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Sir Pent slithers off of your arm and crawls over to Sparkler, and bumps his head against her arm until she relents and gives him a pat. Sir Pent soon bites off an old scale, one already on its way to falling off, and holds it out to her. Curious, Sparkler takes it, and after some deliberation, starts to mash it in a pestle while her healing takes its effect.

*Click click* the beetle continues, patiently awaiting your questions with its forelegs folded up together in a professional posture.

Your shark senses tell you there's something worth taking in this room… but it might be a nap.

Juniper flings herself into the pool outside the room, and Cycle follows suit. Juniper then climbs out and steps through the doorway with no issue.

"Looks like the Mechpriests would have had to purify themselves with a ritual bath before entering here," Juniper says. "But for our purposes, just stepping into the pool is enough to enter one of these kinds of chambers, I suppose."

"Yeah…" Chiu mutters, but she does not sound very sure.
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>+1 from Vampiric Leech Growth

Cloud takes a step back as the armor is burned away after his attack, avoiding getting caught up in the sunbeam, himself. He quickly reaches into the gunk, fishing up for Cutlass to get her as far from it as possible.
"Cutlass, are you alright!"
>Assist Recover [1d10+1]

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Players? Ah, I am afraid I do not know what exactly you mean, if I must be honest. We have been trying to avoid killing any of our crewmates and companions."

Once she's free, Alder will attempt to heal her with his medic's knife.
>Heal: [1d10+1] (+1 TBP)

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8



Cutlass coughs and sputters as she regains control. Then, she lets out a little "eep" as Cloud virtually picks her up. It is then that she processes that she is shrunken again.

"Cloud, I swear, if you do not return me to my regular size right, now…" she says with her typical attitude, though her voice is weak.


She gives a sigh of relief as Two Reeds appears to be free. Though the words confused her, the rumbling only got her more worried.
"Uhh…guys? What was that?" After asking, and feeling a bit panicked, she tries to use her jaws to rip Promise out of his suit.

>Jaws on the suit (Great weapon)


Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Sensing things were about to become more dangerous Willow attempted to summon more homing magic for himself.

[1d10] Homing Magic

Roll #1 2 = 2


Cloud looks down at Cutlass, focusing.
"I… uh, don't remember how to," He says after a moment.



"What…?" she deadpans.


"I'm trying but I can't remember how I normally do it! With my aura its kind of a one-way street for a while," Cloud says apologetically.
"It got you out of that armor, on the bright side."


"I think your soulknives took too much from him, Cutlass. I could perhaps attempt to counteract it with one of my remedies."


Cutlass regains her Hits and a Wound from the help she's given, while Cerulean shakes Hollow Promise like a squeak toy, which does manage to shake him out of the torn and battered suit.

Just as Hollow starts to clean himself off, you see Colobok and Splendid dragging an inert Auspicious Sign back out from the northern passageway in the seating area– and they're in a hurry. They leap down into the arena, carrying Sign with them, and as they hit the ground, the source of the shaking becomes known.

Six Metal Men emerge from the northern doorway. They are smaller and leaner than the usual giants, but these ones are armed, in a most unusual fashion.

Like how an archer or arbalist wears quivers for their arrows and bolts, three of these Metal Men are equipped with cases overflowing with cloth, metal, and thread. They grip needles between their fingers like throwing knives.

As for the other three, they are strapped with strange, rectangular tablets, marked with a number of eldritch icons, as well as vertical rods…


The Players click their needles and stick, sizing each of you up – as they get ready for Round Two.



"How does that make any sense!?" Cutlass groans in exasperation. "I think you're just messing with me!"


"You won't be able to heal it, but you might at least make his head feel better. I know that the Soul Slicer can make people feel a little weird. Unless you have a way to mend the soul?"

"Also… thanks…" she adds, a bit more uncomfortably.


"Where are the sun crystals…?" Cutlass asks with concern as more metal men show up.

