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The time has come for you to pick out a place to establish your hideout.

Patches can offer some further thoughts on the issue before you get going, and you can ask Aloysius for anything if you feel ill prepared.


"You mentioned Masque in the theater, any idea on how many are in there with 'em?"


"The theater will probably have plenty of goons, but from what I've heard, Masque picks his company more on their ability to perform than anything else. He has a reputation in the underworld, but it's all held up by a house of cards built from tall tales and sleight of hand. Scare a few dolts out of their wits and suddenly the pubs talk of ya like yer a proper hand…
As long as you can keep a cool head and ignore the smoke and mirrors, they should not be any worse than skinny thugs."


"We'll scout a fall back point. The cops and probably the army are being called in, so we need to plan for that in case they scheduled their own break in."

"Ugh, it's happening a little too fast. Someone or some group must have also been in on it and waiting for the moment."


"It's unlikely you'd ever see guardsmen in the Undercity, unless someone specifically brought them there. The ways in are often guarded, and the place is a maze if you don't know your way. Not to mention most of it has collapsed."


"That makes it easier then. And since the other groups can outnumber or outrun us at this point, seems we have no choice."


"On the plus side, they're mooks and you're professional killers."


"Just slightly stressed killers, at that. Give me some general directions to the theater, and we can take it from there."


"…I… thought you'd take me along?"


Stroke my gun.

"I need to take this out on a few lowlifes. How big's this undercity?"


"I didn't say you couldn't, just in case we get separated."


"The theater is very self-contained last I heard. Unless Masque broke character to do some heavy lifting, it barely even reaches through the entire building.
The entire place though? Covers half the city, were it all dig out."
"So, what's my job? I know breaking in and stealing stuff, but not the whole, you know, stabby shooty killy area clearing thing."


"Maybe you can help scout?"


"Just getting us there should be enough."


She breathes a sigh of relief
"I was half expecting to be bait"


"Not a bad idea, a damsel in distress. Don't think we need that for now."


"If we needed that, it would hurt our reputations. Misdirection's not bad, but what would the others think?"


She scowls
"…I'm not sure I like where I think this is going"


"A guide would be more valuable than a sacrifice right now."


"You don't have to."



"So we're settled then - we go after the Masque at the theater?
You feel ready"


"At least I can choose that today. I'm ready."



Stroke the t rigger of my gun. Oh boy.


Final check
You do have weapons, right?


Of course I do


I thought I'd only have to use my Baton on ruffians after my wallet, not that I'd be one.


Lets go break some heads then.

You leave the comfort of Aloysius' Tomb and head into the night. Following Patches across the rooftops, still listening to the patrols below, you reach a closed butcher's shop.
"From 'ere things get a little tricky. We need to break into the basement, and find the entrance there. I know it has to be here, I've trailed Masque's troupe members here before."


"Anything unusual about them stand out?"


"A lot. Bright, garish clothing for one. They also like masks and makeup."


"Then that gives me an idea. We can follow them in, then loot their stuff to blend in."


"They'd recogniss us by our voices. That's when we start attacking, I guess."


"See, this is why you guys are the pros.
…I guess if we take masks and gesture a lot we can try to pretend we're a mute act or something?"


"We'd get a step or two closer than we would otherwise."

"Just pretend we don't feel talkative with everything going on about. Even crazies would understand caution."


"Then we start blowing them up."

"Say they don't attack us, when do we start?"


"When we get a bead on the Masque."


"Only if we can snipe him safely. We need to have an escape route no matter what."


"…escape? We're taking over, not doing a hit and run!"


"Hey, things might not go our way. Always have a backup plan."


As you talk, you hear the faint jingle of bells.
A small troupe of disturbing jesters is making their way over to the shop's back door.


"Or just a place for hit and runs. As long as we come out on top."


Where were we?


About to jump a group of masque's goons to take their clothes and sneak into the Undercity Theater


Nudge Patches and have her scout.


Nothing could go wrong.
I'll start by being sneaky.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


She makes a graceful hop to an opposing tree and signals from there.
Five targets.
You have a good vantage point up here. Hard to be seen, easy to see.

The troupe starts trying to open the door. One of them seems to be putting on a show with fancy, flourished key handling.
The others seem captivated by his pointless twirls.


"Think you can shoot out the key?"


"We'll still have to fight for it. Sure you want to start fighting now?"


"I could try and steal it off of them."


"They're distracted."

"Give it a shot."


"good luck."

Aim anyway.


I'll sneak down to their level then.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


You fall off the roof and land in front of them.


Look up.
"Uh, hi?"


"Take the shot while they're distracted!"


One of them, with a big grinning mask bends down
"Hark! What wonder be this?"
Another, with half his face painted like a demon and the other powered plain white goes a few wild gestures
"A messenger! Nay, a gift!"
A girl with her hair done up like a jester's hat pokes you with her staff
"What fun, what fun! Shall we make merry, or merely break it?"
Another, with masks on either side of her head and bells on her shoes
"Why not both?"


Stand up and spread my wings.
Show my claws off too…
"Let's be reasonable here, you wouldn't want to start trouble with… uh, the Champion of the Arena, would you?"
Maybe this brawler clothing will be somewhat useful.


Marksman shot the woman first.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


The grinning mask guy seems impressed
"She's a big gal."
The half-face, not so much
"For you, maybe."
Before either of the ladies or the fifth one can chime in, your shot hits the jester girl in the leg dropping her like a sack of potatoes.
"Fire from the skies! Thunder and pain! Alas! Alas!"
"Deception most foul! To arms!"

Grinning Man 5/5
Half Face 5/5
Jester 0/4 HELPLESS
Two Mask 5/5
Mime 5/5

Cherry 5/5
Arcie 5/5
Deeja 5/5


"Deeja, dodge!"

Launch and explosive charge right into them.


Roll #1 3 = 3


I'm not much of a fighter…
I should run, but I'm surrounded..
So I'll just claw at the nearest idiot.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I'll go after the downed Jester person thing.

Normal Baton '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You throw an inert wad. Next time try to have a fuse in it too.
On the plus side, it distracts the mime, who starts trying to play hot potato with it, not knowing it's harmless.
Half Face keeps doing insultingly minimalistic dodges, but isn't hitting you back, instead just giving you condescending looks and slight slaps. He isn't even being serious.
She is entirely at your mercy on this. It would be simple to just break her neck and end it here. Up to you to spare or kill her.


We need people spreading rumors about us, I'll spare her, for now.

"If you'd all be so kind as to surrender, this would all go much smoother."

Haming Magic '1d10+1'
Master Caster Bonus

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Slap him with my tail then!

Roll #1 10 = 10


You instead settle on twisting the neck far enough to make a loud but ultimately non-lethal POP sound, leaving her on the ground wondering wide-eyed why death feels a lot like living, except no less painful.
Following this little show, you stand up, summoning a swirling array of magical orbs that illuminate the back lot with cracking energy. This is more than enough to stop the troupe in their tracks.
Your tail slams hard into his ribcage, collapsing a lung in the process.

Grinning Man 5/5
Half Face 0/4 HELPLESS
Jester 0/0 DOWN AND OUT
Two Mask 5/5
Mime 5/5

Cherry 5/5
Arcie 5/5
Deeja 5/5



Come on, it worked great the first time! Explosive charge! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"If you'd be so kind as to surrender, I might see it that you all keep living. You're out here, by yourself, with no one the wiser if you vanish. And after the long night we've had, well… You don't want to see them angrier."

Point to the thrashing about Drakin.


"Now stay there!"
Step on him to keep him down!
I really don't want to fight any more!


The mime is now panicking slightly, juggling two lumps of explosive, trying not to drop them.
Two Mask Girl and Grinning Mask Guy share a glance, then nod and do a FUSION DANCE, HA!
…this amounts to Two Masks hopping on the other guy's shoulders to make a wobbly big target.
The mime is still distracted by his own juggling.


Pick up a larger rock or piece of trash or something and throw it at the 'fusion'!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Shoot 2 Homing Magics for now. '2d10+1' Master Caster Bonus.

Go in and knock some sense into them with the Normal Baton. '1d10'

Roll #1 10, 7 + 1 = 18 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Marksman shot him while the he's busy with that juggling. '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


You pick up a rotten piece of wood and throw it, but they catch it with ease and throw it back, hitting you in the face. Doofus.
Your first bolt blasts Two Masks off her perch, knocking the wind out of her and she lands roughly. The second one nearly blasts Grinning Man off his feet too.
Your shot hits one of the explosives, blowing both of them up in his face.

Grinning Man 1/5
Half Face 0/4 HELPLESS
Jester 0/0 DOWN AND OUT
Two Mask 0/4 HELPLESS

Cherry 5/5
Arcie 5/5
Deeja 3/5


Throw something else!

Roll #1 5 = 5


2 Homing bolt at Grinning Man '1d10+1'

Let's take out Two Masks while we are at it. Homing Bolt '1d10+1' and Normal Baton '1d10'

"You could have surrendered, you know."

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #3 5 = 5


Let's see if I can shoot an arm on that mime. Have fun miming now, fucker.


Roll #1 6 = 6


One more bolt at Grinning Man. '1d10+1' that I forgot

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Two Masks actually get her bearings back enough to dodge and stand up.
This proves short-lived as Patches grabs her into a painful-looking grapple.
"Shush. Key, now. Then, your clothes."
You blast his elbow off in a shower of blood. He'd scream, but the burns on his face kinda make that hard.
This mask explodes into shards, leaving him twitching on the ground.

Patches surveys the carnage as things wind down.
"…bloody blimey. You lot are… brutal."


"They could have just given us the key."


"they were going to hurt Deeja bad. Couldn't let that happen."


"It's, a gift." I try tobsay while covering my face in disgust.


"Psch, I could have taken care of myself."


"Hey, you were surrounded, I didn't really like what they were saying."


"Eh, At least I know my new boomstick works."


She gives a slightly harder jerk to the captive troupster's neck before slamming her on the ground. She scrambles around for a moment, then hands over the dropped key.

Patches grabs it and gives you all a questioning look.
"We still takin' their uniforms as disguises?"


"Yeah, it's the best option we have."


"Unless you have better ideas."

"Thanks for the concern at least."


"Grab whichever one you like then. She seems my size."
In the flick of a wrist, Patches pulls a knife and points it at Two Masks
"Hand it over."


Well, will any of their outfits fit me?


I'll take the smallest one.

Does any of them even have a snout?


Half Face was actually a father large person. There is a reason he wasn't initially intimidated.
Jester is probably the smallest, but even her stuff will be oversized on a capra unless you tie it up or cut it down to size. Or you could use Grinning Man's tunic as a robe.
One of Two Masks' masks has a beak.


Take those clothes then.


Beak Mask should work, and I'll do what I can to cover myself up then.


Not the best fit, but at least you look the part of a crazy actor.
The shoes are useless to you, so you just tie some of the bells on your ankles and call it done.
You look downright creepy with the beak mask and your makeshift robe and belt.

Patches also tosses her disguise on top of her usual clothes, and puts on the other mask.

Pointing at the bruised, naked and visibly spooked Two Masks, she asks "And what do we do with that? Leave her here?"


It will have to do.
"Are my clothes going to be crazier every day from now on?"


"You all talked about reputation, right? We need others to spread ours. And since dead folks don't talk, we can shove 'em somewhere for later."


"Maybe one day you'll wear something that commands respect."
"All of them or just her?"


"Maybe. So, now that we have all this, what's next?"


"The more there are alive, the more there are to spread our story, right? That's how it works, isn't it?"


"We go in, we break some heads, take down the Masque and ride that into the big leagues!"
She is visibly hyped, but also clearly shaken by the sheer brutality of what just went down.
"You're the expert. Do you want to try and carry them inside, or what?"


"Let's get them out of the rain, at least. Or should we just use them to threaten the Masque into bowing out?"


"…what, have the conscious one walk in and announce us?"


"You need to focus. This won't be a cakewalk."


"I never thought of it that way. If there aren't that many, it'd make more hesitate and leave."


"So the way I see it.
A) We leave them up here, go in, do our thing
B) We let her walk in first, announce us, and we wing it from there
C) We slap a costume on her too, and let her lead us to masque

Your call."


"I think having her announce us might make them intimidated."


"It's not like it's done often down here. And it always look good when we were working in the palace."


Two Masks seems deeply confused by all this.
"Wait… so..
I… go tell Masque that you are… here and? You don't kill me?"


"Leave quickly after that. I never want to see you here again."


"If you do good."


"Aw man and I just got accepted into the troupe…"
Patches pulls her up
"Shut up, go in, and tell them the Masque is getting his final curtain call."
As Two Masks slinks in via the unlocked back door, you have one last chance to come up with a plan.

"So do we just march in, or try to blend in and take him by surprise as they expect a big entrance?"


"Challenge to a duel?"


"And we'll look better if we just challenge him straight up."


"…hm, ok. You do that. I have an idea. Don't worry, I'll be right behind you."

Go in when ready


Let's turn the key, get this door open, and have our announcer waltz in.


I guess I am as ready as I'll be for this.


Patches slinks and Two Masks follows awkwardly.
As you enter, you see the entrance to the Undercity was hidden in a closet with no floor, leading into what was once an attic or some ceiling crawl space. The sole guard up here looks alarmed as the distressed naked lady runs past him, but he still seems groggy from probably being awoken from his nap by the fight above.
As he sees you, he rubs his eyes and asks, with annoyance and booze on his breath
"…what's with the noise? Trouble?"


"You bet it is."


"Walking on in now."


"…well shit.
I'll go sound the alarm then."
He rubs his hung over head.


"No need for that."


"It'd be better if you didn't. Maybe you could skip on that for the next few hours."


He rubs his eyes again
"The hell you talking about? Whas even goin on?"


"A takeover. As long as Masque backs down, it won't be a hostile one."

"Well, it just won't get hostile-r."


