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The traps are ready.
Soon The Cavalry will take a shot at the Golden Dragons at their initiation ritual.
All that is left to do is make sure everyone and everything is ready.

Cloudbreaker, the captured drakin messenger of the Golden Dragons, is at the hideout if you want info out of him.
Patches and Masque are also available.


So, uh, how's my gun going these days?


Let's approach Patches as I make sure I'm totally ready
Hammer? Check
Clothes? Check
Attitude? Double check
''Sooo, could you repass all the details of the plan one more time so I'm sure We all got it and there won't be any mistakes?''


It should be ready to go as soon as you pick what functions your Masterwork has
"Well the simple version is, that there will be an initiation ceremony soon.
We will go there and take out every Golden Dragon member we can, then find out how to get at their leader."


''Oh an ass whooping initiation? Neat! Well what are we going to do with Cloudbreaker there? We'll be keeping him?''


"I suppose. At least as long as he proves useful."


''And when he stop being useful?…''


"We can hold a contest to see who has the best idea on what to do with him."


Shake my head
''I would hate being that poor guy''


1 skill tier, +1 quality, Critically struck enemies lose a skill tier

Should be good.


"We'll see when the time comes. For now, he can buy a lot of time by answering questions."
The gun should be tuned and good to go, all you need to do is collect it and agree on future arrangements.


I should go do just that, then.


''Well maybe we could make him clean around the place and work as our new maid''


Ah yes. I remember this. Talk to Patches.
"Did you need me for another part of this boss? People got their fake tats from the artist already right?"


Blanche is in his shop as usual. Seems like he doesn't mind working late nights.
"Well well, if it isn't my favorite customer."
"Isn't having two drakin maids a bit opulent?"


"And my favourite craftsman. You have something to show me, right?"

I wonder if he's got some hidden plating to protect him form a stray bullet.


''Well at least he won't complain as much as patches''
Did I?


"The tattoos should be good to go for everyone, yes. Good work on that.
They should last for a day or two, but come off with a hard enough scrub.
Should be enough to get us in unnoticed"
Tuned and balanced to compensate for wobble, polished and tightened to allow for more reliable performance and fitted with a larger calibre round to allow for crippling damage with a good hit."
You did.


See how it feels in my hands.


''Hey Mittens, it's a pretty sweet gun ya go there but ya know, we have a job to do, you can take the gun to your room when we're back''


Ignore the weird Duna voice in my head, she's not here.


Poke poke


It doesn't.
You don't even feel like you're holding an object. You just feel like you put your arms back on after never having them before. This gun was meant to be here, in your hands. It is an extension of you. No. A vital part of you.
Mittens is at the blacksmith's, not the hideout.


Is he?
I must be imagining things
Am I drunk?


I'm not even in base you stupid goatvoice, go away

What a pity I couldn't craft it myself. No matter. After ages of reworking and use, then it will be truly mine.

"Neat. Thanks a lot, you're pretty good."


You made it, he just improved on it.
"Now, is this the untimely end of our partnership, or can I rely on you for future dealings?"


It's still rather tainted. It will take time to reclaim it.

"We'll see. Not in the near future, but you never know."

I should be heading back now.


"I'll be here when you need me."


It wouldn't be satisfying to shoot him with something he made. What an arrogant cock. Meh.

I am back in Mother Base… the base, right?


You return to the hideout with your new gun in tow, its mirror polish almost taunting you, showing a distorted reflection.


Do I still owe Patches that ropegun?


We can't really begin the invasion until we get the others here, so enjoy this time to faff.
She would appreciate it, yes.


Well let's talk to our little drakin prisioner then, see how he's doing


Sitting silently, blindfolded.


Still blindfolded eh?
I wonder if it wouldn't be a trouble the take it off him
Sit besides him and place a hand on his leg ''Hey there big guy~''


I should start putting it together. Do I have everything I need?


"Yes. Uh… hello."
Most of it. Though it might end up a little rough and improvised.


Oh, fine. What do I need to gather to make it work well?


''So, I've been talking with my comrades, and we got an offer for you, one you just won't be able to refuse…'' Run a finger over his chest


You might need some better parts to ensure the rope locks in place properly and that the launch mechanism is accurate.
It'll work without them, but it won't be very safe.
"I have no real choice but to listen. So talk."


Well I'm not going to be responsible for a terrible accident. These parts… shouldn't be hard to find, right?

How about the stuff we looted from that high-end shop?


You can probably make most of it out of that.
For the best results you might want proper gun sights though.


''What a smart boy you are. Well you have been useful to us, but my friends think that you won't be of much use now that you already spilled the beans, so we were considering of…disposing of you…'' stroke his chin and stop talking to see how he'll reply


Can't be that hard, it's not a scope. I need some spare metal and a forge.

We… don't have that around here, do we?


No, it would draw attention.
You could always ask Blanche, or steal some guns to break apart.
"As… expected, I suppose…
So, you're here to give me a last chance?"


''You pick up fast don't ya? But yeah, I proposed that we let you stay, but you'll have to keep making yourself useful, How about it? deal?''


"Well, most anything is better than death."


"so… what should I be doing next?"


''Glad to hear! So you'll be tasked with cleaning the hideout for us. simple job with a nice pay. We'll even feed you and you can use the showers but I'm gonna be monitoring you until I'm sure we can trust ya, capische?''


"Get ready in any way you can.
I suppose we could scout out the meeting area too."
"I'm a messenger, not a maid."


It's just some spare metal and some time with his forge, he won't mind…

Looks like I have to head back.


