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You said you have a dream. That dream… Make it come true! Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth! If anyone can, it's you!


You've been playing hide-and-seek with your new Misdreavus! somehow it could find you even completely in the dark, but hiding behind a lead container has made it very difficult for it to find you. It's still searching.


Lily has just shown off a new move! That's something else you've gained from the Earth Shrine. That, and the mysterious branch you've put in a jar.

>Justus, Squire

You've come out of quite an exciting day! First a beach day, then an adventure fighting baddies! It's late evening now, for both of you.


While watching a very grown-up show, a person in the crowd became rowdy! Impressing just about everyone who noticed, you took him out in a single hypnosis, clean and easy. The atmosphere, your success and the drinks are making you feel really nice….


Are you challenging the electric gym?


File: 1469512215152.png (19.31 MB, 3290x3290, POKEMAP cut more shrunk.png)

Please note that a new edition of the official Mnorii map has been published. Many errors have been rectified, like the existence of towns that are no longer in use. Further amendments may be coming.


I wonder how long we were sleeping.
Check the time.


You came here in the morning, and it's still in the morning. But you know for sure you've been here longer than a few minutes!

An old lady, a shrine attendant judging by her robes, walks up to you.

"Could it be…? The grass cocoon has hatched! All hail!"

She bows to you in reverence!


"Hello!" I smile at her, "Have you been looking after us?"


File: 1469512597819.jpg (6.08 MB, 4112x4112, POKEMAP cut more.jpg)

Smaller filesize, for those with limited internet plans.. We recommend purchasing a Porygon to help with your computing!


Good, that shut him up. I'm not about to let some yutz like him ruin my good evening.


"Indeed! When I was a little girl, my mother cared for you, my lady. She was a shrine attendant, and I followed in her footsteps. I have been training my own daughter to take over me one day to care for you. but after all these years, you've returned!"

Lily looks very worried.


"Youuu're amazinggg, Jake!"

Looks like you're a star of the evening! A waitress pours another glass for you in gratitude, and Nagi cheers Even her Kirlia looks approving.


I laugh anxiously.
"Oh, I get it, you're pranking me. Did my mom put you up to this?"


The old lady looks disappointed.

"Awww, you're sharp. I get almost everyone with that! Guess I need to find some new tricks, ho ho!"


"Oh, but, it's actually been around a week. You did spend a long time there! Enough for that branch to grow so beautifully! I left the jar so that you'd take it along. Just give it sunlight and a bit of water now and then and it'll reward you!"


Gotta say, it's nice to let the hair down a bit every so often. It's nice to see Nagi finally enjoying herself as well.


"Hehe, its a pretty good one! I hope it wasn't much trouble."
"A whole week? That's quite a while. Did anything happen while I was sleeping?"


And you too, you uptight square! Millie sits in the same chair as her Kirlia while all this is going on, playing however it is Pokemon do.

Sadly, the show has to end. The lopunnies and their partners blow a kiss at the audience before leaving, but particularly to you.

Is it time for bed or is the night still young?


"You should have seen how the flowers on the vines around you bloomed! And the fruit they made, too. Here, you should eat one!"

She hands you a large fruit that seems to radiate a different colour every time you look at it.


Well I don't think we can go to bed so soon after all that.


Most of the ship services are closed, sadly. But you could always walk around on the deck.


"What kind of fruit is this?" I ask as I take a large bite from it.


Yeah, let's do that.


It's the perfect fruit. Whatever you always wanted in food, this fruit has done its best to suit your taste. Just sweet enough, and the texture doesn't feel too soft or hard. The flavour melts into your mouth. Best of all, there aren't any seeds within to be bothered about.

The moment in touches your tongue, energy sprouts from within you. The slight stiffness from sitting so long disappears.

"We just call blessed fruit, since it grows from blessed branches. Take care of your branch and it'll grow some from time to time."

The moment the glass doors open for you, the sea wind rushes in. Across the sea, in the darkness, you can see nothing but the pale full moon and its reflection over the waves. Nagi runs out, giggling, spreading her arms to feel the wind.

"Look, Jake! isn't this amazing?"


"WHOA! THIS IS AMAZING!" I declare in a grin, and take another bite, before remembering to share with lily.
"You say my branch will grow it? Will it be a tree?"


I'm gonna walk out and lean on the deck railing.
"Yeah…look at the stars."


File: 1469515293239.jpg (285.46 KB, 1000x668, night-sky-machir-bay.jpg)

"Oh, no, it's small so that it can go wherever you are. I mean it'll grow you more of these fruit as long as you take care of it. And don't worry! It's very hardy, so don't worry if times are hard and you can't get enough water or light, it just won't grow any fruit."

Lily takes a bite and feels the same thing. Her drooping leaves suddenly speared out.

"Imagine what's out there! Not just in the sky, but in places we haven't seen. Doesn't it make you feel so small?"
Nagi sounds wistful. Millie and her Kirlia have gone off further down the deck, looking at the sky on their own.


"Oh! I see."
Then turn to the mighty tree in the center of the shrine. "Thank you for this."


You feel a sense of warmth welling up from deep within you. Even here, however, an even larger tree looms in the distance, not in this shrine.


Truly amazing. I will leave while I'm still in a good mood.
"I should get home, my parents are probably worried."


"Your parents have been visiting, actually! See you!"


"Have a good day!"
I hum a little as I head back to the bus stop.


You walk back to the bus stop, out through the bamboo grove full of grass pokemon watching you curiously. You hop on the bus that brings you back home, through the city and into the forest neighbourhoods. Your house is next to the bus stop, so convenient!


I don't really answer for a bit, just staring back up at the sky.
"More than you know. I used to spend entire nights just looking up at them. Back home there's not enough light to drown them out, so I always felt so tiny when I looked up at night. It's part of why I wanted to go out in the world."


That is really convenient, I wonder how we got so lucky.
Keep going down the familiar trail back home.


"Then that makes two of us, huh? I am really happy about this. I feel a lot less lonely."

You feel weak in the chest.


It's just across the street! You climb the ladder up and step right in.

"Oh, Amber! you're finally back! It's been a week, you know?"

Mother is backing sweets!


"The attendant told me, she also said you visited?" I migrate toward the oven, hoovering around trying to see what sweets she's made.


Cookies! Some of them shaped like Poketopia characters, even.

"Yes, I did! I just wanted to make you you were alright. A weeks is a pretty long time to be there!"


"I.. had a really intense dream, but it was good." I tear up slightly thinking of it.
"Oh, and I have a branch now, the attendant said it would make fruit sometimes."


"Want to tell me about it over some cookies?" Mother takes them out of the oven and puts them on a plate, and pours you some juice.


I pick up a warm cookie and blow on it a couple times before taking a bite.
"It was, kind of like I was a plant, but then I was me, and there was a waterfall and I was climbing a mountain."


Tastes just like home!

"Mmmm. Sounds like you had an experience about growing. And plants need a lot of water to grow!"


"Growing yes.. I made a home on top of the mountain, near a spring, and.." I look a little sad. "There was a berry tree, but it died and I replanted its seeds in other spots." Then happy. "and there were lots of treecko, and Lily was there, and we made a big garden."


"So you made sure the tree didn't truly die! You planted its seeds, after all, right next to your new home. The Treecko must have been able to live because of you, too! And then what happened?"


"The treecko grew, and evolved into grovyle, and went on their own adventures. It was so exciting to hear about them, and I made them dinners from the garden."
I smile lost in the moment of that memory, absently chewing a cookie.


"So you became their mom? How nice!"


I nod.
"It was.. In the end Lily was a sceptile, and I was an old lady, and we could barely tend the garden with all the treecko and grovyle helping, they actually wound up doing everything around the cabin.. and it was a cold winter, but I remember.. I wanted to see the spring one more time, and.. the pokemon carried us out, and I saw how great everything on our mountain had become and.."
I fiercely chew on a cookie, fighting back tears.
"That was all, we woke up after that."


"Aww, come here…"
Mom gives you a hug! Vee also comes out, looking worried. He licks your hand.

"You don't have to think about it too hard for now. Actually, I saw something like that too, when I was younger! The idea I got form it was that I should do something good that people will always remember, or that would keep helping people. All those Treecko grew up well thanks to you, and they'll have even more little Treeckos! And your home will have been well-taken care of, since they would be living there. Isn't that nice?"


Hug her back and sniffle, then loosen up my hold and let my hand feel around for Vee's head to pet it.
"Yea.. but.. that sounds so big. I've barely been a Ranger for one day.. and there are a lot.. Is it really something that people will always remember?"


"If you do your job really well! You don't even have to do anything big! Maybe you helped somebody find a lost Pokemon, maybe you save a lost trainer… not everyone will remember them, but the people you helped will!"

Vee's head is so warm…


I sigh calming down and then smile with confidence.
"Yea! Maybe I even already did it. I helped out a girl that walked in the city from the woods. She won't forgot that anytime soon!"


And you met her again at the beach party, too!

"See? You're doing well! Now, eat up!"

Mother gives you the cookie bowl and puts one on the ground for Vee. Vee seems heartbroken at the prospect of having to eat the Growlithe-shaped one.


"Thanks Mom!" I smile biting the head of one of the cookies before looking down.

I snicker at Vee and wave a different shaped cookie over him.
"I bet Tamiyo will eat your cookie, if you want this one instead"


No! He doesn't want anyone else to eat it either!

So, uh, he has to do it. He reluctantly munches down on the Growlithe cookie. Actually tasting it makes him chew more eagerly.


"Aw, somefox has a little crush~"
I chuckle over my cookies.
"I actually feel, like walking around. Do you need anything from town mom?"


N-no! Vee does his best to look confused and unshaken. It's too late for him to start acting, though.

"Nope, I just went out the other day! Have fun!"


"I'll be back by dinner." I promise her as I set down the cookie bowl and pick up my backpack.
Then look down at the cookies again and take one for the road.
"Come on Vee, you've never seen a place like this, its so different than the city you came from."


Want to head into the main city with the overgrown buildings, or stay here in the forest neighbourhoods?


The main city, plenty of people and activity and little shops to look at.


Looks like you're taking the bus back!

The road leads you into the gardens and parks that line the outside of the city, and further in with offices, malls and clubs. Plenty of restaurants too! And then there's still that massive tree overlooking everything in the distance…

You can stop at any place that catches your attention.


>That's strange… How come she hasn't found me? Does she detects life differently? Could it be that this lead is disrupting her? Is it the darkness? GRAHHHH So many questions! Ghost types are really hard to understand…

It could be more than one of these! When you start getting confused and panicky, she seems to sniff out something. She traces you around the lead barrier, and the moment there's no more metal in her way, she finds you.


I admire the plants harmony with the buildings as I go, is there a view point or visa perhaps, where we could stand and look at a lot of the city at once?


''H-hey…'' I wave at her, a bit distracted still
Get up and dust myself ''Ah dang, looks like you found me again, haha…'' I pet her head, a bunch of thoughts still running through my mind


File: 1469603095762.jpg (697.4 KB, 2400x1600, DSCF3778.jpg)

You could take the lift up to the top floor of one of the big towers! There's one designed like a tree, the exterior covered in vines and the top has a garden planted.

You pat a ghost's head the best you can, stroking your hand over the substance that makes your hand feel weird when it passes through. some ghosts have more solid bodies than misdreavus, you can pat those better.


Brrr it's kinda cold. Probally not the best to cuddle with…
''Good job, misdreavus. Now it's your turn to hide. Ready?''
Close my eyes and start the countdown


You hear giggling until it fades away as you count down. Now, try to find her! There's the same lead container, the dark spots where the lamps don't cover, a few benches…


"This is kind of a touristy thing to do, but just today, we'll be tourists." I say to my pokemon and get a lift up to the top.


Hmn… Knowing her she'd probally be… In the dark spot! ''Ahah!''


It's almost like a forest here! Actual grass is growing on the building, with gaps in architecture for roots to take hold. The trees can't get too big here because of weight, so instead there are small trees arranged around to create the illusion of a large single one. The wind from up here is mostly shielded by the foliage, but if you were to step through into the balcony, you'd experience quite the breeze.

Lily comes out and lies down on the grass, on a patch of sunlight.

Nice try, but no!
She's certainly not here…


Hmmn… If not here then… under/behind the benches! Of course!


Let the others out to enjoy the view.
"Its like being inside of a tree. Well, almost anyway. And we get to be awake."


Nope, not there!
It doesn't seem like she's anywhere in front of you…

Everyone comes out. Tamiyo immediately leaps up to ride the wind! Webster would rather hide from it and sticks close to the ground.


Waaaaaaaaait a minute…
Turn around quickly!


She tries to float around, but you catch her at the side of your vision! She was behind you all along!


''I see you there you silly ghost!'' Quickly try to grab her and give her scritches/tickles


You reach out and grab her the best you can and give her a good tickle, or whatever it feels like to ghosts. You found her!

It is getting pretty late now…


"This place, is just one of the places we're trying to protect. A place where pokemon and humans can live together." I explain, particular to the young Marill.
"Maybe a place we're meant to build as well, or build onto." I add thoughtfully and eat the cookie I snagged from home.


I wonder if she can even feel it…
And yeah, it is getting late, whew, time flies when you're having fun with your mons.


Time to head back to the inn, then?

Lalita does her best to understand and look tough. Rocky is listening too while he watches a shoot sprout from fresh soil.

Lily is deep in thought as she looks around the city.


Yep. let's head back, this time letting Jasper out to come with me and spend the last bits of this evening with him


As a golbat now, he's less subtle about flying and can't ride on you as easily anymore. When he evolves again, he's only going to get bigger!

Hang on, Jasper seems distracted by something. He flies off into the trees.

After a few minutes, he comes back, licking his teeth and lips. A drop of blood falls from his tongue.


I-I thought Golbats got smaller when they evolved…

I look surprised when he comes back
''Woah…Buddy… Didn't you just ate an hour ago?'' I chuckle and hold out my arm for him to land on


Its possible they won't understand, not right away. Stay here staring at the view in thought.
'1d20' for spotting / luck

Roll #1 20 = 20


He;s heavy! You nearly fall over until Jasper flies back to hold you up. He's only going to be getting heavier, too.

Despite their depictions, crobats are BIG. Look it up!

What a beautiful, beautiful day.

Tamiyo struggles a while in the wind, but manages to turn her stumbles into some aerial tricks before she flies back to you.

Rainclouds are pouring in the distance, showering some area of forest with nourishing water. The sun shines over the rest of the land, giving the heat and light needed for life.

For a split second, you feel downright divine, like you've achieved some kind of understanding.


I'll make sure to do so.
''Ooof… Geez buddy, if you keep eating so much you're gonna be too fat to fly! What you say you and I sweat off some of the extra weight with some training tomorrow?''


Sounds good! Jasper chirps excitedly.

You're back at the inn. Viola should be staying her, too. And some of the other trainers you were with.


A sense of harmony and balance even..
Still, we spent a while up here. We should move on, whistle to my pokemon and, go down to the city again, this time looking for a ribbon shop.


Hmmm I'm too tired to bother them tonight. Maybe tomorrow I'll ask Viola if She'd want to g-go to the beac-No no no I have training to do tomorrow! no time to be thinking about swimsuits


You can search around a mall for that? Or some part of the older town for a smaller, specialty shop.

You suuure? She's right there in the lobby!



N-no! I told Jasper we'd have the day for our training… B-besides, the beach isn't going anywhere right? Nor is Viola… Right?

I suppose I could still at least chat with her though, so I'll walk towards the wild girl


So where do you want to search for your ribbons?

Seems like Viola was heating up some bread in the pantry.
"Cello! What's up?"


Well, let's look for specialty shop and if that's too much then we'll do somewhere at the mall..

Roll #1 18 = 18


File: 1469683882661.jpg (76.27 KB, 550x364, grote-markt-plaza-mayor.jpg)

How nice! In a quieter, older part of the city, with rustic cafes and other small shops, you come across a shop window displaying pretty pokemon accessories.


Ooh, this place looks perfect.
Go inside!


A nice lady is tending to the counter.
"Welcome! Looking for something to bring out your pokemon's cuteness?"


"Yes! I mean, I'd like to get my pokemon some ribbons to show them how proud I am, and make them look really good."


"Alright! We've got ribbons that go everywhere, of every color! All handmade by our staff!"

A Leavanny chirps from the back, weaving yet another ribbon. This one, like a few, has nice scented wood on it. The ribbons aren't solely made of cloth….


"Whoa! I've never seen ribbons like that."
I gasp and lean over them.
"But how can I possibly pick."


"Well, think of your perfect ribbon and see if we have something like it!"

"Or, let your Pokemon pick? If they're also not overwhelmed by choice!"


"Hmm, well it can't hurt to let them look. Lily, Vee, you two first. Maybe a yellow to bring out your eyes Vee? Lily you'd look good in orange I bet! "
Step back and call those two out. They are the ones I most wanted a ribbon for anyway.


Orange fits Lily well! She finds one with a center of fragrant wood, which seems to be meant for holding something round.

Red would fit Vee better, don't you think? He seems to think so, and picks out a simple red bow to put on his neck. The wood is charred a neat black, but if you look closely tiny green grass blades peek out.


"Ooh, I love both of them!" I testingly hold each of their choices up to them and smile. "Soo cute!"
Now the scary part, locate a price for those two ribbons.


"1000P each!" The attendant calls out from the counter.


I nod at that. Its a fair price for quality, but I will need to take a few more jobs to get more.
"I'll take both of these." Give her the money for it!



Vee and Lily put on their new ribbons. They look so smart! Vee keeps admiring himself in the mirror.


I can't help but stare at them too.
"You two deserve it for being so amazing."
Then after we leave I look at the other pokemon in their balls. hopefully they aren't sad about not getting ribbons too..


Webster's waay too small to wear a ribbon, and Rocky isn't concerned. A ribbon might inhibit Tamiyo's flight too. Lalita, however, looks determined. She'll earn a ribbon someday!


At least she's not sad!
"That's right! Just a few jobs and we'll have enough to give you a ribbon Lalita. For now, lets get some snacks."
'1d20' I will look for a place that sells pokemon treats

Roll #1 12 = 12


There's a small candy shop, a fresh fruit stand, and a cafe nearby. Pick one out!


The cafe!


Time for everyone to sit down and enjoy themselves in the breeze. Today there's a special on juice.


A round of juice for everyone is good, but ask for some metal and a battery for Joltik and Aron.
Flick over the desserts and see if there is a bowl of icecream or cake we could all share.


Ice cream! There's the option for a huge slab, enough for everyone, with many different flavours on a single plate.


Whoa! That's exactly what we need. Order it with extra whipped topping.
"We worked really hard this week guys. Lets' tepig out a little with this."


Roll for how much you can eat. Faaat!


I-I'll work it off. And there are six pokemon here to eat with me!

Roll #1 20 = 20


Wow. You're a massive eater! Then again, you do need to get your energy from somewhere. Vee looks a little shocked at how you devour nearly half the ice cream on your own.


The advantage of being young and active!

I let out a satisfied sigh and lean back with my hands behind my head. "Delicious."


You'll work it off over your ranger jobs, I'm sure.

That's 100P for an ice cream meal. The outer city is really quiet and peaceful.


A much more reasonable way to treat everyone!
Until we get better jobs anyway.
"Ah, should we go home now? Maybe we should check in at the HQ here.. or.. Maybe tomorrow! We just got back from the Tree and! Dad! He hasn't seen our branch yet." I gasp suddenly and urge everyone back into their balls.
"We gotta get back before he does!"


Considering how late he usually gets back, that's not hard. You take the bus back so you'll be in time for dinner. Hope you didn't ruin it with how much ice cream you ate!

What a surprise! When you open the door back home, dad is helping to cook!


I guess I don't have much forethought yet. Still I huff grumpily at not meeting my goal.
But then. It does smell good in here.
Drift into the kitchen to see what they are cooking.


They're making a nice, fat, roast Farfetch'd! The smell of perfect seasoning wafts into your belly. Mom is preparing more herbs and spices while dad focuses on the roasting.

"Heya, Amber! Since you were home, I decided to leave work way earlier!"


"Whoa! Really?!" I gasp and hug him.
"Thanks Dad. Did mom tell you about my branch?"


"I heard! You have one of those mysterious blessed branches! Take good care of it, hmm? Give it plenty of water. Mine saved me when I was on my journey by giving me food when I was lost."

Dad seems lost in reminiscing.


Aww he already knew about it!
"Yea! Mine makes these rainbow colored fruits, and it can survive even if its really cold or there isn't much water. The shrine lady said it was the strongest one she'd seen in ages!"


"Did she? That's amazing! You know, ever since that day I've been trying to grow plants like that. Imagine all the people I could help by making regular plants as nutritious or hardy!"

"Oh, it's done! Get ready for dinner!"


"I'll be right there." First go to my room and put my branch in the window so it can get the last rays of sunlight, set all my stuff on the bed and go wash my hands.


You see the leaves on the branch straighten up as you leave it on the windowsill.

Cleansing, refreshing water washes over your hands, and by the time you're seated down the dinner table is spread. Mom and dad are waiting for you to begin.

"You must have been so hungry out there! Go on, eat up!"


"There is nothing like home cooking." I smile at them both and enjoy the nice meal.
'1d20' rollin for eats

Roll #1 16 = 16


Despite the massive ice cream """meal""", you're able to lap up the roast dinner as well. There's nothing quite like the taste of home, even after eating at fabulous buffets and cafes. This has love in it.

"So, why haven't you invited any friends over, Amber?" Mom asks, smiling.


"Oh, Well.. because they are all busy on their own adventures." I reply with a scrunch.
"I'm sure that Arthur is all the way north by now, and that Zoe is far south getting a boat trip. And Cello is super busy being an assistant to the professor. "


"Well, we ARE pretty far up north. If only you took one of them with you, huh? Or maybe they're nearby?" Dad seems interested.


"You think they'd have come here? I think Squire and Arthur are only after badges.."


"Well, there's a gym here! You can see it right out the window!"

Dad points to the great tree in the distance, overlooking even the city and the shrine.

"Since you came from so far south, I don't think they would have made it here yet. They sound like pilgrims, they'd want to walk the whole way. Unless they had some other reason they'd like to be here?"

Mom winks at you.


"Mom!" I blush at her implication.
"But, I guess you're right, I just thought they'd go for closer badges first.. but it HAS been a week.."


"Unless maybe they were really interested in the shrine, or wanted to go somewhere to find a nice grass Pokemon. That'd be a good reason." Dad states, matter-of-factly.

"Or maybe that's just what they'd be telling you if you asked!" Mom doesn't miss a chance.


I try the trick of hiding your emotions behind a large gulp of a drink.
"Yea? Well. I'll just email them and see what they're up too."


Both mom and dad look at each other and giggle.

"We're just joking! You don't have to do that. But it'll be fun to show your friends are your home, wouldn't it?"


I scrunch and fold my arms up looking away.
"Nope. Its too late. I'm gonna email them and tell them to come eat all your cookies and tasty Farfetch'd"


"Well, you do that! Just make sure they're hungry enough!"

Of course, your home has a computer available for that.



>"Then that makes two of us, huh? I am really happy about this. I feel a lot less lonely."

>You feel weak in the chest.


"Yeah…me too."
It occurs to me that I've probably done more since I left home than I've done back there by now.


I hop online right away and email everyone.
>Hey! Its Amber. I'm having a great time at home in Evergreen. Everyone was so happy with my new Ranger status that they had a party with cookies and everything.
>Haha, well it wasn't as great as our beach party, but delicious home cooked food can't be beat. Oh, and there's a gym here. In case you didn't know! And a Shrine. I visited the shrine myself, it was pretty special.
>If any of you are nearby let me know and we'll meet up.


Roll for atmosphere

Out the corner of your eye, you see Millie reenacting some famous movie scene on a ship with the other Kirlia. Your head feels weak as well.

>1 reply received!


Open it!


Heh, they're cute together. I wonder how she learned about those.
Maybe I should find a seat on the deck…

Roll #1 20 = 20


>Hi, Amber!
>Yeah, I'm actually around the Evergreen! I figured that I wanted a grass type to round out my team, and decided the best place to find one was here! I'm still looking, though.

Your heart is pounding so wildly!
You relax on the deck chairs and Nagi joins you. The cool night seabreeze should chill you, but you're feeling very, very warm.

"I'm getting really tired, but I'm glad I got to spend time like this. It's a memory to hold on to and carve into my heart"


>To: Arthur
>Which one are you looking for?


>No idea! I'll know it when I see it. I'll be looking around the forests tomorrow as well.


