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A fun night at the pits for everyone. Plenty of broken noses, black eyes, dislocated limbs and lost teeth. Money changed hands, beer was guzzled, laughs were had.
At the end of the night, Daisari fought like a marvel but could not beat the champ. Not that most people even cared, they demolished the ring and several rows of seats getting that far. The little capra was like the fist of an angry god. She will make a fine addition to the Cavalry.

But now, greater tasks lie ahead of you.
Patches has been keeping her ears open, and worrying news has reached them - when you spared the old Masque troupe, they did what you wanted: spread word of your coming. This got you some fame and attention, but that is not always a good thing. Lately, the Black Skull gang had had their leaders killed and their hideouts burned. The culprit was no secret, the gold coins left in their neck stumps were a well known calling card.
The Golden Dragons had come to town, and they were looking to expand.

Furthermore, you were still no closer to freeing Sir Ragamont from Dead Man Headland, nor had you made any progress towards shortening Crunchy's hit list.

Time to get serious.


That creepy fag from the gun shop better have my upgrade ready. Go pay him a visit first.


Check the time, I gotta make sure to remember when will I have to go for my private smithing lessons
Also look for Patches to talk a little


I'll look for Patches, see what's on the Horizon for us now.


Ironford is somewhere in the back, Blanche is at the counter.
"Well well, you again."
Patches is reading through some notes at the hideout
"Hm? Something on your mind?"


"Just wondering if there were any new 'jobs' on the horizon?"


''Well, all that talk about those Golden Dragons made me think that we should actually start to get shit done right now…So could you give me a recap of the stuff we have on our list to do?''
She ponders
''Actually…Maybe we should like, put on a board of the things we have to do on a wall, so everyone could take a look and not have to bother asking anymore… So we had to help that Sir whats-his-name guy and kill some dudes for Crunchy right? what else besides that?''


"Well well, me again. I'm here to get my reward."


For one, Crunchy gave us that hit list. First on it, and the only one without massive political implications, is the witch that lives out in the deep woods. Masque also mentioned her, said he needed some magic crap she had in order to help us with the prison break later.
Then there's Grandelion's little world warper. That would be a mighty asset, but House Grandelion will not be a simple walk in job like Arden was.
All those will help us with the actual big deal - freeing Sir Ragamont from prison on Dead Man Headland. Nosey wants him out, and the man has made legends out of nobody sellswords. We could use him. A lot.
Then there's the new development. You know the Golden Dragons?"
"Ah yes the mechanism. Hm. Yes. I found some time to put it together. Up to you what you stick on with it."
He hands you a pair of clockwork clasps, one mounted to the underside of your gun, the other with grooves, screws and clasps ready to connect to whatever you want mounted on your gun
"Now, was that all our business, or can I interest you in more upgrades?"


"what are you offering?"


"never heard of them… And well… I'm interested in going to pay that little witch a visit… What ya say Bait?"



"The Golden Dragons, right? Just a bit from the bars, but not much details."


"How'd you like to fire seven barrels at once?"
"The Golden Dragons are a gang from the far east. Some say they are one of the oldest in the world, descendants of ancient dynasties of more or less legal warlords and bandits.
Their upper echelons are entirely made up of drakin, and it is said that their true leader is a real dragon - one that has been leading them for their entire existence.
They pride themselves in their wealth, and proudly wear their namesake golden jewellery. They also have elaborate tattoos. All of them. The drakin members peel of their sales to make room for more tattoos, the capra and drudge members shave to show theirs.
These guys are not to be taken lightly, they are very organized and very loyal. Their wealth makes them hard to bribe and their values of honor and pride make them very averse to losing.
It seems we have a young son of the upper echelons here in the duchy now, come to stake his claim to prove himself to his father and the others."


"Sounds like I'd compromise weight, stability and precision. No, thank you."


"That's where the bi-or-tripod comes in.
Or if you prefer something a bit lighter and more up close and personal, the O'Bress Conversion is an option. Though personally I'm not a fan of it."


I'd like to be able to move around while firing. I don't have the luxury of being able to snipe all day. What are you talking about?


"Well that's pretty dang nice and useful information and all but I was wondering more about that witch, honey… "


"Fairly simple in theory, it allows you to basically pull the important parts of the gun off the rifle, losing the stock and practically all of the barrel.
Provided you aren't a big fan of your wrist, this basically lets you fire even a monster rifle like yours as if it were a handgun. Fuck all accuracy but hey, it fits in your pocket and probably lights anyone nearby on fire even if you miss.
Alternatively, if you don't like going for big mods, it wouldn't be hard to switch in some kind of cartridge reloading system to save time on reloads.
Or we can go all out and give it some clockwork legs so it can go about and shoot stuff even without you."
"Ain't much anyone knows about the witch. She lives in the deep woods, is said to talk to beasts and eat people. Some say she might give out remedies for illnesses to the worthy and lucky. Most just say she'll cook you up or let her pets have their way with you.
And she can change shape to boot."


"don't tell me that we are a group they want to bump off to make a name for themselves here."


"Well, until one of the Masque guys tells them where the hideout is, they don't know who we are and where we are. They only know we exist.
And considering the whole regicide thing, yes, we are almost certainly the highest priority target."


"Saving time on reloads sounds the most… workable. If I wanted to make a robot, I would."


"Oh trust me, my robot will be better.
Well, if you ever decide what you want the gun to actually do, do tell me."


"just when i was getting used to this life. Anything experience tells you we should do?


I get a little stiff
"Well ain't that just pleasant… Well… If we wanna get stuff done then I say we go for this witch gal then" I raise my hammer over my shoulder and look around
"Anyone else coming with me?"


"Fire shot after shot reliably, with little risk of jamming and little recoil. Is that so much to ask?"


"count me in. She might be useful in our future troubles.


"We aren't a gang, so we lack the numbers to take them on in a gang war. So all I can really think of is figuring out who their leader is and humiliate him so bad he won't dare return with his gang."
"You'll need as many people as you can. When I say beasts I don't mean bears and wolves.
Incidentally, I did get in contact with a mercenary who should be arriving some time soon. He might be useful."
"It doesn't do that already?
What I can do for you still, is… hm…
I could increase the accuracy with some added adjustable weights and a better sights system… or increase the sheer punch it delivers if you let me mess with the internal bits… or indeed rig it to fire in bursts, but do keep in mind that missing one shot means you probably miss the whole burst.
Someone else night be able to figure out how to make your ammo burst into flames or freeze on impact, but that's alchemy or sorcery, not fine craftsmanship."
[you can add Weapon Tags to your Masterwork here]


"Mind you, we only want her head for Crunchy, and any magic crap she has laying around.
Crunchy can reliably replicate her magic… I think. And he's probably more friendly than the forest cannibal hedge wizard."


"Do it better and faster. Now, as for ammo types, that's what them modularity is for. What was that about the accuracy? "


Pull you in close with my arm over your shoulder "Goooooodie, then I think we might be all set then. Anyone else?"
"Oh… Then maybe just me and bait might not be enough then… Well tell me about this merc you got in contact with then. When is he coming?"


"With enough rebalances and a decent set of sights, you can probably hit around… 10% more reliably."
"Unknown, but should be soon. I got a message out to him. On the plus side, he seems to be one of Ragamont's old war buddies."



"Sounds decent enough. What do you want for it?"


"Any help would be good now."


"That sounds mighty good… So we'll just sit and wait for him now?"


"What can you offer me?"
"Indeed. I don't like the idea of needing to split up to deal with all our issues but it may have to be done."
"That, or we try to pull the Grandelion job."


"You think a few of us can tackle it?"


"Probably nothing I wouldn't keep for myself."

There's nothing we really have aside essentials for ourselves, right?


Only money
And membership among the Cavalry
or an IOU for a future service
"That's a big maybe. I'd prefer to have more of us."


"Well maybe we should wait until Kelpie and Tails are available for it…"


"Maybe we can look into the Dragons for now? They must be in town now."


I don't really feel like inducting this creep.

"Well, I could pay you money. That's about as much as I can offer for now."


''Sure… Thought I kinda don't like these drakin fellows so much, Deeja is an exception still…''


"Hm. Money is so pedestrian…
But you said you made the gun yourself, no?
Perhaps a trade. I will make your gun nice and accurate, if you can build one to my specifications?"
"You can always go look for some news on that.
Or, if you feel like going above and beyond, see what you can learn about the Grandelion world warper, possibly from off-duty servants.
I have a lot to think about with the upcoming coronation…"


"They won't suspect us just yet, we have an advantage right now."


"I don't mind. What do you want?"


''Eeeh, I say we just decide for something already and go for it. so Golden dragons?''


"I need something that can best be described as a vaguely portable cannon. Recoil is not an issue, I just need it to kill whatever it hits."
"If you want. Look for guys with loads of gold on them and big fancy tattoos."


"Either way, we need to hit t.he streets and learm all we can."


"I should be able to do it, provided I have the materials."


"Alright, so off we go!"


"Hard to do legally. Then, that doesn't seem like a problem to you."


"I don't think you really appreciate the effort that goes into this line of work."

Bow and… where can I do this work, anyway? Only here?


Well, technically you could just steal something appropriately overkill and turn that in instead.
Or you can point out that you need his tools.
Where will you try and look first?


"By the way, I hope I don't have to take the tools I'll need from you without your consent."


What are the available places to go to?


"For some reason I assumed you had your own workshop.
I suppose I could sell you spare tools."


The Lower District usually has lowlifes of all kinds hanging around. The Pole and Ball is a popular place for gossip.
You could also try checking the market district in case they are doing legal shopping.
The Palace District and High District are probably a waste of time.


Market district is a good idea
Put on a nice red dress and get going


"You lend me them, and if I build the gun to your specifications I keep them."


You may bring Daisari along, she has some knowledge of the eastern gangs.
"Hrm… deal.
Take what you need from the workshop in the back."


"I'll let you pick."


Bringing her along then!
"We're going to pay a visit to the market, do dress nicely"


Take… what I need.

Bedtime, thanks


Three capra walk into a market
That's the start of a popular dirty joke, but enough about that.
Roll to see if you find something worth checking more closely.
You return to the hideout with enough tools to make your own workshop.
Smithing back at home is now possible.


'1d10' hmmnnnn

Roll #1 5 = 5


Looking Around '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Rolling for horribleness

Roll #1 7 = 7


You can't seem to spot anyone with suspicious tattoos. Just groups of folks shopping.
You try to get a good vantage point by climbing a nearby signpost. Unfortunately, said signpost is rotten to the core and breaks under your weight, causing you to fall in the arms of a nearby drakin lady. This dislodges her dress quite compromisingly, giving you a swift but unmistakable glance at her heavily tattooed, scaleless shoulder
The bodyguards around her turn to see what the commotion is about, many of them carrying a bunch of shopping for her.
Roll to try and look cute or something. Maybe she'll be forgiving.


So. Scouting things.


"Uhm, eh, sorry, it was an accident!"


Roll #1 2 = 2


You were in the market, looking for potential Golden Dragon gang members. Easily identified by their excessive tattoos and gold.
She drops you with a scowl and fixes her dress back up
"Disgusting thing. Someone go throw it in a garbage pile and the rest of you, lets keep going."


What are we supposed to do once we find some?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Wait, no don't!"

RUN AWAY '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Find out what you can about their plans in the duchy, and hopefully figure out something about their leader(s) and how to get to them.
Patches thinks they are here to take over, and the Cavalry lacks numbers to take them on in a gang war. So the only solution she had in mind was to go right for their head and send it back home broken and humiliated to scare them off.
As Bait falls off a signpost on a nearby drakin, you see she indeed has no scales on her arm and heavy tattoos in their place as her dress slips.
You skitter off, with the bodyguards laughing at you. They then move along.


I'll circle around once my heart stops beating out of my chest and I go find my friends.


Oh snap. That's a wonderful coincidence. Meet up with Bait.
"Got to coop a feel off the pretty lady?"
Snicker, by poking his sides.


"I can control myself just fine, you know!"

"Hmph, anyways, I think I found our mark. She had a lot of tattoos and lots of money on her, judging by her guards. I think we should follow her."


"Classic follow-into-a-dark-alley-and-double-team-her move?"


"Then they'll know we're on to them. Let's just follow them."

Flash a smile.

"Though if they find themselves missing a few coins, that would help us, in the long term."


Shrug and follow.
"How do you expect to sneak into the drakin only places?"


"Ah, good work Bait… Now it's Sneaky time"
"Yeah, just following up sounds like a good plan right now"


The drakin keeps a leisurely pace to her, often stopping to examine the more high end stores. She also stops and listens to the advertisers a couple of times. She is clearly not from around here, and seems susceptible to suggestions on how to spend her money.


"When the sun is down and the people are gone. We don't have to break in now."

"How good are you two at pretending to be vendors?"


"Should have taken those acting classes with Maske… But I can try"


"I can pretend to be a gigolo if it helps."
Flexing leather pants intensifies.


"We might have more trouble than I thought. I was thinking about selling her some cheap stuff at a high price, but I think even she might see through us."


Blance & Ironford's smithy is nearby, it may be possible to bribe an advertiser to diver them there if you want the home ground advantage


''Bah, I'm sure she's not the brightest around…What COULD we sell her though?''
That oughta be a good plan
how much money do I have on me?


Plenty enough for everyday bribes.


Got it.
But maybe we should warn them first about that ya?


Perhaps. The drakin is in no hurry.


I'll try to talk with Newbie first and see if he's willing to follow with that plan
''Alright Honeybums, ya see how she is always listening to those advertisers right? How about we pay one of them to tell her about Blance and Ironford so we can get her pretty scaly tail there? Or ya have a better idea in mind?''


"Why would you even want her close to our territory?"


"So we can watch them without worry of interruption. We can get much closer there without arousing suspicion."


''Two reasons, two plans.''
''First, we gotta talk with Blance and Ironford to tell them of this plan. if they agree, we pay a guy to tell her there's a sort of magical weapon or super hard unbreakable armor or some stuff like that to get her attention. Like something made of dragon wings or is stuff from legends and has the soul of a dragon in it. that oughta draw her in. then, Blance talks some info outta her for us, if we get some good intel outta that, then we will know where to go, most likely…But if she is not very talkative…We drag her back in the shop and beat the info outta her.''
Smirk while leaning against a wall with my arms crossed, all cool like
''So, what ya say?''


"I say we avoid breaking any bones until we don't know what they want here."


''If you say so, I guess we can let her go without hurting her pretty pretty face''


"Let's just see what we are dealing with then. We don't even know how many they have with them."


"Sure, so all the Dragons will be roaring right up our ass!"
Make a motion like of a dragon opening its mouth with one hand, quickly flashing it onto her face as if trying to bite her, to punctuate my sentence.


''that's a true…Well then I suppose you two have better ideas then?''
She doesn't seem amused


As you discuss your strategy, a lone merc walks into the market from the Low District. He seems to be looking for someone.
And Patches did mention a merc she hired.


''huh…Is that the guy Patches was talking about?'' I whisper to the other two


He starts to look around, searching for the rest of the party.


"He talked about a Merc, but maybe it's another bodyguard too? They must be really rich to afford so many in broad daylight."


"Didn't give me no description."
"I guess we can go with this plan. At least as a way to cut her guards off."


Well, it seems this group matches the description. Human in fancy leather pants, bunch of capras.


''Too bad she didn't describe that merc for us…hmnph…Anyways, about that plan? Or are we just staying all day talking and not doing any action? Come on you two she'll get away from us!''
''Alright then. Careful not to hurt yourself pretty boy)


"We can take a chance if you see it, but let's not let them know the Cavalry in on to them."


"I'm not the one who goes around picking fights with girls."
Smirk and leave.
Pass him by as I head back to the smithy.


He walks over to the three, looking them up and down for a moment. "Well, you don't exactly look like what I expected. Though that's usually a good thing."


''Maybe we could put a disguise on then?''
''Yeah, I'm sure you rather take them to your room to 'interogate' them personaly''
''Eh? Excuse me?''


"And you look… Old."
Oh boy, barter! Guess I will stop here for a moment!
"Bet you'd love to see that interrogation room of mine."


"Heh, ehh!?"

"I'd need one, she already knows what I look like."


''Shoot, that's right…Then maybe it would be better if your really stayed behind Bait..''


"You guys hired a merc, right?" He says, a smile following afterwards. "Little hopeful that you are. Wouldn't mind working with a cute capra girl."

"Eh…" He says with a shrug.

"What's with the surprised look, you were informed of a new merc heading your way, right?"


Ironford is manning the desk, Blanche is working in the back.
"Ye? What can I get ya?"


