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I wish I could go on an adventure with Pokemon.

Crawl through some damp grass…

Climb rocky, rugged mountains…

Cross the raging seas…

Wander about in dark caves…

And sometimes, just sometimes, get a little homesick…

It mus be amazing to travel!

You've got your sheets. Where in the wide world are you, seeking our your own adventures?


File: 1435078313869.jpg (4.06 MB, 4112x4112, POKEMAP cut.jpg)

No matter who you are, you've got to know where you are and where you're going. Fortunately maps are easy to get, and you all have you already.


I'm still bunking with Arthur in…Shuiea, was it?


You're at the station waiting for the truck driver to come pick up the sick Miltank. Might want to look at the layout of the city, first.

Yeah. On the outside it looks like a traditional oceanside house used by the sailors and fishers of yore, but inside it's a simple, modern styled home.

He brings out a heated pizza and fizzy drinks.

"Man, I always wanted to have a sleepover. What'd you feel like doing?"


The rhyhorn you were trying to be friendly with turned aggressive. you're going to have to battle it down!


I sample the pizza.
"Well, should we let the Pokemon out so they could relax as well?"


"Mine are probably still worn out from earlier… they'll come out when they want. I never put the locks on my Pokemon. The Pokemon on my team aren't, well… 'mine', you know? A lot of trainers just want pets, some want followers, some want tools… I want my Pokemon as my comrades, my partners. How about you?"

As if on cue, the poke balls he left on the table burst open. A Froakie and Slowpoke emerge, and they help themselves to a few slices after waving at you.


Take a look at one of those maps they have hanging on the wall.


"I know what you mean. I feel the same way about my own. It's more about the journey than the destination."
I'll let out my own. Horsea can go in the water outside the house.


They have one right on the wall for confused country plebs like you!

The city is divided into three quarters, much like the continent itself. Each is built into the valley, almost as if embraced by the mountains. To the northwest is the industrial district, the heart of industrial activity. The work of both the steel-wielder and the researchers of the future of farming all work there. It seems to be symbolized by a torch.

To the south is the business district. Office buildings go in hand with large arcades and shopping, where you may find things for insane deals or things you never thought existed. It's marked by a waterfall.

To the east, something you'll find comforting and familiar. The residential district, where the children of the future are raised in homes and schools among the green of nature. Respite for those who work in the torch of the industrial district and the neverending hustle of commerce.

A truck driver comes up to you.
"Yo, that the sick Miltank?"

Horsea decides to hang around you instead. There's a tank in the room full of water, but Horsea is opting to be by your side. Ralts helps herself to a slice, and combusken tries to heat up its own piece.

"what are their names?"


I spin around to look at the driver.
"Yep! I'm Amber, the junior ranger they sent with her. You're ready to pick her up to take to the research place?"


"Mhm! I'll just pick her up and then I'll be off!"

He goes over to the crate, but the station inspector halts him.

"Ma'am, sure he's the one picking up your cargo? Security reasons, got to ask first."


Do I know the name of the guy or anything?
"You're right.. Can I see your ID?"


"Sorry, I left my ID at home. If it makes you feel better, you can come along for the ride!"


"Uh, no ID? Hmm.. what's your name and the name of the facility? I can radio over to the HQ and check those."


"Manny Al, destination Fireleaf Pokemon Labs. The details will check out, I can assure you of that."


I thought she'd be more comfortable there. But it's up to her.
"Well, the Horsea is Lowtide, the Combuskin is Li, and the Ralts is…Millie."


Nod and pick the radio up clicking it on.
"Hello, this is Amber, I'm here with the sick miltank and want to confirm the hand off details.."


"Cool. Names are important, they separate a Pokemon from the rest of its stock. It's how they can begin to learn that they're individuals. I've heard some Pokemon prefer to wait till they've done something great so they can be named to remember it, though. A lot don't mind changing their names, ether. This is Walter…"

He gestures to his Froakie.

"And that's Beth."

The Slowpoke looks in your direction.

The TV buzzes to life as it gets powered on. Looks like the news is running.


"Yeah, it's to a driver called Manny Al and to Fireleaf Labs. Be sure to accompany him! The lab might need some help from you."


"Yeah. I always have a hard time picking the right names for them. They have to be something that fits, after all."
What's on the news?


"Understood. Amber over and out."
Then click off the radio and smile at the attendant and the driver. "Right, sorry for giving you trouble Manny. I'll come with you too."


"….various professors are formally announcing the Pokedex project, a revolutionary initiative to record data on Pokemon automatically with the help of trainers and a new device called a Pokedex. Various laboratories are giving them out to volunteer trainers on journeys, though they do require at least two badges to serve as proof of competence. Over to Professor Cherry…"

The camera pans to a lab and a messy-looking man.

"With many, many trainers carrying our devices around, Pokemon research is about to make a major breakthrough! Plus, any journeying trainer would have good reason to carry one, each Pokedex has its own data network functionality to constantly update itself and search for the latest info on any pokemon one might encounter. Also, for trainers who possess unique skills thet think they might help, a Pokedex is also highly modular! An artist could attach a tablet screen and draw something the camera could not capture, for example, and a psychic might very soon be able to keep a log of what they can read off their Pokemon."

"Cool." Arthur seems pretty excited. "Want to get one of these tomorrow?"

"Really? The lab didn't say they needed you. Sure you need to come along?"


I tilt my head wondering why he doesn't want me along.
"Well yea.. the Ranger HQ said that I was supposed to after all."


"Oh yeah, that does look really useful. Though, I don't think I have two badges yet…"


"Eh, fine, then. Come along…"

He wheels the Miltank crate out to the station's parking lot.

"Have a seat!"

He unlocks the cab door for you while he wheels it back and begins to roll it up into the hold.

"Oh, then what's that from your pocket?"

The Interlinked Badged and the Spirit Badge. You won those from the psychic and fighting gyms. Arthur produces the same badges from his bag.

"Hey, we're even."


Hop up into the cap and wait excitedly. My first real job, and Its almost done.


"Oh, huh. Guess I do then. Hey, weird that we have the same ones. How'd you do in those gyms?"


A few thunks later, the driver gets into the cab as well. He starts up the engine and drives off from the station.

What you didn't pay attention to on the map just now was the city district in the middle, the dragon's district. It hosts the gym, the station, and many other important places, both practical and culturally. You get to see old buildings, some even like temples, mixed in with modern ones built with the best of knowledge as you get driven around.

The driver turns into what seems like the industrial district. However, among an empty street, the truck suddenly stops.
"Uh… I think there's something wrong. You mind going out back and checking?"

"Not so weird, we live pretty close as far as towns go! Beth here was the real winner, she bought the time needed for Walter to land the decisive blows in both battles."

Both Froakie and Slowpoke look pleased with themselves.

"But now I'm wondering if I should challenge my home gym before I leave… I sort of want to only fight once the gym can use their full strength on me, you know?"


So, I have a totodile now. Cool.
"Well, that was a good workout for you guys. Let's take a ride around the park so I get a workout too!"


I look a bit uncertain. "I didn't hear anything.. Would you go down with me? I mean you have to open up the back anyway for me to get in…"



He steps out of the cab and begins to open the back. He motions for you to stand in front of the doors he's opening.

Lyle the Totodile.
How are they going to ride with you? In their Pokeballs, hang onto the bike, try to squeeze in the basket or run by your side?


"I think it might be a good idea. My home gym was where I started my journey after all. Though leaving it for last might give you something to look forward to."


Time to go check on the cow, he can't drive off without me if he's not in the driver seat.


"I'll have to sleep on it. What I know I'm doing before I leave is visit a certain spring somewhere on the island. It's said that the water there somehow always stays clean and pure. Will make a nice memento on the road. Want to join?"


As he opens the back, a voice suddenly barks out from inside.


Dodge it! Roll '1d20'.

Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 14 = 14


"Huh. I've never heard of such a place. Yeah, it sounds interesting."


Zoro in the basket, Lyle in the hood of my hoodie, and Chica in the front of my hoodie or in my lap.
Now let's ride!



The driver collapses, fast asleep and covered in green spores. Luckily, you know enough about grass types to hand powder attacks better than most. Inside, right next to the Miltank's crate, is a man dressed in black, with a Venonat in front.

"Bah! Sleep Powder again!"

The Venonat prepares to shake the powder at you…

"I've heard of similar places on Torchfire City and the Evergreen. I think they've got a mine of incredible coal, and the Evergreen has these strange seeds that burst with fertility."

He yawns.

"Might have to turn in soon… shall I get the mattress?"

It's the same park as ever. Familiar, comforting. In the shades of big, shady entertainment and tourists fro, everywhere else looking for the next big thrill.

Isn't the urge to discover more growing in you, though?



Grovyle uses quick attack. '1d20' '1d8+15' if hits.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 6 + 15 = 21


Ah crap… I wish it didn't had to come to this… Well at least it'll be good training…
"Go, Nadia! Aqua jet!"

Roll #1 18 = 18


Forgot the damage roll

Roll #1 2, 2 + 8 = 12


It was INCREDIBLY effective!

The Rhyhorn was hit pretty hard!
It charges at Nadia with a Horn Attack in return.

Nadia is hit for 27 HP! She can;t take hits very well…

Nadia's HP: 28/55


The rhyhorn looks weak. It might decide to leave any second now…


Dang… Should I risk it?
"Nadia… Aqua jet! One more time!"

Roll #1 19 = 19



Roll #1 3, 2 + 8 = 13


Lily charges in! She tackles into the Venonat, causing the powder to end up hitting Lily instead.

Lily is not affected by the powder, she simply brushes it aside.

Lily's HP: 58/58


It sure is! Guess if I'm going to find anything new, I need to get going out into the big, wide world, huh? I should take a look at my options for where I could head to first.


"Grr, you crooks. What could you want with a sick miltank?"
'1d8+15' "go for fury cutter."

Roll #1 4 + 15 = 19


You pull up a map…

Lanobe city lies on the coast, so you've got more options than most.

"None of your business."
Roll for accuracy



Roll #1 13 = 13


"Hmm… what do you guys think?"
Petrotown and Greenmouth catch my eye. Do I know anything about them?


Petrotown is a well-known industrial center of the continent, with poison types popular. More laboratories are there, to, than anywhere else.

Greenmouth is just a small town, a gateway between the major cities. You can ride a riverboat all the way upstream.


"The world is just awesome, isn't it? Though yeah, I think I'm about ready to turn in."


"It is. There's so much out there, waiting for us to see. Night, man."

Roll for sweet dreams


My Calm Mind training will help me.

Roll #1 12 = 12


You dream about Millie dancing with you. Just as she begins to pirouette and glow bright, you wake up.

"Morning. Feel like breakfast? I can actually prepare something this time. How do you feel about grilled Magikarp?"


Hm. I wonder what it means…
"Yeah, seafood sounds pretty good. Anything I can do to help?"


"Yeah, actually! If you don't mind getting wet, think you can find some lotus seeds from outside? We could have some sweetened bread that way."

Arthur gestures to the shore. You can see a few flowers growing further away.


"Oh, sure. I don't think I've tried that before."
I take my shoes off, grab a container, and head out to gather seeds.


Stepping out barefoot? The sand is getting warm, it feels good under your feet. The tide is slowly receding, revealing long-stemmed flowers that rise above the water, The seeds must be in those green pods.

Some wild Pokemon wandering near it, though. Looks like you're not the only one who wants some.


Hm. Li probably won't like fighting them. I'll pop out Lowtide to keep an eye out while I head for the seed pods.


That's your Horsea, right?
She pops into the water, soaking in the morning waves. That Shellder near the plants doesn't seem to like the idea of sharing, though. It sticks its tongue out at you.


What's a shellfish doing eating seeds? Well it can just deal. I stick my tongue back out and start gathering.


Eh, I've got Chica already, so I don't really need to find any more Poison mons… what about Dervor Town, to the south?


So that's the name you decided on?

A home to bugs, and a large base for rangers and more heavily armed forces of the Mnorii region. It is said that every style of fighting can be traced to the philosophies gethered here.

It tries to bite your hand! You step back just in time. You'll need to drive it off…


It doesn't have teeth! Horsea can give me some cover with Smokescreen.


roll 1d20 for accuracy



Roll #1 2 = 2


All right, that sounds interesting! If we're gonna get stronger, that's probably a good place to start!
Anything I need to do to be ready to go?


You might want to get some supplies first. It's pretty down far south, going to be a few days of traveling. A mart should sell you basic trainer supplies easily, like potions, poke balls and food.

Check your sheet for dosh and current inventory.

Just barely enough. you rush in an d grab a few seed pods while holding your breath, then run back out.


I sure hope that's enough. Recall Lowtide and head back inside.


Yeah, some food is probably a good idea. Time to head over to the Poke-mart!

also didn't I find a few ultra-balls or something with the feather?


You did.
Prices are listed as here:

A day's worth of cheap food supplies is 50P, by the way.

A spread of rice, cooked magikarp and bread with an odd sweet paste is waiting for you as you go back in.

"Cool, you got it. Sometimes you have to beat the wild pokemon out of the way. It's actually not all that hard to prepare seed paste, you crush them, boil and add sugar. Anyway, let's eat!"

He starts wolfing down breakfast after he puts the seeds you got him in a pot.


"Huh. I've never had to gather my own food before. Still, this spread looks pretty good."
Let's dig in.


"I read a bit. You'll be surprised how much the sea can offer aside fish. Of course, there's most to gather from the Grassy East, but even the deserts and plains to the northwest has things to eat. I'm going to have to teach Walter to shoot down bird Pokemon…"

The rice is peppered by an odd kind of spicy seaweed. The magikarp is buttered just a bit, most of the taste from it being allowed to cook in its own fat. The paste on the bread is sweet, a little bit like peanut butter, but more refreshing. Lastly there's a herbal tea to wash it all down. Bitter, but it washes away the rest of sleep fatigue.


I beat the gym leader in town, so I've got one badge, right? That means I can grab an escape rope, a few antidotes just in case, and two more potions… so:
Escape Rope: $550
3 Antidote: $300
2 potion: $600
10 day's food supplies: $500

so $1,950, leaving $1,050 for anything else I might need.


Yowza. I'll follow his example and shovel it in.
"…I have to say, I'm impressed. This is really good. Is this what you normally have for breakfast here?"


Alrighty then. Oh, and you should have basic camping gear at home. Enough to stay where the weather is mild, though I wouldn't count on it to hold up further up north.

"Usually I eat less. This is a fuller course. Decided I'd show you since you're a guest. Ready to go?"


Well it's a good thing I'm headed south then! Good thing all this stuff compresses easily to fit in my pack.
I'm almost ready to head out into the world!


"Well I appreciate the effort you put into it. You'll have to teach me some of the recipes."
I get up and make ready to leave.


And your bike! Remember, you can pack things up on them.

You might want to leave in the morning. Return home for the day?

"Oh, it's easy, just got to find the materials. Let's go."

You two leave the house, though not for the city center. Arthur pulls up a map, and starts heading into the wilderness of the island…


Of course. I'll need to rest up before heading out, after all.


I follow him, taking in the sights as I do so.


Anything you want to do for your last night at home?

Hope you brought boots. Fortunately it hasn't rained in a while, but the ground here could easily get pretty muddy. Coastal forests thrive off it. Wingull roost on the trees, and there are Barboach somehow slithering on the ground. You're leaving the coast though and going further inland, towards plant life you're more familiar with.


Well I guess I'll just have to watch my step. Gonna have to get used to hiking pretty soon anyway.


I feel like I should, but… I don't know what. What are you supposed to do for your last night at home? I don't really feel any different now than I did a few days ago…


Maybe you can just enjoy your last night in a bed you own.

Oh, but before you forgot, you also have a ticket to come back by train whenever you like. Good only for one trip, though.

A Yanma whizzes by you as the ground slowly because more stable. This side of the coast is mainly hard rock. Granite. Turns out you're not really going inland, just a different part of the coast, where the waves seemed to have weathered a cave.

"Ever done cave exploring?"


"Nah, not many caves back home. Though the temple was kinda like that…sometimes."


"I heard it leads to a big underground cave system… I think I caught my Slowpoke near one of the exits."

Despite being near the sea, the smell of salt quickly dissipates as you head on inside. Arthur turns on a flashlight, revealing ice-like crystals throughout. A Carbink quickly turns away around the corner, while a Golett decides to walk back into a nice alcove.


"Oh wow. I had no idea something so impressive could be underground."


"There are a lot of nice caves in the region. Once my team's stronger I'm planning on eventually exploring the small islands around the sea. Heard the stories about what's deep enough below? Like, a whole old world or something."


"No, I don't think I've heard of those. How far do you think they go?"


"I don't know. Maybe 'below' doesn't really mean beneath, it could mean something else. There's also the stories about a whole other world filled with fairy Pokemon…"



Lily slashes steadily at the Venonat!

However, it's not very effective. the Venonat easily parries most of the blow. It glows with a strange power….

Venonat uses confusion! Lily is struck with 8 damage.

Lily's HP: 50/58


The watery charge is enough to send the Rhyhorn fleeing!

Nadia is pleased with her work as it runs off.


"It will get better.."
'1d20' '1d8+15' use fury cutter again, I don't want to risk my other pokemon getting exposed if I can help it.

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 8 + 15 = 23


'2d8+19' is your fury cutter roll now

Roll #1 2, 8 + 19 = 29


This time, Lily is able to hit cleaner. The Venonat winces as it tries to grab the blade in its tiny hand.

In return, however, it pulls Lily in and.. tries to bite her.

Venonat used leech life, but it missed!


"You aren't going to get away with stealing."
'1d20' '1d8+19' fury cutter again.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 2 + 19 = 21


'3d12+19' is your fury cutter roll now

Roll #1 8, 10, 4 + 19 = 41


Lily is gaining ground. Her agility seems to cut right into the Venonat's concentration as she hits it where t really hurts. So much, it tries to bite the thin air where Lily was just a second before!

The Venonat is finally tiring…


"Ready to give up and go home yet?" I taunt the crooks with a grin.
'1d20' '3d12+19'

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 5, 4, 3 + 19 = 31


'5d10+29' is the highest roll for Fury Cutter

Roll #1 8, 1, 3, 1, 8 + 29 = 50


The Venonat finally slumps over, struggling to stand as Lily drives a leaf near its big eye.

"Maybe not." Muses the grunt.
Quick, behind you!
Roll d20 for yourself, and if you can't, for Lily to protect you.


'1d20' me
'1d20' lily

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Oh boy.
Just as you turn, you're hit in the face by another blast of sleep powder. Just as your eyes close, you can see Lily being stunned by a Thunder wave…

Roll to hear out as much as you can in the meantime.


'1d20' oh dear

Roll #1 6 = 6



…fungal drug…

…test on her Pokemon…

When you come to, you seem to be in a room. Presumably, the door is locked, but you can look out through small, barred windows.


I panic and check myself for whatever stuff I have. Did they take my bandanna?


Where was I?


Luckily, no.
your Pokemon, however, are ALL GONE. the fiends even took your emtpy balls.

You were entering the Binestrone gym! Loose cables dangle from above you, really driving home the point of the gym Electric types.

You were with a Lady called Blue, clearly an experienced trainer. She wants to have her challenge, too.


I look outside of the bars to get an idea of where I am.


Your window opens up to a stained wall. Must be some sort of factory, hearing all the noise. You can smell the smoke in the air, too. Yeah, definitely an industrial zone.

You can hear footsteps outside your door…


Maybe I can pretend to be asleep still.. curl up on the floor and close my eyes.


The door unlocks, and opens.

"Oh, hey! We really did forget to gag her! Can't have her making any noise…"

Only sounds like one set of steps. This person is alone.


I open my eyes as try to grab him and pull him down to the floor'1d20'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Bad move. For one, it was a she, so your aim was off. Secondly, she has a Pokemon. A Scyther holds its scythes to you.

"You want to move? Huh, huh?"


I gulp. "Um. I'm good down here. Really.. Comfy floor."


"By the way, you've got a pretty nice Grovyle. Thanks for delivering the Miltank to us…"

You can hear another set of footsteps coming closer.


I actually start to tear up a little.
"Don't.. hurt Lily.. Please.."


"We'll make her stronger. Better. You'll see–"

The thug suddenly gets punched in the back of the head and is sent sprawling onto the floor. You don't recognise the man behind as a ranger. He's wearing a navy blue jacket over a light blue polo, and has a nice belt on his beige pants.

"Ranger! Someone called it in saying they saw you being carried off. Are you alright?"


Blue? Do I recognize the look?
"I feel okay.. Who are you?"


No, you don't. The guy has an experienced presence around him, though.

"I'm CIA, that's my codename, anyway. I'm from Mnorii High Command. I've already called for backup, but I heard your Pokemon was in trouble?"


"You're a CIA? Yea.. My.. My Grovyle Lily.. and an Aron, Joltik, and Gligar were in my pokeballs.." and then I gasp. "AND THE MILTANK! I was supposed to escort it to the lab. She's infected with a dangerous shroomish virus or something."


"No, I AM CIA. It's a long story, my friends kept calling me that till it stuck. Buut, we need to rescue your friends. Let's go!"

He sends out an Umbreon. The warehouse is mostly empty of people, but then there's a set of stairs leading to the basement….


I worriedly follow the large man listening ahead for the sounds of my pokemon. '1d20'

Roll #1 11 = 11


He's not that big of a guy. He goes down the stairs of the warehouse, and don't into a basement corridor. You can hear the sounds of fighting…

A door bursts open! A man and his Furret are kicked out of the room by a large force and lie on the ground, groaning. Tamiyo's the first to emerge from the door, followed y Lily and Rocky, while Webster drags their Poke balls by a silk net.


I rush over to them checking them over for signs of experimentation.
"You're okay?! I was so worried! You didn't get hurt anywhere?"


"The grunt probably accidentally removed the lock on one of your Pokemon. We're looking at what happened. You have very well trained Pokemon by the way, miss, now, we need to hurry! They might have a lab of some sort nearby"

CIA beckons you further down the corridor.


"Thanks Mr. CIA" I beam at the compliment, letting webster and tamiyo share space on my back and shoulder, carrying rocky and letting lily run beside me as we look for the lab.


>Aron average mass: 60kg/132.3lbs

Being young, Rocky is lighter than that, but Mr. CIA still looks in awe as you carry a heavy pokemon so easily.

"You're a tough girl."

The two of you rush down a corridor, and into the room at the end. A few computers are here, along with a technician and a bigger guy who looks like he's in charge.

Behind them, however, is a strange machine. Beeping noises and strange lights aside, the most notable feature is a big chamber sealable by a door labelled 'INPUT'. Above is a Vulpix, looking dazed.

The technician quickly begins typing furiously on the computer, while the big grunt faces the two of you.

"Too late. We've already sent out the fungus. Why don't you just leave?"


I look at the scene and get furious at the grunt.
Have gligar go over there and try to force the container open.


An Electivire gets in the way! It throws chop at Tamiyo…

A critical hit! Tamiyo is thrown back, reeling. She crashes into the wall behind you, barely holding on! She groans, and you can swear you heard something crack.

Tamiyo's HP: 2/65

"Help me out against this big guy, but be careful! Don't get close!"

CIA sends out a massive, bulk Pokemon that almost cracks the floor when it drops. A Metagross…

The Electivire roars.


