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You said you have a dream. That dream… Make it come true! Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth! If anyone can, it's you!


You've been playing hide-and-seek with your new Misdreavus! somehow it could find you even completely in the dark, but hiding behind a lead container has made it very difficult for it to find you. It's still searching.


Lily has just shown off a new move! That's something else you've gained from the Earth Shrine. That, and the mysterious branch you've put in a jar.

>Justus, Squire

You've come out of quite an exciting day! First a beach day, then an adventure fighting baddies! It's late evening now, for both of you.


While watching a very grown-up show, a person in the crowd became rowdy! Impressing just about everyone who noticed, you took him out in a single hypnosis, clean and easy. The atmosphere, your success and the drinks are making you feel really nice….


Are you challenging the electric gym?
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File: 1475304064337.jpg (26.53 KB, 500x375, 75f54e331.jpg)

It's rain, silly! The cloud gets too heavy and pours its water onto the earth. You are met with a light drizzle as you tread, and the rain is heavier if you keep moving forward. You aren't bothered at all by the rain, though. It cools you down and feels refreshing.


I giggle at myself, how could I forget.
"doing okay down there little plant?" I talk to the potted shoot while checking on it to see it doesn't drown.


This is fine, for now. Its leaves straighten back up, but relax so the rain doesn't break them off.

You've been here longer than you thought. You turn behind you towards the west, and see the sky lit a brilliant orange. You're pretty hungry too!


"What a big place." I comment and find a dry spot to set up a tent.


File: 1475304788356.jpg (166.86 KB, 500x375, 2532598537_1486480e43.jpg)

You've camped out in a tree once… how about that oak? You could climb up and put a tarp around the lower branches.


That sounds pretty restful.
And a good view of the place.
Just as long as we can secure the plants there.


Roll for restfulness. You lie down in your sheet, secure, while Lily occupies another branch. She doesn't want to go back in her ball today. The shoot is secure in its pot, wrapped with you.


"Yea, Its a lot bigger than it looks, really peaceful thou." I yawn as I drift off.
'1d20' rolling for rest.

Roll #1 18 = 18


You feel your consciousness dissipate as the darkness under your eyelids envelops you.
Images of the forest flash while the scent of fresh rain continues seeping into your mind. There is a clear image of the foot of the great tree, that you climb but cannot see what lies beyond.

A fog comes over your eyes and ears, and slowly the branch below you takes form. A Starly calls from somewhere above…


Its like its calling to me..
Try to track the sound of the Starly.


You open your eyes to the safety of your tree-tent. Your shoot is hungry for more light!

Lily leaps to you to greet you good morning. The Starly continue to call above, before flying off elsewhere.

But you should eat first. There's plenty of fruit around!


"Fruits huh, let's get several, a fruit salad for breakfast."
'1d20' I carefully pluck as many different kinds of fruit as I can.

Roll #1 13 = 13


File: 1475306282119.jpg (178.1 KB, 640x540, 1565662_995f2779.jpg)

There are so many apples! You harvest enough to feed you for a day and put them in your backpack, after snacking on some. You burnish them with some smaller fruit, like wild berries.

Now, it might be best to go east and follow the rising sun.


"East.. was the tree to the east.. that dream made it feel so close."
Walk to the eastward sun smiling from my meal.


It doesn't look at all like you're closer. But the shoot does look bigger… it's grown new leaves!

You find your way eastwards. A few sleepy Oddish tired from a night out settle into the earth, burying themselves. At the same time, some Petilil reveal and wipe their faces before bounding off. The grass and soil under your boots feel soft and welcoming, walking along the forest floor doesn't put much strain on your feet.

You can only go some much further eastwards… The trees here are greedy and want the sunlight for themselves. But there aren't full grown, and there's a strong patch of sunlight on some big, exposed branches.


"What a fast growing species of plant. Dad would be fascinated."
I go stand under that spot of sunlight for a bit.


It's not enough! The plant still hungers!
You notice some Cherrim sitting in nearby trees. They scooch over to the the branches where the sunlight is brightest, and suddenly bloom into their true forms as pretty flowers.


I climb up a tree to get better sunlight for the plant.

Roll #1 12 = 12


Lily, being an exceptional climber, helps you up. Holding the pot secure, you offer the sunlight to the shoot. It straightens up, very satisfied as it soaks up the rays and starts using the collected water to generate energy. If you kept it close to you, your breathing would help it too!


Breathing on the plant, that sounds kind of silly, but I might as well try.
'1d20' gently breath on the leaves.

Roll #1 3 = 3


You think the shoot responds a little.
This is a good spot to rest a while, actually…


…just a short rest, then we should keep climbing, its still so far away.


This is a good spot to rest for a few hours. There's plenty to soak in from up here.

Some wild Treecko far away jump from tree to tree. They can spend their whole young live in them, the never need to come down to the forest floor. The forest understory and canopy has the best sunlight and fruit, and there's plenty of rain to soak up too.

But in the absence of that, streams or ponds are fine sources of water, too. The shoot is growing thirsty, having used the water to make its precious sugars.


A stream, that's a good place for water. I can rinse myself off there too. Let's head to the stream.


File: 1475309320977.jpg (90.34 KB, 500x375, forest,green,river,water,w….jpg)

How do you know where it is just like that?

But anyway, you do. Holding the shoot close, you embark further north. You can smell water, and if you close your eyes and listen carefully, a waterfall. Your instincts are correct, as the hints grow more intense and you find the banks of a river with a comforting fall upstream, the mists of which are tempting to delve into.