"Sorry, I didn't expect it to happen so soon though, and not here either."


"The little horses need some help keeping an eye on a foal.
Care to entertain a customer for a while? Get her talking?"


"What can I say, I was just so thrilled that somebody is letting me join their gang." He says, playful sarcasm in his voice.


''oh say it is ya! Patches told us you'd be coming around, but I didn't thought it would be so soon. And please sugar, don't even try to sweeten me up already, besides I ain't the boss here ya know''


"Is there some catch?"


"Gang member. Probably important. We need a pretty sweet treasure to lure her here."


"Right, you're not the boss, which means I can sweeten you up anytime I want. So what have you guys found out about the targets?"


"We're a mixed bunch as you can see, so I'd like to welcome you, wait…"

I'll assume a proper pose.

"I'm Cherry Zhongwei, it's an honor to make your acquaintance."


"I can ask Blanche for something pretty and complex to look at, but don't start a gang fight in my shop. I'm trying to stay clear from this less legal stuff.
You want a gang brawl go to the Pole and Ball, or hell, Oakheart Barrel is just 'round the corner if you prefer wealthier lowlifes."


"Well Cherry, I'm Logan." He holds his hand out for a handshake.


I extend my and take that handshake.


''I like ya already. what's yer name, Mister Merc?''
''Oh, and about that…well we found a drakin lady that is part of the hand we are trying to deal with. the Golden dragons is their name. Rich, powerful, big…you know the deal. so we found this drakin lady, and she seemed really interested in shopping around so the plan is to give some coin to an advertiser, lead her to a smithy that is a friend of ours and try and see what she will spill to him. got it?''
''Ah Logan, what a nice name. You can just call me Duna''


"We just need to hear a little scaly talk, no brawling man, promise."

Now, to find one of the advertisers.


He gives you a firm handshake.

"Why not just kidnap her and torture the information out of her? I could always threaten to chop her head off with my axe, would get her to spill out something." He says.


Plenty walking around, shouting whatever they were paid to shout.


''Naah, I doubt it would work. patches told me about these fellows…they are awfully loyal to their leaders, so ain't nothing we can do to get the info outta her''
''wait a minute where's Newbie?!''


"You're a direct person, aren't ya?"


Approach a young one. "Hey little boy. Half a coin for your words."


"You're loyal to a limit. Though if she's really that loyal then the price for it could be an arm or a leg. Bright side is she'll get a new nickname. 'Stump of Loyalty'."

"What? It usually works out for me."


"Two and I'll tell the world you're the best lay in town mate. Half'll get ya one shout."


''pftt…Goddamit now you made me feel bad for laughing at that you bozo…But seriously now. That will likely not get us anywhere…I think Newbie is actually following my plan, so that's Kudos for him''


"We aren't exactly a big group, so we have to pick our moves carefully. I found out she's probably working for the Dragons, but we really don't have much to go on, but neither do they either!"


"Well I'm a new face and I'm not exactly working to avoid the merc look. What if I tried talking to her myself, posing as a new merc looking for some new jobs?"

"Well we better find out if she is or not."


"Yeah sure, add that in.
And since you're there, talk about how great the swords of the smithy down there is."
Two coins it is.


''That MIGHT work but…Maybe we should really really wait for Newbie to just do hiw thing''
Shake my head
''Meanwhile we can just get aquaintaced ourselves, eh?''


"I suppose we could. So how long have you been a part of this group?"


"That's the plan, though she might just be wealthy and eccentric."


He pockets them and clears his throat

That DOES catch the drakin's attention.


The drakin starts looking for this fabled smithy with her entourage. There are a dozen of them in total. No way then can all fit inside the small shop, so Ironford shoos a bunch of them outside.
You can easily enter via the back door.


He couldn't help but laugh at that last part. "Are we even sure he has function to even do that after wearing tight pants like his?" He says to his two new co-workers.


"I try not to think about things like that…"


''Well for a few days and all. we got framed for something we didn't do and it's a pretty long story ya know? I used to work at the castle, but because of that we were kicked out and if any royals ever find out about us, we're dead. so we're kinda trying to start again as a Hand of our own…maybe prove that we didn't do any crimes…who knows?''
Groan and slap my forehead
''Yeah I try to not think about it either…''


"Huh… So really it's a… well excuse me for the pun but a 'forced hand' since you got nowhere else to go. Guess that's how it has to start with everyone, lose your job or lose your home and become wanted. If all else fails you could just skip town and get a start in doing mercenary work."


''Aren't you a smart fellow? And Here I thought Mercs were just muscle''
''Now I think we should try to go and meet up with Newbie, come on'' She walked along to see where the man with tight pants were off to


Logan follows you.


as stated, the front door is now manned by eight Golden Dragon members, and the last four are inside with the target. The back door is usable if you want to listen in.


Dang…so he is not outside then?


"I don't even think I could handle that life. I've been a city goat since I was born. But trouble is oftentimes a hidden chance, so let's see where this leads.

I'll follow along.

What races are the guards? I want to get a good understanding of what are up against.


Well then. Exchange a glance with her, smirking.


"I'm not one for sneaking, but we could try heading out back." He then heads for the backdoor so he could listen in.

"Shit, then I better not tell you any of my stories then. Might give you nightmares."


She walked right past you and into the shop
He's still outside
Four humans, two drudges, a capra, a hork
The humans look pretty standard for gang trash. Strong, beat up, probably a bit high.
One of the drudges looks a lot more ragged and mean than the other. Almost fully shaved and tattooed, really creepy. The other only has a shaved arm, and is well groomed, almost like a pet. The capra looks less tough than the rest, probably an errand boy more than a bodyguard. The hork is imposing as hell, and carrying a lot of the bags.


''yeah, let try that, maybe''
Pat you in the back
''Hey, I heard you're the best lay in town''


"Stories are fine. It's living that life that scares me."

"They must be bringing in wealth from outside to be able to spend on all these. If we track their funds, we might be able to get rid of them without a fight."


"Well… the big fucker is more than likely going to be the most trouble if we get into a fight. Dogs can be taken out easily, just smack them with a newspaper… and by newspaper I mean a sword. Humans look a little drugged up so… maybe take them out first? Just planning ahead."

"Can never be too careful, planning ahead for a fight helps."


The workshop back door is indeed open. Clockmaker Blanche gives you an annoyed look as you barge in but doesn't do anything beyond that.

Ironford is showing off some ceremonial bullshit that looks impressive but probably doesn't hit very hard.
"-so indeed, we do deal in all sorts of items on demand. But I must ask, what brings a lady of such wealth and taste to our fair city? Just here for the sights, or did you come for the royal funeral?"
She is slowly running a claw down the blade, admiring it
"Here on business. Or, well, my… erm… man is. I'm just along for the ride."


"I hate how that'll be inevitable. Don't worry, I'm not wishy washy enough to think I can avoid them all."


"Looking for some proof? "
Lean in with a smirk, pointing at the shouting boy.
"Advertising never lies!"
"They are Golden Dragons.
Their funds will be somewhere along the old tea trails."
Ignore whatever he just said.
"We haven't quite had the pleasure, old man."


It's going to be real hard if the gang is getting funded with legitimate money. If we can find some way to impact them, they won't be able to pay for so much security and they'll be an easier issue to deal with."


''Well we ain't need to fight them if we can just get in through the back eh?''
Carefully listen in, giving Blanche a nod
''Please. more than half of the advertising is just exagerated bullcrap and lies''
push you back with a finger


"Breaking their bank is a needlessly complex way to go about this."
"I love it."
Let out a good laugh.
"At least you dance better than you flirt."


"Well I'm here for when you guys do get into a fight."

"Call me old man again and I'll make sure to finish what your tight pants is trying to do. Cut off your dick."

"No reason to not think of a plan in case. It's how I'm still alive."


"What a badass-"
Lick my lips, baring some teeth with a strangely predatorial smirk.
"-the old man is."


''Flirt? You thought I was flirting with you? Nah I was just being friendly Honeybum. I don't flirt''


Roll my eyes.
"And much better at dancing than you are at understanding jokes."


''Oh don't worry sugar i got your joke'' I pinch your cheek a little bit painfully
''I just wanted to crush your hopes before they got too high'' I reply smugly


Ironford keeps talking
"So just visiting then?"
"Not sure. We might stick around. Depends on how we like the place. This a safe city?"
"Well we got our share of bad people. All places do. But the watch do a good job, and Dead Man Headland ain't far, so those they catch go away for a long time."
"Huh. Well, good to know. I heard there was a big murder not long ago"
"Yeah some political hit. Rough. But I feel safer now, really. Lot more watchmen on the streets since then."
"Any idea who did it?"
"All I know is what everyone knows. Assassins posed as palace staff."
"So they're still out there?"
"Afraid so."
"…good to know…"


He starts to pull out his axe. "You really want to test me? I could always test if Legacy is still sharp as ever." His axe was obviously sharp and had a lot of blood stains on it, showing that it has seen a lot of battle.


"Please Duna. If I wanted anything from you I'd have taken it the other night.
A single capra high on drinks and adrenaline, basking in the drunk beauty of victor-"
Stop to listen to the conversation inside the shop.
Cheap shot to send trip you onto your own face, then slide towards the door and make sign with my finger for everyone to shut up.
"This is the part where we take notes."


"Come on, we're all here together."

"But, did you hear all that? Looks like they haven't been here that long if they're still asking about it."


Are you sure you want to trip a grown man
In a cramped workshop
Of an irate clockmaker
Inside a small store
While trying to be discrete


''Yeah I'm listening, also could you two stop? gods we are on a serious mission here…''
''Yes I am listening…now What are we gonna do about it then…''


With the time stop cheap shot? Who'd ever hear that.
For the same of everything, I will just use fast moves to slide unseen towards the door.


"What we do best, cook up some unfortunate incidents and lost goods. No reason we can't make their fortune ours."


Everyone will hear him fall on all the loose junk
Which will roll out the door
While the clockmaker throws you out
And probably stops doing business with the Cavalry

Do it anyway


Yeeeeah skip that. Let's get on with the listening.


Give you a wide smirk
''aah Bait, that's why you're my favorite capra of the crew''
lift a hand for a fistbump


Logan sighs and puts his axe away. "Just gotta wait till after this is done. THEN I can punch him in the face."


Return that thing with some force.

"If they have enough to throw around here, I'm sure a little going astray won't matter to them. And even if it does, all the better."


With any possible crisis averted, you return to eavesdropping.

Ironford is wrapping up the fancy sword
"So, how will you be paying?"
"Sure enough. Always good to ask though."
"My man is well off, he gave me shopping money, told me to go keep myself happy for the day."
"Be sure to tell him I'm always open for business"
"Will do mister… Ironfork?"
"Yes of course. Be seeing you.
Boys. Come on. We go."

The Golden Dragons leave.


''Listen new guy, you literally just joined the crew. I don't care if you saw a bunch of wars or killed a hundred men, you still are the newest member and now you're working with us, got it? Now you and Mister tight pants are a team and teamates don't fight over a petty thing like calling the other an old man''
''If you are grown-ass merc and want the respect that you believe you deserve, then act your age, ignore his bullshit and let's get on with this mission, got it?''
''Ja…I actually really want to go back and eat something…fuck…I shouldn't have skipped breakfast myself…'' Rub my stomach a little


"We found out something big."


''Yeah, I'm glad you were listening too Honeybum, would be a bother to pass it all to you while you weree ating me with your eyes…''


"Why I can mantain an erection AND listen in to my surroundings, it's a skill I'm proud of!
But anyway. Heard that?"
Go find a wall to stand against.
"They want a safe city.
Their money is with her man.
I say we aim at that money this very night.
And at the same time sends what's left of the skulls after them.
They will turn tail faster than you can say "scaly"."


"What? I was just fuckin' with him. Besides, I usually make a list of shit that somebody has pissed me off with and measure it with the good shit that impresses me. If they can get through the mission without pissing me off too much, I won't punch them in the face."


"Please, being the dick is my job in this team!"


"Well you've certainly proved that, Tight Pants."


''hmn…Attacking them where it will hurt them the most…''
Get a sinister smile on my face and take off my googles ''…In their gold…''
''Newbie, I'm liking where this is going'' I look back at you, leaning on the wall as well while spinning my googles on my finger
''Well don't you think you should lower your ball a little bit? you ARE the newest guy, that means the bottom in ranks here''


Ironford sighs
"Ok kids if you're done bickering either buy something or get outta my shop already. I might have actual customers soon."


Logan sighs a bit. "Right right, but I don't care how low my rank is. I'll punch a guy if he really deserves it. For now I'll just put my focus on the mission."


''Sure thing mister Ironford, thanks for the help.'' Look in my pocket and give him a little change for being so nice
''When can I come for my private class by the way?''
''Good, now let's roll out''


"Get it right, I'm newbie, not tight pants!
Not yet!"
Roll out.
"Thank ya pal. Cavalry owes you one."
"The fun part is, it doesn't even have to work. We will scare the everloving fuck outta them anyway!"


"Any time.
The drakin seems like she doesn't know shit about weapons. Probably a trophy wife."


''Pfft…Ya know what would be even better? if we managed to spread rumors that the guys who killed the palace staff are disguised among them. Man that would make them shit their gold coated pants''
''She was a complete thropy wife, come on''


"Oh I'm gonna enjoy her so.
Did she leave an address?"
"Damn I like you, and not in the buggering kinda way!
That'd get the guards all riled up!
But we'd need evidence."


"No dice, said she was going for a drink and then finishing up her shopping."


"Well, if you're going to call me Old Man I'll just have to call you Tight Pants."

"Well first we would need to figure out who her fuck buddy is."


''Well let's worry about that after I get something to eat. My head doesn't work on an empty stomach ya know? we also should probally report back to Patches and get her thoughts and discuss some planning with her too''
''…You ain't planning to get in that drakin lad good side are ya Newbie?''
''Oh that oughta be easy, the hard part is actually finding him''


"Guess I can still catch up to her!"
Okay, double time. Literally.
Abuse Fast Moves to move quickly towards the nearest watering hole.
Mutter something along the lines of
"I like that name!"
before running off.
Already gone!


Also, roll for overall speed with fast moves.

Roll #1 6 = 6


''Well…off he goes…So Logan, wanna join me for lunch and have a nice talk with Patches?''


The Golden Dragons are nor hard to find, they are picking out a place to drink.
Conveniently, one of the advertisers is shouting about the Oakheart. Ironford implied shady types sometimes gather there, so this may be a lucky break. Maybe you can rile something up if you expose who they are.


"Sure, let Tight Pants handle it. Less work for me anyways. I'll also make up for what I did and buy you some lunch." He says with a smile.


Now the question is, do I try to sleep with the drakin, which would then mean I might call upon her husband's retribution, or just rile them up?
Or do both letting the guards suffer the worst of it?
So, these shady types. Who they are?


''Aw, aren't you just the sweetest''
Heading back to meet with PAtches!


You head back to the Low District and from there off to the old abandoned neighborhoods.
The place is pretty spooky, despite it being daytime. An old faded sign hangs loosely from the wall of a butcher's shop.
To Slapstick this is home sweet home. But to out newcomer Logan, it's straight out of a horror story.
Are you sure you were not followed?
As the Golden Dragons roll down their sleeves and ensure they look presentable, you slip in.
The place is kinda nice, actually. A far cry from the gloomy Pole and Ball. Brightly lit, nice padded chairs, live music, presentable waitresses looking all professional.
You may need to look around a bit to find your marks.


were we?
''Logan, you made sure no one followed us? I kinda forgot…''
'1d10' rolling if I need to

Roll #1 5 = 5


Well straight up look for gang members who still dress the part.
They are the most likely to be hotheads.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I looked around for a bit… but…" He looks around again.

>Rolling for spotting anybody along the way


Roll #1 8 = 8


Nobody. If one of the Dragons trailed you, they did not find their way here.
You pass under the old rusty meat hooks and pull aside the rug covering the entrance hatch. A quick unlock later, you're inside.
The room is dark and warm, oddly enough wooden floored despite the entire previous room having been stone and dirt. Then, past one last locked door, the view opens up and Logan gets his first look at the hideout.
A huge old theater, with you entering into the rafters. The stage below has a lot of furniture arranged on it, and the girl from earlier is sitting on one of the chairs, reading.
You find a bunch. Unmistakable Black Skulls. Not the cream of the crop, but there's a good half dozen there. They seem a little morose.


Logan lets out a whistle, impressed by the size. "Damn, given time and gold you can really get this place spruced up to look really fancy."