I put her into her pokeball and let Rocky have a turn. '1d20' '1d6+5' mud slap on the elecrivire
"He doesn't look so tough."

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 6 + 5 = 11


The Electivire dodges the Mud slap, but doing so costs it its position! It fails to cast a thunderbolt at the Metagross, who rams into it with its head.

The Electivire struggles not to get knocked down by the blow…


"Whoa, its nearly down. Give it a little push!"
'1d20' '1d6+22' headbutt

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 6 + 22 = 28


It isn't clear who landed the finishing blow, since both the big Metagross and Rocky slammed into it at the same time. What is clear is the Electivire going down onto its legs, struggling to stand.

"No, brother! Distract them first!"

The big guy and technician run back while the Electivire uses the last of its strength to fire electric bolts around the room! One of them hits that Vulpix on top of the machine…


Time for main character powers


Lily leaps towards the machine, determined to save that Vulpix…

Roll for Lily. Min roll 8 for her to stay safe.


What kind of roll? A twenty or ten?
'1d20' '1d10'

Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 3 = 3


It's too late. The Vulpix tumbles down, crying for help… well, not in Lily's watch, at any rate. In one swift motion, she leaps over the machine's mouth, snatching up the vulpix, before bouncing off the opposing wall to land perfectly in front of you.

The vulpix squeals in delight as Lily drops it to the floor. CIA claps, impressed.



"AMAZING! THIS IS THE BEST RESCUE WE'VE DONE YET!" I give Lily a victory high five.



It;s getting late. You can cash in the points for those prizes in the game corner later. Weren't you supposed to meet your friend, Riss? They said that if you want to find the town gym, you'll have to go to that creepy alley.

Keep trekking through the cave. For something underground, it's actually pretty visible.


Interesting. Where's the light coming from?


"Let's not keep him waiting!"

I'll keep my points wrapped up, like a good luck charm too.


Clear blue crystals glow on the walls. You feel a sort of restless peace from them.

The passage finally opens up into an undergroundlake of soem kind. Light is emerging from the bottom, illuminating the cavern as bright as day. A Golett is seated near the water…

It's Riss, being held by a thug of some sort! She's dragged into a building while the thug moves to block your way.

"Wanna save your girl, kid? too bad!"

Thug sent out Murkrow!


Strange. I wonder what causes all of that.
I shush Arthur and tentatively approach the Golett, getting ready…


"Riss! I'll come for you!"

"Quetz, don't let that Murkrow fly around!!"

Twister '2d6+18'

Roll #1 6, 3 + 18 = 27


Roll to hit as well. '1d20'

Roll #1 16 = 16


The Golett stays still, then reaches into the lake. It pulls out a sword! No, a Honedge! The Honedge leaves its hand and takes an attackign stance, as does the Golett.

wild Honedge and Golett appeared!

Strong hit. The Murkrow almost flinches, but retans enough of itself to strike with a wing attack! Quetz is hit pretty hard!

Quetz HP: 25/45


"We won't let you take Riss! Use Water Jet!"

'1d20' '1d8+17'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 2 + 17 = 19


Quetz moves first! While the Murkrow is hit, it manages to follow up wit ha Pursuit!

Quetz isn't looking too good…

Hp left: 6/45


"Oh wow…cooperative battling? I've never seen that in the wild before!"
Send out Horsea and Combusken, Water Gun on Golett and Ember on Honedge.

Roll #1 5, 1 + 8 = 14 / Roll #2 5, 6 + 8 = 19


"Just hold him off with a Thunder Wave!"


The Murkrow is stopped in the air as Quetz doses it with electricity! It can't move very well this turn.

No need for more than one, Arthur's already sent out his Froakie.

Golett stumbles from the water gun, as does the Honedge to the ember!

Horsea shrugs off the shadow punch, but the Honedge Metal sound has both your pokemon cringing.



"Quetz, come back and switch out with Growlithe!"


Horsea HP: 31/40

"Don't celebrate just yet!"
CIA runs after the big guy and his friends through the next room!


Today's the day! Time to give my mom a kiss and hug goodbye, promise to write to her so she doesn't worry and all that, and start heading out into the world to become stronger!


"right." I put everyone but lily back in their balls and carry the vulpix to run after CIA.


I have it use Focus Energy.



You run after him, but all you see is a brief flash as the big guy admin and his subordinates vanish! You hear the grunt of a Kadabra just as the flash disappears.

What's left, though, are a few Poke balls.

Roll for detection.

Lowtide breathes deep! She concentrates on her aim. The Golett Defense Curls up, anticipating a strong attack.

Meanwhile, the Froakie tries to avoid the Honedge's swings.

Don't forget the envelope from your dad! Inside is that train ticket to come home, along with some extra money for the road. 2000P added.

Where to? You're leaving the bustle of Mnorii's… 'Vegas'. Do you want to seek the spiritual waters to the south? The industrious cities that burn bright their torches to the Northwest? Or go further north to explore more of the wild grass lands?


Now, Bubble it.

Roll #1 4, 1 + 8 = 13


'1d20' rollin'

Roll #1 17 = 17


I cross my arms ''Yeah and that's what you get for being a jerk when people try to be nice!'' I shout at the Rhyhorn as it runs off
''Jeez…Can you believe that guy Nadia?'' I walk up to her to check if she's alright herself


Right, of course I take the envelope. I'm packing everything, after all!
We're headed south, towards the fighters and spiritualists!
"…do you guys think spiritualists use ghost-types?"



Who would leave Poke Balls behind? They're Voltorbs! You run out with CIA, and get back to the safety of the earlier room just as the door suddenly seals itself in front of you. The explosion just inside makes you feel lucky.

"That was close! And NOW our mission is ALMOST over. If I'm correct, that Miltank of yours should still be around here. Let's look for it!"

The Vulpix is still hugging you.

She'll be fine with a bit of rest. Her style of battling needs her to hit hard and fast.

You've heard about the island called 'Bridge Island'. Ghost Pokemon are known to frequent there, and so the town there is known to host Ghost trainers. There are also a lot of stories of 'doors' to other worlds, but most of the urban legends seem to linger on there.

It barely takes damage!
Normally, a Pokemon curled up would be slowed, but this Golett makes up for it by rolling! However, that doesn't mean it's aim is unaffected. The mud it tries to kick up misses Lowtide.


"We'll check it out along the way, see if we can bust some spooks. Maybe they're guarding hidden treasure!"
Start biking down the southern road; the sooner I get there, the sooner I get stronger!


"I won't let you harm her!"


give her a nice petting ''Good job you, now come on, let's keep going, hopefully we won't run into too much trouble''
I put her back into her ball and keep going the way I was before this little Rhyhorn incident


"That was a pretty big fire CIA, I hope Miltank is gonna be okay."
Pet vulpix to calm her down and spot check for other doors '1d20'

Roll #1 15 = 15


Growlithe lets loose a fierce growl as she emerges, enough to make the Murkrow and its trainer hesitate.

Intimidate lowered opponet attack!

On the road to Greenmouth, then?


Wait, sorry, to Tangleroad.

Though if you want to head to the ghost island, Yomi Town, you might want to board a ship from home. Unless you want to head all the way to Dervor town first, that is.


That's right! Off to Greenmouth!
I wonder if they paint the concrete green there…


"Growlithe, let's get that Murkrow out of the way sonwe can save Ross!"

Ember. '1d20' '2d6+22'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2, 4 + 22 = 28


"Pity he brought his friends with him, oh look, it's right there!"

The Miltank is in a holding room, its crate obviously opened but closed safely. Inside, you can see some spots of the fungus scraped off.

"Damn. They managed to make off with a sample. At least we still have ours."

The Vulpix slowly stops shivering and loosens its grip on you.


Stay mobile! Use Water Gun again!

Roll #1 2, 6 + 8 = 16


>saving Ross
What would you want to do that?
The Ember is enough to knock down the Murkrow. Its thug trainer recalls it and shrugs.

"Alright kid, the door's this way. Hope you're prepared. Heh heh…"

He gestures to a door on the wall next to him, into a building.

Roll acc



>Phone Autocorrect
"Don't think for a second you can hurt her."

Rush in after Riss.


"Hmm. But how do we get her out of here.." I do an inventory check for pokeballs and my radio and stuff.



"Not gonna take me hostage? Your loss, pal."

The inside of the building is dark. The only sources of light are the door behind you with the thug busy playing with his phone, and from above the stairs leading to what's probably the rooftop.

Yeah, you roll d20 accuracy with every attack

CIA's Metagross concentrates. The cage lifts up into the air, floating onto its back.

"Don't worry, steel Pokemon haven't been affected so far. I'll call it in and get another transport for you, alright?"



Roll #1 1 = 1


Where WERE you heading?
You were near the Spring Fields, you just left there. But to where did you want to go?


"Where's Riss, you kidnappers!"


"Mm so that's how something so big moves around." I comment on the metagross.
Do I have a pokemon ball or any of my stuff? "But fire types.. definately shouldn't be close, vulpix does someone own you?"


Lowtide's water gun and the halfhearted mud slap of the Golett meet in midair, cancelling each other out.

"Shh! Hang on, gotta do my dailies…"

The only answer comes from the thug behind you, who's still busy on his phone.

The Vulpix pauses. Using a Poke ball will confirm if it's already registered to someone else, anyway. Check your inventory, you have one.


Northeast, to Greenlink


"Well.. come here." try using the pokeball on vulpix.


"Your priorities are all over the place for a bunch of criminals…"

Run past before he can finish and head up.


Let's try that again.
'1d20' '2d6+8"

Roll #1 14 = 14



Roll #1 2, 5 + 8 = 15


The Pokeball envelops the Vulpix!


Wait, no, it was rejected. The Vulpix sighs dejectedly.

"Looks like it belongs to someone already." CIA comments while he escorts you out. "Maybe you should try to find the owner, it doesn't seem like it want to leave you by itself anytime soon."

Better! The Water Gun fires into the Golett! The clay shell doesn't protect well against water attacks, and it's enough to make it whiff the Rollout it tried to do.

The grassland gives way to forests. First a few trees started littering the landscape, but before you knew it you're now in some pretty thick woods.

Did you want to travel fast, or take your time to see what you find? Roll 1d10 with your intent.

Noises in the dark! A Poke ball is tossed at you! React, quickly!


Whoops, forgot your response.

The paved roads at your city gate will soon turn to dirt.

How would you like to travel? Quickly, or take your time to look for Pokemon?


Dodging '1d20'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You're right. I'm sure the owner was worried sick about it after those big guys came and stole her."


going slow and steady is the way to go
I have no rush to get there anyways

Roll #1 3 = 3


No reason to mess with success.
'1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 1, 1 + 8 = 10


The Pokeball grazes your leg! It opens up to reveal… nothing. You still can't see who threw it.

The staircase up to the roof seems clear from here…

"That's big of you. You can try looking around notice boards for lost Pokemon bulletins. Anyway…"

As you exit the warehouse you notice a few police cars lined up outside. Officers and their pokemon are getting ready to investigate the place.

"How about I drive you and the Miltank to your destination? Don't worry, no charge for it."

He loads the cage onto a nicer van than before.

It'll take you until tomorrow afternoon to reach. In the meantime, a few Pidgey fly ahead. Some Silcoon try their best to stay hidden on the branches.

While the aim is good, Horsea doesn't do much against its defsnese. Though it looks like it's weakening…

It finallly manages to land a punch on Horsea, though.

21/40 HP


Hmn…Predatory huh?
Well since It'll take me all that time, I'll just keep walking and keep safe until night falls, so I can set up camp


"Growlithe, use a small Ember. We aren't alone here."


"That's really nice of you CIA." I hop inside the front of the van, putting Lily into her ball again so there is more space, since I have to have vulpix on my lap. "I should radio back to HQ, they like to be control of things."
I flick around with my radio.


Let's try to slow it down with another Bubble.
'1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 2, 1 + 8 = 11


The day's still young. Travel fast or look around?

You should eventually come across a nice campsite, unless you feel like braving the night alone.

Growlithe lights the room! A little.
The light reveals the identity of your mysterious assailant! …A catapult, trigged by a tripwire on the floor. The darkness shrouded it well.

The light reveals similar traps on the way to the stairs! The poke balls on them look functional, at least.

It throws another punch at Horsea. It's staggering, though.
Horsea's HP:

"Hello, Amber. We heard about the incident. Are you safe?"


ah, I can handle it on my own, it's just a little forest, nothing scary will show up to me at night, right?
so I'll just keep going alone, as always traveling slow, looking around and all


"Oh, that save me a lot of explaining. Yes, I'm safe, and all my pokemon are to. We're on the way to lab now."


Roll for that luck


One more Water Gun!
'1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 5, 3 + 8 = 16


Then I just have to remove the pokeballs from their catapaults. If they're small ones, can I just remove them?


"Good to hear! It's unfortunate this happened even in the capital city. At least now there's solid evidence of Cipher activity there."

The golett can't punch away the water jets. It looks tired, and seems to be motioning to the Honedge. It looks ready to run…

You can! roll a d20.


"Let's disable these safely, Growlithe."


Roll #1 5 = 5


That's no Pokeball, it's a smoke ball! Only one of the catapults here had an actual Poke ball, you realise as you cough in the smoke.


Now's the time, I guess. Poke ball!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Roll a d100 for it.



Roll #1 2 = 2


"Of all the low down dirty…"

No choice then to move forward. Rush out and try to avoid the smoke! '1d20'

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 72 = 72


"These Cipher guys are a big problem for us!" I say with worry. "They got a bit of the shroomish infection before they left too."


You cough through the smoke, and just manage to make it up to the roof!

Another thug is here, and across a bridge plank to another rooftop You can see more assembled. This one doesn't seem to have noticed you, and is in fact dozing off.

You don't pay attention, and accidentally step near a pond. The three Lotad here don't look too pleased with you.

Lotad triad appeared!

The ball envelopes the Golett, just as the Honedge is snagged, too.

Wub wub
Wub wub

Congratulations! Golett was caught!

"The fungal infection? Yeah, can't be helped anymore. Just get the Miltank to the lab, alright?"

"Alright, we're here! Got any more plans?" The van has stopped in the loading bay of a large compound of clean buildings. The Metagross appears to already be unloading the Miltank.


''ugh…Uh…Sorry?'' I try to calm them down and apologize
''I don't want any trouble you guys…'' I back away slowly
'1d10' roll for stuff if I have to

Roll #1 3 = 3


I put my finger up to my lips and give Growlithe the sign to be quiet.

Let's try and sneak past. '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4


I retrieve the ball.
"Nice. I didn't expect to catch something down here."


Fortunately, Lotad aren't very confrontational. As long as you don't step on them, you can back off.

"Pokemon like to congregate around strong things. I've always wanted to find a comrade here. Hm…"

Arthur releases his new Honedge, who grips his hand with its tassel. He dips that hand into the water and fills a pendant with his other hand.

Golett is now in your sheet

Somehow, you trip over the thug's feet!
"Zzz… gymtest… huh?"


"What are you doing?"


phew, that's good
maybe I coulduse this to observe them a little but…eh, Lotad aren't the most interesting pokemon…
moving on


"Uhm, uh, I lost my keys, go back to sleep buddy."


"This is a tough Honedge. It wants to test me, it wants to suck my lifeforce. Just for a taste. Putting my hand in the water while it drains me should minimise the harmful effects…"

He shudders while the Honedge continues squeezing his hand.

"Oh, and filling this pendant as a good luck charm. Mystic water, you know?"

"zzzsounds legit…"

He closes his eyes and leans backwards to keep snoring. Now across the plank bridge, you can see two figures.

It should be nightfall soon. Want to try looking for the camp, or just find a comfy spot in the wilds?


I always wanted to try camping in nature!
So I'll go find a spot in the wilds


Head after them, but I'm keeping quiet to not wake the guard.

That would be rude.


"Ah, yeah. I suppose so. Is that common for trainers from this island?"
I watch him struggle with the Honedge.
"Will you be all right?"


"This place is so big, I'm sure where to start! Maybe getting posters made for vulpix."


One of them is an older woman, who seems to be busy having an animated chat with a younger girl.

"…very impressive, you should look around the town for your own Dark-type Pokemon. You'll fit well with one."

"Hope I didn't hurt your guy too much! My Pokemon aren't big enough to grab people yet, so I had to push them to the ground…"

"It's okay, they're trained for that. Acting like a victim is an important skill too…"

Wait, that's Riss she's talking to!


You go off the beaten path, because why not?
It opens to a clearing on the banks of a small river. The grass is soft, unbelievably so. There were parks back in your home city, but you've never experienced grass like this.

"No, it's just.. a thing I do with my Pokemon. You know how long I had to sit still with Beth when I caught her? It's a way of… bonding, showing we're together in this."

The Honedge lets go of him at last, and he holds back a sigh of relief. It cheerfully floats around him as he puts the pendant around his neck.

"You got anything to hold some of the water in? I should have a spare plastic bottle. Would be a shame if you came down here and didn't take any with you."

"Missing Pokemon posters spread fast. Anyway, it's time I moved off. Got more evil plans to crash. Good luck!"

You disembark the van as he prepares to drive off, while scientists from the lab come to retrieve the goods.



''Haaah…Now that's much better than home…'' I roll around it for a little before an Idea pops to mind
I release Nadia on the small river ''Time to take a swim, girl''


Nadia leaps into the stream, soaking in the waters. She looks thrilled to be in clean water.


I'll meet the scientist here.


CIA drives off. A guy in a protective gown approaches.

"Hey there! Thanks for handling this delivery, we'll take it from here. A strong strain of this fungus is hard to come by, but at least now we can do something about it."


I'm in no rush; I take my time to enjoy the sights on my first trip away from home. Well, away from the city I call home, but you get the point.


You should be able to reach the next town by evening.
Roll for luck.


Let's see how lucky I am today…

Roll #1 7 = 7


There's not much to see right now. A few early bird waking up, some Spearow flying about above. the trees thicken very quickly, and soon the sounds and bustle of the city can no longer be heard.


"I see. Can you check cure her?"


''Having fun in there? you can swim as much as ya want girl, just make sure you don't wander off too far alright? Actually I might just go take a swim with you…''


"Well… yeah, we will. Our priority is studying the fungus first, however. As long as we can culture it without a live host… we should be able to do that, anyway. Oh, right! this is for you."

He pulls 4000P out of a wallet.

"For your trouble."

The water does look pretty inviting… you're relatively upstream, so the water is cleaner.


trees thickening? Wow, even the trees in the park don't grow like this!
It kinda smells weird, though…


''Oh what the heck''
I take off my clothes and get in the water, bracing myself for the cold


"Riss, are you alright?! Growlithe, get ready!"


Keep rolling for luck, and say if you want to travel faster or long for interesting stuff.

Oh, it's cold. You
re in the more northen part of Mnorii, after all. Roll to see if you can take it.

"What took you so long?"

Riss is, in fact, perfectly unharmed and is having a chat with the older lady. The lady is wearing a dress that would usually be worn by a mild-mannered housewife, but it was high unlikely such a person would stand on rooftops at night ordering thugs around.

"Hello, Squire, right? At least you've passed my little obstacle course… though very inefficiently. In the time you took to get here, your friend could have already been stuffed into a helicopter and brought far, far away. And if you had to fight a ringleader who would inevitably have pokemon more powerful than his grunts, fighting through his men.. 'properly' would weaken you enough to doom you."

The lady shakes her head disapprovingly.


I look visibly distressed.
"What? You mean you aren't even going to try to help the miltank? What about her owners? You know they are counting on you right?!"


'1d10' BRRR

Roll #1 6 = 6


Just biking along is fine for now; I'll take a break once it's time for lunch.
'1d20' for lucksmanship

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Wait, what's going on? Riss, tell me what happened."


It takes a while, but you acclimatise. Tina and Jasper both sit by the water while you soak in the gentle currents.

There's a certain peace here you've never found before. You're far from home, far from other people, on your own in the wilds. The air is different, and as you breathe it feels like it gives your lungs new life. From here in the distance you can see mountains capped with snow, something you couldn't see from home amid the smog and buildings.

Only the sound of stray pokemon calling every now and then interrupt the trickle of the current.

"We will, but we can't compromise our research on the fungus. See… can I ask you to promise me to keep a few things quiet? This is stuff I'm not really supposed to tell anyone, but I guess you have a right to know."

"Silly, this IS the boss of this gym! Well, the gym isn't here, but the whole city can work like one if needed."

The lady extends her hand.

"Sinistra, gym leader of Lanobe. Good to meet you, Mr. Squire. I like to give my challengers a taste of the dark type not just through raw battles. Your friend adapted very easily, she had her Pokemon surround my student, beat him down and used him as a shield to get to me. It was over in four minutes."

Soon. This sun's going to peak in a bit. Grass type Pokemon are waking up to catch the rays… A few Seedot are wandering under a Nuzleaf watcher. Hoppip float above you near the tree canopy.


I slowly nod, nearly on the verge of tears. "I won't tell anyone.. What's happening?"


Look at her for a bit, then shake her hand. I stay quiet though.


Í let myself soak and relax, a smile in my face and calmer than I could ever be
but of course, my researcher senses are still tingling when I hear the pokemon call
I look around to see the source of these noises, hoping to find an interesting pokemon

Roll #1 1 = 1


Time to find a lunch spot! I'll head off the road a little ways just to find a nice clearing or something to set up for lunch.
'1d20' exploran the woods

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I heard you've been encountering some bad guys, right? You should already know they're not just a loose band of thugs. They're organised, and I'm afraid more powerful than we think.

Have you heard of shadow Pokemon? They're Pokemon who.. well, maybe I should just show you. Why don't you come in?"

He invites you into the lab, holding the door open for you.

"Still stunned? Heh, I can't imagine you using a dark-type Pokemon. Someone like you would probably get along better with Fighting types."

The noises suddenly all stop.
You suddenly have a very bad feeling.
Roll to see if you can find what's causing it.

The only decent clearing is occupied by a group of Natu… you could just eat in al ess than comfy spot, or drive them off.


I follow him inside.
"Okay.. So shadow pokemon aren't dark type?"


'1d10' oh dear

Roll #1 4 = 4


giving up on a comfy spot just because of some stupid birds? Just who do you think I am?
"Oi, buzz off, featherbrains! You can have this spot once I'm done with it!"


"Sorry, it's just I never thought about taking a hostage. Or pretending to be in danger…"


"Oh, no, not at all. See, Dark is a nice way of saying… underhanded, malicious, sneaky. They can deceive ghost types and disrupt psychic types easy, but fall prey to disciplined fighting Pokemon who don't fall for their tricks. Bugs also bother them, they fight fiercer. And fairies just overwhelm them in their mind tricks. Shadow is what we call a Pokemon who has their… 'heart locked away', or so the first records described them.

He leads you to a classroom of some kind, and starts up a projector.

Natu group appeared!

Three Natu are refusing to let go of their resting ground. You'll have to drive them off.

"A dark type does what they have to do. Your gir– friend's in danger, your enemies aren't going to be playing by rules!"

Riss laughs.
"They told me you were captured, actually! So I pulled out everything."

You notice a Crawdaunt coming at you from upstream. It was only watching before, but now it's coming closer and closer…


"All right, guys, there's three Natu, so that's one opponent each! Lyle, you're up first! Show me the strength of your heart!"
Let's start with a Water Gun.
'1d10' to hit
'2d6+8' damage

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 2, 4 + 8 = 14


''Oh hey, a little friend''
…Wait hold up, weren't Crawdaunts super territorial?
I better get the hell outta here!