"What does that mean exactly? I've never done something like this.. Its a lot different that staging props and doing a little magical effect here and there.."


''Unfortunate…Ah well I guess I should go tell my companions that you don't want to comply, I'm sure they have some other plans of what to do with you''


Do you head for the back door to the workshop, or try to wake up Ironford?
"We go to the place, see what it looks like, see where we can stash weapons or hide or escape through, and memorize it."
…a maid, really?
That's just so… degrading."


''Well, it's either that, or whatever the others will do…I'm giving you a choice here''


It's nighttime?
Fuck it, I'll just work on it now and add the sights later. That works, right?


It's the night before the initiation.
You can make it fairly good with the stolen parts, and leave space for the final modifications.
"I suppose hearing their options means I can't go back and agree with your offer?"


Okay. Hopefully I didn't walk that far into the night before realising this. Go to my workstation and gather everything.


"Trust me, my offer is much more appealing than theirs…"


It's a pretty good setup. Padded room to muffle the sound of hammering and all.
Now, the lock mechanism for the rope…
"I guess I can… imagine."


She can't carry a whole roll of rope in her hand, it should be attached to her waist to support her weight anyway.

Come on…

Roll #1 6 = 6


So simple yet so effective.
A little utilitarian in looks, but this will allow her to not only have a lot of rope but to lock it at various lengths to avoid falling.


"Well? What will you choose?"


"Will you allow me to hear the other suggestions?"


Fancy engravings serve no tactical advantage whatsoever.

What else?


"Psh… Fine, whatever" give him a little kick
"Can't believe it"


"I… can't clean very well."
The aiming systems are the only other major problem point. Right now it just kinda goes in the rough direction it's pointed at.


"Hmm, sounds simple enough.."
I'll kick back and eat some bread before this starts.


Can I calibrate it without a sight?


''You'll learn with time, you could cook too''
Let's hear what Patches has to say about it


The bigger problem will be getting Patches to aim it right
"We can head out whenever."
She shrugs
"He still probably has info we need. I really don't care much beyond that, we could make him into a spy, or just an example."


Cross my arms
''Yeah sure…You hear that, boy? we still gonna have to milk you some more''


I'll show it to her first. Walk on out and find them…

"Still a work in progress, Patches. It can't aim very well. Up to you if you want to use it as it is for now."


"Whenever you're ready. But didn't we need taillift for this?"


"You had other plans?"
"My my."
She inspects the rig
"A little rough looking… but I think I could give it a spin."
"Not for scouting, really. She'll be needed when we do the actual mission though."


"If you want.. We could all go."
Check my tat to make sure its visible, and totally not an excuse to twist around in a weird cute pose.


"Don't count on accuracy. Use it as a distraction, or for something big you're sure to hit."


You may have gone a little overboard with it, but the tail of the dragon tattoo is on your middle finger, while the head is all the way on your neck.
"We could all go, yes."


Nah, its completely awesome. Totally.
"Yea, what are they all doing anyway? Hording their drinks to themselves?"


"Teasing the prisoner and tinkering with gadgets it seems."


"Eeh… Nevermind that, just wanted to have some fun with him is all"


"Guess I'll see if they want to leave.."
Head over to where the prisoner is..


"Have all the fun you want. He's ours now."
He's sitting around, still blindfolded
"Yes? Hello?"


"Uh.. hey.. How many people have been by to see you?"


"the problem is that he hasn't been complying…"


"Just the capra. Told me I could be your maid."
"So he needs… convincing?"


"Oh yes, he does"


"What really? Geez, all capra really are horny all the time." I roll my eyes. "Would you maybe like some bread? You're probably hungry."


"Do you want to do it, or should I?"
"Thank you. I am, and I would.
Worrying over my seemingly inevitable fate has helped me ignore the most of it though."


give the drakin some of my bread.
"I'm sure if you help them out they'll go easier on you.."


A devilish grin forms in my mouth
''Weeel, now I'm curious to see what you would do to him…''


"I will do what I can."
"I'm no expert on interrogation but if we cut off his wings and send them to the Dragons as a warning, that should break him nice and quick."


Pat his head
"Yea.. so just try being helpful.. I'm gonna go now, got lots of work to do.." Then I should try to find.. Duna.


Right here >>17336


"Hey.. what's holding us up from going? Something you don't know?"


"My my, so cruel…"
"The others aren't ready yet…"


"What do they need to be done?"


"I dunno, but we can't go in there on our own,so let's relax and wit back while we still can.."


Since faff is losing steam, do we want to do the scouting now or next time?


I would be up for it, but where did everyone go?




The Cavalry has established a foothold.
Poised to take a chunk of the local drug market and prepared to infiltrate the ranks of the Golden Dragons, this small band of infamous assassins will soon begin a mighty rise.

At Home Base, in the old theater, you have
Maid, keeps the base tidy
Captive Golden Dragon messenger with info on the Golden Dragons
A skilled bard and seasoned underworld veteran
Your boss, apprentice to Nosey, an old-timey big name.

Your next tasks include
-Infiltrating and/or sabotaging the Golden Dragons initiation
-Kidnapping a World Warper from the mansion of the Grandelion family
-Assassinate the Wyld Wytch of the Woods for the necromancer, Cruncy
-Find a way to get into Dead Man's Headland Prison to rescue Sir Ragamont, Nosey's old war buddy.


Can't say I'm not enjoying this, but I am hoping my name will get cleared.

Have I finished that ropegun for Patches? I hope so.


She has it, but has yet to give it a proper test run.
You might want to try and find sources of info regarding who might have wanted the duke or prince dead.


We ought to just go for the Golden Dragons, yea?