''heeeeey Patchy''
Get close to her and report back all I heard and saw


"So they are already in town, and snooping around. Hm…
Well at least they don't know who we are."
"Only downside is that excavating is hard. This is all underground, leftovers of old fires and earthquakes and whatnot that have been built over. We locals call it the Undercity."


''yeeeaah but there's a bad news of sorts…Newbie is planning to sleep with that drakin chick and he ran off before I could stop him''


Sit by them.
"Oi mates, ya dense?
What'cha doin still sittin like wankers? Ain't you heard?"


"Is Tight Pants always this desperate to get laid?"


"Well we can add one more thing to our to-do list: rescue what remains of Newbie when we find time."
"Heard what, fuccboi?"


"Can we grab something to eat first? I'm sure he's fine. Best case scenario he's being beaten and tortured, worst case he's alive and well."


''Heh, I think he just might be, honestly. Last night he seemed absolutely up to trying to get in my pants. I was almost letting him too, I was a little bit drunk''
''Hah…Well like how Logan here said, he'll be fine.''


"New gang wants to take over all town. Say they will take what's left of your places!
And worst part, they are all cock-mongerin' scalies!"


"Really? Having to get a woman drunk just to get in her pants? Now I just feel sorry for the poor bastard."


''Nah nah I started drinking myself, don't think too badly of him, he's a prick, sure, but he is likeable in his own way, and useful too''


They share looks
"Hear that?"
"Ye. Boipussy here thinks we don't know about the crew who killed our own boss."
"Listen here fancypants, you tryin' to be funny? We lost a lotta good mates to those golden dragon fucks, you here to rub it in?"
"Go to market, have all the bites you need."


"Fucc tat, you tart'head!
I come with gud news.
Three of them, all 'lone and ignorant of town, are 'bout to walk in right now."


''Sure thing. ya wanna come along with us too? you've been having your share of work ya know?^we could have some time off to chill as we wait for the others to show up. ain't nothing much just the 3 of us could do''


"I'll admit he does have balls facing a threat like mine. Reminds me of another guy, been a long time… I remember at least once a day we would threaten each other every day, yet we would defend each other to the death out on the battle field. Man I could respect."

"Welcome to come with us if you want."


''well maybe you two will have the same relationship if you give him a chance''


They look around
"Das racist ya knob. Not all drakin are with those wankstains."
"Yeh. Golden Dragons got like… tatoos 'n shit."
"Fine, guess I can. The prep work for the Grandelion job is pretty much ready now anyway."


"You think I some random wanker who got ham over his eyes?
Jus' you wait. You will recognise'm right away. Look at the girl's arm."
And with that, I will walk off and sit at a different table before the drakins can come through.


''Atta girl, come on, let's see if we can get some matter in our bellies


"Wonder if I might be able to find myself a bottle of Honey Mead there." He then starts to head for topside and head back to the market with Duna and Patch


They are entering. The drakin has her dress covering up the tattoos, the others put on coats or rolled down their sleeves. The hork and ragged drudge stayed outside.
"So we going back to the market proper, or just going for the cheap stuff at the Low Market?"


Nothing a well placed quick move can't fix.
If you want me to do this by the books, '1d10' to improvise quick move, then I can just walk to them, cut the vest a bit and sit back at my chair. Six seconds are plenty.

Roll #1 7 = 7


''Market proper of course. i'm in the mood to get some quality stuff to eat. maybe we might even run into something interesting too''


"Hey I can afford to hit the normal market. Told Duna that lunch was on me."


You do a few neat cuts and sit back down to enjoy the show. As soon as she raises her hand to signal her allies, half her top flops off, revealing her tattooed arm and then some.
Within seconds, the nearby table goes flying through the air, doing a few flips before it slams into the capra Golden Dragon.
Looks like there's about to be a fight.
And so you head out.
But not before I see what happens over in that pub


"Well, as much fun as I'm sure it'd be to head in there, let's stick to someplace that doesn't have Tight Pants written all over it."


Dangerous city.
Wait for the mob to engage, making sure I'm sitting between the drakins and the door.


The lot of them charge the drakin, who takes a step back, then thrusts her palm forward, blasting them off their feet.
As she catches her breath, her allies form a defensive wall between her and the black skulls, while you slink between her and the door.
So the setup is
Horn and drudge - door - you - drakin - golden dragons - black skulls


Turn to her, getting her attention by grabbing her by the tattoed hand.
"Come with me if you want to live!"


The tattoo radiates warmth, and leaves your hand with a mildly tingling sensation.
Her fist to your nose leaves a very different kind of sensation


Okay. She might need convincing.
Let go and throw my hands before me.
"Look, I know a quick way out where they won't get you, and it's the only way. You don't want to know the things they will do to you!"

Improvised Despair.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Glancing behind her, you see one of her boys twisting an arm off the loudmouth Black Skull like it was a chicken drumstick.
"Get out of my way. I am leaving."


"Be my guest. Don't say I didn't warn ya!"
Make my way out posthaste. And hide.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You save yourself a lot of pain giving a friendly little wave to the two Golden Dragons outside as you slink off.
The Drakin exists with a huff, followed by her entourage. There is a lot of commotion. Someone is shouting for guards.
Without a word, the gang members grab the shopping and head off. The Drakin takes flight.
Guards are rushing past you. Sounds like there was a bar fight.
Good job Dio.


She groans
''Should we bother going after him?…''


Well right.
Now I need to follow them.
Once more, liberal use of my time powers to keep up.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I'll give him 3 days in jail, that's when he'll snap." Logan then looks for a proper place to eat, not filled with guards and bar fights.


You remain on their tail until you are sure of it.
They are headed into the Palace District. These guys must have some serious connections if they can set up camp there.


Well then. I can't exactly get much closer without drawing attention. Time to slink back to the hideout.


You run into the others as they try to keep a low profile while guards ask around about the fight.


"Well, hope you wankers ready to work."
Clap my hands together rubbing them with glee.
"The cogs are turning."


"Actually we were going to go grab something to eat, you're welcome to go back to the hideout."


"You don't get it mate, we gotta work to do tonight. I will tell you guys over lunch."


''Are they? well that's neato, come on along and let's hear the news''


"Well there goes my hopes for a relaxing and enjoyable lunch."


''Ah psh, we'll have another tomorrow or something''


I'm gonna order something big, meaty and juicy.
And not cock this time!
"So, here's the lay of it…"
Tell them about my plan for getting the Golden Dragons to move on.
"-an' if they think this town is too much trouble, they'll sodd off!"
And about the fight I riled up between the Black Skulls and the drakins.
"Turns out, the bodyguards of that featherbrain are much too strong for some piss drunk muscle like 'em."
And then about how my attempt at kidnapping her failed.
"Turns out, the sweet eyes she gave me where a total fake out!"
And finally, how they-"-live in the palace section. Serious money going on here."


"I'll just grab myself something on the way back then, eat something together back at base while a plan is made."


''Well looks like you had a nice time…But hey you got some good info for us so good job Dylan, that'll get ya some good Duna points'' Pat you on the back


"This oughta stack with the dance off, you know.
And don't believe you are off the hook for that, we have a title to conquer now."


"So now we know the Golden Dragons have enough connections to actually get free access to the Palace District. I can't help but wonder if they intend to have some part in the naming of the next duke…"



''That got ya some nice points as well, though not as many as Bait has though. he got enough to get himself a peck on the cheek. right now I'd say you have enough foooor…A nice hug, charge me whenever'' Give you a smirk


Times are changing
Tables are turning
All that poetic shit

With new information in hand, you have gathered at the hideout to make some plans.
Patches pins a list to the wall.
"We have a lot of stuff on our hands, and it needs to get done.
For now, lets split up so we can cover more angles.
Who goes where?
-Finding out more about the Golden Dragons, possibly dealing with their leader
-Locating and assassinating the witch in the woods
-Kidnapping the World Warper from House Grandelion

I will support whatever team needs me."


"Golden Dragons feel like the real threat. We can pass the others on the street, but those guys will be looking for us to start trouble."


I'm fine with the kidnapping.
"Think a sneak team could handle the World Warper?"


''Glad to see you took my advice sugar''
I analyze the options for a bit
''Well, we started this whole thing with the Golden Dragons…So…Yeah I think I'll stick with that''
''Sorry Tails, I ain't the kind you want for sneaky sneaky missions. I may be small, but hey, you know I'm awfully loud…jeesh All this time banging the metals back at the castle just might actually have made me a eetsy bitsy deaf ya know?''


"Should I go alone then?"


''hmn…You think you can handle it on yer own big girl? Maybe Newbie or Bait could help ya out…Though you might have trouble keeping mister Tight Pants's mouth shut…''


"I can sneak alone allright."
"Maybe even wear my old maid outfit. Just pretend I work for them if I get caught."


''Heh, Well you know I love seeing you in those garments, brings me a bit of nostalgia''
''Her? She's Deeja, though we call her Tail-lifter'' Chucklesnort
''She does things with that tail of hers that you won't believe, son''


"I don't think we have. We seem to be picking up everyone these days."


"I'm better at fighting than I am at sneaking honestly. Can't go around with clunky armor. So the witch or golden dragons will have to be my job. By the way I don't believe we've met miss…?"

Ignore that last post, I was being dumb

"Why does that remind me of a very lusty book I've read once… Maybe she can prove that tail of hers to me when we're done with our jobs."

"Well I needed to start with something after I got hit pretty hard last group I was tangled up in. Broke a good portion of my arm and fucked up my shoulder too."


"So you were some sort of guard?"


''oooh no no no darlin, trust me, you do NOT want to have her doing tail things to ya. I was talking at bad, hurting kind of things. Besides…'' Come closer to you and whisper
''She's a really boring old lady and not one for lewd things''


"Eh… I can be a guard, an executioner, a soldier, a melon slicer if you hand me enough gold. I'm pretty much a dog of war."

"Well who says it had to be lewd things?" He gives you a bit of a smirk.


Patches, the lady from before, thinks a bit.
"I won't send you after the witch alone."


"Don't forget if there's any difficult to reach area, I can teleport around to help."


"I can manage."
Open my wings slightly to show them off.

"Well, welcome to this zoo we have going on here. It's not very cozy, but it's what we have."


''Ah…uh…'' Glance away
''Ah shut yer trap''


"Offer still stands, or if you find a tiny area to have to sneak through."


Glare at both of you.
"If you don't cut that out, I'm going to break some bones with that tail you seem to like so much."

"I thought you were going with the others."


"I am, but that doesn't mean we can't hit the same place twice if you find something too heavy to lift off with yourself."


"Whatever job you send me on, if it involves fighting or extracting information I can do."

"I've seen worse. I had to live in a literal mud camp once for two months before moving onto a dirty little village. Don't see how they could have paid for my services but not buy decent living for themselves."

"Hey you're the one thinking of me without my armor on, not my fault."

"What? Just a little playful banter."


Patches takes out a pen
"Ok so…
Bait, Newbie, Slapstick and Logan are all going after the Golden Dragons
And Taillifter is going to grab the World Warper
This right?
I'll check with Mittens and Sideswipe as soon as they get back."


Snicker ''Fine fine, I'll stop jeez…You really need to get laid some time ya know that? And I ain't just sayin it to mess with ya either''
''I was-You didn't…UUGH'' I give you a punch in the shoulder ''Goddamit you and Newbie are too similar for my tastes''
''Does Logan gets a nickname too or he has to prove himself yet?''


"I'll keep an eye out for anything like that."

"Let's just say I'm used to better."
Keep glaring.
"Insulting ladies is not a very good thing to do during an introduction. And yes, even the capra counts as one."

"I'm fine with it."

"I definitely do not, thank you very much."


"He gets a name when he proves he's earned one.
Pretty sure Newbie is up for a proper one as well by now, he did a fine job with scouting out the Dragons for us. Just gotta pick one for him."


poke your side
''Come ooon, You must know how to have fun too, big girl''
''Huh, I suppose that's true…''


"Sounds good to me."


"Having fun is not high on my list of priorities these days."


"Please don't compare me to Tight Pants. What do I have to start acting more tough and gruff?"

"I think she has an entire list to pick from already if she wants to, it's rare to even hear my own name sometimes."

"I wasn't trying to insult her, more like making a joke."


''Well time to rewrite that list don't you think?''
''Yeah you do that, I'll like ya more that way. We don't need two teasing guys like that on the team, that oughta be too much''


"I think it's good as it is."

"You know capra always take everything literally."


"Well if we're all clear on our goals, best of luck to you on the dragon hunt. I'm with Taillifter on the kidnapping job.

Before you go, write down what you'd like to call Newbie from now on and put it in the bowl. I'll come up with something suitable based on that."


''Pssh….Fine, but you start feeling all bitter and alone and your scales start falling off and don't say Duna didn't warn you''
''Hehe, got ya''
I'll write down 'Lord LeatherCheeks'


"I'll make sure to keep that in mind."


Write down 'Unbearable' with very, very fancy, probably pretty much easily recognizable handwriting and drop it in the bowl.


Logan waits for a chance to write down several names to put into the bowl, names like…

Tight Pants
Mr. Fancy Pants
Rainbow Flag
Sea Man
Pussy Boi
I-Don't-See-Anything Johnson



>Golden Dragons


>World Warper







That night, home after the fun and fights of the Pole and Ball

"Duna, can you give me a hand, I don't know if I'll actually manage to the cot."


"Ay, sure thing sugar." offer him a friendly smile
"ya know I'm still mighty impressed by that fight. Man I didn't knew you had that in ya!"


"Neither did I. Ow, ow."

"Thanks for the help. If you don't mind me prodding, did you ever think you'd end up in a place like this?"


"Honestly? Just a bit.. After I left home, I started from low places, doing errands and such, slowly finding my way around the place until I got a nice job on the castle… My dad was so proud of me too… Man I don't even want to tell him about what happened lately…" rub my arm with a sigh


"It's surprising they took in so many of us. I'm even missing the Head Butler! That old jerk would chase me with a broom when I made a mistake, you know."

"Be honest with me, we aren't going back, are we?"


I sigh and stare at the distance
"No… Honestly this is going to be our life now… Unless by a miracle we manage to find the real killers and by another miracle we manage to prove our innocence…" play with a bit of my hair with a finger
"Though I have to admit, I had a fair load of fun in these past days…"


I'll stare at the ground.

"I did too, even though I'm sure I chipped all my teeth. But it's not fair, we all worked so hard to get there, and then we're thrown out like leftovers in a matter of minutes."


"Ah.. Life ain't fair, Cherry… I don't want to sound like that kind of Capra, but it's the truth" pull you in closer with an arm around your neck
"But what can we do about it? We're just two little Goats"


"But we were all so happy. We didn't have to worry about waking up in jail, or having to run and fight just to make it day to day."

"It's gone, it's all really gone…"


My smile and optimism, gone. I sigh and lean a little against your shoulder
"Yeah… It's really gone…" I mutter
"I was happy too… You have no idea… A great job, family happy back at home, nice food and a warm bed… And then, poof…"


Let's just sit here for a bit and let the pain tingle away.

"It's not even out there why it happened, is it? It's just another political assasination, huh? Blame the Help and get some new ones. You think the new hires have even half of an idea of how to run things back there?"


I just keep sitting there, still half hugging you and just slightly rocking to the sides
"I honestly don't care about that, and even if I did, what would that change? Now we'll have to worry about other things, liking it or not…"


"You're stronger than you look, you know. I still have the little rag/scarf thingy they gave us to prove we were employed by them. I kept looking at it everyday, hoping that maybe I got sick and wandered here by accident."

"But it stops now. We can't look back. The Duke is gone and so was his 'kindness' to us. As much as I liked him for giving us a chance, it'll never happen again, will it?"

"Though, I say that and I still don't really know what I want to do moving forward."


"Strong on the inside or the outside?" I ask, that little smirk returning
"And Hey, I honestly don't know what I'll do either… All I wanted was to get a nice house by the hills, a loving husband, and healthy children to take care of… I don't know if you knew that of my Cherry… But I'm really just a Capra of simple tastes… And you know…I almost had all that… I was trying to get courage to ask out one of the guards on a date… He was a really handsome fellow, and was gentle and kind…" I let out a sad sigh
"But then that night came before I could try… But maybe it was for the best… I could have ruined his life if we started dating…"


"Please don't move."

I hold tight and start to cry.

"Please! Just stay here for a little bit, please don't go!"


"H-hey now…" I just don't know how to react At this
"Cherry…"I turn a little, and instead of not moving, I go in for a full hug, pulling you closer to me in a warm hug, a few tears managing to roll off my cheeks, no matter how much I try to hold them
The hug is warm and tight, but not unpleasantly so


"I just…"

"I just need to let it out. I'm never getting that back, but it just doesn't sink in! After everything, even getting tossed around like a discarded toy, I still want it back!"

