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If we live a monotonous life, do we get used to it and stop thinking about it?

Who are you?

Why did you leave the comfort of home to wander?

What do you want to become?

You and your Pokemon shall ever stay on the road, even if you can't answer now.

Keep going. Gain strength, gain knowledge, gain courage. You'll know what to do with them one day.


File: 1454084015097.jpg (4.06 MB, 4112x4112, POKEMAP cut.jpg)

In the three capitals, there are shrines dedicated to the three aspects of the living world. It is said that travelers who make pilgrimages to the shrines are rewarded with great power.

If one learns the way of every type from those who live among them, then maybe the Duality Tower might open up again.

Of course, that's just a story.


File: 1454084704523.jpg (68.6 KB, 450x630, 1396162582727.jpg)

Some of the descriptions of Bug Pokemon in the book make your skin crawl. The way Yanmega fire sound waves can damage a person's organs, or the way a Dustox pretends to be a leaf, a very toxic, dangerous leaf that could be hidden anywhere in a jungle. The way Paras are colonised and controlled by the fungus is a little creepy, but also fascinating to you for some reason. Is it?

At least reading in the train is comfy. You might want to sleep soon.

You awaken in the morning, feeling refreshed. The jungle is harsh, but there's a bit of peace in the dawn. Still, watch out for bugs.

You find a cafe offering a special deal on burgers! Sound good for breakfast?

You've just had a good lunch at a rest stop while climbing the mountain here.

Walking off your belly, you resume your course up the hill. Lots of bridges cross waterfalls that grow stronger and thinner as you climb. The heat of the day is dispelled by the winds that grow ever stronger as you climb. You can feel a Pokeball moving slightly as you pass yet another waterfall. Your magikarp is excited about something.

"Oh, right! Here, have this." Nagi hands you a small, clear bottle.

While celebrating with Blue in a bar, you decide to catch some TV.

The next scenes shows the volcano the city is near, the same volcano you can see from home on especially clear days. The gym is the whole mountain, and the challenge to get to the leader could take days of exploring! They talk about how there are similar challenges of the water and grass gym,s where you have to sail on your own to find a hidden island, or search the forest to find a hidden tree.

And there you go, a large steak, cooked rare arrives, sizzling on its plate. It invites you and your whole team to ravenously gnaw on it.


Itadakimasu, motherfucker.
Dig in and share it with my team.
"Meeting you's been a nice change of pace, Blue."


"Oh my, I'm glad I got to make such an impression on you."

She grins.

As an inhabitant of the fire region, you're used to meaty dinners, but it never fails to feel so good when you chow down into a steak.

While Pentium will get its supplementary iron elsewhere, it can use the carbon from a steak too. The night seems to pass so fast…


Morning means time to stop being lazy and actually go look for trainers!


Whoa there, who said it was morning? If you're leaving for bed, roll for your dreams first.


I think it's time to wrap the night up, yes.
d10 or d20?


10 will do.



Roll #1 2 = 2


Maybe you shouldn't have eaten so much…

You're filled with fear. The road you're traveling ends abruptly. When you turn back, you find the path has crumbled away. You float off, lost and uncertain.

Why all this traveling business, anyway? Why don't you just go home and learn to work the factories? You don't have to worry about going hungry, or being mauled in the wild, or worse…

You awake hugging Pentium, who looks worried.


Stare him in the eye intensely, almost on the verge of tears.
"W-we are getting off the grid!"


Pentium beeps concernedly. What's the matter? It's been afraid too, but it's been looking to you so it can be brave.


"Out! Off cities, off roads, off where the pokemon are wild and the trainers wilder!"
Smile proudly jumping off the bed, lifting Pentium up over my head as I spin around.
Only to fall, together with him, back down on the bed and giggle.
"That'd be crazy, uh?
I've had such a bad dream…"
Pet its cheek.


You can feel Pentium lamenting how it doesn't have arms. It can only blink and beep sympathetically at you, for now. That might change soon.

You feel a wellspring of courage coming from yourself. Pentium brightens up and feels a lot more energetic. Well, what are you waiting for? You can it saying as it lightly bops you on the head. Let's go!


Burguers, yeah I've been having a craving for those lately. I'm sure Nadia will love to try one!


Off to rob kids of their lunch money!


Burgers, eh?
What kind? Looks like this place specializes in the hippie more veggie-oriented kind of burgers. 150P a serving for three.



You march out of the inn and right to the nearby battlegrounds. There's just one kid, a boy, waiting around.

He locks eyes with you. You know what it means. Time to fight!


No meat burguers for my piranha girl?
Ah well, let's get 6 and hope they have at least one non-vegetarian burguer for her and Jasper…Wait…maybe for the shinx too…Augh, I'll have to figure out their diet habits in detail


Don't you know? Shinx are hunters. They like meat. So you go ahead and order the meatier burgers. 300P for everyone, quite a deal. They're here and they smell fantastic.


great, time for breakfast for everyone
Now, I think it's about time that I carried on, this city doesn't have all that much interesting stuff


"Pentium, I choose you!"


"Oh man, that was a good rest after the harshness of last night."

Get up and check on my Mons.


The rush of battle. It's not a feeling you know well. It's still new, and so terribly exciting.

"Cirrus! Let's go!"

He sends out a Mareep! It leaps forward at the same time as Pentium, taking their placers on the battleground. They look at each other fiercely, doing their best to seem strong.



Yeah, it's mainly a stopover point. Just heading off to the Evergreen now?

They seem well rested, too. Quetz looks very vibrant in particular. He looks encouraged.


yup. Let's pack up and say bye bye to this lil town


"Pentium, come back. Sandile, I choose you!"
This is totally a fair move and nothing bad will happen.


"Glad to see I'm not the only one happy. Let's make sure to give it our vest out there, buddy."

Pet Quetz.


Switching is an important strategy in fights. You're learning!

"Thundershock! Wait, NO-"

The Mareep sends a bolt of electricity at Sandile, since she took Pentium's place. The current passes harmlessly through her and into the ground! She yawns tauntingly.

He curls around your arm.
He feels very encouraged. Your first times really toughing it out. Feels like you can do so much more.


Let's get out of the tent, what are the Rangers doing?


And off you go again.

You note how the trees and grass become more orderly as you head out of the sleepy town. You feel a little more refreshed, slowly, as you make your way on the path to the Evergreen. The land seems bursting with life. you can smell the sweet scent of flowers along the road side.


They're packing up, looks like, and preparing stew.

"Morning! Congrats, it's almost over!"


"Now Sandile, cover that ball of fluff in sand!

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 5, 5 + 18 = 28


"Aww, I was really starting to like this. Should we start pulling our stuff down?"


Sandile kicks up a dust cloud! It surrounds the Mareep… just as it gets recalled and a Kriketot takes its place! The sand doesn't seem to hurt the Kriketot much…

"Yeah, you might as well."


Funny, I'm usually pretty irritable in the mornings. Guess I really did get a good sleep!
Guess we should make ourselves some breakfast then. Or do we need to go out and catch it?


Yeah okay, I get this 'foo.
"Sandile, back!"
And throw in Pentium.


"We'll, we did make it. It's fair that we bring it down, right Quetz?"

I hope Arthur and Riss had a good sleep last night too and we aren't waking them.


You call back Sandile and place Pentium in. Pentium receives a wild attack from the Kricketot, a struggle bug! Pentium's armor doesn't seem to do so well against it…

Pentium's HP: 34/50

there's stew. Looks like they're making soup from cans. They brought bread along, too. Want to go eat now?

It's so people later can sue the same area to learn what you have.

both of them are up an milling about,


"At times you just have to harden and take it, just for a bit!
Iron Defense!"


Sure, might as well. I'm sure they're going to tell us what we need to do next anyway, so I'd rather just eat while I can before the good stuff's gone.


Take a deep breath of that and let's start getting to work while I'm on my way there
it's been a while since I stopped to draw and make notes of pokemons and their behaviors
Let's look for something interesting!

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Hey you two, have a good morning? Food is almost ready, but we should start putting the tents down in the meantime."


Pentium's body gleams! The Krkietot opens its mouth, trying to bite down on Pentium, but its now empowered armor drastically mitigates the damage!

Pentium's HP: 31/50

After eating wild-hunted food, this tastes heavenly. Mart standard rations don't include canned soup, since that needs a pot and water.

That's a nice berry tree. Lum berries! Want to pick a few?

"Yeah, sure."
Arthur doesn't look so well-rested. He seems to be nursing insect bites.

Riss looks a little better at least. She's already helping herself to some soup.


"And then you just gotta knock a little harder!
Take down!"

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 7, 1 + 28 = 36


"Did one of the Bug Pokemon's from last night get you?" I ask with some concern.


Oh I heard those are pretty expensive in stores
sure I'll pick a few, and leave some for the next trainers


Awesome. I'll go ahead and head back to my tent to finish it and watch to see what's going on around camp.


"Yeah, but not in the fight. I think one snuck into my tent and decided my blood was tasty." He scratches again at the red spot before applying some itching cream.

Thankfully, you're safe. Riss looks like she's itching too, though.

Pentium rears up and charges straight forward! The Kriketot gasps as it knocks the wind right out of it and into the ground! Pentium tumbles as well, he can't handle a strong attack like this with dexterity. The Kricketot tries to use this chance to bite into it, but it slips right off Pentium's metal armor!

Pentium's HP: 22/50

You gain 5x Lum Berries. Useful!

The campers are packing up. Looks like this morning ends the course.
As you're about to dig into your soup, you feel an itch on your neck. Oh, dear, you might have been bitten in your sleep.


"I'm surprised that little thing is still holding on!
Pentium, Metal Claw!"

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 4, 1 + 18 = 23


"Uhm, do you have any more in that bottle of yours? I think Riss might need some."


Steel is tough.

Pentium's uses the claws at his base to strike at the insect! It doesn't do as much as it could, as the kricketot rolls forward to dodge most of it. It bites again, this time hitting near Pentium's eye! Pentium beeps in shock.

It's putting up a tough fight, but it'll fall soon.

Pentium's HP: 21/50

No need for that. Justus' friend, the cheerful girl, hands Riss a bottle of itching cream. The bottle looks prettier, too.


>Gibles aren't very stealthy, but Sapphira manages to get somewhat close to the Rattatas. they sniff the air, sensing something.

You were out on your first route, sending your Gible hunting.


"I'll put a kiss on it once the battle is over.
Now hurry up and finish it! Metal Claw!"

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 6, 5 + 28 = 39


Let's keep looking for more interesting things, maybe I'll find a rare pokemon
if I found a shiny, I would ebe the luckiest guy ever


I'll check my arms, just in case.

"Come on then, let's get to work before they call us for some food, Arthur."


Well, crap. It wasn't from the fight last night, so where did it come from?
I'll just finish my soup and start pulling down our tent too. Hunting down whatever bit me is going to have to wait.


Pentium struggles, but it manages to get the last needed hit in! The Kricketot falls over defeated.

"You again, Cirrus!"
The same Mareep comes back onto the field. It looks at Pentium again with mockingly blank eyes.

Oh wow! A shiny deerling!

Oh wait, that's just a Deerling in its summer form. It browses some shrubs just off the road.

You're fine. Looks like you used enough repellent.

"Sure thing. Say, where you headed from here?"

Whatever bit you is probably long gone after tasting your delicious blood. You'll just have to put cream on it if you don't want it to keep itching.


"That was a great job, come back now lil' one!"
Retreat Pentium and throw out Sandile.


"Towards the Fighting Gym, to be perfectly blunt. I'd like to look around on my way there, but that's my only real goal right now."


File: 1454092667300.gif (Spoiler Image, 473.41 KB, 200x200, Remember me.gif)

Remember me?


Guess that means putting up sentries every night is going to be the plan for the fight against the gym leader.


Oh my gosh
it's still pretty qt though
but I know these deerlings can be pretty meek
Let's just sit quietly and get to drawing it with some good details
mmnnnhh I feel tempted to catch it too
'1d10' draw

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Of course! Surprise it, Cirrus!"

The Mareep doesn't use an electric shock like you expect, but pulses an odd light from its tail. Sandile is enthralled by the light and and her movements become erratic…

Sandile is confused! Roll additional d20 before other actions.

"Well, that's fine too. Thinking of stopping over at Shuiea? I come from there."

You get your soup. Canned fare, but it's pretty good with what you've dealt with yesterday.

Or using more repellent! It might smell funny, but at least it keeps the bugs away reliably.



You capture a nice picture of the Deerling! It looks very handsome, the way it picks leaves off the shrubs. You might be able to submit this for something.


I just might
Now let's watch it's behavior when alone so I can put notes along with the drawings


You watch it continue browsing the shrubs, picking out the softest leaves to devour. You see its eyes turn to you from time to time. Its body is tensed, ready to run at a moment's notice. If it wasn't so cautious, it'd already be a meal for a hungry Pokemon.


"Tsk, it will take more than a simple trick like that!
Sandile, Sand-attack!"

Roll #1 9, 11 = 20


Okay I just missed it, I am an idiot.

Lulu watches her Gible closely, waiting for her opening attack on the Rattatas.

Sapphira opens up with a classic move, tackling the closest Rattata.



Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 5 + 8 = 13


"I'm going wherever the wind takes me, so I would be happy to go there."


Repellent, I'll have to remember that…
How's the rest of the camp doing? Anybody else having to deal with bug bites?


Time to take notes, remembering to put on my name and date
>Log n.1: Deering, summer form
>Eats soft leaves, probably it is either young or its stomach can't handle tougher leaves.
>Very careful species, most likely because they are easy prey for carnivores and the like
>Oddly enough, I found this one all alone on his own. I imagined they'd stick together in groups… I will investigate this further


Sandile just manages to pull it off! She kicks sand into the Mareep's face!

"Nice try! Swift!"

From its tail a few shards of light shoot out! Even with the sheep not looking, they seek out Sandile and strike at her one after another!

This isn't good…

Sandile's HP: 32/47


He can take it. Not about to get sweeped by a single lv9 mareep who seems to have all the right moves.
"Push it out of your mind Sandile, you got this!
Sand Tomb!"

Roll #1 9, 10 = 19 / Roll #2 2, 2 + 18 = 22


Julia, for some reason, is completely untouched even when she's barely used her repel can. Some people are just lucky that way.

"Ugh, nasty bite! You want some?" She hands you a tube of her itch cream.

"Wherever the win takes you, huh."

He drinks his soup in deep thought.

"any big goals for why you're traveling?"

Remember to record it!
That last bit is answered when the Deerling hops off with what looks like a moving tree branch! turns out it was with a hidden Sawsbuck the whole time, the antlers providing camouflage.

Sapphira bursts out of the grass! It slams into a Rattata just like that, knocking it out wit hthe sneak attack. three remain, baring their teeth.


Lulu gets up from the grass now too, stomping her foot hard on the ground, causing Sapphira to let out a gout of her Dragon Rage at the second closest Rattata.



Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 1 + 3 = 4


Lv9? You'll learn to judge the strength of your opponents sooner or later.

Again, Sandile just managed to pull of the attack! it kicks a cloud of sand at the Mareep, dirtying its wool coat! The sand makes it bleat in surprise, but it still fires the Swift rays.

Sandile's HP: 17/47

She's trying her best, even against an enemy a lot stronger.

She fires a shockwave at the second rat! That sudden pulse is able to knock it out instantly. Now there's just one left.


"Just exploring before I go off to school. I'm still figuring things out, but I've already learned things. It's been fun and difficult."


"…I'm fine. Save that stuff for the guys who actually need it."
Grin at her as I finish taking down our tent.
"Looks like we've just about made it, huh? This was actually pretty fun!"


Lulu grins in excitement, stomping a bit more lightly this time.

Sapphira charges in for a tackle!



Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 2 + 8 = 10


"Time to come back, Sandile!"
Now, I could risk this and be an anime trainer.
I could pull out Squirtle and hope that the sand the mareep is trapped in keeps her from firing any electrical attacks.
But at the same time, Squirtle has no useful moves, so…
"Pentium, just one last effort!"
Release it, and hope for the best.
Kriketot evolves at level 10 so I just thought they shared level.


Clever girl…
>My question was answered a minute after when I saw a sawbuck hidden near the deerling. They seem to be more clever than one could expect
I AM taking notes on this
Let's also get a picture of that sawbuck, since it seems he'll be standing still for, a bit I'll take 6 this time


Pentium emerges! The Mareep keeps firing those seeker rays, but Pentiun's steel hide mitigates most of it. It has no resistance to the Mareep's electrical attacks, though, which the sheep will most certainly use.

Pentium's HP: 20/50

"Huh, I see. I… well, I'm also trying to learn things. Like what I want."
He dips his bread.

"So I'll be heading to every region. Going to see if I can get anything out of the shrines."

"Yeah! It's not so bad! Suuure you don't need any cream? It could get infected, you know!"


Sapphira tackles the rat, which charges at her the same way! The rat's attack is postively negligible in the face of a Gible, though.

The sawsbuck's gone with the Deerling now. They don't appreciate being made into creepy pictures by artists!


Which means I have to actually finish this right now.
"Don't let her get a shot in! Take down!"

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 10, 2 + 28 = 40


It's not creepy!
Did I at least managed to get a sketch of the sawbuck?


"I only have one destination, so maybe we can travel together?"


I stomp again the same way, causing Sapphira to let out a tiny gible roar as she tries to bash her body into the little Rattata.



Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6 + 8 = 14


"…Does it really look that bad? I mean, it feels all right; not good, but not terrible."
I don't wanna get sick just because of a stupid bug.


Pentium shivers, before rushing forward at full speed! The Mareep bleats as it tackles it to the ground! The Mareep isn't willing to admit defeat just yet, and while it's recovering from the attack blasts it with a Thundershock.

Pentium, fried, falls to the ground. Before the Mareep can bleat, though, the sand tomb drags it back down. It mewls bitterly, robbed of its victory likes that. Both Pokemon are down.

The boy shrugs before running to get his Mareep out., praising it while he drags it out of the sand.
You are victorious!

"Nah, I'm heading north. I've seen enough sea for now. Anyway, good luck with your journey."

He finishes his soup and puts away the bowl before returning to pack up his shelter.

Nah, you only saw it for a few seconds.

Oh, brutal. She sends the ratata tumbling away before it flees. Sapphira roars loudly, celebrating!

"If you leave it alone, it could be! Here, stay still…"

You feel a chilling sensation on the back of your neck, she's rubbing the cream on!


Rush over to Pentium! Pick him up and hurry him to a pokemon center!


"Let's meet again, then."

Finish the food and share some with the Pokés.


I will stalk after them and try to get a drwaing of it, I can't make a log mentioning sawsbuck without having a pic of it!


Hold still so that it doesn't go everywhere by accident. If she's so insistent on it, then I guess it's better to just let her do what she wants.
"So, uh… you think we're going to be ready to handle that gym leader? I kinda want to try battling a few of the rangers first, see what works against bug teams before taking the plunge."


"Oh, I can handle it. But you and your dark types, I don't think you'll like bugs much. Must be why they bit you instead of most of the others! That girl and boy who got bitten both like dark types too!"

The area feels a lot better. Aaah. Doesn't feel like it's both burning and itching anymore.

Going off the road? Be careful. At least here in the northern Grass region, the forest isn't as dense as hostile as the south.

You seem them slowly trotting off, away from you. The trees and shrubbery make it hard to move, much less move silently.

Everyone looks happy to have some. Dynamo is getting used to you, since he's staying closer than before.

The boy runs with you!
"Hey, wrong way! Follow me!"


However, you can post at any time and they'll be responded to when I can do so. There will still be sessions but now you can post whenever too.


I hop around a bit in excitement, rushing over to pet Sapphira on her fin.
I pick up one of the larger of the three Rattata and toss it to Sapphira for a snack before grabbing one of the others, trying to give it a quick death by snapping it's neck. Gotta eat too.

>Setting up a tiny camp fire away from grass to have a break and eat cooked purple mouse.



Let's stay a bit away from them and follow their tracks
I mean I'm no tracker, but I can try to pick up signs like footsteps or broken branches and then follow them without making much noise
I won't give up


Let's reach out and pet him after giving him some reassuring words.


Speaking of which, I should probably feed the team, too. Let's call them out and get them all fed.
"You know, I think you've got a point there. All the more reason for us to get some practice in; until I find a fire-type who can keep up with me, it's going to be an up-hill battle."
I put on a big smile.
"But that just means I'll be all the stronger when I finally come out on top!"


You sure you know how to prepare that? You might want to supplement that with your own food, too.

You're not experienced off the roads…

Roll for your safety.

Whatever those words were, he decides to inch closer.
Going to stay for the gym, or leave for the islands?

Good attitude. You feel Zoro being very encouraged as he takes some of the soup for himself.

"So you gonna try and fight here soon, or get a new teammate?"


Make sure the rest of the team gets some too! Chica and Lyle earned it last night, and Pillow's been no slouch either.
"Mmm, I'm not sure. I hate to leave without finishing what I've started and proving I've got what it takes to beat the gym-master here. On the other, I might need a new team member to help deal with Bugs, since Chica's the only one right now that isn't at a disadvantage against them. I think I'll battle a ranger or two to get a feel for what we're in for against the gym master, then decide."


"Sure! No need to rush things. If you want a fire Pokemon, you might want to look around in the Fire region! That's if you're planning to travel there."


"Hmn… I've been planning to head south to learn more about how to fight properly; wouldn't the Fire region mean heading off to the other side of the continent or something?"


"Yeah, so you got to figure out what you want! Of course, if you head south anyway, I'm sure things will work out. Lots of deserted islands that are hangouts for Pokemon, like migratory birds."


"Yeah? Well, I did set out with the intention of going south; I should stick to my original goal, rather than running off every time I get distracted. Worst case, I just head to the fire region later."


I look up at the canopy of the forests, and then towards my Pokémon.

"I hope you guys like the woods, because we might be back in them shortly." I say to my Pokémon friends. "The Gym here is a good opportunity for us. If I hadn't stopped at the last one, I might not have learned as much as I have or met you like we did. I'm gonna be counting on all of you, okay?"


I suppose I should get some rest.. I bet that Vulpix would be a happy to sleep at my feet, I heard they can be kind of like dogs in that sense.


"Conquering them one by one, huh? Not bad!"

Julia thinks for a while. She's figuring out where she'd like to go too.

Every shows their agreement. Quetz especially. He's feeling very confident lately.

Just as you're about to dip into bed, Vee pulls Lily along and jumps on the bed! Lily is surprised and isn't sure what to do.
The bed might not be big enough for three…


I'll stop and let the Magikarp out of the ball and into a pool. Maybe he wants some exercise.

"What's this?" I take the bottle, inspecting it.


"I heard there's a spring on top of the mountain here. The locals make trips up here and collect bottles of it for good luck. I thought you might like one."

Magikarp leaps into the stream, but try as it might, it can't quite clear the waterfall with its splashes.


"I'm assuming you'll want to stay and take on the gym master? With your eevee and Fennekin, you probably won't have much trouble."


"Aw! Well, we can try it, but you're a little big Lily.." I'll just scoot over to make more room.


Somehow, you three fit.

Roll for dreams.

"Yeah, I think I will. Skipping out to head south if the rangers are too tough?"


'1d20' I know I won't have nightmares like this.

Roll #1 19 = 19


Indeed you don't. You feel gentle nourishing rain and sunlight fall on your shoulders. You're walking around an ancient temple, reclaimed by nature, and in the midst of your exploration the vines burst into bloom with sweet flowers.

