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To train them is my cause.

It encourages it, through arcane means not fully understood. Some call this pseudoscience "voodoo breeding", but you can't argue with results. Well, you can. Mostly by calling it voodoo or pseudoscience.

You wonder if Pokemon actually have a nature at birth or if that develops over time. Of course, it's the classic nature vs nurture argument.

You quickly traverse the remainder of the terrain and make it to Amber City with no incident.

Hit 3 times!

Azumarill used Bubble Beam!

Azumarill L20 [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░]

Rena L18 [▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░]

You spot a few low-hanging berries, but they're protected by a fearsome Pineco…
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"…Kala, could you grab that chainsaw for me? Just bring it here. Yeah."


sit down in the indicated chair and look a little excited, maybe this town is getting to me. "Can my pokemon listen too? I bet they would love Story Time."


Full speed ahead. Keep my eyes on the road before me and head for the nearest lamp post.


A dragon, huh? Well, everyone knows that you need a hero to beat a dragon!
Time to make a Togekiss, a Lucario, and a trainer. The lucario will have a headband. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Kala flits over and strains to lift the heavy chainsaw. Ugh!

He miserably scoots it over to you.

"Sure! Everyone can listen. Long, long ago, before anyone here lived in Autumn Glen."

"Except you, Ivan!"

"Right, right, of course. But that's not important, please don't interrupt. Anyway, it all started a long, long time ago – before any fairies even lived in Autumn Glen. The name wasn't Autumn Glen, either. It was Forest Glen!"

You arrive in Sapshire. It's dark out, but you see many trees leaking sap, attracting Bug Pokemon to suckle on the trees.

The dragon blasts away the trainer and the Lucario, but Togekiss cuts through the dragon with an Air Slash, and it collapses on the castle, destroying both.

Togepi gives you a long look. Then sneezes and laughs. You blink and realize you've been playing in a sandbox and none of your 'soldiers' look nearly as animated or detailed as you thought they were. Huh. The atmosphere of fairy town must be getting to you. Maybe there really is something to the claim that this place behaves totally different from the rest of Tianxia.


quick let out the whole party to hear the story!


I'll laugh a little too.
"You got me."
I'll sit across from the Togepi for a bit.
"Say, do you want to join me on my pokemon journey? I think you'd make a great friend to me and the rest of my team."


Give him a poffin.

"Great work."

Take the chainsaw and get the hell back.


I'm going to find a nice bench under numerous lights and park myself as I wait for my heart to stop beating.

Are there other people here at this time of night, or is it mostly just my Pokepals and I?


"Fairies have always lived in Tianxia, and other regions, too, but they're hard to find, because while fairies are attracted to children, they cow from adults. According to town legend, there was a little boy - some say he was an orphan, or at least didn't like his parents - but he was upset that someday his fairy friend might leave as he grew up. It is said that the great caves not far from here are where this town's patron, Dialga, the Dragon of Time lives, or perhaps once lived, or perhaps will live some day. The legend states that the boy went to the Dragon and asked him to stay young for ever so that his fairy friends would never leave, and so Dialga froze growth from ever occurring in Forest Glen that September – the month that would never end. Soon kids all across Tianxia heard there was a refuge to run away to if they didn't want to live under the rule of parents and never wanted to grow up, and Autumn Glen became a place for the kids, and that attracted children. Perhaps ironically, the new fairy inhabitants caused Dialga to leave: dragons are the natural foes of fairies."

"But some people wanted to stop it!"

"That's right – city folk have always disbelieved in this kind of stuff and are always trying to come and impose the rules of their adult government. We had to make a barricade, and most people just ignore Autumn Glen outside of rumors."

"But Karl wanted to stop it!"

"Right, right, please let me finish the story! It's true: there was a kid in this city named Karl – Kara's brother, actually. They are twins and left their family together, more than two decades ago."

Kara looks a little embarrassed about this. No wonder she didn't want to tell you the specifics of the past.