"But I know! I know… Please… Just let me get it out…"


"Shhh… No more talking… If you wanna let it out… I'm here for you, Cherry…" I mutter before I put a hand on your head to tussle your hair in an caring way, humming a calming melody


"It's not fair…"


"It is not… But at least I can be glad… You know… We didn't lose everything, Cherry… You still have us… And still have you…" I pull you closer in the hug, resting my head on your shoulder


"This is the last night I'm like this. Last one and the name Bait has more importance. Just let me have this last night to cry about it."


"Take your time, Darlin… I'm here for you…"


Time to make our move.
Patches awaits at the hideout to discuss the next course of action.


So. Doing things.


"Those Golden Dragons, I'm not fond of having to dodge the Guards and some tatto-ed dropouts."


Logan's already there, taking a sip from a flask full of cheap booze.


"Well if we're leaving let's go already"
"mind going through me with our plan again?"


"No mind at all, going through you~"
Smirk at her, but then go back to serious stuff.
"We should just stary spying on them, for one."


I'm going to admire my touched-up gun first. It feels like a Masterwork.

"Drakin are easy. Taunt them, then hit them in the chest. You'd be surprised how much being winded hurts them."


"First things first.
Newbie, step on up."


"We'll need to get into the Palace District, right?"


"What's it, pretty cheeks?"
This assuming it's Peaches talking.
Nod as I move by.


"More of that?" I groan
Ya say that as if ya had fought a buncha drakin before"


"You did a good job back there, with the Golden Dragons.
For that, you've finally earned a real name."


"Well now. Had any ideas yet?"


"I followed a caravan around for a time. You know how Drakin are all about the air, flying, the wind? Punch it out their lungs and then grab their neck. Oh, and there was this one time Drakin raiders tried to get us. Our mage suffocate them with a smoky bushfire."


"Fairly obvious Tight Pants suits you perfectly." Logan throws in followed by a swig of his flask.


"I asked the crew for their input. Two things became prominent. Your antagonizing attitude, and your pants.
So I'm torn between Unbearable and Fancypants."


"Well, I'm glad you're coming with us fer that then! Your knowledge of drakin will definitely come in handy…
…you ARE coming with us, right?"
"Oh oh, Fancypants!"


"One more delicious than the other."
Lick my lips.


"How about Unbearable Fancypants?"


"Call him a cutie pie, see what happens."


"You've been through quite a lot. Have anything for Drudges?"


"If you think that of me you need only ask!"


"I've seen cuter."
"Fancypants takes it then.
Welcome to the Cavalry, Fancypants."

"Now on to business.
So far we know all too little about the Golden Dragons.
All we really know is they are here, they have money and they are based somewhere in the palace district.
What we need to find out is who is their leader, what is his mission here and how do we undermine it.
Futhermore, it would be good to know more about the gang, their customs and their values. If we can find out what they consider unacceptable, we can exploit that."


"Come on Patchy, have you really?"
Flex my fancy pants.
Then bow, theatrically.
"Fancypants for you, my friends."

"We need access to the palace section."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"So in a nutshell, we gotta do some more espionage, eh?"


"Let's see… well, the Drudge merchant with us couldn't sleep very well after the inn told him he wasn't allowed to line his bed with leaves. Now here's something else pretty peculiar, we were running from an ambush and luckily there were some ancient ruins near us. You know, the ones entirely made of metal with weird lights and other weird stuff, no brick or stone or wood or regular construction materials? The drudge raiders refused to follow us in. And our Drudge merchant, he wouldn't stop shaking in there for some reason. Said the place felt 'off', like it was unearthly. It still saved us, so I took some metal from there as a souvenir. I made it into my gun barrel."

Show him the unique metal of the gun barrel.


"Much better than rushing in to a fight."

"So, are Drudges still frightened of it?"


Unimpressed by the display, Patches kicks you in the fancy pants.
"I have.
Now focus before I rename you Little Miss Dickless."
"If you want.
Or you can raise some hell among them. They need messages to travel in and out of the city and I doubt they use the postmen.
They also probably are trying to get a hand into the local businesses. Smuggling is the biggest by far, but they might instead aim at the drug people."


"So we find who's doing deals with them, beat the shit out of the dealer and make sure to get info about other people they may be working with? Sounds like fun."


"I don't think so… it's just a piece of metal.

Something else weird though. The other humans and I, we felt… 'right' in those ruins. Like, a sense of belonging and piece. We only told each other later, of course, didn't want to get stranded there if it looked like we lost it.. but it's pretty hard to believe all us humans had the same delusion, if it even was one."


Wince. Even vampires aren't immune to pain.

"Getting access to those messages, that'd be useful.
Have we any ideas who their benfactors are yet?"


"First I'm ever hearing of that. You should show me the ruins some time."

"They'd still have to get their good in. Find either and we get both in the deal."


"Ah, you know I rather have a little brawl than to spend all day behind someone trying to not be seen,but maaaaaybe this could be fun, I just have to be a little less loud than what I usually am"
"Smugglers and druggers…" I ponder
"We really could use Deeja for this job…she could pretend to be one of the golden dragons and get some info out of these drug dealers…"


Even without Deeja, they had plenty of others doing their dirty work. Won't be too hard to play the parts."


"If I can remember where it was. Hopefully it hasn't been looted completely bare."

"That's… that's a bit much to ask of Deeja, isn't it?"


"You know she hates the tattoo idea.


"Yeah Yeah I know she would never agree with it. Just a thought, really…"


"That, or we cut a deal with the dealers to mess up things with the dragons.
Or poison their shipments and let the dragons take the blame.
There are many ways to do this."
"I know where a bunch of the local talent hangs out, so that's a start."
"Indeed. But for this, we'd need to know their customs better before infiltration will be of any real use.
Someone could go chat up one of their recruiters."
"From what I know, they hold some influence in the east.
…the same parts where the ambassador who was assassinated alongside the duke came from. It is possible they have some homeland help being sent their way, or that they can call for more aid in times of dire need.
Sadly we are far from the border so intercepting those will be hard. BUT if we could figure out how to say… fake their requests for aid? Make them seem desperate and incompetent?"


"How about taking half the shipments then poison the rest, take some supplies for ourselves"


"Well then I suggest Fancypants should speak to the recruiters. He's an awfully friendly fellow"
"That ain't a bad idea"


"I'd like to follow them. Knowing what they are bringing in gives us a lot to work with."

"Yeah, though it depends on what it is. I'm fond of alcohol but little else."


Wait. The night we were attacked back at the mansion, there was a Drakin party. Also, I should remember that the Armoury Master went missing.

"I am interested in seeing their communications. Might have valuable information."


"Well if it's something we don't want, we can sell it"

"Patch is the one that came up with the poison idea"


"Yeah, but taking a half and poisoning the other sounds like a better version of her idea"


The armory master was not at his post during the party, but then, not many were. Free wine.
You never paid it much mind at the time.
"Well I know where shipments are held and where some of the local stuff is made, but if we just charge in there and take their stuff, all we make is more enemies.
We may need to be… clever."
"All we need to do is find their courier then."


"So let's go after them. They've made a few enemies already too, so we can pretend to be them without drawing attention to us."


"We'll need two things if we want to frame them.
A disguise
And their calling card, if they have one."


"Maaaybe I should try something else where I can be more useful then. Don't wanna end up being a weight to the team"


"Guile. Truly, a divine gift. Any idea how we can find their courier?"


"The golden dragons have tattoos… we could ruin their reputation using fake tattoos and stealing shit from other gangs."


"So we can even do other jobs, just set them up as the perpetrators?"


"We might also want a dead gang member. Nothing quite like planting a dead guy to throw others off our trail."
"If luck is on our side, they might just use the most painfully obvious thing - a drakin built for long range flight.
If not… we can always kill one and let Crunchy poke at his brain for some info."
"Good thinking.
Fake tattoos and jewellery. Of which we some, and getting more is simple."


"killing a dude…" rub my neck
"I… Guess I can do that"


"Easy, just slice off his head and I'll bring it with me. Maybe cauterize his neck so we don't leave a blood trail back home."

"What? Have you not killed anybody before?"


Glance at you, then back at Patches
"Yeah I sure did, just uh… Can't wait to kill some drakin"


"Won't that quickly be disproved when the grand total of one drakin will be coming along to those alleged Golden Dragon jobs?"


"I would rather not resort to that last bit. Plus, I don't think we want to owe Crunchy much."

"You seem pretty happy about assassinating a courier."


"Most of it this is just trying to find out more about them. Spend the day finding their members and materials."


"Killing, maiming and torture is generally what I'm used to doing. None of this 'sneak around gather info' kind of work. Plus you gotta enjoy what you do."


"We'll just make sure we get the right one, is all."


"I suppose it's mainly because in my mind the courier's a kid just working for his or her superiors, who doesn't really care about his boss' agendas and just wants to feed himself. I suppose I have a romantic view of couriers. Of course, if he or she's what I imagine the golden dragon bosses to be, I don't mind choking him myself."


Sit down, looking strangely serious and relaxed for once.
"But, like, you know how it is, we are gonna be living here for long time. Don't want no pissin in anybody's cereals, not too much at least."


"Well, the last time we saw Golden Dragons only one of them was a drakin.
From what I know, these guys are pretty racist, but they let anyone do their shit jobs so long as the drakin up top have it easy."
"Sometimes he can be goaded into helping with promises of it being fun. The thing is as disturbed as it is creepy to look at.
But I agree, perhaps we should leave that as a last resort."

We need to
-go find their courier and take his stuff
-find out if they are moving in on the drug market
–if so, get some disguises and mess up their supply
-go chat up a recruiter to find out their ways

Did I forget something?"


"I will go pretty up their ranks, just you wait."


"Well obviously if the courier is just some defenseless kid we'll just scare the info out of him. I don't kill kids."

"Again we can find disguises first before doing these jobs."

"Sounds good to me."


"And then we offer him a better place with us. My my, it writes itself."

"Looks like everything's covered."


"I think you got it all covered"
"So, what will it be first then, boys?"


"Why take some noname kid in?"


"I'm thinking looking for their supplies will be easier for me. You gotta move a lot to pay for living in such a fancy place."

"Like 'e said, it makes for a good story, doesn't it?"


"I don't want to leave a kid who just wants to feed himself out in the cold on his own. Of course, the courier's probably just some other Drakin twit who needs a good choking."



Fancypants - go find someone to talk to about joining the Dragons. Find out anything and everything you can. What they do, what they want, what they aren't allowed to do, who leads them, etc.

Mittens - you seem to have a good idea of how to deal with the courier. Track him/them down, take their messages, by force or other means. Bring anyone you like as backup if you want

I will go after the drug people. Those who want to help with that, come with me."


"I'll admit, I like the positive vibe you're giving off with ideas like that. Even if they're probably the worst thing we can do since he could just run off and tell his boss where our base is."

"Duna and I could go with Mittens to track down this courier, not a bad idea to bring some muscle in case shit goes down."


"What? Me? I don't have any leads yet, I just shoot things…"


"Alright, who wants to bang their head against a brick wall with me?"


"Ya bleedin hearts."
Shake my head and leave.
Let's fly to the caaaaaastle~


"Then again Duna might help with the courier and I'll help you go after the drug dealers."


"I could use some help with the Dealers. Either them or their Junkies could get a little crazy."


"Sounds good to me!"
"Yeah, someone oughta make sure Patches is safe too. We wouldn't get shit done without her around"


"Well try the obvious first.
Look for a drakin with tattoos and a guild suited for long range flight. Light, big wings, glider-like.
These are drakin, not known for being subtle."
Do you want to actually walk right into the heavily guarded Palace District in broad daylight Y/N?
"You two, with me."
"Go with Mittens."


"Well ain't ya just starting to get a bit bossy" I smirk
"But oookay, I'm with the grandpa on this one then


No, I want to ask around on the spots where Golden Dragon lowest tier of soldiers usually hang.


"Alright. I guess we could just wander town until we get lucky. Any spots you think this guy will frequent?"

"Don't forget to bring your pacifier."


Logan gives Cherry a glance as he puts away his flask. "Well, looks like we're going on our second job together. If any junkie tries coming for your booty I'll make sure to cleave them in half for you."


Move my hammer a bit
"Yeah Yeah, sure that, Mittens"
"Please do. I would be a pity If anything happened to his cute little butt"


"Thanks. I'll make sure to get out of your way, just yell out and I disappear."


The Low District is the usual in and out point of all things normal folks would rather not see, but may enjoy the benefits of.
Some crude kind of person might symbolically call it the city's asshole, but we are, of course, above such things.
The Pole and Ball is, of course, popular with lowlifes, but mostly for the low prices and loose women. Golden Dragons can afford better drinks, however, reputable places don't sell whores or Waking Dust. So try the back alleys, you might catch some buyers.
Alternatively, the Oakheart back in the market district is where you last saw some, so that might work out too.
"Off duty, they probably need a lot to drink to keep hydrated. I'd imagine such a guy would also prefer an inconspicuous place to glide out from. Not too many here, and given how many guards are in the Palace District, nothing from there would be inconspicuous. Try the higher buildings in the market district, like the old watchtower.
"We're headed to the Low District warehouses."


"Hey as long as you protect your cute butt out there I'll protect his." He says with a joking tone.

"I'll just yell 'dodge'"

"You got it, boss." He begins to follow Patches to the Low District warehouses.


"Excellent. Duna can climb."

"Ready to move off now?"


"Ready to go out."


I should go look by the market first thing.


"Old tower, high places, yeah sounds pretty simple, I'm ready to roll"
"You can't protect your own behind Logan, you have to ask someone to protect it for ya"


"Then let's go."

Head off to the Watchtower.


"Could ask Fancypants to help you with that, guy seems pretty insistent on being close to your butt." He smirks a bit.


Seems like a quiet day overall. Not even many guards around. Sleepy moods hang heavily in the midday sun.
You could ask around, or try to look around a bit.
You head out to the Market District as well, to the older side. It's mainly used as storage space these days as it's not directly connected to the main market by any major roads. You need to climb a lot of stairs and go through some small alleys to get there unless you use the service gate, and you need permission for that. It was built by a house owner many years back when he realized his house was in a crappy loud place at the edge of the market. He had it demolished and built a gate in its place, creating a direct path to the old market district. Now he lives in the palace district thanks to the gate tolls he collects.
The Old Watchtower is at the back, near where the Old City Wall was. Now there is nothing left of it but some old marker posts as the stone was recycled to build houses. The Watchtower, being mostly wood, was left there because it was iconic and pretty.
The Low District warehouses. A place where countless goods are brought in and taken out every day. The better ones near the gate are fancy - well kept, chilled, guarded, rodent-proof, the works. The cheap ones near the wall… less so. But with cheap rent comes other opportunities.


Hop along
"Ah, he does that to any girl I'm sure… Or boys that are pretty enough too"


"Now… Question is, where to start."


What a romantic location. Now, if only I didn't have this thing following me…

Let's not draw attention to ourselves and take the long way around.

"Let me know if you see anything interesting. If you're tired, we have time to stop and rest, I think."


"They should be moving a lot to fund themselves, right? Ask some natives for which places recently got rented and moved in lots of goods."


I'll go with the latter option.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Hey, don't worry none about me Mittens. But if I do get tired, can you carry me on the way?~"
Make sure I keep my eyes open too, for anything interesting

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Sounds good." Logan then searches for potential newly moved in warehouses by looking around first.


Roll #1 9 = 9


"I can tie you to my foot and pull you along."

Look for Drakin that fit the profile.


Roll #1 7 = 7


"I know some of the dealers here. Small fry, but I haven't had any reason to climb those ladders yet. We can go say hi."
"Odds are this is not their main income, at least not yet. But I know the Black Skulls had a big hand in these things before they got wiped out, so that gives reason to believe the Dragons are coming here."
You take the long way there, keeping to the small alleys.
If you climbed some of the walls here, you could feasibly reach the tower from an unseen angle. The walls, however, are sheer and windowless.
Climb: Tier 6 physical task
You spot a couple of rough looking guys playing dice in an alcove near one of the back yard entrances. You can't see any tattoos, but when one wins, his grin is solid gold, as are his rings.


Slide by.
"Havin' a lucky day."


"Bah, you're no fun either"
"Hold on, lemme see if I can do this"
Do what Goat's do and climb

Roll #1 7 = 7


Let's just give it a shot. Try climbing one.

"You can wait for me on the other side."

