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Continued from >>14439

"That's big, alright. Shame we happened to miss that one. We're working with other agencies to try and flush them out."

Looks like you're reaching the tower soon.

"Maybe unlike some of us, I didn't have much of a choice."

Her mood sours.

"Oh? And what's your plan?"


I get a slightly worried, sad look
''What happened?''


"Something you shouldn't poke your nose into."

She doesn't look like she wants to talk anymore.


"Hey. can't be everywhere at once. Besides I'm pretty lucky. I met a cool cop that was investigating the whole thing too."
I stretch and smile at the view of the tower.


''Oh…Uh, my bad…''
I clap my hands together ''Well! It was nice sharing breakfast. A pleasure meeting you Viola, I hope I run into you again sometime'' I get up and offer her a handshake


"As a friend, I'll stop what I'm doing and do everything I can to help you. There are lawyers and judges and other friends in my town I can contact. Friends who can help you if you also take the steps to be my friend."


"You can saying you will 'help' me. Empty words. All I have to do is wait until the bomb detonates, and you and that gym leader will be gone. And unless I'm mistaken, you were with another student, too? They must be in the very building right now…"

She reluctantly takes it.
"Thanks, anyway."

"Really? Well, it's always good to make contacts!"

And now you've made it to the palace district, the tower's massive base like a wall in front of you.

"Here you go! Have fun!"


''And uh…If you wanna we could battle sometime later too, or something…Anyways, see ya. Come on Jasper''


"Thanks. I'll see you again sometime Ranger." I step out and give him a salute like the eager rookie I am.


"You followed us?"

I'll steal a look at Growlithe, in case he's picked up on anything.

"That's good. Very good. Then you should know we have something in common. Both of us we're practically thrown out. I didn't do things the way people here are expected to, Francois. As a friend, you can trust me when I say that I was pretty harshly scolded for the way I do things. You can ask Sinistra here to confirm that part yourself."

"I can understand how you and her, and everyone else listening here won't believe it."

I stand up.

"I promise you, I will do everything I can for you." Give him my hand. "Maybe everyone else has been here too long, but that isn't the world I want, and I'll start changing it with you."


Back on the road for you, then?

She salutes back before riding off. The big archway that marks the tower entrance invites you.

"In case you didn't notice, my hands are tied."

He's bound to a chair, remember.

Growlithe is watching the prisoner carefully. She doesn't seem to be reacting.


"Whoooa, you gotta see this guys." I let Webster out and set him on my head, let Vulpix and Lily out and just hold up Rusty's ball, he's a little slow to walk.


"Then I'll take them." Forcibly and firmly grab his hand. "Remember Francois, my name is Squire Escala. You've been declared my friend, and I'll do everything within the law to help you."


Should I roll for something?


The tower's base looks a little like a tree's roots, like tendrils that spread out into three main directions and twist to merge into the main body. Inside, in a massive hall, you are surrounded by steps that go along the sides of the tower. You find a few tourists million about, but recognise Arthur by a reception counter.

"Wow, that's nice to hear."
His tone is clearly mocking.

For luck, or speed, your choice.


let's get lucky '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


I immediately rush over to Arthur with a wave while calling out. "Hey! Arthur! Over here!"


Well… shit, that could have gone better. I frown as I just eye her down.
"Guess I must have gotten too used to battling ninnies, making a mistake like that…"


It doesn't matter. He's my friend now.

"Awesome, right!?" I add with a smile as I get behind his chair. "Let's go. We've got a lot to do, and you have to introduce me to all your other friends you made here. Say, how many did you make here? Is there a custom I have to follow when you make a new friend here?" I look at both Francois and Sinistra.


File: 1445143288460.jpg (4.06 MB, 4112x4112, POKEMAP cut.jpg)

He waves you over, too. He's presenting his ticket to the receptionist.

You should be able to reach Greenlink by afternoon.

You already made into into the northern forests. Luckily, not a lot of Pokemon bother you. A few Starly above, and the rustling of what could be Sneasels, judging by the marks on the trees.

"Oh, it's okay! You battle well! Here, let me see your Pokemon!"

She takes a few first aid medicines out of her bag.

Both of them look at you incredulously.


Sneasels around here? that's usual… I thought they only habitated snowy or cold areas?
let's investigate this…
'1d10' roll again, if I have to

Roll #1 1 = 1


Get out my ticket and stand in line behind him with a hum.


"Is it a really long thing? Do I have to do it for all of your other friends too, Francois?"


I hesitate, then call out my team.
"Not really. You had control of that fight from the start; I've got a long way to go if I want to be stronger."


You are pretty far-up north now. It's around where Sneasels might start to inhabit.

Unfortunately, however, you, trip and fall face-down into… might want to wash it off immediately.

No need for that if you're in a group. Looks like the current tour group is all ready.

"This way, please!"

"All my friends are far away, you fool. What are you talking about?"

"Thirty minutes until detonation."

"Oh, but you're off to a good start!"
she sprays potion on your Pokemon, and they relax, even if Zoro is the most reluctant.


Walk next to Arthur.
"So what to you think the tower is gonna be like? I've heard that legendary pokemon were here. Wouldn't it be amazing if one came back?"


Blught, Dammit…Let's just walk this off, who wants to know about sneasels anyways?
keep walking
'1d10' for luck

Roll #1 9 = 9


I finally let the frown go with a sigh as she heals my mons, rubbing the back of my neck as I shake my head.
"Well, thanks for healing my team… You're kinda weird, you know that?"


"I want to be good friends with you, Francois. And I know you secretly want to be mine because you just told me you had other friends out there. If I were to meet them, what should I bring? Are there any shows, or snacks they like? Did you buy them something I can talk to them about?"

Look to Sinistra, see if she caught on.

"And please, we're friends, so you can use my name."


"I know, right? Some say this was where the continent was created, even. It's amazing!"

The tour guide brings the group up the stairs. She points out the carvings on the walls, depicting a long dragon Pokemon flying around.

"Now, that's a depiction of Rayquaza. Rayquaza is said to be a Pokemon who lives in the sky always, never coming down to rest!"

A jet of water hits your face from somewhere, helping you wash up suddenly while you sputter. The Buizel that did it, though, dodges out of the way as a Trapinch suddenly falls from.. somewhere onto it. What's a Trapinch doing here?

"Oh, it's okay, so are you! By the way, have I introduced myself yet?"

What Sinistra is trying to figure out, she can't see how it would work.

"Sure, Squire. Since you're so nice to me, how about you leave the building so you don't get blown up?"


Get in front of him.

Look him in the eye.

"I refuse."

"Francois, I'm not leaving you behind. You are my friend. I told you I would help you, didn't I?"


What's it doing here indeed…
Also oh my gosh that buizel was so cute I gotta draw it!
''Jasper, go help out the Buizel! Use confuse ray!''


"Not really, you just sorta jumped me out of nowhere."
I look at my bike, then at the road…
…As tempting as it is, I doubt I could outrun her. Crazy has a way of breaking reality like that.


"Whooa this is so cool." I'm gonna get really really close to the Rayquaza picture.


"Oh. Too bad. Looks like you'll have to get blown up here with me."

On the Trapinch?

"Oh. Call me Julia! And you?"

It is very detailed. You can almost see every single scale carved.

"Moving on… you can see the dragons that are said to form the body of this tower, Reshiram and Zekrom! They answered to Rayquaza's calls, and allied themselves with it. See, here are the two of them flying with Rayquaza…"


yes of course!


"…You started calling me your boyfriend, and you don't even know my name? I think you skipped a few steps there."



"Both of us are getting out of here because I promised." Start pushing his chair. "I can't help you escape, but I did promise to do what I could for you. At least tell me what shows to record for you, or is there a band you like?"


I stare even more amazed at this one.
"Look Arthur. Hey, did you know that Reshiram and Zekrom love heroes and villains? I bet if we became huge heroes one could come to us.."


"Well, I-"

Your ears are wracked by a loud explosion! Screams assault your ears as a force pushes you to the ground!

"I what? You must have misheard me, or are you being so forward?"

She laughs.

As Jasper confuses the already dazed Trapinch, the Buizel takes its chance to flee.

It's still stumbling around, dazed.

"Drawn by people with strong convictions, I think.."

"Yes, that's correct!" The tour guide states. "Rayquaza felt the hopes and prayers of people and Pokemon everywhere, and used them to transform…" She points at another image of Rayquaza, even more magnificent than before as it seems to streak power through its flight.

"That's when Reshiram and Zekrom, hearing those same convictions, joined. Then they used their power to first subdue and tame Dialga, Palkia and Giratina…"

The next mural shows the three dragons fighting those other three dragons. After that, defeated, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina bow to their victors.


I admire the art with a bit of confusion, but keep quiet waiting to the guide to continue.


I wanted to draw it…
Ah well, let's take a doodle of the silly trapinch while we can! is it's mouth hanging open since it's all dizzy? if so, let's put special detail to how the inside looks!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Like I said, you're weird."
I shake my head and stick out my hand.
"My name's Justus. It's… well, battling you was a wake-up call, I'll give you that.
So… Julia… why exactly did you jump me back there?"


I get up and I dust myself off. Hopefully the ringing goes away soon.

"You guys really go all out, don't you? Growlithe, Quetz, you okay?"

Still, I get up and go back to Francois.

"You were about to tell me what I should record for you."


"Nothing, because the bomb has detonated. You, me, your friend, and everyone here are dead. You have failed in your task, and this exercise is over. Class is dismissed."

The… 'prisoner' remarks this as he suddenly frees himself of his bindings, stands up and stretches. Sinistra taps a button near the exit, and the lights come on, revealing that the walls are filled with speakers.

"Hey, YOU attacked me first! I just wanted to talk!"

You manage to quickly get a sketch while you can. The inside of a Trapinch's mouth, you note, is line with dangerous teeth. you can see the remains of its last meal, even…

The stairs lead you onto a next floor, a new hall.

"This triangle is said to represent the continent. Powerful trainers whose names are lost to us now are said to have helped the dragons on their task…"


"That's fine. But I still want to know what show you like."


"And YOU were being all clingy and stuff! If you wanted to talk, you could have said so before invading my personal space!"


"That cartoon about the six Pokemon in Pokeville, if you're curious. But my name isn't even Francoise. Reflect upon your failure."

He simply walks out of the room, while Sinistra looks at you in amusement.

"What were you hoping to accomplish within just an hour?"

"Huh? Well, you could have just said so, too!"


"Well- ugh, nevermind."
Even I know that getting into an argument with a female is pointless and a waste of time.
"So… what are you doing way out here in the middle of nowhere?"


"Got it." I say to him, then turn to Sinistra.

"I told both of you, to become his friend. That's the truth. Though next time, I'd appreciate it if you gave me the full hour."


"Traveling, of course! I finally got to leave home, so I want to wander the region like so many other trainers!"

"While a legitimate and effective interrogation technique, especially if you combine it with a… 'bad cop', you only had one hour to save everyone's life. And you did have an hour, an hour of things going nowhere. If you had asked me about the prisoner, I would have clearly shown you his psychological profile.

But of course, I think we both know the real answer is that your heart is not suited for our skills. You will not learn well at any of courses."


"Not so different from what I'm doing, I guess. I'm headed down to Dervor town, maybe the islands after that… I hear they're pretty good fighters down there, so I'm hoping to learn a thing or two."


"It wasn't an interrogation. I was being honest." I say straight faced.

"I do appreciate what you were trying to teach me, and I did learn a lot." Bow politely.


"You are welcome. Even if you could not learn our skills, I hope you have learned more about yourself. The way you do things, you should head south, to the islands. You should go to Tumi Island and ask to train under the fighters there. I can write you a recommendation."

"Cool! So am I, actually. Why don't we go together?"


"I'd appreciate that."

"I guess I should say goodbye to Riss to if she's going to stay here for those classes."

"And again, I apologize for being such a dunce. I was being honest about what I said at the beginning."


I hang my head and sigh loudly.
"Fiiiiinnne… guess it'd be nice to have someone to break the monotony. Seriously, this road is practically unused. I just don't get it."


"You are still young. You'll find a path for yourself. Will you be leaving now?"

"Mostly trainers like us use the roads, the rest just take the train!"

you begin to cycle off, but keeping her pace of walking.


"Roads are in awfully good condition for being so infrequently used…"
Keep an eye out for any more surprises on the road.
That's all for me tonight. Thanks for Running!


"It's probably for the best. I'd rather not take your time from deserving students if I'm just going to mess it up again. I at least want to say good bye to Riss if she'll be staying."



"That's fine. I can take you to her."

Sinistra leads you through to a cafeteria, where Riss must be taking a break after her training. She hasn't yet noticed you.


I'll make sure to have recalled Growlithe, but I'll keep Quetz out.

"Yo, Riss. Enjoying your classes? And do you have a minute?"


"Sure thing, Knight! What is it?"

She and her Axew stop to pay attention to you both.


"Eh, I'm not one yet you know. Did you catch this little guy alongside your other Pokémon that night?"

"Sorry, I'm getting side tracked. What I really wanted to say was that I'm going to be leaving real soon. We travelled together, and I just wanted to say Good-bye to you and your Pokémon."


Her Axew was the first Pokemon you saw when you met her!

"Oh… well, okay then. We'll meet again! Good luck, you hear?"

She gives you a thumbs up.


"Thanks. And where's Murkrow? He was helpful during that test."


It swoops down and starts pecking on leftovers on her plate.

"Where will you go now, though?"


"Hey there, it's time for us to say goodbye."

"I'll be headed to Tumi Island. Sorry, I just wasn't cut out for this place."



She sounds disappointed.

"Then I'll just have to see you again! I don't plan to stay here for TOO long. We'll meet on the road again!"


"You should enjoy your time here. It was only by chance that we met, I'm sure it'll happen again."

I'll chit chat a bit before excusing myself. I should go gather the rest of my things and map out my journey.


"Of course it will."

Everything's back at your room. where will you go now?


Tumi Islands. I was just wandering around before I head off to school, it's a good a place as any to go to.


But how? Going to bike all the way through the south? You could take a ship from Dervor town.



Looks like a really big town on the map, probably the best place to head out to.

But first, I should head towards a close river and release Croagunk. It won't do to just leave him anywhere.


Croagunk understands. It gives you a last look before heading back off into the wilds. At least it's learned some things around you.

Besides, Pokemon previously with other trainers tend to have a better chance of being picked up. They know how, if they want.


As I pedal, I'll look for a secure area to say goodbye to Growlithe too. He really helped out where he could.


How about in the parks near the city? Pokemon like it live there and are picked up.

It was never meant to be. You still don't remember it's a she.


I really need to focus. But at least it's happening now, in a safe place for her.

"You deserve better than me, and I'm sure you'll find someone way better to be your trainer. Take care of yourself and whoever you team up with, okay?"


She, too, gives you a last look before wandering off.

She might find someone just yet.






I sigh staring at it.
"Heroes.. Powerful heroes.. Sounds so amazing. Could be anyone.."


Arthur looks mesmerized. He, too, is gazing is the murals intently.

People whose faces are not shown seem to be directing the legendary Pokemon. While Rayquaza flies up high, flanked by the other dragons, other Pokemon get to work forging the world. A trainer on a Swampert directs a colossal golem-like Pokemon, called Regigigas, as it pulls entire mountains with massive rope. Another with a Delphox lights a massive kiln that looks like its meant to forge entire landscapes. Another on a Meganium rides through forest, directing the flying tiger-like Pokemon above as it as well holds a bird-like pokemon and a serpentine-like Pokemon in chains. Landorus, Thunderus and Tornadus fertilize the land, says the title.


I'll keep Oshawott on my head and Quetz wrapped around me.

"You two did well back there. You all gave it your best. But what about me?" I ask them as I peddle towards the next town.


"This place is… The best! It was totally worth the trip."
I grin and show lily the murals, by lifting up her pokeball I guess.


They chirp in approval. To them, you did the right thing. The jungle grows ever denser as you cycle southwards.

Roll for speed, or luck?

That works. From the slightly translucent caps, you can see her gaze around in amazement.

Onto the next floor, though yet more murals. With the creation of the world, complete, the legendary Pokemon were allowed to rest, rewarded with their own homes made however they liked. One shows an island by the sea, flooded with flowers as a lone grass-type Pokemon sleeps in them. One of the stranger images on the wall seems to be constantly moving, depicting a great dragon Pokemon with a massive diamond embedded in its chest, and you're not sure if it's your imagination or not. And then there's a strange image that only appears in your peripheral vision, a serpentine-dragon Pokemon flying in its own separate world. Whenever you turn to look at it, though, it's never there. Arthur keeps turning his head around, too.


Luck. I'm just pedaling. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Hey.. does anyone else see that.. Green Dragon?" I say outloud so our group can hear it.


File: 1445666516409.jpg (175.71 KB, 1834x2048, Giratina.full.244534.jpg)

"You mean Rayquaza? Of course, it's right there!" The tour guide points towards the clearly visible paintings of Rayquaza.

It looked more like this, not like Rayquaza much.

Today might be a good day to find Pokemon to replenish your new party. It's bright and sunny, so a lot come out. There's a commotion downroad that you can hear.


"No.. Not that one.. and its.. more grey than green.."
I keep trying to look for it.


Let's look into it. Maybe someone needs help.


"Oh, my!" The tour guide exclaims. "The image of Giratina isn't seen by everyone, so congratulations!"

"Giratina? I see it too, I think…" Arthur pipes up.

"That makes two! It's a mysterious phenomenon, but some who enter this height of the tower can see the hidden image of Giratina. They say that those who do see it are on their way to great things!"

The tour guide happily brings the lot of you up to the last floor, where a large statue of a dragon head is displayed. Above it is a strange tube of light, an odd white fluid dancing with a black fluid, that stretches beyond the ceiling. No stairs lead above this floor.

You see a group of about five Scraggy ganging up on a Riolu! The Riolu seems to be hanging onto a berry.


I follow along a little hop in my step and I urge Arthur along with me.
"Did you hear? Did your that Arthur? We're like totally going to be heroes. Its gonna be great! Now we have to keep in touch. Train each other to be tough."


"Hey, don't gang up on someone like that!"

"Quetz, use Twister!" '1d20' '2d14+10'
"Oshawott, blast them with Water Gun." '1d20' '2d14+10'

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 5, 7 + 10 = 22 / Roll #3 16 = 16 / Roll #4 4, 5 + 10 = 19


"Really? I…"

He looks a little stunned by everything.

"That sounds good! we should totally do that."

"Very lucky of us to have you two here to do the honours of painting the dragon's eyes!"

She points to the dragon head statue below the strange tube. Only now you note that it's missing its eyes.

"To ascend, Rayquaza must open its eyes to the wishes and desires of humans. When the eyes of the dragon head here fades, we need to give it new eyes and impart our wishes onto it. The tickets you won from that tourney yesterday have made you our eye painters this year! Go on!"

You're headed a palette of paints. Which side of the dragon's head do you want to paint, and how will you do it?


Twister hits all of them, whole Oshawott singles out one for an attack!

Now the Scraggy horde are staring you down!


"I CALL THE RIGHT SIDE!" I declare and pick up the paints with a giggle drawing the eyes as cute cat eyes, with the rest of the face as green leafy scales, and huge sharp teeth in a smile.


"Come on, let's get outta here!" I yell as I pedal towards the Riolu.

"Quetz, keep them all busy! Oshawott, Water Gun whoever gets close!"

Twister '1d20' '2d14+10'
Water Gun '1d20' '2d14+10'

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 9, 7 + 10 = 26 / Roll #3 5 = 5 / Roll #4 1, 4 + 10 = 15



The Twister goes completely off-course as a Scraggy kicks Quetz out of nowhere! Oshawott has some better luck spraying down another Scraggy.

You see the Riolu suddenly take up a defensive stance. Three Scraggy hit it, and right after that it retaliates with a devastating counter on the last one! That one is immediately send escaping.

"Very cute! So what's the meaning of your painting? Want to bring yourself happy adventures?" The guide asks you as some people snap photos.




"Hmm.. It just felt right. I had to guess what scales are like, none of my pokemon have them! The teeth are big and strong, but its happy because it wants to protect you, and the eye is to help it see in the dark, where the ghost types are." I explain blushing a bit and look back at what Arthur drew.


"Too close!"

Pedal around them, I can't stand still and become an easy target.

"Again, try to keep them off balance! Don't let them all team up against Riolu!"

Twister '1d20' '2d14+10'
Water Gun '1d20' '2d14+10'

Roll #1 18 = 18 / Roll #2 5, 11 + 10 = 26 / Roll #3 8 = 8 / Roll #4 11, 7 + 10 = 28


Daaaang That's pretty nasty… Well at least now that we got the sketch done, I better take my leave before it gets too angry and turn at us
Let's split!


Arthur's is different. The teeth are sharp, monstrous even. It isn't exactly smiling, but looks like it's in a dignified display, like how a Pokemon would show its teeth to intimidate others. The eye looks to be in some sort of quiet rage, looking forward with clear intent, whether to destroy or protect.

"Wow! And… hmm… your wish is to keep the dragon strong?"

"And focused. The dragon knows its purpose and knows it has the strength to carry it out. That's something I want… well, I think everyone should have."
He almost blushes, too.


2d14 is different from 2d6+8
Quetz manages to catch all the remaining Scraggy! With the next one Oshawott shoots, that leaves only one! the Riolu draws back a hand and slams it against the Scraggy, sending it limping away until one of its gang runs out to carry it to safety.

The Riolu collapses, exhausted.

Right! Now, you want to keep looking for things, or be fast?


I get a little scared of the drawing for a moment, then bust out laughing.
"Together it looks like a theater mask. I can't believe it came out so different." Then urge him in a pose beside the dragon so everyone can get pictures of us next to it.
"Oooh, can you email us copies of the pictures?"


My mistake.
Pedal slowly up to it and then get off. Offer it a hand.

"You okay there?" Do I have any extra food to offer it?


Hey I can take my time
Thankfully this job doesn't have a deadline

Roll #1 10 = 10


He puts up an awkward smile as a few cameras flash. You notice that your email manager on your pokedex has already received a an email.

"All done! That concludes our tour today! Thank you so much for joining us!"

The crowd slowly beings to disperse.

A little. You notice that it was holding onto a strange berry. Green and nubbed… this must have been what the Scraggy were after. The Riolu gladly accepts your spare food.

Be careful! You don't want to trip over that Shinx on the road!


Open up that email, I just have to see how to picture came out.
Show Arthur too.
"So.. What do you think? That was pretty cool right?"


Poor little thing must value it.

"This is no place for a single person or Pokemon, so why don't you come with us? It'll be safer to travel together."


File: 1445751295295.png (25.6 KB, 818x599, photo.png)

He looks over the photo, faintly smiling.

"It sure was. Got any other plans? Still trying to figure out if I should do anything here before heading up North. Mmmm, snow…"

He looks almost dreamy at the thought.

The Riolu looked impressed by your performance just now. Most Pokemon would demand a fight before they joined a trainer, but this one's too tired for that, so this alone will have to do. It climbs up onto your bike.

Think it's a boy or a girl?


Riolu was defending its berry, so maybe a girl? A male probably would have gone off and been more offensive I take it.

"Hold on to the bike and your berry. We'll be in town in no time."


Yeah good thing I noticed it before tripping ov-HOLY ARCEUS IS THAT A JINX I WANT IT
Okay okay
calm down a little
Look at it, does it seem friendly? Also, let's try to not look too threatening and slowly approach it


It might be safer to put it in a Poke ball. A trainer should always have a few empty ones around.

It looks at you curiously. It's friendly, so far….


Let's crouch down a bit and smile at it
''hey there little buddy, you feeling a bit peckish?''
I am pretty sure that there is almost no pokemon that you can't befriend with the help of a nice tasty snack


I should have one spare that was never claimed in my Inventory to boot.

"Come to think of it, I should at least give you and Oshawott a name. It might be packed where we are going."

"Hmm, so how about Cali for you Oshawott, how does that sound?"

"And Riolu, I'll use Cobalt if I have to call out to you, okay? I'll be putting you in a Pokeball, so don't be scared."


Cali and Cobalt, both for girls. They'll get used to them soon.

Good fortune speeds your journey. The Tangleroad is up ahead, a stopover post for travelers and train refuels.

It's getting pretty hot down south… fortunately, your clothes can breathe enough for it to be bearable. You might want to look into buying more suitable gear as you travel further south to the islands.

The Shinx slowly approaches… and suddenly leaps to bite at the food you hand out!

Roll for reflexes!


''Woah there!'' I chuckle a bit

Roll #1 5 = 5


I almost don't want to arrive. I love the effort the heat is putting on me, just focusing on going forward with the wind in NY hair.

But for Cobalt's sake, I'll get there as fast as possible. She and the others could use that time.


You just barely pull back your hand as it snatches up your offering! Then it runs to the roadside to enjoy its snack.

You enjoy the heat now, but it's going to get unbearable soon.
The small town up ahead awaits. Not much around… standard services, like a Pokemon centre, general pokemart, Ranger and Captor bases…


I can handle a little heat, but my poléfriends could use the help.

I'll lock my bike outside the Pokémon Center and head inside. Maybe the weather will be more bearable inside.


There's air-conditioning! Suddenly the outside doesn't feel so inviting anymore. Going to have Cobalt looked at?


Yeah, hopefully the Nurse or Technician isn't on break.


Sheet has been updated, please distribute stats for your mons
There's always at least one on duty! She puts Quetz and Cali's Poke Balls through the regular checkup machine, but for Cobalt she takes a few syringes and injects them into the Poke ball.

"Your Pokemon have been healed! Please come back at any time!"


"Thanks a lot. I was worried about them."

Take them back and make sure they are secure. Now I can think about myself for a bit. I will need something better to deal with the weather, so I'll hop into the store and see what they have.



For that, you'll have to head to the outfitter's.

