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File: 1360729099002.jpg (197.95 KB, 1024x1024, roll dem bones.jpg)


Simply put the number of dice you would like to roll followed by a "d" and then add how many sides you want each die to have. Post rolling requires this in 'quotes' or [Square brackets], and nothing is needed for email rolls.

Email Field Rolling:
You can roll one set of dice from the email field
2d20 in the email field will roll 2 20 sided dice

In Post Rolling:
You can roll up to 5 sets of dice from the post field, each set of dice can contain a different number of dice and a different number of sides.
Rolls can be placed anywhere in the post, they must be put in single 'quotes' or [Square brackets]. You can roll up to 6 sets of dice total
'3d30' will roll 3 30 sided dice.
[5d10] will roll 5 10 sided dice.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Statues, flowers trees and more!
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"I can leave from there. I need something called a tarnished coin."


He stops, and starts pacing.
"That will not be easy to get… but… I do believe one of the demon lords hoards whatever it can… it must have one of those things, too."


"Stealing form a treasure horde? Now this sounds like my kind of mission."


"In that case if you are good at that, I can be the distraction."
He sighs.
"But we need to get there first."


"Right. Its gonna be dangerous."
'1d10' break off a spike to use as a weapon

Roll #1 1 = 1

File: 1488679149661.jpg (388.83 KB, 1919x1080, screen-8_0.jpg)

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This is a sci fi game using FEMTO. Information on it can be found here: http://pastebin.com/pf0hnWFi
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Seeing the result of the tests and such, Veta gives a heavy sigh. She even turns the music off, then rubs the temples of her head.
"Good grief. Of all the things, it just has to be something I can't shove a medical cocktail into and wait."

She gets to work, setting up the drip up and hooking him up to her arm for the plasma transfer. She sits on the ground, back against the bed, and looks to the pirate keeping guard.
"Your buddy is very sick, and I can't treat him with how piss poor this 'medbay' is. Send a message to Captain Crowbar for me, will ya? Tell him his guy is stable, but he's going to have to go to a real hospital. And if you actually have to run, go for it."
She yawns and relaxes a bit, her arm still continuing the transfer.
"As long as I stay put, he's fine. And since I'm feeling ready for a nap, I think I do that unless my arm suddenly makes a bunch of beepy noises."


feeling he squeeze by the larger pony, i try and return the hug with a few pats on your back
"oof!.. A-alright, i'll hold ya to it, Rookie!"

"The five o' us'll do great, just keep them off us and we'll do the rest!"


"M-Mhmm! I'll do m' best! You jus stay careful now, t-that injury's awfully bad."


You manage to secure the party's equipment. It is stored in a large metal crate, dumped unceremoniously in a pile inside it. The crate has been left open. They most likely didn't count on anyone being able to infiltrate it so easily.

The lock mechanism is surprisingly tricky to figure out, for being part of a ramshackle pirate ship. You almost get electrocuted a few times trying to override it from the inside. It seems like you might have to find another way to get in if you can't figure it out. If only you could find the code to open the door somehow…

The great lug of a zebra stares at you blankly for a moment, then simply nods and heads off for the bridge, leaving you all alone with the patient. It doesn't take long for the plasma transfer to be finished, and there's no sign of your guard yet.


>BWB will return on 10/6



In case someone missed it in the chat:

>BWB will return next week, it will be gone the week afterwards.

File: 1492949723510.png (94.67 KB, 1686x620, 1460107572279.png)

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When we last left our hero and her tagalong courier and sharpshooter, they narrowly avoided a class of young donkeys being taken by pregnant mother jenny to visit the minority shrines. Here, the lords of Abeardeen permit the jennies to continue their worship of whatever faith they had before coming to this place. The largest and most active shrine was for Celestia, but they have shrines for all the major pantheons, even a cobweb-covered, ill-tended one for the Doggic Pantheon, which Klava, your sapper, snorts at.

Your options are clear: brave the crypt which no doubt is filled with ghosts of heroes' past, or go above and sneak through the dairy refinery. One way or the other, you've got to get to the skull keep of Abeardeen Fortress.

You know from your scouting that the jenny Cation lives up near the top of it, who was a smalltime performer before, but she rapidly shot up in the world with the smaller audience pool and became an 'idol' - a very popular performer. You were hoping to convince her to put on a show, which would distract all the donkeys so you could sneak out Adel.
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"The moon?!" Aira and Aria call out in bewildered surprise.



Your litter returns you upstairs to your room. You have a little time before the luncheon, perhaps you'd like to spend it taking a quick nap to ease your nerves, or maybe reading a book of poetry to have something to talk about. Or maybe just tour the gardens again?