"I'll remember that. But I did get through your men, so how about a battle."


"Right now? Your Pokemon might be tired. Though the atmosphere is pretty nice…"

You clamber back up onto the bank! However, it doesn't stop in the river, it climbs up after you!

It's 1d20 to hit, actually


darn, I keep forgetting that.

Roll #1 2 = 2


''Woah woah get away a little will ya? I was just taking a swim!'' I call Tina to my side just in case


"..heart-locked-away?" I say confused and follow him to the classroom.


"Most of the people were, uhm, occupied, so I just went through. Quetz dealt with the Murkrow, and Growlithe helped me get past without a fight."


Lyle entirely misses the first attack! Two Natu take advantage of the opening to peck at him. One of the misses, however.

Lyle's HP: 40/47

This Crawdaunt wants you out of here. You going to let it boss you around like that? Your nice campsite is at stake…

"Take a seat."

The projector starts up, and it appears to be showing some sort of research footage.

A Clefairy is sitting in a table, facing the camera.

"Alright, beginning recording. Hello Clefairy, can you hear me?"

The Clefairy's eyes only shift slightly to acknowledge the scientist making the recording. It sits eerily still, and does not respond to the scientist's attempts to play with it. The eyes continue staring blankly at the camera.

"Come on, Celia! It's me, your trainer! Answer me! Don't you remember me?"

"Took that long, huh? Alright then. Heal whatever injuries your Pokemon might have first, though."

She hands you three super potions.

"Heh, odd for me to help my challenger as a dark gym leader, but it is a nice night out."


I sit down and squint at the screen, quietly watching.


"I just need one for Quetz and another for Growlithe. You can have the other one back."

Heal the two of them, then recall Quetz.

"Since you're out already, let's start with you Growlithe."


"Three on one? that hardly seems fair. Lyle, see if you can take one down. Take a moment to pick your target, then focus on them."
Try a basic Scratch this time; don't want to leave our lunch spot soaked from the battle, after all.
'1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 8 + 6 = 14


damn, you're right, voice in my head
I ain't running off like a sissy this time
''Alright, you asked for it buddy, Tina! Vine Whip!''
'2d6+8' plus 5

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 5, 1 + 8 = 14


The video cuts to a small indoor battle hall. The same Clefairy is out against a Zigzagoon, with the scientist from before commanding it. The Clefairy is in a proper battle stance, but its eyes seem completely empty.

"Celia, go! Use Doubleslap!"

The Clefairy does not respond.

"…Clefairy, use Doubleslap!

It does not answer to its nickname. The Clefairy attacks the zigzagoon who also charges at it for a simple tackle attack.

"Alright, good! Now use Pound!"

Something about the Clefairy changes. It suddenly moves a lot faster. Before the Zigzagoon can react, it has struck a blow into the rodent. Then again, and again, and again. It continues beating into the Zigzagoon, pressing it against the wall and starts to wring its neck while the Zigzagoon squeals and whines.


The video ends there. you realise the scientist in the video is the same one standing here.

"What do you think?"


"That.. is disturbing. Why did the clefairy get so violent?"


The scratch tears into one Natu! That one can't move, but one of them leers at Lyle, while the other pecks at him.
Lyle's HP: 37/47

"Never reveal your hand before your opponent does."

You are challenged by Gym Leader Sinistra!

The Crawdaunt winces! It was unprepared for an attack so soon, it didn't expect any bite.

"That's what happens when a Pokemon gets turned into a Shadow Pokemon. They lose their emotions. They can't feel fear, or happiness, or sadness, or anger… but they become cruel. Maybe it's because the emotions come rushing in when they're fighting, but they can go absolutely berserk when fighting. Living weapons. My Clefairy… she didn't even remember her name when I got her back."

The scientist sighs.

"The mind-affecting properties of the fungus is one of our avenues in search of a cure. You realise how important that is, right?"



I frown.
"The miltank doesn't answer to her name or anything either. I don't see how something like that infection would cure this."


''Yeah and there's more where that came from! Another one Tina!''
'2d6+8' plus 5

Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 5, 6 + 8 = 19


"That's exactly why. One proposed property of fungus sort of loosens the mind from the body, makes it more susceptible to alteration. If we can isolate this compound, we have the basic groundwork laid for a treatment plan."


"Sorry, that's just not like me, at least in a Gym battle."

Take a deep breathe.

"My name is Squire Escala. My friends and I will be your opponents."

Bow properly, as expected of me.


I sigh. "If you say so Doctor. But do you know how they become shadow pokemon in the first place?"


I check my pack. Do I have anything?


"Very polite of you."

She bows back. However, when you raise your head, a Houndour is right next to you, breathing down your neck.

The Crawdaunt winces again, but this time it can retaliate! It shoots a stream of bubbles at Tina!

Wait, how well CAN Tina take the attack? She hasn't been statted.


"It's hard to think about.. but a mixture of chemical and psychological treatment is most likely. Our hypothesis now is that the Pokemon are first sedated, then put through some kind of automated process that traumatises them so much that they no longer feel anything. Some sort of VR environment where they're put through horrible, horrible things."

He shivers.


Justus: Lyle is patiently waiting for orders.


Instead of that shivering he's doing, I get angry. Really angry. I slam my hands on the desk and stare at the scientist.
"I'm going to find these guys. And their machine. Give me your number so I can call you when I do and you can look over the machine."


He looks impressed.

"You're spirited, and very talented. Tell you what, have you heard of the Pokedex project?"


"Growlithe, Bite." I say without changing my tone of voice.

'1d20' '2d6+21'

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 4, 6 + 21 = 31


I ease up my stance a bit and blink. "I'm sorry. I don't believe so."


"Good hit! Now hit it again!"
Scratch again on the same Natu.
'1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 1 + 6 = 7


"Fighting dark with dark? Very unwise!"
Her demeanour changes entirely. The housewife ruse was convincing, but her battle experience can be felt like an aura around her. She suddenly appears much more imposing.

Growlithe latches onto the Houndour, but its easily able to twist out of the grip! It's not very effective, but at least ti doesn't miss, like the cloud of noxious gas the Houndour tries to spew at Growlithe.

Growlithe's HP: 48/48

"A Pokedex is a recently developed device made to automatically record data on Pokemon. Trainers who have a Pokedex can use them to scan and look up information on just about any Pokemon we have recorded! Right now we're looking for talented trainers to help our project, trainers to take the first generation of Pokedex along with them to fill out our databse. Interested?"

The same Natu decides its had enough after that hit. It glows faintly, then vanishes!

Two Natu left. One of them pecks onto Lyle, the other misses.

HP: 34/47


"Hmm, getting all that data would help you out with your research right?" I fold my arms confidently nodding. "If its to help you help pokemon, then of course I want to."


"Just taking what you said to heart. Growlithe, Leer!"


Roll #1 12 = 12


"Good job, Lyle! Now let Zoro have a turn, eh?"
Have Lyle return and send out Zoro.
"Alright little bro, show them what you can do!"
Fury Swipes on one of the remaining birds.
'1d20' '1d6+5'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 3 + 5 = 8


"That's great to hear! Please, follow me.."

He leads you down the hallway to a waiting room. The vulpix follows you at your feet. He hands you a form.

"Just fill this out. Name, hometown, affiliations with other organizations if any…."

Growlithe stares down the Houndour! It pauses. Its defense falls. The cloud of smog it breathes also whizzes the wrong way.

Zoro's swipes misses! One of the birds pecks at him, the other shoots an eerie pulse!

Zoro's HP: 30/40


"Try scratching instead!"
'1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 + 6 = 10


"We won't fall for any tricks. Howl, Growlithe."


Roll #1 17 = 17


"Hmmhm.." I sit down with the paperwork and pet the vulpix with one hand while filling everything out as accurately as possible.


Growlithe Howls! She looks more spirited, her attack rises.

Unfortunately, doing so leaves her vulnerable to a cloud of poison gas! She coughs as the Houndour runs up to her and sprays smog right into her face!

A critical hit!

Growlithe splutters and coughs, and she can't seem to stand up as well. The Houndour takes advantage of this by spraying even more into her face, and you can see her gasping for air as she stumbles away.

Growlithe's HP: 18/48, Poisoned

"That's okay, I knew that."

zoro is a lot worse at taking hits than Lyle. Both of them leer at him whil;e he scratches the air.

"All done? Here you go. We wanted them to be made in more colours, but for now I hope you don't mind picking one of either red or white. Which colour do you like more?"


"Dang, they hit you harder than I thought. All right, steady yourself and shake it off, then use Fury Swipes again!"
'1d20' '1d6+5'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 3 + 5 = 8


"Burn the fog away with Ember!"

'1d20' '2d6+22'

Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 6, 6 + 22 = 34


"Aw, only those two? White matches most anything. I'll get that one."


As Growlithe tries to clear the smog with flame, the Houndour leaps into the embers! It's completely unharmed by the flames, and in fact seems empowered!

Opposing Houndour's Flash Fire made it absorb the flames!

Meanwhile, Growlithe is slowly fading away.
Growltihe's HP: 14/48, posioned

"It's expensive to manufacture in more colours, but you can always colour it. And speaking of customisation, they're compatible with a wide variety of peripherals."

He bows to you.

"Good luck. I'm sure your journey will take you many places."

'1d8' for a multi-hitting move.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"At least it'll be clearer now. Growlithe return. Quetz, you're up!"


Three hits!

Zoro hits the Natu fiercely. It, too decides to get the hell out. The remaining Natu thinks twice before trying to hit zoro again.


Quetz emerges! The moment he does, however, the Houndour shoots its own ember attack. This one is far, FAR stronger than the one Growlithe unleashed, no doubt due to it having absorbed growlithes fire. Quetz resists the full blast of the attack, however, his draconian heritage shining through.

HP: 30/45


I bow in return safely putting the pokedex in backpack.
"Thank you for the honor of using it. Also, Does it come with instructions?"


"All right, good job bro! Chica, you're up! Once you've finished this, we can finally have some lunch!"
She's at a type disadvantage, which is why I saved her for last.
Start with Poison Sting.
'1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 1 + 6 = 7


"Sorry for this Quetz, but it's important. Aqua Jet, while he's in one place!"

'1d20' '1d8+17'

Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 1 + 17 = 18


Quetz cloaks himself in water and darts at the Houndour!

Weakened by Growlithe's leer, it stumbles as Its fiery head is quenched. So much, it only caughs a few puffs of smoke when it tries to breathe another smog cloud at Quetz.

Quetz HP: 30/45

Critical Hit! The opposing Natu shivers at the poison barb digs into it. It pecks at Chica, but barely manages to do damage.
Chica's HP: 48/53

"There's a tutorial function if you need. Oh, and remember to update your Pokedex whenever you're in a town! It needs to download need info and upload whatever you've gathered."


"Great job, sis! Keep it up!"
Double kick might get resisted, but it's still worth a shot.
'1d20' '1d6+5'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 5 + 5 = 10


"Press the advantage Quetz, don't let him move away!"

Aqua Jet '1d20' '1d8+17'

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 8 + 17 = 25


"Alright. Can you tell me how to get to a place where I can make posters?"


Double kick hits twice.
rolling for second hit '1d20'

The Houndour yelps as Quetz charges at it again! It can barely stay on its feet. Another hit like this and it's over for it. As it yells though, it manages to cough out another poison cloud.

Quetz HP: 13/45, Poisoned

Quetz shivers from the effects of poison… no, that's not Quetz, it's just his skin! A translucent layer peels off him and he looks just fine.

Shed Skin healed Quetz' poisoning!

"Check at a Pokemon center. We're actually quite near one, it's just down the street. Anything else I can help you with?"

Roll #1 15 = 15


The two kicks barely hurt the Natu' but it's the straw that breaks the Camel's back. It, too, glows and vanishes, teleporting away.

You are victorious!

Zoro lets loose a Snarl.
Zoro has learned Snarl!


"Sorry to push you so much Quetz, just one more."

Aqua Jet '1d20' '1d8+17'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 5 + 17 = 22


Give him a confident smile.
"The number for the lab so I can call you when I finally get to those gangsters and their machines. I'll need an expert to pick them up after all."


"Good job winning at a disadvantage, Chica!"
Go ahead and let everyone out of their balls so we can start setting up for lunch.
"Congrats on learning a new move, bro! All of you did great sending those birds packing. I'll bet you're all hungry after that fight, right?"


At the same time, Lyle starts running around practicing charging into trees.
Lyle has learned Aqua Jet!

"There's shouldn't be a need to say sorry to your Pokemon. You should be one with them. Feel their pain, their emotions, unite your will into one. That way, you know Pokemon will never do anything they don't want to."

She winces as Quetz knocks down her Houndour for the count.

"Well done, Houndour. Sneasel!"

She sends out her second Pokemon. A Sneasel, glaring menacingly at your Dratini.

"Haha. Tell you what, you can have mine. You can contact me if you need help with anything."

Received Scientist Klein's number and email!

you've earned well your lunch. All that fighting worked up an appetite for your Pokemon.



"Feel their pain…"

"Quetz, come out for now. You did well. Croagunk, it's me and you for now."

Switch out for Croagunk.


And with that I'll head over to the Pokemon Center with vulpix.


File: 1436809101831.jpg (68.6 KB, 450x630, 1396162582727.jpg)

You have an empty plastic bottle that held a drink to tide you over the boat trip.


I'll hesitate for a moment, then Use Oshawott instead.


Oshawott is sent out!
The Sneasel, however, opens with an Icy Wind on you. Oshawott shivers.

HP: 42/50


"Oshawott, hold out and go all out!"

Karate Chop '1d20' '1d8+18'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 3 + 18 = 21


Sit and eat my lunch alongside my mons, watching them and the forest around us while I rest my legs for a while.
I'm no stranger to riding my bike long distances, but not with this much weight! It's not bad enough for me to be cramping or anything, but I definitely appreciate the break.


The Sneasel is fast. It rolls out of the way of Oshawott's attack, then taunts her! It spits at her while deftly avoiding any counter she might make.

Oshawott: 42/50 HP, Enraged
You can only use attacking moves. Roll 1d20 every turn to see if Oshawott gets over it.

Here the sky is clear enough to see more Pokemon pass overhead. A Yanma stops to rest on a branch, and further above is a flock of Starly. They don't seem to want to bother you for food.


"Don't give in, Oshawott! Fight it and keep your cool!"

Enraged Escape '1d20'
Karate Chop '1d20' '1d8+18'

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 4 = 4 / Roll #3 4 + 18 = 22


The Sneasel moves first! eith a burts of speed, it sends small icicles hurtling towards Oshawott!

Oshawott is still mad, but being mad lets her cleave right into the Sneasel! It yelps as her arm comes crashing down onto it.

Oshawott's HP: 20/50


>I twitch when I hear Sneasel scream

"But I have to keep going… Oshawott, try to control yourself!"

Enraged Escape '1d20'
Karate Chop '1d20' '1d8+18'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 5 + 18 = 23


Eh, it's a beautiful day, and we've all worn ourselves out. Let's end lunch with a quick nap before moving on.


The Sneasel, more jumpy this time, preemptively leaps away from Oshawott! The karate chop would reach it, but neiother will the attempt at tossing ice shards at Oshawott.

Oshawott has calmed down, looking smug about how afraid the Sneasel is.

Roll to see how that goes.



Roll #1 19 = 19


"Don't lose yourself like that, Oshawott. But keep it up, I believe in you."

Karate Chop '1d20' '1d8+18'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 4 + 18 = 22


How nice. You wake up in just a short while feeling very well rested. The ball of cotton you're holding on to helped a lot, it's nice to hug.

Before Oshawott can move, the Sneasel taunts it again! She gets mad again, enough for her to lose her concentration and miss the attack.


"Don't let the taunts get to you, stay focused!"

Karate Chop '1d20' '1d8+18'

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 2 + 18 = 20


…I don't recall bringing out my pillow for this nap. Or my pillow being this fluffy, or warm…
Look down at the fluffy ball I'm apparently holding. When did this get here?


Oshawott is hit in the face by clumps of ice first! She can barely stand, but has enough in her for another attack. Her hand comes down right on the Sneasel's head, and it's having about as much difficulty staying up as she is.

The ball of cotton is picking off scraps of food left on you!

You identify it as a Cottonee. It doesn't seem to have noticed you're awake yet.


Well, I don't mind getting cleaned up, I guess.
"Hungry little thing, aren't you?"
…I don't want it running away just yet, so I need to keep a grip on it. Considering how light it is, I can probably keep it in place without having to squeeze it or freak it out too much.


"Give it your all Oshawott!"

Karate Chop '1d20' '1d8+18'

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 8 + 18 = 26


Oshawott bravely charges forward. Her inner torrent unleashed, she's determined to bring this one down. The Sneasel, however, knows better. it waits until Oshawott draws near, then darts around and slashes her! The Feint attack brings Oshawott down at last.

Croagunk HP: 44
Quetz HP: 13, Poisoned

The Cottonee nod before suddenly becoming startled!
They're excellent at escaping, though. Roll to see if you can keep a grip on it.


"Whoah, whoah, easy, easy, I'm not mad at you or anything silly like that…"
'1d20' No escape for you

Roll #1 3 = 3


Growlithe is Poisoned, Quetz can't.

"You did your best Oshawott, it's all I can ask. Growlithe, I'll need you to hold out a little for me."


Oh right, Growlithe is poisoned, Quetz healed.

Despite her weakness, Growlithe manages to roar as she emerges. The Sneasel jumps back, intimidated.

Growlithe's HP: 14/48, poisoned


"Growlithe, I know I'm asking too much, but stay with me long enough to use Ember."

Ember '1d20' '2d6+22'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 3, 6 + 22 = 31


It easily wiggles out of your arm. Most of its body is cotton that can be easily squeezed through small gaps.

It leaps back from you, but still seems curious. It doesn't take the chance to run all the way into the woods to hide.


"Geez, skittish little thing, aren't you?"
I'll lay back down and cross my hands behind my head, smiling as I glance up at the clouds.
"So, I should probably thank you for being an unexpected pillow for me. I slept really well because of you. So thanks!"


"Asking too much? Have confidence. Your Pokemon could abandon you at any time. all it would take was form them to run off while you aren't looking. Why are they still with you?"

The Sneasel is still faster! It tosses ice shards at Growlithe…

Growlithe hands on, just barely!

Just enough to spit fire at the Sneasel, making it yelp and fall, no longer able to get up. Growlithe coughs and follows suit, the poison wearing her down.

Croagunk HP: 44
Quetz HP: 13

The cottonee waves. If that's all, it's going to go back into the bushes now.


"Hang on, where you going so fast? We just met, didn't we? Besides, I don't think you showed up just because there was food."
I want it relaxed, not bored. I'm not giving up a pillow that fluffy so easily.


"I can't fight in their place, so it hasn't been feeling right to just completely order them around."

Call out Croagunk.


The leaves ruffle. What are you getting at?

"But they take them anyway. Have some faith in their trust."

Croagunk leaps out! It takes a ready stance, fits held up.


I look down for a bit, then at the Gym Leader, and nod.

"Croagunk, let's do this!"


That Sneasel is ready to attack if you won't!


Wait, the Sneasel is down. A Pawniard takes its place, steel claws glinting menacingly.


Fuck it, I'm catching this cottonee whether it likes it or not.
"Sorry guys, nap's over!"
Zap them all back into their balls and go after the cottonee.


"Croagunk, go forth and use Rock Smash!"

'1d20' '2d6+19'

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 4, 6 + 19 = 29


Wild Cottonee appeared!

Who's going to attack it?

Croagunk leaps at the Pawniard! Despite its armor and its best attempts to parry, the punch lands through, right onto its torso. The Pawniard cries out, but quickly regains its composure. It slaps Croagunk away and torments him!

Croagunk: 44/44 HP, Supressed


Start out with Chica and her Poison Barb!
'1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 3 + 6 = 9


Since my attack went first, I assume that going forward my At-wills are EoTs?

"Don't let Pawniard get any distance for itself!"

Rock Smash '1d20' '2d6+19'

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 4, 2 + 19 = 25


Every other turn, so you can't Rock Smash for now.

The cottonee moves in a burst of speed! It showers chica in yellow spores, and she has trouble moving!

She is still able to shoot her poison sting. It was INCREDIBLY effective!
The poison barb cuts deep into the cottonee! It shivers with poisoning…

Chia: 54/54 HP, paralyzed
Roll additional 1d20 to act under paralysis


"Make it a bad idea to get distance from you!"

Mud Slap '1d20' '1d6+14'

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 5 + 14 = 19


"Work through it, Chica. You're strong enough."
Try to Peck at the Cottonee.
'1d20' '1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 1 = 1 / Roll #3 8 + 6 = 14


Croagunk throws mud right into the face of the Pawniard! That, however, doesn't lower the effectiveness of the leer it gives. Croagunk shudders.

Croagunk's defense falls!

Not right now, she isn't. The Cottonee uses this opening to launch seeds at chica! The Cottonee starts looking a little more revitalized, while Chica is being weakened.

Chica: 50/54 HP, paralyzed


"Focus through, I know you can do it!"

Rock Smash '1d20' '2d6+19'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 4, 6 + 19 = 29


"All right, Lyle, step in for a bit to help out."
Send out Lyle so Chica can get a break. She did what she needed to do, after all.
Start Lyle off with a Leer.

Roll #1 11 = 11


The Pawniard gets ready to do a downwards slash. Before it does, though, Croagunk manages to grab its arm. The Aerial Ace that almost hit would have finished Croagunk in one go.

Croagunk simply punches the Pawniard's face. It falls backwards, wincing. It's over, simple as that.

"Well, well. You don't disappoint after all."


Lyle leers at the Cottonee! It shudders, enough to miss the stun spore cloud it wanted to throw.


"Thank you. I mean that." I say to the gym trainer and smile.

Turn towards Riss: "Sorry I missed your battle Riss. If I'd have been better, I'd have been here for you."


Now, follow up with a scratch!
'1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 6 + 6 = 12


"Oh, actually I haven't battled her! In fact, I wanted to join her school for a while."

Sinistra turns to you. Out of battle, suddenly she looks like a mild-mannered housewife again.

"We have a short course for traveling trainers, just as an introduction to techniques you might find useful in your adventures. Interested as well? Before that, your badge. Well fought."

Obtained Conniving Badge!
Obtained 4000P!


Bow and accept it politely.

"I think I've already learned some important things here already, so I'll say that I am interested in being able to learn more."


With the Cottonee's defenses cut, the scratch hits deeper! The Cottonee counters, invoking a strange wind! The wind bewilders Zoro for some reason, and he seems hurt by it particularly hard.

Zoro's HP: 25/41

The Cottonee shivers from poison. It's looking faint enough to catch…

"Glad to hear it! We'll be open tomorrow morning, I'll tell you where we are. No tricks, don't worry."

She marks a point on the city map.

It'll look like an abandoned building, buy you'll know if it's the right one when you head inside.


"Dang it, you little rascal…"
I smile and shake my head at him as I toss an Ultraball at the Cottonee.


"Then that means I might have time to trade in those points…"

"Sorry, should I bring anything special?"


Either way, roll 1d100

"Whatever you think you might need. By the way, Riss, if you look around carefully you might find some nice Pokemon wandering the streets."