The… armory master supposedly died, right? Let me try and remember the rumours again.

I'm also fine with that


''If you're all good to go, I'm tired of waiting already''


"Can't learn anything sitting around here right?"


''Atta girl, let's roll out then.''


The armory master was missing, presumed dead.
There was a Drakin Ambassador visiting at the time, and he was also killed.
"Speaking of dragons"
Patches bursts in
"Look what I caught"
She pushes in a drakin. Skinny and without the usual predatory glint in his eye, but still seemingly powerful.


''Oh hey, we're dragon hunters now? I barely caught one of the scaly bastards and brought him here and then you decide to do that same. What's the guy's name? He doesn't look so tough…''


Look him over.
"Nice catch. How did you do it, and who's he?"


"That makes two this week."


"Another one?" I frown.
"We don't have enough food for running a drakin prison."


"This is Eider. Found him stoned off his scaly ass and then he ranted about how he hated traditional drakin values for a good while. Though he did show he knows his way around a crossbow and has some magical aptitude… so not a complete loss"


"Oh. So you're not a captive.. Hey Eider.."


Raise an eyebrow.
"My, my. Wonder if he feels like helping us while he sulks and looks at pictures his parents don't want him to see. Eider, right? Why don't you tell us what you hate?"


Raise an eyebrown
''Stoned? Now that's something…''
Turn to him with a smile ''Sup, Eider, sooo, don't like traditional drakin values eh? Well, most dudes of your race are assholes anyways so I share the feeling''


"Hey at least I can function when I'm stoned. Plus I have my excuses for hating those hoity toity stuck up snobs." Eider says while using jazz hands while saying 'hoity toity'.

He waves a bit. "Heya, whoever you are."

"Well I can be a bit of an asshole too, but at least I can be more of a pal than typical Drakin."

"Fucking- okay I can understand having a lot of pride. But taking it to the point where you stroke your ego as much as your servants scrub your fucking dirty toe, that's when they begin to take it too far." He says, continuing to rant off about the Drakin culture.


"Sideswipe.. uh, you feel like helping us out with this Golden Dragons thing? Or do they already know you?"


"I wonder if the Golden Dragons are as stuck up as you describe. See, we have a problem with them too."


"Now wait wait wait everyone, how do we know he's not just a spy?"


Shrug again ''Good enough for me'' I also chuckle a bit as he goes on with the rant ''Alright alright, we get it, high-flier. You can call me Slapstick, I think I don't need to explain why'' I raise my hammer over my shoulder
''Hmmn…Perhaps a test of loyalty is to be arranged, Fancypants?''


"I trust Patches to not bring us a spy."


"I'm not sure how aware the Golden Dragons even are of our existence and threat. Besides, they tend to be more… direct. Valid point, though."


"Look at him.
This is the antithesis of the kind of someone the Golden Dragons would want.
Don't believe me? Lets show him to Cloudbreaker."


"They took all of my grass and seeds. Only thing I got away with was my emergency stash I didn't have on me and my crossbow." He says, looking more annoyed as he talks about it.

"Well, looks like I'm more than enough convinced to help."

"How do I know you're not a spy?"

"…Is it because you smack people with a hammer?"


''Yeah, Cloudbreaker could tell what he knows about this dude''


"Waaay too trusting."
Smirk at her.
"That's how spies work!"
"I ain't gotta prove shit to you. But Slapstick's right, a test of loyalty's a good idea."


"I don't mind."

Start menacingly handling my gun.

"Harsh. They sure sound like a bunch of roosters."


"What if they have like.. tail language and tell each other things in secret? If he was a spy, he totally would."
"Are you saying they already know you as an enemy?" I look disappointed.
"H-hey." I fold my arms and look away from you.


"Well we can keep him on a short leash until we see him in action.
Any loose ends before we head out to the initiations?"


"I don't have to go on a date with you to prove myself, do I? Because I mean you don't exactly look like my type."

Eider sits there for a moment before registering the rooster bit in his brain. He grins and points at you with a look that says "Oh you."

"Not so much an enemy as some pot head that didn't meet their standards."


Let's head off.


''I say we just found a way to hold up on this matter even more, it's starting to become a headache.''
''Well we could leave you here, can't be sure that you'll behave if we bring you along…''


"What's the plan, precisely? Blow everything up or do it the quiet way?"
"I say we get you stoned and drunk to boot, and then just ask you questions."


"We go there, pose as initiates, find out everything we can…
…then kill everyone."
"Off we go then. It's near the forest's edge."


"Alright.. Lets just go."


"Okay, that was clear, but how-
Are we ripping their spines clean off or is someone gonna poison the air with bad farts?
T'sall about the way you do it!"


"Ooooooh no no no. Getting drunk while stoned is an extremely bad idea. It'll just make you sick."

"Hey but what fun would that be? I could be a massive sock thief too."

"Whoa like… Everyone? Seems a bit harsh."


"Why can't you melee barbarians do things surgically precise?"

"You, you're a crossbowman. Surely you have some elegance in your methods."


''yeah, let's just leave already, MY HAMMER IS THIRSTY FOR BLOOD'' I say faking a super deep demon voice
''Well then I won't worry! I don't wear socks!'' I clap my hooves on the floor a bit
''now, if you were a massive Panty thief, that would be another story''


"Well, we'll make up the details when we get there.
Move out!"

A dozen or so people of various races stand around idly near the edge of the woods, awaiting their leader.
Some of them are sporting dragon tattoos and golden jewellery.
Nobody seems to quite know what to expect.


I should sheath my gun. It's a pretty distinctive weapon,come to think of it.