>Soul Slicer off

"If we don't have sun, then focus down one target at a time. Hit that one," Cutlass says as she telekinetically throws a knife at one of the ones with tablets.

>[1d10] ranged attack on tablet metal man

Roll #1 6 = 6



That 6 should have a -1 if I'm still shrunken…


Willow and Two Tons decided that they needed to focus their fire and decided to arim at the nearest one with needles relative to them and opened fire.

[1d10] Sun Gun
[1d10] Homing Magic 1 Magma
[1d10] Homing Magic 2 Magma

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 2 = 2 / Roll #3 2 = 2


Alder will try to help out TwoTons a little, seeing how badly injured it got!
>Natural Remedy: [1d10+1]

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8



>+1 Bloodbank
>-1 Soul Damage

"It's the truth! I-I'm just blanking on it!" Cloud defends with concern.

As the others get freed, Cloud feels relief that this is done with and their friends are saved. It is short lived however as more Metal Men enter the arena. He takes a step back, already worn from the duel with Cutlass. His eye glows, focusing his magic to soften the ground to quicksand under one of the needle-equipped Metal Men to bind it to make whatever it's capable of much harder.
>Earthen Grasp [Crits 9+] [1d10]

>Earthen Grasp: recharge 1, spell, ranged; Summon vines, stones, or quicksand to trap an enemy and render them helpless. Large enemies may only be immobilized. Effect lasts until the enemy breaks free or is released.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Cerulean gives a big sigh of relief as Hollow seems to be okay now, but seems like the gauntlet was gonna be continuing. Cerulean sees some with big, heavy tablet things. Those could be fun to smash as she runs up to one to give it a smack with her tail.

>Slam. Crit 8+, take better, +2


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9


Alder heals up Two Tons for full Hits and a Wound!

"We've only got one–" Colobok says. "I pinched it from Diamantaire and the others. We'll need to make it count. Restrain them all and we can maximize its effectiveness."

At Cloud's command, the ground collapses into mud and crush beneath one of the Metal Men still in the stands. Cerulean leaps into the fray, and cracks it over the head with her tail! The Metal Man struggles to get free from the earth…

[1d10+4] Recruiter 1's roll

The other two Recruiters throw their needles at Willow Wisp and Alder!

[1d10+4] vs. WW
[1d10+4] vs. AF

The three Controllers fan out. Those of your allies who can still stand rush the third Controller, blocking him off from you! The other two reach for Cloud and Cutlass!

[1d10+4] vs. CS
[1d10+4] vs. C

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7 / Roll #2 3 + 4 = 7 / Roll #3 8 + 4 = 12 / Roll #4 8 + 4 = 12 / Roll #5 10 + 4 = 14


Willow tossed the sun gun to Two Tons who promptly fired it at the recruiter targeting Willow, who promptly tried to dodge it's attempt to grab him.

[1d10] Sun Gun
[1d10] Dodge

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 6 = 6


>Emboldening Vapors: Two Tons takes two less damage from all sources for one round.

Alder scrabbles and tries to roll out of the way if possible, and also attempts to infuse his allies with more power using an aura-laden screech!
>Dodge: [1d10]
>Rallying Cry: [1d10+1]

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2


Cerulean drives herself into a bit of a temporary frenzy as she tries to tear into the two controllers with her jaws.

>Cleave 2 controllers. Critfail 2-, crits 9+


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5



"Well figure it out!" a frustrated Cutlass demands of Cloud.

"Everyone, get those things stuck together in Cloud's mud and then we can blast them with the Sun Stone!"

Desperate and without any other options, Cutlass rushes Recruiter 1 and shoulder charges him back into the mud with her tiny body.

[1d10-1] to keep him helpless

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1


>+1 Bloodbank
>-1 Soul Damage

Cloud looks up as the Metal Men begin to move, freezing up for just a moment as he sees one coming straight for him. He then finds his legs are hard to move, avoiding the hand seems impossible. Reflexively, Cloud lifts up his dagger to jab at the Metal Man, while his aura flares up to drain whatever life energy he can from it to avoid any serious damage.
>Leech [1d10+1]
>Stab Metal Man's Hand [DC-1] [1d10]

>Leech: Instant, Maso; Drains life from a target, dealing damage and healing Cloud's hits by an equal amount.