"Zoro, I appreciate the eagerness to fight, but you need to listen to my instructions."
I pause and rub the back of my head.
"…Good job imitating Lyle though. You almost had me there."

Roll #1 78 = 78


"Thanks again, but I really should head to a Pokemon Center first and try to find a place to stay after."


Simple catch.
Congratulations! Cottonee was caught!

Hope you have medicines for those Pokemon, though. Chica is paralysed, and Cottoneei s still poisoned.

"There are cheap trainer inns around. I'll see you tomorrow!"



I believe I was going to the pokemon center to print out posters?


No need for that. As you head to the Pokemon center, you can already see posters for a lost Vulpix. It points to an address somewhere in the City garden district.


Oh. I rip off one of the posters and start heading to that address.


Don't forget to heal your Pokemon first! The attendant kindly does it for you before you leave.

Like the name suggests, the Garden district is full of plants. Not so much like home where many of the plants grow wild, here they're orderly and arranged very well, a feat wild flowers would never achieve. Most of the buildings here are houses or large apartment buildings, with small businesses here and there.

A rather run-down house is standing where the address is.


Huh. I look down at Vulpix petting her softly before putting her down at my feet.
"Well, here we are girl. Are you happy to be back home already?"


Let's get an Inn first, our Pokes healed, and rest the night away.

Ready to head out to 'school' for the most part.


The Vulpix looks reluctant. It looks at you as if asking if it really has to go home.

You should probably head to a Pokemon center first so you can take your pokes back to the inn with you. It's nearby.


Alright, good to stop by. Growlithe would really need the help.

What's the one in town like?


I frown and pick her up again wondering how much she understands me already.
"Your owner wouldn't have made posters if they didn't care.. But I can ask about taking you traveling if you want."


The one nearest to you, you mean, one Pokemon center probably wouldn't be able to service an entire major city.

It's smaller than the massive ones you're used to from the capital city, but perfectly functional. It's quieter at this time of night, but an attendant is at the main counter as always.

The vulpix looks a little more cheerful.


"Excuse me, are you busy? I could use some help with my Pokemon."


I giggle a bit, this fox really is cute, I wonder if she'd be any good at ranger work..
Let knock on the door.


"Of course!"

Quick and efficient, how Pokemon centers are supposed to be. She loads the Poke balls into a machine that scans all of them and injects drugs when necessary.

"All done. Come back any time!"


The door opens to reveal an old lady. She's in a wheelchair, with a Medicham behind her to push her around.

"Good afternoon, miss. And Fran! I hope this Vulpix hasn't been too much trouble for you. Please, come in."


"How long did it take to learn all that? It should be complicated but you make it seem easy."


"Please call me Amber. And she hasn't been a bit of trouble at all." I follow the lady inside slowly and a bit of a gap so the Medicham can manage her chair.


"Poke balls as a route of administration greatly simplifies it, really. With minor injuries all you really need is a dose into the Poke ball itself, which will deliver the drug to the Pokemon inside. Of course, for more major injuries or illnesses, we need to call in experts for a particular group of Pokemon. A doctor for a Pokemon like Magnemite would be more like a mechanic."

The Medicham is more than capable of taking care of its owner. It shows you to a seat, then brings out a tray of hot jasmine tea from the kitchen for you.

"Oh, no need to be modest about it. This one is always getting into trouble. How did you find her, anyway?"


"Still, to be able to make sure it's all working right."

Let's head to the inn, but stop off at a hardware store to pick up a Flashlight. If they do anymore things in the dark, I'll be easily lost.


"She was pokenapped by some really bad guys. It was lucky I was around when I was to be honest with you.." I shutter and sip the tea, looking for a good moment to ask.


That's 500P, according to the guy at the counter there. Still want it?

"Oh? That explains it. She usually likes to leave for days at a time. This time she wasn't back for over a week, so I put up flyers. Thought she might have finally found whatever she was looking for."

She sips her tea.


I glance down at her and then at the lady taking a breath to suppress my hope into mere curiosity.
"So, you say Fran is looking for something Maim? Running off all the time to find it?"


It's fine for now. It's late and it's time for me to head back to the inn. Might as well test out the torch to make sure it works.


"Yes, she is. When I took her in, I thought it would be nice to have a small Pokemon to retire with. No more intense battling for me, just a cute little Pokemon to dote on. I think what she was expecting from me was very different from what I gave her."

She glances over to her mantlepiece. There are many awards for battle tourneys decorating it.

"She's young and she's got that youthful fire in her. She wants adventure, to make it big somewhere, somehow. She's also got quite a ruthless streak. I ran into her previous trainer, said she did all she could to make herself trouble once it was clear he wasn't up to her standards."


I nod along with the lady, the question burning on my lips until I can't hold it in and set the tea down with an eager fire in my eyes. "In that case. Would it be alright if I took Fran traveling with me? I'm going to be a great Pokemon Ranger, and have lots of adventures. Plus Fran already likes me after the big rescue today."


The torch works. Even among the streetlights it shines bright.

The inn is a building just opposite the Pokemon center, actually. It's minimalist on the outside, but the inside is strewn with notes and posters that give it a very cosy feel.


She looks at you straight in the eye. The decrepit air she had around her is suddenly replaced by that of stern determination. With the way she's suddenly sitting straight up on her wheelchair, it's like she could leap up at any second.

"Only if you are very confident. She's not looking for someone to dote on her and make her a housepet. She wants someone to test her and be tested by her in return. what kind of trials does a Ranger go through?"


I'll make sure Riss gets to her room, then I'll feed my Pokemon and wait until tomorrow.


You're not going to be booking a double room, are you? So forward.

You do see Riss passing by you on her way out, though.


No double room, I'm not that type of guy. I'll make sure to have Quetz out with me.

"Hey Riss, wait up!"


"We help anyone in trouble." I show off the radio with pride. "They call you on this when something happens in your area. The same guys who kidnapped Fran keep showing up and making trouble, two of my missions so far have been interrupted by them! Its really dangerous sometimes too, there can be falling rocks, or a deep hole from a dugtrio. And I've gotten to do those things as just a Junior Ranger, when I impress my leaders enough I'll get to be a real ranger and have even harder jobs."


"Oh, Squire! I already got my room, just so you know. See you tomorrow morning!"

"A strong dream is a foundation for greatness. I hope you'll fulfill that dream. I suppose there's not much for Fran to lose, she's clearly unhappy here with me. If I should even call her that, she only accepted that name while she thought I was more than a retired old aunt."


"Don't sleep too much, okay."

Set my alarm, lock the door, and go to bed.


"You really mean it? I'll take good care of Fran, I promise." My face is beaming with an uncontrollable smile. "I mean you're really sure right?"


You barely realise that she was heading out into the streets when you came in as you go to sleep.

Roll for sweet dreams


She was heading out to catch Dark Pokemon, like she was told. She can handle herself though.


Roll #1 1 = 1


"That's what I should be asking you."

She reaches into a drawer for a Poke ball that she hands you.

"That one belongs to her. I hope you and the Vulpix grow well together. You've got a lot ahead of you. And it's up to you if you want to call her that. She doesn't seem to care much for the name."

The hotel is crumbling as you wake up.




Roll #1 6 = 6


I take the pokeball with a joyful expression, and politely bow to her. "Thank you Maim. If you like I can look for a house pet pokemon for you before I leave the city."


The building isn't how you remembered it. The paint on the walls wasn't peeling like this. Why are there plants growing through the ceiling? Why is the floor layered with dust?

She smiles.
"That's very kind of you. A pokemon that's small, even after fully evolving. Preferably one of those Pokemon that grow fast. I don't have a lot of time to tend to a dragon."


So I do. I'll fill it up with some water from that spring.


Call Cottonee out without pause, pulling one of the antidotes I bought from my pack.
"Easy there, Don't worry, I got you…"
Spray the antivenom directly over where Chica injected the poison.




Give me a bit


No rush. Take your time.


Luckily general antidotes exist and are easy to manufacture. The Cottonee stops shivering very soon.

Cottonee has been added to your sheet.

The bottle somehow looks even clearer once it's filled. You carefully inspect the water, but can't find the slightest hint of any particles or debris.

Arthur scoops his hand in and takes a sip from the spring. Despite being drained by a ghost Pokemon, he suddenly looks a lot better.

"Alright, guess we're done here. to the gym, then? Or did you have something else in mind?"


"Good… there you go…"
Now, call out Chica so we can try and let the paralysis wear off.
"All right Chica, just focus on getting back in control of your body. You're too tough to let this beat you."


Chica would rather not try to move. You could let her rest, but then she wouldn't be able to get into action for the rest of today..


"Not that I can think of. What's the gym here again."


"I..I actually don't know. It's probably going to be bigger than other gyms in the region, it's one of the three major cities of the continent. I've heard of some people disappearing for days before coming back home with a badge."

He shrugs.

"We can always check it out first, then go prepare. Shall we?"


Well, if she's paralysed, then she'd be out of action for the rest of today anyway.
"All right, Chica, just rest for now. Focus on feeling better for now."
Still, this would be a good opportunity to try out our new team member on any other encounters today.


Not to worry though, your new cottonee leaps up a tree and plucks some fruit. A bunch of small, red ones. He hands it to Chica…

Chica splutters wildly and thrashes about, before realising her paralysis is gone. She looks thankful at the Cottonee, whose expression is hard to read with a face obscured by cotton.

Obtained 4 Cheri berries!


"Couldn't hurt, I guess. I'm curious to see what such a big gym might have to offer someone like us."


"Alright, then."

As you step out of the cave onto the seaside path, he removes a Poke ball from his bag. He releases a Magikarp that he holds with his hands so it doesn't flop to the ground. He speaks to it.

"I respect your spirit, but I doubt I can hone it for you. Good luck, I hope you'll find another."

He looks ready to toss it into the ocean.


Smile widely at that.
"Thanks buddy! It's good to see you being friendly with the rest of the team already. I'm glad you're feeling better, Chica; hopefully we don't have to deal with anything too crazy today."

Guess we've tarried here long enough. Time to get a move on.


At this pace, you should be able to reach Tangleroad by sundown. Roll for speed



Roll #1 7 = 7


"You're releasing that Magikarp?"


A light drizzle starts. Fortunately, living on the southern-eastern side of the continent means there's no way you'd forget your raincoat. The forest bustles some as Pokemon scurry to take shelter.

Keep rollan

"Yeah. this one's pretty special, didn't seem right to release it just anywhere. Why?"


Rollan down the road, got places to go…

Roll #1 17 = 17


"I was thinking about looking for one. What's so special about it?"


Being on a bike has a lot of advantages. You make it to Tangleroad!

A stopover for travelers to and from Lanobe, the surroundings are fairly undisturbed jungle. Most of the people you see about town look like rangers, young ones probably still training. Besides the trainer inn, Pokemon center and mart, the most prominent buildings are the Ranger base and Catching Guild. Nearing sundown, it won't be long till they close and retire for the day.


"Quetz, where are you!?"

Call out to my other Pokémon!


"It's got a really strong spirit. I actually wanted to eat this one, but even on the chopping board it wouldn't surrender. It attacked me, but when I cornered it it refused to back down. Thought I might train it, but I've already got two water Pokemon with me. As much as I like them, I really shouldn't fill my team with just one type. If you want it, I'll be happy to give it to you."

He holds the Magikarp towards you. It looks hopeful.

They don't answer. You notice some Pokeballs on the floor. They are ruined, the inner circuitry worn down and the outside paint faded with at least years of age.

What is going on?


I look at it for a bit, pondering.
"…yeah. I think I will take it off your hands."


In that case, it would be better for me to try and find a place to stay for the night.


Pick them up at least. What about the rest of my stuff I brought.

"Riss, are you here!?"

Head to her room.


"Cool. Take good care of it."

Magikarp has been added to your party!

"Usually people realise the Pokemon they've decided to part ways with at the more populated spots, but I figured this one deserved something more special. Anything else or shall we head off?"

That's what the trainer inn is for! At 100P a night with food covered, it's hard to find a better deal. Plus, they're always located near Pokemon centers.

Your stuff? Covered in a thick layer of dust. The medicines and other perishables have degenerated into a unusable gruel.

As you exit into the dusty corridor towards Riss's room, you note that everything seems like it's undergone years of disrepair. The moment you turn the handle to the door of her room, it breaks, and the whole doorframe crumbles into dust. There's nothing there in her room but dust, but more foul smelling and blacker on the bed.


"No, I think we should be all set. Lead on."


"This can't be real… This can't be real…" I keep muttering to myself.

"Riss, are you here!?"

Investigate the source.


All right then! I'll head over and rent a room for the night.


"Alright, then."

He leads you back through the cliffside road and back to the roads. You enter the city to take a tram to the northern part of the island.

Shuiea Gym is stated somewhere on the tram route. Very easy. At least there are seats while the tram whizzes around the city.

What source? Although you note you haven't been outside…

When you do open the windows to look out, though, you're not sure what to make of what you see. Buildings float in the air. Some, in fact seem to be falling endlessly, or are flailing about chaotically despite their size. You can see activity down in the streets, maybe? There seem to be people, some oddly coloured red and some blue.


The interior is very cozy, full of pamphlets and informative flyers. There's even a guestbook to sign on if you like. On a wall are some photos of previous visitors.

"Enjoy your stay! The canteen is just down the hallwasy."


I'll stare out the window as the tram does its thing. I don't think I expected the city to be this big. Don't think I've seen one this big either.


Your island is known as a retreat for mystics, so it's very quiet compared to a lot of other cities. Somebody has to take care of affairs on the Water part of Mnorii, though, and this is it.

The tram stops outside what looks like a sort of harbour. Time to drop off.


"This has to be a dream…"
Rub my eyes, check again.


Ooh, a harbor. I wonder what kind of ships are in dock at the moment?


Stuff's happening at home, gonna have to stop here for now.


That's enough for you to realize just how cold it is. The sun's up there, but your breath is misting up. You sneeze, and the force is enough for you to blink and end up on the street.

You are face to face with… a person? They seem to be running from something, their face frozen in an expression of fear. For some reason, their entire body has a violet tinge to it.

As your breath's mist approaches him, it vanishes at a certain event horizon among him. Looking around, you note the people running away are tinged red instead.

You can roll for slp if you want to rest for the night

Not a harbor, the large sign says it's the Shuiea gym. As you step in, however, it's revealed to actually sort of look like a harbour. Some boats are docked her.

"Welcome! Are you two challengers?"
A tanned man steps towards you and Arthur.


I stop.
"Are we? I'm not sure I would stand much of a chance here…"


"Oh, don't worry about that! Jake, right? You teacher mentioned a pupil of his has gone out to get badges. Not that I'm going to go easy on you, but both of you look fit."

He nods.

"Want me to give you the challenge briefing now?"


"Well if he sent word, then I have to accept. What do you have to tell us?"


"Alright. This harbour opens out to a gulf of sea. I'm going to be on one of those islands. You have… however long you need to find me. The hint is: Go with the flow, but know when you must stop to rise."

Arthur isn't showing much of anything in his face.

"Got it? Even if I'm not there, you'll be told which is the right place if you find it. And the boats will only work within the designated zone, they'll tell you when you're going outside the gym area. It's about a square area of 40 kilometers."

"Understood? Can't have you both leaving at the same time, who wants to go first? Also, it might take a while, so if you want to prepare, come back at any time."

There was a mart right next to the gym, if you want to get anything.


Well that's enigmatic.
"You expect us to both find you in an area that size?"


Is there a park where wild pokemon might be found?
Maybe a pet store?


"The badges of the capitals aren't easy. They must be earned, not just through might in battle. Search the islands."

"Are you ready?"

You could always ask the Capturer's Guild! They're experts in tracking Pokemon, and if you want to know where a certain Pokemon habitat is, they'll likely know. They're paid to help people find or catch Pokemon, too.


I think I'll check the mart first.


Oh. We didn't have one of those in my hometown! I wanna go to the Captor's Guild.


"Good idea."

Arthur follows you.


You've got 4000 P to spend. Your inventory has been updated.

Like a lot of services, it's in the middle district of the city. The Palace District. The trams are very convenient for getting around.

You note that they're busy taking down a sign that says 'Capturer's Guild', replacing it with 'Captor's Guild'. The entrance room has a bored-looking man at the counter, who perks up as you walk in.

"A ranger! Welcome to the Capturer's… uh, Captor's Guild! Need to find a perfect Pokemon? For you, maybe something strong and fast… or big and immovable!"


"Hiya! This place is neat looking, and I do need a pokemon, but not for me."
I walk up to the counter and smile at him.


I'll get two more Potions, a Repel, and a couple more Poke Balls.


"Oh… your seniors send you? They need something really rare? The caves below the city have a lot of dragon Pokemon! We can discuss that more!"

two potions, one repel, two poke balls? Alright.



"Oh. Nothing that exciting. Its for.. my grandma." Keep smiling. "She's a bit lonely and wants a pet to keep her company."


"I'm dreaming, I'm going to wake up…."

Every one is running, but are they running away from me?

"Any time now…"


No, they're running in a lot of different directions. It should be noted that they only look like they're running, they are in fact completely frozen and still. Some of them are stuck in a sprinting pose in midair.



He looks disappointed.

"Well, the Pokemon living in the city parks are easy to care for and friendly. We can send someone with you to help you track them, for a fee."


Keep looking around then. Something, ANYTHING, must be causing then to run away in fear like that. What else is around me?


Whatever it is, it isn't here anymore. The whole city is warped, distorted, sure, but nothing seems an immediate threat. How long have these people been stuck here, frozen in midair in the middle of a running stride? You don't know.


"Here goes."

Try and touch the closest person, see what happens.


time 4 boats


The next thing you know, you fall forward from a touch on your back, and that person is running normally, unfrozen. He disappears a few meteres away, however.

Thing suddenly look different. The buildings look evern more ruined, and more plants have overtaken the city. You notice a Haxorus and a Dragonite. Wait, not just any Dragonite. Quetz! It was the touch you felt on your back.

"Squire… Squire? Is that you?"

An old lady hobbles up to you.

So you return to the gym. The leader asks which one of you would like to leave first.

Arthur gestures you towards a boat. "Wanna go first?"


I nod and get in.
Can I sail this thing?


"Yes, I'm Squire! I'm here, you can hear me!?"


It's easy to sail, you just steer and adjust engine power. Both people at the dock wave you off as your boat drifts away.

She looks like she's about to cry.

"It's me! Riss! Oh… You were stuck in bed for so many years, and when I returned you were trapped like one of those running people! Then I had to travel to find our Pokemon… I heard that dragon Pokemon could cure it, so after so long I managed to find our Pokemon again. And now…"


Are we in front of the hotel we stayed at?

"Wait, how long has passed? What happened to, EVERYTHING!?"


I wave back, then turn to the sea. Do I have a map or something?


File: 1438494562012.jpg (49.08 KB, 930x827, simple map.jpg)

You didn't go far away, so yes.

"Sixty years, eight months and four days."

You recognise the habits of her face, though now worn on a face you can;t recognise.

"I don't know what happened. Things just started… falling apart. It's like the laws that rule the world got broken. Only people who had dragon or fairy Pokemon with them stayed safe."

A simple one. Some islands are marked with letters.
A message is scrawled on the back.

Get comfortable. It's on a mirage island and can't be mapped, but you need to find the pointers on the islands.


I…see. Well, let's head to port and E.


"So because Quetz was around," I'll turn towards the Dragonite that should be Quetz, "I just froze in place. Are there any others okay? What about the rest of our Pokemon? I woke up and all their containers were shorted out."


"Because Quetz wasn't around, you froze. As for the rest, I don't know IT'S OVER WAKE UP

You start up in the middle of bed, to an alarm ringing. You're up just in time, it seems.

Sea Pokemon seem particularly plentiful here, enough that the boat even comes with a fishing kit and some fish-cleaning tools. A flaregun, too, but using it means you surrender to the challenge. The sand is warm, especially since it's coming to late afternoon, but not overwhelmingly hot.


Breathe deeply a few times.

Are all my Pokés here? Are they okay?


Quetz came out of his Poke ball to keep warm in your bed with you, in fact. The rest are here as expected.


Well at least it's peaceful. This could be rather relaxing if the weather holds. Let's explore the island.


Pet them. Hold them.

"I just had a terrible dream. But the worst part was being without you all."

I'll make sure they're all fed and ready to go to the Dark school here in town.


Remember to secure your boat. The shore has poles you can use to tie your boat down, conveniently.

It might be tough for someone else to navigate, but since you're a native of the region your shoes and clothes are good for exploring these kinds of places. Inside the island vegetation is a statue of a magikarp swimming against a current.

It's cool inside this forest, the sun outside is pretty hot now…

You bring them down to the cafeteria for breakfast before meeting Riss. Ready to head off?


Ready as I'll ever be.

Have Quetz out with me as normal and head to it.


Right, yeah. I never really went out on the ocean back home.
Interesting statue. I wonder if it has some significance here? Let's go explore the forest…


You disturb some Pokemon. A few Hoppip stopping over, a slowpoke or two, but none seem that interested in you. It's a small island.

You might be able to make it to another island before it gets dark. Those thick clouds blowing in don't look too good.



"Oh, and our capture experts are also excellent at finding Pokemon that fit your criteria. So if you're not sure what you want to look for, just say so!"


Rub the back of my head a bit.
"Something small and soft, maybe a pouchenya for her to train, or something that can clean up after itself?
Do you have a list or quiz or..?"



Well, let's see if I can get some direction first. Calm Mind…

Roll #1 4 = 4


or is that d20 now

Roll #1 2 = 2



He thinks.

"For an old lady as a house pet, right? You'll want something small, first off. Not high maintenance too, so a Pokemon like a Vulpix is definitely out of the question. It has to be fast to mature, too, so no dragons. Our parks have some small Pokemon , you can pick from them. Want to hire one of our capture experts, then?"

You can feel a wave of some sort, flowing around, but it's not coherent. What you do notice as you mediate are large schools of Pokemon swimming aimlessly, seemingly waiting for something.


"Are you one of the experts?" I giggle a bit. "I suppose if the fee isn't too bad it might be nice to have a guide."


Interesting. Maybe they're waiting for me to do something.

I guess I'll head for the island north of here.


"500P a day!"
The receptionist calls out a lady about your age, dressed in practical trainer gear.

"We can move off now if you like!"


You can feel the thoughts of many more water Pokemon below you as you sail the calm waters. On closer inspection, they're all Magikarp. They're filled with a powerful longing, a drive to do something great, even if a Magikarp is all they are.

As the sky darkens, you see flashes of light in the horizon. A coming storm. Fortunately, this rocky island is higher above the sea level than the others.


Better bunker down for the night once I get ashore then. Gotta tie up the boat too, don't want to get stranded.

Interesting wildlife though.


"That soon? Alright. Lets go look for one." I sigh relaxing a bit at the idea.
It seems I still have a pokeball and enough dosh on my sheet, is that right?


You manage to get your tent set up just as the rains come in. The boat is secure, and while you can't heat up your rations, at least they can be eaten uncooked.

You've endured meditation in the cold before, but it's undeniable the night is cold. Huddling alone in your tent will make it hard to rest, especially with the rain and winds assaulting your shelter.

Yeah, you have enough. 500P deducted, and Poke balls are provided.

The girl leads you out to the park district.
"Soo… for an old lady, right? A pet? The garden parks will have what you need!"


