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File: 1392056469391.jpg (78.02 KB, 534x750, 1392056050059.jpg)


Long ago, in a land of endless sands, there lived a group of humans, how long they had lived here no one knew for sure, mostly because no one kept records. But they were strong, they made strong weapons, and hunted strong animals to stay big and strong. Which is all that really mattered to Aggagarn. He moved through the lands shielding his eyes from the blowing sands with his cloth hood, and his mighty great sword at his side, he walked in search of a great hunt to impress the clan with, for it would be a shame to come back empty handed.


File: 1392057538914.png (8.35 KB, 686x686, RoughLocationOfStuff.png)

You know the general lay out of the area.
The sandy hills are your home, and you're aware at least in general that animals like water, and where the wolves like to gather.


While hunting wolves is good sport, the bigger game is in the river. Crocodile, buzzard, warthog, hippo… Northeast it is.


File: 1392058381690.png (17.28 KB, 686x686, River01.png)

You travel north east, you can soon smell the cool water, hear its rushing flow, and make your way towards it. There are a few logs floating in the river, but they don't seem to be actually moving down, a goose is resting in the water, there is a rock that is half splattered with water, and half covered with grey silt, The air is cooler here a nice place to rest after walking so far while you seek your prey..


Perception on those logs. What's up with them?

'1d20' (-1+1)

Roll #1 19 = 19


Those aren't really logs, they are a pair of tan crocodiles pretending to be logs. How clever of them, but not clever enough to fool Aggagran The Barbarous!


File: 1392059023786.jpg (81.27 KB, 636x500, behold-a-satan.jpg)

Crocodile will make a fine meat.


Go into Rage and attack the nearest croc with my Great Sword.

Do I get a surprise round?


Roll initiative!

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Yes! You do get a surprise round


Roll to hit with the great sword!

'1d20+10' (vs. Flat Footed)

Roll #1 19 + 10 = 29


Whoa! roll again to Confirm crit?



Roll #1 5 + 10 = 15


success! Now roll for damage.


I attack it two-handed!

(Rage strength modifier = 9, 1.5x that = 13.5, round to 13)

'2d6+13' FIRST ROLL
'2d6+13' CRITICAL

For great justice!

Roll #1 3, 2 + 13 = 18 / Roll #2 6, 6 + 13 = 25


I forgot to add Base Attack Bonus to that, but it probably doesn't matter.


File: 1392059930539.png (17.4 KB, 686x686, River01.png)

You don't roll it twice, you take the first roll and times it by 2.
so, 36.

You charge up screaming at the top of your lungs and hack away at the crocodile. The beast is so surprised that he barely has time to open his mighty jaws before your sword lunges inside of his jaws and creates a mighty tear. His blood flows into the river and he swivels back and forth struggling.

Surprise round complete, now a normal round, where you get to attack again, you could finish off this beast or weaken the second one.


It has to die.

Roll to hit

'1d20+10' (vs flat footed)

Roll #1 7 + 10 = 17


Assuming that passed…

'2d6+14' (Added my BAB this time, I forgot to the first time, so he should've actually taken 38 on surprise round)

Roll #1 1, 3 + 14 = 18


You quickly thrust upward and slice past the creature's eyes. It gives a final hiss before dying. Its body floating as uselessly as the log the creature was pretending to be.

The second croc looks at you as if he wishes to devour you. '1d20+3'

Roll #1 15 + 3 = 18


vs AC17 hits


'1d4+2' rolling for damage.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Starting hit points is…

14 base
20 (while raging?)


15/20 HP

Response attack, making this one a Power Attack


Roll #1 6 + 9 = 15


If it hits,


Roll #1 5, 5 + 17 = 27


The croc's tail slashes against your large arm leaving a cut, but this only angers you more and you cleave the blade toward him. Dealing a powerful strike against his scaly side. The wounded creature snaps at you threateningly and makes another attempt '1d20+3'

Roll #1 17 + 3 = 20



Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


13/20 HP

Reply normal two-handed attack.