>Vampiric Leech: passive; When Cloud is at full hits, instead of draining health Leech will drain away size in addition to dealing damage. It will shrink the target and grow Cloud as if applying Wax/Wane. When Leech would use this effect, Cloud cannot use Wax/Wane normally.

>The Tooth of Sa'eer: [Weapon Tag: Single] Recharge 1: Attacks from this knife do not deal damage, but instead cause the target to become ethereal and intangible, causing them to phase through other tangible objects for (Roll - DC) turns. The effect applies to the limb that the knife's blade touches. During the duration of this effect, the target cannot use any attack or technique that would require the use of the affected body part.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1


The Recruiters are surprisingly agile, weaving about the shattered arena to dodge Two Tons' rifle shots. Alder and Willow attempt their own footwork, but they're grazed by the needles.

>Willow loses 1 Hit, Alder loses 6

Though they were glancing shots, sharp lingering pain agonizes the two, for they see that deadly, malevolent barbs have been carved into the bodies of the needles, making them a dreadful affair to pull free.

Cerulean goes for the imprisoned Recruiter, but it elbows her in the chest as it worms its way out of the dirt!

>Cerulean loses 1 Hit

With Recruiter 1 freed, it reaches down and grabs the tiny Cutlass, crushing bones in a merciless grasp! The second Controller twists around Cloud's lunge, and slams its helmeted head into his side, slamming him down into the earth!

>Cutlass 0/1

>Cloud 0/3

"Kill it!" a shout comes, and a trio of black shadows leave the third Controller, descending upon Recruiter 1.


Recruiter 1 is too occupied to act further this turn!

But, speaking of which… Electricity has begun to run across the ground.

With Cloud and Cutlass incapacitated, the Metal Men, not noticing or not caring about the electricity, turn their focus elsewhere, and attack the others!

[1d10+4] vs. Two Tons
[1d10+4] vs. Willow
[1d10+4] vs. Cerulean

Roll #1 2, 2, 7 + 2 = 13 / Roll #2 6 + 4 = 10 / Roll #3 7 + 4 = 11 / Roll #4 1 + 4 = 5


Willow and Two Tons both moved to dodge, aiming to summon up some homing magic to try and level the field.

[1d10] Willow Dodge
[1d10] Two Tons Dodge

[1d10] Homing Magic:Magma Willow
[1d10] Homing Magic:Magma Two Tons

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 5 = 5 / Roll #3 2 = 2 / Roll #4 6 = 6


>+1 Bloodbank
>-1 Soul Damage

Cloud hits the ground hard from the headbutt, the wind knocked from his lungs. He groans in pain, trying to roll to his hooves as he sees the Cutlass getting crushed.
>Recover [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


Cerulean snaps the air a bit from the failed attack and proceeds to retaliate with her tail!



Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6



Cutlass's cry of pain is more of a squeal than a shout. Too many bones are broken to fight back anymore. But, she continues to fight back with her mind. Her thoughts race to find a way to turn this situation around. They had so many plans, they were so confident. Where did it all go wrong?


"Where's the control rod?" Cutlass asks Cerulean weakly.


Alder scrabbles towards Cutlass, desperately trying to resuscitate her. He ignores the needles in his body for now, hoping that he can at least get someone else back up and on their hooves before going down himself.
>Natural Remedy: [1d10+2] (TBP+1)
"P-Please, try and stay as still as you can.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7



"Thank you…" Cutlass says weakly.


One of the Metal Men grabs Two Tons by the head and bashes him against the wall, so hard as to leave a crater, yet the machination still stands. Willow is not so lucky, as a Metal Man grabs him by the leg and flings him across the arena, skipping him like a stone until he crashes into one of the gateways at a gruesome angle.