This much energy makes you want to climb like the grass sprouting out between your toes.


"Heh. You're assuming I can't beat them."
My smile falters a bit as I finish cleaning up our tent.
"But yeah, I'll move on if it turns out I'm not strong enough yet. You said you were headed south too, right? Maybe we'll meet again once you've finished beating this gym."


Climbing is really great, I can't want to climb all over the bug gym, they won't be able to keep up even with their wings.


"I'm not really sure. I'll think about it!"

Looks like it's going to end soon.

Bug gym? Who cares about that right now? You're free, bursting with life to do as you please. Your shadow protects the shoots sprouting from under you while not depriving them of their rain and sunlight. You feel like you could do something great…


"Let's finish up here then. We shouldn't leave a mess for the next ones who use this place."


"Well, we're getting ahead of ourselves a bit. Maybe I'll end up stomping those rangers and this whole conversation won't matter."
Yawn and pack up the last of my stuff, then suit up and wait for the call to move out.


"Really? I guess I'll have to remember not to drink this one then. Thanks."

I kinda want to help the poor guy, but I feel like this is something he wants to do himself.


And so ends the camp. You're given a debrief, telling you that you've only scratched the surface of what it means to live out in the wilds. The skills here will be useful for you to be orientated in a large variety of environments, but you should keep seeking out new knowledge.

Julia seems to be bothering that Riss girl the same way she does you, Justus. Both look like they're enjoying themselves, regardless.

"They say to those… acquainted with Water, the spring water can purify and turn other kinds of water into more of itself. Sounds crazy, huh?"

Try as he might, Magikarp just can't scale the waterfall. He swims back to you dejectedly.


Well I'll never be experienced off the roads if I don't venture a little, right?
'1d10' safety pls

Roll #1 5 = 5


That reminds me that I need to take that Riss girl aside. That gym leader's got a reputation, so if she got sent here by her, it was for a reason.
Or I could just go find one of those rangers to battle, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for that just yet…


You manage not to trip over a root and hit your head. There are pathways even in the vegetation, where the wild Pokemon make their rounds.

There, a clearing, and seems like it's a small herd of Deerling and Sawsbuck. Be careful of the one with the largest antlers. It will probably attack if it notices you.

Well, both of them are ready, standing around.


Now let's crouch carefully and draw as silently as we can

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Yeah, kinda. So…what do they do with it? Is it just for luck?"

Poor guy. He's got a big heart though. I'll give him a scratch around the dorsal fin before recalling him.


Setting up camp isn't that hard, since I've camped practically my whole life. But let's try to remember how to cook one of these things…

>Searching for water source for cleaning.


Roll #1 6 = 6


You're rustling a lot of the leaves and branches. The head Sawsbuck turns to face you. It lowers its head, displaying its antlers. This is a threat.

Magikarp appreciates it. You can sense a deep frustration from him, though. That, combined with an insatiable hunger for some end.

"Luck, mainly, but there's always a deeper story behind things that are just 'lucky'."

You recall Arthur treating himself with similar water after he let a ghost Pokemon drain his life energy. She hands you her bottle.

"Go on, take a sip."

These lands are very dry, you're unlikely to find any running water. If you look harder, maybe you'll find pools. but then I hope you have the means to purify the water before use.


This is starting to become a lot more effort just to be able to try cooked rattata. Guess Sapphira will be getting seconds.

I feed the other Rattata to Sapphira, she deserves it more than me anyhow. I also take a moment to have a small snack with some of the food I had packed away for the adventure, should be able to hold me over until after we find a Pokecenter so we can train our newest travel companion.

>Continue on to Rising City after having a snack. Also keeping eye out for any rare pokemon or things of interest (like pools).


Roll #1 5 = 5


Well then, might as well do this now, before I challenge one of the rangers.
"Hey there… Riss, was it? Mind if I have word with you? There's something I've been wondering about that you might be able to answer for me."


Maybe we can work on that together.
I take the bottle and look at it a moment before gingerly sipping a bit.


Ah dang
Get low, like, crouch down and lower myself with my head bowed down. If those biology books were right, they probably won't try to attack me if I show I'm not intending to fight, and the best way to do that is by appearing submissive
Oh Arceus please let this work


Your vision blurs, like being underwater. After a moment it clears, but you see things… differently. A red.. haze? A dull red haze is surrounding Nagi, and you hear a incoherent whispering from it. From all around you, you hear a low hum, the product of many noises you can't make out from far away.

It's afternoon. Be wary of dehydration.

The roads are empty, but you notice the grassland getting more lush and less dry.

She turns to you.


Doesn't change that you're in their territory. The lead Sawsbuck relaxes slightly, but any moves and it might come running for you.


Alright, so far no enraged pokemon
Let's just stay there and now draw peacefully and calmly and look as least threatening as we possibly can while doing so
'1d10' I Swear to god if I get a 1

Roll #1 10 = 10



Maybe you should seek out these high-pressure situations more often.
You capture the Sawsbuck and its herd stunningly, you emphasize its beauty and majesty in away that would convince even a diehard skeptic.


"So, if I heard right, you're training at the gym back in the city, right? It's funny, because I don't remember seeing you there, and I was there pretty recently."


"You didn't see me? Oh, good, guess I did well."

She shrugs and smiles.


Something Amazing, like a super hero. Using leaves to glide on top of the bad guys. Yea.


Yes, Yes!
Is the sawbuck still looking at us? Let's give him a respectful bow and start leaving with our precious drawing in hands and a big smile on my face


Good idea!
At your command, leaves sprout from your arms and become wings. Vines from the ground latch onto you and brace your legs, becoming armor.

You can sense three different troublemaker groups. One green, one blue, one red. Where to?

The sawsbuck seems to have stopped caring, but a deerling chirps.

Back on the road?


"Heh. Maybe you did. Though, I was under the impression you'd gotten in pretty recently. You didn't think you'd test your skills by sneaking out, did you? She always knows what you're up to."


"Oh, I know better than that. I came out here to learn other stuff, I'll be going back soon. Then I'll be ready to hit the road once I've been trained some more. Where you headed?"


Yes back to the road
Where exactly am I right now by the way?


The Red one, Red is always the worst bunch right?


"South, once I decide whether I can take this gym leader or not. Go ahead and tell her I said hi when you get back."


Somewhere between Greenlink and the Evergreen. Too bad progress on that map tracking thing has been slow.

They're all bad, in their own way.
You're met by a wave of fire! These red bad guys aren't going to go down without a hard fight! You feel the plants that cradle you wither in the heat….

But of course, that's not the end! You have your Pokemon to help you, and they clear out the flames and beat up the bad guys!


"Sure, no problem! By the way, if you want to sign up for classes, you can come back whenever."


It's fine
Let's keep going towards evergreen then


"Yeah, yeah, she said as much when I headed out. I'll consider it once I've gotten stronger."


Alright then.
Roll for your speed or luck.

"Sure thing, then. Wonder if I'll be instructing classes by then…"

She rubs her hands maliciously.


What's this buzzing sound.
An evil bomb attack?


No, even worse. It's your alarm!

Time to get up. How sad.



Roll #1 2 = 2


But real life has some adventures awaiting me too.
I yawn and turn off the alarm.


What a time for it to start raining.
Luckily, you have climate-appropriate attire, but it's going to slow you down drastically. You might not make it to the city by tonight after all.

Now you just have to hope this doesn't become a storm…

That's very admirable!
Seems like the train's still on the way. It'll arrive a little after breakfast.


"Mmm. Breakfast." I mumble and stumble around in my room getting my clothes on and checking on my pokemon.
"Breakfast?" I sleepily ask them.


Laugh really, really hard at that.
"Would suck to be you then! I'm awesome at driving teachers absolutely insane!"


Well, let's keep going and find somewhere to camp when it get dark
Let's also release Nadia, she'll like this rain


Of course.
One more on the train's cart wouldn't hurt.

"That so?"
She raises an eyebrow.

Luckily there's a rest stop soon, according to the map.
roll to see if you make it


Rain pls mercy

Roll #1 5 = 5


Then off we go to pick out breakfast, maybe some waffles for me. Let all my pokemon choose their own food.


"To be fair, it's not like I was the only one. There's a reason the teachers in that city keep going somewhere else to teach."
Chuckle and rub the back of my head.
"Well, I guess that's what I wanted to know. Now I've got a ranger to challenge so I know what I'm in for if I take on the gym leader."


It's heavy, but bearable. You se a building appear from the mist. A rest stop.

The breakfast cart is emptier than usual. Which makes sense, since the train is nearing its journey;'s end before it restocks.

Want to sit with Zoe again?

"Ph, going to try fighting one? Goosl uck."

She snickers.


>Forgot name change

With more lush lands there has to be a water source nearby, won't stop me from trying to look for one as I walk.

>Searching for water

>Reposting previous result.

Roll #1 4 = 4


thank god. let's run inside
''Come on Nadia!''


Sure! I think she said she was deboarding soon too?
"Good morning!" I greet her happily.


All you can find are a few dried recesses on the ground and some damp grooves.

You brought your own water, right?

You run inside the cabin, and a Cottonee dusting off a vase greets you.

Seems like it's just you here, and the owner of the place, some guy manning the counter with some snacks hanging.

"Hey. Can I get you anything?"

Zoe greets you.
"Sleep well?"


sigh and relax now that I'm safe
''Yeah, I wanted a place to sleep for the night, if that's alright? That's a prety cute cotonee you have here by the way, is she yours?''


"Yea. I had a really great dream too. It ended too soon!"
"What about you?"


"What, you think I can't do it?"
Scoff and cross my arms as I turn away.
"You clearly don't know me that well."


"Yeah, It helps me out with running the place. Staying out here's a 100P a night, and you get a meal too."

"I heard the trains are good places to sleep. Oh, just something I heard. Say. heard of the legend of the three shrines? It's been something I wanted to talk about for a while!"

She shrugs, again.

"Well, alright."


just for me or does that cover all my pokemon?''

''By the way can I draw a pic of it?''


Covers everything with you as long as they fit into your room without doing damage.

"Be my guest."


"I don't think so. What's that legend about?"
Eat up the waffle while I listen.


let's get a nice sketch of it then
>taking 10 and my sweet time for a nice detailed drawing

and pay for our room after I'm done and rest for the night


"See, you know the three 'greater' cities? The Evergreen, Shuiea and Torchfire? They;ve got shrines there that… well, the stories are kinda sketchy, but the shrines embody aspects of the place, the powers of the region. The people long ago who became really strong are said to have visited the shrines! So if you visit all three and pass their trials well, they say if you do that, you become really powerful."

She has a dreamy look.

"Oh, but it';s not just a shrines. You need to know the types of Pokemon associated with the place before you can truly understand what you know from the shrine. Something like that. Sounds cool, doesn't it?"

Time and patience can only get you so far. Roll anyway.


'1d10' fineeeeeeee

Roll #1 2 = 2


My eyes light up at the idea, "Whoa! That sounds amazing! Like A real puzzle."


Well I have a water filter… Food Supplies too, but sadly no water.

unless I'm wrong and food units count.

>Continue Search


Roll #1 8 = 8


You're tired. You can't quite replicate the skill you showed when drawing the Sawsbuck… the Cottonee looks nice in your art, but there's something that you now know you're missing.

Time for bed?

"Yeah. So now I know what I have to do. Say, what would you do if you got really powerful, like the story says?"

They usually do

Oh, a stream! A few Pokemon are wandering near it too. Mostly some wooper.


"I'd use the power to save everyone!"
"What are you gonna do if you get really strong Zoe?"


"Find a nice place to stay."

She hugs her Happiny extra tightly.


give the cotonee a pet
yes, let's go to sleep now


"…You don't need to be super strong for something like that.." I tilt my head.
"What kind of place are you looking for?"


Rolls for dreams.

"Somewhere.. to be at home, you know? Like you feel you belong. But in the meantime, the wandering trainer's life is for me!"

[PAUSED], let's continue after I wake up


'1d10' hopefully this will be better than in the mountains

Roll #1 1 = 1


Well we're here to get some water and rest up, so no point in using the wooper for training. Sapphy is able to get a fresh drink and I'm able to use my water filter to get myself a nice fresh drink.

I also remind myself to let my newest member to the team, Ziggy (Scraggy), out to have his own drink of water. I also decide to use a potion to try and soothe any sores or scratches he has from the fight earlier. "You're pretty tough, Ziggy. I can't wait to see how you do in training." I say to him, reaching down to caress his head after patching him up with the potion.

Once the team has gotten their drink and Ziggy given some time to meet his other teammate, I return him to his pokeball and continue onwards.


I frown at her.
"Oh.. I see." Then suddenly get an excited smile.
"Maybe you could train to be a nurse? You already have a healing type of pokemon, that's got to count for something towards it!"


With great difficulty, you open one eye.

Your body doesn't respond. You can't move. You're completely helpless, and that.. that thing. There's a shadow in the room, creeping towards you.

Ziggy doesn't really have an opinion yet.

time to keep going.

"Yeah, but.. I'm not really interested in that."

She shakes her head.

"Wandering around is fine, for now. I'm used to the feeling."


Well, that's a challenge if I've ever heard one. Guess it's time for me to seek out a ranger to challenge!


"Well.. if you want, you can wander around with me. I'm going to get off at this next stop, and do some exploring before I go for the gym badge."
I offer with a smile.


There's one just hanging around… young, so she might be easy.

"Oh, maybe. I can't decide whether I want to stop off here or just take the boat down south."


Get away, get away!
'1d10' escape… Somehow?

Roll #1 5 = 5


How can you escape when your body isn't yours to control?

The shadow drifts down and goes right next to you.. it's at your ear.





What's an 'Arceus'?


Wasn't it the celestial pokemon that people worshipped? It even had a church my mom used to go to on Sundays…
But it's hard to think straight when there's a thing that will jump at my and kill me at any moment!


"I wouldn't mind the company. A new city can be pretty intimidating after all.."


What? no, that must be your imagination. You, and everyone else have never heard of an 'Arceus'.


It shrieks into your ear! The shock of that sends you tumbling out of bed. You realize you an move again, and a Misdreavus is busy laughing at you above.


"Well, alright. I can join you a while. I don't have any place I really need to go."

The PA system announces that the train is docking soon. Time to get your bags ready.


"What the… Who the.. Hey! What's the big idea?!" rub my sore head and try to find my glasses on the floor, putting them back on, I glare at the little ghost


"Great! Get your stuff and I'll meet you by the door Zoe." Rush off to my room to fetch my backpack and whatever else I may have.


The Misdreavus laughs at you some more, and begins to float out the window.

Pack an gear ready. If an emergency happened right about now, you'd respond to it no problem.


"Hey where are you going!? Come back here!" chase after the ghost!


I'm sure it won't. Go to the door and look for Zoe.


"Hey, you there! Let's battle!"


Well since we had a break, finding battles along the way wouldn't be too much of a bad idea.

>Searching while traveling


Roll #1 6 = 6


I blink and squint. This doesn't seem to be like anything I've sensed from her in the past.

"…what's that noise?"


That would mean heading out of the building, Luckily it isn't raining anymore. You rush out of the rest station's front doorBOO

It's right there!

She's already disembarked, and is waiting for you.
A warm wind blows your way from the sea. The train station's near the port. You're beginning to sweat quite a bit, you're more used to the cold up north….

"So, what were you coming here for?"

Going to take her, are you?

"Me? Oh, sure!" She cheerfully accepts.

She readies a poke ball…

There are more stray Rattata, and some Sandshrew.


"What noise?"

Whatever it is, no one else is hearing it.


"You can't hear that? It's…where is that coming from?"
Is it psionic of some kind?


The more you think about it, that's what it seems like. The buzzing sound seems to be surface thoughts of nearby entities, too far away to be meaningful.

The red haze looks more like an aura. That might be it.

"Yeah, I think so. You're good at that stuff, right?"


"Well, more than most maybe. I know a lot better than I am though."
I wonder if this is permanent.
"Speaking of…how much do you know about auras?"


"Mmm? A little bit. I used to see them sometimes, as a kid. Everyone has a different one, and it can tell you something about who they are, how they're feeling, and so on. Did you see mine?"

Her aura slows, and suddenly freezes. Not natural.


"Yeah. It's weird, I only just started seeing it after I drank that water. What happened, did you just stop seeing them?"


"Yeah. When I focused on my martial training, I guess."

The effect is fading. The whispers and buzzing recedes, as does your enhanced vision, but not before you briefly see Nagi's aura flash a deeper crimson.

You didn't notice, but you've reached the top of the mountain. You can see the sea all over, and there's a spring here surrounded by strange flowers.


Strange. I keep staring at her until we reach the summit. Very strange.
"Oh, is this it? I don't think I've seen flowers like these before."


Everyone has their secrets.

"We have. Remember, the island in the mist where we met?"

The plants do look alike. Flowers and shrubs that sprout in vibrant colours and scents that you've seen nowhere else.

Nagi fills her bottle from the spring.


I wonder if they grow anywhere else. Maybe I should keep an eye out for them.

I'll refill my bottle as well. This will surely be helpful in the future.


Bottle of mystic water obtained. You note just how clear the water is in the bottle.

"What do you feel like doing? I'm only going to be here till tomorrow. You leaving, too?"


"Yeah. I was hoping to reach the mainland and see where I can go from there."


"Alright, then. Let me know when you've seen enough."

It is quite a view from here. You can see the city below, the harbour and even some islands in the distance. You sailed among them before.


I sure did. I wonder how much I could sense from up here.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You figure the best way to do that would be to drink straight from the source. You cup your hands to collect water for your mouth…

It's all too much to get anything meaningful. Lots of incoherent noise everywhere, and a mishmash of auras that don't really have anything notable. There' a very bright spot in the city, you realize that's where the water shrine was.


Still, it's fascinating. I should come back here after I learn more about the world.

"I'm ready. Let's go."


Skip towards tomorrow?


Let's do it.


Want to roll for a dream while you're in bed with Millie?



Roll #1 18 = 18


I have shorts, I'll just change when I get chance.
"So, where should we go next?"


You float around like a ghost. You see the auras of many, many people. Some a bright, some a dull, some flash bright colors while others lie still. And then there are those with no aura you can sense at all. They talk, look and act like anyone else, but there's something missing….

You run into a group of people with red auras. You peer into their minds. They look calm, but deep inside, they are angry and restless. You can feel a pang of concern from Millie as she senses these people…

You slowly feel the sheets below you materialize again. Good morning.

Zoe shrugs.
"I know this place is mainly a survival training area for people who need it. Maybe I'll go look for lessons!"

The city itself is smaller than the rest you know. Most of the coastal part is taken up by container yards. At the end away from the sea is a large jungle, and according to a map signboard, houses exist there.

"I heard the ranger base here and the gym are tied together. The… instructor is also a gym leader? I think?"


I follow along.
"Huh.. you know I don't really need any lessons on survival.. They already taught me when I was doing my Ranger training."
"..But It couldn't really hurt to review, if you want to do it!" I suddenly smile and make a peace sign with towards Zoe.


She look a little taken aback, but then signs you right back.

"Nope! You should be here for whatever you needed to do. You shouldn't hold yourself back for anyone, or anything. We can always meet up after, anyway!"


I frown looking at my hand and then folding my arms.
"That's not a cheerful reaction, darn, I need a different pose."
"And of course I'd go with you, How else would we spend time together silly."


She looks a little annoyed.

"Well, I'm going to the Ranger HQ to sign up. Why don't you come with me? But I'm sure you're after something else."


I look confused, but walk with her toward the HQ.
"After something? I told you I need to get this gym badge, right? But I'm not in a big hurry, and I've never been to near the sea before."


"Yeah, we can hang out till tomorrow. I kind of want to see the sea, too."

The Ranger HQ also has a big gym sign on it. That solved things. The receptionist at the counter asks you what you want.


I look at Zoe and then back her receptionist.
"When are the gym challenges?"


"Oh, gym challenge?"
The receptionist almost rubs her hands.

"Sign up, and tomorrow morning it begins. You'll have to spend several days in the jungle, surviving. You ready?"


Try standing with my right foot forward and my left hand on my hip, while my right hand makes a fist.
"Yea! I'm ready."


"Good spirit!"
You hear a rough, elderly voice behind you.

A white-haired, tall man in Ranger uniform has just walked into the lobby. The ranking on his uniform indicates something higher than you've ever seen before.

"My, my. I'm looking forward to seeing you here tomorrow morning, then! But you look very sweaty… you're from the Evergreen, aren't you? Might want to get to an outfitter to get some clothes for the weather here."


I frown looking down at my clothes to see if its really that obvious.
"Uh.. That's true, but how did you know.."


"You have that feeling about you, lass."
He laughs.

Meanwhile, Zoe signs up for the jungle orientation course.

"Well, someone else looking to learn! That's quite a few recently."


"Oh, when is that course by the way?"


"Tomorrow morning, too. That course lasts just a day and a night, though. But you, you'll be quite challenged. That's what my badge certifies in the end. The struggle to live… I think bugs exemplify it best, how about you?"


I gasp, in sudden distress about this.
"They start at the same time?! But.. That means.. I don't want to leave Zoe alone.."


"Hey, hey! I appreciate you wanting to help, but I feel like taking on stuff on my own. I'll be hanging around for a while, so relax!"

She tries to reassure you.


Give her puppy eyes like I'm trying to get her to forgive me.
"Really? But we were going on this trip together and.. If I'm gone in the jungle for days and you're doing that training, and the training ends before the gym challenge so you'll be waiting around for me all bored!"


"I'll look around for Pokemon! I want to spend loads of time in every place anyway. Now relax, we have the rest of today!"


Stare at her for a moment and then convinced she's okay with it, I grin excitedly and softly clap.
"Yea! I'll be loads tougher when I'm done with this gym, so you better watch out if you want challenge me with whatever amazing pokemon you find."


"Yeah, we'll both be! I'm hoping for a grass Pokemon somewhere…"

The day's still young. What do you feel like doing?


"Hmmhm, first I'm gonna need some beach clothes.. Do you think they sell swimsuits here?"


"Ehh.. this isn't really a popular place for beaches, but some people buy their stuff here before heading to the islands!"

You're feeling really, really hot. You can't wear a swimsuit all the time here…


"Oh.. I understand, I'll just go see if I get some lighter uniform stuff, it won't take long, my size is really popular!"
I hurry toward the supply desk.


"Uniforms for the southern climate, huh?"

The supply clerk gives you a list of available sizes your is available.

"That'll be a 1000P for a set. Oh, and we have some badges you can have sewn on for decoration! You can customise them, too."


pay her the 1000P
"That sounds cool, what kind of badges?"


There's quite a collection. Some are just silhouettes of Pokemon faces, some have city names, some are just funny faces.


I look completely overwhelmed by the choices and then pick up on that looks like treecko.
"This one!"


File: 1455447781225.png (26.5 KB, 600x534, yBrXRK4.png)

"Cool! You can just take it, since you're buying a new uniform now. Here, lemme sew it on for you…"

Now you've got a nice Treecko above your pockets.


"Whoa! So, awesome." I grin. "Thanks, I'm gonna go change right away."


You fold up your current clothes and change….

Immediately, you feel a difference. The cloth breathes better, and you can feel the air flowing in from the sleeves to cool you down. The material feels a little strange on the outside, but then you realize it's waterproofed for rain.

You feel ready!


Then, I just have to show Zoe, and show her my Treecko badge too!


Gotta keep switching it up, can't let my little Sapphira train on just rattata.

