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Cali and Cobalt sniff the air… roll, please.


You found the entrance to the Evergreen gym! That lady you were talking to was the leader all along.
>"It's worth a shot! only if you want to, of course. It's part of the Grasslands experience. If you're looking for other things to do around town, maybe you can check out the Earth shrine…"


For some reason, you decided to camp out in the Dervor city park. You just finished cooking and eating a camper's ration.


Proper ranger Amber! Congratulations! Before you head down the mountain, kick back and relax here, there are nice hot springs. The Fearow will be hanging around to carry you down any time.


You just got done having a chat with that boy you battled. Did you want to challenge the gym anytime soon? The leader might be waiting for you!


File: 1464839516313.jpg (4.06 MB, 4112x4112, POKEMAP cut.jpg)

And, map.


"Smell around before we go looking for something to bolster our supplies."


Roll #1 18 = 18


Cobalt catches something. On a nearby tree are a whole nest of Cascoon. They're not a problem for now, but if they hatch while you're still here, you could be in trouble. You can prepare for it by fortifying the side of your camp closest to it with more vine barriers and repellent.


"Not what I wanted, but better now than later. Let's fix up our base before they come for a visit."

Set up more barriers. '1d20'

Roll #1 14 = 14


The makeshift netting should discourage them from coming in. That's a problem solved.

It's afternoon now, so you still have time to forage before sunset.


"Alright, let's look for some food for later. I'm counting on you two."

Foraging. '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Tough. Most of the obvious berries are half-eaten by other pokemon and rotten away, and besides that you aren't sure what around you is edible. You can try again, or look for Pokemon instead.


"Might as well check in with the neighbors if they beat us to the food."

Let's search for Pokés.


Roll for that, too.



Roll #1 19 = 19


What luck! there's a fat pidgeotto Sleeping in a nest.


"Okay, let's take advantage of this…" I whisper to Cali and Cobalt. Get Quetz out and have him use Wrap.


Quetz sneaks up… and wraps the Pidgeotto! It wakes up, squawking.


"Quetz, keep it up! Don't let it escape!" '1d20'

Help Cobalt up the tree first, see if she can help weaken it and Tackle it down to the ground! Tackle '1d20' '1d8+18'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 14 = 14 / Roll #3 5 + 18 = 23


With the Pidgeotto wrapped, it's an easy tackle target! It';s been knocked to the ground, and is still helpless.


"While we have the advantage, Pokéball go!"




Roll #1 4 = 4


Hold on!

Are you trying to capture it as a comrade?


Let's make this one dinner.

"Keep it up!"

'1d20' Wrap

Tackle '1d20' '1d8+18'

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 11 = 11 / Roll #3 6 + 18 = 24


There we go. It's pretty easily defeated and now unconscious.

Take it back to start preparation?


"Alright, we'll get a nice fire going and get Dinner ready. You all did fine work!"


This bird looks enough to feed you for a whole day, even.

It's still alive, though. Might be best to finish the job here.


"Sorry, but I'll try to make this quick."

Just like they taught me, grab the Pokemon's neck, and twist. '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You fumble just a little, but luckily it's too unconscious to notice.

The deed is done. With a water source and gamebird, you're secure for the next day or so.


Did I receive any plastic, or something to keep it in? I don't want the smell attracting anything overnight.


Nope. You have to cook all of it today.


"Let's gather some good branches to make a fire. Hopefully we can use the leaves for bedding."

Foraging for branches '1d20'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Not so much good luck. The branches are damp, so it takes more time just to get good branches.

It's sundown now.


Let's get rid of the feathers and cook it then. Hopefully it tastes good. Get to cooking. '1d20'

Roll #1 19 = 19


Something went right today!
You defeather and clean it and roast it over a pan.

You can eat a leg or two today, then cute the rest for smoking overnight.


I'll aim for getting some sleep tonight with my Pokemon. Hopefully all the preparations mean it's a clear night for us.


It's a warm night, try your best to fall asleep. Roll for sleep quality


Sleepy Times '1d20'

Roll #1 15 = 15


As a child of the dragon, you can thrive anywhere in the world that belongs to you. You feel that thought reinforced by the comfort you feel as you sleep.

You wake up to a similarly warm morning, sunlight poking through the trees.


"Looks like we made it to the second day. Let's make it all the way." Time to get up and wake up my Pokemon. How;d the base hold up overnight?


It… doesn't look good.

Some of your traps and barriers have been torn apart. It doesn't even look like anything was caught in them and tried to escape.

Some of the cascoon from before are scattered around your base. They're clearly dead.


"Darn, looks like someone wasn't too happy about us being here." I'll look at the rest of my Pokemon. "But that means we'll have to be even more prepared today."

Let's rebuild the Barrier, this is still a good place to set up camp. '1d20'

Roll #1 9 = 9


It isn't as strong as before, but you manage. Luckily, the fire was untouched, so your bird should have finished smoking. You've got 5 meals left, and 4 after you eat breakfast.


We'll fill up our water bottle with treated water, then we'll go and explore a bit. Something ruined my traps. '1d20'

Roll #1 8 = 8


You look for tracks… nothing you can recognise leading to the camp other than your own.

A sweet scent fills the air, coming from somewhere.


Try and find it, maybe it'll lead to my saboteur, or some kind of test of the Gym. '1d20'

Roll #1 11 = 11


You follow it and find a nice grassy clearing. The scent comes from a corner, and it looks like a Combee is interested too. You see it fly towards the strange plant releasing the scent… and watch it get promptly devoured by a Victreebel that was luring prey with it.

There is a Petilil and Budew walking about on the ground nearby. Looks like grass Pokemon come to this clearing to catch more sunlight.


Let's follow the Petilil and see where it goes. I always liked the way they looked.


It does a little dance as the sun comes up higher. It looks at you, curious.


Crouch down slowly, wave at it.


It waves back in its own way, shaking its body. It doesn't look too wary of you.


Offer my hand.

"Hi there. Would you like to come explore with us?" I say sheepishly.


It looks at you puzzled.

It's not like it understands what you mean! It's a wild Pokemon, after all.


I will spend the whole morning relaxing in those, and let everyone else as well, I'm sure they are sore after this long journey.


You haven't even been in it! Make sure to shower before entering! It's a private room for you and your comrades.


"Sorry about this then." I'll prepare the Pokeball I have left and have Quetz come out. "Get ready to use Wrap Quetz."


You're right. A shower will be nice anyway. Get cleaned up.


Quetz is ready!

Well, Pokemon understand might. Most would never join a trainer who hasn't proven themselves in a fight, anyway.

It's a proper shower, not just a bath in a spring. The water washes the grime, mud, and other unspeakable things off you. Lily get her share of washing, too.

Now, look at that got spring! the water is clear and steaming.


"We've done this before too many times Quetz, but use Wrap!" '1d20'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Questz, despite readying himself, trps and misses! The Petilil hangs around, ready to fight. Not running away is a good sign it wants to give yo ua chance.


How nice.
Lets' slide inside the water and relax a bit.


File: 1464848659990.jpg (124.03 KB, 460x240, room_family_imgf.jpg)

It's terribly hot!
At the same time, so relaxing… The heat opens every blood vessel you can feel, and you feel like you're floating.

Lily and Vee are the first to join you. At this temperature, Vee actually likes the water. Did you, uh, did you wash them off too?


"Let's use something different Quetz. Use Twister!"

'1d20' '2d6+18'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 6, 6 + 18 = 30


Twister hits! The petilil withstands the wind!

The Petilil spreads a cloud of green powder! Quetz is falling asleep… that is, until the layer of skin with the spores peels off. Quetz shed his skin to recover!


I totally did. Can't let them be dirty right?


"You shrugged one off Quetz, keep it up."

Dragon Tail '1d20' '2d8+14'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 8, 3 + 14 = 25


Great! they can join you in the spa as well.

Lalita seems a little down from going down in a fight, though. Wasn't that her first! she floats around in the water, less excited.

The Dragon tail hits! The petilil is thrown back, and misses the seeds it tries to throw.

It looks prety tired now!


"Stay on guard Quetz."

Throw Pokeball. '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4


That's a 1d100, actually


It was.
Swim up to water mouse and tickle her.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Pokeball '1d100'

Roll #1 93 = 93


Aww, you fail to hit the spot. She just takes the tickle on the belly and continues looking sad.

Doot Doot doot




Petilil was caught!


Sigh, turning the tickle into a belly rub. "Hey, Lalita, you know its actually my fault you couldn't keep fighting. I should have had you keep water jetting to outspeed the more evolved pokemon, but I got too confident."


"Looks like we got one more added to the team Quetz! How do you feel?"


With that sort of reassurance, you can feel her muscles finally relaxing into the hot water as you rub her. Still, She wished she could have done better…

He squeals approvingly. More for your little band.

Oh, but it's close to lunchtime already. Not good to leave the camp unoccupied.


"Let's head back, this is still a Gym challenge. Let's look for some uneaten berries this time."

Let's forage on our way back, might as well scope out more of the surroundings. '1d20'

Roll #1 15 = 15


Your new Petilil nudges in her ball. You didn't notice it, but you're in the middle of a nice berry tree compound here. You should thank her!

You've got a stock of sweet pecha berries.


"Hey, my first loss wasn't easy either. I would have cried, but I was in too much trouble to do something like that." I start telling her.
"The first time I really lost that is. I lost big time. It was against some real bad guys and they didn't play fair, using pokemon moves on trainers to win. I was hit with spores, and KO'd, and captured by them. I had to fight one of them, human on human, just to have a chance at escaping. It was a huge complex, and I couldn't have found my way around with that investigator. I was captured on a mission to protect a miltank, and was looking for it. Its the same place I met Vee, who was about to be hit by some weird machine's spores. We barely saved him that day."


Vee yips. He remembers that time really well. He even nuzzles up to you as you tell the story.

Finally, Lalita feels better. She's got a smile on her again.


"Is this because of you Petilil? Hmm, I don't think I can use that as your name, so how about I call you Airy? It reminded me of your wave for some reason."

Head back to base in the meantime.


I sigh with a smile.
"Yea, so you think we should eat lunch here, or fly down to the town and try a restaurant? I almost don't feel like ever leaving this water myself."


Well, the ranger chief's probably already left, so there's no rush. The Fearow will be hanging around in the meanwhile.

Oh, but your fingers are already becoming wrinkled…

Already had a name in mind, huh?

Petilil aren't known to help plants grow, but they are known for the leaves on their heads…. If Airy let you take one, eating it would refresh you if you needed it. It's a very bitter herb, though.


I'll save it for later.

"It's not much, but welcome to our current "home"." I'll show her to our base of operations.


It's untouched, for now. Airy takes a look, before finding a spot of sunlight and sitting there. Lunch time?

Those berries are enough for one more meal.


Force myself to get out of the water and dry off.


Let's get the food around. I don't know what's around and I'd like my Pokés to be in top shape. I'll even have Dynamo come out and meet Airy.


You've been in the hot water so long, the cool air doesn't feel cold at all.

Any and all wounds your Pokemon sustained have been healed from the nice bath! Your aches and sores are gone, too.

Both of them are pretty new team additions. They acknowledge each other nicely.

Try to keep your Pokemon in their balls except when necessary, in these conditions. That way they'll need less food.

Bits of roasted bird are passed around. Dynamo doesn't have to take as much, since he picks off some juicy grass off the jungle floor. Airy is fine just bathing in the sunlight.


I touch my feet with a bit of relief, I didn't even know I was worried about that.
Change into the fresh clothes, and poke around the base for the ranger on duty here.


Fresh clothes!

He's stationed in the communications room, sitting in a chair and looking a t a few monitors detailing data you don't understand.


"Hey, I just wanted to say goodbye, I'm going back down now."


"Hope you liked the hot spring! It's kind of lonely here, so that helps make me feel better. I play with the Snover outside sometimes, too, I hope they were nice to you!"

The Fearow outside is waiting.


"Its never lonely when you have pokemon around." I reply cheerfully. "Oh, and they were nice, they gave me some berries."

Take the Fearow down.


File: 1464852441446.jpg (148.37 KB, 800x534, MM7441-070618-00813-1.jpg)

you weren't trained how to use a flight harness, but this one is specially made for people who don't know how. If you wanted to learn how to use one so you can ride Tamiyo when she gets bigger, you could go all the way to the Northpeak…

The Fearow flies carefully and gently, avoiding as much headwind and turbulence as possible. The wind doesn't whip your face as hard as it might otherwise. You look at the same jungle you crossed from above. The view from above barely hints at what you faced.


Its really pretty from above.. I almost want to go back.


Really, after everything? Most rangers would be glad it's over!

You land back on the flight pad of the Dervor town ranger HQ. So this adventure comes to an end. Welcome back, Ranger Amber.


It wasn't all bad.
I will take a stop to get my new patch sewn onto my uniform before going anywhere.


It looks so impressive! More kids are going to turn their heads when you come across them on the street now.



You're chewing on your freshly prepared bird. Your new plant pokemon is bathing in a spot of sunlight.


I'll let Airy dance for a bit and let myself forget this is a gym challenge. It's actually been nice working by my hand with my Pokemons these few days.


On the road you probably won't actually have to work so hard, but this still very useful to know, especially if you want to go beyond the frontier outposts.

Since you have food stocked up, you can save your energy and rest till dinner, but there is the thing that's been attacking your barriers…


I'll have Quetz out with me this time. Something tore through my traps and made shortwork of those Pokemon. Let's investigate, maybe there's something I can find about it.

Search '1d20'

Roll #1 11 = 11


You note that near your traps, there are footprints. They don't look like they came from a shoe. The footprints are only around your destroyed traps. Whatever it belonged to didn't need to travel along the ground.


"This is going to be harder than I thought, Quetz."

I'll add a few extra traps, a little higher this time. Maybe our late night guest might get stuck in one more. '1d20'

Roll #1 11 = 11


You set them up. This time. you try to make sure they'll fall on anything coming from the outside.


I'm all out of Pokeballs, so whatever Pokemon gets caught in this better like being outside.

I'll gather a few twigs for tonight's fire and keep exploring if there is still time. '1d20'

Roll #1 1 = 1


There's no time at all, you'll have to bunker down for another night. At least you have food.


Dynamo should be let out for a bit before getting ready for the night. I'll have Quetz out with me, in case he hears anything.


You let him stretch a bit. Remember to spray repel on the perimeter.


I have my traps, but not having them broken is best. Spray it out and hope for the best.


That's done. Try to rest easy….


I'll try not to get into a deep sleep, but whatever dreams may come will come. '1d20'

Roll #1 16 = 16


Huh, you sleep really peacefully…

Well, until you hear load screeching that shakes you awake.


"Ah yeah! It worked!" Pat Quetz awake and make sure I have my Pokeballs on me. Head out towards the noise carefully.


You come out of your tent to discover many bug pokemon lining your campground.

All of them have been mauled in brutal ways. Some, despite their gurgling, are still struggling, even when they're connected by just a single thread of sinew. Those whose eyes can still move look at you pitifully.


It's the same uniform you've been using, but it feels so different! Wow!



Everything feels different.
I am going to go look for Zoe now.


Go ahead and spray down my campsite with Repel, then get ready for bed. I need a good night's sleep if I want to go through with this thing tomorrow.


You were taking a massage on a luxury cruise.
>The most difficult part is relaxing.

>You feel two spiny appendages press down on both sides of your back at once. They hit some kind of pressure point that force you to relax. At once, you feel a load of strains and aches you never knew were there taken away, and the idea of being vulnerable doesn't bother you as much.

>Lying face down through a hole in the mattress means you can';t actually turn your head to face Millie and Li, but you can feel them giving in and relaxing.

She's on a street near the ranger base. She's talking with a familial face… is that Arthur?

Try to roll for it!


I walk over to them with a new kind of confidence, grinning and walking kind of slanted so my new patch is extremely visible.
"Zoe, Arthur. I'm glad I ran into you already."


Try to get a good night's rest, get ready for this scary challenge…

Roll #1 3 = 3


They're pretty busy… Arthur is stroking a Growlithe, while Zoe is petting a Slowpoke. That slowpoke belongs, or belonged, to Arthur.

"Take care of her for me, alright?"

"You too. I'm sure she'll like being with you a lot more… hmm? Hi, Amber!"

Visions of hostile jungle, with danger at every corner… At some point in the dream it turns sweet and pleasant, and you can almost smell the scent of flowers urging you to relax and sleep.

You're surprisingly rested! The morning sun shines brightly, though that other tent is kind of blocking it out. Wait, was there another tent here before you fell asleep?


Was there? I dunno. At least it's blocking out the sun so it's not right in my eyes-
-there's another tent here
Sit up in my bedroll and look around frantically. She's here, isn't she?


"Hello. Oh. Were you in the middle of a trade? I can wait over here until you're done."
I kind of deflate a little, but stand to the side, and shuffle about trying to imagine what the best lighting to show off the patch is.


"Morning! I made tea!"

That familiar voice comes from behind you!

"Oh, I thought your tent opened this way!

"Oh no, we're done. Look at her, Amber! She's… eh, she's pretty cute."

Arthur looks like he's trying to contain himself before melting all over his new Growlithe.

"Oh, hey, your patch changed! Is that a styler on you?"


Unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome. Glad the others are enjoying it at least.


Stiffen up at her voice, then slump down in defeat. Tea, huh? It's not coffee, but it's something.
"I guess it opens both ways… What are you doing here? I thought you were headed off… wherever you were headed."


I try to look serious for a moment, but fail as I grin, holding the Styler up so they can see better.
"Yep. I'm Pokemon Ranger Amber now."
"I even impressed the chief with how well I did this week."


A strange tune plays from their bodies, a kind of whistling sound. It keeps you just drowsy enough so you can't resist, but not so you fall asleep.

"This massage comes from the Fire Plains… very exquisite, no? The Maractus know many ways to make life in a harsh place better…"

The masseuse does speak in a slightly foreign accent.

"Oh, I figured I'd hang around with some friends! Say, I'm supposed to go shopping with a new friend later, wanna come along? I heard we're also going to have a party!"

In lieu of a pretty tea set, she pours some tea into the drinking cup cap of a bottle for you.

"Wow, that's really cool."
"Neat! Up for a celebration?"


I squeal in delight.
"Its amazing! Yes! Lets go somewhere now, the three of us. Is there a mall around here?"


"…Huh. You know, that actually sounds kind of fun."
I don't really care about the container, I just care about the tea. It taste any good?
"Who are these friends of yours?"


I don't answer, but I can acknowledge that the statement is correct. This is pretty much exactly what I needed.


It's a city, so there are definitely a few.

"Oh, right, I think prices are gonna be lower here, there are loads of warehouses in this town. Back in the islands things could get really expensive if they came from far away…"

"Yeah, yeah, let's go! What are you looking for, Amber?"

It's very sweet, and heavily fruit-scented. May or may not be your thing.

"Those people we were with during the training! We talked to them… well, I don't think you talked to one of them. You'll get to see her! And her friend."

Almost too soon, it is finished. You can put your clothes back on now.

You feel a great sense of satisfaction coming from both Li and Millie. All the wounds they sustained don't bother them any more.


"I still never picked up a swimsuit, we could look for one of those, I think I'll get some scarves for my pokemon, but maybe the island is better for that. Ooh, and I need a good case for badges." I go on excitedly leading them toward a mall or shopping area.
"What I really want thou, is some good food, you know how much I missed sugar out there? Candy, Soda, Chocolate, a Sweet tea even would be fantastic.."


"Oh right, them. All right, I can do that."
A bit of an odd mix, but I've got a sweet tooth, so I'm willing to keep drinking. Besides, I need my morning fix, even if it's more diluted than usual.
"So why are you out here, and not back at the center like any normal person would be?"


Aw. Oh well, at least I got my money's worth. I'll give my thanks to the masseuse and the Maractus. Speaking of, I should probably check and see if this boat has a Center.


"Because I'm not normal, and neither are you! You're here too!"

She almost beams.

"Anyway, we're supposed to meet them soon, had your fill?"

Arthur looks enticed.
"Shall we go? The shopping district is a short bus ride away."

Yeah, they do, since battles are sometimes held. Unfortunately, it looks like you missed the battle competitions, as shown on the posters.

That massage took a long time. Nagi is at the center too, and seems to be looking through food catalogues.


"Lead the way Arthur." I make a grand pointing gesture toward him, and giggle, then turning to the would be nurse.
"Ooh, Zoe, how did your lesson go?"


"Heh… Good point. Dunno why I thought this was a good idea, it just seemed like one at the time."
Go ahead and slug down what's left in my cup.
"Yeah, I think I'm good. Just give me a bit to pack up my stuff."
Good thing this stuff is as easy to disassemble as it is to put up.


Well, I'm sure I can live with that. We deserve a break for now. I'll hand my team over for restoration and meet up with her.
"So, what do you think of the ship so far?"


"Went well! We had to hunt our own dinner and protect our camp, which was interesting! I feel way more prepared to go around and do stuff!"

Pokemon generally have to be kept contained while on buses, so Arthur just plays with his Growlithe while it yips at him from inside the Poke ball.

The reviews for this tent pack were spot-on! When that's done, Julia leads you to a bus stop. Looks like you're headed to the shopping district.

Nagi is struggling to contain her uncharacteristic excitement.
"Great! That massage was fantastic! I wish I could go for another round, but they're closing up soon… What do you feel like for dinner? They've got separate restaurants while different regional cuisine styles!"


Well, of course we are. She said this was a shopping trip, after all.
"So, how many of your friends are we meeting exactly? Five? Twenty?"


I blink. Surprising, she doesn't usually get this excited about something.
"Hm…well, how about something from further in the mainland? I'm curious to see how people can survive without seafood all the time."


File: 1465973457937.jpg (174.34 KB, 962x642, 2799322000000578-3039732-i….jpg)

"Let's see… there's you, and one, two, three, four… I'm sure I haven't forgotten anyone!"

"I was thinking that too! Was going to have a look at the food before I head there."

It calls itself the Inferno Grill, and is situated at the aft of the ship. From here you can see the sea through massive glass windows.


I'm getting more used to seeing pokemon inside their balls now that I have a full team, and Lily is a bit big to have outside all the time anymore.
"Its good to know you can make it on your own. I had no idea I knew so much, I mean, of course I knew, but when you're out there making your own camp and no one around but your pokemon. That's real."


Oh wow.
"Swanky. I hope we're not underdressed for a place like this."


"Neat! I think I've got enough for now, though!"

"Wow. That sounds… really, really cool." Arthur looks at you almost enviously. "I mean, that kind of thing, that sounds awesome."


"Right on the first guess. I'm a wizard!"
Wriggle my fingers mysteriously for a minute, then sit down and crack my neck while we wait for the bus to arrive.
"Funny how the buses still run, even all the way out here."


Each city is big enough to have its own bus or tram system. Only the minor towns, marked out on your map in green, might not have these amenities.

Looks like you've arrived first! In stark contrast to the dull buildings, this mall is shiny and looks very new. A huge screen displays commercials for shoppers… like a motorbike.


"It was amazing, and beautiful, and my team worked so perfectly together. One night there was a bad storm, and I was so tired from walking that I barely set up camp before I just wanted to sleep. And. Joltik, he made a lightning rod. Saved us from getting hurt. I was so surprised."
Then nod at Zoe. "I feel that too, I'm ready for nice comfy beds and warm food that doesn't contain bland roots.."