Durable, waterproof shirts and suits, with lightweight boots suitable for protecting from rain. That's just one of many things. The shopkeeper tells you to shout if you need anything.


I know it's going to get hot, but a rain poncho is something I'll need. I can carry one of my Pokés in there if I need to.

"You wouldn't happen to have any baggy shorts? Something that won't get to hot but still has pockets?"


"That I do! Here, a set of two baggy shorts, waterproofed. I can toss in two pairs of waterproof socks too! Anything else?"


"Any shirts that'll match?"

"Everything else looks good!"


"Two sets of nylon shirts, breathe well and also water resistant. What colour do you like?"

Most of them are olive drab or green or subdued. Easier to dye, but then you see the odd yellow or pink outfit.


"How about that yellow one? I much prefer the bright colors."


He looks at you funny.

"Uh… okay. Guess you don't care much about camo…. Anyway, your total comes to… 800P!"


Run after it
''Hey, wait up!'' I pick up my sketchbook and start doing my thing

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I could get a camo poncho, then. I coupd put it over if we need to escape some Pokés. Do you have one?"

If he does, buy the set since I have enough.


You get an unusually detailed drawing of its hindquarters as it faces away from you.

You already had a poncho in the set, he swaps it out for this.

"Here you go. Still 800P for the set."


Pay the outfitter with a smile.

"How's the rest of the route to town? Is there anything I should be expecting?"


"Down south to the Valleywood and Dervor Town? It gets way hotter. Stick to the road stay at the camp sites if you can';t make it to the next town by sundown. You never know what could stalk you at night. You'll want to start wearing what you just bought, too."


"Good to know. I was going to jeep what I had on a little more, but getting a change is worth it."

What time is it now?


Coming to late afternoon. Time to find a place to sleep and have dinner. Traveling trainer inns are always the most reliable.



yes, of course, getting a good focus on it's tail is good, right?
Let's try that again, but try to focus other, non-rear parts of it

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Hmm I'm wondering if there are any other special places here that I won't see for a while.. Maybe a pokemon groomer? I bet Vulpix would like to be brushed professionally at least once."


Why are you so drawn to a Pokemon's reproductive parts? Are you aiming to be a breeder? Or are you one of 'those' people?

Nothing much, aside a few fellow trainers here and there.

"So, where do you come from?"


Come to think of it was there a kind of tourist map here with cool locations on it?


"I'm sure there's plenty. Myself, I'm going to look for the caves running underneath the city. Maybe I can find my own dragon Pokemon!"


"Lenobe City, born and raised. In the city park is where I spent most of my days…
It had lots of hiding places so the angry people can't find you if you're careful. How about you? Got a background, or did you just sprout up from the ground one day and say 'man, I think I'm going to be a trainer now!'?"


I blush and try to avert my eyes as I start questioning my own sanity
But i must not stop to be embarassed, I must draw a good picture, for science!
And also capture it
'1d10' come on, enough butts already!

Roll #1 5 = 5


"…There are dragons underneath the city?" I look puzzled and amazed.
"Do you already know what Pokemon you are looking for then?"


Yeah, they're posted all over, actually. There's one at the base of the tower….

It shows different entrances to the sunken caves under the city, as well as the areas of the three districts. For a luxurious groom, you'd want to head into the waterfront district.


"Hmm… a dragon Pokemon? Gible is cool, but then there's something about Deino… I like both, I hope I can run into them."

"Hahaha! Lanobe, huh? I was from there too! Well, until I had to move away a few years ago at least."

You finally manage to draw up a rough sketch. You should be able to get a better picture if you catch it first…


I stop and look her over again.
"You? a Lanobe girl?"
I don't remember her wearing chalk makeup and copious amounts of eyeliner. Wait, was that all the girls, or just the goths and emos?


Alright, maybe I should first get to catching before sketching…
I wonder if I should try to approach it first or straight up battle with it…hmmn…
Let's try to walk closer to it, sloooooowly…See how it reacts…


"Whoa! I can't believe I didn't know about it. This sounds like something I have to go try."
"Hey, wanna make it a contest? Its still pretty early, we spend the rest of the day looking for a dragon pokemon separately and then meet up at sunset to fight with them for practice.. That sounds cool, like a real showdown."


Alright, time to find a place to crash. Are there any camp sites here, or should I rush towards the next town?


"I did move away a few years ago! Why are you so surprised?"

It turns to face you, looking all cute and friendly, aww.

But as a researcher in training, you can tell it's an act. Its muscles are tense, and its claws are drawn, despite the innocent look on its face. It's ready to attack.

"Sounds good! Want to head off now?"

The next town would take another day! Just crash here and get up early.


Oh geez
Let's try to not look friendly and seem as non-threatening as possible
Crouch down a bit and smile ''Hi there little fella''


Then let's find one of those inns. Does the town have a map, or can the clothing vendor direct me to it?


"Yea, of course! And if one of us can't find a dragon they automatically lose.. and the stakes.. what about loser has to buy winner an icecream?"


"…You are way too perky to pass for a Lanobe girl. Just where the heck did you move to?"


It smiles.
It's still not getting any more relaxed though. It's fully expecting a fight.

It's nearby, you can see it!

"Sounds good!"
The nearest cave entrance is just right next to the tower. Ready?



And that's all you're getting out of her, it seems.


Then let's go! I need to lock up my bike outside.

What does the inn look like?


I should pick up a great ball before I go down there.
Otherwise should be okay.


''Heeey, hey…Calm down I ain't gonna fight you…I just want to know if you wanna come with me…''


It looks like a comfy hotel. Looks like free meals are offered for every room! Only 50P a night.

You can get one from a nearby shop. That's 600P.

You should already know this about Pokemon. They must be fought if you want to be their trainers. The Shinx's cute face is gone, and its eyes light up!

Wild Shinx appeared!


Sounds like a good idea, and I have enough too! I'll need to check in to drop off my stuff.

Let's ask the inn keeper if there's any place to visit within walking distance then.


Good deal. That brings me to 6600.
Now I'm ready to head down.


I shrug
''Well, I tried…Tina, go! Use Vine whip!''
'2d6+8' +5

Roll #1 5, 3 + 8 = 16


"Whatever. Let's see if we can make it to the next town before dark."
'1d20' for traveling

Roll #1 16 = 16


One of the entrances has rangers standing guard. It's decorated, reinforced with marble walls.

"Hey there, Ranger! Looking for Pokemon? Have fun!"

"This a pretty empty town, unless you want to explore the swamps and jungles around.. but there isn't much."

Good speed, but then there's the girl beside you still walking…

The Shinx glares at Tina first! Tina is shaken, and her Vine whip attack falters. The shinx looks barely harmed.


"You, uh… you keeping up all right?"


"That's right! Thanks and have a good day."
I check for tracks of pokemon right away '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4


''Come on tina, snap out of it! Vine Whip again, come on!''
'2d6+8' +5

Roll #1 5, 6 + 8 = 19


Well, then it'll be a good chance to let my Pokemon out to get some air, though I'll probably just get some sleep for the night after.


hurry up so you can meet cheese

"Yeah, I'm good. You're so sweet, thanks for the concern!"

With your training, you can tell that the branching path to the left has more Pokemon. When you look back at Arthur, he has a Honedge wrapped around his arm, pointing itself in the same direction.

Roll for accuracy, too. 1d20 with every attacj


'1d20' sorry

Roll #1 1 = 1


I guess I'll go left.
'1d20' keep listening for pokemon.

Roll #1 13 = 13


I'll pack up and get ready to head out now that the sun has come out.


"Hey, I am not concerned! I'm just kinda creeped out by how casually you're… well… being casual! Isn't there anything that phases you?"


Tina just isn't feeling it. The Shinx starts glowing, readying electric power…

Arthur's Honedge is also pointing in the same direction. He pours water from a bottle on the sash clinging onto his arm, occasionally.

You notice that a lot of tracks are leading away from where you're going, actually.

Ready to bike on?

"Some things. Not like I'm telling you, though! Hah!"


I'll make sure all my stuff is in my bag and my Pokeballs are ready, then I'll head out wearing my new clothes.


Follow the most claw-like set of tracks '1d20'

Roll #1 6 = 6


''Oooh boy, you're a a tough little thing aren't you? Come on Tina, you can do it, one more time!''
'2d6+8' +5

Roll #1 5, 1 + 8 = 14 / Roll #2 9 = 9


"Heh, that'd just take the fun out of it! I'll find your weakness one day, and then you'd better watch out!"


You feel a lot better being in climate-appropriate wear.

As you bike down the road in the sunny, humid weather, you eventually come across another boy on a bike. He's being really slow to keep pace with a strange girl wearing a flowery dress.

And then there's another boy on a bike behind you. Looks like he's wearing a fresh set of clothes.

They all seem to lead into a large chamber. Light filters down from strange crystals in the ceiling, into a pool of water surrounded by strange flowers. The floor, too, is oddly warm.

Look out! A horde of Deino run past you! Try not to get tripped.

Tina manages to whip the Shinx again! It, however, charges at Tina, cloaking itself in sparks! Luckily, Tina doesn't conduct electricity well.

Tina's HP:


"Maybe, maybe."
She giggles.


'1d20' rolling not to be tripped

Roll #1 14 = 14


"Hello there!"

Wave to my fellow travelers. Have Quetz wave to them too.


I'm glad I didn't switch her out then
''Now Tina, use Wrap!''

Roll #1 4 = 4


You manage to evade the group running out! One Deino remains, though, looking into the pool… there's an egg there! It might be trying to eat it!


Hey, isn't that the pokemon arthur wanted?
Call back to him. "Hey, Arthur! Over here!"


"Uh… hi?"
What is wrong with these people today? first a crazy chick, now this guy! Acting friendly to complete strangers? He might as well wear a sign that says 'mug me!'


"This area seemed a little empty, mind if I tag along?"


He's already running at it! His Honedge lets go of his arm and flies towards it!

"Can you check on the egg?"

Tina wraps the Shinx, squeezing it! It, however, gazes at Tina with its sweet face, trying to bring her guard down.

Tina is a contrarian, though, and instead becomes more determined to beat it up! You might be able to nab it now…


Rush over and investigate the egg.

Roll #1 19 = 19


I glare at Julia suspiciously.
"This guy a friend of yours?"


Aw yeah
time to pokeball it!

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Hey, hold on!"

Get up and pedal harder.


You roll a d100 for that.

It's blue in colour. Looks like it was left here a while ago… judging by the pattern and shell consistently, this definitely isn't a dragon egg. It feels oddly light to the touch, too.


I'll pick up the egg, cradling it gently..
How is Artur doing with his battle?


Oh, alrigth

Roll #1 33 = 33


He's doing well. He tosses the Pokeball at the worn-out Deino.. and it works!




Congratulations! Shinx was caught!
Shixn was added to your sheet.


"Congratulations Arthur!" I cheer him on.
"Are you gonna name it right away?"


''AAAAAaaaaaawww yeaaaaaaah!'' Hold the pokeball gloriously above me in an awesome pose
''We did it Tina! Great job!'' Pick her up and give her a hug, spinning around with her in my arms


"Oh, for pete's sake," I mutter under my breath, "you people are like joltiks in winter…"
With a sigh, I lean back in my bike seat.
"Guess I'm starting a regular caravan here now. Welcome aboard, Richie."


"Thanks for slowing down. I'm not familiar with this route."

>I just noticed that it's a boy and a girl here

"Ahh! Did I interrupt you two? I can pedal ahead if I was getting in your way!"


"Dude, what do you mean 'familiar?' It's a road. You stay on it. You move forward. Eventually, you reach where you are going. Not exactly rocket science."
I roll my eyes at his delayed reaction.
"Nah, maybe your naive and her crazy will cancel each other out."


"It's not that part that worries me. It's the unfamiliar Pokemon. I have my own, but you'll never know what you'll meet on these paths."


"Not yet."

He lets the Deino loose, and kneels down to its level. They gaze at each other for a while…

It snaps at his hand! He quickly pulls back and tries to hold its mouth shut. It wrestles its way out of the hold, and charges him down. He doesn't let go, an dafter struggling with one another for awhile, they both seem to give up. Both of them get up and he strokes the Deino on the head. It relaxes, and suddenly looks docile.

"Alright. I think we can be together now. I'll name him Auri. Auri. Is that a name you can accept?"

The Deino purrs as Arthur pours water from that same strange bottle just now over the Deino, and his hand where he got scratched.

Tina is happy too! Want to see your new temmate now?


yes please, let's take a look at him or her…


I nod in approval at their friendship ritual.
"You are a pretty tough guy Arthur. I bet you barely even need my survival tips."


"Eheheheh… this has nothing to do with lots of survival stuff. I want my Pokemon to be my comrades. They have to be willing to be my fellow travelers down any road I take, and we've got to have confidence in each other for that. Each Pokemon has their own set of things they value… like my Honedge, she wanted to see how I tasted. Luckily I was near a spring of mystic water to heal any lasting damage, ahahah. Speaking of which…"

He heads to the pool, and fills his bottle with more water. Once it get in, you see the water briefly sparkle before suddenly becoming a lot clearer.

Those flowers by the poolside… you recognise them. If you picked them, you might be able to make something good…

Your Shinx comes out! It stares at you with that same cute face.


Speaking of things you meet on the road, a few trees here are torn up. Large footprints are imprinted on the ground.


"Ooh, does that change ordinary water?"
Time to pick flowers like some kind of herb loving hippie.


"But that's the point, you dummy: traveling the world to grow stronger and fight new opponent's means encountering new pokemon."
"Like the one that did that."



"I'm Squire. Apologies for not introducing myself."

"Maybe for you, I just want to see this world before… Woah."


Let's pick it up and smile back ''Hi there little fella, I'm Cello!''
Sooooo is it a boy or a girl?


"Not ordinary… the water has to be from certain sources. Like clean rivers, or certain regions in the sea. It's very helpful. Helps me and my Pokemon heal up and recover if we get hurt. Sort of like how a Pokemon would use Aqua Ring."

In the meantime, you collect a stash of herbs and flowers. Smells really good, almost suitable for aromatherapy. You just need a bit more time to prepare them.

"Speaking of which. I think that egg belongs to a water type. You going to keep it?"

Just look at the drawing you did! You made a very detailed image of its girl parts.


Are the tracks still fresh?


Do I recognize the footprints?

Roll #1 11 = 11


"Yea actually.. I feel odd about it.. like I was supposed to find this egg.."
I look down thoughtfully at it, then up at Arthur with sudden realization.
"Oh! But that means I didn't find a dragon type at all. Guess you win the challenge."


W-wait I did?
Take a look at that drawing again!


Yes, in fact…. you hear heavy footsteps coming through!

You might want to hide somewhere…

A big Pokemon, for all of you. Like some sort of monster-egg group Pokemon.

"Nah, you saved that egg. We should call it even!"

Well, there are some people who might pay you for such a detailed drawing of a Shinx's girl parts…


Let's put that away in my bag and pet the Shinx
''Alright, time to introduce you to the rest of the crew''
Release Jasper and Nadia, and let my four poke mingle for a bit, watch how it plays out with a smile…


"Alright. It was still pretty exciting." I giggle a bit.
"I'm gonna go get ready for my next gym challenge, the bug gym if you've heard about it. Its supposed to be really respected by other rangers."


"Huh. Julia, these tracks look familiar to you? I've not seen any like them before."


"Don't just stand there, move! Whatever made that is coming back! Head into cover!"


Jasper and Nadia fall for the cute face. Not so much Tina, who only becomes more cautious because of it.

"Good luck! I want to head up North to see the snow…"

You can hear something heavy come even closer…


"All right, all right, sheesh…"
Walk my bike under the trees with Squire.
"I'd say we could just keep going, but I wanna see what this thing is."


"You probably know to stay warm with layers, but bring some snow shoes, and extra rope in case you have to trek through a snowed over area. Oh, and something that heals frozen status too!"
I tell him on the way back out of these sewers.


I'll take the two with me to a safer area, hopefully out of the way of whatever is coming.


"You're not the only one who wants to see it, I just don't want to get in its way."


Hmmn…Interesting reactions…
''Well, now that I finally managed to catch you, how about a proper drawing eh girl? Mind striking a nice pose for me please?''
I whip out a fresh page and now let's make this drawing once and for all!

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Good thinking. Thanks!"

Julia joins you in hiding, of course.
A Tyranitar comes by where you were walking. A hulking monster armored in rock. It looks at the trees you're hiding under…

Finally, you get something workable. She's moving around a little too much for anything more detailed.



"Well then, you only have to walk a few steps and get out of it's way. Geez, you got anything up there?"
I knock on this kid's head and listen for an echo.


"Then why don't you try outrunning that >>17937 over there. Now stay quiet, it'll hear us…"


Hmph, she's a bit too energetic to get anything done
Ah well, let's give her a few good pettings and let everyone back into the pokeball. And let her walk with me for a while
''So, you live here? Or are you traveling around like me?'' I try to make small talk as I keep going my merry way


It looks in your direction…

Stay perfectly still! Roll.

You're almost done with the dinner you're having with Arthur. Not bad at all.


Something to be said for city dining. I doubt I'll always have this option though.
"Hey, what do you do for food on the road?"


That's… that's a really, really big lizard…
'1d20' standing still.

Roll #1 14 = 14


Holding my spot. '1d20. Hopefully.



Roll #1 4 = 4


Not just for you. Fortunately, your experience living in your home city makes you good at hiding out.

Not so much for Squire, who doesn't seem to be in a particularly good position. The Tyranitar sniffs the air and lumbers up to you. It raises an arm, ready to tear out the trees shielding you…

"I… well, I don't have much experience. I buy ready-to-eat supplies, or I can fish. I've manged to hunt bird Pokemon before, too, they're not bad."


"Oh come on…"

Try to sneak to another position while staying in cover, AWAY from this Pokemon. '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4


For the kid who was freaking out about us hiding, he's not doing a very good job of it.
Oh, this is gonna be good…


"Yeah, I don't either, but I know enough to realize we're not always going to have food ready to eat on the road."

Hmm. Does the Pokedex have some kind of survival cooking app?


Good for you, too. As the Tyranitar knocks down a tree, all of you are revealed! It roars terribly, and a sand cloud begins to cloak the area!

Opposing Tyranitar has appeared!

Turns out there's a whole search category for easily edible Pokemon, by region, with basic instructions on how to prepare them. Very useful.


Very nice. I'll have to use that. Anyway, I think I've eaten my fill.


"With a swing like that, I don't think it'll play nice. And I don't have a choice anymore."

"Quetz, use Twister, keep it at a distance!"

Attack '1d20'
Damage '2d24'

Get Cali and Cobalt's pokéball ready.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 23, 16 = 39



"Nice job there, Richie. You sure know how to stay still…"
All right, Chica, let's go! Poison Sting! '1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 3 + 6 = 9


Your attack barely manages to shake its armor! The twister simply glances off!

You have a little more luck. The barb Chica throws sticks, but barely pierces its rocky hide. It looks almost completely unaffected.

Julia does the same. She sends out her own Nidoran-M, and though the barb sticks, the towering pokemon looks barely affected.

It breathes in, and suddenly releases a black pulse! As it draws near, you feel winded, and somehow disgusted. Chica is the one unlucky enough to be hit, and she's hit badly.

Chica's HP: 17/51

"We need to take it down slowly! Your Cottonee, Justus!"

The waiter comes up to you and splits individual bills.
500P. For all you ate, it's a great price.

"Alright, time to head back to crash?"


As far as you know, Shinx are usually found in the Northwest. You're not sure how one found its way here. Is there a pack living nearby? You're not going to get much out of a newly caught Pokemon, it's more interested in your food or your smells.


I nod.
"Yeah. Let's go. It's been a busy day."


Ah well, let's just keep walking with it, won't hurt right?
Where was I heading off to again?


To Greenlink. You wanted to head up to the Evergreen. And speaking of which, you made it! The road's turning paved and you see a town up ahead.

Back at the house, a psyduck opens the door for you. Looks like it keeps the house while people are gone.

"Make yourself comfortable. I might leave pretty early tomorrow… man, I really hope I'll see you on the road. Shouldn't be hard with these pokedexes."


Great! Let's pick up the pace and get in town!


"Right! Okay, Pillow, time to shine!"
Leech seed! '1d20'

Roll #1 17 = 17


"Let's try something else. Quetz, retuen. Cali, your turn, try to keep it at a distance!"

Attack '1d20'
Water Gun '2d24'

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 22, 21 = 43


Huh. These guys have everything.
"Yeah. I still need to meet Nagi at the spring tomorrow as well. Hope I see you at some point if you're gone by then."


It feels like so long since you've been in civilization. This seems more like a stopover town than anything. Basic facilities like a supply shop, inn, Pokemon center. All in all, pretty quiet compared to home.

Pillow, in a sudden burst of speed launches seeds that embed themselves in the Tyranitar's armor! Good shot. Meanwhile, Julia's Nidoraan manages to launch a barb right into a ghap in the Tyranitar's armor! It gasps, and clutches itself.

Your roll is 2d6+18 for water gun, read carefully

As Cali shoots a water gun than melts into its rocky armor, the Tyranitar rages! It slams the ground, creating a shockwave! Fortunately, Cali evades the attack, but Pillow and the Nidoran aren't so lucky.

The Tyranitar groans. Pillow didn't take so much damage from the tremor after all, and is almost completely haled by how much energy it's sucking from the monster.

Pillow's HP: 50/54


The TV talks about more pokemon appearing outside their usual habitats, and a discussion about whether this coincides with recent rises in criminal activity. There's also an interview with the gym leader of a faraway city, who looks nothing like a gym leader at all and just looks like a harmless housewife.


"Cali, Focus while you have the chance!"

Focus Energy


Looks like the nicest place I've been in so far… Maybe I could rent a house here…
Let's head straight to the pokemon center, I want my buddies in perfect health!
Also I could check if I have any mail…


"Heh. Noisy one, isn't he? In fact, I'd say he's a bit of a blowhard."
Fairy Wind! '1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 2, 5 + 8 = 15


Hm. I sure picked an eventful time to start exploring. Wonder if I'll ever meet her?

Hopefully I remember to turn the TV off before I drift off.


Cali focuses, becoming very still and concentrating.
She will now be more able to hit opponent weak spots!

The Tyranitar seems particularly shaken by the wind. You can understand, some of Pillow's attacks feel… wrong. At least you're not on the receiving end.

Julia's Nidoran suddenly delivers a devastating double kick, and you can see it wince even under tis armor. This, with the Tyranitar leeched and poisoned, makes it go into a rage.

It roars terribly, and charges around, thrashing at everything! In the dust and sand, all you can hear are the cries of your Pokemon as it unleashes its panicked strength.

As the dust clears, Pillow and the Nidoran are down, while Cali is barely standing.

Cali's HP: 4/53

You do.
roll for dreams?


Perhaps Calm Mind will help. Or meditating before bed.

Roll #1 14 = 14


"Cali, that's enough, return for now! Cobalt, this is an emergency, use your Vacuum Wave to keep it away."

Attack '1d20'
Vacuum Wave '2d6+14'

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 3, 4 + 14 = 21


"Nice job, Pillow. You got some good hits in."
Recall the fluffball and send out the croc.
"All right Lyle, knock him down!"
Aqua Jet! '1d20' '2d6+8'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 6, 6 + 8 = 20


Calm Mind is essentially meditating.
You were on a boat, sailing across calm seas. You're not sure where you're going, but the ride is good. It's like you can touch the horizon.

As you wake up, you note that Arthur is already preparing to leave.

"Hey there. I can wait for you if you like. Don't leave anything behind, psyduck won't open the door for anyone but family members."

Cali refuses the recall! She can see her chance. She fires a water gun at the Tyranitar's dazed head, just as it begins to charge! It stops in its tracks.

Cobalt's vacuum wave and Lyle's quick charge is almost only followup. The Tyranitar is already dazed and slowing down.


You can hear a voice shoutout at you from above. From atop a Salamence, a woman in a uniform tosses down a Pokemon! A red, iron-clad bug: Scizor. Quickly assessing the situation, it glides in to punch the Tyranitar square in the face, managing to deal a decisive blow. The Tyranitar is knocked and held down.

"Are you kids alright?"


The Pokemon center takes your Pokemon and runs them though the regular machine. Except your new Shinx, who has the standard vaccinations injected straight into its Pokeball.

Mail… well, your drawings and data have been a hit. 2000P has been credited to you!


Oh hell yeah!
Let's send that Ranger girl a message, Amber was her name right? I gotta tell her about my shinx!


"I'm okay, did either of you get hurt?"

"You should listen better Cali, but it worked. Just next time…" Pet her and Cobalt on the head.


Smooth sailing ahead? That's good.
"Oh, sure."
Let's make sure I have absolutely everything before setting out.
"Are you heading for the docks?"


"Ah great, ain't that typical: Blue-gals show up late and take all the credit. We were doing fine."
"Hey, don't chide her for covering for ya. Your partners, remember? They're trusting you, but ya gotta trust them back."


"Honestly, are you from the same place? I know you're right because I was told the same thing just a little while ago. I'm still trying to work that out, especially when I know it was the right thing to do."


File: 1446365298640.png (160.53 KB, 800x1000, dewott_and_nothing_else_by….png)

Sure. Just type your message into the terminal.

"That, I am. Then I want to head straight for the Rising City. I want to see if there are a few small tournaments, then maybe see the Duality Tower, and the dragon caves below the city. I really want my own dragon Pokemon. Powerful, beautiful things, you know?"

You triplecheck, and Millie helps. Nothing's left behind.

Cali looks different. She's taller, and more sure of herself.

Congratulations! your Oshawott has evolved into Dewott!

"No, Justus, they're Rangers!" Julia points out. "But what you said about trusting your Pokemon? That's pretty sweet of you!"

The Ranger lands, and her partner drops off.

"Wow, you kids pretty much took it down by yourselves! That's really good work!"