>Good luck! I'll probably be hanging out at home or in the city all day. If you catch one early you can come show it up. :)


"Yeah, same here. I'm glad we decided to do this."
I fidget.
"Say, uh…how would you feel about traveling together some more? It's been nice having you around…"


She looks very conflicted.
"It would be really nice, but… sorry, Jake. I've got to do my training alone. You have your own business to tend to, don't you? I know our paths will cross again, though."

"It's getting way too late. Shouldn't we retire?"

>Sure, thanks!


Well, it was worth a shot. I guess we should head off then.
"Yeah, I suppose you're right. Can't blame a guy for trying though, can you?"


It seems like everyone else is busy.
Go to the table and poke around the pokedex looking at grass pokemon for a while.


"Of course I can't. I'll remember you tried, though!"
She smiles, flattered. You feel a slow-blooming warm haze from her, too. On cue, Millie leaps onto you, yawning.

Who replies immediately, anyway?
You poke around entries for grass Pokemon. There's a cute cottonee page. There are detailed closeups of a Roselia's flowers…. There's some user-submitted tips on how to eat the leaves from a Petilil's head, and how to care for one so it can grow a new one every day. And there are nice pictures of Exeggutors by the seaside, relaxing near the water. It also shows them dropping their seed-like eggs into the sea to be carried off to distant lands across the waves.


Wow! Grass pokemon really are some of the best to harmonize with.
What time is it? To early for bed still?


It's nearly bedtime, but nothing's stopping you from staying up!


I will go to bed.
"Goodnight Mom, Goodnight Dad!"
'1d20' rollin' dreams

Roll #1 6 = 6


Goddamnit, this is going to make things complicated. Thank the stars for Millie.
"Whoa there. Guess you're tuckered out too. We did have quite the big day, didn't we?"


"Night, dear!"
Don't forget to brush your teeth!

After so long in the shrine, your mind is tuckered out. All you really think about at night is walking along a nice forest trail.

There's no need to wake up early, so you didn't set an alarm! The sun's already up when you open your eyes, you sleepyhead.

Very! That strange sensation when facing the pirate and Jellicent really wore you out, but this makes you feel really good as well. Nagi gives her Kirlia a hug and stands up.

"I think I'm gonna go to bed now. Shall we?"


What a relaxing thing, waking up naturally.
Go see if there is something for breakfast


Cheese toast and ham. Looks like mom and dad are going back to the usual.

"Morning, Amber! How long are you going to be staying, by the way?"


"Another day or two? I didn't really get to spend time with you while I was sleeping in the shrine after all."
I reply over the toast, nothing wrong with the normal stuff.


"Just wondering how much food I should be getting. Oh, and how about your friends?"


I nod.
"Yeah, sounds like a good idea. Been a busy few days, I could use the rest. We all could."


"Oooh right! Well, one of them is nearby, but I don't think the others got my mail yet."


You retire back to the room. You could go straight to sleep on the bed you claimed, but you might sleep a lot better if you took a shower.

"You could check now, maybe? I could prepare something if they want to come over for dinner!"


"Right! Good thinking, they might have gotten it this morning."
To the email.


That actually sounds like a good idea. A shower always helps me relax.


>Re: Hey!
>Hihihi! I'd LUV to meet you, but I'm WAAY far away from you. Eevee and Braixen say hi 🐾 - Julia
>Hello! Sorry, but I've been busy. Training and all. Catch you another time! - Riss
>Hi! It's so good t

The mail cuts off there. That's all you have.


File: 1469866309122.jpg (49.9 KB, 680x510, 69dd415b05ffeea1ee57a2a519….jpg)

You step into the shower. the bathroom overlooks the pitch-black sea, with the faint reflections of the stars outside.

Do you shower with Millie?


"Looks like everyone else is far away. Do you want to do anything today Dad? Mom?"


Dad's gone back to work already, so it's just mom again.
"I was thinking of just doing some gardening… How about you?"


"I should probably train my pokemon and try the gym. My friends are going to get ahead of me if I don't!"


"The gym, huh? Might take you a few days too!"

Mom looks out at the massive tree in the distance.

"I'm sure you'll be fine if you want to challenge it."


"You think so? I mean my pokemon are pretty strong.. but maybe I'll try battling with another trainer to see. Do you think there would be one near town?"


"There'll always be trainers hanging around, especially near a Pokemon center or trainer inn. But what about your friend?"


"Oh? Arthur said he was too busy hunting a pokemon today. I'm not sure when he'll be done."


Mom raises an eyebrow and grins, knowingly.

"Well, if you're sure… anyway, why don't you invite your friend over for dinner if they're not busy by then?"


I suddenly frown
"Well I can ask, he sounded pretty sure he'd be busy."
Go to the computer.
>To Arthur
>Good Morning, How goes the pokemon hunt?
>If you're going to be around the area, mom says you can stop by for dinner.


Sent! No reply for a few minutes, though. Guess hes' not going to be seeing it now.


"Well, he doesn't seem to be at a computer right now. I'm going to try and find a trainer to fight, I'll be back in a while!" I tell mom as I get ready to go.


"Have fun, Amber!"

Maybe there will be a trainer wandering the neighbourhood, or you could head into the city again.


'1d20' check around the neighborhood first

Roll #1 17 = 17


There are many rivers that flow through the Evergreen from the surrounding mountains. These flow both towards the northern coast or the southern beaches. Your neighbourhood has one of those rivers flowing through it, actually.

Who's walking along it from the coast, though?


Could it be a trainer? Get closer to them.


Of course, it's Arthur! He looks exhausted, the way he walks and isn't paying attention to anything, much less notice you.


Get in front of his path.
"Arthur? Is that you?"


He's disheveled, with leaves and branches stuck in his hair and clothes. His boots have traced of dried mud on them.

"Huh.. Amber? Hello!" He immediately perks up, trying to stand up straight.


"Have you been up all night?" I ask him concerned.


"I got a little bit of sleep! I'll be fineeee…"

He shakes his head to wake himself up.

"Anyway, I finally found a keeper! I decided to try looking around at night, so I went around to the forests closer to the sea."


"Really?! Which pokemon? Can I meet it?"


Arthur drops a ball on the ground, and a group of Exeggute emerge! All of them carefully look at you, and one by one they relax and decide you're fine.


"Hey there!" I smile at the cluster of eggs. "You know I was reading about Exeggutor last night. They send their eggs into the ocean to be carried into distant lands. You must be tough to hatch after going so far."


Arthur pets an egg.

"I know! They're really cool. I wonder how far this guy's been? some Exeggutor live on the southern shores too, I thought it would be cool if I brought this guy.. actually, girl to her parent's home someday."


I nod. "Maybe by then they'll be ready to send off a set of eggs too."
Then turn my attention back to Arthur.
"Hey! if you've caught your pokemon, why not rest at my place? Its just around the corner."


"Really? That'd be great! Would sure beat riding the bus back to the inn."

He stretches, and stifles a yawn.


"Yea! Follow me." I do an energetic fist pump and lead him to my house.


He tries to follow your fist pump, but it's really limp. It's just a few minutes to your house.

"Back so soon, Amber? And… ooh m– I mean, is that your friend?"

Mom remembers to be have herself in front of guests just in time, thankfully.


Mom please!
"Yes. This is Arthur. I found him walking by the river just outside! He's exhausted!" I declare.


"Oh my, welcome in! Out all night on a Pokemon hunt, I bet! If you have spare clothes on you, feel free to take a shower!"

"Thank you so much, ma'am!"

Arthur feels the need to have water on him again more than anything and immediately takes mom up on that offer. the moment he's gone, mom winks at you repeatedly.


I groan. "Mooom, stop it!"


you're only encouraging her, you know! But she relents anyway.

"Pfft, you don't have to take me seriously, Amber!"


Stupid mom! I scrunch a bit.
"Well, I wasn't! I mean, he's here anyway, so now you've met one of my friends."


"Seems nice. Where's he from?"


I pause for a moment then blush embarrassed.
"..Actually I don't remember."


"Well, he's definitely not from the grasslands, that's for sure. Maybe an islander? Ah, Arthur! Say, where are you from, anyway? you look like you've come a long way!"

Arthur emerges from your home's bathroom, looking a lot better now that he's been washed clean.

"Shueia, ma'am. Capital of the Marine Islands.

"That IS a long way away!"


''Heeey… Nothing muhc, I just came back from a day with my pokemon… You know, just a day to hang out with them, no researching, no battling, just training and uh… Spending some time together''
I nod to Jasper
''How about you?''


"OH! No wonder you were so intent on getting to the snowy mountains." I nod approvingly.


"Yeah, I wanted to go someplace cooler. See snow for once…" He looks caught up in his imagination, but maybe because he's also sleepy.

"Me? Just walking around, kind of the same." She doesn't look too happy.


''You… Sure about that? You're looking a bit… Sour. Did something came up?''


"Nothing you can help with." She doesn't turn to look at you while making her snack.


''Hey, who you think you're talking to? I'm Cello, the one and only, and if there is a thing I'm good at, it's helping with problems!'' I give her a big smile to cheer her up
''Together with my Jasper, we are an unstoppable force of problem solving, always ready to help!'' I grab the golbat by his sides to carefully hug him


"Do you need to rest? You could use my bed and nap a little." I suggest.


"I'll just use the cou–I mean, really? Thanks…!"

She cheers up a little looking at your really stupid display, especially when Jasper's tongue slaps your cheeks.

"Eeeh. Well, I used to live here. Brought back some things I didn't really want to remember walking around. I really shouldn't stay here for longer than I need to, it;s bad for me, so I'll just challenge the gym soon and then leave."


"Yea!" I'm pretty sure I made my bed this morning anyway.. "Its just through this door." I show him the way to my room.


I let Jasper go and clean my face of his ickyness
''Ya lived here?… Huh'' I glance out the window, then back at her
''You're trying to avoid your parents, right?''


Out of the corner of your eye, you see your mom desperately covering her mouth.

"Your room's nice! Lots of wind so it doesn't get hot." He takes a look around and puts his bag at the foot of the bed, before carefully sitting down on your bed, afraid to ruin it.

"Parents? I don't have them anymore. Didn't figure?"


"Oh… Fffsssh Sorry… I didn't…"


"Well, you know now."
Her Whirlipede hanging from her back looks at you disapprovingly, even.

"I'd rather not spend too long here. Being on the beach was nice, but we could do that anywhere."


"Yea! Its super comfy. Sleep well Arthur!" I smile at him and skip back to the living room ignoring mom!


When he plops down, his Growlithe comes out from his bag. It sniffs around and then leaps onto the foot of the bed, curling up there.

"Don't want to join your… friiiiend? Ohohoho! Guess I better start preparing dinner!"


"Yeah… Tell you what, since me and Jasper are training tomorrow, what you say we go to the gym and watch your battle?"

"What you say, buddy? I think watching someone else in action could be very helpful for both of us in battle. Up to trading some time off training for it?"


"But! Uh, you know its still morning, I basically just got up!" I reply with a scrunch and research about Fire Stones on the pokedex.


File: 1469949773081.jpg (318.69 KB, 550x495, archives-Selectedimagesalv….jpg)

"The stew will take some time to boil, and I have to season the meat. Actually, I think I'll take some fresh herbs from the garden."

Mom goes out the door to harvest the herbs she's been growing, with her Cherrim helping.

Your pokedex doesn't have information on items… luckily, you have a few reference books lying around. Fire stones are formed when rocks are exposed to volcanic activity, and trigger the evolution of certain pokemon species. Fire stones are most easily found in the Fire Plains, but rare ones can be found underwater, in deepsea volcanoes. There's a helpful picture showing one.

"It's not so simple! The gym here requires that you survive in the jungle for a few days. And even after that, I don't know where the battle will take place. You're blindfolded when you're brought in, after all."


"W-well Uhh… That sounds like one heck of a gym challenge, but hey, you're the wildest girl I know. I'm sure you'll make that challenge look like a walk in a park!"


"The fire lands.. that's so far away." Then look down at my vulpix.. I'll have to get one sometime, and Arthur's going to look for one for growlithe sometime, I could ask him about what he plans..
"Hmm I wonder how much those go for actually." To the computer to check firestone prices.


"Yeah. I'll be fine." She's very confident.

"How about you? Interested?"

You go ahead and check some shopping site.

FIRE Stone genuine evolution stone
P 12000.37
+P 19.95 postage
10 watching

From Torchfire City

FIRE Stone evolution stone to evolve your pokemon (replica)
P 100.99
+P 9.95 postage
1 watching

From Torchfire City


"Whoa, we're going to have to work really hard to save up that much."
"Heh, not that I'm in a hurry to change you Vee, you're too handsome this way."


Lots of trainers actually take the time to search for their own stones. Thunderstones where lightning strike, sun stones where the sun shines bright, Dusk stones in the deepest abysses…
Vee looks proud, though occasionally he looks into where Arthur and his Growlithe are slping. Then he looks at a mirror and adjusts his new ribbon.


That could be an adventure!
Tap around the shopping site for razor fangs.


Razor Fang 2.9" length genuine
P 6210.12
Buy it now!
Or best offer
+P 35.88 postage

Evolution items sure are in high demand.


Makes sense.
Maybe look up where a razor fang is usually found!


Razor Claws and Fangs are, as their names imply, the claws or fangs of Pokemon that are very sharp. In the wild, Gligar and Sneasel have to hunt pokemon that possess these exceedingly sharp claws or fangs, a highly dangerous task that only the most skilled Gligar and Sneasel can accomplish. Taking one of these as a trophy is proof that these Pokemon have earned the right to evolve, and come the next nightfall the trophy will be used for evolution.

So the razor items are supposed to be earned. interesting!


I hum at the screen in thought.
Look up what pokemon's fangs are typically used for this.


Oh, plenty! The easiest for Tamiyo would be a Pinsir, or Mawile. Krrokodile or Feraligatr also have excellent fangs. The likes of Pokemon like Garchomp would provide beautifully sharp fangs, but be very difficult. And then there are Pokemon that live in places hard for Tamiyo to fight in, like Sharpedo. Anything Pokemon with fangs would do, as long as they're strong enough.

Mom's back and carrying fresh herbs, and you can hear Arthur's Growlithe shuffling on your bed.


"Hey mom! Need any help with that?" I call out to her as I make note of the possible pokemon.


"Hmmm…. sure! Just help me trim and wash the herbs as usual."


"Sure thing."
I leave the list of pokemon with good fangs next to the computer and go into the kitchen to help out.


It's simple, you've helped mom plenty of times before. That's how you were so good at preparing herbs while in the wild.

Mom immediately turns when you hear footsteps come your way.

"Oh, good afternoon, Arthur? Did you rest well? Amber here is cooking dinner for you!"


"Uh! Its just stew! We make it all the time really." I laugh and turn around to look at him.


You catch him right as his widened eyes and red tinge shift back to his usual face.

"Oooh… looks great! Looking forward to it."

His Growlithe's tail wags when it sees Vee. Vee carefully approaches, sniffing.


I suddenly move away from the counter.
"Oh! I got Vee and Lily ribbons to reward them for working hard. What do you think?"
Let lily out so she can show off too.


Lily comes out, proudly displaying the ribbon.

"Nice colours! Ribbons are pretty, maybe I'll get some other accessory for my comrades. Maybe when I sail back south so I can get different styles. Oh, you think it's pretty. We'll find you a better one another time, kay?"

He reassures his Growlithe, who sniffs Vee's ribbon enviously.


I look a little smug.
"Yea, they are custom made ribbons, local even, and they have little wooden pieces to hold things. Oh, and they picked out their own colors, such talented pokemon can be a handful if you don't know how to please their tastes."


Arthur looks impressed.
"Looks like both or Pokemon are growing well!"



You're relaxing in the Pokemon Center. It's late in the afternoon, almost dinnertime. You're playing with your Sandile, Squirtle and Pentium, while that boy you drew with in battle, Sam, is playing with his Mareep. You're in Binestrone, media and energy hub of the Fire Plains and host of the electric gym.


You've convinced him to give the gym a shot tomorrow, and you might go along.


What was his name again?
Lay on my back, sandile on my belly, lazily petting him behind the head.
"I'm stalling…"


He introduced himself as Sam. He wants to travel to see cool new stuff, too. He looks pretty tired and is content lazing on the couches of the Pokemon center, especially since the TVs are on.

>…Red Raider activity has been reportedly rising, an attempted robbery on the train… advised to remain cautious…

>…and from the cold north comes a new drink, PS Energy Drink! Available in stores NOW!
>And now, on Islander hour, we explore the resorts on Seahearth island…


How many pochimonballs do I have?



Four Pokeballs, 3 days worth of food.water supplies, some medicine, and a boatload of Pokemon treats for some reason. Squirtle is sniffing around for them.

>Wow, look at the volcanos! And the ash seeps into the spring water. Isn't it good for your health or something!

>Yeah, but if you want real ash, you'll have to visit the Sun Shrine, but we're not covering that in today's episode!


"Sam? You heard of that? The shrines I mean."
Lazily fish around for those treats.


He darts up awake, shaking his head.
"Oh, right, the shrines. You ever heard the story about people who travel to each shrine? The Sun, Earth and Storm shrines, right? Then when they do it and stay there and mediate, or pray, or… whatever they do, if they succeed, they see a vision and are blessed with some knowledge, or a strange treasure. Lots of trainers make it their goal to visit at least one shrine. Aaahhh… well, I'm definitely heading to them!"

He scritches his sheep's head a little more.


Chuckle amused.
"Didn't mean to shock you like that!
No, it's a new story to me. Never heard it before. Where would these visions even come from? Sounds so silly."
Take one of the poketreats out without even looking and dangle it over Squirtle's head.


"Who knows. From yourself, maybe? Everyone sees something different, or so I hear. It is a mystery."

Squirtle waits a second before jumping and grabbing it. Sandile shoves him away and asks for one herself.


"Hey now! Don't fight like that!"
Hold a poketreat away from Sandile.
"Apologize to Squirtle!"


It was just a gentle shove! Squirtle didn't mind at all, and pats Sandile's head when she begrudgingly lowers her face in submission.

Now will you give her a treat?

>…Binestrone publishing has brought you magazines like Pokemon Fan Club, and now we have an online publication! Users are also free to submit their very own meemees! The most upvoted one every month will be given a prize…


Yes! and give him a gently rub under his jaw.
"Okay, staying here is gonna make me go crazy. I'm gonna hunt for night-mons, you wanna come?"


>Wow, I sure love this comic! Let's read it out! Em Eff Doubleyou when I find a rare Pokemon! Hahaha! I give it nine gag points! The, uh, cool face is also really epic!

He shudders.
"Sounds great! Wanna head to the sea, desert or savannah?"


Look at my team.
"Night stroll through the savannah, doesn't that sound great?"


"Perfect! Hmm, you have a water type Pokemon, and it's one of those that like living around the shrine! They're pretty lucky. Maybe you can find a fire or grass type to go with it, huh?"

Take the tram towards the southern savannah routes?


Yes, sure!
"Is that right Squirtle?
You like living by shrines?"


File: 1469984615945.jpg (331.67 KB, 1920x1200, 29069-1920x1200.jpg)

Squirtle doesn't even know what a shrine is. You caught him on the beach north of the city, after all. You're very far away from the water shrine, the Storm Shrine.

You and Sam hop aboard the tram and take it down to the southeast exit, leading to the Rising City. You're just in time to see the bright orange sunset. Noise in the thick grass is abundant, the Pokemon are scrambling to get their business done before nightfall, while others are probably coming awake. The lonely trees rustle every now and then.


Crouch down, looking straight down the flat terrain, scanning for grass and mons.

I should have add, while I was in the poke center, I wanted to buy some balls. prices?


200P for one, you have 2650P. Four should be plenty though

Roll for luck!


Just buy 2 more to be safe.

Roll #1 4 = 4



The sunlight glares right into your eyes! The road here leads west and right into the sun. The city's massive solar panel array whir in the distance behind you, disrupting your ability to hear small sounds.

The most obvious Pokemon are a few Blitzle rushing about, far away. A Houndour pokes its head above the grass, ignoring the Hoppip above riding the evening winds. Dwebble skitter along before leaping back into the tall grass, the moment they see you two.


"We should get walking, rare pokemon aren't gonna come anywhere close this whirring sound!"
Start heading east then!


You can reroll to look for even more Pokemon.

Some grass starts moving! They uproot themselves and are revealed as Oddish, who start relocating themselves. A pack of Electrike are chasing a flock of pidove, and they get enough charge to unleash an electric shock, bringing one falling down to be immediate bitten. There are a few rock towers around that have holes in them, and as a Numel walks by you see an electric flash from one of them.


Electric flash from the rock towers or the Numel?


"Me? I don't know… I'm not really the guy who is the most experienced in battle… Well, maybe after Jasper's training tomorrow, I could give it a try


From the holes in the rocks. A current touches the numel, but being a ground type, the current passes right through into the ground.

"You'll be fine.. but first, you'll have to survive in the jungle! How about I teach you some of that tomorrow?"


"I'll… Uh, have to consult my buddy about that. One moment "
Pull Jasper close and walk away with him a bit" So what you say, partner?"


Sure, why not? Jasper's tongue whips your face, why do you even have to ask?


Well he's my best friend and I told him We'd train tomorrow! But I guess this could be part of the training too
"hehehe, alright alright, he says yes. Meet you here early tomorrow?"


"Yeah, sure, but where are you sleeping? You have somewhere else to stay?"

Most trainers stay in the trainer inn, which is where you are now. You know the professor wouldn't like it here though, he's grown used to nice hotels.


"Yyyyeah, I can get a room in the Inn for me, no worries. Why, If I didn't know you, I'd think you were gonna offer to share your room with me" I smirk just to mess with her


She slaps her head and groans.

"If you're going to bed now, then so will I. Night, Cello."


"Hehe, night, Viola"

"Cmon jasper, let's get some rest"


That's 50P for a room. If you're going to slp here, roll for dreams.


'1d10' ZZZ

Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh no, Viola's been captured by an evil wizard! not to worry though, you're here to save the day! You leap atop Jasper and fly to his evil castle! Jasper's four wings get you there fast, and he infiltrates the defenses like nothing! An epic battle ensures and Jasper bites off the Alakazam's head, saving Viola, dressed in a skimpy slave chainsuit.

"Oh, Cello, my heeeerrooo!"


I'm curious!
"Sandile, come out!"
Toss the ball.
"Go look inside that hole, what's in there?"


Sandile claws her way up and pokes her snout into the hole. When another electric shock fails to affect her, the hole's inhabitant tackles her away, revealing itself. A Tynamo!

With the darkness of night setting in, the electric flashes seem brighter.


"Oh Viola, worry not for I am here. The journey was treacherous and I faced many dangers, but I would stop at nothing until you were safe. Now come, let us leave this place, together" I karate chop the chains holding Viola and hold out my hand to her


And so, riding your Crobat, you flew away happily ever after! Viola puckers her lips for a kiss!


Dios mio, this is it!
I lean slowly lean closer until our lips meet!



Mmm… it tastes so.. sooo…

You wake up when an electric shock courses through you. Your Shinx, butt facing you, looks bewildered.

Oh no. You might not want to think about what your mouth was touching.


"Sandie! Sand Tomb! Bury it inside that very pillar!"

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 5, 6 + 8 = 19


"What the-where is… How did you… When did yo-no… I don't even… Uuughh" jump out of bed and rub my face… I need a shower, yes a shower sounds great right now. Yup


Sandile stirs up a small, focused sandstorm, but the Tympole simple floats out of its effective range! The Tympole is afraid about you attacking its territory but can only try tackle Sandile away. Unfortunately, it misses!

This strange, eel-like Pokemon floats! It's a kind of levitation like Magnemite, but it can control it pretty well.

"Whoa, interested in that Pokemon, Leila?" Sam asks.

They shouldn't be full, the showers are outside your room. You really should wash your face. Ewww.


Jog Jog Jog my way there, keeping my head low


"Uhm actually I…
I just thought it'd be a good warm-up for my girl here."
Smile sheepishly.
"But I guess it's got a right to his home…
Sandile! Come back!"


Well, Sandile showed off pretty well. She scurries to your side after letting loose a triumphant snarl. The Tympole flashes a warning before it floats back into its hole.

"Yeah, that's nice of you! I think they're temporary homes until the Tympole move back into the sea, though. It can be trouble if an Eeelektross finds its way onto a public beach!"

Hoots from the trees grow louder, and you can make out the shape of strange balloon pokemon floating above. The poisonous tails of bug Pokemon rise from the grass as they skitter about.

"Anything in particular you're looking for?"

Now just get to a shower stall and wash it off! And don't stick out your tongue, in case.



Shake my head.
"Not really. I like to just wander and catch what looks interesting!"