Arthur looks entranced.
"Man, that sounds like what I left home for. You're really lucky, Amber. Everything seems so cool."

Looks like this is your stop! Zoe leads you off and waves to a girl in a flowy dress. Beside her is a rough-looking boy.

From the next bus, three people get off, all around your age. One of them looks vaguely familliar, you might have seen her at the camp training. One of them has a olive green ranger uniform on, and the other you remember as that boy Squire talked with.


Oh, and Julia waves to the vaguely familiar girl. Seems the rest of the party is here!


"Woah. This place is pretty nice…"
Ooh, motorbike! Too bad I'm still too broke to get one. I should start saving up my money for that.
Oh boy, a ranger. I bet she's a goody-two-shoes type, too…


They're not manufactured around here. If you were to make your way to the Fire Plains, there is a city that specializes in manufacturing things like these. You could get the ride of your dreams there!


My eyes sparkle with joy. "Being a Ranger is all I ever wanted. This has been the best day of my life, and its not even lunch yet! I could go on about all the things that happened. And Arthur, you remember that egg? The one from the sewer? It hatched, and evolved. Its a Marill now!" I hold up the little mouse's ball so she can say hi.
"Lalita, this guy helped find your egg. I guess that makes him almost your godfather."

"Are those friends of yours Zoe?"


He looks surprised, but smiles and shakes Lalita's tiny hand. Come to think of it, you haven't seen him smile much.

"You're really cute! Nice to meet you!"

"You guys getting off or what? We're here!"

That rough kid is looking at you funny…


"Ooh Right."
I reach and grab arthur's hand and Lalita's and get off this bus with that unshakable grin.
"Come on, the treats await!"


I look back at the tough guy as I step off the bus, kind of a curious look.


Good, that means I've got time to save up some money.
She's Julia's friend, so I guess I can play nice for now.
I give the ranger girl a little wave before looking away and waiting for the rest to go through their "hello-hello" routine.


It's really warm! Telling him about your adventure and Lalita really must have made him feel nice.

"Hi Zoe! And Ranger! I'm Julia!" She reaches out for your hand before prodding the rough kid."

Julia prods you.
"Come on, don't be shy! Introduce yourself!"


Sigh and roll my eyes before sticking out my hand for them to shake.
"Name's Justus. I guess you're Julia's friends?"


I had such an eventful trip too. Lots of memories. Lets shake hands with Julia.

"Nice to meet you, Julia."

And then shake yours too.
"I'm a friend of Zoe, who seems to be your friend? This is Arthur." I note each of them in turn and then with a huge grin hold up the hand with the Styler on it so it shines in the light.
"I'm Pokemon Ranger Amber. You can just call me Amber, we're going to do some shopping and lunch, want to join?"


"They're not my friends!" Julia says that in a low, strange voice. You recognize it as a line from a hit movie that's been quoted endlessly by its dedicated fans.

"A pokemon ranger, huh? cool1 Say hello!"

She lets loose an Eevee and Braixen, who both call out to you.


"Aw, you're both so cute." I offer the eevee my hand palm up to shake, and the braixen a normal hand.
"I have a fox pokemon too." Look down at Vee's ball. "Wanna come say hello Vee?"


They're both really friendly! Or they seem that way.
Vee yips at them from inside. No need to leave his comfy ball right now.


Give her a flat look as I recognize the quote.
"Well, as long as we're playing show and tell…"
Call out Zoro with an eevee Illusion to complete the set of fox-mons.


"Hello to you too little one." I offer the tough guy's Eevee a flat paw to shake too.


The paw feels different. It's also not making any cute Eevee sounds. Arthur has a mischievous look on him.



"Don't worry, no charge for them…"

>Before you went into the gym
Riss invited you for an outing of some kind. Seems she's meeting up with some of the people you were at the training with. You're on the bus towards the mall.


"Should I have brought something?" I ask Riss.


I humm at the strange eevee.
"You're a really tiny guy huh," Glance back at Arthur with a curious look, what's he seeing that I'm not!



"Hello, have we met? I'm Amber."


"Oh, hi, I'm Squire. I don't think we've met before, but this seems like a good a time as any to do so."


Arthur shrugs.

"Nah, it's fine! We're just having a meetup. I think some of the girs want to go shopping…"

The bus stops, and you see a group of people your age gathered at the shopping mall. You recognise that rough kid and that strange dress girl from the training, along with the quieter guy. One of them looks vaguely familliar, and you recognise her as someone who might have been in the training too. The lone stranger is the girl in a ranger uniform, who has greeted you


"We were about to hit up the mall, want to come along Squire?" I offer with a smile.
"Ooh with this big of a group, we need to find.. An arcade! Does anyone know a good one or should we just wander around until we see one?"


"I could probably use a few things."

"Yeah, sure."

"An arcade, there should be a map somewhere, or we can just follow the noise."


Squire looks almost completely like a city kid, urban in dress. His wilderness-ready clothes are fresh and poorly-worn. At his side is an unassuming-looking girl wearing plain clothes, as if trying to hide something.

"Huh? But what about shopping? Or do we wanna do that later?"
Julia protests a little.


"No smaller than the other two," I quickly point out, crossing my arms in front of me.
"Hey, man. What you been up to lately?"


"Nothing outside of planning where to go after all of this. I've got a few good leads at least."


"We can do that too, no problem Julia. I have the whole day off."
I grin.
"Besides those places are usually nested between lots of shops right?"

"Who is your partner squire?" I ask nodding at the girl with you.
"I'm Amber, A J-. " I cough a little and stand taller. "Pokmon Ranger Amber."


"I didn't mean anything by it, anyway are you good at games Jutus? I like pinball, but haven't played a lot of others."


"Hi! I'm Riss!" She greets you in a very professional way, like she's rehearsed it.

Arthur is looking at the mall directory. What luck, there's a big arcade here! Not just that, it's also a LAN center, in case you want to try out some hip new video games.


"This is Riss. We met on a ferry recently and we've been traveling the same route for a while." I smile politely.


"Uh-huh. At least you've managed to stay out of trouble."
Tilt my head at the girl practically hiding behind you.
"For the most part, at least."
"Games? Eh… I played down at the local arcade every now and then, so… kinda."


"I haven't played some of those really old plane games in a while…"

"Then we should celebrate while we're still free to do so."


You cab recognise that she's certainly not as harmless as she's trying to seem. At least she's friendly.

"Shall we, then?"
The air conditioning inside the mall is very enticing.


"Oh, that's kind of like Zoe and I, we met travelling. Is there anything you two are looking for here? I need to pick up a swimsuit while we're here."
"Great! Then its decided. We'll go celebrate at the arcade!"
Start walking inside!


"Yup. I wouldn't mind a mall burger either. Been so long since I stepped into such a place."

"Probably make sure my clothes are set for the weather where I'm headed. Other than that, no real idea."

"Sure, lead the way to the games."


"…You've got a thing for dangerous girls, don't you?"
I roll my eyes and follow the ranger girl inside.
"Come on, let's get in out of this heat."
"Works for me. I'm kind of curious what all they've got here at this arcade."


The arcade is on a higher floor, so everyone gets to see different shops on the way. There's delicious fast food, books, a grooming center, clothes, outdoor accessories, and an odd place that just labels itself legendary artifacts.

But nevermind that, into the arcade you go! They charge by time, so that's 50P from each of you for a couple of hours. It also lets you use the PCs!


Pay up and get inside. What kind of games can I see?


"Hmm?" I tip my head with a confused look.

"Way bigger here that the little strip malls I get. You could probably live in here."

Pay the fee and check out the games.


Go ahead and pay up, then head inside and start walking around the rows of machines, checking out what they've got available.
"Just saying, this is the second time, man. I'm starting to see a pattern here."


Racing games, cooperative shooters where you actually have a gun you can hold… oh, there are those Pokemon battling simulators too, where you get to see super rare, strong pokemon duke it out (on screen). As for the PCs, a hit game has been overtaking lately where Pokemon of different types and playstyles form a team of six to fight each other.

You probably came from a quieter part of the Rising City, since the biggest, most extravagant malls are also there.

The girl, Riss, looks confused.
"Huh, was Squire with someone else?"


Racing games huh, find a set that has the screen where everyone can watch and lets you compete.


"I guess you're right. Sometimes I just want to let the wind take me, but maybe I'm not one of those people. Guess you could tell since the Tyranitar."

"Maybe I should have gotten out more, though. I spent most of my time studying, I didn't go out much until now."

"How about one where we could all compete?"


They've got a huge setup here, there are enough cars for everyone! Or Pokemon, if you want to play the racing game with Pokemon instead.


"Yea! check this one out. Its got enough cars for everyone! Dibs on the green one."
I hop into the green painted racing seat.
"Who else is up for the challenge?" I say with a daring grin, looking directly at Arthur, but talking to everyone.


I'll take the Red car.


"Nah, I just can't help but see the themes. Wasn't expecting this out of an airhead like you."
Crack my neck as I pick out a darker-colored car and sit down.
"All right, let's see if you can back that big talk of yours up with action!"


"Yeah, alright. Sounds good."
Arthur gets into a car next to you, painted deep blue. He returns you gaze right back, determined. Zoe gets into a white car.

Red, huh? Riss takes a black car.

Black, like your soul. These nerds don't udnerstand. Julia takes the bright garish pink one.

Start your engines! Roll for your speed.


I give him a slight nod, as if to say I won't lose.
'1d20' focus!

Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 16 = 16 / Roll #3 3 = 3 / Roll #4 1 = 1


[Gottagofast doritos theme intensifies]

Roll #1 16 = 16


"Talk later, let's get the race started."

Petal to the plastic. '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4


A rough start impedes you! You hit a wall and watch while Arthur zooms out in front, perfectly executing every turn.

If only you had a music player….
No matter how hard you try, you can't get ahead of the bright pink car! Julia cheers while you desperately try to ram her car off, but you just can't get rid of her, not until the very end. You beat her by less than a millisecond.

With everyone else having zoomed out in front, you concentrate on trying to be the Ranger's car in front of you. She holds her own, though, while you try to maintain control of your car. Only Riss is behind you, fumbling with the controls.

No one notices how many times Zoe's car fell off the track and lost precious seconds. When Arthur comes in first, wearing a vaguely smug sense of satisfaction, Zoe is just halfway across the map.


"Darn, I took too long to get a hold of those controls." I get up with disappointment.


"I'll get you next time, Ranger."


"Still managed to end up ahead of me this time."


"Oh yea? You want to pick the next game then?" I giggle a bit.


"O-oh, cheer up, I'm sure I got lucky!" Seeing you not look your usual, confident self must be kind of distressing.

You hear Zoe sigh when she finally finishes.

"Alright, what else do we want to play?"


This girl…! Every single time!
"You've done this before, haven't you?"
"Come on, step it up! We were driving circles around you!"


"Something multiplayer, so how about those shooters over there?"


"Well, once or twice…"
She's infuriatingly incomprehensible.

The ones with the light guns? There's enough for everyone!


Smile at his concern.
"Oh. It was still great fun, did you see how high that bridge was! It felt so fast on the turns too."
"Oooh, Squire is trying to get the home turf advantage on us."


"I wish. This is the new one, I never had a chance to play it, since it came out the same time as my Final exams."


Just shake my head and groan. I'm kind of resigned to it at this point, so there's no use stressing over it…
but she's just so freaking brain-bending it's insane
"You're on! Let's hope your aim is better than your driving!"


Shooters it is! Pick your guns and roll.


"Maybe I should have mentioned I played the last one once."

I'll take the first one. '1d20'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Grab a dark purple one if they've got it and get ready to pop caps in some fools, yo.

Roll #1 3 = 3


The one with the green checkers.
"Come on, games like this are easy, just lead the target.."

Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 17 = 17 / Roll #3 8 = 8 / Roll #4 17 = 17



You take the gun with the cool scales. In-game, you're a Dratini shooting dragon pulses!

Wait, the gun is malfunctioning! It only sometimes responds to your inputs. Infuriating! Riss took the Pidgeot one that shoots airshots.

You take the cool-looking sneasel themed one and start firing Dark Pulses at bad guys. It works so differently from the others, though! your weapons aren't hitscan, you have to time projectile travel distance, but you just want to shoot!

Julia looks a little uncomfortable until she notices they have a cute pink Clefairy themed gun, too. She picks it up and starts mowing down whatever you miss.

You get the green one so you're a Roselia shooting energy balls. It's nothing like shooting ropes in missions, though! you fumble a little.

Arthur took the blue one, and is busy firing bubblebeams and mowing down enemies! Zoe follows suit, shooting coins as a Meowth.

Mission successful! Peace has been restored after a very over-the-top scene where everyone climbs a tower of Pokemon to get to the very big bad guy. Arthur tops the scoreboard, followed by Zoe. He looks really pleased with himself.


I gasp in awe.
"Whoa! That was really cool. Waaaay Different than ducklett hunt."


"Guess kids pull on these way too hard here too. Lame."

"I don't even think my arcade had that one working longer than a week out of the year it was there."


"Ducklett Hunt's old! It was a great proof of concept, but there's been many years to improve on the formula…" He goes on and on. Zoe just smiles, happy to not be last again.

"Alright! So we still feel like gaming, or some shopping and then burgers?"


"Well, that was something. Took me a while to get the hang of the timing, but still pretty cool!"
"Ooh, tough luck, man. Always sucks when the game's already broken."


"Aw, it was broken?"

I try to keep up with his explanation, but all that stuff just goes over my head.
"What do you feel like Zoe? I could go for some lunch, pizza and soda maybe?"


"Well, I can't say it hasn't been fun seeing you guys play. It's a good looking game I'll look forward to playing."

"Yup, no working buttons."

"Some food sounds good to me."


"Burgers it is then! I'm starving!"
Zoe leads the party off to a lower floor where a burger palace awaits. 100P for a set meal that looks absolutely delicious, and that you're not sure you can finish.


>That you're not sure you can finish
You have not seen the way I can make food disappear. Especially when I'm hungry.


Look over the meaty menu with a slight frown, and then pick out a pidgey patty with egg and cheese on it. Lots of fries and a large soda.


I can probably save some for my Pokés, so I'll order it.


Can you now? Go on, place your order.

That's waaay more fries than you thought imaginable. Not counting the size of the patty, too!

A huge tauros patty for you.


"Ahahaha, I'm going to get such a stomach ache."
I dig into the patty like I haven't seen real food in months.


You haven't! You've been surviving on berries and bugs the last few days, so you take the chance to dig in. Roll for how much you can finish.


Burger, fries and soda, the staples of fast food. No need to fix what ain't broke.


'1d20' rollin'

Roll #1 18 = 18


Yeah, that works. Now roll for how much you can eat.

You devour everything. Even the staff look impressed at your speed and ferocity. The salt and grease runs down into you, a pleasure you haven't had for too long. Mmmm.


I should have a good appetite saved up by now…

Roll #1 16 = 16


Wash it back with a swig of soda, and a satisfied smile.
"I forgot how good this stuff was. I never want to give it up again!"


Considering you were living on field rations, this is a great pleasure. You're really full near the end, so you share some fries with your party.

Careful! Rangers need to maintain their health! But once in a while is fine. In fact, there are quite a few other rangers here, you can recognise them as instructors also indulging in fast food after work in the field.



Don't worry Dad, I wasn't serious


Rangers forget sometimes!

"Heyhey, you mind if we stop at the legendary artifacts place first? It looks pretty cool…" Zoe makes her suggestion. She might have been waiting for this.


"Sure, If everyone's finished eating we can go over there now." I stand up and throw away the trash from the meal.


Legendary artifacts? Why does it feel like that should make me remember something?


What sort of barbarian doesn't do that, anyway?

Maybe your rainbow feather is worth something? The one you found stashed in the city park!


Yea, you're right. That would be totally rude, and no one is that rude at a mall..

"I think it was this way." I start going down a hall toward where it was on the map.


Maybe… but it's a rainbow feather. Feathers aren't supposed to be rainbow colored.
what does it mean?
…Oh. I suppose I should throw away my trash too.


It was tucked away in a corner of a floor somewhere…

Julia looks like she's so proud of you.

You enter the shop, and are greeted with a heavy scent of incense. A old lady minds the counter. Most space around the shop are taken up by statues of legendary Pokemon or associated symbols, but every now and then you notice something less obviously associated.


Sniff at the odd scent.
"What kind of flower is that? I can't place it."


I think I'll browse for now, see what catches my eye in the shop. I can think about what to do with the feather while I look around.


It's no flower, it's incense, made from the wood of a tree that you know grows near your home. Sometimes the shrine monks would carry incense sticks around, so you know the smell.

The old lady peers at you through her glasses.

Aside the carved statues, you notice a few more interesting items. Several emerald-green scales, a silver feather like your rainbow one, and a few bottles of fluid. Some of it looks clear like water, while one is more yellowish, and kept in a shielded vial.


"Hello Maim'." I greet her with a smile.
Turn to Zoe to check on her, is she finding anything interesting?


Pull out my Rainbow feather and compare it to the Silver feather. Maybe there's a connection somehow?


"Welcome. You children might not know the story behind these treasures, so feel free to ask." She speaks in a gravelly voice.

She's digging through her bag for something… She find it, and draws out a strange, white flute-like instrument.

Maybe, but as of now they just both seem like very pretty feathers.

"Child, does that feather belong to you? That's a very nice rainbow wing you have there." The old lady looks interested.


"Yeah, it's mine. Why, do you know something about it?"
If anybody knows, it's probably her. At the same time, if she wants it, she might try and con me out of it by pretending it's not important or something.


"That is a feather that belongs to Ho-oh, the one that flies on seven colours. You are very lucky to have found it. Would you like to sell it to me? I'll give you a fair sum."


"What's that?" I ask about the flute

Whistle impressed. "You had a legendary feather this whole time Justus?"


"Ho-oh? Huh… I guess it was pretty lucky."
Hum to myself as I gently spin the feather around.
"I don't know… Something feels… off. Like I shouldn't be selling it like that."
"I found it in the park right before setting off on my journey. I thought it looked cool, but I didn't know it was from a legendary."


"Really? That sounds like something out of a comic book."


Arthur is busy looking at some blue crystals.

"Oh! It's… something I found a really long time ago. I thought it was just a strange flute, but nobody else seems to have seen anything like it! Maybe the old lady knows?"

Julia is admiring an eerily-perfect flower.

"Just before you set off? That's a good omen! If Ho-oh chose to drop a feather before you, that is. Some people buy them to give others, but that means nothing if Ho-oh did not give them the feather itself. So, did you see Ho-oh in the sky? Or did you take it from its rightful owner? Just joking, of course!"


"Go ahead and ask her, I'm curious now too." I encourage Zoe and go with her, leaving the other to their window shopping.


"Did I see Ho-oh in the sky? Well… I saw something… I guess that might have been him."


"Oh, interesting flute…"

The old lady carefully examines it. When she fails to remember anything, she pulls an old-worn notebook, flipping through the pages for any hint. That also fails.

"Child, do you know how to play this? Maybe the music will help me appraise this."

Actually, you stole it from a dropbox meant for someone else. Nobody has to know, though.

"How fortunate! If I can convince you to part with it at all, let me know. I'll offer you twenty thousand, or a trade."


Wait curiously, I'm sure its been a while since I played such a thing.


Of course nobody has to know. You don't just say the thing they want to buy is stolen!
"A trade?"


"Yes, of course. If you want anything in this shop, I might take the feather in exchange for letting you have it. Pardon me, now.

She turns to Zoe, who has taken out a strange white flute and is about to play it.

Zoe's Happiny emerges to listen to the music.

The tones that emerge from the flute are unlike anything you've heard before. All at once it brings you to nostalgia, joy and even a quivering sense of fear. It is music that did not come from this world, that's the only way you can describe it. Zoe plays a simple tune, but the tones the flute produces shakes you to your core. You can feel the Pokemon in your balls shaking, uncomfortable, but Zoe's Happiny bobs along to the tune until she finishes.


"Whoa.. That's really pretty." I say with a shiver.


Put a hand over my balls to comfort my pokemon, while I head to the opposite end of the shop to browse for something interesting.
The number of creepy chicks in my life is too damn high!


"I know, right? It makes me feel.. right. Like I'm at home, safe."

The old lady gazes for a while, still trying to think. She gives up, and turns behind her to a tape recorder, where she must have recorded the music.

"I'm afraid I still don't know, child. You should hold into that flute, though. I believe it belongs with you. Take good care of it."

Even Julia seems shaken, something you don't see every day. Or is she moved?

There are some dried, root-like fibres carefully arranged in glass cases, next to the vials of clear fluid and black, curving stones. Tucked away is a bottle of darker fluid, in some kind of special vial providing some kind of shielding. At a corner are pieces of a diamond.


Who knows with her. She could very well be both.
Vials of fluid? That seems… unusually ordinary.
Check out the bottle of darker fluid. Why does this need shielding?


"Aw. I'm sorry you didn't get an answer Zoe."
Pat her shoulder in a comforting gesture and look at around for anything that might catch my eye. '1d20'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Curious? Those clearer vials contain dragon water, the cerebrospinal fluid of a dragon Pokemon who has lived a full, powerful life. That special vial has to be shielded because the fluid inside can be a psychic hazard, and is related to a certain legendary Pokemon."

"Oh, well." She stows away her flute and Happiny, and looks at the other pretty stuff. Arthur resumes looking at the blue things,, taking deep breaths.

Those are some very pretty pink flowers…


Pink flowers? I ponder them for a moment, does it have a tag?


The tag says 'Gracidea'.
"Those are Gracidea, a flower that grows only on the southmost major island, the Tropic Xanadu. They express gratitude, or so the story goes. The pokemon Shaymin causes them to sprout."


"Psychic hazard? That's pretty cool. What pokemon is it from?"


"Huh? A Shaymin flower.. What about those blue crystals?" I gesture to the ones Arthur is admiring.


"This is a story about two Pokemon. Come closer."

"Have you heard of Mew? It is a Pokemon that has the genes of all Pokemon in existence. Every protein, transcription factor.. Mew has at least one of them in its very, very complicated and massive genome, or at least some kind of precursor. Some people long ago had a dream, to create a new Pokemon entirely from it. Now, you might have heard of Porygon, but this was something else. They captured Mew, and after many tries, had it birth a child that they modified. They called it Mewtwo, and it was the most powerful Pokemon in existence. What they did not do, however, was teach their creation how to have a heart. It did not know love, because it received none. It escaped one day, and that's where the story ends. Some say that Mewtwo learned enough to know right from wrong, and was present to help at the creation of this world, but no one knows where it is now, living its lonely life. Some of the fluid that gave it comfort in its childhood still appears now and then, and that's what you're holding now. Do be careful with it! Psychic-sensitive people will be bothered if it's not in its proper shielding. Mewtwo's psychic powers are beyond anything else imaginable, and this liquid honed it."

"Those are fragments of a Manaphy's eggshell after its birth. I think there was a school of Phione seen recently…"


"Well Arthur, what do you think of this stuff?" I say looking over his shoulder. "Lucky maybe?"


