who dress like lasses."


"How absolutely adorable."

Roll to look CUTE

Despite being a grown man

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I should have brought over the glitter so we could tell who was prettier too."


"Aw come on… I wanted to be something like red goblin or devil…" She holds up her red demon mask to her face
"Oi, you're the one around here who sounds more likely to do that! Showing off yer sexy legs like you were a model on the catwalk. Sides, boys ain't got these" She pokes her breast "you have one-a these? No, so no one would think that" She crosses her arms
"I know right? It works great for us because no one feels threatened by pretty guys. I mean, the uglier the scarier, Oh, we can also do what Mittens here thought of. Go in places all stealthy like, disguised as pretty ladies. That'll get us in parties for sure!"


"Whic' s' 'xactly why y' get called Slapstick, Slapstick.
Yer not s'poosed t' like yer name."


"We still need one for you, don't we?"


She grumbles and sets down her hammer, sitting cross-legged on the floor "Apparently it's Slapstick. Really dumb if ye ask me"


"Guess that means it's settled."


"'s, 'odo we got'en?
He looks at Arcie


"Aye… Bait…" She snickers, poking your leg
"Huh… I actually dunno enough about her for a nickname… Hmnn… " She rubs her chin


"Tell you what. We hold onto finding me a nickname until we've actually done anything together that isn't just kidnapping each other."


"sounds good for me"


"Sure. That's fine with me."


"What? I thought Mittens was mine."


Pls stop read meta. You are fluffy kitten, don't worry.


"As said goatnappee, I've no objection."


"Hey, you can call me Fluffy Kitten."


"Guess 'y get 't be 'Newbie' 'till y' earn a real name then.
'N that means y' address th' named ones by any name they d'mand of ya. So that's Mr. Aloysious to you."


"Yeah, nah. Not gonna happen. This whole elementary school shtick is just about to bore me."


"'s the ways 'f th' Hands, Newbie."


"Wanna join kindergarten instead? You can be Baby."


"'s the ways of those who like to talk lots and act little."
"Very creative, guy-who-begged-to-be-called-kitten."


"I asked nicely, I didn't beg. Liek someone who begged not to be called Fancypants."


"You are hearing things, mate.
Let's get on with this, shall we? I'm getting hungry."


"Aye, I could use some food. You guys took awfully long, it was all kinds of boring without you around…"


I burst into giggles. "This means that you get call me Miss Kelpie until you stop being a newbie right?"


"Depending on how things we found out go, it might get real exciting real soon."


"Sure thing. Would you like I do first or after you cook me supper?"
"I don't even know you, stick."


"Boy Oh boy, now that's good news!"
"I didn't know you either, pretty boy. Oh I mean, Newbie, ehehe" She gets up and offers a hand to shake
"I'm Duna, Capra, Smith, strong, nothing much more than that, really"


"Ha. Ha. Ha. Lets go find a real place to eat if you're so hungry."


"Once we change some of this stuff for gold, where would you like?"


Patches and Nosey nod to eachother.
"Well 'at's settled 'en."
"So, I was doing some thinking about our next job.
Now I know we had some talks about gettin' Sir Ragamont out of prison. But it won't be that easy. It's a big job to pull off, especially for us. We'll need more tricks.
Now, I happen to have a few plans.
A) We take this book we found from House Arden to Crunchy. Nosey's old… acquaintance. He should be able ta point us at something that 'elps.
B) Masque mentioned 'e could mock up some magic disguises fer us, but for that he needs the magicks of the Wyld Wyches. So we'd need to do some… nature hiking.
C) We steal House Granlion's world warper, and use him/her/it."


So I am Mittens, right?

That World Warper sounds good, but the next step in a Master Plan should build off what we have. Let's try to pawns our good onto that guy."


Give her a finger to squeeze.
"Some place where the meat is fresh."
"I'm all for kidnapping the world warper, sounds like the most exciting thing to do."
Crack my neck.


Arcie: Mittens
Cherry: Bait
Duna: Slapstick
Kelpie: Sideswipe
Deeja: Taillifter
Dio: Newbie


"Maybe we should talk to Crunchy, that sounds simple enough and we'd have time to do the others if we wanted to."


"Oh, world warp sounds cool as hell. I'll take it"
She slaps your hand into hers with a strong, hand crushing grip
"Neat! What you do besides showing off, Newbie?"


"Try to get myself killed."


"I still want to go on and see what's going on with that so called 'entertainment'. Part of me still feels some loyalty to my former employer."


"You ought to get over that. They aren't loyal to you anymore are they?"
"Maybe a sushi place?"


"Sushi. Right.
What's that?"


"Such a funny thing about life, don't you agree?"

"As for food, how about a buffet? I'd rather keep eating and drinking until I can't anymore. Even cheap stuff will be fine."


"Well maybe If you ask nicely, I'll be there to help your sorry ass, aight?"
"Eeeeh, I rather have some red meat"


"Now, that'd not be fun, would it?"


"Ooh, sounds good. Time to celebrate, indeed."

"Northern style way of preparing very fresh fish. No cooking, you stick a lot of spices and sauces on it and mix it with rice."


"..I guess we can look for a buffet.. I dunno, I've never had the money for something nice."


Patches thinks for a moment
"Very well.
Lets go get some eats, then meet up with Crunchy, and plan out how we're going to get that world warper!
Cavalry - WE RIDE!"


"Ah, but we can't let a pretty face like yours get scarred, could we? Who would be disguised as a high class Lady along with Mittens if you got all messed up?"
"Hey, I'm a big eater, just a warning, so buffet would be the best"


"Wow, you're excited."


"YEA! LETS RIDE!" I do an enthusiastic gesture with my hammer and charge for the door.


"'Lemme at least leave a good hoof beat they'll remember loud and long'! I've never been so excited to go get a meal in a while."


Fish. That will do me no good.
"Sure, so be it."
Ready to mosey.


"Well what we waiting for? Let's ride indeed!"


If you wish to faff over food, do so.



I wanted to fix the lack of blood by sucking a hobo dryno lewd intendedand maybe get discovered.


You have left Nosey's Hideout.
Patches is making a mental list of your next moves.

"Alright lets see here…
>First things first
-Take the book to Crunchy
-Fence the loot from House Arden
>Major stuff
-Kidnap the Grandelion World Warper
-Break into Dead Man Headland and rescue Sir Ragamont
>Minor stuff
-check out the ruins outside the city based on those rumors
-check out the forest outside the city by request of Masque
-check that pit fight tournament coming up soon, might make for good income on bets
-contact Smith Ironford

…that should be all, I think."


"The book?"


"Just how exactly will this 'fencing' thing work?"


"What's crunchy like?"


Did we eat already?


"There are dealers who specialize in no questions asked transactions. They pretty much buy and sell anything. Anything at all."
"The dark magic book we pulled from that secret room back at the party. Crunchy is one of the few people I can imagine wanting it, and Nosey owes him."
"Never met him. But the most description I've ever heard is 'creepy'."
Unless you want to spend time on that now


"Creepy? Sounds lovely. Let's deal with him as soon as possible."


"Yuk more creeps, lets just give him that creepy book and get it done with."


"Let's get going with that then. I want to know more about it too."


"He should live somewhere in the old church on the other side of the graveyard…"
"Alright. Cavalry - lets ride!"


"You can't be serious. It's such a jewel of endless secrets!"


"Any specific directions or instructions to meet this pal? I'd rather not get shot by another person."


Keep following along, being chill and funky like a cool Capra
The party will ask about any questions I might have anyways


"..Wait you want to read it?"


"You don't?"


"Hey, if a demon tentacle comes out and starts having fun with you, I'm just going to walk away, you hear?"


"Walk away broken hearted it didn't bugger you up, uh?"


You cross the Old Graveyard as the sun begins to peek out once more. Dawn has come.
This old graveyard has been here for centuries. It was here during the times when the Undercity was new, hell it probably was here when the Undercity was still being planned. Old graves long since forgotten, new ones built over them, only to be lost in natural disasters and other upheavals and built over yet again. It's death all the way to the bottom here.

At the other end lies the Old Church. It was once a temple of the old faiths, but was since converted to serve as a place of modern worship before newer establishments replaced it. The old architecture is still plain to see, even if the structure is run down and half buried despite having once stood on a hill.

A capra is idly napping by the door.


"hmm.. I kind of do now that you mention it.. "


"Nice place you have here."


Poke him
"Hey you, wake up dood"


I shiver, because its cold over in these graveyards and such.
"Lets just go inside. Its got to better inside."


"Are you here for a tour I could give you a tour tourists often want those but it wont be free"
His flat monotone is more than a little unnerving. It's like some kind of being from another world trying to act like people. Badly.


"And what are you asking for in payment?"

Can I notice traces of Aeons around?


"Don't entertain this buffoon now."
Turn to the capra, standing arms crossed before him.
"We are here to see Crunchy."


"Will it at least be cheap?"


"You don't exactly seem breeding with clientele. Humor me, what is the fee?"


"He might be put here by this Crunchy fellow. Seems like he's got a soul piece sucked out or something. Something you're familiar with, I assume?"


"Sucking? Maybe a bloke or two."


No aeons here
Not even magical residue
"Currency of whatever form is legal these days for use in purchases of goods"
"It will not times are hard things are expensive"
"As much as you are willing to give but not too little"
"Oh well you should have said so it would have saved us all time which is something you have precious little of but to what end do you wish to speak with Crunchy and why would he care"


"Perhaps we'll stop by when we are paid ourselves."


"What are you, his mother, making decisions for him?
Just let us pass, we have things to sell."


"I am a filter for unnecessary distractions to ensure Crunchy is not bothered without good reason the only reason I am humoring you this much is because you know to speak of him with that name something those without worth would not what is it you wish to sell"


I huff. "Just let us in little goat."


"Oh how could I forget."
Smile. Then turn dead serious.
"Nosey sends us."


"Book of things he might find interesting."

"Stop thinking about sucking blokes and give this thing the details."


"We're just here for something simple, I hope. Just a bit of time and we'll be gone."


"You say too much. Things need no details."


"That deadbeat neighbor had better have sent you to pay what he owes and not to peddle some useless trash"
Patches pulls out the book
The capra finally opens his eyes, which are unfocused and glazed over
"Ah yes I see then by all means go in and present your case there is no need for weapons but if you don't wish to part with them Crunchy will not mind go up to the bell tower Crunchy will be waiting"
He slumps back down again.


I grumble as I walk that way.
"A bell tower sounds like another crappy place to meet."


"I like my weapon, thank you."

Let's head up there.


"Hopefully the small place means no surprise guests."


Groan and shuffle along.


The old church is, amazingly, well kept on the inside, though so dimly lit you can barely make out anything without taking a close look.

Look around or head straight to the tower?


''Thanks, but I'm never gonna let go of this bad boy''
Hold my hammer in my shoulder and head up
A little look wouldn't hurt, what's the rush right?
Unless the others want to go along, that's no problem then


Curiosity has a mansion full of Capra heads. Sticking to straight to the Tower


After all the trouble to get past that weird capra, you bet I want to look around!


Just glance around.


There's a lot of bones arranged in here. Probably dozens of full bodies worth.
Also books and scrolls written in a variety of languages you've never seen before.
Strange wizard shit. Probably heretical.


"Necromanacer, eh?"


''I wonder if we could take one of these with us…proply does all sorts of magic hexes like summoning the dead or skelletons.''


"Feels like they'd get up at any time."


Ooooh, this I can't resist! Let's walk around and try to read the papers.


''You bet…This place is creppier than my house's basement…'' she picks up a dusty old bone and examines it idly


Consider me curious. I'll just tap the bones and see if they react.


They do not. They are inert.
Can't make heads or tails of it. The fact that you can barely see the paper let alone the writing in this darkness doesn't help.
Patches shivers a bit
"Best leave this stuff alone, eh?"


Oh well, time to move along.
"Don't tell me you are scared, Patchy!"


I scowl at the bones as if they were alive before moving on.
"Yea. Lets go."


"Getting killed is one thing.
Ending up like the doorkeeper there is… something else entirely."


"I am. Even amongst the strange lot we've run into, this one takes the cake and the whole bakery too."


"Oh yeah, good observation. Maybe Newbie has a fetish for it, I dunno. Heard of weirder stuff."


''Fine fine, we'll leave. it's just a pile of rotting bones anyways'' she throws it behind her
''Don't worry none, I'm here to protect you against the baddies aight?'' Snicker


"That's because you give thought to defeat. Never do, and there will be nothing to worry about!"


You ascend the stairwell to the bell tower. The walls have some more writing on them, but it makes every bit as little sense as the rest.
At the top, you see the place has been converted into some form of laboratory or observatory. The great bell, long since lost, has been replaced with various strange devices. The windows have been covered, letting in only faint filtered light. It is very quiet up here.


Squint a little
''Hey…Crunchy? anyone home?''




"Excuse me! Is there a Crunchy in?"


Knock on the door, as a courtesy.


"This is so boring. There aren't any drinks, or sporty guys, or even a stray cat to tease."


''We'll have drinks later sugar, as for the sporty guys…uh…The Newbie is good enough I guess?''


"Maybe that Capra out there was the cat to tease. I dunno."


An inky black mass oozes from the shadows of the tower and stands up.
It towers over you, even dwarfing Deeja in height. The featureless smooth black skin glistens slightly in the dim light of the tower, and the markings on what you assume is its head seem to undulate softly as it… probably… looks at you. Hard to say given that it has no face, let alone eyes.
Strange power, I sense in you. The one called Patches, this one, I know. You others, I do not.
Show me the book.


the…fuck…'' Duna lifts her googles to stare at the…thing


Start laughing maniacally, staring at the thing.
Point at it with a finger.


It surely is cold in this old tower.
"Finally something interesting. Who are you and where is Crunchy?"


"Huh, I should have expected this. It deem seem like you were one of those successful transcend-your-mortality kind of guys."

"Are we going to conduct business or not?"


I'm just going to tense up.

"Things like this, exist?"


"That… would probably be Crunchy.
She quickly pulls out the book
"Uh… Nosey sent you this as… payment for his… debt!"
I am.
The ageing human whose nose is often mocked calls me Crunchy.

It points at itself
On that, still more progress must be made. And progress that is, that alone, even with my power, possible, is not.

He leans down, or more accurately allows his body to just sort of impossibly bend down like it had no bones at all, to pick up the book
Fascinating. Rare indeed. Its origins, inquire, I will not. This is mine, then, as settlement of the debts?


"What ever Nosed one says.
Can you read what's in it?"


"Yes, can we go now with all our bones and organs intact?"


''uh…yeah this is for the debt…so uh…why does he calls you crunchy? and how did you…well…you know…got like this?''


"Whoa there, so, this books breaks even? We're not getting anything other than that?"


"Yea that's for Nose's debt, We're Cavalry old thing. Don't forget us."


Of course. Simple it is, when one knows, what one doing, is.
His… gaze… lingers on you. Something about you has him interested.
Go, you may. Better subjects, more easy to prepare, I have, outside and downstairs.
I am like this. I am Zhivur.
Name, I was given, for my seeming habit of crunching bones, at times of ill opportune.

Book, you the right to leave alive, buys.
If more you desire, more you must, for me, do.

I forget, what not important, is. Much to remember in past centuries. Only those of importance, remember, I bother to.


Raise my finger again, cocky grin on.
"Yeah I want more.
I want to know what the book says.
I want to learn the secrets of the blood!"


What ammo were the best for dealing with supernatural things again? Silver? Incendiary? Specific blessing?

"Zhivur? Very interesting, I'd always hoped to meet one–"

"You can water his feet yourself."


"Shut up already you cat."


''I find that hard to see…but if you're saying so…Sooo…what you want us to do then if we want 'more'?''


"Meow, when your body gets shipped back I'm not going to do anything more than stuff you in my litter if it was your own damn fault."