After a moment of processing this information, he reaches for his empty bottle
"H-hey! No way I'm letting this fly without a fight!"


"Do you really want to break your own bones that much?"


"Or just put in that much more work when you can just let us pass?"


He tries to do some cool twirls and poses with the bottle '1d10-2'
"Nobody's getting on stage! Masque is counting on me!"

Roll #1 10 - 2 = 8


And he looks legit cool doing those poses. Had he had an actual weapon, this would be straight out of one of those fancy eastern stage shows.


"We can get you a bottle of booze afterwards, how about that?"


"Maybe we should keep you on too."

"But, come on, just keep it down for a little bit, is that okay?"


he considers '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


And takes a half-assed swing to call your bluff '1d10-2'

Roll #1 4 - 2 = 2


Try and knock him out with his own bottle.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Block with the Baton! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


He falls on his ass with ease.
"…urgh… fine… you win."


Catch you later."


"See, that was easy."


With the guard easily disposed of, you head in deeper.
The guard room opens up to the old backstage rafters, which once ran the entire grand stage room. Now, many of them are broken, but they still offer an excellent vantage point, and indeed there are several more troupe members here.
They ignore you, as their eyes are drawn to center stage, where Two Masks is delivering her… performance.


"We should look for Masque while they are 'distracted'."



Well on one hand, Masque seems to be on stage with Two Masks.
…two of him.
His outfit is indeed eye catching. A bold purple leather body glove with gold details. An elaborate mask covering his face and another on the back of his head. Several other masks rest on his hips, shoulders and hands, and he seems to change their places with blinding speed between lines and his voice with each mask. A more threatening, deep tone for the angry red mask. A cooing, calm tome for the white neutral mask. A soothing, almost suggestive tone for the pink grinning mask. A boisterous and mighty voice for the golden heroic mask.
What makes this all the more overwhelming his how both of them are doing it so flawlessly, never speaking out of order, never putting on the same mask one after the other as they talk to Two Masks.




"No wonder we were told he's a strange one."

"Shall we step forward?"


"After you."


"Then let's begin our conquest."

Start walking down to the stage.


Follow the caper.


"And that is the tale I have to tell, great Masque. A tale of beasts in the skin of people, that without rhyme or dance broke us, and who now come…"
Come for who?
Oh do tell~
"…ask not for who they come.
For they come…
…for you"
Both the Masques turn to face you, in an eerie mirror image of one another, perfectly mirroring what the other does before returning to their individual characters.
The heroic gold stands up straight, pointing an accusing finger and puffing out his chest.
SO! These are the interlopers who so brutally attack my troupe? 'Tis to laugh! HA! That such… raggards and ruffians could even step upon this hallowed stage. To laugh I say! To laugh! HA!
The cold blue sits down on an invisible chair, lifting one leg on top of the other as he rests his chin on his knuckles
Interlopers indeed. Come to end the masquerade. To unmask the Masque.


"Horrible show, one out of ten, would not recommend.
Time to close it down."


"I'd doubt he could he even get a laugh from children, to boot."


There is an audible gasp from the rafters
Kill them.
Gracefully, three masked minions walk down invisible stairs, held up by wires as they descend.
Smoke pours onto the stage and the lights turn a sickly green
Welcome to my world. Enjoy your stay, it will be short… but oh, so intense~



Time to quickly hide.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


No escape.
He ain't lying. As you try to run off stage left, you reappear at stage right.


Three masketta men and one big guy. Fine.


Explosive Charge into the clump of masked guys!


Roll #1 4 = 4


Masque 1 10/5

Masque 2 10/5

Extra A 10/3

Extra B 5/3

Extra C 5/1

Cherry 5/5
Duna 5/5
Deeja 5/5
Arcie 5/5


Is the thread working


Ok seems like there was an autoupdater issue

Back on track now


Uh oh… I got to think fast.
In the meantime, claw at anyone who tries to come near me!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Please note that as this is a test of the Skill Tier system, STATE YOUR TARGETS because they all have a different MIN.


"I never went to a play In my life but I gotta say. What an awful performance… The effects are nice enough though" She says effortlessly drawing her hammer that was almost as big as she was.
"Bring it, clowns" She taunts them while sharpening her hammer(which totally makes sense)

Roll #1 8 = 8


Extra Novice


Masketta Novice
Three of them, right? Just aim at he nearest and hope the blast hits the rest


The explosive sticks to the floor as the three extras scatter.
Your claw misses its mark, and the novice extra counters with a strike from his prop sword.
…it stings a little but was as harmless as hitting you with a belt.
You sharpen your hammer somehow. You're very good at this paradoxic art though, and gain +2 to basic attacks for this fight.

The Cold Masque sneers at you.
The Raging Masque attacks. Dodge THIS '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Dodge THIS, asshole!"
Marksman Shot Raging Masque.


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


The tail slap worked well last time, let's try that on the novice!

Roll #1 7 = 7


She held it in both hands and then slammed the hammer against the side of the maske 1, launching him into the wall

Roll #1 5 = 5


>forgot the +2 on that whoops


You land a solid hit, easily enough for him to not dodge in time despite his training.
Your shot hits the red mask, shattering it. Before you can see Masque's true face, he changes into another mask in an angered scream, holding his bleeding head
A good hit, sending one of the two Masques back

Masque 1 8/5

Masque 2 9/4

Extra A 10/3

Extra B 5/3

Extra C 3/1

Cherry 5/5
Duna 5/5
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 5/5


Blow that Mask apart! Explosive charge Mask 2. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Hah! How you like that, Clown?!" She shouts as she focuses another target while the maske was down, like Extra A. She ran up to him and swung her hammer on his side

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Now do that again!
I never knew my tail was this effective!

Roll #1 10 = 10


The charge sticks to his mask, causing him to scream in panic and toss the mask away before switching again.
It seems to really tire him out, losing face like this.
The extra throws a banana peel at you, causing you to slip on it and hit yourself with the hammer, going Helpless.
You swing your tail up around with massive force, sending him flying off the stage and crashing into the first row of seats. He won't be back.

Unhampered, the two extras try to gang up on you.
Dodge twice.

Roll #1 8, 6 = 14


Regular shot on mask 2! Focus him down!

Roll #1 3 = 3


The hammer slams into her stomach as she almost vomits from the blow
"Fucking… Cheapest… Trick…" She grumbles as she tries to get back the air she lost while struggling to get up

Roll #1 1 = 1


To clarify
Also roll 2d10 to dodge the incoming attacks



Roll #1 7, 5 = 12


Can I use Escape Artist to get out of their grasp instead?


Ah, fuck.

Roll #1 1, 9 = 10


being blindsided does tend to backfire, but at least you're still alive.
Still down, the extras start stomping on you.
You miss quite broadly

Masque 1 8/5

Masque 2 8/3

Extra A 10/3

Extra B 5/3

Cherry 5/5
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 3/5


Do that then!


Damn it, better change targets.
Shoot Extra B!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Oi, you bastards better stop that right now! Or I swear when I get up I'll shove those masks all the way into yer Bums!"
'1d10' pls no dederino

Roll #1 9 = 9


You manage to slip away and get back up
Good shot. He falls back to check the damage.
You avoid trouble, this time.

Masque 1 8/5

Masque 2 8/3

Extra A 10/3

Extra B 2/3

Cherry 5/5
Duna 5/2
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 3/5


Oh good, he's distracted. Marksman shot Extra B's head off!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Now punch the begginer extra!

Roll #1 7 = 7


She gets a hold of her hammer again, no more mercy this time.
She slams it on the head of the extra A

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


You promptly hit yourself with the hammer again, keeling over.
You won't get back up without help.
The extra is dispatched in short order as another bullet strikes through him and Deeja sends him flying.

Masque 1 8/5

Masque 2 8/3

Extra A 10/3

Cherry 5/5
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 3/5


Now the trivial extra!
Another tail slap!


"Goddammit it all! Someone please help me out here!"


With a roll too!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Damn it, goat!"

Quickly drag her out of there.

Roll #1 2 = 2


No bananas to slip on for you, so your tail instead bashes the extra down.
The Masques leap in to block your path, but before they can harm you, sand bags fall from the ceiling.
Someone must be looking out for you.

Masque 1 0/HELPLESS

Masque 2 0/HELPLESS

Extra A 6/3

Cherry 5/5
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 1/5


NOW I will try to sneak into the shadows

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


She groans in pain as she looks up
"About damn time…"


Very nice.
Stick an explosive charge on a helpless masque!


Roll #1 3 = 3


You slip off into the smoke and, remaining entirely unseen, run into… Masque?
There was a third one sitting here, watching you all this time! This must be the real one.
And you have the element of surprise.
The throw lands a little short, sticking to the stage

The last extra seems confused and worried

Masque 1 8/5

Masque 2 8/3

Extra A 6/3

Cherry 5/5
Duna 5/1
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 1/5


She wasn't one to back away!
'1d10' hot irons on Extra A

Roll #1 6 = 6


"See your other extra? You're next, faggot!"
Extra A next, shoot him. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Put my two claws together and bash it on the head!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Your bash cracks the mask on the back of his head, and sends him stumbling out of the smoke
Your gun jams. This is what you get when trying tricks you only ever read about in the battle field. By the time you un-jam it, the extra is down
The extra yelps and tries to fall back, only to be stomped down by the descending feet of Patches as she slides down a rope onto center stage.

As Masque stumbles out of the smoke, a bucket of wet glitter slams onto his head, staining him a fabulous shade of sparkly pink.

As Masque looks around in fury and confusion, one more figure descends to join you.

ENTER: Kelpie

True Masque: X
Red Mask of Rage: 20
Blue Mask of Disdain: 20
White Mask of Calm: 20
Pink Mask of Seduction: 20
Gold Mask of the Hero: 5

Cherry 5/5
Duna 5/1
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 1/5
Kelpie: 5/5
Patches: 5/5


Attack again from the shadows!
Claw at the disdain mask!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Damn it, I don't want to hear my shooting instructor's voice in my head!
Launch an explosive charge right at the seduction mask's face!


Roll #1 2 = 2


"Great now there's more of them! Oh hi Patches, what took you so long?" She asks casually before running to smash the mask of the hero

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


You leap from the shadows and strike the Blue Mask
Worthless lizard, you barely hurt me
Masque spins in place, deflecting your explosive lump.
Now now, no facials
You charge in and leap through the air, doing a spin and shouting out a mighty cry as your hammer lands square on the Hero Mask's sculpted nose, exploding it into pieces.

They have felled the Hero!
Such evil creatures
Keep fighting. Focus.
Yes, keep it up~

Masque puts the Red Mask on his face
Dodge his frenzied strike! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Patches attacks the White Mask '1d10'
and tries to dodge '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"Sorry boss, I got a better offer."
Is the battle already over?
'1d10+2' lets just use a slow spell on my old friends.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Oh my, you two look especially beautiful when you're saving our asses!"

Toss another charge at Red and then dive away!

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Uh oh

Roll #1 6 = 6


'1d10' nope
"Totally agree, who's the new girl by the way?"

Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 7 = 7


You slow down Masque as he swings, making this evasion much easier.
Duna takes the brunt of the hit. She may need to sit this one out, lest she risks her life.

True Masque: X [Slow]
Red Mask of Rage: 20 [Bomb stuck to face]
Blue Mask of Disdain: 19
White Mask of Calm: 20
Pink Mask of Seduction: 20

Cherry 5/5
Duna 1/1
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 1/5
Kelpie: 5/5
Patches: 5/5


She pants as she tries scrambling away, muttering a few swears as she tries hiding away from the fight


Tailslap the Disdain mask!
"Stupid masks, just break already!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Blow up the Red Mask!

Roll #1 2 = 2


'1d10' I think its time to use the hammer and cleave on the Red, Blue, White, and Pink masks.
"Kelpie." I reply as I swing.

Roll #1 2 = 2


What luck, Masque keeps healing supplies just off-stage in case of accidents.
You found [Heal Potion]
You miss, and get rewarded with a strike to the tail
Do not raise your tail in my face, disgusting beast
The bomb fails to detonate. Try again!
You get floored by a massive counter from Masque, who leaps on you, striking and screaming insults in all four voices.

Patches tries to attacks the White Mask again '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


True Masque: X [Slow]
Red Mask of Rage: 20 [Bomb stuck to face]
Blue Mask of Disdain: 19
White Mask of Calm: 15
Pink Mask of Seduction: 20

Cherry 5/5
Duna 1/1
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 1/5
Kelpie: 0/4 HELPLESS
Patches: 5/5


"Don't touch my tail!"
Claw at it like a hysterical maid!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Marksman shot on red! Knock it back!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


I cover my face and try to roll away from my ex-boss.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Hey! Just my luck!" She looked for more of them to help her allies when they need it in battle, at least 3 would be good enough for her

Roll #1 5 = 5


You find two.
[Health Potion
Heals 1 Wound and full Hits
You roll back up, ready to fight
You scratch up the blue mask, distracting Masque
Your finely aimed shot hits the explosive, piercing it and hitting the mask as the remote charge explodes.
Masque does a large flip and scrambles back up, the Red Mask nearly shattered.

He puts on the Blue Mask
Amateurs. You lack grace and skill. You will never amount to anything Roll to resist his cold insults or suffer -1 to your next roll!

Patches keeps fighting '1d10'
And tries to resist his words '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Masque Roll '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


True Masque: X
Red Mask of Rage: 5
Blue Mask of Disdain: 17
White Mask of Calm: 12
Pink Mask of Seduction: 20

Cherry 5/5
Duna 1/1
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 1/5
Kelpie: 5/4
Patches: 5/5


Rsist insult. '1d10'
Blow up the mask! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 1 = 1


She smiles and drinks one, then drawing back her hammer, feeling the effects warm her back up


I won't be intimidated by that!
Stealth again!

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


'1d10' attack the blue mask.
"You're going to have to try harder if you expect me to feel bad."