Rather than sneaking, this time I allow my gible to approach one of the sandshrew to make a challenging growl to it.


Good lord but that was trippy. Maybe I should start learning about auras or something, if only to make sense of all this.

Where's Nagi? Is she still around?


Alright now to find thatAAAAAA
"Dammit stop scaring me like that!" I shout, not even caring if it'll wake people up they should know there's a ghost haunting this place!
"What's your problem with me, huh?!"


I'll let Riss on my plan. At least she'll know where I am.

Where is the Gym located?


"Huh. That looks pretty nice."

Zoe looks amused by the cute Treecko.

"But let's get going. Where did you say you felt like heading?"

Gible searches for a Sandshrew and does just that.

Two of them accept the challenge at once. You're not sure if Sapphira can take on more than one…

You agreed to leave together, didn't you? She should be somewhere around the inn if she isn't oversleeping.

The Misdreavus just laughs at you more. It's in the nature of ghost Pokemon to play pranks. It's a… less harmful way of feeding.

"Oh, were you looking for the gym?"
Riss comes up to you.

"You'll have to speak with the old man. He's the instructor and the gym leader. I heard it's pretty tough, though!"



You can feel a hint of mischief coming from the ranger you're about to battle…


"Yeah, but I haven't felt quite so alive until we did this trip. I love the air, and the excitement. It's a long way from all the studying I was doing."

"Which reminds me, I never asked why you were travelling Riss? We had a battle and found out we were going in the same directions is all I remember."


"Well… I wanted to become more experienced, I guess. Wanted to find something I was good at. Now I did… I'm working on it, then I'll just have to keep going around to see what more I can do! Something like that…"

That's about a coherent an answer as you can get.


"Guess we're still on the same boat, aren't we? Trying out new things and seeing where it leads us. So far, I'll say I'm glad I ran into you. It's been exciting, more than I ever expected."

I smile.


"Y-yeah, it has."

She rubs her head and smiles back.

"Once I feel like I've trained enough, I'll get back on the road. For now I'll stay where I am to learn more. You're heading south, right?"


Well then, this should be interesting!
Lyle, you're up first!


"Yeah, towards the Fighting Gym. I still have her letter, though I'm hesitant to give it. I'm sure it's full of scathing words I deserve. But for now, I feel like just trying out the Gym here, so I'll be sticking around."


File: 1456122042859.png (58.09 KB, 507x585, ledian_by_pinkophilic-d30j….png)


She throws her Poke ball! A Ledian emerges, hovering over the ground."

"Scathing words you deserve?"

She looks annoyed.

"Oh, come on. Have some pride. You and I, we're Children of the Dragon. We rise from the depths to link the heavens. So what if the dark type wasn't for you? You decided it wasn't, so that's that. They don't rule you. you should be the one putting them in their place once you get strong."


"Sorry, maybe it came out wrong. I'll gladly take whatever she can dish out, because it's helped me learn. I know whatever is in there is meant to help me, no matter how harshly it's written. I've actually picked up quite a lot in my short time there, I'm glad it was the first gym I ran into."


Oh yeah ghosts tend to do that
But it's still rude!
Time to send out the bat
"Go get em Jasper!"


"Interesting start there!"
All right, Lyle, go Bite that Bug!
'1d20' Bite '2d6+8'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 4, 4 + 8 = 16


"Yeah. And remember, you were born to be a conqueror. Or that's what they say, anyway!"

Jasper emerges.

The Misdrecvus looks amused.

Lyle leaps and bites onto the Ledian! It manages to pierce the shell, making the Ledian wince.

It tries to punch Lyle, but what luck, it misses!


"Great start, Lyle!"
Take advantage of the opening and blast the bug back with Lyle's signature Aqua-Jet!
'1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 3, 3 + 8 = 14


"I won't. That's why I'm trying new things. I'm trying to find my niche to conquer."


Amused?… Is it not getting ready for a battle?
Wait and see how it will react… These ghost types are unpredictable


You see it suddenly charge forward, but Lyle's charge is faster! The Ledian is knocked back by the blow, straight into the ground! Lyle roars as the Ledian is recalled.

"Eh, okay. Go! Pinsir!"

This is a threat. The big beetle emerges displaying its pincers menacingly.

If you're not attacking, it will! Misdreavus used Confuse Ray!

Jasper's flight becomes unstable…

"Alright then! good luck, you hear?"


"Same goes to you. I wish you the best."


So what will you do now?

You may befriend others, but ultimately your path must be tread alone.


Oh damn it
Well I better not take risks with Jasper like that
"Jasper, come back! Go Nadia! "


I'll try my luck here in the woods for a few days on my own. We should practice real survival first, rushing in headfirst got me blind sided in the first gym. We'll put the skills we learned into practice and scout out the area before challenging the gym.

Basically, do the one thing I'm good at. Studying in preparation for an exam.


"Heh. That was sneaky what you tried to pull there. If you'd moved faster, I'd have been in trouble."
-I'm not actually sure what she was trying to do with that charge, but if it makes her mad…
This guy, though, looks like he's going to be tough. I hear they're not easily defended against, so the best strategy is to just hit them harder before they hit back. Lyle should be able to at least wear him down…
Bite attack! Try to crack that plate before he hits!
'1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 5, 3 + 8 = 16


Nadia takes Jasper place, and takes an Astonish to the face. Nadia isn't hurt much, though.

A little late for that. the Rangers are escorting people out.

The Pinsir is faster! It leaps at Lyle, biting him first! It looks like it's trying to tear into Lyle, and while hurt, Lyle manages to hit back.

Lyle's HP: 47/74


So that cram session was all I get then.

Well, I won't experience unless I try. Might as well head to the gym.


Damn… not going to be able to take many more hits like that! And Lyle's one of my tougher pokemon; I don't think I can afford to switch out.
Bite again, try to get him where it hurts! '1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 1, 6 + 8 = 15


Actually, where is it?

No building looked like a gym… what did they say about the rangers?

The Pinsir is faster again! It tears into Lyle with is jaws! Lyle bites back, but clearly won't win here.

Lyle grow restless, though badly hurt. A water attack might be good now.

Lyle's HP: 2/74


He might not win, but he'll go out with a bang! Aqua Jet, full power! Soften him up for your teammates!
'1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 3, 5 + 8 = 16


Lyle doesn't give up. He charges forward, and with Torrent's power, the aqua jet manages to hit harder than every thing before!

The Pinsir is kicked back a a little, but still grabs Lyle with pincers and tosses him back to you. That's it for him.


Catch Lyle and give him a pat on the head before recalling him. You did good, buddy.
Okay Chica, let's see what you've got! Peck the everloving sap out of that Pinsir!
'1d20' Peck '1d8+6'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 8 + 6 = 14


Chica's not used to her new body! She stumbles and trips as the Pinsir glides out of the way! It clamps onto Chica with its pincers!

Chica's HP: 52/73


They did mention the gym challenge was going to be an even harder forest survival, but that's all I recall for now. I'll ask them before I leave.


Well… Hopefully that potion and that break restored our newest member's spirits enough to go for another fight.

I reach for Ziggy's pokeball to have him enter the fray, checking on his current state to see if he can fight. "Alright Ziggy, I wanna see if you're as strong as you look." I say, attempting to encourage him even if he may not understand me yet.


"Alright Nadia, teach that ghost a lesson. Use bite!"
'2d8+10' +22

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 6, 8 + 10 = 24



That did it! Nadia tears into the ghost!

It looks scared. It's going to run off any second now…


Well, let's take a look-see for her.


Yes, she's at the lobby, all packed up. Ready to go off yet? You are packed up, right?


Of course. I made sure I got everything.


File: 1458319021493.jpg (745.98 KB, 1920x1080, beach.jpg)

Great, then we should head off.

You've spent a lot of time here. It was well worth it, though. That mystic water, your new partners, and a friend or two. The bus taking you to port gives you a nice view of the beaches outside the busy city.

You reach the dock a little too fast. Time to get on board.


Yeah, I'm glad I made this my first stop. It was a real eye-opener. Still, I'm a little antsy to move on though, the mainland has to be so much more.
Let's go.



This ship is going to take the shortest possible route to the central city, through the blue canal. It'll take you overnight. Not to worry though, this is a bigger ship that has cabins for this very purpose. You can head out and look out from the deck, or look for lunch in the canteen. Or whatever you feel like doing on the biggest ship you've been so far.


Big ferry. Little overwhelming for a village kid like me. Still, I think I'll stay on deck and watch the island for a while, see what I can spot from out here.


File: 1458320534874.jpg (904.58 KB, 1920x1080, DSC_0068_5.JPG)

Lots of Wingull flocks, for one. Even if they're closer to the scorching sun than you are, they don't seem too bothered about it.

The ship's still near the island, it's going to go around before heading north. Some other things you didn't see during your time there, like a few pretty statues and strange houses.

For now, it seems like a peaceful ride. Want to take it easy a while? there are recliners.


Yeah. Awfully hospitable of them to provide these. Seems more like a cruise liner than a ferry.


The ones that go straight to the heart are a little more luxurious. Of course, you paid a heftier sum for it, too.

It's tempting to just fall asleep here under the sun… but it seems there's space for people to battle, too. Nagi is eagerly challenging the other passengers.


I'll turn my attention to her. I'm curious to see who she'll find on this trip.


No one of much note. Just trainer after trainer challenging her and all getting beaten. Her stamina seems limitless as she tears though each and every one.

She has a new comrade, too, a Pawniard. It's a little slow, but her on-point commands let it fight more effectively than it looks.


Interesting. I wonder when she got that? I doubt I have much that could stand up to it at the moment. Maybe I should ask her what she hopes to find on the mainland.


After her fourth fight, she and her Pokemon finally look worn out. Her breathing grows heavy, and she stumbles over to the recliner by your side. Her Kirlia supports her, but collapses on top of her right after.

"You'd rather est, huh? You did spent a lot of time in the shrine. Can't have been easy… oooh.."

She grabs her bottle of water an douses herself with it.


I smile.
"Meditation is more exhausting than most people think. But you really do seem to be pushing yourself. Are you looking for someone here?"


"Not really. I just really feel like I have to fight. It makes me stronger, which I need. And it takes out some stress."

She pours the rest of that water on herself.


Not if I can do something about it!
Pokeball, GO!

Roll #1 86 = 86


It shakes, and shakes….

Very close. But it works!

Misdreavus was caught!


"I suppose I can respect that. I guess we're not all that different from each other, are we?"


"Well, maybe."

A red haze clouds your vision again. It's coming from her.


I blink again. Can I sense anything from it?


unless I need to roll for that

Roll #1 7 = 7


You feel riled up by it. The more you peer into it, you feel an urge to break something, destroy someone. It's not enough to compel you, but your heartbeat rises.


Maybe you have to ask at the ranger base. That assumption turns out to be correct, and you're asked if you want to sign up.



Oh yeah!
pick up the pokeball and hold it up in a victory pose
''Weeeeee did it Nadia! We caught a Misdreavous!…Misdrevious…Whatever!''


It's still the middle of the night, you're tired…


Yeah…Now that the blood pumping from that battle is wearing off, I feel kind of drousy…
Well, at least something good came out of that night fright…Ghost types are cool…


They are, right? Maybe you can try sleeping better now.


off to sleep I go


I probably shouldn't look too hard at her then. I wonder if this happens when she gets riled up somehow.


Roll for better dreams

What else are you going to look at?
Lots of smaller islands around. Seems like the boat's finally finished turning around the island and is heading north. The wind is very calming.


'1d10' please not another damn ghost

Roll #1 6 = 6


You sleep without any dreams this time. At least, you feel rested.

The light hits your eyes from the window. Looks like you're up bright and early.


Maybe I should look up some books on aura or something once we hit mainland. Still, I'll just enjoy the scenery for a while.

"You must be bushed. You want to go inside and get something to eat?"


grand, At least I didn't had to sleep for 3 extra hours
I do some stretches and brush my teeth, get dressed, etc and walk out of the room
man it would be awesome if they had breakfast here…


"Yeah, of course." What type of form do I have to sign?


"It is lunchtime, isn't it?"

Lunch is typical microwaved, catered food. Fish meat and rice with some vegetables. It is better than nothing.

Yes, but you're going to have to by your own breakfast.

They already have your details, so it's fine. If you're sure you're ready, head out to a designated meeting point in the jungle.


Hm. I expected more, what with the cabins and all. What's our ETA, anyway?


About 24 hours, if everything's smooth.

It doesn't really fill you up, but at least it's something. Feel free to take it easy until dinnertime, or something.


Aight, time to start breakfast then
first let's release everyone
…And then release that Misdreavus, lets see how the others are gonna react to that


For how much they charged, you'd think they would have a better spread. Oh well.

Unlike Nagi, I'm in no hurry to challenge everyone on the boat. I'm content to people-watch until it gets darker.


That's 50P for a basic breakfast.

Everyone greets Misdreavus warmly. She does a few loops in the air. Have you thought of a name for her?

You and her both. You two look out at the sea, watching the waves and the sun reflected over them.


One last bag and Pokeball check to make sure I'm not forgetting anything, then time to head out.


well that's not hella expensive at least

Alright, at least there's no mean looks between anyones, so that's good
''Everyone, this is Misdreavus, she's going to be our new pal in our journey, so you be nice to eachother, alright? Now, who wants breakfast?''

Some names ran through my head yesterday but I don't think she likes me enough for that yet
…Man I got 5 pokemons already…


Everyone trips over themselves at the thought of more food.

Most of your equipment will be provided, anyway. You should be ready in spirit.

That ranger senior you remember from earlier is there, waiting. He has a Yanmega to his side, hovering.

"Ohoho. Welcome. Feeling confident?"


"So where were you hoping to go once we hit the mainland anyway?"


I'm gonna have to work hard to sustain all these guys…
Ah well, it's worth it, we'll worry about that later
for now let's enjoy breakfast


"I've never done anything like what we did at the camp. Even my Pokemon are hyped about this!"


"Me? I'll be heading northwest. I want to visit the steel city and maybe reforge my sword, or get armour on me. That'd be cool, right? Then I'll look for a fire-type Pokemon, to round out my team. Water, Fire and Grass, like the continent."

You sense some disturbances drawing closer, but you should have time to finish your conversation before they draw nearer.

It looks very simple, just bread with fruit jams and tea. How it tastes is something else entirely. You've never had food this fresh, bursting with sheer life.

"I'm glad to hear that. Now, let me brief you on the rules. You can use only what's provided or what you find, so your belongings will be kept with us unless you have anything very important. You will also be provided with a flare if you wish to forfeit. You must subsist for five days. Now, if you're ready, put on the blindfold, and you'll be brought where you have to go."

He's holding a blindfold.


Take a deep breathe, and then put on the blindfold.


And it's even better with friends to share that with
let's take a look at them, see how the 5 of them mingle all together


"Not a bad plan. I could probably use a fire-type myself, I think. I didn't know you carried a sword though. Seems a little…anachronistic, don't you think?"


You feel the legs of a Yanmega grab you. You're not sure how high it flies, but you don't feel your legs touching anything. The noise from its beating wings also masks any sounds you might otherwise have made out.

Your legs touch a surface again, and you're laid down on some kind of mat. The blindfold comes off, your vision returns just in time to see the Yanmega flying off with it.

On the mat, there's a knife, a shovel, a first aid kit, a bottle of water, a pan, some repels and a flare.

Day 1 begins.

Nadia and Tina look a little annoyed by how many other girls there are. They might be able to get used to each other in time, but for now, rifts are forming. Oh dear.


Okay that ain't good
Also geez only Jasper is a guy here…huh
Hopefully I'll catch a male sometime…
I'll pick up Nadia and put her in my lap and hopefully this will avert a fight for now

Now…Where was I going next…


You've never seen her without it!

"Well, I did train with other fighters. It's not just about using it as a weapon, it's part of the dress. You use it to direct Pokemon, or train better with them, since if you fight along them you understand them better. And, well, I'm not that good yet, but I can take on some Pokemon myself with it.

Don't you have a Combusken? I was thinking of trying to find a Larvesta."

Nadia feels better, but what about Tina? Jasper playing with her just means your new Shinx and Misdreavus are left to each other, oh, well.

You were headed to the Evergreen. Carry on through the road?


"They really don't make it easy…"

First thing, try and find a source of Water. I'll call Cali out, maybe she can sniff it out.


Dang…I'm gonna have to take care and share my affection with all of them…
well, let's deal with that one at a time…
''Everyone ready to go?''
Let's keep going to Evergreen


File: 1458369751878.jpg (643.58 KB, 2048x2048, 10001337_745510902134615_1….jpg)

Cali sniffs the air. She walks through the brush, and manages to find a small waterfall. The white mist is very cooling.

Back on the road. Shouldn't be too far now.
Roll for speed or luck?


It's been way too long.
"So…you're saying your sword training is like my meditation exercises for you?"


let's go for luck
also, let's release Nadia to come along with me. She'll enjoy the sunlight I'm sure

Roll #1 10 = 10


I meant Tina!


"In a way, yes. Hmm, maybe you should look for a grass type…"

The disturbances are drawing nearer. Nagi suddenly stands upright, concentrating on something in the distance.


Yes, grass was clearly what I meant.
"…do you feel something too?"
Can I sense where they're coming from?


That 10 will wait for later.


You hear loud bangs. You notice they come from some people in speedboats, and some riding fast surfing Pokemon.


An explosion comes from the aft of the ship! The ship beings losing speed, and shakes . Hang on tight!


"What the..!?"
Hang on!

Roll #1 12 = 12


You manage to hang on safely as the ship makes a sudden turn. You note hooks are pulling the ship from behind you!


The Pa has already issued a distrss call.


Pirates? As in actual, legit pirates? Shit. That means they're probably using water-types, which doesn't leave me many options. Still, I have to do something.


Yes, Pirates. Specifically, the Sea Raiders, a criminal gang that operates in the seas around here. You didn't think you'd be a victim, but here you are.

They're all too far away from you now, but you're being pulled towards an island with a great opening on a cliffside.




Let's check it for fish. It'll make a good spot to set down if there is.

And maybe Cali will want to swim for a moment.


You can spot a few Basculin. They're a commonly eaten fish inland, due to their abundance and taste. And between you and me, people also prefer eating them before these fish never amount to anything, so you don't feel bad.


"Um, what about we look around the town? What kind of places do you like?"


"Hmm… I… uhh…."

She's struggling.

"I guess we could go see the seaside? There's a bus from here."


"Sure, I bet we'll find something amazing to do there, like crabby racing." I giggle at the idea.


File: 1458451220052.jpg (655.71 KB, 1920x1080, DSC_0033.JPG)

Off to the seaside you go!

The beach here aren't as sought after as those on the islands, but the shores of the mainland have their own charms. It's quiet, since it's the middle of a school day. You two are pretty much the only ones around, save a few stragglers.

If you look and listen carefully, there are Pokemon about. birds taking rests before they fly further south, the occasional Krabby or even Shuckle hiding under the rocks on the beach. The sand isn't nice and bright, nor is the sea a beautiful blue, it's all duller. But it is what it is.


Alright, this is almost like the place they trained us at. Time to follow through with the training.

Call out Cobalt, let's look for some good leaves and branches to make a house with Cali.


Right. Roll for some luck.



Gotta be some healthy trees with useful leaves nearby.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I rush over the water with a gasp of amazement.


There is.
Unfortunately, you trip over a root just as you see it! You fall right into the stream! Luckily, the water here is clearer than other pools you've seen, or it would be terrible.

It is! You've never gone to any coast before. Remember, though, seawater is salty! it's not clean like water from almost anywhere back home.

Some birds are disturbed by your excitement, and fly off. They make a nice pattern in the skies.

"I wonder what the sea Pokemon think of the ocean?"


"Bleugh. I should've expected something like that, huh you two?" I say to Cali and Cobalt. Good thing I sprung for the water resistant gear. Let's dry it out before I catch a cold and look for those leaves.


Roll #1 8 = 8


This would be kinda cool if we weren't being hijacked. I better hightail it to the back of the ship to help! I bet Nagi won't miss this chance either.


Thinking of silly facts like that, I must be really stressed about this gym challenge.
"Right, now.. I wonder if you already know how to swim.." Let the little water fairy down next to the water.


Lucky you did. It'll dry off eventually, not as fast as you'd like, but better than what you were wearing before.

You being wet impedes your concentration, so Cobalt and Cali go ahead and start chopping off branches.

Nagi's already prepping her Pokemon, calm and ignoring the panicked, screaming passengers. There's a look of intense concentration on her face.

"Jake. They'll be trying to board once they've dragged us in. When they do, we attack, alright?"

You put Azurill down near the shore. She looks a little afraid.


"Oh, I guess not huh.."
"Hey, Zoe, do you know how to swim?"


Ugh, I should finish helping and collect the leaves then. I'll do my part to help us all.


I nod.
"Good plan. I don't think we'd stand much of a chance if we took them on in the water. Let them come to us."


Maybe she just needs some encouragement!

"Huh? Uhh… I was planning to learn once I hit the nicer water on the islands."

You collect some too. But where will you be setting your camp? Back at the starting location?

"Exactly. Soon…"

As the ship is being pulled into the cove, the cheers of your attackers and the screams of the panicked interfere with your concentration…


"Ooh, I guess you didn't bring a swim suit here, so its not a great time.."
I kneel next to the water and splash it a little, maybe its just cold?


Close to the waterfall. It's our source of meat and water, so we should try to make this our home base.

We'll build a little home, then see if we can find enough stuff for a good fence.


You know, it dawns on me that this is our first real battle. No friendly competition or structure here. It's…a little unnerving. Calm Mind my way out of it.

Roll #1 17 = 17


Nope, it's warm. Encourage her!

You collect yourself. As you do, the panic around is hushed a little. People seem to have their spirits more focused now, and some are already readying their Pokemon.

The ship is pulled into the cavern! it's a medium-sized camp here. The gangplank is about to be lowered. Get ready!

Then you and your Pokemon will have to drag your belongings to the streamside.

It's almost time for lunch… a day's worth of food was included as your supplies. You don't have to go out gathering yet.


I offer her my hand, and then awkwardly realize she doesn't have a hand, and put my hand on her back slowly walking into the water.
"Lets go together, it will be fun!"


Let's share it then. Dynamo and Quetzshould start getting familiar with the place.

"Alright you two, what do you think of our new home for the next few days?"


Azurill squeaks at first… but as it turns out, she likes it! The blob on her tail lets her float easily, and soon she's learning to kick her way around.

Zoe's quietly gazing out to the sea. She's let all her Pokemon out to join her. She's having fun, in her own way.

None of them have any jungle experience. They're very unsure. This seems like a good place, for now at least?


Good. We're as ready as we're going to be. I pop out Millie and tell her to get ready.


We'll have to wait for something to kick us out before we leave it, since it seems like a good place to hold for a few days.

I'll pass the food around, then see if we can get a small roof over us.


File: 1458454694249.jpg (141.52 KB, 480x316, Survival-Shelter-Plans.jpg)

Nagi stands right at the front. The moment a raider tries to run up the gangplank, she kicks him off!

That doesn't stop the others from sending out their Pokemon. You're attacked by a group of five Carvanha!

What will Millie do?

You can only make a shelter so big with twigs. Hopefully, you can get something like this up.

Roll for it


Let's get to work. '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4


It's workable. It's just big enough for you to lie in, your Pokemon except Quetz will have to stay in their balls. It'll survive a drizzle, but hope there isn't any heavy rain.