"Ssssome. I do more than just fling arrows, but I generally get the job done and aim to disable them via shooting their shoulder blades or even aim for their legs. I just really don't like being the executioner."

"What if I said I was?" He says with a little smirk.

Eider looks out to the small crowd. He takes time to try and spot all possible targets from a safe distance.

>Spot roll


Roll #1 10 = 10


I made sure to comb my hair properly into a neat ponytail and put on some different clothes and a hat as a disguise before leaving
''Well…'' Pull him close to whisper
''What if I said I don't wear panties either…''


Sit down next to someone else.
"Hey, how are you doing?"


"That would be extremely hot." He whispers back.


''Wweeeeeell too bad you ain't trustworthy enough yet, kiddo'' Flick his muzzle and move away


A lot of people here have flashy weapons. Probably trying to make a good impression.
Most of these are nobodies. The only really worthwhile targets are the big human with a dull face but smart eyes, and the drudge whose calm posture fails to hide his clearly trained body.
You can see two drakin flying in from the distance. Those are your real targets here.
You sit next to a big guy.
He looks kinda dumb, but his voice seems eloquent and witty.
"Doing well. Here to see if the blood of dragons will accept me. Impressive ink you got there. Fresh too, by the looks of it."


I flex the dragon tat a bit.
"Fuck yea! I got so excited about this chance to join I went and got it. How long have you been waiting to get in?"


How are they armed? any mages?


Eider looks for a nice spot nearby to possibly hide in while still having a nice vantage point.

>Finding hiding spot.


Roll #1 8 = 8


''I heard they were pretty hard to impress, Big guy.'' I say to the Big guy, sitting next to Kelpie, who is sitting next to the Big guy


"I came to town to see if the rumors were true - they say the grandson of the supreme grand master of their gang runs this area."
You could climb a tree.
"For you, maybe. I have enough reputation among them to make it easily."


"Oh? You know people can't stop talking about the Golden Dragons, they are gonna be huge. I can feel it. What do you think will be our first job? Anything like their last one?"


''Well, let's just wait and see then…'' Tip my hat at him


Now in his own little hidey hole, Eider prepares some magical bolts for later.

>Homing Magic: Elemental Lighting + Water. (2 Lightning first, then two water, then one lightning in summoning pattern.)


Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Head to the big guy.
"Reputation, eh? Tell me about the golden Dragons. Why do they attract you?"


"What, shaking down some drug dealers? Sure hope not.
I was thinking… maybe knock over that big jail over on the headland. Or possibly guard one of their political puppets."
You call up a swirling halo of water and lightning in that good old pattern you've seen so many times it's practically calming.
"Power attracts. They hold a great deal of political influence in the east, some say because their leaders are blessed by a real dragon, possibly the ancient Dragon Emperor."


"Oh? You want to guard a politician? Like do they even have new ones for you to guard?"


"If I know my Dragons, they will be using this power vacuum to get their friends into power here.
I mean, they sent out assassins to take out that ambassador here too."


Now, Eider just sits back and relaxes as he waits for an attack of opportunity. Or a signal of some kind.


"Think they could be behind the assassination of that duke? Any idea if those Eastern lords have an agenda here?"


I whistle a bit.
"Whoa, they must really want this area. Better to be on the inside when they take over, yea?"


My eyes widden for a moment before I turn to him


"Oh, so they did send assasins? Cool."

Make sure I packed extra rounds.

"What more do you know?"


Roll to actually remain unseen
It would be a bit daft to just sit out in the open, even in a tree
"Well I got my contacts. Gotta stay on top of things if you're… in the business as they say.
And my contacts say the word is, the Golden Dragons hired someone to take out an ambassador here before he could begin talks of an alliance between the Eastern Kingdoms and these lands. I think he was to meet a prince or something here, before meeting with the king himself?"


Eider stays in his hiding spot, not moving.

>Remain unseen


Roll #1 1 = 1


"That's gotta be a tough job.. I wonder if they'll succeed."


Oh fuck
I nod slowly and sit back a bit.
Now I ain't the best at thinking
but there's something fishy here


"Ooooh this ain't good."


"Something like that."

now I really hope I packed those better shots.


There is something decidedly unsubtle about a green and purple drakin surrounded by ball lightnign, even when in a tree.
There is no way you won't be seen.
"Well, worked well enough in the east if stories are to be believed.
Bald Viper, nice to meet you."
He extends a big calloused hand.


Shake his hand as well ''ehe…yeah, nice to meet you too Viper''


Adjust self in tree to be stealthier.

>Trying to hide better.


Roll #1 10 = 10


"Tammy. Pleased to meet you." I smile and shake his hand.


Rerolling a failed roll is poor form.
Your bad and good luck cancel out, and you manage to find an adequate hiding place, by sitting very uncomfortably.
"Had a cat named Tammy once…"
"Looks like the big cheese is here.
Well, we can talk later."

Two drakin land before you.
One is more physically fit, a burly brute with dark scales and skin, and eyes like embers.
The other is more sinewy and tall, with sharp eyes and scales of ruby red.
The tall one speaks
"Welcome, one and all, to your.. initiation."


There's going to be plenty of theatricality and deception. I can feel it.


Eider clings there like the majestic gecko, hoping this spot is good enough to hide in until the attack.

>Gecko cling to remain unseen


Roll #1 7 = 7


I nod and try to look interested as I wait. My ears standing tall at attention


I keep quiet and watch this.


Lets see if either of the arrivals see you
"Know that you, few among many, have been chosen to stand here to be judged by the Blood of Dragons. Those deemed worthy may give tribute and join our cause. Those who fail, will never be deemed worthy again."