"Karl believed that it wasn't enough to just stop adults from coming into Autumn Glen: the whole world should be like this. Apparently he set out on a great journey to find the legendary Wishmaker, Jirachi – with the goal of turning everyone in Tianxia to children."

Ivan sighs: "A fool's errand. And he's giving up his youth in the belief that he can just wish it back."

Togepi gives you a curious, childlike cock of the head. That deviousness and cunning in design must have been your imagination running wild, too.

He downs it, and you painstakingly haul it back to the place where you met that guy. There's no trace of him, or any trace of trees being downed in the first place…

This chainsaw doesn't even have any gas.

Nobody here but us bugs, cap'n.

Well, and there's a bug-catcher on the other end of town trying to fish a caterpie down from a tree with a net.


You know what?

I'm just going to pop into Fogmire pokecenter. Put Owlene in and take out my new Monferno.

Then I'm going to pull up the map.

I'm not going to think of anything else.


Nah. I'll take out a pokeball, and put it between me and the Togepi.
"Do you want to come along with me?"


This must be a small place if I could see the other end of town from where I am.

I'll head over to the Bug Catcher.

"Yo', need any help with that?"


Listen closely, at the edge of my seat even. "but when did he leave?"


File: 1388559096612.png (380 KB, 2418x998, routes.png)

Fogmire is as swampy as you remember. You pop in and do just that.


Togepi seems a little apprehensive.

Oh yes, very small. More trees than buildings, as it were.

"Uh, you any good at climbing trees? Or maybe you have a Pokemon with Headbutt?"

"Let's see… um, that would be… nine years ago. He'd be about fourteen, physically, now, right?


"It's your choice, but I'd like if you came with me."


"Sorry, no headbutt. But maybe my Shuckle can climb up and get it down for you."


"Hm.. Maybe If I travel all over fast enough, I'l find him, and get him to come back to you before its too late."
and then nod. "I'm sorry was that the end of the story?"


Heal up fully.

Autmn Glen looks like a nice place.

I-I don't feel like staying here right now.

I think I'll keep on the road.


Go down to swamp road. Kala still in front.


Roll persuasion.

"Uh, alright. Be careful."

"More or less. It's the part with Karl, anyway. But I'm not too worried about Karl. Jirachi is said to be the most elusive of the pantheon, and to see ANY mythic Pokemon is a great rarity. Still, if you see him, maybe you could convince him to come home before he gets too old."

Do do dododo.

You depart the town, passing the Goletts which stare at you and the Gastly which flit about the sky.

Roll to traverse.



Roll #1 9 = 9



Roll #1 8 = 8


"Hey.. that orphan from the story.. that wasn't you was it Ivan?"


Togepi nods and taps the Pokeball.

Gotcha! Togepi was caught. Nice deception, you evil rogue.

Give a nickname to deceived Pokemon?

The road is too dark for you to see much, but your trip is uneventful. A shiver goes down your spine, but you figure whatever there is to see, you didn't see it. Maybe it just saw you.

You arrive in Sapshire.

Roll perception.


'1d10' perception .

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Come on out Pallet."

Get him out of the Pokeball. "Alright, if you don't mind, let's help out a bit. Can you climb up and knock that Caterpie off of its branch? I'll give you boost so you don't have to climb too much."

Lift Pallet up as much as possible and send him after that Caterpie.



Fiddle with my pokedex

See if the government surveilance thing has anyone or anything

I don';t want to be alone

Roll #1 2 = 2


That wasn't a roll


"Ha, well, I'm sure everyone has their theories."

It was certainly Ivan. You wonder why he wouldn't want to mention it was him. Still… that means Ivan has been here for as long as this has been Autumn Glen. He must have been an infant when he made the wish… Only a truly irresponsible daycare keeper would let a baby crawl into a dragon's cave, you muse.

You've just met Chris, right? NSABook says he's northwest of here.

Pallet gingerly works his way up the tree with his tentacles-leg-arm-things. Finally he gets to the top, pries the Caterpie loose, and knocks it down into the net.