I'll just slip further into the water, enough to float on my back.
"This water's great! You should have brought a suit Zoe."


Hopefully it'll hold.

Next thing on the lost, secure the location. I'll have to improvise more, but some kind of barrier/net from the remaining twigs and material will have to do. '1d20'

Roll #1 14 = 14


Oh, so you're in your swimsuit? A practical wetsuit, or did you indulge?

"I-I'll get one on the islands! I'm sure they have better ones there!"

You weave some vines into a net and hang it around the trees. For now, you're secure.

The heat of the day is getting to you…


I cast Magical Leaf!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Roll a 2d6 + 8 + 17 spatk


Some of that water would be good. I'll take a swig from the bottle before refilling it again from the waterfall.


That water might look clean, but are you sure it's potable for you?


Oh, did we not buy one? I totally meant to get one, a wet suit so I can use it on missions too.


"Well.. I'd like to get a fancy one too.. this one isn't very fun-looking after all."
Then pause. "Oh, we can make a sand castle!"


Wait, who knows how many parasytes and germs live in there. There's no way my body is going to be prepared for the onslaught.

I could use the pan to boil some water and clean it up as best as I can.



Roll #1 6, 6 + 8 = 20


Zoe doesn't seem to have one, so you'll just ahve to enjoy yourself in your wetsuit for now.

Look at how well Azurill is paddling! She's a fast learner.

"Huh. Sure!"

She and her Pokemon come down from their rock. But there aren't any spades or buckets…

Good thing you remembered. you can use a cloth to filter water you collect before you boil it. With your gathered twigs, you manage to get a fire going with Dynamo's help.

Your bottle can take a heating, so if necessary you can use it for boiling too.

Remember to add that 17 spatk stat when needed.

It's super effective! The leabes cut into the Carvanha, injuring it badly. Yet it manages to charge at Millie, dealing significant hurt.

Millie: 36/58


Yeah, it'll cut down on the time we spend making water. I should at least aim to refill the bottle to make the effort worth while.

Now, to use the vines in preparation of catching our next meals. Trap making time.


Roll for it.
Dinnertime is soon…


I'll hit him with one again.

Roll #1 3, 4 + 25 = 32


Let Lily out "Hey, do you think you can make a leaf scoop for us?"


Good job! Millie finishes it off. There are a few other Carvanha, be careful.

Lily goes to the grass and picks out a few big leaves. Zoe gets to work making her side of the castle!


I gasp in surprise and hurry to make my side, try to make it like a fairy tale castle. '1d20'

Roll #1 2 = 2


It looks pretty ordinary… but there's a beauty in simplicity too, right? Zoe is making hers look very simple and practical.. until you realize how much attention she's paying to the small details! It looks really comfy.


Right. I'll turn my attention towards them then.

Roll #1 2, 4 + 25 = 31


Was that a magical leaf? Milliesu uses Disarming Voice instead, which immediately knocks all the Carvanha out!

Moves with Burst will hit multiple targets at once. Useful to remember.

Nagi is holding her sword aloft and charging out of the ship, yelling with Her Kirlia and Bayleef. The other trainers aren't sure if they should follow.


"What are you waiting for? Wait here and we'll never get out of here!"
I pop out Combusken and follow her in.


"Whoa, you have some real talent Zoe." I compliment her. "I can imagine a little pokemon princess being in there."


File: 1458457643100.jpg (69.04 KB, 736x588, e58042ab79cf71a1d0258e1a07….jpg)

Some follow, so there's your backup.

A group of three Binacle are up next! Nagi bashes and tosses a pirate to the ground before sending her Bayleef out to attack.


"Yeah, that'd be cool, wouldn't it?"

The orange sunlight hits your eye, ouch, Is it sunset already?


"Aww, we both have to be up early too.. do you already have a place to stay Zoe?"


"I'll just be staying at the inn, no worries. I, uh… I had fun."


"Oh.. Well.. if we go to the island, there will be better shops, uh.. do you like shopping? I don't really use much of my money from work since food is paid for.."


"Don't get too far ahead, Nagi! We need to stick together!"
Li uses Double Kick, Millie uses Disarming Voice

Roll #1 6, 6 + 25 = 37 / Roll #2 7 + 26 = 33


You have to roll for accuracy for each of them. More than one pokemon at once will reduce their accuracy, beware.

"Not really! I just like looking at stuff that helps me explore. I'll be hanging around the city a little more before I go and sleep."


"Okay, I'm going to the HQ to settle into a bunk, I'll see you after the gym challenge.."
Then I take out my phone. "Hey we should take a picture next to our castle, it looks so cool, I mean, at least your side does."


What is that, d20 again?


Yes, for accuracy

Cameras on phones? What else, flying cars?

"I don't have a camera, but… Well, I'll remember it."

Maybe you can commit this moment to memory, too.



Roll #1 18 = 18


Gasp, What was I using to get emails then?
"Oh, we should get one for when we go the island then! How much could it be right?"


You should roll for Millie too to see if she can crit, even when she's using a move that won't miss. For Li too, since double kick is a double Strike attack hitting twice.

Double Strike: Whenever a Move with Double Strike
is used, make two Attack Rolls. If one Attack Roll hits,
the Move does damage as indicated by its Damage Base
value; if both Attack Rolls hit however, the Damage
Base value is doubled. Each hit may Critically Hit
separately; when adding damage from Critical Hit, add
the Damage Base before it’s doubled. For example, if one
Double Kick attack is a Critical Hit, add +1d8+5 to the
damage roll. If both are Critical Hits, add +2d8+10

'1d20' 1d20'

Public computers at Pokemon centers, of course.


Roll #1 18 = 18


As for how much? Hmm, maybe you can look around the city sometime.

seocnd roll for you, Gaius. '1d20'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I will just stare at it, its a good memory.
"Hey, have a good time at your lesson Zoe."


Anyway, Li finishes off a Binacle with both kicks! Millie manages to hit the remaining few with her voice.


"I will. Thanks."

She hugs her Happiny as she gazes at it.


You feel a tiny pair of hands grab you from behind, too.


One more goodbye and I'll head to the Ranger HQ-
I spin around to look behind me.


File: 1458459722083.png (9.68 KB, 700x600, __collab_entry___marill_by….png)

Is that Azurill grabbing you?

it is!

That time spent learning to play in the water paid off.


I blink in confusion, is this really my pokemon?
"Azurill? Did you get bigger? Did you.. "


New that she has hands, Marill gives you a big hug!

"Wow! Now you have a water Pokemon! That's really cool. I saw your Grovyle, too… Do you have a Fire type?"


I pick her up and hug her back, spinning in a circle and laughing. "You really evolved, I'm so proud of you Az- Marill!"
Then when I get dizzy I fall into the sand with Marill on top of me finally answering Zoe's question.
"Oh, Yea. I have a Vulpix. Do you want to meet him?"


"No need. But you've got a nice, team with you. Eater, grass and Fire go together, don't they? Like parts of a whole I'm looking for some myself."

Marill's belly is so soft and fluffy!


"Hmm, I guess that's true, I have types that go well in most environments now."


"You know that old superstition? It's lucky if you have there of them with you, because together they're like the three parts of the land? That too. But I think it's time for me to head off and go to sleep. Shall we?"



"Riiight, I forgot about sleeping! I'll see you in a couple days if I don't see you before the gym trial."
Put everyone into their pokeball and rush to the Ranger HQ


You can roll for dreams now.


"Let's do this quick and clean, like at the training camp."


Roll #1 7 = 7


You've been trying to fall asleep for a while now… aren't you going to try dreaming of something?

Well, these look like they'll slow down anything that comes through, but it's not going to hold anything for long.

You've found water, and are in the middle of setting up your camp. You only have enough food to last you for today, though…

Jake: You're in the middle of an attack on what seems to be a pirate base. Nagi is charging forward without abandon, mercilessly mowing through grunts.

Why is it suddenly growing dark? It's the middle of the day…


That was an intense battle!
You follow your opponent to the Pokemon center, where the attendant is ready to help.

Pentium is tough, so he'll be just fine. The nurse puts all your pokeballs into a machine, injecting medication where neccesary. Your other pokemon might need to rest for the day, though!


Look up, I guess its some big cloud or something


I'm too excited for dreams

Roll #1 7 = 7


File: 1462332900530.jpg (12.14 KB, 750x500, total-solar-elipse-diamond….jpg)

You see a black sphere, surrounded by a ring of light.

The forest around you bustles. A group of Bellosom emerge from the undergrowth! They don't dance the usual upbeat kind of dances you expect. They're dancing solemnly…. like a funeral march.

You are in a field of flowers at night. The pale moon rises…. The flowers turn their heads towards the large, white moon filling the sky, and you and Lily feel obliged to do the same…


Look at the moon with awe, its always been a friend.


Woah…is that…
''A solar eclipse?…Woah!'' I take a step back as the Bellossom appear, watching carefully
''Uuh this is weird… Nadia?''


File: 1462333295887.jpg (26.54 KB, 320x240, Brahma-Kamal.jpg)

Is that so?

The white flowers bloom as the moonlight hits them. You feel yourself being lifted up. the moon begins to pulse, and RINGRING

Is that your alarm?

Nadia lives in the sea, she wouldn't know! Isn't Tina out with you?

The Bellosom march across the path, walking back into the vegetation. You can follow them.


oh…Right it was Tina…Damn I got so many mons its hard to keep track

You bet I'm gonna follow them. I never heard of bellosom doing any kind of dance like that…
Make some sketches and notes as I go
>Field notes N#.2: During the day as I was walking through the road with my Snivy, out of the sudden everything went dark! I gazed up and a solar eclipse occured and a group of bellosom appeared out of the ground, doing a strange dance completely unlike the cheerful happy dance they are known for. I am lead to believe it is related to this strange, sudden solar eclipse… the belloson don't seem to be bothered by my presence and continued to walk along. I will follow them and inspect this further…



I yawn and turn off the alarm.
"Moonlight.. Pokemon.. Flowers.." I mumble as I look around for my summer uniform


They continue their march through a thin path, reaching a meadow with an odd rock platform. They continue their slow, funerary dance around the platform, steeping in slow, sombre rhythm.

Your hot weather uniform breathes so well. You're a little sweaty as you wake up but you feel much better once your suit is on.

Today you'll have to begin your jungle exam. Ready?


Did I pack everything? Potions? Water Bottles? Rope?
I should be fine anyway, I have my pokemon with me!


Your supplies will be provided, that's not something to worry about.
Just make sure your Pokemon are ready!


That's strange… Looks like some kind of altar?
make a doodle of the Bellosoms while I'm at it

Roll #1 3 = 3


Looks like it. You create an image of the Bellossom dancing around the altar as quick as you can.

When you finish, the dance suddenly stops. One Bellossom walks onto the altar, and lays down. The rest of the Bellossom turn to face it, and raise their arms. They chant, holding sharpened leaves….


Make sure Tina is close to me as we keep our distances ''Don't look up at the eclipse, girl'' I mutter to her as I watch


I better stick close to her. If she keeps going like that she might get lost or something.


Of course, I will take them to breakfast at the HQ's dining hall.


It never occurred to you what they were doing. Maybe it would have been better to look at the eclipse.

They plunge the leaves down. You see the last throbs of life shake out of the Bellossom as they stab it over, and over, and over again. Oddly enough, it doesn't cry out. Or maybe you can't hear it over the emotionless chants of the other flowers.

It's over. The Bellossom are completely still around their former dancer.


Oh my word…
Take notes on this brutal act as quickly as I can…Also glance at the eclipse, does it seem close to passing yet? I don't wanna get blind


Or worse.

Three Krabby, and an Octillery! The grunt behind them looks fierce.

It's going to be your last good meal for a while. Capitalise on it!


The Bellossom lean over their downed comrade and… they're devouring it! They use their bear arms and mouths to tear off what they can, eating like mad beasts.

The eclipse passes just as they finish. The stone almost glows as the first ray of sunlight hits it.


Holy fudge!
The doctor won't believe this! but I'm taking notes nonetheless. This is so…So unheard of!


Don't let it crush you! Go for the pincer joint!
Chica uses Peck! '1d20-2' '1d8+16'

Roll #1 9 - 2 = 7 / Roll #2 1 + 16 = 17


Well, I'd rather not think about that.

Millie uses Magical Leaf on one of the Krabby, while Li uses Peck on another.


Roll #1 11, 16 = 27 / Roll #2 1 + 25 = 26 / Roll #3 4, 5 + 14 = 23


I even try giving Marill her first real meal, cheese on toast since she's sort of a mouse.


Don't forget your hustle bonus, and the roll includes a +6 before stats.

Chica stabs the bug right where it hurts!

The Pinsir looks very weak, but that doesn't stop it from grabbing Chica and squeezing her with its horns!

Chica's HP: 50/73


It is. You could publish something!
That altar is glowing yellow. The glow spreads out to a few other small rocks scattered around.

Well, Marill's still young. I guess it's a little like milk. And, well, she loves it!


Yes yes keep the notes coming
What about the Bellosom, what are they doing?


Millie and Li attack!
The Krabby are busy trying to attack Nagi's Pokemon, but that leaves the Octillery at the back free to fire an Aurora beam!

Luckily, Li is in the way, her Bayleef would have been very hurt.

Li's HP: 46/56


They've already walked off. Both the eclipse and the dance are over.


"I'll show you all kinds of foods now that you're old enough to eat them." I giggle and then when everyone has eaten… head over to the test! Can't be late.


All ready?

Someone you can recognise as a very high-ranking ranger is waiting at the designated point. He's old enough for his hair to be completely white, but still stands formidable.

"So this is our hopeful ranger today, hmm? Amber, am I right?"


It's working! Keep it up, and avenge Lyle's sacrifice!
Chica uses Peck! '1d20' '1d8+6'
I thought I was factoring in hustle; -2 accuracy, +10 damage, right?

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 7 + 6 = 13


''Tina, come on''
make my way to the rock, taking a good appraisal at it the best I can…There's something unnatural in here.
Also make sure to look for the remains of that bellosom…if any


"That's right. I signed up yesterday and everything." I grin and stand tall.


Peck is 1d8 + 6 + 16 (stat) + 10 (hustle)


There's nothing left anymore.
These rocks, they feel warm. They glow a little like small suns.

The Pinsir darts forward first, trying to finish it!It manages to grab Chica on her belly! A Critical hit!

Chica still has enough to go on, though! She dropes from the horns and aims her own horn at the pinsir's head, jabbing a gap in the armor! It's super effective!

The Pinsir's had enough! It keels over, defeated!

"Wow! Not bad, not bad at all!" The ranger girl congratulates you.


how big are these rocks-Waaaaait…no… It can't be…


"Alright then. Now, I should brief you on what you'll have to do. Your mission is to, from your dropoff point, follow several checkpoints in the jungle. Specific nstructions will be given when needed. You'll be provided with a flare if you want to forfeit. You have a limit of seven days. Any other questions?"


"You know it," I grin, albeit with a tinge of hesitation. "Your pokemon fight hard."
So, is that it, or does she have more pokemon up her sleeve? I might need to switch out chica if she does.


"Will there be other trainers?" I glance around at the room as if I were expecting more. "And how will know I got to a check point?"


Nope, you win.
"You've got a lot of Pokemon! Going to take on our leader?"

You're not in a room, you're outside.
"You won't be challenged. The area is supposed to be off-limits to non-rangers, anyway. If you run into any, you're going out of bounds."


I guess I had better prioritize it then. Millie will use Magical Leaf again, while Li smacks it with Double Kick.


Roll #1 20, 5 = 25 / Roll #2 2 + 27 = 29 / Roll #3 6 + 27 = 33 / Roll #4 6, 4 + 14 = 24


"I'm thinking about it. If he's anywhere as good as you, it'll definitely be a worthwhile battle!"
One I'm not sure I'd be able to win…
"A visit to the center comes first though. Your bugs did a number on my pokemon, after all!"


"Alright. Then I guess I'm ready to go."


"Good luck, ranger!"

One of the assistants hands you a blindfold. You'll have to put it on before you begin!

Millie is on point! the leaves she shoots go right into the Octillery's snout and eyes! A Critical hit!

it squeals and loses focus on a shot it was trying to land. Li takes the chance to beat into it twice, and the Octillery won't be firing any more hots.

The Krabbies, seeing Li as another easy target, all shoot bubblebeams!

And unfortunately, their aim is better than the Octillery's. Li barely had time to react as the concentrated bubble streams brings him down.

Li is KO'd!


All part of the test. Blindfold on.


Well he did great regardless. I hope he knows that. I'll recall him and send out Golett, with Shadow Punch. Millie will keep doing what she's doing.


Roll #1 8, 7 = 15 / Roll #2 6, 6, 8 + 24 = 44 / Roll #3 4, 2 + 14 = 20


You hear a loud buzzing noise, the cry of a Yanmega! It picks you up with its thin, spindly legs, so that you can't touch the ground. The noise from its wings also stop you from hearing anything helpful.

You're not sure how long it took, but you're set down on a mat. The blindfold is taken off, and you're in the middle of a jungle clearing. You look behind you, but there's only the Yanmega flying off with your blindfold.

A mat with your supplies is on you, with a handy backpack. You have a day's worth of food, a flare, a compass, and a map, along with tools like a knife and some rope.

The map shows very little of the surrounding area, but it does show your first checkpoint. Just North, about 5 degrees and 10 kilometers. no notable obstacles seem to be in the way.

time to go.



Oh, and, what do you think it is?


Nice. I pack everything up neat to carry, leaving the compass and map out so I can follow it.
Get Lily out here too. "Hey Lily, you ready for our test? We just need to go north."


Lily nods. She's ready.

Of course, the path isn't all clear. The underbrush is thick. You could opt to go off course to get around it, or try cutting it away.

"Well, you can come back to the Ranger HQ at anytime if you're interested!"


Its risky to go off course.. but If I take care to watch the compass I might be okay, got a little west to get around.


Roll for it.


Just a d20 right

Roll #1 12 = 12


''Sun stones?…'' I mutter as I touch the rock with my open hand


File: 1462687686334.jpg (229.03 KB, 800x534, MM7441-081118-06403-2.jpg)

That's fine.

You're a perfectly fine navigator, too. You carefully take note of how you go off course, then get back to your path when necessary.

The canopy filters most of the harsh sunlight, so it's not too warm yet. Lily spreads her leaves. Both of you feel good.

Can you stay on course?

Yes, looks like it. They glow the same way, and feel warm.


"This isn't so bad Lily." I smile and keep on the course.


''Hoooooly fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge!''
I need a sample of this right now! a big one! holy arceus this is an amazing discovery!!!

…Now how am I going to cut a big chunk of this to bring to the nearest town…


No catastrophe striking yet! That's nice.

You feel the sweat starting to drip from your hair. There looks like a nice place to rest just ahead!

time for lunch?

What's an 'Arceus'? You kids and your made-up names.

There are already small pieces you can pick up.


I suppose I could use a water break, make sure not to lean on any tree while I rest, wouldn't want to disturb a wild pokemon.


Just those wont do
I need a BIG sample
Small bits are too easy
hmmn I could try cutting a big piece of the altar… one about the size of a human head


Cut a big piece off the altar?

Do you really want to do that?

Good, you're being careful! It' possible that some trees here might have poisonous bark, or a wild pokemon hiding in it to be startled.

Dried berries in rice. It'll give you energy, at least. Lily spreads out on the ground, catching as much light as possible.


Hmmngh this is a tough choice…Those bellosoms might try to get a piece of me… plus this might backfire horribly…
But it might make me rich…And famous!

Ah what the heck, I'll take as many small pieces as I can carry.


I glance up at the sun, judging how much time as passed.
"You seem to be right at home Lily." I giggle. "Sure you don't want to move in here?"


And furthermore, if you damage it they might not ever come back.

You take five fresh sun stones! each is a little smaller than your fist.

Lily pouts.
Her home is way up north, like yours, where the water is clean and flowers bloom. Not here, where bugs roam and bite. She's just doing what she can so she doesn't have to eat as much.

It's getting pretty hot. Luckily your clothes mitigate some of the heat, but you're beginning to sweat more. Be sure for you and Lily to drink up before heading off!


I'll at least mark this place on my map for further reference
also write this down on my field notes…This is quite the discovery…I wonder how many other people know of this secret…


Strong wild Pokemon are said to have their own elaborate rituals, but there haven't been many confirmed sightings. Considered getting a camera for next time?


Share the water with her and drink a bit, then its time to move on.
"Aw, come on then. We can't stand around in the sun all day."


File: 1462689428799.jpg (774.86 KB, 4000x3000, img_1995.jpg)

Remember that photosynthesis needs water! Lily will take less food, but she's going to need more water. You should have enough for the rest of the day.

A pungent smell wrinkles your noses. You come to a river! There aren't any bridges. You'll have to swim to the other side in the murky water.

The water is flowing kind of fast. You'll have to be careful.


Hmnn… Maybe
I'll release everyone and rest up for a few minutes. Let's have a small snack near the rock and sunbathe a little


Swim across the river? Sounds dangerous, if you can't see the bottom you can't actually tell how far down it goes. I call out Gligar.
"Tamiyo, help me look for a calmer part of the river."


Your pokemon seem curious about the rock, though a bit wary.

That's a unit of food consumed.

Good thinking. She glides around and calls you a distance to your right. turns out where you were is where the fast current starts.

Keep in mind your position! Don't go off course.


And also another comfortable break taken
Let's get back to the road.


'1d20' use the compass not to get lost.
"Great job Tamiyo!" Call her back so she doesn't get too tired before looking at lily. "Feel up for a swim?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


You should be reaching the city soon. The forest around you becomes thicker, but also more orderly, in a strange way. The scent of flowers wafts onto you.

You're still alright. You can compensate for your deviation as long as you keep track.

Lily can swim, but just the two of you isn't very stable for a river crossing. It's safest to be in a group of three holding each other while heading the the opposite shore.


Right, I look over my team in their pokeballs with a frown, then suddenly remember.
"Oh! You're not a baby anymore, I can ask you to do things.." Let Marill out. "We need to cross the river as a group, understand?"


What a nice smell…Almost makes me wish to stay and investigate further…
But not yet…Let's keep going
Now what am I gonna do with these sunstones…


It helps, since Marill's not alone! She understands, happy for her first real job. The tail serves as a flotation device, which further guarantees your safety!

Ship them over to your prof, maybe?

The forest suddenly becomes less thick, and paths branch out from the main road. Looks like a there's a treehouse village outside the main city. The paths are all lined with nice flowers, carefully tended.


Hold hands with Lily and Marill taking us in a line toward the water. "Okay, don't let go.." And swim across. '1d20'

Roll #1 3 = 3


You go into the water with Lily and Marill. Immediately, you feel a little cooler, but… things are sticking to your legs.

It's hard to hold on…

Marill suddenly gets scared! She holds on as hard as she can, but her weight leans onto you, pushing you downstream. You might end up hitting the fast currents….


'1d20' Worry about getting to the other side first
"Shh, just kick your legs, we'll get across."

Roll #1 16 = 16


Your voice calms her down. She kicks as hard as she can in the correct direction. You make it to the shore, well done! Marill looks happy.

You're soaked, but luckily your head didn't go under the water. In the climate you won't try off as fast as you'd like. The first checkpoint shouldn't be far.


"Good work! I knew you were the right one for this." Pat her on the head before recalling her.
"It should be this way Lily." I check the compass again to be sure before going toward the check point.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Well done to her.

You follow the intended course, but… there isn't any marker here! You look around and, luckily, see a flag hanging off a tree a distance away. That's the first checkpoint!