>Arthur looks impressed. "Looks like both our pokemon are growing well!"

"Yes, yes, you'll get to pick out your own ribbon. One day. Maybe we'll sail south after this…" He scratches his Growlithe's ears.


"Oh! Speaking of traveling. I was wondering what your plans for getting a fire stone were."


"When I get around to reaching Torchfire city. I'm not in any rush. You shouldn't evolve pokemon by stone too early, you know? They'll miss out on their childhood!"


"Yea! I totally feel that way too. I don't want to rush them. But. I don't want to make them feel held back by not having a special item around, if they were ready to evolve."
"The firelands are so far away, and I've never been to a place with so many mountains. It might be cool to go together, when we decide to go. What do you think Arthur?"



He looks incredibly conflicted. He takes out a Poke ball and holds it to his head, nodding to his Pokemon inside. After a while, he comes to a decision.

"Yeah, sure! At least, for a while."


I grin excitedly, and make a pose pointing into the distance.
"Then its decided! We'll go to the Firelands together."
"Ooh, I bet you want to do something around here first! Have you been into the city aside from the hotel you mentioned?"


"No, actually. I arrived the night before, then I looked at the surrounding areas and headed out to look for grass Pokemon. I haven't had time to sightsee. I bet you can show me around, though!"


I nod.
"We have plenty of time before dinner, Right Mom?"
I finally acknowledge that she was standing there cooking waiting the minimum amount of time for her to reply.
"let's catch the next bus into town."


"Have fun on your– trip!"

You can hear the bus coming. Make a run for it!


"Hurry Arthur! We're gonna miss it!" I grab my backpack off the floor and rush outside to get there.
'1d10' speed

Roll #1 2 = 2


'1d20' now with correct dice

Roll #1 20 = 20


Your experience navigating Evergreen treehomes shows! Instinctively, you leap off your front door, grab a vine and swing towards the bus stop across the road. You leap from the vine to a low branch, which lets you jump right onto the bus stop safely. The bus driver stares at you in astonishment, and Arthur is laughing as he joins you.


Make sure to do a cool pose like on the posters for the bus driver and Arthur.
Then approach the bus door. "Thanks for waiting. We're going into town."


"Yeah, this bus takes you there, all right. Have a seat."

You and Arthur gets come comfy seats near the back of the bus. Who gets to sit at the window?


He can, I sat on the window side plenty of times already.


Cool! He eagerly takes it to watch the trees pass by outside. The villages are separated from the city by stretches of forest, enough to block out the noise and bustle of city life.

"So beautiful. There must be a lot of rain here."


"Compared to places further inland I suppose. The plants soak up the rain, so it doesn't flood or let the dirt get washed away."


"And sunlight, too. Did you know that some of the tallest palms can grow over fifty meters? Fascinating!"

The forest is giving way to the occasional home and orchard. The transition to the city of overgrown buildings is gradual. your stop should be soon…


"That's really high up. Maybe Tamiyo will be able to take me up that high one day.." I reply dreamily.


You can feel Tamiyo's ball prodding about in response. Arthur holds a poke ball to his head, whispering something to it before letting out a Deino. It's the one who was found near Lalita's egg! He hugs it and lets it watch the sky out the window.

"Our pokemon can take us to so many heights… Ah. but it's my job to choose which one we aim for. It's tough!"


After a day of trekking from your home city of Binestrone, you've made it to Fabiorge City! This place, known as the forge of the continent, is home to all kinds of metalworking factories that produce goods from bikes, electronics, and massive ships. As a photographer and aspiring journalist, you were sent here by your media company for some kind of scoop, preferably about gym leaders.

The city is surrounded by a massive wall from inland, like a giant fortress. You had to go through a massive gate to enter the coastal town. Fortunately, the sea winds blow the factory smoke away from most of the town, so the air isn't as filthy as it would expect. Having just arrived in the morning, you're in the Pokemon center now, handling your trusty camera while your partner Echo plays around with a few magazine for public browsing.


Oh, and don't forget your map.


You've had quite a walk! Your legs aren't used to this, are they?


"Huh, I never really thought of it like that. I guess I was just lucky that my pokemon always seemed to want the same things as me."
Lift Tamiyo's ball so she can see.


A nice sea breeze makes everything so much more tolerable.

Does the Pokemon center have a map of the city or something? Where's the gym in this place? Does it have a contest hall too?

Please. I would walk for a thousand miles for that perfect photo shot.


Your spirit is willing, doesn't mean your flesh isn't weak. Your city is well connected with intracity buses and trams, so you never had to go for hikes lasting over a day. Your feet might hurt…

Yes, there's a tourist guide. The gym is a large factory near the coastal side of town. Contests are a new phenomenon and have yet to take off well, but there might be a fair for interested parties in the coming days. Could try searching the internet on the pokemon center public terminals.

"It's not luck, they came to you for a reason! Well, it seems to me that way. I know I've stuck with the Pokemon I have, because I feel like we want something together. I've released some when we found we didn't mesh. And anyway, some Pokemon want to join trainers because they want a purpose in the first place. What was the quote again…?

Pokemon.. are wild living things in nature, and what a trainer needs to have is a virtuous and just heart for them to touch. Only then will they grow strong! See, I'm sure your Pokemon can sense that in you!"


Ah yes, how could I forget about my good friend the internet? Where people eat up even the worst pictures of pokémon so long as there's funny text added to it!

Let's look up if there's any upcoming events around here.


"…Yea, you're right." Cheerfully smile at the idea.
"After my visit to the shrine, I know Lily is going to be with me forever."


Aren't people wonderful? That section of your company has been growing more and more profitable lately…

There's a posting for a small contest to be held at an event hall later today. A few people are advertising it on their blogs with pictures of unhappy meowths that have impact font text on them.

"Oh, wow. That's quite something to say! Floyd and I are still fellow travelers on a journey, but we don't know where it ends or where we're going, really. I hope our paths continue to stay together."

In all that conversation, you don't realise you arrived at your stop!


"Well, the dream that we shared there was really something special."
Take off to the bus doors and wait for Arthur at bottom of them.
"Oooh we're here!"



I turn to look at Echo.
"Hey mate, have you ever considered participating in a pokémon contest?"


"A dream? You mean a shrine vision? Yes, actually, Floyd and I shared ours, too. We were– oh!"

He leaps out with you. Your stop is right at the base of the tree-like skyscraper. A cool breeze drifts. The thick clouds today are comforting, letting through only the mildest sunlight.

A… contest? What, those strange things on TV sometimes? Echo turns his head in confusion. That's… maybe an interesting idea? Maybe you should show him more pictures or videos.


I take in the city, scanning the signs and then turn to Arthur "Alright! Where should we go first? Anywhere you want to see?"


Yes I should. Pick him up and set him down in front of the computer.
"Watch for a second."

Go on Pokétube and show him some contest videos.


Roll for that

"Wanna grab a drink or two and relax up top the tower?"


"Right, we can start with that. Maybe check out the statue or museum after."



Roll #1 7 = 7


There's even one of those shops selling coffee nearby. Or tea, if that's more your thing. You could get it steaming hot in a paper cup and head up to chill.

Your keywords aren't quite on point. It's mostly more meowth videos, there's a stupid-looking houndour barking on a cartoon plane.. oh, there, a Cool contest video. Play it?


"Here we go, here we go. Watch this!"
Yes, play it!


Probably a berry based tea, or a berry blended smoothie would be more my style.
Approach the shop and see if there is something that good.
"See anything you'd like?" I ask Arthur before committing to ordering.


It's a buneary in a punk rocker suit! It headbangs to loud music while its similarly-dressed trainer makes suggestive motions in the background. The buneary proceeds to do the same, doing a dance routine with its fluffy tail that shows off a rather niche appeal.

Echo seems sold, judging from how he's pressed against the screen and drooling. His eyes are nearly popping out while he stares at the rabbit.


"Well well, looks like I got the point across. And guess what, there's one of these being held in this city soon."


He looks around the menu before realizing they don't serve whatever he was looking for. He settles for a aspear tea for the purported revitalizing effects.

"It's bitter, which…" He takes a sip. "It's nice! Strange to say that something bitter is nice, but you know…"

Head up?

Echo fumbles with the mouse the moment the video ends. In a remarkable example of how motivated pokemon learn quickly, he manages to bring the video to a still frame where the buneary's whole butt is shown, and sits there hypnotised.

Oh, wait, really? Echo chirps at you and leaps in excitement before returning to the video.


"Wow, really? I think the girl was the more exciting of the two."


Hey, Pokemon like what they like. Echo's view turns to the sidebar where a couple of other videos are suggested, based on the sparse search history. Slowly, the mouse gets a better idea of how to control a mouse, manages to click on a thumbnail of Rhyhorns, and freezes on a frame of a Rhyhorn running with all her legs showing off.

You'll probably have to pry him off so he doesn't spend his years here.


"You never showed this much interest in my pictures."
Look back at the map of the city to check on how I'll reach the gym.
"Besides, we should probably check out the gym first of all."


Well, it's something new to him! Maybe he should get his own camera someday.

As with most cities, there's a direct bus or tram there. It's somewhere near the port. All routes will bring you by the exhibition halls where events like that contest are taking place, too.


Good, very good.

Pick up Echo and check if I got everything still on me.


I get something sour, lemon or citrus flavored.
Head on up. Assure him on the way up.
"Nah, that's fine. If not one liked bitter things, then bitter plants wouldn't be used and would die out."


Echo sighs as you pluck him away from the computer terminal.

You've got a basic camera and notepad and pen needed for your work. A camping kit that lets you tide over nights on the main road, and 3 days of non-perishable food/water supplies. You've got potions and full heals too, sponsored by your company.

"That's true! Besides, lots of bitter plants are valuable as medicine. The true worth of something can't be judged too quickly."

He seems pleased with himself for looking all wise.

The elevator brings you up to the top floor, where the garden awaits outside. The wind's nice and strong, and Arthur strolls outside to take in the air.


Seems to be sufficient if you ask me. What about Pokéballs?

Either way, I'm going to see about getting to that gym.


He is so smart, I stare at him being impressed as we look for a nice place to chill.


You're all out. You've caught Leviathan, your Poliwag, Valeriana, your Cacnea, and Atlas the Charmander, a recent catch from when you arrived in the city. You're 2/3 the way of a full team already, you're filling at a remarkable pace.

The bus will arrive in a few minutes, if you choose to board.

He moves his hand towards his chest when he catches you like that!

There are sheltered benches outside where you can sit among the shrubs. They're super comfy, and have a pleasant woody smell. You sit just in time for a rumble of thunder in the distance, and to spot a few wet patches appearing on the ground.


It's a fine team indeed.

I'll board it. Get me on that bus.


"This spot looks good."
Perfect, pick the biggest bench with the best view. And sit down confidently sipping on my drink. '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You're sure you're on the right bus, because it's filled with a few people in weird costumes. There's a 'fully' empty seat near the back if you'd rather not sit with the engorged drooling man, the girl in pink recording herself saying high-pitched meows over and over, or the angry-looking woman with the hair dyed a colour that hurts to look at.


Yeah I'll take the back. That's where all the cool kids sit anyway.


Sip. Not quite the animation scene you were hoping for, but this is very fine. Arthur sits to your right and sips, just as a drizzle starts pouring.

"Oh, how nice!"


You hurry through and grab the seat, leaving a few distressed commuters to suffer in your place. Someone busy trying to preen their pidgey decides you're the least worst option and takes the seat right next to you.



Well, not everything I do can be awesome.

"So, you said you already went to a shrine?"


Returning from quite a night on the ship's deck, you've returned to your room with Nagi. It might be nice to take a shower in the fancy bathroom to gather your thoughts after so long in the sea wind.

So does Millie bathe with you or not?


Sure, why not? Not like we can bathe in the sink.


The bathtub even has water jets. It's practically a Jacuzzi! You could use it as that if you like, or keep the water perfectly still and silent like in your psychic training. There are plenty of incenses about, too. The prime scents of the three regions, and any mixture thereof.


This is…a little much for me. I'm not used to this much luxury in a bathroom. Oh well, I suppose I could give one of the incense a shot while I bathe.


Which one?

>Flaming Passion

>Verdant Jungle
>Spring Clear
>Royal Drake
>Fey Mystery


…royal drake? Sounds interesting. Let's try that one.


It's in oil form in a white bottle. You pour it onto the essential oil burner and light the candle below it. The smell is power, and sharpens your clarity of mind. Millie doesn't seem too impressed, though, and plays around with the pink bottle.

Noise and other things unnecessary to what you focus on seem to be blocked out. You could get a good round of mediation done in the bath if you so desire.


Probably a good idea. It's been an eventful few days. Could use the time to clear the mind.


The scent awakens you as it enters your nose, then calm you just enough to focus as it fills your lungs. When it reaches your head, the exhaustion that fills you is lifted and replace with newfound energy to be channeled. But how would you like your bath? Millie is playing around with the jet settings while she fills it.


If I'm meditating, leaving them off for now would probably be best. We can play with them later.


Oh, guess you're right. Millie concentrates with you as you both sit in the warm water across one another.

Roll for your focus.



Roll #1 3 = 3


Bah. Despite your clarity of mind, this isn't working out. It's too empty, this silence is stifling, not peaceful. It's hard to concentrate.

Millie's been eyeing the pink bottle. Maybe you could try that?


She seems taken with it. It couldn't hurt to give it a shot.


You clear out the burner and replace it with the oil from this vial. A strange mist seems to rise from the liquid as you pour it onto the burner.

This one gives you the except opposite effect. Your senses are clouded! The scent overpowers your nose before overwhelming your mind with noise and voices from every direction. Millie focuses both inward and outward…


What the heck is this stuff? Why is it sitting in here anyway?

Well, let's follow her example.

Roll #1 17 = 17


It;s another kind of scent. One that suits Millie far more.

And you, too, from how it seems. The chaos and cacophony allows you to focus inward by focusing on ignoring them, but there is a temptation to be lifted upwards to swim among them. The scent continues to invade you as you resist letting it overtake your mind.

There is no struggle with how Millie deals with the scent, though. She accepts it, and you feel power radiating from her.


"I did! It was at home, the Storm Shrine. It was… quite an experience, but the elders said it was incomplete. They said I should go back after I'd journeyed some. It went better for you, didn't it?"


She seems to know what she's doing. Maybe she's onto something. Let's stay focused inward, and on her.


You focus on Millie's presence. She senses you and pulls down your defenses! Suddenly you hear indistinct voices from all around you, some turning visible as colours tinting your eyes, but Millie helps you stay calm by providing a constant source of calm to tether to you. For briefest moments, you touch whispers that belong to no one and taste the myriad emotions of the ship's occupants.

Slowly, the extra things you sense fade out and the scent ceases its effect. Having the warm water here helps take away most of the hangover while Millie gives you a massage on your temples.


"It was.. hard to explain, but incredible, but I spend a week inside there, BUT I have a plant now." I explain excitedly. "A plant that makes a fruit just for me."


Oof. Well, that wasn't as relaxing as I thought it would be. Maybe it's time to turn on the jets and focus more on the physical.


"Cool! I got myself some purifying water at my shrine. For some reason it cleans whatever water I pour it into. Pretty neat, huh?"

He digs out of his bah a vial of perfectly clear water and shows it to you while you continue sipping your drink.

Another thunderclap! The rain's really pouring down around your shelter now.

Time to beat away the soreness. Millie turns them on for you both. She almost pours another batch of oil, but you've probably had enough.

Roll for jet quality


I can only push the button, you know.

Roll #1 20 = 20


My eyes grow wide at the idea, and I can't help sounding impressed.
"Whoa, so you mean, you won't have to stop to boil water to know its safe?! No wonder you travel so quick!"


This is a perfect finisher to that awakening experience you just had. The jets spray into juuust the right places that make your limbs nearly go limp from relaxation. You don't feel them anymore, they're just there, perfect as they are. You almost fall asleep in here, but Millie slipping and crashing into you is enough of a wakeup call.

"It seems so! It also helps me heal a bit when… well, some ghost Pokemon like to taste their trainers, so my Honedge sometimes wraps itself around my hand. Pouring a bit of water over the area makes it perfectly fine, though!"


That was worth it. Better not fall asleep though, water gets cold fast.


Not here, the bathtubs are perfect!

You put on your sleeping clothes and finally emerge from the bathroom. Nagi seems to have nodded off… on the bed you claimed earlier. Her Kirlia on her is also fast asleep.


I make a very concerned face.
"Your pokemon eats you?!"


Heh. Oh well, she got there first. To the couch!


"Uh… yeah? Only a little, and she always asks! Sounds a little strange, I guess, but ghost pokemon need their own kind of nutrition too!"

Not exactly the bed, but still spectacularly comfy and better than most beds. The couch also faces the window, so as your eyes droop off the last thing you see is the full moon over the sea.

Roll for dreams.



Roll #1 11 = 11


I calm down nodding.
"I see. That's fine then, as long as she's asking first."
"Hey, are you planning on trying the gym here?"


The details are unclear, but the ship's rocking leads you into thoughts of floating over a vast ocean. You give in to the waves, and feel yourself split into motes that fade into the tides.

Your eyelids open to Nagi out the balcony doing a morning routine workout with her Kirlia.

"Not yet… I want to train with my new grass Pokemon a little more before I come back to do the gym and shrine proper.


"Oh? I really want to get another badge, I remember that all the good jobs advertise a badge requirement. And I mean, there can't be a pokemon emergency everyday!" I laugh and automatically make sure my radio is on 'receive' mode just in case they did call me.


Just in case, hmm? You always make sure it's charged and ready.

"Want to train for your next one, then? Once this rain stops.."


"Thanks Arthur!" I grin at him.
"Ooh I should tell you about the storm I weathered during my test. It was the… the second night.. or the third? ..and I was deep in the jungle, the thick clouds rumbled over head, and I was so tired from walking that I basically fell into my tent as soon as I set it up, eating leftover from the basculin I cooked the night before. I ignored the thunder and curled up trying to sleep. The wind and lightning started getting closer." I move my arms like the wind flowing. "Then as I was getting spooked, Webster, my Joltik, popped out, he gave me a bit of his web and flew off into the rain, almost blowing away as I held on. He spun another web from our tent onto a tree, grounding our tent. Just as a bolt of lighting hit it and traveled down to the ground. I pulled his line in as fast as I could, barely understanding what happened and holding him close."
Exhausted by the memory I sigh and smile.


You're talking really fast…


It's the evening just after that raid on the thug base. You're having your Pokemon restored at the pokecenter. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt in the fight, at least on your end.

The Professor who pulled all of you into this is waiting nearby. He's offered you an opportunity to work in some project of his after you helped him out. When you're ready, you could speak to him.


"Professor, can you explain exactly what we just dealt with? I wasn't expecting a day like this to wind up that way."


"Bunch of assholes. Earthcipher, or so I hear. Criminal gang responsible for quite a few grand theft operations as of late, and occasionally a lone trainer is found beaten up with their Pokemon kidnapped. They're also at least partly responsible for the shadow Pokemon phenomenon going around, if you've heard of that. If you haven't be thankful.And just now they were taking a bunch of unique sun stones from my assistant. Would have been too slow to get them back myself or through, uh, proper channels."

He leans back on the chair, not really bothering to look up while he types into his PDA.


"Are they just a gang after a big score and thought your Sun Stones would be that?"


"Some gangers were looking for a score, and stole from too hot a mark. What's not to understand?"
"Shadow pokemon? They weren't using many Dark-types, and I know Dark-types."


"I'm quite sure they have bigger motives than that. It's not just money."

"Oh, no, not dark types. Shadow refers to Pokemon who have undergone a certain kind of mental conditioning that makes them particularly effective fighters. They fight with a particularly unpleasant brutality at increased strength. I could show you, but be warned, it's pretty harsh."

He moves his finger over a video on his phone, about to play it.


Sit up and lean in. That sounds pretty cool.
"Go ahead, doc. I've seen harsh before, and you've gotten me interested."


"I'd like to see what we might have fought."


Its like, I've never had so much to talk about in my life.
Well, there was that oddish I talked about for ages as a little kid. I guess that counts.


How long can you talk, even? He tells you a little about how he copes on the road. The time his Togekiss helped look for a safe spot to wait out a storm, or the time he found his Honedge fighting off a thief while he was asleep….

The gale from up high splatters the rain onto you both, but neither of you are terribly bothered…

>"…hello…? elp…?"


"You asked."

The video starts off with a few codes you don't understand, but probably for identification. A clefairy is in a battle room of some kind with a Zigzagoon. The camera is focused on the normally-cute winged fairy, but this one's eyes are completely expressionless. The zigzagoon looks terrified, and is huddled in a corner as far as possible.

>Celly! Can you hear me? Use Doubleslap!

The clefairy does not respond to the source of the voice.

>…Clefairy! Use doubleslap!

The clefairy, still utterly emotionless, darts forward onto the trapped rat. The normally light attacks looks fearsome as the clefairy rains blow after blow onto the Rattata. The video switches to some kind of filter, and you can see a dark-purple haze surrounding the clefairy.

The haze suddenly bursts larger, and the Clefairy continues beating into the hapless Rattata. Its legs are unrecognizable, beaten out of shape. Its cries are mercifully defeaned by the shouting scientists who manage to recall the Rattata, leaving the Clefairy alone in the room. Left with nothing else, it beats its own head into a wall over and over, making terrible, gurgling yells.

>Abort, abort! Cut the fee–


Well, I mean, I am a teenage gurl, so potentially forever.

Ah! The radio! Pick it up and answer.
"Hello! This is Ranger Amber. Over."


"What kind of training does that to a Pokémon? What kind of person would do that to one?"


"Whoah… Brutal," I comment, sounding more like I'm excited than disturbed. "The Clefairy slapped that zigazoon so hard, it turned into a Rattata!"
I sit back and rub my chin for a minute.
"Though, it wasn't listening to instruction so good. I'm guessing the process leaves them with some side effects like that, right?"


"We know it involves subjecting them to intense mental conditioning, to put it nicely. That Clefairy belonged to a colleague of mine before it was stolen. When we found it, it was like this. It forgot the name it had for years. Why? Someone who wants pokemon purely for fighting, then throwing away after. These gangs sure are nice people, aren't they?"

>lightning strike… fallen trees… trapped people and pokemon! please, send help! repeat, need help in evergreen south outskirts!


"Copy that. Please remain calm. I'm on the way. Over."
Leave the radio on in case something changes and stand up motioning to Arthur as I step away from the seat. "I gotta get down there. You coming along?"



"Oh, it's just a few side effects, no big deal. Drastically reduced lifespan, incapability of higher thought outside those required for battle, risk of rampaging, and without treatment many of them suicide the moment the conditioning wears off a little. I'm sure you're fine with those, aren't you?"


"All of that is terrible! How long did it take them to do all that?"


"…sure! Yeah, sounds rough! I, uh, I can help! A little."

He doesn't sound too sure, but he can, right?

"We estimated several weeks at first, but we've recently found machines that are capable of it in a matter of hours. Insert a the victim in a pokeball, make sure to lock it so they don't escape, in the meantime take a good look in the mirror, then go back and you have your very own shadow Pokemon. Easy!"

His angry eyes betray the sarcasm behind his tone and smile.


"Something like that can't be easy to make. Tell me you have some leads on the people responsible for that."


"We won't know until we get there." I reply and hurriedly guide us toward the south side of town. Briefly thinking that when Tamiyo evolves she'll be able to glide us over there in a moment.


"Well, that's stupid. I mean, I get the wanting pokemon purely for fighting- every gang's got an underground tournament, and these guys aren't the first to try and give their pokemon an unnatural buff- but throwing them away after? That's a waste of resources."
"Sounds to me like it's either a case of a failed attempt; the fighting capability boost is great, but if burns out your pokemon after one use, then that's a waste of both the pokemon and the money spent on this conditioning. Hmn…"

I sit back and rub my chin thoughtfully.
"I'm not sure what the gameplan is for this. Closest I can come up with is that it's still in the testing phases, which is why they're abducting other people's pokemon instead of using their own; they want to iron out the side effects before using it on their own teams."


"Sure, underground tournaments are rough, but the Pokemon are part of the glory. The champions, you'd want to keep them strong to defend the title, right? That's not something these, uh, '''people''' care about. The pokemon have been reduced to nothing but tools for them.

They want to refine the process, or so I heard. There are two ways they could go about this, improve the conditioning itself, or improve the rate at which they could mass condition them. I think they're going for the latter. As for what they're abducting? They want already-trained Pokemon, I guess."

"Not my part of the problem. We've captured an admin just now, so I hope they make progress."