In other words, I could use it as a weapon against psychics if I ever needed to!
"…I think I might be willing to trade after all, ma'am."
I pause as I look into the liquid swirling in the vial.
"Kind of a sad story. If it's really that strong, I bet it didn't escape quietly."


Imagine taking it out of the shielding and suddenly a whole island of psychics collapses! Or maybe they'll just slap you until you put it back to stop the buzzing in the ears.

"Oh? Interesting choice. By the way, if you want more, I heard some laboratories are working on trying to reproduce this fluid. Maybe you can donate some of yours if you happen to find them on the way."

Bring your feather and the vial to the counter?

"It's all so cool! Can't decide which one I like the most, though. If I wanted something for luck… you know how Manaphy wanders the oceans? Something like that would be cool, kind of like how I feel traveling. Or…

He looks at a small charm made from what looks like crystallized hair.

"Suicune's so pretty! And it purifies water wherever it goes while it races around the land. That's cool too!"


Yup, bring them both to the counter.
"Yeah, right. Last time they made a super-strong pokemon, and didn't think about what would happen if it didn't like them. Helping them do it again might not be the best idea."


"They call Manaphy King of the Sea, but I think Suicune's habit of roaming everywhere fits you pretty well."
I look back at the flower. "Kinda a parallel to Shaymin actually, a pokemon that travels and rejuvenates the land and a pokemon that purifies the waters.."


"Well, I heard this fluid has other applications! Like training psychics. Besides, the technology for that kind of thing is long gone. It was a time before time."

Exchanged Rainbow Wing for Strange Amniotic Fluid!

He takes out a vial of perfectly clear water and moves it near the crystal hairs. Nothing happens, but the water he holds is so perfectly clean you might not have noticed the change.

"Both are nice. I really hope to meet them. How about you, Amber? What legendary Pokemon are you hoping to see?"


"..I honestly didn't think about it. I just want to help people and pokemon. Most of the legendaries do that sort of thing too. At least the ones that aren't trying to destroy the world in their stories."


"You never know, somebody might be dumb enough to try and make a second one."
I stop and think about that for a minute.
"I wonder if he might actually like that; having another pokemon he could relate to and hang out with."


"Maybe your actions will draw one's attention! I've heard legendary pokemon sometimes ally themselves with people who share their goals.

Well, Pokemon are still pokemon. Kyogre's nature is to expand the sea, but it needs to be restrained to use that power properly."

"Reminds me of some famous book… well, who knows? Good luck with that, anyway."



''Earth shrine?'' Cock my head to the side ''What's the big deal about it?''


She looks like she's trying to keep herself from facepalming.

"It's one of three great shrines on the continent! Any traveling trainer hoping to get stronger should visit the shrine. You really should pay a visit, at some point."


''W-well sorry lady I'm not reaaaally a trainer…I prefer the term…''
pose dramatically
''Pokemon researcher!''


"All the more reason you should have heard about it, if you're so learned!"


''Well I…''
Blush ''W-well I'm a researcher in training, so cut my a slack, miss! But alright, Where is that Earth Shrine then?''


"It's in the very heart of the city, protected by a bamboo grove. Remember to behave appropriately! It's a sacred site."


''Heart of the city, bamboo grove… Got it''
''…It's not forbidden to draw there, right?''


"Well, no, but you'll have better things to do there."


''Huh…I'll take your word for it then, Miss Maple''
With that, I take my leave, towards the heart of the city she said, so that's where I'll go


File: 1466403806654.jpg (249.02 KB, 1024x768, PARK-ROYAL-HotelMA-1-1024x….jpg)

Despite being so intertwined with nature, this city is much bigger than your home. You take a tram down to the city heart, looking at the buildings with gardens, some allowing the vines to overgrow them.

Your stop is at the entrance to some kind of park. There is a path lined with bamboo.


I think I'll let Tina out so she can enjoy this pl-Wait, better yet, I'll let Jasper out(Unless he already is). He'll enjoy the difference of this place compared to our hometown I'm sure
And there's the bamboo, I'll follow the path


A sweet scent drifts in the air, luring you down the path. While Jasper hovers behind you Tina comes out anyway. In fact, you can see a few other grass Pokemon hiding in the grove. Some Chespin, Bulbasaurs, even more Snivy.


Are those…All starter pokemons?…That's strange to see these out here…
Wait, did Tina just come out of her ball on her own? Bah nevermind, lets carry on with this path


What's a starter pokemon? Any pokemon that a trainer first bonds with is their starter, silly.

There are, however, certain Pokemon that are particularly liked in the three capitals. Grass Pokemon capable of having the Overgrow ability are very beloved here.

The path opens out into a garden, decorated by the sweet scent of flowers blooming from fruit trees. Even with the path here probably tread on countless times, there is no dirt path. What looks like hospital workers are picking the fruit.

In the middle of the field is an aged stone pavilion. On top of it is a large banyan whose roots have overtaken the structure and added to it, the entrance is a tunnel formed by the roots.


Have I ever seen this fruit before? note to self, I gotta find myself a berry album later

''Groovy…'' I mutter as I walk inside ''You two stay close to me now…''


You've seen these berries before, but never so vibrant.

Inside the structure itself, there are spots on the ground where sunlight shines from outside. The grass on these patches looks so soft and good to sit on. These patches all circle around the shrine center, where a shoot is growing.


I hold my breath for a moment and look around, seeing if there's anyone here besides me


Nope. You're alone completely, in the silence.


Exhale and walk foward a bit, closer to the little shoot ''Hello?…''
I carefully drop to my knees in front of the shoot, that feels like the right thing to do


"Not sure what to do?"

A robed attendant walks up to you from the side, from outside.

"The grass is soft. Why don't you sit down in one of the light patches and meditate? Take in the atmosphere."


''AH!'' I jump and fall to my side, sweet mercy that attendant scared me
''Y-yeah…I'll do that I was… I was gonna do that…Phew''
I'll Try to catch my breath and calm my heartbeat, sitting down and, as I was told, meditate and take in the atmosphere…


The sweet smell of flowers encourages you to close your eyes. Jasper and Tina join you by your side…

You are in complete darkness. You're comfy where you are, but you can't stay here forever. You need to find light. You have to go up.


Ooh boy I'm having another one of those dreams aren't I?

I'll get up, I don't know what is compelling me to try to go up, but it feels right… But how am I going to go 'up'?… Jasper doesn't know Fly!


dig upwards! Or crawl! Do something. What feels right.


I have to go up, right?
What if… I grow upwards?
Come on, focus cello, think about getting bigger… BIGGER… BIGGER


Well, you don't feel yourself getting bigger, but you do feel yourself rising!

There is a whole new world beyond this comforting darkness. The first light shines on you, and you feel rejuvenated. Time passes, a cooling mix of rain and sun rejuvenates you.

You're not satisfied yet, are you?


That felt good. I wouldn't complain if I had some more of that…
Rise even further?


Your light is being taken away! A competitor appears. It wants to claim the light for itself, and you feel yourself shivering under its shadow. What will you do?


What?! No! Screw that guy! I'll make him shiver under MY shadow!


But how?
Grow bigger? Seek out more light? Or crawl onto and strangle it?


I'll gather more light! so much that it won't be able to keep upwith me!


Roll for that. You need every bit you can get.



Roll #1 18 = 18


So it is. You search for more light, and in the time in between drink up everything else you need to grow. Your hard work pays off, and you overshadow your competition, who is withering away .


…Well hey, maybe the 'put them under my shadow' thing wasn't the nicest thing to do…I mean seeing them wither like that really makes me feel like a jerkbag

Maybe I could… Share some of the light too?


You give up some light of your own. It revitalises, but you don't know what else it will do in the future.

Closer… you're almost at the top.



You're probably going to be hanging around the artifact shop a while longer. Keep your bottle of fluid safe.


You followed the party to a shop purportedly selling legendary artifacts. Zoe, that girl with the ranger, tried to have a strange flute appraised, and for that to happen she played it.

>The tones that emerge from the flute are unlike anything you've heard before. All at once it brings you to nostalgia, joy and even a quivering sense of fear. It is music that did not come from this world, that's the only way you can describe it. Zoe plays a simple tune, but the tones the flute produces shakes you to your core. You can feel the Pokemon in your balls shaking, uncomfortable, but Zoe's Happiny bobs along to the tune until she finishes.


"That tune, where did you learn to play it?"


Right. I've probably got a pocket in my vest for just such an occasion.
Then again, maybe I could wear it around my neck? Eh, I'm not too big on necklaces.


Yes! Almost! Just a little further now…


"Oh, it's just something simple I came up with. But the flute turns it into such a lovely sound, doesn't it? Makes me feel like I'm in some long-lost home."

Quetz is shuddering very badly…

Just keep it in your bag like any sane person would. Who would proudly show off what either looks like a bottle of piss, or something valuable and begging to be stolen?

You reach a threshold of light so bright, you no longer have to worry about anything. But below you there is still a sea of darkness, and many upstarts trying to make their way to your level. What will you do?


Hey, there's nothing weird about waving around a bottle of piss! They're great for dropping off of apartment rooftops so that they splatter near random pedestrians, or for throwing at the teacher's house!
…Fiiiine, my bag's probably got some padded pockets anyway. I don't want to accidentally break it.


"Easy there Quetz. It's just some music."

"Well, it certainly got the attention of my Pokemon. Where'd you get the flute anyway? I don't recall ever hearing anything like it."


Yeah, keep it safe. And the shielded wrapping, so you don't bother any psychic-sensitives.

"This? Found it in the far-off frontiers, one of the outposts. I can't remember which one, though, but it was really far from the other cities…."

Quetz manages to calm down.


"I should keep an eye out for one, I've never seen Quetz and the others react that way to anything. So, what did they say, how much would they give you for it?"


Yeah, keep it on until I want to take it off…
"Wherever it's from, it sounds wrong. Maybe there's something stuck in one of the holes or something?"


"Could have been someone's attempt at a new sound. Maybe it'll fetch a good amount because of that…"


"The old lady said I should keep it, it belongs with me or something. I didn't really want to sell it anyway, I just thought she'd know what it is!"

Her Happiny is handling it now, happily looking it over.

"Really? It sounds perfect to me. I like it this way!"

You note Julia looking nervous, for once.


"Gotcha. It's interesting, no doubt. But tell me, what's your Happiny's name? She seems take with you."


Raise an eyebrow at her reaction. Julia, nervous?
"You don't have to lie to try and be 'polite.' If something's bothering you, just say so."
"Well, they succeeded, and I don't know if that's a good thing. My Pokemon started freaking out when she started playing, and I trust their instincts."


Well… They don't seem like such a big threat from here…
And besides, I shared my light, I'm sure they can do it if they really will it like I did
But for now I'll bask in the light. I worked hard for it, and I think I deserve this


"Maybe it just needs to be tuned. Every instrument sounds bad out of the box, if all those street players have shown me."


"Her name? I thought Tia was a col name!"

She just turns away to look at a nice white branch with flowers blooming from it.

"Hey, maybe your Pokemon just like different genres? Mine like the flute."
Zoe shrugs.

you ignore them.
You've taken what you will, and no more. Others will do as they wish, and you won't help.

That's fine. Some grow. Others wither and die. That's how things are.

You feel the vision slipping away. Hang on?


"Well, Tia certainly seems content. If I come across any more music like that, I'm sure to get it. I'm sure my Pokes would appreciate me putting it away. Makes me wonder what type of music they prefer."


Hmph. Can't say I'm surprised by that reaction; she's too goody-goody to admit somebody else did something she didn't like.
"What's that thing you're looking at?"
"Eh, I doubt tuning is going to fix it. There's something off about it."


Their tastes tend to match their trainer's. That mostly depends on what you like.

"I know what this is! It's a branch from a Xerneas. Cool, isn't it?"


Yeah I'm fine with that outcome in life. I did it, I'm sure they can do it too
I think I stayed long enough, it's time to wake up


"Maybe it's just from a region that doesn't get too many tourists, that's why we don't know it or the sound. Still, we should enjoy the rest of the mall. Maybe there's a music shop we can dig up more info from."


"Xerneas? Isn't that a gay-deer or something? I swear there was something in history class about this…"


Not everyone can, but you decided that shouldn't be helped.

You wake up to Jasper and Tina also opening their eyes. In front of you, a small plant has grown out of the ground, about the size of a branch. Suddenly, it falls over, the roots sever themselves.

You could easily carry it around.

"Hey! Xerneas is pretty! It's…"

"The pokemon that gives life." The old lady intervenes. "Life is said to originate from Xerneas, and where it goes, flourishes life. Of course, this doesn't mean you should not be careful if you encounter it! Those who have incurred its wrath, they have to beg for release from Xerneas' twin."

Other region?

"Well, alright. I think we're done here. We could check out the departmental store for stuff!"


Foreign places.

"Yeah, no point going to the mall and not checking everything out."


I carefully pick it up


"Maybe I'm thinking of something else… but you're right, it's pretty."
"Sure, I'm pretty much done here. Thanks for the business, lady!"


There are way more shops. Swimsuits, outdoor gear, grooming, books, and clothes.

The wood on the branch is smooth and pleasant to hold. It's very slightly fragrant.

"You should get a jar to hold that in! And give it a bit of water now and then so it doesn't die. That's something that will help you very much as a traveling trainer." A robed shrine attendant comes up to you and hands you a glass jar.


I jump. She scared me for the second time!

''T-thanks…Uh… Help me how?''


"I'll hit up a book store. I'd like something to read to pass the time if we're stuck somewhere."

"What about you Justus?"


"Give it a while, you'll see. Just leave it with some water and let it catch plenty of air and sunlight when it's available."

Obtained a Blessed Branch!


Outdoor gear, maybe… Looks better than some other options. Why would I need grooming? I can keep myself clean just fine!
"Eh, Outdoors gear looks fine, I'll check that out."


~Do do do doooo~

Well I'm gonna assume it's probally something kickass if she can't even tell me what it is…
''Alright…Well, that was a nice little moment in the woods…Thanks again for the jar''
I'll make sure to gently put it in and pet Jasper and Tina for behaving


Tina's not done yet! She goes to the center of the shrine and concentrates on the small plant…

She seems to understand something. and performs an attack! Columns of grass suddenly grow around her.

Tina has learned Grass Pledge!

And so you split up. Riss joins you.
This is a pretty big bookstore. What are you looking for? Riss is looking towards the comics section…

Julia follows you to outdoor gear. if you're planning to travel further south, you might want to get new gear.


"See you in two shakes of a Tauros tail."

Something mythology related. Something I won't mind opening a few times, unlike my old textbooks.


Grass who? I never even seen that move before! ''Hehey, just look at you, I close my eyes one second and you're over there learning moves and stuff'' Pick her up and throw her in the air a bit
''Come on, let's get to that gym and show this to the leader''


"Well, I'm headed further south, so I'll have to look for some stuff better suited to warmer temperatures… What about you? Which way did you say you were going to be heading again?"
Maybe something like a bug net or something, to put over the tent and make extra-sure no bugs get in?


Pokemon with a connection to the shrines can understand some things from their visits.

You're going to go now? It was around afternoon when you came in, but now it's late at night! Actually, you're not even sure what day it is!

Stories of the Fire Plains
Grasslands Oral Tradition
Islander Mythology
Memories of a New World

Those are some interesting titles. Going to see any of them?

Good thinking. Your clothes will also be overly warm! You'll be constantly sweaty.


"A New World, huh?" I'l check that book out. Seems interesting.


''Oookay, miss do you know how long I've uh…Been sitting here?'' I turn to the attendant


Guess that'll mean a visit to the clothes shop will be in order. Maybe a swimsuit, too, since there's supposed to be beaches or something down there.
Right now though, let's see if there's a section for gear for hotter climates.


"Hmm… about a day and a half? When I came in yesterday you were already here, soo.."

They've got wetsuits here. Might not be the kind of swimsuits you're thinking of, though.

They certainly do. Thin cotton that breathes easy and doesn't mind getting wet.

This looks like a compilation of creation myths, centered around Rayquaza and other renown dragon Pokemon.



"Oh, this one looks good." What's the price?


300P, a deal for such a thick book. It won't give you in-depth information about any region, but it'll give you some general well-known myths.


Seems like everyone's split up. Justus has gone to the outdoor supplies, while Squire is at a bookshop. Did you have anything in mind?


Go ask about how much that flower is.


"Interested? I can part with it for… 6000P."


If I have the money, I'll take it. Might be a fun read during stopovers.


Nice. I don't think I need a wetsuit, but some thin cotton that breathes and doesn't fall apart in the rain sounds like exactly what I'll need.
Any other supplies around that look like they might be important? Tent fastenings or the like?
Ooh, bike tires. My bike's tires might be getting worn out, plus they might not be right for the type of terrain I'll run into down south.


Sigh and shake my head.
That's a little more than I have!
"Aw, no thanks then.."


"Aww. Well, they grow far to the south, the island called the Tropic Xanadu. You're a ranger, aren't you? Someone of your caliber could surely go there to pick even better flowers. People who've made it there say it's like a paradise."

Yeah, you do.
Interested in anything else?

Good thinking with the tires?
Everything together nets you a discount, rounding out your new kit to 1200P.


Islander Mythology.

"Not like I'd ever learn about them all the way out here."


"Maybe.. Or maybe I'll discover something even better out there. Its a wild world, full of interesting pokemon." I smile at the lady and then look for Zoe and Arthur.


Whew, cutting it a bit close there… Hopefully the clothes and such come cheaper than this stuff, because I'm going to be pretty much broke from this.
Better to have this stuff ahead of time so it's there when I need it, though. I'll take advantage of the discount and pay up.


The cover depicts a Lugia and Kyogre in ocean, with a clear spring of water above them. It concerns the folk tales of the islanders, their legendary Pokemon, and the usage of mystic, pure water.

Arthur is just outside, looking at the mall directory again, while Zoe is playing with her Happiny.

Good investment. If you need money, you could consider taking jobs or competing in small battle tourneys.


"Hmm, I don't know anything outside of test questions for these places."

How much for it?


"Hey, I got a little lost in that store, want to head to clothes? Also did you see where the others went?"


300P as well. If there was an islander you could ask about some of the more obscure words, you'd get a lot more value out of this book too.

You saw where they went, actually. In fact, the shops they're in are visible from here.

But sure, off to clothes?


You've been here about over a day!


Yeah, I really could use the cash. Though in my defense, there weren't exactly many opportunities for those along the way to that town in the middle of nowhere.
Just like there's probably not one going in in the middle of the mall right now… right?


Oh, its a little rude not to tell them, pop into the store Justus is in first.


I put a hand in my forehead ''A day and a half?… Oh crap, oh no…''
I run past her and outside, then find a little clearing to release all my pokemon, also bringing Tina and Jasper ''Are you guys okay?! Are you hungry? Oh man you must be starving, augh…''


No, I'll need to be smart and save my money. I should head out to see.where the others are.


Everyone's fine! In fact, you feel fuller and more comfy than you've been for weeks.

The fragrance your branch releases now and then helps.

It's a quiet mall, sadly. Amber walks into the supply store to find Justus,followed by her party.


If anything, you could ask Arthur too.

They're meeting up near outdoor supplies.


"Hey! Justus right? Are you still shopping here?"


I sigh in relief ''Oh good…That had me worried…'' I stretch and take a moment to bask in the nice feeling and the smell from the branch

''…Man, this was weird…I wish I could take everyone on dinner but now we're not even hungry anymore…Heh.''
I'll put that branch carefully in my bag ''Come on everyone, let's see if the gym is still open''


"Nah, just finished up. Got everything I'll need for heading down south now."


You're going in the middle of the night? At least wait till the next morning!


Wave at Squire.
"I was about to head down to the clothes, wanna go?"


Oh crap, that's right, its nighttime…
Well I better go find somewhere to sleep then! time to look around the town


"Yeah, just thinking about what the rest of you were about to do."


"Sure. Don't think I need much, but some new shorts might not hurt."
Guess we're off to Clothes now!


Lead the way to the clothes store.


You can book into a trainer inn.


You're at clothing! More casual and formal wear lies here, different from the dedicated outdoor outfits from supplies.


I gasp at the bright colors and new fashions. Check the reactions of the other girls and Arthur to try and guess their tastes. '1d20'
"So many cute choices, does anything stand out to you?"

Roll #1 18 = 18


I could…But maybe…
I turn to my pokemon and kneel down ''Hey guys, you want to camp out here in the open tonight? Or should we get to an inn? It's a pretty night full of stars out here'' I glance up. No way I'd see this many stars back home…


First check is the most important: the price tags. Is anything affordable to me, or should I just play it cool and just hang out while the rest do their shopping?


Let's dig around the clearance rack for a good backpack.


Julia immediately goes for the frilly dresses, much like the one she's wearing. Riss goes for the darker stuff, she's looking at professional-looking black blouses. Zoe is really just looking at the plain stuff, comfy and easy to wear. Arthur has his eyes on some handsome collared shirts, just smart enough without being a burden to wear.

The low-end stuff is fine, but you just bought a stash of outerdoor wear. Instead of the high-end wetsuits in the supply shop, they've got more casual swimsuits here.

Actually, yeah, you can stay over at the Earth Shrine for the night. The sweet scent of the flowers here can keep you feeling well till the morning.


It's hard to find a good backpack for cheap. All of this is meant for casual city use. You'll have to look elsewhere.


Ah, good. In that case, I'll just see if they've got any decent black vests for cheap, and maybe a swimsuit too.


I smile and go check the swim suits. Something cute but comfy would be best.


Well, as long as they agree with that and are cool with it…Sure!


You could requisition proper wetsuit for water operations from a HQ, so you keep in mind that you're looking for a swimsuit for casual use.
What kind? Plain? A one piece? Julia is already going for a pink polka dot frilly bikini.

This black vest makes you look like your favourite cartoon protag. Try not to be distracted by the girls looking for swimsuits while you find yours.


Roll for dreams while you nap on the soft soft grass


Then, maybe some good swim wear then. A simple set. Hopefully there is a deal on them.


Roll #1 9 = 9


'1d10' oh boy

Roll #1 3 = 3


Not much to debate on with male swimwear. You could go for a pair of shorts, or if you're confident enough to show off, a speedo.


Those regulation ones aren't really.. for fun.
I will go with a bikini with a simple pattern, maybe a leaf or white stripes.


Nice! Now for a casual bathing suit; not exactly looking for anything fancy, most boy's bathing suits look the same.
Of course I'm not distracted. Why would I be distracted by Julia picking out a pink bikini that isn't a one-piece because since when does Julia show that much skin and I'm not thinking about this so I'm not distracted at all, nope.


Your discomforting dream of being swarmed by vicious birds calms into a calm dream of flying among them. You smell jasmine when the dream calms down.

The morning comes. A fruit is dangling just above your head…


Really now? Whatever you say.
Arthur should have no need for a swimsuit though, why is he here?

What about all of them? A leafy green pattern with white stripes? They really bring out some shapes!


Wait…Was that fruit always there? it probally grew in my face overnight…
I yawn and carefully push it away as I get up


"Don't be shy, eat it!"
A shrine attendant tells you while she sweeps.

"The garden grew it for you."


Sounds a little busy, full of energy even, I stare at it turning it over, and then show it to Zoe and Julia.
"What do you think of this one?"


"Oooh! Looks cute! Why don't we try it on?"

"I think it's a good match! Let's give it a try!"