"That's right, She used to be an ace trainer but now she just wants a house pet to retire with."
I smile and walk a bit more confidently. "Which pokemon have you seen in the park before?"


Well, then it would probably be easier to bear with some help. Let out Ralts for companionship and Combusken for warmth.


"Hmm… mostly Normal field Pokemon, like just about anywhere. Zigzagoon, Rattata, Sentret. I think there's a few Minccino, too? Pokemon a little stronger prefer to stay just outside of town, like Growlithe, and sometimes a dragon finds its way to the surface from the caves."

As you reach the park, the captor's posture changes. It almost seems like she's sniffing the air.

You immediately feel better as Ralts hugs you, while the Combusken just lies by your side to warm you up. You should be able to weather the night like this…

Roll for dreams


'1d20' Rolling perception.

Roll #1 13 = 13


With them by my side, how could I not sleep well?

Roll #1 3 = 3


You were meant for sleeping among incense and silence, not the salt of the wild sea or rains. You make it through the night rested, and as you wake in the morning a mist has formed around your island.

A Minccino! It is cleaning up park benches with its tail.


I'm going to have to get used to roughing it.
Recall everyone, pack up, and keep heading north. Hopefully I can keep my bearings.


My eyes light up and I creep over to the Minccino.
This is a good time for Joltik to shine, send out Webster.


The mist is making it hard to see, but at least the oat has a compass. You can feel, though, that those schools of Magikarp aren't just waiting around anymore. They're all swimming somewhere frantically in a line.

"Wait! You want the Minccino? I'm supposed to catch it for you!"

She has a Smeargle behind her now, tail raised and ready to spray… whatever it is that Smeargles have.


Interesting. Let's follow them!


They're swimming along an ocean current! It's enough to gently pus hand steer your boat, as well. You can feel a great deal of excitement from below. Even from your new Magikarp, who is shaking excited in his Poke ball.


Let's let him out too. And Horsea while we're at it. Let them lead the way.


"Oh. I got a little too excited. Yea. It looks really tidy and cute."
Step back and let her do her job.


Horsea doesn't seem to bothered, but Magikarp is. Both stay near your boat as you delve deeper into the fog, still following the current and the schools of Magikarp.

Your compass is beginning to spin, though you're fairly sure you're not changing directions.


Weird. Can I see anything through the fog?


"Smeargle, Spore!"

Before the Minccino can realise what's going on, the Smeargle sprays a cloud of powder onto it from its tail. It lightly taps the drowsy Cincino a few times before the captor tosses a Pokeball. It's over almost as quickly as it began.

"All done!"

She hands you the Poke ball containing the Cincino.


I grin and pocket the pokeball.
"That was pretty smooth. What's your name?"


Nope. Not except your boat, the nearby surrounding waters where your Horsea and Magikarp are, and a few Marill passing by. The current continues you push you through. Briefly, you hear singing.

"Lana! You're a ranger, right? I'm training under the capture guild, since I also get to save up for my own journey. Thanks for your business!"


"Well.. only a Jr. Ranger, but I have had a few lucky breaks and It won't be long until I get a styler now." I grin.
"Name's Amber. Look for it in the papers!"


Singing? Which direction is it coming from?


You've passed it, and briefly hear the cry of a Lapras.

Abruptly, below you, you feel the Magikarp suddenly changing direction. Instead of going with the current, now they're swimming against a new one.. All of them are turning to the right and fighting to swim upstream, and your magikarp seems intent to do the same.

"Neat! I'm just a trainee myself. Hope to see you soon!"

She records the completion of the job before she skips off.


Dang. I didn't think there would be so many of them around here.
How can there be an upstream current out here? Isn't this a cove?


How is this part of town during the early morning hours? How is Quetz holding up?


Time to go back to the old ace trainer.


Your compass is spinning wildly. Where ARE you? The fog thick, and any attempts to sense beyond is drowned out by the hordes of Magikarp below. Even t he water is beginning to smell different.

Your Magikarp is remarkably less concerned, and just wants to swim up the current with the rest of the school.

It's more or less quiet, most of the rowdyness takes place at night. But you're too young for that kind of thing, anyway. Quetz seems to be just fine, and is wrapped around you like a scarf.

You go back to her house. This time, she's relaxing outside while a Vileplume is weeding her unkempt garden.

"Hello there, dear Amber! Can I do anything for you?"


Pet him under the chin while walking with Riss.

And after my first lesson, I'll have my flashlight out with me while going to this school.


My eyes are bright with excitement.
"I have a prefect pokemon for you. It even tidies up."
Present her with the pokeball of Cincino.


This is getting a little weird. Still, I trust the Magikarp enough to follow him. Something's clearly drawing him forwards.


It's easy for you being on a boat, but already some magikarp are faltering. Your own seems to be hanging onto the sides of your boat for help.

The fog is beginning to dissipate. An island is emerging, and you definitely haven't seen this one before. Clouds circle a mountain peak on it, and a river mouth wide open invites you to sail onto it. The Magiakrp are swimming up that river.

"And what's this…?"

As she releases the Cinccino from its Poke ball, it yawns. It greets her with a chirp before dusting off her wheelchair.

"It's lovely! Thank you so much, dear."

"Sure you want to show them you have that?" Riss teases you. An unmarked office building looms ahead, right where you were told the gym would be.


Huh. Is it on the map? Into the mouth of the river we go.


"Aw, its already getting along with you. This is gonna work out great."
I turn to walk away from her grinning with pride.


"I'm kind of a blockhead, so I just need to make sure I had it."

Put the flashlight in my pocket.

"Did the Gym leader tell you about this place.after you met her, or did you already know?"


You don't see any other landmarks. Aside this island, the rest is endless sea and fog as far as you can see. Far above, you hear a mighty roar as a long blue serpentine Pokemon flies above, diving into the sea far behind.

The vegetation in the sides of the river are both familiar and foreign. Some of these plants are definitely native to the region, others, you've never seen except for in books about far-off lands.

"Hang on, child!"

Her Medicham emerges out of the house, holding a disc.

"Please, take this for your trouble. I hope it serves you well."

Obtained TM Hidden Power!

"She mentioned yesterday! Ready?"


Wow…now that's something I don't think I've ever seen. I wonder if this island even has a name?


"Whoa, awesome! Thanks Maim'. I'll be heading to another gym soon, this will really help out." My smile is so big, its starting to hurt my lips a little.
Did this city have a gym?


"Wouldn't be here if I wasn't, I hope. Let's go."


"Yes, it does. It's in the palace district, but you might want to wait until you're stronger. The Rising Gym doesn't lower itself for new trainers, it encourages the children who grow here to hone themselves elsewhere before going back home. In the meantime, where will you go?"

The building opens up to a very standard looking office lobby. A receptionist is waiting to greet visitors.

"Hello. What business have you with us today?"

You're not sure what it even is. As you sail upstream, you eventually draw near the foot of a very large waterfall. The Magikarp are starting to jump frantically, as if trying to climb it. Yours is busy staring in awe.

"You made it! What do you think?"

On the rocky sides of the river is the gym leader himself.


"Hmm, I hadn't really thought about it.. you know I've never been a big city like this before. Maybe I should stay a bit and explore. Do they have any special places for trainers to battle?"


How did he get here?
"It's…wow. I don't think I've ever seen a place like this. Where are we, even?"


"We were told there was a school here with a short course for Travelers. We're here for that."


"A place I found when I was young. Sometimes, when you travel, you… find places forgotten about. If they're islands, we call the Mirage Islands. The Magikarp know, though. Those who dream of becoming more find their way here when they can."

Another roar resounds. Above you see another blue Pokemon fly off. You realise that it's a Gyarados.

"Well, are you ready?"

"There are a few colosseums around! You can compete in the flow district, especially if you like crowds. They even pay you for a good show!

"Oh, like this one?"

The floor under you gives way! Roll for reflexes.


"Really? That sounds fun. I'm going to sign up right now. I'll email you about it later."
And like an eager kid, I rush off toward a colosseum.


It's a basic D20, right?

Reflex '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Hm. I wonder if mine has the same dream."

I think I'm ready as I'll ever be.


Too slow!
You tumble down a slide into the darkness. You can see around you, but only barely. Looks like you're in a basement? A maze?

You are challenged by Waterbearer Sui!


Powerful trainers in the midst of battle tend to develop unique auras. As he draws back the Poke ball, a wave of power washes over you.

A slowpoke is sent out!

Try to calm yourself! don't want to disturb the other tram passengers! There's a registration deskas you head to one of the smaller colosseums, and not the huge theatres you see in the distance.


A small one will be okay, and what do those guys know, they've never been without all these interesting places to see.
I'll find the line and wait patiently enough.


"I knew it…"

Take out the Flashlight I stored away in my pocket and look around.


No line, don't worry. Looks like they have just one vacancy left!

"Alright, just write your name, and let us scan your Pokemon… Format is doubles, by the way. We start soon!"


"Alright.. so I just wait there for you to call me?" And I look at my pokemon in their balls. "Hey, we're going to do some doubles, so work together, and we'll go to a nice restaurant."


You're assaulted by a cacophony of shrieks!

Wild Zubat Horde (5*) appeared!


"Quetz, I hope you're ready!? Quick, use Twister, try to hit as many as possible!"

Twister '1d20' '2d6+18'

Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 3, 4 + 18 = 25


I probably should have expected that from him. Anyway, let's see what it can do.

Go, Ralts! Calm Mind!

Roll #1 20 = 20


The shockwave Quetz works up is able to hit all the Zubat!

The Zubat retaliate! Their mess of attacks impede one another, and while Riss sends help, Quetz is hit by a few slaps and bites.

Dratini's HP: 40/47

Ralts Meditates as the Slowpoke braces!

Spatk and Spdef increase by 1 stage! The slowpoke looks slower, but tougher.

"Be here in about an hour, alright?"

There are a few nice places around.


"Keep it up Quetz, don't let the work together!"

Twister '1d20' '2d6+18'

And in the meantime, I'm going to take in my lesson. Look around, any doors or hallways I can see with my flashlight?

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4, 3 + 18 = 25


Double Team!

Roll #1 11 = 11


Ralts leaps about, making images of herself!

The Slowpoke is unfazed, and curses again. It slows down even more, but its muscles look concentrated.

Quetz's Twister misses entirely! While Riss is able to take down 2 out of 5 Zubats, the remainder swarm around you both.

Dratini's HP: 37/47

The light attracts even more shrieks!


Wait, it attracts their attention? Turn off the light for a moment.

"Riss, try to attack at the same time I turn on the flashlight! Quetz, I'm counting on you! Stay on me and use Twister!"

Turn it back. Twister '1d20' '2d6+18'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 2, 4 + 18 = 24


Guess I have to take the first move. Disarming Voice.

Roll #1 1, 3 + 14 = 18


The Slowpoke winces! it wasn't prepared for that kind of attack. It yawns…

Ralts is feeling Drowsy!

That's enough. The remaining Zubats are taken down and sent away. Moire shrieks, however, are heard down the tunnel. you might not want to use the light after all…


Give it another shot while you can!

Roll #1 3, 4 + 14 = 21


Especially since I just bought it.

If I didn't notice anything else, I'll head towards an opposite tunnel.

"Good work Quetz."

Release Croagunk.

"Sorry to pull you out in the darkness here, but I have a feeling I'll need your help. And Riss, which of your Pokemon is out?"


Croagunk stands, close to you. You hear a caw in response to your question.

Ralts is fierce, but the Slowpoke is nigh immovable. Ralts' head falls as it braces with a curse again…



"Riss, you okay?"


Ralts is asleep!
HP: 49/49
SPATK: +1 stage
SPDEF: +1 stage

What do you feel like?
There's cheap cuisine from all three regions present in this metropolitan city. Taste of home? Want to try seafood from the warm south? Or the meat and spices of the northwest?


"Perfectly fine! My Murkrow is doing well, don't you think?"

You can make out the silhouette of a sinister-looking bird Pokemon in the dim light. It's perched on her head.


Wake her up!

Roll #1 8 = 8


I'll have a spicy meal, something I'd never see back home.


Ralts doesn't wake until the Slowpoke is polite enough to do it for you. It shoots a water gun, causing her to yelp as she wakes!

Ralt's HP: 39/49

Want to try the spices of the northwest? You find an open air roadside stall decorated in red. Cuisine of the ire region, cheap and fast.

How much you willing to spend on nice food though?


Uh, lets say 2000?


Goddamn, you're a big spender. For that money you could go to a four star restaurant and be served multiple courses for your entire team. You could afford massaged wine-fed Tauros for your whole team.


Well at least she's awake. Hopefully we can stay that way for the rest of this fight.
Another Disarming Voice

Roll #1 6, 6 + 8 = 20


Roll 1d20 with that for hit/miss and crit



Roll #1 8 = 8


800 then?


Ralt's cry shakes the Slowpoke! Another hit this strong and it will go down. It's visibly worn, and panicking. The water gun it tries to shoot misses!

Pretty luxurious. High quality steaks and herbs for everyone, while Rocky would get refined ore to chew on. Good thing you stopped by a fire region eatery, since they raise a lot of steel Pokemon there.

Spend 800P or go lower?


Still a bit extravagant, but I'll do it.
A little taste of what I can get from enough high profile jobs should motivate everyone!


All right! One more go!

Roll #1 4, 6 + 8 = 18


For a moment, it looks like the Slowpoke is unaffected. suddenly, it groans and flops to its side.

Opposing Slowpoke has fainted!

Ralts looks incredibly energized. She is slowly gliding around, ready for anything. you can feel a burst of power waiting to awaken in her.

The next Pokemon is sent out. A Piplup!


You can watch the chef as he cooks in the open kitchen. Steaks are grilled and served to you, scattered with spices and herbs you've never smelled before. The plates are topped up with a side of gamefowl. the way they're decorated…. Unfezant meat?

That's for you, Lily, Tamiyo and.. Fran, right? Come to think of it, you're not sure if she's even a girl. Might want to have your shiny new pokedex check.

Webster's too small to eat meat, he'll have to wait till he's grown bigger For him, the same spices are drizzled over maize, with a battery stuck into it. And Rocky gets a bar of stainless steel.


Hm. Let's try a gamble. Swap out Golett and Shadow Punch!

Roll #1 2, 3, 2 + 10 = 17


Golett has not been statted
Pls stat


I grin at my team wiping off a variety of steak sauce with a napkin, because of course I wanted to sample them all, and fiddle with the pokedex to get it to scan the Vulpix.
"If we keep working hard, we could have this kind of food all the time.. Even if I'm not sure how I feel about meat, this is really really.. really good.. Might even change my mind.. maybe."


Wasn't he? I could have sworn he was. Anyway, done.


The Piplup pecks where your Ralts would have been, but his Golett instead as he is rotated out!

Golett winds up for a punch…

Always roll 1d20 with attack


It is, after all, the circle of life. You briefly remember stories of the great tree-deer and the cocoon bird, and why even Pokemon like great Pyroars are important to keep the world running.

Oh, dear, you got your pokedex screen dirty!

What do you see it say?



Roll #1 5 = 5


Before Golett can land its punch, the Piplup leaps! It blows a stream of bubbles that pierce its clay armor! While Golurk lands the punch, sending the Piplup back, it paid for it dearly.

HP: 12/55


I gasp and giggle a bit. "Oh, you poor guy. She didn't know you were male? I'll have to think of a good firey name for you."


Your new Vulpix suddenly looks a lot more upbeat, though it might just be the food. He barks out, and falls into your… and Lily's lap.


I didn't think it would be that badly affected…one more time!
'3d8+10' '1d20'

Roll #1 5, 2, 7 + 10 = 24 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Poor Golett. Too worn and slow to even ready a punch this time, the Piplup is merciless. The Bubblebeam engulfs it and makes it fall to the ground, unconscious.


"Sorry about that. You did good, regardless of my mistake."

Send out Horsea, and use Smokescreen.


Horsea is sent out! It shoots a cloud of smoke, trying to stop the Piplup. The penguin Pokemon is, however, especially relentless. It first the same Bubblebeam that felled Golett, hurting Horsea despite the resistance.

Horsea's HP: 28/40


"Aw how adorable~, don't you think he's adorable Lily?" I pet his head and sigh. "I'm so glad you've still got your heart.."
How much time until we have to be back now?


The leader must put a lot of effort into training this penguin!
Water Gun!
'2d6+8' '1d20'

Roll #1 5, 4 + 8 = 17 / Roll #2 18 = 18


Lily isn't quite sure what to do even as Vulpix lies and accepts your head pats. She looks a little stunned.

And oh, you better be there soon. No time for dessert, unfortunately.

Good try. The Piplup winces a little, but it resist the water gun like your Horsea resists its bubblebeam. They trade attacks, but Horsea is left with the worse end.

Horsea's HP: 17/40


I look concerned. "Not getting along yet? I guess that's normal. Maybe battling together will do the trick."
Return them to their pokeballs and get on over to the stadium.


Then I guess I just have to wear it down! Again!
'2d6+8' '1d20'

Roll #1 5, 5 + 8 = 18 / Roll #2 11 = 11


The chef wishes you luck! If you come down later, maybe you can pick up supper since you couldn't have desert.

Another hit like this, and the Piplup will fall. It panics, however, and misses the bubble spray while Horsea lands the jet cleanly!


Well then, one more time…!
'2d6+8' '1d20'

Roll #1 6, 3 + 8 = 17 / Roll #2 9 = 9


I'll see how well we do in the math first of course. I may need to buy a TM or something to help out, I might be undervaluing moves..


The Piplup is still faster. Deciding to risk it, puts all its might into a bubblebeam! Horsea, however, stands strong against it, and retaliates!

Bot hare still standing, barely. The one to move first will win this round. And that Piplup is already ready.

You've got a few TMs, check your bag!


I do. I used protect a few times already even! But how can I know what the hidden power will do?
Maybe it will be fine to just try and see how we do without changing anything.


Alright then!

As you head back to the stadium, the receptionist welcomes you. You're expected to be in the challenger's box anytime now!


Finish it!
'2d6+8' '1d20'

Roll #1 6, 4 + 8 = 18 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Unless the Piplup missed ,there was no way it could have gone your way. The spray of bubbles comes before Horsea can even more, and it collapses into the water running below your feet.


Alright, just stay calm and get confortable with the area.. I didn't even see what it looked like, a bunch of grass?
I'll start off with Webster and Tamiyo.


It's like a small baseball court. A little amateur league paid for by people who don't want the hustle of big tourneys.

Your opponent, a young girl, sends out a Pidgeotto and Goomy!


"Watch out, We're pretty tough."
'1d20' '1d6+19' Tamiyo uses Poison sting on the Goomy.
Webster uses Spider Web on Pidgeotto (no roll for that)

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 3 + 19 = 22


Damn. Well then, I guess it's all up to Magikarp! Tackle!
'1d8+8' '1d20'

Roll #1 1 + 8 = 9 / Roll #2 12 = 12


"Our contestants have shown their hands for this first round! They won't be using any other Pokemon, or they forfeit!"

Looks like you're stuck with the two you have out for this round. They can do it.

The Poison Sting misses! Webster, however, quickly nets the pidgeotto! It won't be able to dodge attacks very well now.

The Goomy starts off with a tackle on Tamiyo! Against Tamiyo's hard shell, it barel dents her! The Pidgeotto's gust hits Webster.

Tamiyo: 62/67
Webster: 49/60

Magikarp is energetic. Before the Piplup can move, it has already slammed into the penguin, knocking it out.

"Well done. You haven't scaled this obstacle yet, though!"

Your Magikarp faces… another Magikarp! This one, however, looks far stronger.


Well this looks like it will be eventful. Tackle again!
'1d8+8' '1d20'

Roll #1 7 + 8 = 15 / Roll #2 17 = 17


Your Magikarp does its best to tackle the opposing one! As they trade blows, however, it's clear that yours is getting the worse end of each trade.

Magikarp's HP: 28/42


"Don't worry, just be a little more aggressive Webs."
'1d20' '2d8+21' electroweb on the bird
'1d20' '2d6+26' knock off on the Goomy.

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 2, 4 + 21 = 27 / Roll #3 11 = 11 / Roll #4 6, 4 + 26 = 36


"Stick with it! I can feel your spirit!"
'1d8+8' '1d20'

Roll #1 1 + 8 = 9 / Roll #2 12 = 12


"Is that the Pokemon you were after last night?"

"Croagunk, put a mark on the wall, let's make sure we aren't moving in circles."


Devastating. Both of your opponent's Pokemon yelp as Tamiyo and Webster land their attacks in unison. Tamiyo doesn't like the bubble attack from the Goomy and the Pidgeotto lands a tackle on Webster, but their damage seems like nothing.

Tamiyo: 54/67
Webster: 33/60

Spirit can only get one so far. Here your Magikarp is clearly outmatched, as it falters from having to fight what is simple a stronger Magikarp.

But that is what allies are for ,no?

Magikarp: 18/42


"Alright, now take a on the flier together."
'1d20' '1d8+16' leech life on pidgetto
'1d20' '1d6+19' poison sting on pidgetto

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 3 + 16 = 19 / Roll #3 3 = 3 / Roll #4 1 + 19 = 20


[PSUED] for now


Brutal efficiency. Tamiyo and Webster both jump on the webbed Pidgeotto, and now it's not flying anymore. Only the afraid Gooomy is left as an opponent, and its absorb against Tamiyo barely heals it.

Tamiyo: 46/67
Webster: 33/60


"Please tell me your Pokémon can see where we are going. My flashlight will probably give us away."


"Sort of? We can try and find our way around, slowly…"

But how well can YOU navigate? There might be a door in front of you. 1d20 to check


"Good job, just one more!"
'1d20' '1d8+16' Leech life
'1d20' '1d6+19' poison sting.

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 5 + 16 = 21 / Roll #3 2 = 2 / Roll #4 6 + 19 = 25


Hopefully '1d20'

There's always the flashlight if I need it

Roll #1 20 = 20


As you carefully inspect the wall, you realise that there's a trick door here. You listen, and hear a small cough from behind. There's someone here waiting for you to open it or to pass, and then they'll jump out at you. The trick wall is thin, so if you just attacked it…

The poor Goomy has little defense against physical strikes. Both your bugs (or bug-like Tamiyo) jump it next. It's over fast as it groans and collapses downwards.

Congratulations! For now, you're called back to the challenger's box for your Pokemon to be healed and to wait for your next opponent. You should also choose four Pokemon to use this time.


Right you are. Lily and Vulpix should go next.


Smile a bit. Signal to Riss.

"On my mark, sneak in Riss. Croagunk, use Rock Smash where I'm pointing, give Quetz plenty of room to Wrap whoever is on the other side."

Rock Smash '2d6+19'
Wrap '1d20'

Roll #1 6, 3 + 19 = 28 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Two more?

Right on cue. As the wall snaps, Quetz leaps in and ensnares the surprised assailant behind, dressed in a black suit for stealth.


Well, I had a long, productive day today. Now that I'm in town, I suppose it's time to get a good night's rest!
'1d20' for slp

Roll #1 4 = 4


Its double battles right? So I just pick two?


"Hi there, name's Squire Escala. Sorry for putting the squeeze on you like this, but I'm in a bit of a hurry. If you'd be so kind to help us out of here…"

Keep the flashlight at the ready.


And two more. Select four Pokemon to use as your party, buit two pokemon out at a time.

The ninja shrugs. A cloud of spores suddenly cover you from above! Dodge them!