'1d20+10' to hit

Roll #1 19 + 10 = 29



Rolling for damage. '1d6+14' x2

Roll #1 2 + 14 = 16


sorry that should be 2d6

Have another '1d6'

Roll #1 3 = 3


So that's 19x2=38


The Crocidile thinks he is stronger than you! The foolish beast. You let him latch onto your armored leg a moment and show him with a barely contained laugh how little he is by separating his toothy maw from his tan scaled body. You barely even feel it as the jaw falls to the ground before your feet.
The goose as flown away but you have enough food to make a fine meal, and these scales could make some leather if you turned it over to DaggerFist the best leather maker in the clan!


Victory at sea! Or in the rivers, at least.

Drag the corpses back to the village. When rage ends, trigger Heart of the Fields (once a day, negate fatigue).

Hopefully with all these critical strikes at the head, the body is mostly untouched and good for leatherworking. In any case, time to head home.


File: 1392061992306.jpg (2.81 MB, 4288x2848, Morocco-Tents-in-desert-HT….jpg)

You walk back home, the route as familiar to you as your own hands, which are hauling a crocodile in each! You are greeted by the others of your clan, they seem slightly impressed by your haul.
"Well fought Agg!"
"Look at that. Aggaga catch two, and crocidile! you only catch one wolf!"
You could go to your own tent and attempt to pick the best meat for yourself, go to your leader's tent Smagget The Bold and show him, or go to DaggerFist to ask him what he can skin off for you.


Eh, a tribe is a family. I can feed myself easily, but when I was an orphan growing up in the tribe I wouldn't have survived if not for the generosity of my betters. Instead of hoarding the spoils or taking them to the leader for fame purposes, I'd rather give back.

Squint through the sun for Little Hawk, one of the little scoundrels that hangs about in town. "Little Hawk, go round up the elderly, the sick, and the little orphans from their tents. And bring Daggerfist for preserving the skin."

Drag the crocs off to the communal campfire. Daggerfist has better equipment and finesse for properly removing the skin and cutting off portions for these folk, so I'll wait for him.


What a generous guy. Little Hawk has a big grin on his painted face as he rushes off to gather everyone.
DaggerFist arrives at the fire, he has his tool box, and while he isn't as big as you, he's not shrimpy either, when you were kids together he even beat you a few times in arm wrestling, he can even still give you a challenge if you've been drinking.
"Aggagarn! I see you really did catch crocidiles the side of your arms!" he chuckles heartily, as he gives you and the kill a once over. "And a clean cut too! Lots of meat and skin from this!"
He gives you a firm slap on the back for congratulations.

Soon about seven childern, and the three most elderly arrive by the fire.
"Why, when I was your age I could wrestle with crocs that size." one of the old men comments.
"OOh! I wanna be strong like you Aggagarn!!" the kids cry out.


"Well then, get to cutting. You're a better butcher than me yet. I'm only good at getting the head off. Or maybe you can take your time. I'm not sure if our guests are hungry yet. What do you think, Daggerfist? I sure don't hear anyone speaking up."

Give a pokerface as I pretend not to notice the hungry slobber of kids ready to eat. Even the elders are hungry, but have a little more dignity.


Some of the kids try not to be rude but the younger ones can't help it.
"Aggagarn! When can we eat it! I wanna eat it now!"
The elders smile. Daggerfist gives you a quick nod and gets to work cutting up the beast. His nimbleness is pretty surprising. One of the kids comes closer to look.
"Just follow the muscles." He explains briefly. "Make good cut easy."

Soon the crocodiles are cut and the meat placed on the fire to cook. There is a fairly large amount of leather here. Good for the tribe, and that means its good for you too. One of the elders helps turn the meat over.
"Ha, didn't you just get new armor Agg? What you want do with this leather? New bags? Patch tents? Boots?"


Chuckle heartily. "I still have a sole, no need for new boots. Tent repair, maybe. Maybe the chief will think of something. You got something in mind?"


"Gloves, bags and boots good for trade. Fancy elves like crocodile leather." he gives a pause and then nods "Better to ask chief Smagget. He will know what is best use."

The meat smells really good now. Its almost ready!
You spot Smagget talking to a few of the warrior actually. He seems worried about something.