Roll #1 9 = 9


I'll try to summon some Homing Magic. '1d10+3' Master Caster + Talent

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


Back in action. Get in there.
No. Fuck you.
Masque grabs a nearby sandbag and throws it in your face, sending you down.
There is nowhere to hide.
You strike at the Blue Mask, cracking it slightly
You summon up 6 bolts

Masque puts on the Pink Mask and strikes a little pose
Come at me then~

Patches continues her attack '1d10'
But the Pink Mask's effect seems to be weakening her resolve. There is no way she could land a critical hit.

Roll #1 5 = 5


True Masque: X
Red Mask of Rage: 5
Blue Mask of Disdain: 13
White Mask of Calm: 12
Pink Mask of Seduction: 20

Cherry 5/5
Duna 5/2
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 0/5 HELPLESS
Kelpie: 5/4
Patches: 4/5


Claw at the mask it just put on then!

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Oh yeah? Fuck YOU!"
Leap back up!

Roll #1 10 = 10


'1d10' keep working on the blue mask.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Let's use them all up here.
Two bolts at Red, Blue, and White.

Didn't we tell you we were here to cancel the show? Even a blockhead like you should realize it's time to give it up!"
Baton to the Pink Mask. '1d20'

Roll #1 16, 3, 8, 20, 10, 3 + 3 = 63 / Roll #2 8 = 8


She ran back into action at full speed, roaring as she brings her weapon into the face of the blue mask of calm, using the speed buildup and releasing it with her attack

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8




Whoops, I mixed up threads. '6d10+3'
Normal Baton '1d10'

Roll #1 6, 5, 1, 5, 2, 6 + 3 = 28 / Roll #2 4 = 4


You strike the seductive Pink Mask with all the force you can muster. Which is less than you'd think. Something about that face is just hard to punch.
And back up you are
A solid hit is easy to land, as he isn't focusing on that mask.
You join Kelpie in attacking the Blue Mask
Your shots rain everywhere, and keep him well distracted as he slaps them aside, but only the White Mask gets hit.

Masque puts on the White Mask, and takes a defensive stance, pulling out a sharp blade
Any counter from that will be painful. Beware.

Patches attacks the White Mask still '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


The counter sends Patches down in one precise hit, leaving her bleeding on center stage.

True Masque: X
Red Mask of Rage: 5
Blue Mask of Disdain: 13
White Mask of Calm: 11
Pink Mask of Seduction: 20

Cherry 5/5
Duna 5/2
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 5/4
Kelpie: 5/4
Patches: 0/4 HELPLESS


Help Patches up!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Seeing him pick up the knife, Duna wises up "Not today" She mutters
'1d10' hot irons

Roll #1 7 = 7


>that was for maske with the white mask


Go back and strike the Blue Mask.
Normal Baton '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


'1d10' I can try to cleave again, lets go for.. all five

Roll #1 3 = 3


Can I blow up the red mask now?
If not, stick one on pink!

Roll #1 10 = 10


With your aid, Patches is up and back in the fight, pain and bloodstains nonwithstanding.
She gets back on the offensive '1d10'
He drops the knife as his mask ignites
Your overtly eager rush is met with an embarrassing end as Masque grabs your hammer and bashes you down with it.
Masque reacts in time, kicking you away
You shoot the Red Mask, exploding it into pieces

Masque fumbles.
He was going for the Red Mask, but it's gone now.
Instead he picks the Blue Mask
It's worthless. Give up and bow down to me. '1d10'


Patches resists '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 4 = 4


True Masque: X
Blue Mask of Disdain: 13
White Mask of Calm: 9
Pink Mask of Seduction: 16

Cherry 2/5
Duna 5/2
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 5/4
Kelpie: 0/3 HELPLESS
Patches: 4/4


Heal on Kelpie!

"You're not out yet."

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


White next. Marksman shot it away!

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


''yeah! eat that!'' She slams her hammer on the pink mask face

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8



Roll #1 2 = 2


'1d10' also resist roll!

Roll #1 4 = 4


Masque flips from nowhere and smacks you away with a graceful kick
Another shot rings out, as your bullet shatters the white mask
The Pink Mask is starting to show damage…

He has a point…
-1 to your next roll

Masque puts on the Pink Mask

Patches attacks the Blue Mask '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


True Masque: X
Blue Mask of Disdain: 13
Pink Mask of Seduction: 13

Cherry 2/5
Duna 5/2
Deeja 4/5
Arcie 5/4
Kelpie: 0/3 HELPLESS
Patches: 0/3 HELPLESS


"I'll get you back for that later!"
Try to help Kelpie up.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Pink next.
"Nice colour, faggot!"
Shoot it!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Tailslap the pink mask

Roll #1 1 - 1 = 0


''hey hey not the time for sleeping!'' She kneels down near Patches and pops a potion to her lips


"uh.. thanks man." I reply to the help up.
'1d10+1' my next move will be slow on the pink mask

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Kelpie and Patches are back up
Masque's body seizes up and slows to a crawl
You lift your tail violently to hit high, but only succeed in breaking the straps holding your pit fighter pants on.
As you pants yourself, Masque grabs your tail and vaults over you, dragging it up and slamming your face into the floor before landing on the back of your head.
Your shot sends Masque tumbling off the downed Deeja

True Masque: X
Blue Mask of Disdain: 13
Pink Mask of Seduction: 9

Cherry 2/5
Duna 5/2
Deeja 0/4 HELPLESS
Arcie 5/4
Kelpie: 5/3
Patches: 5/3


Send another explosive shot at Pink Mask!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Oww… stupid human clothes…"
Try and stand up.

Roll #1 4 = 4


'1d10' Keep attacking the blue mask for now.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Time to bring out more Homing Bolts! '1d10+3'

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


''Don't worry girl, we'll get to a tailor after this, I hope'' She says attacking maske again

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


The pants are stuck around your ankles, making it hard to stand up
You summon a new batch of six
Your shot chips off the mask's chin
His counter is swift but not as brutal as last time. He must be getting tired
You can't touch me, traitor
Your strike nearly shatters the Pink Mask

Masque puts on the Blue Mask
Resist against '1d10'

Patches attacks the Blue Mask '1d10'
And resists '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 10 = 10 / Roll #3 2 = 2


True Masque: X
Blue Mask of Disdain: 8
Pink Mask of Seduction: 2

Cherry 2/5
Duna 5/2
Deeja 0/4 HELPLESS
Arcie 5/4
Kelpie: 1/3
Patches: 5/3 -1 to rolls


The explosive didn't stick?
Bah, just shoot pink.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"If we can visit any shops."

Pull them up and stand up!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Two shots at Blue. '2d10+3'
Two Shots at Pink. '2d10+3'

Master Caster + Talent

I'll cast Heal on Kelpie '1d10+1'

Roll #1 5, 6 + 3 = 14 / Roll #2 5, 4 + 3 = 12 / Roll #3 3 + 1 = 4


Finish it off!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


As you line up the shot, Masque picks you as his target, slamming the rifle butt into your face
You get your pants back on and back in the fight
The Pink Mask shatters

Only the Blue Mask remains
And so, your failure is complete
He raises a hand into the air in a effort to summon down more help

From the rafters, you can hear wild shrieking laughter as a dozen more Masque Copies descend down
…only to slam down with nothing to slow them, as the wires they needed to lower themselves snap.
None survive the trip down.

Masque turns to stare at Kelpie
…you…DARE sabotage my show?


True Masque: X [slow]
Blue Mask of Disdain: 8

Cherry 2/5
Duna 5/2
Deeja 5/4
Arcie 1/4
Kelpie: 1/3
Patches: 5/3


"I told you it was horrible anyway."
Claw claw claw!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Oh, good work, Kelpie!"

Marksman Shot the disdain!

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Last Two Bolts at the Blue Mask! '2d10+3'

Go in with the Normal Baton and strike it down if I have to! '1d10'

Roll #1 5, 8 + 3 = 16 / Roll #2 5 = 5


''hah! did she do that? Nice work Kelpie'' She slowly walks up to Masque
''Last chance of giving up before I wipe the floor with you!'' She raises her hammer and brings it down on him, only to stop at the last moment to scare him
'1d10' intimidate

Roll #1 2 = 2


Down to his final scene, Masque puts of a valiant fight, but ultimately the Blue Mask, too, shatters.

Left without a mask, Masque is just another pasty indie actor with "ironically" bad facial hair.
His eyes wild, he falls to his knees and pleads for mercy.

"You win! You win! Please, no more!
Spare my life and… I'll… I'll… train you in the arts of a Bard!"

[Spare Masque: BARD TRAINER]

True Masque: 1/1

Cherry 1/5
Duna 1/2
Deeja 5/4
Arcie 1/4
Kelpie: 1/3
Patches: 5/3


"…Uh.." I snap out of my scared expression.
"Yea, well.. I'm not going to kill you, too much of a mess, you know I hate that."


"Uh huh… how do we know we can trust you?"


She sets down her hammer ''Eeeh…Sure…But I'm going to want a mask for myself as well, oh and a costume too'' She kneels down to him
''But how can you prove this isn't just another act and that you'll stab us in the back when we're not looking?''


"I would have expected an actor to beg for his life better."


"Of course, I don't need a goat-person to tell me I did my job.. uh, I mean, unless you're the boss.. are you the boss?"


He covers his face with his arm
"I do not act well… without a mask. It… makes me uncomfortable it… it scares me."


"Then you know we'll make sure you aren't with one as long as you live. Is that an acceptable trade-off? Your masks for your life?"


''uh…yeah!'' She raises the hammer and lets it rest on her shoulder ''the Name is Duna, nice meeting you'' The blonde capra smiles confidently at her
''Huh…well then you need to go see a therapist my friend.''


"…can I have just a…s-small mask?"


I stand back and wait for the legendary outlaws to show just how they treat their enemies before commenting.


"It'll be one we pick out. Maybe that of Teachers from some forgotten play."


''yeah that sounds reasonable, if you can act as a teacher, that sounds good enough. now get up you wimp'' she offers him a hand


he stands back up and bows
"Then… I shall wear the Mask of the Teacher.
I… thank you for sparing my life."

Patches rolls her eyes
"Now what? We chase the mooks out and start redecorating?"


"Yeah, sounds good. I need a workshop."


"And find some better clothes. Hopefully."


''I think we already chased most of them off, but yep. this will be a nice place to…uh…now what will we turn this place into though…'' SHe ponders





"Those pit fighter clothes don't look too bad on you."


"They feel horrible and uncomfortable, on the other claw."


''It does make your ass look big though…but then again I think all drakins have large rumps like that'' she shrugs


"The government would be out looking for a petite Drakin maid, the clothes are a good cover just for that reason. Maybe you can wear something under them to make them bearable?"


Glate at you.
"EXCUSE you?!"

"You saw how they are fitted for humans, not drakins! It can't support my tail!"


She bursts into laughter ''Pftthahahaha Just messing with you big girl! I think you look just fine in these clothes'' She wipes a tear from her eye


"It did make it seem like we were watching a comedy…"


"You better learn some proper manners!"

"Ha-ha, laugh at the maid trying to fight for her life, right?"


"We all were. Though I can see your complaints about it not suiting you exactly. We should find a tailor, or would it be some other Smith, to adjust it."


''hey now, I was just joking, light up a bit Dee. we won!'' She sits down on the floor, stretching her goat legs with a sigh


"One who won't instantly tell on us to the Palace."

"I find it hard to relax nowadays."


"We're hiding out in a theater now. Just say it's for a revival and they'll be none the wiser."


''hey, I'm a smith! I could do that! sure I focus more on weapons but I'm sure I could do a good work for a big girl like you''


"We need the money for it too."

"Just try not messing this awful armor up even more."


''you kidding? I'll make something nice to completely cover up your whole body no problem…though there's nothing wrong with wearing some revealing armor out of batte''


"This seems to be working out for us."


"I had my share of embarassingly revealing outfits. No thanks."

"It might, yes."


''hey, this kind of thing is useful if you need to seduce a guard to look the other way and let us pass or something like that. a bunch of guys out there like drakins, especially the drakins.'' She scratches her burnt ear
''I could do it, but a smith capra with burned hair and ear isn't exactly attractive''


"At least this clothing can take a hit. I remember seeing you in the outfits they'd request."


"Just… don't. Don't say things like that!"

"How could anyone who saw forget?"
Roll my eyes and cross my arms.


''I know I didn't forget, but I only saw it once anyways. never left the workshop much.
she shrugs
''And alright alright, if you don't want to talk about it, I won't…sorry''


I'll have a giggle.

"Did they at least let you keep them, is what I want to know."


"The only good things coming out of this is that I'm noticed and I'm no longer treated by an ornament. Mostly."

Motion you closer and whisper.
"I think Patches took them, probably to impress someone."


I'll jump off the stage to try and keep the laughter as quiet as possible for the others.


''yeah, at least now you can show that you can really quick ass, and so can I'' She smirks and flexes a muscle
''Though I always wondered what is it like to be a maid, and a cute one too… can you imagine me, in a maid outfit?'' She looks up at the ceiling


"Don't tell her I told you that!"

"Not really. You have to know to be quiet and invisible. Nobles hate being interrupted."


I'll throw a thumbs up sign from my chuckling spot.


You have taken over the Old Undercity Theater.
Secluded from sight, unknown to the public and law alike and capable of housing remarkable amounts of both loot and followers.
The current main entrance is from the basement of an abandoner butcher shop back room, via a locked floor hatch and excavated basement.
From there, a single room separates the entrance from the catwalks at the top of the theater. Some of them have collapsed over time, but the remaining ones are reinforced and safe to use.
The main stage and surviving seats offer a fine main hall.
Several backstage areas and some of the VIP boxes can be used as private rooms. The backstage storage areas also have enough space for some special facilities if you wish to install any.