The bed has some lumps in it. Suppose that's what you pay for. Your dreams are pretty boring.

Ready to face the next day?


Yup! First thing should probably be to get my pokemon back from the center, now that they've healed up, right?


Okay. Aron and Gligar.


Evade '1d20'

Roll #1 5 = 5


You already collected them last night! As long as they didn't sustain major injuries, Pokemon centers heal in minutes.

Want to hang around, or head off on the road? If you want to get to Dervor Town, your next stop should be the Valley Wood.

Just barely, you spring away from the spore cloud. You weren't really the target anyway. The ninja takes a deep breath, and knocks out on the spot. The Venomoth hiding in the shutters stays there, keeping watch on all of you. He's not going to give you any info now.

Alright then.
Your next opponent seems to be a boy around your age, not younger like he last challenger. The pattern of his clothes don't match what you've seen back home and on the road here. Must be from another region.


Move him and search the body quickly. Maybe he made a mistake and kept a map on him.

Tie him up too. I don't need a surprise from him if his Venomoth is just going to stay there too.


Well, I didn't get much chance to look around last night when I arrived in town. Is there anything of interest to justify staying here longer?


I better do a cool pose to impress him about how awesome I am.
'1d20' coolness

Roll #1 2 = 2


Not really! It's mainly a glorified rest stop, though some jungle research does go on here. Nothing relevant to you, though.

Nothing but his Pokemon, which are in unique balls kept locked by some device.

He looks confused more than anything.

"This looks like it's going to be an interesting match! both these trainers absolutely stomped their previous opponents! Both are travelers from the hearts of their home region! Emily of the Evergreen, and Arthur of Shuiea!"

The hype of the crowd slowly turns into an intense silence. They're waiting for you both to open…


Ah well, let's blow this dump and get going.
'1d20' biking down the road

Roll #1 16 = 16


Take 'em for now. If he objects, he can speak up.

"Wanna come along?" I ask the Venomoth.

"Riss, find anything?"


"Lets' kick this off with action, a little fire and grass should do it." I say starting to get really into the fun of the event. Send out Lily and Vulpix. Its time for him to earn a new name.


The weather is good and the wind is on your back. You're not planning on any stops?

The Venomoth flaps its wings threateningly. It looks incredibly strong, and seems to be helping to invigilate the test. You might not want to provoke it.

Riss is feeling more of the wall. Looks like you've found a shortcut.

You come to face a Frogadier and Honedge! The trainer behind is expressionless, as are his two Pokemon, quiet and focused compared to yours more excited.


"Stay out of trouble, then." I say to it.

"Another wall to break?"


This guy is serious, as if his whole life was battling. "Right, remember to work together."
'1d20' '2d6+24' Lily uses Mega Drain on Honedge
'1d20' Vulpix goes for hypnosis on the Frogadier.

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 1, 6 + 24 = 31 / Roll #3 19 = 19


I'm not in a rush, if that's what you're asking. I'm taking my time, enjoying the clean air, all that hippie bullshit but without the weed or sissy stuff.

but no, not really any planned stops at this point in time.


"No need. Just push it here…"

The wall moves like a sliding door. The next room looks pretty odd, though. It's tilted to the side.

The Frogadier is fast. It's skin changes, losing some blue hue. It calls out a oddly melodious, yet terrible sound, and Vulpix is hit!
Lily goes next, sapping energy from the Honedge. Despite the Frogadier's swift movements, Vulpix is able to land the hypnosis, making it slump to the ground in drowziness! In the midst of this chaos the Honedge dances a Swords Dance, growing more energetic.

Good on you. The trees grow denser, and the you note the plants are different. Less coniferous and more broadleafed. The mountains in the distance are less snow-capped. It's getting hot, luckily no one forgets to bring water along.


"Whoa, such a cool pokemon." I comment softly, impressed by the ninja-frog
'1d20' '2d6+18' fire spin on the Honedge
'1d20' '2d6+24' mega drain on Honedge

Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 1, 3 + 18 = 22 / Roll #3 4 = 4 / Roll #4 2, 1 + 24 = 27


"Another trap room, I suppose. Does is slide us into another trap?"

Any furniture or the like inside?


Good thing I decided not to wear my jacket today! Maybe I packed clothes just a bit too warm for down south.


It's not very glamorous as asleep like this, though!
Sensing danger, the Honedge is called back, replaced by a Togepi! The flames your Vulpix breathe trap it, but even if it can't move, Lily's attack hits a harder part of its shell. It doesn't get through.

Lily's HP: 59/59
Vulpix: 29/58

Riss slowly steps in. She almost slips, but keeps her footing.

"The whole room is tilted! it's meant to rhow us off!"

You'll get used to it. If you want to visit the islands, though, be sure to buy a set of Water Region clothes. Else you'll have a terrible time.




So it is. Magikarp, return! Go Combusken! Double Kick!
'1d8+8', '1d20'

Roll #1 8 + 8 = 16 / Roll #2 7 = 7


For a double strike move, roll an additional d20


"You didn't happen to bring any tope with you that Murkrow can carry across? I don't want to tire out Croagunk by having him smash the floor repeatedly."

Unless, check the Ninja's shoes. They had to get here somehow too.



Roll #1 18 = 18


He shows are actually fairly ordinary.

"No need! We have to be slow, but we can make it to the door!"

Combusken takes a Tackle, then retaliates with a double kick! Each kick strikes into the fish fiercely, one even sending it flying into the air.

It's flying very high. Only no you realise that it's about to perform a fearsome attack by landing.

Combusken's HP: 35/50


Well let's see if we can avoid that. Sand Attack!

Roll #1 1 = 1


"So just step by step right?"

Try it out with putting my foot down on it. Is there at least a door I can aim for?


Combusken's speed boost provides a boost.

Even if it didn't trip over itself trying to kick up sand, doesn't change that the Magikarp is flying far above. As Combusken fumbles to stand up, the Magikarp lands.

Opposing Magikarp used Bounce!

You flinch as it lands right on Combusken, winding him. It hops again, and its weight is what breaks the camels back. Combusken isn't standing up anymore.

Nope. Just try to keep your balance. Floor's tiled about 30 degrees to your left.

Oh, roll for that.


Staying upright. Hopefully Quetz can handle being my counterbalance. '1d20'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Quetz pulls you just as you're about to lose your balance. Another slip like this, though, and you'll hit the noisemakers down there. Only now you notice them. Oh, and there's also a flock of sleeping Woobats above.

Be quiet.


"I can do this." I think to myself. '1d20'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Well I guess it's back down to me and Ralts. Disarming Voice again.

'2d6+8' '1d20'

Roll #1 2, 3 + 8 = 13 / Roll #2 14 = 14



Ralts emerges. She's a lot more energetic, and seems to be dancing with everystep. She sends her voice to the Magikarp, but it too has found newfound energy in desperation.

Ralts: 17/51

You're just barely making it. You fall onto the titled floor, but keep yourself from sliding. For now.



"Just a bit more…" I say under my breath.

Balance '1d20'

Roll #1 12 = 12


It's all or nothing now. Together we can get through this…
'2d6+8' '1d20'

Roll #1 3, 3 + 8 = 14 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Though the Magikarp charges forward in a final desperate, determined Flail, Millie spins out of the way! As she opens her mouth, a wave of euphoria suddenly overwhelms you. You almost feel like laughing, were you not so at peace. It feels like a voice is coming out of your own throat as well, though this one doesn't sound like Millie anymore.

The Magikarp flops helplessly, while Millie as a Kirlia stands above, doing a final pirouette.


I stand dumbfounded for a moment, not really sure what just happened. Blinking, I shake my head.
"…what was that? Did we win?"


I hope inside that I make it across with Quetz.


'1d20' '1d8+15' quick attack on the frog from Lily
Confuse ray on the togepi!

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 1 + 15 = 16


Lily darts forward, surprising the frog! While Lily can only get a glancing blow in, it's enough to distract the frog from concentrating on attacking Vulpix. Vulpix gets the chance to flash the Togepi in a strange lights. It looks dazed, but it still can Yawn. at Vulpix.

Vulpix is looking drowsy…

Lily's HP: 59/59
Vulpix: 29/58

"Of course you did. This is a place where Magikarp come to do the impossible. They fight the flow they've been living in all their life. Most fail, but many succeed and reach their dreams."

He hands you a badge that appears to depict a wave.


I take it and examine it.
"…is that supposed to be a metaphor for something?"


I should swap him out, who's my reserve team for this match again?

'1d20' '2d8+24' mega drain on the frog.

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 3, 3 + 24 = 30


"If you want to see it that way. It's whatever you see in it."

He also hands you a TM. Obtained TM Rain Dance!

He points to a rustling in the plants behind you.

"Another challenger? Come on out."

You have Aron and Gligar in reserve.


Swap to Gligar then.


I turn around. Who is it?


You switch to Tamiyo to take Vulpix's place! Tamiyo immediately takes the brunt of a loud call from the Frogadier! Lily is able to take advantage of the chaos to sap energy from the Froagadier! It cries out, though it doesn't do as much damage as you would expect a grass attack to do to a normal type.

The Togepi watches, oddly quiet. It's scheming something.

Tamiyo: 52/67
Lily: 59/59

Somebody you don't know. A girl dressed in the manner of the Tumi Island fighters.

"Yes, I am another challenger. Greetings."

She bows deeply.

You notice a Ralts by her side, who does the same.


I return her bow as best I can. Hopefully Millie plays well with her Ralts.

"Hello. Was the journey rough for you?"


Tamy's a tough kid, she'll make herself tougher with a harden.

Lily goes for a Fury Cutter on the frog. '1d20' '1d8+15'

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 8 + 15 = 23


You also note a sword at her waist. A wakizashi, as you'd expect on the islands.

"Not especially. It was hard, but my Pokemon helped me through. I'm sorry, but could I see your Horsea?"


"Uh..sure. How did you know I had one?"
I let her out.


"I watched your battle. You fought valiantly."

She inspects the Horsea. An expression of understanding seems to come from the Horsea's face.

"Couldn't wait for me, huh? I said I'd come back for you, but it's fine. I hope your new trainer's getting along well with you."

Horsea looks conflicted. You can feel that these two share a history.


The frog decides to make its retreat. In its place the Honedge returns. Lily's cut barely manages to scratch into it.

Both Tamiyo and the Togepi are passive. Tamiyo hardens, the Togepi continues watching…

Tamiyo: 52/67
Lily: 59/59


"Do you know each other?"


"Yes, actually. I used to play with her a lot when I lived on Muika Island, before I moved to Tumi to train as a fighter. I decided it was best if I only took in more than one Pokemon once I really decided to start out as a trainer, but I when I went back to look for her, she didn't come back."


"Hmm. You're very careful."
Mega drain on the swordpoke '1d20' '2d8+24'
'1d20' '1d6+19' poison sting on the togepi.

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 5, 6 + 24 = 35 / Roll #3 3 = 3 / Roll #4 3 + 19 = 22


"I see…"
I look between them.
"Friendship is important. If the two of you really mean that much to each other, I don't want to come between you."


"Just a bit further…" I try to whisper to Quetz."


"Thank you!"
Lily is the fastest one on the field. She latches onto and rain the Honedge before I can respond. The Honedge shakes, but it works itself up into a swords dance.

Tamiyos tries to sting the Togepi, but the attack glances off its eggshell!

You can see the Togepi suddenly smirk, despite is babyish appearance. It laughs, and attacks with a Stored Power!

You realise that it was Nasily Plotting all this time. Lily is almost thrown back by the psychic attack.

Lily: 28/59
Tamiyo: 52/59


You're almost there. The bats aren't waking up yet. Don't slip up now!

Another d20.


Balancing with Quetz. '1d20'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Really? I… well, I owe you in the future, then. I am Nsgi. How about you?"


"Jake, from Shuiea. I just hope you two find happiness on your journey."
I hand over the Horsea.
"…Goodbye, little Lowtide. May all your currents be favorable and your seas calm. I'll miss you."


"I promise that I will honour the memories you have shared with her. I will meet you again, I am certain. I am in your debt, Jake."

She bows again, along with her Ralts.


I'll have to be sure to try and buy some of those in the next town then!

I have to say, these roads seem rather empty. I'm kind of surprised by the lack of traffic; back in the city, there was always somebody going somewhere.


Not a lot of people opt to take the footroads as you go further from the big cities at the regional hearts. Only trainers on journeys like yourself. You can see a mountain rnage rising out of the tropical trees all around you. Unlike the mountains you could see from your home city, they aren't capped with snow. It's usually too hot here.


Geez… if even mountains can't get cold enough for snow, then this place is gonna be really hot.
…Which means I'm likely going to start running into a lot of fire-types, aren't I?


Not that many. Fire types mostly love dry areas. Here, it rains too much, the jungle almost gets steamy. It actually creates a place for lots of water, grass, and most of all bug Pokemon. Only a few fire types live here. You recall the Pokemon center stating a warning not to follow 'strange lights' at night, citing fire pokemion danger, and you can see a Heatmor stalking a nest of Durant.


Heh. Well, what do you know? I learned something new today.

Guess I don't blame people for not traveling around here much; such muggy weather can't be pleasant to travel in.



Roll for luck while you travel.



Roll #1 5 = 5


Just your luck. It begins to rain again. At least it's just a drizzle, so it's not enough for the ground to become muddy. You have your raincoat, right?

The Heatmor stalking the area leave. Some trees in the distance also shudder and start walking away, somehow. A few Paras come crawling out of holes in the ground, and Masquerain fly above your head.


Jake. Both gym leader and the girl wave at you, before she draws her sword and plants it at the leaders feet. Seems she is offering a challenge.


Your Pokemon's sheet are being updated for battle.



You are being attacked by a strong Crawdaunt. Tina is in front, trying to defend you.


Wow. She seems rather intense. Maybe I could learn something by watching her battle.


Dang, we're still on this!
"Come on Tina, let's finish him off quickly! Vine whip!"

Roll #1 4 + 6 = 10


Looks like the gym leader has a spare set of Pokemon.

He opens with another slowpoke, she opens with a Chikorita.

That's 2d6 + 8 + 6


I can already tell she probably put more preparation into this than I did. Let's take a seat and watch.


'2d6+8' +6
My mistake, but I read it says +5 in my sheet though

Roll #1 5, 2 + 8 = 15


Hopefully I make it through


She came prepared with a type advantage, and is pressing it as hard as she can. While the Slowpoke curses, trying to brace itself, the razor leaves quickly slice through its defenses.

My mistake, it's 5.
Tin lashes at the Crawdaunt, but its hard carapace protects it! It fires a bubble beam in retaliation!

Snivy: 44/51

Just barely, you make it through the room without triggering a large alarm. Now is the matter of a fork in the road.


Lily isn't doing so well, who did I pick for backup here again? I may need to swap.
for now we'll try a mega drain '1d20' '2d6+24'

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 5, 1 + 24 = 30


Right Taimyo will use her protect for the match


"One more! Go for the legs!"
'2d6+8' 5

Roll #1 2, 3 + 8 = 13


Call out Growlithe.

"Sorry to call you out like this, but we're gonna need your nose and ears. Which way are the people, so we can avoid them."


Seems like what I expected so far. Then again, I didn't have much trouble with the Slowpoke either. What will she do against the leader's stronger teammates?


Current party: Lily, Vulpix, Rocky, Tamiyo.

Tamiyo protects. Well timed, as the Togepi unleashes another wave of Stored Power. She evades it, timing her dive just enough to avoid the attack.

Meanwhile, Lily keeps her health topped up by draining the Honedge. As she draws near, though, the Honedge relatives! it cuts into Tamiyo, staggering her, leaving her open for a stronger attack…

Lily: 41/59
Tamiyo: 52/67

Even if grass is the Crawdaunt's weakness, its hard shell protects it well from any attack! Now it looks barely hurt. It grips Tina, though she wriggles free.

Snivy: 26/51


We need to give Vulpix a shot. Swap Lily out for Vulpix.

Tamiyo will try a knock off attack on togepi. '1d20' '2d6+26'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5, 6 + 26 = 37


Growlithe sniffs…
She growls at the corridor to your right. Seems that there are more entities there.

The leader is forced to withdraw the Slowpoke. He sends in Magikarp right away. She looks tense, rightfully so.


As well she should. That thing is far stronger than it has any right to be…


"Croagunk, keep watching our back. Riss, is Murkrow doing well? Let Growlithe lead the way."

Head left then, with Growlithe at the lead and Quest on my shoulders.


As it leaps up for the Bounce, she seems to realise something. She yells at her Chikorita to protect itself. It watches carefully, and at the last second steps aside, making the Magikarp crash helplessly. Immediately, it scatters purple spores, and the Magikarp is poisoned.

It was a good idea to rely not on sight. As the corridor rises, from here you can see ambushers waiting on the path below.

What would have been a devestating attack from Tamiyo glances off the Togepi's shell, as sge hits at a faulty angle. It's enough to trip up the Togepi, who nearly falls trying to retaliate. However, as Vulpix is deployed, he's hit by an extended shadow that rises to strike him.

Vulpix gasps.

Vulpix: 7/58
Tamiyo: 52/67


Any pathway or hidden area around them that we can notice?


"Alright Let's try something else! Tina use glare!"


The Crawdaunt pauses in its tracks, and is having difficulty moving. Amnazing what snake pokemon can do.

Roll for it, see if Growlithe sniffs anything.


You can do it Growlithe. '1d20'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Interesting. I wonder if she trained it to do that?


S-surely it can't do that again.
'1d20' '2d6+18' fire spin on the sword
Tamiyo hardens

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 1, 2 + 18 = 21


"Alright now wrap him up nicely! Come on Tina!"


Tamiyo's skin solidifies! Useful against the sword.

Even if you had noticed that Vulpix was facing the wrong way, it wouldn't have mattered. A shadow extend below and onto him again, this time dragging him to the ground with it.

Vulpix whines, defeated.

The Togepi tries to launch its attack again, but seems to be put out of the mood. Tamiyo glides around the wave again.

Protect is a common move taught by trainers wishing to specialise in battle. With the Magikarp weakened, she has her Chikorita plant seeds over it. While it is hurt when the fish charges at it, the seeds seem to heal off any damage at the magikarp's expense.

She sniffs the wall to your right. If you push against it, you can feel it move.

>wrap is complicated as fuck
Can you pick another move? I'm going to rework it


"Stay quiet and low." I whisper.

Here goes, push the fake wall and see where we end up.


guess that means that Lily is back.
'1d20' '1d8+15' focus on the togepi with a pursuit
'1d20' '1d6+19' poison sting on the togepi too.

"You're pokemon have a lot of experience!"

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 4 + 15 = 19 / Roll #3 11 = 11 / Roll #4 5 + 19 = 24


Both Pokemon immediately focus their attention on Lily once she's out. She is the key counter to their team's ace, after all. Even as the Togepi yelps with both Pokemon piling onto it, it lets loose a shockwave that throws Lily off. Fortuantely, the Honedge misses a cut, one that would have surely made Lily unable to recover.

Both are focused menacingly on her.

Lily: 21/59
Tamiyo: 52/67

"Thank you! Yours have a lot of spirit, but we, we're united."

It extends into a massive chamber. It isn't made out of wood anymore, here the walls are lined with iron. Walkways cross above your head, while the floor below the walkway you're on extends several stories down.

You can see something taking shape in the middle.


I'll have to talk to her after this battle is over. She's doing much smoother than I did.


I make a hand motion towards Riss to try and find a way around it. But I'll keep Quetz and my turned off flashlight trained on it.


Sure thing


That togepi is a serious problem!
'1d20' '2d6+24' mega drain on togepi
'1d20' '1d6+19'poison sting it too.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5, 1 + 24 = 30 / Roll #3 8 = 8 / Roll #4 6 + 19 = 25


Judging from her looks, she did train as a fighter.

Is it a Pokemon? Why can you see it even when you close your eyes? The thing that formed there, it's walking towards you. Directly, on thin air, at an angle.

The togepi's laughing turns into a cry as it's dragged down by your Pokemon's teamwork. Lily looks a bit better, having drank from it, but the Honedge swiftly cuts her down again.

Lily: 5/59
Tamiyo: 52/67

A Slowpoke is sent out in the Togepi's place!

Tina leers down the Crawdaunt. It looks a little less confident in its shell, but can't move..


I don't doubt it. I'm certainly rooting for her.


"That's one down girls, we can still do this."
'1d20' '2d6+24' mega drain on honedge.
'1d20' 2d6+26' immediately knock off on slowpoke in case it has something

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 4, 6 + 24 = 34 / Roll #3 20 = 20



Roll #1 3, 1 + 26 = 30


"Gotta stay in control…" I tell myself.

Flashlight time, I have to give Quetz and the others a target.


Tamiyo's Knock Off slaps the Slowpoke silly. In return, it fires a jet of water. It easily soaks in through the hardened skin.

Lily is desperately trying to dodge the Honedge's attacks. She manages to parry a slash with her leaves before draining some, but iron doesn't make for good sustenance for her.

Tamiyo: 34/67
Lily: 11/59

Where did they go? They're not here with you.
That thing is still following you. Why can you see it through the pillars?

You see her switch to her Ralts. It doesn't fight the same way as Millie. It is a lot more active, running about to dodge attacks and aim its own better.


"uh…better swap partners.."
'1d20' '2d6+24' mega drain on slowpoke
'1d20' '2d6+26'knock off on honedge

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 6, 1 + 24 = 31 / Roll #3 13 = 13 / Roll #4 3, 3 + 26 = 32


"No way, you can't be…" I try to get back while keeping my light trained on him.

"Quetz, are you there? Please, help me…"


"Alright now let's get him! Vine whip go!"

Roll #1 5, 2 + 8 = 15


As you shine the light on it, you realise that it's a walking shadow of some kind. It eagerly follows the path laid out by your flashlight, and is about halfway to you.

Who's Quetz? Who are you talking to?

You notice something that happens when Lily is in danger. She becomes quiet, and the leaves on her spread. Her grass attacks grow in power, like how this drain makes the Slowpoke react with shock. When Lily is back up healthy, though, the effect seems to disappear.

Meanwhile, the Honedge tries to cute Lily down, but Tamiyo knocks it out of the way just in time. It falls down, and seeing it the Slowpoke gains the will to fre a stronger water gun at Tamiyo. She's having trouble maintaining her flight…

Lily: 38/59
Tamiyo: 7/67

Not enough to defeat it, but this is where the Crawdaunt gives up. Unable to move properly, it drops into the river water letting the currents carry it downstream and away from you.

No buttered Crawdaunt tonight, but at least you're safe.


Put the light down, maybe that's all it wants.

Any words I have are getting stuck in my throat.


"Yeah this is our river now, jerk!" I shake my first angrily as he goes and turn to Tina
"and you, greeaaaat job Tina!" I pick her up with my hands and and lift her atop of my head


It staggers back as you lower the light, and shifts to the nearest bright area before it begins traveling towards you again.

Tina is happy, but tired. She just wants to rest by the waterside…


"Just a little bit longer.."
Lily must be a very defensive fighter. We need to keep up the pressure on honedge.
'1d20' '2d6+24' mega drain
'1d20' '2d6+26' knock off

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 6, 6 + 24 = 36 / Roll #3 17 = 17 / Roll #4 4, 1 + 26 = 31


"Alright alright, let's enjoy some time toge to relax, aight?"
I leave her back in the water to rest, and let out Nadia, and spend some quality time with her to swim around and inside the lake for a while.