Julia is very enthusiastic.


A pair of shorts might be good on case it gets real warm. Something the same color as Quetz.


"Gah! Goddammit… S-stop being all silent and scaring me like that!"
I catch my breath again and grab the fruit, staring at it for a bit
Do I know this fruit?


Uh… that's a good question. I recheck to make sure my wallet's still in the right place, then glance over at him to see what he's up to and not at the girls and the suits they're looking at.


"Okay. I think yours are cute too. I really like that shade of pink Julia."
I can't help but giggle as I go over to the dressing room.


It seems like a very large sitrus berry.

He's looking at a mirror at an odd angle.
"Hmm, need some help with choosing swimwear? Or are you distracted?"
He grins at that last line.


Right. Wanna try it on?


The gaggle of giggling girls is mainly heard by the party.

It's a perfect fit!


"I'm wondering what you're looking at in that mirror."
He don't know me! and while I'm facing him, my back's to the dressing room, so I can ignore all the girls and their obnoxious giggling. Why do girls giggle so much anyway?


Show the other girls so they can confirm its a good look for me, even though I totally already know it is.
Check the price while I'm at it.


Ooh these aren't so easy to find… I think I'll have a bit, and look around for my pokes


They've been cultivated, but you haven't seen them grow like this.
Your pokemon aren't too hungry, so most of it is for you.

He beckons you closer.
You realise that the mirror provides a perfect view of the girls swimsuit section, and some of the changing room, too.


Yup, let's see what we look like.


Julia is wearing that frilly bikini, while Zoe is in a skirted, elegant-looking two piece. Riss has a black one-piece on.
"See? Absolutely adorable! I bet you'd get all their attention!"
"You think so? Am I a little too plain?"
"Nah, Riss, it suits you just fine."


You pass by the girls on their way to the changing room, and suit up yourself. Perfectly comfy.


Oh, but you do overhear them talking. They're pretty loud.



Well I just wanted to check if they're not up to anything bad… But I won't complain about having this fruit for myself


"It feels so soft too, not like a wet suit at all."
"Yours looks so fancy Zoe, and those frills are so.. The boys are going to go crazy~ Lets get these."


I should probably make sure whatever swimsuit I decided on looks good- FITS me good, so it doesn't slide off or something.
In a minute, at least…


Yeah, soon. The angle is just right to see them come out of the changing rooms and show off their swimsuits to one another.

Arthur's straight face drops, and he sweats a little when he sees them too.

"Yeah, sure!"
Time to put your gear back on…

It feels thoroughly filling and nutritious. Aching in your feet from having walked so long seems to vanish.


Changing into that is simple. Wander over to the check out.
Do they happen to have cheap beach toys here too? How much for this suit?


It's not until they put it on that they really caught my eye.

But I need to get dressed first!


J-Julia… wow, those frills do things… that's a lot of really soft-looking skin…
So, how about these bathing suits, huh?!? They're really… bathingsuity, because there's a lot of curves there and why is this a thing? Damnit, Julia's screwing with my head again, just like she always does! That's why this is happening!


The end of summer is nearing, so the prices are lower than usual. Just 300P!

Too bad! By the time you're out, they've changed back.

"It.. yeah, well, let's just enjoy it." Arthur has regained his composure, it seems."

"Oh,I don't hear them anymore. They're coming out, disperse."

He walks to another section like nothing's happened.

Nah. Maybe you can borrow them from a beach stall instead.


"Aaahh" I stretch and relax with fruit in hand.
Man, nature rocks. I could enjoy living here every day with my pokemon…

But there's research to be done and wonders to be discovered! I can't stay put for so long!


Sounds like a reasonable plan.
Pay the 300 P and make my way back to the guys.
"Hey! I'm all finished here."


"Eh? Oh, sorry, I got a little, uh, lost in thought. I'll catch up with you guys in a bit."

How much for the shorts? Shouldn't be traveling without an extra set of pants.


Grab my bathing suit and head into the changing rooms to make sure it fits.
After all, the best place to avoid looking suspicious is right in the middle of things.
I'm not sure what to think of… whatever just happened… so I'm not going to think about it. At all.


It's a pair of swimming shorts. 300P.

It can rock! but there's another side of it, you should know. Many of the dangerous poisons you've worked with come from nature, too.

Head now to the gym?

Seems the boys need more time! They must have gotten distracted.

You can only fight it for so long.
It's a good fit! At least, for now. Eheheheh.

300P, pay up?


Give me more time to gossip.
"Sooo Zoe, How did you meet Arthur?"


I don't have that kind of money, do I?
Maybe it would be better to hold off for now…
I'd normally consider invoking a five-finger discount, but with the others around it might be too risky.


I need a set. My clothes are going to reek if I don't switch them out. I'll have to fork it over.


"We were in the training class together that was being held by the rangers! We hit it off, and his slowpoke liked me, and my Growlithe did. So we did a trade, and then's what we found you again! Also it was his idea that we have a little meetup, actually."

Gimme a bit to see how much you have

Okay, two?


Yes, I think it's about time
First I'll just have a nice few 5 minutes playing with my pokemon on the grass though, because goodness this grass


"Really? So you spent a whole night in the woods together? Did either of you get scared?"


Nah, just one. I can't blow all my money at the mall.


Wait, if people buy three suits, they get one free… maybe you could ask the girls for help?

"He hated the bugs! Aside that though, he actually really liked it at night. Said it was peaceful, or something. I thought it was kind of eerie, but I handled the bugs better."


"Really? I never imagined something like bugs would bother him, he always acts so cool.."


Oh, set. In that case, sure. Most everyone's paid up already.

Tina loves it here! Jasper, too.

You head over to that strange gate with the garden again. That robed lady is watering some flowers.


Pay up and catch up.

"What's all this about bugs?"


Eeeehhh… I guess I've not really gotten many options here…
Eh, it looks like everybody's already paid up, so it's a bit late anyways. I'll just wait until next time. It's not like they're not going to sell bathing suits around the beach, right?
Yeah, I can be patient.
"Yeah, I remember those nasty little buggers. Woke up the next day with a couple of bites from them."


"Nothing" I smile overly innocently.
"Did you find everything you needed?"


"Oh? You guys probably should have used some repel or had a strong pokemon out.. "


"Oh, he tries! But some of the most cool-seeming people are bothered by bugs."

Are you sure? They have their receipts, you could claim it from there…

It's just Justus left, who is looking over a pair of trunks.


"Except for keeping me up at night when I had tests, most bugs have been pretty passive with me. So what else is on s hedule for today?"


"If you run into them at night, it could be surprising."


"Miss Maple?" Walk closer quietly


I snicker at the idea and add curiously in a lower tone.
"So, Did you.. help him out with the bugs?"

"I think I have what I need. Unless I wanted to get some casual shorts.. but I'm fine with my uniform for now."
"Anything you wanted to do?"
"Also we should exchange emails to stay in touch better."


I'm sure. It's just a bathing suit; it's not like I need it or anything. Worst comes to worst, I can just use some undies as a bathing suit.
"We had bug-screens up and everything, even fought a couple off in the middle of the night. Lyle and Chica actually evolved from kicking those bug's butts. Besides, the point was to survive without using stuff like Repel; you had to build your own shelter and everything. Even had to kill the pokemon we caught for our dinner."


"Huh, I guess they really didn't tone it down for you city trainers like I heard." I ponder tapping my chin a bit.


"Probably just some food for me."

"I reacted poorly that night. I have a hard time when things are just thrown at me without time to think."



"Mhhmm. We all had to fight them off. Didn't have to do much though, he was panicking and knocking them away pretty fast."

"Weather's pretty good! Want to head to the beach?"


"Anything you're hungry for?"
I giggle softly at the image. "No way! Not Arthur!"

"Well, I do want to show off my new swim suit.."


You just had a huge burger! You're full as hell.


"Let's head to the beach. I almost forgot about some of the leftovers."


"You figure it out after a while. I remember socking somebody when I came out of my tent. I think it was a guy… That wasn't you, was it?"
"Well, it was pretty toned-down; we had the supervisors there the whole time to babysit anyone having trouble."
Well, I should have seen this coming…
Ah well, I've got several new pairs of shorts, it doesn't matter if this pair gets a bit sandy or wet.


"I'm sure it wasn't me. I think."

"But if you did, it probably helped."



In the meantime, you see a courier service in the mall looking for help. Maybe you can come back here later for more money.

"Oh, yes! He really like my growlithe for how fast she dealt with the bugs, actually."

Head to the beach now?


"Oh, welcome back. Are you ready?"


"Uhh… Ready?"


'You've come for the gym challenge, haven't you?"


Rub my arm "Uhh… Not really, just wanted to thank you for telling me about the Earth Shrine is all… And maybe watch someone else challenge the gym but it seems this isn't happening


"Well, if you're sure. Did you get anything out of the Earth Shrine?"


"Sorry, I'm not really striving to be the very best pokemon master… Oh and yes…" pull out the pot with the branch from my bag "I got this…"


"It's not just about being a Pokemon master. People who see the Mirage Axis are changed. Oh, but you get a blessed branch? That's nice! Take good care of it."


"blessed branch? So that's what it is? Wait, mirage Axis?"


"That's what we call the tree."

You note the huge tree looming over the town, far into the distance."

"The only way to reach it is to challenge the gym."


"Huh… What's so special about that tree aside from the fact it's huge then?"


"It's hidden away. That's all I can tell you."
She's being very cryptic.


"Hmnn… Fiine, I'll try the gym challenge… But not now though!"


"Take your time. As a traveler though, you'll be sorely missing out if you give up on it for good."


"Well, first I think I oughta train my pokemon first for the challenge… I haven't gotten in many battles since I started my journey…"


"Don't worry too much about it. you're inexperienced, so I'll go easy on you! Well, unless you come back and I see you're way tougher."


Nah. Not a lot of ship patrons bothered to dress up as well. Guess they were feeling lazy towards the end of the cruise.

Tonight they're serving mainly steaks! How would you like your Tauros? Or do you prefer Miltanks? Or you'd rather a big Doduo chop, or more Basculin.


Medium-rare. I like some flavor.
Can't believe they'd serve Basculin in a place like this though.


Basculin are ubiquitous as a food source, since they live everywhere. The way they prepare it is different though, you see someone else with a fillet covered in breadcrumbs, fired.

Seems like you're experienced enough with Fireplains cuisine to order a medium rare. Nagi is unsure why someone would want their meat uncooked.


Well, I'm not that much of a yokel.
I tell her it's just personal preference. Some people like their meals to bleed, for whatever reason. I just think it's more savory.


Really? She decides to take a medium, just to try.

Your steak comes on a hot plate, still sizzling. It's accompanied by potato wedges and a salad of dry herbs. Nagi has the same…

Oh, but what about drinks? You could be boring and just have water, or have cola, or alcohol.


Always nice to expand your horizons.
I think I've earned some libations after all this. A beer would be nice.


They serve you one right off the tap, into a frothy glass. Nagi, after some consideration, takes the same. You didn't come here to drink the same stuff as before, after all.

This isn't your first time drinking, is it?


No. I don't do it often, but I'm not that sheltered.


Great! You think you can handle it and, well, you do, even if the flavour is different. It's a lot more bitter, the taste bites at your tongue more. Much like the origins of this brewing style suggests, it burns you on the way down. Which is what they wanted.

It is quite a flavour.

Your steak is tauros, so it's a tougher cut. Weaklings prefer the fatty, soft miltank steaks, but you know the true flavour lies in making each hard meat slab bleed out over your tongue.


Well, that's certainly better than I could put it. Still, this cuisine is good. It's…heartier than all the seafood we normally get back home.


Takes some getting used to, though. You feel heavy and sluggish after the meal, it's not… refreshing and cooling like home fare is.

But now both of you are full out of your minds. Nagi lies back, stifling a burp and looks at the brochure.

"Hey, I think the dancing show is coming uppp.."


I suppose that's what they mean by meat and potatoes. Do they always eat this much in Fireplains?

"Really? You think that might be worth checking out?"


"Yeah, why not? Looks coool…"

Nagi's aura feels wilder and less restrained. So, too, is your own, thought it almost escapes your notice.


This has to be the beer talking. Oh well. Hopefully we can make it to the show without incident. Who knows, this might even be fun?


>Justus. Amber, Squire

Head to the beach now?


Yeah, head to the sands.


Surf and Sun and Sand await.
I hope no one burns easily.


Sure, whatever. It's not like I've got anything else planned at the moment.


File: 1466737624656.jpg (3.11 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0083_2.JPG)

You should probably remember that courier service, if you need cash.

The beach itself is in a small bay. Stalls selling food and drinks and toys line the sand further inland, and out in the distance plenty of ships can be seen. The air isn't as fresh as some places, but the sand is clean, and ripe for frolicking in.


Seems like a nice place. I'll let my Pokemon out to enjoy it.

"Don't run off too far, okay?"


"I'm gonna go get us some buckets and shovels, maybe one of those big umbrellas if I can find a place renting one."
Stroll down and look at the stands for beach supplies.


Quetz immediately dives into the water. Dratini can thrive in many place, but in the water is where they are born, and where they live naturally. Quetz and Cobalt Play at the shore, while Dynamo rounds around the sands. Did you have another Pokemon…?

Yes, there are beach supplies for borrowing. You get enough buckets and shovels for everyone, and put them under an umbrella already placed in the sand.


Letting my pokemon out to play seems like a good idea. Let them have a little fun.
Since we're here, I might as well take off my shirt, socks and shoes.


Cali, the Dewitt.

"I'll get us some water bottles."


Whoops, meant to say that Cali is playing along the shoreline.

But did you have another pokemon…?

Filled bottles for drinking, or for collecting seawater?

Zoro comes out disguised as Chica and comes out at the same time as her, while Pillow and Lyle hang around the water, splashing about.

Only your pants is left.
Roll for confidence in your looks


I come back with the buckets and shovels and a smile, letting my pokemon out.
"So, what should we build? A big castle?"


Do I already have Airy?

Regular, basic drinking water in simple co trainers. Gotta stay hydrated.

"One that's a real big fort."


Pants? In the summer? I could have sworn I was wearing shorts…
Whatever. I look good in anything. '1d20'
"Yes, one to challenge the ocean waves and stand strong against their onslaught!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


That's unknowable to all but you. You have a memory of… something.

In the meantime, you take some complimentary water bottles.

During the jungle training, only the foolish wouldn't cover their legs. But you could have changed out beforehand.

You… well, you should look fine, right? I mean, your competition is that nerd guy and the vaguely creepy tanned islander.

"Hey? Aren't we changing into our swimsuits?" Julia is flaunting her new swimsuit around.

"Castles are boring! Make it a fortress!"

Arthur is already drawing lines in the sand, laying out some kind of blueprint.


"A fortress, big enough for us to hide in? Sounds like a proper challenge." I grin and then look shocked.
"Oh right. Did you see a changing room nearby?"


"We're building a sandcastle!"
and definitely not glancing every now and then, because I'm focusing on building this fortress of sand.
And nothing else.


I've been feeling like I'm missing something, but I have to focus on the moment.

Share the water bottles for now.

"Strong enough to repel the sea, right?"


"Well, of course not, that'd take way too much sand. But, you know, a nice-looking sand fortress!"

Zoe points you towards the changing rooms while heading there herself.

But first
Reach for a poke ball you're not sure should be there?

"Make it better than just a castle, come on!"
He works on a wall to protect it from the waves first.


"We have enough people to get it done if we wanted to." I comment with a scrunch but head to the changing area.


Get down in the sand and help build up the wall, stretching it out a ways before curving it inward so the waves can't get behind it.
"A big sandcastle is still a castle! Castles are fortresses too!"


Yeah, I'll Pat them down. Did I make sure to clip them on me?

"See you in a bit."

"Come on, we shoyld make sure our stuff doesn't get wet with the tide."


"Eh, didn't the ranger chick set us up over there? I just dumped my stuff under the umbrella over there."


You have to be clearer than that. A dragon knows what it wants. This is how it brings order to spacetime, and bends it when it wishes.

"Yeah, but… fortresses!"

You're not going to take too long getting changed, are you?


Look over, I have my team with me. I'll let Airy out, a little further away from the salty sea.

"Oh, I totally missed it when I went to go grab the drinks. I'll put my stuff and Airy over there too."


Only as long as you say it takes!
I hope there isn't a long line.


You're sure that Pokeball is there. Airy emerges, looking disoriented and confused. The sun is nice though, and she runs over to join your other Pokemon and soak up some rays.

Nah, there isn't.
How do you think you'll look in your bikini with a bit of sand on you?


"Whatever, let's just get the walls up before the waves reach us!"
Keep building up the flanks and thickening the walls so that they'll stand up to the punishment of wave after wave, digging sand from the center of the castle to create a depression and make the walls seem even higher.


Well, the other girls said it was a cute bikini, what would I doubt them for!
However, sand is itchy, brush it away from my skin.


"Oh, I never I Friday Ed you to Petilil, did I? Airy is her name."


Good work. In the meantime, he goes off to change. Most of them have.

There's none of it yet, you're still in the changing room!

Arthur passes by you while he goes to the other changing room. He tuns his head very slightly while walking pretty fast.


Why are the girls' and boy's changing area on the same side?
Totally don't blush and leave the changing room with my clothes folded up in my backpack.


Oh, sorry, you were leaving the changing room when that happened.
Now you and the girls are ready to have yourselves a good time on the beach! The castle's foundation has been worked on, and you could build a lot within the outer walls and base now.


Yeah, yeah. I'm busy here!
Maybe dig a little moat a little ways in front of the walls, just because it'll look cool. Then I should probably make sure the walls on the other side are far enough back…
I… what? Was that english?


Oh! I get it.
Pick up a bucket and shovel and look it over.
"You did pretty good so far, now it needs a few towers."
'1d20' Take a corner and make a watch tower.

Roll #1 12 = 12


phone autocorrect went crazy.

"This is Airy, the little Petilil you see."

Start customizing the walls, make them look like the historical ones.


"Wow, you built something really cool"
A shadow looms over from behind you! It's close…

You build a really tall one! it also looks sturdy, and you decorate it with a couple of vines.

Arthur returns works on building a moat. He doesn't look upwards….


You create the walls in the style you love reading about. They're separated into two, and decorated into distinc patterns on each half. Riss helps you decorate the other half!


"heeeyyy what are you doing there?" I frown a moment and then smile. "Oh! I get it. We should get some shells to use for the windows."

"Um, don't you think Arthur? A few little round ones?"


"Ah, right. Cool."
"Well, it's not that detailed yet-"
Glance back at her BECAUSE I KNOW IT'S HER
"-but you can help if you want."


"Round ones? Yyyyeaah, sure! I'll look around!"

He takes one look at you to respond before nearly leaping into the seawater, keeping his head underneath.

As you turn around, the distance and your head's elevation gives you a point-blank glimpse of heaven, wrapped in pink frills.



I look a little concerned and inch over to Zoe, whispering to her. "hey, is Arthur acting a little different today?"


"Come on, let's see what else we can add. A proper fortress has to have its flags and other cool things."


"Huh, flags? I guess we could look for some sticks or I could ask Lily to help out with some leaves.."


She slaps her forehead.
"Oh come on! All the boys are. You know…!

You're remarkably focused on the task despite the numerous distractions around you.

In lieu of paper and sticks, you find a few leaves and stick them at the top of towers. The leftover leaves could also look like gardens!


That is NOT a Harley-Davison, no matter how good it looks or how it makes me feel!
Turn back around and focus on thickening the front wall with more sand, digging the moat even deeper.
I am not flipping out in the middle of this, nope.


"No? I don't think.. I've had boys act that way around me.." I sigh and look at the other guys then back to her.
"Can't we do something to put them at ease again?"


"Yeah, that'll work!"

Once I get focused, it's hard to snap out of it. But, I should see what the others are doing to the castle.


"Ooh, looks like you found some! Good job."
I give you another bucket of sand to use.


It's crawled into your mind already, you can't get rid of it so easily. Especially when she's happily working on the part just opposite you!

"Keep getting their attention till they get used to it."
She grins.

Arthur emerges from the sea with some small, discarded shellder shells.

Riss is adding walkways. She has a nice black one-piece on that is plain, but elegant.



Put some around the bases, to keep them strong.

She does look good in that…


"Alright.. Wish me luck girl!"

Go over to arthur without waiting for a reply and shuffle through the shells he gathered, being careful to lean over them like the girls on TV do.
"Ooh, they're so cute, perfect shapes for the windows. Do you want to put them on together?"


This girl is going to drive me insane!
Put up a smaller wall with a pair of towers in front of the moat, as a sort of bailey/forward outpost. If only to put a little distance between me and everyone else so I can breathe.


"Yeah, you are. Ah! I mean, sure, sure! We can put them on together!"

You sure caught him off guard there.

What are you wearing now, anyway? You changed into your dratini-print shorts yet?

What this castle missing is a massive tower in the middle…

Aww, want to be alone?
Zoro joins you, looking at Julia's Eevee nervously.


Already on me.

I have Amber's bucket, so let's start building it, bit by bit as I glance over at my Pokemon. See how they're doing.


I look surprised and blush a bit straightening up.
"Right, um, I think the right side is a good place to start."
Slowly walk with him to the right part of the fortress and pick up a shell from his stash, lining it up on the side.


I'm not that far away! Just a few extra feet so I'm not constantly getting… whatever those girls are doing to me!
"Ey buddy," give him a sypmathetic scratch behind the ears. "You're not the only one, I'll tell you that."


They're minding their own business, playing with the rest. Cali, Cobalt and Dynamo seem a little confused by Airy's appearance, but Quetz seems to understand something they don't. They go back to playing with the other Pokemon that have been released, they're drawing boxes in the sand and trying to push each other around, but not too rough.

He lines up another one right next to you.

"So, uh, Amber, when did you decide you wanted to be a ranger?"

He turns every now and then to see you. This purchase was well worth it.

Wait, you're not scratching Zoro, it's Julia's belly!

A moment of panic later, Zoro dispels the illusion and is laughing his tail off.


Sit down for a minute to catch my breath, then scowl and push Zoro over towards her eevee in retaliation.
"Very funny, you little punk. Now go play with your 'friend' over there."


Its only fair if I, look at him too right? He's never been shirtless around me..

"Well.. Its actually a pretty normal dream, for where I come from. Since we have a base nearby, we get to see them on their way to work or a mission pretty often." I put another shell on the castle as I speak, pushing it a little too hard. "But for me, I always saw and heard about the trouble people and pokemon had. If I'm a Ranger I can travel all over and help them all. Or a lot of them anyway." Smile happily at the idea.


I'm glad they're having a good time. I'll look back at the castle we're building, and at Riss. It really is a good swim suit, now that I think about it.

I smile.


His shoulders show he swims a lot. The islander tan is also something you've rarely seen till now.
"That's so cool…" He says dreamily, his eyes drifting off before suddenly focusing on you. "You, uh, you're a really cool person, you know? I wish I knew what I wanted to do…"

"Hey Squire, think I look good in this?"

Riss is is stretching herself out.

"Come on, I'm sure you can judge!"

Zoro shudders. Maybe he shouldn't have done that. Her Eevee is a littlel ess creepy than she is, though, and he reluctantly lets here sniff him a little.