Well, cooking helps soothe nerves, but if I do that I might offend the chefs.
I'll pace for a bit, fret over what to wear… can't go out to the gardens, might get dirty and lose track of time, which would be embarrassing. I guess I'll have to bet on poetry being my conversation topic, unless these noble fillies care about undersea adventures and how best to prepare fish…


Besides, all that pacing wore you out! It's nice to flop on your big, cushy, cool bed and start reading.

When love hits two people
It's far beyond their capacity
It's not a choice.
Like Princess, bored in her kingdom,
Ordered the pegasi
To stitch them together
As one piece of fabric
Through thick and thin.

Then the Deceiver, jealous of such union,
Does his best to set them apart again.
He tries loosening the threads,
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I'll just stare blankly at the poems for a bit.
The first one was easy enough to understand, but the second one… are all poets so pretentious? I think it's talking about plants?
I'll settle my head down beside the book.
Are all high society mares reading this sort of thing for fun? They won't make fun of me for not really getting it, will they? I'm sure if I fake it, they won't be able to notice. Oh moon, but what if they do? They're already going to talk about my fish parts, but if I let slip that I'm some backwater rube, too…
Lightly bap myself on the cheeks, to push those thoughts out of my head.
"No, I'll be fine. It'll be a wonderful tea and I'll make all sorts of new friends. Because that's what princesses do, we make friends."
Read another poem, then go look at any outfits that may be prpared for this. Aunt… hrm. Calling her aunt Skylight seems a bit… but mother-in-law doesn't really…
Shake my head.
Worry about semantics later, Marina, you've got dresses to try and fit into.

File: 1494297845021.jpg (20.76 KB, 415x230, soul2.jpg)

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Migrating here from 4Connection Error for tonight's game

Continue RP as you will
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The remaining combatants (a wolf, the black jaguar, and the boa constrictor) all leap and miss the wolf as he charges past them to you, leading himself right into your trap as Triple M gives you first Tetra match the go out it deserves. You pick up the wolf in your hooves effortlessly now that you're angry, and break its back like the bat as it gives out a final, whimpered cry, the wolf knocking on death's door already as you put it on the ground, and then snap it the other way. The other animals all cringe loudly as you deliver the killing blow, looking at the shouting unicorn with confusion as their ears fold back from the noise.

The boa constrictor slithers over to the wolf's body, and once more you see the odd phenomena of the marble forming near its mouth after it passes on. The lead jaguar sighs. "It is done… they were dead long before they started this fight. May their fortune in the next life be far better."

The grey wolf that helps you up takes another look at you, seemingly bewildered. He moves around you in a circle as you get up out of the car, ears flickering as he observes you. "You really are a pony… hahaha… hahahaha! I don't believe! Thank the Four, did you come here to help us? Do you know the Princess? Are you…" he eagerly gets in your face before you hear another snarl.

"Slider, that's enough." The lead jaguar calls back from the front where Pain Train finished off the last wolf. He turns to you. "Forgive him, he's… WE'RE not used to seeing so many of you at once."

After Pain Train finishes off the last wolf, you are met with peculiar stares by the remaining number of the troupe. The wolf and boa closes to you turn their heads, both keeping their distance as the boa mentions, backing off slowly, "Is this one… a ghost? I don't think the Princess ever mentioned any of the Twelve were ghosts."
The wolf leers at you from the same distance as the snake, though his face seemingly more curious than his companion. "Well, I heard a story there IS a dead one but, I don't think this one is her. Definitely odd" The wolf stares to step a little closer, sniffing at you, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


"Boy you sure would get a kick out of coming to where we're from, I imagine. I don't know any princess, myself, just ponies with that for a name. I hardly know anyone else here, so I'll only be able to tell you what I know."

"My name's Fixer Heater, I'm a maintenance and repair expert who knows a fair bit of magic."


File: 1494316371082.gif (1.69 MB, 320x180, MMM hyping Pain.gif)


>Margin leaves the vehicle and goes to Pain, nudging him in the side. Pain winces as Margin speaks to him in a hushed tone,

>"Hell of a first match, huh chief?"
"No one told me we were fighting wild animals."
>"No one told me either. Tough break. You pulled through though.
"Suppose so."
>"Now look at the folks around here. Certainly haven't pitched you to talking animals before."
"Of all the ponies, you're the one who can pull it off."
>"You're damn right about that, Pain. Go look intimidating for me."