She's quite the partner. I'm lucky to have her.
"Dragons, huh? I wouldn't mind meeting one myself. I'll have to check that place out…"
I should set out though. Don't want to keep Nagi waiting.


"looks like all that hard work paid off. How do you feel Cali?"


"I'm from Lanobe city. If you've been told it before, then why am I having to tell you again?"
"Sweet? Don't be silly, it's just common sense."
"Yeah, well, three against one is tough odds, even for a big guy like him."
I look over the lizard appraisingly.
"…So who gets him?"


>''Hey Amber! It's me Cello, that Researcher guy. How are you doing?''
>''I'm doing pretty awesome! I just caught myself a shinx and she is just the most adorable thing! I also got a big load of money I got from my drawings, so that's great.''
>''But how about you? Been catching any interesting pokemon lately? And how goes the ranger work?''

Alright, now SEND


"Same thing I told her." Point to my head. "I'm pretty thick up here."


"Yeah, I noticed."


Arthur heads off to the port, frog in tow, while you take the bus over the the city center.

"It got loose from its trainer a few hours ago. It was lucky they reported it quickly… that's why you should always establish trust with your Pokemon. If they don't have faith in you, they'll run away and try to sever ties. Your Pokemon look hurt… want a lift to the next town?

The ranger's partner lets out two Rapidash.

She nods confidently, before stumbling over and just barely catching herself before she falls face-flat.


Anything else you want to do with an internet connection?


and [PAUSED]


Maybe I'd upload those shinx pics if this was a private computer, heh
Just joking to myself, let's try to contact the Proffesor


Reach out to her and give her some food to chow on.

"Hey, you can rely on me to at least bumble my way to you. Eat up and regain your strenght."


Right. Now let's see if I can keep from getting lost finding this spring.


"So do you two want a lift to town or not?"

You boot up the IM. Looks like he's online.


Great! Let's give him a call and catch up


I should go to base again for dinner, maybe try to chat with other rangers.


It's easy, with all the signs directing anyone remotely interested there. There's even a special direct bus.

"There you are!"

You note Nagi sitting elegantly on a pair. She offers the seat next to hers to you.

Will you part ways with Arthur now and head off for your own business?


"Eh, sure, as long as we can bring our bikes along."
Wait, two? I could have sworn there was someone else here…
Eh, they're probably not important.


I will, he said he wanted to go get ready for snow anyway.
"If you need to contact me you can email me." I call after him before leaving to base.


It is getting pretty late. Besides, this Ranger base is really, really cool. And you do need to find a suitable container for the egg.

Speaking of which, checked your mail lately?

The video opens to a live feed of him sleeping on his desk, while his Alakazam seems to have pressed the button to received.


"Uhh.. Hi?" raise my hand to salute the Alakazam, wondering how it was going to communicate with me


Oh, there she is. I sit next to her.
"Hey. Have you been waiting long?"


I was using the email just a while ago when I got the picture, silly, it has an alert.
I'll check it once I get to the base, is anyone around?


Lots of Rangers of different ranks. As you enter the building you can even see some take off from large flying Pokemon, and as you enter you're certain you can hear a class being conducted.

The Alakazam slaps the Professor over the head in live view.
"OW! GO AWAY, I- Oh hey Cello, what's up?"

"I was just on the way! Shouldn't be too long now. How about you?"


"Hey there prof… Work has been getting you tired lately?"


"I just said goodbye to Arthur not long ago. He showed me some of the underground spring yesterday, but I haven't seen the public one yet."


..A class? I just have to take a peak at that, what kind of class is it?


"Kind of, yeah. Thanks for the concern. So, uh… got anything good for me?"

"The main public spring's a big attraction. It can get pretty noisy, especially since this time of year with a lot of people around. It's worth a visit if we're all the way here."

The bus stops, signalling for people to get off. You can see the blue pillars marking the way to the spring shrine.

You take a peek… looks like it's for trainee rangers. A group of them are on the flo,r learning how to administer first aid to themselves and their Pokemon! you remember when you went through this class. You scored well.


"Yeah. I didn't take the chance to meditate there yet. I think it would be a good idea."
I take a look at the pillars before I go on up.


"Yep. I had just a few more drawings to show and look!" I release my shinx and hold it up to the screen "I caught myself a new friend!"
Also, let's upload those drawings for him


Heh, those kids might be my partners someday, I hope they pay attention.
Now.. I will find someone about my rank.. '1d20'

Roll #1 17 = 17


"That's a nice study of a Trapinch. Hmm, a cute Shinx, it shows from your drawing- hold on, this one seems… excessively detailed. Cello… I, uh, don't deal with publishers in Pokemon adult material, but I think you can find one somewhere."

Easy! A girl with a scyther who just came in from the entrance. She asks you what's up.

The more you look at them , the more they seem to melt in your vision. They're made from some sort of glass, at least you think.

A large marble structure stands ahead, flanked by fountains. A robed monk stands at the entrance.


"I'm just a little bored.. No one will give me any jobs until I earn more badges, but the gym here is supposed to be really tough.. So I'd have to take a train and I don't like trains much after last time.. What about you?"


Wait shit I forgot about that one!
"T-that? Oh that was just something I thought could be included in the book you know? Details about P-pokemon reproduction and how it works for each one, yep!" I lie trying to keep a straight face


"Heh, well, I have to take the train to the Evergreen soon, actually. I'm supposed to learn more about forests environments, and some stuff. A little silly, because I thought my initial training in Dervor Town would cover everything! And hey, maybe you want to find a case for that egg?"

He looks at you funny.
"Well, uh, if you say so. Those sort of diagrams would need more technical attention to detail, and not as many artistic liberty…"


"Hello. I wish to meditate here before leaving. Is there a toll or something I have to pay?"


"Oh. That's right. I don't know my way around this base too well yet, where should I ask about a case?"


Well that's… I didn't had much time to pay attention to it, the shinx is pretty energetic you know? Haha… B-but changing the subject, do you have any news for me?"


"Sure, just come along to the supply department!"

She leads you through to the part of the building that seems to be for storing and counting supplies. Lots of Machop helping out by carrying boxes. She brings you to a counter for young Pokemon supplies, and the clerk has you fill out a form.

"If you need something really specific you're not sure the shops sell, feel free to check out what the suppliers here have!"

He looks at both of you.
"Hmm… a warrior and psychic in training. Welcome. We only charge large groups of tourists, but I believe that your presence here will helps us, too. The imprint you leave on the spring will be good. Please. come in."


"Sure, just come along to the supply department!"

She leads you through to the part of the building that seems to be for storing and counting supplies. Lots of Machop helping out by carrying boxes. She brings you to a counter for young Pokemon supplies, and the clerk has you fill out a form.

"If you need something really specific you're not sure the shops sell, feel free to check out what the suppliers here have!"

He looks at both of you.
"Hmm… a warrior and psychic in training. Welcome. We only charge large groups of tourists, but I believe that your presence here will helps us, too. The imprint you leave on the spring will be good. Please. come in."


"Thank you."
In I go. Is there anyplace suitable to sit down?


Fill out the form and get that egg secured into a case!
"Huh.. This could come in really handy.. but I assume I have to bring it back once I'm done with it? I mean, I wouldn't need it after that anyway. Ha, hey I'm Amber, What's your name?"


Gotta [PAUSE]


There are cushions on the floor… but of you want the full experience, get yourself a little wet. You can see waterfalls with rocks at their bases that were clearly meant for sitting. Right behind the crystal statue in the likeness of a Suicine's crest.

If you need to change, there' a locker room where you can get a robe for this.

"Wendy! Pleasure meeting you! Just wondering, anywhere you'd liek to go in particular?"


Yeah, I should probably do that. No reason to go on a journey with wet clothing.
Let's go change.


I pause for a moment thinking of it.
"I dunno, I guess I can always come back after the gym? Its only been a day but I feel like I've spent so much time here.. But its so lively I'm sure there is something I missed.. I went to the tower of duality, and looked for a dragon type and helped an old lady get a new pokemon too.. "



"Oh, yes. We are the heart of the continent, after all! But I meant, beyond this city. Want to try heading northwest? Or south?"

These are remarkably comfy robes, just like you used in training back home. Millie follows along, skipping after your step. You run into Nagi just outside the changing room armed with her sword, she too has changed into a similar robe and has her Ralts.. no, her Kirlia now, marching behind. You never noticed defined her muscles were before.

"Those look like they fit you well. Shall we?"


"I hadn't really thought of it.. Maybe a smaller town will have more troubles than rangers and I can get assigned a real mission!"
"Oh.. Um.. you haven't happen to see any pokemon acting weird while you were traveling or working have you Wendy?"


"Oh… the shadow pokemon thing? Yeah, I heard. The labs are already trying to find way to cure them. So far, though, the only way we really know is to have a psychic dive into their mind to free them after enough time spend with a caretaker. And that takes a long time."


"I see.. So a lot of rangers know about it too.." I frown then turn staring intensely at her.
"If you find out something you have to let me know! Its really important okay?"


Ooh, retro. Reminds me of home a little bit. Though I'm a bit surprised to see Nagi in one.
"Yeah, I'm ready."
It probably wouldn't be polite to stare…


She doesn't seem to notice, but her Kirlia does and frowns at you. Millie giggles, and his attention is promptly diverted away.

"Well… I'm sure more information will be released once it's ready! This Cipher bunch sure are a nuisance, but I heard they're only one of three groups causing trouble around. Not sure about their names, though…"


I nod slowly.
"I'm guessing the three groups all operate in different places too? Have you heard about one further south?"


"Uh huh. One of them likes to do raids on shipping vessels and other boats in the seas down south. The other likes raiding in the northwest plains. From what I've heard, most of them aren't very good trainers, but be careful!"


And that's that till you reach the waterfalls. Time to begin?


I hide a smile. She's got a good partner.
Quite. I take a seat and begin to meditate. Calm Mind…

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Don't worry. A few clumsy thugs won't catch me off guard." I reply confidently.
Then I look down at the egg in the case with a smile. "I should get going if I want to get a decent place on the train. See you later Wendy."


"Good luck! sure you won't stay another night? You're going to want good food before you leave!"

You take your seat, and the water rushes over your skin. You feel relaxed, yet awakened.

As you close your eyes and focus, you awaken slowly to the feeling of buoyancy. Below you is the darkness of the depths, and above light filters. A large variety of sea pokemon swim around you, all busy getting on with their lives.

You can't see her, but Millie is with you.


Interesting. This probably connects to the sea through the lower springs. Let's see if I can't focus some more…

Roll #1 18 = 18


"..The beds here are really nice.. Oh! Maybe we can train together a little too, would you be up for a practice battle? Is there a good place to do that here or do we have to go outside?"


You feel control come to you. Your arms and legs take shape, and you can move them to go where you will. in the distance, coral reefs take shape, as do odd lights deep down below in the darkness.

"We can head to a battle hall! I'll be up for it. Two Pokemon?"


"That will make it go quick, sure." I nod and consider which pokemon I should pick.


Fascinating. I'm curious about what could be down there.


"Doubles? That might be fun!" She says has she leads the way to the practice hall.

You note the buglike bracer she's wearing. She might be a fan of bugs…

You dive down. Slowly first, but you pick up speed. The dark surrounds you, but the beads of light show the way. The Staryu and Chinchou are very helpful.

A current pushes you down further, and soon you can barely even see the sunlight above. You feel like you could ask the pokemon to shut their lights off if you wanted, and leave you with nothing but this emptiness to sleep in.


"Alright, it could be a nice way to get our pokemon to work together, but then are you sure you want to do just two?"
I can probably use joltik and vulpix in that case.


An exciting idea, and a little foreboding as well. Let's try it and see what I can discover in the void.


At your command, the dark void envelops you.

It's not scary, strangely enough. It's a place of absolute peace. You feel like you could drift off to sleep at any time, in this place that is yours alone.

An idea comes to mind. If you tried, you could learn how to use this peace. You could calm or pacify others with it….

"Yeah, let's make it quick and fun!"



You could stay here for a while and learn to trace the nuances of the deep and dark. You could calm or pacify others with this power, too.

Will you?

Both of you are hauled up onto the equinoid pokemon. Julia decides to ride with you, as she climbs up on the saddle behind.

"Think you can handle that Rapidash the same way you do your bike?"

"Alrighty then!"

The practice room makes its presence known as you enter. Looks like they have one for different environments, judging by the doors… and this one has moss growing on the ground and vines creeping around the room. Indoors.



Of course. I'm not about to refuse any lesson this world offers.


You enter a state like sleep, almost. From here you can hear nothing but the waves and currents in the distance, interfering in ways that make them almost harmonic. You got the hang of it.

The moment this lesson ends, the lights come back on. The Pokemon must continue their lives. You can almost hear a Chinchou asking if you're enjoying yourself.


"Uh… I hope not, 'cause I'm pretty sure this guy's smarter than my bike is."
Plus there's no handlebars, no petals… I've gotta work with him in order to get anywhere.
"Still, it's worth a shot. Uh… let's see…"
Start with a slow walk please? '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


If I had a physical mouth, it would be smiling. Yes, I am thoroughly enjoying my time among the denizens of the deep. It's marvelous, and they have my heartfelt thanks.


"I think so.. Those vines won't light on fire right?"


Not bad. The Rapidash begins trotting along the road. You won't be a cavalier at this rate, but you'll survive.

"Not bad! I think the Rapidash likes you!"

"Not unless you want them to! Come out!"
Scyther and Rhyhorn are sent out!


"Alright! These two are both pokemon I rescued, I'm kind of excited to see how they work together."
I send out Joltik and Vulpix.


Vulpix and Webster both leap forward. They stare down the opposition together, awaiting your word.

They seem to glad to hear it. Continue downwards?


Yes. My curiosity has been inflamed.


"Well, uh… showing them some respect tends to do that. I mean, if I'd tried to treat him like I knew better than he did, he'd probably not be too happy with me…
What I'm trying to say is, when you know what you're doing, you like it when the new guy admits he's green and lets you do your thing, rather than trying to prove how good he is when he really isn't. Or something like that; I'm not too good with words."


"Jump over and Leech life on the Rhyhorn, Vulpix keep them busy with a Fire Spin on the Scyther."
'1d20' '1d8+16' leech life
'1d20' '2d6+18' fire spin

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 3 + 16 = 19 / Roll #3 6 = 6 / Roll #4 1, 1 + 18 = 20


Things change as you go down. The water feels different, the temperature… unstable. Looks like you're entering a deep trench, away from the seabed most deep-sea pokemon make their home.

…bad place down below…
…why go down? no food, not sexy mates…
…friend go down never come back up…
mental.. projection? safe for you, but be careful…

Huh. for some reason, you can listen into their thoughts. Looks like they're giving you some friendly advice. The Starmie's last comment seems to be a little more knowledgeable.

"That's true! Hey, isn't that one of the lessons they featured in that really cute show about a little ponyta? Have you seen it? I really like it."

Webster trips! Vulpix is able to send the fire spin, and the Scyther is enveloped.

This doesn't stop it from flying out and slamming its wings into Vulpix. Meanwhile, the Rhyhorn jabs at Webster with its horn, sending him lurching back.

Vulpix: 37/58
Webster: 46/61


I frown.
"Try a Thunderwave on Scyther!" (it can't miss)
"Get Rhyhorn with a hypnosis!" '1d20'

Roll #1 19 = 19


Strange. They seem to be afraid of the deepest, darkest depths. Is it a primal fear of the dark we all share, or something more?

I'll pass on my thanks to that Starmie before descending more cautiously. Keep Millie close as well.


"Hey, y- heh-hmn. I have no idea what you're talking about. Is it some kind of girl's show or something? 'Cuz I don't watch those. Like, at all."


Smart move. Both Vulpix and Webster seem to agree, as they readily disable their opponents. Vulpix makes the air in front of him shimmer, putting the charging Rhyhorn to sleep. The scyther is faster and manages to dart at Webster, but he retaliates but coursing a strong current through it! The Scyther groans as it struggles to keep aloft, its muscles twitching.

Vulpix: 37/58
Webster: 31/61

"Really? Then I should show it to you sometime!"
She starts humming a theme song you know very, very well. Roll for will not to sing along.

The water temperature becomes more unstable. Suddenly, it's boiling hot, but in the next moment near freezing. It can't actually hurt you, but it' still jarring.

In the distance deep down, you can make out some odd shapes. Are those buildings? They look like it. Some of them are intact, while some are damaged in ways you can't quite imagine how, like one that had its entire top cut clean off.

You nearly bump into a Relicanth. For some reason, it's floating here completely still. It doesn't look dead, but compeltely frozen, even though the water's still clearly liquid.


Must… conceal… power level…

Roll #1 6 = 6


Weird. I wasn't expecting that.

Can I feel anything from this Relicanth?


Close call. You managed to stop yourself after three notes. Thankfully she didn't notice.

You can see town appearing in the distance. Ride's going to be over soon.

Nothing. Not at least until Millie's presence goes near it. The moment she does, it suddenly starts moving again. It seems confused. As far as it's concerned, you suddenly appeared out of nowhere in one second, the time it took for Millie to free it.


'1d20' '2d8+22' "Electroweb Scyther before it can break free!"
'1d20' '1d8+8' "Go for a Quick attack on Scyther."

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 1, 6 + 22 = 29 / Roll #3 8 = 8 / Roll #4 1 + 8 = 9


Can I attempt to calm it? See what this place is or what happened to it?


That was too close.
"I see the town up ahead. Hope the Pokecenter's got three bedrooms available… ah, why wouldn't they? it's not like there's other trainers on this trail to occupy them."


In its last throes, the Scyther darts forward, slamming Vulpix down with a Quick Attack nearly trips him! Vulpix isn't one to let that slide, and counters with his own Quick Attack. As the Scyther falls back, Webster throws an electroweb to catch it, giving it a shock to ensure it's not coming back up.

Now all that's left is the Rhyhorn, who wakes up on hearing the commotion.

The Relicanth seems to have no idea. It only came down because it was curious. As far as it knows, that strange abandoned city has always been there. It didn't look as ruined and old a few seconds ago, though…

Staying at a Pokecenter? You're not injured, are you?
You should probably check up on the Trainer Inn if you want a place to stay. The Rapidashes are polite enough to drop you off in front of one, which is coincidentally right nest to a Pokemon Center.

"You kids stay safe! See you!"
The rangers hop back onto their Salamence and fly off, leaving you all in the heart of this settlement.

Welcome to Dervor Town. It's a moderately busy port town, facing sea from most directions and dense jungle in the other. The hot, humid air is at least abated by the sea breeeze.


A few seconds? What was the last thing it remembers before that?


"Be careful guys, it hit pretty hard last time."
Lets go for Payback '1d20' '1d8+8'
And a leech life '1d20' '1d8+16'

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 3 + 8 = 11 / Roll #3 5 = 5 / Roll #4 4 + 16 = 20


Right, the inn.
What time of day is it right now? I might want to visit some shops…
…after getting my pokemon taken care of in the pokemon center. We did just come from a fight with a Tyranitar, after all.


Swimming down. Well, actually, a lot more seems to have changed in a few seconds. The rocks around you all look a lot more weathered, the water has changed in composition… don't these things need years to change?

Webster bites onto the Rhyhorn, draining blood! Not that it manages to get much through a rocky hide as thick as a Rhyhorn's. Vulpix does the same, trying to rouse itself while attacking, but not by much.
The Rhyhorn charges at Vulpix, again stabbing with this horn! Vulpix endures, and looks a little angrier.

Webster: 36/61
Vulpix: 10/58

Looks like sundown is nearing. Shops will still be open for a while, if you have any ideas.


"Its okay, use a confuse ray!" confuse ray also can't miss.
"go for another leech life!" Poor joltik is bad match up here. '1d20' '1d8+16'

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 7 + 16 = 23


Yeah. I think it might have been down here a lot longer than it thinks. Perhaps it should go back up, to more familiar locales.


Vulpix looks happier again. He flashes a few flames in front of him, making the air shimmer, and the Rhyhorn looks dazed… The Rhyhorn tries to charge, but ends up hitting the ground! Looks like it hurt itself more than your attacks could.

Webster, seeing his chance, leaps onto it and drains more blood! This time, it manages to find a better spot to sink his tiny fangs into.

Webster: 36/61
Vulpix: 10/58

It cautiously swims back up. Things have changed since it went down… things are different.

Continue going down?


…yes. I want to know what could have possibly frozen a Relicanth for years. Though I should probably watch myself.


"Think you can pull of another firespin Vee?" '1d20' '2d8+18'
"Webster just keep biting it, you're getting through at least." '1d20' '1d8+16'

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 7, 1 + 18 = 26 / Roll #3 5 = 5 / Roll #4 3 + 16 = 19


The place becomes odder as you head further down. Ad you delve into the ruins, things… do things they shouldn't. A piece of concrete seems to be in two places at once, continually appearing and disappearing at two points. Millie clings closer to you.

You notice a Kingdra swimming around the ruins. As it nears the odd piece of concrete, it stabilises.

Oh, is that his name?
Even through the rocky protection, the flames do more than any physical attack could on the Rhyhorn. By the time Webster gets on it, there's no need. The Rhyhron won't be retaliating.

"Wow, that went completely off what I expected! You're not bad at all!"
The ranger extends her hand to shake yours, before noticing something behind you.

"Hey, is your bag shaking?"


It just felt natural, I dunno if that's a good name thou!

"Yea thanks! I- What?!"
Quick put the backpack in front of me and look inside.


Approach the Kingdra. What does it know about this place?


You grab the backpack, and… the egg's shaking in its case! But not for long. It calms down as you, Vee and Webster look on.

"Oh! Well, I think this one might be hatching soon! it's not ready yet, but I guess witnessing a fight like that made it feel energized! I have a feeling this is going to be one strong, healthy Pokemon. Why don't you have your Vulpix help keep it warm?"

This place? Things… misbehave here. Deep in the ocean, the Rules aren't enforced as well as they are above land, nearer to where the Dragons have their throne. Pokemon that come down here and get caught in the strange behaviour of space make an easy meal for it, heh he heh.

But that city's always been there. It's as old as the water itself. It doesn't know much about that.


"Well, Vulpix, what do you think?" Wait, how does it work, I just let it ride in my backpack.. or.. strap the egg to its back.. I kind of pick up vulpix and set it on the egg's case in experimentation.


I think I'll have to check out some TM shops Next time, since I really ought to get to bed. Thanks for running!


Vee didn't sign up for daycare duty! But fine… He lets you put the egg case on him.

"If that egg's going to hatch soon, you might want to stay around here until it hatches and you can give it a proper checkup. How about some patrol duties tomorrow?"


Cities don't just sprout up underwater though. Certainly not this deep.

Also…it? What is it?


I pat his head, he's a good pokemon. "I'll get you some nice fish as a treat for doing this, even thou you're a boy."
Then I ponder her comment.
"I guess that's a good point, I wouldn't want to be in the middle of the survival course with a hatchling! I'm not even completely certain what pokemon it is."


The Kingdra was mentioning itself. It likes to come down here to hunt. But sometimes it finds Horsea and Seadra who foolishly try to swim down like it, and it has to set them free and escort them back up to safety.

Well, cities don't sprout up underwater. Maybe it was here before the water came. That's not something the Kingdra is really interested in.

Are you finished? It would like to go back to swimming around now.

"Good! Let it hatch, make sure it's fit, then you've got a full squad for any challenge! I need to get to some errands now, so have fun!"

The ranger makes to leave. hmm, it's almost dinnertime…


Yes. It's free to continue on its business.

It seems like dragons have some sort of power over the natural world. I wonder if I've ever heard any legends regarding that as I inspect the ruins.


I did just promise fish.. let Vulpix walk around with me while I wander slowly toward the dining hall, this place is so packed full of things, I just can't help but want to explore a bit on the way, looking into the other halls and doors.
"So.. Vee.. Its a bit short, but I felt energized when I called it out! Did you feel it too?"


You do. The details are sketchy, but it's a tale you've heard since you were young. Long ago, there was an old world. It was torn apart by legendary pokemon who went mad. The Sky High pokemon Rayquaza, aided by the Black and White Zekrom and Rehiram, subdued them and made them build a new world for people and pokemon to start over. This is the world you live in now.
You delve into the ruins. Looks like a perfectly ordinary city, at least, except it's ruined and underwater. The words you make out seem to be ordinary labels of daily life. 'Silph co?' There's even a 'Pokemon center'.

Vee yips. He'll accept it. Especially since it came from you, as he puts his paws on you.



"Maybe its just short for something more prestigious.. Still, you did really great in that fight Vee."


He hopes it's short for something more glamorous!

The dinner spread in the dining hall is impeccable, as usual. Herbs and meats from the three corners. Buttered krabby, game sawsbuck, and… miltank milk ice cream! And it's free flow!

You were speaking to your prof over a livestream.

"News, huh? Hmm… do you think you could catch a dragon or fairy type Pokemon? One of those will do. There's a request I got from some group that wants to study them for some reason. Add it to your permanent team, then see what you can learn from it. That alright?"


TM shops, here? There's one, which looks like it's in a surplus supplies store for the troops that come here to train.

You're given a Rapidash to ride on the way to town. How did you fair?


I've been biking a lot recently, so I should at least be able to handle any soreness from riding a Pokemon.

Was my bike trashed by the Tyrannitar?


No, you just fold it up, since a Rapidash is less strenuous on your legs.

Roll for how this ride went.


"I'm gonna get my pokemon looked after first, then head out to that shop real quick. I want to see what they've got."


Ride quality '1d20'

How's Cali doing now?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Time to get them checked up. The pokemon center attendant places most of your Pokemon into the checkup machine, except pillow. She injects some drugs directly into his Pokeball before letting him be scanned and healed.

"Thank you! Come back any time!"