"When that moment comes, I will care for nothing at all."


I get a really frustrated expression at that.
"So how can we get paid? You need a sequel to that book or something?"


"Those, dead bodies are waiting for you?"


If more you desire, then, for me, a favor, or few, do, you shall.

There are three skulls, for which, of need, I have.
The Wyrd wych of the wyld, wielder of powerful wild magic, is. Magic of transformation and beasts. Her head, to me, bring, you must.
Archmage Antonisus, of the Arcane Academy, teacher of many schools of magic, is. Even schools not taught to others, openly, I know. Magics of the dark ones, gain from him, or his head, I will.
Grand Healer Von Dengar of the healing church. Granter of life, is. Through him, life, I can grant, to myself, and other, without limit.
For each… much I can, in return, teach you.



"I charge a lot more for assassinations."


That's one hell of a job.
The reward oughta be fitting."


''So…you want us to go right ahead and murder some people, bring their heads and we both win?''


"Each seems so daunting. Just getting near and doing the deed sounds impossible."


Immortality, your reward, will be.


Fire grasps my eyes.
"Now we are talking."
Flex every single muscle in my body, moving my shoulders forth in a thinking position, with a hand resting on my chin, scratching it lightly…
"We will meet again."


If this, you do, rewarded, you will be. If not. Then not. Go, you may, whenever.


Well then. I definitely need more power to do this.
And I need to study these targets.
Time to unlock the true power of the blood.
Raw horse won't cut it anymore.


''Alright, we're going''
''Immortality? really? I think that's either a load of bullshit or he'll just turn us into the same ugly blob that he is'' whisper to you


"Now, you forgot the best part.
The juicy names we will have to take on for this!"


''I guess that would be good but…eh I dunno, what if these are just innocent people and all we're doing is kill them so a monster can rob their knowledge they spent their lives to learn?''


"A tempting offer, but still…"
I'll look to the others, eager to get out.


"What does it matter if they are innocent or not, the true reward is in the challenge!"


raise an eyebrown, unipressed
''what challenge?''


"Are you gonna say killing an archmage, a powerful edge witch and the mentor of the church won't be a challenge?"


''I Don't think so…sure, besting them in a fight would feel awesome…but killing them? I'd rather leave them alive. they might get stronger, a bigger challenge if I we fight again. or even better, they can actually offer us help as well.''


Let out a big, long laughter.
"You are so dumb."


Patches dusts off her gloves
"We'll… keep it in mind. Lets go Cavalry."

Crunchy opens the book, flipping through a few pages as he oozes back into the shadows
So… of blood, it speaks… Hmmm…


This I must listen to. Lag behind, resting against a shadowy wall.


laugh sarcastically
''yeah fuck you too newbie. remember you'll still do what I say until Nosey says so.''
Lift my googles to Glare at you with deep red eyes, hammer over my shoulder
''So try to stay on my good side will ya?''
right after ya Patchy. where are we off to now this time?''


You linger, host. To feel you, easy is. Your mind, speak, or gone, be.
"We got junk to sell, money to make and shopping to do. Time to ditch these rags and get us something nice to wear for a change!
And I suppose we should go talk to that smith too before we head out to our next job. He owes Nosey some favors."


"What does the book say about the blood?
I tasted it firsthand."


rub my hands together
''Oh boy, now that's my department. Lead the way, also a nice change of clothes would be nice actually… father never let me use a fancy dress like all the other girls ya know?''


"Oh, something normal. I'm actually eager."


Of blood, it says less than your eyes do.
A great thirst, you have, that much I sense. Know why, you do not, that much I guess.

"And all we need to do is get the loot safely from the hideout to the fence in the lower market district back lots."


"Then my question is one. What will happen once I quench it?"


''sounds easy enough. I'mused to carrying stuff so count me in''


"So do you have an idea of how wile will move so much stuff under the laws nose?"


When you quench thirst of water, what happens? You use the water, you thirst for more. Why any different, this thirst, would be?
"I suppose we could get a cart. Maybe one of Masque's puppet theater wagons."


''easy my goat brother from another mother! a disguise!''
''Sounds good, yeah, let's go troop''


"So what, was the promise of power just a lie?"


"That sounds simple, sane, and I'll admit to wanting to dress up for it."


poke your side
''hehe, you wanna play dress up then don't ya?''


"I want to look like I did before, if it's all the same. A nice suit, even for the purpose of smuggling I'll gotten goods, is still a suit."


''Well that's a bad idea sugarhorns, as handsome as you look with a suit, guards will get awfully suspicious if we look similar to what we did before, don't you think?''


Power is there, thirst is but a byproduct. But power hungers, and when not fed, on you, it feeds. This I know, but not much more. Had I the head of the Archmage, much more, you, I could illuminate.
"Lets head back and get packing, then."

Do you want to keep going?


"A mask, won't that do? And being with other dressed up people, it shouldn't, right?"


''Hey Newbie, we're leaving, come on!''


"I will bring it back."
Now, leave.
Guess the others left already, right?


You can catch up easily if you want to


I don't.
It's time to be edgy. Sorry DM.

Find a hobo.


You head back to the lower markets and start snooping the back alleys of the back alleys.
Roll to fund a suitable victim.


Well seems like Newbie has some business of his own to take care of



Roll #1 2 = 2


Bah, let him be, if he gets in trouble he better not come crying to me
''Alright Patchy, let's get back and get our disguises to do this thing already''


Read a few posts up. I lagged behind on purpose, waiting for your lot to leave before having this conversation.


Hobos stick together. At best you can find a group of five.
The only one alone and without backup on hand is a lone Guardsman sleepily trying to patrol the market, complaining about his useless partner not showing up on time.
AND SO YOU WENT back to the hideout
"Right. If there is anything you want to keep among the loot, take it out now. The rest gets sold."


Can I get a list of what loot we got?


I will have to get bold it seems.
If he is alone I can do this. Maybe I can approach him from behind, or from the front, pretending to ask a question, or-

-without thinking, strike forth, hitting the throat of the undefended guardsman-
Cheap shot. As an attack during a split second of stopped time.
Only if he's alone.


Also, improvise fast moves.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Assorted jewellery
Various sets of fancy clothes and shoes
Fur coats
Decorated pistols
Exotic curiosities
Idols of precious metal and gems
You punch him in the throat, catching him off guard and dropping him like a sack of potatos.
As he gasps for air, you tense up and prepare a quick move next turn

Guardsman (Novice) HELPLESS/4

Dio (Novice) 5/5


He's not yet dead!
Put all my focus and strength into the next attack!
Use the fast moves turn to smash his face in with my brass knuckles, in an almost feral fury, uncaring for the unmoving time around me, and then sink my fingers into its neck, trying to crush it…

Roll #1 10, 9 = 19 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


I'll take a nice dress that matches my eye color and a little gem that I could use to decorate something I craft sometime later
''Alright, that's pretty much all I want, I'm good to go''


"Lets let the others get their pics too, then move out."
Your fists prove very effective at bashing him up, but when you grab his neck, he instead slams you against the ground and stands up. Seems like your palms can't suck blood.

Guardsman (Novice) 5/2

Dio (Novice) 3/5


"You should be glad, because you will son be part of something greater!"
Punch him back once more, cheap shot!

Roll #1 4 = 4


He grabs his baton and smacks you across the wrist. You can feel something crack in there.
"Ok that's it ya loonie I'm taking you in!"

Guardsman (Novice) 5/2

Dio (Novice) 1/5


"You seriously don't understand where you are!"
Extend my arms outwards, to my sides, in a menacing shape as I give off just a hint of madness in my eyes.



Roll #1 7 = 7


Somewhere about half way through your sentence you throw up a glob of blood as your voice collapses into a guttural, deep roar.
Freaked out like a goat someone picked up, the guard looks around, unsure if he can take you any more.
"The fuck was that!?


Keep on laughing.
Improvise Fast moves.
And go for a grab at his neck. Again.
Lifestream from him to me.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11




Something ain't right about that laugh. That's not even your voice. Forget voice that's not even a sound humans can make. Are these even your thoughts? Are you thinking?
Before these terrifying revelations can even finish washing over you, you look at your hands. Your sleeves have been shredded to the elbow, your fingernails snapped and nearly pulled off. The entire things, from fingertip to elbow, are stained a deep, solid red.
You can't breathe. You cough violently. Blood clears from your nose, giving way to life-giving air. One more cough dislodges a great bloody lump from your throat. Nearly the size of your fist. Why, why would you ever try to swallow that?
Tears fill your eyes as the stinging begins to overpower your shock. You wipe off what you can, but there is just so much blood on your face.

Finally, you look down, and realize where this blood came from. There isn't much left of the torso of the guardsman. His ribs have been torn forcibly open, his heart is gone, pulled clean out.
Your stomach churns. You feel sick, like you had gorged on food you are allergic to. But in the back of your mind, a voice growls with satisfaction.
Blood… grants strength. Blood… satisfied for now. More later… for now… enough.

You hear screaming behind you.
"El what-now?"
The group flees in terror
You… may want to get out of sight. Fast.


I need an exit that will lead me back to the undercity. Fast.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You can either risk jumping into a random basement and hoping it isn't gang territory, or try to limp back to the hideout


Mh. This is a choice between bad and worse.
Try to keep my head above the ground for now, and only risk the basements if things get really rough.
Prepare a fast move in case I'm cornered.
Take six if I can.


You draw quite a lot of fearful looks, but ultimately make it to the hideout without being followed.


I surely wasn't so dumb as to dive into the hideout looking like this, right?


Yes because you surely had time to visit the clothes store and bathhouse.
You can always go back out there if you fear the fallout in here.


Eeeeh, I was worried about leading people to this place, but whatever. I can always just bail on the Cavalry.
Dash through to my room.


Masque gives you a most curious look as you slip in.
You'll get to explain this soon enough.



There is some off time for you all while Patches gets the loot fenced and the money sorted.

Thanks to all the shit you nabbed from Arden and the resources of Masque, you have access to several sets of clothing, allowing you to easily blend in to just about any class of citizen short of the big shot nobles and the military.

While waiting, there are some loose ends worth checking up on. Notably, the upcoming Pit Fight tournament over in the rougher parts of town in case of good betting activity, and checking up on the Ironford & Blanche Blacksmith. Ironford owes Nosey from years back, it might be good to go and collect.


I for one am heading for that blacksmith. Hopefully he's not a barbarian and knows a thing or two about gunsmithing.


From what you recall, Ironford & Blanche is located in the market district. Ironford is, or at least was, a well known underworld dealer - high rates, high quality, no questions asked. Could repair nearly anything and dabbled in making forgeries or duplicates on special commission.
Patches and Nosey had no real info on Blanche, so he is a wild card.


A blacksmith would be good
"Heeey Mittens, mind if I tag along with ya?"


Well, no risk, no reward. Put on an ice suit and go to him.

"Yeah, sure. Hopefully he can teach you a thing or two."


"Pft Yeah, but I doubt he's a better teacher than my father, still worth a try though. So, what you're going to be doing there with the Smith anyways?"


After becoming very cold to wear in less than a minute, you replace your ice suit with a nice suit and head out.

The Market District - a place where fortunes are made and dreams are killed each and every day. Many stories surround the place, from the Unlucky Shop on Suicide Corner that always goes out of business to the Fountain of Sir Alideen the Fiery, said to grand good fortune in love to any who slip a coin under her clothing.

The posh shops are all indoors, but stalls and even vendor carts are a common sight. A far cry from the grubby markets of the bad district, things actually have quality standards here. No real hope of finding illegal goods though.


Oh yeah also forgot to say I'll put on a nice dress
"Now where is that guy though?… Should we ask for directions?"


Perhaps you should. Plenty of people around.
Some guards too, so try not to be too obvious.


Look for adventurer types, they should know smithies.


Better ask the people first…
Approach the nearest stranger
"Hey, you know where I can find Ironford?"


You stop a nearby guy with a weird mishmash of (probably looted) gear.
"Oh the smithy? Yeh it's uh… down the road, on the left, git a big sign on it, half black half white.
Not sure what y' posh types need with them though. Diamondly's Clockworks has much better quality on custom works, and Sledge's Gear Emporium sells great army and watch second hand stuff if ya need in bulk."


"We're going to need high quality custom works and this blacksmith should suffice, but thanks."

Head where he pointed.


"That's good information, we'll keep it memorized, thank you" Do a little bow and head to the Smith, following the directions given


He tips his helmet and clanks off.

The blacksmith isn't hard to find indeed. The sign stands out nicely from most others, which are either crude and wooden or gaudy and colorful. The stark contrast of black iron and finely polished white wood makes for a striking sign, and easy to read even from a distance.
[-Blance & Ironford-]


"Wasn't that difficult"
She headed inside without knocking "Are you still doing business?"


Two people are behind the counter. A burly man with dark hair and a pale bald man with heavily magnifying goggles.
The pale one is working on something with his back turned, the burly one looks at you
"Yes, how can we help?"


"Hey there fellow Smith, You might not know me but I know ya. You're the famous blacksmithing Duo whose I've been hearing all about aren't ya? I heard really great things about you, that your skill is unmatched, your crafts are worthy of a King's gift and that your prices are affordable for even a poor girl like me?" lean with an arm in the counter, smiling at the strong man, huge goggles hanging on my neck


"Happen to know a Nosey? We're friends of his."


He shoots you a scared and angry look, nodding at the bald guy behind him and motioning you to be quiet
"Never heard of him"
"Rates depend on what you want, but we do pride ourselves in quality. I deal in smithing, my partner Blance over there deals in clockwork and other precision mechanics. What can I get you?"


''Well, you see I'm a student, as per say, I came here wondering if either of you would be willing to teach me about the arts of smithing, I'm still a begginer on it, so I thought…Maybe if I was taught by a grandmaster like you…''


Blanche groans
"I'll be in the workshop, too much noise here!"
As he walks off with his clockwork mess, Ironford sighs
"I'm not really looking for any apprentices. What makes you think I'd pick you anyway?"


"Excellent. Any familiarity with gunsmithing? I'm looking to turn this baby into a real beauty."

Show him my gun.


He raises an impressed brow
"It already is. Blanche might have some thoughts but…"
He lowers his voice
"…what's this crap about Nosey? I thought he was dead!"


''Err…Well Now you got me…I can be a promising student really! I mean look at these muscles' Flex my arms to him
''See? I just lack the technique and all, come on, pleeaaasee? I could like, pay you pack for lessons in some way''


"…you a pal of Nosey too?"


''A very very good pal, ya''


He rubs his forehead with two fingers
"How the fuck is he still around, and with a gang no less?"


''Well Don't ask me, honestly. He didn't tell me that, but I'm sure he is much closer to Patches than he is with me''


"Who the hell is Patches?"


''A really nice gal, she helped me and my gang with a few stuff, pratically Nosey's right hand''


"Took the old fuck long enough I suppose…
But why me? Why now?"


''Well, I don't know any other Smiths that are friends with Nosey ya know?''


"Not anymore, and we're his hired guns. Thanks for the compliment by the way, made it myself."


"I'm surprised you know anyone who'd be friends with him."
"Hired guns? For a moment there I thought the crazy bastard finally went and made himself a Hand. But granted, you look a little green to be Fingers."


Try and remember if we should be revealing our intentions to be a hand or not.


''Well, does that mean you'll be my teacher? my Master? My mentor? will ya? will ya?'' I say, very giddy


To call yourself a Hand is incredibly archaic, as they are more figures of romanticized legend than real world powers any more.
Nosey is, apparently, one of the few who still openly keep such dreams afloat.
"Legit business then, none of that old shady crap?"


"Actually, that might just what he's been planning. Now if you'll excuse me…"

Go off to find the Blanche guy.


"You can believe in me, no one is a cleaner dealer than Slapstick!"