"Uhm, yeah, you, uh, really do." I say while trying not to turn red. '1d20'

"How do I look?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


''Geez, thanks for your honesty…'' Rub my arm. It's kinda embarassing to hear a gym leader going easy on you like you were some kid…
''Well, until next time, Miss Maple''


Heheheh, that'll teach the little scamp to pull that on me.
Now back to the forward outpost. Maybe build it up into a little square fort, to act as a front line against the oncoming tide.
Which I imagine is probably not that far from coming in…


"Not bad! you know, maybe after you've trained some more, I bet you'd be really cool, all action-hero like." She gives you a thumbs up.

"I'm gonna train at Sinistra's for a while more, but I'm going to stop at some point and keep on the road. I wonder what you'll be like when I see you again?"

You receive a ping from your pokedex. You should probably go to a pokecenter and see if Professor Yew has anything for you.

It's still the afternoon…
You realise Arthur designated the castle just far back enough so the high tide waves would look nice hitting the walls, but not overrun the castle.


I'll do just that then. Probally he's going to report back from those sunstones


Very nice, a swimming partner would be handy for the big waves on the islands..
"Maybe you'll get an idea on your journey? You seem smart, like you could be a scientist if you wanted."


"Me, probably the same." I say a little disheartened. "But, she gave me some directions. I'll follow those for now, maybe I'll find something I can really go after there."


When you get to a computer terminal, there are a ton of unread messages
>Cello, where are the sunstones? They haven't arrived. You did put the correct address on them, didn't you?
>Cello please respond immedately
>Roserade is the cutest Pokemon I'll have you know
>ignore that Cello contact me immedately


Aw, that's no fun. Part of the fun comes from challenging the ocean, putting your creation to the test and seeing how long it lasts before it's inevitably swept away.
All the more reason to build a forward base, to fight where the cowards in the fortress won't.


Ooooh crap… I forgot that while I was in nature coma for a day the world kept going…
Let's hit him up with a message >Uuh…Hey proffesor, I sent it to the right Adress I'm sure. Maybe the company is just having trouble with a lot of deliveries right now?…


>Just gave them a call. All the packages were bound for Dervor Town. Staff said they saw you write the lab address but when they looked at the package later it was changed. Someone tampered with it. I need you to take the train to Dervor immediately. I am worried, I suspect criminal activity. Don't do anything there until I arrive myself, understand?

Attached is a train ticket for Dervor town. The train leaves within the hour. You need to hurry.


"Good to hear! I believe in you, man!"
She gives you another thumb up.

"Building a little holiday shack~?"
She's crawled up to you!

"The main castle is almost done, so lemme help you here!"

"Mmmhm. That's why I came out! I mean, I've been out of the island before, but you know what it's like to stare out into the distance, across the sea, wondering what's out there? I was really happy when I met Floyd.."
He gestures to his Frogadier, lying in the sand.

"We met at this cliff where you could see the lands around you floating in the sea, and at night the stars come out and blink at you from both above and below. I think that's how we understood we wanted to travel together. So, uh, how'd you mean… Lily? Yeah, Lily."


>What?! Alright, i'm going there immediately!
Screw the gym challenge, I'll kick the ass of whoever messed with the sunstones. No one, absolutely NO ONE tampers with the delivery, especially mine!
Go to the train station immediately


oh but before I go…
Any more messages on my inbox?


Return the thumbs up and get back to working on the sand castle. It'll be glorious.

"I did tell you I do have some actual plans in a couple of months, right?"



You get a nice cabin on the train, but you can't really enjoy it while you're rushing. It's hard to get a private ticket at short notice so you have to share a cabin with… Viola? Why's she here?

Nothing except your spam folder, which you haven't cleared.


"I don't recall. What was it?" She's really curious.


"I'm going to the University. Last few years, all I could do is study. In a few months, it's all I'll be doing again. This might be my only chance I get to explore for a long time."


I angrily fidget in my seat, tapping my leg with a finger in anticipation
''Oh hi Viola''
Anyways, who would do such a thing? tamper with the packages for sunstones? Can't you easily find those in other places…Or could it be that-Wait
''Viola?…O-oh hi Viola! Fancy meeting you here…''


"I-it's a forward outpost! The fortress is too far back, so when the tide comes in, it won't really overrun it. This one is going to face the waves head-on!"
I guess some help would be nice…


"I'm not too sure if she actually remembers.. but it was at the Ranger HQ actually. They had a bunch of newly hatched pokemon, various types, and Treecko was there, yawning like she was bored. The ranger attending the pokemon said they were going to start looking for homes the next day, and I mentioned I didn't have a pokemon yet, so she let me pick one. From there, it went so well. Like Lily and were 'wood from the same tree', you know? " Then lean forward and whisper "I heard rumors the eggs were being sold illegally, several stolen from legit breeders too"


Due to time constraints, roll for how well interactions with her go.

"Aww, but it's going to get flattened by the waves!"

She seems disappointed.

"I was wondering what I wanted to do too, but I was thinking of going back to Sinistra's when I'm done. Being a bodyguard is cool! And important."


"Before you met her, what were you planning on doing?"


"Wood from the same tree? Is that a Grasslander saying? Cool!"

He then looks a little worried.

"Wait, the rangers were selling the eggs? That can't be! Or you mean they took them from the illegal breeders?"


"Well, yeah, but the point's to see how long it lasts! I mean, sure the fortress there isn't going to get washed away, but it's not really facing the full force, you know? This'll get washed away, but however long it stands, it'll stand because I made it strong enough to!"


'1d10' Time to be the awkward teenager as always

Roll #1 10 = 10


Smoooth, you charmer, you.

You talk with her late into the night, pouring your worries into her. You were really worried before, but everything feels so much better talking to her. It's all going to be fine. She lets you carry a bit a few of her worries, too! Dervor Town was her home, but when her parents passed and a less-than-nice aunt would have kept her, she ran off to live on her own with her Venipede instead. Until she grew a year older and could officially get around on her own. You talk with her till late into the night as she sleeps on the bunk above you, something you haven't done. First thing she wants to do, she says, is go back to the beach.

Your train arrives at Dervor town, overnight! What are you gonna do? It's the middle of the afternoon, and the sea is ripe for visiting.


"Nono! I meant, they busted these guys who were stealing and selling eggs illegally, and had no way to track down all the original owners. Since the thieves took them from all over. So, that's how they got so many baby pokemon. I remember a poochenya, a skitty, an abra, a torchic, and a purrloin there too. All pretty sought after for shows and battlers right? So they'd be likely to be bred."
I ponder a moment
"They never went public with that story, so I can't know for sure.." Look down at lily with a smile. "But she could actually be a pedigree pokemon. Wouldn't that be something?"


(That wasn't so bad) I think to myself that night before I sleep

Well… The proffesor say to not do anything until he arrived…
Where's Viola? I'll stick with her for a while, she's a nice company


"Wow. Lily's lucky she ended up with you! I bet she's really happy she gets to help more Pokemon, like she got helped herself." He likes the story. Is she doing anything?

Want to follow her to the beach?


Though I never been to the beach before…


"I didn't really know, actually. That's why I'm here! Actually, I wasn't sure that a lot of people knew that they were gonna do before they set out to discover themselves."

"So confident!" She applauds.


Lily? I think she's probably nearby sunning herself.
"I feel lucky to have her really. The way she took charge during the test, ordering the other pokemon in how to set up the campfire.." I stare off a moment, in awe of the memory. "She's the most amazing partner."


"I'm envious, to be honest." I'll work on the sand castle. "There's lots of people here who are having a good time. Did you come to the beach often, if you weren't studying?"


In your city, most of the shore is covered in concrete for ships and factories. There are a few beaches, but they're not as attractive as other places.

Hey, you recognise someone on the beach. It's that ranger!

"She's picking up after you! I wonder what Floyd's learned from me, I hope he's picked up some better habits."

He laughs. He feels so at ease now, different from before.

Oh? There's that artist or researcher guy approaching the beach? He's got a friend of his own, too… you know her! you helped her out in the Rising city. She wad the girl with the bug pokemon.


"Thanks." I grin, then sort of shuffle my feet as I build up one of the towers.
"That, uh… That suit looks good on you."


To correct myself, I never been to a REAL beach before…

Wait… Is that the one that I saw the gym challenge…Oh, yeah its her, wow!
I'll wave at her, if she can see me


"Have you noticed him copying you at all? I heard there is a pikachu that learned to wear costumes because its owner was an actress and it saw her dressing up for different parts!"
I giggle a bit.

I wave back and shout at you.


She cheers.
"I knew it! Thanks so much, Justus! You're reeeal handsome, too!"

That's not something you hear regularly…

"I studied alright, but I never left much. There aren't any beaches in our home."


''Hey there!'' I walk closer ''Amber right? I didn't expect to meet you here. I thought rangers sticked mostly to forest and mountain areas, not…On the beach…''


"Hmm, how about, next time we meet, we go to the beach? That way, both of us have something planned for the future, regardless of what happens."


Everyone's in a swimsuit! How about you? You should have one of your own, right?

"Alright! It's a.. promise!"

She even pinky-fingers.

Viola, the buggirl, shouts back.
"Hey! Good to see you again!"

She takes her clothes and is off to change.


I raise an eye brow at you, making an unconscious gesture to my casual striped swimsuit.
Then get a big smirk and stand up doing a peace sign salute. "There is no where the Pokemon Rangers won't go."


"I, uh…"
Try not to go red as I focus on the sandcastle. Sheesh, wasn't expecting that much of a reaction.
"Thanks, I guess."


I wave at her as she leaves to the changing rooms.. wait did she just get down to her underwear in public!?!


"Good. But, let's leave that to tomorrow and follow our Pokemon's example. Let's have some fun for now."


Your party is joined by another pair. An obviously nerdy looking kid-far more than squire, and a rough-looking girl, but not dangerous like the others.

"Don't be shy! …oh? Hello!"

Your party is joined by another pair. One smart-seeming guy, whose hands have probably been trained for skilled tasks, and one rough-seeming girl.


No! She took her clothes out of her bag. Just your imagination…

She comes back in a green one piece in a web pattern.


I uh…
Holy crackers, even Viola has one too…
Now where am I ever going to find a swimsuit…
''Haha… That's… great
I take the slightest time to glance at your swim wear ''Say uh… Where you get that nice swimsuit? It feels kinda awkward to wear pants and a t-shirt on the beach and I don't have one myself''

Take off my hat, man its getting hot in here


"Oh, hello. I'm Squire. You guys want to help us with the Fort too?"


"Whoa! Viola! that's totally cute! Is it new?"
"Oh, the mall just a little walk away. But you might be able to find some here, beaches usually have at least someone running a stand with swimwear for those who forgot."


"I am not shy! You're just… you're just doing the thing again!"
Glance at the newcomers and nod to the girl before going back to focusing on the castle.


''Oh, great, now to find one… Also hey, where's your pokemon? They don't like the beach? I mean I have a zubat, and I think he wouldn't really like to be out here in the sun…''
I fan myself ''Neither of us are used to this heat…On the other hand, I have two friends who might like it here though…'' picking up a pokeball, I release a snivy in front of me, pick her up and hold her to you ''Amber, meet Tina, Tina, say hi to Amber''


you should have one! Your mom made sure to pack one for you for when you find nicer beaches. But roll for how good it looks.


Wait, I do?!
Woah, lemme chekc that
Oh please don't be an embarassing one don't be an embarassing one don't be an embarassing one!

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yeah! I decided to come visit my hometown again and try the beaches. I got paid for a job well done, so I picked this up!"

She's happier than you've seen her.

Tina, Cello's Snivy, greets you. It's a cute grass Pokemon!

It's plain with a subtle purple pattern. Its not at all bad, luckily!

"What thing? Hmmmm?"


"Uhm, hi?" I ask again, to see if they'll give me their names.


"We're taking a day off to celebrate." I explain slowly. "They all worked really hard this week to help me pass the Ranger exam. Had to survive in the jungle. So, they're a bit tired." Nod toward the Grovyle sunbathing nearby. "Lily is resting over there."
Then lean down and offer the snivy a hand to shake. "Hello, nice to meet you Tina."


The girl in the web-pattern swimsuit speaks first.
"Viola! Hi! You Amber's friend?"

The other one is


I'm going to answer like I normally do, but having Riss here reminds me of something.

"Yes, yes I am."

"Woah, I thought I was talkative."


"The thing where you start messing with my head and doing stuff!"
Huff and do my best to focus on adding any seashells lying around to make it look good for it's inevitable demise.
"So who are the new kids? More friends of yours?"


Hey…At least she remembered my favorite color…heh
I'll excuse myself and get changed real quick
''Oh, there she is, hope you don't mind if i let Tina do the same near Lily, they'll be good friends I'm sure''
''Also excuse me while I go change real quick''
I run off to the changing booth and I come back wearing my purple stripper patterned swimsuit, with my chest out, trying to disguise my obvious blush with a confident face ''Heh… S-so do I look like a beach hunk or what?''

''Oh hey, you're a new face!'' Offer a handshaek ''I'm Cello, Pokemon researcher…In training…''


"Hi Cello, I'm Squire, just a simple traveler. Are you here for your studies?"


"Oh, and my friend here is Riss."


"Okay, I'll see you in a moment."

"Viola, I haven't seen you since we hatched Lalita right? She's all evolved into a Marill now! Did things work out with that job?"


"Oh, that Marill is yours? It's pretty cute."


"Yeah! That's how I got money to come here and outfit myself a little!

It fits well, even.


''Well…Yes and no… Do you know Proffesor Yew? The pokemon Proffesor? Well I'm here to check something important with him regarding a research on sunstones.'' I Sit down on the sand

''Basically I got some reaaaally good samples and I sent him, but there has been a little trouble, so I'm waiting for him to show up so we can investigate, and what a better way to spend time than in a beach, right?''
''Oh, where is he/she?''
''Now here's hoping all that walking and journeying has been kind to my lanky teenage body


It has! your legs have grown tougher, you can feel it.


"This is her, here in the black swim suit."

"Hold on, you mentioned Sun Stones. What are you doing with them?"


Ooh yeah!
''Oh, I see her now, howdy!''

''Oh, just some research, these aren't regular sunstones… Look'' I open my bag and pull out a bright sun stone
''These are fresh made, no imperfections. Probally more powerful too… I don't know for sure, that's what the proffesor was going to research. Here catch!'' I toss it to you ''It's pretty warm and bright, you can probally use it as a lantern, haha!''


"Oh, have you two been playing? She's really energetic, and a good swimmer too." I say proudly.


"Woah, thanks for that." I hold it up. Just how warm is it? "How long have you been in training for this?"

"Maybe Quetz and Cali can have a race with her one day."


"A race? Heh, okay. We wouldn't have to worry about the pokemon not being plugged in at least." I wink at you.


I'll groan and look kinda sad because of that memory.


"Don't worry, you'll have plenty of stuff on me if we keep hanging out." I giggle a bit.
"Where are you headed after this?"


''Hey slow down big cat, I didn't say you could have it! Just to feeeeeel it. And uh…I haven't really been in 'training' it's pretty much just what I do… I been researching and drawing since I left my home at Petrotown''


"The islands in the south, to the Fighting type gym. I've got a lead from a reputable source to head there."

"Oh, still, it's pretty interesting. Can you show me your drawings?"


''Heh, I'm joking, its fine, you can keep that one. Though, I wonder if you'll even have any use for it. Also sure, I keep them in my bag along with my research logs. There's not a lot of awful interesting stuff though, I started like, a week ago or so''


"Ooh yea, you drew my pokemon at the gym right?"
"Are you on a break now? Maybe you could draw us by the sand fort?" I fold my hands together and get an excited look. "It would be even more interesting that a picture because you could make it all look cooler than life!"

"Really? Are you up to the challenge?" I smirk at you getting a lower tone all the sudden. "I heard that gyn has a lot of big guys."


"Just a week? Still, it must have led you to interesting places if you're traveling here."

"I'll find out when I get there. To be fair though, I've gotten into me that it's a better idea to just travel around now. Going there is its own reward."


''Oh yeah, I did, do you still have that?''
''And uh…Oh man, I could do that yeah…But it might not look so great… Are you sure?''
''Not much…Well, I did find some cool things…But I'm sure that'll seem like nothing as I carry on and explore the rest of the world''


"Hey, if you ever get in a jam, hit me up. I'll come down ASAP, and now that I'm a full Ranger, I can get there even faster." I declare confidently.


"Oh, come on. I'm sure it would look fine. You drew such a cool picture last time."
"And of course I kept it."


''Alright alright… I'll do it! Just need all of you to get in position then''
I get my drawing supplies


Whistle at everyone.
"Hey, my artist friend Cello says he'll draw us next to our sand fort! Gather up, hurry!"


Everyone gathers around! Arthur is right next to you, too.


Now just smile and look relaxed.
This is gonna be great.


Alright, let's get my best pencil and try to not screw this up

Roll #1 4 = 4


Hmm… the sun is blurring your vision.. keep trying?


Lets uh… put my hat back on and try it again
''G-gotta sketch the form first guys, just a minute''

Roll #1 4 = 4


Keep trying!


use the d20, better odds!


''J-just putting a few last details now!''

Roll #1 3 = 3


you can still salvage it!



Roll #1 10 = 10


Well done!
Such a pretty picture! You've managed to capture everyone perfectly. Squire, Riss, Justus, Julia, Amber, Arthur, and that Zoe girl. Remember their names!


Huh, Viola wasn't in it. But yes, i'll remember it
''Aight, What you think? Good enough for the fridge?''


Oh, she was! Sorry.




Blush ''Oh stop, that took me a while…I-it's not even thaaat great, ehe…''


"This is really nice!"
The lightly tanned swimmer boy comes up to you, Arthur.

"Why don't you send us all copies?"


''Well…Hah…Alright, sure yeah! I'll just need everyone's mail''


Arthur, Riss, Julia, Viola and Zoe give you their contacts. Neat.


"Its really great. You still have my contact info right?"
"See. I told you guys he was an artist." I say proudly.


Heh, its a surprise Viola even has mail…
I'll save these up and remind myself to copy the drawing to them later


''Yeah, I even tried to mail you the other day to tell you about my sunstone discovery''


"Oh. You know, I haven't been at a computer since I got back from the test area this morning. I haven't had a chance to check. But I was planning on writing you about some of the stuff that happened out there."


''Well, you can just tell me now, and i'll tell you about my research. I think I still got time to relax while I wait for the Proffesor to show up''


And so everyone had a good time at the beach. It wasn't the best beach, without the best food, and certainly not the best sea. This is yet a memory that will be carved into your hearts.

A figure runs at you from the roads outside. A disheveled-looking man, running right at Cello.

"Hey! I have a lead! Cello, you need to come with me now!"
It's Professor Yew!


I Gasp.
"Cello, is this the guy you were waiting for? Are you in trouble sir?"


"I swear, whatever it is, I had nothing to do with it!"


"Actually, yes. Are you Cello's friends? A package he tried to send me was stolen, and I've only just managed to trace it. I'm going to reclaim it before it's gone again soon, they're moving out. Any spare hands would be appreciated!"


"Oh, is this another of your friends, Cello?"


"So, is this like a job or something? What exactly did he lose, anyways?"
I literally just met this kid; he's all right, but if I'm running around the city for him, I want to get paid.


We already changed clothes?
If not I just throw my uniform over my bikini, no time to worry about it.
"I'm Ranger Amber. Consider me on the case sir."


"Sure, we can help! What did they take?"


"Sun stones. Special ones that can be used over and over. They were a thing Cello himself found, too! I just found out where they are, but they're going to be leaving soon. If you're all ready and willing to help, we need to leave now!"

Oh, but you might have heard of this guy before… he was on the cover of a magazine for a paper he published. He's called Professor Yew, you think.


"No no it's fine, guys this is the Professor, like I said I was waiting for him. We got some important things to solve"
"Oh yeah… I met these guys here, they're great people, Amber here is a Ranger and Squire said he's a traveler… Though I didn't even had time to talk with all of them yet…"


"Sure, sure, lead the way."

"Wait, so you ARE Professor Yew. I thought I remembered you from my lessons. Have you been researching those sun stones the entire time?"


I nod attentively. Have Tamiyo out and covering us.
"Who do you think took them?"


Sun stones… no wonder they got stolen. Maybe if I help, they won't notice if one accidentally goes missing… right?
Good thing I'm already half-dressed; I can be ready to go in no time.
"Uh… So he's… important or something?"


''Yep, that's the guy. And I think he just started when I tried to send the stones to him
''Probally some kind of evil organization that wants to use them for their nefarious purposes and world domination!''
''Dude! He's the pokemon Proffesor!''


"He's been in books and magazines. I've used his information in a lot of my school work."

"Or probably just thieves out to make an easy buck."


"You can talk afterwards, Cello! We're leaving!"

"Green Cipher. You've heard, as a ranger? Activity's been rising lately, I think one of them heard about the stones and wanted them for themselves."

"Ah, so you have heard of me! Well, no, I've been working on the Pokedex project for the last year, mainly. Just something Cello found."

He pulls everyone to a fancy-looking house, not too far from your beach. It looks very well-maintained and lavish.

"I heard that this is one of their safehouses, and where they ship out things to the sea. Ready?"


"Yes. I was afraid you would say that." I reply with a frown.
"Its lucky I'm here then, I've dealt with those guys before."
'1d20' spot check the house

Roll #1 2 = 2


''Er, yeah, that too''
''Alright, lets go! How did you even find out about all this, Proffesor?''


"They're nearby? Even better."

Call Quetz back to my shoulders.

"Alright buddy, looks like we have a real problem to deal with ahead of us."


"I'm pretty sure there's more professional nerds than just the one, dude. He's 'A' professor."
Green Cipher? I don't seem to recall any groups by that name back home. Probably because they'd have stiff competition trying to set up on that claimed turf.
"Sure, let's do this. Who's got back?"


There's nothing much you can discern about the house, other than it looks quite fancy. It's a typical beachfront property.

The front door is locked. The professor sends out an Arbok, and simply melts the lock away with a spray of acid before kicking down the door. He pulls away a carpet, revealing a trapdoor!

"Traced the package, talked with the delivery people. I had to be a little… convincing with some of them."

Or they'd have a squad of ninjas breaking their turf apart if they tried anything funny.


''Well… You ever seen another Proffesor around these parts?''
''Uuh… Alright, I won't ask about it''


Keep alert. Can't let people sneak up on us.

"Oh.. I see. Where is it?"

Roll #1 11 = 11


"Be careful. Who knows what traps and tripwires they have waiting."


Stay behind the rest of the group, waiting for them to inevitably set something off.
I'll be ready to get them out of whatever jam they create for themselves.
"Never seen one before, doesn't mean they don't exist."


"Nets usually." I reply in a serious tone. "They don't seem to give out complicated devices to the underlings."


The professor carefully opens the trapdoor….

You hear sounds from inside! The people within are startled.

"Good thinking!"

Riss sends out her Ivysaur! Her Ivysaur sends a cloud of green powder down into the trapdoor, and her Murkrow blows them further in.

The sounds from within grow muffled.

That vaguely dangerous girl of squire's is doing some work

You don't see the professor angry much, but when you do, it's really scary.


Quietly approach the trap door and shine a light down the stairs.