"Stay, stay back, please." Try to move around it, I can't stay here I NEED TI GET OUT.


Just before the Honedge falls as your two Pokemon jump it, it unleashes a final shadow sneak. Lily yelps, though she gets to deal the finishing blow. It costs her.

Meanwhile, the Slowpoke takes advantage of the distraction as well. While Tamiyo is busy, it shoots a water gun right at her back. Like the Honedge, she's out, too.

The opposing trainer stands more upright than before as his sends out his Frogadier, again.

Lily's HP: 14/59

It's a river!
Roll for good bonding time.

Get out to where? Did you come in here though a door? You should probably get away from that thing. It's still coming closer, avoiding the darker spots of the room.


'1d10' ~

Roll #1 4 = 4


C'mon legs, move! Get away from that thing, it's my only chance. Hide if I have to.


That means.. Aron will have to come out
'1d20' '2d6+24' Try to finish off the slowpoke with another mega drain
'1d20' '1d3+8' Rusty will try a mud slap on the frogadier.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 2, 1 + 24 = 27 / Roll #3 16 = 16 / Roll #4 2 + 8 = 10


A lesser Pokemon would have already been knocked out, but Slowpokes are known for their endurance. It clings onto its feet as Lily drains it, and retaliates with a psychic glare. Lily looks disoriented…

Mega drain has been disabled!

The Frogadier knows this, and can wear its true colours for the time being. It unleashes a pulse of water at Rocky, who barely clings on! Rocky still manages to kick mud into the Frogadier's eyes, and it tries to rub it off.




Where are you hiding?

It's an okay time. YOu're too worn out to enjoy it that much now. The comfort of your tent is tempting.


Head towards the dark spots it is avoiding. I have to be able to go somewhere from there, I didn't just come to be in this room.





It pauses as you step into a shadow. In the darkness of your surroundings, it fades.

Unless you turn these lights off, you're not going to be free of it, though.


Huh. She must have trained it more physically. That seems like a step backwards…


Maybe, but gems sometime come out of unconventional raising. The stats of a Pokemon can change drastically as it grows.

The poisoned, seeded Magikarp, after much darting about with the ralts, eventually weakens. Enough for the Ralts to charge in with a strange Confusion attack. It isn't just releasing mindpower, it's striking the magikarp with its arms to back up the attack.


I grit my teeth at his smugness and decide for a last push.

'1d20' '2d6+22' Aron goes for metal claws on the Frogadier
'1d20' '1d8+15' Lily tries a fury cutter on the slowpoke

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 6, 1 + 22 = 29 / Roll #3 3 = 3 / Roll #4 1 + 15 = 16


I didn't even know that was possible. I really need to figure out how she came up with these methods.


Some Paras, huh? Creepy little crab-shroom-things… still, maybe stopping to have Chica beat a few of them up would be beneficial…
It'd certainly be a break from the constant empty boringness of this road.


Rocky isn't fast enough! Before he so much as lifts a leg, he is swamped down by another water pulse. As lily slashes into the Slowpoke, its concentration breaks, and it staggers down defeated.

You It's just Lily against the Frogadier now. His trainer is breathing heavily…

Pokemon have a lot of potential. As the Magikarp falls, so does his team's pillar. It seems over so fast.

Nagi calls back her Pokemon, and they kneel on one knee in victory. Customary from someone of her school maybe.

"They're cute, aren't they?"
A high, lofting voice emanates from behind you.


If its a matter of speed, I better use quick attack.
'1d20' '1d8+15'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 6 + 15 = 21


Lily's quick charge catches it by surprise! It gets knocked back. Though its skin shifts paler, its round is called in the wrong direction.

Its skin starting shifting a subtle blue…


Yes, in between her and the Magikarp, I think I'm beginning to see that as I get up to walk over.
"Congratulations. You looked like you had a lot less trouble out there than I did."


SON OF A BITCH- NOT GONNA GET MUGGED TODAY oh wait I'm not in the city anymore, it's just a trainer looking to beat me up for my money SHIT this totally a mugging-

"…Depends on your point of view. It's… hard for me to forget what happens when they evolve."

Roll #1 9 = 9


And no, I still haven't turned around yet.


I suppose I should..
Fury cutter!
'1d20' '1d8+15'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 7 + 15 = 22


"They become one with the mushroom on their back. It's fascinating, isn't it? A little scary, but the Paras are willing to take it. Their mommies and daddies did they same thing, and so did their parents. It's easy to stay the same, you know?"

You don't hear that kind of voice and tone where you're used to in the city. Clearly a girl's voice, it sounds a like a little princess who can see no wrong.

This Frogadier is nearing its end, and it knows. It can't take another straight hit, nor show its true colours as a water Pokemon right now. It stays with its pale grey-blue skin, and leaps over Lily before yelling at her face.

Lily: 22/59


"When you put it like that, it just sounds boring. Isn't life supposed to be about getting stronger and learning new, better things, not just… getting stuck in the same ruts, you know?"
I'll just cooly look over my shoulder to get a look at this person.
"For instance, how quietly you snuck up on me. I have no idea how I didn't hear you coming."


"What a colorful ability.."
'1d20' '1d12+15' fury cutter again not sure if this is correct

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 4 + 15 = 19


"That's why we're going out, aren't we?"

You catch a glimpse of a frilly hat, right behind you. You never realised she was just inches away.

You missed, so you should use the dice before.

Lily's on her last legs, and so is her opponent. She manages to get a cut in, but not enough for it to be knocked away from its Round attack. It stumbles from the recoil, though, and is much slower to get up. It's barely able to stand…



oh. Okay.
'1d20' '1d8+15' This will come down to the first hit, so we'll use quick attack.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 8 + 15 = 23


"Thank you. I'm sure you put up an excellent fight as well. Shall we return to the main island?"


"…Actually it's why I'm going."
Thank goodness I hadn't dismounted my bike yet.


Roll #1 6 = 6


"I wish," I answer with a chuckle. "I came very close to losing by the skin of my teeth. That Magikarp was incredibly strong."

I nod and gesture back towards the boats. "Yeah. Hopefully the trip back will be more straightforward than finding this place."


Lily darts out with a burst of speed. In the same way, the Frogadier darts out as well! It comes down to whoever lands the first strike, blow, punch…

The observers are unlikely to see it as you do, close with Pokemon and attuned to your own. You can see in it slow motion, how each Pokemon carefully keeps its balance until they near each other, then release everything. Their haphazard blows leave no clear victor until both crash in the ground.

Lily and the Frogadier both stumble, panting and supporting themselves on all fours. Neither of them can fight any more.

"Is this the end? Our most intense match of the night ends in a stalemate!"

"It should be!"

She receives her reward from the leader, before setting up on the boat you used. She waves you over.


I give thanks to the leader myself before rushing off after her into the boat.
"Did you have one?"


I blink and recall my pokemon, looking up at my opponent.
"Does this mean we're equally good?"


In your panic, your bike gets trapped by pair of low-hanging branches! Before you can dismount, you hear the voice close behind you again.

"What's wrong? We're both youthful trainers out on the road, aren't we? I don't have to battle you if you don't want me to…"

"I walked up the island, mine crashed on some rocks."

She lets the rope loose, and the boat gets washed down by the gentle currents.

He looks a while at his downed Frogadier, holding it before recalling it into a Pokeball.

"In some ways. You battled .Well. Really, really well."

They're calling for both of you to come to the centre! Looks like they're offering prizes.


"And I'm not interested in you following me the rest of the way! You're not my first run-in with crazy, I know how you work!"
Pillow, I choose you! We gotta get this psycho-chick out for the count, or we'll wake up tomorrow and find her breathing down our neck!


"Huh. Well it's a good thing I waited to watch you battle then."


I nod at him and then slowly the reality of the arena comes back to me, the silent crowd waiting on us, the judges taking their notes, the cameras on me. I lose all seriousness I just had and wave at them taking my time striding down to the center with a big grin. "Thanks for watching everyone!"


"Yes, thank you! I would have had to ask a favour of the gym leader otherwise."

Pillow is sent out!

"Ooh, you want to battle? Okay! Don't be upset if you lose, though!"

He faces down a Nidoran! Not a female like yours, though. It's a male, purple and with a larger horn.

A few cameras to descend on you. The boy slow joins you under the bright lights too, but calls out his Frogadier to and holds up its arm to wave and bask in the lights.




The comfort of your tent is luring you in…

Retire yet?


Yeah…Let's go sleep cuddling the pillow
Tomorrow will be a new day


"So, where are you going after this?"


"Heading for the mainland. I've much to learn from the styles of the other regions. That, and I've always wanted to travel…"

She has a dreamy look in her eyes.

Roll for sleep quality


'1d10' are my sleep skills good enough?

Roll #1 2 = 2


You can't sleep, even when it's gotten dark. For some reason, there's a lot of noise about. Rustling, like something wandering around near you.



"Really? That's the reason I left home myself! I've never been to the mainland."


That means 'I should investigate this' in sleep talk
Let's carefully get out of the tent
Is Jasper awake and with me? He IS nocturnal, right?


Turn off my flashlight and hope it disappears. Any other sources of light?


Pokemon learn to adapt to the habits of their trainers.

He can function, but make sure you let him have a good rest during the day. He flies up and ready.

Large spotlights at the top of the large hall. No way you can reach them, you'll have to find the switches. Unfortunately, it's up the stairs, which requires you go through a path that's lit.

"That makes two of us! When do you intend on leaving this island?"


give him a little pet
''There's something around here so Keep your eyes op-eer…Nevermind…''
Let's look for the source of this noise


No choices then. Drag myself up there, for whatever this thing will get me if I don't…


"I have a friend I'd like to check on first, but after that I think I might catch the next boat. How about you?"


The moment you come out of your tent, the noise stops. It came from the trees in front…

The shadow wanders around in the light, seemingly aimlessly. It's lost sight of you for now.

Roll to see if you make it to the next safe zone.

"Sure. Two of us would be great."

She smiles. The rest of the boat ride is calm as you make it to shore.


''Stay close to me jasper…'' I mutter as I approach


"Pillow, blow these stalkers away!"
I'm at a type disadvantage, but that won't stop me!
Pillow uses Stun Spore! '1d10' doesn't say what to roll so I'm using a d10

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Heck of a lot easier than getting there. I wonder if the gym leader does that on purpose somehow."

Can I get in touch with Arthur?


Moving '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


I bet my pokemon would love to be at my side too, I'll call them out and playfully race them to center.
"Come on, lets meet our rival!"


Roll 1d20 for the accuracy check

Some people don't return from the gym challenge for days. If he's anywhere, it's best to check his home.

You hear a slight buzzing sound…



Roll #1 18 = 18


Bug types, perhaps?
I wonder if I should send Jasper to scout ahead…No, we should stay close to eachother
My hands are shaking a bit, a mix of fear and anticipation as this feels like something straight out of a movie…
I just hope a guy with a mask and covered in blood doesn't jump at me…
Keep going


We should probably exchange numbers or something. Let's go there.


File: 1443803809341.jpg (21.14 KB, 800x431, humanity-phantom-large.jpg)

Cottonee spring out first! Pillow scatters yellow spores at the Nidoran, paralyzing it!

This doesn't stop it from rushing in and jabbing Pillow with its horn. Pillow shrieks as stabs into the cotton, leaking venom…

That's it for Pillow. Too much. He's out right there.

"Oh! Sorry! I didn't mean for it to be like that… Roy, learn to play more gentle!"

Not bad. You managed to roll from dark spot to dark spot. The shadow didn't notice you.

The light switch is at the end of a long lit path….

"Good show, both of you!" The crowd's cheering grows louder when you join in the spotlight. Your tired pokemon flop about, save Lily who leans on your shoulder.

You got a lot of coupons for food. You can eat wherever you want in the city for free! That, and an invitation to view the Duality Tower, the great spire in the middle of the palace district, in the middle of the entire continent.

It doesn't help that just about anyone would be a big guy for you.

Something leaps out somewhere, quick, roll d20!

You exchange emails. If only you had a Pokedex… didn't the TV say they were handing them out?

You find him back at his house. cleaning up.

"Oh, hey! Waited for you till last night at the pier, but I figured you'd take a while."


'1d20' GAH

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Oh, right.. you guys are tired.." call them back and I'll stop by the pokemon center on the way back.
Focus on the kid I was just battling. "Hey, do you want to grab lunch together? We could talk about our journeys.. Or we could meet up after at the Duality Tower, that sounds like something you don't want to do alone and I don't know anyone else in the city my age yet."


Breathe, take it a step at a time.

But I won't stop. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


Did they? I don't remember that. If that's the case, I should really pick one up.
"Yeah, it was a bit of an ordeal. I'm still surprised I made it out with a badge. How did you do?"


…well, that was an anticlimactic finish to his first fight.
"Pillow, return! Okay, Lyle, you're up!"
Start with a Aqua Jet right out of the gate!
'1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 13 = 13 / Roll #2 2, 6 + 8 = 16


Hey, there's nothing!

Until you feel something hairy brush against your neck. A buglike gurgle behind you.

"What… what are you doing here? This is my camp spot."

You hear a girl's voice, from somewhere.

"Sounds good. By the way, your name was… Amber, right? I think that's how they said it."

The crowd's dissipating now that the show is reaching its end.

Very good. Against all odds you manage to stay calm and deliberate. You shut off the lights… and the shadows are gone, cine everything is in complete blackness now.

A mist fills the area! It's a strange kind of gas… instead of making you drowsy like you expected, you actually feel your mind clearing.


"Better than how I did against your mentor and the fighting leader. I suppose I was more prepared. I'm about to finish up here, want to go apply for the pokedex?"

Lyle charges first! Cloaking himself in a veil of water, he tackles into the slowed Nidoran. Not enough to deter it, as it delivers another strong blow to Lyle, a similar poison sting.

Current HP: 38/48


"Get away from the… Huh, what's going on?"


"That's right! I'm Amber. A Pokemon Ranger!" I make a pose just like the rangers do in the magazines with a wink.
"Oh, well, just a Jr. Ranger, but that's because I just started a little bit ago."


"Absolutely. I've been looking forward to it."


I tense up and shiver a little and jump in place
''Gaah! What the heck?!'' I turn around and look around for the source of the voice
''W-who's there?!''


"I think you just made Lyle angry. You won't like him when he's angry."
Use Rage! '1d20' '1d6+3'

Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 1 + 3 = 4


Your vision clears. Riss seems as confused as you are. She's staring at you while your clothes are ragged.

"Looks like you've both made it through, at least. Well done."

That housewife-looking lady is standing at a platform above all of you.

"That's cool. I'm Arthur. I'm a… I'm…"

He thinks for a while.

"Well, I'm just a traveling trainer, like anyone else. Thought it'd be nice to see the land and experience what I can. It's getting late, shall we head for the Pokemon center?"

"Come on, then."
He leads you and Nagi through the city, taking the bus to what appears to be a major research lab. A sign clearly states for trainers fulfilling the requirements to queue up at the reception.

Lyle's rage is drawn. The Nidoran can only gasp as its legs give way to its paralysis, leaving it easy prey for Lyle as he charges and kicks him. Not long till this one is done…

Current HP: 38/48

Jasper is listening carefully. Without you giving a command, he tackles a tree branch! it gives way to reveal a girl, dressed in cloth and leaves!

"Hey! Did I say you could reveal me?"


''There you…aaaaree?…'' I look at her up and down, cocking an eyebrown at her unusual attire


"Of course Arthur." Lets go to the center real fast.
"What town are you from?"


Then let's finish him off!
Take him out with a Water Gun. '1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 1, 1 + 8 = 10


File: 1443806232319.jpg (130.94 KB, 1024x768, princess-mononoke-princess….jpg)

As she no longer hides herself, you can see more. Looks like she has pokemon skins on her, and face-paints. She sighs, and you hear shifting behind you. Seems like her Weedle had its stinger pointed at you the whole time, but it's now crawled back to her.

"Why are you here?"

You both talk as you head towards the Pokemon Center. Luckily, they're open 24/7.

"Shuiea. Island town to the southwest. We like water Pokemon there, it's where I met my first comrade.

He holds up his Frogadier's ball. Inside you can see it carefully watching you.


Wow. Impressive. I didn't think a place like that would just hand stuff out. I eagerly get hustle us into the line.


Oh wow…Face paints that's…unusual…
''Uuh…I'm just passing through…Camping with my pokemon…Trying to get a good night of sleep…Until I heard some noises and thought it could be something dangerous so I came to check…'' I glance at her weedle, they are so adorable
''…And why are you here?…''


the water gun is just enough. The Nidoran male falls.

"Oooh! Now you're getting into the spirit! Come on, Carmen!"

Her next Pokemon is an Eevee!

It is for a very ambitious research project, after all. Data will be collected from every trainer who has one. Only those with some travel and battle experience will be considered, fortunately all three of you fit the bill. You're given a few forms to fill out.


"Trainer? I see… well, this is one of my homes. You're intruding."


''Oh…Oh geez uh…I'm sorry I didn't kno-wait…Home? You live here in the forest?''


"What about it? Some of us don't have normal homes. but it's fine. I've lived around the wilds for a while. Ever since…"

She sighs. She goes right up to where your campfire was. She calls out a Chimchar, who lights up the remaining fuel. She sits by the fire.

She's shivering.


What a weirdo…
I walk close and sit on the opposite side of the fire
''Cold night today, yeah?…Uh…I…Hold on''
I rush inside my tent and pick up the blanket
''Here, you can borrow the blanket until you warm up. You know it's not the best choice to go around the forest at night like that, it gets really cold''


"Ooooh, that's s- Hmn! I mean, of course you'd have one; girls always seem to have those little furballs."
Momentary lapse in cool aside, let's keep the ball rolling. Lyle uses KAWAII~Leer! '1d20'

Roll #1 20 = 20


Let's see…Jake [something], age 10, male, Shuiea island, and a psychic. I guess…I don't really have any preferred pokemon yet, but I suppose I do have an affinity for Psychic types.
Seems simple enough.


Lyle's intimidating glare seems to make the Eevee shiver! It's not out for long, and tackles Lyle.

It tries to snatch something from Lyle, but he isn't holding anything.

Lyle: 24/48

Are you quite sure you're 10? That's ridiculously young. Most traveling are 14 and up.

Also, your home is Muika.


I nod. "I'm from Evergreen, I actually met two of my team there. Lily and Rusty." Hold up their balls so they can say hello. "Its a forest town, as you could tell. So Aron was really out of place there!"


Make it 15-16 then. I assumed it was 10 since that seems to be the norm for the franchise.


"It's not the night air. But thanks…"

Her Chimchar brings her a bag. Despite her clothes, it's a normal bag you can buy from a shop, like yours.

Thankfully you realise the mistakes on your form before you submit.

Pick a colour for your dex! Available editions her are Black, White, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.


"Hah! I've had lots of experience dealing with pickpockets like you before!"
She's being awfully quiet for a trainer. I kinda like the break from constant self-bloating other trainers do… but what exactly is she up to?
Hit the Eevee with Aqua Jet! '1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 1, 5 + 8 = 14


I'll have to go with blue here.


''So…uh…I'm Cello, nice to meet you, also nice knowing that you are not a maniac with a mask trying to gut me''


After much deliberation, Arthur picks the blue one, too. Nagi decides to go for white.

Time to test this contact exchange thing. Users you register as friends can be sent instant messages. The Pokedex is also highly modular, and has loads of ports for future peripherals. In fact, in the office itself you can see a camera add-on.

"Viola. Been a long while since I talked to anyone. How long have you been on the road?"

Lyle charges into the Eevee hard! The Eevee however responds by kicking him away, then shooting bright rays at him! He tires to dodge, but they follow him! Swift attacks don't miss.

Lyle can't take more…

Lyle: 2/48


I snicker
''Viola? heh…Well to be honest I kinda really just started…not even a week since I left home…And I am not the most shining example of a trainer even…Well, I'm half a trainer and half a pokemon researcher…In training…I travel around studying about pokemon and the mysteries that surround them, that sorta stuff you know?''
Pick out some of my drawings
''I also draw them sometimes too, pretty cool huh?''


Technology is amazing, isn't it?
"So, you wanna register each other?"


This is it! Time to go Anime Protagonist on this cat-dog-whatever it's supposed to be! DEATH OR GLORY ATTACK!!!
Or well, Faint or Glory, but doesn't matter PUT IT ALL INTO ONE ATTACK!
Water Gun! '1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1, 6 + 8 = 15


"Ooh. Can I see your drawings?"

Requests have already popped in from Nagi and Arthur. Accept, and you're done!

By now you should realise that Lyle is much better fighting up close. His water gun misses entirely, and he's left susceptible to a charge from the Eevee.

"Well played, Carmen! You gave him a chance!"


''Sure thing!'' Give her all the papers I had


Whoops, sorry

Lily looks cautious too, and Rusty is without reserve. He nods.

"Wow. Doesn't it get pretty cold up there? I heard stories about how the ground stays warm because of… something about the earth, but snow still falls for longer than down south. I want to see snow."


Accepted and accepted.
"Great. Well, I've got everything I need. You guys ready to leave?"


Describe them to her!


A mistake on my part. I'll have to learn from that.
"All right, Chica, let's go!"
Send out Zoro to finish off Carmen.
Fury Swipes '1d20' '1d6+5'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 5 + 5 = 10


"Cold? Well not too bad. I mean sometimes I have to wear a jacket and pants, but even in winter I don't worry about freezing or something. Of course its really warm out here in the west, I have to stick to shorts."
I grin at the thought of how comfy they are.
"If you want to see snow you can probably go north, I've heard there are areas where the snow never melts up there."


Oh sure!
''Well first there's these of a charizard I drew while watching a gym battle and I gotta tell ya it was craaaazy…This is how the charizard looked normally right?''
Flip over to the next page to show her the Mega charizard
''And THIS is how it looked when shit got real…Man I was so hyped watching that''
''On the same gym I also got to watch a Ranger battling against the leader, she was pretty good and was actually nicer than the other guy…I drew a picture of her with her pokemon too, I'm sure that made her happy…I should change mail with her sometime later…''
''Oh and there's this one of a rhyhorn as well, man they look really tough, but they can be docile…Sometimes…''


"Oh, my! Let's try something else!"

Zorro/Chica misses the Eevee as it gets recalled. In its place is a Fennekin.

"Snow never melts? Wow…"
He seems absolutely enthralled with the idea.

"Guess I know where I'm heading next."

You've arrived at the center! Just a few minutes while your Pokemon are attended to.

She's absolutely enthralled.
"You can really capture what they feel like! Looking at them, it's like I'm really there…"

You feel warmer, and not just from the fire.


Well yeah, with her complimenting my art like that, I can't help but feel warmer inside!
''Y-yeah…thanks…uh…If you'd like, I could…draw you with your pokemon too, ya know if you wanted to or something…''


Waiting in line patiently. I'll do a spot check to see if someone put up posters asking for help '1d20'
"Hehe, I'd love to hear about it sometime, want to exchange emails? You can give me tips about battling and I can give you camping advice. I mean, Shuiea is an island right? You probably don't know much about being out in the woods."