Roll #1 5 = 5


"We could try to take it over before they do. Maybe find a way to hit the larger ones and supply the smaller ones to win them over?"


"So look for their old routes and see who uses 'em now?"

"We can do that at the end, after we make sure they aren't gonna mess with us."


"You bet mate! This guy nearly won my rings off me, but I just tied him back!"
This is much easier for the capra. Mittens will need to go around.
On the plus side, this is not a complete loss. From this new vantage point, it is clear that someone is camping out in that tower.
"Before we get ahead of ourselves, lets remember that we are less than a dozen people, not a gang.
We can't really hold assets reliably. Not on our own."
It seems that nothing has been moved recently. It is entirely possible that the power vacuum has yet to fill itself, and that the old suppliers are just sitting there, waiting for new contacts.


"Yes, looks like I'm going the long way. Be careful. Don't get into anything until I'm there."

Walk quickly around.


"Won those rings yourself?
Nah that can't be right, they seem some kind of…"
Lean in with a smirk.
"Gang symbols?"


"Got it"
I use this opportunity to approach the tower without being seen
'1d10' if I have to roll for it

Roll #1 9 = 9


"You think that guy there might be one of theres, waiting on the same movers? He's certainly blinged out enough to be with the Dragons."


"Hey, it was just an idea is all."

"What guy?"


"Sorry, I thought I saw someone."


He looks at his hands
"I took them off some fool I beat up a couple days back. Bastard tried to come at me about some bullshit like joining his crew. Fuck that, says me. I told him to go peddle that piss in the Low District if he wants to, but he can fuck right off from my sight."
Slapstick reaches the tower unseen, while Mittens' more obvious approach causes something to stir up at the top of the tower.
Slapstick can try to climb the tower to see how far up she can get before entering.
"I know this place. This is where they used to keep the larger shipments for export. Must be empty now, no guards. Usually they had a dozen mercs here if the shipment was still in.
Still, they only rent this one out to people in the trade as far as I know. We can look inside, or check out back if there is someone selling leftovers."


Don't give away anything, just continue walking in. I'm just here on a nice casual stroll.


"What did the guy look like?"


"Well let's go check it out then" He then follows Patches once more.


She did just that
'1d10' climb up the tower

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Sellers would be the best bet, right? Here, they'd know where they were getting their stuff from so we don't have to go through so many places."


"Odd fellow. Had an accent. Pretty big, but not good with his fists. I think I busted up his nose.
A shadow at the of the tower keeps an eye on you
Thanks to being an agile little goat, you have to choices.
Either enter the last window before the top and try to sneak in via the indoor route, or leap the ledge to the top of the tower, though that won't be very subtle.
"Sounds like a plan"
You round the warehouse and check out back.
A guy standing back there is idly flicking pebbles at the city wall.
His voice is a little coarse and he has to clear his throat often.
"Ye? Can I help you?"


"Got business with the fella. Just forget it."
Turn around and leave. To the Low District.


I gotta be as sneaky as I can! SO I'll go through the window, making sure to remain quiet and make as little noise as possible


"Yes, if you can spare a moment. Me and my friends are in the market for particular goods. Special goods. Questionable ones."


Logan remains quiet on this one, knowing Patches or Cherry might be able to ask better questions than he could.


Casually stroll around. Hopefully I'll make it easier for Duna to sneak in.


Near the gates separating the districts, you spot a fellow sporting a black eye and a bandaged nose.
Good teamwork proves effective.
Duna slips in via a window and slowly lifts the hatch leading to the top of the tower.
Lower on the stairs she can spot some tripwires and empty cans. Coming in from the bottom would have alerted the resident.
At the top, a lean drakin is keeping an eye on the events below, his hand reaching for a nearby crossbow, his attention entirely away from what is around him.
The dealer seems to recognize Patches
"So, finally decided to drop the too pure for you act and get on the power, patch?"
Patches scowls
"Don't call me that. And no."
"Then what's your business? I'll take whatever by now, business has been dead the last few days."


I'll just wait until I hear something.


"I guess we can drop subtlety then. We're just here looking into some of the 'new' neighbors that have been causing trouble. There's a chance they're funding themselves through illicit means."


Sloppily walk off to him.
"Oi. Told you' the bloke to come to for work."


"Any ideas why it's been dead?" Might seem like a dumb question but hey, at least he's not sitting there doing nothing.


Alright that's the moment where I absolutely cannot fuck up
Sneak from behind him and hop on his shoulders with my strong legs, wrapping them around his midsection, giving me enough leverage to place my hands on his head and snap his neck, doing it all quickly enough so that he doesn't even have time to react

Roll #1 3 = 3


"You paying for that info, hm?"
"'cause the Black Skulls are dead. They were good customers. The last few are hiding and I guess I should have expanded sooner. You don't smoke the shit you get paid to guard, so they came to me."
You leap on him, causing a bit of a struggle.
You could try to put enough weight on him to make him trip and fall off the tower, but that means you fall too. It might hurt.
At the top, a drakin rises up as Slapstick leaps on him from behind.
"Depends. What sorta work?"


"The fun kind."
Smirk a 32-teeth grin.


Alright. Rush up to help.


Keep holding him there! putting a hand on his mouth to shut him up and another hand on the back of his head to absolutely snap the shit out of it's dragon neck

Roll #1 3 = 3


"How much is it gonna cost to get that info?"


Logan takes a moment to look at Cherry. "Don't do drugs, kid."

"Well we got a score to settle with the guys who took out your business partners. Help us and we'll pretty much be able to hurt the guys who hurt your business."


Roll #1 1 = 1


"I don't do blokes, fuck off."
You stumble at the stairs as you run into tripwires and loose cans, making a ton of noise.
He can't manage to throw you off, but breaking necks is not nearly as easy as it is in books.
"End of the day, I don't care who I deal with. Loyalty is really damn pointless. Toss me some gold, we can chat."
Patches groans and tosses him a coin purse
"Great. See, that easy, no?
Anyway. Since the Skulls took a dirt nap, the latest shipment has not been moved in. I see no reason why it would not have been made, but I guess nobody has bought it. Yet. Odds are nobody has the gold for it, so… I dunno, really. Guess it'll be divided up for easier street vending or something. I wouldn't know. I don't like that hallucinogen stuff. Euphoric stupors are a terrible hobby. I deal in good old fashioned Waking Powder."


He knows I'm here. Just don't trip and hurry up.



"Fock off mate, you got one black eye, want another?
I'm here for gang work."


Goddamit drakin, goddamit Mittens making noise!
Ah fuck it, just keep holding him there without letting go

Roll #1 2 = 2


Logan turns to whisper to Patches. "Think we should get our hands on that shipment before the Golden Dragons can?"


"You wouldn't happen to know who gets first dibs on those? Or where we can find it?"

"Or we can let them and the Guards argue over it if we can't."


"Maybe, whatever hurts them or stops their plans the most."


As Mittens reaches the top, the drakin tosses Slapstick off his back.
He tries to think fast, between his messenger bag, the crossbow, and just leaping off and flying to safety
Beat him to the punch: '1d10'
Well, I'm sure someone in the Dragons is into blokes.
You sure you're up to snuff though?"
"Possible. If we can find it."
He bursts into laughter
"Mate you ain't got enough gold to get even one of those answered. It's people way above my head, and I like my head more than I like chatting with you."

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 8 = 8



Roll #1 9 = 9


Fast one…
'1d10' Fire a warning shot.


Roll #1 4 = 4


"You should really knock that off. I'm patient but not that patient."
'1d10' to push the point across with a glare.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Roll was to tr yand outspeed him but thanks Duna


"Permission to use force, Patches?"


The warning shot rings on deaf ears, but Slapstick manages to grab the crossbow before the drakin can.
You have him at crossbow-point. Good job.
"Strong will and a sense of pride. Good. Very good.
Virtues of dragons, those are."
"Usually not my style but.. he is being rather disagreeable."


"Well at least we have an idea of what to look for but not where."


"I'm not saying anything against it."


"Your group ain't inspiring too much trust, what with fags in there and black-eyed recruiters."


Put him at gunpoint, too.
"Nice bag. What's inside?"

Look over him for tattoos of some kind.


"Excellent." He then pulls out Legacy. "So you said your head is worth more than the information then huh? Well let's see if we can make a trade. You give us what we wanna know or I can chop your head off and hang it up as my new trophy. Though you can always take the chance and not say anything, either way I'm getting something out of this deal."


Roll #1 2 = 2


''If you even open those nice wings of yours, I'm giving you a nice bolt earring accross the nose, got it? Now stay there''
''Get the bag already Mittens, if he tries anything funny, he'll get it


"Insults are not a virtue. They are a disguise of cowardice and incompetence, the enemies of virtue."
The guy doesn't match the description perfectly, but he does have the tattoos. Indeed the scales of his left arm have been peeled off to make room for tattoos. It looks a bit gruesome if you look at what's under the intricate, artful pictures.
His build implies he is good for small bursts of fast flight. He probably delivers the messages to someone else outside city limits, who takes them to their destination.
"Nice axe. I'll trade you the info for it."
He puts on an insultingly crooked smile


''Now lay on the ground!'' I shout at him


"So what, your lot is all about virtue and… Being a by the books drakin?"


"Here, I'll give you a close up." Logan then raises it up, swinging down and aiming for his head or just next to him for a scare.



"Like it? Still pretty sharp…"

Roll #1 4 = 4


I'll just help myself to the bag. Then search the area, there might be more stuff hidden around.



"He's just gonna get more active, you know."


"Between you and me, as wingless?
It's just shit we do and say to keep the scalies up top happy. But they are really into it.
I mean there was this one guy, fucker was crazy I tell you. Crazy good. Saw him take out six guys alone once. Anyway, he messed up a job they gave him, and next time I see him he had an eye patch. Because of that, he gets caught later. I guess he broke out, but when he got back, they tore up his wings. Said he fucked up. He dishonored the dragons.
Fucking scalies man.
But damn do they pay well."
The drakin complies
The bag has a few sealed letters
"You make a vivid point.
Tell you what, if you guys have the scratch for the full shipment, I think the suppliers don't care who buys it.
Toss some more hm… proof, my way and I'll tell you where to look.


"Proof?" He rips his axe out of the ground, still holding it in his hands ready to swing again.


Roll #1 10 = 10


''Now stay there and…Uh…''
I get a little smile
''Take off your clothes!''


"Ever fucked up one of the non-scaled?"


"You're better off just answering the man, you know."


His smugness and enthusiasm, gone
"Alright, ok, yes, I get the point.
Undercity, old academical building. Somewhere near the market/palace district wall, I dunno where exactly but that's where they bring the stuff from.
He wipes his cold sweat away
"Fuck, Patch, when did you start making friends like these? What would your father say?"
Patches frowns
"You really should not have brought that up.
Do what you want with him lads I'm going to find our suppliers."
She walks off, the dealer looking flabbergasted

"They usually just kill 'em.
I guess it's some honor code thing. Ground-bound races are free game, other dragonbloods you gotta treat with respect. Make examples but give second chances."
He rolls his eyes and spits on the floor
He removes his gold chains, bracelets, embroidered tabard and silk pants.


"Why the fuck would anybody want to work for them, then?"


"Up to you Logan. This is your show now."

Follow behind Patches.


Logan just shakes his head. "Tsk tsk tsk… Should have just stuck to giving us the info in the first place." He then lifts the axe over his head before bringing it down on the guy.


Roll #1 2 = 2


''ALright now kick them to me. Mittens, what you found in the bag?''


He pulls a bag of gold from his belt and pours it on your head
"GOLDEN dragons ain't just a name.
Pay is great, the gang pays for your gear, you eat well, you sleep well, it's the high fucking life."
He dodges out of the way, taking off into the alleys with a slight hobble '1d10-1'
She seems agitated, but makes a beeline for the district wall, trying her best to think clearly.
"Hrm… where… where where where…"
With a shove of his muscular leg he kicks the pile of stuff to you, spilling a pouch of coins in the process.
The bag contained a number of sealed letters.

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1


The dealer trips and bashes his nose open on a rock, cracking some teeth.


"And if a man wanted to retire?"


He laughs a bit at him. "Aw fuck I love scaring the shit out of guys like you. Tell you what, sit still and don't move and I'll only chop off your arm. Try running again and I'll cut your whole damn head in half."

>Slam on arm


Roll #1 8 = 8


"Hey, relax, we've got a good lead."

Help Look. '1d10' Level 1 Bonus to finding hidden things

Roll #1 6 = 6


Do you wanna pause this part for us since BDN went to bed?


"Hell if I know. Nobody has ever asked to.
Why would you?"
The arm does a neat little flip as you chop it off.
The guy must be high enough to not scream. He just stares at you like you were death incarnate.
"Yes… yes we do. Ok. I'm good."
You notice one of the old buildings near the wall, despite falling to disrepair, has had its door replaced with a wider one.
Wide enough to load a wagon through.
Eh, that would block the others too. Keep going unless you really want to stop here.


"I move a lot.
When do we start?"


I really rather continue with him, honest


"Look, over there. Someone has been fixing a place up. Let's take a look."


"Next time I ask a question I expect an answer for free. Oh and good luck not bleeding out…" He then wipes off the blood on his axe using the mans clothes before walking off to catch up with Patches and Cherry.


"Well there's initiations. We hold 'em once a week or when we have enough people."
By the time Logan catches up, the plot is thickening.
As are the doors.
"This is a big door. Thick, solid wood, good steel reinforcements, three locks. This was not cheap.
I think we have our place."


"I'm guessing today isn't that day, uh?"


"Should I try teleporting inside? Maybe we can just skip everything if I can see inside."


"No, tomorrow.
But if we get a lot of recruits at once we do an extra one."
"Careful lad. They supply a lot of product. If they can afford this door, they can afford guards."


"I will be around then."
Guess I an go back to Patches.


"I just need to get to a door to let you in. Or maybe there's an open window we can all get in through. Let's take a quick look."


"Aw Patches you shoulda seen it. The guy tripped over himself and busted his teeth, then I chopped off his arm and it did a neat little flip before flopping on the ground. If he doesn't bleed out then I'm sure next time we can get free information off of him." He says, before looking at the door. "Want me to bust the locks or are we going for a more sneaky approach?"


Heading out, you notice them going from the Low District towards the Palace District Wall and catch up.
"Find anything?"
"Well, if you want to risk it."


"This is still a public place in the middle of the day. Breaking through all this would take a while and draw a lot of attention. We shouldn't go that far."


"I don't mind looking around. I wouldn't even know which one to open, or which can be opened."


Wait, rewind.
Do I catch up to the investigator or to patches and the others?


"Yeah you're right, sorry. Got my blood really flowin' after what happened back there."

"Place looks like shit, maybe we can find a spot they overlooked and make a new entrance for ourselves quietly."


"How fast can you pop in and out?"
Patches and the others, as they inspect a potential drug lab location.


"A few seconds between them."


"I found their members are paid a shitload, so much nobody ever tried leaving in the first place.
Tomorrow they will have an initiation, but I'm just a human, only scalies get to know the secrets."


"Strange, ever figured out who's raking in all that cash to pay their members? Maybe how they're getting in that kind of income. We might be able to cut off their sources."


"Good work on the initiation. Anything you could dig up on their habits? Customs? Secret handshakes? Slang?"
"Pop in and check it out then. If you get spotted, run back here, pop out and we all leg it like hell. We'll be long gone before they get those doors open."


"Their oriental brothers, most likely."


"They don't use insult. And the scalies up top care way too much about honor.
Probably afraid they'll be disowned by their oriental parents."


"I'll see if I can find a door for you."

Teleport inside.



"That'll have to be on our to do list then. Dishonor them and stop their cash flow."


"Indeed. Sounds like a plan.
Now we just need to figure out how to draw out their boss. Any leads on higher ups?"
That weird feeling of your stomach staying behind when you fall through the gaps of reality never gets any more comfortable.
The other side is what you might expect. A big empty stone room. Dirt on the inside confirms that wagons do come in here. There is a trap door on the floor, leading down. It is not locked.


"Well, initiation tomorrow…"


I'll need the others inside, any other doors or windows I can open?

If not, try to open it slowly.


"Looks like you'll be having your hands full tomorrow."


The locks run through the whole thing. You'd need the key regardless.
With any luck, it might be nearby.
Try your luck with the floor hatch?
"Guess we got some options.
We could infiltrate the initiations
Or we could butcher them all and call out their boss
Oooor we could advertise the event to the remaining Black Skulls and try to get them to kill eachother."


"I like options two and three, you know I would like to combine those two."


Teleporting in blind around a place full of hallucinogen? Search for the key.