>Willow 0/2

As Cloud pushes himself to his hooves, Cerulean slides beneath the Metal Man holding Cutlass, and jabs her tail straight into his gut! The force launches the Man into the air, black gunk spewing from his midsection. The arm holding Cutlass goes limp, and she falls out, only for Alder to catch her and begin to treat her with the smallest cotton swabs he can find.

>Cutlass regains full Hits and 1 Wound

As the Metal Men compose themselves to launch another assault…

…A shadow passes overhead.

"Thunder Step."

The blinding flash of lightning breaks the darkness of night.


When at last your eyes are clear enough to see again, your eyes are drawn to the crater in the middle of the arena. The charred remains of two Metal Men are strewn about. Electricity crawls all around across the stone, leaving your hair and feathers on end.

As the dust clears, you behold, in the center of the crater… an upside-down Vola.

Kukulcan, or at least his lower half, sticks up out of the stone. His legs kick, and his hands grasp at the air, trying to feel about for any way to pry himself out. Muffled words come from below the surface.



"It's about fucking time," Cutlass says angrily as Kukulcan arrives to save the day.

She uses her telekinesis to pull him out of the ground.

[1d10] to tug on him

Roll #1 7 = 7


Willow let out a grotesque wheeze as one of his ribs broke and squeezed his lungs. He promptly dropped to the ground, laying there as his flames extinguished Two Tons promptly began charging over toe help his friend up


>+1 Bloodbank
>-1 Soul Damage

Cloud covers his eye with a wing as the blinding light fills the arena, practically blinded from the suddenness.
Once it fades enough to see again, he looks over at the stuck Kukulcan, confused and his stuck position.
"W-Was that supposed to happen?"
He mutters. Seeing two of the Metal Men broken by him, Cloud feels a little more comfortable with letting him deal with the rest. With Alder tending to Cutlass, Cloud turns and runs across the arena to help Willow up after his terrible toss.
>Help Recover [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


Alder tries to help out another one of his party members- this time Willow, with the Medic's Knife. He gently stabs at the stallion, saying "Ah- uhm, please, stay still."
>Heal: [1d10+2] (+2 TBP)

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Thank you." he wheezed.


"O-Of course. Sorry that the method is so… unsettling." He remarks, gesturing to the knife. "I do not know who would have made it like this."


Cerulean blinks at the sudden entrance and massive explosion of electricity. The sight was even more confusing, but Cerulean goes over to pull Kukulcan out from the ground.


As you yoink Kukulcan free from the earth, the crest upon his head flares up, launching his hat into the air. He catches it as it comes back down, dons it, then gives Cutlass a stern look. "Language, Captain."

Cloud rushes over to help, only to be forcibly yanked back by an invisible force. He realizes that the metal he has on him, be it in his clothing or his bags, is what's pulling him back. He's caught by Kukulcan, and then the force releases him.

Meanwhile, Willow has to deal with the image of Alder stabbing him with a knife whose blade glows a warm hue – only for the knife to heal his injuries, rather than worsen them.

>Willow regains full Hits and a Wound

"Take it as a sign that my re-apotheosis wasn't just a parlor trick," Kukulcan says in answer to Cloud. You notice that despite having just crash-landed head first into a stone surface, neither he, nor his clothing, have any signs of damage, nor even of wrinkles or dirt.

The Metal Men are less than amused with this interruption, and make to resume the attack! However, the electricity crawling across the ground swarms up and then down their bodies, slowing their movements!

"Direct Current!" Kukulcan says, and waves his hand in the direction of your group. The electrical current flows up over you all, energizing and accelerating you!

>Choose one bonus:

>A) Gain +3 Temporary Bonus Points this turn only
>B) Gain +1 Temporary Bonus Point and an additional Standard action this turn

The Metal Men attack!