The Rapidash seems a little unstable, but you managed to make it stay stable.
Cali is in her Pokeball, all fine. The Rapidash drops you off in the town center, the Pokemon center in inn facing the sea breeze.

"Sorry about that, looks like this one was pretty worn out. You handled it well, though!"


Pet it.

"Thanks for the ride. Maybe in the future we'll meet under better circumstances."

I'll also thank the police officer if they're around before heading to the Pokemon center.


"Appreciate it."
Now, off to the TM store! I might not have much cash, but I'd like to see what's available.


They're rangers. They receive your thanks before recalling the Rapidash and flying off. You walk past Justus as you get your Pokemon healed.

The Squire boy passes you as you leave. Start heading for the shops?


I'll check the letter I got from the Dark Gym leader. This is the town she said I should go to. I'll hold it in hand, then head out to get my Pokemon some better food. They need something after fighting Tyrannitar and I should restock my supplies at the store before going to the gym.


Why would I worry about him? He's probably going to get lost and disappear. Not my problem.
heading for shops.


No it wasn't. You were sent to Tumi Island. It's just easier to get a boat from here, since this a port closer to the island clusters.

Okay then.
You see a shop selling discs in protective casing. This must be it. The shopkeep hollers at you, asking what you want.


Let's check out a room at the inn then after getting them some food. We should ask about the town. A place like this should have plenty going on.


He got any TMs for U-turn?


He looks at his stock…

Yeah, 4000P. Can you afford that?

You can see a list of some on the wall going at a discount. Protect for 1000, Secret Power for 750.

You sign up for a night's worth of food and board. That's 50 deducted.

"Things around here? Honestly, not much. Most of this town is to serve the large ranger base and police force, training them for operations in dense jungle. There's a port here, but it's mainly a stopover for ships on the way to the west side."


"I'm headed towards Tumi, so that's good to hear. When do the ships pull in? Is there anything I should bring along? I've only been on small ferry's before."


Ferries leave daily, but you'll have to switch a couple of times. You can ride to Shuiea overnight, but from there you'll need to take another ferry to Tumi Island. If you want, you can check out the gym at Shuiea and the Water Shrine. Actually, there's a gym here, too.


Well, I can't afford U-turn, but those other two are within my price range. I'll pick up Protect for sure. Secret Power…
Eh, I'll pick it up too. Might come in handy.
That leaves me with 1,250 spending money.


Well, I should visit the gym at least. Wouldn't be much of a Traveler if I didn't visit places.

"What's the local gym specialize in?" I ask.


"Good choices both of them. Secret Power also makes it easy to make a shelter out in the wilds! Useful if you're going to challenge the gym here."

TM Protect and TM Secret Power obtained!


"Bug Pokemon. We've got a reputation for being one of the toughest challenges around, too. They send rangers here to be certified for wilderness survival. Think you're up for it?"


"Gym? There's a gym in this town? What kind?"


"See the thick jungle up north? That's the gym. You'll be dropped off somewhere in there with barely any supplies and your Pokemon. Survive. Oh, and, you'll be hunted. Don't get caught."


"After what I've been through, probably not. Any tips for a less than stellar trainer?"


"Uh-huh. What happens if I get caught? Is that an automatic fail, or is it just a 'don't do it because it'll be a tough fight' sort of deal?"


"Gather a team. Don't rush into it, but consider every pokemon and how they'll contribute to your squad. That, and get more esperience and knowledge. Learn their weaknesses and resistances, and each Pokemon's attacks and how they work. You understand?"

"It'll be a very tough fight. you're supposed to spend a few days getting ready for it. Set a trap, study its habits… do what you need."


I sigh.

"It's the same advice, but I keep messing it up." I smile though. "Hmm, can you tell me what kinds of Pokemon I could find nearby? I did learn something from that place."


"Lots of bugs, some poison types if you check the jungle. Grass types too, of course. The rare fire type here thrives with so many bugs to eat, but most don't like the humidity. The rangers should know more about that."


"Oh, I getcha. You're gonna fight, but you're supposed to pick the when and where, rather than charging in. Gym leader's gotta be an odd one to spend all his time in the forest like that…"


"The Rangers? I'll ask them, since I'm clearly a blockhead. I just let my Growlithe go. Thanks for your time Mister."

Let's ask him for some directions towards the Rangers.


"He trains in jungle survival. People who get the badge are certified to be able to operate in dense wilderness like this. That's why you see so many rangers about here. Think you can handle it?"


"With some preparation, sure, I can handle it. My team shouldn't have too much trouble either.
Speaking of which, what types of pokemon hang out around here? Judging by all the trees, I'd say grass-types. Saw a couple bug-pokemon on the way in, too. Am I close?"


"Kind of. We're infested with bugs. They make nice pets, but when they keep crawling into your houses, you want flying or fire types to keep them away. You can find a few living in the nearby jungles too, off the variety of bugs available. And yes, you can definitely find grass types. Usually with poison types, too."

"Oh, and, you don't get to bring many things with you into the jungle. You're provided wit ha few limited supplies. That's it. Hope you know how to forage or hunt…"

It's the big building near the edge of the forest. It even has a roofpad for trainers to takeoff with flying pokemon.


Let's go! Hopefully they have a stand for simple questions so I don't take up too much of their time.


There's a helpdesk for travelers. A girl stands a counter to answer your questions, asking you what you need.


"Huh… I think I'm gonna have to do some work with my team to make sure we're ready beforehand. Where are the Rangers stationed around here?"


"Hi, the Innkeeper sent me here to ask questions about the local Pokemon and the Gym here. I want to give it my all when I take the Gym challenge, so I'd like to know about finding any nearby Fire type pokemon."


"You can't miss their local station. It's a big tall building near the jungle edge. Good luck."

"Fire Pokemon, huh? Well, there's mainly Heatmor in the area. Sometime, you can find a Larvesta hiding somewhere… but actually, if you're looking for a Pokemon, would you consider adopting a Ponyta?


"Adopting a Ponyta?" I hesitate, then I decide to go all in. "You know what, yes. It'd be helpful in my travels, and I only have three Pokemon anyway. But can I ask why it's up for adoption?"


"Thanks. See ya later."
Let's head over to the Ranger station, see if there's anything I can learn there that might give me an edge.
…I've no idea how to forage or hunt, so I kind of need to figure out some guidelines for that.


"We can only have so many Ponytas in our fleet. The excess ones are up for adoption to the public. Would you like to take a look at it now?"

Aaand you run into that Squire guy again, talking to the receptionist. At least there's another cute girl at the helpdesk ready.


"Yeah, lead the way. Do you breed them here, or are they wild caught?"


Don't make eye contact, just focus on what I'm here for.
…do they have like a pamphlet or something for newbies? Probably not.
"Hi there. Let's just be honest here; I grew up in a city, so I'm kind of not educated on the basics for the woods out here. Got any tips for a total rookie?"


"It's a mix. We maintain breeding populations in safari zones northwest, then we recapture them. Hard to beat the training running on the savannas gives them as foals."

She leads you to a yard out back, with something like a stable. She brings out a Ponyta, just as you expect.

"What do you think?"

"Oh! we have a basic course we hold for the public, actually. It's 200P for a two day wilderness orientation course. Interested? We have slots starting tomorrow!"


"Wow, I had forgotten how cute they can be. Looks like a miniature version of the Rapidash that gave me a ride here. Maybe that was its mother? What do I need to know about it's care?"


"Yeah, that sounds like exactly what I need. Tell me more."
Find out where to sign up, what time I need to be there, ect.


"Standard Pokemon food is good enough, but when you can give him treats, oats or berries work well. Don't be surprised if they help themselves to some meat, too. Since you're a traveling trainer, you'll be giving it plenty of exercise. Want to give him a name yet?"

The Ponyta looks you over and sniffs you.

"7 a.m., tomorrow, meet here. You can fill out the from and pay now, actually…"

She hands you a slip of paper and pen to write with.


"Nice. I'll just be a minute…"
Look over the form as I start filling in the basics like my name and such. Exactly what does it say I am agreeing to? They always sneak something into the fine print…


"How about Dynamo? I think it's controlling itself now since I'm new, but with a little bonding…"

Give Ponyta my hand to sniff.


That you accept responsibility for any injury sustained by you and your Pokemon as by signing this you have declared yourself fit to undergo this course.

Could be worse.

Dynamo? It'll take some getting used to. He willingly sniffs your hand.

"Looks like you two can get along!"





"Yeah, I know so!" I force out with a smile. I'll pet Dynamo on the cheek and behind the ears.

"Oh yeah, since we are here, can I ask about the local gym? I want to be prepared and not make a fool of myself."


"Dragon or fairy?… Huh… Sure, if I find an interesting one I'll let you know Prof… Also do you have any ideas of a good place I could head of to next? Any recommendations, anything?"


Hmmn… Okay, I suppose that's fair. Always good to check first, though.
I'll fill it out and sign it, then turn it in and pay for the course.


"Right. Well, I hope you know how to hunt Pokemon and prepare them as food. Or how to gather water and purify it? Or build a fire and shelter?"

"That really depends on what you're looking for."

"Thank you very much! And don't be late!"


"Eh?" I say in absent minded response. "Err, not really. I've just been using the inns and stuff. Why?"


Well, dragons of Course!"


"I won't."
I'll head over to the inn to rent a room for myself. On the way over, I'll set the alarm on my watch to give me an hour or two before the thing starts.


"The caverns underneath the Rising City. Dragons are drawn to the heart of the region. Guess you're not interested in fairies, are you?"

Alright then. That's 50P for a night, and it comes with meals from the canteen. You can smell the seaweed noodles from the front desk…

"That's what the gym challenge involves! You're going to have to stay in the jungle for a few days with nearly nothing. No food, no water, but you have your Pokemon and a few tools."


"Eeeh, not so much as dragons… "

" anything else, Prof?"


I look away in shame. "Some trainer I am…"

"Alright, I did buy some waterproof clothes. That should help, right? Is there anything else I can besides trying to survive in the woods by myself?"


Better go eat while I still can. The food at these places tends to go real fast.
I ought to bring the team out to eat with me, too. They got food for pokemon too, or is that coming from my own stores?


"Tell me what dragon pokemon you feel like having! Hmm, Gible? Or maybe Trapinch? There's Goomy, too."

"Well, if you want some practice, you can sign up for our two-day survival course! It starts tomorrow."

Yeah, some general Pokemon food. Luckily all your Pokemon here can fit into the canteen.

Julia is here too. She waves to you.


"Hmn… Goomy is pretty darn cute… Bagon is tough though…But there's gible… Yeah, I think I'll look for a gible…"


I take a sigh of relief.

"A course is good. I can do structured classes. Is there a charge or do I have to bring my own stuff?"


"Alright then. You're in luck, sometimes they spread out as far as the Spring Fields. But aren't you heading to the Evergeeen now? You don't have to catch one as soon as possible, don't worry."

"Yeah, there's a charge, you can go to our front helpdesk for more information."


"Alright, thanks for the help and for Dynamo here. Didn't think I'd luck out like this after what I've been through. Come on Dynamo, we've got some signing up to do."

Go to the front desk and get the info.


Pause for a moment, then relent and wave back before sitting down to eat with my team.
"All right guys, we've got an early morning ahead of us, and two days of survival training afterwards, so eat up to build some energy. We're going to need it."


You get a few forms to sign. You're also told it will cost 200P. It starts at 7am tomorrow.


>According to sheet, I have 1800P
I'll pay the nice Ranger folks.

"Is there anything I should bring along besides my Pokemon?"


"Oh don't worry, I can head to Spring fields after my visit to Evergreen, and I wasn't planning to. I just got a shinx and I plan to train her… Train everyone rather… Though now I wonder… Uh… How should I train my pokemon? I actually am not sure how…"


Everyone nods as a bowl of noodles is served for everyone. They gulp it down faster than you, somehow.

"No need. See you!"


"Well, that depends on you. First off, they need to know how to fight well. That's the basis of everything."


"…huh. Guess you guys were hungry, right?"


"Wow, that's good to hear!" I head off back towards the inn. A nice shower and bath for me and the Pokemon will help for tomorrow.


Scratch my head
"Fight well… Alright got it… How do I teach them that?"


Pokemon usually are, with the amount of energy they use.

Ready to call it a day?

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Ready to call it a day too?

"Lots of practice and training, but you need to be familiar with their abilities, too."


Yeah, ready.




Roll some some nice dreams



Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 20 = 20


Their abilities huh… Alright, I think I can work with that… Thanks professor!"


You awaken in a black void, with a pair or red eyes staring at you.

The void opens to let you see a continent in ruins, but it ends there.

You feel awesome. You're biking across the desert with Zoro behind, shooting off dark pulses and flames at the other bikers chasing you. Damn, you can do anything.

"Of course, I don't literally mean their abilities like swift swim. I mean, their stats, their personalities, what they like and dislike, what they know… but good luck! I'm sure you'll manage."

Sign off?


"Yeah… That sounds pretty complicated… I'll try, see you professor"
Sign out


Try to wake up! Where are my Pokemon!?


Right here, you're already awake. You can see the hint of sunset out your window, so you're up on time.

Luckily that didn't last as long as last time.

Alright, then.
It's nearing evening. What are you going to do?


"Ugh, another one…" I let my Pokes out of their Pokeball as I get dressed and brushed, except for Dynamo, not until I get outside.

I'll wrap Quetz around my neck and head out to the Ranger station to start the course.


Pull out my shades and go full Skull Rider, riding up the sides of buildings, doing wheelies in front of that annoying Professor dude and leaving massive skid marks all over his lab, then fly off to bike over the ocean.
Lucid dreams are awesome.


For once I actually don't know…
I think I'll walk around the place and see where it'll take me.
A walk to keep the blood running will probably get me a good idea


Who told you this was a lucid dream? As you speed forward, you suddenly crash right into the horizon, like a Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

You wake up on the floor or your room, just as your alarm starts to ring.

The sen is setting. People are already filtering out of the streets. It's a small town… if you don't feel like having dinner in the inn canteen, you can find a restaurant or cafe nearby. Even from here, you can see the tower at the heart of the region loom in the distance.


Dang it, I always do that…
Turn off the alarm and trudge about, getting my basic necessities taken care of and going through my morning routine.
Once I'm coherent enough, I'll let everyone out to make sure they're awake.
"Y' guys'n girls ready f'this thing?"


Take some time to enjoy the morning air.

Wait, is there something behind you?

Everyone's ready, eager to test their worth. Even if Lyle needed some convincing from Pillow at first to not just crawl into your bed and resume sleeping.


Turn around, maybe I forgot something at the entrance and the innkeeper is bringing it for me.


"You'n me both, Lyle… All right, let's do this."
Time to get going, then. We're gonna be survivalists, the hobos of the woods! Yay…


Roll for perception.

It's more exciting than it sounds. You're learning skills vital for a traveler!


Got to greet people with a smile. '1d20'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Just because I need it doesn't change the fact that I'm not a morning person.


Hmm. Nothing.

Oh, well. Must just have been your imagination, right?

Hopefully that cup of coffee at the breakfast counter will revive you. Ready to go?


"Quetz, tell me I'm not forgetting something."


Once I slam that down, I should be good to go!
…but seriously, I hate that my mom got me hooked on this stuff. It tastes horrible, but I'm useless in the mornings without it.

Yeah, I'm ready.


He scans the area…

No, he can't sens anything either. Huh.

You can almost taste the cool morning air as you leave.
The air here is so much cleaner than what you're used to in a bigger city. The sea breeze blowing in helps.


"I'm just worrying too much. Let me know when I'm doing that so I stop." Pat him on the head and keep walking.


Well, that's one good thing about the boonies… I could kinda get used to it, actually.

Though I should try to go learn how to not wind up in a ditch somewhere. I paid them after all, so they better teach something useful.
Let's go find out what this is all about.


Both of you run into each other at the designated meeting location. Julia's here, too.

And you, suddenly you get a tap on your back.


"Oh, hey ther-"

Turn around.


"Ha! I was following you the whole time? You didn't notice?"

A familiar face. It's Riss.


"Whut, really!? I didn't! I thought you'd have stayed back there for longer."


"What're you doing here, Julia? I thought you already new how to take care of yourself in the woods."
"You too, huh? Wish they'd warn us about this particular part of traveling the world."


"Oh, sorry. Let me introduce you two to Riss, we were traveling together for a while."


"I'm only here for a while. They said that I needed to train myself outside the city for a while first before I could move on. So here I am!"

"Oh, I have more to learn! I'm not that good yet…"

"Pleasure to meet you."
Squire's friend introduces herself.

You can feel it. There's something vaguely dangerous about her, but she's concealing it well.


"Fair enough. Just don't try to show me up."
"…Yeah, sure thing."

For the love of all things holy, this guy is just a magnet for all sorts of bad juju, isn't he? At least my stalker's just creepy.


"Really, you picked up all that much in just a short time? I'm impressed. You even managed to sneak up on Quetz."


"Dude, sneaking up on you isn't exactly hard."


"Yeah, that's true…" I sigh. "I'm sure the Tyrannitar could have done it too."


She gives off the vibe those people who are secretly well trained are. You know, like the fragile-looking old man who suddenly unsheathes a sword from his cane and fights off a a would-be thief. At least she doesn't seem easy to cross.

"Alright, everyone! Looks like you're all wearing suitable attire! Good! Today begins our day in the jungle! Follow me!"

A senior-looking ranger comes out to lead you all through town and to the wilderness up north.


Follow the Ranger.

"Are you coming along with us, Riss?"


…So she's the knight and he's the princess, huh? I can't help but snicker imagining him in one of those big pink dresses, still wearing that stupid smile like nothing is wrong.

Follow the instructor and watch what she does. They always pull some "If you'd been paying attention, you'd have noticed that I…" routine, so I'm gonna be prepared for it.


You're not in the jungle yet. The four of you and a few others follow through the streets, then into the slowly thickening forest.

At least hasn't been raining, so the ground isn't muddy.

"Alright. First things first, We're going to need to find a place to set up our camp. Anyone have any suggestions what to look out for?"


Raise my hand. "Make sure there aren't any poisonous plants or bugs nearby?"


"Shade and a sturdy base that won't wash out on you?"


"Yes and no. Just make sure the poisonous plants won't hurt you. In fact some of them can be useful for warding off wild Pokemon. But something that scatters toxic powders is definitely something you want to avoid. And while bugs are definitely a concern, that should be extended to whatever strong Pokemon are in the area."

"Yes, also good suggestions. You want to find somewhere with a good covering of grass in an environment like this."



File: 1449595538210.jpg (101.27 KB, 800x533, 1380404562947.jpg)


It's been, what, a week since you left home?

In your room, you see look at the map of the continent.

Kyoshu. A large continent resting in an endless blue sea, but that's hard to see from the home you've lived in until that fateful day. From your home in Fabiorge, a city of factories and industry, you have traveled over desert to the bustling city of Binestrone, a center for entertainment and media, where the hottest new shows are shot and the best new magazine published.

Of course, you haven't done this alone. No one leaves their home on their journey until they have found their starter Pokemon. A comrade to face the trials of the world with. You have found that in a Beldum you named Pentium. And on your way, you have picked up new recruits to join your squad, though only time will tell if they will also be comrades to last you.

Speaking of friends, just last night you met a trainer obviously much more skilled than you are. Her name, Blue. Looks like she wants to challenge the gym in this town. Did you want to follow her, or do you have other plans? The world is open to you.


"I was told that there were lots of Bug Pokémon here, which ones should we look out for?"


I've been slacking off way too much.
Maybe I should go watch one of those gym matches, to try and gauge the leader's abilities.


Nod and smile at having gotten something right, then wait for the instructor's next move.


File: 1449596093133.png (114.6 KB, 306x440, tumblr_npq8lv0vsl1sa84d4o5….png)

It's always good to watch skilled trainers fight it out. It's a way for your Pokemon to learn.

You run into her right at the inn lobby, actually. She looks like she's ready to head out.

"Oh, if it isn't the rookie. Were you planning to see the gym, after all?"


"Just a peep. Haven't ever seen this leader fight yet!"


"That depends on what you do. Bug Pokemon larvae are actually very nutritious. Oh, don't give me that look, you've got to take whatever you can get. Weedle are surprisingly delicious, but don't eat one unless you're prepared to fend off a group of Beedrill. Bigger bugs, like Scyther and Pinsir, you stay far away from. The telltale signs of nearing their territory are trees cut in certain patterns."

"Now, let's go look for our campsite. Follow me, everyone!"


Turn to Riss, see how she's doing out here as we follow the Ranger.


"Oh, don't worry, I'll give you a nice show."

She winks. You head out of the inn and follow her through the city, taking the trams and trying not to let the tall buildings make you too dizzy.

None of these buildings would likely compare with the Duality Tower in the distance. It sits at the heart of the region, but if you concentrate you can almost always see some hint of it.

Slight delay while they work to get a stray Joltik off the power lines….

Riss seems slightly perturbed, but that's it.

The Ranger stops by a stream.

"Fresh water! Of course, it's always better to purify it before drinking, no matter how thristy you are. We'll get to that in a bit."


"Cali might have some fun here." I think to myself as I follow along.


"Do water pokemon need their water to be purified too?"


Look dreamily in the distance, half hazed by the city skyline.
Then, spare a glance for the girl.
"You don't seem nervous…"


File: 1449597212287.jpg (83 KB, 587x330, how-to-4.jpg)

"Fortunately, no, as long as you're sure the water isn't too polluted! Anyway, this looks like a good spot for our campsite. Rangers!"

Some other rangers come out, and give each of you a bag.

"Inside your bags, you will find tools essential for any survivalist. Take out your knives… we will start gathering materials to build our shelter."

He sets up a whiteboard, and shows an example diagram.

Blue laughs.
"Ahahaha! Well, I would have been nervous, but that was a long time ago. Now I'm pretty sure almost nobody can scratch me."

She smirks proudly, just as the tram gets moving away.


Peel my eyes off the window and look at her with a sly grin.
"I seem to remember a very different last spar!"


"Oh, just like a bigger version of our craft projects." I say wide eyed.

"Riss, did you ever do things like this?"


Take out the knife, then carefully test it's edge. There any sharpness to these blades, or did they just give us dulled kid-toys?


"H-hey! I messed around and got unlucky, okay! You'll get to see me fight at full strength today, if I'm lucky."

She quickly retorts defensively, just as the tram reaches a stop.

"Well, this is where we head off!"

A flashy building, full of the most garish decoration possible. It clearly says gym, but also 'talent agency'. The glass doors invite you both in.


"N-not really… guess I'll have to learn on the way."

These are usable tools, at least. They're not just going to risk rookies losing their best equipment.

"Alright, everyone, pick a partner!"


"Following right behind."
Stuff my hands in my dress' pockets, jumping up and letting the travel bag shuffle and slap around.
"Pentium's gotta see this!"
Tap on the ball release hatch just once, letting it spring open inside the bag itself, projecting the Beldum out before the door.


Immediately take a BIIIIG step away from that Squire boy. I don't want none of that.


"Wow, you're picking me? Cool!"

Julia's voice is right behind you. You made a great choice backing away in this direction.

Pentium flies around the entrance, flying left and right. The design of the place screams celebrity. The polished floors, gaudy yet clearly expensive walls…

Blue marches confidently up to the front desk.
"Hello. This is the gym of this town, right? I'm here to issue a challenge."

The attendant nods.
"Right, right. Anyone else?"


Cross my arms across my chest and shake my head.
"Not today!"


I guess that leaves me and Riss then.


"…Well, you've got a better idea what you're doing than I do. Picking you helps me get a better grade."
I doubt she'd have let me pick anyone else, and she's the only one here I kinda-sorta know already. Might as well just go with it.


Blue is led off by another attendant into a waiting elevator.

"Have fun! You'll be blown away by me, I guarantee!"

"Oh. A spectator? Sure, we provide tours until the challenger is ready to battle. Would you like to take a tour?"

Riss seems glad.
"No problem!"

"Do I? Hmm…"
She hums mischievously.

"Alright. Your first task, search the surrounding area for suitable materials. Gather sticks, moss and leaves. A ranger will be with each pair, if you need advice. Move out!"


Smile and start oscillating my head side to side.
"Sure I'd like to take a tour! I love taking tours mister…"


"All right, let's get searching."
Head off away from the other groups so we can find stuff unimpeded by the others.


"This is actually pretty fun. I forgot I actually like being out here." I say as I release Cobalt and Cali. They can help gather leaves while Quetz and I reach for the big sticks.

"Riss, what do you want to do?"



He looks behind to make sure Blue is gone.

"Ampere. I am the gym leader of this city. Good to meet you, Miss…?"

"Alright. You guys know what to look for, right? You can try showing me stuff, and I'll tell you if it's suitable or not."

Roll for your success as you search.

"Uhhh… guess I'll look for soft branches? Yeah."
She sends out her Murkrow, telling it to help look.

Roll for your success.


Working together. '1d20'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Lyle and Chica used to live in the city park, so they might be able to help me out…

Roll #1 14 = 14


Gasp, bringing a palm to cover my 'o' face.
Then quickly put that away too and offer him a hand to shake.
"Leila! From [insert homecity here]!"


Fabiorge, remember? The city of steel walls and great factories.

He's a man dressed in a well-kept suit, like in attendance for some sort of formal gathering. His hair is slicked back. Admittedly, he's devilishly handsome.

"Oh, that's nearby. You're a new trainer, right? Please, be at east. Let's begin our tour. Been a while since I met young future stars, searching for the catalyst needed to shine bright."

He brings you to an elevator, but this one is glass. As you head in, you can see a large soundstage on the other side. Looks like some filming is going on.

"That Beldum is your first Pokemon, I'm guessing? Looks lovely."


They do. Lyle and Chica manage to get some decently good sticks. In the meantime, Julia's Fennekin goes about looking for soft, comfortable branches. It chooses well.