Great, go straight to that flag with a cheerful step.
"Look Lily, its right there."


You've made it to your first checkpoint! Lily looks relieved.

You hear a buzzing sound. The yanmega is back! it drops a small package wrapped with a mat. You find a water filter, a drinking bag, a mess tin, some rope and a machete. There's also a piece of paper with instructions! You'll have to wait here till tomorrow morning for your next checkpoint, so start building a shelter and gathering resources. You won't be given more water or food.


"Aw, we can't get further? I hoped to get at least two check points down." Sighing in disappointment I pick up the machete, testing the weight.


Oh, that wasn't on the map, was it?
It couldn't hurt to at least take a look at this treehouse village…


It's just part of the evergreen outskirts. Doesn't look like much is going on from here.

You've been given 7 days! Don't wear yourself out!
It's a great tool for cutting things! Feels nice, you can cut a few branches for firewood, or building your shelter. But you'll need to start gathering and preparing food and water, too! You only have enough food for dinner.


But I'm an excited teen.
"Better get started, building a shelter with just this isn't easy."
'1d20' look around for suitable wood first.

Roll #1 1 = 1


In your excitement, suddenly nothing looks like suitable wood for your great shelter. Lily helps you tear off a few branches, though! You might want to get a fire going to boil water before anything else.


Leave the branches in a pile by the flag.
"The river is just that way, best way to carry it back here thou.."
Pick up the water bag to fill with the river water.


File: 1462694070838.jpg (42.9 KB, 400x265, survival-water-filter-2.jpg)

You don't want to contaminate your drinking bag with that!

Try using two containers, one to gather water and another to pour it into to filter before boiling. Maybe your tin, since it's easier to clean?


It is best to be careful, touch the mat that they keep dropping stuff for me in, what's it made off.


It's tarp. Pretty standard, tough and waterproof.


Well we can check that out later
It does looks cozy
Anywho, onwards to the city!


"Well, If we had a log we could line it with this and use that.. no that would be to heavy." I laugh a bit. "Okay, maybe we will find something to use as tent poles on the way to the river."
Take the tin and go toward the river. '1d20' observing for long strong looking branches too.

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1462695052065.jpg (32.46 KB, 600x315, fddfe0a9537948f70c76e146e7….jpg)

On the way, you recall your training and the kinds of shelters you were instructed in making. There are some branches you can cut off to use.

Don't forget the filter! The water is brown when you scoop it up. You shouldn't drink this yet.


When you hit the city, the first thing you notice is how many plants there are growing, even on the streets. Trees are planted along every road, each house seems almost obliged to tend to a plot of flowers for their own. The air is the cleanest you've ever breathed.


I didn't forget! I should bring the water and those branches back, good thing I have an extra pair of hands.
"Lily will you carry the tin for me?" hold it out to her.


Of course! Lily knows she has to help out, too. She carefully carries the container of water back and sets it down on the tarp.


Wow…This feels weird…
Everywhere I look I see plants and more green… Huh, this is…Just so much nicer…It kinda feels like I haven't even left the forest
I'll take a veeery deep breath and lets head to the pokemon center


Now to get the branches, set up them up into position for the tarp, then we can get a little fire pit set..
Vee can help out with lighting the fire, but I can't keep him out long in this heat, not with all that fur.


The pokemon center itself has vines growing around it! but they don't seem to be weakening the structure, they're supporting it, even. The inside is filled with well-maintained plants.

Have everyone checked up?

Fire Pokemon can handle heat just fine, but be wary of humidity.
Vee spits a fire, and the pit ignites! You can start boiling the water now. Now the shelter, and gathering food…


File: 1462771516939.png (9.29 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

First I want to line up the sticks left by size, so I can see if I have enough for the shelter. Lay them next to the tarp to see if their sizes match up to make something long enough to cover me.
Lets say like this.


They match up and are capable of making a shelter, yes. But can you put them together?


'1d20' how hard can it be!

Roll #1 5 = 5


It's been a while since you last had to do this, and that was your basic training so long ago. You fumble a lot with the sticks. Unless you try to secure it, it's not going to hold up in case of bad weather.


"Maybe I need a hand.. or six.. eight.. how many do you have? Aw, just get out here Webster, help me tie this tent down."
Call out the little zappy spider.


Webster is out! He seems a bit confused about what to do, though. Maybe you can try to teach him what you know?


"Okay, tent building.. So the idea is to make these sticks pair up so they lean on each other, and they need to be stable, and the tarp is to keep water out so it needs to stay tight to the bottom.." '1d20' teach him about tent making.

Roll #1 8 = 8


That's a little complicated for a spider, but he tries. He just does what he knows and ties everything together tightly with his silk so they're secure.

It looks good now. It'll last at least one night!


"That's great, it helps a lot." Pet his tiny back gently letting him stay on my arm and look at lily.
"All that's left is the food now."



Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there are a lot of herbs and berries nearby….


I haven't seen any signs of wild pokemon either, which may mean there isn't anything to eat around here..
"Lets check closer to the water."
'1d20' Look for eatable plants

Roll #1 9 = 9


There are a few berries. Orans are plentiful in most places, but not so much here. You also find a few edible flowering herbs you can boil into a tea.

Still, this isn't enough. You hear a few pidgey chirps… and Basculin should be plentiful in the water if you fish them out. And if you can stomach the idea, wurmple are actually very nutritious.


I frown at the idea, but maybe a pidgey egg is okay.. the babies often don't make it to adulthood anyway..
Check for the Pidgey nest. '1d20'

Roll #1 1 = 1


It's just been made, without any eggs yet. But there is a full grown pidgeotto.

It stares at you questioningly.


I stare back, like a lost poochenya, and back away from its tree.
Lets see if I can't find something to use to fish with.


A pidgeotto would have provided plenty of meat… but fishing is fine, too.
You can use berries as bait, hooked onto a piece of wood secured onto a line like a strong vine. You can secure the line onto your fishing rod, which can be made out of a branch as wide as your thumb. You're glad you learned this!


…I'm just not ready to hunt a bird to eat, a fish is totally different.
'1d20' try making a rod and line.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You can manage. You pick out a good stick and carve it into shape with your knife, then search for suitable vines and fasten them. Your hook is made from a piece of strong wood that you also carve yourself.

Ready to bait and throw?


Narrow my eyes, secure my bandanna, bait the line, and cast it toward the middle of the river.


Very focused! You'd look good on the cover of a fishing magazine.


Roll #1 7 = 7


A bite! Reel it in!


'1d20' reeling with feeling

Roll #1 1 = 1


That feeling is pain! A splinter on the branch digs into your skin, and you let go of your fishing rod!

You're hurting, but you have exactly a second to catch it!


'1d20' catch it quick

Roll #1 9 = 9


Even with the cut in your hand, you're fast enough to grab onto it! You would have been in danger of falling into the river yourself, but Lily hold you fast.

Now, pull it in!


Okay! Pull hard '1d20'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You pull as hard as you can, and you manage to overpower your catch! A fat basculin comes flying onto land!


I show it off excitedly to Lily and to Vee (by holding it up to his pokeball).
"Look how big it is! Its bigger than my head!"


It's not going down without a fight! It tries to charge at you, but lily defends and drains it.


I blink and remember its a pokemon.
Rolling for combat then.
"Use Fury cutter!"
'1d20' '1d8+15'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 8 + 15 = 23


Lily cuts! The Basculin again tries to charge, but Lily evades!


"Keep it up Lily."
'1d20' '1d8+15' Fury Cutter again

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 1 + 15 = 16


This one does it! The Basculin is knocked out.

It's very fat. It could feed everyone for dinner, and for most of tomorrow…


Make sure its dead..
And take it to camp.


Not yet. You have to guarantee it by bashing its head in with something hard, like a rock.

Do it, or let your pokemon do it for you?


Do it myself.


A crunch, and it's over.

Enough time thinking about that. Time to prepare it and start cooking it.


Get to camp and check on things then.
If the water isn't boiling yet now is a good time to get that going.


It's boiling! you can take it off the fire now.
How are you going to cook your fish?


'1d3' cooking method

Roll #1 1 = 1


Going to cut it into strips and fry it.
But first I need to free up the pan, get the water filter and carefully get started filtering it..


You filtered the water before you started boiling it, I'm sure. Wouldn't make sense to do it the other way!

You place the strips of fish onto the hot stones on the fire. The aroma of frying meat repels the stench of muck and grime.


Of course I did!
Then I just carefully wait for the fish to be done.



The daylight is fading. Most of your light is coming from your fire now. Eat what you need, and give your pokemon however much they need. Lily's would need to eat almost as much as you if she couldn't feed off the sunlight. Your pokemon that mostly stayed in their pokeballs also won't need so much.


That was part of why I wasn't keeping them all out actually.
Pass out the portions giving a little extra to those that worked, a few berries for each of them too.
"Okay, so a jungle has a lot of bug types, and I saw flying types earlier.. So.. I'd like you to stay next to me tonight Vee." I announce over the food.


Good thing you remembered.

Vee nods. You have some repel spray, so that should help.

Everyone eats quietly, conserving their strength. It's only one day in, but everyone is so focused. You can't help but feel proud of them.

In the distance, just barely lit by the last rays of light, you see storm clouds. They were closer before, how lucky for you. Now, you should get to preserving your chunks of fish before you go to bed. How about smoking them overnight?


Sounds easy enough, and smoke should help keep away wild bugs too.
Set that up and slide into the tent to get comfortable, patting the place next to me for Vee.


The mats help protect you from the elements. Goodnight.

Roll for your slp quality


'1d20-5' this isn't my bed, I killed that pokemon, I almost got us lost and what if I hadn't been able to calm down Marill..

Roll #1 3 - 5 = -2


It takes you forever to fall asleep. You toss and turn on the uncomfortable tarp, and when you finally lose consciousness, you're wake up. It keeps happening over the night. It's too hot. But you NEED to sleep, and that makes it worse, because you worry even more about not getting the sleep you need.

Vee licks your ear, sensing your anxiety. His saliva is actually pretty cooling. At last, you manage to fall asleep for real, and not wake up till needed the next morning.



You don't even remember your dreams. You feel barely rested, but it;s hard to fall back to sleep with the crowing of birds and the sun shining right in your face.

You hear the wings of a Yanmega beating again, just outside your shelter.


Yawn and crawl outside to see what it could want at this hour.


File: 1463154915902.png (239.16 KB, 290x397, exam area marked.png)

You get out just in time to see it drop another package!

It's dropped a collapsible tent, along with a map and a more detailed set of instructions! Looks like during the course of your exam, you'll have to make it through the checkpoints listed here, in order. You're currently at checkpoint 1.

Six days remain!


Oh, and you almost forgot to unpack a waterproof poncho! Hopefully, you won''t need it.


"Looks pretty far." I groan grumpily from my poor sleep.
"Lets eat something first."


You crossed the distance from the start to point 1 in a few hours, and that was through thick underbrush. Have some faith! You even have a machete to slash your way through.

You've got some leftover Basculin, or you can have the leftover berries.


Berries for breakfast sounds best. I'll feel better after I eat.


Then you have just enough.
The juice on your tongue helps reawaken you, despite the lack of coffee.

You hear distant peals of thunder. This does not bode well.


Put on the rain poncho and give Vee a piece of basculin, he did stay up most of the night.
"I'll make sure I didn't forget anything before we move." I say and make sure everything is safely packed onto my back.


He looks very awake… ah, well. Your basculin is done smoking, by the way! You have about two meals left of fish that can keep for the rest of your exam.

Everything is secured. Ready to move off? Be sure to check your compass regularly!


I call vulpix back first. "Thanks for keeping me company."
Then I'm ready to move toward point 2.


Alright then. About how many degrees is that from your position?

Or you can trust in yourself and roll.


Well, in a north westernly directly.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Eh, you got it. About 284 degrees.
Roll for how smoothly things start out. The jungle is still thick and foreboding.


'1d20' I'll find a way!

Roll #1 1 = 1


The thunderclap over you doesn't think so!
Rain is falling. It's not so hard yet, but you should move while you can. Try not to get your boots stuck in mud, or slip and fall…


'1d20' keep walking.
"Maybe we should get someplace higher up.."

Roll #1 3 = 3


Speaking of which. You, very nearly, slip off a sharp drop in elevation. that pool of mud down there doesn't look at all very inviting.

The rain doesn't bother you as much as it does others, but this is still hindering your way through the jungle. You feel the wetness seeping in through your clothes and socks. It's going to stay like that for a while.


"I guess we could wait for this to stop."
'1d20' seek higher ground to camp at.

Roll #1 16 = 16


There's a nice, sturdy tree you can sit on for a while. Looks comfy, but you don't know how long you'll have to wait here.


I can take a nap if I get too bored up here.
Into the tree I go.


A lot of water is kept off your face by the canopy.
How well can you rest while waiting for the rain to subside? Roll.


'1d20' rain is soothing

Roll #1 14 = 14


Nobody says that when they're caught in the rain but you. You don't fall asleep, but listening to the rain on the trees, imagining the plants slurping up the precious water they need for food… you fall into a kind of trance. Lily comes out of her ball and joins you, even.

About two hours later, the rain finally slows to a drizzle. You snap out of that state, feeling ready to go.


Some people don't know what's good for them! I'm actually in a much better mood after my rest and climb down with a spring in my step and an energetic point forward.
"Come on Lily, we have a full exciting day left!"


Hang on, were those sitrus berries there earlier? Looks like you were in a tree of them! If you take them along, lunch will be settled.


"Ooh, this was a good idea after all." I cheerfully pick a good number of the berries.


File: 1463159040416.jpg (225.24 KB, 639x426, java_0500-639.jpg)

These sugar-rich berries are very invigorating.

Now to get back on the road. As you get further through the muddy forest, the underbrush also grows thinner. It is, however, quite dark for the time of the day. Not just because it's cloudy, the tall trees block out the light needed by new shoots.

Roll for your luck.


"If its gonna be this dark we could use a light.."

Roll #1 3 = 3


Don't worry, it's not dark enough to need your own light.

You slip and fall! At least, you fall into a bed of leaf litter and not the mud pool next to it, and your face isn't touched. It;s not too bad.

Keep rolling.


"This is a little slippery compared to home, huh Lily."

Roll #1 19 = 19


File: 1463160703447.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, DSC_0014.jpg)

The storm clouds are blown away for now. Warm light filters in through the canopy, and though you're still miserably damp, you feel yourself drying, little by little.

You check your compass and map. You're on the right path, a river nearby is exactly where you expect it to be. You hear the croaks of Lotads, out to bask after the rainfall.

You come to a nice clearing, near a small lake. Want to stop for lunch?


This does look like a peaceful spot to stop.
"So, who's hungry?" I ask my pokemon with a wide grin, as I settle on a dry spot to relax in. "Its also a beautiful day out."


Lily goes to lie down in the sun. Your pokemon aren't as eager for food as they usually are, you need it most of all. They can settle for a bit of a berry each.

It is a very nice day, just after the rain. There is a rainbow in the distance. Unfortunately, it's away from your checkpoint, but it;s nice to see while you can.


I'll eat a bit of my fish and a citrus berry.
I can't help but admire each of my pokemon. "You're all so different than when we met, particularly you Marill.." I poke its belly in a tickling motion.


They do say trainers and Pokemon rub off on each other.

Marill doesn't curl up and laugh hysterically as much as it did as an Azurill. Maybe it's just because everyone's saving energy for the trek, but they do grow up fast.

As nice as it is, you can't stay here forever. You don't know how long you might need to reach the other checkpoints. Ready to go?



The Krabbies are scattered! Golett sends one into the air with a punch that Millie finishes off. Nagi's team knocks out the stragglers.

You look like you're diving into the more secure part of the pirate's base. A laugh can be heard in front of you. You have a very bad feeling.


"Nagi? I have a bad feeling about this…"


File: 1463205201205.png (285.86 KB, 900x711, day_2__jellicent_by_hewryu….png)

She's not listening! She shoves the helpless grunts aside and into the water while marching forward.

The laugh comes from a larger pirate than the rest. This one is clearly the boss of this place.

"So everyone got wiped out by you people? Well, I only need one Pokemon to send you into the sea."

To your side, a set of ghostly tentacles emerge from the sea. Floating up is a strange pokemon whose eerie red eyes pierce through the dark wharf.

A Jellicent.


"Its like.. you can all feel how important this is.."
Get up with determination, checking the compass and pointing in the right direction.
"Everyone come back! We're marching on." I dramatically recall them, and get going.


"I dunno, you don't seem to be running a very tight ship here, captain."
Man, I sure hope Nagi can dial it back a little, we're going to need to work together on this one. What's she doing?


She already has her Bayleef out. you need to attack too, the Jellicent is about to make its move!

Of course they can feel it.

Roll for your luck. The sunlight is subsiding.



Roll #1 14 = 14


There's enough light, even as you dive back into the forest. The canopy isn't so thick here, which is maybe why the underbrush is getting thick again. You're good at hack your way through, though you get pelted by leftover raindrops now and then.

You feel a bit of soreness in your foot. That might be a blister epparing. Luckily you were provided with some adhesive bandages, cover up the sore skin now so it won't be a problem later.


Good. I think I'll recall Millie, we should probably take this one at a time. If I can, I'll also use a potion on Golett.
Golett can lead us off with Shadow Punch!
'1d20' '3d8+24'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 3, 4, 7 + 24 = 38


I probably could use a change of clothes for that matter..
Find a place without any underbush to check out how bad my foot is and take care of it. '1d20'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Luckily, shadow punch doesn't miss. Just as her Bayleef draws energy from the jellicent, Golett punches int oit hard!

The Jellicent puts a veil around itself, despite being hit hard. It looks angry. It's going to begin its attack.

You manage to secure yourself on a root. It's not bad at all unless you leave it untreated. Go ahead and put some protection, then you need to keep on the road.


Best not to rush this, or Lily will have to carry me around.. take a few minutes to wrap it properly.


All nice and proper, though you still feel very wet. It's hard for anything to dry off here without a proper campfire.

It's still early in the afternoon, there's plenty more distance you can cover.


"We don't even have to stop to hunt today, we should get pretty far."
'1d20' stay on course.

Roll #1 6 = 6


The clouds are coming back, and the zone above doesn't look terribly dry. Just a little more till the next checkpoint, according to your map. You should be able to reach before sundown…


Ghosts…I'll never understand them. At least Golett is…well, benign. I think.
While it's charging…Defense Curl!

Roll #1 8 = 8


Look up with brief concern, "This much rain.. we should stay clear of the river for a while."
'1d20' keep going anyway

Roll #1 16 = 16


Golett is clearly the more dangerous one here. It braces just as the Jellicent unleashes a stream of bubbles! They pierce into Golett's clay armor, causing terrible damage. You can see bits peel off slightly. Golett's only still concious because of the curl up.

Nagi's Bayleef tries to spray poison powders, but the veil repels them. It was a safeguard!

Good idea. Never know when the banks might flood.
Is that a flag? The second checkpoint! And it's that Yanmega again that drops another bag. Alongside a basic first-aid kit, there's antimicrobial talcum powder. It's not exactly a bath, but it'll help you feel much cleaner.

Sundown is nearing. Maybe you should camp here?


I start setting up the tent laughing a bit.
"Its like they perfectly planned this check points, exactly enough time to get settled in before dark each time."


This is a test that has been refined over many generations of rangers, after all.

You really want to get that fire going so you can warm up…

You only have enough fish for today, incidentally. If you can, you might want to forage a little so you're safe for tomorrow.


Did my master explain the nature of ghosts at any point? Maybe it would offer some insight on how they hate each other so much.
Either way, this thing needs to go down now. Shadow Punch!
'1d20' '3d8+24'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 8, 1, 3 + 24 = 36


Well, it shouldn't be too hard to find some berries nearby.. but a little help never hurt.
"Tamiyo, look around for a fruitful tree for me." I call out gligar.
Meanwhile I start getting branches for a nice fire. '1d20'

Roll #1 15 = 15


Ghosts can better comprehend the true nature of other ghosts, which is why their attacks can hit each other more effectively. But as for why the Jellicent is targeting Golett? That punch hurt it a lot.

Just as Golett winds up for its punch, the Jellicent blows another bubblebeam at it! Golett cannot continue fighting. That does, however, buy enough time for Bayleef to land another Mega Drain.

Tamiyo glides around, but the thick trees make it hard for her height to give any advantages. You can recognise some edible roots near where she lands, though! They're.. not very tasty, but rich in edible starch once cooked.

You have to tear off fresh branches, the fallen ones are wet and soggy. They should be good enough to burn a while.


"..We can't be picky in the jungle.." Take the roots that Tamiyo found, actually have I cooked roots before? I think we covered it in training, but its been a while..


Everything's been covered in your training, you just never really had to put it in practice till now. Skin them and heat them through thoroughly to denature any toxins.


I turn around the huge machete in my hand looking over the pile of roots testingly picking one up and pressing it, seeing how dangerously close my hand is too the blade.
"Um.. This is gonna be a little too big to use.. Lily can you skin these?"


His sacrifice will not be forgotten. Hopefully it was enough.

Millie returns with Magical Leaf!
'1d20' '2d6+25'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 3, 3 + 25 = 31


Millie's a little hurt from the previous fights, but she can still stand! She sends a flurry of leaves towards the Jellicent!

Now the Bayleef has its attention, though. Before it can drain any more, the Jellyfish shoots a white-cold beam right at it. An Ice Beam!

Despite the energy regained by the Bayleef, the ice beam hits it right in the face, sending it reeling! Nagis's own Kirlia quickly jumps out to replace it, while she has to jump back and catch her Pokemon before it stumbles into the water.

She can help! you have a knife too, though.


I must have forgotten about that knife with all the equipment.
"It will be faster with the two of us." Set the pan between Lily and I, and use my knife to start working.


The juice seeping out looks very plain. Not at all like a berry. This is enough for tonight, and some leftovers for a meal tomorrow too. When you get cooking, you can use the fire to dry off your clothes, too.


I start the fire myself rather than relying on vulpix again.


"Both of you, dance like you want to win!"
'1d20' '2d6+25'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 1, 4 + 25 = 30


Just to prove that you can, huh?
It's a test of your ranger skills to start a fire in these conditions, and you manage a few sparks. If only the weather was drier.

Vee taps you on the arm. Just let him do it, come on.

Not if the Jellicent has anything to say about that. It looks badly hurt, but has enough energy for more devastating attacks.

A horrific wind blows in your direction! It makes you flinch and recoil even before it reaches you. Millie doesn't fare any better: she tries to brave the ominous wind, but grabs her head and shrieks trying to resist it.

The jellicent is brought down low when Millie does get an attack through, but she's all that's left. The other Kirlia bore the brunt of the battles before and has been worn down.

You don't have another waiting in the wings, do you?

Millie's HP: 4/58


I frown in frustration at the wood about to try again and then look at his face, "..Oh Vee, don't give me those eyes.." Then smile defeated by his 'charm' "Oh alright, go ahead and show me your stuff." I step back and let him light the fire.


He breathes embers over the kindling. Whatever can ignite does, and the heat quickly dries the rest of the fuel so it can burn as well. Wasn't so hard, was it? Your choice of Pokemon as a ranger are another set of skills.

Now that it's becoming dark out, the fire is very alluring. The roots cooking over them doesn't smell much of anything, though.


Screw it. Not like I have a choice.

'1d20' '1d8+17'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 5 + 17 = 22


I should really dry off my clothes too.
"At least this meal won't sink up my uniform."