"Right, we ready to move out? And we should look for your girlfriends, too."


Both of you will needed training even after she gets big enough. The skyriders at Northpeak are known for flying on their own pokemon.

At the base of a building is a ranger with a Gogoat!

"You two need a ride?"


"Already trained Pokémon means that a lot of the heavy lifting is done for them, doesn't it? That was a Clefairy, but I'd like not to fight anything already bigger and stronger."

"Hopefully, they can't pull ahead any time soon. At least the authorities have some leads now, so I'm ready to go."

"And she isn't my girlfriend."


"Going for numbers? I'd say it's like they're getting ready to try and take over a rival's territory… but who would they be after to feel like they need a mass-produced-"
I shoot the doc the dirtiest, meanest glare I can muster.
"…Let's get going."


A gogoat, cool! Accept right away.
"Yes! To the south of town, as quick as you can."


"Yeah, that's what they all say." He replies, not giving a single fuck, as they say.

Julia and Riss join you, thankfully not hearing the exchange, and the five of you head out to the bus stop.

"Hmm? What for? Did something happen?" She says, as both of you climb onto the goat and it springs forward on the road.


"Sooo, what now, doc? Gonna tell us to go look up a 'good friend of yours' or something?"


"Yes actually a tree fell trapping some pokemon and pokemon south of town." I reply quickly, and totally serious, letting Arthur sit behind me on the gogoat.


I'll try to keep what I saw inside me. I couldn't imagine anyone doing that to their Pokémon, let alone it happening to Quartz or any of mine.

"Hey, having fun without us?"


"I'm not going to send kids off to fight evil villains, unfortunately. It leads to things like sudden world-ending scenarios that only those same kids can stop, by some sheer coincidence. And being the wise mentor, I'd probably die in some heroic sacrifice. No, thanks, life has too many pleasures to throw away."

"Yeah, we were just talking…"
"Mmhmm! Riss is pretty cool! Like, I bet she's thinking about how to stop me if I suddenly pulled out a knife–"
"What? How did yo– I mean, no I'm not!"

The bus arrives for everyone to board. Professor Yew mentions the lab is just a short ride away.

"Didn't hear about it… I'll get you guys there and get help, alright?"

The goat speeds up. Hang on!


"Just what did you two talk about?" I scratch my head.

"Come on, looks like our ride is here."


'1d20' Gotta goat fast

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Evil villains? Those guys didn't seem tough enough to count as villains."

I roll my eyes at Julia's antics.
"It's no use, Riss. She's just like that; you get used to it eventually."


"We were just sharing some thoughts…"

"Mhmm! Riss told me that if you want to hold somebody down, there are pressure points on the back that will really make them hurt! Then I told her you should be nice to them all this while so they won't try to fight back so hard, but you gotta keep the pain up so they know you mean business–"

Riss sighs as well. The professor just raises an eyebrow while he continues working on his tablet.

Oh, looks like you're here! It's some administrative lab center. That other girl is here too, Zoe, holding her Happiny.

The roads of slippery, so goat can't go too fast. you reach the outskirts and see a crowd centered around something, yelling and panicking!


Hop off the goat and call out Tamiyo to help with this, ask her to fly in front of me and help me move through the crowd. I loudly and firmly talk to the people as I try to move by.
"Excuse me. Ranger Business. Make a path. I am here to help."


"You didn't show her where those points are, right?" I sigh.

"Is those where all your research is done Professor?"


"Pressure points can be finicky; a good grip on the wrist and a foot on their shoulder is more reliable, with the added benefit of easy incapacitation if they try anything funny."

I try not to look too lost and try and avoid any buttons that say "do not press."
"What is it you do again,doc? Besides being a professor and all."


"Oh, thank goodness! Some trees fell over and a few people are hurt! We sent a radio signal, but there's too much interference…"

Tamiyo yells as loud as she can to signal people to back off. Under a thick-looking heavy tree with a few nasty cuts and bruises is…

"Amber..? Oh, I'm so glad you're here.."


"For those with the skill and knowhow, pressure points are a useful tool. That works too, of course, but it's a little coarse. Riss seems very proud of her knowledge.

"No, no, I work in Petrotown, mainly on synthetic materials based on biomimicry of Pokemon. Recently I've had my hands full with the Pokedex project, though. Come on in, this is where my colleagues are distributing pokedexes to trainers. And you too, Zinnia."

"…Sure. And my name's Zoe."



"I got your message." I assure the citizen.
Then my eyes go wide. "DAD?! Are you okay?"


"Yeah, I imagine they can be, but I'd rather stick with one thing that works and know how to do it well."

"So, you study pokemon rocks. Sounds… boring."


"Oh, can you tell me more about Bio-Mimicry? How's you get into it?" I ask with wide eyes.


"I'll be fine. Just relax, and get the tree out, alright?" He says he's fine, but his breathing is very labored.

Arthur is silent, desperately trying to think of something.
"We have to lift it straight up, or dig a hole under him so we can pull him out. Amber, quick. Any of your Pokemon can do that?"

"No, I study skins, piezoelectric proteins, flamesacs, chemical synthesis and other things. The battery on your portable devices are a direct result of my work, you know."

He brings all of you to a counter, and instructs you to fill out your names, hometowns, and emails on the forms.

"Well, pokemon ARE fascinating creatures. Where does the flame from a fire pokemon come from? And more importantly, how can we use it? It's a lot of these questions, really."


"Well Webster could provide webs but we'd need more than one flier to pull it.. or some leverage.." glance around at the environment. '1d20' spot check.
Well. Aron might be able to dig.
Call him out and ask him. "Rusty, you think you can dig under the tree?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Fill out all the info like the nice Professor asked.

"Guess I never really thought about it. I always saw it as something that just existed, but now that you mention it… How would I start getting into something like that?"


Okay, time for forms.

Justus Plotter
town name, yadda yadda…

…I really ought to change that e-mail sometime.
"Okay, so you study their bodies? That makes a bit more sense."


The soil, very wet from the rain, looks incredibly easy to dig into! Rusty is disgusted by the rain and mud, but knows this is important, so he digs away. Arthur sends out his Growlithe to help, and though whimpering in the rain she does the same.

You still need something to hold the tree up so it doesn't sink further down! With some rope, silk or those vines, you could tie the fallen trees to the other standing ones. Arthur's Togekiss is already pointing out a secure spot.

So what's your name, email and hometown?

"Oh my. Interested? It's the usual route of school, exams and interviews, but actually being with Pokemon and documenting these questions yourself shows a lot of your competence and speeds things up a lot."


"Thanks Togekiss." I praise it and call out webster.
"Okay boy, tie the ends of the that tree to the strong ones over there, nice and tight." I instruct the bug pointing at the sturdy trees.


>Rising-Lanobe districts


>Rising City



It's a Togetic. Whoops!
It's a lot faster if webster's carried by the togetic! Arthur tells him to carry the bug so he can secure the strings faster.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Webster's done his best to make good-quality thread. It'll hold, especially if secured by vines. Arthur's Frogadier gathers some and, careful not to step on the falle ntree, secures it at the same places.


Its probably the stress making me slip up, so many pokemon names to remember.


"Great work."
Now we won't have to cut the tree to free him, stay near Dad, investigating his injuries like they told me, so I know how to move him safely. '1d20'

Roll #1 13 = 13


You investigate while the Pokemon continue digging into the mud. Good, you continue to focus. Don't give in to panic

Even with such a heavy tree on him, he doesn't seem hurt nearly as bad as you expect. The heavy rain wet the soil so much that he's sunken in, avoiding most of the weight of the tree!

Rusty and Growlithe have dug a hole big enough to pull him out. Be careful!


"Can you grab my hands dad?" I reach out to him and take a stable stance to get maximum pulling strength.


"Alright! You can do it, Amber!"

His strong, big hands take yours, but you're the one who needs to be stronger right now! Arthur and his Pokemon do their best to lift the tree just a tiny bit, enough to create the extra space needed to pull him out safe.

Three, two, one!

He grunts as you get him out, covered in sticky, wet mud. He lies on the ground, panting and clutching his chest, but he looks so proud of you!


I hug him suddenly overcome with joy and relief.


Careful! he's still hurt!

He smiles at you as as paramedics lead by that gogoat ranger arrive and quickly take him away.

"That's all the injured! Thank goodness you managed to receive it, Amber. were you near a big antenna or something?"


I look away from the other ranger to hide the sniffle and wipe the wetness swelling from my eyes, that was pretty scary.. Then turn to face them with a smile.
"I was way up high yea. Showing my friend a view of the city."


"Thank goodness… the nearest hospital is the main city one, so you can go see your dad… after you clean up or something, want me to bring you both back to the ranger base? Or home?"

"You did well, Amber! Oh, don't, um… everything alright, yeah?"
He's not sure what to do.


I look a little overwhelmed.
"No one else is hurt right? Then I need to get home and tell Mom what happened."
Go up to Arthur to ask him. "You got pretty messy too, want to come back to my place?"


He freezes for a good few seconds when he hears that. The rain around him almost boils.

"Yeah, it'd-it'd be nice to… wash up. Uhuh."

"Well, come on, you guys! Hop on!"


"Great. Don't worry about my uniform, its stain resistant." I say as I slide on and make room for Arthur and the other ranger too if gogoat is that big? I also explain which direction I live in so the gogoat can get use there.


Luckily, it's not too far away! In just a few minutes you're dropped off outside your house. Just in time to see your mom descending your house's entrance.

"Oh, Amber, I heard! I'm going to see dad. Looks like you both worked really hard! Rest well while I'm gone, alright?"

And there goes mom.



"I'll meet you there once I'm cleaned up!" I call back as she leaves.. The must have called her while he was in transport, of course. I frown at myself.
"I should have asked to go with him, but I'm sure he's fine. He didn't look too hurt."


"Clean up first! I'll give you a call!" She says, as she gets on the bus.

And now it's just you and Arthur at your house's door.

"Hey, uh… mind if we clean our Pokemon first? Poor Growlithe, she hates mud. You've got hot water, right?"


The sun's just gone down below the horizon, and what's left in the twilight is a line of orange marking the ends of the savannah, as afar as you can see. What quarry brings you here?



"Yea, we should. There was some earlier." I reply kind of absently and release Aron inside the bathroom directly.


Does Aron really have to take a bath? Uggh…

Vee suddenly leaps out of his ball and stops Rusty! For a moment, you see a look of hesitation on his face, as if trying to steel himself for something gruesome that he must do. Using his tail and paws, he starts wiping the mud away from Rusty. He does a swell job, all while gritting his teeth and holding back sheer panic from getting his lovely coat ruined. Rusty is left in condition enough to not need a bath, but the mud's been transferred over to Vee. Oh dear, now he'll need a bath.


"Vee what are you doing?!" I reply in almost a panic and pull the muddy Vulpix away from the now clean Aron staring at his face.
"I know Rusty's younger than you, but I can handle washing him.. next time."


He's… just taking care of his teammate. Yeah! Now, about that bath…

Arthur is scratching his Growlithe after releasing her in the bathroom. "I know, I know, but you did so well out there… don't worry , the bath will be warm, just the way you like it!

Vee has already walked into the bathroom and is trying to comprehend the water controls.


Start the water with a sigh, making sure to set it to hot, for the fire pokemon.
"Its going to take forever to clean you instead. Aron would have just needed a rinse.. you are probably gonna need multiple tubs of water."


"Oh, right, gotta slip into something more comfortable. Got anywhere I can hand my clothes? If we're gonna be getting wet, I need to take off my.. yeah."

He freezes for a few moments after saying that, his eyes widening with a hint of realisation.


>slip into something more comfortable
Isn't that supposed to be my line?
I vaguely point to the laundry area too distracted to notice his implication. "You can change by the washer, that way you can set your dirty clothes on top and not the floor."


He quickly shuffles away, leaving Growlithe with Vee. Vee sniffs her, despite being filthier than things he wouldn't touch normally. Vee looks quite happy when she sniffs back, even if it gets more mud on him.


What cute pokemon.
I'll focus on getting the water correct.
'1d20' rollin
"I wonder if we have enough soap for all your tails."

Roll #1 13 = 13


Mist is rising from the surface. It would be so nice to take a dip too…

There's plenty of soap for the both of them, and the tub is filled just right. Arthur returns in shorts and a t-shirt.

"We ready to get cleaning? Oh, and the mud can smell, so I like to use bathscents. Want to try one?"


"A bathscent? Sounds luxurious. Drop it in." I encourage him with a smile at the idea.


He pours in a few drops that colours the water blue. The smell of the ocean wafts from the tub. It brings to mind the sun over you while you sail in the winds of a remote southern sea…

"Alright, I'm gonna spray Growlithe down before she gets in, see if I can get most of it off her before. Oh, don't worry, it'll be fine!"


Roll #1 5 = 5


Growlithe yelps a little as he sprays her down. At least there's quite a bit of gunk gone, she can just enjoy the nice bath.

Now Vee wants you to do the same!


"Okay, hold still Vee."
'1d20' spray the fox with water.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Vee yelps as you spray him with the showerhead! You realise that you've accidentally turned off the hot water, quite hard when Vee's flailing makes you drop the showerhead and has it spray on your face.

He's jumped straight into the bath to escape the cold. At least his shivering subsides there! Arthur gently puts Growlithe into the bath as well.

"Ah! Are you okay?"


"Yea.. A little water never hurt me!" I reply with a laugh and secure the sprayer in place again.
"Vee seems upset thou."

"You know this is your fault right?" I pout at the impish fox.


Vee pouts back, but relaxes once the heat kicks in. Time to start scrubbing!

"Yeah, I always thought Vulpixes were very particular about being clean. I wonder why…"

Arthur and Vee look at each other. Their eyes meet, and lock for a few seconds. You get the impression that some kind of understanding has happened between them.

"Hmm. He just wanted to help your Aron out, that's all! It wouldn't have been able to handle a full bath. What a nice vulpix, Amber, you should be sooo proud!"

You swear you can see Vee's chest puff out in pride while Arthur returns to scrubbing his doggy.


I let the logic of that sink in and squeak with delight.
"Vee! You did all that just to help out? Aw, come here you little sweetheart." I praise him as I scrub him with the soap, half petting him.
'1d20' scrubbing.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Don't make any eye contact. Avoid all interactions. I need to be clean


He holds himself back from huddling up to you being dirty and all, but enjoys you washing his luxurious tails. As you hold him and call him sweet names, he shoots an apologetic look to Arthur for some reason, who's forgotten about scrubbing Growlithe until she nips him.

Plenty of soap here, use it! At least the water feels nice. Tastes a little different from home, where it's obviously chemically treated.


It does feels great and fresh. Even tasty to drink
Wait, that reminds me… When was the last time I cleaned my Pokemon? I know Nadia and the Misdreavous don't need it, but the others…


You should be cleaning them manually every now and then, you wouldn't forget, would you?

There's also rooms for washing Pokemon if you feel like that now, but yeah, you wash them regularly as needed.


Man, what's going on between those two?
'1d20' make sure to get him really clean.
"You were pretty brave out there Arthur, again." I look over at him.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I should do that before the gym challenge. Don't want to show your there with dirty Pokemon, people would think I'm a sleazy trainer!


"Oh! Uhm.. it was nothing! I mean, your dad was in danger, and you were the one who had to save him. If I showed my fear, then it'd be harder for you to be brave! You were the braver one there, you know?"

Now Vee looks at him all warm and encouraging. Growlithe sniffs him more now that you've scrubbed him a little cleaner, which makes him lose his cool pose.

The gym challenge here would make them very, VERY dirty. But sure! None of your Pokemon aside the ones you mentioned need special care. You could just go to a wash station and spray them down.


Nothing, really. I'm not into those mons. Instead, tell me narrator, do I have a bedroll?


… Actually, maybe I should wait until AFTER the challenge then
Let's go back to the room and get properly ready and dressed for a gym challenge


File: 1471631465059.gif (92.72 KB, 783x383, gallery savannah night.gif)

You figured you might be out here for the night, so… yeah, you brought it along! The city's within walking distance, but you want to camp out here anyway? You'll be doing it as you travel from city to city.

Weren't you supposed to have Viola teach you a few things first?


I know! But first I was gonna get dressed and get my Pokemon
I can't just leave Shinx all alone in my room


I want to go a little further out. But first I need to tell my friend. Whose name I can't remember.
"I'm planning on sleeping out for the night. So maybe this is where we should split."
Put my hands ahead, as if to try and calm him down preemptively.
"I know I said I wanted to catch some rare mons but thinking about it, there's something I need more than that.
I need to bond with my current friends."


Alright! At least the shower left you feeling cleans. Shinx and the rest of your Pokemon are just milling about. You were supposed to meet Viola downstairs.

Sam. named for the day.

"That's fine too. I'll leave you guys to your alone time! I'll need to look at my comrades, too. See you tomorrow?"


"See you tomorrow. If things go well…"
Trail off.
Yeah, I might actually do it.
"I might challenge the gym!"


All set then. Let's go meet up with her. Since its morning, I'll let Tina tag along out of her pokeball


"Of course! I'm a pokemon ranger now. I got to show my dad how good I am at my job too. I bet he's-" Then my cool boasting falls flat to a worried frown.
"We should finished washing these two and go there."


"Hope to see you there! You can do it, I know!"

And now he's turning around and walking off, leaving you with the hoots, rustles, and occasional squeal from the grass around.

Tina's leaf straightens up as she follows you down the stairs. Viola's in the canteen, where she's having a bowl of noodles while reading today's newspaper.

"Cello! We can head out soon, but you really should have breakfast first."


Watch him go for a while…
Then suddenly remember where I am!
All pokes, out!
"Team! We are out in the wilds now! No city in sight!"
Ignore the city clearly in sight behind them.
"It's time to learn how to live on our own and rely on each other! I read that in a book!
Let's share jobs! Sandile, you should dig out a pit for the fire!
Squirtle! Try sensing water, where there's water there's wood we can use for a fire!
And Pentium, look for rocks! I will cook something for the four of us!"


"That was the plan. Hope you don't mind if I join you
Now what to have for breakfast..


Sandile sniffs the air towards the city when you say it's out of sight, but Pentium nudges her away. It takes a while for her to get the idea.

The team gets to work! There's a patch on the ground bare of grass, a suitable place for your campsite. Sandile digs into the ground there, and so does Squirtle…

The reason is apparent, as water starts seeping out of the ground. Sandile jumps back in surprise, and slinks away a short distance to get digging another pit. Not like you need ti, being prepared with enough water to last a while, but you could practice your water purification knowledge.

So what are you gonna cook? You have nonperishable food for the road, which are mainly dry stuff you can cook in water like noodles.

There's porridge on the menu today… you could also have pancakes or toast.


You manage to take a peek at some of their other forms. The receptionist takes them out back for now.

"Yes, like I said, biomimicry. Developing new materials based on studying Pokemon physiology. I know a colleague is working on trying to replicate the Zorua family's illusion ability. Could lead to a whole new world for entertainment or simulation."


"Wait, what? Who? Where?"
Replicate the illusions Zoro can make? I can see so many possibilities with that! I'll be unstoppable!
I must have it. For mischief-makers everywhere!


"What, excited? Even with a whole farm of Zoruas for material, progress has been incredibly slow. Don't expect any new kinds of video games for.. ten years or so. Sorry if I got your hopes up."

He shrugs.

"But hey, maybe recording a Zorua traveling with a trainer will reveal critical data. I think you're more interested in the Pokedex project now, aren't you?"


"Sure, yeah, I was going to do it anyway. So, what exactly is it that you need from me? Do we just send you selfies from different locations with different pokemon or something?"


"Just keep it with you. It automatically scans Pokemon with you and regularly sends reports of parameters like growth, vitals, general combat ability and so on. It's got a long battery too, easy to charge. It'll automatically download info on Pokemon while it's within range of somewhere like a town, but if you want extra info you'll have to remember to download it yourself while you can."

The attendant asks for your attention. Pick a colour for your pokedex! The standards are red, blue, green yellow, but there are tons of other colours too, like black, purple, maroon… you could see if they have a colour of your choice


Dark purple works for me!
"Sounds easy enough. So do I need to try and catch each new pokemon I see, or just scan them?"


I guess I'm flattered.

I'll just sit here in silence, like a normal person.


"The objective of the project is to monitor Pokemon being raised by trainers over time, so there's no need to go out of your way to do anything. Your Pokedex is only equipped to scan the Pokemon you regularly keep in your balls, anyway. Oh, but if you're interested, it's a highly modular system with an open-source OS, so you could equip all kinds of things to it, like a camera if you really want. But that's more for dedicated assistants."

Julia, very unsurprisingly, takes the hot pink one. You notice that Zoe person choosing the white, featureless model.

"Mind you, it's built to stand up to a lot of abuse, but you're not getting a new one if it breaks! Not without paying, anyway."

"Nyaaah! Am I kawaii? Uguu~"

That didn't come from a lady, it's from a… thing in a dress. The poor soul sitting behind him has a cloth over their nose. Your seat companion shivers while she preens her… oh, that's a Starly, not a Pidgey.

The exhibition hall is the next stop. Most of the bus shifts in their seats. It might empty out with you.


Mmmm… maybe it's not a bad idea to get off there as well and see about snapping some pictures. I can always visit the gym later.


"So essentially you want to watch us the whole time we're on our journey. That's kind of creepy."
I understood none of that techno-babble other than "you can attach new stuff to it."
I'm sure I can find something useful to stick on it. Like a flashlight strong enough to blind somebody temporarily if I get cornered or something.


File: 1471712911341.jpg (171.77 KB, 600x455, auditorium_and_convention_….jpg)

Weren't you planning to head to the contest hall first, anyway?

This bus stop is right here, and practically the whole bus gets off.Plenty of fast food around to serve congoers, too.

"Yes, yes, privacy concerns and all. Don't worry about it, we swear not to misuse your data, yada yada. No, really, other than the growth and status of your pokemon there's very little of your actual info attached to what gets sent."

Oh, here it is! Your dark purple pokedex. Very royal colour.


Nice. Purple is a man's color, showing power and strength!
"Surrre, whatever. I honestly don't care. What kind of attachments are there for this thing?"


Was I? I don't recall. Whatever, I'll go along with the crowd. Get my camera out and ready just in case I spot any good shots.


File: 1471713509295.png (881.24 KB, 1280x932, pokemon_oras_contest_hall_….png)

"Mostly data collection, like temperature and humidity, GPS.. stuff more for people actively working on the project, like my assistant Cello. For your day-to-day use, it's fine as it is, I think."

It's quite a crowd. Still, contests are quite niche. Looks like the contestants you rode with are registering and headed to changing rooms to prep.

There's an odd mix of people in the crowd here. Old ladies walking their pampered Furfrous, little kids looking at the pretty dresses of the cosplayers, and the occasional slob who looks like they only leave their den for these events. It's strangely nice to see people unified.


Mmmm… might make for a nice contrast shot. A clash of old and young, united together to enjoy these contests.

I'll snap a picture.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"All right then, if you say so… How long until it needs it's battery changed, exactly? I get it's not for a while, but at least a rough guess would be nice."
Open it up and turn it on. Might as well figure out how to navigate the thing…


Whoops '1d20'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Well, if you charge it once a week or something, it'll be fine. Anyway, unless you have other questions, that's it! Really though, thanks for helping me out. If you need advice or some other stuff you think I can help you with, feel free to shoot me an email."

The professor stops looking smug for once when he thanks you, too.

The shot you take looks fine at first, but on closer inspection the litter on the floor is pretty unpleasing. Eh, it can be cropped out.

Lights are going out. It's starting.

"Hello, everyone, and welcome to our very own Pokemon Contest! It's all thanks to the support of you guys that this got off the ground! Now, we're going to see each of our contestants perform something cool and the winner, decided on by our judges and maybe audience votes, gets a prize! without further ado, let's begin!"


Oh right, I should probably get Echo out of his ball if he isn't already. I think he'd want to see this.


"Sure thing. Nice fighting alongside you."
Put out my hand to shake his.


Echo comes out when he wants, so he's already sitting on your shoulder.

The very first contestant is a well-dressed man with a Houndour! The houndour shoots flames in pretty patterns while the man gestures with his hands, as if he was the one commanding the fire. Looks pretty until near the end of his act, when his sleeves catch fire and all the grace is gone.

He grasps it hard and shakes.

"Be good now, alright? I know your type, always up to mischief… you should know my number one rule. Don't get caught."


Let out a chortle. Capture the moment with my camera.
"Well done."


"I never do."
I guess the guy's all right, for an egghead.
I suppose my business here is done.
and I have to go do some chores now. Thanks for running!


He gets points for effort.