Cali seems to be enjoying her newfound strength a little too much. She's busy happily cutting up branches whether they're suited or not…


"Pentium and I go back a long way. Even before I decided to become a trainer!"
My attention is quickly caught by the strange machinery.
"And what's that for?"


"Cali, you're doing good, but try to find some sticks like the Ranger points out." I'll ask the Ranger if he can show her the good ones.


Then I'll set about looking for some moss and leaves.
"We're doing all right so far; if we keep this up, we might actually get this done."


"Oh, same for me, same for me. You'll get to see my longest-known comrade in the battle with your friend later."

He grins.

"The soundstage? That's where we make the magic happen in movies. Of course, here it's pretty basic, but it's enough to find people who can and want to go on to be stars.

A bright flash has you shielding your eyes. When the vision corrects itself, you can see a Raichu in some sort of raise platform sending electricity down. Looks like they're filming something.

"This way please, Miss Leila!"


Cali looks disappointed as she's shown the correct sticks. She gets an idea, and begins hacking away at some sticks too big to be of any use.

When she's done, you've got suitable large sticks for the main structure. Neat!

Now for the rest of your materials…

Got any Pokemon you think could help dealing with leaves?


"You mean battles here are recorded and broadcast for the whole region to see?"
Bite my lower lip.
"I knew I should have watched more tv…"


Pillow might be good with leaves, since he's a grass-type…


"Attagirl!" I praise Cali as I pet her.

"Cobalt, what types of leaves did you like to sleep on?" I ask her, since she lived in the wild.


"Oh, well, not all of them! But if think a battle is really good, we ask for the challenger's permission to broadcast it. And, well, that was a set for a movie, not a battle."

He leads you out of the elevator down a hallway, featuring photographs of places you can't recognise.

"See, this gym is an electric-centered one. The waves over the radio, the words you seen on a screen, how the cells in your body communicate to each other, the interactions between the fundamental particles… it all involves electricity, in away. The gym grew from a broadcast station to what it is today because of how helpful electric pokemon were.

So that's the theme of the gym, and your friend currently… he he, currently… has to communicate her feelings to an audience. If she can convey what needs to be told, she gets to challenge me. And every other gym in the continent has a challenge of their own, too."

He looks at a collection of photographs. One of them depicts a small village in a snowy plain. Another, an island in the mist, with strange plants you don't recognise. Closer to home, you see one of the major volcano of the region you live in.

You test your hunch… and you're right. Pillow hops around the trees, picking out branches with the most succulent comfortable leaves.

Cobalt comes back with…
Roll for it?


"All right, how many more do you think we need, Julia?"


Hopefully it's something we can all use and safe. '1d20'

Roll #1 18 = 18


"Wait, Blue's giving a speech? Can I watch?"
A sudden devilish smirk blossoms on my face.


File: 1449602211430.png (418.73 KB, 900x1090, blue___fire_red_leaf_green….png)

"Looks good! We got what we need. Well done, Justus!"

Her Eevee and Fennekin help to carry the load back.

Oh, Cobalt knows her way around wilderness luxury. She points at a tree growing soft leaves just off the ground.

"Oh, dear. Fine, just a short peek…"
He leads you to a monitor installed on a wall, and turns it on. You recognize Blue… but she's wearing something different. She's speaking to an audience of… Pokemon? No people watching her on some sort of stage, just Pokemon.

"This was me, as I lived until my own fateful day. From someone with no knowledge of the world, yet eager to learn, to someone clawing my way around to search for every little bit of experience I could. I was vulnerable, yet–"

It cuts off there.

"Have to make it a fair challenge. Can't have you coming in with an advantage when it's your turn!"


Stick my tongue out playfully.
"Now, why would I ever dare challenge such a strong guild leader."


"Way to go Cali. We'll help haul these off." Scratch her behind the ears.

"What else will we need, Mr.


"Yeah, yeah… Now comes the interesting part of putting it all together."
I'll help carry stuff back too.


He laughs.

"Because you should. Well, not now, but when you grow stronger, you'll start thinking about how you want to leave your mark and change things. Hmm, ever thought about where your journey will lead you? What sort of Pokemon comrades you'd leek to gather? Where you'd like to see yourself?"

Both parties make it back to the campsite, where the chief instructor is busy inspecting the trees.

"Alright! Now that everyone's back together, let's start setting up shelters! Follow the diagram on the board >>18305. Start with the bigger sticks to form your skeleton, then make your covers and bedding. You can have your Pokemon help you, if they can. Go!"


All right, let's work with the instructions and build our way up from the bottom. '1d20'

Roll #1 20 = 20


"Alright. Let's work together and I'm sure we can get this done in no time." '1d20'

Roll #1 12 = 12


"I know that pretty well! Me and Pentium, roaming the world. That's what life should be like!"


It's simple, like rigging your bike, or setting a trap! You, Julia and your pokemon work on your shelter… and by the time you're done, no one else is.

"Wow, you're more talented than I thought, Justus!" Julia praises you.

Good progress. Cali shaves off the ends of some twigs to have them fit better, and carves a few grooves for stability. Riss's Axew helps hold up the the sticks while she binds them together.

Just a little more.

"The ever-wandering trainer. Long live your wanderlust. Go out there, explore, get hurt, learn something new, conquer. And Pokemon let us do these things. Truly, we are blessed…"

"Hmm? Oh, looks like your friend is finished! I have to prepare for battle, so why don't you take the elevator up to the battlequarters? It's labeled on the button."

He goes down the hallway in a hurry, leaving you right next to an elevator.


Share a look with Pentium as I get into the elevator.
Are there other buttons?


"Almost there, but everyone has done a great job so far…"


Roll #1 8 = 8


"Heh, you too, Julia."
That's worth a high-five with Julia, I think.
Maybe this whole wilderness survival thing isn't so bad. Though it certainly went a lot faster with a helping hand.


I think I signed up for some patrols around town until this mysterious egg hatched.


Of course, it's an elevator. It can go to the ground floor, and a few others that are unlabeled. The important one has battlequarters clearly written on it, though.

Good enough. Though yours took longer, it looks a little more stable than the rest, thanks to Cali.

You slap hands with her. Zoro does the same with her Eevee.

"Alright. Anyone hungry?" The head instructor calls out.

Is it the next day already?
Today you're supposed to patrol the eastern outskirts, the path of the city that leads to your home. No big deal, right? Ready to start your day?


Yes, buuuut
The call to adventure burns in my veins!
At the same time, I don't want to miss the match…
Battlequarters it is, then.


Oh boy, now for the interesting part… get the knife out and wait for the signal to go hunting.


"Wow, that was more fun than I expected. Everyone did a good job here today." Pat Cali for her hard work, but I won't ignore Cobalt or Quetz either. They helped too!


Yep, lets go patrol.
Tamiyo can be out and hoovering around me to help with looking around better.


Hey, this is an adventure, too.

The lift brings you up to the viewing gallery of a battlefield. From both sides, doors open. Blue emerges from one side, looking confident, while Ampere does the same from the opposing end. He's changed out of his suit, he's now wearing what a traveler might wear. Insulated boots, a coat, and an odd bangle around his wrist.

"Welcome to the Binestrone Gym, Blue. I've heard the way you conveyed your ideals. Shall we begin?"

"Of course! Let's do this!"

You can feel the air suddenly change, like the tension building up suddenly explodes. From one end, Ampere sends out a Galvantula, and from the other Blue sends out her Clefable!

"Alright, so… what sort of Pokemon do you think are good choice to hunt?"

What can you see? Roll for it.



Roll #1 6 = 6


"The small kind? We gotta be able to beat them to eat them."


Bring all of my pokes out of their balls, it's time to watch!


"Solitary ones, so we don't get attacked by a whole bunch?"


Somebody looks lost. They've been staring at the signs around the path for quite a while. And though this is outside the city, it's still well developed, with benches and signs around.

"Yes, you've got to be able to fight them easily, with little risk to your team. Anything else?"

Pentium's already floating beside you. Your Squirtle and Sandile are sent out, and quickly take their places on the seats. Even a newly caught Pokemon will know a great battle as it sees one.


The Galvantula quickly shoots a web around its opponent! It doesn't directly affect thee Clefable, and it shoots of a stream of fire! The Galvantula is caught by surprise, but holds on enough to retaliate with a wicked thunderbolt…

"Also a good answer, but that also depends on whether or not you're strong enough to fend of a group. Some pokemon will easily scatter on provocation."


"You are immune to those, right Sandile?"


"How much of what's on them is edible? No sense taking down something you can't really eat…"


"So should we focus on traps? They can't attack us if they don't know we did it, and they can't run away that way."


Judging by Sandile's lack of a reaction, that's a yes. Squirtle, however, jumps behind Pentium, shivering.

The battle continues! Blue recalls her Clefable, sending out a Nidoqueen, just as the leader sends out a Raichu. The web traps the Nidoqueen, however, and it can't strike at the Raichu before it summons a wave of water to quench the poison pin!

The ground explodes beneath, Raichu, sending it reeling. Blue winces. In a risky maneuver, she sends a Crobat out. It desperately flies about, avoiding the lightning bolts, generating a wind that blows away the web the Galvantula set up. It's a costly move, as a thunderbolt from the Raichu finally strikes it down, but the ends are well worth it.

"Well, let's see… common birds like Pidgey are actually good sources of nutrition, if you can hunt them down. Bug larvae, too. Those are the most likely thing you'll find here. Alright, go out and get hunting! As always, your ranger guides will assist you."

"I'm glad you asked, We'll get to that later."


"Riss, did they cover this in your studies? Aside from asking Cali and Cobalt, I can't think of anything besides heading for areas with dead plants and lots of grass."


All right, let's go bird hunting!
Here, birdie birdie birdie…

Roll #1 8 = 8


Approach the person.
"Excuse me, are you lost?"


Pet the scared Squirtle, before jumping up for the sad end of that poor Crobat!
"Blue! Don't you dare lose just yet!"


"Well, I can figure out how we should hide or stalk one.."

You can hear flapping in the distance, but that's it for now.

This person is oddly dressed, to say the least. She's wearing clothing made from pokemon skins, woven with plant fibre. Her backpack is the same, if it can even be called a backpack. A necklace of teeth is afforded by her as some kind of luxury. There's a Kakuna strapped to her back, watching carefully.

"Oh? Y..yeah, actually. I, uh… I need a bit of help. Well, okay, quite a lot."

Oh no, it's not over yet. A Ninetales leaps in and swaths the Raichu in purging flames, but in return is sprayed down by a Rotom-Wash coming to avenge its comrade. Blue's Tangrowth enters to drain life out of the washing machine-like Pokemon with its tendrils, but in return shot down by a Magnezone.

The back-and-forth fighting carries on. As Blue's Nidoqueen enters again, the ground explodes under the magnet, quickly soiling the gleam of its metal covering. Pentium hangs on close to you as it sees that. An Electivire emerges in return, and is locked into wrestling down the Nidoqueen. Both beasts wear each other down.

Each side sends out their last Pokemon. The ground trembles as Blue's Blastoise makes its appearance, while Ampere's Ampharos stands its ground. The air reaches a fever pitch.

Both trainers concentrate on their Pokemon. A odd glow on their wrists shines brightly…


"We can at least have our Pokemon guide us to them. Cali and Cobalt should have experience in places like these."

Let's see if their experience and our new skills will help us find something. '1d20'

Roll #1 14 = 14


I blink a bit taken back by her fashion sense, but I am here on duty, I have to help her right?
Make a pose and reply in a cheerful voice. "Then you're in luck Maim', Pokemon Ranger Amber is here! Just tell me what you're looking for."


Well, it's a start…
Try sneaking closer towards the flapping.

Roll #1 19 = 19


Lean forth on the railing, looking at Blue's wrist!


"Yes, well… I haven't been in a city in so long I can't remember. I don't have any money, and I've got nowhere to go besides camping out in the wilds. Is there any way you can help me? I'd like somewhere to stay, and maybe do a bit of work for some travel money."

Cobalt sniffs around, and starts following a trail. Maybe he's onto something.

You and Julia are sufficiently sneaky, enough to see what looks like a fight going on. Huh, a group of pidgey!

Blue yells. She's wearing an odd bracelet embedded with some kind of stone that glows with that light. It extends towards her Blastoise, and it becomes swathed in it! A veil of water forms around the Pokemon, and you can see its silhouette shift and contort within…

The same thing happens to Ampere's Ampharos, but instead it's surrounded by a wall of lightning. In the end, both emerge, transformed. The Blastoise has grown more cannons, and it roars triumphantly as it steadies its massive bulk on the ground. The Ampharos holds its head high, its mane flowing behind it as if carried by the wind.



"Let's go after her. She's following something."

Stay low and stay quiet with the others. '1d20'

Roll #1 17 = 17


Where did you feel like going about town? Greenlink is small, but has many things.

You might want to consider thinking of what enhancements you'd like for your pokedex. It can identify Pokemon to gather basic information, but not much else for now.




To many others in the town of Redborder, it is just another day. For you, not so.

This is a special day you've been waiting on. For once, your Gible wasn't the one to wake you up.

Today is when you begin your adventure. You're up just in time to see the first pocktes of daylight. The sunrises are always beautiful here in Redborder, a small town just at the border of the flame region in the continent of Kyoshu, with less tall building blocking your way, but today it seems just a little more special. Even the Duality Tower, the mysterious tower that sits at the heart of the continent, appears clearer today.


I look over at my gligar as if she would know the answer and then look at the pokemon huntress before me.
"Uh, well, you seem like you're good at tracking pokemon, maybe you can work for that.. group that specializes in pokemon catching.. I had them help me earlier this week even, I can't believe I forgot their name, but they help people catch pokemon for money" And then I quickly add. "Alive that is. To train them, because they don't have a pokemon of their own."


Pidgey, huh? What are they fighting over?
"You ready, Julia?" I whisper to her. "We need to hit them hard right from the start."


Lulu gives her little Gible named Sapphira a determined smile and a fist pump of excitement, almost as if she's asking Sapphy if she's ready for an adventure just as much as Lulu is.
When she knows her best friend is ready she makes her way out of Redborder to head for Sunfields, seeing as she had spent all the time she had yesterday to get ready for their first steps to a grand adventure.
She also figures she can find some wild pokemon along the way to use as training practice for Sapphira.


Let's see what we find


First, let's see if I got any mail in my box!


"Oh? Well, that's a good suggestion, but, um… I need a place to stay a while. It's been… years since I've been in a city."

I'd much rather you play in first person
The sunfields are as the name suggests, a grassy plain devoid of shelter, where every last bit of sunshine is taken up by the grass and sparse trees. Some of the grass might be tall enough to hide wild Pokemon, but you can't tell from here.

Nothing really new… oh, hey, an email advertisement for the latest LeppaBook. Those a re a series of portable computers that you've been seeing advertised a lot. They've got a sleek, thin design, and lots of artistic people use them!

"Sure, sure." She seems very relaxed, like this is a stroll in the park.

Looks like they're trying to fight off a lone Tranquill! Somehow, that one bird is giving them a lot of trouble.

You sneak nice and well with Riss helping you.
Hmm, a group of wurmple. And some sleeping Hoothoot.


Heh, taking them all on alone. That bird's got spunk…
"All right then… Let's go!"
Start with Zoro disguised as Pillow, hitting them with a Snarl right out of the gate!
'1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 4, 2 + 10 = 16


Oh hey, I wanted one of those for Christmas last year!
… But all I got was a lousy pair of socks…
But now that I got myself some cash, I could try to get one for myself… Let's check it out, maybe the price is affordable


Dead Space lets me play in third person!
'Well it's a good place to start.' I think to myself with a smile. I look to Sapphy, catching her attention with the sound of my humming. I make my own gestures that we should head out to the grass, Sapphira understanding that much and following next to me as best she can.
Time to find some pokemon to grind.

Roll #1 18 = 18


"Riss, our Pokes and us will try to catch the Wurmple. Any ideas how?"


"I see.. I wonder if the Rangers would let you stay overnight, uh, we can go ask. Follow me Please Maim."
Start walking back to the Ranger HQ


It's half off! Now it's being sold for … 150000P You can afford that, right, goy?

She seems almost intimidated as you lead her back into the city, by all the tall buildings. She keeps stroking the Kakuna attached to her waist to cope.

As you start to look about, you can see pokemon slowly appear from the grass.

Patrat stick their head out to search for danger while the rest of their burrows wait. A spearow flock take off, ocasionalyl swooping at the ground. Some scraggy wander about, looking for morsels on the ground.

"I'd rather catch the Hoothoot, since they're asleep. But you'd rather eat Wurmple… we can easily overpower them with our pokemon, no problem."

Zoro opens with Snarl!
The pulse hits them. About two stay to fight, while the remaining three are sent scurrying.

Julia darts up to them, sending out her Eevee to catch the ones running.


Gotta take them down so we can eat! Use Leer to lower the remaining two's defense!



You know what, the socks weren't really that bad, sometimes you just gotta focus on what's within your reach.
Let's turn off the computer
My pokemon are fully healed already right?


"I can have Quetz use his Thunderwave to make sure they don't move, the Wurmple are slower and we can catch them with the rest. Sound good?"


Just realized now that I forgot to swap names. I am an idiot

I grin in anticipation, letting out a hum and a signal to go after one of the Scraggy. Sapphira is then sent out to open with a roar of challenge, or at least as best a roar as a Gible can give to a wild Scraggy.



Roll #1 2, 2 = 4


The tranquil helps, even though it doesn't look like it cares. It slaps some pidgey towards you, making it harder to get away.

Julia's efforts shoot down two pidgey, one for each of you, both knocked out.

"Good idea. Shall we?"

Well, you could always ask your professor for a recommendation if you want a portable computer. You've heard him call the Oranbooks 'overpriced hipster toys' before.

A scraggy hears your Gible's.. well, meowing. It seems interested, and walks up to you, flexing its arms.


Well, that's us covered, but our pokemon are going to need more!
Hit them with Snarl again!
'1d20' '2d8+10'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 1, 6 + 10 = 17



Point Quetz at the Hoothoot and tell him "Thunderwave that…"

"Cali, use Water Gun and push the Wurmpul towards the trees."

Water Gun '1d20' '2d21'

"Cobalt, use Vaccum Wave and shove them towards the trees."

Vacuum Wave '1d20' '2d29'

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 15, 5 = 20 / Roll #3 6 = 6 / Roll #4 29, 12 = 41


Sapphira lets out a growl, bearing her teeth rather than flex like the other Scraggy does. I make my way closer to Sapphira, my foot stomping lightly on the ground before I let out a short simple but still very audible hum to Sapphira.

With that Hum, Sapphira goes on the attack by initiating with a distraction.

Sand-Attack [1d20]

Roll #1 14 = 14


I point out a few of the main attractions as we pass by.
"There is a pokemon stadium, the train station, a pokemon center, a mall.."
"Oh, if there is anywhere that you want to stop, please do let me know!"


And I just thought he was being a complaining old man…
Ah well, I'll bother him about that later, right now I think I could head out and plan my next stop while I look for any interesting sights I'm this town


"Good thinking!"
The combined effects of your Zorua's snarl and her Eevee's swift knock more pidgey out of the air. The Tranquil looks satisfied.

"Alright, we have enough. Well done." Your ranger instructor tells you.

Your pokemon coordinate well!
Riss follows up, sending her Axew and Murkrow to attack them after you initiate.

Her efforts quickly result in two hoothoot and two wurmple downed.

"Well done, that's enough. We can take these and go back to the camp site now." Your ranger instructor tells you.


"The center, please! I haven't had my Pokemon checked up in a long time."

Well, they've got some nice tea here…. it's right in a valley, too, so you could climb up a nearby mountain trail for some sightseeing… except it's going to be night soon, so you won't be seeing anything.


Saphira kicks sand at the Scraggy! It tries to kick Sapphira back, but the sand in its eyes makes it miss.


"You sure? Pokemon can eat a lot…"
Give Zoro some scratches for a job well done, then start gathering up the Pidgeys.
Give the Tranquill a grin and a nod for it's help. That bird's all right by me.


I'll help gather our prizes and head back.

Also, head pats all around.


"Of course. How long have you been alone?" Swing towards the center.


You know what sounds good
Camping near the mountains, there must be some interesting pokemon there
Let's get some of that tea too, I love me some of that stuff


I stomp the ground, once but hard this time with a more aggressive hum. Sapphira can already tell what this means, charging at the now blinded Scraggy for a tackle.

Tackle [1d20] [1d8+25]

Roll #1 19 = 19 / Roll #2 7 + 25 = 32


"Good job, everyone." The chief ranger says as you bring back your prizes. "And I'm glad o see you've only knocked out your prey. Everyone, please bring something you'd like to eat and come forward. Everyone must take one for themselves, no exceptions."

"Uh… a year? Two years? I've been on my own since, well, I lost my old home. I've had my Pokemon, though!"

As you head into the center, she releases the rest of her Pokemon. A Phantump, and a Chimchar.

"Hi! Are you new? Don't worry, just give your Pokemon over to me and we'll settle everything for you." Says the nurse, obviously well-trained and professional. She does that.


So you're not staying in an inn for tonight? Well, camping near a town is safe too.

You head for one of the tea shops. Just smell that aroma. What sort of tea you looking for?

Gible roars, and charges into the Scraggy! You can see its face form a look of surprise as Sapphira slams it down. It kicks Sapphira off, then trips her so its her turn to face the ground.

Sapphira's HP: 48/53


Uh, okay? Grab one of the pidgey and go forward.
I'm pretty sure I know what's happening next, and I'm ready for it. I think…


"Guess we should take one of each. Not often you get to eat either."


Why sleep in a comfortable bed in a safe lodging when I can have the company of wild pokemon in the cold outside?

I think I'll geeeet… A hot wine tea


I Slam my foot against the ground twice now, letting out a sharp angry hum. Sapphira takes this as a chance to try her latest move.

Dragon Rage [1d20] [1d6+5]

Roll #1 12 = 12 / Roll #2 6 + 5 = 11


Sapphira pulls an odd flame together from the air. She releases it as a shockwave, sending the Scraggy tumbling to the ground! It looks very weakened… this is your chance to catch it!

Interesting request, says the shopkeeper. He Takes a box from behind the counter and gives it to you. That'll be 200P.

"Alright. I want you all to hold your pokemon by the neck. Find the weak spot of its spine, around the neck. "

"Twist it. Do it fast and deliberately. You must kill your first hunt yourself."


I let out another sharp yet calmer hum, no stomping. This calms Sapphira down enough to prevent her from attacking Scraggy again.

Time to catch our first wild. [1d20]

Roll #1 20 = 20


"Just like I'm fixing my bike…"

Twist '1d20'

Roll #1 11 = 11


You roll 1d100 for capture instead


Knew it. I'm no stranger to dead pokemon… just never done the deed myself.
No use dragging it out; just need to make it quick and clean. I hold it's neck, find the weak spot, then twist as hard and fast as I possibly can.


Thanks for the reminder.

Roll #1 82 = 82


Such a wasted crit


I frown at her statement regarding her home.
"Oh.. where did you live?"


You feel it struggle a little before you tighten your grip, holding it even more still. You feel the crack as you twist.

It's done. The air is heavier than before. Somebody seems to have given up here, as there's a spot missing and footsteps running off.

"Well done. Now my rangers will teach you to prepare what you've caught. Savour it, you know what it cost."



that click you've always wanted to hear.

Congratulations, Scraggy was caught!

"Devor Town. I'm a long away away, huh? Slowly moved north, the forests were milder and the temperature got better."


"Since we've done the deed, I'm kinda curious how it'll taste now."


Did something happen to Devor town that I know of?
I will just nod along to her story while her pokemon get healed. "Oh, I've never been anywhere south, What do you like to eat there?"


Well, my heart's pounding. It's kind of strange, actually; it almost felt too easy. Something like that should be harder.
Walk back to the instructor, checking to see if Julia's still here. It would suck if my partner ran off and left me to do everything myself.
"I guess the feathers need to come off first, right? They get used as fire starter fuel or something?"


The moment it clicks, I have a very wide grin on my face. I jump around in place quietly as Sapphira watches my excitement.
After my short victory dance, I quickly make my way over to the pokeball. 'Don't worry, little guy… I'll teach you how to become strong just like us. Just rest for now.' I think to myself, putting away my newest team member for later.
I then pick up Sapphira to hold her, rubbing her head the way she likes it and humming a small victory tune before setting her back down. I then wave my hand for her to follow, heading further down the path of the Sunfields on her way to The Rising City.

Sapphira didn't take too much of a dent, why not search for another challenger before the sun sets?


Roll #1 13 = 13


She's here. She's breathing heavily, though, and her eyes are wide.

"O-oh! Yeah, I'm sure we need to pick off the feathers first. Come on…"

Preparing bugs is easy, at least. The ranger shows you how to stick them on skewers. First, you'll have to learn to light a fire on your own, they've gathered materials to show you that.

You need kindling, tinder and something to set a spark with. You're given a dry twig taken from a nearby tree.

"We're near the sea, so we get a lot of fish. bugs are considered a delicacy, too! I know it sounds gross, but they're really useful travel food, too! Of course, I don't eat weedles, since my best friend was a weedle."

Not that you've heard of, at least.


"Is this to add to the kindling?" I ask the Ranger.

I should have some spare leaves from Cobalt and plenty of spare twigs from Cali to use.


Give her a quick pat on the shoulder.
"You'll be fine, Julia. Crazy chicks like you get used to this stuff pretty quick."
Go to the ranger to make sure we're doing it right, then remove all the feathers from the pidgey.


"Oh.. Well I have seen plenty of places serving fish, that won't be a problem at all!" I smile trying to be positive.
"Of course, you managed to find a major city, so you can really try any kind of food you want."


"It's for you to start the fire with. See?"

She shows you how to set a spark from just some twigs, and you've got some embers already.