I'm not deceiving him. If he wants to fight with everyone, I'll let him. If not, then I won't.
And I think I'll call him… hmm. Oswald. Oswald's good.


"No worries. Us trainers gotta help each other."

Wave Pallet back down and give him a thumbs up.

"What are you doing out here so late?"


tilt my head a bit at him. "Well. I guess we should battle if that's all for the story."


So he IS in Autumn Glen


Maybe we can be togetehr a while or something

I need


Let's go now now now


Lee Harvey was sent to the PC.

"Uh, my Caterpie was hungry, so I let him out, but he went too high! I think I need a badge to get him to listen to me."

"Alright. Can someone get me my bag?"

A kid carries over a baby bag, from which Ivan fishes out a Pokeball.

You hike past the only two people in town for the northwest side. They're a bug catcher and a weirdo on roller skates.

There's a cave entrance here.


"There should be a gym nearby you can get one from, and you could wait for a bus to pass by to get there. But, in the meantime, why not make sure you get the food for Caterpie yourself. He'll listen to you a bit more if he trusts you to get him food."

"How long have you been together?"


"Right, lets start off with Solaire!" urge oddish forward. "Don't let your guard down buddy."

"Hey Ivan, do you like being so small?"


Is there not a straight road ahead? I don't need to go past a cave, right?


Ha ha. Such humor. I should probably head towards the Autumn Glen Pokecenter. Give Oswald a chance to meet the rest of the crew.


"It doesn't bother me. Like I said, looks are deceiving!"

SHRINE KEEPER IVAN wants to fight!

SHRINE KEEPER IVAN sent out Togepi!

He shrugs. "Just a couple days. I'm about to start my Pokemon journey."

You need to go through a small cave to get onto the Fall Road.

Passing the mountain range through the small cave, you come out into the reds and oranges of the Fall Road, which seems to fit its name. It seems very much September here, and quite dark, as there are no lamps here.

You head over there. It's still empty. That computer looks ancient… you hope it works.


Alright… let's swap out Sleepy for Oswald. See what he knows.


"That seems to be a theme of this town.. but just, it seems really hard to not be able to reach anything on your own.."
"Solaire, try an Acid." '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Interesting climate. Must be the fairy pokemon or something I don't know much abotu them but they seem cute.

Let's head to Autumn Glen.


"Noice. Remember to always look out for your pokemon and hang out with them whenever you get the chance. You'll be rocking in no time. But I have to part now. I've got a meeting to attend to in Autumn Glen. Catch ya later!"

Wave and get back on the road towards Jigglypuff.

Traverse roll. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You head through a short cave onto the Fall Road, which seems perpetually in a state of autumn. With little incident, you arrive in Autumn Glen at the same time as some city trainer.

With little incident, you arrive in Autumn Glen at the same time as that weirdo on the shakes.

You swap for Oswald. Out the window of the Pokecenter, you see two newcomer boys about your age walk into town.

Out the daycare window you can see two new boys just walked into town.

Ivan chuckles. "I have faith that my family here in Autumn Glen will take care of me – and my Pokemon too. For all your size, you can not fly like a Fearow more than I can, and next to the size and strength of a Charizard, you might look like you belong in a crib! It's true: you could carry me around with one arm, if you wanted to, but a Machamp could do that to you. The thing you have to understand about this town is that… for us, our friendships with Pokemon, with these fairy types… it's more important to us than being tall or physically strong. I think anyone with a true friendship has that beautiful spark of childhood still within them."



Skate off towards the city trainer with Leo on my back since he seems closer.

"Sup dude, are you from here?"




Two boys, and they both aren't Chris? Maybe something happened..


I'll head out of the center, and have both Lucas and Oswald out.


Is this guy following me or something?


Look impressed by his speech. "You really are smart Ivan. I am learning so much from this shrine already!" I say excited. "Of course I want to be with my pokemon forever, so I can understand that."

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