You try to go behind the counter but Ironford stops you
"Where the hell you think you're going? Don't mix Blance up in this, what went down between Nosey and me isn't connected to him."
"Nosey's still handing out those nicknames huh? Yep, twenty years, nothing changed.
I used to be Baldy."


"Hey, I'm just looking for a fellow gunsmith for advice. What's the issue? I'm not doing any shady stuff with him."


"Nothing wrong with being bald ya know?" pat him in the head
"… My real Name is Duna, if you want a show of trust from me… "


"You better. He doesn't know about the past, and he doesn't need to."
He lets you pass
"Don't much care for it but if you must.
So I don't suppose giving you lessons will pay off my… uh.. debts, will it?"


"I see, I see."

Go in to find the Blanche guy. Or Blanche kid?


"Hehe, debts huh? Well I'll have to go ask him about that"


Guy. Pale, bald, and the magnifying eyewear makes him look kinda creepy. His long skinny fingers don't help either.
"Yeah what? Back rooms are off limits, leave anything you need fixed at the front desk."
"You don't say a single word to that old fuck, we both hope be forgot, and I'll teach you one day a week, deal?"


"Deal! It'll be a pleasure learning with you! When do we start?"


"When you need us to start."


"How about during the night after you're closed? Tonight?


"Ironford let me in. This isn't a repair, it's an enhancement."

Show him my gun.

"Beautiful, isn't it? My own creation. But I hear you can help me make it better."


"Fine. Will you be here or do I need to come somewhere?"
He leans in to look at the gun, adjusting the magnification on his goggles
"There is no way a common journeyman would make this. You'd need resources, materials and tools only available to a select few, and I know those select few.
Who the hell are you and who did you kill for this beauty?"


"I'll come here, don't ya worry" give him a friendly wink
"You're already doing enough for me by teaching me"


"Grand. At least I won't need to sneak into any more silly hideouts…"


"Well, anything I should bring?"


"I've all the tools here, if you have a weapon or armor to work on, bring that."


"Oh? Very flattering, but I made it myself, thank you. Wooden stock and body from redwood. The small mechanisms made from salvaged metal of ancient human ship-fortresses I found in my younger days… and the barrel from a certain steel alloy I experimented a little with. So far I'm just a smith, like you, though I had access to a nicer workshop before.

Now, do you think you can make this better?"


"I could bring this baby here… But a short sword might be better, don't wanna risk screwing up anything with my Father's hammer"


"You're full of shit but I'd rather not force the issue.
The spring mechanism is just waiting to pop loose with a single pin like that, use a screw and tighten after every 10 shots. You could easily add in a cartridge loading system with barely anything changed if you sawed off a part of the top and added in some stoppers and a clasp. Sights could be adjusted more easily if you used a proper scope system but then you'd need counterweights at the back. The stock is trash -pretty trash, but trash- it lacks shock absorbers so all you're doing is bruising your shoulder. No bipod for aided stationary aim. Accommodating a second… third… hrm… seventh barrel would not be impossible.
Enough length that adding optional attachments via Rayle's Mechanism is possible, but not like you'd know about that…"
He has not even once looked away from the gun.
"I don't screw up.
And we practice on junk metal, not decent weaponry."


"Oh, Grand! I'm pretty excited now!"


"Oh my. It appears I've finally found the expert I've sought. What is Rayle's mechanism?"


"An invention of master Rayle, a simple yet functional system of connectors that allow various components to be securely attached and swapped out with ease with a combination of interlocking sliding rails and tightening bolts."


"That's a deal then. Hell tell the rest of your lot to come talk to me if you need stuff, but this voids any debts I may or may not have had to Nosey."


"You got it teacher, thanks a lot, I guarantee I'll make ya proud"


"Hm. Who knows, this might even be fun in some twisted nostalgic way. Remind me to tell you a few choice stories about young Nosey later."


"Ohohoho, I'll absolutely remind you of that too"


"A modular weapon, a weapon to surpass…"

Try not to space off.

"How do I make it?"


For the first time he looks up from the weapon, lifting his goggles and looking you right in the eye with disdain
"You don't. Only a certified master craftsman can. Not too many of those around, especially with the duke's armory master turning traitor and the overseer dying in the attack. Aside from me, there are like, what, four people between here and the Grand Capital itself capable of replicating even half of what I said."
…you don't recall the Armory Overseer dying that night. He was nowhere near the party room.
"Just don't ask me to go bald again."


"Don't ya worry none, I promise"


"The overseer died? Very interesting. What other news of the palace murder?"


"I'm not one for gossip. Ask that frivolous fool Diamondly if you want news on rich folk problems. I do work, not smalltalk. The only reason I know that tidbit is because I respected them both greatly."
"Alright. Anything else you need, or are we done for today?"


"Im done"


"catch you later then"

Baldy Ironford - Nosey's old buddy from 20 years ago
Smith Trainer
Available in the Market District


"Alright then. Now… how can I get you to make this mechanism for me?"


I can tell you're a crook, so… I could put aside some time for your crazy monster gun if you help be get some… special orders together."


"Of what kind?"


He gets a slight mad glint in his eye
"Automatons. I wouldn't expect you to understand.
But the things I need, those should be simpler, even for you. I have drawn accurate images of them all, but many are just impossible to recreate without access to the original formulae that went into calibrating them. I could make parts that look the same, but not ones that work the same.
Which is where you come in. You get me a set of parts, I help fix up your gun.
The first things I need are, coincidentally, quite near. At Diamondly's. He knows fuck all about most things, but clocks he understands better than I care to admit. So I need these from his collection."
He shows you a detailed drawing of a bunch of parts
"Of course, buying is not an option. He is very secretive about them."


"Automatons. Attractive idea when I was younger, but not as satisfying as a weapon. How do you expect me to obtain these?"


"I don't care, just don't kill him."


"Any other details you can give me to help?"


A pit fighting tournament seems easy enough to track down. I'll get started on that.


"I don't know how criminals do their business and frankly I don't care.
He keeps the stuff in his workshop, which is upstairs from his store."


"Alrighty, then. I'll be back."

Retrieve my gun and leave the back area.

This is something I can't do alone, I'm assuming…


Well you can always grab Slapstick and Sideswipe if you want to team up.
The best place to start is probably the shady district. Lots of less than legal things originate there.


No need to involve them yet. Going to go acout out Diamondy's myself first.


Not a hard place to find, it actually has ads posted on some walls.
Very upper class. Specializes in jewellery and clocks. A very proper looking lady is sitting at the counter, keeping an eye on you.
"Welcome to Diamondly's Clockworks, do you have an appointment?"


Sounds about right, I'll walk around there..
Roll for luck? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Afraid not. I'm a self-builder looking for a few specific parts. Do you sell individual components?"


You soon overhear a few lads discussing the event.
"Betting on Brickface again?"
"Nah, I think I'll try Boneeater this year. 'E came in second last time."
"Careful, I hear they brought in some newcomer from some far away place"
"What, again? So what, the last guy was a joke"
"Yeh, but I hear this one is like… crazy good."
"Can I see your guild card then?"


"What, don't tell me you only cater to guild bootlickers?"


Slip in next to them.
"A newcomer? What are they like?"


"We don't sell parts to unaffiliated competitors."
"I heard she's from the east somewhere. Some crazy capra who can break solid rock with her fists!"


"Whoa, with talent like that I'm surprised she's not in a crew."
I say impressed.


"Well, well, good day, then."

Step out and try not to shoot up the place.

Take a look at the diagrams. I wonder if I can find them second hand in that gear emporium place?"


"Guess they don't got 'em over there."
"I wonder if it's that… what'chu call it… mind over material thing?"
To quote the anonymous poet, they resemble kraut space magic.
And as Blanche said, the point isn't what they look like, but the careful calibrations of each, something only a masterful tinkerer could ever achieve.


"somekinda kung-fu bullshit?"


Looks like I'm going to need to break in. Damn it.

For now, just wander around the outside of the building. Any obvious alternate entrances? suspicious-looking things?


"Something like that. Might give a nice new twist to the pit fights that's for sure."
Bottom floor windows have bars, top floor doesn't.
There is a back door but it leads to a courtyard shared by other buildings that is behind a closed, guarded gate.


Courtyard's a bad idea. Is the window at the top floor visible to any guards?


Them and anyone on the street. Doing this in daytime would be crazy.


"Man, I dunno, I liked the way the pit fights were, ya know.. just a few drinks and bets.. That place isn't really fit for some kung-fuuy ya know?"


"I guess she's in for the new challenge… wossitcalled? Mixed something?"
"Mixed Melee: Anything-goes, or Ememmaye as they so eloquently market it.
'cause they had to come up with something new to draw in crowds after the whole 'iron cage' deal got old."


Of course. Just planning for a nighttime heist. I'll need Patches for this, or a flyer. But then only I'd profit, unless we looted the place bare. Hmm.

I'm going to leave for now. Any idea if Patches is free?


"Oh I get it!" I nod "Hey, you ever wander how they hauled a whole cage down there?"


She should be. Probably counting up her money back at the hideout.
"I heard they just brought it in as like… pipes and screwed it all together there."
"Probably got it from that norse vendor."
"What's your game anyway, gal? You bettin' or fightin'?"


Right then, time to go back.


She is, indeed separating a whole lot of gold and silver into neat piles
"Oh hey. I hope you got something productive done."


"For myself, yes. I've found an expert in gunsmithing. Thing is, to help me he wants some rare parts from Diamondy's, this ridiculously upper-class shop. They don't even want to sell them to me, so the only option is to break in. I need your help on this."


"Mhm… and why risk it rather than fix the shootin' iron yourself?"


"Betting, usually for other people. More money in it that way." I reply with a smile. "What about you boys?"


"Because he's waaaay better than me. He knows how to make a certain mechanism that will make my gun able to switch add-ons as I need. It's an offer too good to pass up. So… help me out, Patches?"


"Betting too."
"I used to fight, but competition's gotten a little hard for me. I like to give betting tips though."
"Working for free is for gangs. A Finger always looks out for itself even when helping others out.
What's in it for me?"


"Hmm… Interested in a gun yourself? Just like how Nosey uses them. I'll make a beginner's one for you."


"Oh yea? Two betters and a coach? You must have pretty good eyes about the matches, do you go in ahead of time to scope out the competitors?"


"Too loud and heavy for my tastes. But I hear that clockwork crap can make all sorts of gadgets?"
"'Course we do"
"Been at this for years, we have."
"You learn to pick out the genuine potential from the bags of hot air, and let me tell ya that east capra is something worth checking out."


"It can. What are you interested in?"


"Oh yea? Wanna head down and see if he's there?" I nudge them a bit.


"…rope launcher?"
"Hey now missy, professional opinions don't come free"


"A little different, but doable. Sure. Deal?"


"Aw you're no fun. I was gonna share my take on it too."


"Fine. Deal.
I also finished counting our money. We aren't rich, but we can afford to eat carefree from here on out. We can even get some proper upgrades done to the hideout."
"Sounds like a fair buy-in"
"Agreed. 50% of anyone's winnings get shared between us all."


Aw geez, do I even have any money on me?
"Sounds like a fair enough deal, Lets go scope out a few winners."


"I'd like to feast, but we should still be frugal enough. Alright, later tonight? Have you seen the place?"


You can collect your share of the take from the Arden job back at the hideout at any time.
"The fights will be in the cellar of the Pole and Ball this time around. The barn we used last three years got raided."
"Posh clock shop down on Market Square?"


"That's the one. I'm thinking we go in by a window on the second floor. Best way to get up?"


"Climb down from the rooftops. Less conspicuous than climbing up from street level."


"Good thinking. Where's the easiest to get up to the rooftops?"


I should go back and tell them anyway
"Damn, I really liked that barn.. I'll see you boys there."


"Other rooftops.
See this is why I want a rope launcher. I lived in an attic for years, now it bugs me that we need to chill underground."
"See you there then, doll."
And back you go.
Arcie and Patches are discussing something.
Masque is in his room.


Might as well hit up my old boss. It has to be done sometime.
"Hey Masque, what was that you always said about gambling?"


"Alright, then. Later."

Need to bed. Thanks


"Only gamble when you can always win something out of it."


"Hmmhm, What do you think of the fighting pits? I found out where they are tonight, and they have a new fighter. Think we can win something off them?"


"Of course. Especially if you rig the fight.
But a wise gambler always checks the cards before playing."
It's really weird to see him talk so calmly. He didn't wear The Teacher as a mask very often. The Hero was more to his liking.


Well, at least he doesn't seem upset at me.
"Yea, I guess we could find the new guy, he's some kind of kung-fu brickbreaking capra, not part of anyone's crew. Or put in some of our own?"


"Who among us seem like decent pit fighters?"


"Someone who's not me!" I chuckle. "Wouldn't hurt to ask and see who feels confident?"


"Go ahead, perhaps there will be takers.
Or better yet, see if this fantastic fighter in the pit would join our crew."


"You know I'm shit at recruitment b- Masque. That's why I did special effects and scared off unwanteds."


"Well, at least you can give our fighter a really cool entrance.
…how do you like the new boss?"


I kind of frown a little. "He isn't really around here with us like you were.. I feel like I hardly know him, and having to pay off his debts already isn't helping my opinion.."


"What a loss.
Could be worse, I suppose. Rather absent than abusive."


"True… and he seems to have good plans.. maybe he really can become a Finger."


"Is that what he's after? Archaic fame?
Hm. I was a famed hero, no need for the politics of old thieves to achieve that."


I sigh and try to smile.
"It was fun while it lasted anyway. And hey, maybe we can make this fighting ring like a show too."


"Anything can be a show if you have the flair for it.
Life's a stage, but remember - the last laugh will always be on you. So laugh with them, not at them."
He pats your head
"Make this your home and family, with it without me at the helm, ok?"


I giggle a bit.
"I'm getting pretty fond of that teacher look for you Masque.
Don't leave on us."
And then.. go find some other people to talk to about the pit fights..


Only Patches seems to be here and awake right now


Go over to Patches with a bit of a hop in my step.
"Hey! What's the latest Patch?"


"We got a whole lot of money now, everyone gets a new set of clothes thanks to masque and the stuff we stole aaaaand… I think Slapstick and Mittens got us a Smith contract.
You talked to Masque lately? He told me we should go check out some stuff in the Wyld Woods earlier. Something about magic to help him make disguises."


"I was just talking to him actually, I found out some stuff about the fighting pits, he suggested we try to track down and recruit the new fighter. A kung-fu using a capra. Oh, and I know where the pits are moved to tonight, so if we have a fighter to put in, we could make a bit of money rigging matches.."


"I don't think either of us gals are really the best at guts out fist fights. Who did you have in mind?"


I frown. "What do you think of Newbie? He look stronger than Mittens, and we don't have that many guys actually."


"I suppose.
Or we could send Taillifter. She's big, at least."


I snicker "Well, she'd get interest just for being around.. we could give her a cool amazonian outfit to wear for the event."
"Maybe we should just try to get the capra, I'm not great at recruiting people.."


"You used to do cool effects though. Maybe we could be her support team."


I nod rubbing my chin.
"Not a bad angle.. wanna go find her, or you got other things to do?"


"Well the money is pretty much counted. I suppose we can head out. Lead on."


Take my money while I'm at it so I have something to bet if need be.
To the Pole and Ball!


Lovely as ever, that place. Frankly you feel overdressed compared to most of the patrons here.
Head straight to the basement, or stick around and listen to gossip?


Listen in a little first. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"…so you hear about that whole thing up in the rich district?"
"That party at Arden's?"
"Yeh, got so wild someone nicked like… thousands of gold worth of stuff"
"Who'd be crazy enough to do that to Arden of all families?"
"Beats me, fuckers must have a death wish."
"Or they might be super political."
"Eh, I suppose. Going to the royal funeral later by chance?"
"I'll go see the parade but forget the actual ceremony. It'll be a crowded mess and there won't be anything to see really."
"True 'nuff. I do hope the Duke's brother gets to be Duke though."
"…why? His son would be a much better option."
"Bah. Kid's too young still. Good head on him, but think how fast it'd turn into a puppet act through bribes and whatever."
"Suppose you're right on that…"


Huh, always something going on in this town. If we had a bigger crew we could do all of.. bah, never mind.
Nod to patches and head to the basement.


