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Everyone is gathered in the Adventurer's Guild's main hall. It is filled with comfy chairs and tables, and it's large fireplace has a crackling fire in it. It's the last weeks of autumn, but it tends to get cold fast in the city of Brukke.

"Here are the details of the job. The client wants you to venture into some caves on top of the North-Eastern Mountains, where he believes his ancestry comes from. You're to find some sort of a heirloom for him that supposedly proves his family's connection to the dragons of old…or some such. The point here is that you're free to take whatever else you find from the caves except for the heirloom, which is a red jewel called "the Dragon's Eye". It glows in the dark so it shouldn't be too hard to find. The client advised you to start your journey from a village called Heimdall. You'd best get going so you'll make it back before the first snow."

The guild secretary scrolls up the piece of pergament he was reading from and quickly hides it in one of his sleeves.

"Any questions?"
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I'll nod.
"Thank you for your help, even though I failed to understand most of it."
And I'll head towards that building he pointed at. Perhaps there is someone there who speaks more understandably?


"Så jätte häftigt om dig min vän! Om du so gillar, vet at jag är altid öppen för söta typ som dig~"
"Well that was deceptively easy"


You enter a longhouse full of beardy men and maids carrying beer or mead on large trays. The noise is unbelievable, you can't fathom how you couldn't hear it from the outside. A rather large, drunk beardy human stands up and points at you.
The farmhand blushes before going inside the main building.


I nod my head.
"So what is the big building? The townhall or something?"


"Guess so.
…where's Tentacles?"
Do I hear that from all the way over here? '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


"A what?"
Turn my head to look behind me, and then turn back to the crowd.
"Is there anyone here who speaks the common tongue?"




"Tall, dark, and handsome went thataway."
I point at the building the stablehand pointed at.


"Also, someone at the town hall is telling about niggers."


"Well best go pick him up before he slithers into trouble."
Onwards! To the Stadshuset!


"That would be him, I guess."

"Good idea."

Off I go to the bar.


A maid walks to you.
She's quite busty, for a woman.
"Hejdå! Can ve help you?"
You approach the tentacles at the door.


for a human*


"Yes, hopefully. I was looking for directions to the Tomb of the Dragon's Eye."


"Oj. Um…do you speak Heimdålen? It vould make everything much easier."


Let's see if I can climb up his back to get a better look around the bar.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Never know what's waiting. Loosen the strings on my shirt a little just in case.
Now, flashy entrance! '1d10'
"Jag talar Heimdålig!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I am unfamiliar with it, unfortunately. A map would suffice, if things can't be said clearly."


You're groping ?????'s butt. At least you think that's his butt…
"Ojdå! Kom mit jag, du kan tala med den borgmästare!"
She drags your party through the drunk people to a short, bearded man with a horned viking helmet. Looking at the piles of mugs he has in front of him, you'd say he's been drinking since the break of dawn.
"Borgmästare! Den här lilla getfolk vilja den Glasögön den Drakens söka!"
He looks at you from under his heavy brow.
"Så. Du inte talar Heimdålisk. Why in fittan are you here then? You should be glad I'm the mayor here, the last one would have made surströmming of you."
The maid looks surprised at the mayor's linguistic skills before she takes the empty mugs on her tray and runs off.


I shrug and keep going. This will be good practice if I ever find a rich Zhivur.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Stop that."
People are such strange and varied things.


"Den är inte mitt fel. Det var någån bättrefolk drakenjävel som villde os här kommit för ögonen."



I climb up next to the mayor and sit down beside him.
"We're looking for a drakin tomb, seen one?"


He spits an almond onto the floor.
"Bättrefolk. Vilja du en mugg glögg har?"
Another maid brings four cups of steaming hot red drink to you.
"A tomb. Vadför? There are lots of tombs in the North-Eastern Mountains."
He combs his beard with his hand.
"Although…Glasögon den Drakens…There is only ett place it could be hidden in. But it is no tomb."


"Ja, tack.
Så, where kann we find denas här ögon?"
Grab the mug and give it a taste '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I scootch closer to him.
"That would be the place. What is it?"


"Der är en gamla Hork befästning mittemot den högste berg nästan stad."
The drink burns your tongue with it's heat, and someone put almonds and raisins in it. Ew.
"There is an old…dungeon opposite the highest peak of the berg next to our stadt. Look for a row of statues up there, they point the way to the ingång."


"It sounds spooky. Can you send anyone with us to hold torches and keep us safe?"
I try to climb into his lap.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Tatch tho mythcke."
Look around for something to cool my tongue off on '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Absolutely nej."
You manage to get a feel of his pants before you fall under the table.
Someone quickly picks you up however, by the bell around your neck.
What you see is a rather angry face.
The mayor's wife is at least twice her husband's size, with a nose shaped like a potato and a fire in her eyes hotter than the center of the earth.
"Jävla getfolk! Vad nerver att tumma min make framför hans fru!"
As quickly as you were picked up you get thrown out of the house.
The old man smoking his pipe giggles to himself as you grind to a halt on the ground.
There's nothing around, but you could get some water from the town well.


I pick myself and dust myself off.
"Well I never! Picking a capra up by his bell, hmpf!"


That capra has a rather hard time grasping the concept of boundaries, it seems.


"Fint fru du har.
Go find where they threw my danglier half. And locate that damn well.
"I'd lift your bells any day you asked~
Now hows about helping me get something to cool my tongue off on?"


"You know I only let someone ring my bells if I can ring theirs back~ Would a bit of gold cool your mouth?"


Tityroi is just grabbing the well for leverage when you find him.
Alright, we'll continue tomorrow, hopefully.



"I was thinking water.
And you can ring mine any day~"


"I'll remember that the next time my hands get cold. Now, lets go find us a drink."
And off we go.

Thanks for the game, Nasse.


"…the well is like, right there."


I spin around.


"Now be a dear and hoist me a bucket, would you?"


I think if we keep going we'll make him mad.


Oh come now. Waking up to hot capra action party bonding should cheer him up
"I'm waiting~"


Tityroi is a queer, remember?


You think that's stopping anyone~?



We could go share the stablehand later~


There's an idea.


But first Mirrin has some bells to ring~


I'm watching


Just two capra sharing a bucket of well water.

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