Search '1d10' Level 1 Bonus to finding hidden things

Roll #1 8 = 8


"The black skulls are too few and too wanky to get anything done.
I say we go to the event and assassinate their boss there."


You carefully lift the hatch and peek in. It's a straight shaft with a ladder embedded to one side. Looking up, you see there is a pulley platform on the ceiling that goes down the shaft when needed.
The key is in a small compartment near the platform pulleys.
You can now let the others in.
"I doubt the boss will show for a mere initiation of non-drakins, but we might catch a sub-boss or something."


Open the door so we can all have some fun.

"Did I keep you all waiting?"

Get the pulley platform set up.


"Still, could kidnap their boss and get info out of them."

"About damn time. Good job, Cherry." He walks past him, patting him on top of his head. He then looks around to see if there's anything worthwhile inside.


"I'm not a puppy. Not that I don't appreciate the gesture."

"Don't make too much of a mess looking around. Let's try to keep it as close to as they had it."


The door is well oiled, it makes no noise as it opens.
The room is fairly big. Plain stone. There is a hatch on the floor and a pulley and platform that fit down the shaft below it. Doubtlessly for moving the product.
Dirt on the floor implies wagons indeed do come here to help move the stuff.


"If only there was a drakin in our midst!"
"What were you even doing?"


"You sure? I was going to give you a doggy treat for a job well done when we got back to base."

"Think we might find anything useful in here?"


"They either have storages or labs down there. We go in, we have a chance to poison the product or chat up the suppliers."


"Getting ready to check out the lower area. Look, up there. If you were a junkie, you'd just open the shaft and fall down. Help me get it ready for us."

"As long as it's a bacon one…"


He starts to walk over to the hatch, opening it to peer down into it.

"Might be able to give you more if you do some tricks for Duna. Like sit, shake and roll over."


Shaft goes straight down. There's a ladder carved into the side for emergency access/exit.


"There's a ladder heading right down, you guys coming with me?"


"Heh, I'll have you know I was already properly trained."

Let's go!


Yep yep.


Logan heads down the shaft with the rest of the team.


The room below is quite large. It must once have been part of an academic building, possibly the Old College.
You can try to listen for sounds if you want to seek out the drug makers, or you can just search around for their storages.


"So they sell drugs here? Interesting…"
Snoop around.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Why not both!

Logan attempts to listen in for the drug makers as he searches around for their storages.



Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 3 = 3


Listen for baddies. No sneak attacks, please.

'1d10' level 1 ability to find hidden thing applies?

Roll #1 3 = 3


It seems the drug makers aren't here, at least today.
What your search does find, however, is several sacks of finished product disguised as flour, fertilizer and pillows.
Along with it, you locate a lab where the stuff is made, and several notes on HOW it is made.


"…Blokes, are ya thinking what I'm thinking?"


"Steal the notes, wreck their shit and steal a bag for ourselves?"


"Just don't take it to our hideout and it's golden."


"What a limited thinking.
Let's steal their lab parts too!"


"Or we can mess with their notes, poison the existing supply, and watch as the dragons have a lot of dead buyers on their hands.
…though that will leave us with less profit."


"You think I'm going to haul all of that back up the latter?"

"Hey I think seeing the looks on their faces is worth more, so let's do that. Though we should try copying their notes before altering it and at least take a sample with us."


"I'm not too hot about killing lots of crackheads who didn'du nothing but…
Let's at least copy the notes first."


"Here, I'll add some of the weirder words I heard at the Castle. Either they end up raising the price or they get bread, either way, the Dragons lose."


"Guess that's settled then.
Copy the notes, then mess theirs up. I'll go taint the product."


Logan begins to search for extra papers and writing supplies for copying the notes.

>Try copying notes


Roll #1 9 = 9


"Let's ruin the rest and make them pay for new equipment before they come back."


"Waaait a moment."
Rush ahead of her, and sack some of the product.
"Worth at least a spin first."
Then help her poison it.


"You better not try it while you're on the clock."


"Do we really want to leave evidence of tampering?"
You haul one of the bags to the lift platform. It should last a long while for personal use.
Easy. Some of the words are hard to spell, but you manage with no real mistakes beyond somewhat ugly handwriting.


"Add some spice to your life, little goatman!"
"They'd surely check their batch if they see someone broke in.
And it's not like they are hurting for cash yet."


"Your decisions then. Let's get out before anyone shows up."


"Done, got our copy. What should I alter to the recipe now?"


"Mess with the amounts and add in extra ingredients if you can get the handwriting down."
With the batch poisoned, the notes tweaked to produce terrible things and a big bag of Dancing Dragon Dream Dust in tow, you head back up and out, locking the place behind you.
Bait drops the key back where you found it, and none will be the wiser.
Time to regroup back at the hideout to hatch a plan on how to take the fight to the initiations tomorrow.



I'm good with stopping, more of this and I'd probably just go around taverns using my newfound tighter pants to seduce all the girls.


I gonna step out for the day. Thanks for the session.


The consequences of lewd actions fall solely on the player who commits them.


I'm okay with breaking here, though I'll go for one last post.

Logan using his writing skills from before does what Patches said by increasing amounts and adding a few more ingredients


Let us forever remember thread number 7.


May it live in infamy.



The Golden Dragons, a powerful gang of the east has come to bury a claw in the duchy.

As rich as their name implies, the gang is lead by very traditional drakins. Legends even say the original leader of the gang was a real dragon.
They value honor and despise excuses, expect nothing short of perfection from their drakin members and punish failures as harshly as they reward the successful.

Now they are here, and they are setting up fast.
The Black Skulls Gang has already fallen to their blades, leaving a chunk of the local drug market in a power vacuum. An opening the Cavalry exploited to set up the Dragons with a whole lot of poisoned, useless product.

Now, as the sun sets, you have all night before a big move against the Dragons tomorrow - you are to infiltrate, or raid, their weekly initiation ceremony.


I suppose I might be needed for this more, than for the world warper kidnap. That can be done after.


Patches nods
"Good thinking.
Though this leaves the question of whether they have different initiations for drakin members.
Or if we can sneak you in as a fake higher ranking member."


"Have we spied on them enough yet to know what differentiates those? Also, I am going to need some of the fancier clothes for that too."


"Indeed, that's where we're lacking.
We may be in for a busy night."


"So, we just spy on them and pass off as one of them tomorow."


"The tattoo, for one."


Raise a brow.
"How do they even tattoo scales?"


"They don't tattoo scales."


Give you a confused look.


I see, we have a plan already?


Slowly move one hand over my opposite arm, doing a peeling motion.
"Drakins don't need all the scales, after all."


"Alright, now I'll tell you what you gonna do now. You're gonna fly away and leave your things here, Oh and if your bosses ask who left you naked like that, tell them it was a single Capra… And thank you for the cards, I was needing some good reading material" I keep taunting him, smirking as I eye his junk
"And I gotta say… I saw my father smoking cigars thicker that that thing you call a dick"


Pull my head away in disgust and tuck my tail in under myself.
"This better be a sick joke!"


"And then draw out their leader, make a fool of him and send him back to the east to get torn to bits for being a failure.
Simple, right?"
"Then may your father wither and die, goat.
I am of no need to the clan as a failure. I would rather die killing you."
"Unfortunately it isn't.
Unless they mark high rank individuals differently."


"Oh not at all. And it gets them in so much trouble, too!"
"I will go have dinner. Today got me thirsty."


I'm a little lost, where are we right now?


I frown at this plan.
"And.. What would make him embarrassed that wouldn't make us dead?"


"….ew. That is absolutely disgusting."

"Complicated like an Aeon clock, really."
Don't hold back on the sarcasm.


"What, don't you regrow scales?"


"It's what your friends back east do."


Back home in the hideout, after you left the drug lab.
"Well, I thought we could try to prove him an incompetent leader. Sabotage his expansion attempts without being discovered.
Or just beat him in a fight if he shows up in person."
"Don't make a mess."
"I suppose we could just offer you up as a concubine and you stab him to death if that sounds better."


"Not again, no."

Off I go, to the tavern.


"I am not going to peel off any of my scales, no matter what!"

"Don't project your fantasies on me, if you could, please."


"Well that's a good name for ya. Failure." I hold the crossbow tightly in my hands
"So you rather die here and not inform your clan about what happened? Well that works fine for me either way"
Keep aiming at his bare chest
"So what's it gonna be Failure? Swallow up ya pride and be useful one last time? Or Fuck things up even more by dying with your shame?"
"You have 10 seconds to decide…"
'1d10' Sharpen

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Uh, Then how are you gonna pretend to be one?"
"I don't really get how that's shameful, but sabotaging sounds easy enough. " I say with a sigh leaning on my hammer.


"I'll come up with something."


Pole and Ball, Oakheart or somewhere new?
"I don't see you suggesting ideas"
The stands up to his full height, opening his wings
"Drakin shameful. These things are old school."


Logan walks into the base, holding a crate with at least two dozen bottles of honey mead. "Alright, who wants a drink?"


Something new and far from the base.


Far side of the market district offers some of the more upscale dining options.
Or you could even go outside the walls.
"Lay it down whereever"


"Sure, okay. Are you gonna give me a fake tat or something so I can go inside?"


"Pretend I want to join, and ruin their ceremony from the inside? Spread rumors and discredit them to the others before the ceremony?"


No, I want something low brow. Something where a missing soul or two won't be noticed until it's too late. Outside the walls it is.


He sets it down on on a nearby table, taking a bottle and uncorking it to drink it's contents. Drinking it slowly to savor the flavor. "Ah… Nothin' like a good honey mead."


I raise my head
"Alright then, Cloudbreaker. If you want to stick to your pride, I can respect that." I lower the crossbow
"Then here is what I say… I don't want to take your life, I'm not… Too eager to have blood in my hands… So I'll make you an offer. We duel, right here, right now. No Weapons, no tricks, just you and me. And if I win, you'll leave, naked and you will face your shame and report back to your boss, and you'll live with whatever consequences that has. But if you beat me, you can take your things, the letters, everything, and do what you want with me. Is this good enough for a honorable fight for a guy as proud and high as you?"


"I suppose we could send you to the initiations tomorrow.
I don't know anyone who can do fake tattoos.
"I suppose they would reveal things to a fellow drakin they never would to a human… hm… maybe you should go chat up one of their members."
A caravan has set up shop outside the walls. Foreigners.
There is also the usual rest stop place for those who don't want to suffer the conditions of the Low District.
"I prefer gin. Anyway, what's your take on the plan?"


"…right now?"


I don't think a caravan will have food to share now, and they might be a close-knit group.
Try the usual rest stop.


"Go in, draw out the guy who looks closest to their boss, kidnap them and kill anybody in our way. Or I guess we could also have disguises as Black Skull survivors or somethin' I don't know."


"…Wait you don't want me to go? Who's going then?"


"Initiations are tomorrow. We have tonight to prepare. So, yes."
The place never sleeps, but is also never fully awake. You can tell who uses Waking Powder from the fact that they aren't sleeping on their plates.
"The problem with a direct approach like that is that they probably have legitimate claims to their house in the palace district, which means lots of guards, both private and city funded."
"That's yet to be discussed.
Fancypants was invited, so he will need to go at least."


Pick a good looking one from the bunch of those still up.


"Hmm… Well we did have an idea to dress up as the golden dragons. If we do that during their initiation we could pretend to be them and cause some trouble in the less heavily guarded areas. That way when shit starts going down the dragons are to blame."


"So.. what do I need to do before then?"


"I guess I should get in that fancy dress and go find one of them. I also suppose I'll have to do this alone."


"There is nothing I'd do with you, goat.
Except maybe take your head to He Who Rides The Winds, son of Firestorm."
He takes up a fighting pose, swaying a bit as he tries to read your moves.
Caravan folk aren't known for their pretty looks. Hardy people, who ride the long roads. Though there are a couple of decent looking ones working on their sales slogans.
"We'll need disguises if we want to blend in as Golden Dragons, and I suppose the fake tattoos are a must too if we want any chance of lasting long undercover.
We also need to find out the names and locations of their important members."
"Well, yes.
Unless you want to drag one of us there as your 'servant' or something for credibility."


"Does that make it more credible? Who would even volunteer for something that degrading?"


"Hmm, right. So who does fake tats around here?"


Urgh, I will remember to steer clear.
Flip a coin for boy or girl.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Approach the cutest boy standing around alone, and still not entirely gone to the waking powder.


Logan raises his hand to that.

"Could try stealing some disguises from their members, have somebody with better hand work to paint our bodies."


"So be it. But I'm not doing this to spite you, I'm doing this because I have respect."
I take a fighting stance as well, dropping the crossbow and kicking it to the side
And with that, I rush to him, jumping to slam at his chest
'1d10' slam

Roll #1 9 = 9




You find a pretty cute one standing around near the outhouse, looking annoyed.
"Again, oldschool drakin. Human servants in a human city probably prove a lot to them."
"I guess we could ask some of the painters.
…we do have a big bag of stolen Dancing Dragon Dream Dust. That stuff is popular with artsy types."
Your jump takes him by surprise, and your weight and momentum hit him harder than he ever expected. His naked body has no protection from the impact or the fall, leaving him exposed and winded on the floor
"Aaagh… hufff… ok, ok! I give up! Agh I think you dislocated my wing!"


"Hey a hole's a hole. If I'm paid to do it then why not enjoy it too?"


"Not that kind of servant, you imbecile!"

"I see. I can take Logan with myself then. Unless you want to pretend to be my little maid."


Walk slowly to the outhouse, sliding behind him.
"Waiting on sumethin', out here all by yourself?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"A painter? Know one in particular or should we just ask around."


"What? Oh Geez… Uh.. Sorry about that…" I take a bit of distance from him to be safe in case this is a ruse
"Well. We had a deal Cloudbreaker…" I remind him


"Oh! So it should be easier then." He takes another swig from his drink. "Would be able to sneak me in better if I play off as your servant. That way if you get into a fight I'll be there."


"Just pretend to be a butler, not a fighter."


"Up to you really. Do you want a pretty face or a wall of muscle?"
"Yeh I was waiting for my brother. I think he passed out in there."
"Upper District has a few good ones, but frankly the Market District ones might be easier to work with.
Actually… go look up Salvador Gaudy. Or if you can't find him, look under his real name. Paul Eenus. Washed up artist, cousin to a famous one. Good technical skills but no vision or taste."
His prideful exterior is pretty much gone.
"I can't! They'll just rip me apart like they did that other guy!"


He grabs a bottle before bowing to you. "Why of course Ma'am. I can be quite the brute sometimes but I know when to be civil and polite. I just get a little carried away that's all." He says all this in a bit of a posh accent. He holds up the uncorked bottle. "Would you care for a bottle of Honey Mead? Fresh from the market and not the cheap alcohol those… SWINES drink." He then smirks a bit.


"Sounds like he dumped you. Might have to find another way to spend your night, pal."


"Why not both? Pretend I am a rich lady, looking for an investment."

"Sorry, I have worked with real buttlers before, but that is about as good as it is going to get."


"Paul Eenus huh? What's he look like?"


"That other guy? Why they ripped him Appart for? Couldn't be worse than getting beaten in a fight by a Capra…" I crouch down to stare at him on eye level


"I've been around stuck up snobs before, though it's hard to pretend to be one without it sounding a bit jokey."


"Just do your best. We can't mess this up."


"Hey I can do it. Just know if you gotta slap me around you owe me a drink after we're done."


"If you want. I guess two is still believable."
"Eh. He's a bore anyway. Forced me to come with him on his genius plan.
I was planning to leave him anyway the moment we got inside the walls"
"Hard to mistake him. He has a multicolored monocle and a sharp beard shaped with wax"
"Oh no it was no single thing. He messed up a lot. I mean, I hear he was a real badass overall but not to good at keeping tabs on things around him. So they made him flightless."


"Got big plans of your own?"
Let's get walking.
"You comin'?"


"That… That… That sounds really bad… Jeez… Where did he messed up so much to end up like that?"


I nod. "Okay. How many of us should I ask about getting done?"


"I hope it won't have to come to that."

"You might be able to catch something we miss, too."


"If they're as posh and stuck up as I think, not to mention racist, they'll probably ask you to slap me or probably do it themselves."


"Nah, no plans, but it's a big city, full of dreams."
He follows along so he can keep up his ranting.
"I dunno the details. I just know he messed up.
So now they keep him on display for the others over at the boss' house."
"Just tell him there may be more than he expects."
"if need be, you can also let me do the talking. That might show them you mean business, forcing them to talk to the servants rather than directly to you."