"Y-yeah. Thanks."
The ranger helps you with defeathering, before moving onto a what looks like a site for a fire. He instructs you on how to set a fire from just dry twigs, and other materials for kindling and tinder.

"That's great! …But I'll need money for that first. I could probably stretch my rations for another day.."


"Think of it like those Parasects; you're part of the cycle now, rather than just watching it."
All right… first attempt at making fire. '1d20'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Oh, so that's how it's done."

Try it myself. '1d20'

"Do you want the Wurmple or Hoothoot first?" I turn towards where I thinknRiss is and ask.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You barely make a spark. Julia manages, the way she's drilling the stick and, and you've got a small fire going on in just a bit.

"Hoothoot." Riss says almost immediately. That's settled.

You manage, after a lot tries. You've got your own fire rising too.


"Then we just blow on it to get the fire nice and big?"


I knew picking her as a partner was smart.
All right, time to gut and prep the pidgeys, then start cooking them.


Oh? Well, There are a few Sunflora about, but they don't seem interested. There are some Ratata, and Sandshrew… the Spearow have landed, and they're roosting in the grass.


Some of those Ratata seem like perfect options to let Sapphira brush up on both her fighting and hunting skills. I lean down, patting Sapphira slightly on the head and putting my finger to my lips to make a quiet 'Shh' motion. I then point out some of the Ratata to her, making more motions as if I want her to hunt them.
Of course I get down low into the grass along with her, staying more in one spot as she heads off to do her own version of stealth through the grass.

Stealth [3d6+1]

Roll #1 4, 5, 1 + 1 = 11


"Hey, there was lots of food at the HQ, I'll talk them into letting you have a plate, considering the circumstance they can't possibly deny it!"
I better lead her to the ranger HQ soon, she seems worried about everything.


"For us right now, pretty much. Let it spread and give it air. Of course, if you have pokemon that can spit fire, it's all much easier, but this is important to know, too."

Soon, it's ready for you to put the wurmple over.

You roast them over the fire, watching. The smell becomes quite delicious…

Gibles aren't very stealthy, but Sapphira manages to get somewhat close to the Rattatas. they sniff the air, sensing something.

The nurse returns with the pokemon right then.
"Thank you for your patience! I noticed some strange spots on your Kakuna, so I had it checkedout. An early case of fungal infection, but not to worry! We've already administered medication that will clear it in a few days.

The girl looks very relieved, and profusely thanks the nurse.




She looks away, somewhat mournfully.

You bring her to the front of the ranger HQ quickly. Lead her in and explain it to the others?


Yep. I'm gonna find the highest ranked person I can to help her out. '1d20'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Only the attendant's there at the counter, trying to look like she's not staring at the oddly-dressed girl.


"Hey, are any of our bosses around? I have a special guest and really want to introduce her personally.."


"Uhm… not right now, sorry. What do you need, ma'am?"

She's lower ranked than you, you realise.


"Right.. Well.." I sigh. "This is.. A huntress. She's been lost alone in the woods for a long time, and needs some help. Can she stay here until she gets things sorted out?"


"Uhm… I can't decide that, ma'am."

Looks like you're the one who has to make a decision now.


Patience is a virtue… but that's really starting to smell good, and the risk of getting burned is all that's keeping me from snatching a bit right now.
"So… how do we know when it's done?"


I blink. "Right.. if all the other Rangers are away.. Then its just up to me…" The words feel odd but I stand up straighter and speak with more authority. "Yes. Lets give a room and food for a few days. Do you have a list of available beds we could assign her? "


"Only way to be sure is when it starts to burn. You can find recipes in libraries or wherever, but that's a general rule when eating something you don't know", the ranger explains.

"Excuse me. I'm late and I couldn't get a partner. Is it fine if I join your group?"

A boy about your age comes up to you, escorted by a ranger. He's got prey of his own already, so it doesn't look like you'll need to share.

"Alright… 9th floor, room… hey, next to yours."


I can't help but grin. "Prefect! Thanks a lot!"
"Come on, lets get you settled in.. Maybe a shower too."


She actually looks quite clean.
"Thank you, thank you so much!"

You lead her to her room, where she seems elated just seeing a proper bed.


"…This is the third one today," I mutter under my breath. What is with these people thinking I look like a freaking socialite or something!?
"You know what, fine. At least it looks like he'll pull his own weight."
Plus I'll be able to keep an eye on him; showing up late, but not being completely lost? I smell a rattatta.


"Try to relax. If you need something, like new clothes or food just ask. I'm here for a while, and my room is right next to yours!" I tab the door of my room to show her. "And anyone else should be able to help you if I'm on patrol duty. Just tell them Amber said you're good if they give you trouble."



He sits with a struggling pidgey, then begins to stroke its back. It calms down, soothed. The moment it does, he twists its head, without a hint of hesitation. The deed is done.

You're not sure quite what to make of this guy. He's not like that Knight guy, all noble an idiotic, but he doesn't feel like some sort of street thug either. He's not showing anything you know how to read.

"I… I just need a bit of help with getting some money. You said the capture center might need me? I don't think I'll make a good impression dressed like that. Will I?"


"….Yea, they might think you're more about… hunting.. than capturing.. with all those furs on you." I ponder a moment, did I keep my old clothes around? Maybe I can lend them to her if she's close to my size.
"I wonder.. do you know what size you are?"


"Eh? I don't know, actually."

She a little taller than you, but thinner. If that's your idea, she can probably borrow something of yours.


"Right.. well, you look close to my size, let me take a look for something that might work for you!"
Dash into my room and start looking at my clothes for things that were always a bit long on me '1d20'

Roll #1 17 = 17


Cold, efficient, and hard to read? I might not be able to tell what he's up to, but I understand "danger" when I see it. I make sure I've got my knife close, just in case.
"II take it this isn't your first time out here."


You find a set of outdoorsgirl clothes! They're one of the things you wear when not in uniform. Sure you'll hand them to her?

His style of clothing is a little different. The small patterns on his otherwise plain clothing are very intricate, full of swirls. He might be a southern islander.

"Oh, it is, actually. I fish, though, so I know how to make a kill when needed. There was this one time a Magikarp fought back really, really hard, though, so I decided to let it go. I think I ended up giving it to someone else."

He pauses, as if trying to remember something.

"Hey, what's your name?"


I can buy more, or she'll give them back when she has clothes.
Its fine for her to borrow them, knock on her door and cheerfully say. "Hey, I found something you can borrow."


"Wow! I'll change into them right away!"
She looks amazed.

"I'm going to head over to the capture guild place later. Could I ask you to help me get there? I don't want to mess this up…"


"What's yours?" I reply, checking on my pidgey to make sure it's not burning yet.



"I'm Julia! Great to meet you! Julia grabs Arthur's hand extended out for you, which makes him recoil slightly.

Your bird has a way to go.


I nod slowly.
"I'll show you the way, and we can do a practice interview before you go.. I mean I'm not a capture guild member, but It can't be that different than becoming a ranger. OH! I have the email of one, I'll ask her what it was like."
I excitedly pull up my email and start typing up a mail.


"I'm Justus. I'd get used to Julia if I was you, because she's not going anywhere anytime soon. So, where you from?"


Who would you like to send it to, and what would you say?

"Is that an egg? Oh, looks like it might be hatching soon! I wonder what's inside?"

"Nice meeting you. I'm from Shuiea, island capital down south. Always wanted to put my boots on the mainland someday, and here I am. How about you?"



Wait, did I ever get the email of that girl that helped me with catching minccino? I'd want to email her saying something like.
"Hello, Its Amber.
My friend really liked minccino, they got along right away. I'm so glad I came to you for help. I was wondering about being in the capture guild. Is it hard? Did you have to pass any hard tests? I know that I had to do an obstacle course when I was training to be a Ranger. It was hard, but I did really well.
Hoping to hear from you soon!"


You didn't, unfortunately! And since she's not exactly a notable member, searching the capture guild's website wouldn't do any good.

Are you going to pay for your alcoholic tea?


Of course, I'm not a thief!
Pay up…Though I assumed the tea was going to be brewed for me…


You want a tea cafe for that! They sell tea leaves here. You could go there instead unless you'd like these tea leaves.


I sigh to myself.
"Oh, well.. we can just guess at what it might be like then. Go ahead and get dressed. I'll wait in my room for you. And yes! Its an egg of a water type, that's all I know."


eh, I can brew the tea in the camp with my pokemon, doesn't make much of a difference.
let's take our tea and find ourselves a nice place in the moutains to set up camp!



It fits her nicely when she's done. Ready to leave?

You start hiking out to the nearby mountains at sunset. The air here is very clean, and each breath seems to cleans your lungs. You find a nice lookout spot, where you can overlook the town and watch the last hints of daylight fade away on a soft patch of grass.


Man my parents were right
getting in contact with nature like this really is great…
let's release the whole team and let everyone enjoy this pure air


I first need to make sure she doesn't embarrass herself.
"I'll ask you some practice questions before we go. Ready?"


Everyone comes out. Nadia, Jasper and Tina, along with your Shinx. Did you have a name for her?

The refreshing coolness is going to become pretty cold later at night. time to set up your fire and dinner.



"What is your name? Have you ever captured pokemon before? What pokemon do you use to capture pokemon with?"


Well she might not be ready for a nickname yet, so let's wait a bit more
Let's get my pokemon to help up setting everything
Also, brew that tea, it'll warm everyone up at this cold night


"Hi! I'm Viola! I've spent a lot of time tracking Pokemon, since I had to live in the wild and hunt them! My partners are my Wee- Kakuna, Chimchar and Phantump! We work together to set up large traps so we can take down quarry stronger than ourselves!"

You take out another portion from your stock of daily food. That's three day's worth left.

You;re the only one with good hands, so you set up the campfire and get to boiling the tea. Tina goes looking around in the nearby forest, and comes back with a bunch of berries!


"Lenobe city. Both of us are, technically, but Julia moved somewhere that made her cuckoo, so I don't think she counts. So, south islands? What they like?"


pet her head and congratulate her on the good job as I get us all to sit together and have a good time
I contemplate if I should go out and explore and look for some pokemon…But things might be more dangerous at night…


I nod in approval, grinning at her.
"That was prefect! You sound totally confident too. Lets go see their office now."


"Hot, most of the year. It cools down around winter, then it gets pretty cozy. Lots of seafood, and shrines. Pity, though, unless you have your own boat or a Pokemon that can pull you its hard to get around. The islands are big enough for some wilderness, so there's actually more Pokemon than just water types… nothing compared to what's here, I'm sure."

He looks very hopeful.

Indeed. Nocturnal bugs, and ghosts. Might want to stay in the safety of your tent.

Happily, you lead her to their office. It's in the Palace district of the city, just like your HQ, so it's not a problem.

The receptionist from before is still there. He waves to you.


…Ooor…I could explore the night forest with my pokemon…
the temptation is too much for me to resist, so after everone finishes their meals, I set off to look and explore the night forest/mountain activity


"Hey! Are you the only one here right now?"


"Well, sure, I guess. There's different pokemon everywhere in the world. Careful if you go to Lenobe city, though; you can't trust anybody from there, and the pokemon are just as bad."


A mountain hike after dark?

Well, alright. Jasper's echolocation will help you to navigate. You bring out a flashlight (you have one, right?) And begin your exploration of the mountain forests. Even in the dark, the forest is noisy. You can hear Hoothoot cries, and the shuffling of Venonat.

It's getting a little cold. Hope you dressed properly.

"Nope! Need an other capture? Maybe you want to hunt something super big and strong this time? Our experienced trackers are ready!"

"Oh, Dark types? I like them too, though I prefer water types."

A poke ball on him opens, revealing a frog-like Pokemon. A Frogadier, who gives you a cursory croak as it begins helping its trainer with setting up the fire..


"Actually I was wondering if my friend could apply for a job here. She's a great tracker." I pat Viola on the shoulder.


"Oh! Sure, sure, let me just call in the interviewer…hey, is that your egg moving?"


"…" I look down at the blue egg that's safely secured to Vee's back.


should have bought an extra hoodie…Thankfully I left Tina taking care of the tent watching for any wild pokemon…
Now let's see what interestingn nocturnal pokemon I can find…

Roll #1 7 = 7


I raise an eyebrow at that. "Interesting strategy, having a water-type help make a fire…"
Turn back and focus on my own pidgey.


"Interesting you mentioned that. My Frogadier here's a water type, but can become any other type if it knows a move from it. When I saw him do it, we bonded. That;s how he became my first Pokemon. How about you? What's your story?"

It's moving, it really is! Cracks are appearing on the shell… you can get it out of the case now!

You hear the buzzing of wings and a loud thump. A Heracross might have landed on a tree nearby to feed. And nearer to the ground, the shuffling of leaves probably means the Oddish are moving about. And in the distance, a purple light. Wonder what that is.


I hurry to open the case and step back from everyone else just to be sure that it doesn't mistakenly look at them.


Everyone knows Heracross loves sap, so that's boring
Oddishes are…Not the most interesting…
Let's go see what that purple light is about…


"Huh. That's not so different from mine…"
Call out Zoro, illusioned as Frogadier, then shoot him a big grin.


Making sure it imprints on you? You think of everything.

But the cracking stops! You hear faint crying from within the egg and it keeps shaking, but the shell is too tough!

What an alluring light. It draws you. When you look at it, you don't feel the cold of the evening air anymore. You have to follow it. It's so pretty. But it's getting kind of hot… this jacket of yours isn't needed now that you're feeling all warm, right?

He looks impressed.

"A ditto? Hard to find those things, I heard."


Yeah…Maybe it was the hot wine from before but I'm kinda feeling really warm…Let's open it up and get it off for a bit… dang this light is pretty…


I gasp and tap the shell, gently pulling and tugging it away.

Roll #1 2 = 2


You hear a faint laughter in the distance. So pretty. You take off your jacket and only just stop yourself tossing it aside. You ignore the brief spell of cold as it gives way to heat.

The purple flame starts drifting away. No, no! Don't let it go! Pretty, pretty flame!

Viola stops you.
"You can't interfere. You have to let it hatch on its own, or it'll always be weak and sickly. But if it's having trouble hatching, it might not…."

She thinks hard.


"Well, if you want the real deal, sure," I chuckle, "but Zoro's a bit of a con artist."
Let Zoro drop the illusion and enjoy a good snicker.


''H-hey wait up!''
Chase chase chase!


"r-right I'll just try calling it then."
I make a cooing sound "Come here little one, its okay, come on out. You can do it."


"Cool, a Zorua. Tricky things, I like hearing about them in stories."

A faint burning smell is coming from your bird. Looks like it's done.

You hear the laughing again. So happy, so joyful. As you chase and your heart races, you feel your legs starting to fail. You're breathing very heavily, but what does it matter? Are you going to let that pretty light get away?

Either way, roll.

You see a few more cracks appear in the egg as you call to it. The cries inside are becoming louder.

"Alright, that's good. But we need to bring it somewhere that's like its natural environment. Or somewhere… full of life. Got any ideas?"



Roll #1 9 = 9


"…Oh.. the park maybe?"


"Exactly why we bonded so well. He likes pranking just as much as I do."
Go ahead and pull my bird off. Looks like mealtime.


"Your turn, Julia. What's your story?"


In a brief moment of clarity, you come to your senses. There's no way you should be feeling warm. In fact, if you can't even feel your hands right now, you're cold. Very, very cold. Despite what it feels like, you can't be warm at all. And you're tired, dangerously so. If you fall unconscious here, you're easy prey for things not even Jasper or Nadia can fight off.

When you look back at that purple light, the same delusion almost returns to you. That light is dangerous, and it trying to kill you.

Good choice. You carry out the egg, running with Viola. Luckily, the edge of the garden district is just nearby.

Near a river, you lay the egg on the grass, as the cries inside grow louder and louder.

"Alright. Now call it out. It needs to find your way with your voice."

"Haha. Same for me and my comrade. We're both… trying to find out who we are."

The bird isn't that bad, surprisingly. Compared to standard field rations you buy, it's very refreshing. Julia eats her own share, quietly thinking.


Oh crap
Shake my head and snap out of it! The adrenaline of realizing my life is threatened gives me enough strenght to jump back and send out Jasper
''Jasper, Confuse ray!''


"So, we're camping in the woods, sitting around a campfire, on a two-day trip…
Anybody know some good ghost stories?"


My eyes get wide and then I focus taking a breath and singing to the egg.
"Little waterling, have you come to see the spring? The valley full of life?
Little grassling, have you come to see the trees? The grand green moss full of life?
Little fireling, have you come to see the town? The house and their hearthfires, brimming full of life?
Little fairyling, have you come to play? With the children and their friends, games so full of life?"


File: 1451883988423.png (634.09 KB, 800x847, no__607___litwick_by_pokem….png)

Jasper, having come to his senses as well, shoots a confuse ray at the light!

The light wavers, and slowly draws closer. The laughter around you becomes distorted.

A litwick reveals itself!

"Oh, I do! But let's wait until after dark."

Julia grins mischievously. Your lunchtime's soon going to be up.

A old folk song. You sang the one about fairies coming to play instead of dragons coming to rule, and it wa sa goo choice.

As you finish the last line, the egg suddenly bursts open! Inside, covered in the last of its protective waters, is a Azurill looking right into your eyes and crying out happily.



''So it was you! Why you evil little…Jasper! Use bite!''
'2d8+3' +10

Roll #1 1, 2 + 3 = 6


I gasp in amazement, touching the baby as if it were delicate.
"Whoooa, you're so.. adorable!"



I didn't think there was anything to that old folklore. Just a bedtime story. Still, things look eerily similar down here.

What's inside the Pokemon Center? Does it look all that familiar?


It looks a little more advanced than the Pokemon centers you're used to. More machines that look a lot more complicated. Other than that, there's no way you could mistake it for anything other than a Pokemon center.

You sense your time in this form is running out. Is there anything else you wish to investigate?


I guess some things don't change.
Anyway, I'm done exploring if I have to go back.


You sense yourself being pulled in many different directions at once. You're fading into the water, dissolving.

And then, your head is filled with voices. Many of them, all competing with one another, of all emotions. The fear of a swift death when seeing a predator, the joy of finding a mate, the sorrow of seeing a child fall to ruin. You're being torn towards all of the mas you struggle to keep yourself together. They beg you to share in their grief, or their happiness, or their fear, or rage.

The agony is building up. It'll be unbearable soon. The screams, make them stop, you'll dissolve…


Oh man, oh man, keep it together. This isn't me…
Calm Mind!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Not good enough. The voices threaten to break you apart when you try to hold yourself together. It's only worse now, and deafening you from in your head. It's almost like you're drowning in them, and you feel your breath start become obscured.


It's too much…make it stop…
Where's Millie? I need her here!


You can feel her struggling as you are. The Ralts family are very sensitive the the emotions of others, and she's mired in them.

Suddenly, you feel her take a deep breath, and she nearly fades from your senses. As that happens, you feel her tug at you. Strangely enough, you don't feel fear coming from her anymore. She's telling you to accept it.


I have to follow her. It's all I can do to stay conscious, and I don't know how long I can fight it anymore. I trust her.


Just like that, you feel yourself fracture and fade. The voices, however, are no longer consuming you. Instead, you flow between, listening to each one and taking time to feel what they feel.

The terror of living another day as a tiny Basculin, knowing that each moment could be your last.
The joy of the Sharpedo that has found a new day's worth of life in catching that same Basculin.
The rage of the Octillery, laying beaten as it watches the Sharpedo take what should be its food.
The sorrow of the Octillery's mate, watching its partner slowly meet its end.

At the end, an empty blackness begins to take you. The voices fade, thanking you for listening. If you swim into the void now, it will all be over.


It's so violent yet…so serene. Fascinating…

I'm ready.


Whatever happens, things will keep flowing.

You feel the void collect you, and slowly your normal senses return.

You open your eyes to an orange sky. From the temperature, it seems like morning. Millie beside you begins to stir as well. In front of you, Nagi practicing some moves with her sword, her Kirlia by her side. They're moving with an agility you haven't noticed, like they're fluid.


I get up slowly, helping Millie up as well.

"…how long has it been?"



"Oh! you're.. you're finally awake." Nagi speaks, a look of relief in her eyes. "Are you alright? Not hungry? Dehydrated? It's been three days. Monks said not to disturb you, that you were on some sort of vision quest."


"Vision…yeah. Something like that."
I look down at Millie.
"We could probably use something to eat."


"We do! I've been exploring the island while waiting for you to get up. Found some nice coffee places and noodle stands. The hills and forests outside the city are actually pretty big too, went for a hike through them. Now come on, you must be hungry."

She holds her hand out for you to help you up. Her Kirlia does the same for Millie.


I take it, gratefully. I could really use some human company, not to mention some fresh air.


"Feel like staying in the big city, or heading out to somewhere more remote? There's nice places downtown, but if you want to walk a while you can find some cafes on the mountains."


"I think after that…I want to spent a little more time getting in touch with nature."


"Alright! If you're ready to go now, just come along…"

Nagi leads you out of the city by the trams. You get dropped off the the entrance to a designated natural preserve. It's not hot and swampy here like the other part of the island, it's significantly cooler, the trees less thick to let the wind by. A concrete path goes up a hill, right next to a stream.

There's an odd quietness here, in contrast with the loud, busy city.


It's nice. Reminds me of the deep, but less oppressive, or crowded. I follow the path.


Save a ranger or two patrolling, it's just you two today. The climb up the hills gets pretty exhausting, but Nagi doesn't look tired at all.

Your path crosses a few bridges, built over where the rivers cut the land. You even go beside a few waterfalls and have their mist cool you down, as the sun slowly rises.

Right at noon, you reach the top of this hill. On this cliff overlooking the sea, there's a house with a big sign indicating a rest stop. Even from this distance, you can hear the waves eating at the rock below.

"Here! You feeling alright?"


"Yeah, I think so. You can't imagine how good the fresh air is feeling right now after what I just went through."

I step towards the house.

"How'd you find this place anyway?"


"I took a hike while you were busy on your vision quest. Went looking for Pokemon, found this instead."

You take a seat right next to a fence keeping less careful people off the cliff edge. Unless you'd rather sit indoors?

Roll for accuracy, and the correct damage roll for the move

The Azurill coos, snuggling up against your hand. Playfully, it hits you, hard. Very hard. This is one strong newborn.


You're roasting the wurmple you caught now with Riss. Another boy had joined the group, and he's sitting near Justus and Julia. He doesn't have a partner of his own, though.


"Aw! How cute! We should get you to a doctor.."


What were we doing?
Watching pokemon beat each other up?


They smell good, but how do I taste them? Taste '1d20'

"I think we can share what we have, but what do you think of the taste, Riss?"

Roll #1 18 = 18


'1d20' oops

Roll #1 4, 6 + 8 = 18 / Roll #2 19 = 19


"Indeed you should. I'm impressed by you both. This sort of skill in the field is valuable in trackers and captors I recruit." A man standing behind you speaks.

"Are you both rangers? What a pity, I guess none of you would be interested in joining. Run along to the Pokemon center, then."

Blue's Mega Blastoise faces off against the leader's Mega Ampharos. You can feel the air crackling, ready to burst.

Acting first, the Ampharos lets loose a massive thunderbolt! Even at this distance, you recoil back. Only now you notice metal conductors around the gym to keep the audience safe from a stray thunderbolt, as the few that spill over are safely absorbed.

The Mega Blastoise, cries out terribly as the super effective hit lands, but then laughs as Blue calls for the retaliation. Its whole body gleams, and the Ampharos has its eyes widened in terror as it feels twice the force of it attack reflected onto it, knocking it over.

Not bad at all, surprisingly. Nutritious, easy to find, and pleasurable. Riss herself shivers as she tastes them, only shaking her head.

Jasper bites down menacingly, catching the Litwick off-guard! The Litwick fliches back, unable to make its move!


I grin right back.
"Awesome. Now, I wonder what's next today…"


Jump up!


"It's really good. I want to try the Hoothoot too!" I'll see if I can cut a piece off while cutting down the Wurmple to share.


"That's right! You shouldn't have tried Messing with us, you… Candle… Thing! Jasper, one more!"

Roll #1 4, 2 + 8 = 14 / Roll #2 2 = 2


I stop and do a 180 to look at man.
"Wait! You said you recruit trackers and captors? For who?"


"The captor's guild, of course. Something the matter?"

This time, though, the bite misses. The Litwick takes the chance to envelop Jasper in a vortex of flames! A fire spin! Jasper won't be able to escape until it ends…

Jasper's HP: 34/52

Riss shakes her head, and cuts you a piece of hoothoot. She's only eating that, now.

The Ampharos howls. It's not going to end like this. It gathers power for one more great thunderbolt, and the air begins to spark and burst.

There, the Blastoise takes initiative. Revealing a sudden burst of speed, it aims all three cannons at the Ampharos, and fires a raging energy pulse. Thunder begins to ring out as the pulse splits the ionized air, and the pulse strikes the Ampharos right in the chest, knocking it back just as the loudest peal of thunder rings.

It's done. when the dust clears, Blue and Blastoise stand victorious, while the Ampharos lies beaten, reverted to its old self.

Gotta wait until some slowbros are done eating, it seems.


I nudge Viola toward him whispering loudly to her "Go on, this is your chance. Talk to him!"


I'm thankful that it's flames are not that strong… St least it's just one little litwick…
"use confuse ray!"


I'll cut some pieces off and share with the others. Put them on any plate the Rangers have so I can carry it around to them and the others.

"Hey, any of you want to try this out? It's really good."


Cheer, holler and clap for her victory, making sign to her to meet me outside!


"Nah, we've all finished already, so just stuff your face so we can get going!"


"More delicious Wurmple for me then."


She nervously nods.

"Yes, I'm interested, actually! I'm Viola, I was hoping to be accepted as a tracker."

The man nods. "Right, I think you were slated for an interview tomorrow? We can do it right now, if you like."

Viola gleams.
"You still need me, Amber? If not I'm goign to go follow him now!"