Patches gives a secret handshake to the barkeep and you head down behind the beer kegs.
The basement is huge, probably an Undercity building originally. The false walls of the usual storage cellar have been cleared off and the full space is being converted into an arena with nice seats


Can I see anyone here already? What about places to set up effects?


An entrance aisle is being built into the middle of the seat rows. A few helping hands are setting things up, and there is a walled off section marked "for fighters only"


Oh yea? Well, I'm gonna sneak into the fighter section. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Seems like they set up some lockers and benches here so fighters don't have to walk around the pub in their fighting getups.
It's all a little work in progress, but some lockers have already been claimed and some fighters are milling about.


Any sign of a capra that seems kind of monkish?

Roll #1 3 = 3


No, the only capra around here seems drunk as hell.


Well, I could ask one of the fighters.. who seems not-to-busy?


One guy is lifting a big weight
Another is polishing his mask


Talk to the guy with the mask.
"Hey, how's it going?"


"Just thought I'd drop in and get a good warmup in before the fights start, you?"


"I'm looking around for someone actually, the new capra. You ever seem 'em?"


"…the drunk back there?
Or the foreigner weirdo?"


"The second one, that foreigner."


"Try upstairs, I think she wanted a room to uh… medicate? Meditate. That's it. Meditate in."


"..Thanks, and, good luck tonight."
pat him on the shoulder and start making my way to Patches again.


Patches is checking out the ring itself as the helpers set it up


"I hear she's upstairs doing meditation." I reply and give her a hand with the set up. "Uh, looks like you're already getting into the stage-hand bit."


"Figured it'd be good to know how it's set up. Makes things easier to rig.
You heading up?"


"Yea I think I will, can you show the handshake so I can get back here?"


Slap the palm, fistbump, grab the wrist, shake


"Ooh! That is pretty easy. See you in a few minutes."
And with that I'll just casually head upstairs.


Loads of rooms here. The owner rents them out for the local whores and anyone else in need of one.


…I should go talk to the bar tender.


He's cleaning glasses, as bartenders in fantastic adventures often are.
"Hey luv, what'll it be?"


"A wiskey, and I'm wondering if you've seen a foreign capra lady around."


He quickly pours one
"Ah yeah her. Really into the whole fighter persona thing. Always in costume, always uses her stage name. 'Daisari of the East'.
Heh. Really puts the artist in martial artist."


I sip on the drink.
"Does Daisari ever come down and mingle?"


"Not really. She says she needs to 'meditate' and 'focus'."


"Mmm.. how rude. Isn't there anyway I could talk to her?"


"I think she'd admit in a fan."


I grin like an excited kid, and make sure to tip him.
"Really? Gosh, I can't wait to try! Which room is she in?"


"She was really specific. Had to be room 11, 'cause it had good… what was it… Fang Shuie?"


"double the ones for being number one, naturally!" I gleefully go upstairs and look for number 11.


On the west side wall, facing the sunset. It isn't locked.


knock on the door and wait.


What a weird accent.


I'll step inside then..


Everything has been moved to the sides, except a single pillow that sits before the widow, with a capra sitting on it, staring outside


Sit down next to her.
"Hey, I heard all about how amazing you are and had to meet you. I'm Kay."


"Daisarit, of the eesto.
Guraitest fist, strongest panch!"
The accent is super fake.


I tilt my head.
"Hey.. uh, look.. Do you have support? Like someone to make you look cool with amazing effects?"


"I gotto manageru. Very guddo businesmannu. Kno how to get insado this faitto"
Someone is ripping her off, you don't need a manager to join these fights.


I shake my head.
"Daisari, who's your manager? I might know him."


She coughs
"Fucken accent…
Manageru isso carred Randy. Randy Dangerzone."
That's a terrible fake name.


I frown, and speak real low to her.
"Hey, why not jump ship. My friends and I can help you get more money, how much is he even paying you to fight? a few coins? and you wouldn't have to use that fake accent"


"The accent comes with the act, but tell me about your offer."


"Simple, my friends and I are part of cavalry, we're gonna rise to the top of this underworld and you can come with us. You can even keep doing fights and we'll support you with special effects and nicer costumes. We always do fair cuts to our members too."


"…so a gang, then?"


"I guess you could call it that. Better than letting someone take most of your profits as a 'manager' right? "


"I don't really like the idea of being a gang member. Loadsa pointless violence. I punch people for money, is what I do.
But a better cut of the fight money does sound nice…"




It seems a lot that was ongoing lately was side quests.

Your remaining tasks include
-Breaking into House Grandelion and kidnapping their World Warper
-Checking out the Wyld Woods for witches, ask Masque for more info
-Checking out the supposedly haunted ruins outside town to verify some rumors
-Assassinating the Wyld Wych, Archmage Antonisus and Grand Healer Von Dengar
-Breaking Sir Ragamont out of Dead Man Headland Prison (not advisable without the World Warper and/or Masque's plan, talk to him for details)

Or you can always go start shit with the local Gangs to prove your superiority.


The ruins seem interesting, and some outside air seems like a good idea for me.


I assume I'm back at the hideout by now?


Will you go alone or take backup?
Yes. No reason not to be,


"Hey Bait, going somewhere?"


"Yes. Seems there's some rumors swirling about a place outside of town. Don't know much yet, but it seems like a good idea to find out about it. Want to tag alobg?"


For a memory refresher, those rumors were about a ghost of a paladin guarding the ruins, bashing up caravans for coming too near.


"Sure thing honeybum, lead the way, I'll be right after ya"


Hello yes this is maid


"I'm thinking we have another Thief spreading rumors about the place. If it's just us two, we should be able to sneak in."



"Yeah, Us capras are tiny and all that, I get ya, dood"


"Let's go then. It'll probably an another entertainer using their tricks."


I think Patches is enough, is it goign to be time to head out to meet yet?


Who can I talk about these haunted ruins with?


You can overhear the Capra talking about it.


Bait and Duna seem interested in exploring them.
We can always push time around in order to do that now.


Walk up.
"You're heading to the haunted house then? Mind if I tag along?"


Time magic is one of the most insane and hubristic of human arts. Fuck yeah, let's do it.


"Sure thing, tail-lifter, heheh"


"Sure, the more the merrier, right!? And we can probably use your wings too."


A night time rendezvous on a moonlit rooftop.
"So, what are we stealing?"


Glare at you.

"I'm not carrying either of you."


"Aw come on scalie… We're both light as feathers"


"As heavy as a dream."


Show her the diagrams.
"We'll need these. If possible, extras will always be good. We might need some time to get matches, so we really need to be quiet."

But first, I think I can toss an explosive charge somewhere. In case we need to mask our getaway, I'll blow it.


Roll #1 3 = 3


"Was that you complimenting me just now, Bait?" turn to you with a smirk


"Dream on."


It stuck to a window on the other side of the road, slid off and fell in a storm drain.
"Nice one."


"Uhm yes, of course!"

"Come on, it'll all go faster that way."


Can't I just toss it in a pile of junk so it makes as much noise as possible?


Roll #1 3 = 3


"I'm not going to carry you furry little things around! You can walk on your little hoofsies!"


"Psh, fine. I bet you couldn't even carry us anyways"
"Aw, you're sweeter than a bag of caramels"


When it blows, I mean


You toss it on top of a pile of junk metal behind the shop.
This causes the top metal pieces to slide off the pile, bringing half the pile down with a lot of noise.


"Now that things are settled, let's be on our way."


"Good try, but that's not going to work."

"Let's go."


And so, for the first time in days, you prepare to venture outside city walls.

Go by foot, or take a carriage? Perhaps hit up a caravan?


"Alright, we're leaving"


How much is a carriage?


"Well, they'll be looking there later."


"Let's go."

Head for the shop.


I'm okay with either


What kind of Caravans are leaving right now?


Not much at all given how much money you have right now.
A short hop takes you to the rooftop above the shop
"From here we need to climb down. Should not be hard. For me at least."
You can almost certainly find a merchant caravan and spook them with ghost stories to get hired as "guards".


I vote for carraige then.


"Can't be too hard…"

I dressed properly for this. Let's look out and then begin climbing down.


I'll go with carriage too.


Carriage it is then


Thanks to you and Pathes having some foresight in this, you have a rope and some climbing gear.
Safely reaching the window is MIN 3
You head out to the gates and hire a small carriage from a guy feeding his ponies
"So, where to my good folks?"


It can't be that hard.

Roll #1 10 = 10


It really isn't
Patches roll '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I think it would be wiser to name an area near the haunted house instead of going right at it.


"I'm honestly impressed. You climb like a pro. Now we need to get the window open…"
Pick the lock: MIN8
Break the lock: 6
Cut the glass quietly: 4
Smash the whole thing: 2


"I'm going to try breaking the lock first."

If only I could just blow it up.


Roll #1 5 = 5


"Thinking of a midnight stroll. You don't mind waiting a bit, will you?"


You struggle to break the lock without resorting to explosions, but ultimately all you manage to do is dislodge the window frame itself, making the glass fall loose.
Patches catches it, but the window will have clear signs of tampering now. No way to fix that without a hammer.
"Well.. at least it's open and nobody heard us."
"Yeh sure, hourly pay, after all."
The closest place to the ruins is the Historical Gardens around it.


"Little point being subtle about this now. Once we find what we're looking for, we take as much as we can carry."

Slowly head on inside. Is it an organized kind of storeroom?


Bow politely at the entrance of the Carriage.

"Ladies first."


I'll just enjoy the ride for now


"You're tryna soften me up ain't ya? "


"A Lady like you merits this and more."


Climb in.
"To the Historical Gardens then."


It's not even a storeroom, more like some crazy hoarder's stash. Boxes of miscellaneous parts here and there, the only clean place being the work table. A stark contrast to the clean and neat store downstairs.
"So, out for a little romantic walk in the gardens, hm? Moonblossoms are lovely this time of years.


"I'm sure they are."


Us craftsmen are like that.

"Let's be quick."

Search each box one by one. The parts are here, right?


"Oh, I had forgotten all about them."


"Aw stop that, Geez you're gonna spoil me like that, Bait… Gosh…"
"nah, this big goof is just trying to get lucky with me is all" I twiddle with my ears


I'm sure your expert eye can tell a spring-loaded gear rebalacing mechanism from a left-to-right rotation converting spring gear mechanism.
"Hope you got a blanket. Poison ivy and stinging nettles aren't exactly uncommon out there.
Oh and don't try it in the ruins, it angers the ghooooo~oost"


"Don't worry, I'm here to watch the capras so they don't get hurt. I don't believe in the ghosts though."


"And just what kind of stories can you tell about the ghost?"


"Pfft, I don't believe in ghosts"


Of course I can. I just… have to look at the diagrams again. Compare the parts in each box.


"So you just like to watch then, hm.
Or well, none of my business.
We're almost there anyway."
"Well the legend goes that the ghost of a noble soul who died defending the fort that once stood here haunts and attacks anyone who commits immoral acts here.
Though others say it will attack anyone guilty of a crime in general."
You narrow it down to about a dozen incredibly similar looking piles of what the fuck even is this


"Got to make sure they don't hurt themselves. You know how capra are."


Well, how many pieces of each did the guy say he needed? We could always just take a few of each.
Unless there's labeling somewhere.


"hehehehe, you hear that Bait? No 'Immoral' acts
I wrap an arm around the other Capra's neck with a smile
"What ya mean with that, Scalie?"


"Probably just stories to keep the youth away."

"Duna and I will be perfect hosts of this evening. Just relax and enjoy yourself."


Shake my head.


"Of course. I'm sure we'll be able to deal with that clause."


Roll to understand the labels
"Stories that have lead to a whole lot of mangled people over the years. Do take care."


"Speak for yourself, I wanna see if this ghost bullcrap is real or not"
"What? I thought ghosts couldn't touch people?"


I should..

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Probably just some crooks. We should just walk carefully."


"Ghosts can maim people now?"


You can make some sense of them.
The most critically needed parts are in THAT box over there. Grab the whole thing or try to sort it out?
"Alright, we're here.
Take care kids."

The Historical Gardens used to be part of the fort that stood here in times past, before even the Undercity. It was originally managed by the fort's residents, but was then moved to the care of monastic orders and finally historical societies. Now it stands as a monument to the beauty that can exist even among places of war and destruction.

The Ruins themselves are mostly collapsed. You can see some crude graffiti on the rocks even from here, and most of the walls and towers have long since crumbled.


Time to start walking towards the ruins!


I assume the box is too big to carry two of. Try to sort it out…

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Thank you good sir. We shan't be long."


"Dang this place nice…wonder how old it must be…"
Walk along


Patches to the rescue '1d10'
The moonblossoms are indeed nice this time of year. They glow in the dark with light they gather in daytime in order to attract insects more efficiently.
The ruins seem quiet. Look closer?

Roll #1 6 = 6



I'm going to sneakily try and fly in, upstairs.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Yeah, it's a good idea to see what we a re getting ourselves into.


''Aw man look at these moonblossoms…do you think they'll mind if we bring some along?'' I walk in deeper


"See, this is why I brought you along, Patches."

Did we manage to sort them out?


Patches manages to dive in and grab the box as you drop it. It seems to bash her arm up though as it falls
"Fucking idiot what are you doing!?"
You take flight and land on one of the higher remaining ruined walls.
Some more graffiti on the inside walls, and a stairwell leading down.
Also, rather worryingly, bloodstains.


Do the stains lead anywhere?


"Trying to sort it out. Let's grab a few pieces of the important parts we need from here. I know most are in the box, anyway."

Show her the diagrams again before looking for the pieces.


Any entrances Capra can use to get in? Or are the walls pretty thick?


''What you dragon eyes see, Tail?''


"Junk and bloodstains, mostly."




Nowhere particular. Most seem to be leading away from the ruins, as if trying to escape.
It's a ruin, there is nothing stopping you from entering, the door has been gone for centuries and most of the walls for decades.
Just then you hear movement outside the door
"Just grab the entire thing and bolt?"


''Let's go?''


"Looks like whoever hear doesn't play around. But we've already come all this way, right?"

Let's look around a bit more.


Peek in some of the rooms.


"Fine, that's all we can do."
I'm not good at thievery… just do as she says.


''Yeah just stay close to me…I'm starting to think this ghost business is just some killer causing mayhem and making people scared and thinking it's a supernatural thing…''


"Yes. Be careful, though."


Problem: the box is big and wooden, it will not fit out the window.
Most of the place is overgrown by now. If there ever was furniture here, it has been stolen or rotted away.
No sign of ghosts.
You could try to lure it out, or check the downstairs area.


Absolutely nothing of value?
Thief Sense

Roll #1 9 = 9


lure it out eh?
Are we alone?
''Well…Looks like the ghost is either a big floop or it needs to be lured here…''


"Let's stay up here for a bit. There must be something that attracts him to come out."


''Yeah I thought the same…''
I then get a big smile on my face
''Weeeell…You know what the guy said…
The ghost is attracted by immoral acts right?''
wink wink


Stuff our pockets with the stuff, then! Damn it, this wasn't supposed to be hard!


"Maybe just some noise?"