The next one is a girl in a catsuit. You're not sure if the word suit applies here, considering just how much it doesn't cover. Her performance consists of making pawing motions with her Meowth and shaking her suit's tail, which gets a ridiculous amount of attention from young men in the audience, a few boys who are just discovering something about themselves, and a few girls, too.

"Ohhh, Nyanno, you're soo cute!"

Might have heard of her as an internet personality somewhere…


Good grief.
"What do you think of that, Echo? Not bad huh?"



Oh yeah. That Meowth had a really nice tail.

The next, and last entry is here. A girl dressed in a tight gymnast's suit, but with flowy streamers attached. Her partner is a Starly, the same one you saw on the bus, in fact. The Starly appears to lift her unconscious self off the ground, and she suddenly wakes up and does several moves reminiscent of awakening, The starly whips gusts around the stage, pushing the trainer along with enough force to support a few acrobatic moves. Attention switches between the Starly and its trainer, who in turn supports the Starlys decorative flights by appearing to conduct it around. It was certainly of a different level than the other performances, and the crowd is left quiet in sheer attention by the time it ends.

"Alright, now the judging will begin! Please wait while we discuss the results…"

You hear lots of discussion going on between the audience, too. A man in a set of Aggron pyjamas approaches you.
"Nice camera, you a reporter or something? Hey, who'd you think was the best? I thought Nyanno was super kuhwhyee!"


What the heck?

"Uh… well it certainly had a certain elegance to it. I'm a photographer, yeah. Normally don't do these kind of events but I was curious. Nice outfit by the way."


"Oh, cool! We definitely need more exposure! There are some people saying that bird one was better though.. so what did you think was the best?"


"The Starly trainer seemed to be pretty synched with her Starly, which is always a impressive achievement for a trainer. Her routine definitely had a lot of effort poured into it."
I fiddle around with my camera a little.
"I think people like seeing that kind of stuff, you know. Strong bonds between pokemons and humans. That's why the Pokemon League is so popular."


"Oh! I mean, uh, yeah, that was cool too…"

Echo seems to be hard in thought, deciding if a nice tail makes a performance for him or not.

"We've just finished deciding the winner!"



Guess we'll see what the judges value most here soon enough.


"You're right. You should clean up first so you can go there straight after. I can help you take care of stuff while you're gone, if you need anything."

Wait, the house phone is ringing!


Completely ignore the pups and arthur and answer the phone!


"Hello, Amber? Hope I'm not interrupting anything! Ahahaha!"

It's mom!


"Mom! Are you with Dad? Is he okay? Are you coming home soon? "


Yeah that sounds like a good plan. Cook the easy road dinner for now.
Noodles and broth together are great, aren't they? It's like taken without eggs, meat or veggies.


"Well, not too soon, lucky for you! Yeah, dad's fine, but we won't be home in time to finish making dinner. Could you do the cooking today? I've already put everything in the stew and seasoned the meat, you just have to heat them up!"

These packets come with cubes of dried meat and veggies. Knowledge of the local plantlife and pokemon edibility serves a trainer well in complementing their diet, however. You probably don't want to go looking for eggs at this time anyway.

You start a fire using matches, and break out your tin to get cooking. Sandile and Squirtle impatiently forage in the meanwhile. This isn't where Squirtle lives, so he's going to need more of your food, while you hear a squawk as Sandile nabs herself something.


I audibly huff at her comment.
"Okay, I'll warm up supper for you. Guess that means you want me to stay home until you get here huh?"


The plan was cooking for all of us anyway.
Playfully scratch Squirrel's head while I wait for dinner.
"Hey… You like noodles, don't you?"


"Yeah, but we'll be a while. Cook, clean yourself up and take it easy till then!"

Hmm… well, they smell nice. Squirtle isn't sure yet, he hasn't had a chance to try. Pentium digs the ground for traces of minerals to eat in the meanwhile.

All done! Noodles in broth, with preserved meat cubes and veggie bits. An easy, alright meal to tide over the journeying trainer. You can smell the salt from here…


I love salt.
Especially from the kind extracted from tears.
Serve Squirtle a poke-sized bowl and dig in myself.


Ah, but that's not a commercially viable resource. Maybe there's a specialty place somewhere for the ultra discerning.

A poke sized bowl is small, thanks to Pokeballs drastically reducing a Pokemon's basal metabolic rate while inside. So you get the vast majority of it for yourself.

Hmmm. You wouldn't pay for it if a restaurant served this kind of food… but you cooked it yourself! In the wild! And that makes it taste great! You think.


Hunger makes for the best seasoning.
I'll need to take cooking classes. How are the other pokes doing?


Just fine. Pokemon can generally find their own food if they're familiar with the environment. They've returned and are milling about near the fire, though Pentium keeps its distance.

Now the only light that's really here is coming from your fire, fed by dried plants and a bit of portable fuel. The orange flame is nearly hypnotic to watch…


"Okay, see you both in a while. Love you." I wait for her to hang up the phone.


"Love you too!"

And there she goes. You hear some very satisfied barking from the bathroom.


Lay my bed in the gap between Pentium and the fire, tucking in after very quickly changing into some comfier clothes as not to ruin my dress.
And here, read my pokes a book. Even just a chapter before we all go to bed.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Go to the kitchen, wash my hands, and set the stove on low to heat the stew up.


You should probably wash up first, not a good idea to cook while dirty. You're only touching the stew pot now at least.

If only the stars were bright enough to read just under them!

Your book is a collection of short stories for children. Oooh, this one looks good.

Long ago, in a time and space before ours, there was an old world.

Like ours, this world was filled with people and Pokemon of all shapes and sizes, from everywhere imaginable. They lived in cities, in villages, on beaches. They lived on volcanoes, in deserts, in thick jungles, even under the sea.

However, all was not well. Great Pokemon, those whose names are etched into legend, grew restless. They began to fight. Titanic battles raged. As these pokemon were bound to the world, their fighting began to destroy it. The sea and land raged against one another. Time and space began to break. Even life and death blurred.

One Pokemon had enough. Rayquaza, the one who dwells High in the Sky, heard the pleas of the humans in suffering. It gained power from their wishes and transformed.

First, it gathered its fellow dragons. Reshiram and Zekrom, the White Truth and Black Ideals. They were the first to join, sensing that humans were united in their desire for saving. Their combined might quelled Dialga of Time, Palkia of Space and the third of the Void. They went through a myriad of hooped gates until they found fresh void, waiting to be used for a creation.

"We must first set the laws of the new world. We are dragons, and our power is tied into these laws of nature." said Rayquaza as they met. So Dialga and Palkia breathed, and the laws were set. The third of the void kept some of it for its own home.

The rest of the world needed forming. They returned to the old world, the wishes of humans and Pokemon with them, and with their resolved subdue the other Pokemon. They were made to create suitable land and sea for living. Life and death had to be established, and the Pokemon who had power over them were too humbled and brought to the new world. Many others followed, and soon it was nearly ready.

However, there were a few Pokemon who did not like the absolute law of the new world. They had power to defy the laws of the old world, and wanted to hold onto it. So they hid in the realm of the Void's third, and there they made their home. Fairies leave this world from time to time, but they and those they call kin know they always have a sanctuary there.

With all matters settled, all were moved to the new world. And that is how things came to be.


I can't use the bathroom while the dogs are in there. Duh.
Anyway just put it the sealed pot on the stove and turn it on, shouldn't be a problem.


That's so crazy. Wonder what that world before our world looked like.



Roll for your dreams.

Finish washing them up. Shouldn't take long now… or you could use the other bathroom.



Roll #1 6 = 6


…..We had another one this whole time?
Go ahead and use that, bring a towel and fresh clothes too. Just whatever's in my room.


All right, now that that business is wrapped up, might as well open up this pokedex and see how it actually works.
There's a screen of some type, right?


Your pokemon retreat to their Poke balls, save Pentium who tried to huddle with you in your sleeping bag. Maybe he knows he won't be able to do it anymore when he grows up.

That reading was nice dream fodder. Just imagine what worlds exist on the other side of your sight and imagination! A city on mountains so high they're practically in the sky, ruins of a forgotten world deep below the sea…

You wake up bright and early when the sun from the east shines straight through your eyelids.

It's only got a shower, though.

Guess you're leaving your doges to Arthur. That's fine, you need to get clean too! It's sooo nice to have a proper shower at home. You come out smelling like a blooming forest.

Yes, full colour even. The usual interface stays within 256 colours to save memory and battery, though. There's mainly an index for looking up pokemon, categorised by registry number.


Slowly open my eyes, ending up with Pentium in my arms, caressing him gently.
"Wakey wakey…"
Time to get back to civilization.


Now I peak in on Arthur and see how he's doing.


Let's check some of those entries, namely… Zorua. I want to see what they say about my pokemon.


He's drying out both the dogs now with a hair dryer.

"There you go, both clean… I know, water isn't something you guys like, but I hope it made it bearable at least! I don't know how Amber does your coat, so I'm just going to brush Growlithe first after this…"

Which is just about half an hour's walk away! You pack up and tread the road, hearing the solar panels start up when the sunlight gets strong enough to feed them. The city gates and a bus stop greets you as you walk onto the busy streets again.


Time to shrek that gym.


"Hey, looks like you just finished. I hope Vee wasn't any trouble."




It's that fancy building near the city center! And hangout out outside is a well-dressed man.. that's the gym leader! You've talked with him before, when you went to see the gym earlier.

"He was…"

Vee looks at him expectantly.

"Very good! He's really well behaved. All thanks to you, of course! I take it you're going off now?"


…Well that's boring. I don't see how they find this stuff useful, but hey, as long as I'm getting something out of this deal, it's fine by me.
I guess now my next priority is to make some money; I'm flat broke, and that needs fixing.


I had the whole tour, even.
What was his name?
"Slow day?"


You remember that courier company at the mall… if you showed them the gym badge you have, it'd open up a job!

But speaking of money, you looted the hideout for some pretty jewelry. That could fetch something too.

"Quite. Morning, what brings you here? Ahh… Lila, right?"


"Leila. And I'm here to challenge you!"


"Great! I knew you'd be fine." I smile at them both then shake my head. "And No. Mom called and said to stay here and get dinner ready. They will come back in a while."
"I gotta check on it real quick then I can groom Vee."
Back to the kitchen.


True… but selling them right after the group got busted wouldn't be smart. Better to wait until things have died down before selling them.
In which case, I should head over to that courier company and see about getting hired. Good thing I've got my bike; making deliveries will be a lot easier with that.


"Oh, wonderful, wonderful. Hope you've got a lot of time at hand. Come on in!"

He leads you into the opulently building and points out an elevator to you.

"Step inside to start! I have great hopes for you."

"Oh, so you're gonna cook? alright! I'll wash up in the meantime, I can help out when I'm done."

Stew's heating up nicely. Now you need to put the roast into the oven.

Better hurry! The workday's about to end.


"I've great hopes too!" Reply, almost in rhyme, stepping forth into his rapecave gym.


Better get out my bike and pedal like the wind then!
I've been navigating city streets all my life, navigating these streets shouldn't be a problem.


Shouldn't be hard, heat up the oven and prep the roast with the seasonings an veggies to be put in, if mom didn't already.


The elevator can only bring you to one floor…

You step out, and are in a dark hallway. Frames of some kind line the walls, but it's too dark to see yet.

What luck, they're still open!

"Hello! Here to send something, or are you here for work?"


If I had Flash this wouldn't be a problem!
It's not too dark to walk down, is it?


"Work! I hear you're looking for someone to deliver stuff?"
Tri-regional? With my luck, that means the first delivery's going to be in a different region; probably the one furthest away.


Or a Pokemon capable of giving out light.

Not like it matters, since the moment you step forward, a spotlight comes on above. Looks like the frames on the walls are movie posters!

"Sure! How many badges do you have? Any preference for where you'd like to go?"


Sadly I lack that too.
Shield my eyes from the sudden spotlight just for an instant, turning it into a waving motion right afterwards!


Now you're getting into the swing of things! Looks like there are more spotlights as you go down the hallway and into a room in front. Seems to be for dramatic effect.


I've only got the one badge so far…
Go ahead and show him.
"Yeah, I've got a badge. As for where, I dunno, wherever pays well I guess."


Hop from light to light, threading with a smile.


"Hmm… willing to do multiple deliveries at once? Hop from city to city?"

You could burst out into song and it'd be in place!

The room at the other end is a… dressing room? It's got an array of costumes, props, a dressing table and stuff. A set of curtains lead out into what seems like a stage from here.


Poke my head into the stage. Anyone there?


"Sure, I could do that… what kind of deadlines would I be looking at?"
If nothing else, this might give me a chance to see the other cities. It's quite a detour from my original goal, but hey, money is king.


Yes, actually! Some pichu, pikachu, Electabuzz.. pokemon milling about, preparing for a show. One that you're about to put on. Take your time preparing, though!

There's a large note in your dressing room. It says 'A Show About You'.

"A week. Maybe you could make deliveries to Shuiea, Tumi and Muika… you'd have to pay for the ferry fare yourself, but the payment would more than cover that. Or… you could make a single trip to Bridge Island! Not a lot of people like going there, so you could make quite a bit in a smaller trip.


Sit down and look very well at the props…
I'll stop here if you don't mind. Thanks for running but I can't focus on this.




Yeah, the roast's been left to season over the day. Stick it in the oven and hope you remember the correct settings. You do, right?


Yep, that's me.
Its a stew? So it needs a bread, lets make sure we have that out and ready to serve.


What a nice idea! You just going to go for some regular white bread, or something more exciting? You going to toast it a little first?


White bread is okay, toasted and spread with garlic butter? Make sure we have that.


Squire Escala
The Rising City

"I was planning on heading to the University anyway after I finish, which ones would give me the best shot at this kind of career?"


Not surprising. In fact, it's probably more surprising I haven't seen her do this yet.



Sounds absolutely delicious. The rich smell of toast with warm garlic butter lures Arthur in, who's almost floating on the food scent, himself smelling like he's helped yourself to your flowery shampoo. He looks longingly into the oven.

"You'd probably want to study in one of the four major cities. It depends, they have different specialties, but all of them are really good and have programs that let you study at all of them at once. So… it's really whatever you like, don't worry about the 'best shot' too much."

Now pick a colour for your pokedex


She's so focused, she only gives you a nod while keeping up her jumping jacks. At least she's near the end.

"Feel like breakfast? We could go out, but there's… one complimentary room service we haven't used."


"Hey! You're all finished washing up? Then you can watch the oven for me while I go brush Vee? Its gonna take forever with all his tails." I smile and give him a tiny plate with toast winking. "Just an appetizer okay?"


"Do you have any blue colored ones? Something to match Quetz here." Give him a head pat.

"Alright, that actually takes a load off. I've already run into a lot of interesting people and pokemon, I wouldn't mind making a job of it."


"Well we can't just let it go to waste then. Let's do it."

I should probably join her morning exercises while we wait.


He looks like you've offered him ambrosia.

"I shall treasure this with all my heart, ma'am."

You catch him eagerly devouring the bread you've offered while you turn around to find Vee, lounging on the floor. You're finally here! His tails can't take much more waiting!

They have one exactly that colour! A bit of waiting and your very own Pokedex has been given to you.

"No problem. Thanks a lot for you help again, by the way. Shoot me an email if you need help."
Professor Yew offers his hand.


She makes room on the balcony for you. Roll or how well that goes while waiting for your breakfast.


"Sure thing."

Shake his hand confidently.


"Confident! I feel like I can trust you."

Anything else you wish to do, or shall you return to your jungle challenge?


I'm ready to head back


Well I should probably at least make a token effort, this journey is probably going to be more physical than mental.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Time to get out the brushes and combs and get started. Pick an open place on the floor that's easy to vacuum after.
"Come on now, let's get you prettied up for that special lady~" I tease the fox.


File: 1472278014714.jpg (98.85 KB, 449x599, Epipremnum_aureum_in_Udawa….jpg)


You wake up in your shelter. That was a nice bout of sleep you got over the past night… according to your watch, it's the morning now.

Your Pokemon are crawling awake. Airy is already basking in the early morning sunlight, the smell she gives off helps invigorate you. You have enough berries for breakfast, so no need to worry about that.

Most of the barriers and traps you've left up are still intact… but a few have caught something and have been broken when that thing escaped.


You strut out into the balcony and try some jumping jacks to start off with… wait, this was a bad idea! you slip and…

roll again


Vee leers at you, but relents. He does need it. He lies down and spreads out his luxurious tails for a good brushing, yawning like a pampered noble.


Let's pick up Airy while we go check on the traps. Maybe we can spot something about the late night visitor.


I-I'm new at this.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"That's a good vulpix!" I praise him with a pet on his head.
I will start on the rightmost tail, smoothing out each tail one by one, slowly so it doesn't pull.
'1d20' roll?

Roll #1 20 = 20


Airy seems a little confused about something, but decides to just focus on getting a light meal. The traps have traces of something metallic… which is strange, since you used no metal in building your traps.

You hear a terrible roar from somewhere before it fades away. You might have heard it before, but this time it was closer. There might not be a next time for you to hear it..

Ah! You tumble over the railing! Nagi tries to reach out to you with her arm, but you're falling too fast!

At the very last moment, a pack of Pelliper grab you! You stop just short of falling into the water, your nose barely touching the surface of a wave.

Absolutely perfect.
Each tail has become a work of art in and out of itself, and Vee looks like he could fit on a modelling billboard. His coat nearly shimmers as each tail is brought back to their natural position, and he struts around the room like a proud, displaying bird.

Just in time, Arthur's Growlithe wanders in. This time, she's the one who sniffs him first!




Amazing, even other pokemon are impressed.
I lay back against the sofa with a smug grin watching the two of them.


I'll keep my eyes open and listen around for a bit.

"Airy, let's set up these traps again, okay?" Move the traps around, get them back up. '1d20'

Roll #1 6 = 6


The Pelliper carry you over to Nagi, who waves at them to signal your balcony, where they drop you off and head back to the ship deck. Looks like the ship came prepared for clumsy passengers.

"Well! You really should be working your body more. You're not hurt, are you?"

What a masterpiece. Oh, the doorbell's ringing!

She shivers.
It might not be a good idea to keep bunkering down here. Whatever it is keeps getting closer.


Doorbell? Why would my parents use the doorbell.. they have keys..
Go check it out.


"Yeah, I'm not feeling it either. Let's pack up with the others and move out." Hold Airy tight, head back to my camp to gather my things.


Here's something to make the move easier! You notice the ranger's Yanmega flying off. It's dropped a portable tent at your campsite, a compass and a map. There should be another good spot northwest of here.


"D-does my pride count?"

Sweet feast day that was scary. She's certainly on to something.


"Well, this is nicer than I expected."

Grab the stuff, then open up the map. Let's see if anything has been marked.


Your location, so you have a reference point.

And anyway, only one more day to go!

"Pffft. Yours will recover, I'm sure. Anyway, I think room service is here."

Doorbell's ringing. Nagi opens it to let in a tray of toast, sausages, eggs and porridge, with two pitchers of coffee and tea.

Mom's busy supporting dad, who's leaning on a crutch with his good arm as you open the door.

"Amber! Smells good! Everything was fine at home while we were away, yes? Had fun?"

Dad looks at mom quizzically.


Let's find another source of water, or at least get farther away from here if there's a river. I'll have Quetz come out and stay on my shoulders.


"Fun? Well it was kind of relaxing to get cleaned up in a house inside of a tiny shower or a river." I reply with a thougtful tap on my chin and then hurry to help Dad and Mom inside. "Yea, everything is fine, I have Arthur helping out too so nothing will burn!"


File: 1472280881019.jpg (1.4 MB, 5184x3456, IMG_7081.jpg)

You pack everything into the provided pack, then follow the river north. This place is clearly less-well trod, but your machete helps you get past the underbrush.

You find another bare enough spot to camp out, with a larger river nearby for water to purify. Might be a good idea to lay out a fishing line or two while you're at it. You don;t have supplies for lunch.


After a display like that, it would probably take a while. Oh well, at least it worked up an appetite.


"Just a little more Quetz and we'll be at the Gym."

I'll let Quetz enjoy the water first before I start getting the lines ready. '1d20'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Quetz descends into the water. Everything seems calm…



Roll #1 9 = 9


Quetz, in a show of agility, barely escapes the jaws of his would-be predator! He leaps out of the water and onto land, where his assailant follows.

A wild Feraligatr!

Eat up! roll for taste.

"Can't wait for dinner!"

Dad and mom have a seat at the dinner table, where Arthur is already putting down the forks and spoons. The roast smells lovely from here, it was just removed from the oven.


Well it can't be all that bad. This is professionally prepared after all.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I blink in realization and go to the kitchen to see how Arthur's doing.
"Oh gosh, I didn't mean to leave you with all the work! Thanks for helping."


"You're not hurt, are you Quetz?"
Quickly check him over to make sure he isn't hurt.

"If you're fine, use Thunder Wave!"


Of course it's pretty good. Especially the porridge, has a taste of simplicity on it, a lot like the rations given to acolytes in your training.

Ship's going to be docking soon… if there are any facilities you want to try, now's the time. Or you could just pack up.

"It's alright! Really!"
He does his best to look nice and responsible. You know your mom's watching you both from behind you…

Quetz baits the Feraligatr forward into land, then lets loose a jolt of electricity! The Feraligatr stumbles, shocked, and can't attack for now.


Mom please.
"Okay, I'll help you get the serving plate, its a little hidden." Well, just above the fridge, but still.


"We got a moment, so it's your chance to shine, Airy. Show us what you can do!"


"Hmm…? Oh!"
When he sees you reaching for the plate, he swoops in and helps you grab it from somewhere so high up. That's sure to score points. Satisfied, he carries the stew pot out.

Airy, seeing the weakened Feraligatr, decides to seed it! Leech seeds are tossed onto the croc, which begin sapping away its health into Airy. It's still capable of fighting, and Bites into her!

distribute her stats before combat can commence


I should probably at least start packing first.


The Feraligatr's bite takes a chomp out of Petilil's dress! It's not serious, it;ll grow back, especially with the nutrients she's sucking from the gator.

Petilil's HP: 54/63

Simple enough, since trainers like you travel light. You could always just hang out somewhere in the ship until you hit land.


Good idea. I bet I haven't even explored half of it by now.


So tall.
I suppose the bread can go on the plate, and make sure to bring enough serving spoons out too. That should be everything we need.
Or mom will tell me what I forgot.


"Airy, use Sleep Powder! We're going for a different strategy from my usual style."


Actually, he's only a little taller than you. You could have easily reached the plate yourself…

That's all! Time for dinner! Dad's only got one arm to eat with, so mom has to help him.

Roll for just how good it tastes today!

Usually, you'd need to roll for it to hit

The Feraligatr clearly cannot be beaten by brute force, a wise move. A cloud of powder is spread at the Feraligatr's face, and it becomes drowsy! It struggles with sleep, unable to attack, all the while its health is sapped by leech seeds.

Airy's HP: 62/63

There's the casino, if you want. You could just keep hanging out on the deck. Maybe the shops here will give you a good price for your nuggets too.


"You're doing real well Airy. Use Magical Leaf, go at it while it's down."

'1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 1, 4 + 10 = 15


"Dad.. Mom said you were fine on the phone.. What's wrong?" I ask with a frown staring at his arm.

'1d20' rollin

Roll #1 17 = 17


One arm is in a cast, and a leg too. Aside a few cuts that have been cleaned and treated, that's all.

"Hey, it could be worse! Ah, but this means I can't go to work for a week…"

"Shh. Eat up!" Mom tells dad to open his mouth, and feeds him a nice spoonful of stew.

It's absolutely fantastic! The sumptuous stew warms you up as it goes down, but leaves space in your tummy for more cuts of roast meat, heated near-flawlessly. The golden brown skin hiding the soft white meat has a taste that is calmly washed away by bread bits in stew.

"I decided to make something a little special today for our guest. Amber helped out!"


I give mom a suspicious stare but can't be upset when I taste her surprise stew. I can't stop eating it either!
"Its so delicious! I can't believe it Mom! What kind of meat did you use?"


"Farfetch'd are great, aren't they? There's leeks in there, too."

Arthur looks like he's in heaven…


Don't forget to add your relevant attack stat!

The Feraligatr gets a blast of leaves to the face, cutting it well through its skin! The seeds that keep draining ti don't help either! Looks like it's about to turn and flee…


"Step back if it wants to run Airy. No need to fight if it doesn't want to."


Airy's not an aggressive plant. She lets the Feraligatr surrender as it stumbles back into the water and all goes quiet again.

That should make sure nothing bothers your fishing lines, at least!