Roll #1 1, 10 = 11


The big one looks you dead in the eye


"SHIT!" he loudly whispers. He then quickly climbs down using his Gecko-like clinging skills.


''Geez, never again? ain't that a little bit too harsh?'' I whisper


I visibly wince at the discovery of our new ally.


It really is hard to tell if he is angry or just loud.
Ruby Rod over there ignores your whispering
"Know that you will, in this, serve the Divine Dragons themselves! A task more holy than any other!
If you have doubts, step back now, and run, lest you die in the ordeals!"


He gives the big guy a thumbs up as he goes back into line. "Good morning!" Fission Mailed.


Just wait for them to explain the deadly challenge..


['Gosh just get on with it already…''] She thinks grumpily


"Your first task is simple.
You will head out
And find the Golden Scale we have hidden in the forest
The one to return with it gets to choose four others who stay. Those five will then face the final challenge."


''That's it?…Well sounds simple enough, I'm ready to go then!''


"That's the challenge? Sounds super lame."
I comment.


Eider listens in, glancing around as they speak.


"So you would think, human.
SO. You. Would. Think."
"Go. And return with victory"
"You too, brother in scale.
We won't go easy on you just because of your heritage.
…and take a damn bath you smell of goat."


Guess I'll go into the woods and look around.

Roll #1 6 = 6


''Alright, will do, sir.'' I run into the forest. Quick as a capra and look for something shiny and goldie

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Oh uhh… Musta been my goat-based dinner last night."

Eider then heads out into the forest. He more or less enjoys the scenery but he does look for the scale they were mentioning.



Roll #1 2 = 2


The others scatter as well.
The two drakin remain at the edge of the woods and sit down to talk.
If you don't mind givign everyone else a head start, you can stay and listen.

Patches tries searching '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


While Eider isn't a master of stealth, he could possibly at least make it seem as if he's searching the edges first.

>Listening in


Roll #1 9 = 9


Nah, I'll keep looking, the idea is to get in right?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Well now that she was in she could only keep going

Roll #1 8 = 8



You find a shiny scale!
As you touch it, a net trap nabs you into a tree…
Thinking ahead, you realize the scale is probably somewhere a drakin could easily put it.
Possibly up a tree.
There is a tall oak nearby.
"What do you think?"
"Lots of girls though."
"Still, Fireheart told us we need more bodies."
"Well, I am his friend, and he is our leader…"


A tree huh?
Goats are great for climbing after all
Let's climb that motherfucker!

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Eider continues to try and be a sneaky sneak as he listens in more.

>Continue to listen in.


Roll #1 9 = 9


'1d10' Right. I'll just try to undo the top of the net?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Calmness in danger and cleverness in duress are virtues of true dragons.
With nimble fingers, you release yourself from this simple trap.
This must be the right tree - they GREASED it!
Min 7 to climb!
"Please. I merely want a good standing among the inner circle."
"His father rules the Higher Echelon, and his grandfather the entire Golden Dragons. I would have no hope. Even if I did know his weaknesses~"
"I know. I embrace it."


I'm taking this net with me DM, rolling it up and throwing it over my shoulder.
'1d10' search around for tracks of who might have put it here.

Roll #1 7 = 7


''Oh the fuckers'' She smirks as she finds it
she drops the hammer, crack her knuckles and goes climb it FOR REAL this time

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


[Having this level of listening in fills Eider with DETERMINATION!]
Eider continues to listen in on their conversation.

>Hey! Listen!


Roll #1 8 = 8


Damaged branches and footprints ending nowhere.
The drakin did this.
You make it up to the lower branches, which then break off - they had been weakened with a saw.
"Alas, no. He travels the Eastern Kingdoms with his own inner circle.
That is why he sent Fireheart here. So their bloodline could extent another tendril into a new kingdom."
"Even the Dragons do politics."


''Ffffuck yooooou''
Time to get serious

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


The juiciest information comes with patience. Eider continues to listen in a bit longer.

>Listen in continues.


Roll #1 2 = 2


The big one again stares right at you
You clamber up and stick your hand in a hole to get a better grip.
The hole is filled with grease, and now your hands are slippery!
Climbing… may not be an option.


I kick the dirt in frustration.
"This is probably his scale too. Whatever."
Just wander aimlessly for a bit hoping to see another scale. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Eider gives him a thumbs up. "Right. Thanks for the free tip." He says before bolting out into the forest. He then sets his eyes on looking for the scale.

>Search for scale


Roll #1 2 = 2


But I shan't give iiiiiin
She wipes the grease on her clothes, who gives a shit about the clothes anyways?
'1d10+1' GOAT

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


You notice Duna angrily trying to climb a greased up tree.
There is something shiny near the top of it.
You stumble into a shiny scale, but as you touch it, you fall into a hole! It was a trap set by the drakin, no doubt.
You climb up once more, and bite the trunk, then slide down leaving tooth marks as you go.


"Uh.." Tap her on the shoulder.
"Need a lift?"


…Fun… Well, time to climb out of there.

Eider begins to try and climb out of the hole.



Roll #1 9 = 9


She sits down on her butt for a bit, her gaze showing just how done she was… Before getting up…
''hmmnnghhhhgrrRRRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!'' She shouts in rage as she picks up the hammer, and SLAMS it on the side of the tree
'1d10+2' Slam, crits on 8+

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Being a drakin trap, it was designed to prevent flight.
Being familiar with capra, you never even tried, and easily climbed out.
The tree does not comment.