"Eh? Well, I don't think it was an exact requirement and more of a rumor, you know…"



''Well, we'll only be sure if we try it out, right?''
Start slowly undoing the buttoms in my dress
''Don't worry, I'm just doing that so we can maybe draw his attention'' I whisper


The flowers outside are more valuable. This place has been a collapsed set of walls for nobody even knows how long.
Anything valuable left here will be downstairs, and well hidden.
Completely alone.
Save for the carriage driver, who is snoring
Patches pulls her pockets inside out, revealing convenient pouches she starts filling. She then pulls off her shawl and pops it open, revealing a bag inside
"Put the rest there, and hurry. We need to put the box near the window and get out of here. Make it look like it fell over and knocked off the window pane"


Sneaky sneak downstairs then.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


So. Where were we.


"So, you want to meet the others now? One of them is around here actually."


"I'm sure the doppelganger must be hiding downstairs…"

Take a single step back.


''pssh, fine…'' Put the buttoms back on
''I just wanted to see this dumb ghost, prove that this is all some fake madeup story and get this done with''


Lean the box against the wall, then… hey, I can stuff my gun barrel, too.


"There might be something in the areas below. We'll run into something there, maybe, I hope, or maybe not…"


''Don't tell me you're getting scared now~'' Start looking fow a way into the lower areas


I have no clue where you were.
The loot has been fenced so you all have money now.
Sideswipe is getting you a Monk Trainer
Mittens is out with Patches to score some loot from a clockmaker
Slapstick, Taillifter and Bait are exploring the ruins outside town.
See >>15003 for more info
"Hm.. sure. Lead on."
The steps are coming closer
"Ok time to bail"
Safely exit window with a busted arm '1d10-1'
Dark. As. Fuck.
This must be a mix of old basement quarters and probably catacombs. You can't see shit down here.

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5


"Of course."

Roll #1 3 - 1 = 2


I don't suppose some good soul left any torches around?


Darn I wanted to go explore the ruins too!
Can I catch up to them?


"Let's just try to find some light before we get left behind."


I assume that Patches is also here at the bar still? Lets go check where we last left her by the ring.


''Sure sure, You don't need to be embarassed, I'm also kinda scared of the dark and all…''


"Yeah, we'll need something to see down here."


''Wanna head back and see if we can fetch a torch or something?''


Patches does her best to climb, but you have no idea how to manage the sack's weight and manage to dislodge the rope, causing both of you to fall down to street level.
"Well this is a fine night of complete shit. Where to now? Hide at your job giver's place or leg it back to the hideout?"
She's cleaning her gloves of oil. Probably did something with the ring to get them messy
"Who's this then?"
This is a hundreds of years old ruin, not a video game level
Newbie, who apparently wasn't feeling talkative up to now, finally catches up as he gets off the carriage.


"I'm unlikely to score points with the job giver. Hideout, now. There are charges placed around for distractions if the guards are called."

Let's go


"We should."
Go back upstairs.

What is this vidya game you speak of?


"The flowers. If they keep glowing all night, we can use them."


''Oooh, man I would never have thought of that'' Pat your head
''Good job Bait''


That's…. actually a pretty good idea."


"This is Daisari." I gesture to the monk girl.
"And this is Patches." I gesture to Patches.
"She wants to join up with us, so we can help her with the fights and give her a better cut of the money she earns."


Roll for safe, unhindered journey home
"For all I care she can keep 100% if she's useful in other ways"
Daisari's ears perk up
"Ooh, I canno be veeeery usafuru! Teach sikko-retto PANCH teckniqu!"
Patches just kinda stares, trying to figure out what any of that meant.
So… go pick some pretty flowers then?


Yes, walk into the scary, possibly serial killer infested ruins, with bouquets of glowy flowers.


I rub my head a little embarrassed by this display.
"Uh, she said she can teach us how to fight like her. Would that be useful enough?"


Pick the flowers, yes.


I always wanted to pick them on the way back anyways!


Something has to go right.


Roll #1 7 = 7


Clear my throat.
"So, what are we doing exactly?"


"Gathering flowers so we can see with their glow in the downstairs of the ruins."


''Oh, there you are, where have you been, Newbie? We're just exploring around the ruins tryin to find a ghost, but it's probally some dumb rumor stuff


"I was having my beauty sleep."
"And here I thought you scalies could see in the dark."


You showed up at the underground fighting ring?


You are now with Sideswipe. She is elsewhere.
"Sorry. The accent is part of the act."
"So, we help you put on a good show, you do your… fight… stuff and then we have a deal?"
"Sure thing."
Well, no guard patrols see you. Just some confused shouting in the night.
You make it back safely.
You now all have pretty torches made of glowing flowers.


"Be on the lookout, we've found lots of blood stains on the grounds."


No, I misslinked, sorry!


"Maybe we can use your big face to bump into things for us then."

Time to go back in!


my response was a half chuckle, half grunt
head back in there


Collapse onto wherever looks comfy enough.

"Well! Thanks, Patches. You'll get your ropegun."


"Great! Should I get some things from the old theater to help?
Do you want to go back there and look at the costumes.. or actually how much time do we have?"


Head into the ruins.


"I better. This arm won't be back to a 100% for a while…"
"Oh we got hours and hours. The matches don't start until midnight."
The flowers give everything an eerie green glow with their pale cold light as you descend into the depths.
A short way in, you find the first loose item of the night - a knocked over can of dry paint, near what looks like a half-finished graffiti and a notable bloodstain on the wall.
It seems like the ghost hates people who draw on walls.


Which color is the paint?


''Ooh…So that's what he might have meant by…Oh geez…Uh…Sorry for all that lewd thing back there Bait…''


"Maybe it's just an overzealous janitor? I still remember how Deeja treated some of the staff after making a mess."


"I guess that's how you bait it out. By drawing."


"Hey! You weren't the one having to clean up after them! And look at this mess!"


''So we could…Draw it closer?''


Might not even be paint, could be low quality ink or even tar. Hard to tell, it's old.


"What, want me to kiss it better for you?"


"But never mind that. I need to know what you want your ropegun for. Now, I imagine you want it to carry you around. I suggest that the rope itself be attached to a harness you wear. Leaves both hands free. Sound good?"


I bet a squid did this.
Stroll deeper in.


"Please just… stop speaking. Forever."


Burst into laughter
''oh come on that was great wasn't it? eh?''


"Yea, a few hours, for just us three. surely it won't be cutting it close at all, and we can spend all day meditating " I roll my eyes as I head to the hideout.


"No. Not at all. Not even a bit."


'' I know you're cracking your scales inside'' poke your side


"Could you imagine how much work it would have been if we were assigned to clean it up?"


"No. And please stop touching me."
Be completely serious!


"I think I might rather just give myself up to the guards."


Or maybe a kid did it.
The deeper you go, the colder the place gets. Before long though, you actually find an intact metal door. The sign is grimy and faded, but seems to read "Storage".
Aside from the door, is a carved stairway leading down.
"It'd have to be some kiss to make up for this…
I was hoping to make the gun attack my my forearm or something for easy aim. I can always spool rope around my body or inside the shawlbag."
"Do you need lifting help?"


"Should I give it a shot and post our new logo?"


"Depends on what we need to bring and if any of the others are around to help." I reply.


do the most reasonable thing
open it


"You can try, but we should prepare for the worst in that case."


Jesus christ how drunk was I when I tipped the name


"Looks like we're being left behind. We'll keep it as an option."


"Something you wear on your arm. We need to figure out how you're going to fire it, then. If on your right arm so it doesn't get in the way of your hand, you'll need to use your left hand to work some sort of trigger on it. Sound good?"


Daisari raises her hand "I'll help!"
Patches hastily stops her "No visitors allowed, members only!"
The capra frowns
"But I said I'd join you lot!"
Seems like a storage room indeed.
There are a couple of skeletons here, with crushed bones. One on the floor, one huddled in a corner. Some old rotten clothes are piled near the floor skeleton.
There are also books. Several look like they have been recently read.
"As long as it works, I don't care."


''Uh…Crew…I think you should take a look on this…''


I frown at patches.
"Yea, why can't she just join?"


Thief Sense, down here?

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Grim. Whoever is causing this needs to be put down."


"Alright. Now, unless you'd like me to keep you company, I will be sleeping. I'll bring these to my client, and with his help I should be able to get you that ropegun. Nighty-night."

"And really, thanks a lot. For everything."

Take a bow, then saunter off to my bedroom-worshop for the night.


"More ink?"


Patches rolls her eyes
"Fine. You take her there. But if this backfires it'll be on your head."
You scout out the best jewels you could get your hands on down there. Luckily everyone else was focusing on the task at hand.
Seems like they were smashed with a heavy hammer.
The one on the floor has a smashed face and pelvis. The one by the wall has a collapsed ribcage.
"I'll live, if you will. Sleep well."


Oh hey!
Don't mind if I do!
Take them!


''Huh… Guys I think this is actually more serious than what I thought…Should we like…tell someone about this?'' I stand by the door, slightly spooke


Stop groping the capra


"you, too."

Can I head straight to the smith tomorrow?


"They'd likely not believe us. Just more bits of rumor to them."

Which Capra?


Yes you can


I shrug and lead Dasarai with me. "Don't think she could do much damage."


Then let's wake up the next morning and go!


Quickly unhand it!
"Uh, sorry. I couldn't see well in this dark."


"And miss out on all the fun?"
Rummage through the skeletons, check out the books.


''Yeah I guess..Still..This place is actually starting to creep me out…ugh…''
''Eeh, this place isn't what I would call…fun…''


What kind of books didbthey have? Can I read them?


The capra follows along
"So what sorta guys are you? What's your gang name? Do you have a gang sign? I thought about joining the Golden Dragon for that authentic far east look but they demand all members get tattoos and I hate shaving…"
Back to Blanche it is. He is manning the front desk today.
"Well well, back already?"
The skeletons died naked, there is nothing to steal.
The books seem to be historical records, combat guides and-


''Gaah! Who's there?! We didn't do anything!''



Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Turn to the source!


You toss your flowers onto the shelf and slink into the shadows
The echo makes it hard to tell where it came from


"Of course. Now, I hope you're going to give me what I want, because I sacrificed the health of a very, very dear friend for these."

Show him the spoils.


I grin at the capra.
"Cavalry. Our sign is a horse. No tattoos so far. And we're all sorts of guys, good at stealing too, you'll see."


"Are you a copper?"


Can I find where the voice is coming from?


''Well that is just rude to ask! Of course we're not criminals!''


"Whoever you are, why are you attacking people in our town?"


He picks them up, painstakingly, one by one

Ah, there it is.
But why all the garbage?"
Outside the door, probably down the stairs.
"Sounds like a weird gang…"
You arrive at the old butcher's place,
"The hell is this then?"


Slink outside the door then.


''That sounds like a load of Horsecrap! Show yourself, Keeper of whatever!''


"Hey now! These great heroes of purity sure died in bloody violent ways! And we touch'd nothin, you buffoon!"


"Are you gonna freak-u out-u about everything?" I say rolling my eyes and going further in.


"Such high words from a likely killer!"


"Was curious. That, and it was a rushed job. Now, about that mechanism…?"


"Only if it's freakyWHOOOOOOAAAAAAA!"
She seems most impressed by the theater hideout
There is a strong blue glow coming up the stairs.
Something is rushing up the stairs!
Oh yes.
What do you want first? One job for me, one job for you."


"Well, what are you offering? other than the mechanism."


At least I can see SOMETHING!
Extend my leg in the dark across the corridor, so who or whatever is coming up will trip.


I pat her on the back "See, home sweet home. We'll get anything we need to make your show special here."


''Well come on! I-I ain't scared of ya!''
'1d10' sharpen

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'll make sure my Catalyst is ready and prepare my homing bolts.

Ice Bolts Summon '1d10+3'

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


Improvise Fast moves.
And be ready to Cheap Shot anything which comes my way.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"What do you want it to do? I can almost certainly make more than you can imagine up."
"N-no complaints there. I'll carry."
With a roar, it flies right past you. You can't trip a ghost.
You conjure up four bolts
Your body is ready
You're so scared you whimper and drop your hammer as it enters

The Ghost is the size of a large man, an angry hovering ball of spectral energy clad in old but well polished armor, wielding a large hammer
Flowers? So, have you chosen to repent after all, and seek forgiveness for your evils?


I don't suppose there are any flowers I could sneakily grab to check downstairs, can I?


"Craft the mechanism, and teach me how to do it along the way. Then help me stabilise the aim. Of course, I could try that myself if you won't."


Exchange a quick glare with the others.
"S…..uuuuuuuuuure we have!"
Offer him the flowers!


"Yea, lets look for something that's uh, kung-fu-y"
Search the props room '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


''W-what…oh…uh…Y-yeah that was what we were d-doing!''


"Uhm, I guess so too."


You can, he is not focusing on you.
Downstairs you find several rooms containing stone coffins.
"So the Rayle Mechanism in exchange for this job?
Well.. a deal's a deal I suppose. Come back in a few days and it'll be done."
He points towards the stairs with his hammer.
Her outfit is already pretty much on point. None of the pyrotechnics are very 'kung-fu-y', but they'll probably work.


Have they been tampered with?


Slowly bow to the skelletons and place the flowers on them


"I said, I want to learn. I'll come back every day if need be."


"huh.." those will be nice for effects.. Maybe Masque has an idea for how to make it special, I start heading over to his room. "I'm gonna go ask for advice, you followin' or gonna stay here?"


So we head down slowly?


One has a bloodstain on the side and seems to have been moved recently.
Remains of a crushed skeletal hand can be seen nearby on the floor.
You feel an invisible force grasp you
Maybe check downstairs, where he was pointing.
"And how 'bout I tell you to eat a dick?
I don't need competitors, it was hard enough to get the schematics of a Rayle Mechanism to begin with."
"Sure thing"
She stays to admire all the cool stuff
Masque is in his room
You take your flowers and head down the stairs. There, you see several rows of old stone coffins.


…place one of the flowers on the one that has been moved.


Gather them around.
"Mates, maybe it will be less of a pain to turn this bloke into a bloody pulp."


I'm sneaking elsewhere


''O-okay okay! I'm sorry…geez…''
I head down
''Well good luck, it's a fucking ghost, how are we going to touch that?''


"Same way it's gonna touch you, mate. Improperly."


I'll place my set.

"Maybe this will get it to leave?"


"You know, your boss told me to be nice to you. We'll go with this for now."

Use my slightly threatening bow before leaving.

night, time for bed


"Oooooh fine."
Just go downstairs and look for this altar or whatever.


Slip inside with a grin of confidence.
"Hey, guess what? The monk capra girl decided to join us, Dasarai, and she's even here now looking over the props."


''oi stop with that kind of talk, I'm serious''


"Before you go
…don't mention this to Ironford. He's a good guy. One of the best I know. Would break his heart to know he works with a criminal like me."
"Fresh blood, huh? Does she show promise?"
You gather by the stone coffins and lay down your flowers, Deeja remaining hidden.
The fallen thank you. All too often our rest is disturbed by criminals, looters and defilers. To see honest individuals merely seeking to give tribute to the heroes of old is a rarity.
He sounds a lot less threatening now…


Try to look around for more clues around the tomb, while still in the shadows.


"Then do we have yer blessin to… Venture, less'say, the crypt?"


''uh…yeah it was nothing…''


"Just how long have you been here?"


The coffins seem to have been fashioned from parts of the collapsed fortress. They improve in quality from one side of the room to the other, so it is possible they were crafted over a long period of time with increasing skill.
Roam if you wish, but take nothing without asking. And respect the heroes of the past.
For as long as the heroes of the past have not. Since the fortress fell, I have stood guard.


"I get the feeling she'll be useful, if nothin' else she can show us her kung-fu-y stuff." I nod.
"Which is the reason I'm around really, how can I make her entrance feel real kung-fu and get hype about her? She's already got the look down."


Hmmm…But who would do that?
Does this path continue elsewhere?


''Uh…sure…We'll do that I mean, we won't do that…''
Pick my hammer back and waltz away


"Yes, yes, of course!"
So. Roaming. Do we need new flowers?"


"It's been a long time since it has happened. Did you know there have already been two groups who've taken care of the fields here?"