That is a mystery.. for another time. Set the plant beside the water and splash a little into its dirt. Then give in to the temptation, strip and slide into the water.


A rare, complete peace comes over you.

Lily bathes with you, and so does Lalita, but she gives you both space.

You focus inward, feeling a complete, soothing emptiness surround you. The splashing of the water fades away into nothing, you feel like you're falling into a kind of conscious sleep, fully awake, but sensing nothing, perfect stillness.

It's fragile, you could break out of this at any moment. You have never touched such an immaculate state before.


This must be a state of mind only reached in myth.
'1d20' look deeper inward.

Roll #1 20 = 20


You see a wellspring of power within you. There is… a reflection of Lily, who mirrors your every action, every breath.

You reach out to touch her, and light envelops your forms…


A light?
Could it be the light of the sun?
I blink myself awake, how long have we been sitting here?


You suddenly awake. You're lying right by the bank of the river, on a flowerbed. Lily is to your side, slowly opening her eyes. The sky is orange to the east, have you been here since yesterday? And, somehow, your shoot has cast away the pot, and is on a lump of earth on your chest. It was long enough for it to have grown a bud! It could bloom at any moment now…


I blink in confusion and then distress. hoovering over the plant.
"Oh no! We can't carry it if its like this."


The plant has a bulb at its roots poking out of the soil. You can use a hand to hold the bulb and the soil around it and carry it around like that. Or you could just put it back in the pot…

The root of the plant are poking through the soil, touching your bare skin.


I carefully scoop it up and let it overflow from the pot.
"Its pretty strong.. It shouldn't die from this.. you scared me little root."


You carefully pull it up from you… but a sense of distress emanates from it. I wants to stay on you! But you'll have to stand up, so you can't let it nurse from you if you want to keep moving forward.

It doesn't seem to mind being on your hand, though! Or your arm, or shoulder… just don't let go of it! It's so close…


I indulge the feeling for now, but call Lily close to me.
"Hey, does this plant feel strange to you? "


Lily reaches out to touch it, and gazes upon it for a while.

It's strange, but not in a bad way. She offers to help hold it for you while you clothe yourself. It doesn't mind Lily caring for it, too.


"Hmm, well if you don't mind it, then its fine."
A grass pokemon has good instincts, so she'd know if something was wrong.
Time to get back on the move. But where? I look around the thick forest for a hint. '1d20'

Roll #1 10 = 10


You hear peals of thunder to the north. Your bud suddenly feels a great thirst, and shifts ever so slightly towards the storm. It wants to drink the storm, only that will slake it.


"You're brave little sapling. I like you." I comment and go towards the sound of the rain.


Just a little more…

The howling winds as you go forward intensify with each step. The drizzle after the first few minutes turns into a downpour! The grasses on the floor bend with the wind, and the trees stand sturdy, but your plant doesn't have a very firm hold on you or Lily! She helps to shield it, standing in front of you.

It wants to go into the very heart of the storm.


"This storm is pretty bad." I cling to the plant to keep it from blowing away.
"Rusty, Webster! Help us against this wind. Put a line of webs around Rusty and the rest of us."


Rusty's new body is pretty heavy! He has a good grip on the ground, even if he flinches when rain hits around his iron armor. Webster secures you as you kneel on the ground, putting an insulated thread around you and rusty. Just in case, he shoots a conductive thread up a taller tree, too!

The storm has moved to you, and you have to kneel close to the ground and shield the bud with your body. It will pass, though. It must.

Roll for endurance.


'1d20' we can do it!

Roll #1 1 = 1


You can, but…

Lightning strikes a tree, but thanks to Webster's thread it stays upright. But then it strikes more trees, which fall near you and cut off the easy routes out. The thread between you and Rusty is severed, and you can't see him as the rain continues to intensify. You have to prostrate on the ground, shielding the bud as much as possible even as the ground grows muddy and cold water pools to your chin. You shiver, but Lily helps hold you too.

You can't feel anything on your back now, not after the heavy downpour fell on it. But you can hear the rain slowing, and finally stop.


"Everyone okay?" I call out to my pokemon.
But check on the plant first.


File: 1475572405268.jpg (133.67 KB, 500x333, 5054379610_8036bcc4b8.jpg)

The bud is now more. It's blossomed!
It looks like a kind of Lily, but you don't think you've ever seen it. It's a brilliant red, with a spindly flower that feels otherworldly. The leaves are far below the flower, and do not touch. It shifts, facing a forest path filled with a white mist.

Rocky emerges from between fallen trees. He shivers, being exposed to the rain, but isn't hurt. He whines, but is also enraptured by the flower.


"I was worried about you Rusty, we have a new heading, let's go!" I point toward the forest path and walk that way without even worrying about the mud surely covering me.


File: 1475573206390.jpg (531.61 KB, 1024x683, 15141639960_a04cf8fac1_b.jpg)

He's tired and whiny, and leaps back into his Pokeball. The flowers feels anxious as you step into the mist-covered path. You and Lily can feel the air changing around you, as the mist becomes thicker, blocking your vision.

When it clears, you seem to have come to the edge of the forest, where a field of flowers sit in the thinning trees. The strange lilies are bountiful here, and you spy a Floette or two tending the flowers. And beyond the trees, you can see an even more vast field, the edge of which you cannot see.


"I see now." I nod at the flower.
"Let's find you a good spot with the others."
…Let Lalita out, I feel like she'd be good at this.

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