She drops the hammer and stamps her hoof on the ground in frustration
Then punches the tree
Then regrets punching the tree
Then takes a moment to handle the pain of punching the tree
Then she turns to Kelpie, Defeated
''F…Fine…Can you give me a lift?…''


Eider brushes himself off before continuing on to look for a scale.

>Searching onward


Roll #1 2 = 2


"Sure, just don't kick me."
Lift her up high. Do I even need to roll for this? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You find another shiny scale and pick it up.
This yanks a thin wire.
Somewhere unseen, something is released from its cage…
The boost alone gets Duna past the grease and weakened branches.
Just don't critfail and the scale is yours.


I-I can do it now…

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


"Oh you have got to be shitting me." He attempts to avoid whatever was just released and keep an eye out for both it and the scales.

>Spotting for scales and creature


Roll #1 8 = 8


You finally spot a golden scale.
Duna is picking it out of a big oak tree nearby.
You clamber along and nab the scale! Victory!


Eider makes his way over to the tree where Duna is, although he keeps on the look out for possible dangers as she climbs down.



Roll #1 4 = 4


"Fuck yea! Teamwork!" I cheer and drop the capra on the ground.


She finally gets down, carefully holding it
And then punches Kelpie in the shoulder, jumping a bit to reach it
''I could have gotten it myself…Eventually…'' She grumbles and rubs her arm
''But yeah, thanks…Or whatever''


Patches, covered in leaves, thorns, mud and more than a few patches of blood stumbles upon your little victory party
"Shit you found it already?"


"Owch." I complain with a pout. "I'll get you for that later."
"There you are new guy. What's happening?"
"Yea, guess you go have it, so you can pick us?"


"Well long story short, I fell into two traps. Though I have no idea where the second trap is."


I hold it out for her
''Yeah, Sideswipe helped me a little bit…''
''Oh I didn't even punched you that hard ya lil' baby…'' Smirk
''Oh, no need to worry, we got the scale already''


"And what a fine job you did retrieving it my greasy comrade! Though we just gotta get back before we run into the second trap."


She takes the scale
"Sure, I can do it.
Did you find out anything else? I got… occupied for a while back there."


"I got a net from a trap. Could come in handy if we want to capture one of these drakin for our drakin collection back home."
"You have those strong smith paws. I can't compete with those!" I whine at you.
"I didn't learn anything, got a net thou."


''Greasy?…Oh yeah, I kinda need a bath…''
''Yeah I could tell…But nope, we didn't find anything else…were we supposed to?''


''Well you got that fancy weird voodoo witching stuff. can't compete with that either! I wonder why do you even bother to carry a hammer around''


"Well I listened in on those two drakin for a bit. Fireheart needs more bodies. Oh and the non-loud one knows his weaknesses plus he's a good standing friend in his inner circle. Aaaand Venerable Ironhide travels the eastern kingdoms with his own inner circle. That's all I got."

"Good idea, get the non-loud one."


"Good job.
Guess we know our next goal then - red scale comes with us and tells us everything."


I snicker. "You just wait. I learned something really spooky recently."
"And hammers are cool. I can play wack-a-capra with them." I teasingly giggle.
"Whoa, okay, how about you lure him out here, with drakin kinship or something, prove you're on our side in this, and then we net him and haul him off to base?"


"Want me to just unleash the thunder on the big guy while you guys capture red scale?"


"Good plan.
Anyone leave any of those traps somewhere? I had a hard time getting out of the one I ran into, we could use them to our advantage."


"Yeah that could work too. Granted the big guy doesn't seem like he trusts me so much."

"I fell into a hole right over there." Eider says, pointing out to the location where he fell.


''Nooooow it's when the plan gets interesting. I have some pent up feelings I need to unload, preferably into someone's face, with my fist''
''Oh nooo, are you gonna… Summon skelletons?'' She whispers
''You really think they will fall for the traps they put on themselves?…''


"Well, not fall for it.
Get pushed into it."


"We could try improving a trap, so far all these had escape options."


"Let's fill them with firecrackers that will go off when they fall in them."


"Uh.. I can't talk to the dead."
add in a spooky tone "Only see them, like that ghost over your shoulder"


''How about getting kicked into it? Also works?''
''how about giving that scaly ass a good beating until he faints? There's no escaping that!''


"Works fine."
"Prep the pit. I'll go get our… guests"


Go over to the pit and.. is there a good spot I can set up the net so it can fall into the pit, like holding the end of it and dropping it on que?


''I don't know nothing about pits. Papa was a smith, not a hunter''


Eider attempts to use grease from the tree to grease the rim of the pit.

>Grease up pit


Roll #1 5 = 5


You could weigh it down over the pit, so it falls into the pit along with anyone who falls down there
"Well you found the scale. You can tag along to return it."
The pit rim is now slippery


''Aight, on it''


Alright, sounds solid. I'll just take my time to do it if that's okay. [take 6 to rig net to the pit]


Eider looks around for a tree that he can climb or fly up to in order to have a sniping point.

>Finding sniping spot.


Roll #1 8 = 8


You weigh the new with stones and cover it with leaves. It will make a fine trap combined with the grease.
You can already hear some rustling headed your way.
There is a good spot in a nearby tree.
From there, you can see something moving towards you. Patches sure was fast.
You and Patches return to the others
"We have your scale!"
"Fantastic. Now, have you chosen?"
"I have."
"Fantastic. Now all that remains is to hear you out."
"I choose…
…the human girl
…this capra
…the two young men
"You may only choose four"
"The drakin nearly beat us to the scale. He is worthy."
"…he is worthy. I saw what he accomplished. Were you to see it too, you would agree."
"Hm… perhaps we will see what he accomplished. Show us, if you so adamantly insist on his worthiness."
Patches puts on a slight grin
"Right this way…"



You had set up a pit trap in the woods to capture two important Golden Dragon members.
Bloodruby, the smaller of the two, has some intimate knowledge of the leader of the gang - Fireheart son of Ironhide, so getting information out of him will be top priority.
Unfortunately, he is joined by Obsidian son of Emberstrife, a massive brute even by drakin standards.