Pain unwraps his bloodied hoofwraps and wraps it around his most apparent, bleeding injuries, hissing through his teeth.
>Meanwhile, Market Margin goes to confront the talking animals,

"You want to know who we are? Let me tell you about the greatest fighter ever to live, the SINGLE MOST adored combatant ever to grace EQUESTRIA. That's right, that donkey right there is no other than the infallible PAAAAAAAAIN TRAIN, World Championship ETF Fighter and holder of the Saddlemania Championship Belt for over a year."
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Alexis continues trying to slow her breathing [more out of habit then actual need for air] after having her leg chewed up. She looks at the animals nervously as they talk about her being a ghost, backing up as the wolf sniffs at her.

"Talking animals." she says inbetween breaths.
"There's a jaguar. *breathbreath* and he's talking to me." Alexis says, backing up against a tree, bare hoof sticking just slightly in the damp mud at its base.


As Aether feels something prodding her muzzle, her head tilts a little, not resisting the external force. She's still breathing and hums out a quiet "Mmm…", but other than that she's motionless. It looks like she's still recovering from that eventful experience.

File: 1476234264174.jpg (277.73 KB, 916x799, 1476158056916.jpg)

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Post Sheets when you're ready.
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"Hmm? Oh, oh, don't tell me!" Splitz pauses, tapping his head. "Yes, you're the ones from Circadia. You're a both bit more sober than the last time I saw you," he says to Pryce and Amy, in reference to the former's bloodmoon madness and Amy's partial demon transformation. "So, someone's after me. Wow, tell me something I don't know." Splitz reaches into a nearby chest and draws out a peculiar onyx padlock, like one from a dungeon. "So, who is it this time? A rival? A freedom fighter? A leader, perhaps? C'mon, I deserve to know. Otherwise my daughter here might be in danger, right?"

Observer notes that this creature is not a distinct monster, but rather a part of a deep network of a nameless, sleeping being that lives inside this whole area. This cobra can be likened to a nerve, or perhaps more accurately, a finger. The cobra circles around your group slowly, sticking out a tongue much like a real snake. Then, it lays back down on the tree, apparently uninterested in you.

"And HOW do you know ANY of that?" River says to Shei. Her voice is completely calm and even. Happy, even. "And why would you bring an angel onboard this ship if it's not dead? Why would you try to face it alone? So, first, you keep a sample of the world's most deadly biochemical weapon right under my nose, which I had been forced to brew after spending my ENTIRE LIFE trying to heal people. Second, you don't tell us that you kept it despite seeing firsthand all the evil that it's wrought and the horrible ways in which the afflicted die. Third, you decide it would be a good idea to SMOKE it, by yourself, in the bathroom, where it could have easily spread to any of us the moment the door opened? Are you sure you haven't been possessed by Orcus? And you have the gall to ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


"Please?" Shei-Sher asks with a look of desperation.


KP rolls his head back in thought.
>"I don't knooow…"
His head drops back down to look at Shei.
>"Why don't you come with, you look like you need to eat anyways."


Shei-Sher gets the message "I understand"
and follows Kid Pryce to the dinning table


File: 1494400033686.png (524.68 KB, 374x357, Chorazin get smoked.png)

>miracle's face when

File: 1491658425355.jpg (421.16 KB, 1700x1269, fantasy-castle-art.jpg)

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At first there was balance but soon there fire and smoke as sword clashed against sword and blood stained the earth. And there stood a pale horse and whomever mounted it would become master over the land.

But maybe matters of a pale horse concern you not and you seek something else than power, something unlike other men have dreamed, well that is for you to decide.

The inn of Brazos was a humble for a Karl of Sungard, a region the received a great deal of Sun and fair weather in the north. What fate will one such as you find?
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"Okay, so tell me about Robert's forces."


"Robert has about 3,000 Infantry, 500 archers, and 500 light cavalry.


"I see. If we were to defeat the brother himself, would those men join us?"


"Yes they would in fact, but I hope Allard, his brother will see reason."


"You believe he can be reasoned with? He was laughing and calling Robert a fool just a few days ago."

File: 1487182113351.jpg (997.85 KB, 1840x1232, F1020020.JPG)

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Those statues aren't going to collect themselves.
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dig in myself.
"No, can't take credit for that. But, they are pretty much the best in the world."


"Hmm! That they are!"
You both eat to get some energy for the road and she even has some fresh spring water to wash it down!


Sip on the water with a clear 'aaah' sound.
"Ready to head out?"


She nods.
"Just lead the way!"


Into the skies we go!