The pirate boss laughs as you send out your fish.


Your flopping Magikarp is faster than the jellyfish, but the Tackle does nothing! Your fish can't hit even a single tentacle, which then grabs it in a mocking constrict.

"And you, young lady, you're defenseless, aren't you? I don't think you know how ti hit a ghost with that!"

The Jellicent grabs Nagi with another tentacle! She tries to hack it off, but the sword fails to leave even a mark.

"Pathetic, really. I'm going to have fun with this!"

Your Magikarp is trying its best. You feel a strong haze coming from it. Very strong feelings of… desperation. Anger. A strong desire. for power. It's almost coming to fruition.

You take them off and hang them near the fire! Don't tell anyone, but you might look like a art model right now.

The roots are done. They taste… like nothing, and inside are a few hard bits you'd rather not think about.


W-well no one is out here to see, aside from my pokemon..
I sigh in disappointment at the food, but maybe if I pair it with some of the basculin it won't be so bad..


Variety is the spice of life. The meat adds much needed flavour.

Finally, you feel warm. Your clothes are dry enough to put on… wait, is that the sound of more thunder? You hear distant rain drawing closer.


I hurry into my tent with my nice cry clothes and warm food.
"Don't be scared guys, its just a little rain." I assure them with a yawn.


It's small inside, but well-sealed. The sky above lights up with flashes of lightning, and the deluge starts.

You sure are lucky you packed everything in, because this is the most intense storm you've seen in a long time. The wind howls from outside, and though you've been hot almost all the time you were here, it's getting very cold.

A loud thunderclap strikes you! You hear a large branch crashing into the ground somewhere. you might be in trouble…


I'll retrieve Golett and pick up Millie to keep her safe from the fallout. She didn't deserve that beating. Heck, my ears are still ringing.
"This is fun to you? Beating up hapless passersby with your big, strong blob?"
Come on fish…I know you're a fighter. I've seen your strong heart. Carry us home, big guy.

Struggle through!
'1d20' '1d8+17'

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 4 + 17 = 21


"We're fine.. there weren't any branches above us.."
Just sit tight in here.


File: 1463212832486.png (21.63 KB, 500x500, 130Gyarados_Pokemon_Conque….png)

As the Jellicent slowly squashes it, something happens. You feel a huge emotion of relief, some kind of emancipation. At that moment, you know your thoughts reached him. Your Magikarp isn't one anymore, the Jellicent is clearly trying to hold onto an enraged Gyarados.

Instinctively, the sea serpent bites down onto the Jellicent! It shrieks, letting go of Nagi.

Gyarados' HP: 55/72

You sure about that? Either way, Webster might know something. He's spun a thick thread, and is asking you to hold onto it.


"…Alright little buddy." Grab the thread, put my backpack over my shoulder too.


He heads out through the tent flap, trying his best not to get blown away! He crawls along the tent and to the nearest tree, spinning a thing, conductive thread upwards and along the trunk.

You're getting wet hiding by the tent flap, when suddenly the thread is pulled taut! From here you can see Webster getting blown away by the wind! Quick, pull him back!


"Webster Return!" I shout into the wind zapping him back to his pokeball.


"Yes! Always a bigger fish!"

'1d20' '2d6+29'

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 4, 5 + 29 = 38


Out of range!
Instead, you pull him back just by the thread. He's soaking wet, and you quickly seal the tent to stop more wind coming in.

A loud thunderclap burst just over head, after an almost-blinding flash! But nothing else really happens. Did webster create a lightningrod?

The Jellicent and trainer's fear are… delicious, almost nourishing. The moments just before Gyarados clamps his fangs onto the Jellicent is intoxicating.

And just like that, it's over. The jellicent's body collapses, defeated. You feel more of that sweet fear off the pirate boss, looking mortified.


"…?" I carefully dry him off best I can with my shirt looking at the soaked bug with pride.
"You really are the smartest lil' bug in the world."


He's happy about it! It's cold, you got kind of wet again, but you know you're mostly safe for the night.

Roll for your sleep?


'1d20-2' After something like that, I'm quite awake and have to force myself to sleep.

Roll #1 18 - 2 = 16


Rain is nothing to be afraid of. You know that. You feel like it's back home during the rainy season. The cold doesn't bother you so much. And if you really want, you can snuggle with Vee or Lily for warmth.



You awake to the sound of wingbeats. You already know it's the ranger's Yanmega, but from what you can see, you're not getting any extra supplies this time.


Better go see what its here for then.
"Hey, you here to check up on me buggy?"


"Well? Is that it? Wasn't this going to to be fun for you?"
I advance on him, holding Millie and patting Gyrados. "Tell me, how much fun are we having now, huh?"


Pretty much, you realise. This bug's been keeping track of your progress and dropping supplies when necessary. Of course, it's not going to give you anything the exam won't give you, so requesting something isn't an option.

It's intoxicating. Rich, sweet, thoroughly nourishing. Despite the beating Millie took, she's healed all of a sudden. She's laughing.

"H-hey.. what's wrong with you? Yeah, okay, I lost, alright? I'm sorry! Don't hurt me!"


"I managed not to lose anything, thanks to Webster.." I pet the Yanmega's head.
"See you tonight."


It'll be seeing you.

Looks like the next checkpoint is on the coastline. The distance you have to travel today is longer, but soon you'll be out of the thick jungle.

Ready to leave? Roll for navigation.


"Oh, we're sorry now, are we? Well gee, that sure makes all this just go right away! I'm sure my Pokemon and Nagi are just aces now, aren't they?! Maybe you're not sorry enough…"


You're beginning to feel sick… Millie suddenly coughs profusely, as do you. A wave of nausea overtakes you, and you're brought to your knees. Your vision clouds, it's too much to take in at once. Ugh…

Try not to throw up.


'1d20' Navigating.
"Lets get a little distance huh."

Roll #1 13 = 13


Now you're heading nearly 315 degrees northwest. Looks good.

Roll for luck, too.


Oh crap, that's not very dignified.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I think I'm getting used to this heat."

Roll #1 9 = 9


Not at all. Your retch, wishing you had enough hands to clutch both your head and abdomen. Millie isn't faring any better, but Nagi's Kirlia tries to soothe her. By the time you look up, Nagi already has the pirate boss securely bound.

"Hmmm. That's that. You feeling alright? We did it!"

It's not hot at all after rainfall, though. It's still cold, and the ground slippery and wet. You carefully make your way through, using branches and other things for support when you absolutely have to go down slopes.

There are quite a few cocoon pokemon settling on the trees. The rainfall gave them plenty of water. In fact, you see some caterpie gathering at a nearby tree, spinning silk around themselves for their evolution.

Keep walking…


"Y-yeah. I guess. You okay?"

I go and try to sooth Millie myself. What the heck was that all about?


"Oooh, I should tell that artist kid about this." I whisper to myself and memorize the scene to retell later.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You don't know. You feel a little like you're hungover. When you think back, though, that felt really, really good. You wonder how you can get more of that.

Gyarados roars triumphantly. His happiness helps stabilise you.

"Hey, you did it! We've managed to put away the rest of the pirates!" One of the ship passengers comes to you. "Problem is, our communication equipment is broken… is that a Gyarados? Hey, I don't think the mainland shore is far, you mind riding back to get help?"

The vegetation is growing thicker as the trees reduce in size.

A plain! You might be getting out of that jungle at last!


Don't be silly, the jungle wouldn't end so soon.. Well.. I guess that there is a less treed part of the map, that must be what I'm seeing.


Hm. I get the feeling I should meditate on this. Maybe use some of the springwater too. Well, regardless at least one of us has made a major step forward.

"Do the pirates not have any either? If not, sure. I'd be glad to. You want to come, Nagi?"


"Actually, you could have your Gyarados tow one of the boats, it'd be easier than riding."

"Yeah, sure! Hang on, I think they have some good stuff here…"

Roll for sweet loot.

Not so soon, but there's more and more sunlight. Now it's starting to get warm.

You did remember to collect and purify all that rainwater, right? Water shouldn't be a problem.


"Huh, yeah. I bet he could to, he's certainly strong enough now. Aren't you?"

gimme the good stuff '1d20'

Roll #1 19 = 19


Huh, traditional pirate treasure, of all things. You find not one, but two gold nuggets! And a TM for… Rain Dance.

Nagi's loading the boat into the water. Whenever you're ready, secure the harnesses onto Gyarados.


…Well actually, the storm came up so quickly, I don't think I had time to set up something to collect water with. Better check how much I have left before I need to find more then.


Well, that's a little anachronistic, or even cliche. Still, probably will come in handy.
Let's hitch up the big guy and get moving. Hope he doesn't mind me riding him.


File: 1463295515051.jpg (770.26 KB, 1920x1080, DSC_0020.jpg)

You've got enough in your bag for about an hour more.

According to your map, though, you should be running into a river soon, but you'll need to set up purification for when you do.

Oh, there it is!


You're going to be riding him instead of being in the towed boat?


"There, nothing to worry about." I stretch and walk a little closer to the river, investigating the area a bit '1d20'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Quite peaceful. More Basculin, if you're up for that. And outside the hiding spots in the jungle, you can see more wild Pokemon. More Zigzagoon, a flock of Pidgey.


It would be a good chance to bond a bit. Of course, I could always sit in the bow of the ship. That might be more comfortable, if the distance is long.


An hour or so. Sitting in the boat also means he'll have to worry less about getting you wet. Ready?


Yeah, I'll stick in the boat.


I look up at the sky to check the time as I carefully start filtering water into the pan.
"It doesn't feel like we've been moving too long, I wonder how far the next point actually is.."


File: 1463296756397.jpg (565.83 KB, 1920x1080, DSC_0057_3.jpg)

Its kind of cloudy. The way they're arranged, just hiding the sunlight, makes it quite beautiful.

Nagi and her Kirlia relax in the boat, staring out into the sea.

"Hey. Thanks for backing me up, yeah? Would have made it without you."

Your checkpoints might not be camping ground anymore. Remember that your last lap will be up a mountain! That might take way more time.

It's about 10 am. You have a watch to check!


"Yeah, well you took the lead there. All I did was follow the trail."
I pause.
"Still, I wasn't expecting a Jellicent. That was too close."


"Yeah. I was… rash. Sorry. I hate them, the Sea Raiders. I wanted to learn to fight because of what they did to a friend a long time back."

You feel a bit of relief from her as she opens up.


"..Almost lunch time.."
I look down at my pokemon, and then at my food supplies with a frown.


You've still got that smoked fish, and starchy roots. Two meals worth.


"Yeah, I think you mentioned something about that before. Do you think it was those ones?"


"I'm going to spoil us when we get back into town. Candies for everyone."
I wasn't too far from the forest, I think I'll take the time to set up a fire and boil the water to finish purifying it.


"I don't think so. It's been a while, I don't really remember. It doesn't matter, though. I just want them crushed."

She sighs.

"Hey, how about you? Were you alright back there?"

The odd tree here and there has branches for fuel. Soon you get a decent fire going, if just for a while. There's enough to fill your canteen and water pack, which will last you until tomorrow as well.


"I don't really know. When Gyarados evolved, I suddenly got this rush…or something. I could feel that pirate's fear when his Jellicent was defeated, and of me. I think Millie could too."
I frown and shake my head.
"It felt…really good, actually. Not sure what that means."


I stare at the river another moment spotting all the things moving around happily in the grass and just under the water, then shutter with a chill, adjusting my bandanna.
"Lets move toward the mountain."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Huh. I don't think it's related to your Gyarados. That rush when a Pokemon gains a lot of power, I feel a little too. But off someone's fear? That's something my teacher told me to avoid. It's addicting, they said. My Kirlia tries to avoid it."

Why, though? Your next checkpoint is at the shoreline! Fortunately, your navigation slip up ends up leading you towards the right direction.




I must have been day dreaming about a mountain.


"That's what I was afraid of. Though I didn't know you could feel those things either. What did your teacher say about it? Is it aura-related?"



"In a way. I don't really feel it myself. It's not exactly an aura ting, it's just feeding, like how some ghost Pokemon feed off emotions. The Ralts line,too are sensitive to emotions and depend on them for their wellbeing."


"Yeah, I know about that. I'm not sure this sort of thing would be good for them. My master never really elaborated on it, I think."


"Neither did mine. It's not something they like to talk about, it seems. All this time I've been told to keep my emotions positive and fight for what's righteous, but it's harder than it seems."

Millie tugs on the arm of Nagi's tired Kirlia. They're really friendly with each other.


"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I'd rather not end up acting like those pirates did."

That's good. Glad that they can depend on each other.


"It can be a fine line, or so I hear. Especially if you're one of the Lanobe dark trainers. I heard they're trained in all kinds of nasty tactics, but they're known for making great bodyguards. hey, thanks for the ride. I think we're making land."

You're finally drawing close to a town on the coast, the Blue Canal. It's mainly a checkpoint for ships before they sail into the inner sea to ship good further in;and.


"Lanobe, huh? Never heard of them."

Hopefully we can jump ships here.


The ferry company should cover it. But first, you'll need to report the incident. You head up onto the pier and secure the boat. Now you need to find a ranger station.


Right, of course. I'm surprised they didn't notice this before.

Where is the nearest station?


Huh, it's on the other side of the canal the town is named after. You have to cross a bridge that's fortunately open right now. When ships need to cross, the bridge parts.


Well, that looks like it could get inconvenient. Let's recall Gyarados and head over there.


The building is clearly marked out. It's not easy to miss. The receptionist greets you, asking what's needed.


"Yes, hello. I was embarked on a ferry that was disabled and attacked by pirates in the middle of our trip. We had to tow it here."


Your Gyrados isn't big or strong enough to tow a whole ferry! You just stayed on a lifeboat.

"So I'm assuming the ferry's still where it was? Oh dear, you've been through. Mark out on the map about where it is, and we;ll take care of it. You might want to report this to the ferry company too, I'm sure you'll be compensated for the accident."


He could be!

Anyway, I'll do that, assuming I can give them proper coordinates. Off to the ferry company.


Well, not yet. He's only just evolved, he's still got plenty of growing to do.

You can roughly point it out on the map.

Nagi follows you to the ferry company, where you and she are given free passes to continue sailing towards the heartland, if you're interested. The big luxury liner is currently docked here, and will be sailing off towards the Seagarden tomorrow. You can board today and experience a really nice ship and cabin!


Oh, let's do that. At least something good came from this fiasco. That should be fun.


File: 1463331695354.jpg (169.92 KB, 900x900, cruise-ship-docked-ken-hun….jpg)

This town looks pretty boring anyway, it's mainly a supply checkpoint.

Docked past the folding bridge is an absolutely massive ship. The SS Irene, the words on the bow says. Looks like the passengers are out on a day trip around town, but you can flash your passes and head straight up.


Wow. That's bigger than most of the buildings back home. I must explore it.

I assume Nagi is coming along.


Of course, she got a pass too.

"Wow! This is.. pretty exciting!"


"Yeah, I've never seen a ship this big. I wonder where it normally goes."


"Oh, it goes in a roundtrip around the continent. It sails from city to city, island to island and back. Pity you could only join us on the last leg of our journey!"

The attendant tells you both that as she takes your passes and gives you your cabin keys.


That must be quite the trip. Maybe one day I can experience the whole thing. Let's go check out our cabin.


File: 1463333264226.jpg (431.01 KB, 2000x1500, aa_executive_suite_1.jpg)

Oh my, were you hoping to share a cabin with her?

How lucky for you, you weren't given separate cabins after all. They didn't have many left, so you got one of their best, most luxurious rooms. Extraordinarily spacious, it has a large TV, couches, and a balcony for you to to take in the sea breeze or just sunbathe. And that double bed looks like the comfiest bed ever…

Wait, there's just one bed.


Uh. Hm.
"Looks like we only have the one bed."


She pokes around with the couch. She extends it into a bed. Guess that was what it's for.

"No worries. You can take the bed, by the way. I'm fine with this couch."


"Sure, if you're offering."
I think I'll check out the balcony.


For a second, you sense a cold breeze from her direction.

The scene out at sea would offer a better view, but the height from the ship already offers something good. You're at least 10 floors above the ground, and you feel the ship swaying steadily under your feet. There are recliners here for you to sunbathe and take in the sea winds once you're headed back into open waters.

A brochure tells you about some facilities on the ship. There's a nice spa, sauna, swimming pool, and nice restaurants that patrons at the ship eat for free at. Or, for a price, you can eat at the more luxurious ones. Later there will be live shows, too.

Navigate towards checkpoint 3.
The day is still young, and the flatland plains ahead look ripe for your feet.


I stretch, grinning at my pokemon, my eyes falling on gligar's ball in particular.
"You know, this looks like a place you could fly a kite at, easy breeze, long open space. You sure you don't wanna stretch your wings out Tamiyo?"


It is pretty tempting…

Yeah, why not? Tamiyo comes out of her ball and rides the tailwind. From her vantage point she can tell the road ahead is free of obstacles! You're more confident in your trekking speed.


I can't help being in a great mood, I start humming as I keep on the trail.
"Yea, this is good practice for your spotting skills too."


The scent of the sea becomes more noticeable as you walk.

In the distance, Tamiyo suddenly swoops down! You can hear some brief fighting, but it calms down. When you reach her, you discover her holding onto a freshly slain, very fat wurmple. She's left it intact for you!


Time to get my team healed up after they got wrecked by that Ranger.
Maybe it would be a good time to use those TMs I got before going on that guided tour thing…


I blink in surprise, patting her head, accepting the prize with a skeptical look at arms length like it might still be alive.
"Good job Tamiyo.."


Guided tour? You mean the survival challenge?

She's happy, and offers it to you again. Don't you want it? It's very nutritious!


Yeah, that. The thing with the woods and the building stuff from sticks and fighting bugs. It even had chaperones!
Point is, I got some TMs before heading into it; I think it was Protect and… Secret Power!
…Maybe I should read the manuals for them while my team heals up…


I really focus on her expression, and then nod with slowly growing smile.
"I get it, you wanted to help hunt, since I did last time. Alright, we'll save it for tonight."
Stow the dead wurmple on top of my bag.


Your team aren't badly hurt. Prompt medical attention from the Pokemon center sets them on the road to full recovery by tomorrow morning.

>Protect: Allows the user to defend from or avoid an attack entirely. Opponents will be able to compensate if this is attempted continually.

>Secret Power
>Uses the environment to add effects to the attack. Knowing this move also allows the user to better know their environment and perform tasks such as shelter building more effectively.

You should stow it by hanging it off your bag.
Tamiyo is very pleased. She takes to the skies again. Just over the hill in front, you've come to the coastline. On a tall flagpole is a flag with the ranger insignia. This is the third checkpoint!


What a good idea, I keep forgetting about all these extra hooks and pouches on the side of the backpack.
Look around the check point a bit '1d20'

Roll #1 9 = 9


On top of the flagpole is the same yanmega, resting. It sees you and buzzes.

You see some lively magikarp jumping about in the seawater.

The sky around you is clear, seems like there's going to be good weather. It's still early in the afternoon…


"Huh.. This one was pretty close by."
Refer to the map again, how far does check point 4 look?


Actually, you covered plenty of distance! just that walking on grassland is much easier.

Seems like it's about as far as you came from the previous checkpoint.


"The next point doesn't look too far.." I slowly walk to the edge of the ocean, putting my hand in the water. "I wonder if Zoe ever got a swimsuit."


>perform tasks such as shelter building more effectively
That would have come in handy a day or two ago!
Well, spilt eggs and all that jazz. What matters is using them now. Zoro could use some extra survivability, so I'll give him Protect.
That just leaves who gets Secret Power; Lyle, or Chica.
Hmmm… Mmmmm…


No it wouldn't, the point was to learn it yourself! But this is useful now, and during the test you can use whatever you can get.

Both Lyle and Chica could use another physical move.

Maybe she did, you can find out in a few days.

The water is warm. In this climate the sea is green near the shore, teeming with algae that feed the marine Pokemon.


"Algae hmm.. Well, I guess I could use another fish.. We can stop for a moment." Set my bag down and get the fishing rod I assembled before back. Approach the shore line again, scooping at the algae.
"Marill come out and try some of these."


No, the point of a test is to pass! Which I did, because I'm awesome, but this would have made it easier!
Chica's already got good variety in her move-typing, so it looks like Lyle's quest for strength is going to gain a Secret Power.
…Nah, that pun hurts. Gimme a minute, and I'll think up a better one.


Marill doesn't look very appetized. She's a freshwater Pokemon and likes riverside herbs, not the stuff that grows in saltwater. If you want, it looks like some dense seaweed is growing just underwater.

Go ahead and use the TM on them. You put the disc into their Pokeball. They'll need to rest overnight with it to learn the move,


All righty then, pop them open and insert the discs!
…Do I need to blow on them first? I remember hearing you needed to do that somewhere.


I giggle at her distaste "That's okay, I don't all foods either. Its still important to try them, just once to be sure!"
Reach down and pluck a bit of seaweed. "It was nice when we had some on the train, but that had seasoning and.." I giggle again as the damp thing clings to my hand. "Its so, wiggly."


Once it's dried over a nice fire, it'll add some variety to your food. This, your leftovers and the wurmple give you 3 meals worth after preparing them.

Oh, a bite! You're more confident about your ability to reel it in.

Don't, it risks damaging them.


'1d20' fishing is a matter of timing, so pull it now!

Roll #1 14 = 14


You're definitely better at it! Out comes a medium sized magikarp, good for two meals. It flops about on the shore.


"Marill, you can beat this one!" I call out to the blue mouse, pointing excitedly for her first battle.
"Try Aqua Jet."
'1d20' '2d6+12'

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 1, 1 + 12 = 14


All right, so no blowing. Duly noted.

I guess that leaves me free for the rest of the day until my mons heal. Then I'll take on the Gym Leader!


While Marill strikes true, her attack doesn't hit so well! The Magikarp flops about.

That will need you to stay a while in the forest ,remember! You might want to mentally prepare yourself.


"You can do it, Try Body Slam." '1d20'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 5 + 14 = 19


You can see Marill putting a lot more force behind her next attack, but this time she misses! She can't compensate for the movements of the magikarp.

Next try..


I know! I'll just camp out tonight instead of staying in the hotel! That should get me ready for going back into the woods!


You sure you want to get all the way to the outskirts to do it? You're going to miss having a proper mattress for a while.


"Maybe you'll have better luck with water gun? Just take your time and aim carefully. " '1d20' '2d6+1'

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 6, 3 + 1 = 10


Hey, I did fine without a mattress on the ride down here; if I'm not going to have access to one anyway, I might as well get used to sleeping on the ground now!
…Some Repel might be cheating, but I'm getting in the mindset, not trying to change my mind.


Marill's not the best attacking from a distance. She'd rather got in and fight rough. By sheer luck, she manages to hit the fish with a spray of water, but to finish it off she'll do better bodyslamming it.

Oh no, repel is very important.

You pack up your gear and head up to some nearby hills. There are ground were camping is allowed on these wide parks.


She'll get tired if she tries to body slam too much!
"Go on and use another Body Slam! I'll help you with the timing.. one two.. three.. NOW!"
'1d20' '2d10+14'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 5, 6 + 14 = 25


…maybe I ought to buy some Repel first. That way I can actually use it.
I could have sworn I had some though… Thought I had a tent too. Guess I might just have to build one.


That one hit! she sends the fish tumbling into the ground. It's doesn't flop anymore, instead lying on the ground and it looks pained.