Your current reputation is Slight Known. The fleeing Masque Troupers have told tales of the duke's assassins coming for them, and their bardic skills embellished the tales quite a bit.
By showing proof of who you are, you can now find work in many shady parts of the world, but you are far from true criminal fame.

Next, you need some more jobs to pull.
Or something you can trade for information regarding the real assassins, if someone with such important information would even bother to talk to you yet.


A workshop would be nice. Come to think of it, I'm the only one in the party really armed and also capable of arming the others.

First, I'll need funds, right?


I'll ask Patches about that.
"So now that we have a base, how do we go about sprucing it up? It's not like we can just go around asking just anyone for jobs."


"Oh yes we can. First, I need a workshop. All if you need arming, and I need better arming. for that, we need funds and materials. Now, uh… yes, we need more work."


She walks up to the unmasked maske
"Soooooo, about that mask and a nice costume… Also, you told about teaching the arts of… Whatever you call what you do here… Tell me more about that"


"And while this place is nice, I'm sure we'd all prefer to fix it up and make it properly livable."


"Yes, that's why I talked about a workshop."


You will, yes.
Also the noise from a weapon workshop may draw attention. Treat with care.
"Nosey and I have some contacts, and there are places where you can meet our sorts o' folk. I can take you there on some nice night. Lovely place if ya fancy a drink and a brawl.
Other 'an that, stealing always worked fine for me."
Masque looks around in distraught confusion
"…please… my mask of the… wise teacher. It's in my room, backstage. The one with the masks on the door. Get it for me, so I can… fit my role."


"It really is cute when you call him Nosey, you know? For now, I'm going to see what we can salvage."

Anything of value left behind in this place?


"I think theft, ugh, might be our best option, depending on what we have available here. We should at least stock up on food so we aren't seen scurrying all the time."


"huh… Alright, hold on" She heads off to fetch the teacher mask
"Weirdo" She whispers to herself


A bunch of money, food, wine, water kegs, weapons and outfits. They were decently stocked but the stuff is more for show than use.
The food is great but won't last long, the weapons are either sharpened props or bizarre amateur works you can barely even figure out how to hold safely.
"Stealing food is, thankfully, simple.
Though some prefer to steal money and just buy food."
Masque's room is not hard to find. The door is a bold purple with gold coins glued to the sides, and a dozen masks hanging off the door itself.


Pat my old boss on the back and I suppose I'll try to determine who the new boss is? Who looks in charge here?


"Maybe just stealing food is fine. Money, people might need that for all sorts of reasons."


She fetches the one she was here for
… She also looked for one she might like


Alright, we got scrap material, maybe we can melt it down or something.

I'm going to have to set up a forge and acquire an anvil. My toolkit is geared towards guns, so for melee-loving peasants I might have to procure more.

Missed any details?

"Yes, people like us."

Pick me!


"Yes, but I don't want to plunge others into the same despair. We at least had each other…"


"So.. Any idea what your next move is?"


The drakin is the tallest
That one guy has a gun
The knife chick seems to know a lot
The capras capra
The room is mostly a dressing room, with a small work table for making more masks and a bed for sleeping in. Several mirrors and wardrobes on the walls.
The Teacher Mask looks like an old bearded man with spectacles.
There are also dozens of other masks here, in varying states of readiness.
It may be easier to use the town smith than try to build a forge down here. The smith, Ironford, is well known in the underworld for his criminal dealings.


"And they'll have others. While I'd like to avoid collateral damage, if we don't look out for ourselves no one else will. You goatpeople are fierce raiders, aren't you? I grew up with legends of your armies literally eating the enemy legions. Come on, carry some of that spirit."

"We'll have to set up the base. All of you need arming, or better arming, so we need to take care of that. And to take care of that we need jobs to rake in the cash. First, introductions."

Stretch out my hand.

"Arcie Lotte."


"It's been a long while since that, and I grew up in the city."

"But you're right. We don't really have a choice. Let's do what we can and see where the coins lie."


but no one has a hat or golden mask.. what kind of hierarchy is that?
I shake your hand with my own slightly soft hand, and surprising firm grip for a teenager.
"Call me Kelpie. And setting up here is great. I won't have to move my stuff." I wink at you.


She takes the teacher mask… And were there a mask of a red demon or something similar?


"My my, a practical mind to go with that beautiful name."

Raise an eyebrow in return and flash my winning smile.

Soft hands. Inexperience or adapted to more dextrous work? Firm grip, implies confidence. Acquaintance of Patches?


The best you can find is '1d10' red and '1d10' demon

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 9 = 9


It's the reddest demon you've ever seen.


"Oh, and charming too. I bet you have a grand plan for this little group.. Gonna take over the world or just get a slice of it. You seem like the type that would pull it off."
I giggle and lean back against the nearest wall.


She smirks "Perfect" She takes both masks back, and tries to sneak back to scare maske with the mask
'1d10' sneaky caper

Roll #1 2 = 2


He does not react. He made it, he knows it well.
He takes the Teacher Mask and puts it on, which immediately cheers him up.
His voice a calm but authoritative tone, he stands up and looks down at you
"Well well young pupil, I see you've found yourself a role too?"


"Goodness, I'm flattered. Not really my group, but we do have plans. Well, each of us. I know mine's to keep building a better gun to achieve things I haven't thought of yet."

Lean against ANOTHER wall and show her my, uh, gun.

"Built this beauty myself, and it's only going to get better. How about you? What're you good at?"


She laughs and takes of the mask, holding it with both hands "No way in hell, but I do like these sort of things a bit… Maybe I could give a try" She puts the mask back in her face
"So, what Lessons you have to teach me"


"Any you wish to learn."


"So then Patches, what type of place did you want to go at now that you have us working with you?"


"Can you teach me how to be like a demon then? My father was known as The Demon of the Forge back at home, thought I could try being like him"


I look over your gun with interest. Perhaps this kind of weapon marks the authority you have.
"Me? I've actually got a bit of magical ability.. I mean, its not a lot, but its good support. You saw how it helped against the Masque. I think you actually saw most of my moves there."


"Wait wait hold the fuck up, did you say forge? So you know some smithing?"


"Magic? Excellent, we're sorely lacking in that department. Every army in history without enough warmages have been utterly decimated. Actually, I would have been without you. So, uh… thank you. Really."


"Well, we got a few options.
For one, we could go pull off some nice smash and grab somewhere fancy to get some money.
Or we could go talk to some of my old pals, like Baldy over at the smithery or Crunchy in the old church.
OR we could go do something more daring, like break one of Nosey's old mates out of prison."
"And what would you wish to know of demonhood then? How to ROAR LIKE THE DEPTHS OF HELL?"


She turns to him, raising an ear "Uh… Yes… Did you miss the part where I sharpened my weapon during the fight? Or did you not see the bunch of burnt hair and my half burned ear? Okay I never really got off the Forge back at the castle, but still."


"…Yea, you sort of owe me now, huh?" I give you a smug grin. "How about you help me get a chance to prove myself, let me do support on a job."


"Oh, right, you make the swords and stuff that enter my armory. Pfft, melee combat."

"Calling in debts so soon? Very opportunistic, you'll go far. Glad to have you aboard with us."

"Money sounds good."


She nods "Oh that sounds fun! Sure would love to try!"


"Hey, Melee is just as effective as long range if you ask me. Besides, dodging an arrow is easy if you see it coming, but try dodging this" She lifts her huge hammer over her shoulder "It's way harder. But you lack the muscle to swing one of these around anyways" She pokes the human side
"Actually you're needing some mass here boy"


I kind of shrug.
"I'm sure you'll get in trouble again, Arcie. But I can't get a cut of jobs I'm never invited too, and for that, I'm gonna need some reputation."


"Well, the best profit-to-danger ratio is the rich district. Impossible job to do alone, but now I won't be alone.
Sure it's not like a bank robbery or anything, but rich folk rent-a-guards are a lot less dangerous than bank guards and the city watch."


"Money seems our biggest need first. We can do others when the heat dies down."

"Any specific houses in mind?"


"Oh no, I'm going to be hit by a hammer while I'm standing 20 meters away and blowing out those nice horns of yours. How am I going to dodge that?"

"See, since we're already in deep trouble, nothing's changed!"

"Oh hey, I know those! Actually did some work as that for a while. I learned to sleep while standing up."


"I don't have any good info on any of them. We might get lucky on a tavern crawl for some tips, or we can just pick one and go from there."


"Are you trying to challenge me, mincemeat?"


"Alright.. lets go get some leads then." I suggest.
"Then the same as the Masque."


"Is it safe to go out to taverns so soon?"


"Hey, I don't actually want to hurt those cute horns of yours."

"Some tavern scouting first, then. I'd say don't commit too many of us to it, but it's up to everyone."


"Well, I know how to act there, so if you are feeling too green, I'll go alone."


"Huh, why wouldn't it be?"


"cute? Really?" She deadpans >>13861
"I rather come along if you don't mind my company"


"Can't we just get a drink and eavesdrop? We'll need to learn."


"I'll go with you, I promise not to cause problems."


"You have my vote. I wasn't one for taverns."

"They're probably still looking out for the killers of the Prince and the Drakins."


"Oh, right. Just stay clear of guards or bounty hunters and you ought to be okay.."


"Tavern crew, with me.
We're hitting up the Pole and Ball.
The rest of you, stay here and figure out some plans, or go tell Nosey the good news."




"Let's go."


Heading out. A drink does seem like a good idea.


She scratches her ear
"I guess it'll be up to me to go see Nosey then…" She smirks
"You bozos have fun then, I'll be seeing you later"


Make sure to bring some cash I scavanged


Patches heads off towards the back end of the trade district, where suppliers, cart drivers, lifters and stockboys tend to take the load off while the businessmen talk money.
"A prime place to find less than legal stuff. Marching Gum is a personal favorite, got some offa some lad that once did time in some foreign army. Keeps ya awake like nothing else, but hell of a hangover when ya stop for a while."
The Pole and Ball is exactly as one might imagine it. Old, crooked, a little run down. Walls blackened from people smoking and the floor an indistinguishable shade of off-brown from spills, blood and who knows what else.
Someone is playing a slightly out of tune piano loudly, masking all conversation.
"Now you lot follow my lead or someone dies, aight?"
Time to head back to the graveyard then.


"Yeah, I'm guessing that."


"As long as I can get a drink to cap off the day."


She gives Maske a pat in the back
"I'll be seeing you later teacher"
And she was out

Roll #1 7 = 7


I nod, "Hmm, Isn't that stuff expensive?"




"Nothing's expensive if ya steal it."
She glances about, tucks her pockets in, pulls up her shawl a bit and steps inside.
Without a word, she gives a hand sigh to the bartender to order her drink, and slinks off into the smoke of the pub.
The trip is uneventful. The night still has some dark time left, and patrols are still focused around the royal district.
However, the increased watchman activity has kept most common crooks hiding well, so you run into no trouble.


Follow her, quickly, silently, as if I was still in the palace carrying trays.
So stay as invisible as possible.


Quietly follow her inside.


How many different races are there in here? Do we stand out?


make sure I can easily reach for my weapon before slipping in.


She frowns when she remembered being framed for what she didn't do.
Pushing those thoughts aside, she followed the path she memorized when patches brought her here
"Hey, it's me Duna, I'm going in, aight?" She says, hoping Nosey wouldn't try to shoot her this time


You'll never feel more home anywhere - it's a zoo in here.
Between the four chattering capras going on about the time they ate a stash of narcotics before the watchmen found it to the hork who still has cargo tied to his rocks downing a keg of beer and the drakin picking a fight with an aeon over something or other, it's a welcome change to the monotone humanity of most districts.
A shot rings out immediately, soon followed by another. They both go over your head.
"C'mon innen. 'owd it go?"


Heh, seems like some ease dropping is in order. Can I hear anything good? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Not always a good thing…
Keep following Patches


I can't say the mood isn't cheering me up then. Do I have enough for a solid drink from the place?


Not too much bother as long as they got some fine… ladies here.

I'll wait.


She cringes at the loud shots near her sensitive Capra ears, she was already used to the loud banging of metal into metal, but this never failed to make her a tad uneasy
… Maybe that's why he does it every time
"See for yourself" She shows him the red demon mask with a smile "We didn't kill him though, he should be useful for us and all, so he's still there." She runs a finger through the mask
"Patches also brought a new girl with her, Kelpie was her name. Looks like a decent person too, she used to work to Maske as well"


Nothing from here. The piano drowns it out.
Go closer to someone.
She keeps moving, never really stopping, just slowing down to listen, or to cut purses.
Though you may want to start light rather than dive right into the House Special.
Of various species and levels of professionalism.
The little red lantern by the stairwell at the back implies a lot.
He frowns
"Y'let that rat bas'tis live? 'es kind 'av been muckin' up th' fine name 'a old time crooks 'oo INVEN'ED gimmick crime. Now folk fink 's just kooks an' fakes doin' 'at…"


'1d10' Okay, I'll try drifting closer to people.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Guess I should eavesdrop on some people too.
With Master Thief.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Let's get one before the job then. Something to calm the nerves after everything.

Who is the bartender?


"Well, we finished off part of his crew and others probably ran away" She shrugs
"Now all he'll be doing is teaching us some, I even got myself a souvenir, so that was a good job from us, at least for me. Patches and the others all went to the fancy, trade district though."


Seems like some sort of argument between a convoy guard and a local off-duty guard.
The convoy saw a crazy bright aeon that almost attacked them near the ruins outside town, but the local says that the Forgotten Paladin is just a dumb legend and it was probably bandits trying to use the story to spook people.
A capra on a tall wheeled stool.
"What'cha lookin' at? Need a drink?"
"Patcheys' got a goo' 'ead onner. She won't do anyfin' dum'.
…Naw tell me, what wassit like? Chasin'em lot off like'at? Bet y'had sum amusin' times."


cough cough


"Something to wash away the worries and the pain. Give me something simple and cheap to start."