And he seemed like such a laid back guy, jeez and I thought I was angry about these stones
That only makes me more pumped to get in there and solve this!
I'll let Jasper out and have him stay close


"Quetz, you can handle the powder residue, so I'm counting on you."

"You see anything?"


As expected. Guess there's some perks to hanging out with dangerous girls… though I'm certainly glad I'm not in his shoes.
Let's get Chica out and ready to rumble, since there's clouds of poison now.


Careful what you breathe in! The passage down there is lined in rough cement.

The professor drops down. You can't see much from here, but you can hear him take a few steps forward

"Got a few! Anyone have a way to bind these people?"

Jasper stands ready. He'll fare better than most if it's dark underground.

Quetz stands ready. Most of the powder should have gone by now, but more will probably be sprayed later.

Clouds of sleep, actually, but there might be more poison spewing out later.


I'll use my old bandanna to filter it.
And I'm sure I had some rope, offer it to the professor.


That was the plan!
>Anyone have a way to bind these people?
If only I had rope…Tina doesn't know Vine Whip yet, does she?


You could use rope, but there's webster, too.

She does! She helps bind some of them, too.


First things first, relieve all the sleeping people of any pokeballs they have on them. Don't want them suddenly pulling a battle on us…


I'll copy Amber and use my shirt as a filter.

"We can probably use some curtains or bedding to tie them down." I'll take away their Pokemon first.


"Oh, looks like Cello has the right idea here."
Let Webster help with anyone left untied.


''Nice, that will take care of them… Now let's find those stones. Jasper can use his soundwave thingie that he does and see if there is anyone ahead… I think''


As your hand reaches out to their belts, the Pokemon from within snarl at you intimidatingly. A Machoke, and scyther. The balls, however, are locked, so they can't do anything while you take them and leave them in a corner somewhere, or take them with you.

The dark passage is straight, so Jasper's echolocation isn't very much needed. He can feel a larger cavern in front, however, and a lot of noise is coming from there.


"Good job.."
Let's keep walking forward then.


Snarl back at them, and stick them somewhere where they'll be hard to find. Make these guys work to get them back.


''There's some comotion up ahead…Let's be careful''


A group of 5 Parasect drop in around you! Their trainers shout orders to attack!


Same thing here. Keep them with us.

"Should I have Airy use Sleep Powder too?"


Have Tamiyo use Protect


Chica, Peck!
'1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 7 + 6 = 13


"Quetz, Dragon Tail them against the wall!"

'1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 4, 8 + 10 = 22


Oh shoot
''Jasper, use confuse ray!''


Recognizing the danger your flying pokemon poses, two of them come up to Tamiyo! she deftly avoids the attacks, wasting their efforts.

Chica's piercing horn devastates one!

Quetz's swinging tail pushes them back.

Arthur's growlithe charges forward cloaked in flames, while Julia's Braixen shoots embers from a comfortable distance. In just a few moments, the group of Parasect are halved.


"That's it, push 'em back!"
Good job, Chica! Now see if you can get two in a row!
Peck '1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 6 + 6 = 12


'1d20' '2d8+18'
Wing attack now!

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 5, 1 + 18 = 24


"Take down the rest. Use Dragon Tail again, push them together."

'1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 8, 2 + 10 = 20


In the unfolding chaos, the parasect are scattered. There are, after all, ten of you, and the professor hasn't even sent out his own Pokemon yet! He shoves the defenseless thugs aside and keep rushing forward.

"Stay with me!"


''You got it, Proffesor!''
Do as I told, he's the only adult here, and he seems more than capable… Man, I kinda want to draw a scene from this

I mentally slap myself in the forehead, I could have tried to draw the battle scene against the parasect just now!


All right, follow the angry nerd as he chases down these thugs. I kind of want to see who wins this…


With mild confusion I follow him, "You been here before Professor?"


"Yes!" I yelp out after being ordered around.


"No, I just really want to kick these people aside. Their boss should be in front!"

The cavern opens up into a cove! There's seawater here and a tunnel for boats to hide here. In fact, there's one!

A big, imposing guy guards the gangplank towards the boat, flanked by more goons.

"Still wanna mess me with me, punks?"

You've seen this big guy before. He's the one who almost tainted Vee into a shadow Pokemon!


''You're the one who got the sunstones aren't you!? I'll show you to not get in the way of our research, Go Nadia!''


"I've never seen people get so angry like this. Return the stuff before it's too late!" I yell at the thugs.


"Oh, but it already is!"

He kicks off the gangplank, and the boat is starting to sail out! Some of you will have to run for it and try to stop it!


"Okay." I step forward to challenge the big one.
Making a dramatic pointing gesture at him. "Let me handle that one. We have a history."


'1d20' Jump onto the boat with him.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Lyle, you know what to do!"
Sink his ship by putting a hole through it with Aqua Jet!
'1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 3, 4 + 8 = 15


"Hey, stop right there!" Rush after them.

'1d20' speed

Roll #1 13 = 13


''Not so fast! Nadia, use Aqua jet, stop those guys!''
'2d6+8' +24

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 6, 1 + 8 = 15


he and his goons are still on the dock with you, but some other goons are on the boat and sailing off. Choose which one you'll do!

Your pokemon jaws are strong, but they can't penetrate a metal boat hull. If you want to stop the boat, you need to jump on from here while you can!

You might not make it, and might prefer to stay here to fight.


''Nadia, come here, quick!''
I muster up my courage and jump to it, literally!

Roll #1 18 = 18


Jump onto the boat; I've got Lyle to back me up, and I'd rather leave the big guy to the others.
All aboard, bitches!

Roll #1 12 = 12


If there are loads of goons around to deal with, I'll have to think fast.

"Quetz, use Twister behind them. Try to knock them into the water!"

'1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 1, 2 + 8 = 11


..Stay here.
"I'm not leaving without a battle from you."
Tamiyo stays to cover me in case they try something, and have Lalita come out to fight.


You are followed my Julia and Viola!

A group of Beedrill surround you! There are five of them.

Arthur, Zoe, Riss and the Professor stay with you.

It's that Electivire again! Backing it up are a group of four Rhyhorn, and strangely enough, one Lourdred.

Quetz's twister rips through them! The Electivire tries to punch him with a shimmering firs,t but that's stopped by the Professor's Arbok.


"Julia go left, Viola go right! I'll take the middle!"
Lyle, show them your style!
Aqua Jet '1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 2, 1 + 8 = 11


''Now's your time to shine, Use ice fang Nadia!''
'2d6+10' +24

Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 4, 5 + 10 = 19


Suspicious Pokemon choice. Better handle it first.
"Lalita, Body Slam that Lourdred."
'1d20' '2d10+24'

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 4, 1 + 24 = 29


"Good work Quetz. Do it again, keep them all busy."

'1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 5, 1 + 8 = 14


Lyle charges right into the middle of the formation, breaking them! He hits a tender part of exposed body beneath the exoskeleton, making the beedrill cry out and frightening the rest.

Nadia follows up on the croc! It bites down onto another Beedrill, and manages to freeze it in place!

The Beedrill try to converge on Julia, spraying them with fire, but Viola's venipede draws their attention and evades with a well-timed protect.

A rhyhorn moves in to to block the hit! It fails to do much against the Rhyhorn's hide.

Quetz continues to do work , chipping away at all participants at once.

The Arbok fails to draw attention from the Electivire, and instead it opts to paralyse Lalita! Almost immediately, though, a soothing bell is heard. Zoe's Happiny makes some sort of chime that lift's Lalita's paralysis, from behind.


"Oh. I see now." Aqua jet on the Rhyhorn
'1d20' '2d6+26'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 6, 2 + 26 = 34


"Quetz, keep hitting them as a group. We'll hold them back for the others."

Twister '1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 1, 2 + 8 = 11


In the chaos of battle, It's confusing how to aim attacks! While Lalita misses the Rhyhorn she was aiming for, she ends up crashing into another.

Something tries to grab you from behind! Green tendrils almost envelop your arms, but suddenly the Carnivine they come from shrieks and pulls away after a burst of flame from Arthur's Growlithe. Beware of sneak attacks!

Quetz isn't doing much damage to them individually, but they're being worn down over time and time again being thrown about.

Riss's Ivysaur standa at the frontlines, draining enegy forom the Rhyhorns to offset the damage its taking, but you can see her Murkrow getting in position from behind.


"Good one Viola! Alright Nadia, one more, ice fang!"
'2d6+10' +24

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 3, 6 + 10 = 19


Well. I thought I had Tamiyo on that job. Unless she's gotten lazy on me suddenly. Force the bat back out then. "Tamiyo. Cover me." '1d20' for Tamiyo Perception too.

Lalita keeps trying to take out a rhyhorn with aqua jet.
'2d8+26' '1d20'

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 2, 8 + 26 = 36 / Roll #3 11 = 11


Attaboy, Lyle! Press the attack and show them why you're the best!
"I was having a nice day! Now I've got to deal with all of you, personally!"
Have Lyle Rage to tear through their Beedrill!
'1d20' '1d6+3'

Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 5 + 3 = 8


Keep Quetz doing what he's doing.

Twister '1d20' '2d6+8'

Let out Airy and let her use Sleep Powder on the nearest enemy.


Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 3, 5 + 8 = 16 / Roll #3 14 = 14


Nadia isn't going to have much more luck! While Nadia is moving faster and faster, she gets hit by a Beedrill needle, and is hurt badly.

Viola's Venepede rolls into the Beedrill while they're distracted.

Lyle becomes Enraged!
Just in time, too, for he bears the brunt of attack from two beedrill. He gets knocked over and is hurt quite bad, but the rage state means he's going to hit very hard while he can!

Julia's Braixen continues spraying fire, from a safe distance. It does a good job of scattering them.

Whoops! Tamiyo will try harder! She lifts herself to cover all angles.
The fight is clearly not going well for the goons and the big guy.


His Electivire unleashes a shockwave! The Rhyhorn thrown about, some into the water.

In one fell swoop, Lalita is almost buried alive! She's stuck in the ground, unable to fight any more.

The goons scatter, defenseless, except the younger-looking boy at the back, who is cradling his knocked-out Loudred.

Quet'z Twister is interrupted by the shockwave! Quetz himself struggles to hold on, and he is knocked out as well.

Riss' Murkrow tries to go for their boss, but the Electivire knocks it away.


I recall Lalita to her pokeball.
Send out Vee and approach the boy.
"Put that thing into its ball.. kid."


The goons might have scattered, but the Big guy is till present! His Electivire means you can't get close.


"Arrgh, Nadia are you okay?"
Considering recalling her…


While you're busy fretting over her and not giving her orders, she's going to get hit again!


Their funeral for trying to fight Lyle head-on.
Pull his signature Aqua Jet to put at least one of the Beedrill down!
'1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 5, 5 + 8 = 18


Okay okay time to recall her "You did a good job, girl"
"Go Jasper!"


Recall Quetz quickly! Let Airy out and have her use Sleep Powder to put an enemy out of commission!


Roll #1 4 = 4


I still return Lalita and call out Vee, turning to the big guy with an angry bitter stare.
"So, you're finally ours."
"Vee. Use Hypnosis on the Electivire."
'1d20' ?

Roll #1 2 = 2


That's not a 2d6+8, don't forget his attack stat, which has been boosted sky high by his ability and rage. That's a 2d6+8+36.

Lyle finally finishes off one!

Jasper comes out in time to lure a Pokemon into attacking it, which is then mowed over by Viola's Venipede.

The horde of Pokemon are finished! The thugs here are defenseless, but there's the matter of who's steering the ship…

Another Pokemon comes out to take the powders! A Carnivine! Being a grass type itself, it isn't affected by powders.

Riss' Murkrow comes to claw at it.

Vee remembers this! He's angry, but Hypnosis needs a calm, focused mind. It fails to affect the Electivire. It laughs mockingly and is about to grab Vee, but it's suddenly restrained by vines. The professor has sent out a Roserade!

Arthur sends out his honedge, and it makes a horrible pinging noise that stuns the Electivire a little.

The big guy hits the boy at the back, and makes him send out a Tangela.


'1d20' Tamiyo perception.
Well, clearly this kid doesn't want to be here, but nothing I can do but win.
"Quickly. Confuse Ray on Electivire."
It can't miss, so no roll I suppose.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Wait that's true
"Come on Viola!" Let's find who's at the steering wheel


Great! Now to keep pushing the advantage!
Aqua Jet on the other Beedrill attacking Lyle! '1d20' '2d6+44'

Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 2, 2 + 44 = 48


"Airy, let Murrow handle Carnivore! Use Magical Leaf on the Rhyhorns!"


Roll #1 2, 2 + 10 = 14



Roll #1 10 = 10


Calm down, there aren't any more Beedrill! But…

You two look into the cabin and see a panicked guy steering the boat. He tosses a Pokeball back… a Ludicolo defends him!

There aren't any more Rhyhorns. Just an Electivire, Carnivine and Tangela.

The Electivire is clearly stronger than you, so like Arthur you focus on weakening it! Its confusion turns its on strength on itself as it hits itself, and the sound from earlier makes it unable to defend itself against the Roserade's attacks!



Sound? Well, this only means its my time to strike.
"Good now use a Fire Spin."
'1d20' '2d6+19'

'1d20' Tamiyo keeps watching my back

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 4, 5 + 19 = 28 / Roll #3 10 = 10


"Airy, switch out with Dynamo for now!"


Clever, clever… Let's see if Lyle can't whittle him down a bit with that angry energy.
Bite. '1d20' '2d6+44'

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 3, 4 + 44 = 51


The big guy, under attack from so many different directions, is hard-pressed to launch a sneak attack now. Especially now with his main Pokemon under so much pressure.

Arthur's Honedge manages to move in close, and cut into the Tangela! It tries to loose purple poisonous powders, but the sword isn't affected.

Dynamo is ready! He rears up to ready for an attack.

Riss' Murkrow continues dealing with the Carnivine, which can't quite reach it.

Lyle isn't the fastest Pokemon around! Sensing weakness, the Ludicolo goes for him first! It drains Lyle, leaving him shivering on the ship floor and out of commission.

Julia switches out her Braixen for her Nidorino, seeping venom from its horn.


Well, he can't steer and battle properly at the same time…
"Jasper, wing attack!"


Was worth a shot; Ludicolo's aren't the fastest bunch either.
Recall Lyle and send out Chica.
"Ready for a tag-team, Julia?"
Poison Tail! '1d20' '2d6+10'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 6, 5 + 10 = 21


Viola's venepide leaks more poison and stabs into it.

'1d20' '2d8+22'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1, 8 + 22 = 31


"Vee. You think you can calm down?" kneel down to speak to him better taking long breathes myself giving him a determined look.
"Take you time okay. I need you to try another Hypnosis." call him closer as if I wanted to pet him, and whisper "At the Big Guy."
'1d20' aim

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Dynamo, use Flame Wheel on the Carnivore, keep it busy!"

'1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 1, 7 + 10 = 18


Under all this pressure, the big guy can't defend himself! When he frantically looks in Vee's direction, he's already putting the spell on his mind. It wasn't enough, but he's unfocused and can't give instructions to his Electivire being pummeled from every direction.

Riss follows up, and her Ivysaur darts through to powder his face! Whatever backup Pokemon he had won't be sent out now, as he grabs a crate and tries to stabilize himself.

The Carnivine crunches onto Dynamo first! Dynamo is hurt, but takes the chance to intensify the flames on himself! The Carnivine shrieks and lets go, not before its mouth is burned.

Arthur's Honedge finishes off the Tangela at the back, and is posing menacingly above its frightened trainer. The professor's roserade is beating down the worn Electivire.


Nod in understanding.
"Its okay Vee. Use your rage then. Fire Spin on Electivire."
'1d20' '2d6+19'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 5, 3 + 19 = 27


The only reason the Electivire hasn't been recalled is because its trainer is unconscious. Its kneeling on the ground while the Roserade kicks it, before it tosses a sludge bomb at the Carnivine.



"Don't let it escape!"

Stomp '1d20' '2d6+10'

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 3, 1 + 10 = 14


Oh, I'll attack again then. "One more, Jasper!"

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 7, 5 + 22 = 34


You didn't say so.
"Stop.. Everyone Stop hitting it." I shout at the various worked up trainers on my side.
Then run over to the Big Guy and grab the empty ball to recall the pokemon.



With the Carnivine thrown to the ground by the impact of the Professor's Roserade's sludge bomb, Dynamo's stomp is really more adding an insult to injury. It's the last move needed before the Carnivine, too, surrenders.

The battle finally calms down.

Don't worry, it's not overly badly hurt. The Electivire seems a little grateful when you recall it.

There's still that frightened boy at the back. Zoe is tending to him…

The Ludicolo should have picked a better battle The amount of poison injected into it now must be overwhelming, with both Nidos jabbing it from different directions and Jasper slapping it down is just icing on the cake.

The boat driver, hearing the commotion, fearfully surrenders. I hope one of you can pilot a boat…


Zoe is capable enough for the moment.
Use the rope to restrain the big guy, he's the type that could snap webs.
Take all his stuff too, I bet he has all kinds of incriminating things on him.


"You look like a nerd; take the wheel while I see to this guy."
"So, care to explain why you were running? Maybe cut to the chase and tell us what you've got on board?"


Letd hope all those hours playing games will pay off here!
I'll take the wheel and try to find the brakes or something


"Stand down Dynamo, looks like they give up."

"Well gather the Trainers together. I'd say keep the Pokeballs off their on you, away from them."


"Hey man, I'm just a driver! Look, I know we have some pretty stuff, that's all!"

This sort of stuff should be kept as evidence, but surely they wouldn't mind you pocketing something, if the others don't see…

Roll for it

Webs are actually really strong, but might as well give webster a break.

There's a warm bag on him! besides that, there's an electronic device of some kind that asks for a password.


Riss is already having her Ivysaur 'secure' everyone. She looks quite pleased. Dynamo rears up and neighs.

"Madam Sinistra would be proud!"


"I'm working on it."
"..I feel a little bad about not playing fair, but I've seen this guy escape before.."

Warm? Peak inside of the bag.
Also feel my side for my ranger radio, did I bring it with?


'1d20' here goes nothing

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I'm also sure she would've seen where I could have improved."

"This wasn't a proper gym battle. The only rules are to do everything to win."


"Uh-huh, and where's this pretty stuff again?"
I can just dismiss it as checking to know exactly what they're smuggling here…


"That's true. And they were trying to do the same to us."


File: 1466927402628.gif (378.24 KB, 500x228, tumblr_n1xoptZSDC1rjenv2o1….gif)

Oh, Madam Sinistra would be proud of you, too.

Somehow, you manage! You steer the boat around, and manage to figure out how to stop it as it reenters the hideout. You're reunited with the others, and they too have won.

Jasper hovers above you happily. He's bigger than before… Since when did he have such a big mouth and eyes? And a tongue?

Tina seems bigger, too… her arms are smaller, but she's grown longer.

"Exactly." Arthur answers. They tried to hurt us. No sense playing fair if we're the only ones. We did it, anyway!"

Yeah, you did, but the Professor is already on his phone. In fact, you hear voices and people rushing in from above.
"you guys alright?"

Inside the bag are sun stones! They're much brighter than anything you've seen, though.

"C-check the boxes?"


I am about to reply to Arthur but the stone takes all my attention "What the.. whoa.." I lift one up high so everyone can see it.
And No matter. I still have to report this. Radio in. "This is Ranger Amber to HQ please respond."


"Yup. So don't let it get you down. We stopped the bad guys, now we deal with the new problems.

"Now that we've got them all tied up, should we check the place out more, Riss? I've been duped by fake walls before, maybe there's something we missed?"


Check inside the boxes real quick; it looks like they've already found the stones they were so worried about, so there's something else they're smuggling… maybe.


Oh, gold nuggets! And some pearls, star pieces… quick, roll to see what you can get.


Oooh… ka-ching!

Roll #1 7 = 7


It's a good idea. In fact, you stumble upon a fake wall! Behind it seems to be some valuables.

"Copying. We've been informed about your situation, is there anything to add?"

You manage to dig up three pearls. They're pretty, but they'll be prettier once they've been cashed in. Hide it!


Pause looking back at the professor. "Yes. One of the criminals here was involved in a previous operation, and possibly many more before that. Requesting back up to transport him."


"Woah… Jasper did you just… Oh my gosh you EVOLVED!"
I grab him in a hug
"Viola, are you seeing this? Look how big he's got!
"We did it guys, we stopped the boat thugs. Everything went smoothly over here?"


Stick them in my bag real quick, preferably one of the smaller pockets, then moving away from the box.
Play it cool, and nobody will suspect a thing.


I nod with a smile.
"Yea. We got most of them."


"Sheesh, these guys have been busy. We should have the police take this into custody."

"Yeah, everyone seems fine. No major injuries around here."


She's busy patting her Veni- no, it's a Whirlipede now!

Cool, cool. The fuzz are already flooding in and taking away people.

Rangers and police are coming in to take away people, but–
Quick, roll for reflexes!


'1d20' I'm a reflexive girl

Roll #1 13 = 13


Not the most attentive person here. '1d20'

Roll #1 13 = 13


"Nice! That ought to get you some points among the other Rangers. Good job finding the Sunstones too, thanks to you, the research is safe"
"Great work man. Did you see the professor anywhere?"
"Oh, guess you weren't the only one…" let Jasper go and give him some pettings
"That tongue is kinda creepy though, dude"


Not fast enough! You turn around just in time to see the electivire come out and shock the big guy's PDA, frying it.

Well, at least he's caught.

"Cello has himself some good associates! Now that I've seen all–"

He's interrupted when his Roserade leaps on him, hugging him and wanting to snuggle.

"N-no! Get off, not in public! Uh, anyway, as I was saying, now that I've seen your skill, I would like to make a proposition. Have you heard of the pokedex project? Or are some of you already holders, even?"


Jasper looks sad. Did you really have to say that?


Nice. Make sure I'm with the rest of the group so they don't mistake me for one of the crooks here.
"The poke-what now? Is this some sort of homework or something?"


"Gah. Well. Could have been worse." I frown and toss the thing to the professor. "How broken is it?"


"Yea.. They are really something." Those stones are Cello's property, give them back to him.
"And hey, congrats on evolving your partners. You must be proud."


Huh, that reminds me to take a look at mine
"Aw… You know I didn't really mean it, man"
Pull him into a bro hug "Come on, with or without tongue, you'll always be my best bud"


"He was right around here…"

I stick my tongue out in disappointment.

"I thought we tied them all up?" I'll go check on them all again.


"Oh, these are not for me. The professor needs them. Don't worry" pull out my last stone out of my bag and smirk "Plus, I got my own. Got no use for it though"
"And thanks. This whole thing really was an adventure"


"The pokedex!"

He takes a device out of his pocket. He points it at Cello's Golbat, and after it blinks a few times information is displayed on the screen describing the species, their types, habitats, and more.

"A project to not only collect data from all corners of the world, but to give the data to trainers too. We need competent, traveling trainers to collect data for us, and in return they get to benefit from the work of many other trainers alongside them. Interested?"

He frowns.
"No idea. The police will try to extract as much as they can, I guess."

They are, but the Pokemon's pokeballs weren't locked. They won't fight, but that electivire came out of its own will.