It's assumed you have a tent, starting out. Repels aren't so important here, since you're still near the city.

You have rations you can cook for dinner. Remember to observe local fire safety laws and do not leave your fire unattended!


Of course. I've got enough trouble just getting the darn fire to start…


"Good work Marill! You can come back and rest." Recall her and slightly cover her pokeball with my shirt.
"…" Approach the magikarp with the machete, and finish it off.


You've learned how to do it. It's started a nice warm fire. Well, it's not so nice yet, since the heat of the day hasn't worn off.

Time to prepare dinner.

You still your quivering hands, and sever the spine. It stops moving.

Lily comes out to rub your shoulders.


get rid of the head and push it away into the water. Then lay the oversized knife down and turn to hug lily.
"You know, at a time like this, all I can think about is that crook we caught, you remember? The one that called me a berry eating grass type lover?" I burst into laughing tears.
"We showed him, huh?"


Lily croaks and smiles.
There will be plenty of other people to show. Together.

You could camp here, but there's still plenty of daylight today. You could hang the meat on you and start making your way to the next checkpoint.


"Yea, we just have to keep going on."

Its a nice spot.. but the test does have a time limit. Hang the meat with the collection forming on my back, take the time to clean up, washing my face in the sea water as well as my hands.
Then I'm ready to get moving again.


The scent of the sea invigorates you. It's still a very foreign scent, exotic and new.

A shame you have to leave now, but there will be many other places to soak in the waters.



You scurry over to the Pokemon center!

You just finished a tough fight with a boy! Your Pokemon fought hard, but all they managed to bring you was a hard-won draw. Luckily, there's usually a Pokemon center near the battlegrounds that Trainer Inns are filled with.

The boy in question pets his Mareep before handing it over to the Pokemon center attendant. She places the Pokemon into the balls and runs them through the scanner, inject medication directly into the balls when needed.

Will you do the same?


Well yes, of course! I'm not about to let my friends suffer!


Well doing a checkup doesn't hurt, lets make sure everyone is in top shape


Who knows, maybe I can even come here again when there isn't a test going on.
'1d20' rolling to navigate.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Who would?
You hand over Pentium and company to the attendant for her to do the same. Technology is amazing, as long as no really, really serious injuries have occurred, they'll be back with you in a few minutes.

The boy looks at you, clearly worn out but excited.
"Wow, you were good. Like, really good! What's your name? You're not from here, are you? But you don't seem like a grasslander or islander either."

Under these conditions, you can still navigate properly. you turns your back to the sea winds that push you towards the mountains. From here, you can see their snowcapped peaks…

Of course.
While you're here, there are internet terminals available. Want to report your discovery?


Yeah absolutely
Do these terminals have the ability to send items over to other computers like pokeballs? Sending a fresh, perfect sunstone to the Prof would be great


"I'm just starting out, this is actually my first real stop…"
"Guess I'm not ready to deal with a gym yet though. Especially if there are trainers as though as you.
My name is Leila."


Hey, that sounds like technology some old people would say was part of the 'good old days'. Nobody really takes them seriously, old people and all. Usually the say it when they've taken one too many hits of the Herb. Sometimes there's a name they say too, maybe it started with.. R? Or is that just the syllable?

You'll have to deliver it via courier, if you're not doing it yourself.

"Cool! My name's Sam. This is my first real stop too! Well… second. I was born here, but I moved to the grasslands. I really wanted to start my journey back where I was born though, so I took the train back here!"

He extends his hand.


Give him a half curious glare, shaking back.
"[Insert Hometown Here]. Nice fight. Your Mareep is hard as nails."


Damn old men just stop hitting on those Bitter herbs, they're for pokemon!
Well, I'll have to find a courier for that then…But where in the world will I find one now…Hmn…
Lets try to see if the Prof is online to talk with him first


Fabiorge, factory of the [known] world. You are in Binestrone, media hub and home of talent and TV. You are an inhabitant of the fire plains region, marked out in red.

You boot up an IM client. He's online!
Do you remember his name?


It was a tree name
Professor Timber???



Prof. Yew is online. As usual, though, his status is set to busy. You can always send him a message to see.


That's where Arthur said he was headed! I wonder if he's there now.


Yeah that was gonna be my second guess!

>''Hey proffesor, Its Cello here and I made an AMAZING discovery! Something that will knock your socks out for sure! I'll try to call you again in one hour to tell you about it so be on!''

There, that should do it
Now what else I can do at the PC…
Lets check my messages


"So you taken on the gym leader yet?"


He probably headed north. Then again, he might have come down here first to learn how to survive in the wild better.

You're going to be headed back into forest, which will impede the daylight you're receiving. Looks like you've hot the treeline again.

Stop here for the night?

>Y-Treeprof [10:14:16]: I bend over and kiss your strong Nidoqueen tail, submitting entirely to you with lust in my eyes…

"…Nope! I'm kind of scared. I heard you have to do a challenge where you'll need to be on stage on do something. It's, uh, not my thing."


Oooooooooooooookay delete that and pretend I never saw aaaaaaaaaand next message!


Stop at the tree line?
I do have a tent, I can go a little further to find a spot closer to the check point. '1d20'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Look a bit perplex, as if suddenly I was more curious than pissed.
"Really? It's just about speaking up, you shouldn't be so scared!"


>Y-Treeprof [10:14:23]: haha dumb assistant did that hahaha
>Y-Treeprof [10:14:30]: What's up?

Yeah, where the trees start being dense.
You've already crossed one checkpoint today! The next one will be through the forest again and right at the mountain base. still, you soldier on, until the sunset is fully orange.

"Yeah, well… I heard they'll ask you stuff like what you really want and so on, or why you're coming to the gym. I mean, I could just be boring and say I want the badge, but I dunno…"


"But is that the reason you are there?
Do you want the badge? Or are you there to prove something? C'mon it's about you, not about what they want to hear!"


>Haha yeah it happens hahahhahah
>Anyways, you won't believe what discovery I just did, I managed to witness the making of sunstones! I discovered how they are made and even got a few samples of perfect, flawless stones with me!


I'll just set up the tent in the best spot I can find. '1d20'

Roll #1 3 = 3


>Y-Treeprof [10:16:23]: Sunstones? We already know that certain minerals exposed long enough to solar radiation become sunstones. Of course, there's the mystery of 'everlasting' sun stones and other evolutionary stones. What did you see?

"Yeah, well.."
He looks embarrassed.

"It's not just the badge! It's, like the first step in a journey. I want to explore and see the world, you know? I want to keep traveling and seeing new things. More than anything else."

He gets his Pokemon back from the attendant. He pets his Mareep, and Grotle.

"You know the saying. Crawl through some damp grass, climb rocky, rugged mountains, cross the raging seas, wander about in dark cave, and sometimes get a little homesick. It.. it has to be as amazing as it sounds!"

Unfortunately away from the wind, things don't dry so fast. You do find a patch of stable, but damp grass to settle.


Wave my arms around as if to indicate him.
"There you go. That's it. Sounds good enough of a pitch for me!"


>Oh it was crazy Prof, her me out
[this is the part where I tell him about everything that happened in detail except for that part where I tried bringing a huge chunk of the stone with me nobody needs to know that!]


"Hmm, I still need to cook this, Lets get a fire started before its too dark."
Gather some fresh wood from the nearby trees.


"O-oh, really? I dunno.. you seem pretty confident. Hey, have YOU taken the gym challenge?"

>Y-Treeprof [10:22:09]: An eclipse? Bellossom doing some kind of grisly ritual?
>Y-Treeprof is requesting a video call! Click here to accept!

Now this is a good place to camp, since there are trees here. If you were at the beach, you'd have to go to the mangroves, which are pretty hard to walk in you and Lily pluck some branches.

Without any prompting, Webster is helping to secure your tent with some silk.


Shake my head.
"I'm quite sure my pokemon won't be up to par!"


>Yep! did it show anywhere on the news about this Eclipse?
lets accept the call now


"Are you kidding? The way you fought was awesome! And anyway, we see the gym leaders fight with super strong Pokemon on TV and all, but us new trainers will be fighter pokemon cloooser to our level. These guys have had their Pokemon for years, but they'll always have young ones for us newbies!"

His face appears on the screen, looking very interested.
>Y-Treeprof [10:22:09]: Yeah, just a few nearby towns from where you are. Anyway, show me the sunstone!


"It's kind of about… Eh, never mind. I might actually just try it tomorrow. You coming along? Get past your fear of chatting up in public?"


Take one from the bag and put it on the screen
>There see? You won't find fresher sunstones anywhere


"No! But… okay, I'll try. Hey, what are you planning to say, anyway?"

He turns to another screen, opening some kind of graph. Seems he's trying to gauge the light intensity and wavelength.
>Y-Treeprof [10:25:13]: Wow. This is important. Can you send me a few? Go to the post office and give them your name, that'll take care of the postage.


>I can, sure, what kind of things you think we can discover with these? Oh, I also made a detailed report on this with a few pictures on the dance and the ritual, nasty stuff


"The truth."


"Thanks Webster." I smile at his hard work as I arrange the fire pit, getting the pan out to cook the magikarp with, hesitating a slight moment poking the scales and examining the meat. Let Vee by my side, then put a slice on to cook looking around holding my breath as if it might attract something.


>Y-Treeprof [10:27:53]: Sure! Email it to me. Well, if we're thinking of applications, we could study the ability of Pokemon to convert a lot of energy into highly portable, preservable form. come on, Cello, use your imagination!

He shrugs.

"Huh. What is it?"

You're not in very dangerous territory, don't worry. The wild Pokemon are mostly docile. Besides, the presence of your comrades here would repel lots of predatory Pokemon. They wouldn't dare.

You might want to smoke the wurmple, too.


>Hey now that aint my job, I already made the discovery, its up for the scientists in labs to make the researches on where we could apply the fresh sunstones. I'm more of a field scientist!
Foward him a copy of my reports and the pictures


"I can't say I've eaten a Wurmple before.. how was I supposed to cook these."
Put it in a stick and turn it over the fire perhaps?


>Y-Treeprof [10:28:31]: Which means you're still a scientist. No exceptions! I'll look over it. Good luck!

That works! You've never tried it before, but you know you were told about the nutrition value of bug larvae. They're actually really good for you. Still, eating a bug…


What? No rewards for my amazing discoveries?


>Y-Treeprof [10:29:52]: Your name will be included as an author in the paper. You'll get some recognition! But if you want something from me, that will wait till I receive the stone. Hurry and send it out!


That was actually my thoughts and not me talking to him!
>Alright, I'm turning off now then, see ya Proffesor!


Strange, there was no assistant visible during the video call.

Alright then, better have it sent out! The post office should be within walking distance.


Its is a gross idea, but maybe I won't notice it if I close my eyes before taking a bite..


I'm not even going to question it though…
Before I go, let me check my inbox for any mail


>urgnet u have won 6000000 pokedollars! Sign up to recive!
>want natural enhanxing products for your pomemon's penis? on salen ow!
>[HOT] I'll be your gardevour tonight honey… click here!

The texture takes some getting used to… but once it's over, it's not very all distinguishable from other meats! Maybe it's just the lack of seasoning. Something to remember for next time.


…Guess not
Welp, lets erase this and get to that post office and send the sunstones


Alright then
You do remember which town to write on the address, right?


It wasn't Petrotown was it?…Shoot lemme look at the map, I know I have that marked…


What kind of seasoning would be good.. maybe just some pepper? I should get a seasoning kit when I go back to town.
"Well, you guys have to try this, get out here."
Carefully slice sections of the wurmple and give everypokemon some.


Yeah, correct!
You send it on its way after wrapping it and securing it in a bubblewrapped box marked fragile.

Tamiyo and Webster eagerly take their slice. Rocky, Marill and Lily are more reluctant. Vee looks absolutely horrified, bit manages to gulp down a slice.


Shuffle a bit in my chair.
"I just want to see the world and have fun. That's pretty much it! Because I know I will end up being the very best, at the end of my journey!"


Make sure I sent only 3 and keep the remaining 2 for myself(I got 5, right?)


The attendant calls. Pentium comes floating back to you while the nurse hands over the rest of your team, secured in their pokeballs. Everyone will be fine with s good night's sleep.

"Sounds… simple! and nice!"

Yeah, that;s right



Give pentium a big hug and brush cheek to… Eyeball?
Then pet my other mons affectionately, letting them sit by me.
"Simple is good."


Well, Give Vee an extra bit of fish to make up for the horror.
"I think I'm getting to know what you each like, we made so much time today, we could hunt for your specific tastes tomorrow." I yawn munching on a mix of leftovers and fish wrapped in seaweed.


File: 1463761774654.jpg (2.31 MB, 3404x2276, milky-way-08.jpg)

You let them out. Your Squirtle is more confident in climbing up on your lap than your Sandile, who just sits at your feet.

"I suppose… meet you there tomorrow? The gym, I mean."

The stars had come out before you even realised it.

Without a canopy of trees to block the view, the sky is… beautiful. Light from big cities isn't here to obscure the stars above. Your jury-rigged sushi fills your belly, making you feel a strange sense of peace.

It was worth it, wasn't it?


I pull Vee close on my left, Lily on my right, laying down in the damp grass looking up. Invite Marill onto my lap, Webster and Tamiyo will have to find their own space. As I feel a sense of pride and awe growing in me.
"This.. is amazing."


And you're not even very far away from the cities. You haven't been to the far north or south. Who knows what waits you there?

But for now, it might be best to sleep with this peace over you.


I suppose.. just a minute more..
Then crawl into the tent to sleep.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Normally your sleep would be pretty uncomfortable, but today's just too good to ruin it like that. You sleep adequately till the bird chirps wake you up into the morning sun.

You're about halfway over to the mountain base, where the second to last checkpoint is. Once you make it there, you can begin your ascent.


Huh. I hope I didn't offend her.

I should probably avoid spending too much money here. It's enough that the ride is free, let's fleece it for all it's worth. Honestly I could just sit here on the balcony and watch the sea, but that sauna and spa does sound pretty good. Maybe I'll go check those out before dinner.


I cheerfully check outside for the yanmega.


It would have been nice for someone to offer her the nice bed for once…

They're even offering massages for both trainer and a Pokemon at the spa. Some of the services cost money, but you can probably find somewhere here to cash in your gold nuggets.

It's not as hard to find it, with less trees around. It's right on top of the tallest, trying to stay hidden.


Eh. We can figure it out later.
I guess a ship this big would have exchanges, maybe I can stop by them and cash one in. But that spa does sound like a good first stop.

"I'm going to check out the spa here, I think we could use some unwinding after all that excitement. Do you want to come?"


"What are you hiding from..?"
Look around for signs of predators. '1d20'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Yeah, I do, actually."

She nurses a bruise from where the Jellicent grabbed her. You and Millie feel worn out after the fight, but not as a result of the battle itself. All that was healed by the other strange thing that happened.

The spa is near the ship bow, near a club with drinks and live shows scheduled for tonight and the captains bridge viewing gallery just below. The scent of therapeutic oils wafts from within.

Actually, it's hiding from you! It's really not supposed to let you see it too much, it's supposed to watch you without you knowing where it is.

Nothing around here yet.


"Oh, come on, you don't have to hide from me anymore." I say in a teasing voice leaning on a nearby tree to stare at it better.


Let's try not to think about that, the oils will help. Into the spa. Maybe the club later tonight, if they have anything good showing.


It buzzes its wings, looks at you and flies off.

You can get friendly another time.

It's a 'lounge dancer' show.

"Welcome! You want a massage?" The lady greets you.


"Oh well.. I have my own friends right here." I pat my pokeballs and get started cleaning up the campsite.


Ready to leave yet? The mountain waits.


Huh. Maybe later.
"Yes, actually. I read that you also offer Pokemon treatments?"


I suppose so, check the water supply first.


"Yes, we do. Depending on the Pokemon, of course."

You have enough, collected from a nearby stream and purified.


Then, its time to hike toward the next check point.
'1d20' navigation

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Of course."
I pop out Millie and Li.
"I assume they qualify?"


You manage.

The day is overcast. You really hope it doesn';t rain. Mudslides aren't a joke.

"More than one will cost extra. 1000P."


Done. They both deserve it. I'd offer Golett as well, but I don't think they would like to massage rock.


Well. In that case. I should still have a bit of rope, check to be sure.
"Hey, Rusty. You wouldn't be insulted if I asked to use you as a weight later? I don't think you'd get washed away in a mudslide."


There are more specialized places for that.

Nagi and her crew are lead into the women's rooms, while you follow the masseuse into your own private room. There are… Maractus?

Beds are pulled up for the three of you,. and you're told to strip to your underwear.

The mud might just hide delicious, delicious ore.

You've been walking slightly uphill this whole time. The trees are different from before, theyre more the kind that grows on mountains.


Well this will be…new. Guess I'll do as I'm told.


Oh? Touch their bark and leaves a bit to really tell the difference.

"I knew you wouldn't mind."


The masseuse and her maractus, maracti, hardly bat an eye. Millie and Li do, though.

You feel yourself being oiled up by rough, callused hands. The scent-heavy atmosphere disrupts your ability to listen in.

Most people wouldn't be able to tell, but you can feel that the trees here have to put up with less rain.

Is that the flag?


The flag? Well, I might get more instructions, better go to it.


You rush over, excited. Wrapped up neatly is a jacket! Looks like it's supposed to keep you warm, even though here it's warm enough as it is.

There is also a sign pointing towards the start of the mountain trail. You might need at least a full day to get anywhere, and the temperature is going to change drastically as you rise.


Hang the coat on my backpack with concern.
"Have any of you even seen a winter?" I ask outloud to my pokemon, they are mostly young.. at least I think, Vee and Lily are the oldest two, and I have no idea about Rusty.


Your Pokemon have at least seen one summer and winter. Only Marill hasn't touched snow.


Oof. Well, I suppose I am here to relax. Still, I do feel a little vulnerable like this.


The most difficult part is relaxing.

You feel two spiny appendages press down on both sides of your back at once. They hit some kind of pressure point that force you to relax. At once, you feel a load of strains and aches you never knew were there taken away, and the idea of being vulnerable doesn't bother you as much.

Lying face down through a hole in the mattress means you can';t actually turn your head to face Millie and Li, but you can feel them giving in and relaxing.


"Hmm, well if we can't get a fire going we'll have to either keep moving or huddle in for warmth."
Start on the trail. '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4


The constant uphill battle wears away at your feet, which have been walking for days.

Make sure to take breaks when needed, and address anything that seems wrong immediately. The cloud cover passes, revealing a sun that shines hot. Why were you given that warm jacket, again?


I'm sure they had a reason, like a snow storm approaching that I couldn't possibly know about.
Take it a little easier looking for a decent space to eat lunch at.


A roaring noise grows louder as you look for a nice place to rest.

A waterfall! You're at the base of a small one, the water clearer than anything you've seen over the past few days. It doesn't have the smell of algae and muck-filled rivers.

It's been a very long time since you last washed yourself…


I testingly touch the water and check the area of the waterfall carefully.

Roll #1 10 = 10


It's not as cold as you'd imagine. There are a few Pokemon around. Some wooper on the other side of the pool, pidgeys nesting, this seems to be a spot a lot of them like.


Whew, wooper and pidgey aren't too much of a threat, relax a bit, grab the soap powder, strip down and slide into the water to get clean.


Hold on! Soap is damaging to the environment! Pokemon might ingest it and it changes the water surfaces tension, which means some Pokemon might not be able to swim as well!

Wait, they gave you eco-friendly soap. No problem.

You feel the mud, grime and other unspeakables you've accumulated over the past few days wash off. It's nothing compared to a nice hot bath, but it feels sooo good here. Your hair is finally wet with something that isn't sweat, you'll have to remember to look at it carefully once this is over.

Rocky and Vee don't even come near the water, but Lily and Marill jump in with you. Marill loves floating around like the ball she is.


I kind of stand behind the waterfall so I can pretend they aren't staring at me as I enjoy the water washing over me.


Down here you hear nothing but the water rushing over you. You feel protected as it rains over your head and back, the force enough to beat the fatigue out of your muscles.

How long have you been under here? Is that a small fire near the shore?


A fire?
Uh, half wade half swim to shore to investigate.


Looks like while you were busy bathing under the waterfall, Vee started a fire! Your Pokemon gathered wood and water from the pool to purify, under Lily's instruction.


Blink in surprise sliding some clothes on and approaching the team in awe.
"…You did this without me even saying a thing?"


Of course. They joined you as apprentices to a ranger. Seeing you do things would have to rub off on them! Lily looks quite proud.


I can't help but be proud that they learned so much already.
"Wow! And city trainers tell you that pokemon can't do anything on their own, ha! You're all amazing."


Only those that haven't been through trials like you have.

You've got that big fish, wurmple, and seaweed to die you over for lunch. They didn't cook, even if they did boil water.


Leftovers should do fine for now, but let webster and tamiyo have the wurmple to the themselves.
Try mixing the rest of the basuclin meat with the magikarp meat, before wrapping it in seaweed.


More makeshift sushi! You sure are hungry for southerner fare.

When you're done, ready to go? your sore feet have had some relief.


Its not like I have a cookbook, and it worked well last time..
But I do check around the water for any fresh herbs, those usually grow around water.. I think. '1d20'

Roll #1 17 = 17


That's not something you learned from the rangers! Growing up in the Evergreen meant you learned all about plants from the day you were born. And sure enough, some tubers and flavoring herbs, enough for two square meals.



You've sent off three Eversun stones, and have two remaining.

The day is still young. What are you going to do? You're in a new city.


I should tell that ranger girl about this, its nice to share discoveries with others
Plus she's the only person that I got the mail of besides Mom and Dad…
Lets see if I can send her a message


You have her email, but it might be a while before she can read it and reply.

What will you send?


>Hey! It's Cello, the researcher dude you met at the gym.
>Just wanted to hit you up and ask how is it going. I'm in Evergreen right now, how about you?
>Also, you wont BELIEVE what I just found out today. You know the Sunstones, right? Well…I discovered how THEY ARE MADE! Pretty awesome huh?

There, that should be good, I'll check if there's reply tomorrow
Now lets waltz out of the pokecenter


The scent of flowers is all-pervasive.

From here, you see a massive tree overlooking the city, though you can't quite tell where it might be. You see some oddly-dressed people in robes walking around the street, with what look like vines growing on them.


Huh…Could this be Viola's hometown? Heh
Lets look for somewhere to get lunch before checking out that big tree


Do you remember a grass Pokemon on her?

You can stop by a cafe for lunch.


Huh…I don't actually…But she did have a fire type, that I remember!
Lets have a quick lunch with everyone and off to the big ass tree


Eating at a nicer establishment costs money. This sill be 150P for some very fresh garden herbs.

You take the bus all the way to the other side of town, you can at least tell that the big tree is outside. The gate leading out here, though, says that it is the city gym.


Well, I can afford it. Just gotta keep track of my money, don't wanna end up broke…
I let Jasper out of his ball during the bus ride, letting him fly outside along the bus(Gotta keep him exercised!) but still letting him fly in throught the window whenever he likes
Once we're out, I walk up to the gym, there's gotta be a sign about this one somewhere here…


"Hold on there!"
A lady in a robe stops you.

"Are you here to challenge the gym?"


''Oh no no, sorry Ma'am, I am just here to watch for today…''


"Oh, did the great tree get your attention? It does for most newcomers here. It's part of the gym challenge. You won't be able to reach it without following some… special steps. It's a mirage spot, if you've heard of those."