File: 1479412220706.png (94.67 KB, 1686x620, 1460107572279.png)

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Wheels still spinning

As you are in uptown near the palace, you can see the university clock tower from here. The piping office isn't immediately obvious though. You take a moment to search and notice, across the square, there is indeed a building with some large pipes.

Municipal Water Reserve

Hmm, maybe this was the building the pony was talking about?

Being lost in your thoughts - trying to shut out the idea that you are Southern to the core - makes it easy to go numb and ignore your body. Blackpaw finishes scrubbing you and washing you. He pulls you out and dresses you. Yesterday, all of this might have felt like a violation of privacy, but you don't have the energy to protest.

You're left to your thoughts, sitting still on the couch. You smell like a steel mill.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Hmm, I made the current design with the applied mechanics, little dog. But the electromagnetics - that was all MacMeal. What did you think his specialty was, little dog? Bossing scientists around? You know I work on the ship and Gunny works on the rocket."

In a moment of tremendous lack of concentration, you feel your standpoint on Horosha's hoof getting precarious. You look down, just in time to see you've accidentally shrunken Horosha down to your size! Unable to course correct you –


The world goes dark. You're huddled in the world's tiniest hug, tightly gripping your ninja companion, inside the terrible, stinking maw of a salmon. Gobbled up like a common river fly. At least you're going to get to ride up to the top of the waterfall.



Your mother was right. It's the worst to acknowledge because it's true. You remember all those days you spent in that little cage when tutors came for "safety". And how your father had to talk her into letting you go see the world. And now you've been eaten by a common salmon. Reminded of your place at the very bottom of the food chain. The creature's thick, slimy tongue writhes on your back, but you don't slide deeper into its maw. Horosha has a tight grip on you, both arms around your body, and straddles the throat. You dragged her into this, shrinking her down to bug size, and now she's bailing you out.

The world shakes and suddenly everything turns ninety degrees. "I need some of your plant herbs. The foul ones. Hold your breath, too."

"Space travel wouldn't even be imaginable without this kind of technology. We believe the reason we lost Toffee's Rocket was due to a failure in our measurement instruments. We were using gyroscopic balls, but there may be emergent properties up there in space we don't know about little dog. With electromagnetism, we can keep accurate readings."


Whatever her plan is, its worth a try, fork over the smelliest herbs



"That old Goat! I knew he had something more under that old fur he kept hiding from me. If he knows all that imagine what more he knows about electrical energy? We can change the world with this"
"Gyroscopic balls?" my ears perk and my tail starts wagging

I look up "what are those properties? Have you guys found out anything about it yet? I guess you can't build a rocket if you don't know what you're dealing with and what goes on up there…"

File: 1466217659074.png (15.14 MB, 4200x3000, shadowrun mlp.png)

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It's been a long few days for our intrepid group. Confessions, murders, and a fair number of kidnappings can be tossed into one hectic week, and no one knows how much longer it is going to go on for.

Our intrepid adventurers are headed homeward tonight, after succesfully completing scouting and retrieval missions. Now they're all in a too small apartment with too many people.

Cita: To the normal eye, she was just a kidnapped Gryphon who worked for a shipping company. She's a bit bulkier than you, since she had money to spend on proper nutrition and then some.

Yura: A much younger, fresher clone meant to protect Providence, a sickly Jenny. Much harder to approach.

Acino: A clone whose feather and fur style makes her resemble a hen more than a hawk. She's been quiet for most of this. Missing the left, front leg.
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"Who are you?" One of them asks, a clone now sporting a more Pony like muzzle.

"Where are?" Another with a hoof leg asks.


"Hawknia. I'm Hawknia. You don't look hurt. Will you help get the others to the surface level for rescue?"


"Yeah, but what happened? Do you know what happened to my family, my children?" Another chimera clone asks as a few start heading towards the elevator.


"I don't have those answers." I say simply.
And motion for them to follow, pointing them toward injured clones on the pod room floor.

"Hey, O-clone. Make that call. I don't think we'll get much more from this place."
'2d10' but do a sweep just to be sure.

Roll #1 9, 7 = 16


It seems Tawny roughed up a good number of gangsters topside, there's a lot of unconscious people as you move up. Even better, a neat stack of computer drives, just waiting to be looted in a nearby room.

It's a difficult trip out, as more than a few Clones have to be carried out, their muscles and limbs twisted into strange forms, a few resembling serpents more than legs.

You can hear the sirens approach as you and the others reach the doors. Many of your clones are crying, calling out to their husbands, some simply trying to make any noise at all.

Outside, it is dark, but the Moon is providing its light.


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