There you go! Jasper feels better already and wraps his leathery wings around you.

Your pokedex is still well-taken care of. Maybe you can ask the professor about adding more functions another time.


"Uhhh… sure, I guess. Not like it could hurt…"
Getting data on the fly could be pretty handy.


I definitely will
I'll also have to reward Nadia and Jasper for their hard work too… And I think I got an idea…


"Aw, okay."
My ears perk up when he mentions the Dex.
"Professor, are you saying you made an electronic pokemon encyclopedia?" wave my worn out pokemon book at him.


"Heh, this is really my job anyway. But if you really wanted to thank me.. I wouldn't turn down one of the stones."


Psst, you have a pokedex already! you got it in the city and even chose the color

Julia raises her hand too.

"You interest kids meet me tomorrow at the downtown research center, alright?"


Huh, okay forget that then


"This?" I throw it and grab it a few times in the air

"Hmn… This was preeeetty hard to find though… I might never find another one ever again…"


"It is pretty much the coolest thing ever. But hey you said it could be reused? So, hold onto it and just let me use it if I ever find a pokemon that needs it.. sound fair?"


Actually is that kid with the tangela here?


"Heh…" I take a look at it
"coolest thing ever… Ah dang it all, I alright, you give me a mail and we'll meet right away. Alright?"


Yeah. Rather than tying him up though, the rangers and police are giving him cola and trying to make him feel better. Zoe's with them too.


"You should still have it. But here just in case." [gibs contact info]
"I'm gonna check on that kid now."
Walk over to the boy and Zoe.
"Hey.. everything okay over here?"


He seems fine. Zoe helped him take care of his Pokemon.

Hen ever wanted to be here, but was forced into helping out these criminals. He's at least safe now, right?


"Aye Aye, Ranger Amber. If I'm in trouble, I'll know who to call then"


That's right. But he looks down. Pick up Vee and whisper "Be nice" while petting his head.

Sit near the boy "Hey I'm Amber.. what's your name?"


He's too busy being distraught to answer. Zoe motions that she's got it under control while trying to comfort him.


Look down at Vee and then up at Zoe and shrug a little.
Guess I'll go find the highest rank Ranger and ask if I'm needed for anything.


goodnight thanks for running


Everyone's resting after the events of the day! It's currently evening, and after dealing with the excitement earlier, everyone's gone off to take care of their worn-out Pokemon. Most of them should be in the Trainer's Inn, but you don't stay there.

This is less of a theatre and more of a club, with a clear floor in the middle, presumably for performers. Judging by the schedule, games are held here in the daytime, and at night the kids are sent away for other activities to take over.

There is a bar serving more drinks.


We could use some rest too.
Head to the ranger HQ and find a bed to settle into.


Alright then. You check in, receive congratulations from the crew. You're too tired to hear them,, though, as you plop into a dorm and fall into bed.

Roll for dreams.


Eh…maybe later. If this turns out awful. Hopefully Nagi doesn't go overboard.


"Jake, youuu look so tense! We don't get to be here oftenn. Relax, okay?"

Well, she seems concerned.


'1d20' these should be good ones!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Anyway, let's get seats.


Today was a special day, so you're luckier than normal.
You're adventuring through unknown, new and excited places! But you're not alone as usual, you've got a few friends. Together, your comrades can do anything!

It's so good that though you wake up early, just before the sunrise, you feel thoroughly rested.

Show's starting soon. You feel a sense of anticipation from the other guests. The seats are comfy, you could sleep in them, Don't, though.


No, that would be embarrassing. I'm not that much of a hick.


It's important to maintain yourself in a place like this!

Show's starting. Scantily-clad women emerge from stairs below, and perform a routine showing off their best assets.


What a nice dream. Get a shower and head down to breakfast.


It's only been your second day since you left the jungle, clean water to wash yourself with feels sooo good. As does proper food, grown on lush farms and cooked properly that you can eat on a plate.


Oh. Well okay then. This'll keep my attention.


Make sure my pokemon get their share of proper food too.
They really have grown, some of them are even too big to pick up now..


The attention of everyone else in the room adds to yours. You're in a haze of focus, the thoughts of others seeping in when they agree with you.

The women aren't alone. Lopunnies emerge seductively and partner up with the women, joining in the routine and posing seductively. You note that some of them are male and are dressed accordingly to highlight it, and next to you you feel a stronger haze of emotion.

That's life. soon, they'll be the ones picking you up. Imagine that!


Won't that be something, I'll have to come up with a whole new set of poses for that!
For now check to see if there are any local problems to take.


I can't say I was expecting this. It's a little overwhelming, especially immersed in so much.

I'll sneak a peek at Nagi, see what she thinks.


For you, it's still nighttime. You've received congratulations from the professor and some pay, and by now have booked into a trainer inn. Most of the others have booked into the same place as you for the night, but Amber has gone to sleep at the ranger HQ. Anything you wanted to do before sleeping?

Nothing much, except a surge in challengers of the gym leader you just beat, the ranger chief. Not your problem to take care of, since there are rangers stationed here to help out it's a boring job to hide somewhere and watch people for a couple of days anyway. Maybe it's time for you to head off…

Nagi is downright giggly, staring her eyes out at the bunny boys. She's gotten another drink, and has a glass for you too.


Perhaps. Take a look at the map.
"Well, where should we go next? North?"



I find myself in the bed of my room, staring at the ceiling
Tomorrow will be a new day, but now I don't even have a plan on where I'll go anymore…
Maybe I should dedicate tomorrow to train and bond with my pokemon a little more

"What you think, Jasper?"


North brings you back inland. Maybe you want to return home, even? And south are islands.

Jasper licks you.
Sounds nice! But if you were thinking of triggering Jasper's evolution, that will take a long, long while. Jasper's happy with you, sure, but it takes something deeper.


Already? She's less uptight than I thought.
Eh, what the heck. I'll take it.


Chuckle "Alright, tomorrow will be a day for all of us. No explorers or Rangers nor thief shenanigans"
I was talking about bonding with all my pokemon! Not just for Jasper evolution, he barely got used to this one yet


Sometimes, you have to let all the uptight-ness drop. The atmosphere pulls you in further–, well, if it weren't for the man sitting next to you, suddenly standing up and cheering rudely.

Nagi looks annoyed, and the performers do their best to ignore him but have clearly lost some focus. Can you silence him somehow?


Home.. That sounds like a nice idea.
Is there a train that gets me close?


You have a ticket home, actually! People who go off on journeys will always have these special prepaid tickets home if they have second thoughts or want to take a break. The trains will let you board as soon as they have space, which is most of the time.


Hm. I probably could. Let's see if I can do this without raising too much of a fuss…

Roll #1 16 = 16


What a nice, if pessimistic, policy of them.
I should say goodbye to Arthur and Zoe at least. Write them an email saying.
"Hey, I'm going to head home today, probably an afternoon train. If you'd like to meet up this morning to say goodbye let me know."


You tap his shoulder. He turns around in confusion, and the moment his eyes lock on to yours, you see your chance. You empty his mind and flood it with the silence and darkness of the depths, using hand gesture in his face. His thoughts being incoherent and unclear help, and he loses his connection to conscious thought and falls back into his chair, sound asleep.

Nagi and a few other patrons look impressed When it's time for the dancers to get close to certain audience members, you're first.

It's just a prepaid ticket. You never know when you might suddenly lose your way and want to go back for a while.

>Arthur <aaacsails@trimail.com>

>to me Sep 12
>Sure! Where do you want to meet?


Alright! But what will you be doing? Going to make plans or do what comes to mind tomorrow?


That is a good question, did I see any sweet shops near HQ?
'1d20' rollin for luck

Roll #1 5 = 5


Well… Since we are at the beach, I'll definitely try to swim with Nadia in the open sea, she's gonna love that I'm sure. Plus we can train there too!
After that, I think I'll take Tina somewhere private with no one nearby in the beach and train some moves, along with that one she learned recently
Then a nice afternoon walk with my shinx, on the beach or the city
And I'll leave the evening and nighttime for Jasper and misdreavous


Not an especially luscious sweet shop, but you do recall somewhere selling some nice candies nearby! And right next to it, a waffle/icecream place.

You going to play all that out, or let the day pass quickly?


That sounds like a quiet place to meet up.
>to Arthur <aaacsails@trimail.com>
>Did you see the candy shop next to the waffle/icecream place? The one right near the Ranger HQ?


>Arthur <aaacsails@trimail.com>
>to me Sep 12
>Sounds nice! Want to meet there?

Morning swim in the sea! You head back to that beach and let your Pokemon out, but it's Nadia's time. Roll for how it goes.


Well, time sure will fly when I'm having fun
I'll make sure to tell them to play nice, and to the sea I go

Roll #1 12 = 12


>to Arthur <aaacsails@trimail.com>
>Sounds perfect, I'll see you there.

Then I smile just a little more as I make sure all my things are packed up.


It's way quieter, giving you and Nadia the sea all to yourselves. She splashes about in the water and zooms around, wearing herself out.

Tina next. going to train her here on the beach?

All packed up and ready to go!
You head over to the candy place, and he's already there. A Togetic hovering above him is pointing out bags of candy, before point at you.

"Hmm? Oh, hi, Amber!"


Too bad we didn't find anyone to battle though… Ah well, I hope she at least enjoyed it

Yep, let's find somewhere we can't bother anyone
''Ready for training, Tina?''


"Hey Arthur! You must have been close by, and.. Is that a Togetic?"
Scan it with the pokedex.


"…yeah, I was close." The Togetic above him giggles.

The pokedex pulls up detailed information on Togetics quickly. Must have been extensively recorded.

You head off to a corner of the beach near a coastal forest. Tina's ready!


''Alright Tina, time to use Grass Plege. Go! try it on that big rock there!''
'3d8+10' +17

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 5, 2, 6 + 10 = 23


How neat, I've heard they only stick to good trainers.
"That's pretty lucky. So was all of us being together yesterday. I mean.. if we hadn't been.."
I fiddle with my hair a bit, "Uh Did you see anything you liked here?"


Tina uses Grass Pledge! A column of leaves shoots up from the ground, enveloping the rock. The rock cracks, then shatters!

"Yeah, I know, right! I had fun. I, uh, I really liked being with–with everyone!"

His eyes wander.

"Yeah, there's a lot of really nice and sweet things here! Like, uh…"

His face grows red.

"Like these candies!"

He picks out a packet from a shelf, before actually looking at it. When he does, he quickly swaps it out for another.


''Ohohohohoho Yes!'' The gym leaders will stand no chance against us Tina!'' Pick her up and spin around with the cute and dangerously powerful snake
''Come on, we gotta train your other moves as well''


Tina cheers! your vision becomes a blur… when you see her again, she's become longer! more elegant looking, and her arms and legs are shorter.

Your Snivy has evolved into Servine!


''Wait what? Woah, again?!''
Oh crap she's got a little bit heavier…
''Tina… You too?'' I look at her with a smile, then pat her head a few times ''Man, are all of you going to evolve in this very week? Heh'' I pull on her little stubby leaf arms a little, they're so cute!


The others will take you more effort to evolve, but you have been with them for a while!

Your first comrade evolving is said to be a sign that you've made significant growth as a trainer. And yeah, she's heavier! Your flimsy arms can't handle her. But she likes that you think she's cute.


Oof, okay I'll gently lower her to the sand
''Well, looks like I can't carry you around anymore huh''


Maybe if you got tougher. Tina looks a little sad.

Well, that's how life goes. Some day, she'll be the one carrying you.


''H-hey, don't be like that. You're still my cute little snake, no matter how big you get''
Crouch down and give her a nice hug!


She'll be fine. Some pokemon experience post-evolution blues, just give her the attention she needs and she'll be back to her old self in a bit.

She can't hug you properly with her arms, so she curls her tail around you. Cute!

Time to move on?


Yep, the afternoon is already upon me


You've been on the beach long enough. I'm guessing you had lunch here, too?

You walk around the city, Shinx in tow. She sure likes the traffic lights! You stay near the central shopping districts so there's more air-conditioning you can duck into whenever you feel too hot. It's a less refined city than home, but you get to see lots of new sights.


She likes lights huh…
Maybe I could take her to see fireworks sometimes
I wonder if there's any around here


Not here. This is a really quiet city, really. If you want to see spectacular light shows, head for the cities of the fire plains.

Did Shinx have a name? Seems like it's dinner time soon, as she paws the window of a cafe.


Oh gosh that's so adorable
''Wanna eat in here, huh?''

I haven't given her a nickname yet, no..


She's probably just seeing wherever there's food, but this one promises to serve lots of meat. Gonna eat here?


Man, I forgot Shinx are carnivores… Heh, Let's see what kind of meat she likes the most. I'm betting on fish


The home of Shinx are in the fire plains, where there aren't many fish. Their most common prey are Blitzles, followed by Tauros and Miltank and Bouffalants, sometimes Girafarig.

Cattle meat is the most common land pokemon meat eaten, since they don't need to evolve to grow big. going to get that?

Jasper has a bigger mouth, too, so he can eat more now.


Yes, I'll take some servings of that for Shinx and Nadia, she can eat cattle meat too, right?
For Tina… Huh, does she even eat meat? Some grass pokemon are carnivores…
As for Jasper, I'll get him a bigger portion than usual, but I won't overdo it, don't want him getting a tummy ache

Now… What does misdreavous eat…


The study of ghosts is still very limited. What is known is that while not all ghosts have been observed ingesting conventional food, almost all ghosts have been observed trying to invoke emotions. Maybe your new Misdreavus could be a useful test subject!


True, she could. I'll try to share some of mine with her then


Tina likes eggs. You might have seen her sneaking up on trees and eating eggs sometimes…

Nadia can handle most kinds of meat, so it's not a problem.

Jasper primarily feeds on blood, but now that he;s bigger he can add some meat to his diet. Ordering tauros or miltank for everyone is fine!


Sure, I'll order a side of soup for me as well
…Just hope the check doesn't get too expensive… Blah I'll worry about that later, right now i'll enjoy myself and my pokemon

I hope nobody finds it weird to see a guy eating with just his pokemon on his own though…


Nah, lots of traveling trainers do it all the time. In fact, you can see a few from the window here in the other cafes.

Your bill comes up to 600P. You have plenty of cash though, you did just get paid. And this is the best meal your pokemon have had in a long while!


Phew, I'm glad and stuffed, they deserve it
I just hope I'm not spoiling them too hard…


As long as you put them to work! And they did work really hard before.

Going on your night walk now?



"Yea me too.. It was really chaotic in that battle, but I was glad you had my back. And I saw your pokemon take down that tough ryhdon, It was pretty brave." My cheeks feel just a little warm, better get into the cool air, guide us into the store a bit admiring the colorful treats.
"That one's not bad, my favorite is caramels, they come in soft chewy version or harder ones you can savor. I wonder what kind of candy our pokemon like? Maybe something made from berries?"


"I figured they wouldn't fight straight on, so I hung back in case. I-I'm glad I could protect us."

He looks surprised at himself for having used such a word.

"I love caramels too! They're good for just about any time. Especially when you're feeling sad and you can just chew away to forget things. Well, some pokemon don't like sweets, but it's safe to give everyone the assorted berry packs."

Next to the caramels are bags of multicoloured candies, flavoured differently.


"Whoa! That's such a coincidence." I giggle and pick up some caramels and one of the medium sized bags. How much do those run for?
"Say, Arthur, have you tried any double or triple battles? An official kind that is, not like against those thugs."


"Actually… yeah, I haven't. You suggesting we do one sometime?"

His togetic grabs a bag of caramels and is holding it above his head.


"Yea! We should try it out sometime, we could even go as a team." my voice gets more excited, my eyes already sparkling with ideas of how it would go.


"Sounds like a plan. I'm really looking forward to it." He's smiling incessantly, while his Togetic hurries him to just get some caramels already.


I wind up silently smiling back at him for what feels like forever, then I notice the Togetic.
"Great! Oh, We should check these out.." Approach the counter with my selection and pay for my candies.


To him it must feel like less than a second!

That's 100P for a bag of caramels.


Noted down!

Once we're all checked out, I look over at the time, and then sigh.
"I should go, if I want to make a train home that doesn't arrive at midnight. Thanks for coming to say farewell."


"Wouldn't miss the chance. But I'll definitely miss– um. Anyway, let's meet up again sometime!"


"Sometime soon!" I reply with a confident nod and take a few steps away, then turn back and wave. "Goodbye Arthur!"
And then after I see his response, I find myself turning quickly to cover a giggle and that pesky heat on my face again, and taking steps toward the train station on autopilot.


And off you go. If only you asked for him to come to the train station too, maybe you could reenact those old movies where somebody chases after the train to make their last moments last just a little longer!

The train's comfy, since you have your own cabin. Since you've left in the morning, you should reach your destination by noon tomorrow. You could cuddle up in bed all day…


I got plenty of sleep last night!
I'll spend the day reading pokemon entries in the pokedex, who knows what I might learn!


Luckily, the train has a signal repeater that strengthen's your Pokedex wireless connection.

Did you know that the powders of some grass pokemon can be used in medication? Just a random fact you pulled up. Want to see anything in particular?


Perhaps evolutions by stone, that odd sunstone got my attention.
Which actually kinda reminds me of the dark pokemon, what was the pokemon that the scientist showed me in that film.. Was it one that could evolve by a moon stone? I suppose I could ask him actually.


File: 1467265154427.png (20.08 KB, 200x200, clefairy.png)

You remember, it was a Clefairy! They're quite rare, and evolve by moon stones. They're on of the elusive fairy types, that don't really like to appear near big towns. The rest stops on the roads usually had one or two fairy pokemon helping to take care of the place, though.


I could actually be onto something here!
Can I email from the train?


Yeah, but it won't be sent out until the train stops at a station, in about two hours. There should be a carriage with computers somewhere.


Then time to go for a walk to the computers before I forget. Hopefully one is open.
'1d20' luck roll.

Roll #1 14 = 14


What luck, there's one computer open!


I grin to myself and sit down.
Open up my contacts to the scientist.. start the email..
>Hello, This is Ranger Amber! That's right, I made Ranger already. And I busted a hide out of the GC guys we talked about. Well, not alone I had a lot of friends there. The big guy who stole the Miltank before was there, we caught him. He was trying to steal some evolutionary stones from Professor Yew. It got me thinking, Vulpix and Clefairy both evolve by stone. Perhaps there is a link to why the group targeted them?
>Good Luck, Amber


Sent! Now you just have to wait for a r–
>Hello, Amber! Thanks for your input, but there have been plenty of reports of Pokemon being targeted that don't evolve by stone. Glad you
re concerned, though! Recently we've been contacting psychics to help as cure Pokemon, and we've experienced success. If you run into trouble with these groups, please let us know!

Oh, well.


I frown and then shake my head of the worry with a smile.
"Of course, he'd have already checked for something like that."
Look at some pictures of baby pokemon and then log off and sleep in my room until the trip ends.


File: 1467266674462.png (388.3 KB, 1000x800, 1445362466888.png)

So cute!
Now roll for dreams.


'1d20' could train dreams be, dreams of training pokemon?!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Yeah, you're training Pokemon! Lots and lots of baby Pokemon are looking up to you like a mommy. And you're being helped, too, as your partner picks up a few Pokemon and plays with them! Somebody you know very well…

It's so nice to sleep on the train that by the time you wake up, it's just a bit more before arriving! There's still time for breakfast.


Might as well make use of the food cart. "Hey, get up, we're gonna miss out on food!" I tell my pokemon with a yawn as I get dressed.
What dose the train have for breakfast?


Lots of herbs, salads and eggs. Standard Grasslands fare. Come to think of it, you haven't yet left your home region!

Your Pokemon feast, and out the windows you see the forests grow thicker, less chaotic, brighter. The scent of flowers wafts in every now and then.


It feel nice to see things thicken up with green. Look at my team with a proud smile.
"Pretty soon, you'll see my hometown. Has Lily told you anything? Its a little like the jungle, but less humid."


There's not much she can say about your home, it has to be felt. The plants aren't so much in a desperate competition to survive, they feel like they're more harmonious.

The train is passing by the outskirts, where the treehomes are. Is yours here?


'1d20' excitedly look for it!

Roll #1 8 = 8


So yours really is near the tracks? If that's so, you think it might be there…? You know what it looks like.

Now you're entering the city proper. The buildings have decorative vines growing around them, protecting them from the sun and insulating them in the cold. Just about every street has a tree, shrub or flowers decorating them.


I found Aron near some train tracks near home. Its gotta be pretty close.. but maybe that's some other house with a blue posts holding the rope guards, mom wasn't the only one that liked that color.
"Ooh." My eyes wander all over the city buildings, seeing it after seeing other places makes it feel really special.


No place like home, right? The air is welcoming… the cleanest you've ever breathed, the same air that's nourished your lungs from your first day. The train station is decorated with more vines, and moss growing out of the stone platform forms a carpet for your feet.

What will your first stop be?



First stop, huh?
do we watch TV in pokemon world


Movies, even!


Then. I would like to rent a family movie. or buy it if renting / redbox is not a thing


Okay! You stop by a nicely scented video store and rent out a movie about Pokemon living in a city like people. Poketopia, or something.


Great. Now head directly home. I might even be in time for lunch.


You take a tram down to the suburbs, which here means lush, park-like reserves. Lots of orchards that people tend to, and among the bigger trees are where people put their homes.

Who are you expecting to be home at this time, though?


Probably Mom, but if she isn't here then I can let myself in through the old key-under-the-door-mat. She mentioned she was retired from a job with the pokeball company? Never really liked talking about that, but probably gets retirement checks or something.


Alright, then! Hers is a face you know well.

"Amber, is that really you? You look so much tougher!"

She drops what she has and leaps at you for a hug.


"Aw mom! You look the same as when I left." I hug her back and when she finally lets go I practically bounce up and down to show off the little patch. "Mom Mom! I'm a Pokemon Ranger now! I can really go help everyone! "


"I saw! I am sooo proud of you, Amber. Made any new friends?"


"I did! Zoe, Arthur, Justus, Squire.. A few of their friends, but I don't know them too well yet, We all went to the mall and then the beach, and my artist friend Cello drew picture of us. It was so fun!"
I explain with a grin.


"Wow! Lots of boys…" She gives you a mischievous grin.

"What about your Pokemon comrades?"


"Mooom, its not like that!" I say insistently with a blush and then it fades away.
"Oh, I have a 6 pokemon now, I even hatched one from an egg I found in the sewer."


It wasn't a sewer, it was underground caves that were really nice!

"Oh, wow! Can I meet them?"

Behind your mom there is a chirp. Her Cherrim peeks out of the petals it's wrapped itself in, only now realizing your home.


Ah that's right.

I wave at the Cherrim.
"Yea, Of course. Come on out everyone." I summon the whole team with pride.


Everyone leaps from their balls. Lily is more comfortable greeting your mom, but the rest are a little nervous. She hushes them with her soothing voice and soon they're cheerfully making their own noises to say hi.

"Come, you must be starving! I was just making some porridge for myself, just wait a little longer and I'll have your share too, dear."


"This is Tamiyo, Vee, Webster, Lalita, Rusty, and of course you know Lily." I introduce them all in turn to help break the ice. "They're all very smart, Lily guided them even set up camp during the field test to become a ranger."