[1d10+2] vs. Cerulean
[1d10+2] vs. Cerulean
[1d10+2] vs. Two Tons
[1d10+2] vs. Alder

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #3 3 + 2 = 5 / Roll #4 10 + 2 = 12


>B) Gain +1 TBP and an additional Standard Action this turn.
>[1d10+2] (Direct Current TBP) Natural Remedy
>Dodge: [1d10]

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 5 = 5


>Embolding Vapors: -2 to all damage taken this turn.
>Updated H/W
Alder attempts to let out another aura-laced screech to weaken the remaining Metal Men!
>Screech: [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10



Cutlass, still tiny, looks around at the situation. She decides to throw one attack in from a safe distance before changing plans.

>Taking 3 Bonus points

>Soul Slicer: Off
>ranged attack on one of the Metal Men attacking Cerulean
>[1d10+3] using 3 Bonus Points

"Where's the control rod?" Cutlass asks Cerulean again.

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


>+1 Bloodbank
>-1 Soul Damage

Panic fills Cloud for a moment as he's pulled back suddenly, before see its some force from Kukulcan.
"Thanks, I think?" He says, unsure.

As Kukulcan energizes the group, he is apprehensive to act, already plenty bruised and not having the best track record against the constructions. But he can't sit by idly. He focused on one of the Men focusing on Cerulean, leeching with his aura to shrink and weaken it.
>Choosing A
>Leech [1d10+4] [Using 3TBP]

>Leech: Instant, Maso; Drains life from a target, dealing damage and healing Cloud's hits by an equal amount.

>Vampiric Leech: passive; When Cloud is at full hits, instead of draining health Leech will drain away size in addition to dealing damage. It will shrink the target and grow Cloud as if applying Wax/Wane. When Leech would use this effect, Cloud cannot use Wax/Wane normally.

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6


Willow bolted up and tried his hardest to summon up some actual homing magic this time as Two Tons fired his sun gun and let his own orb go, aiming at the one attacking Alder.

[1d10] Homing Magic
[1d10] Sun Gun
[1d10] Magma orb

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 5 = 5 / Roll #3 1 = 1


Cerulean has questions to ask, but they'll have to wait as she gets back into the fight and proceeds to try and shred the two Metal Men that are attacking her with her jaws.

>Cleave 2


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


A brawl fit for one of those new inventions – hand-drawn moving picture films, or 'cartoon shows' as they are colloquially called by the kids – breaks out in the arena. Elbows drop and dust clouds, captioned sound effects and colorfully-censored expletives fly about. Combatants are flung out of the violence, only to be dragged back in, either by an ally or by an enemy. Through the magic of friendship and exhaustion, damage is spread about democratically.

>Everyone loses 3 Hits

The cloud of violence (not to be confused with the Cloud of batponies) breaks, and the Metal Men are flung into the air. Kukulcan sweeps his hands at you again, and a circuit of lightning runs across your bodies, linking the lot of you in a continuous strand!

"Alternating Current! Finish them off!" Kukulcan commands.

>Elect a leader among you. This turn, those who aren't the leader cannot act, but the leader's actions this round have an extra +1 bonus for everyone else connected to them by Alternating Current. The leader's actions cannot critfail this turn; this bonus does not count against the TBP limit.


Cloud finds himself tossed and jostled about by the ensuing brawl, left exhausted once the dust clears. When Kukulcan links them all with lightning, Cloud slumps back, letter his energy on the current flow down to fuel Cerulean to land the finishing blow.
>Electing Cerulean as leader


Willow and Two Tons follow Clouds lead as they both grabbed the lightning

>Both vote Cerulean






Cerulean braces herself for the electric current, especially with her aura flowing all around like water. Though she begins to feel more amped up by it than hurt, which really got her tail ready to give it its all.

With everyone behind her, she makes sure to get herself nice and sped up along her aura water before unleashing a devastating slam of her tail once again!

>Slam, crit 8+, take better, +a lot at this point


Roll #1 2 + 11 = 13 / Roll #2 1 + 11 = 12

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