Roll #1 11 = 11


Heh. It's a battle of who can outfox the other.
"All right, you asked for it! Chica's pretty tough! And she's got a special surprise…"
The charade won't last past the first attack, so I won't bother trying not to use the wrong move.
Snarl '1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6, 2 + 10 = 18



"That'd be nice…"

She calls out her Pokemon. That Weedle, a Chimchar and…
Roll not to be spooked!

Nothing notable you can see on the board. You get your Pokemon back, ready to rest for a good night's sleep.

"That'd be great. Yeah, I don't really know much about being in the woods… if you ever decide to tour the southern islands, let me know!"

Your pokedex makes that beep. Registration complete.

Zoro Snarls out! The Fennekin flinches slightly before tossing out embers!
Zoro's disguise is revealed!


Zoro just isn't good with taking any kinds of hits.


"How about tomorrow morning? There's stuff I need to prepare."
"Same here. I'm headed back to the trainer inn. How about you guys?"


'1d10' Oh geez

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Sounds good to me. I'll spend the night at the inn as well."


He doesn't have to be, he just needed to debuff her fennekin. Now to send out the real deal.
"It only works for the first attack, but that was the only one I needed! Now Chica gets to clean up!"
Poison Sting '1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 5 + 6 = 11


"Its great to meet new people isn't it? You pokemon has an interesting ability too, you must be pretty skilled to use that properly."
I yawn and stretch. We did win a dinner, but I'm more curious about the tower..
"Hmm I wonder if that place we're invited to is even open at night.." flip over the ticket and look for times.


Not spooked, congratulations. A Phantump floats over from behind you and joins Viola.

Alright, now draw her!

"Sure you don't want to stay over another night?"

The Fennekin, flustered, puts up a light veil while you switch. As Chica closes in, it shoots another spray of Embers.

The way Chica's jab makes it shake, seems like it's about as durable as Zoro.

It's way too late! Even if it was, your Pokemon are tired. So are you, right? The nightlife is mainly in the other districts, here are just people going home, boarding the buses.

"Thank you! It's something I noticed. We kind of connected over that, actually, my first pokemon and I. We've both got a lot of questions we want to answer together."



"Sounds like a good reason for a journey to me! I'm gonna head to bed, but I'll go to that tower thing tomorrow, I'll email you before I go so we can meet up there.. And if I can answer a question for you I will!"
And then I go the HQ and crash in one of their bunks without even talking to anyone I'm so tired.


"What just happened? Where's the ghost?"

"Where is my flashlight?"


"It appeared as a ghost for you, eh?"

Sinistra hands you a bottled drink as she comes to get you.

Roll for sweet dreams.


"Well I don't want to impose again. You sure it's all right?"


"What was that thing I saw?"


"Oh… Ooh that's a Phantump, awesome" I wave at it for a brief moment and the then pull out my art supplies
"Alright, strike a nice pose for me"
'1d10' ART

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I'm fine with it, unless you feel like staying in the trainer inn. Not a problem for me."

"I don't know, you made it up yourself. With the right mix of hallucinogens and environment control, you can rule a person's mind."


"What do you mean? There was gas leaking down there?"


"Well if you're offering, then sure."


"Not just any gas. A potent drug mixed with just the right amount of light and mental priming. People see a lot of things."

"Alright then, I'm about ready to get dinner and head back. Unless you feel like doing anything else on this island…?"

You've never drawn a ghost before. Trying to capture the way their bodies shift around is very difficult.


"Err… Uuh, hold on lemme just add some details here…"
'1d10' we can save it

Roll #1 3 = 3


Nothing I can think of, unless there's some other major attraction on this island.


"I should have expected something, but isn't that dangerous?"


"The hidden spring was all I really wanted to see. There's the main spring and the shrine above it, there's the fishing… but experiencing the city would take more time. I have to leave tomorrow."

Not good enough. Maybe one more try…

"Of course. But then, we don't let just about anyone try it."


Laugh nervously
"Ehehehe… Eeh… Just adding the last details…"
'1d10' don't screw this up don't screw this up don't screw this up

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I'd have to give that to you."

"So, did we pass, or should I have bought a gas mask and walked around everywhere with it?"


"Riss here was able to realise what was happening just in time, and controller her breathing and thoughts to resist. You… will not be admitted to a full course, but from now on you can take a lesson of your choice."

It's finally workable, First time you're drawing a ghost, after all.

"Wow, that looks nice!"

Viola is already peering at it.


"All right, if you can't think of anything else, then I should be good to go. What about you, Nagi?"


"I have already seen the main spring. It think it's something that might interest you, especially as a psychic. sure you're not interested?"


"Did I at least get far, because I have to admit I still don't get what happened?"


Hide it away from her!
"W-wait! Don't go breathing on my neck while I draw! It's not finished yet!… Well… It kinda is but… Uh… I could have done better my bad, I just never drew ghosts before…"


"This is the last part of this maze. Well? Aren't you getting up?"

You're still collapsed on the floor.

"It already looks pretty nice…"
She yawns. Maybe you could have done something better if you weren't tired, too.


"Well, Arthur already showed me the hidden spring, but now that you mention it I haven't taken the time to meditate since I came here. Might be worth doing…"


"Well… Uh… You can keep it!" hand it over to her
"I'll draw you an even better one next time, aight?" seeing her yawn inevitably makes me yawn as well


"In a bit."

Reach for my flashlight first, then get up.

"So, about those classes?"


"Okay then. Why don't we meet tomorrow? I'll show you."

Still going back with Arthur?

"I don't have anything good to keep it in.."

Her bag is ragged, with little protection for the contents.

"Maybe you can hold onto that for me?"

"Yes. We can teach you a certain technique, which you can then teach to your Pokemon. Why don't we go back up so you can rest?"


"That's sad… But yeah no problem, I'll hold it for you.."
I give her a short smile as I carefully put the paper on my bag "Uuh… Well I don't suppose you have an email or a way I could contact you, huh?"


"Nope. Maybe it's time I came back."

She starts setting up bedding near the fire. Her pokemon carry sticks and moss. It actually looks quite comfy.


"Yeah, that actually sounds good. The technique might be good too."


"Sure. I'm looking forward to it.:
I guess I am. Wave goodbye to Nagi and head off.


"Yeah… I'll head off to sleep too"
I realize how actually feel a bit tired myself, so we should better have some rest, full day tomorrow
'1d10' will I have good dreams this time?

Roll #1 7 = 7



Roll #1 8 = 8


All right! Let's see if Chica can finish it off! Double Kick!
'1d20' '1d6+5'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 4 + 5 = 9


You leave the massive room, not through the way you got in or the large iron doors that you never touched, but through another hidden exit through a secret door.

You might as well pick your class now. You could learn to steal an item right under a target's nose, or quickly and effectively disarm them. Or you could learn to taunt targets to disrupt their strategies, or learn to quickly come up with effective ones.

Don't tell anyone, but you dreamed of what it must be like for Viola to live in the forest.. without clothes, surrounded by her pokemon… washing herself in the same river you bathed in…

She heads off in the other direction.

"What do you feel like getting for dinner?"

You dream of you and your team ascending a great mountain. Everyone else looks so small from here…


"Well that authentic seafood last night was pretty great. What other local cuisine is there?"


What a strange dream. I guess that tournament battle got to me.
Now to wake up and see if there are any jobs for me to do!


"This wasn't what I expected when I left town, eh Quetz?" I say to my Poképal.

"Strategies would be the best. I really did lose here, and I've already learned a lot. But there is more to know, isn't there?"


Really should get a girlfriend…
Bah, let's pretend we never dreamed of that and get up and awake for a new day, get out and smell that air of the morning forest!


Make another 1d20 roll for Double kick.

"More seafood? There are different meats and seaweed. How about we try downtown?"

This will mean you learn Nasty Plot, which you will be able to teach compatible Pokemon.

Quetz nods. The last few days have been quite an experience for you both.

Something smells good! The fire is roaring as you come out of your tent, and Viola is busy working with some sort of cloth…

It also helps that this is the best bed you've had outside of home. This Ranger HQ is the largest you've been in, taking up all of a large building. Not only does it house the most rangers, it houses Pokemon and equipment for emergencies of any kind.

A senior is also checking out the board.
"Still a fresh ranger, huh? If you're around, why don't you go look at the duality tower?



Roll #1 1 = 1


"Oh, morning, nice to see you're still around…Uh… What you doing?"
Let's release my pokemon for breakfast


I look curious and ask him.
"What's the Duality Tower?"


If we can get back to our hotel, I'd like to start packing up.

"We weren't planning on sticking around too long, Quetz. I think Croaginknis getting antsy being around so many Dark types. Let's head out to an open area for today, so we can all stretch out."


Chica has trouble hitting opponents, but when she does, she hits hard. Though her second kick would never make it, her first is enough to knock down the Fennekin for the count.

"Oh, my!"

The Eevee is sent back out. Just that left, hopefully.

"Why, it's the tower that sits in the middle of the city… no, the continent, even. Did you see it while on the train ride here? It's surrounded by mountains, but still rises taller than them! It commemorates the union of Reshiram and Zekrom, who were in turn drawn together by people wishing for the same thing. And of course, it's also dedicated to Rayquaza."


"Yeah, downtown sounds nice. I'm curious to see what your local places are like."


"Atta girl, Chica!"
Now to finish her off! Poison Sting!
'1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 3 + 6 = 9


"Oh.. I think I've heard of that.."
I nod slowly.
"I mean if there isn't anything I'm needed for here, then I should go."


The Eevee shoots another swift ray! Chica Is almost knocked back, and only barely manged to get her hit in!

Chica won't be taking another hit. The Eevee, too, looks tired.

Chica's HP: 5/34

"Yeah, go out and enjoy yourself while you're here!"

"Let's see… if you don't mind spending a little, I can take you to a nice restaurant…"

He looks up his pokedex map. Convenient.


I did want to explore the city.
Lets email Arthur and tell him I'm headed to Duality Tower.


Sounds tempting…but could I afford that on a roving trainer's budget?


Alright Chica, you've done enough. I recall her and send out Zoro; his speed should let him land his hit first.
Snarl! '1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 6, 1 + 10 = 17


"It might be time for us to leave. I don't have infinite time to stay in one place."


Is… is that a skinned Patrat roasting over the fire?

"Morning! I decided I should work on a new bag…"

Looks like she already treated the skin, and is stitching it with her old backpack to make a new one.

What about your lesson? Unless you want to skip through it

Anyway, the parks around the city are nice places to relax. Unless you're ready to go back on the road.

All sent!
Though it's hard to not plop down on the bed again… it's the best since home. In fact, you had a room all to yourself, this ranger base is the only one big enough for everyone to have one.

He should keep that in mind. He begins making for a bus stop.

Zoro… is hit by a swift ray just as he comes out. He's faster, but switching takes a turn that usually means the enemy gets a free hit.

Zoro can't take a hit. He';s not taking any more.

Zoro: KO'd


And I'm [PAUSE]ing here


He knows this place better than I do. I'm sure he can pick something within our allowance. I run off after him, checking the map on my own dex. Should probably get familiar with that thing.


I thought we already did it since you said some days passed.

I'll find a park so I can play with the others before we go to class then. Get them some daily exercise first.


That's Brutal
"Oh jeez… That's Uh… Great! Most girls I know just rather go to a shop buy a new one but… That's pretty baddass.." I open up a bag of pokemon food to share with everyone in my team, and hers too if she'd like


She's already roasting a Patrat. Mmmm.

"What have you got?"

You don't quite remember, have you already done the class or not?

Looks like he knows where he's going. You board the bus with him and head off to the waterfront. The city slowly grows louder as you enter what must be the shopper's central, as the streets are busy with people holding large bags, all dressed nicely.


Nope, but I just wanted my Pokés to have some time to stretch before the class. I'll head there now.


I'll keep watch out the window as we go through. I don't think I've seen the actual city yet.


But adventure is waiting for me out there. And so is breakfast, which will help me wake up. Just follow the scent of eggs '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


It's very modern. A lot of buildings show off glass architecture. Even the main city are back home was rather quiet, with not much to do for the average tourist. There's lots of emphasis on water decorations like fountains and artificial waterfalls, along with the plants grown alongside roads.

They have their time in the sun before you head back to that disguised gym.
When you present yourself, you're lead to a room at the back of the building.

That's enough to lift you from lure of heading back to steep.
The cafeteria in this ranger base is way better than anything you've seen so far. It's larger, the tables and chairs are so much cleaner… and the selection of food is astounding. Herbs and meats all the way from the hot southern islands to the cold wastes up north. You have to wonder how much of a price they fetch.


Maybe this will be a normaler class today. Any seats, or any other students?


Wow. I never knew you could do so much with water. I could learn something from these people about taking their types to heart.


"Oh you know, just some pokemon food and snacks, stuff you find in any market. You want some?"


There is one seat. On it is a scared-looking man, his hands bound to the chair behind him.

"Who-who are you? What do you want from me?"

The three major cities love to take their types to heart. You'd see similar things if you traveled up north to Torchfire and Evergreen.

The bus stops in front of a modest-looking building. One of the older ones, from the looks of its different architecture and fading colours. Arthur motions for you to get off with him.

"What kind of snacks?"


This is what it means to be a city ranger huh?
Well, lets send out the team and get our food. For a breakfast.. lets see what kind of interesting egg+veggie dishes they have. My pokemon can pick what they like too, I'll hold them up to see and pick it for them even.


"Well let's see… I got some food for people… Some oram berries and some pokemon treats… I don't suppose you like those eh?" I chuckle


Man, I'll have to visit them eventually. Torchfire especially must be quite a sight.

I follow him off.
"Something traditional here?"


I'm not going to say anything yet. Pull out my flashlight and turn it on to check out the walls and floors first.

Call out Growlithe and Quetz. "Growlithe, keep your nose up for any weird smells. Quetz, stay with me." Keep Quetz wrapped around like a scarf.

"I can learn, you know." I say to him. "I'm just not all that good at picking up what people want, so I'll need to have this explained to me a few times."

Squat in front of him, pointing my flashlight at him.


"Not really. Just something high end in quality, not high-end in damage to our wallets."

You head up through what seems to be a small shopping mall into a restaurant overlooking the street. The smell of soup almost overwhelms you as you take your seat.

"That man…"

You recognise Sinistra's almost-disturbingly unassuming appearance as she steps out. She looks just like she would be in a house cooking for her children/

"Is a fanatical member of a dangerous group. He has something we want… namely, the location of a bomb he has planted in this building. You must break him and make him tell us where it is. If you need further information, you may ask me. Your task begins… now."

Hey, don't think poorly of city rangers just because they get so much!

Do you want some seaweed? How about mountain herbs From the plateau overlooking the fire lands? Or cold berries from near your home?

And eggs? Do you prefer Pidgey? Pidove? The strangely spicy taste of a Fletchling's egg? Or something more… exotic, like Wurmple?


"Oran berries? Sure, thanks!"

She takes one and squeezes it over the roasting Patrat. The scent is oddly pleasant.

She cuts you a slice and puts it on a stake.

"Here, have some!"


"Man, if it's as good as you say I'm surprised it's not more crowded."
That smell is already whetting my appetite.


Huh, that's kinda cool… Though I kinda never ate patrat meat, it must be tasty! She's willing to eat it after all, and the smell isn't bad at all
Let's try taking a bite and savor the taste


Seaweed and Fletchling egg sound prefect. A nice spicy meal to start the day.


"There are nice hidden places most people don't know everywhere. You have to look!"

The waiter puts a big pot of soup in the middle of the table between you two. A few plates of uncooked meat and veggies come, and Arthurs starts placing them into the pot.

"Help yourself, cook whatever you like."

It's… pretty gamey. Richer than the farm meat you cook at home.
How much do you like it? You can roll.

You see Lily take nearly the same thing, while Webster goes off to drink from an unused wall socket instead.

Ready to go?


I thought it would be kinda chewy…

Roll #1 1 = 1



You struggle not to hurl. How does she survive on this stuff?

"What's wrong?"


"Heh, you and I are really a good match Lily." I pet her leaf a little.
The others got some appropriate food too I assume?
Then its off to the tower.


She has to have other things to do. I'll aim the flashlight at her too, for my sake at least.

"Honestly, I refuse to do anything like that." Flash the light in his eyes. "Whatever you are thinking about me, forget it. Both of you. Still, I want to know what led to this. So mister, what's your name and what is your cause."


With an immense amount of willpower, I swallow, but still make a grossed out face
"It's… I don't think people should eat this…"


"Man, if there's a place like this here, I wonder what's out on the trail."
I'll follow his example and place a few meats and veggies that look good into the pot.
"I'm not sure I recognize some of this. Is this all local cuisine?"


"When your pathetic gym is blown sky-high, they will know that I, Francois, will have done it in the name of Team Exodus."

He is a very large man, his head seems almost comically small in comparison. He spits at you.

"Why not? It's nutritious, and easy to find!"

That ticket you have is for a guided tour of the Duality Tower.

You could go by bus, but a fellow ranger offers you a lift. Who needs public transportation when you have the ranger transport?

"Gathered from the region. It's hard to get fresh food from further up North, so we make the best of what we can get. There are a few farming islands for specialty beef, actually."


"Oh, sweet! You know I was a little worried, I still haven't been on a bus and I've heard its not as easy as it looks to use one." I reply and join them for the trip.
"Anything exciting going on for you?"


"It tastes HORRIBLE!" I exclaim
"I'm sure Nadia would appreciate it much more than I could"


This senior ranger leads you to the Motor Transport hangar… and right past it. Instead, she calls out a Luxray, fitted with a saddle for two.

"Well… if you ask, I'm supposed to say not much. But just between you and me… things are getting pretty exciting." She smirks. "Expeditions are opening to explore the far north and south. And while we've done a good job repelling them so far, there are more rumours of criminal activity. Lately, we've begun to suspect that the strange gangs that have been operating all around are actually organized together."


"So your name is Francois? Mine is Squire, Squire Escala. Sorry to be asking like this, but why exactly would you want to blow up this particular gym?"


Nadia doesn't seem to mind. Jasper, though, has the same reaction as you, and decides to just lick the dripped blood around.

"…It does? Well, fine, what's good food for you?"


"Haha, it's like you don't know! The bodyguards and agents this gym trains are the finest in the continent. They go on to apply their skills as Pokemon Rangers, or champions. If this gym is destroyed, there will be no more of these insects to stop our plans."

Remember, you can also ask Sinistra for information. She is standing at the doorway, watching silently.


"I did notice the thugs I've been running into all wearing the same clothes.." I comment vaguely, not sure how much I'm supposed to say either.
"Say, you think there will be a lot chances to take on interesting and important jobs then? Even for a rookie like me?" I ask with a hopeful grin.


I shrug
"I'm not really so picky. I like all sort of stuff, meat, veggies, grains… But not this…" I cut pieces of the meat with my hands and play a game with Nadia, throwing them on her direction and watching her catch it with her mouth


"And what was your plan after destroying this gym? There must have been something you'd earn for it, right, something equal to all your effort you put in."


"Really? Well I guess an island metropolis like this would need to import food from somewhere, wouldn't it?"

Can I tell what the soup itself is made of?


The Luxray makes off for the streets. It runs at a surprising speed despite the load it carries.

"Well… actually, if you're looking to get qualification faster, there's a certain badge that you should try to get. Ever heard of the Primal Badge? It's the one given out by the bug gym leader in Dervor Town. You're tested there through a survival course that lasts several days. It's that, or about two more badges for a promotion. If you want it done fast, you can even apply for a train ticket!"

"Eh… I guess I kind of miss farm meat too."

The soup base is a mix of salty and savoury, and a hint of sweet. It's from the sauce of fermented soybeans, giving it its distinctive dark colour.

"We can fish enough to feed ourselves, but seafood all the time is boring, yeah."

"My plan? To go back and receive more orders. But if I must die here, so be it."


"It must be. Variety is the spice of life, after all. Come to think of it, have you tried much other regional food yet?"


My eyes light up "Really? I could do that. It sounds actually perfect for me, I'm not too into battles, but survival is a real skill."


"You know I'm here because I just kinda wandered around? I'm actually envious, in a way." I smile at him. "To have a cause, something worth working towards. Tell me, for you, what's the best part about it? What did they promise you?"


"Well… Why do you still stay here in the wild then?"


"Not yet. That's part of what I'd love to do."

Actually, this is mostly fare you're familiar with at home too, just with a different spin. Still, filling, At at just 200P for an hour here and as much as you like, it's a steal.

"Its is! Be warned, though, it's one tough challenge. It's just you and your Pokemon and a few basic supplies, and you're going to have to fend off the jungle. Might be easier for you, since you're from the Evergreen, right?"

The tower is nearing. You can see it from pretty much anywhere.

"The best part? To be remembered."

He smiles.

"Do you think I like it a lot?"


Nothing better than an all-you-can-eat place.
"Well, thanks for showing me this spot. I'll have to remember it."


"By whom? Because if we all die here, that part will be kinda hard. I mean, this is a big place, so you must have put time into building a big bomb to take it down, right? To be remembered with a big blast."


I listen and nod along, lost in thoughts of how best to survive in a jungle full of bug types. "That's right I am. How did you know?"


"Whenever you return, here, yeah."

Time passes pretty quickly at all-you-can-eats.

"My name will be released, and my previous deeds known. And I will have known personal revenge, because it was that woman by the door who kicked me out of this gym."

"I heard you dealt with a criminal safehouse the other day! You seem like you're one of our rising stars!"


I'll pet Quetz for a bit, then resume squatting.

"I'm sorry for prying Francois, but can you tell me what happened between both of you?" I ask him. "I promise to listen the whole way."


"None of your fucking business."

Sinistra adds on.

"He had no control over his innate urges. He did not perform to our standards of precise, effective execution of our methods. To put it another way, he was a common street thug. When I caught him using the skills he learned to rob a man in a park, I expelled him."


"I actually didn't know that about this place."

"So Francois, what did you do when you were forced out? Obviously, you were angry, did the 'Team Exodus' contact you then?"


I get a proud smile.
"I did, it was.. really scary actually. Those guys don't pull their punches, and the machines they had were huge and evil looking." I explain moving my hands to show how big.


"They did not find me. I found them. they told me they could use my skills. I would be part of a greater power, and be free to use mine as I see fit. They didn't stop me from doing what I liked…"

He laughs. Sinistra interrupts.

"The bomb is estimated to detonate in one hour. You must ensure he reveals the location before then."


"What do you like doing Francois? All I have is what you've done, but not why."


"Why? Because I'll go out with a bang. I always wanted to die violently. This is my time of reckoning."


"What about any friends, or family you had here? Do you really want to hurt them?"


"They're not here. I don't care about them. I only wish they were in this building, too."


"You're wrong, on two counts. You do care, or else you wouldn't have come back here is the first."

"And second, you do have a friend here. Me."


He laughs.

"Then you're enough of my friend to help me escape and leave the building?"



"In a way, at least. As a friend, I'll make sure you get a fair trial, if you tell me where the bomb is. I'll do everything I can too make sure everything is done cleanly. Going from what I've seen here, that would be the same thing as opening the door, right."


"Fair trial? I'll be jailed and left to rot forgotten. But since you're my friend, you can help me escape, right?"



''Uuh…Yeah, I do…Why would you be living here in the wild otherwise?''


"I can help you, yeah, but you have to help me too, Francois. You know as well as I do that there's probably a few people hiding around here and more than enough traps to stop the best, of which someone of your caliber can see I'm not. Just help me, and I can help you."


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