The Litwick's already confused! Not that it really matters though, since the way it's swaying about, it's still able to let loose an attack. It looses a cloud of smog, which doesn't affect Jasper badly.

Jasper: 26/52

She's busy with all the handshaking, but takes time to wave to you.
Go out now?


Oops, that's a mistake
"Uuh, use bite again…"

Roll #1 6, 1 + 8 = 15 / Roll #2 5 = 5


I shake my head, cradling the new born azurill.
"I'm fine.. It hatched really strong, so there isn't anything to worry about..
Good luck! I can't wait to hear how it went!"


Nah, wait for her to finish.


One more, Jasper bites onto the enemy Litwick, right into its soft body. The Litwick tries to shake Jasper off, but in confusion hits itself instead!

The Litwick can't take more of this. Looks like it's about to run…

"See you, Amber!"

Now it's time for you to take the Azurill to a Pokemon center. A few people you pass tell you how cute it looks as it bobs around in your arms. The nurse, even, once you reach the Pokemon center.

Looks like she's done, with the badge handing, hand shaking and everything. She passes through the doors, and is gone. She'll be waiting.

"Alright, lunchtime over! Everyone done eating?"


"Thanks! Can you have a doctor examine it please? It just hatched a few minutes ago."


Go congratulate the Gym Leader on a fun match and then reach Blue, grinning at her wide.
"Such a cunning devil you are."


"Good to go here!"
Get up and stretch, making sure I've got everything repacked and ready to go.
"Ready for this, Julia?"


Take a few more bites of the Wurmple before giving a thumbs up.

I'll offer Riss a hand if she needs help standing.


Oh I ain't done with this little bastard.
"Finish it off Jasper! Bite one more time!"

Roll #1 3, 2 + 8 = 13 / Roll #2 17 = 17


"New hatchling? Sure, Let me direct you to a room…"

For more unique cases an attendant can't solve, there are the Pokemon doctors. A elderly, bespectacled woman is seated behind a desk, waiting to welcome you in.

"Hello, hello. Newborn, I see? An Azurill?"

The gym leader thanks you. He hopes that today's tour has been good. Always great to set off that spark of wonder.

Blue is waiting outside the gym.
"Oh, my, so flattering!" She laughs.

"alright. Now, we're going to focus on making traps. Can anyone suggest what they're for?"

With Jasper's last attack. The Litwick is sent tumbling away. Defeated, it hides its flame and runs back into the woods.

With the intensity of the battle over, you suddenly feel very, very weak. It's cold. You need to get back to camp fast.


My heart is racing as I nod and step closer.
"Yes.. Just a few minutes ago even! Are you a doctor?"


"And what the heck was that transformation all about? I'd never heard of a third stage to a Blastoise!"


"Other trainers?"


"To catch Pokemon we want to keep? It's not like we can eat them all."


I drop to one knee for a moment, taking some deep breaths
"Damn it… Jasper, you Alright?" I look up at him before standing back up and making my way back to camp


"Yes, I am." She adjusts her spectacles, in case they're not making her look dignified enough. "Put your Azurill on the table, will you? Looks very energetic, shouldn't have any problems."

"Mega evolution. When a trainer forms a great bind with a Pokemon, a sort of futher evolution is possible, for a while. That catalyst is a key stone…"

She shows you the one embedded on her bracelet, shining in a myriad of colours.

"And a mega stone for the Pokemon in question. The trainer can give their energy to their Pokemon, and from there is unlocked a power to conquer worlds. Or that's how some sayings go, anyway!"

She points to her panting Blastoise. You notice one of the shell plates has an indent with a blue sphere resting within.

"Think you'll be able to do it with your Beldum one day? I've only ever heard of people doing it with their… their closest comrade. Pokemon who have been with them since the start of their journeys, and..and will stay with them forever after. Maybe Pokemon seek out trainers in hops of achieving this even! Ugh…"

She grasps her head and leans on a wall for support.

"Uh.. reasonable answers, yes. Traps are meant to keep your encampment safe. A wild Pokemon might come while you're asleep. If a trainer is hostile, though, you're going to need more than simple traps. Traps can also be used to catch food, instead of hunting. Any other questions or suggestions?"

Can you even make it back? Jasper's fine, but he can;t exactly pull you along if you fall unconscious here…


Yeah.. Sure… I'll just pass out… As soon… As I… Get…
The tent…


Suddenly lean in, making sure she's not about to fall to the ground!
"Hey! Blue! Don't faint on me like this, it's a day of celebration!"


"Are we going to learn how to trap aquatic pokemon near rivers too?"


"You'd be surprised how effective a good stink-bomb can be at driving people off…"


Roll for if you can make it.

"Don't worry! I'll be fine… haven't done a mega evolution in a long time, so I need to get used to it all over again. It can be very draining."

She takes a few deep breaths to collect herself.

"Alright! Think I'll be heading out of this city come tomorrow. How about you?"

"Yes, that's why we're parked near a stream."

"While… potentially useful, that's not covered in this course. Alright, to your stations! You'll be given materials and show how to make your own simple traps."


'1d10' definitely not fainting

Roll #1 8 = 8


Then we'll head towards the Rangers and grab the gear. Hopefully Riss and the new guy are doing alright.


Once I'm sure she's fine, back off, looking still worried.
"I'll take the Gym leader on before that! But that Ampharos might be a serious problem…"
My face and body soar through a range of emotions going from Joy to deep Worry, and I end up chewing on my fingers.


Alright, let's do this!
I assume we're going to need lots of sharp sticks for this.


Not until you reach your camp, at least. Luckily, Tina's kept the fire rising. Quickly, you huddle near it. This time you're sure it's not just an illusion.

So, so warm.

You feel Pentium beep behind you before it nudges your shoulder. You can do it! No, we can do it!

"You don't have to worry about that! You're new, so he'll go easy on you. Just make sure your team is in top shape. Now, I need to go back and rest, but don't let me hold you up! See you!"

Blue begins to stumble off back to the inn. It's afternoon now, and here in this hot region quite a few people will be having the same idea as Blue.

At your stations, you see large stacks of rope and netting. But mostly vines and sticks already prepared for you.



I think I'll stay outside for now. It helps me feel closer to what I experienced underwater.
"Heh. Clearly you weren't the first one to think of that up here. It's awfully pretty. Is that all you did while I was out?"


Time to plop face first on the ground in exhaustion


"Hey wait! You aren't even gonna celebrate the new badge?"


You're not going to fall asleep right here, are you? Roll to resist falling unconscious.

"Whenever I wasn't at the Spring Shrine practicing, and watching you. The way the monks talked about you, its like you were some sort of living god."

You take your seats at the tables exposed to the wind and sun. There's a menu here… Feel like a sandwich? Noodles? And for your drink? Coffee, tea? There's alcohol, even.

"Oh, right! I guess we could have dinner later! What do you feel like?"


"So what are we going to try and catch?" I ask as I approach the bundle.


I carefully put the blue pokemon on the table.


She carefully examines him and runs a few tests. With a Azurill reference guide loaded on her screen, she moves his legs about to make sure that they can move properly. Turns out the tables has a weighing scale on it too, and you can see your Azurill is well in the healthy range.

"Very good. Still, I'm going to have to give him a shot. It'll protect against common diseases. Could you hold him and make him stay calm?

"We're going to make big nets. It's simple, but might help discourage a wandering Pokemon so you don't have to fight it. Here, if you have vines, you can make a simple one…"

The ranger spends some time showing you all. Try it yourself.


"Alright, it would be nice to be able to get some shuteye."

Net making '1d20'

Roll #1 13 = 13


"Sure and.. did you say him? Its a boy then?" I smile excitedly as I reach to keep the newborn boy still.


"A girl, I mean. Whoops! Anyway…"
She strokes her a little before very quickly administering the shot to the back. Azurill barely seems to notice.

"Great! That's all. Good luck with her!"

You get the hang of it pretty quickly. While the net isn't very sturdy, it'll work in a pinch.


"I wish I had done this stuff early. It's way too fun." I'll look over the others, see how they are doing.


"It would be fine if it was a boy.. I wasn't sure, since its all so round and cute! I'm really happy either way."
I pick up the Azurill lovingly "Yes! You're so adorable, and bubbly and prefect, I need a nice comfy pokeball for you."


"Do you have one? If not, the pharmacy should have some as part of it stock. You can ask the payments counter!"

Now you'll have to pay for services. While regular healing is free or charge, consulting a doctor isn't.

They're… busy.



"I think I should get a special one, that it will be comfortable in, since I have a bit of money.. "


"We should hit up a sports bar, there's bound to be dozen of trainers who want to celebrate with us there!"


Well then, I'll go over my trap, make sure it's securely tightened.


"Great idea!" She stands up and pulls out a bottle of water to drink from. "We're both strangers to this city, so let's explore a bit, eh?"

She pulls out a brochure for travelers, looking carefully through the entries.

"What do you feeling like having?"

Pokeballs are all the same once a Pokemon is caught. The only real differences are special effects. Some Pokeballs are completely silent, other go the opposite way and are loud. And then there's the decorations on them.


"Guess we should go somewhere you can eat and duel, otherwise we're just gonna end up too full to think for the battle tomorrow!"


Oh, this there one decorated like water or the sea?


File: 1452100303896.png (58.78 KB, 452x422, dive_ball_by_neo__chu-d463….png)

"Anything specific? Lots of bars talking about nice steaks. Or you want to go to one of those all-natural berry bars? We'll find lots of trainers, no matter where."

Looks like there is! It's a fully functioning Dive Ball though, so it'll cost the same as one.


"I'm more of a burger and fries kind of girl!"


800 then?
I can spare it to get a nice ball for the new girl.


With a consultation fee of 500, that's 1300P. Is that alright?

"Lots of trainers are! Shall we go? It's getting close to dinner time!"


That's fine!
It leaves me at 5300


Nod enthusiastically and follow along.
"You are way cooler than I thought, you know? Acting so nonplussed after winning against a gym leader, and having that deep bond with your pokemon!"


All right, let's get net-making!

Roll #1 2 = 2


And so be it. Now you have your new Pokeball, and your new Azurill. Going to introduce the two?

She leads you onto the trams, fed by the tangle of wires over each street. You remember from a guide somewhere that this town runs the big solar panels out in the desert to the south, and it all runs through here first.

"Oh, well… it's not as big of a deal for me, I guess. You, though, I can tell you're going to be way more excited when you win tomorrow. Besides, I can see a bond between you and your Beldum already! It's just going to take time to strengthen. Soon, soon."

You approach a part of town filled with bars and cafes… and clubs, theatres, even a concert hall some streets away, you can tell from a poster that a up and coming band will be playing! Guess all that electricity is just waiting to be used at night, which is soon when the sun's coming down as fast as it is.

Your stop is right in front of a bar with a big burger sign. You can see a big screen from a window, displaying matches from tournaments.


Time to sit down and order something for me and my pokes!
"Make us something real tasty, my friend here just beat the local gym!"


The barkeep looks at you two dismissively.
"Eh. I'd congratulate you, kid, but her? She looks like she should be fighting the other regions. Mustn't have been an impressive battle."

He remarks as he continues serving drinks to other patrons.

Your fingers are better at lifting things out of pockets, not this! Julia does fine, but you lag behind.

It's tightened. An intruder would be less likely to come on from your side. Riss pulls her work fine-tuning it, looking for any flaws.


Of course.
I'll set the ball down on the table in front of the Azurill.


Frown, moving back to Blue.
"What a jerk."


Eeeehhh… Do what I always did in school and cheat off the kid next to me. Watch her tie knots, then mimic what she did.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Heh, let's see anything get through this."

Wait for further instruction.


The Azurill looks at the Dive eball curiously. Is that for him?

Blue smiles slyly. She's watching the clock on the wall… the moment is strikes 6, she looks at the large television.

Looks like it's a show about recent big fights locally! And on the screen is none other than the same fight you just watched! People are crowding around it now.

Did those times work? Because here, you're having a lot of trouble. Your fingers are tangled! You need help!

some people are still having trouble with their nets. Most notably, that Justus kid. A guy without a partner has just finished setting his net, he wasn't in the group earlier.


I nod slowly at her.
"This one is for you, do you like it?"


Turn around, and as soon as I realize it grin mischieviously, standing right beside Blue as I watch the tv.


"Heyo!" I wave the new kid down. "When did you join up with us?"



Roll #1 16 = 16


She does! She huddles up to the Dive Ball, prompting the capture and registration. Now she's safely tucked into her new ball.

The barkeep doesn't look up until the fight really heats up. When he does, he's glued to the screen. When both Pokemon transform, his jaw drops, and the room explodes.

"Just a while ago, actually. Waited until this morning to sign up, didn't want to wait till then ext session. So, here I am."

Satisfied that his trap is working, he heads closer.

As you untangle your fingers, you somehow leave behind what looks like a woven net. Good enough. Now you have to place it over your area to deter wandering Pokemon.


Time to stare smugly.


Well, let's set it up where there's likely to be traffic from wandering pokemon. Say, between two trees or something.
Watch what Julia's doing again; is this supposed to be a tripwire-trap, or pitfall, or just hang it up like a fence or something?


"Yeah, better to get things done sooner rather than later. Name's Squire, what's yours?"


It's hard to make out what's he mouthing to himself in the midst of the room's cheering.

"Amazing job." He turns to Blue, his eyes almost watering. He serves a gold drink topped-off with whipped cream. "Here's your drink, on the house. Anything else you two be ordering?"

It's meant more as a fence. It'll come down on anything that tries to cross it, though. She sets up her part between some trees. You can do better than her.

"I'm Arthur. Nice to meet you."
He had a Frogadier helping him with his net, now resting with him.


I smile happily.
"Oh! I should get back to patrolling actually, the day's not over yet."
Thou, I can write an email to the sandwhich boy before I go.
Write him
'Hello! Its Amber, I wanted to say its been a big adventure since I got to the city. I was kidnapped by some evil baddies, and then I rescued a Vulpix from them. Then I entered a tournament and met a trainer just the same strength as me! I barely won the match. We might even be rivals, I challenged him to a rematch later. And possibly the best part, I found an egg in the sewers, and it hatched just an hour ago! Its the most adorable Azurill I've ever seen. I can't wait to show you. '


Yeah, I can! By doing exactly the same thing, only somewhere else to protect the other side of our camp!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Maybe I can teach Cobalt and the others how to make them. It might be an effort for Quetz.

"Let's set up the net before we get scolded. You thinking about taking the Gym challenge too, or did you want to learn?"


"Large fries and a double cheese bacon onion burger!"
Sit with a satisfied smile, letting Pentium out of its ball.
"Guess you are news now.
But from that look in your eyes, you seem used to it."


Sandwich boy? The one at the cafe a few towns earlier?

Well you know it's going to come down eventually, the question is whether it'll come down on an intruder or not. You can keep adjusting it if you want.

"I'm just going to learn first. Truth is, I want to head for the Rising City as fast as possible. I figured that this might be important in case I get lost."

Both your fences are done. Just a few slowpokes left…

The barkeep notes your order. That'll be 250P.

"Eheh. Well, I hope the same thing doesn't happen to you so soon. Your first victories will be the sweetest. They're the big moments where you feel yourself come together. No matter what, you shouldn't stop giving your best–"


Before she can take a sip of her drink, a few viewers swarm her, asking for a handshake, an autograph or to see her super cool bracelet.


Yes! He gave me that 'Fragrant Sachet'.


"What are you going after there?"


I'll leave her to deal with that, silently watching with a smile without ever leaving my seat.
See if Pentium would like some fries.


Mmm, tighten it up a bit, just to make sure it stays up long enough to do it's job.

Roll #1 11 = 11


The one that's been helping you sleep a little better. You send it through a public terminal in the Pokemon center. He'll reply eventually.

He has a gleam in his eye.

"I really want a dragon Pokemon. The prestige about them, their strength, they're really… uh, really impressive."

Pentium prefers things with lots of metal, but carbohydrates are useful too. It'll take one, because you offered it. And you must know best! You're its partner.

A tantalizing scent comes in. Fries fried perfectly on a plate with the juiciest burger you've ever seen. The patty is oozing juices as cheese flows off. You are very, very hungry.

Aaaand looks like that's done. It'll hold up.

"Alright, everyone back here! Any experience with fishing?" The head instructor calls.


Oh boy… isn't this supposed to be the most boring thing ever or something?
I'll just keep my mouth shut and let someone else speak up.


I'm sure he'll be surprised to hear from me.
I'm gonna finish patrolling around the city like I'm signed up for today. '1d20' spot checking

Roll #1 13 = 13


"Oh, just like Quetz here, right?" Retrieve Quetz if he's still in his Pokeball.

"Not really. I've never had to." I reply to the instructor.


But I'm only gonna eat half of it! Instead, this is for sharing with the rest of my team!
Though from now on I guess I will be more of a steak type of trainer.


Oh, he will.

And that's the most excting even this day has to offer. Your walk around the city also introduces your Azurill to many things! It watches safely from within its Pokeball not to be afraid of the things you come across.

And with that, the sky is turning orange again. Return to base to rest?

Very kind! It's not enough for all of you, though. Want to get them another plate to share?

Or maybe you can try that steak…

"Yeah, just like that. Dratini has a nice association with water…"

"I know some of you are going to think it's boring, but aquatic Pokemon are a very, very important food source! Magikarp and Basculin can be found nearly anywhere with water, and are very delicious! But fishing doesn't just mean casting a rod and waiting, we'll be using traps as well! Now head back to your stations and start preparing to catch your dinners!"


Order something that's mostly meat, and not as much fat and sauces and bread.


Time to sleep and then I can look at a train ticket.


"Let's take our spot first. This stuff is important."

I'll keep Quetz on my shoulder and get ready.


Great, more nets… I'd rather just use a spear or something. Better yet, Lyle could probably do the fishing for us.
I suppose I'll just try and do it the right way for now, but when I start getting hungry it's Lyle who's gonna come out.


File: 1452106299803.jpg (36.31 KB, 500x213, draw1am.jpg)

Hold on, you want the sauces and bread or no?

Your Azurill pops out of the ball just as you hop into bed fresh and showered. She wants to sleep with you!
The clothes you lent Viola have already been returned, washed. She's already sleeping next door, judging from the snores…

Now that you've handled nets, fish traps shouldn't be a big deal, right? The rangers also note that very similar ones can be used on land, but for now this is all you're using. Now try to make it.


No. If they have it on the menu, I'll take the most steak-like thing there is.


"I've never seen this type anywhere."

Let's give that a shot. '1d20'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Uh… Okay, this seems less complicated than netting; just line the long bits up from circle one to circle two, then brace it with the other circles, right?
Or something like that. I'll figure it out as I go.

Roll #1 18 = 18


"Aaaaww" I carefully hold Azurill next to my chest, letting it share my blanket and give it a kiss on the forehead. "Goodnight Little Fairyling~"


The menu says something about a large Tauros hunk, with nothing else. Just a steak, for the dedicated carnivore. The smell of it cooking is making your Sandile's mouth water…

Looks like they're taking a break from fights on the screen! It's a short segment about exploring the nearby Torchfire City. The city has a cool inner walled quarter with a great library! There's also what the show calls the Beacon Shrine, which is where traveling trainers go to feel the power of the Firey Region.

Your previous experience handling the nets makes it harder to mess up, but the trap you end up making has obvious defects. You need to fix that first.

You've done well learning. Julia gives you a small clap, even.

It squeaks a goodnight back.
Now roll for your dreams.


Let's see if I can retie a few bits and get this working. '1d20'

Roll #1 19 = 19


'1d20' dreaming sweet dreams.

Roll #1 10 = 10


I grin and do some flexing. There's nothing I can't do eventually!


Sounds like even more food… Does that city have a gym?


It does. The next scenes shows the volcano the city is near, the same volcano you can see from home on especially clear days. The gym is the whole mountain, and the challenge to get to the leader could take days of exploring! They talk about how there are similar challenges of the water and grass gym,s where you have to sail on your own to find a hidden island, or search the forest to find a hidden tree.

And there you go, a large steak, cooked rare arrives, sizzling on its plate. It invites you and your whole team to ravenously gnaw on it.

Where are you headed?
You've gathered for yourself a team of fellow travelers. Now to decide on the path you'll take yourself and the down.

Actually, that can wait. Out of the mist you march through, your Azurill comes bursting in, dispelling it and turning it into a lush forest just like home to play in.

Now if only that alarm would stop ringing….

The ranger supervisor claps too, although much more slowly. He might be making fun of you.

And there you go, all working

"Everyone good? Now, follow the group downstream to the larger river!"



I groan and reach for the alarm, what time is it even?


9 in the morning.
Did you have a ticket to the town down south yet? The next train leaves in the afternoon.


I don't think I bought one, since I was waiting for the egg to hatch first.
I better head to the station and get one.. thou breakfast is always great here and It might be a while before I have such a spread again.. I should enjoy that first.


You don't need to buy one, you can check with the ranger office for that! Say you want to sign up for jungle certification. But breakfast first?


I flush.
"Hardly. I just made it off Shuiea. My master can do a heck of a lot more than I can. I'm still not even sure what I did."
I suppose I could use a meal after that though. A sandwich sounds nice, as does the coffee.


Yep, I wonder if Azurill will need warm milk..


Psst. you are on Shuiea right now. You came from Muika.

That'll be a total of 200P, according to the menu. You place the order with the waitress and she goes on her way.

"Someday, I'm sure. I'm curious, though… any other plans? Why are you training?"

Azurills can wean pretty fast, but for now milk is the best. You take the rest of their spread in: mushrooms, eggs, bacon, freshly=baked bread…. But for her, just some heated milk, which happens to be in a dispenser too.


maps are hard.
"Well, when I first left I wanted to see the world. Now though, I'm not so sure. After what I just saw, I get the feeling there's a heck of a lot more that isn't being seen."


"Hmm? What did you see, anyway?"


"I'm still not entirely sure. A city of some kind, with tall buildings, and even Pokemon Centers, just like the ones we had now. All underwater."


"Wow. That's… something. Kind of like the stories about old sunken cities."

She feels like she wants to say something.


Eggs and bread will be okay for me, and that's a very convenient dispenser. I should actually buy a bottle or two for milk for her.


"Well you know what they say about old legends. Maybe there's something more to it."
I cock my head.
"Something on your mind?"


Good idea, though you shouldn't really take food from the spread outside… two bottles is fine though.

"Excuse me, Jr Amber?"

A clearly senior ranger calls to you from behind.

"I take it that you offered somebody a room here. Mind explaining what this is about?"
Looks like he's with Viola.

"Yeah. I was just thinking about what I'd like to do, myself. What if I told you I wanted to fight off criminals?"


"Hm. That's quite the noble goal. Are they really that big a problem on the mainland?"


I stand up straighter. "Oh. Yes. I did. It was a special circumstance, she had been lost in the woods for a very long time and needed help. And no one else was around to ask. Sir."


"They can be. Even here, actually. See, there are three big groups so far: we have the Sea Squad operating in the seas around here, in the eastern part of the mainland the Earthcipher are active, and in the northwest the Red Battalion. They all operate differently, too. I heard the Sea Squad use uncharted islands as their bases."

He thinks hard for a while.

"Doesn't matter. Letting others into our base is dangerous. What you've done is very reckless and far out of your rank–"

"Hey, aren't we supposed to be helping people? That's what we do as Rangers. She was just doing her best to fulfill that motto. And I think it's obvious this Viola isn't dangerous. She'll be going off soon anyway, right?"

The girl ranger who gave you a lift before chimes in. The senior shakes his head and thinks hard.

"Alright, fine. But I shouldn't have to remind you that criminal activity is on the rise, Amber. Please, be more careful."

Both of them leave, with Viola standing behind.


I wait a until they are out of sight for a full minute before letting out a deep breath and heading for an empty table, motioning for Viola to follow.


"Yeah, I think I've heard of those guys a few times on the news. Never really gave it much thought though, and I had no idea that the mainland had any like them. I hate to ask, but do you have some kind of grudge against them?"


You've got your spread and sit down, ready to eat. The senior says something to Viola before he leaves. Viola looks a lot happier, and fills out a plate of her own before sitting with you.

"Kind of, yeah." She says. Your drinks come at this time, and she diverts her attention to downing her coffee.

There's obviously more to it.


"Uh, that went rather well I think?" I munch on my food and let my pokemon enjoy their selections as well.


I blink and go back to my own.
"Well, if it's a private matter I'm sorry I dragged it out. I'm just curious, you seem awfully driven."


"Yeah. That guy said I might as well help myself since I'm here!" She eats ravenously.

"Mmm… thanks for everything, Amber! I got accepted, so I'll be moving out later today."

"An old Pokemon got stolen. Never saw it again." She suddenly says. "I'd like to first be strong enough to make sure that can't happen to me again, and then after that exact punishment on those who do the same to others."

That seems to be it. Feels like a load is off her.


"Yea, I'm glad. I was really worried for a moment there!" I laugh. "I haven't been a ranger too long compared to others, so I was sure I'd have to go to their office at least."


"I see. I'm sorry to hear that…losing a friend is a terrible thing to go through. I wish I hadn't brought it back up."


"Yeah, I'd hate to blame for anything that might happen to you." She smiles in the middle of wolfing down her food. Her team joins: a Kakuna, a Chimchar and a Pumpkaboo.

"It's alright, I felt like telling somebody, anyway. When you planning on leaving the island, by the way?"

The sandwiches aren't going to stay warm for long.


Look a little grass-heavy.
"Oh, did you catch that Pumpkaboo on the way here? They were swarming in the forest a while back."


Follow the Rangers!

"If you're dedicated, you'd probably find a Dragon real fast. Even someone like me was able to do it."


Stick my tongue out at him as we head down to the river. Who cares what he thinks, I did good.
So, I suppose we need to find someplace to put these traps?