''Huh…No I never have…Mind explaining it to me, miss?''


"I suppose those further away from the core cities wouldn't have heard of them much… Mirage spots are places that can't be reached normally. You can sometimes see them or hear them, but you simply can't actually reach them. At least, not without certain steps. For example, down south there's a mirage island where Magikarp gather to try and evolve into Gyarados by climbing a waterfall. The water gym leader performs his battles there."


Look up at the tree ''So…Basically I can't just climb or fly to that tree?…do pokemon evolve in here like the Magikarp in the waterfall as well?''


"No, you can't. Not until you actually find it, anyway. Some pokemon come here to evolve, mainly grass types, but that's not something this tree is known for."


''Huh…I take it this is not a gym for begginers then…What steps do I have to take to climb this tree?''


"don't worry so much about it! If you want to challenge my gym, feel free! It might take you a few days to find the tree, though. That's part of the gym challenge."


''O-oh so…This is…Your…Gym?'' I blush a bit. This is awkward ''Ehe…My bad, its uh…An honor to meet you''


"Took you long enough!"

She stretches out her hand.

"I'm Maple. Good to meet you! Where are you from?"


''Haha yeah…Sorry about that'' Shake her hand
''I'm Cello, a pokemon Researcher. I'm from Petrotown, nice to meet you as well, Maple''


"Hmmm. I guess you like poison types? Nature gives us so many fascinating chemicals to work with. You've come a long way! Think you want to take up the challenge?"


''Well…The only poison type I do have is Jasper, my zubat and my partner for the longest time'' Give the lil bat a lil pat
''Fsss…I don't know…I'm not really good at battling…''


"It's worth a shot! only if you want to, of course. It's part of the Grasslands experience. If you're looking for other things to do around town, maybe you can check out the Earth shrine…"


Its like I was destined to be a grass type user!
Now that I've collected those, I'm ready to move on toward the check point.


People are more malleable than they know. But you were happy with what you were, and didn't need to change.

It's a further uphill battle from here, but being refreshed helps you way more than you imagined. Roll



Roll #1 19 = 19


File: 1464578779551.jpg (2.72 MB, 4459x2017, GentingRoad03.jpg)

The next checkpoint is your last. Knowing this, you press onward hard, but pace yourself. It would be a shame to fail here of all places. The wind is stronger, and though the sun shines brighter, you note that the air has cooled off significantly more than before.

The winding path is easy for your feet to conquer, so much that you've traveled till the sun is setting.


Breath in the fresh mountain air.
"Lets find a good place to camp, something with more grass than rocks."
Let Gligar out to help scout the area.


File: 1464579306435.jpg (269.15 KB, 1600x1200, 09102010471.jpg)

The grass here is thick and itchy, but you're safe in your tent. You'll have a long day ahead tomorrow, and only until the day after tomorrow to reach the peak.


"Has it really been that long already? It feels like just yesterday that we were swimming across the river.."
Eat some leftovers with the team, this time using the herbs to spice things up a little, petting Vee absently as I remember the journey so far.


You've got two meals left.

Time sure passes fast. The cool, mild weather is taking the stress away from everyone.


"Lets try to get an early start tomorrow too." Pick up the soft fox and settle into the tent for the night.
Sleep '1d20'

Roll #1 2 = 2


In light of the nice weather and climate, what would usually be a rough sleep ends up alright. Vee curling up by your side certainly helps. He's so soft and fluffy.

It's pleasantly cool, almost cold as you wake up.


"Hmm.. A little chilly huh."
Maybe I need the jacket after all, slip it on and get hiking up the mountain.


The air is growing thin, further impeding your ascent. Hang in there, and take breaks whenever you feel yourself growing faint.

You eat your breakfast and put on your jacket, which actually helps a lot. There are traces of frost on the grass as you head further up.


But its a warm jacket right?
I can keep climbing for now.



Yes, it's actually really warm without being too hot.

Can you? Roll for altitude sickness adjustment



Roll #1 15 = 15


The thin air barely bothers you at all. You're got a strong set of lungs.

the Pokemon here are very different from those in the jungle below. There are a few Snover about on the path! They're growing delicious-looking berries on their bellies. There are also some meditite gazing at the sun.


Time for dinner. Might need to forage some food up…


"What an fascinating place, barely a day's walk away and the wild environment totally changes."
Hold up Marill's ball to see her reaction to all this. "Hey, maybe we should stop early, find some snow to play in, what do you think?"


You should have some food supplies, right? There isn't much to forage while you're still around the city.

Marill is fascinated. This is her first time seeing this kind of environment. There are spots of snow on the ground! Maybe soon you can stop for lunch.


Look for a flat place with lots of snow nearby. '1d20'

Roll #1 6 = 6


It takes you until a bit after noon and slows your pace a little, but you find it. Lots of rocks for you to rest on, and a flat, open area for a fire. Plenty more snovers nearby with those enticing berries, too.


Right, food stores. Another luxury I won't have after tonight…
Cook up something filling to give me energy for tomorrow.


There's a pack of dehydrated noodles, just add water and boil. Comes with preserved meat and vegetable bits for a little more nutrition. It's a staple for travelling trainers.


Will they let us eat their berries like that?
Oh well. First things first. "Everyone feel free to come out, we're taking a break here."
"Now marill, watch this." Roll a snow ball up in front of her, patting it to make it round, and show her the result.
'1d20' teach marill to make snow balls.

Roll #1 16 = 16


You can try asking nicely… or you could threaten them. Or just take the berries whether they like it or not.

Marill follows your example. She picks up the snow like you show… she gets a bright idea to toss it a t a nearby rock, and the force makes it crack!

She looks concerned about the loud crunch sound from the rock, before she laughs merrily.


Giggle back at her, make a dozen more snowballs.
"Okay, now who else wants to try throwing them?"
"Oh! I know I need to make a proper target for you."
Start rolling up a big huge snowball, and shape it into a frogadier '1d20' for likeness.

Roll #1 18 = 18


Set the water in a pan and put it over the fire to boil, then crush up the noodles inside the bag, pulling out the flavor packet and putting it to the side.
Not the most nutritious, but it will have to do.


It's very recognizably a Frogadier, in the pose of a certain someone's Frogadier even.

Marill misses her first shot at the Frogadier, and the second! She looks like she has an idea, and coats her fist with snow before trying to punch another nearby rock. Encourage this?

It's alright. The ingredients add a lot of floor, and not just salt.

The lights of this town turn off much earlier than back home. There really isn't a thriving nightlife scene here. You can actually see some stars.


Well it was only a Froakie last time we met, but its probably evolved by now!
Cheer excitedly at her reaction, "Go on! You can do the thing!"


She coats her fist in frost, and lands a direct punch onto the the Frogadier sculpture! It shatters from the force! Marill raises her tiny, powerful fist up, cheering.

Marill has learned Ice Punch!


A good way to end the night.
Thanks for running.




I sit down floored by her innovation.
"Marill, I can't believe this, you're like.. an ice mouse now. I think.. come over here."
Open my arms inviting her to come sit on my lap.


She does just that. You can feel her round body packed with muscle to back up those throws and punches. She flexes her tiny arms, grinning.


Touch her muscles and then put my hands on my cheeks dramatically leaning back.
"Oh! So Strong!"
Then pinch her ears gently.
"I think you need a name with a smooth sound, something short, but still playful. What do you think of, Lalita."


Is that her name now? Lalita the Marill She cheerfully stirs up more snow to celebrate, startling a few nearby Snover.


She earned it! Seems like she accepted the name.
"Hey, Lalita lets get one of those snover to share with us."
Approach one with a smile.


Lalita's been putting off a very… impressive display. The moment they see you, the shrink, back, terrified. One of them plucks the berries off themselves and tosses it at you, hoping to appease this super strong trainer.


Nod and give it a thumb's up, "Thanks for the snack."
Collect those berries, what kind do they look like?


Hold on, you're wearing a ranger jacket! When they get a good look at you, they don't look so frightened anymore. A few others actually come up to you and give you enough berries for another meal.

They don't look any any regular berries. They seem frozen, but look very sweet.


Pat their snowy heads when they do that.
"Aw, you're so sweet. I know you worked hard for these, so thanks a lot."


They seem to know you work very hard training to protect them. They did change their mind when they saw the ranger emblem.

Finally have lunch, then move onward?


Yep. We can't relax all day after all.


Navigation roll too.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Taking a break does you good.

The cold is quite biting, interfering with your previously efficient pace. The wind blowing right int your face doesn't help either…


Get Vee out her and hold him shivering a bit.
"hey, did it get colder.. help me out a little.."
'1d20' just a little further like this.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Having Vee's warm body in your arms warms you up a lot. He pushes his head into you to share his body heat.

It's a little better. Snow is covering more of the ground.

It shouldn't be far now, but you shouldn't push yourself either. Especially since the sun is going out.


"Mountains are a whole different game.." I sigh exhausted.
"Better make camp so we can get up there tomorrow.."
Set up the tent and huddle inside right away.


Don't forget to eat! Vee helps you get a fire started while Lily (tries to) roast the tubers and herbs. They're warm enough to fill your belly while you wait out the cold.

Try to get a good night's rest. You're almost there.


"Thanks.. I almost forgot, so tired.."
I will save the spices for tomorrow's meal, it will be good to use all the best things for potentially the last meal out here.
'1d20' sweet dreams.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Your dreams are for now still an empty landscape.

When you wake up, the sun isn't even out yet. According to your watch, it should be out in about an hour.


"Ugh." I groan awake, fumbling around my bag for a light breakfast.
"Just think, we'll be able to show Zoe how much better we are, tonight even."


You're almost there!
That's the last of your supplies down for breakfast. Ready to head up the trail?


'1d20' lucky early start roll.

Roll #1 8 = 8


The wind blows from your back this time.

In the distance, you see a house, with a large array of satellite dishes. Outside the door is a flagpole…


I pick up the pace, excitement driving my steps.
"Lily, Look! Its a base."


File: 1464588335379.jpg (22.02 KB, 575x275, 6901_07.jpg)

You hurry over towards it!

It's unmistakable. This is the last checkpoint. You've made it. The base is right outside a small lake that feeds the many rivers downstream.

You're just in time to see the sunrise, too.


Smugly move more towards the flag pole itself.
Once I'm below it, let my team out and stand with a grin and the sun at our backs.


Everyone will preserve this moment in their hearts for as long as they live. What a climb.

You hear the snap of a camera behind you. When you turn, a ranger is holding a camera.

"Couldn't resist! It's kind of boring at this post sometimes, so I go around and take pictures. You and your team looked so good!"


"Really? When can I see the picture?"
I go over to him with a grin.


"I'll print it out for you later! You just made it to your last checkpoint, didn't you? I already sent a message to the chief, he should be arriving soon. Take a break while you wait! Hope you're ready to battle, by the way!"


And by that I mean distribute your Pokemon stats, and bring up to the first four the moves you want them to use


"Yes.. wait a battle? I thought he said there wouldn't be any trainers up here.."


"He'll be the one fighting you, silly! It's the very last step!"


"Okay, can we wait inside?"


"Well… it's not really over yet. You were supposed to start a battle the moment you got here, but you were earlier than expected. Just a while longer, alright?"


"Oh. Alright then."
Sit watching the sunrise for a while..

Lily: Fury Cutter, Quick attack, Mega Drain, Pursuit.
Rusty: Rock Tomb, Iron Defense, Headbutt, and Iron Head
Webster: only has four anyway
Tamiyo: Wing Attack, Harden, Knock off, Protect
Vee: Fire Spin, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Baby-doll eyes.
Lalita: Ice Punch, Aqua Jet, Body Slam, Water Gun.


Just enjoy it for now. He's probably got his own preparations to make, too.


"We really learned a lot from this.. and one thing being early gives us is.."
Look around at the area, its covered with snow around here right? several feet?


It's a thin layer. Down south, it can't really get that cold.

You hear the familiar sound of Yanmega wingbeats, followed by that of a large bird Pokemon. Two large Fearow come flying up, one of them carrying the old chief.

"You made it! In pretty good time, too. congratulations, ranger Amber. You've come a long way. Are you ready for the final part of your test?" He looks very proud.


Take an action stance, and reply excitedly.
"Yes Sir! I mean, Prepare to see how hardened the journey from the forest has made me."
I try to be serious, but I just can't stop smiling.


"You've experienced it yourself, I'm sure. The struggle to see each day to its end, where nothing will help you. Against all odds you survived, and even thrived. Come on, then! Defeat me and prove yourself!"

For an old man, he sure has a lot of spirit. As he raises his Poke ball, life returns to his eyes!

He sends out his Butterfree first!


Let Joltik take the lead.
"You're up first Webster, slow it down with thunderwave."
'1d20' ?

Roll #1 19 = 19


Webster chirps into action! bug Against bug. He has three stat points left

The Butterfree is much faster, though, and spreads a powder cloud! Webster manages to duck under some leaves, and shock it with a thunder wave! The Butterfree, paralyzed, struggles to stay afloat.


"Don't let up yet. Electroweb."
'1d20' '1d8+21'

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 7 + 21 = 28


With the Butterfree paralyzed, Webster has free reign! Webster tosses electrified thread at the Butterfree, almost grounding it! The butterfree can't act, disabled by the thread and paralysis. Webster has this one!


"Try a leech life next."
Look up at chief as if expecting him to withdraw the butterfree soon.
'1d20' '1d8+16'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 1 + 16 = 17


He does! He still needs his butterfly.

In comes an Ariados! Webster ends up biting onto another spider, which is barely hurt by the leech.


'1d20' '1d8+21'
"Alright, go for Electroweb."

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 2 + 21 = 23


Webster, despite being a much smaller spider, is also faster. He webs the Ariados with electrified thread, slowing it down and hurting it a little!

The Ariados spits out thread of its own, ensnaring Webster! Webster is trapped in a Spider Web, and can't be recalled!


"Show off your own web in that case."
Use a spider web of my own. No spider leaves the arena today.


And Webster spits out his own web! Now both of them are bound to each other for a cagematch.

Which seems to be just what the Ariados wants. It lunges at Webster, fangs gleaming with venom! It slash into Webster!

Webster is sent flying back by the force! That hurt a lot..

Webster's HP: 32/63


"Get behind it and bite it again. You're quick enough."
'1d20' '1d8+16' leech life.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 + 16 = 20


Not this time! The web trips up webster, leaving the Ariados free to sink its own fangs into him with Bug Bite!

Webster's HP: 8/32

Webster is very worn out…. he's got only one shot left.


Since it can only use one more move..
"Slow it down some more for us."
Thunder wave.


Even in the face of his defeat, Webster remains brave and calm. He shoots a spark at the Ariados through the webbing they're connected with, and the Ariados falls down! The shock of the thunder wave was enough to force it to miss! Webster still has more time!


"Keep shocking it."
Electroweb '1d20' '1d8+21'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 4 + 21 = 25


Webster's sharp eyes let him land just one more web!

The Ariados is quite weakened, but manages to cut into Webster again! Webster falls over, defeated. He has left his mark, though.


Send out Aron.
"Your turn Rusty."
'1d20' '2d8+24' Start off with Rock Tomb.

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 8, 8 + 24 = 40


Rusty is too eager! He tosses Rocks at the apparently pinned Ariados, but it barely dodges out of the way! It eagerly tries to bite into Rusty, but its fangs glance off Rusty's iron hide!


"That's it, let it tire itself out."
Iron Defense.


The Ariados's shadow extends suddenly across the ground, hitting Rusty from behind! A Shadow Sneak! The critical hit wasn't too bad for Rusty to handle, though, as his hide gleams and solidifies.

Rusty's HP: 41/71


"Charge it with Iron Head."
'1d20' '3d8+24'

Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 8, 8, 5 + 24 = 45


The Ariados extends its shadow again! This time, Rusty is prepared to absorb the attack with his hide. In return, Rusty punishes it with a powerful charge!

The Arias is almost thrown back back the force. It won't last much longer now…

Rusty's HP: 31/71


"You're almost there. Show it your old standby."
Headbutt. '1d20' '2d6+24'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 6, 6 + 24 = 36


Almost playfully, Rusty butts into the worn Ariados, knocking it over and down for the count.

Not to be discouraged, the chief sends out his Butterfree again! It is still having trouble flying.


"Butterfree is back? Well okay then. Don't hold back Rusty."
'1d20' '2d8+24' Rock Tomb

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 7, 5 + 24 = 36




The Butterfree just manages to avoid being hit by the rocks! Though it is paralyzed, it finally manages to act. It sends a cloud of powder flying towards Rusty, and he becomes drowsy!

Rusty, being nearly asleep, can't act…


"Don't fall asleep! Come on, don't you want to get real metal scraps soon?"
'1d20' wake up roll

Roll #1 9 = 9


Rusty may or may not hear you, but he's really, really sleepy…

The butterfree flaps its wings, summoning a tailwind! It's setting up for something…


"A little wind won't hurt Rusty."
"come on, get up this time"

Roll #1 4 = 4


File: 1464755177191.png (802.06 KB, 1024x1195, day1__bug__scizor_by_rock_….png)

No such luck yet.

The Butterfree is called back! And in its place, a red, metal-clad bug is standing menacingly. A Scizor!


"Fine, take your nap."
swap Rusty for Vee


The Scizor doesn't attack, but spreads its wings and exhibits a burst of blinding speed. It used agility, and is now extremely fast!

Vee braces himself, trying to keep track of the Scizor's movements.


"Go for a fire spin!"
'1d20' '2d6+19'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 2, 2 + 19 = 23


The scizor is much faster, especially with a Tailwind behind it! It winds up its claw and slams expertly punches Vee with it!

The impact is massive, and Vee cries out as he's crushed into the ground. Very quickly, he rolls to recover and spits a vortex of flame to envelop the bug! It shrieks, and is trapped!

Vee's HP: 32/60


"Stay calm and.. use your good looks."
'1d20' Baby Doll eyes

Roll #1 18 = 18


Judging by the size of the abdomen, that Scizor is male like Vee. As it winds up another punch, Vee's downright adorable eyes distract it! You catch it briefly pause, almost blushing, before punching again, but with a little less force.

Vee put all his effort into looking good that he couldn't brace for this brick break! He takes a hit right in the pretty face, knocking him down and out.

Meanwhile, the scizor is struggling with the fire spin.


"That's okay.."
Swap to Marill,
"Lalita, you're in!"


Lalita! That's her new name! She's really happy when you call her out, and excitedly waves her arms.


"How about we start off with our new move."
'1d20' '2d8+24' Ice Punch

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 1, 7 + 24 = 32


The scizor sees you winding up your punch and jets forward in a burst of speed! It punches with its claw. Lalita retrusn the favour with her own fist, but the cold cannot pierce the Scizor's metal hide! Even if most of the attack couldn't get through, the Scizor struggles from the sheer force of the punch.

It's struggling to keep its wings beating…

Marill's HP: 54/73


"Hurry knock it down with Aqua Jet."
'1d20' '2d8+22'

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 8, 1 + 22 = 31


The Scizor's spirit is renewed, sonehow. It looks ready to execute a powerful attack with the last of its energy left. It brings its claws up, ready to slash into Marill's soft belly…

Lalita rides a wave of water to charge at the Scizor! It, just very barely, hangs on! It brings its claws down to perform an X-scissor!

But Lalita instinctively hits the claws away, lessening the effect of the bug-type attack. That would have easily knocked out Webster in one hit…


This Scizor is a really dangerous enemy.
"Finish this with another Ice Punch."
'1d20' '2d8+24'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 8, 5 + 24 = 37


Oh and Marill's HP: 22/73

Without the speed boost from an Aqua Jet, Lalita is a sitting duxck! The Scizor is still very agile and has a tailwind behind it! And it isn't at all afraid to hit Lalita again and again. The scizor claws into Lalita before she can even windup a punch!

Lalita goes down. She gasps, tasting her first defeat. She looks about to cry…


"Its okay, that's a fully evolved pokemon after all." I console her and call her back.
Send out Gligar.
"Tamiyo. Hit it with Wing Attack!"
'1d20' '2d8+27'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2, 3 + 27 = 32


Tamiyo comes out , eager and at the ready. She absorbs the Scizor's punches with her carapace, and finally, finishes it with a wing attack!

It just needed another Poke, The scizor bows down, defeated.

The Buitterfree comes out again, very weakened.


"Keep going." Wing attack again.
'1d20' '2d8+27'

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 4, 7 + 27 = 38


No mercy! The poor, paralyzed butterfly can't defend itself and Tamiyo leaps from above and pins it with her wings. The butterfly is grounded and out.


The chief ranger shrugs.

"Well, congratulations, Amber! To tell you the truth, I brought along a stronger team than usual, but you were even better than I thought!"


I breath a sigh of relief then grin and pose with my fingers in a peace sign.
"You know, I haven't had a really hard battle since that tournament in the city. Thanks for not underestimating me."


"And thank you for such a fine battle, Amber! You've passed, with flying colours!"

The comms ranger comes out from the building door, cheering and holding a box.

"First of all, for proving yourself against me, the Primal Badge. Although I don't think I proved myself against you properly, ahahah…"

You are given a badge! It's shaped like a set of bug jaws.


"So cool!" Pin it onto my shirt with pride.


It's more fashionable to keep them in a case of some kind. got to keep them nice and shiny, you know.

"And for passing the test and proving yourself against the wilds…"

You are given a set of cloth badges! They're supposed to be sewn onto your uniform. They show the logo of the Rangers, without the Jr. addon you've always had.

"Congratulations, full Ranger Amber."


I'll worry about getting a case later.
Right now I'm too busy staring with awe at this little scrap of cloth.
If he said anything else after 'Ranger Amber' I wouldn't have heard it right now.


File: 1464760886498.png (105.23 KB, 304x320, PR3_Stylus.png)

Don't worry, take your time. In the meanwhile, the chief is waving this in your face.


I gasp and grab it.
"Is this! It is isn't it? LILY GET OUT HERE AND LOOK AT THIS!"
I shout needless at her, flipping the stylus around in the morning sun.


Lily jumps out excitedly and grabs it with you! You finally have it! your very own capture styler!

"…well, as I was saying, Ranger Amber, this is the symbol of the rangers. With it, we can befriend wild Pokemon and make requests of them to help us. Of course, there are limitations. Some kinds of wild Pokemon cannot understand even the simplest of requests, and remember that you are only asking them for favours. It can refuse. Be careful! I am sure you can make good use of it."


"I will be careful, and only use it for heroic things, and not picking up mail or something. I promise."
It looks wearable, so I wear it properly.
"There. This is. The best day ever! And we haven't even had lunch yet."


"Why don't you take a rest inside our mountain post? Did you know we have a small hot spring here? You can go right in and bathe away the fatigue! Oh, but remember to shower before going in.

And if you want lunch.. well, our choices here aren't that great, but I'm sure you'll be really happy after the past few days!"


"Oh, right, we should rest up so we can celebrate properly.." Start walking toward the outpost.
"Say.. Chief? Did you see the girl I arrived with? Did she do well in the training? No! Wait! don't tell me, let her tell me later. "


"I don't remember seeing you with anyone… but we just had a big batch of basic trainees. I'm sure your friend's fine."


"Alright, I'll have a lot of stories to share with her."
Open the door and enter the building with a cheerful bounce in my stride.


There's a box with all your belongings, too. Fresh clothes!

The path to the hot spring is clearly marked out.



"Let's just look around and make sure we didn't park ourselves next to someone's nest. Cali and Cobalt, you two smell anything nearby?"