"I brought a movie for us to watch tonight, if you want."
I wave the copy of Poketopia at her "I also have so many adventures to share."


"That's amazing! Your pokemon have learned from you as much as you've learned from them, I'm sure. Now, eat up! Your pa bred these spices, you know? Was so proud about it when he came home the other day."

Mom serves everyone a dish of porridge decorated an array of fresh-smelling herbs. The smell alone invigorates you so you can devour it in whole.


"It smells great!" I comment hungrily and dig in almost rudely, sitting at my usual spot.


She's put in extra effort this time, since you've finally come home for a while. Going to put on the movie while you dig in?

It's not especially delicious by an objective measure, but this porridge is the taste of home, the home you grew up in until you could see the world. It will always have a special place carved into your heart.


It feels warm and filling, in a wholesome sense, not like the grease of a burger going down.
I'll put it on for us sure. "I've met so many different types of trainers, there was a girl who worked at a pokemon finding business, where they match up people with the pokemon they really desire, and even catch it for you. Its a really smooth service, but the girl seemed bored with her job."


"Lots of kids don't have the patience to work their way up. She was probably dreaming of hunting down big, dangerous Pokemon. Weren't you like that when you first started out?"

The movie's animation is top-notch! Rocky paws at the screen when another Aron is shown prominently in a scene.


"Whaa, no! Its totally different, I had to be eager or no one would have given me a chance to do anything."

I giggle at him, its like those videos off 'Planet's Silliest Pokemon'.


"See, you've got to strike a balance! Prove that you want to work your way up, but at the same time you can't lose interest in what you do have to do. You know?"

The movie is super cute! The storyline could resonate with just about every viewer. You notice Webster sneaking his way to a power socket, but stops when another Joltik is shown on screen.


How adorable. This movie was a good idea. I wonder if there will be any Vulpix.
"Balance.. speaking of that, Zoe mentioned something about shrines, I think we have one of those nearby?"


Yes, a Vulpix is one of the main characters. Vee's been almost blushing whenever it was onscreen.

"Going to visit the Earth Shrine? I'm sure you'll get something good out of it!"


Aw~ Does somepoke have a crush?

"I haven't been up there before have I?" I ask curiously.


No! He shakes his head. And he's definitely not looking at the Growlithe, either.

"You have, but you wouldn't have really.. did any thing, you know? You should got there now you're all gtrown up."


I pet his head ruffling the fluffy curls a bit just to mess with him.

"You're probably right. I'll go tomorrow then."


"You might be there for a few days. May as well be comfy in your own bed before!"



"What do you mean It will take a few days? I don't really remember what the shrine is like." I rub the back of my own head a bit, as if trying to recall.


"If you pray at the shrine, you might end up staying there for days. I heard some people like the shrine monks have been stuck in meditation for months, even. The shrine proves these people with food and water though."

She smiles.

"I'm sure you'll prove yourself there, somehow."


"I surprised all the gym leaders I've faced so far. I'll surprise the Earth Shrine too." I declare with confidence and make a pointing pose.. and then yawn.
"I am a little sleepy now thou, maybe I can tell you more over breakfast."


"I've kept your room tidy! Sleep we,, Amber!"

She gives you a goodnight kiss. Did you miss those?


N-no, I don't need kisses.. but if she wants to, I mean, that is just what moms do!

"Goodnight, love you mom!" I call back to her and soon as my head hits the pillow I fall asleep. Being somewhere familiar helps a lot.
'1d20' rolling for sweet dreams

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh no! Even with everything so nice, your dreams are still uncomfortable. It's story, you're out stuck in the rain, and–

"Surprise! Oh, sorry Amber! I thought you were awake!"

Dad's home! He's carrying a few tubes of strange plant seeds, but puts them aside once he sees your face.


"Huh? Oh, I'm just a little tired." I stretch and rub my shoulder, it always aches when I have a bad dream.
"What's that?" I point at the tubes.


He looks a little sad, but perks up when you ask him.

"These? New seeds! I'm going to grow some outside tomorrow to see how well they hold up outside a laboratory. If they do well, then they'll be off to be grown in farms and feeding everyone!"


"Seeds? What kind of seeds?" I get up and lean over them curiously.


"Vegetables, of course! Been breeding them for extra size and hardiness! Maybe these can even grow in the fireplains!"

He shows you the seeds in tubes, labeled with numbers and words you don't understand. It looks very impressive, though.


"Ooh." I nod a bit. "They look strong."
Then look back at his awakeness. "Did you have breakfast already?"


It's still the middle of the night! Dad came home late again.

"Well, we can have breakfast tomorrow, okay?"


I frown in disappointment at the revelation.
"Well, I need a snack anyway, do we have any juice?"


"At midnight?"

He goes off to the fridge and gets you some orange juice to sip in bed.

"Home is for your pampering, Amber. Welcome back."


"Thanks dad!" I smile and sip on the juice. "Tell me about you, anything new happen since I was last home?"


"Nothing much, It's been quiet… your mom usually helps tend to the trees around here, and I've been busy at work, as always. Have you heard of the whole pokedex project thing, by the way? They asked me if I was interested in adding a plant identification module.."


"Pokedex Project?! Yes! I've met Professor Yew, and I have my own pokedex too."
I hand him to glass of juice and dig through my bag to grab the pokedex. Holding it up with a "AHA! Here it is." And exchange it for the juice again.


"Oh? Heard of the man, but never met him directly! That's a cool pokedex, though! I hope it serves you well!"

He looks really tired, but doesn't want to leave as long as you still have things to say.


But he looked wide awake just a moment ago.
"If you did do that plant identification module, I could test it out. Since I'm a ranger I'll have an excuse to go into all kinds of wild areas."
Finish up the juice with a soft sigh. "Uh, but maybe you want to talk about it tomorrow, over breakfast?"


People can be more awake when they're with people they love.

"Oh, of course! You must be tired too! Night, little ranger!"


"Goodnight dad." I yawn and settle back into bed. "Love you.."
'1d20' rollin for sleep

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Love you too."

Now this is much better. You're among flowers in a garden you belong in. This is where your roots belong, where the soil embraces you and the sun and rain from heaven lifts you up into what you can be.

The sweet scent of morning-blooming flowers beckons you back into the waking world…



Good dreams don't last very long. You wake in your own bed, feeling truly rested after so long separated. You're not alone, Lily missed this bed too! She's cuddled up to you in it. Vee and Lalita took what space they could, while Rocky, Webster and Tamiyo found other places in your room to colonise.

The windows in your room are built so the sunlight shines on your sleepy face to draw you back up, and the morning-blooming flowers ease that usually painful process.


I should look into getting a hammock or pet bed for those guys… I also heard the Gligar like to sleep in pouches, like small sleeping bags, but you hang them on the wall. That would be cute!
Look out the window with a yawn.


File: 1468046666388.jpg (1.08 MB, 1024x891, Minister’s-Treehouse-a.jpg)

It's pretty active today! People are lining up at the bus stop to get to the city. Paved roads are a necessity that breaks the illusion of forest, but at least the roads are lined with plants.

The homes aren't necessarily on trees, but care is taken in their design so that they look like they belong in forest. In fact, your very own treehome has vines lining the outside! That's where the sweet smell comes from every morning. They also provide protection during the hotter days of summer and the coldest winter nights. While this city is known for the grand orchards that you live near, many a resident can simply reach out their window and pick a fruit if they're feeling peckish.

Time for breakfast?


I'm feeling more at ease already. Go to the kitchen and see if mom and dad need help.


Naah, it's all good. They prepared a special spread for you today! Plenty of juice, lots of sandwiches with sweet berry jam, and mom's coffee. Dad seems proud, he's busy explaining to mom how he made the seeds for some of these.


Sample everything, even thou I know I like the sour tasting Iapapa jam best, gran always told me that tastes change over time, so you never know if you might suddenly like something you didn't before.
"Hey dad, last night you mentioned something about working on a tree scanner for the pokedex?"


Sour, huh? You must be tough to appreciate that. The jam, as always, goes well with the mild yet rich bread, melting into a harmony on your tongue.

"Yeah! It's really great how the Pokedex is such a modular device. A plant ID module could be helpful to trainers on the road wondering what they can or can't eat. What do you think?


If I wasn't tough, I'd never make it as a Ranger.

"I think its a good idea, most kids my age seem totally clueless about plants."


"I'll bring up the idea with the software fellows. Not sure when this will get off the ground, much less finish, but it's exciting, isn't it?" As he eats a fruit he scribbles notes on the taste and texture.

"Oh right, I heard from mom you're visiting the Earth Shrine today?"


"Yes. I think I was there once when I was little.. but I should go back now that I've become a Ranger. To look back on things."
Smile over the juice. "So, did I tell you about the exam? I had to survive in the jungle for a whole week. We even ate roots one day and oh, and there was a big storm."


"Oh dear! That must have been rough! You weren't hurt, right? I mean, you're fine now, but…"


"Not at all. Webster here." Point at Joltik, "Redirected the lightning with its web."
"And Vee kept me warm even in the cold mountain peak." I nod at Vulpix.
"Ooh, and Lily lead the team to set up camp on their own once. I was really amazed by them."


"That shows your aptitude as a trainer. You're slowly bringing out the best in them." Your dad tickles Rocky a little, who comes to him for attention. "Well, now I'm a lot less worried! I should thank your pokemon for taking care of you, huh?"


"Oh, but they all have such different tastes.. What should I do to treat them?" I ask with a frown. Furfrou biscuts would probably not go over well.


"Why not just let them choose?"

Lily and Lalita have the easiest time just picking out the sweet stuff. Tamiyo, Vee and Webster go for the slab of ham on the table. Rocky's had plenty of minerals in the past few days. so he's happy taking up whatever's left.

"Alright dears, I've gotta go back to work! So good to see you again, Amber!"


"You too dad, have a good day at work."
It was nice to see him again. Once breakfast is over I will help mom clean up a bit.
"So.. Mom.. When you went up to the shrine, did you see anything?"


"Oh once, when I was your age! It was very enlightening. Just do what feels natural once you've settled in, alright?"

"No, no! Don't need to help me with the washing, you nice girl, you."


"Alright, I'm going to go then. Would you return that movie for me if we're done watching it?"
Get my backpack on and gather everyone to go.



And off you go! The tree shade doesn't stop the strange warmth of the sun seeping through to you on the ground. Despite your northerly position, it never really gets too cold here most of the time.

Gonna take a bus to the city?


The bus sounds like a fast way to get around, sure.


You don't have to wait too long, and even in the meantime the bus stop is comfy enough to just lie back and watch kids play in the trees, just like you did!

You get on the bus when it comes, well-used but still reassuringly sturdy. There's an poster here you remember since you were a kid! The insides are old, but well-maintained.

The trip isn't long enough for you to nap properly before you reach the city, transitioning from shophouse lanes and warehosues to the busy center of malls, hotels and office blocks, all lined with plants that grow on them without overtaking them. You stay on until you pass several large, empty fields, in the middle of which is a bamboo grove. This is your stop!


Hop off the bus, walking like I belong, half remembering the way, half following the path.
"Its a great day for this. We could have walked here if we wanted even."


File: 1468051473337.jpg (313.25 KB, 1026x770, fantastic-bamboo-grove-in-….jpg)

Would have taken a while!

You walk into the bamboo grove and fill the air change within. Your head feels lifted up, and as you breathe it feels like new life is entering your lungs. The path is straight, but that doesn't stop Pokemon here and there from poking out to see you. A curious Chikorita peeks out of the bush, as does a Treecko hanging from a branch.


How adorable. Smile at the little ones as I pass by, they must be happy to live here.


The path blooms as the bamboo grove gives way to more flora. The sides of the path grow lush flowers in a kaleidoscope of colours, under the shade of trees yielding bountiful fruit. The path ends in a clearing., and you see what appear to be hospital workers picking the fruit. And right in the middle, an aged grey stone pavilion supporting a huge tree whose roots and vines crawl along the structure, digging into it, taking it into itself.

Welcome to the Earth Shrine. Even here it feels isolated from the rest of the world, like a sanctuary.


Take a few deep breathes as I approach the stone building.
It really is different this time. Each step feels heavier.


Heavier? You should feel lightened. Be lifted upwards.

Several spots of light are within the pavilion, in spite of the shade the tree provides. Looking up, you note that the shrine tree is a banyan: the tree itself is not a single solid trunk, but a series of thin, curving roots and branches that form a tunnel to the light outside. Patches of soft grass grow where the light falls, inviting you to sit within the scents created by the flowers swaying in the soft wind. These patches form a circular area around the center of the pavilion, where a mysterious flower blooms. It looks a little different every time you look away…


I slowly circle around the flower and the patches of grass, selecting the one which feels right, and sitting down in it, sniffing the air and letting my eyes close.
'1d20' meditation.

Roll #1 15 = 15


The last thing you feel before the darkness clouds you are the embrace of the grass and roots, and a scent that lulls you into another world.

You feel your presence returning. You are drifting about as a mote in the wind, sailing in a great unknown. Before this, you bade farewell to your parent, because it was time to set out into the world for yourself. You did this knowing that not everyone who does this makes it to their destination. Your courage did not fail you then, but now you need to find a new place to make a home. You can sense nothing by sight, or sound… you can only feel what makes you comfortable or not, and imagine what it is like from there.

What sort of place would you look for?


I go for someplace warm, but not too hot. Someplace with lots of fruits and berries.


There are many places like that, but you eventually find one to make your own. At least, you think so… you can't sense anything but your own instincts. You first make a nice bed, and sleep.

Your birth is heralded by the patter of rain, the first thing you ever hear, while the sunlight shines even behind the clouds and through your eyelids. you can feel the soil and grass as a cocoon around you as your sense of touch forms.


This is nice, I yawn and stretch seeing how far I can reach.


You stretch out, and the thin earth around you comes lose. You can smell now, and the first scent you know is the rain, mixed in with the flowers that bloom when provided with the water they need. Your head is above the soil now, but you've yet to open your eyes.


There isn't anything to see in the rain..
Take in the scents around me for now.


Are you sure? Even behind your eyelids, you can see that the sun shines bright.

The rain's scent invigorates you, while the flowers help you focus. You feel mighty, ready to do something, anything.


Of course, I am going to do something great!
Let's open my eyes and see the path..


File: 1469257492919.jpg (604.85 KB, 2000x1333, 1273394530868.jpg)

You face straight up into the rain and sun and open your eyes, for the first time.

A rainbow! The sunlight filtering through water has created an image of a myriad colours, the first thing you see. It's warn even with water washing over you.

You look around you. Gentle mountains are in the distance as the fertile grounds for forests teeming with life. You're on top of one such mountain, and in the valleys below you see rivers fed by the waterfall next to you. Flowers bloom on the ground, awakening as you do.


You just treated everyone to food at a restaurant! you spent the day training Tina, swimming with Nadia, and walking with your shinx. It's the evening now, and there's no more sunlight. Going for a walk?


Incredible! I try to move toward the waterfall, scoop out some of its water.


Yep. And let's release the misdreavous to walk(Or float) around with me. I haven't paid her much mind since I caught her and maybe it's time to change that. Maybe she'll like the town during the evening!


That you do, securing yourself on the rocks near the waterfall. The water pooled in your hand is cool, and doesn't flow out of your hands as long as you keep them secure.

Who knows? You let her out for a walk. Got any places in mind? the malls and most shops are closing now.


I wonder if.. Yes. I will taste the water.


Dang. There goes my plans of getting something nice for Jasper…
Ah well, let's see if I can find a park of sorts to walk with her


You open your mouth and drink the water.

The first taste your tongue experiences is a cleansing one, washing away the grime and dirt that came with your birth. It flows into you and courses about your body, soothing aches and repairing the tiny strains and wear you've put on your new body.

You've heard, touched, smelt, seen and tasted. You feel truly awake now, and can do as you please in this new life. You have an urge to grow, in some way. But how?


Some shops are still open, if you want that!
But the park at night is nice too.


Grow? Growth.
I need to get taller, better. Higher up!
Go to the highest point, the top of this mountain.


Maybe another day…

''And here we are. You look like you'd enjoy a walk in a park at night, right Misdreavous?''
To be honest I have no idea what ghost types usually enjoy…


Going new places is one way to grow!
But it's not easy. The path to the peak is steep and overgrown. You have to claw your way upwards through all this.

Misdreavus does a flip in midair.
Ghost types are quite the mystery. Maybe you could focus your work on observing yours!


True, I could learn some things from her
Hmmn, when I found her, she gave me quite the scare… Maybe if…
''How about we play a little game of hide and seek, eh?''


I am determined, and the feeling of being up there will be worth it.


You should be! Many others want to reach the top. You need to want it more than they do.

To climb up, you need to use the plants as footing and grips. You use them to climb up a steep cliff face Some of them are uprooted from the force, and are left to fall away far below where you can no longer see them. All of them want to chase the rain and sun, but not all of them can make it. Just like not everyone could be born after leaving the safety of their parent, but you made it anyway.


Ghost types are more attuned to human minds, so Midreavus gets the gist even if another freshly caught Pokemon wouldn't understand. Who's going to hide?


So… A kind of telepathic bond?
I'll hide first
''Stay here and count to twenty!''
Now let's find a good hiding place

Roll #1 10 = 10


The fact those plants could be me, its a little intimidating, but I have to keep going to the top, holding strong to anything I can.


Probably not. More like ghost pokemon need a basic understanding of humans to survive more than others.

You find a dark place to hide! You slip under a bush and lay quiet. Nothing should be able to see you! you've made sure to silence and turn off all lights on you too.


Hehehe, she'll never find me here in this dark bush! Now to wait…


You press on. the path upwards takes you next to the waterfall, whose mist envelops and soothes you while you pull up strength within you to keep going.

At last, you poke your head over the top! Sunlight that peeked around the cliff face blasts you almost in full, blocked only by the berry trees bearing bountiful fruit. At the very top here, feeding the waterfall, is a spring filled with lotuses. ripe for bathing in to take away the aches.

This looks like a perfect place to build up a home for a new life. That's a kind of growth, too.


Misdreavus floats around, and immediately turns to you once she gets in sight. Then she just floats to you and boos.

Hiding from her didn't work at all!


A home? I can picture it actually, a nice round cabin, covered in vines, a little garden next to this spring, and the berry tree here would be next to my front door..


''H-hey, how did you find me so fast?''
I get out of the bush ''Aw man, I thought I had the perfect spot…''


Maybe ghosts don't need vision or light to sense. Want to try again?

You imagine it in your mind, and slowly an idea of how to make it stirs. You dig a garden near the spring and gather seeds to plant, pouring love into each to bloom into beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables. You need wood for your cabin, and for that you cut down the trees that don't have long left, anyway. Their own request is that you take their seeds so they children can live on, and you do that to plant a few more shoots in better places, one right where your front door would be.

Roll for your house's quality!


Yes, but this time have her count to 30 as I hide reaaaally far this time

Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 5 = 5


It's not the best looking house, nor the most luxurious, but it's one that you made yourself. It's simple, but it'll hold up in even the roughest storm, protect you when the sunlight is harsh, and likely withstand the ages as long as you continue to live here.

You feel tired. You don't have the energy you once had. Maybe it's time to settle down and rest? You've spent a long time working on this home making sure that it will last ages.


You run behind a thick lead container. It's pretty dark here, but you're not as well hidden as before.

You hear Misdreavus giggling as she goes around to find you. She's closer than when she detected you just now! But somehow, she can't find you yet.


Perhaps.. just a small nap will do.
I did make a nice bed here, the window has a good view.


It's so nice to lie in! You can watch as the world around you livens up. Your garden grows bountiful thanks to your love. the plants help purify the spring water, keeping the waterfall clean. The trees you planted grow to hold together the soil, making sure the mountain isn't weathered away. All fed by the same sun and clouds that chnage with the passing seasons.

When you wake up, though, you don't feel as good as you were at your peak. It has been a long time since you first awoke from the soil. Very long. Maybe you're never going to get that same energy back.


You're doing a good job of keeping your mind silent, Cello. You can hear Misdreavus going around looking for you and spooking a few people, but she still hasn't sensed you.


I just need to keep active, maybe a nice pokemon to walk will get my energy back.


Of course! Lily's been here too, walking with you as a strong, experienced Sceptile. Like you, though, she doesn't have the energy to fly on the treetops like she once did, or walk endless on the mountain trains. The walks keep both of you healthy, but slowly you feel the years close in on you.

A few young Treecko share some of their energy, though! Your home has become a gathering place for the young Pokemon brave enough to make it up. These Treecko tend to your gardens, cook your meals and tend to you in times of sickness.

The days have been getting shorter and shorter. The hot winds fade as autumn comes, and you no longer have the strength to leave your garden. Your Grovyles bring you stories of their adventures from a far, though! it doesn't feel like you're missing out.


Such good pokemon.
It even seems like they know how to care for this little cabin. I don't have much to worry about like this.. but did I really live in harmony with pokemon?


That's a question only you can answer. The pokemon you've cared for are happy and fit to go out into the world like you did. This place will be well-taken care of.

The winter closes in, and the tree leaves are fully shed. The flowers wither away and are bury by cold snow. You can't get out of bed any more.

It feels so nice here. Maybe it's fine to close your eyes. Everything is settled, isn't it?


Just sleep in bed.. I'm really that tired?
Even thou its winter, I just need to look, one more time, at that spring. I get Lily and urge her to go with me, she'll understand. Maybe get those little Treecko to help out.


With the help of the now-Grovyles, you and Lily make it through the winter. They feed you, clothe you, keep your warm and wash you even when you've withered like the grass in the cold.

Your beds are carried out in the first day of spring, when the shoots have risen out of the ground again and the sun has been reborn anew. More Treeckos peek out of their burrows in the trees, newborn ones who are seeing their first day of spring as well. they surround your and Lily's bed, paying their respects. This year, the garden is going to bloom even prettier.


I can't help but feel joy and pride overflowing. I tell the pokemon how proud I am of them. Then I can truly rest. A tear streaming down my face as I close my eyes.


No,! Don't go! You hear them say as you lay down and close your eyes. But this is how things have to be, isn't it? It will take them a while to understand, but they're proof that you're still with them. The house that you built, the garden you planted, the clean water, and them. One they they'll understand that if they miss you, all they have to do is look around them.

The light fades as the rain comes to send you off, comforting your transition. Slowly, your senses return. You're enclosed in blooming vines, forming a protective cocoon around you. As you and Lily awaken, the vines withdraw into the ground, uncoiling from your limbs.


Whoa, there were vines around me? Touch my arms in worry. "…Lily? Are you okay?"


The vines were protecting you! They're gone now, though, except for a single branch on the ground bearing a flower bud. A glass jar has been placed to your side, big enough to fit the branch in.

Lily looks fine… until you look at her face. She's teary eyed! She immediately rushes to you for a hug.


I hug her back.
"You saw it too? The mountain? The spring?"

A jar.. I suppose that means I should take this flower.


Mmhmm. She was there with you.
Rolling for her hug quality '1d20'

Roll #1 19 = 19


Super comfy! Lily pressing against you lets you know how she feels. She can feel you too, and that makes both of you feel better. You can feel her heartbeat slow down as she keeps herself wrapped around you.

And yes. There's something about this branch. It'll make a good souvenir, anyway.