She smirks
"I sure had, aside from getting my ass kicked a bit myself…but nothing that won't heal in a few days"


Huh.. that might be interesting..
'1d10' keep trying to easedrop or leads.

Roll #1 5 = 5


A couple of shady looking lads are discussing their time in prison, and the crazy strong knight they got on the bad side of while there. Turns out asking about his kids as a false move.
He ducks under the counter and returns with a tiny glass full of something that looks like dish water and smells like a hospital.
"Wither it'll deaden the pain or just make you dead."
He holds out his hand for payment.
"What, just ya makin'a fool 'a yaself? The others did fine 'en?"


Linger a bit, maybe they will say more about the identity of this knight.


"Both seem like good options."

Give him his bits and take a hit.


"I wasn't making a fool of myself, Maske was tougher than what we thought really, I just got smacked around by a few of his guys is all. But the others did an okay job but heh, it was up to me to carry the team ya know? I did most work and such"


The convoy guard insist he knows a damn bright glowing angrily shouting floating suit of armor when he sees one
The off-duty guard says it was probably just a torch and some wires
Then they break into incoherent swearing.
You seem to recall something about this supposed legend. An Aeon from an age long since past that still guards its old home in those ruins.
Sir Ragamont. Formerly in service of the duke, but sentenced to prison for various counts of excessive brutality, accepting bribes and a few counts of extortion.
It hits like a brick of extremely sharp mud. The initial taste is terrible, but the aftertaste is just a burning, oddly cleansing sensation.
"'y sure d' talk highly offerself…"


Oh dear…
Time to move on to another table.


"Ugh, just what the street physicians ordered. Is this delicacy of your own creation?"


She laughs "Not a bad thing to be proud of yourself and your feats right?"


Hmm guarding what I wonder..
Sit down with my group again.
"So, nice night so far?"


What looks like a baker's assistant is complaining to her less-than-interested date about a big party over in the rich district that has overworked making enough goodies for everyone.
"Nah, it's something I picked up as a suggestion from someone who knew exactly what they wanted.
They wanted this.
Turns out it's terrible, but works.
And if somethin' is stupid, but works, it ain't stupid."
"'s th' worst, 'f it giv's ya a big 'ead. Y'just get caught fas'r an' die sooner wif one."


Rich parties means that palace people could be there too, and that's bad news. Moving on!


"Alright alright, I'll remember that. Anyways, any little job I can do for you boss? Can I call you boss by the way?"


"My compliments to them first. Their idea just saved my brain from itself. Now if you'll excuse me, I best not leave my party for long."


Someone at the next table is listening in on the complainer, and commenting on how happy they are that they can throw a house party with their mates over at the mansion while the owners are off to visit the big party.
"…y' may. An' y'can take a note fer me.
Me old mate, Ragamont, 's been locked up a while an' I'd rather 'e wasn't. So 'd be mighty glad 'f somun went an' 'elped 'im out.
An' 'ere was somefin' ol' Crunchy wan'ed. I fink 'e wan'ed somun dead though…"
"Have fun, don't touch the gals or guys without asking their price first. And no fighting!"


Can I discover which mansion is that, exactly?


"Well… I suppose I could go help out your friend… Tell me more about where he is and how Could I get him free."


"No worries from me. I'm tuckered out as it is."

"Oh, if you got a moment, you wouldn't have happened to hear any news a recently unemployed Capra might be interested in? Ugh, after all I did, I have to start even lower than I started."


You could ask them or something
"See 'f I knew that I'd've done it b'now.
Breakin' inta prison ai't th' easist…"
"I'm stacked, unless you happen t'want to work the upstairs shift.
Ask about, most anyone 'ere could use some more hands and bodies in their crew."


"hmn… Think it would be better if a small group went to do that instead of just me? Maybe there's a service I can do just by my own?"


I guess this new life means taking risks.
"Where is this mansion anyway?"


"There that many gangs looking for bodies 'round here?"


I'll go sit with the Drakin lady.
"Heyo, you know about those old ruins outside of town?"


"'s why I said take a message.
Do NOT go alone, bring 'elp. It'll b a big job."
They seem pretty hammered
"Wh-? HEYYYYY! Party at our place, bring all ya girlfriends! Gold Street, the one with the white wall around it. Gate will be open."
"Don't tell 'em I told ya, but I think two or three frequent this place.
Eastern Dragon and Death Crew for sure.
Y'know them?"


"First time I'm here. What can ya say?"


"you got it boss. Well… There HAS to be something I can do right? Anything? I don't want to screw around and feel useless while the others are out there"


"Dragons sell big on their whole mysticism and martial arts angle.
DC just kinda take in anyone who can do angry screaming well enough, but I hear they got your back no matter what."
"Tell me… what wer th' big'st fails yall had on yer… first big missin'.
Trus me, 's important I know."


"Seems kids these days are into all kinds of weird things. Have they been going at it recently?"


"huh…" She puts a finger in her lips "I don't know if we did any… We sneaked in, got some of his men scared, challenged him and wiped the floor with him and his crew, some were alive so they could spread the news… And we let him live and took over his hideout… Honestly I think that was a great job with no mistakes"


"Every few nights there's somethin'
But that's none of my business. I just sell drinks to tired workers at the end of a rough day."
He smirks.



If you wish to explore the bar more, say so.

Otherwise say READY so we can move on.


Ready for what's next.




One day… one day, I'll have a full party on a bed, enough to make the vikings blush.

But I've got no money for that. Ready.


Ready to head out


AND SO YOU returned to the Hideout.
Patches drags out a futon to the main stage and lays down.
"Well, now we know there is an easy…ish job for us in the rich district."


"So what are the hard parts of this easy-ish job?"




"Easy-ish for you?"


"The party?"


"Well, the house of Ardon will be empty. The richest family in the entire city - the prestigious Grandlion family - will be hosting the biggest social event of the year.
Every important person… and practically every hired guard from here to the royal army outpost will be there.
This leaves House Ardon a prime target, as the servants are hosting a party there."


"We'd preferably not make a mess of the servants. Hopefully they'll be too busy partying, or we'll make them party hard enough."


"Hopefully no one recognizes us. We don't have the uniforms, but we can probably fake it well enough that we can pass as belonging there."


"That's the beauty of it. With a rowdy party going on, we can hide in plain sight.
It will also make escape easier if the Watchmen come - if we break into an entirely empty place, it will just be us VS them and the guards. Here, there will be plenty of crowd to vanish into."
"Well you already infiltrated the palace itself, this should be simple."



"Alright, how much are we expecting to loot?"


"If it's just a snatch and grab, I shouldn't have objections. What else can you tell us?"


"Are you planning a sneaky mission? I hope you do, I had enough of fighting."


"Sounds simple. Real simple. Like we can't possibly mess this up simple." I smile at Patches.


"Between the jewellery and art collections… quite a bit once we fence it."
"…I'm coming up with the plan here?
Neat. I knew you'd learn to give me a chance!
So, my idea was that we'd enter via the back. I assume everyone will be coming in via the service entrance at the side, and hosting the majority of the festivities in the back yard to keep the inside clean. I've never been in there so I only know do much but…
The back yard is walled off, and the top of the wall has spikes. We need to be careful. The Grandlion ball starts at sunset, so the servant party cannot begin until then. If we sneak in as it gets dark, the partygoers should be drunk enough for us to get in with no trouble.
Then we grab what we can, leave a few calling cards and leave before sunrise, or as soon as any watchmen arrive to end the party."


"Sounds good. We want to make sure the partiers don't run out of drink, though. Will everyone in the parry be familiar with each other?"


"Is it just the servants from that House, or will more show up?"


"I guess the drakin could take us over one by one if its about the fence."


"From what I heard, the invitation was open to most servants of the rich district, along with their friends. House Grandlion is universally hated among the servant classes, so obviously this party was thrown on the exact day no Grandlion servants can attend.
Remember though - it is imperative that we leave some calling cards. Otherwise it will just seem like the partygoers looted the place."


"What are considered good left behinds?"


"Such as?"


"So don't disguise ourselves as Grandlions. Anything else?"


A gleeful smile overtakes her face as she stifles an excited squee
"We gotta pick a name for ourselves. And a calling card.
We're about to go pro! Yeah!"
She does a little fist bump and sits up
"When he was still a bit more active, Nosey used to leave a little drawing anywhere he went. A bald guy with a big nose. Sometimes he'd also leave a bullet next to it."
"Not really anything I can think of. Might be a good idea to have a drink before we go, so we at least smell like we partied."


"Yea, like Masque has his Masks but what do we have?"


"I don't think we can draw very well.
Some palace sign maybe?"


"Well, looking around, we seem.like a pretty mixed group. How about some circus or zoo tickets?"


"Pick what you see fit. This is not my place to make the call."


"A maid suit."


Give you an 'are you serious' look.


I huff a little bit.
"Did I really leave a theater to join a zoo?"


"Eh!? But why?"


"Some moves in life are unexpected. We should know."


"Better than a zoo." I say with my arms folded.
I give you an annoyed glare.


I just smile back.

"It should be something that will be out of place when left, but inconspicuous when we go in. So no pianos ad the like."


"Bah. I hate things like this. What about a horse? An animal, a tool, a companion."


"As in a toy horse?"


"Or a drawing of one. Toys aren't nearly as disposable."


"Sounds simple enough."


"So is it decided then?"


"A horse isn't so bad, as far as symbols go."
I nod.


"A horse drawing seems recognizable enough."


"If it's stupid, but it works, it's not stupid."


"So… we're the.. horse… crew?
Horse… riders…


"The Cavalry."


"Sounds nice."


"Sounds like the name of a bunch of heroes."



"Who knows what will happen while we are out there? Maybe it'll come true. Now wouldn't that bebfunny?"


"That's dumb."


"So… the cavalry, then?"


"I'm fine with it to settle the matter."


"Yes. Now, when do we leave for the heist?"


"Yea, sure thing capra-alry" I reply with a giggle.
"Its fine."


"It will have to do."


Shrug and smile.


"Ok then, cavalry, LETS RIDE!"

If you are READY, we can move on




"Lets go!" I reply energetically.


"Ready as ever."


House Ardon.
It's not the shining gem of the rich district, but it's still clearly the home of some very serious money.
Three storeys tall with two balconies on each. Pillars on the corners and down the middle of each wall. A large yard in the back and front. A shed in the back yard for gardening supplies.

And a lot of money inside waiting to be… redistributed.

You have come in disguise, wearing nondescript servant clothing. Very different in style to your old palace gear, but oddly comforting to wear again.
"If we're all set, lets figure out how to cross the wall unnoticed."


"Is there anyone even watching here?"


"Fly over?"


"Unlikely. Most people will probably be having fun, not guarding the area."
"Hmm… maybe if we bring some bottles with us, we can have an excuse"


"Can you look over if there is a hidden spot we can emerge through?"


"I can try."
Sneaky flight recon time.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Do we really need an excuse?"


Absolutely nobody is paying attention to the wall. You can come over with impunity.
"Not necessarily, but having one helps if things go wrong."


"It's a courtesy thing. I'll admit I made a few drinks of the palace's expensive stuff disappear a few times."


"All of you can just climb over, it's unattended."


"Uh, I guess we can just go over.. Not like anyone will know if we didn't bring something."
'1d10' climb it?

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I don't think it's that easy to get a bottle with us, is it?"


"Hopefully everything goes quietly."

Capracraft '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Not without aid you aren't.


"Can you see if there's a ladder on the far side we could use or something?"


"…Uh, give me a boost?"


Fly around and check.


Yes, by the shed. Should make for an easy getaway too if you set it up right.


Fly back.
"By the shed."


Give her the boost.


With a bit of acrobatics, you manage to get over the fence and set up the ladder.
"Good. We can use this to exit later if needed."


"Yea! Because ladders definitely weren't a part of the stage equipment that we could have highjacked."


"It would not have been shady at all to walk all over town with a ladder."


As you cross over, you see the party in full swing.
There are dozens of different uniforms going about, and some of the partygoers didn't even come in uniform. Others seem to have taken theirs off sometime before now.
The smell of wine is… notable even out here. Someone has thrown up in the rose bush. Someone is passed out by the bird bath.
The music is off-key but energetic.


"Dark enough yet?"


"Plenty. Lets try to find a way inside and scout out the goods."


I laugh.
"Now this is a proper party."


"Actually, it might not be so suspicious to just walk in.."


"Great. Just great."
I will have to resist my urge to clean.


"Should we just… walk right on in then?"


"Should be fine, right? Just act like you're having fun!" I laugh and pat patches on the back walking inside.


"Unless you actually want to join this night of debauchery, yes."


"If we break in, we might attract even more attention. How confident are you about finding a batter entrance? We'll need a hidden exit, anyway."


"Well.. here goes nothing"
Roll to swooce right in


Casual servant walking by.

Roll #1 4 = 4


'1d10' I must have learned something about acting naturally by now.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You seem to attract a lot of attention. It probably has to do with the rarity of drakin servants, even in these high houses.
Practically invisible. Nobody cares who you are now that you've taken off the mask.


Capra should be common servants. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


They are. People are bad at telling capra apart anyway. Nobody will pay attention to you.


That's a surprisingly painful fact.. but it makes it easy to steal from them. Just head inside the main building and look around?


Ignore them. They can stare all they want.


It'll work

Roll #1 6 = 6


Hopefully it means I can pilfer a bit more than usual then.

Let's walk over to the desert tray and look around for easy entrances.


It does. You're just some guy, after all.
And so you're good to go. The back door is open, and there are some people mingling inside.
Unfortunately, a few guards are there too. Off duty and drinking hard, but still guards.

Time to scout out some choice loot.


My Thief Senses are tingling.


The people inside, are they going in and out with stuff?


Just drinks of varying sizes, and occasional food.


I wish I prepared some sleep shots.

Wander with someone. I don't know how to appraise valuables that well.


You notice the upstairs is roped off. Probably to keep the important rooms safe from drunk shenanigans.