"That'll teach me to underestimate this place. But with your help Airy, and Quetz's too, I'm sure it'll work out."

Head pats all around, then try to set up the lures again '1d20'

Roll #1 18 = 18


This time, everything goes smoother. Without a big predator scaring everything off, you quickly get a bite on your line.

Quetz and Cali played around in the river a little and caught their own Basculin, so the Basculin on your line will go further.



"It really is." I suppose, bird pokemon really are for eating, why else would it taste this good, it only makes sense right?


It's the circle of life. Things pass on to feed others, and you too will feed the grass that feeds the Pokemon when you return to the earth.

"Say, uh, Arthur, right? I really gotta thank you for helping me back there. It's getting late, you want to stay here for the night?"

"That's.. uh… yeah! Thanks a lot!"

Dad doesn't seem to realise mom's winking.


What sort of games does the casino have? Anything out of the ordinary, or is it just another glorified slots parlor?


It's pretty much a glorified slots parlor. You can buy coins to play, and later trade them in for cash or items.


Pass. I never really liked them. Too impersonal, mechanical.

Maybe I'll just hang out on deck and watch us pull into port.


I groan at her gestures blushing and making an upset scrunch suddenly getting up from the table having finished a bowl of stew.
"Yea. I'm gonna see if we have any cookies left for dessert. Mom."


They're excellent skinner boxes, though! The aura of the casino is very subdued. It's a little disquieting for someone as psychically sensitive as you are.

You take your baggage and watch the ship move into the port at Seagarden. This sea is conveniently blocked off from the main ocean, making it an excellent place for marine farming. You can make out vast fields of seaweeds from here under the water, the excess of which feeds fish pokemon that later end up as delicious dishes.

The horn sounds. Time to disembark!

there's a whole jar of cookies ready to be eaten. You could even get the ice cream from the fridge to eat it with.


Ice cream and cookies, weren't they sugar cookies?
That's just too much sugar, we'll get sick.
Look for milk in the fridge instead.


Too sweet? No such thing!

But fine, there's some fresh milk instead. Going to pour some for everyone?


You must have me confused with some girl who likes sweet on everything. Set out the glasses and ask first.
"Who else wants some milk and cookies?"


Arthur responds with no hesitation whatsoever. Mom and dad will have some, too.


Smile at him and bring back, four glasses of milk, then a separate trip for the cookies, piling them on a plate for easy grabbing.


Well, this was quite the way to travel. Glad I got to experience it. Is Nagi ready?


Like you, she packs light, save for the sword strapped on her back. Really makes her look like an adventurer. The gangplank is down.

"Not much to do in the seagarden, so I'll be taking the train to the next stopover, then heading towards the Fire Plains. How about you?"


"Honestly, I hadn't planned that far ahead. I need to check the train line first."


As you walk down the gangplank, you check your map.
Trains are fast, but expensive…


Arthur very politely waits for your parents to help themselves, but you can see his hand shaking in anticipation until it's his turn to have some cookies.

"Maybe being stuck home will be nice for a change! Ah, one hand should be good enough to use a computer…"
Mom sighs while dad shrugs.


I look worriedly at dad as I dunk my cookie a little too long and it gets soggy breaking off.


He takes a long while to get it. Arthur seems a bit confused about everything.

"W-well, I guess I could take it easy, too! I could have my friends bring movies, or try those fancy videogames."

Now mom looks more pleased.

"Remember, best to get to bed early tonight. Thank you so much, Amber, I'll clean up! Why don't you take out the bedding for Arthur?"


"Sure thing Mom." I take a cookie with me in my mouth as I go to get the spare bedding.


There's nice blankets, sheets and a whole mattress. Gonna make the couch nice and comfy, or put a whole mattress somewhere else?


Okay, fix up the mattress so he has room and his pokemon can be comfy too. I mean, assuming that they would come out to sleep next to him, maybe his growlithe doesn't like to sleep on his feet and likes the pokeball instead..
I honestly am not sure what the lay out is like, just whatever room they usually use for guests


Hm. They all sound interesting in their own way.

"Maybe I'll go east, towards Spring Fields. I have no real plans though."


You could use the laundry room as a guest room.

How nice of you! His mons would be perfectly fine in their balls, though. With the rain outside, at least tonight's going to be comfy.

"Well, what do you think would help in honing your psychic ability? I'm going to the fire plains to see the steel. The Grasslands is very ecologically dense, you might be able to find more pokemon to connect mentally with. I'm not sure how it works, though.


"Yeah, that's what I'm hoping at least. Though I think the location doesn't matter quite that much. I could learn something just as easily out there."


"As long as you keep trying? So… are you taking the train, or walking?"


Whatever would make him more at home.
'1d20' make the bed nicely

Roll #1 14 = 14


You can imagine sleeping here yourself, like camping out.

The evening's quieting down. M<om's done with the washing while Arthur's looking at the map, have a discussion of some kind with his Pokemon. Mom's probably going to go to bed soon, too.


"So, you got everything you need for the night?"


"Not just yet…"

He looks at you, smirking, and is about to say something before some kind of realisation kicks in and the smile looks very forced.

"…toothpaste! Yeah, uh, I ran out of toothpaste. Could I just borrow what's in the bathroom1 that works, right? Y-yeah."


I look honestly confused by his reaction.
"Uh, sure, there is some in bathroom. Should be some floss too, I think"


"T-thanks!" He rushes off, blushing madly.

How strange. Boys are just mysterious sometimes. His Frogadier and Growlithe lay about on the mattress, looking at a guidebook of some kind. It has a lot of pretty pictures.


Guidebook? Glance at the title, what area is it of?


It's a very general guidebook to the entire continent! He's looking at pictures of Lanobe city, a really big city down south known for its nightlife. They're also known for ninjas!


Let the little pokemon read and go to my own bed for the night.


Goodnight. You huddle up into bed, and Vee and Lily curl up with you.

The patter of the rain outside your window is your lullaby.

roll for dreams


'1d20' sweet dreams

Roll #1 4 = 4


So many things could have gone wrong today… what if you weren't there in time? You see different images of how else things could have gone when dad was trapped. You know those didn't happen, but you don't feel good…

At least your bed is still nice and comfy when you wake up.


…get dressed and go outside as soon as I wake up


You put on your suit, still uneasy. Sure this is the best state of mind to go out in?


Yes. Go for a walk to clear my mind.


File: 1472372663982.jpg (99.48 KB, 640x480, dscn0712.jpg)

With last night's rain cleared, the morning mist is cool and refreshing. The sun is barely rising, so under the treetop canopy it's still pretty dark.

The park's empty, and you see a few houses with the lights turning on. You could sit somewhere to collect your thoughts, or keep walking to do that.


The park, that's okay. I will go sit by the side of the path in the park and wait for a trainer to come by.
'1d20' luck.

Roll #1 19 = 19


Or two! There's an important-looking lady in a ranger uniform strolling nearby. From what you can see here, her rank far outstrips yours. And she's talking to Arthur, who seems to be asking her something.


Stand up and get in front of their path, first saluting the ranger, "Good morning Maim', I apologize for the inconvenience but."
Hold out Dexter's pokeball, clicking to large size. "Arthur. I promised myself I'd challenge the next trainer I saw. I challenge you to pokemon battle. Right now."


Webster's that is


He seems a worried.
"Sure, Amber, but.. why so sudden? Did something happen?"


"Then you accept? Great. This part of the park is empty so it will be perfect."
I step back into the yard avoiding his question and let out Joltik.
"Standard single battle rules fine with you?"


"Of course. I.. well, I promise I'll fight with all I have."

He's cleared away his own doubts for now. If it's a battle you want, then it's a battle you get.


"I know you will, Arthur."

Joltik will ready a spiderweb on whatever pokemon he decides to bring in.


First things first, he sends out his Honedge!

you feel yourself straightening up as the rush of battle creeps in. you see it in him as well, how his eyes grow focused…



Congrats on getting your very own Pokedex! That and you were looking at jobs to pull together a bit of cash.

For the same pay as you would get traveling to three larger Islands, you could just go to Bridge Island and deliver packages there. Did you want that job?

The world slowly blurs around you. All that matters is the battle in front of you.



Yeah, I'll take the Bridge Island job! More cash for doing what others are scared to do sounds like a good deal to me!


"Stay calm out there Webster!"
'1d20' '2d8+21' Electroweb.

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 5, 6 + 21 = 32


"Well, alright, then!"
She hands you five small packages and delivery forms.

"Get those signed by the recipients, and bring them to our office there! Here's some payment in advance to cover costs."

Received 1000P!

The Honedge is caught in a sticky, electrified web! it shudders as an electric current courses through it. Even so, it dances a Swords Dance. Its movements are far more precise now…



Use Thunderwave on it.


"Thanks! I'll get right on it! You don't happen to have a map of the city I can use for reference, do you?"
I'll need to check the addresses and try to line up as efficient a route as I can, so that I can go ahead and get this done.


A Shadow extends from beneath the Honedge! It sneaks up on Webster before he can act! Webster is surprised, but manages to loose a current through the thread that paralyses the Honedge.

Webster's HP: 38/63


"Not here, check in with our office there."

You could take a night boat and head off there immediately, or rest overnight and leave in the morning.


What a sneaky pokemon.
'1d20' '2d8+21' Electroweb again

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 8, 7 + 21 = 36


"All right, thanks anyway!"
Take the night boat, obviously. Let's do this!


You take the evening bus towards the south pier, after making sure you have everything with you. The ferry leaves soon, so get your ticket! The trip there is 300P.

The Honedge, though incapacitated, can still use the shadows to attack! Webster is sent flying up by the shade hitting from behind, but manages to pull off a web, though very weakened.

Webster is tired, but so is the sword. Whoever moves first next wins…

Webster's HP: 8/63


Its all up to this. Go for one more electroweb.

'1d20' '2d8+21'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 1, 7 + 21 = 29


Webster trips! In his eagerness to hit the sword, he gets caught in his own threads! The sword uses this chance to bring Webster down with a last Shadow Sneak. Webster gurgles regretfully at his own impatience as he stays down, defeated.


Swap to Marill.


Arthur doesn't notice.
Lalita comes out! She punches the air excitedly, in a menacing display that turns out more cute than anything.


With the thousand I just got for expenses, that's chump change!
…well, not really, but it's not like I've got alternatives. Run up to the counter so that I can make it in time.
"One ticket to Bridge Town! I don't want to miss this ferry!"


She's cute alright, but strong too.
"Show off your training Lalita!"
'1d20' '2d6+26' Aqua Jet

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 4, 2 + 26 = 32


The sword only has time for its eye to widen before Lalita smashes into it! Lalita laughs as the sword drops onto the ground with a satisfying clang. You see Arthur exhale in surprise.

Next up, Arthur's new Exeggcute! The band of seeds looks up and down Lalita, trying to size her up.

"Oh, sure!"
Ferries don't normally run this late, but it's a Friday, so plenty of people will be heading home after as bit of partying. The Ferry is more or less sparse, just a few people are occupying seats. A few of them have blindfolded themselves and are probably trying to get some sleep.


"Ha! Now show him your secret move."
'1d20' '2d8+28' Ice Punch

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 4, 2 + 28 = 34


Arthur's eyes widen when you mention a 'secret move', and he immediately tells his seeds to stop it! Lalita winds up her fist, but the seeds let loose a hypnotic wave..

Lalita is struggling with drowsiness! She falters in her attack and stumbles, half-asleep.


Well, normally I'd consider picking some pockets while they're unaware, but I'm already working for money, so there's no need for me to overdo it. I can probably afford to just sit down and rest for a while.


Going to sleep over the trip? There's a ferry attendant handing out blindfolds. The sea outside is pretty, though.

The ferry's moving off! You should be arriving by noon tomorrow.


"Okay, take a rest then." I sigh and swap in Vee.


Vee leaps into battle, proudly showing off his cool battle stances! In the meantime, the eggs put up a wall of light between it and Vee. A Reflect shield! Not that Vee cares, as you see him preparing to loose flames.


Eh, I'll pass on the blindfold, but some sleep might not go awry…
First though, I need to secure those packages. I stick them in my bag, then tie it shut, and tie it onto my waist. That way, if anybody ruffles through it, it'll wake me up so I can catch them in the act!


Simply nod at him, he has the right idea.
'1d20' '2d6+19' fire spin

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 5, 6 + 19 = 30


Good thinking!

"Are you sure you don't want a blindfold? You might.. see things around these seas. Not many people are comfortable with that." The attendant does look pretty concerned.

Too eager!
The danger is obvious, and Arthur pulls Exeggcute out! In comes the Frogadier, who resists the flame, but is trapped by the vortex in the meantime.

The frog looks straight at you, and not his direct opponent.


At me? I stare back at him, suddenly understanding what he wants.
"Yea. I think she'd prefer that too."
Swap in Lily.


A duel! More dramatic when it's the last Pokemon on each side, but it works.

Lily is in, and ready to fight.


start out with mega drain, it might be expected but its still pretty strong.
'1d20' '2d6+26'

Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 3, 2 + 26 = 31


"What, Gyarados or something? I'll be fine."
Geez, it's like she thinks I'm some sort of pampered brat or something. I'm not worried about seeing nature at work.


Even if it's expected, doesn't make it any less strong! The Frog moves first and its skin turns a purple tinge as it throws purple spikes around the area. Toxic spikes!

Even so, Lily's drain attack pierces the Frogadier's resistant skin! A Critical hit!

She sighs.
"Suit yourself, sir."

You notice her preparing a straitjacket in the back and leaving it where it can be easily grabbed in case of an emergency…


I try not to be too impressed, even if it is an impressive ability.
quick attack
'1d20' '1d8+15'

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 3 + 15 = 18


Well…shit. They're actually scared of something out here.
I'm not scared, not at all! But if there's something out there, it would be best to be prepared.
Guess I'm not sleeping tonight after all…


Lily runs in to hit the frog before its skin can shift again! But Lily's not so good at hitting physically. The Frogadier cries out in a Round attack, and Lily clasps her ears.

HP: 40/68

The travelers that seem more experienced are wearing blindfolds, using earplugs and wrapping themselves in blankets.

The lights in the ferry cabin dim as it rolls over the waves. The moon tonight is New, there's little light from the sky or water.



Its not quite time for the finale, use another mega drain.
'1d20' '2d6+26'

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 1, 2 + 26 = 29


Here we go… Might as well have Zoro out, maybe his instincts will help cover my blind spots.

Roll #1 12 = 12


The Frog's yell sends Lily stumbling again! She looks like she could give up any second now.

All of a sudden, she grows quiet, and her leaves extend outwards like a fan. She retaliates with a hard-hitting Mega Drain, draining the Frogadier of precious health!

Lily looks a lot better, having fed, but the power boost she had for a moment is gone. The frog looks badly hurt, but at the same time is moving much more deliberately, even if it looks like it could drop any moment now…

You hear some giggling. So does Zoro.

It doesn't sound human.


Lily's HP: 26/68

She's well, but the frog's own boost might be able to do something unexpected.


Okay! I make a stance similar to the one lily will take for this move. "Now!" I call out to her. The moment is right. Grass Pledge.
'1d20' '3d8+28'

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 3, 5, 7 + 28 = 43


"Water Pledge!"

The Frogadier finally returns to its true self! Its skin is back to its usual shade as it it conjures pillars of water that fall onto Lily! You feel the force of the waves just by standing near and have to shield your face, this is the strongest attack you've ever had used against you…

But, Lily barely holds on! Nourished by the water, her leaves spread out again, Overgrowing. Columns of leaves are invoked and cut deep into the Frogadier! In its own, true skin, it cannot stand a chance.

The Frogadier is defeated, and Arthur winces.

"Silly of me…"

Growlithe comes out to take the frog's mantle!


I blink, and suddenly burst out laughing.
"You too? Of course. You said you went to your shrine."
Lily can't stay in again this, swap back to sleepy mouse.


Lily's HP: 6/68

"Still a water against grass. Eh."

Lalita is still fighting to stay awake… worse, she hits a toxic spike on the way in!

The Growlithe reaches out to bite, but Lalita's dense body makes it fail to really leave a mark…
Lalita's HP: 65/73


"It was really strong." I compliment him.
"Come on Lalita, its no time to nap now."
'1d20' roll to wake up?

Roll #1 3 = 3


Roll to wale up, and also attack if wake up works. But Lalita's still sleepwalking, and shuddering from the poison too. The Growlithe goes back and the Exeggcute returns!

Lalita's HP: 57/73

"But Lily's stronger…"


"It all came down to typing, like in our first match.."
'1d20' '2d8+28' Ice Punch

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 15 = 15 / Roll #3 1, 4 + 28 = 33


The Exeggecute wastes no time, and does a Mega Drain! it's not as strong as Lily's, but deals enough to Lalita. The shock finally lets Lalita wake up, and she winds her fist up and punches!

The Ice would have done waaay more to the Exeggcute, but the Reflect shield absorbs some damage! It doesn;t do more than you'd expect on a normal hit.

Lalita suffers from poison…
Lalita's HP: 29/73


I frown, she was asleep so long.

'1d20' '2d10+28' body slam

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 5, 4 + 28 = 37


Lalita leaps and slaps into the Exeggcute! The shield defends against most of the attack again, and it dissipates. The eggs can't move from the shock of the attack and are paralyzed!

Regardless, they manage to pull off another drain attack! Lalita falls to the ground, weakened by so many things, as the Exeggcute recover a little, but still paralysed.


Looks like a repeat of earlier in order.
"Come on out Vee."
'1d20' '2d6+19' fire spin

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 5, 2 + 19 = 26


Except he doesn't have Frogadier anymore…

Vee lands and looses a vortex of fire! This time, there's no retreat. The seeds are trapped within, paralysed. They're very durable, and it takes the leftover flames of the fire spin to bring them down.

Deino comes out to take the Exeggute's place! The small dragon growls angrily.


"Confuse ray!" I call out to the fox.
-use confuse ray-


Your quick fox is faster, and an eeerie light pulse comes from his eyes.

The Deino's steps become uncertain! It's confused.. but that doesn't stop it from baring its fangs…

It chomps down on Vee! To add insult to injury, it's into his nice chest fur! Vee squirms as the Deino shakes, but finally gets free. Vee coughs…

Vee's HP: 19/60


Vee isn't too used to battles yet I suppose..
Try payback '1d20' '1d8+10'

Roll #1 17 = 17 / Roll #2 2 + 10 = 12


The insult to Vee won't stand! Fox channels his anger and beast into the dragon!


Roll #1 8, 8, 1 = 17


Vee beats into the dragon, but it just doesn't work out so well. Vee isn't good for fighting at paw range, and if he's going to use Dark attacks, the Deino knows how to deal with it.

The Deino stumbles around confused, attacking widly, and completely misses Vee!


Use another fire spin for now
'1d20' '2d6+19'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 4, 6 + 19 = 29


Good thinking! The flames will trap it so it can't escape its confusion. Meanwhile, it keeps stumbling around and attacking the air blindly! As long as Vee is careful…


It could still get lucky.. I will keep using payback.
'1d20' '1d8+10'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 7 + 10 = 17


Vee wasn't attacked, so there's no force to use the Payback with. It barely scratches the Deino…

It barely hurts the Deino again, and this time it fires a Dragonbreath! It seems a lot calmer when it's attacking from a distance, and has lost its confusion. It doesn't hit as hard, but Vee is wincing and coughing badly..

Vee's HP: 4/60


Swap in Tamiyo.


'1d20' '1d6+20' gonna go ahead and roll for poison sting

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 4 + 20 = 24


Tamiyo to the rescue! The Deino's dragonbreath hits her instead, and she flies defiantly.

Tamiyo's HP: 51/72


Tamiyo glides down onto the dragon, stinger extended! But it rolls out of the way and retaliates with another Bite! Tamiyo's hard shell helps her deflect quite a lot of the hit, but it still hits terrifyingly hard.

Tamiyo's HP: 31/72



"You can do it Tamiyo."
'1d20' '2d8+27' go for wing attack, we need to damage it quick.

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 2, 7 + 27 = 36


Tamiyo, sensing urgency, hits it down as fast as she can! The dragon, weakened by Vee's flames, is tipped over its limit and falls.

Arthur's Togetic comes out! It hovers, trying to look scary.



Viola is having a meaty porridge for breakfast. What about you?


Huh, for a wild girl I thought she wouldn't eat meat, but maybe that makes more sense…

As for me, I don't know actually! I'll take a look at what options I have


Her Pokemon are incredibly predatory! Poisonous bug pokemon don't just happily eat plants, you know.

There's stuff like pancakes and waffles, or rice and porridge, or meat buns. It's a simple spread.


I smile at the thought. She really is kind of like her pokemon a bit…
Maybe I should be a bit like Jasper too? hmmn

Well, blood can't possibly be better than waffles and syrup, I've grown too fond of this combination for breakfast


Yes hello.


Jasper and you paired up as comrades for a reason. He must be like you in some way!

So be it, you collect a simple waffle set from the cafeteria counter and sit opposite her.

"Eat enough for you strength, but don't be too full! You need a bit of hunger to go through with a few stuff I'm gonna teach you."

"We're proud to announce our winner… Clara and her amazing Starly, from the Northpeak! Give it up for her, please!"

The Starly girl comes to the front of the stage, clearly pleased with herself. She pins the ribbon onto her Starly, who flies around the hall in a victory flight.


But in what way? I mean I used to be super active at night but I have been working to fix that so I could sleep at reasonable hours but…

''I can't wait…'' I sigh with a tired smile before eating
''So, what stuff are you gonna teach me, Master Viola?''


Clap with the crowd. She deserves it.
"I'm not surprised. Those two have a special bond for sure."


That's something you'll have to discover for yourself. No one else can really know.

She sighs.
"Oh, basic stuff. Building a shelter out of available materials, how to start a fire, water purification, and gathering food. Hmm, I think your Golbat would be good with that last part…"

"A lot like you and your Pichu! It's always nice to see people and their Pokemon comrades united in purpose."
An older man on a wheelchair comments.


Well that won't be easy. Jasper is a mystery himself, that strange little bat

''Oh hey, that does sound like pretty good stuff… And I'm gonna need to know all that for the gym? Oh and Jasper? he's a good hunter, but I think his diet is blood only now… He just recently evolved so I'm not sure if his eating habits did too''


Golbats are known for drinking blood, but they can subsist on many other things. Blood is the most efficient food source for them, though. What you know is that these waffles are kind of tasteless, but there's enough maple syrup to mask it.

"Only one way to find out! Ready to go?"


Heh, blood waffles for jasper
I shake those silly thoughts away and put my fork down ''Yeah! Let's do this!'' I reply, pumped up from her initiative (and a bit from all that sugar)


Turn to look at the man.
"Eh? Well, he was my first Pokemon… so I guess we've had some time to grow closer together by now."

Going to have to stop here already, playing OW with DM.


"Your first Pokemon is special. They take the chance of bonding with a person they don't know because they want to grow with you. Ah, but I need to get back to my gym, I've spent too long here!"

Nyanno-chan has a horde of followers asking to lick her feet despite losing, but this Clara seems satisfied adjusting the ribbon on her bird.

Well, alright.

"Let's see you keep that attitude up…"
You follow her out the inn and towards the bus stop leading you into the northern jungles. It's clear you're stepping into wilderness, as the cries of bugs and other wild pokemon from within the jungle reverberate through the trees.


I wont lie, I'm feeling slightly unconfortable at the thought of bug pokemon here
rub my arm, looking around ''So uh… What's he first step to mastering the wild?''


They're just bugs. They can be easily dealt with in many different ways! And Jasper sure isn't afraid of them.

"Alright. imagine you're lost in the forest. You don't have any supplies other than maybe a few tools, like your knife. First thing you got to do is find a good spot for your shelter. Any ideas?"


I'm not afraid! They're just gross!

''I uh…hmmnn… A cave?''


"That would be great, if you could find one. And that's assuming it hasn't already been taken over by strong Pokemon who don't want you as a guest. No, we're going to look for somewhere with access to freshwater and where we can build a shelter. Look for one!"



''Mmmmnnnear a riverside?''

Roll #1 6 = 6


File: 1473436757041.jpg (865.88 KB, 800x1067, Epipremnum_aureum_in_Udawa….jpg)

"Not too near, the river might flood, and tons of Pokemon are drawn by the river, which might be good or bad. Just make sure it's within walking distance."

You do find a clearing with lots of fallen branches, and grass that helps hold the ground firm.

"Alright! Now you have to build your shelter. any idea what you'll need?"


''That's easy, some sticks and leaves, right?''