Patches is bringing them to you. Get ready.


"Let me know if you need medical attention." I whisper to the others.


I'll stand back and watch him fall into our trap.


Eider keeps his crossbow primed and ready for an ambush, looking to see if/which. Possibly even waiting for others to attack first.


Soon Patches emerges from the bushes, followed by the slender red form of Bloodruby. The drakin looks around, mildly confused
"Where is your drakin friend? You said you wished to show us a display of his worth and ingenuity."


'Well better to hit the big guy first. Seems like the type to take what I can throw at him.' Eider thinks to himself, staying in position as he waits for the big fellow. He just hopes Patches can handle stalling a bit longer.


I'll summon an unreal being behind him to try and spook him into falling in the pit.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Summon my Ice Bolts behind cover.

Homing Magic, Ice '1d10+1' Master Caster

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Since I chose to stick behind them up until now, let's push the drakin right into the pit with a body slam!

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Well, for one, he surprised us with his stealth. Can you see him?"
Bloodruby looks around '1d10'
Some distance behind them, Obsidian angrily stomps at some roots "LET GO OF ME YOU INFERNAL PLANTLIFE I HATE WALKING"
You think your spell fizzles, but you also sense that something is closing in.
Your bolts gently float into position around your hands
With Bloodruby distracted, he easily stumbles into the pit, pulling the net down with him
"AH! Obsidian! Help! Treachery! Betrayal!"

By the sound of it, Obsidian isn't happy about this…

Roll #1 6 = 6


Eider chuckles a bit at the body slam from Duna. He then takes aim and fires everything he has on Obsidian.

>Homing Magic

Water [1d10+2]
Lightning [1d10+2]
Water [1d10+2]
Lightning [1d10+2]
Lightning [1d10+2]

>Marksman Shot


Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5 / Roll #3 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #4 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #5 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #6 3 = 3


I'll aim for Obsidian's upper body to stop his wings and arms, since Bloodruby is already caught.

Ice Homing Magic '3d10+1'

Roll #1 2, 7, 6 + 1 = 16


Something? ..'1d10' spot check?
'1d10' I'll try to activate inner demons on myself: +1 to all rolls, +1 hit +1 wound, and -1 skill tier to enemies struck

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Finally some action
now let's turn around to face that other drakin
''Oh hey there''
And let's get that hammer ready

Roll #1 5 = 5


A number of hits land of Obsidian, shocking, soaking and freezing him. However, he is a big guy and won't go down from a simple ambush.
You barely manage to get out of the way as the still crackling beast of a drakin slams through the closest tree, breaking it in half.
By the feel of, something not entirely natural.
A huge branch from the shattered tree almost knocks you over as you focus on channelling your demons.

Obsidian 2/6

Cherry 5/5
Eider 5/5
Kelpie 3/5
Duna 7/5


''Oooh shit…''
Let's jump away to a safe distance to get ready


And sharpen! '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Use Heal on Kelpie, we can't afford to have scratches get worse.

Heal '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


"I'm starting to think I should have stuck to fake ghosts.."
'1d10+2' Maybe I can summon a smoozeling, or something else useful. Mythic Monster.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


'Hmng… Mama always did say go DPS mage and not burst.' He thinks to himself more, taking aim once more.

>Normal shot: Water Element


Roll #1 10 = 10


You jump away from arm's reach, so Obsidian picks up the tree and swats you away with it like a pesky fly.
As Cherry's healing knits her wounds shut, Kelpie calls to the depths of the void and it answers in turn.
A great beast of amorphous jelly and burning fury seeps into view from the knotholes of trees, the cracks in rocks and the remnants of nearby wildlife. Even Obsidian looks worried.
Distracted by the arrival of the shoggoth, you get a good shot at Obsidian, bringing him down to a knee.

Obsidian HELPLESS/5 Tier 5

Cherry 5/5 Tier 4
Eider 5/5 Tier 4
Kelpie 5/5 Tier 4
"Smoozeling" 5/5 Tier 8
Duna HELPLESS/4 Tier 4


While the big guy is down, Eider begins to create his Homing Magic once more, in the same pattern he typically does. (see shots fired for reference)

>Homing Magic


Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9



Help her up! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"W-hoa it worked! Yes! Muhaha! We are unstoppable."
"Thanks Cherry." I nod at you.

'1d10' Smoozeling will attack Obsidian.
I'll take a moment to try to help Duna as well. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 10 = 10


I get sent flying away into the ground, pretty bruised up
''Heh, I'm fine…I guess a fucking whole tree beats hammer huh?'' Smirk as I shakily get up

Roll #1 4 = 4


You manage to get a few orbs up
Nothing keeps Obsidian down for long, he is back on his feet before you even reach Duna.
Duna is back up, but Obsidian can hold his own well against the Smoozeling

Obsidian 10/5 Tier 5

Cherry 5/5 Tier 4
Eider 5/5 Tier 4
Kelpie 5/5 Tier 4
"Smoozeling" 4/5 Tier 8
Duna 7/4 Tier 4


'Second times the charm?" He asks himself, aiming at Obsidian once more.