We can at least pretend to be bringing in/out some stuff at worst.

"We can offer to get the guards a few more drinks and we can probably just waltz in."


A rope isn't going to stop us! Lets hop over it and look up there.


By that I meant I have the 2 pointer rouge skill that helps me locate the goods


Roll to not get seen doing this


'1d10' sneaky stealth roll

Roll #1 6 = 6


After a sweep, you have a good idea of what is where.
There are several art pieces down here, but they are hard to move or sell.
The silverware in the kitchen is valuable. So are the candlesticks. There is a loose change jar for the servants' shopping needs near the entrance. The golden chalices in the dining room are also worth a lot of money.
The lack of clothing and jewellery implies they must be kept upstairs…
Nobody pays much attention, and if they did, they did not stop you.


I'll just keep watch at the foot of the rope.


Can I just Teleport past them?


You can, yes.


The others can handle the kitchen goods.
I'm going to sneak upstairs.

"Psst. Get the silverware. I'll have a glance upstairs."

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Of course not.
Time to look upstairs for an important looking room.


Anything I can take with me nearby that isn't guarded?


Teleport is Automatic, but I'll make sure to be in a spot where they don't notice the vanishing Capra.

What stuff is in the room I end up in?


The upstairs area is a corridor lined with rooms on both sides. On the left side you see two unmarked rooms, a bathroom and a broom closet.
On the right side you see three unmarked rooms. The furthest room's door is ajar.
There is a window at the back of the corridor.
You could probably pocket a bunch of silverware while eating some snacks. Stealing the goblets and candlesticks will be much more suspicious.


Middle right unmarked door.
Let's be brave and just slink inside.


I'll just go for the silverware.
And find a nice snack to munch on.


"Window seems like a good escape point."

I'll look into the first right room. Just a peek.


Locked tight. Glancing at the lock you can see it's a special make - not the usual kind you can see through.
It's a study of some kind. Reeks of cigar smoke. A waste paper bin is knocked down on the floor. There is some guy trying to catch his breath by the far wall, next to a door leading out to a balcony overlooking the yard.
You pick up a plate of meatballs and start munching down, dropping the fork in your sleeve and getting another one between bites.


Hmm… Can it be picked though?


Draw a knife and make him sign to be very silent.


More importantly, are the meatballs good?

surely there has to be unattended valuables around.


I'll stick to the unmarked room without a guy inside of it. Anything I can loot in here?


I nod and put my arms up.


Skill level: Expert (MIN 8)
Those are some pretty good meatballs.
There are some fancy shoes by the main door and a bucket of loose cash near the service entrance. The paintings and rugs are valuable too but removing them will draw attention.
The closest unmarked door on the left is locked
The other one on the left is not locked, you can enter if you want.
The one with the door ajar can also be entered.


Try the one with a door ajar.


I'm sure I can handle it…

Roll #1 8 = 8


Nod him to hide by the corner of the wall, and to turn around.
Once she(?) does, take away her weapons and press the knife against the back of her neck, listening for movements.


I was here to just loot the place, so I follow.


Nice shoes. Mine.

How much loose cash? How much can I feasibly take?


Whisper in his ear.
"How many of you?"


You realize now why the place was roped off. The first thing you see is a naked couple on the bed. Then you see the dozens upon dozens of bottles of cheap wine kept here to be brought down later.
Other than that, it seems to be a guest bedroom.
Amazingly, yes you can.
The lock is complex, but with some fiddling and plenty of luck, you manage to crack it.
Behind the door is a surprisingly small windowless room filled with shelves upon shelves of valuable curiosities, and a vault-like door slightly hidden on the far wall.
It's a bucket for change from shop runs for the servants. so long as you don't empty the entire thing nobody should notice.


"Just about 4, just, watch the blade."


Embarrassing! But.. are they passed out? I could look around for loot anyway..


"Lower your voice. What were you looking for in here?"


They are not exactly focusing on you.
Their stuff is around the bed, but aside from the bottles there doesn't seem to be much of value in plain sight in here. The owners probably don't trust guests too much.


I should go find the others with this discovery!


"Just what we could take. If there's something here you want, just take it. I'm not going to talk to anyone about this."


'1d10' check their things.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Step away, kicking his weapons back with me, but lifting my blade from his neck.
"I thought you were a guard or something."


High quality and comfortable. She had very nice undergarments too.
A few coins in the pocket, along with a silver flask of booze, a decorated derringer and a small stiletto.
They are in the other rooms. Pick one and go tell.


"Just a Capra and friends looking to make living easier." I whisper back.


"You are late. I called dibs here already so you can all just leave."


One at a time.

"Psst, I found the rarity room, and cracked the door open too. We should pick it clean. Go tell the others."


Take the coins, derringer, and stiletto. That will have to due for loot from here.. but maybe a bottle or two wouldn't hurt for later.


You grab the stuff and leave before they are done enough to ask you to join them.
Seems like Deeja opened the middle room - a vault full of rare curiosities.


"I don't exactly see your name on the invite list, so you're just the same as us."

"Be right there." I whisper back.

"I think WE can get farther than just you alone."


Just a handful, then.

Keep looking out.


I'll join her inside there.



Go back there!
"I think if we take things from here, that will give us name enough."


The sight is lovely. Little gold idols. Crystal carvings. Old relics. Exotic jewellery and works of art.
You notice a giggling couple going for the staircase.


"Race your lot of five to find more value in this old crumbling walls than I already did."


'1d10' I gasp and take the most valuable looking things I can grab.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Time to take as much as I can carry without overburdening myself!


"If I'm free to go, I'd take that wager. I'm sure all of us would like to leave wealthier."


"Introduce me to your mates, will ya?"


"Hey there! Hate to interrupt your love, but the stairs are off limits. Up there's full of spider, y'see. They like to get into a man and woman's… love parts, know what I mean?"


"Not leaving me with much choice, are you?"

I'll head over to them as they raid the room.


"Hey, I'm not holding you at knife point anymore at least, you could show some gratitude."


"First impressions are VERY important."


"Did you tell the others?"


You grab a few of the gold statuettes. While doubtlessly valuable, selling them as-is to anyone but art collectors will net you little more than their weight in gold.
You grab most of the rest that isn't just fancy wood carvings.
This just leaves the vault, which remains firmly locked.
The look confused
"We thought the upstairs was reserved for this."
"Yeah, it was just that we weren't allowed into the master bedroom, first door on the left."


"You're right mate. And my first impression is that you talk too much."


Hallo, if you hadn't noticed we were having a bit of a hostage situation.


Size it up…
But it might have an alarm

"We have?"


"Excuse me, but could we stop with the looting for a minute to introduce someone new and mostly nonthreatening."


"Well, thing's've changed. Go find some bushes or something, go on!"


That's not even said out loud! Read what's been happening!
"Why, nonthreatening sounds so nonthreatening!"


Oh, whoops.
And I have been reading my parts!

"Mostly trustable too, I hope."


Well what you missed was me holding Cherry to knifepoint and stuff.
Now we are besties though!

"Totally trustable!"


In a place where I can finally see it no less?
"W-what hey! Leave that maid alone!"


"Mostly. Introduce yourself to them, and me."

"The alarms haven't sounded and I'm not perforated, so odds are looking good."


"To a capra, maybe. Why should I trust you?"


"Oh please I know plain well you are thieves too, drop the act, it's insulting!"
"Because the capra is still here rather than full of holes?"
Play around with a knife, making it dance between my fingers.


It looks solid. Practically just a chunk of the wall with reinforced hinges.
They look dejected, but leave.
At least you got some info. There must be something good in the master bedroom.


I pout. "Asking an actress to drop her character is what's rude. Who are you and why do you have our goat?"


How is it even opened then?

"Not very reassuring."


"Hey, she wandered into the room I was looting! Now, I'm fine with cutting these rooms fifty fifty, but that's just a special deal because I happened to be napping and couldn't finish earlier!"
"It will have to do for you, big snake."


How far away is that from me? Time to check it out.


"Will it? I don't think it will."


Possibly a hidden mechanism. Possibly a password. Possibly a lever in another room or something.
First door on the left upstairs, they said.


Step closer to the unarmed capra, gripping the knife better.
"Won't it?"
Stare with a tiny smirk at the drakin.


"I know humans can have a hard time telling us apart, but what part of my clothes says I'm a Maid? Anyways, unless you want to join us, you're free to grab what you can and try to make a run for it."


Guess it's time for me to head up too.


"Tell your lass here to cut the attitude then."


I guess the contents of this room will have to do.

"You seem awfully brave, threatening a capra half your size. That is not going to impress me."


"…you were what? Don't you have anyone you already work with?"


"As you can tell, that was never a possibility. Try not to antagonize, you'll get farther. Promise."


"..Oh, you know what. We actually barely know that capra. She just showed up and started eating our lunch. So we told her she had to help up with this job to pay it back." I shrug.


"Guess you don't care too much for him then.
What a tight knit gang you are."

But grab Cherry by both arms and hold them behind his back, he's my safeguard out of here after the drakin's reaction now.

"I'm not tied down, what a boring life that would be."

"Just trying to make sure I'm not gonna get shafted here, little one.
Sorry for the inconvenience."


"Yeeeeah I'm gonna call that a bluff."


Some commotion is coming from the first room on the right.
The second door on the right is open.
The final door on the right is ajar.
The left hand doors are untouched.


"Why don't you pick on someone your own size, huh?"


"Hey I came here to pick rooms, not hostages. You are the one who's gotta act like a dick and force me into this situation!"


Check out the commotion…


"Just don't press to hard. I try not to yell.

"What were you here for anyway? If you had a target, you can take it and be off."


"You sound lonely instead. And really, I don't even know the goat's name.
But hey, if it makes you feel better, I don't mind sharing, just, isn't 50-50 a little high? Can you even carry that much?"


Looks like the others found a new… acquaintance. Some bloke with a knife and tight pants.
They seem agitated.


"Let the capra go.
Walk away.
And everything will be fine."


Share a glance between the goat and the girl.
"You seem the smartest girl around.
How many of you are there, here? Five?
Let's say I take a sixth. And you keep the drakin from doing anything stupid."


Gun up and aim.

Right at him.
"I'm not sure if you're in any position to negotiate."


Look down at Cherry in actual surprise.
"Wow, really no-fucking-body cares about you, uh?"


"That sounds fair to me!" I smile at you. "Got a name we can call you guy?"


Wink wink nudge nudge towards the gun situation.


"We just know he can shoot you faster."


Can't you teleport out?


"They care in their own way."

Took my catalyst.


I groan. "You might as well let the capra go now. They don't have a reason to hurt you if you let him go."



"We'll go with that. Send the Capra over here and I'll lower my weapon."


Patches, concerned about how long you're taking up here, arrives
"What the hell is taking so long? Who the hell is that guy?
How does he even put pants like that on?"


"Look, I'm gonna go something totally against my nature and trust you!"
Push the capra off me.

Raise my hands up.
"Now, care to start over?"

Roll my eyes.
"C'mon did you guys bring a whole circus along?!"


"He won't say who he is, just that he was he first and wants a cut of the loot.."
I twitch a little at the 'circus' remark.
"Well, I trust you too then. Mostly."


Fine, lower weapon. But still enough to fire fast.

"A thief, I assume?"


"A new impression, eh? We'll you get points for being careful with the knife. You'll get more if you say what you were doing here in the first place."


"You're luck we're not bloodthirsty."


"And I was here first, I might add!"
"Why thanks. What's your name, pretty?"
Lower my hands and zip the knife back in my belt.
"Totally not stealing these nobles blind while they were still here, at that!"
"It might have been fun!"


"Manners, mister."
"Well, that's… kinda how it works. You know, honour among thieves, first come first served, all that.
Stops folks from just waltzing in after someone else does the hard work.
I think he deserves a cut… if he helps us."


"Despite the rough beginnings, another set of arms to loot the place seems fine."


"Not for you."


Take a short, proper bow at this guy's words.
"You make the most sense of them all!
I like you!"


"Not from this room though, I picked the lock on it."


"Great then, since we're looting together."
Shake the new guy's hand. "Call me Kelpie. And.. These here are The Calvary." I add with a smile.


"You sure you are a drakin? You act like a jewish girl more than a viper!"


"Alright then. You help us, then we can all get out of here with a decent amount of loot. What say you?"

"Advertising ourselves so soon?"
Give her a disapproving look.


She has an air of professionalism to her. The disguise is on point and she moves like a seasoned thief.
A little malnourished and rough looking, but hey, what thief isn't?
"…what say we call this an initiation test. He helps us loot the place and carry the stuff, and then if he does well, he gets to join The Cavalry, and gets an equal cut?"


"I suppose. I don't really trust him just yet."

"Are you sure you are not an Aeon dressed in a giant turd?"


Stop. I'm not as foolish as to give them my real name.
I mean, the adrenaline high from being an idiot before them was nice, but safety first, eh.
Shake her hadn.
"I'm gonna guess I already passed it.
Go check the fireplace in the studio. And look up."


"Why wait? We'll never get famous if we don't tell people about us. Oh, and we need to get to work scribbling that horse thing somewhere around here."
"I'm totally okay with that.."
I nod


The door is still open.
"Ye? Do tell mr. fancypants."


"Go look at it.
Not for the faint of heart though.
Seems like the lord had different interests from most people."


"Dio? Well, okay then."

"Patches? How much more of the house left to comb? We've wasted time here…"

I'll take a look up.


"We'll Dio, help us leave the place intact and you get to join our crew. Sound fair?"


"Now, not to sound queer but…
Does anyone have some water, I'm dying of thirst over here."


"Find the master bedroom. Then we leave."
It's a door, leading to the secret vault behind the trophy room Deeja opened.


"I'm not even sure I want to join your lot!
What's you do anyway?"


"…I don't suppose you want some of this wine?" offer you one of the bottles from the earlier guest room.