File: 1473437147048.gif (23.41 KB, 450x410, fig5-11.gif)

"Not as easy as you're thinking, I'm sure."

She pulls out a few hand-drawn diagrams. They look good.

"This is a basic kind of shelter, and it's kinda easy to make.Easier than most others, at least. You're going to need to gather differently sized sticks, enoguh branches full of leaves that can hold up to rain, and for your bedding you need some small but thick branches you can cover with moss. Got it? Get searching!"


''Wait, woah, you mean right now?'' look around and, like she said, GET SEARCHING!

Roll #1 3 = 3


There's not much you can reach yourself. Maybe you could have Jasper fly up and collect the better branches? Or ask Tina for to help pick out the best materials?


That's right! I could have my pokemon help me out with this! But…

''Uuh, Viola, am I allowed to get help from my pokemon With this or?…''


"Sure! You could learn from how they do things, too."
The Whirlipede hanging off her back nods, as much as it can.


What a cute bug that Whirlipede is, which is rare since bugs are almost never cute

Well let's see if Jasper can help getting the higher, better branches near the treetops


He can! Tina uses her vines to quickly scale upwards and tags some good branches for Jasper to tear off, too. Very convenient.



We'll keep those Basculin ready for lunch. For now, set up our water filter system. If we have to make a run for it, I'll need some water in my canteen.


>Tamiyo's HP: 31/72

Tamiyo is facing Arthur's Togetic, who flitters about and looks surprisingly menacing.


Perhaps a poison sting will work here
'1d20' '1d6+20'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 5 + 20 = 25


It would, but Tamiyo just isn't very good with her Stinger! The Togetic flies out the way, clasps its tiny hands, and laughs very intimidatingly. It's doing a Nasty Plot!


Go for a knock off !
'1d20' '2d6+27'

Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 4, 3 + 27 = 34


Tamiyo's much better with her claws! She charges into the Togetic and slaps it down! If the Togetic had been holding something, it would have been disarmed. The Togetic tries to avoid the attack, but Tamiyo manages to get a critical hit in on a wing!

The Togetic angrily retaliates with an air cutter! A blade of wind cuts into your scorpion while she's celebrating her attack…

Tamiyo's HP: 3/72


Grr.. try another poison sting, maybe she can land it.
'1d20' '1d6+20'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 1 + 20 = 21


First we'll use our shirt to filter out the river water, then we'll boil it to kill whatever else is in it.


Finally! Tamiyo whips her tail around and get some venom onto the fairy, but it's only a glancing hit. The peaceful, happy fairy doesn't seem like that at all, as it angrily retaliates with a pulse of Stored Power!

Tamiyo's wings fail her and she drops to the ground, yielding.


Good thinking. For a more effective filter, pack some stones and sand too, but the water here needn't be worried about too much.

You're getting hungry, though.


Swap to Aron.
Have him use Aron Defense right away.


So close to finishing this, so I'm going to prepare the Basculin Quetz and Cali caught instead of going out right now. I should already have a fire going for boiling the water.


>Aron defense

Rusty is at a advantage! He confidently hardens his hide! But a hard metal hide doesn't stop a special attack so well… the Stored Power is stopped by the iron hide, but hardening it didn't help here!

Rusty's HP: 57/71

And you can have Dynamo help you with that!
Roll for food prep


"Okay, keep it nice and easy Dynamo."


Roll #1 7 = 7


Cali very helpfully makes the Basculin stop moving so you can fry it.

It's not especially delicious, but the fish meat keeps you going.

Roll for luck


Heh, I didn't notice!

'1d20' '3d8+24' Iron Head
"You're tough enough for this, don't worry!"

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 5, 7, 7 + 24 = 43


"We're almost there. We'll get something big and juicy when were back on the road."

Luck '1d20'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Rusty lowers his head, and runs right at the Togetic! He jumps up and slams into it with amazing force! The Togekiss coughs as barely manages to pull off another Stored Power, the iron on Rusty's head leaving marks on its skin…

Rusty's HP: 42/71

Thunder resounds overhead. Before you know it, your nice fire is extinguished by a suddenly downpour. You're getting soaked and cold, your clothes sling to your skin and refuse to let it breathe…


"Keep the pressure up Rusty!"
'1d20' '2d8+24' Rock Tomb

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 4, 6 + 24 = 34


There is no escape. Rusty kicks up rocks at his opponent, whose wings are hit and so falls to the floor. The Togetic cries out something unintelligible to you, but from within her Poke ball, Lalita looks shocked.

"All on you now!"
The Growlithe comes out, finally! She makes a sudden roar at Rusty, intimidating him! He steps back, unsure about what to do.


Just hope that the clothes for this area I bought do their job.

I need some quick shelter, just something to keep the rain off. I'll get some good sticks I can bundle together!


Roll #1 17 = 17


You should be at your campsite, right? You should have a tent with you now already set up.


"Don't back down!" Vee would really not like to do this fight..
'1d20' '2d8+24' Rock Tomb again

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 4, 2 + 24 = 30


I never set one up, sadly. I left my old camp to head towards the river, then got busy with the Feraligator.

We will use them to fortify the tent, then. A little extra support between us and the outside.


The Growlithe is much faster! It moves in and does a double kick on Rusty! Even though the kicks would normally deliver their force through his armor, Rusty's iron defense reduces the devasting attack to nothing in comparison!

You can see Rusty smile when he endures the kicks, then throws more rocks and the dog.

Or rather, your new site. You have a tent with you anyway.
No need for that. You should probably just huddle inside and wait for the storm to subside. Once you've brought in everything you need, anyway. Going to be tough looking for food if this doesn't stop.


I'll put the others back in their Pokéball for safety, but I'll keep Cobalt out with me.

Maybe her nose will pick up some nearby fruit trees. It's not like I looked around the area yet, might as well try to make an educated guess with her nose.


Roll #1 6 = 6


"That's it, keep your feet steady."
'1d20' '3d8+24' Then we charge in with Iron Head

Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 4, 5, 3 + 24 = 36


Rusty, feeling confident, performs his favourite attack again! But it doesn't work very well, the heat emanating off the dog frightens him at the last second! Steel moves aren't good on fire types.

The dog doesn't let up on its kicks, it's slowly but surely wearing down Rusty.

You have your basculin, don't you? Enough for a few meals. It's hard to sniff anything out in the rain, and Cobalt wants shelter too.


Rusty's HP: 17/71


"Its okay just stay back then."
'1d20' '2d8+24' Rock Tomb

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 1, 2 + 24 = 27


It's not like we left the tent. I was hoping she'd pick something up from the blowing wind. If anything, it's probably for the best not to go outside right now and pat Cobalt on the head instead.

My clothes are wet, so I should at least try to squeeze the water out to dry them.


Every rock thrown slow the Growlithe even more, it looks weakened, but still determine. The first kick hits Rusty, but barely manages to scratch his plate armor. The second… hits right through! The kick strikes Rusty in gaps in his armor, and his confidence is lost as he's sent sprawling over backwards by the critical hit. Rusty groans, unceremoniously defeated when he was doing so well.

You do that. Try to save your energy while you wait out the storm.
Roll for more luck.


Almost there, gotta keep my spirits up.


Roll #1 4 = 4


I look over my team and frown. They can't really fight anymore.
"I give up! You win Arthur."


He looks shocked to have the wind taken out of him like that.

"Yes, they can! You're not losing like this, Amber! Come on and fight! I said I'd do my best, and I want to see you do the same!"

Growlithe barks as well. Lily and Vee nudge you. They're weakened, but have enough energy to see the fight to its end.

You huddle in the tent, playing with Quetz and the rest. Dynamo can't stay in here, sadly , so he rests in his Poke ball.

It should be evening now, and the rain hasn't let up. Your belly tells you you have to eat again.


I still have some Basculin left over. Since we're not exactly moving around much, it should even out for us.


"…" I look really surprised at them, particularly Vee. "All of you?"
Then make a confident step forward, and call out Lily. "Alright, let's do this!"

'1d20' '2d6+26' Mega Drain

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 1, 5 + 26 = 32


File: 1473483217476.jpg (98.56 KB, 1024x728, bb2a78db87fcaaf630d523f780….jpg)

It should. Think about the better times ahead. The rain's subsiding, but it's still going to be cold tonight. You share a few pieces with your squad, eating most of it yourself since you can't slow your metabolism by being in a Pokeball.

At least the rain drives the dangerous things into hiding. Might be fine to just sleep now and hope the next morning will be better.

Growlithe looks disappointed. She was hoping to face someone else…

Lily doesn't noticed, focused on the battle she is. Her Overgrowing leaves fuel her attack, and even though the Growlithe resists it heals her! Yet it's still a fire type, so even after Growlithe is left exhausted, it charges cloaked in fire and knocks Lily out for the count.

Lily tried. She has enough strength to strike a dignified yielding pose.


Then, its all up to Vee.
Call him out.
"Try hypnosis!"



Roll #1 13 = 13


Vee comes out! He looks nervous… the Growlithe, sensing this, barks to try and make him feel better. Vee, seeing her guard down immediately takes the chance to Hypnotise her!

The Growlithe stumbles in drowsiness just as she was trying to bare her fangs.


..I can't find that anything but cute.

"Let's not waste time Vee."
'1d20' '2d6+19' fire spin

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 2, 3 + 19 = 24


I'll let Cobalt stay out of her Pokeball tonight then and head to bed. Just a wee bit more and we';ll be allowed to take on the Gym.


Roll #1 17 = 17


Vee gets the last move! He shoots his flame vortex that surrounds the Growlithe. This finally brings her down and she sighs, whining a little.

Arthur looks a little conflicted, but he smiles at the end.

"See? You could do it."

She'd rather be inside in this weather, but you need protecting.

You sleep pretty soundly, but in the darkness you stir awake. The ground below you is moving.


"Hey, Cali, you feel that?" I whisper to her as I start standing. "Is this an earthquake?"


Cali's having a nice sleep, and yawns as you nudge her awake. Her face suddenly changes and she lies down low.

Wait, there isn't any ground below you anymore! It's just the canvas base of the tent!


"Cali, are we flying? Is the tent flying?" I yell out as I try to steel myself and look down. "Where's the ground?"


I nod at him and sigh exhausted.
"You're a tough opponent Arthur." Then pause. "Promise to keep fighting me? I need someone who won't let me slack off if I'm going to be the best Ranger in the world." I suddenly grin smugly just imagining it.


You feel the tent being lowered as solid ground materializes below the tent base again. You're not flying anymore.

You hear a few buzzing wingbeats suddenly move off into the distance.

"Mmm… of course! There's no way I'd let you not be! Now, shouldn't we let our Pokemon heal up?"

Rusty has other ideas. He jumps out of his poke ball, covered in a thicker layer of iron than usual. He shakes and rubs against the ground, trying to shed it off to reveal his face…

Congratulations! Rusty has evolved into Lairon!


"WHOA!" I exclaim surprised and touch his coat of iron.
"Rusty, you're huge!"


"Let's get out of the tent before they decide to take us somewhere else Cali!"

Rush out, ready to fight and keeping an ear out. I don't want to run into the woods at night without something to go.


File: 1473485395272.jpg (386.06 KB, 1312x1108, spider web.jpg)

He cheerfully roars, before slumping back down to exhaustion.

"How nice! Shall we heal up?"

Rushing was your first mistake. You are tripped and fall into a web! It's sticky, and you're having trouble getting out. No, actually, you're surrounded by webs! And approaching you is an Ariados, clicking its fangs menacingly.


"Cali, I'm going to need you to retreat for now. I'll be counting on you for later."

Recall Cali, call out Dynamo.


Dynamo is sent out! He's careful not to get trapped in the web, and his flames flare up to ready for battle.


"Dynamo, these must be the ones responsible for hounding us the last few days. Use Flame Wheel to burn their webs and keep them off of us!"

Flame Wheel
'1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 20 = 20 / Roll #2 6, 1 + 10 = 17


Dynamo charges, cloaked in flame! The spider sneaks its shadow behind and manages to slice Dynamo, but that doesn't stop him from performing a perfect tackle! The force of the blow destroys some of the web, and sends the Ariados flying back and looking terribly weakened.


"Keep it up. Burn the webbing down and we can retreat, but don't give them a chance to gain ground."

Flame Wheel and burn the webbing near me.
'1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 8, 5 + 10 = 23


The Ariados retreats, and in its place comes a Butterfree! This one is also poised to attack.

You're free of the webbing, so Dynamo focuses on striking down the replacement opponent. The Butterfree reels from the flaming tackle.


"They're working together? This isn't something I'd have expected in the wild. Dynamo, give it another attack, but this time we'll be escaping!"

Flame Wheel
'1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 7, 8 + 10 = 25


This charge would finish the Butterfree, but it scatters a cloud of powder! Dynamo is caught in its midst in the middle of his charge, and falls to drowsiness…

"Nice Ponyta!"

Hidden behind the webbed tree branches, a figure appears. it's the Ranger chief, the gym leader!


"Uhm, thanks?" Recall Ponyta. "But, there's a whole bunch of Bug Pokemon out here, be careful!" Call Quetz out.


"That's because they're mine. Now come on, keep battling!"

The butterfree shows Quetz with a cloud of spores! This time, they don't cause sleepiness, but Quetz's movements are slowed. He's paralysed!

In response, his scales visibly harden. He doesn't have to worry about being hit too hard, at least.


"Right, let's go heal."
And we go straight there.


Also your pokemon have leftover stats to distribute


"Oh, OH!" Turn towards Quetz. "Alright, let's do this. Quetz, use Twister, blow the spores away and show Butterfree what you're capable of!"

Twister '1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1, 1 + 8 = 10


roll 1d20 for paralysis too

Quetz tries to stir up a twister, but the gust the Butterfree stirs up is stronger!

Quet'z HP: 29/53

Quetz might have better luck trying to attack with his strong body.


The Pokemon center's just a minute away! It was a friendly fight, even if everyone tried their best! Only Vee was really hurt, and even then a bit of medicine and rest will cure him by the end of today. The nurse just has to rub some cream on him and he's good.

"Well, feel better, Amber?"


Paralysis '1d20'

"Quetz, don't give up! Use your Dragon Tail to knock it down!"

Dragon Tail '1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 5 = 5 / Roll #3 4, 8 + 10 = 22


"Huh?" I look confused.
"Oh! Yea! I totally feel like I can take on that gym now. Though, I heard once, that tackling the gym of your home town is special, to be done at the end of your journey, but, can't let a silly superstition like that get to me!"


The Butterfree stirs up another gust! Quetz grits his teeth and endures through the whirlwind to leap up and strike at the Butterfly.

A finishing hit! The burrtferee is slapped to the ground and defeated, but Quetz is only a little better…

Quetz's HP: 9/53

The Ariados comes back out!

"That's just said by people who don't plan on seeing all the gyms. I tackled my home gym as my third! Well, I'm glad you're good Amber. I gotta leave today. Of course, I'll see you again!"


"Quetz, you did well. Tag out with Cali for now."

Swap out for Cali.


"Where are you headed next?"


Czli draws her weapon as she's sent out, timed perfectly to look cool. She even manages to parry the Ariados' incoming bite attack, though it was more by accident than anything.

"Lanobe, down south. I heard there's a ninja gym there! Then I think I'll walk north until I get back here so I've come to this place properly."


"That's quite a lot of walking." Notice his shoes, does he have good traveling shoes?


He does! Comfy, protective, waterproof boots. They look just worn enough.

"It is, but that's the point, right? I bet you've walked way more than me!"


"Nice." Give her a thumbs up.

"Let's keep it simple and keep our space Cali. Use Water gun, don't let it get close."

Water Gun '1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 1, 4 + 8 = 13


But Cali wants to get close. Still, with the Ariados weakened as it is, Cali sprays it just before it can bite her. It's left on the ground, legs dangling helplessly.

"Oh, well done! Hope you're not too tired!"

You hear a familiar screech, the one that has haunted you throughout your stay here.

A Scizor emerges from the trees, and it stands ready, facing you.


Well, I had to make sure after some of the kids I met recently..
"Me? I guess so, its still good to save energy for the really important things, like your Togetic's stored power move, like, if we had walked all the way to the city then we would have been exhausted during the storm and.." okay, maybe those nightmares are still bothering me a little, "Just remember to take breaks, try to keep a little food with you all the time, even if its just berries."


"Cali, I want you to get ready. This one is going to be tough."

Focus Energy. '1d20'

Roll #1 13 = 13


"Aww, thanks for the advice! I know I can trust what you say! And don't worry, I'm sure you'll do great, too."

Cali changes her stance. Her breathing slows as she takes careful aim with her weapons. Cali is Pumped!

The scizor, too, takes the time to prepare. Its wings beat rapidly and its speed increases. It flies blindingly fast, despite its heavy body.


"Cali, we're all counting on you. Show that Scizor all that you've learned!"

Razor Shell '1d20' '3d8+10'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 2, 8, 5 + 10 = 25


"You can email me anytime!" I make a cool peace sign and wink, just like the posters. '1d20' coolness roll.
"I'll answer as soon as I'm not working."

Roll #1 15 = 15


Very cool! The air around you could chill. He grins even wider.

"Oh my, I will! Now let's go home. I'm going to take my stuff and head off."


"Alright." Start heading home.
"By the way, what were you talking to that Ranger about?"


The Scizor is faster! I t slashes first with its claws, with an X-sissor attack! Cali is hurt, but retaliated just in time! She draws her weapon and performs a clean cut, enough to leave a gash in the Scizor's armor…


Cali: 40/73


"Oh.. I was looking for you. Was pretty worried… yeah."

He doesn't look so comfortable.


"Use Water Gun, buy yourself some distance to prepare for the next attack!"

Water Gun '1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5, 1 + 8 = 14


Bad move to withdraw from the midst of melee so suddenly! The water spray glances off the Scizor's armor, but luckily it also stumbles, and misses Cali.


Shock. That's the only way to explain this reaction.
But I'm the type to laugh at such times. So I burst out laughing having to stop for it. Finally catching my breathe I look up at him.
"Wow, I really acted dumb."


"We'll try something else later! For now, use your shell again! Go for the spot you hit last time!"

Razor Shell '1d20' '3d8+10'

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 5, 3, 2 + 10 = 20


"No, no, it's alright! I mean, anyone'd be a little scared when something bad happens. I know, I feel like that all- a lot. But never mind, what matters is that everything's okay now, right?"
He tries to be cool and reassuring.


"Yea. It was just some bad dreams. Nothing worse than the tricks pumkaboo played on me I was first starting out." I wave if off like its nothing, but my smile is a little different, smaller, sweeter, and my eyes keep blinking.


The Scizor moves first, as usual, and slices deep with its claws!

Cali's hp:5/73

Cali'a deeply hurt, but a sudden concentration comes over her. She unsheathes, and delivers a devastating slash, right into the dented armor! The Scizor screeches in fear.


"Y-yeah… see? It's all good now."

What a nice moment. There is a sweet scent of morning flowers in the air.


It really is nice out, I get a little bounce in my step.
"Thanks for coming to look for me, just think if I hadn't run into you, some rookie might have had to fight me!"


"Cali, I know what you want to do and that's fine. Do everything you can to get in there and chop him up with all you have!"

Karate Chop '1d20' '1d8+8'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 5 + 8 = 13


Cali strikes with her bare arm! The Scizor is left terribly weak, but there's enough of it to finish her. Cali faces her end valiantly and kneels. Just a little more.


"And then you'd be left so bored!"

Home now! And mom's looking out window…


"You did good Cali, real good. Take a break for now."

Switch in Cobalt.


"Yea! Totally bored." I giggle slightly.
…I guess she was worried too, wave at her as we approach.


Cobalt is out! She readies her arms before her. Soon…

Oh boy, she sees you and is giggling.


"Cobalt, the Scizor ahead is dangerously fast. Don't underestimate it just because its damaged."

Force Palm '1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 1, 1 + 10 = 12


Please remember to add your attack stat


Force Palm shows as 2d8 + 10 + 8, so an extra 8 points of damage are dealt?


Cobalt just isn't as good as attacking head on as Cali. Or rather, not at all. The Scizor punches her faster than she can react, while she does nearly nothing to it.



"Cobalt, don't stay in close right now! Get back for the moment."

Vacuum Wave '1d20' '2d6+8' +16 as well

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 6, 2 + 8 = 16


That's it. You need an understanding of where your Pokémon's strengths lie. Cobalt punches the air in front of her, and before the Scizor sees it coming the wave knocks it out of the air, down for the count.

"Oh well done, well done! Congratulations, young challenger."


"Thanks, but my friends did a lot of the work. My name's Squire."


"Oh, I know. And I'm Salman. Ranger Chief Salman, that is. You did well, I think your time here has given you a new understanding. You found yourself driven to desperate measures by hunger, in fear of everything hunting you… bugs are lowly creatures, but that same lowliness gives them a strength we can all learn from. Especially you, as a dragon child."

He holds a green badge that vaguely resembles a cocoon. Obtained the Primal Badge!

Quetz comes out, as if to celebrate, but his skin has hardened terribly and you can't even see his face through the spoiled scales. He struggles desperately from inside his ruined skin, trying to tear it off.


"Thank you, but excuse me." I'll turn towards Quetz, try to get some of those scales off of him. "I've got you buddy."


File: 1473567068972.png (685.41 KB, 800x800, dragonair_by_cometwing-d4u….png)

His skin comes off from the tail end first, and beneath it he's glowing! There are pearls on the tail underneath, and when you finally get the old skin off his face he looks different. His eyes are clearer, he has a horn, and the fins he had are now wings.


"Woah, Quetz, you're even cooler looking than before! How does it feel?" I'll pet Quetz by those big ears of his.


Quetz elegantly squeals. He's grown, just like you.

"Nice dragonair! Anyway, you should go back and have a nice long shower to celebrate. Enjoy some comforts of civilization you might have taken fort granted before, I know I did!"


"I'll do that. I think we could all use a long one. Quetz and everyone else gave it their all out there, I'm sure they'll be happy for one."

Sniff my clothes for a moment. "You don't happen to have a washing machine or something I could use? All my clothes smell bad too."


"Ranger facilities are for their use only, I'm afraid. There are laundromats in town, though."

The chief releases two Yanmega from his Poke balls, and grabs onto one of them.

"I can get you out of here at the very least. Just relax and enjoy the ride."


"First time for everything." Recall Quetz and grab on, trying not to look down.


"Nope, they carried you in here when you came in, too. Don't worry, they;ve been doing this for years"


The Yanmega grabs you and carries you off the jungle floor, flying you just below the treetops. The buzzing from the wingbeats doesn't bother you too much, surprisingly.

You're dropped off near a bus stop, where you could head straight back to the inn, change and get some laundry done.

"And that's that! Hope you liked it."


"I did! I've never done anything like that, but I'd like to one day."

Bow properly.

"Thank you for battling me."

I should head to the closest Inn. I really should wash everything off of me.


You have to take the bus to the inn where you left your stuff to be stored.

The bus driver wrinkles his nose as you enter. This route picks up loads of trainers like you who've just finished their trials, and the seats are even covered in tarp so you don't have to worry about dirtying them.

You get dropped off back at your inn. Shower soon.


Head in, gotta make sure my stuff is still there. If it is, time for a long, warm shower and bath.

Is there room for my other 'Mons? It won't be fair of me to enjoy it by myself. Is there a sponge?


You take your stuff from the counter, and head back to the room held for you.

It's just a shower stall for you, and a general hose area for mons. This isn't exactly a luxury hotel, sadly. No way more can fit.


Then I'll take a decent shower first. Let's not get the smell on my Pokemon.

Next, I'll bring them out, starting with Quetz. "I still remember the first time I washed your scale. I was so awkward, I didn't even where to begin. And look at us now."

Get a sponge with some warm soap and water. Let's get scrubbing.


At least there are fresh sponges available. Quetz is pretty clean, most of the dirt on him came off with his old skin. You focus on straightening out his new scales…

If only he could properly wash you, too. But this is good enough. The both of you are going to be headed to new places now, right? Quetz, as a dragon, should know every corner of the land.

Just under his neck, Quetz has a single scale growing in the opposite direction…


"Hold still Quetz. Looks like one of your scales didn't come in right."

Scrub at it with the sponge, maybe it'll come off.


The moment you touch it, Quetz's face changes. His eyes become wrathful, as if an unforgivable insult were levied at him. His tail whips the floor, tearing a sponge in half with the force, and he lunges at you!

Or, well, almost. He regains his senses in a moment and apologetically whines. Still, that scale's probably not something you should handle without good reason.


"It's okay, relax. Looks like that's something I won't be touching, okay?" Hold out my hand for Quetz.