"Tell you a secret. I got myself a spot. A place. And loooooots of dust."


''Ouch…I didn't knew your boss lived around here… Honestly I'm surprised he decided to move in after the mass murder at the castle thing''


"Alright, I'll go find him then."
I'll start at the market district.


"I know. It might happen. It will be nothing personal."

"Good idea. Are we ready to move out then?"


"Well, looks like I'll need a suit. Anybody know a good tailor around this city?"


2pure4that. Would you really corrupt such a sweet lamb?
"I dunno I don't do politics. I was asked to visit after my initiation and they made me a messengeraaargh can you pop my wing back in place?"
He turns his back to you to show the limp wing
The sun has set and nightlife is starting. Your best odds are probably the fancier bars, or you could try his home.
"I am if you two are."
"Check the costume room backstage."


"I'm gonna show you, don't you worry."
I'd corrupt, taint, and slaughter it, my friend.
"It's the stuff dreams are made of!"


"Go grab one from the costumes."

I'll go to somewhere private to change to the fancy clothes first.


Bars sound like a fun place to check. I'll go to one of those.


''Yeah sure…I'm trusting you won't turn back on me and fight right?'' I put both hands on his wing


"Well hopefully they have one in my size." He then heads to the backstage room, looking for a potential butler outfit that will fit for a man of his build.


"And they say the big city folks have no art in their soul. Lead on."
You slip into something more appropriate and join up with Patches again.
…this is probably the first time you've seen her in anything but her usual outfit. She looks stern and official, with her hair in a bun and arms folded behind her back.
"M'dame, shall we?"
He winces notably the moment you touch him. His whimper is more than proof enough that he won't be able to fight back so long as you hold on to that.
You look around a bit and find what looks like an artsy bar. Small, tucked out of the way, and lots of people in weird outfits.


A rainbow monocle is still gonna stand out right?
Just take a look around the place '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Grand. We shall."
Let's take this mini-circus into the night.


''Well, where is the house of yer boss? also who is he?''


"So you are all about art, uh?"
Lead him to the hideout, waving away to the others as we enter.


"I feel fuckin' stupid right now." It really does look ridiculous, since he was built for war. Not serving crumpets and tea.


This bar prooobably had a good reason to be tucked out of sight. Things are more than a little freaky in here, from the weird costumes to the people fucking on sofas, burning drinks, smell of narcotic incense and oddly psychedelic music.
Finding him here will be like finding a hey in a needlestack.
He stops before you get him all the way there
"Dude, man, why are we going to some crap butcher shop's basement? What is this some stupid attempt to murder me?"
And off you go.
You remember Fancypants said the gang members are easy to identify from their gold chains, rings and tattoos.
Though finding a drakin member may not be easy.


"I might occasionally fly up to get a better view, but don't disappear. I'm just scouting."
Stick to walking around for now.


"Hey now! I can't tell you that! They'll rip my dick off!"


Look back at him, amused smile on my face.
"There are so many places in this city no man has ever seen. If you were to die to see them, wouldn't it be worth it?
But no, the place I'm taking you to is a work of art. Now you can choose to either follow, or go back waiting for your brother at his outhouse."


"I don't think I'll be going anywhere anyways. I'm just lucky that none of my war buddies were here to see this, they'd never let this down. 'Ol' Skullbasher was wearing his hoity toity suit in posh town again. Ah, there he is… That motherfucker. What a tool."


"I dunno man I've read horror books before. Next thing I know you're gonna like… eat me!"
"Well that'd at least get their attention.
…and possibly other attention too."


I groan and get comfy somewhere I can see most of the place and scan for him '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


''I'm sure they won't, how would they know it was ya?''


"Whoa now, coming onto me already?"
Move closer to him, the whole might of my body disaplyed in a motion of power, glaring right into his eyes as I smile in playful banter.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Other attention? Such as?"

"Oh shut up, it's just a suit. I've been made to wear worse."



"Heh, I know. Just lightening up the mood is all."


You elbow your way past a punch of weirdos and sit down.
…right next to him.
"Oh… uh… hello?"
"Well truue… but… I ain't risking it!"
"It just catches a lot of eyes to see a drakin flying.
…in a dress."
"W-what do you mean, man?"


''Oh come on, you lost to me in a duel, you just gotta keep yer mouth shut and say that you were beaten up by a pervert hork or something. look around, we're all alone here, no one is gonna find it if you tell me''


Let out a laugh and turn around.
"The way you said that, you sounded like a fag.
Eating you out. Got it?"
Shake my head and take a few more steps.
"What are you gonna do now? Afraid of the dark?"


"I think we should focus."

Stiffen up for a bit.
"Why are you all such… ugh! Do you know how hard it is to find pants that fit drakins properly? And then I can't fly around in comfortable clothing because of all the creeps!"


"Have you considered wearing shorts with undergarments?"


"At least gimme my clothes back…"
You could get disguises made based on it though.
"…you're gonna do something bad to me aren't you?"
"Not my fault.
Perhaps we can just look around. We might get lucky."


"I just told you. It's almost impossible to find."

Use my tail and a hand to keep my dress from flapping around, then fly up to get a good luck.


''No can do bud, these are my reward for winning in the duel, sorry. that and the money too. I can get you new ones if you wait here though''


"Man, you are doing it all on your own."
Shrug, twisting around myself.
"If you become boring, I guess…"

Roll #1 7 = 7


I smile at him with a smug smile.
"Hey. You seem like a guy who knows his way around a paint brush. You busy?"


"Well you could find somebody to make you some custom made gear. Some leather to protect your arms and legs, light leather vest and even some light leather pants tailored to you. Probably mix it up with some underclothes to wear in case you need to strip off the armor for lighter travel. You might be able to get some gauntlets with steel stubs on the knuckles for that harder impact when you punch somebody square in the jaw. If that's how you fight that is." He even starts to look her up and down, imagining how that might work out all together. "Though if nobody does work like that here you might need your armor imported from somewhere else, would cost you way too much though…"


You see some people staring, but do spot a drakin, out walking on the Palace District wall.
"I don't like the sound of this deal…
But fine.
Just pop the damn wing back in first."
He eeps
"Ok… fine man… I'll.. I'll come with you to your weirdo drug murder basement."
"I'm trying to get this drink to work.
You into brush stuff?"


Are there people around?


Wearing the gold chains and whatnot that make them recognizable?
Make sure my dress sticks to my legs.


''You got it''
Pop him back up, trying to be as painless as possible
''Say…How loyal you think you are to those golden dragons anyways?''


"Hmmhm, and a few friends of mine too." I giggle at him. "Do you have any plans tomorrow?"


Well, not out here.
Masque is in the hideout as he usually is.
You can spot enough gold on him to make it fairly clear.
He might be a gang sentry, or just a member out for a stroll.
"To the graAAAAAGRH AAAH Ah… haaaah…
Look they did a lot of good for me. I don't plan to stab them in the tail for it!"
Well, no, not really. I don't even have any tonight.
Got any fire on you?"


"Eh. You… Bore me."
Cheap Shot. I'm gonna go ahead and do the murder part without the sex and debauchery part. A man needs to eat.


''Good huh? Like what? and after all that good they did to you, they'll take away your flight and the right to have children because you were bested in a honored battle. Do you honestly think it's really worth it?''


Land next to the others.
"I've found someone, probably one of them. Let's get moving before we lose him."


"Right" Logan then follows Deeja, like any good butler should.


"Sorry, I don't smoke. Bad for the lungs." I shrug.
"More to the point, my friends and I need some help with brushes and paint. We heard you've got more than enough talent for something as trival as a few scribbles on someone's arm. How about we come to your place? There'd be some money in it for ya' of course. " I tap his half empty glass. "Enough to make the drink work again."


You bash his head into a wall and dig in.
The blood is sweet. Warm.
It lacks bite. Low on iron. But it has that tang of adrenaline.
"…the gold is nice…
And we do fight for a true dragon!"
You head for the wall.
In times past, these walls separated classes of society in the name of safety and purity. These days they mostly serve as extra sidewalks with a nice view.
You slow down to a more dignified pace and head to intercept him head on.
"You want me to break the ice?"
"…how many are we talking?"


Suck him dry. In only one way, this time, I'm afraid.
I wonder what kind of artist he was. Wonder if he was a painter. I'd have loved a painter. In the quiet silence of a dark room, I could have loved a painter.
Strange thoughts to have, while eating my proper meal in days.
Time to go home.


I grin like only an excited girl can do.
"More than you'd expect. Do you agree?"


''You ever seen that dragon yerself?…And hey…There's lots of gold on my side too ya know…'' Gently massage his shoulders and wings


"We'll walk up, Logan will look very attentive to my needs, maybe kicking some sort of junk out of my way so I don't have to step on it, then when we come across him, I'll motion you to talk in my stead, as you menioned, Patches."


"Well I gotta put on the obedient butler look so… Speak only when spoken to."

"Yeah wouldn't want those precious feet of yours to touch a can, gods forbid." He had to at least put in one last joke. Though it is a good idea. He kicks any trash that would be in Deeja's pathway and generally tries to look like a well-mannered posh butler.


You gonna just leave the body there?
"So… uh.. what time?"
"Well, no.
Only the big bosses in the east get to see the dragon. Our boss was just the grandson of one or something.
But he and some of the others had really cool golden scales. Some more than others."
"Oh goodie.
Trust me. I got a plan.
…what's your real name anyway? Aren't drakin usually named something more grandiose and descriptive like IRONBREAKER, SON OF DOOMTERROR or what?"


We are in the undercity, no?
Maybe dump him in the river.


"If you crack one of those during the operation I am going to slap you, and I won't even regret it."

She doesn't need to know my family wasn't that grandiose, that's why I even had to be a maid in the first place.
"My real name does not concern you. If we want to impress, call me Skypride, daughter of Skyshatter."


"Dunno, do you think you'll even be up by noon?"


''So you rather have money and work blindy for others then? you just want pretty gold scales to show off?''


You were in the alleys near the hideout exit. The Undercity is not a place so much as a collective name for a bunch of unconnected submerged buildings.
"To me you're taillifter and that's all I care. This is just about fitting their view of drakins."
You reach the drakin, Logan clearing the way. He looks a bit surprised at your arrival, and even more so when Patches walks up and punches him in the gut.
You are in the presence of Skypride, Daughter of Skyshatter! Your eyes are not worthy of eyeing her up as she flies!"
"For you I'll do it at dawn!"
"Well I mean.. to work for a dragon, that's… that's a holy cause. Even if I am just a messenger."


"Getting it out of my system now, don't worry."

Logan looks as posh and butlery as he can.


Snort in a fancily upset manner, turning my head sideways, acting like I was making sure my claws are all pristine as my servant deals with this nuisance.


Pat his back. "Great. I'll see you at your place tomorrow morning then."


Well yes, that's still a place!
Okay, dump the dude somewhere. Where?


''Well… I understand…I was just trying to convince you I guess'' I get up
''Are you feeling better?''


The drakin stands back up
"Never heard of y-"
Patches then slaps him with a harsh backhand
He rubs his cheek and shakes his head
"I have never heard of her ladyship Skypride. I apologise if I glanced up while she was in flight, but how I could I have known?"
"You, uh… want anything while we're here?"
If you hide it in the alley it will stink a while and then rats will eat it.
If you leave it in the city, someone will find it eventually.
If you leave it in the hideout it will never be found but Patches will know.
You can also give it to Crunchy, but you'll need to carry him to the old graveyard.
"Body hurts less, pride even more."


I'm okay with dropping it by the alley. The stench will pass.


Logan may not be able to speak, but his inner thoughts won't shut up. [I wonder how easily it would be to break his nose. Barely even reacts to being punched and slapped around too… Would take ooone swift punch and BAM! Blood fountain and a drakin writhing in pain.]


Snap my claws and motion for Logan to produce to me a napkin or cloth of some sort. My claws need a bit of polish.
Glance at Patchwork briefly.
"Servant, you were wrong. You said this… city, if you can call it that, would be suitable for an investment. This rude behaviour from the denziens of this pit proves you wrong. Expect to be punished."


"Hmm I'm a little bored. I was expecting it to take forever to find you. Are there any games around here?" Lean on the table a bit looking around at the weird people.


Logan uses the cloth in his pocket that came with the costume, holding it ready to either let her take it or to polish her claws for her.


''Well there ain't no shame in losing in a fair, honored fight sugar, come on cheer up a little will ya?''


Just hold it out, let him polish it.
I almost feel bad for making him do this.


He starts to polish her claws, trying his best to do it without touching her scales. If he has to play a part he's going to do it right.


You toss the bitemark-ridden corpse behind some barrels and old boxes. Out of sight out of mind.
"Yes m'dame. Eagerly m'dame."
The drakin raises a scaled brow
"Investing, hm? Care for a tip?"
Someone is tied up by his legs to the ceiling and being used to play some form of volleyball.
Someone else is dancing in a cage that is being shocked with a small lightning orb.
A pair on a small stage dancing with their clothes engulfed in green and blue flames.
Yet another is reading poetry that doesn't rhyme wile people snap their fingers at him.
It's all very… avant garde.
"Oh plenty. Depends on what you're into."
"What's there to cheer up about?
I know tomorrow will be an awful day unless I leave town."


''Well…Nothing to cheer up about…but hey, no need to be gloomy.''
''Or you could join with me instead…And hey…you wanna know a little secret?''


Lick my lips and go home.


Let out a tiny gasp.
"Butler, I might have heard that wrong. Did this imbecile just speak to me without adressing my proper titles?"


"I've spilled plenty. Lets hear yours."
Nobody back at the hideout but Masque and Daisari.
The drakin takes a step back
"Forgive me lady Skypride.
It is refreshing to see one of your imposing calibre in soon-to-be-our fair city.
If it interests you, I have a… proposition."


"I believe he did, Lady Skypride, Daughter of Skyshatter." He keeps his words short, polite and puts an accent behind it. He then moves onto the other claw to make them nice and shiny like the other claws.


Time to get high and stare at lewd paintings all day.


''Alright but you'll have to consider my offer…''
Get real close to him
''I'm actually working with the guys behind the mass murder of the castle''


Extend those claws.

Finally turn to look at the drakin.
"Is that so? What proposition you could offer possibly interest me?"
Speak with a hint of contempt in my voice.


I yawn and start to walk out.
"Eh, nothing here looks very fun. I'll just see you tomorrow. Try not to start any fights. We need your hands."


Roll to see how hard the dancing dragon hits you
he freezes up
"Shit.. shit shit shit shit…
…I'm sorry I called you names I… I didn't know I…
…shit if you're gonna kill me at least make it fast"
"I serve those who serve the Golden Dragon of the East. A divine patron of our kind."
"I- …I can be fun…"
He looks let down, and goes back to trying to light his drink on fire.


Daaaaaaancin mon!


It's already working! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Yes, and?"


Slide a hand across his back slowly
''Relaaax…If I wanted to kill you, I wouldn't have offered a duel would I?'' I speak with the most alluring tone I can muster while I keep myself real close
''So, think you'd want to be taking part in that?''


Bonus servitude points. After finishing the claws on her hands, he moves down to polish the ones on her feet, making sure they're nice and clean as well. Removing one glove to keeping his hand supported while keeping my glove clean as he's cleaning her toe claws with his gloved hand.


Extend my leg a bit for the procedure.


Eeeh I don't care as long as he doesn't hurt himself.
I'm gone to the hide out again.


You see some weird shit.
Your body feels euphoric. There is no pain, no hunger, no desire, no urgency. Only a stable, enveloping sense of contentment bordering on death.
When you wake up, there isn't even a hangover.
The voice at the back of your mind is silent.
He seems confused by your callous attitude
"To serve the great divine dragons is a rare honor, lady Skypride. One every dragon would gladly pursue.
Our master, Fireheart, son of Ironhide, is part of a line whose patriarchs enjoy the blessing of the great divine patron in person."
"W-why do I get the feeling if I say no it won't be just me who dies?"
Daisari and Masque are somewhere
Fancypants is on the sofa, a pile of Dragon Dream Dust on his face, tripping hard.


''Well aren't you just clever?…''
Run a finger under his chin
''Maybe too clever for your own good…So I'll ask again, and I hope I don't have to ask twice darling…You want to join us? Because I honestly don't see why you shouldn't..It's an offer to die for~'' I whisper on his ear-scale thing


Hmm, move something in front of the sofa so that fancypants trips on it when he wakes up.


"I do not believe in fairy tales, only what I can see for myself. Can you prove your claims?"


And here I was about to have a seizure.
Stare at the ceiling with the most satisfied of smiles.