The door explanation being meant for Arcie.


"A little theft here and there so far. Does that sound like your thing?"


"Why sure, it's cheap as hell but why not. They have hundreds of these anyway."

Drink from the wine.
Does that fix my thirst?


"First door on the left, it seems. Want to head there now?"


"Maybe. As long as it's always as fun as tonight."


"I'm sure you'll find plenty to drink downstairs on the way out."


Raise an eye at her, pointing out my flashy attire.
"Does this look like a disguise to you?"


"Already going".
Patches heads off to check it.
Do you wish to check the secret door Dio pointed out?
It stings your throat like only cheap wine can.
But the thirst remains. Subtle but gnawing.
You could really go for some steak. Rare steak. Something that fights back a bit as you bite it.


"But on second thought… DO they have food downstairs?"


"Can't say how often it'll happen, but you're welcome to come along."

Any loose paper and pens around to start a horse drawing?


I'll take a look.


"Hmm yea, they should. I didn't check exactly."



"Not a very clever thief, are you?"


"Let's get looking first then, shall we?"
"Clever enough to be here before your lot."
And then get to work.
Help this bunch of sticks loot the place, what was in the locked room?


The wine stains well. You could probably use that. Right on the wall.
It's a dark hidden room. You grab a candle and look around.
More curiosities. Very… VERY dark ones.
Idols of evil and foreign deities. Artwork depicting acts of unspeakable nature. Writings in impossible languages.
Looks like exotic curiosities of various kinds, from gold idols to fancy carvings and other small but valuable items of interest.


Time to work on my masterpiece, though it'll probably look closer to a child's drawing. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Small BUT valuable is the best kind of small.
Stuff my satchel and see if anything picks my eye.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Just make sure you don't pass out.."
Did someone check the secret passage? I'll check that if not.


I don't deal with this stuff. I use guns so this ancient evil awakening cunts are less likely to infect a perfectly good weapon for me.

"Magic Capra! Know if any of these evil treasures are safe to take?"


"I can use magic, but proper identification wasn't part of job training."


The others took the best stuff. You only get scraps.
The secret room is the vault of heresy Arcie went into.
It's a little rough, but very identifiable as a horse's head. Kinda cartoony.


'1d10' touch something shiny

Roll #1 7 = 7


Eh, I've already gotten the most precious gem off this place anyway.
And maybe I will keep the painting.
If the looting is finished, go check on whoever is checking out the heresy room.


"We ready to leave here?"


"I'll help with what I can carry."

Let's take what isn't nailed down and valuable that's left. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Where's Patches? Get her in here, maybe she can identify something."


Pop my head from above.
"Hey! If your lot takes so much to decide every time we are gonna get killed.
Just loot everything and let's get going."


You touch a strangely glimmering black idol. The odd stone it's carved from has very sharp edges, and it nicks your skin even with a mere caress.
The idol's beady red gem eyes stare at you, as if hungering for blood.
Patches squeezes herself in there too.
"…damn. This stuff… uh…
…let's… not take this stuff."
She then notices the book
"Except this. I think I know a guy who we can offload this on."
You go to the Master Bedroom and Patches drops a huge bag on you.
"More jewellery than I can count off the top of my head. Some fur coats. Sets of high class clothes for all of us and a couple of spares. Very decorative pistol. Worth a shitload in total."


"So will this be all for the job?"


I look a little freaked out.
"Uh, maybe we should leave this weird stuff here."


"Hey if you are not gonna, I will!
Never pass up on loot. Bonus if it's cursed. It means more could come of it!"


"I'll trust your judgment on this. Don't want to end up with some millennial curse or whatever."

Another good look around the room. Anything look both safe and valuable?

"You're free to take it."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"It's more than I can carry. Go paint a horse in there and lets go."
Define safe.
Define valuable.
This is the kind of art you couldn't even sell to a goth bar's underground VIP basement.
You grab the painting of a bull-headed demon fucking the carved-open chest cavity of a woman on an altar of skulls while people scream and cheer around it and roll it up.
Surely it will make a fetching decoration for your room.


Wait, actually Dio took a fucking cool painting. I'll just take one for myself.

'1d10' for a cool one

Roll #1 1 = 1


Gotta have style.
"Now if your lot's ready to move, should we just stroll through the main hall?"


Man, all this stuff seems too dangerous. Unless there is a smooth crystal ball or eyeball thing that wouldn't terribly curse us all.


You take a closer look at some of the paintings, instinctively cringe and shield your manhood, then decide you don't want to have anything like that on your wall, or preferably even in your memories.


I'll toss on another cartoon horse to make our mark.


I guess I can leave by the window, can't I?


You can, but the loot bags are heavy even when equally divided.
Flight will be a MIN6


Not gonna try that.
Gotta wait for the rest to go for the fence then.


File: 1434754213635.png (7.01 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Oh bloody hell. Let's leave, then.

But first, the calling card


Patches checks the bags
"Ok we have everything.
Now, the daring escape."
…just as she finishes saying that, the couple from the guest room stumbles out and sees you.
"…wow. That's… quite the gang bang you guys are setting up."
"What's with the bags?"


"Lube. Lots and lots of lube. We will have to go outside to oil up. Meet you in the bedroom!"


We should leave while they try to figure that out.


"What she said. Plus, more rope and other toys than you know what to do with."


Maybe if I just keep walking, they won't question it.


"it wouldn't be the same without them."


"By all means. Do go in."
They point you to the guest bedroom.
The window there will also allow access to the back yard.


Say nothing, keeping my back on them, pretending nothing's wrong.
Reach for one of my throwing knives.


"Thank you for your kindness. We were a little lost."


"I meant outside outside. Wouldn't want to drip over the expensive carpets. They really tie these rooms togther."


Just keep going into the room..


You shuffle past them into the room. They start preparing to leave back downstairs, ignoring you further.


Look out of the window. How big of a drop is it?


"I can teleport most of the small stuff down."


Can I just glide out safely even with all these bags?


"Horny bastards…"

Check and try to make out or escape route.


"…" make sure to close the door behind us.


"Next time something like that happens, we should just sick them."


"Can't fault people for being frisky, you know.


This is the top floor. The drop is quite something, but there are vines on the wall you could possibly use to help climb down. Or indeed glide, or teleport.
The only thing between you and freedom is the back yard.
And by the sound of things, the watchmen have been called to end this party.


"I'm starting to see why you're lonely."


"What bleeding hearts."
"Time to get rolling. Now."
Jump onto the vines and begin escalating down.


"Fucking hell, we need to hurry.Capra!"
"You need to go down first. Try to make the vines good for us to go down after."


"Or next time someone threatens to knife our friend."

Time to glide!


"If anyone doesn't think they can climb down, I can teleport you."


Alright everyone
Roll for the safety and success of your escape.


"As I said. Bleeding hearts."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Whatever Dio. Its not like I can't."

Roll #1 4 = 4


"You are a tough one, aren't you?"



This is bad…

Roll #1 10 = 10


Safe and sound!
I'd just use Escape Artist if it's allowed for things like this though

Roll #1 10 = 10


And Patches too '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Yea, and fast too."


Teleporting '1d10+1'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Your fancy tight pants prove to be extremely inoptimal in many ways for climbing down a wall. They do outline your ass nicely though.
Turns out vines can't be climbed exactly like ropes in a theater. You take a rough landing.
Flawless. You even catch the bag Kelpie dropped when she fell.
You glide down gently, bringing the bag Dio dropped.
Patches will need some more patches on her outfit after it rips a bit and causes her to slip and fall.
You get down so fast you have time to save Patches' dropped bag.

The watchmen are storming in from the front, beating down rowdy guests while the (drunken) guards try to maintain order.
The back yard guests are trying to hide or scale the wall to escape. Your ladder is still safely at the top of the wall, easy to fetch and use for a quick escape.


Just fly over the wall and land on the other side!


"Well that's a convenient ladder."
Lad the ladder.


Crap. get over to the wall and reach for the ladder.


"Now, NOW!"

Head for it!


Head on up and out!


Swiftly clambering up the ladder, you see the first of the watchmen kick down the back door and come for the yard party.
Patches comes up last, throwing the ladder over the wall, preventing the watchmen from chasing you and buying you a head start. As chaos breaks loose, she turns to laugh from her vantage point and shouts out
She then jumps down, grabs her bag and starts running
"We have a head start for now. It will take them a while to re-route any of the watchmen to chase us, given how crazy that party got. Now hurry! We need to get back to the Hideout!"


"What are we waiting for?!"
Go go!


"Good, good. Get going!"

Fast, sustainable pace.


"What an organized bunch.
Hope the route takes us by the meat market!"


"This went well so far!"

"Don't think about snacks right now!"


"I can't get it out of my mind!"


I know the way there. Just keep running toward the hideout.


"You can buy the place when we are done, you just gotta wait!"


The night is always darkest just before dawn. And in that darkest hour, right before the sun starts peeking out again, you reach the old butcher shop.
Slipping in and locking the door behind you as watchmen footsteps rumble around, you can't help but feel immense relief and exhilaration.

You did it.
A real big job.
And what a payout. Fencing all this will take a while…


"Now that's what I call a rush."
Drop the bags and have a look around the place.


Drop the bags and slum down on the nearest, comfiest piece of furniture with a sigh.


"So how would you rate a job like this?"


"This is more like it. The cavalry strikes for the first time! Whoo!"


You've heard of this place.. The Undercity - parts of the old city that have gotten buried in past disasters, or just gotten built over.
This looks like an old theater.


Now that's cool.
Start walking around the room where everyone is, trying to pick up details.
"Say, you got rooms too, here?"


"If you don't mind the vuews".

They are mostly converted viewing areas.


"Clean. No blood, no real witnesses. We even left a calling card.
…Nosey will be proud."
You collapse in one of the big chairs.
The entrance was in the basement of an old butcher shop. It lead to catwalks at the top of the old theater, from where you climbed down to the stage where they have set up a bunch of furniture to make a common room of sorts.


"Be careful, that room is haunted!" I warn you as you wander further back.


"Haunted, you say?"
Now I gotta check that room out.


"Shame about the big safe door though."


As you wander around, you notice a guy wearing a creepy old man mask. He isn't really doing much, just sitting around. Still unnerving though.
One of the doors is covered in masks.
Most of the others are unmarked.


"At least we know it is there. A place to give another visit sometime."


Stop by the creep.
"Hey old man wannabe.
Seen the ghost haunting these rooms around?"


'1d10' time to sneak behind him

Roll #1 2 = 2


"It will be guarded that time."


I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that.


"Not since… three weeks ago. That's the last time we did 'Phantom of the Theater'"


"True, but we can be better prepared for the next job."


"Har har har.
So point me to an empty room, will you?"


"Most of them, these days. Used to be real crowded until the day before yesterday. Now… everyone is, well… gone."
Patches chimes in.
"We do know what's back there. A vault full of creepy heretic stuff.
The guy in the tight pants found a secret back door in there."


Well, now you're just ignoring me!
But I make a spooky sounds anyway to try and scare you. "Oooo"


"Oh, so it was a decoy after all."


"Fascinating. I will drop my stuff in one of them."
Leave and look for the largest/best furnished room around.
And give her a glacial glare as I pass her by.


I pout and lean on my hammer "fiiine, next time I'll bring my demon. That will scare you."


"Is that what you call your cat?"


"Why would they even want stuff like that inside? What use could they be to them in there?"


"Probably a main entrance for bringing new items in. The back door was hidden in the study, and could not even fit all the items in there out though it."
Most of the best rooms seem to be claimed. But there is plenty to pick from.


Just pick the largest free one. I will break it in later.


"Let's be done with that mansion then. I'm sure we will find more things to steal."
"So, this is life now, huh."


"Perhaps it was Lord Ardon liked it as a guilty pleasure and kept it secret from all but fellow… enthusiasts?"


"I'd like to watch him. If he invested that much innguarding them, his fellow 'enthusiasts' must be equally loaded."


I just leave with a huff.
To find where that guy Nosey went, if he's around here.


Snicker as she goes.


"I did find out something interesting. Apparently the reason Grandlion is throwing this big party is because they came to possess some… 'rare form of entertainment'. Some kind of… world warping magic that could display wondrous things to amaze and captivate guests."
Nosey isn't here. You could ask patches about him.


So… I need to do something. Go outside and roam the market. I'm still thirsty.


You pick what was once a big dressing room. By the looks of it, it was a communal bedroom for a while. Many bunks here.


"Hey, Patches. What's the deal with Nosey, did he have his own job to do?"


Drop my stuff here. I will care for that after I've fixed my thirst.


"And to think we probably would have been able to experience it had the Duke and his fellows not met such an unfortunate ending."

"However, I am curious about such a thing now."




The sun is rising.
This is the Old Market. Not in use any more. Abandoned and decaying.
There is a newer market not far from here. You and practically every lowlife knows it well. Cheaper than the big ones in the market district. Also more… lenient when it comes to less legal goods.
"Nosey is my…
…he's a very important man. A former Finger candidate. And de-facto leader of the Cavalry.
He lives… elsewhere."
"See here's the creepy part.
I overheard about this from some servants whose masters went to the ball. The way they described it made it sound like… a person.
And not a hired person. A person they bought."


Well then. Off I go, to the new market. I need food. True, satisfying food.


"…and why don't you live there?"


"I'm still lost. A slave?"


"How can a person let them explore new worlds? This is starting to get too strange."


With coin in pocket from your little job, you head to the meat vendor who is setting up his fresh cuts.
"Mornin'. Comin' from a night shift, eh? Little warm snack before bed?"
"His home is his and his alone."
"For one, slaves are illegal. For another… you don't usually talk about slaves like they were fantastic curiosities."
"Some form of rare magic perhaps?"


"Indeed. Something big and juicy."


"..I see.. Well, its okay. You can live with us. Cavalry is best when we're all close."


"Well, the guards didn't arrest them yet. Why?"