"Paper dragon. Kites. Small firecrackers. Lots of gold, red and green."
There is a back room.
The door is open.
He let you keep a few, you can still see.
I have seen caretakers grow from child to elder and die. I have punished the ones who did their duties poorly, and rewarded those who paid respect to the fallen heroes.


Slink in!


More books
Training dummies
Weapon rack
Stoneworking tools
This must be where the ghost "lives"


"Ooh, dragons and kites out of paper.. sounds simple enough to make."


So I guess we can go back to exploring.


But how can a ghost manipulate wordly things? DO I see traces of food or anything?


"You'd be much better able to protect this place if you helped them out in person. If the rumors of killers and crazies persist, they'll eventually abandon this place, or just build on top of it. You'd be able to do more for them."


No food
No bed
No clothes or even a place to put his armor
The living fear me, and rightfully so. I merely wish they feared me more, so caravans would stop using this holy ground as a rest stop.
You can, but aside for the back room in the tomb, there isn't much here.
"Simple, but time consuming. Confetti and firecrackers will be the easiest.
Oh and a gong."


"A gong? We have one of those?"


Say a half assed prayer to the dead and try to shuffle through the books.


I guess he really is a ghost…
Read into the books.
Is there a journal here?


"Use a shield, or a pot lid"
It's a book on the old Paladin Order and their rules of combat
Most of the books seem to be combat manuals, detailing the ways of the Paladin Order that was once stationed here.


"Hmm and paint it gold with a red dragon on it?"


"Well, we might be able to work something out. We might be able to help with the caravans and groups, since we have our ways. But, we'll need your cooperation. Otherwise you'll only attract more rabbble."


"There we go. Clever girl."


That's for hard-working blokes, not my kind of stuff!
And I feel like a part of me wants to puke at the mere idea of paladins.
Is it all there is?


"I always was the smart one." I giggle to myself and go look for something that can be turned into a gong '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"We have our own situation that has us looking into the city. If we can get this area marked off, or at least discourage the caravans for the most part, can we count onbyour assistance?"


Pretty much.
A ghost obsessing over paladins.
The best you can do is a prop shield. Probably won't last many hits but it should sound great.
If you wish to take the vows of the Paladin Order, I can tech you how to fight in the name of the heroes of old.


Read into them


"All that matters is that it looks good.." I'll just take my time to paint it golden with a red dragon.


"A tempting offer. You'll probably be kinder than my previous employer. But we'll need to fill our part first, I should at least honor that before I make more life choices."


It's a very detailed guide of combat techniques. Someone with extensive combat experience could probably use these to teach some devastating moves to others.
Masque just silently watches you, unwilling to interrupt
Then I have nothing to give you.

The Ghost freezes


Regroup with the others.
"Not me this time!"


"Think of it as up front payment on my part."

Do I still have my magic bolts?


''More people here?…Where?''


I should go and talk about borrowing these with the ghost.


He seems distracted. You could maybe try and sneak them out, but that might anger him.


Having an audience is something I never could get used to, I keep looking over my shoulder and then with irritation talk to Masque.
"What? Is there something wrong with the color? If you want to help just say so."


Oh no no, I definitely don't want that…
I have an idea, even!
But I'm going to see where he goes first


"Whoooa now, what if they are just too much for us?
There's little we can do, spooky guy."


"Let us talk to them. Maybe we can dissuade them."

"Maybe they're just tired or something. Let's go out there first and see if we can just get them to leave [i] peacefully.”


''Yeaaah let's go do that, and warn them of how vengeful this guy right here is…''


"I just wonder how I should… treat you now.
You're all I have left."
Then speak. But if any so much as touch my sacred sanctuary, all will die.


''Hey wait a minute, wouldn't it be more fair if just who touched the sanctuary were to die? why everyone? that ain't fair ya know?''
sharpen my hammer just in case

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Calm calm calm down son.
We totally gonna stop them. Totally."

Ready to leave this place.


"We'll do what we can!"

Grab Duna and rush out to the Caravan.


You head topside
There indeed is a caravan pulling in to rest for the night before making the final stretch to the city at dawn.
They don't seem like merchants though. More like some sort of party planner group. A fancy one.


"Thanks for the backup! Hopefully they were just taking a break."


Let's stop out of sight.
"How do we want to do this?"


''jeez…that's actually a caravan…what we do with them now?''
also how many of them there are?


"..Its up to you, I'm just surprised you aren't more mad at me." I cut up a few strips of colorful paper into a bowl to be confetti.


"You guys cover me, I walk there and act dashing before them.
They run tail between their legs.
Easy peasy!"


"This is the mask of a wise teacher, not an angry man."
Four wagons, probably two dozen people. They all look tired. The sole exception being the couple of huge guards.


"If you think you can pull it off, we'll follow your lead."


''…Just try not to kill yourself then…''


"Why, it will be a friendly chat, nothing more!"
Pop out of my hiding place, walking towards the caravan, hands clearly empty, and face spooped to hell and back!
"What are you doing here!?"


"Resting the night before heading in to the city, why? Who are you anyway"


I can put this confetti into a bag to carry it and have it drop down when we're ready?
"Fair enough. guess that makes me your daughter or something."


You can even shove a blank in there and have it fire out all over the place.
"I never thought of you like that… but if you wish, I can try."


Ooh, that will be a nice effect, I'll do that. I blush a bit looking back at what I said.
"Sorry.. I just.. uh.. what you said about making this place a family got in my head.. Uh.. if you're a teacher, that makes me a student right?"


"I'm the bloody taxman, can't you see!?
Oh for the Grand Healer's beard, I'm victim of a fokken spirit!
The thing haunt this whole place, been trying to cut me head off ever since a week now!
And no matter how far I run, it keeps on comin'!
All because I slept in this ploughin' field a fortnight ago. You folks oughta run, now!"


Roll #1 5 = 5


Riiiight, is it too late to Improvise?


come running behind him
''Oh it's awful! Awful! It is after me as well! you poor soul, you must run away from this foul place!''
'1d10' back him up

Roll #1 2 = 2


I've got four Ice bolts.

Cast them over an area in front of the two, make it look like everything is freezing.

Ice Bolts '4d10+3'

Roll #1 6, 6, 5, 10 + 3 = 30


"Only if you want to learn from me."
The driver seems spooked.
One of the huge guards stands up, hefting his flanged mace as tall as a man
"Where is it?"
That guard isn't human. You remember hearing about these things - Myrmids. Towering brutes with skin like plate armor. It is wearing some fancy scale mail even on top of all that natural protection, and has the Royal Seal on his tabard.
…Royal Guards. This caravan must be important.


You make a fancy rain of snow and ice. The royal guard seems perturbed
The driver just looks annoyed
"Hmp. Sorvery or not, I won't camp out in this ice patch. We'll catch a cold! We can't afford that, we have important preparations and no time to lose on sick leaves!"


"It disappears into the night's air as it wills!
Thing likes to sneak up behind people, and stick its daggery fingers in their sides, twisting and sawing!
Ten of us, there were!"
Point at me and bait.


"Does it haunt only this area, citizen? Would you describe it as an immediate or lasting threat?"


I'll act along with Dylan's words.


''It is in there but for the love of whatever god it is that you serve that you DO NOT try to stay here no longer, it will only tempt his ire, why you are already under risk by staying close to us! RUN! RUN LIKE THE WIND AND SAVE YOUR FLESH! FOR IT IS TOO LATE FOR US AND WE MUST SUCCUMB TO OUR ENDLESS CURSE UNTIL THE END OF OUR LIVES, HAUNTED BY THE SPIRIT LIKE ALL OF OUR DAYS WERE A LIVING NIGHTMARE'' I say dramatically


I grin at him, tilting my non-existant witch hat that I'm so used to being there. "Only if you have something worth teaching under that mask."


"Only here, only if you stop by m'lord!
To me, it's a threat which will last forever! It followed me home it did!"


"Duly noted.
This area will be razed to preserve public safety. The witch hunters will be informed."
"I teach the bardic arts. What do you wish to learn?"


Suck it old spirit.
"Oh thank you merciful ones!
Can we take repair in your caravan for the rest of the night?"


"Perhaps. I wouldn't mind being a little more charming.. particularly with cute guys around."


"What about the Paladin?"


"The convoy is off limits
Will you sign a statement confirming the danger of this place? Your presence as a witness may be requested in the event of a contested decision due to historical value or other reasons."
"I can do my best."


''I think this might have actually gotten us into more trouble…''


Keep assembling various things for the show with a grin and a teasing tone.
"Alright. I'm going to be out late tonight so I'm not doing my homework."


Improvise despair again, and RUN!

Roll #1 4 = 4


The royal guard scans the air for a while
"Target not sighted."
The cart driver groans
"Look I'm still not sleeping in the ice, I'm taking the convoy to the other side of the gardens and sleeping there. If you MUST chase ghosts, fine, but you'll be doing it alone."


"We'll deal, somehow."

"Or maybe we'll just follow along!"


The convoy drives off
The single Royal Guard stays behind


Keep on running mate, no looking back!


Well I suppose I'll run afterthe two then!


Back into the ruins or away?


Into the ruins.


ruins of course




The guard chases you

Shit's about to go down


''No please! Save yourself…it is over for us but you have a country to protect! Turn back and leave us to our fate'' I beg


"There's still so much for you to live for!"


"Time to decide whom to fight with!"


The Ghost strikes at the Royal Guard '1d10'
The Guard retaliates '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Training proves to be a huge factor here. The self-taught Ghost can't even scratch the Guard before being smashed against the wall and then crushed with a mighty blow.

Ghost tries to get back up '1d10'
The Guard keeps fighting '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Ghost is still in trouble though back up

Ghost '5d10'
Guard '5d10'

Roll #1 1, 7, 10, 9, 1 = 28 / Roll #2 2, 10, 3, 6, 3 = 24


Oh whatever.
Jump at the ghost from behind.
Cheap shot.


''Wait you can actually hit that thing?!''


Ultimately, despite putting up something of a fight after its armor cracked, the Ghost vanishes in a puff of ethereal magic
For the paladin oooordeerrrrr…..

The Guard wipes off some dust and inspects his wounds
"Reports of supernatural activity: false.
Your 'Ghost' was merely an Aeon. Though seeing his ferocity I conclude your tales of him attacking innocents were true.
Judgement has been passed.
I wish you a safe night, citizens."
He hurries off to catch up with the caravan.

[LOST: Paladin Trainer]
Broken Paladin Armor x1
Paladin Hammer (great, magical properties unknown) x1
Guide to Paladin Combat: Full Series (books)]

Perhaps someone who knows armed combat well can learn from, and teach from, those books.

A Smith can probably repair the armor.


"Bye bye…"


"I didn't expect it to end this way, but attacking simple vandals and ne'erdowells like he did…"


I watch all of this unfold
''Uh…yes…see you…''
''Yeah…I kinda feel a little bad…even though he deserved it…but He killed other peeps too…'' Rub my arm
''Can we go to the hideout?…I'm kinda tired after this…''


"Let's grab what we can and head off."


"Bait got the right idea here."


''yeah…'' I pick up the Hammer and we're off


I'll grab some of his books and head off with the others.


And so you return home
The ruins are now a safe place for anyone to paint gang tags, take a quick dump or bang loose women on the top of remains of old heroes.
The coffins will be looted within weeks, the books gone even sooner.
But caravans will travel with eased minds from here on out.

And as the sun rises, it eclipses the glow of the Moonblossoms, except the few you left as tribute to those who died defending the realm so long long ago, deep beneath these forgotten stones.



As if we aren't looting everything OURSELVES!


You can take your pick among the junk from the Ruins, most of it history books and old rotten armor.

The Paladin Combat Manual and Broken Paladin Armor are the most notable pieces. The armor will need a lot of fixing to work right again, but seems very high quality.
The Combat Manual will be very useful once you find someone who is a capable fighting instructor.

Also there is a pit fight tournament to attend in the cellar of the Pole and Ball.



''Hmn…I think I'll take these here…'' She said picking up the Broken Paladin Armor and the Paladin Hammer
''I can patch it up real nicely if you gimme some time''


Pick the place clean and drag everything back to the hideout.

"Pit fights, you say?"


Stupid guard. Stupid ruins.
Stupid everyone. That 'ghost' was nice.

Go home, without taking anything


"There were four of us here, we better sell that and share."


And just go over the bodies too. They're going to get looted anyways, might as well be us.


''Well sorry Sugar, but a fixed, clean, polished and proper armor is worth much more than an old, broken, useless one. I'm taking this with me, and I'm fixing it''


The dead soldiers had some rotten armor and old swords on them. It might look neat in a museum if restored but quite frankly it would be easier to make armor from scratch than fixing them.

Patches is at the Pole and Ball, prepping up the fight and your representative fighter with Sideswipe.


"Oh alright, but if that's so I'll be taking the book. Who knows what crazy secret chinese moves the glowball knew."


Get close to Patches, smirking at the thief.
"Pole and Ball, lovely name."


I still have that fighter armor on, don't I?


Yep. That's exactly where I am.


No harm in keeping them on our hands. But if everyone is going to the fights for a good time, I'll tag along.


''Knock yourself out with that, maybe I'll take a read later too, myself
Assuming I put the armor away nicely back at the hideout, I'll join the others in the pit fight place
''So, how did you find out about this place Butterscotch?'' I ask Patches


It has a shit ton of really really technical diagrams of how to beat people up with increasingly massive weapons.
Someone who actually understands training manuals would make good use of this. Sadly, the only training manual you've studied is [101 Uses For Lard In Fashion: A Beginner's Guide To Leather Pants]
You do.
You also have normal street clothes, nice clothes and fancy clothes.
"Some say it was based on some clever play on words. Most agree it just means some guy who lost a nut.
Fight's in the basement, I'm just topside to get drinks."
"Fights got moved here since the usual place got raided by the watch. The basement is part of the Undercity - move the fake walls and it's actually larger than the pub itself. Plenty of room for an arena."
Patches hauls down a bunch of beers and guides you to your team's "backstage" area. Each fighter and their crew has a small part of the basement walled off to act as a dressing room and emergency medical center without needing to run upstairs.

Joining you here is a small and kinda stringy looking capra lady in a weird costume and elaborate makeup.
Patches introduces you
"This is our representative, and the latest member of the Cavalry - Daisari of the East.
We split the fight take 50/50 and she teaches us fighting skills in her off time."
The capra bows deep, knocking her horns on the stone floor
"Veery puriiseddo tu miito yu"


Normal street clothes, let's change into those instead.


Take the capra's hand, kissing it.
Slide back.
"Now sign me up for a fight!"


Bow as appropriate of a Butler.

"Wait, you're going to engage in this violence as well?"


''Uh…excuse me?'' She says, barely understanding the odd Capra
''I'm Duna, nice meeting ya I suppose…So, fighting skills ya say? that sounds mighty interesting, I'll want to talk to ya later then''


"Wait, you are not?
I thought you were cool, Bait!"


''Yeah Bait, I'm with mister mighty tighty pants in this one, I'll even try joining in one myself!''


"Oh, you're both going to fight? I hope I brought down even stuff from the hideout for that."


"Ugh, we were almost stabbed repeatedly before, I guess it might make some sense to make up for it here. But the moment I'm the last one standing, I forfeit."


You look very 'street' as the kids would say
Patches points you to a bald fat guy taking names
"All Challenges League takes anyone. The main event fights are for booked fighters only."
The capra rolls her eyes
"The accent is part of the character. And you must never break character when people are watching. That's like… the first rule of Pit Fights.
When I'm out there I'm Daisari, a mystical fighter form the far east, got it? So bring my gongs and paper dragons and squint really hard if people look at you.
But I guarantee you, every punch I throw is the real deal."


Go to Patches.
"So… what do we do now. Cheer?"