Better start on them then.
"Probably tomorrow. I planned to leave after visiting the shrine, but I didn't expect to get so delayed there. Maybe I should give them my thanks. You?"


What, that's not a Pumpkaboo, that 's a Phantump! Guess it was a trick of the light, hahaha. Whoops

"Pumpkaboo swarms? Yeah, I see them sometimes. My Phantump knows where to hide when it happens."

"Same for me. Once we hit the continent, I'm going to travel up northwest. I want to find Fabiorge and have my sword reforged. Maybe even make armor, hahaha!"

It's filled with cream and a sweet paste. The bread, toasted till its hard enough, makes it feel like one giant biscuit.

"Oh, don't play yourself down."

Yes, you do. you follow them downtream to a fork.

"Alright, secure your traps on land, then place them into the water!"

The rangers show you how to secure them to trees or sticks before you drop the traps in water. Now try it yourself. If you mess up, you might lose your trap…


Tricky ghosts. Looking like other ghosts.
"I see! Even your pokemon are good at understanding pokemon patterns. I bet chimchar is great at finding the best fruits."


Strange, though tasty.
"Fabiorge, huh? What's up there?"


In that case I should probably double-knot it, or tie it onto two securing things.
Have Lyle show me a good spot to set it up.

Roll #1 13 = 13


"It's a bad habit, I know."

Turn to Quetz. "Can you make sure this thing doesn't end up all the way downstream for me?"

Tie it up. '1d20'

Roll #1 12 = 12


"We've been together a while. Chimchar picks the fruit, Phantump finds them, and my Kakuna helped me set traps! And when we hunt, we do it together too."

"Steel, and lots of it with the factories and forges to process them. A lot of machines come from there!"

Lyle sniffs out the river and settles on a spot near some rocks. The fish will be drawn here to hide, and when they do, they'll be yours.

Pretty good. You toss it into the river to wait.

Quetz jumps into the rive,r helping to guide your trap into a suitable spot. Dratini look very elegant when swimming, Arthur's gaze is drawn for more than a few seconds.

"All done? Alright, time to learn how to gather! Everyone, get back here! Can anyone give examples of edible fruits and plants?"


Give Lyle a pat on the head for a job well done.
"Blueberries? I don't imagine there'd be any apple trees just lying around the woods somewhere."


I'll rub Quetz's head while following the Rangers.

"To be honest, I'm having lots of fun out here. Feels like I could stay here forever."


"There were some flowers I know you could eat, but they were pretty bitter."


"Steel, huh? Sounds like a good place to start as any. I don't think I've ever seen a real industrial area myself."


File: 1452150733594.jpg (244.3 KB, 750x567, pokemon_berries_by_wadjet_….jpg)

"Berries are an excellent choice. Nearly all of them are safe to eat, even i the taste of some leaves a little to be desired. They also have beneficial effects for Pokemon in battle! So today, we'll be focusing on identifying berries."

The ranger brings around a well-worn path in the jungle. You're taught to identify oran berries small blue fruit that are great for restoring energy. Some other basics, like the Pecha, Aspear, Rawst, Chesto and Cheri, all of which are edible and palatable and can be used to cure status conditions. And then there's Leppa, which helps restore one's stamina more easily and the Sitrus, a large berry with an effect like the Oran.

Now you'll have to gather your own. Which ones will you look for?


"We have them on the islands, but compared to the mainland, they're small. That;s one more thing to add to your list."

She's done with her sandwich.

"Want to hike up to the top, or head down?"


"I'll see if me and my Pokémon can find some Leppa berries. It'd be a shame to break down when we've come so far. Whatvare you band Riss going to look for?"

Leppa search. '1d20'

Roll #1 14 = 14


Let's see if we can find any Bluck or Cornn berries. those look good.
Besides, they look similar. One or the other doesn't really matter too much.
Have the gang help me out on this one. Pillow in particular ought to be able to find something.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Yeah, space is hard to come by here."

I finish up before answering.

"Let's keep hiking up."


You find a bountiful tree! You being picking the berries within your reach. Looks like Riss is just going to go for the many oran trees.

Cornn berries don't grow around here, unfortunately. But some Bluk berries do, Pillow tosses down some to you. They don't have any medicinal effects, though.

Julia sends her Pokemon up trees to get some sweet Pecha berries. Those can cure poisoning.

Walking off your belly, you resume your course up the hill. Lots of bridges cross waterfalls that grow stronger and thinner as you climb. The heat of the day is dispelled by the winds that grow ever stronger as you climb. You can feel a Pokeball moving slightly as you pass yet another waterfall. Your magikarp is excited about something.

"Oh, right! Here, have this." Nagi hands you a small, clear bottle.


Well, I wanted edible stuff first.
Mayber there's some leftover Pecha berries up there?
…Hey, it's how I got through school. Blame them for teaching me to learn through imitation, then expecting me not to keep doing it.


Let's pick some to share with everyone! I'll add in some Oran's too if there's more of those around.


There are some. Pillow tosses a few over to you. Will that be all?

You've got yourself a wide basket. How about cheri berries instead? There are a few hanging off the branches.


Yeah, let's get some to pass around. Even our Pokéfriends should be getting hungry.


Pick up some Oran berries too; I knew they'd be in the woods somewhere, so I'm going to get some to bring back.
Maybe some Cheri berries too. No such thing as too prepared, after all, and we'll need plenty to eat if our traps don't catch anything.


You return with full baskets. Tonight is going to be quite a feast. But first, you check the traps. Looks like almost everyone's got something…. Magikarp and Basuclin, mainly.

"Alright! you've already been through this in the afternoon. No need to worry, even if killing a fish is going to be a little different. Pull your traps out."


Try to be careful as I pull out the trap. Let's not lose our prize.


Go ahead and have Lyle help me get the trap out. If nothing else, he can make sure they don't get away.


Both of you get Basculin in your traps. Most people here do, there are less Magikarp in freshwater.

"Lay them down somewhere secure, then strike them hard above the eyes with something hard, like a rock. Again, you must do this yourselves."


All right, easy enough this time. Birds are one thing, but fish are just weird; nobody feels bad about killing one, especially when they're hungry.
Lay it down against a tree root, then crack it good with a rock.


At least I won't have to worry about squawks and squeals. Find a solid area and a sturdy rock, then thwack it hard. '1d20'

Roll #1 6 = 6


A pragmatic line of thinking, especially when you're handling a Basculin. People hold sympathy for Magikarp because of what becoming a Gyarados entails, but no one really thinks about Basculin. A sharp crack later, the deed is done.

You see Julia looking less troubled, too. And Arthur's already holding a knife, trying to decide how to prepare it.

It almost slips out of your grasp, but you manage to hold it down and hit where you need to.

"All done? Take out your knives, and follow your instructors. You'll need to remove the guts and scales."

The instructors show you how you're supposed to cut it from the tail, then get the guts out, and then rub the scales away.


Let's just imitate what they said and do this properly. Hopefully Riss isn't having trouble either.


Ah, great, the frustrating part. Well, guess there's no point in putting it off. Let's get cleaning.
Let's get the guts out first. The scaling is going to be the tedious part.


Under the instruction of your guides, it's easier than it seems at first. You can feel the heat of the day coming off as the sky turns orange.

You've been provided with cooking pans to let your fish cook in its own fat. Skewering them wouldn't preserve all those nutrients as well. Get cooking.


Aye aye, cooking underway.
Now, to be very, very careful with this…

Roll #1 14 = 14


Maybe I can add a berry or two. But for now, focus on the fish. Flavoring later

Roll #1 15 = 15


The smell becomes very overpowering as you pan fry your fish. Even your instructors look hungry when they have their own packed food.

The night sky is slowly creeping in. With the day's heat out, it's actually becoming pretty soothing.

Now, eat. Mind the bones.


Be very careful as I eat, making sure I don't accidentally swallow any bones. Preferably by picking the bones out before they go in my mouth, but a few always seem to get through.


Let's go around sharing with the others. And I'm sure my Pokes wouldn't mind a bite to eat too.


Everyone's quietly helping themselves now. It's been a long day. With the light of the day slowly fading, it's becoming oddly calm.

You can squeeze your berries over your fish, too. The juice of oran can go well with their flesh.

Everyone's got their own portions, and no one's really in the mood for interaction right now.

Your pokemon help themselves to a few portions of meat and berries. Don't forget, you have your berries.





Sure, That sounds like a good idea.
Make sure the team gets fed too; after all, I rely on them all a lot. Can't have them going hungry now.


I finish up breakfast while she explains.
"Whoa I can't imagine how close that must have made you! Actually, you must be a real pro at survival. Could you give me a few tips before we part ways?"


But it's my caaaaamp!

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Sure! You're a ranger, so you should probably know a lot of this already. Make sure to look out for berries, always keep your camp safe with traps, and repel spray helps a lot. Spray it around the perimeter and on yourself… but be careful! It might end up attracting stronger Pokemon if there aren't any small ones nearby. And use and do whatever you can. Set traps, throw a knife, anything."

You're not going to fall asleep out in the open! Get back in your tent and wrap up properly if you want to sleep without waking up sicking tomorrow.

There's enough to go around. Julia lets loose her team around the Campfire, too. her Eevee, Nidoran-M, and Fennekin.


I nod. "Seems pretty normal, thou I've never set my own traps before, only saw ones that were set already."


I make the final effort to drag myself inside the tent, wrapping myself in my blanket and grabbing and cuddling whatever was the closest to me, pillow, pokemon or a bunch of dirt, at this point I'm too tired to notice or care


Zoro, Lyle, Chica, Pillow… Hah! Looks like I've got more pokemon than her!
Though, I do need to look into getting a fire-type as soon as I can…
"This is actually kinda fun, isn't it? We're gonna be survivalists in no time at this rate!"


"You know, simple things like vine netting."

You do know, your ranger training covered it. You can just try to remember if you're not sure.

After being haunted like this, it'll be hard to have good dreams, but roll for them anyway.

"It's an adventure! But I like it better in the colder forests or beaches."



Roll #1 2 - 2 = 0


I giggle to myself.
"Oh, stuff like that. Yea, I've made those kind of things."
"Hmm" I check the time. "I actually wanted to leave for a gym later today, if I hurry I could still get an early train."


"You're crazy. Nothing grows on beaches because of all the salt, so we wouldn't have berries everywhere like we do here. They're nice to visit, I'll give them that, but trying to be a survivalist out on one? You'd get too thirsty on the first day!"
I sigh and lean back.
"Cold forests might not be so bad though. I'd want to layer up heading in, but other than that it can't be too different, right?"



You wake up right in the middle of a thick fog. You can't tell what time of the day it is.

Where are your Pokemon? Why are the trees in the forest all barren?

"Well, good luck! And your Azurill's so cute, did I mention that?"

"Yeah, but we'd have lots of fish! And we can get water out of coconuts. You know, I really want to see one of the beach resorts. You gonna head there anytime soon?"

The ecology changes quite a bit as you head north. You have to worry less about bug pokemon, but there's the issue of the temperature. And the things that stalk them at night.


"Its a girl too! I'm so happy, and she hatched nice and strong thanks to you!"
"Do you have a suggestion for a name? I haven't thought of one yet.."


I get up without thinking. Why am I so lightheaded?…where am I? My own thoughts echo in my head so loudly I am almost sure they resonate around me as if I was talking out loud…
Instinctively, I walk foward, towards the fog


"Well, I'm headed south right now, so I dunno. Maybe? If they're along the way, I might. Mostly I'm trying to reach the land down south where they're good at fighting, you know? I wanna learn how to get stronger from them, so that I can be unbeatable!"


She looks like she's thinking hard.
"No idea. It should be a strong-sounding name, though! I think."

Where are you?
You pierce the mist to find a scene of frozen chaos. You're in town now, and people are fleeing in horror from an explosion of white light. But all of them are frozen and unmoving, some even in midair.

"Great idea! I might just go with you!"


I don't know why, but I don't feel scared, sad, or compassion.
I keep going, turning my head to look at all the people… What caused this? What are they running away from?


"I'll keep thinking about it. Maybe I'll be inspired on the train ride." I smile. "Hey, good luck, I hope being a pokemon tracker works out for you."


"Y-yeah, I should have expected you to say that… you really took these last few lessons to heart, huh?"
Well, if nothing else she's more competent at this survival stuff than me, so I could just use her to make sure I get down there in the first place. I'll figure out a way to ditch her once we get there.


That's all you can tell. Oh, but a few people are moving, writhing about on the floor. You hear a baby's crying one moment, the next you hear withered please for help.

As you look down, you notice and old man. His skin is rapidly darkening with spots as he cries out for help. Suddenly, he gasps, and starts turning back into a young man… then a child, then back into an infant, crying. And the infant is growing again.

"Hahahaha! So nice of you, but maybe I won't after all! I think it's important for all of us to journey on our own for a while. Still, I might just go the same way~"


"Yeah, yeah, as long as we're headed the same way, might as well stick together, right? Of course, that's getting a bit ahead of things; first we gotta beat this gym leader here and earn a badge. You probably won't have much trouble at all, since you've got a fennekin. And I know from experience you know how to use it."


What is going on…
I subconsciously keep walking foward, I can't seem to control my legs… Even if I feel the need to stop… And help these people…
I just keep walking…
Towards the white light/explosion

…What is going on?…


"I'm sure you'll be a great ranger! See you around!"

Now, what will you do?


Walking closer was a mistake. You feel the same sense of distortion come to you. First it's in your legs, and try as you might, you struggle keep yourself upright. You crawl along on the grass, and notice that it's become sticky. The grass is melting into some amorphous film… No, the whole city is. As far as you can see, everything is disintegrating. You hear loud roars from the distance, and see strange, massive dragon Pokemon fighting.

With every blow they take or strike, more of the world comes apart.


Well, I need to buy some repel, and ask about signing up for that jungle certification.


I struggle to drag myself, I can barely feel my own body at this point
I raise my head, towards the two fighting pokemon, their shapes are little more than a blur to me


You have to stop, please


"Aww, you flatter me!"

It's getting late. People are already yawning. In the absence of artificial lighting, you're already feeling the night take you.

You can buy some from the supply depot here. For Jungle certification, you talk to the receptionist. Just like that, she hands you a train ticket.

Why would they?
Insignificant. You don't have any power. The only thing a Pokemon truly respects, at their core, is a show of power.

And now, you are going to be shown the meaning of that. Out of the mist a lumbering blue dragon Pokemon appears, a diamond glowing right in its chest. It breathes in…

And roars.

Before you can see what's going on, Jasper appears! He jumps in front of the roar, shielding you, but lets out a terrible scream. When you open your eyes, all you can see where he was is piles of dust.

The dragon breathes deep, preparing to roar again.


I'll go ahead and purchase some from the supplies here, how convenient!


You get everything at half of usual prices here! As long as they're trainer essentials. Repels and potions count!


Well, guess that means it's almost time to pack in. Good thing we've got our shelters already set up…
…There's something more the instructors want us to do, isn't there? There's always something else.


Jasper… No…
What are they doing… They're going to destroy everyone… Everything…
I grab a hold of his ashes in my hands… They are so dry… They are… Wet…


Maybe. For now, the space under your shelter is very inviting.

Oh, and you're sharing it with Julia. Did you figure that out?

The dragon roars again. The sound alone is so deafening you lose any hearing, so much it may as well be silent. It barely hurts. The blue light overtakes you, and you feel yourself shattered, floating away…

You awake with a start, in cold sweat back in your tent. A black shadow is floating above you, but seems taken aback.


I sit up, slumping foward as I hold my head…then I realize I can feel my head, and my hand, my hair…
"Just… Just a dream…" I whisper to myself before looking up


Well… we built it together, so of course we'd both use it…
But it's not that spacious, so we'll have to be pretty close… to… each other…

Just not gonna think about it, as long as I don't think about it it's not awkward. Just crawl on in and don't think about it. not thinking about it. nope.


A Duskull! It must have been feeding on you through your nightmare! Realising that you're awake, it starts to run off.

"Good night~!"

Alright then. Roll to see how well your sleep goes.


I guess I'll get.. 5 repels, 3 max repels, 3 antidotes and 8 super potions. should come close to 2950 pokeyen ?


"Good night, Crazy."
Today's been a good day. I shouldn't have any problems getting a good night's rest.

Roll #1 13 = 13


I can't even find the willpower to chase it…
I'll just slump back down, I'm too struck to bother
Just what was that… Were those things pokemon?…


Abotu twice of that, actually! Which prices are you looking up?

You're too tired to care. At least now you're sleeping, skiing across the sea with Zoro in tow…

Wait, no, you're crashing into a ship! As you do, you wake up to a loud ringing.


That's another question for you to answer, isn't it?

According to your watch, it's 6 am. You can sleep a little longer if you want.


the ones in the book, 1/2'd because you said it was 1/2 here
Well, the I buy about half the amount. 2 repels, 1 super repel, and 4 super potions.


No… I get up.
I'm not too keen on sleeping after that…
Where's Jasper? And my pokemon?


Get out of the shelter and punch the first thing to get close to me!

Roll #1 12 = 12


Probably better to use those, but not now

That comes up to 2100P. Alright?

They're all in their balls, sleeping. It's too cold them to want to come out.

"OW! Hey, what the hell?"

Looks like you just punched Arthur, who was running by your tent.

"Damn it ,we have to fight off wild Pokemon now! Get to your nets!"


"Hey, we're getting attacked, you swing first, ask questions later!"
Get to my net and have my team ready. I don't know what I'm fighting, but I'm ready!


Sure it is!
That should be a big help in case we get into trouble. Then I should be ready to take my train.


Let's leave them like that then… At least I know they're here…
Let's go and clean up camp, I think I'm gonna climb this mountain some more


There's no path leading up, just big sheer cliff faces if you want to keep climbing. That's not advisable for now.

Alright then. Head over to board now?

A group of three Beedrill.. and a Pinsir! The Pinsir is cutting at the net, you'll have to be ready the moment it cuts through.

You can set the moves your Pokemon knows by rearranging them in the document. A pokemon can only memorise four moves at once, which are the first four in its sheet movelist. You can set them now.


I can't think of anything left to do here, so, yep!
To the train.


Dang… I guess I'll have to get climbing equipment…
Ah well, let's head back down and get some breakfast before leaving


You're back in that comfy carriage, once you've got your ticket and place all lined up. On cue, everyone jumps out of their Poke balls, playing around in your cabin. Azurill and Vee look especially excited.

And if you want to cute cross the mountaintops, expect to take several days. Especially when you'll be fighting blizzards if you go high enough.

what do you want for breakfast? Lots of cafes, or cheap canteens…


Heh, let's leave it up for fate and pick at random


Random, eh?
Roll for luck




Roll #1 8 = 8


Let's chow down on some leppa berries. Hope my Poképals are enjoying the food too.


The leppa berries feel like they're washing away your fatigue. Your mind becomes clearer just tasting them.

Everyone's having a good time. Looks like Quetz is introducing your new Ponyta to the team, offering him a berry.


I'll pass some of them around with them as I see Ponyta's reaction. It's nice for all of us to be together like this, under the open sky.


There's barely any open sky here. The canopy is filled by the greedy tops of trees, fighting one another for sunlight.

Ponyta eats one out of your hand.

You see Riss also relaxing with her team, an Axew, Murkrow and… a Bulbasaur, you haven't seen that one. Judging from the way she's treating it, it's new too.


Which reminds me, how are Cali and Cobalt doing? Are they getting along?


They seem to be competing. Colbalt is shooting Vacuum waves at a stump, then Cali goes up to it and slashes. Both of them look like they're trying their hardest not to let the other be better….


I'll cut up some berries for them when they're done.

"So Dynamo, how do you like being part of the team?" I pat him on the side of his neck as me and Quetz watch the other two play.


Too early to decide. He just keeps on eating before resting by your side.

Arthur and his team are a lot more quiet. You see a Frogadier, Honedge and a Togepi, seated around his fire like they're deep in thought.


That's a good team right there. I hope he gets his dragon in the end. Maybe I'll help him find his, I could help him get around the Dragon cities.

I'll pet mine at a that thought.

And are those two still around? That Justus boy and his girl friend? What are they up to?


Looks like they're sleeping already.

In the absence of artificial light, you're starting to feel sleepy a lot earlier than usual, too. Lots of people might be turning in.

Will you do the same?


Yeah, it's a good idea to turn in tonight.

Oh, and to see who won the challenge between Cobalt and Cali.


Both of them are worn out. The stump has been reduced to bits, there's no clear winner among them.

You'll be sleeping with Riss. Hope you don't mind that. Looks like she's not paying it any mind.


Let's make sure they're all comfortable and call it a night.


Roll for quality of dreams, while you can.


Let's see if the dreams comply. '1d20'

Roll #1 8 = 8


Not so much. It's very mundane, you're just flinging Cali around to chop woodWAKE UP! WILD POKEMON ARE ATTACKING!



File: 1452397992275.png (492.82 KB, 750x750, train.png)


Leap out of bed and call out Quetz!


I am pretty excited myself, getting this badge could be the key ranking up, and maybe getting a styler and real important missions.


Will you just laze around during the train journey or will you find something to do? Azurill might want to watch a fight.

Quetz leaps out of his ball and comes to you.

Everyone's being told to go to their own net. The wild Pokemon will be attacking there.


..There are fights on the train?


You can see if anyone's around on the battling carriage, or you could just go to the dining carriage and turn on the TV to watch something.


I want to go check out the battling carriage, I totally missed out on it last time.


Do as they say. Make sure I have the other Pokeballs with me.


It's nearer to the back of the train. Looks like there's already a fight going on. A boy with an Azumarill, facing down a girl's Magneton! This doesn't look like it would end well for the Azumarill…

Looks like you have everything

At your net, there's a group of three Ninjask, being led by a Scyther! Riss comes to back you up.


"Alright Riss, how do you want to do this? Quetz can paralyze the Scyther, or try to hit the Ninjask with Twister. I'll be counting on you to take the one I don't."


"We have to take down the Scyther first. That's the real dangerous one. You ready?"


"Alright. One Thunder Wave coming up, then we'll deal with the rest."

>Quetz uses Thunder Wave on Scyther.


Just as they cut through the net, Quetz discharges a thunder wave! The scyther's movements slow down…

Riss follows up by sending her Murkrow! It slaps wings onto the Scyther, sending it crashing into the ground! It's not moving right now.

The Ninjask follow up. They all fly in, attacking both Quetz and Murkrow in a swarm, cutting with their claws. Quetz bears the brunt of two attacks…

Quetz HP: 18/51


"Quetz, hold out for just a bit and blow them away!"

Twister '1d20' '2d24'

Roll #1 11 = 11 / Roll #2 10, 5 = 15


That's 2d6 +18, not 2d(6+18)



Roll #1 2, 1 + 18 = 21


The Twister hits all of them, but Quetz isn't at all very good at special attacks. None of the mlook particularly shaken.

Before the Scyther can move again, the Murkrow attacks it with its wings! It's knocked away.

The remaining Ninjask swarm on both your Pokemon, They can't stand up against the swarm. Quetz goes down, as does the Murkrow.


Time to go loud! Chica, you're up!
Let's target one of the Beedrill first, to eliminate some incoming attacks by clearing out the small fry.
Use Peck!
'1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 3 + 6 = 9


"Cobalt and Cali, I'm going to count on both of you."

>Cobalt uses Vacuum Wave on one of the Nijask '1d20' '2d6+23'

>Cali uses Water Gun '1d20' '2d6+15'

Roll #1 14 = 14 / Roll #2 3, 6 + 23 = 32 / Roll #3 15 = 15 / Roll #4 5, 2 + 15 = 22


Chica jabs her horn into a Beedrill! Julia follows up with a firespray from her Fennekin, which seems to hit a weak spot, making the Beedrill shriek as it scrambles away.

There are still two Beedrill and a big Pinsir to take care of. A Beedrill jabs both Chica and Fennekin, while the Pinsir stays back and looks like it's focusing…

Chica: 43/58


"I'll keep the big guy busy, if you can clear out the small fries!"
Chica uses Peck on Pinsir!
'1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 6 + 6 = 12


In the mass of a fight, it becomes harder for Pokemon to aim. Fortunately your pokemon aren't having much trouble.

Cobalt fires a blast of air at the Ninjask! However, the Ninjask looks like it was barely hit! Cali follows up with a water gun that looks like it does quite a bit more.

Riss' Axew claws at the same Ninjask. They look a lot angrier as they cut into your Pokemon.

Cali: 44/63
Cobalt: 32/44


"No, we have to focus them down!"

Chica manages to cut into the Pinsir's carapace! Deciding to follow up where you lead, Julia's Fennekin blows a flame right into where the gash in the Pinsir's armor is. It looks very severely weakened and is clutching itself as it swings towards Chica with its devastating claws.

The beedrill launch their attacks, and Chica can barely hold on..

Chica: 2/58


"Cobalt and Cali, try to focus on one Ninjask at a time. Let's take 'em down one by one! Riss, have Axew follow up!"

>Cali uses Karate Chop

'1d20' '1d8+26'

>Cobalt uses Force Palm

'1d20' '2d8+17'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 8 + 26 = 34 / Roll #3 3 = 3 / Roll #4 4, 5 + 17 = 26


"All right then, in that case, I'll take the lead!"
Sorry, Chica, but I've got to ask you to take one for the team. I know you're tough enough to take it, so let's see if you can't take the big guy down with you.
Peck, one more time! '1d20' '1d8+6'

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 7 + 6 = 13


Both of your attacks are extremely ineffective. While against another enemy they would work well, these Ninjask are doubly resistant to the fighting moves you're trying to use. By sheer force, though, you manage to down one, but only the one already weakened.

Riss swaps out her Axew for her Bulbasaur, which spreads a green powder! One of the Ninjasks becomes drowsy, and is having trouble with flight. The other attacks.

Cali: 44/63
Cobalt: 20/44