"If it was enough to throw a party so soon after the Duke died it must be. But as curious as I am, I don't know if we can, or even should, look into it. All the Nobles at the palace had their eccentricities."


"I got a few fat ol' rats. Fresh, still living even.
Got a big rabbit too."
"I had my own hideout until now, too. I guess that's how he taught me.
We should all go tell him the good news soon."
"Money talks, I suppose?
Or there is more to this… world warper than I picked up from that little snippet of conversation."
"If she can conjure up vivid realities at will, she could be a powerful ally.
And very willing to join us to escape a life of being a living curiosity."


Grimace at the pauper offering.
"I need something I can sink my teeth in with joy."


"got a slab of horse, if you got some good coin for it. Thick and juicy."


"Yea.. or wait for him to hear about it and come find us?"


"That'll have to wait for a bit. For now, how done go about turning all this loot into money?"


Slap one GOLD coin down for him.
"I shall take it."


…can't really leave all that much. Not after his leg…"
"That's easy. We just need the right fences. And Nosey knows plenty of those.
She pulls out the heretic book
"…not all of it needs to be sold. For one, I know someone who'd gladly pay us in favors for something like this."
"You got yourself a deal, sonny."
He greedily grabs the coin and slaps down a big bloody slab of horse flank.


Bite into it where it stands. Raw and bloody.


"…Right, then you want to go now?"


"Well then, if you don't mind, I'll follow the lead of Duo and find myself something to eat first."


The merchant looks weirded out, then looks at the coin, shrugs, and goes back to setting up the morning's special offers.
The meat is thick. Heavy. It came not from a butcher, but a battle. You can taste the fear. The adrenaline. Anger. Struggle. Despair.
It is a rich blend.
Your jaw cramps as you bite in harder and harder, feeling the thick blood running down your throat and cheeks. The rubbery muscle fighting against your teeth as you grind down deeper. The juices nearly choking you. It is rapturous. A burning desire. Carnal. Almost arousing.
"As soon as we all feel ready."
"Go ahead. Eat the best money can buy."


This taste is elevating me. It's like I have first gained strength after a lifetime of weakness!
…The scroll talked about the blood.
Sink my fingers deep into the piece of meat and drag it back to the 'hideout'.
Once there, seal myself in the room I took over, and bring out the paper.


It has some scribbles on it and a bloodstain in the middle.


Do the words make sense anymore?


Not really.
In this flat light and safe environment, it's just scribbles.


I will have to fix that. First of all, put all the beds in here together into a larger, King sized bed.
Then hang the painting on a wall.
Put the statue and dagger on display, as if trophies, on the desk.
And finally find some candles, those will be the only source of light for this room.
Pull the curtains close and lock the door once more.


Perhaps it is indeed not your eyes that see the words - but the fear, the uncertainty, the exhilaration and lust.
In the flickering candlelight, under the gaze of the demon painting and obsidian idol, the words make a little sense. But only a little.
Strength born from blood.
Strength granted to those who shed blood.
Strength so they can shed more blood.
Blood begets blood.
Blood is strength. Strength is life.
Lack of strength is weakness.
Weakness begets death.
Lack of blood is death.




I'm probably still hanging around in the comfiest furinture I can find


Patches is counting the loot
Masque is in his room


Call to Patches.
"So, you think they'll notice this?"


"Oh they will. They'll practically be broke after this."


"And that is why you don't let the servants party."
Shake my head.
"Pretty troublesome, these last two parties I've been at."


"Who knows, maybe your name will be Party Pooper.
Usually your nickname has a lot to do with how you perform your jobs."


"I did open that lock, even though I wasn't sure I could."


"Takes more than one small miracle to get a name like Lucky.
…dare I ask about your old jobs before we met?"


"Not much to talk about. For a drakin, dressed as I was, and tall as I was, I had a talent for never being noticed. Just blending in the background, like I was part of the decoration."


"Dressed as you were?
…you had the maid outfit on past assassination jobs too? Well… if that's what you're into, I guess…"


Roll my eyes.
"It wasn't my first choice of dressing. But if you are going to blend in at the houses of rich people, there isn't any other options for a drakin, are there?"


"I was about to suggest guard, but people usually know their guards better than their maids.
I guess that suit is more clever than I gave you credit for."


"Yes. Guards are suspiscious because of the weapons too. Nobles don't even want to acknowledge servants."


"Hm. I congratulate you on making the best of your disposition then.
Most drakin would probably just have taken the guise of high class whores."


Time for an ironic echo. Mock her voice.
"If that's what you're into, I guess."


She blushes a bit
"Hrm. Well.
Did you pick out what you want from the loot before we sell the rest?"


"Not really. I don't really care for the money all that much."


"I think I'll keep some of the clothes. They're comfortable and nice."


"Like how you kept my old maid clothes?"


She tries to avoid eye contact
"Uh… I'm not sure.. what you're implying"


Just stare at her.
She will break.


She keeps glancing at you from time to time to see if you're still staring




She rolls her eyes and stands up, crossing her arms.
"Speak your mind."


"Make sure to wash it afterwards. And try not to rip the laces."


"You REALLY think I'd wear that thing? What possible reason could I have to do that?"


"Impressing someone? Charming someone? Maybe someone you really adore?"


"I don't have time for that. We have bigger things to worry about.
…maybe some day…"


"I'll want it back, you know."


"Why? Who do you have to impress and charm~?"


"No one."
Be completely serious.
"I just need it for work, duh."


"I'll let you clean the hideout out of uniform if you act nice~"


"It will need it… I hate it when the place I am staying at is a mess."
Narrow my eyes.
"If I ever catch you littering, tell your arm bones goodbye!"


Giving you an incredulous smirk, she pulls some lint from her pocket and drops it in front of you.
"Big talk."


It's not like it bothers me this much, but if that is how she wants to play, so be it!
Stand up, to my full height, and open my wings.
"Pick that up. Now."



"That's your job.
My job is being the boss.
So… you pick it up."


"Do you know what happens to people who make a mess on my watch?"
Show my claws off a bit when I cross my arms under my chest.
"Do you remember what happened at the palace?"


"I've fought bigger things than you and walked away from it.
…needed to patch myself up a bit afterwards but hey, that's how I got my name."


"You will be called Spoony after I'm done with you if you don't pick that up, because they will only be able to scrap you together with the help of silverware."


"You really think you could take me?"


"You really want to try?"


"No, just checking."
She kicks the lint away with her foot.


Flick her nose with my claw.
"Bad girl. Bad!"


She scrunches a bit and wipes her nose
"Guess I should be happy you didn't use the tail now?"


"I'm guessing you like your ribs intact."


"Ribs grow back. …I think.
Now, are we done?"


"…not until you pick it up."


"I really don't get what you're trying to prove here. Do you think you should be in charge just because you're big?"


"No. But lint is the first step towards destruction. Next you'll leave glass shards all over the floor and by the time we realize what's happening junkies and stray dogs will be using our hideout more than we do.
Is it so much to ask the safe place to be clean too?"


"You make an overdramatic if valid point. Lets agree to keep the place clean then - no leaving stuff around."


"Thank you.
See, was that so hard?
I only want what is good for all of us."


"How noble of you.
So, given any thought to our next goal?"


"Well… have you heard of Sir Ragamont?"


"Who hasn't? The man was famous to a degree for the stuff he pulled.
There were an equal amount of people happy and sad to see him get caught."


"Well… how crazy would it be to break him out?"


"About as crazy as it gets.
Ragamont is the sort of guy they build special prisons for, and breaking in there won't be easy. Breaking out, even harder."


"That means lots of fame, doesn't it? I wonder if we could lure all the prison guards away, maybe… by faking a prison break at another part. Plant some explosives at some wall where they keep someone they think might be high priority."


"Or call up a sea monster to attack the walls while you're at it. Dead Man Headland is the kind of place you read about in story books - it's a narrow rocky outcrop leading to an island that gets submerged with the tide. The prison itself is mostly underground. Which means underwater.
I mean if we had a sea monster… or, like, knew how to breathe underwater, then maybe. But I don't think anyone here is a Hedge Wych."


"…what if we get ourselves in, to get out?"


"You caved in some clown's ribs by lifting your tail at him.
Ragamont once took down a military convoy almost solo because he got angry enough. And he's still in there. I think you might need a little more… kick before you can pull off a clean escape from a place like that.
On the other hand… if we don't go straight to the gallows, that'd be exactly where they'd send you for the assassination. So it may be worth keeping in mind."


"I'm… sort of good at not being held in one place. Or so far, I always have been."


"I can believe that. It's just hard to imagine anyone getting out from the inside without help from the outside, given the kind of people they keep there.
Like Ragamont. The man was a decorated knight who fought in a number of very real and very deadly battles. For any side who paid well enough. He had the uncanny skill to shrug off damage and rush the enemy with blind rage when psyched enough. He didn't really share how he did that, but given his occasional rampage among his allies, it seems like it could trigger accidentally. Maybe it was roses. Between all his weapons and armors, he always had a rose motif on it somewhere."


With Masque's broken mask and some choice samples from the House Arden job as proof, you arrive to prove yourselves as worthy.

Nosey takes a close look at the gem Patches gave him as a sample, and nods slowly
"Ah see y've growin'n nummers. Who're da new'uns?"


[urge to say nobody important rising]
"Dio. I do it for the fun of it."
Bow in a very theatrical pose.


"Kelpie here defected from Masque to help us. We picked this other guy here as a fellow thief in the mansion."


"'s wot makes y'worth a joinin' th'
…wossat y'call'd'em, Patcheys?"
"..:The Cavalry."
"…right. Cav'lry."


"My amazing style?"


"'v seen stly b'fer. Gess' y'noticed, 's'all. S'a start, no'an ennire thing."
"Turncoat,uh? 'ems not uncommon, points t'er fer seein' Masque ferra loser 'e was."


"Yeah, Masque was a simple takedown. Gimmicks on theatrics only carry you so far."


"Guess you will have to take a gable on me."


The puts the gem down on a table, leans back in his big chair and lets out a pleased sigh
"Right 'en. I fink 's time t'put y' inne classic test 'a th' Fingers…
…Tell me 'bout th' jobs. Gimme de'ails."


"Taking Masque? We stormed in, not a lot of subtlety in it. Got a bit rough in the middle, but Patches came in with our defector and it was smooth sailing from there.

Next, the heist. We took advantage of a party, got some uniforms, went in and looted the place while the occupants were busy partying and drinking. Found Dio there first, so we took him with us. Got bad near the end when the partying got the guards coming, but we escaped in time. Not a single shot fired, clean and precise."


"Trouble only seems to attract more trouble, huh."


"Mhm. Patcheys, wosse part 'es leavin' out?"
"He kept throwing dud explosives at people. Almost never got them to blow up right."
"Aight, yer turn. Tell me aboutte jobs, inyer own words."


"Beat up some guys for the first. I couldn't really fight well, but seems like bashing them with my tail worked. We managed to fight the Masque. Well, not the real ones at first, but I found the real one when I sneaked behind the curtains. We showed him mercy.
As for the other, overheard some stuff about it in an inn, flew over the fence, didn't see anything valuable so I snuck upstairs, picked the lock and found all the valuables inside. Once that was done, we packed up and flew away."


"My, you paid attention to that?"

"You really need a proper weapon…"


"Fightin' folks b' liftin' y'tail? Heh…"
"She also fell off the roof right off the bat and spoiled our ambush."
"'course she paid att'ension. S' tradition t' get y'name like 'at - based offa yer biggest messups 'r' quirks"


"you 'en, mr. gamble. Wos yer story?"


"I do… or just need to stay out of fights."

"I had to improvise!"
Glare at Patches.
"That was an accident."


"From how far back do you want to know?
I steal because it's risky, because it gets me that rush.
And just last night I stumbled upon your group.
They really hate that capra guy with them!"


"Sure it was, luv. Sure it was."
"Takes a certain' kinda moindset 'ta imp'rvise like 'at 'f ya ask me."
"Well 'y certainly ain't got a way w' vivid storytellin'…"
"He also really seems to like dirty paintings."


"One day you will see the artistic side of heretic paintings, Patches."


"That's what you'd like to think, but it has nothing to do with showing my ass off!"


"There's heresy, and then there's the imagination of an aeon whose life has involved him visiting the most depraved establishments beyond imagination for countless years and partaking in them until he has attained completely mastery of the deviant. His taste is a little milder than yours."


"I somehow doubt it. Those tight pants must be constricting your… artists tastes."
"so quick t' jump t' such d'fensive talk…"
"So, s'pose the question is - wot d'ya think yer names sh'd be?"


Lick my lips in an overtly theatrical fashion giving him bedroom eyes as a response.


"I just don't understand why everyone thinks I'm lewd when I'm not!"


"Well well, I appreciate the compliment."

"Did you know that water is dry?"

"Hell if I know. Barrel Kitten? A cute animal is nice."


"I don't make mistakes. I just make the situation more interesting."


"I ain't askin' 'bout yer own name y' self-cen'red knob polisher.
Wosshould th' other knob polishers be called?"


Glare at you.


"Didn't mention that. Hmm…"

"Tail Lifter!"


"And you, D. Just like that. D."


"Sure it's not too much of a mouthful, Big Prude?"


"Hey, I was just thinking about how to help you say your own name when you make it big and use your gold to have your mouth stuffed with demon cocks most of the time."


"You wish."


Nosey is pinching the bridge of his nose and trying to stifle uncontrollable giggling as he listens to you squabble.


"No scratch Big Prude. You are such a prude, that you should be called THE Prude!"


"Hey, I actually wanted a painting at first. Thought some of it would make nice inspiration for weapon decoration. I'm content in knowing I can indulge myself in my vices and never reach your level."

"Hey, hope's not wrong."


Snicker and let him be.
"Is this amusing you?
How much longer should we keep going, then?"


"'ntil y'feel sa'isfied."


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