"So we need a character to play in these things?"


Pat your head ''Don't worry darlin, I got yer back if you start getting scared''
''Oh…I didn't knew there was a rule like that…heh, It's pretty dang silly to be acting like that if you ask me…But hey, I'm mighty glad to see you can at least speak up right. I'll be cheering for ya then''


"So will we be going in the same, more from the East?"

"With such a strong lay by my side, how can I refuse?"


The petting turns into a little bap in the head ''Stop trying to soften me up you.''
''I need to be tough for the big fight…that is, if I get to be in one at least…''


"Cheer, throw confetti, distract the ref, take cheap shots at the opponents when nobody's looking…
What is this, your first fight?"
"Everyone is a character, or at least has their own thing. You know.
The long time champ in the big western leagues had several. He was like, this undead monster fighting for his necromancer master, then he became some demon fueled super warrior of the dark side, then for a while he was a street thug who rode his horse onto stage, and then went back to the whole 'undead' character.
Others go for simpler stuff, like a rich boy who beats of riffraff for fun, or a heartbreaker who fights other men to prove his masculinity, or a crazy masochist who loves getting hurt which makes him unstoppable."
"Just try not to ruin my match, eh?"
"Fights are one on one, unless you get a special match scheduled at the last minute. It happens, but is rare."


Give her a confused look.


"This is gonna be great. No one can ruin it."


"Oh I likelikelikelike this!"
Stomp my feet in glee.
"Who do I go to, again?"


''Distract the Ref eh?'' I rub my chin giving Deeja a smirk
''Sounds like a job for ya, Tails''
''Yooou got it, Daisari'' Give her a wink


Shoot you a glare.
"How would I even do that?"


"That seems much more sensible. And to be honest, I've had a few bad weeks. I wouldn't mind pounding someone who can take it."


''Well you do what you do best,hehehe…You know, Tail, Lifting, you get the message right?''


"Even if I wanted to do that, there's not much place in the crowd."


''You kidding? you're a drakin! The only other things as big as you are either Horks or Myrmids! And those aren't nearly as attractive ya know?''


"I still don't really want to do it."


''Don't you want our little capra new friend to win?''


"Ask the bald fat guy.
All Challengers don't really pay out, but the winner tends to get VIP treatment. I know a few times they've asked to change the night's last match to something they like. Once they even got to tag team with the champ."
"I'm sure Patches can fill you in."
"Ok short guide on the rules. Listen up.

Normal Fights: You win if the opponent hits the floor three times, falling out of the ring counts. You can give up at any time.
No killing, no weapons, no hits to the eyes or below the belt. No outside assistance. Simple stuff.

Anything Goes: Same as normal, but no rules apply beyond the three falls and giving up.

Team: Normal or AG matches, but with two guys on either side.

Last Man Standing: Everyone goes in at the same time. One fall and you're eliminated. Last man standing wins. Can be Normal or AG.

Iron Prison: You both get locked in this iron cage thing. No rules inside the cage. The first to climb over the top and exit the cage wins."


I like this more and more!
Duna! Let's team up, anything goes! I will show you how to beat a pulp of some fools!"


Don't sound too enthusiastic.


''I see I see…and when will the next Match start? your match that is?…''
''Atta girl!''


"Do try to not make too much of a mess."


''uuh…Sure thing Honeybum…As long as I can keep my hammer, I'm in''


"Anything goes, remember?
You know how to dance?"


Daisari sits down to sip her tea
"My fight won't be up for a while, if you want to go do an all comers one or discuss strategy, we got time."


''…Do you?''
''Well I wanted to know first, what you could teach me…''


"Why, I will guide you~"


"Plenty, from recover techniques to martial arts tricks."


"Why do I get a bad feeling when you say that."

"What would you suggest for a Capra fighting a bigger opponent?"


"I don't plan on fighting anyway."


''Oh…Well…Sure…How do I, I mean, we, do that?''
''Mighty interesting…I know sometime I might need to learn how to fight without my hammer, so I'll keep that in mind.''


"The idea being, we dance and we hammer them. Sounds good to you?"


Scratch my half burnt ear
''If you say so, I was planning on hammering them anyways, nothing bad with trying to do it with style, eh?''


"Bring them down to your height. Aim for low weak points, like the back of the knee, maybe."
"Not everyone fights. Gravedigger had his 'necromaster' at ringside at all times cheering him on."
"Sounds good to me."

The guy taking amateur fight challenges is available whenver


Guess me and Duna are going over there.
"Arrange us a fight, a fight where anything goes.
We will be the dancing wonders, straight from the heart of the city~"


''yeah, what this crazy pretty boyo said, get us in a fight''


"And add one more Normal fight. Not my cup of tea, but I need to do something."


He eyes you up
"Two on Two or Tag Team?"




"And one reluctant amateur in need of a hobby. Got it.
You'll get to fight… hm…"
He checks his list '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Two on two, of course. Dancing is a thing you do in pairs!"


''two on two''


"Well ain't you in luck.
I actually got a free spot on a special match if ya want to really get center stage."
You're up in a moment, main stage.
You'll be facing the Hardly Even Brothers."


''Weird name. and I bet they ain't even brothers…Which Reminds me…we'll need to have a character for ourselves too don't ya think?''


"Your enthusiasm is infectious, I'll take it."


"Hardly even alive after today!"
Get practicing a few dance steps.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"The Champ himself was to take a friendly showcase match, but the challenger had to cancel.
You're right on time for that funer- uh… fight."
"You two are up after the champ VS chump match."


''Champ VS Chump? who's fighting in that?''


"Just tell me when."

"Can I count on you to cart me out?"


"He pretended to be Gravedigger's master. In reality he was just a PR guy who built up hype."
"The champ and this chump"
He points at Bait
"Get to the ring."


"That's… pretty clever."

"Cart you out?"


''Ooh boy… Uh…Good luck there Bait, try to not get yourself killed aight? you're too cute to die young''


"Didn't know you had it in you, Bait. Try not to die!"


"Let us pray that doesn't come to pass."

"As in drag my unconscious body out of there after I get this madness out of me."

Head on in after dropping off my catalyst and baton.

"I'll try."


"I think I will manage."


Pull you for a peck in the cheek "For luck… Now go get'em!"



I'll try not to turn red, but I won't hide the smile.


''You'll get a nice hug if you come out alive too, so take that as encouragement, kay?''


"That sounds, enjoyable…"


''Just try not to think about it too much and let it distract ya though, remember you're in a fight!''


"I'm sure the fists will hammer that in. Let me take my leave while I have my dignity intact."


You head off to the center of the basement, where a fighting stage has been set up. Fancy for a pit fight arena, really. Most just use a pit. This is more of a ring surrounded by sand bags and ropes.
As you hop in, the crowd cheers. An announcer speaks from ringside
[pause for cheering]


As the announcer catches his breath, the doors of the backstage area swing open with enough force to knock them far into the audience. Smoke fills the air as little magical flares illuminate Gravel - a massive Hork.
He strikes a pose as the air behind him explodes, pointing in the air and flexing his arms. The crowd goes wild. Someone waves a flag with [HORKAMANIA] written on it.

As Gravel steps into the ring, he bursts one of the sand bags by accidentally stepping on it. Only now do you realize he has one arm tied behind his back.
"Are you ready, little capra?"


''yep, he's dead…''


"And here I was starting to like him…"


Even I can't help but play along with all this excitement.

"You bet I am!"

Assume a cheesy fighting pose.


''What flowers we'll bring to his grave? Lillacs or daffodils?…I think he's more sunflower though..''


"Come at me then."
He slams a foot down, shaking the ground

Gravel The Rock (Master) 5/5

Bait (Novice) 5/5


Rush past him, try to stay behind the brute. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


You start running around him, then realize you've been at it for a while and he's still facing you. Suddenly, he ends his pirouette by reversing direction, catching you with his leg and rocketing you straight in the air, then flexes, letting you land head first on his fist as he smirks.

Gravel The Rock (Master) 5/5

Bait (Novice) 1/5


Run towards him and under. I won't get anywhere just standing in front of a Hork. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


The audience gasps as you slide between his legs, leap off the sandbags, clamber up his back rocks and with a graceful twisting jump perform a leap of faith off the highest peak, planting your hooves on the champ's skull.
He reels… '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3



Gravel stands back up, his smirk even wider
"HA! Good one, brother! Now lets get serious!"

Gravel The Rock (Master) 5/4 (1 fall)

Bait (Novice) 1/5


"Let's give them a show to remember."

Take the advice given to me, go for the knees. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You punch him in the rocky knee.
Your hand kinda stings, but at least he didn't manage to hit you back.

Gravel The Rock (Master) 4/4 (1 fall)

Bait (Novice) 1/5


Go for a kick this time, I need to make him fall down, nothing more!


Roll #1 2 = 2


Your try a jump kick, but he grabs you by the hoof and slams you back into the ground, then pick you up and slams you down a few more times.
Then helps you back up.
"One one."

Gravel The Rock (Master) 4/4 (1 fall)

Bait (Novice) 5/4 (1 fall)


In the meanwhile, I will go get myself a drink.
Something exotic and strong.
"The champ is a tough cookie, here."


The barkeep has actually set up a second bar down here just for easy access.
"Sure is. I hear he used to be a preacher."


"Thanks, I appreciate that."

Take a step back, assume a pose, and try for a few goat kicks. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Preacher of the school of hard knocks, I see.
Got many conversions when beating blokes?"


I myself will just stay and watch the fight, cheering for Bait



Roll #1 2 = 2


You feel a surge of power in you
Perhaps it was a hot wind blowing, perhaps the very rules of nature, but you kick his roaring fist away, plant a hoof in his face, kick away, grab his finger and flip the entire mountain of a hork over your head, smashing him into the floor
The silence is stunned to say the least. Not even the announcer has anything to say.

Gravel lets out a genuinely jolly laugh
"HA! Wow! What a rush!
I should have done this with both arms! Two-one, brother!"
He then flips back onto his feet

Gravel The Rock (Master) 5/3 (2 falls)

Bait (Novice) 5/4 (1 fall)


"You're pretty good about motivating me at least, brother. Now let's give the crowd some more."

Capra Speed to get some hits '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You rush in for another fast hit but he dodges and slams you down so hard you bounce off the floor and back in the air, only to eat a fast straight punch that sends you into the sandbags.

Gravel The Rock (Master) 5/3 (2 falls)

Bait (Novice) 2/4 (1 fall)


Shake it off and go in for another few blows. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


And you know these types, it's all a story to help them build character."
Your luck seems to be running out.
It's nail-bitingly tense even for the audience.
You duck and weave the blows Gravel sends at you, but finally catch a slight knock to the horns

Gravel The Rock (Master) 5/3 (2 falls)

Bait (Novice) 1/4 (1 fall)


Keep it up, I know I can keep up with him. He'll have to slow down eventually, then I can strike. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


As you leap in again, he grabs you by the head and jumps in the air before slam dunking you into the sandbags.
Get up buddy, Two-two!"

Gravel The Rock (Master) 5/3 (2 falls)

Bait (Novice) 5/3 (2 falls)


Get up and slap my face.

Assume a pose.

Go all out.


Roll #1 6 = 6


Clench my teeth
''Come on Bait! I know you can do it! Kick him right in the face and show everyone who's boss!'' I let my voice explode in the crowd as I cheer


What's going on?


Bait took a challenge to fight the duchy pit fighting champ, a hork by the name of Gravel. The match has been very close.
Daisari, your new partner, is to fight Gravel later.
Slapstick and Newbie will fight a two on two pit fight soon.
You slap yourself and then jump over his massive hand as it flies at you, but hits you in the heel, making you faceplant.

Gravel The Rock (Master) 5/3 (2 falls)

Bait (Novice) 4/3 (2 falls)


Get up before he retaliates! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You get up and just barely avoid the worst of his next strike, which hurts but not too badly

Gravel The Rock (Master) 5/3 (2 falls)

Bait (Novice) 3/3 (2 falls)


I'll keep going, I've already knocked him down twice. Just one more. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


This one comes in way harder than the last. Still not a direct hit, but enough to leave your head spinning.
"Now or never, little brother."

Gravel The Rock (Master) 5/3 (2 falls)

Bait (Novice) 1/3 (2 falls)


"Yeah, here goes!"


Roll #1 4 = 4


"In the end it had to be this way."
He grabs you into a headlock and leaps high enough to kick more speed off the ceiling, then lands with you below him in a thundering piledriver bodyslam


He then helps you back up as best he can
"Good fight, brother. If ya got any requests for my match later, don't be afraid to ask. You deserve the VIP treatment."

As Gravel leaves to cheers and fireworks, the announcer starts the next match


Whose turn is it?


"I'll take you up on the offer when the world stops spinning." Smile and thank him, then walk out.


Before I go I run straight to Bait ''OH MY GOSH YOU WERE SO AMAZING!'' I jump at you with a hug ''You deserve much more than just a hug for that performace, Bait, really…I didn't expect you would be this awesome!'' I let go of the very tight hug with a huge smile
''Yo, right here! Just…Where's my partner in crime?'' Look around for Newbie


Dio & Duna
Daisari looks impressed
"Good fight, rookie."


"Ow ow, that still hurts, but I appreciate it."

"Not exactly what I expected, but I'm grateful for the opportunity. Now, is there something I can take for the pain?"


"You did well, for a little guy."
Up up!


''Hehe, sorry, just wish us luck for our match then!''


"Introduce yourselves to the masses, folks."


"Hope yours goes better than mine."

"I'll be cheering you on."


''Pssh, what are our names?''


Take a deep bow and do a little hop.
"From the heart of this city, we hail, to show how our beauty can prevail!
I'm Jesse, and she's…"
Leave Duna to finish the rhyme.


''A-And I'm… Ju…Uh…La-Nail!!'' I smile a bit awkwardly as I bow along, a little late, spaghetti seeps from the pockets of my tunic


Sigh, taking her into the best dance step I can muster.
"Team hotpocket, doing it for naught but your love!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Jessie and Juuhlanail of Team Hotpocket, everyone."

Your challenger enter, one throwing a table into the ring and the other crashing through it, screaming YEEEEAH


"Alright everyone the rules are clear.
No rules
Three falls and you're out
First team to lose both members loses."

Geoffrey 5/5
Matthew 5/5

Dio 5/5
Duna 5/5


"Come on, you can do it!"


this is all in and I have my hammer right? if so I'll give it a sharpen

Roll #1 7 = 7


Cheap shot the Geoffrey fella.
And Improvised Fast Moves.
While dancing!

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 7 = 7


''H-hey gimme a moment to get ready! I can't sharpen while dancing!''


You sharpen up a hammer, raining sparks in G's eyes before smacking him with half the table he brought in.
He gets up, angry

Geoffrey 5/4 (1 fall)
Matthew 5/5

Dio 5/5
Duna 5/5


''Haha!'' I can't help but laugh a bit at that before getting close to Dylan again
''Alright now I'm ready sugarbum, Shall we dance?''


Smile at her and take by one hand.
"Yes indeed!"
Punch the Matthew character in the guts with a little bit of malice. Lifestream.
and then during stopped time double punch the other guy!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 2, 10 = 12


Dance roll!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hurry up and take them down!"


Taking his hand on my own, I hold my hammer with the other and give a nice spin to hit Matthew with it right in the face
plus dancing!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Ol' Matthew ain't having a good day. He eats floor quickly after that double danger of dashing dancers, and his brother soon follows, but not before landing a very solid kick in Dylan's throat.
At least your dance is really pretty and captivating. Especially Duna is drawing a lot of eyes.

Geoffrey 5/3 (2 fall)
Matthew 5/4 (1 fall)

Dio 1/5
Duna 5/5


>counting counterattack during instant actions
That's not how it works!
Keep on dancing! HARDER! HARDER!