"What could it be that made Quetz reac like that?" I think to myself. "I should have it checked out. "


You think carefully, and vaguely remember a kid's story about a kind Dragonite who went on a rampage when a strange scale on its body was attacked. Quetz didn't have this scale before, he's also confused by his own reaction.

He tries to lower that strange scale onto your hand and flinches when they touch, but he manages to calm down despite his own heavy breathing.


"Well leave it for now. I won't touch it if it upsets you like that. Let's finish washing up, the others are waiting their turn too." Smile and pet Quetz between the ears and the horns, see where he likes it best.


His head's just fine. You finish polishing his new skin, and you can pick out who you'd like to wash now. Probably not Dynamo, though.


Cali. I'm sure she'd appreciate it nice and warm after her battle. I'll leave the soap nearby so she can polish her weapon too.


She does her best with just the water and the floor, but it just leaves more scratches on the tiles. She gives up and lets you hose her down, enjoying some clean water.


"Looks like we're learning as we go, huh Cali? I'll make sure to keep finding you proper duels for you to enjoy. You just keep giving it your all."

Does Cali like being scrubbed in any particular area?


Her arms, maybe. They're the ones that do the scalchop-swinging work. She's looking at a small dent on her weapon, from when she parried the Scizor's claw attack. She's quite proud of it.


"I'll admit, that was a cool set of parries. You made it seem so easy out there."

I'll swap in Cobalt. She really helped out in setting up with us.


Cobalt's proud to be the fight finishes! She leans back and is ready to soak up the water.


"That was a nice finish, huh? You seem way stronger than when we first met. I'm sure you could give those bullies the runaround now."

Get some soap on the sponge. Make sure her fur is clean.


She likes it when you rub her chest! If only you let her do her Vacuum wave sooner, the fight could have ended there. Oh, well, now you know.


"You like tummy rubs, huh? Don't be surprised if I do them out of nowhere next time." Make sure to build some lather up. "And I promise to do much better next time. All of you deserve it."


But of course. You haven't let anyone down yet.

Dynamo can wash himself with his own flames, so all that's left is Airy, who warmed the bench on the fight.


"We'll get you in on the action next time. At least you got to have some experience against Feraligator. All of us will be there to back you up for the next time."

I know you shouldn't use too much water on plants. I'll get the soap off the sponge and dunk it in nice warm water for her.


That's some good stuff, yes. It was probably better for her to sit it out and learn by observation for now, anyway. Her leaves are covered in a waxy coating, as a grass Pokemon living in a rainforest, that helps direct the water away from where she doesn't want it while she enjoys the 'rainfall'.

Looks like that's everyone! What's your plan now?


Wash all my clothes, get some sleep, then start back on my journey. I've delayed enough, I should be getting back on the road.


Looks like you're spending the day washing up your clothes in the inn laundromat, checking your supplies and readying yourself to put your feet back on the road tomorrow morning. But to where?




She waves back, smiling madly with a mischievous glint in her eye.

Arthur's just gonna collect his stuff, and he'll be heading off.


I have all my stuff actually, so just go with him to the door and stand there a moment.
"Hey mom, I'm going to the gym, I'll be back when I'm done okay?"


"Guess you'll be gone for a few days again! Good luck! And Arthur, are you leaving already?"

"Yes, thank you so much for your hospitality, ma."

He shivers and looks horrified, exactly one second after he says that.


I laugh right away, without even covering my mouth.
"Mom, give Arthur some cookies for the trip, he's already missing your cooking!"


"Oh, of course, here you go! And you too, Amber."

Mom hands you both bags of fresh cookies, good to keep on the road.

"Now, I expect I'll be seeing you again, Arthur! And Amber, stay safe!"


"Don't worry, its gonna be a camping trip compared to the Ranger exam." I reply smugly as I carefully stow the cookies away.


"Trues, true… ah, you'll handle it. Bye!"
The cookies go safely into your bag. Time to head off.


Indeed. I recall it being a long walk, so I'll pass time by whistling a popular tune.

Roll #1 8 = 8


You whistle… while walking to the bus stop. At least it sounds nice! It's a tune about bringing the sun.

Here's the bus, both of you get on this one. Board?


"Its kind of anti climatic, being on the bus after saying goodbye, but I think our pokemon are pretty happy about it."
I sit near Arthur because why not.


"It's not bad. I'm just really glad I got to spend time here. Hey, um, Amber?"

The train station stop's nearing…

"Don't give up, alright?"


"…I promise."
What's this warm feeling taking over my body, I..
"This is my stop, see you again soon Arthur."
And off the bus before something cute like blushing happens.


"Goodbye, Ambe–what? This is my stop. You're… you're not coming with me, are you?"

You got off at the train station, not the gym! Quick, get back on the bus!


"Oh no!"
Hop back in quick.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You leap back just in time! you get back to your old seat, and wave as the bus takes you far, far away from Arthur. You see him start as if he;s about to run after you, but decides to stand there and wave till you're out of sight.


He didn't forget anything did he? Check the seat.


Nope! He didn't have to take anything out of his pockets or bags anyway.

You're left in a nearly-empty bus till you reach the northern edge of the city, where a thick forest lies. There is a large archway with the words 'Axial Forest' displayed. A robed woman tends the neater flowers that mark the entrance.


I can't help feeling a little anxious, the Axial Forest, its quite large isn't it?


Very! As far as you've read, it stretches all the way to the northern coast, possibly further. The scent of autumn flowers calms your nerves, though.

"Hello, child. You've come to challenge the gym, I take it?"


Are your clothes washed yet? Bag packed? Might want to resupply, if all that's done. Whenever you want, you can go get your ticket from the ferry terminal.


Some of my clothes are still humid, but putting them next to Dynamo while I get him ready to travel will speed up the process.

I could use another Poke ball before I but the ticket.


Pokemarts are always open, of course. It's nice how around every trainer inn, there's a pokecenter and a pokemart ready to provide service.

Pokeballs are a standard 200P, and you've got 5 daily units of food/water for the road already. Anything else?


I'll pick up two and call it done. I shouldn't risk missing the ferry because I was too late. Get Dynamo ready and head out.


No need to worry about that, lots of ferries leave every day.

Two Pokeballs acquired. You have 6600 P remaining. And very conveniently, the bus stop is right here, a shade from the noon sun slowly rising over the city blocks.


Let's pick out a spot with a seat, if there's one. What other people are heading out on the bus?


Oh hey, it's that older girl Amber kind of knew. She helped you guys out when you were raiding the hideout. Her name was Zoe, you think. She's busy inspecting her flute, while her Happiney plays around her legs. She hasn't noticed you.

There's not a lot to notice about her. She doesn't have a strange aura like fairy girl Julia did, or Riss who tries to hide her presence, giving her another unique one. She's… simply there.


"Hey Zoe, it's me Squire, what are you doing here? You getting a lift to the ferry too?"


"Oh, hello! …Squire, right?" She puts her flute away in a fanny pack, like how her Happiny holds a stone in its pouch.

"Yeah, gonna catch the boat and head over to Bridge Island. Gonna see what the ghosts are like. Well, supposedly. You?"

The bus comes, full of seats you can continue your conversation on.


"Arthur had invited me to check out his hometown on Shuiea. From there, I'll be headed to one of the nearby gyms."

"Hold on, though, why are you headed to a Ghost filled place?"


"Well, why not? Maybe I can add one to my team. I've always had… a little trouble with sensing them, I also figured I could head there to see if I could, well, kind of attune myself."

Her black ponytail almost gets caught in the bus door as she heads in. You should be boarding, too.


Pay the fare and see if they have a seat for two people.

"What do you mean, 'attune yourself'? Is that some kind of personal test?"


"In a way. To know a type, you have to exposed to a type, don't you? Ghosts, especially some people are more sensitive to them than others, more capable of communicating with them. I'm hoping to learn by heading in there, living there for a while. you're on a quest of some kind too, right?"

Zoe's already seated for you both.


Sit down with her.

"It might be a good idea to call my thing a break. I already know when I'll have to stop all of this." I sigh. "U get what you're saying, in a way, but how long are you going to stay there? I mean, I like my Dragonair Quetz, but I doubt I could handle his environment for long."


"Oh, I don't know. However long it takes. I am quite determined."

The ferry terminal's the next stop…


"Oh, my stop is coming up." I briefly state. "Hey, would you like me to come with you? If you're going to deal with Ghosts, having a second person around seems like a good idea, no?"


"Only if you were coming to the same place. It's important that I travel alone with just my Pokemon. Any help would diminish the experience, you know? It has to be just yourself against what's out there."

"…But that's very nice of you, though. Thank you."

Since she's also boarding a ferry, this is her stop as well. You see the smaller passenger ferries docked and awaiting passengers, looking seaworthy. Sadly they're dwarfed by the luxury cruise liner currently visiting this city.


"Gotcha. Look me up when you get into a town. I'd like to know how it went, okay?"

Say my goodbye, then head to the ticket office for Shuiea. I'll ask about that luxury ship too.


"Good luck!"

She heads off to another dock while you go to your ticketing station. 200P for a standard ticket, no meals provided. Ship leaves soon, so you don't need to wait.

That's the SS Triangulum, a luxury cruise that sails around the continent and visits every city they can. sometimes they hold sail to more exotic locations too, like the Hadal Isles, or even Whiteveil to the north.


"1 ticket please!"

"How much does it cost to get on that ship?" I ask the ticket vendor before I head to my ferry.


"Oooh, depends… about 5000P for one stop, an additional 1000 for each stop… a full tour comes to about 15000P. Though sometimes people get invited on for achievements or something."


"Even the ticket would clear me out. I'm sure the food on there is just as expensive. Thanks."

I'll be heading to my normalish ferry then. Make sure my Pokémon are with me and my bag is all closed.


File: 1475084084861.jpg (2.46 MB, 3648x2736, Macau_Cotai_Water_Jet_ferr….JPG)

Try to get comfy. It's about noon, and this ferry will stop over at Nori Peak in the evening, then leave for Shuiea, which you'll only reach by tomorrow.

Might be a good time to dig into your rations. At least you've got a whole row of two to yourself.


"Maybe this ride will be calmer than my first." I think to myself and remember how I met Riss on my first ferry.

I'll take a window seat and see what Pokémon pop out of the sea.


That was less a ferry and more an activity cruise! You met Riss on a riverboat, which aren't as necessary a means of transport, so they flair themselves up to attract bored trainers.

There's always flocks of Wingull around, but a Mantine briefly leaps up to join them in gliding along the wind. A beautiful pair of red jewels float on a red umbrella structure above the waves, but you know it belongs to a Tentacruel, who swiftly nabs a reckless Wingull flying too low and drags it under the waves.


I'll be keeping my body securely within the ship after seeing that. I'd rather not meet a big Tentacruel that thinks I'll make a good meal.

How many other people are on the ferry with me?


On average, the ferry is half-filled. Fifty or so people napping, watching incredibly laggy television, reading newspapers, fiddling with PDAs or playing with smaller Pokemon.

Sitting near the window seemed nice at first, but as the afternoon goes it's getting really hot… thank goodness for air conditioning, but you draw your arm away from the heated glass. You kind of envy the Horsea underwater, it's obviously way cooler down there. You could always nap off the afternoon, if you prefer.


Probably for the best. Doesn't seem like a good place to bother people with a Pokémon battle.

I'll use my backpack as an impromptu pillow and doze off for a bit.


Roll for nap


Sleepy time '1d20'

Roll #1 6 = 6


You've come to the edge of a vast forest that stretches all around the north of the city. You've come to the entrance of the Axial Forest, marked by a large archway. Everywhere else is fenced off with metal, which hasn't stopped the forest from leaving its mark with creeping vines.

The robed woman asks if you're here to challenge. Her clothes have an earthy, fertile feel to them…


"Yep! That's right. I've come to take the gym challenge." I confidently grin at her.


"Well, then! You are prepared, aren't you? It could be days before you leave. Come with me."

She stands up, and walks along a path into the woods, where a white mist grows thick. The Mirage Axis, the great tree, seems like it might be in the middle of the forest…


"I can manage." Follow her for now, staring at the tree with awe.


File: 1475300823368.jpg (220.37 KB, 960x416, irish_forest_01.jpg)

She leads you into a clearing, where the grass gives way to fertile soil. She inspects the ground for a short while, then picks out a sprout from the ground. Effortlessly, she digs out the soil around it as well, and places it in a small pot.

"Here. Over these few days, care for this plant. Bring it where the sun is when it is hungry, and make sure to give it plenty of water when it rains. Chase the sun and rains when they appear, and the way will appear."

She gives you the pot. Be careful with it!


Hold it carefully, what kind of plant is this?
'1d20' inspect it.

Roll #1 17 = 17


It's just a shoot. You can't really tell… but right now, you should find a clearing with stronger sun. That's a feeling you get, anyway.

The gym leader also hands you a flare. "In case you wish to forfeit. But I trust you'll persevere. Is there anything else you would like to ask me?"


"Just follow the plant's needs? I think I get it.. Oh, I'm Pokemon Ranger Amber. What's your name Maim? Have you been standing here a long time?"


"I am Maple, the one who tends to this forest. A Ranger! My, my… you'll find that the Axial forest is a very different place from where you did your training. It isn't a place where you have to fight and struggle. Not too much, anyway. I have been here for… well, very long! Does that answer your questions?"

She laughs a little, amused by your curiosity.


"Nice to meet you Maple. A long time? Do you work live in the forest?" I gasp amazed at the idea.


"It takes some getting used to… but yes, I live here. I am sure I can answer your questions at a better time, when you find me. Are you ready?"


"Yea! I'll see you at the gym Maple." I reply happily and look around for.. sunshine.


You turn around, and notice a larger gap in the clouds… around northeast. The last you see of Maple is her walking into the mist…


Then I must go to the northeast.



There is little fear in you as you tread along the forest.
The underbrush easily parts for you to walk, with no need to cut your way through. A combee buzzes somewhere at times, being responsible for tending the flowers that soothe your lungs with their scent. You reach another clearing, where the sun lies just overhead, and your shoot perks up, a little happier when you bring it into the light.


Make sure the plant is inside the center of this clearing and soak in the sunlight for a moment.
"Lily, I think you'd like this spot, wanna come join me?"


Being here makes you feel warm…
Lily comes out and lies down, her leaves spread out to bask as much as she can. She sighs as she squirms a little into the soil.

You're so relaxed, taking a nap isn't out of the question! Or you can just look at your plant while Lily soaks in the rays.


A nap would be silly. I'm here on a challenge after all. I bet it won't be long before the plant needs water, can I spot any from here?

Roll #1 20 = 20


It's a very different kind of challenge. More like an experience.
Yes, actually! You spot some heavy clouds collapsing onto the ground, being blown further by some southwesterly winds.The leaves of your shoot wilt a little… it's getting thirsty.


"….That's a little different." Go toward the low clouds and investigate.


File: 1475304064337.jpg (26.53 KB, 500x375, 75f54e331.jpg)

It's rain, silly! The cloud gets too heavy and pours its water onto the earth. You are met with a light drizzle as you tread, and the rain is heavier if you keep moving forward. You aren't bothered at all by the rain, though. It cools you down and feels refreshing.


I giggle at myself, how could I forget.
"doing okay down there little plant?" I talk to the potted shoot while checking on it to see it doesn't drown.


This is fine, for now. Its leaves straighten back up, but relax so the rain doesn't break them off.

You've been here longer than you thought. You turn behind you towards the west, and see the sky lit a brilliant orange. You're pretty hungry too!


"What a big place." I comment and find a dry spot to set up a tent.


File: 1475304788356.jpg (166.86 KB, 500x375, 2532598537_1486480e43.jpg)

You've camped out in a tree once… how about that oak? You could climb up and put a tarp around the lower branches.


That sounds pretty restful.
And a good view of the place.
Just as long as we can secure the plants there.


Roll for restfulness. You lie down in your sheet, secure, while Lily occupies another branch. She doesn't want to go back in her ball today. The shoot is secure in its pot, wrapped with you.


"Yea, Its a lot bigger than it looks, really peaceful thou." I yawn as I drift off.
'1d20' rolling for rest.

Roll #1 18 = 18


You feel your consciousness dissipate as the darkness under your eyelids envelops you.
Images of the forest flash while the scent of fresh rain continues seeping into your mind. There is a clear image of the foot of the great tree, that you climb but cannot see what lies beyond.

A fog comes over your eyes and ears, and slowly the branch below you takes form. A Starly calls from somewhere above…


Its like its calling to me..
Try to track the sound of the Starly.


You open your eyes to the safety of your tree-tent. Your shoot is hungry for more light!

Lily leaps to you to greet you good morning. The Starly continue to call above, before flying off elsewhere.

But you should eat first. There's plenty of fruit around!


"Fruits huh, let's get several, a fruit salad for breakfast."
'1d20' I carefully pluck as many different kinds of fruit as I can.

Roll #1 13 = 13


File: 1475306282119.jpg (178.1 KB, 640x540, 1565662_995f2779.jpg)

There are so many apples! You harvest enough to feed you for a day and put them in your backpack, after snacking on some. You burnish them with some smaller fruit, like wild berries.

Now, it might be best to go east and follow the rising sun.


"East.. was the tree to the east.. that dream made it feel so close."
Walk to the eastward sun smiling from my meal.


It doesn't look at all like you're closer. But the shoot does look bigger… it's grown new leaves!

You find your way eastwards. A few sleepy Oddish tired from a night out settle into the earth, burying themselves. At the same time, some Petilil reveal and wipe their faces before bounding off. The grass and soil under your boots feel soft and welcoming, walking along the forest floor doesn't put much strain on your feet.

You can only go some much further eastwards… The trees here are greedy and want the sunlight for themselves. But there aren't full grown, and there's a strong patch of sunlight on some big, exposed branches.


"What a fast growing species of plant. Dad would be fascinated."
I go stand under that spot of sunlight for a bit.


It's not enough! The plant still hungers!
You notice some Cherrim sitting in nearby trees. They scooch over to the the branches where the sunlight is brightest, and suddenly bloom into their true forms as pretty flowers.


I climb up a tree to get better sunlight for the plant.

Roll #1 12 = 12


Lily, being an exceptional climber, helps you up. Holding the pot secure, you offer the sunlight to the shoot. It straightens up, very satisfied as it soaks up the rays and starts using the collected water to generate energy. If you kept it close to you, your breathing would help it too!


Breathing on the plant, that sounds kind of silly, but I might as well try.
'1d20' gently breath on the leaves.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You think the shoot responds a little.
This is a good spot to rest a while, actually…


…just a short rest, then we should keep climbing, its still so far away.


This is a good spot to rest for a few hours. There's plenty to soak in from up here.

Some wild Treecko far away jump from tree to tree. They can spend their whole young live in them, the never need to come down to the forest floor. The forest understory and canopy has the best sunlight and fruit, and there's plenty of rain to soak up too.

But in the absence of that, streams or ponds are fine sources of water, too. The shoot is growing thirsty, having used the water to make its precious sugars.


A stream, that's a good place for water. I can rinse myself off there too. Let's head to the stream.


File: 1475309320977.jpg (90.34 KB, 500x375, forest,green,river,water,w….jpg)

How do you know where it is just like that?

But anyway, you do. Holding the shoot close, you embark further north. You can smell water, and if you close your eyes and listen carefully, a waterfall. Your instincts are correct, as the hints grow more intense and you find the banks of a river with a comforting fall upstream, the mists of which are tempting to delve into.


That is a mystery.. for another time. Set the plant beside the water and splash a little into its dirt. Then give in to the temptation, strip and slide into the water.


A rare, complete peace comes over you.

Lily bathes with you, and so does Lalita, but she gives you both space.

You focus inward, feeling a complete, soothing emptiness surround you. The splashing of the water fades away into nothing, you feel like you're falling into a kind of conscious sleep, fully awake, but sensing nothing, perfect stillness.

It's fragile, you could break out of this at any moment. You have never touched such an immaculate state before.


This must be a state of mind only reached in myth.
'1d20' look deeper inward.

Roll #1 20 = 20


You see a wellspring of power within you. There is… a reflection of Lily, who mirrors your every action, every breath.

You reach out to touch her, and light envelops your forms…


A light?
Could it be the light of the sun?
I blink myself awake, how long have we been sitting here?


You suddenly awake. You're lying right by the bank of the river, on a flowerbed. Lily is to your side, slowly opening her eyes. The sky is orange to the east, have you been here since yesterday? And, somehow, your shoot has cast away the pot, and is on a lump of earth on your chest. It was long enough for it to have grown a bud! It could bloom at any moment now…


I blink in confusion and then distress. hoovering over the plant.
"Oh no! We can't carry it if its like this."


The plant has a bulb at its roots poking out of the soil. You can use a hand to hold the bulb and the soil around it and carry it around like that. Or you could just put it back in the pot…

The root of the plant are poking through the soil, touching your bare skin.


I carefully scoop it up and let it overflow from the pot.
"Its pretty strong.. It shouldn't die from this.. you scared me little root."


You carefully pull it up from you… but a sense of distress emanates from it. I wants to stay on you! But you'll have to stand up, so you can't let it nurse from you if you want to keep moving forward.

It doesn't seem to mind being on your hand, though! Or your arm, or shoulder… just don't let go of it! It's so close…


I indulge the feeling for now, but call Lily close to me.
"Hey, does this plant feel strange to you? "


Lily reaches out to touch it, and gazes upon it for a while.

It's strange, but not in a bad way. She offers to help hold it for you while you clothe yourself. It doesn't mind Lily caring for it, too.


"Hmm, well if you don't mind it, then its fine."
A grass pokemon has good instincts, so she'd know if something was wrong.
Time to get back on the move. But where? I look around the thick forest for a hint. '1d20'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You hear peals of thunder to the north. Your bud suddenly feels a great thirst, and shifts ever so slightly towards the storm. It wants to drink the storm, only that will slake it.


"You're brave little sapling. I like you." I comment and go towards the sound of the rain.


Just a little more…

The howling winds as you go forward intensify with each step. The drizzle after the first few minutes turns into a downpour! The grasses on the floor bend with the wind, and the trees stand sturdy, but your plant doesn't have a very firm hold on you or Lily! She helps to shield it, standing in front of you.

It wants to go into the very heart of the storm.


"This storm is pretty bad." I cling to the plant to keep it from blowing away.
"Rusty, Webster! Help us against this wind. Put a line of webs around Rusty and the rest of us."


Rusty's new body is pretty heavy! He has a good grip on the ground, even if he flinches when rain hits around his iron armor. Webster secures you as you kneel on the ground, putting an insulated thread around you and rusty. Just in case, he shoots a conductive thread up a taller tree, too!

The storm has moved to you, and you have to kneel close to the ground and shield the bud with your body. It will pass, though. It must.

Roll for endurance.


'1d20' we can do it!

Roll #1 1 = 1


You can, but…

Lightning strikes a tree, but thanks to Webster's thread it stays upright. But then it strikes more trees, which fall near you and cut off the easy routes out. The thread between you and Rusty is severed, and you can't see him as the rain continues to intensify. You have to prostrate on the ground, shielding the bud as much as possible even as the ground grows muddy and cold water pools to your chin. You shiver, but Lily helps hold you too.

You can't feel anything on your back now, not after the heavy downpour fell on it. But you can hear the rain slowing, and finally stop.


"Everyone okay?" I call out to my pokemon.
But check on the plant first.


File: 1475572405268.jpg (133.67 KB, 500x333, 5054379610_8036bcc4b8.jpg)

The bud is now more. It's blossomed!
It looks like a kind of Lily, but you don't think you've ever seen it. It's a brilliant red, with a spindly flower that feels otherworldly. The leaves are far below the flower, and do not touch. It shifts, facing a forest path filled with a white mist.

Rocky emerges from between fallen trees. He shivers, being exposed to the rain, but isn't hurt. He whines, but is also enraptured by the flower.


"I was worried about you Rusty, we have a new heading, let's go!" I point toward the forest path and walk that way without even worrying about the mud surely covering me.


File: 1475573206390.jpg (531.61 KB, 1024x683, 15141639960_a04cf8fac1_b.jpg)

He's tired and whiny, and leaps back into his Pokeball. The flowers feels anxious as you step into the mist-covered path. You and Lily can feel the air changing around you, as the mist becomes thicker, blocking your vision.

When it clears, you seem to have come to the edge of the forest, where a field of flowers sit in the thinning trees. The strange lilies are bountiful here, and you spy a Floette or two tending the flowers. And beyond the trees, you can see an even more vast field, the edge of which you cannot see.


"I see now." I nod at the flower.
"Let's find you a good spot with the others."
…Let Lalita out, I feel like she'd be good at this.

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