[Yeah but I'm sure he would like wiping her ass with his tongue. Don't know how being a obedient dog is full of honor.] He thinks to himself, continuing to work both of Deeja's toe claws to a polish.


His eyes are wild with fear and uncertainty.
Fancypants catches a lazy glance of Sideswipe doing something next to the sofa but doesn't really react to it.
"We each carry the tattoo of the divine patron as our proof of service. The greatly blessed ones have scales of gold."
he shows his arm, peeled of scales and fully tattooed.


Let out a long whistle, calling her forth.


''Well good, then I guess I can let you keep your clothes…for now~'' I give him a little flick on the nose before getting up
''Now come on then, we're going to the hideout''


Only show some of my disgust.
"Scales of gold? Those will impress me more."


I tilt my head.
"Are you feelin' okay Dio?"


"Better. Than. Ever. Come, sit."
As if in slow motion, pat the couch beside me.


I sit beside you, but just out of your reach, I've seen high people before and getting too close isn't always good!


He puts his clothes back on and follows sheepishly
"Perhaps one day you may get to kiss them on the hand of glorious Fireheart, and earn your own."


This gives me the perfect idea~
Fast Moves, end the stopped time as one of my hands is right beside your shoulder, holding up a bag of dust.
Just smile.


Logan starts to stand up, brushing off his hand using the cloth before putting his glove back on. [Fuck at least I'm done with that. I swear you owe me an entire keg after this is done, Deeja.]


"Dio.." I shutter and stare at the drugs. "Who'd you get that from?"


Nod to you, a bit approvingly.

"We shall see. Where might one inquire more about the leaders of this clan of yours?"


Make sure I was not followed here as I turn to him
''Oh, and I hope you don't try to run away and betray us the next day. It would rather bothersome and I would have to deal with that myself…You know about your broken wing? Yeah you'll wish I had never offered that duel to you, kay?'' I smile at him at him as I head back to base


Herratic, quick, my words explain in a few breaths.
"Hit a magazine. Poisoned their stock. Stole and messed up with their notes."
Then, as my eyes lose focus of the dust and switch to your eyes, with a large smile on my face and immaculate droplets of sweat on my brow, stare at her.
"And got this nice present, too~"


"Really? You couldn't just like.. get money?" I sigh. "And you used like half the bag. What are we supposed to do with this?"


"Oh don't you worry. It will last us quiiiiite a while. Just take a whiff~"
Move a dust-covered finger, straight and slow, under her nose, as if daring her.


"It is in my power to recruit new members.
Tomorrow we initiate non-drakin members. If you wish, some of the golden-scaled ones will be there to observe."
He follows nervously, not sure what fate awaits him. For safety, you choose to blindfold him so as to not reveal the entrance to him… just yet.
Back at the hideout, Fancypants and Sideswipe are messing around on the sofa.
Slapstick arrives, blindfolded Golden Dragon drakin in tow.


''Sup you bozos, Look what I brought home'' I throw them the bag with the gold and the letters


Wave at them with a big smile, throwing some Dust at them.


''Uh…Is he…okay?''


I squint at you.
"Just because its uh, a celebration. Of you not being the new guy."
And. Do the line before I change my mind.


"Do you have some sort of… enterance, that is not mixed with that kind of rabble?"


"Oh, that's great. We can use his tat as a live model for that painter guy we're meeting tomorrow."


[God I really hope nobody gets back to base and drinks all of my Honey Mead] He continues thinking to himself.


Snicker incontrollably, ruffling her hair with the same hand she just snorted a line of Dust out of.
"Take in the scent!"


''Oh yeah? Glad to see I wasn't the only one keeping myself busy then. Man you wouldn't Believe what I had to go through to get this guy here with us''
I come closer and whisper
''Also told him we were the ones behind the murder in the castle, so play along and try keeping him scared, he's part of the golden dragons, so he'll be mighty useful for us''
''No thank you very much…Do try to act better, we have a guest…''


"We will fly. It will take place outside the gates anyway, in the woods."
Roll how hard it hits you


"Really now? A guest?"
Look at the drakin with drug-crazed eyes, quickly making lewd motions with my tongue and grabbing my junk.
"Maybe I will have fun with it, later."
Terrify the drakin.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Ugh. Where?"


While under the influx of heavy drugs, characters totally learn Ruse.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I scrunch and nod along with the explaination "ahuh, I got it.."

Roll #1 8 = 8


''Oh geez…You should uh…save yourself for someone else, he might get intimidated by all your weird gear and unspeakable fetishes'' I snicker


"Not far, you'll know the place when you see it. We put up a platform in one of the larger trees so we can rest and observe when flight takes its toll."
The drakin is blindfolded.
He does not react.
You grab your junk way too hard and fall on the floor in pain.
Your vision distorts. Colors suddenly seem very vivid. Textures extremely clear. Duna looks very fluffy. The drakin's tattoos seem to be moving. Your hands are really cool, they have like… so many joints and like… man.
The air smells like air. You never thought of that before. It's a nice smell. Air has a nice texture on your face. It's like a cloud you can't see.


''Uh…I think I'll take him somewhere else…Where's Patches?''


"I see. I shall consider. You have wasted enough of my time."
Look away from him, and motion for Logan and Patches to get this fool out of my way.


"Whoa.. Patches? Oh, you're right! we should totally tell her about this. Bring her over here! Or don't leave. You look like a big pillow~" I reach forward as if to grab you.


''N-no get away you…Oh fuck you…are you two high…Oh my god I can't believe this shit…'' I facepalm as I try to get away

Roll #1 10 = 10


Steady myself back up, never gonna try that again while wearing leather pants.
"The pillow's running…"


I'm not going to try and stop you.
"Okay.. uh.. tell her about the painter.. we'll go get our asses painted with dragons tomorrow. Its all good. The guy she said to find and everything."


''I ain't no pillow, Fancypants!''
''Well I can't leave to look for her and leave this guy alone with you two!''


Like the agile capra you are, you stay well out of reach.
Patches nods
"Leave. The lady is going this way, and you have not been graced to share the road!"
The drakin backs off, with a slightly angry huff.
You are free to go.


Walk all huffy and nice, opening my wings slightly and pushing my chest out proudly.


"Must be like a cloud. You just gotta let it go."
I make a waving motion with my hand.

"Why not? He seems pretty chill."


Logan follows like a good butler should.


no one ain't touchin mah fluffy capra body
''That's because he's too scared to see how you two are being so ridiculous right now!'' I whisper
''Now snap out of it already!''


"Tell you the secret of the universe, Slappy. World's all here, on this couch!"
Pat it with my hands, reclining back as if claiming ownership of the furniture.
"Put the scalie away and I ain't even gonna touch him."


Soon enough you're out of sight and good to go as you please.
"Back to base?"


''Absolutely not, at least not while I have this guy in tow. Someone's gotta be responsible around here!'' I huff


"Oookay. I will. If you let me hug you. " I extend my arms and wait for the surely-to-come hug from the capra pillow.
"Yea. No one wants to mess with him. Not soft."


"Yes, that was more than enough of that until tomorrow."


"Never thought there would be a day that my job involved me polishing somebody's toenails."


"You are like… So negative. Bad karma!"
Shoo her off with my hands.
"And just how soft are yard, mh?"


''Uh…I'll owe you it… Here'' Give you an invisible paper, patting your hand with mine ''It might be hard to see but that's a free hug bill, avaiable at whenever you want except right now. When Patches come back and I deal with this shit with her, you can hug me all day for all I care''


''Oh go choke on a massive cock you two''


You return to the hideout
To find Sideswipe and Fancypants high on Dragon Dust, Slapstick trying not to get hugged and a blindfolded Golden Dragon drakin standing there awkwardly.
Patches returns.
For once, she isn't in her usual patched up outfit, but in a more official looking servant one, her hair done up in a tight bun.


Take a handful of dust and blow it in her face! Cheap shot!


He immediately heads over to grab himself a drink of his Honey Mead, gulping down an entire bottle.

"Well, I hope your job was better than ours. Want some Mead?" He holds out another bottle to you.


I clutch the non-existent paper close to my chest.
"Don't worry. I'll keep it safe."
"As soft as.. like.. a person?"
I guess with a blissful smile.
At her sudden shouting I gasp and try to hide the hug coupon in my back pocket so she can't get it!


''These two fuckers are going on! I go out and work hard to get ourselves something good, and even managed to get these!'' Show her the bag with money and letters
''And even got this guy with me, and when I come here, I find these two higher than the old tower where I got this guy!''
''Oh you better believe it was good, got myself a scaredy drakin lad all for myself…And maybe later hon, right now these two drove me insane, I'm not in the mood for it''
You do that


'1d10-1' because she did not exactly snort a lot

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1


"You think that's bad? I was forced to polish Deeja's nails in front of some snooty drakin. Though I think I'm starting to get used to the suit."


Oh that's gonna be fun.


''Pffft seriously? Now that's something, oh and I wasn't saying my part was bad, I had lots of fun on mine, I beat this guy in a fist to fist fight in less than a minute and almost broke his wing'' I smile proudly


Patches falls on the floor, coughing and clawing at her face. She then falls silent and deadly serious for a moment, before shedding a couple of tears and throwing up on the floor.
She whimpers something and then shakily stands up.
"I… I need to be alone right now I…
…don't… make a mess… ok?"
She walks off, wiping her eyes and retreats to her room backstage.

The drakin captive stays standing there, oblivious but terrified.


"Oh yeah? Well before we went out into town I was able to chop a guys arm off. Did a neat little flip before landing too."

Logan watches a bit before glaring at Fancypants. He then walks up to him, taking the glass bottle and trying to smash it onto his head.



Roll #1 3 = 3


Observe the whole thing from the couch, seriously bummed out.
"That's a bad trip."


"Dude! That's like…"
"-a don't."

Roll #1 6 = 6


I shake my head
''Oh sweet merciful…I'm so getting you two for this'' I rub my temples Patches wait up!'' I run after her
''Shit that's pretty awesome man, but do me a big big favor and watch out for this drakin guy, make sure nothing happens to him and that the blindfold doesn't come out? you're the only person I can trust right now'' I say before rushing off after Patches


I shiver in a ball on sofa looking around at the doors. "Dee. Dee. We need to leave."


She's sitting on her bed, staring at the wall
"no… no… go away… don't need you.. not here… no… not like this… no.."
She's not talking to anyone specific.


''Kelpie…Calm down it's me…Duna…'' Close the door behind me
''Look, I know you're not alright…Just take a deep breath…nice and slow…'' I slowly make my way to sit besides her
''It's okay…''


Her eyes are really red and she keeps trying to blow her nose
"Never give me any of that shit again. Ever.
I did not need to see that again."


"What the actual FUCK man! You don't just blow a wad of dust into somebody's face, ESPECIALLY not our boss! I'm going to make sure to beat some god damn sense into your thick skull." He doesn't even use the bottle this time, just tossing away the bottle and trying to slam his fist into your nose, possibly to try and break it.


Roll #1 8 = 8


I pull her into a nice, warm, fluffy hug
''I promise I'll never let them do that shit to you again…You need me to get you something sweetie? some water with sugar maybe?''


You end up in a brawl on the floor, but after a few broken bottles and a rip in the couch, you give it a rest.
On a side note, you did realize that alcohol quickly cuts the effects of Dragon Dust. Fancypants is starting to sober up.
She spits out some hair after that
"Fuck sugar. Just water. Cold. I need to clear my head."


''Alright, I'll be back in a minute okay? I head back, checking up on the situation with everyone as I get a glass of cold water for Patches


Logan lifts his bloody fist up only to lower it again. "Fuck you're an idiot, not going to waste anymore effort on you." He then starts to walk over to the tied up drakin, taking the jacket and shirt of his suit off to wipe the blood away with. "Blowing dust onto her… that's just fucked up."


"Sod off, my dust my choice how to spend it. She should be foking thankful!"
"She alive back there? Get her alcohol, the burning, it cuts through the dust."
Fall back on the couch.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I squeak a bit from my spot next to you.
"We should go. Somewhere else. I dunno. Maybe a room."


"I swear the moment she gives the order I'm going to fucking slice your head off your neck and use your skull to drink my mead." He says, going into the back room for a moment to grab his axe and bring it back out. He then sits next to their prisoner and keeps a glare on Fancypants the whole time.


Some broken glass, some damage to the sofa.
At least the water is easy to get.
The drakin is just standing there.
It looks like he put his clothes on in a hurry…


Turn to her and raise a brow, moving the hair out of her face.
"Sure do. Your room?"


''You shut your mouth you prick. If you ever do something like that to patches again I swear I'll kick your ass so hard your name will chance from fancypants to bloodypants, got it? You don't know how good Patches did to us yet, but I'll make sure to make you understand later, now go throw yourself off the bridge, or at least keep your trap shut. you'll do us a big favor''
I get the alcohol regardless


Great, I'll have to clean this up later too…
Bring back the water to patches and comfort her some more until she's feeling well


I nod slowly and lead you there, on tip toes as if I wanted to leave quietly, but its not really quiet at all.


I'll bring the rest of the dust along, and close the door behind us.
"Crazy days, uh?"


"Tell her I gave him a good beating already and that I'm ready to give him another."


''Oh thank ou very much, but I think it'll take more than just a beating to get the message across him''
''Like…fucking really man…I'm working with goddamit children…''


"So, Drakin… Heard you got your shit kicked in." He starts to stand back up, looking at the drakin. "Little scared?"


I sigh and flop down on my bed.
"Its better in here. No one yelling or moving fast."


She is making a fast recovery.
"REALLY did not need that.
What's with the drakin?"
He swallows
"Should I be?"
Strong build. Can probably take flight quickly. Scales peeled off right arm, which was tattooed over.
His wing limps a bit, it may be fractured or recently dislocated.


"Sure you don't like some things a little-"
Fast moves by her bed, sitting, face almost atop hers.


"Can't fly out of here, boy. Moment you try you'll flinch because your wing is damaged… Then again you could be faster than me, though I don't know if you want to try and be faster than my axe. So sit down and stay quiet, unless you want to lose your wings… permanently."



Roll #1 9 = 9


''Well, while those two little pricks were getting high, I risked my life and a few more things getting that drakin.''
I repass her the whole story, getting him on crossbow range, fighting him, beating him and the whole talk
''…And I brought him here blindfolded, so he won't know where the hideout is.''


I stare amazed at you.
"How? You were over there. And now you're here and.."
I suddenly realize how close you are and pat your head messing up your hair.


He sits down without a word. Obedient, isn't he?
Clearly a wimp though.
"So while I was off playing servant and those two were getting high, you were ogling dragon sausage?
Good catch though. We should read his messages and prep him up to act as our spy."


"Good boy. I'm sure we'll be gooood friends." He keeps watching the drakin, holding his axe in hands. "What's your name, boy?"


''Hey, I probally did the most productive and benefical thing among us today, I can have a little giggle can't I?'' I give her back a friendly pat
''Atta girl, I'll get the letters for ya, read them when you feel good enough alright?''


Stare through the ruffling of my hairs, keeping one eye always on her, staying silent, not a word leaving my lips. Instead, I lay across the bed, as if climbing atop the would-be witch.


"Cloudbreaker, son of Brazenscale"
"Was it at least worth looking at?"


"Yea well.. You better be careful.. Or I'll curse you so you can't run away so fast.." I lay my arms around you and hug you close to me.


''Oh you can bet honey'' I snicker


And that's about the point where why are you reading smut about vampires and witches having debauched, pre-marital sex? Don't you have anything better to do with your life?


"I'll call you Cloud. You can call me Barrett… Like the military hat. So you got any family? Lovers? Friends?"


and they were totally high so it doesn't count


"My life belonged to the Golden Dragon of the East. Now it is in your hands."
"Glad one of us had something worth looking at. Get me more water, I need to change."


''You got it sugar, you'll need help changing too?'' I give her a smirk


"Don't push your luck."


''Ah it was worth a try kid'' I go get her some more water


"I'm trying to make idle conversation here, I'm not going to chop you to bits unless you try running away. So go on… keep talking, otherwise this is going to get a lot more awkward."

"So what did you do to this guy? Looks like he might piss himself any moment now. Then again the axe doesn't help that."


''Well first I held him at crossbow point, then offered him a chance to fight and earn his right to leave instead of killing him right there, Got him down in one move and broke his wing a bit, and then spoke to him a little, trust me Logan, you just really don't want to see my bad side''


"I don't know, I like it when a woman gets a little rough." He smirks a bit. "Did a good job though, guy seems obedient enough. Sure he won't do something stupid. Hey, I'll save one of my bottles just for you."



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