>Homing Magic

Water [1d10+2]
Lightning [1d10+2]
Water [1d10+2]
Lightning [1d10+2]

>Marksman Shot: Lightning Element


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #3 10 + 2 = 12 / Roll #4 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #5 7 = 7


Summong Ice Magic, I'm no good up front.

Homing Magic, Ice '1d10+1'

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


''You're one tough scalie you know that?''
Brush off my possibly broken ribs, I can still take on this guy!
Let's SLAM

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"You can't escape Mr. Drakin." I say with a taunting giggle.
'1d10' smoozeling attacks obsidian with a slime ball.
'1d10' I'll try bringing up an unreal being again.

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 9 = 9


An unreal being spooks Obsidian out of his rampage, moments before he is hit by what can best be described as a critical mass of chaotic magic as Eider's spells and shots intertwine into an unstable mess that blows up much of the surrounding greenery.
Eider himself is down and out, but there is little left of Obsidian beyond a few scales and scraps of skin.

Good job?


Cover my eyes as I watch the magic explosion unfold, staring wide eyed
''Eider…Holy shit…''


Look down into the pit. "Hey, you saw what we did to your boss right? Are you even awake down there?"


"I wasn't expecting that…"


File: 1447447489887.jpg (376.16 KB, 660x1020, Blanc.jpg)

LeBlanc would be proud.

Eider lies there on the ground at the base of the tree he was just on. One can only assume he must have passed out after exerting that much magic.


Shake my head
''Psh, can't expect him to stay up after that''
Walk up to him and poke his head ''Hey, you didn't die did ya?''


Eider simply groans unconsciously as a reaction.


''Yep, he's out''
turn to the others
''Someone's gonna haff ta carry this dude!''
Also how is our little drakin in his net?


"My boss? Fool! I'm in charge here!"


"Not it!" I chime in and look around in my bag for chalk or something that would be good to draw on him with.


''…Are you seriously gonna take advantage of him like that?''


"Then I hope you don't mind if we ask a few questions."

"If Kelpie doesn't, I will."


"Come on, it will be fun." I smile deviously at you.

"Oh. I'm sorry. I get all of your scalies mixed up. So.. you want to tie yourself up or.."


I smile as well
''Pfft alright… Draw a big moustache on his face then, I guess I'll have to carry him back to base''

Turn to Patches with a wide grin
''So, what we do with him now?''


Bloodruby tries to struggle against the net but fails
"…bah. Fine. I suppose you got me. May the blood of dragons forgive my failure."


''Hey at least you're clever enough to not struggle!''


Eider opens his eyes slightly, very dazed from what happened earlier and still in pain from the fall. He groans a bit more and looks around. "Hey… Anyone got a pack of ice…?"


'1d10' if its okay I'll just roll for graffiti quality

Roll #1 1 = 1


Just kinda lets it happen.


"I can tell when not to make a bad situation worse.
And the Wyrdbeest will kill you soon enough anyway."


''The Whatbeest?''


"Great, lets get him back to base before his friends come over here to check."
It turns out terribly because of the rush job and you could wipe it off easily.
"Oh.. I could try making you something.."


''Alright, got it''
Let's pick up Eider and carry him
''I handle this drakin, you guys take care of the other one''


"Make me feel pretty… oh so pretty… oh so witty and pretty and guuuhhhhh…" He groans again.

"But my make over…" He says groggily.


''Shhh, you don't need makeover to be a pretty dragon princess, now come on, I'll take you to the castle''
It takes me a lot of willpower to not burst out laughing after saying that


I guess I'll haul the boss drakin up in the net and drag him along, since the others seem busy.



"Let's fly to the castle…" He mumbles, his wings twitching slightly.


Roll #1 3 = 3


''Your wings are so pretty!''

Roll #1 10 = 10


'1d10' rollin

Roll #1 9 = 9


As you haul up the net, a deafening roar sounds through the woods.
Trees shake and shudder as a monster that defies description rampages towards you - hairy and muscular, yet with skin that resembles bark and masses of writhing tendrils, topped with a screaming, antlered skull.
It charges the Smoozeling and engages it, giving you enough time to make a decision
Fight the Wyrdbeest (Tier 8)


''Hookay that's where we get the fuck out''


Eider, still being very loopy, can only be carried by Duna at the moment.


"N-nothing can stop The Smooze.. I believe in you little guy!"


You leg it out of the woods, looking back to see the Wyrdbesst rip the Smoozeling apart piece by piece before disappearing deeper into the woods once again.
Its power seems to amaze and amuse Bloodruby in equal amounts.


"Where are we now…?" Eider asks, too tired to move his head around to look.


"By my dad's hammer, what the hell was that?!"
Look around, how far did we run off to?


You're not far from town, but safely away from the woods


Alright good, let's get going to the base
Is anyone following us? I mean, a Capra carrying a drakin is hard to miss…


Luckily, no.
The other candidates must have scattered thanks to the beest


Should we pause now since all is ded?


"Well.. Lets get back to base before something else happens.."


"I still need that ice packet…"


'1d10' natural remedy "Calm down Princess.. I'll make you some medicine."

Roll #1 8 = 8


He lets out a sigh of relief after being given some of that healing medicine. "Thank you…"


Patches inspects the situation
"Blindfold him and lets haul him back home. We might need to get a little clever with avoiding guards on the way in though."


"Yea, you big baby.. just take a nap." I pat your head.
"Right away Boss." I tear off some cloth from his clothes and blindfold him. "Uh, someone else better talk to the guards, I don't think I'd be good at it, I always just sneak around them.."

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