Roll #1 2 = 2


I can't help but blush a little, getting a little lost in the music myself as I let go of Dylan for just a moment to spin my hammer with both hands, jump, and then use the momentum to crash with my hammer down on Geoffrey

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Almost forgot my dance roll!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Welcome to AG, where there are no rules.
You stare him straight in the eye. He pokes you in yours, then slams you jaw first through the table's remains.
You miss entirely, and he counters with a punch to the gut

Geoffrey 5/3 (2 fall)
Matthew 5/4 (1 fall)

Dio 5/4 (1 fall)
Duna 4/5


>gameplay rules written on the book don't count
Lifestream Matthew.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Oh geez
That was a little off but the show must go on!
I take Dylan's hand back on mine and spin like a little again, only to release him and keep spinning like a ballerina, using the weight from the hammer to spin fast and then to knock Geoffrey's shit sideways
'1d10+2' LET IT RIP

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"It's all yours!"


Squeeze her hand tight.
"You are a beautiful dancer…
I wonder if you dance just as well in other places, too~"


rolling to see how jelly I get '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I can't even find where in the rules that was stated, but we all knows the Hardly Brothers are cheaters. That's why they play AG matches.
Your eyes roll back in outrage at some ethereal force commanding your destiny and bite down on Matt, ripping a bloody wound in his shoulder. You then start lapping up the blood like some kind of freak, roaring like a beast.
The display leaves him shaken and unable to get back up.
As G turns to help his not-brother, your hammer sends him out of the ring and into the crowd



"Way to go!" Clap as much as possible!

"Your fight went marvelously! You were incredible!"


Not even gelatinous


Squeeze the capra in a victory hug, holding her way too close…
Only to let her go and bow to the crowd.
"Thank you, thank you, you're all too kind."


I smile, a tint of pink under my furry cheeks as I hug Dylan back as well, bowing elegantly along with him
''Yes Indeed, thank you all, it was a pleasure like no other!''
The blush just doesn't get off
''Ah gosh…Yours was pretty dang amazing too kiddo…Geez mercy I need something to drink…I'm too hot…'' I fan myself with a hand


"Let's head to the bar, we could all use a drink or four!"


You have a short moment to plan before Daisari's main event match


Slap Duna's ass as we leave the ring.
"Yes indeed, let's go to the bar!"
And walk forth like I did absolutely nothing!


Who's Daisari and what am I up against?


"You need to watch your acting. I'd almost believed it was real."


Daisari is the capra monk who agreed to join the Cavalry for a better cut of the prize money than her former manager offered.
You aren't fighting anyone unless you sign up for a fight.


"It came to me naturally, if you will!"


''Yeah…whew…Man I'm not sure if I wanna do this again so soon…it was so intense…'' I put a head in my forehead
Then Eep as you cop a nice feel of that capra ass. I rub my bum, glaring back at you, then sighing and only giving you a smirk
''If this were a different situation, I would absolutely wreck you, you know that? But I'll let it slide just this one''


"I'd have thought you practiced it a few times."

"Let's celebrate getting out of it at least."


I don't think they're allowing firearms in there, and I don't fight without firearms.


Grab a drink for the both of us and sip of it smirking, without breaking eye contact.
"If you want to get wrecking, you need only ask."


"I just let this city pulse through me. That's the secret, my friend. Embrace this city. Be what it tells you to be!"


''Yeah, let's do just that'' I say, all giggly-like ''What you boys planned for celebrating then?''
She then takes a seat besides him
''Oi, you're just pushing it now, Honeybum''


Drink, without saying anything back, just smirking through the glass, eye contact unbroken.
Put the empty glass down, licking my lips… Before biting down on my tongue and leaving the table, slowly making my way back into the crowd.


"You'll need to teach me that."

"Just like Dylan here, let's drink to being alive!"


Nod in reply, as I leave.


I say nothing as well, just giving him a silent staredown
as he leaves I just go back to staring down at my drink, a smile stuck in my lips for what feels like an hour now as the scenes keep flashing in my head
''Huh…Oh yeah, yeah…Let's drink'' Raise up my glass to Bait ''For the Cavalry!''


Patches hers you together
"Ok, now, how do we want to handle this?
We can just let it be a clean match, sit back and enjoy the show.
Or since Bait got us on good terms with the champ, we can up the ante and make it a special match to make things easier for Daisari.
Or we can keep it a normal match, but distract the ref, or the champ."


Raise my drink and take it all in one gulp.


''Well, i dunno where Tail-Lifter went off too, can't believe we lost a drakin in the middle of this crowd…She was gonna distract the Ref with her junk! Now we'll have to ask Sideswipper here to do that fer us''
Drink it down as well, gasping a little
''Oof…Man that was a good one''


Slip back towards the table with Patches.
"Well what's the difference for us?"


"Never play fair. How are we going to distract?"


Well, Anything Goes matches really mean it, but aiming a rifle in a ring that small would never work.
That perks some ears

"Did someone say Cavalry?"
"What, the guys who pulled the Arden job?"
"Yeah fuck those guys two of my pals went to jail for that!"
"I dunno it was a pretty impressive heist…"


''Oh shii-…'' I go back to my drink, trying to act all cool and chill to not draw attention


"Eh, what Prison they get sent to? Maybe we know the same persons."


Call up two more drinks and swiftly turn around, pushing them into the hands of those two.
"Sure someone said that. We are all very impressed with the job they pulled. Here, have a drink and don't think too hard about it."


"Entertainment value and probability of winning. If we bet a ton of money then rig the fight in our favor we might clean out a lot of mooks in one go."
"Well for one, we can just keep throwing shit at the ref, or go make a commotion at ringside.
…or we can go in there and beat up Daisari. That will count as outside assistance for the champ, costing him the match."
"Doubt it, they got a ticket on the Circus."
"What, nah man, can't be."
"Trust me, I saw it. Gotta admit, the whole idea of a travelling prison is kinda clever. Hard to get buddies to bust you out, and you get to do community service in a lot of places to shorten the sentence. Hell I'd much rather go to the Circus than like, Dead Man Headland."
"True that. True that."
"Thanks blud. Hey, good fight out there!"


"Here, let's keep drinking in their place."


"We aim to entertain."
Back to Patches.
"I like that plan. But let's not burn Bait's good will with the Champ on it."


''Entertainment you say?…Well, everyone seemed to have liked me dancing…'' I play with my hair a little


Smirk at her.
"Thirsty for more already?"


''Ah psh…
…Maybe I am''


Turn the smirk into a knowing smile.
Mouth the words 'my room', without actually spelling them out loud, eyes still fixated on hers.


"Looks like having a little fun with the Referee will be our best bet. Everything else will be on her."


I stare at him a little, a tad confused for a moment before it hits me, I flinch a little with surprise
''I…Uh…Dyla-I mean…Newbie I…'' I make a little knot with my hair on my fingers, facing my empty glass but still taking glances at him, too flushed to keep eye contact


Snicker, and go on like nothing happened.


"So, we cheat then?"


"A little fun now and then won't hurt too much."


"You got a plan already?"


I Turn a little in my seat, trying to look at something else to distract myself
only to turn at Kelpie that came right at the perfect time
''Well, What exactly was yer plan on cheating?''


"Simply put
Any time Daisari is losing, we throw shit at the ref so she can get a free shot in.
If it looks like she's about to go down a third time, we storm the stage and beat her up to get the champ disqualified."


"Of coursh. But subtly. No loud commotions, at least not traceable to us."


Take a deep breath in through my teeth.
"Yes but see, that's not fun."


rub my neck a little
''Errm…I think we could do something less Extreme ya know? that sounds like awfully too much''


"It plays the rules to out favor. What's your idea, then?"


''hmn…Maybe I could do some dancing to the Ref? do some lewd posing with Sideswipe? I heard guys love some girl-on-girl action''


"Drugs? Getting the crowd riled up and ready to do the beating for us?
I honestly lost all interest in this little match, nothing can top the thrill of winning already.
Almost nothing."


"We can always just sit back and watch it happen.
I mean we already got plenty of cash."


''you know…I actually vote for that. i'm sure the kid will do fine without our help, she seemed good, and if even Bait almost made to victory in that amazing fight, she'll do fine too''


"Yep. Just watch it happen."


"Do you think my ice magic would get through quietly?"

"I'll admit it wasn't that good. I was trying, but I don't think he was. It was probably child's play for him to rilenup the crowd."


give him a playful punch on the shoulder ''Don't say that sugar, I know he was for real there as much as you were''


"Whoa hold on. I'm not a scaly."


''dun worry none, that was just a silly idea that came to mind, darlin''


"The pain is still real enough, I'll give him that."


I scowl at you at bit with my arms crossed.
"If you need a distraction so bad, I could pull a kite into the ref's face."



Feel free to faff


pet him in the shoulder ''ya sure you won't be needing a checkup after all that by the way?''
''Gee you sure are starting to sound like Tail-Lifter, I ain't asking ya to be flashing your tits to the ref, just thought we could use our girl wiles to draw his attention, you saw how everyone was drooling over me in the arena when me and Newbie were dancing''


I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy this.


"Hasn't hurt too bad. Like I said, I think he did it to get the crowd, and me, going. I'm sure it would have ended worse if he wanted it."


''then you'll be enjoying nothing, Sweetie, cause nothing is gonna be happening''


I start to get really red and look away from Duna.
"I don't want to kiss something that's not a human. That's all."


I didn't say a thing!
Just watching!


"You're missing out on some fine things in life, girl."


I fake gag in response, complete with pointing at my mouth.


''Well it doesn't make you any less brave for facing him alone, you brave little capra you''
''Aww, what's the matter? Don't worry I brush every morning, I won't give you goat Cooties or anything'' I snicker


"I don't want your fleas or whatever either."


"Enough about me, you did exceptionally well. I was surprised you could move that way."


"See, I remember a few years ago.. I was young and curious, and so was the Aeon I was studying with… let me tell you, the night we shared was quite an experience."


"Never thought a softie like you would have had the balls to go all in on an aeon."


''Excuse you, but that's a mighty nasty thing to say, Darlin'. So you better watch your mouth when you talk to me ya hear?''
''Heh…Well I was surprised too, but Newbi did most work, really I guess I just went along with it and all''


"If you girls have all this anger why don't you get a match up and work it out?"


"Hey, just because I don't want a urethral sounding as much as you do doesn't mean I don't want to taste the pleasures of the world."


''that doesn't sound like a bad idea, but I'm afraid the missy here is scared of getting my fleas'' I huff


"An aeon? I thought they like, didn't even have.. anything down there.."
I still look a bit mad.
"Maybe you shouldn't be trying to kiss every girl you see. Or are capra just always turned on like the rumors say?"
"I don't want to embarrass her."


"Aeons do it for the fun of it.
The purest form of edonists around, those crazy lightbulbs."
"Just do it already, before you two wake in the same bed with no panties on and no memories of the night before."


''First off, The only lady I ever kissed was my Ma, and only in the cheek, thank you very much''
>I don't want to embarass her
''Oi, now you're just asking for it Missy, I've had it with your sass!''
''You ain't helping none sweetie, so stop suggesting things with your lower head in command, kay?''


"I take offense to that Capra comment. I've seen too many things that wouldbput us to shame in my line of work."


"Doesn't stop them. Or us, for that matter. I miss her…"
Sigh longingly.

"Depending on the Aeon they might have bound their identity to it so they have to do it to survive. Besides, doing for fun doesn't make them much different from us."


"You're gonna kill each other if things don't get solved.
Actually, you are gonna kill all of us if you carry that attitude on a run."


Cross my arms
''Ain't my fault! I was just having a nice time and she suddenly gets all mad at me for an idea that wasn't even going to happen, Got me wondering what the heck got into her out of the sudden''


"You really want to see us fight that bad?" I grumble and look around for an empty ring half-heartedly, not even moving from this spot.
"Pleeease. I know how to handle myself."


''Ohoho, so you wanna solve this with the fists? well that's Fine by me!'' I drop my hammer with a loud thud


"Sure you do. That's why you're fuming."
Roll my eyes and step back, getting myself another drink.


"We've survived the day and made some money, let's not ruin our streak."


''Well I ain't the one who started this''


Whistle for his attention.
"Let them be, stepping inbetween them now is just stupid.
A shame, it was shaping up as a fun night.
Say, wanna go dive through the crowd?"


"Yea. I don't need my hammer for this."
I set it aside and take a more aggressive stance towards you.


"I have no objections."


Crack my neck
''When you're down on the ground crying like a baby, don't blame me for it, sister'' Glare back at you, taking a fight stance as well


"We'll play by the standard rules, go down three times and you're done."
I tie my hair back. "No pulling of the ears or hair. No hits below the belt."


hop in place a little
''You said it, now come on, I'm waiting fer ya'' Taunt you with a hand motion


'1d10' I go for your left side.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Cross counter!

Roll #1 1 = 1


>crit fail
>that should put you helpless
"Seems like you're all talk." I smugly say, but help you back up anyway.


I grumble as I get up, then hop back to get some distance
Oi shuddup! You didn't had any drinks, I'm just a bit tipsy, dangit
Come back at you with a high kick

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'm not the one insisting to fist fight when I'm drunk." I go for a punch again.

Roll #1 5 = 5


that ought to be 3 hits to you.


"Is that all you got?"
'1d10' kick, punch, kick

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I was going easy on your poor drunken butt." I taunt and try a kick this time

Roll #1 1 = 1


And I fall flat on my back by over extending the kick.


"Whoopsie, looks like you're the one talking too much now~" I help you up with a smug smirk


I grumble dusting myself off a bit. "I'll take you more seriously this time."
'1d10' I go for a strong kick.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"So will I sister!"
Block and throw you off to the ground!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Lets see, that's four hits to you.
Plus the three you already took, that should put you down again.


I grumble and get up on my own this time
"hmnph… I was trying to not hurt your pretty face badly but I'm starting to change my mind…
I go for an uppercut in the chin!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Go ahead and try it fuzzball!"
'1d10' try and toss you aside

Roll #1 9 = 9


uh, that would be one hit to you. You should get those dice checked.
What happened was I slapped away your fist and grazed your side.


So close!
'1d10' one punch in the sides then!

Roll #1 4 = 4


'1d10' I keep going for a kick.

Roll #1 6 = 6


two more hits on your, total of three.

"You're pretty slow. Are you sure you don't need any of your smithy skills?"


I look up at you, fuming mad
"Bitch I'll Smith your face!" I shout, clearly losing my temper and composure as I punch you in the gut

Roll #1 9 = 9


'1d10' I give you a smug giggle and try for a counter punch.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"ow. okay. You hit me. Once."
this time I get hit pretty hard in the gut and look to be in pain.
2/ 3 duna
2/ 5 sideswipe


'1d10' and then I got for a side-swiping-kick.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I stop for a moment, expression softening just a bit, but I quickly react to your kick

Roll #1 5 = 5


slowing down in a fight can be deadly, but in this case its just embarassing as my kick hits you hard enough that you go down for a third and final time. My anger mostly gone as I bend down to see your face. "That's three Dunny."


I scowl as I look up at you, deep red square eyes glaring back at yours for a few seconds before I look to the side "Oh just…" I groan and lay on the ground, staring at the ceiling
"just help me up already will you?" I lean up, extending a hand back to you


"Kay' just don't pretend to pass out or something lame like that, you fuzzy lesbo." I help you up with a strong pull.


I visibly struggle to not smile at that comment
"Ah whatever… You know I'm not so good without my hammer… Besides, I know deep down that you too want some sugar from Duna"


I roll my eyes and make a fake gagging reaction again.
"Ew, I'd get a hairball doing that."


"Ah, just shuddup and let's go get a drink" I take my seat on the table, patting a place besides me as I wait for the barkeep


"None for me, pyrotechs and alcohol are a big no." I say and lean back in our prep area.


"Ah well, maybe when you're old enough for it" I take a sip With a small giggle

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