I'll grab a chunk of haunch from the fire and head over as I munch on it.


The warrior and Smagget greet you.
"Welcome back." The chief says.
"I heard you had a good hunt Aggagarn." Rattle Club the warrior known for his mastery of all things round or spikey, says with a smile
"Did you see anything new?" Long Feather The warrior known for his use of thrown axes and bows asks.


"The crocodiles were being sneaky of late. After the river geese, posing as logs. Besides that, nothing but the sun and the sand."


The chief gives you a serious nod.
Long feather grins at you.
Rattle club seems to take this as serious news. "Sneaky Crocs? That not good. What if they outsneak us."
Long feather beats his chest once. "Don't Worry Ratz, I will help you out-sneak them."
Rattle club nods and seems relieved "You good friend long feather."

Chief Smagget bangs his staff on the ground to get attention again.
"I am glad you are here Aggagarn. Long Feather and Rattle Club saw city humans near by, not traders. We can send Fast Winds to find out what they want, but Winds is not strong. Want to go with Winds to meet these city humans?"


Nod. "I'll look with him. City folk are getting bolder… He left yet?"


He nods in approval.
"Not yet. He's looking over the old book for the rule. City people respect their promise all these years, we will remind them of it again."
He looks to your sword briefly.
"And if they forget their promise, you know what to do."


When we last left off. Aggagarn, the strong desert warrior, was headed to meet with Fast Winds, and escort him safely to the human campsite to ensure they would leave the wild lands alone.
Fast Winds tent is fairly small and crowded, stacked with books and scrolls on one side, and his bed and other things on the other side. He looks up at you from a particularly old looking book, gives a small annoyed grunt, one that a normal guy would give if you interrupted him with a lady. "Aggaga, what can I do for you?"


Books? Not totally sure how to use anything like that.

"I am to go with you to see the outlanders."


You know they are good fuel for the fire.
Fast Winds smiles, and puts the book into his bag "Right, the chief asked me to talk to them for us. It should be a simple matter."
He seems happy for some reason, usually he's the grumpiest person in the whole tribe, well except for old man Harkling.
FW dusts himself off and stand next to you, wrapping himself in his rags to prevent the sand from hitting him, poor guy looks like a child compared to you, are those arms or twigs?


Well, whatever. It's good if he's cheerful, right? About time he slapped a smile on his face.

Stretch my arms and rub my muscles.

"That sounds pleasant. I wouldn't mind dozing off a bit soon, so the sooner we deal with this, the better."


"Right, the city people were spotted to the west of here? I'm sure they will be reasonable."
Fast Winds start to walk that way.


Glance around, but shrug. Eh, whatever. Sooner we do this, sooner I can take a nap. The first rage of the day comes easy, but the second one always leaves me a little on edge and I'd like to rest up sooner or later.


Right then, hike on after him.


Taking a last look at the stacks of books, and over all messy tent. A few leather scraps on the ground seem to glow, but it could just be your eyes.
The sun is still hot and the sand is unforgiving, insisting on blowing directly in your faces.
You hear the sound of wolves fighting up ahead.


Eh, such is desert life.

"Wolves up ahead. Want to detour?"


Fast Winds looks a little nervous.
"That's probably best."


We're not in any rush. Let's give it a wide berth.

Head south a couple hundred feet and then continue west.


you press further west, dipping south until you can no longer hear the wolves.
The wind picks up as you go, swirling in a sort of unnatural way.
roll perception or survival to notice more.


Survival is a class skill, so I get +3.


Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10


You notice a lack of tracks in this area. As if they were all blown away.


"Odd wind today, eh?"


File: 1393738741855.png (6.96 KB, 687x689, progress01.png)

Fast nods, examining the area carefully.
"Be alert, someone did this intentionally I bet."


"Did… the wind? Like some sort of wizard?"


nod "Maybe the city people.. They must be close."


"So what do you think? We could try going more south. We're not in a hurry, are we?"


"If we go too far south we'll lose track of how far north to go won't we?"


"We go far enough west, always hit the road. Go far enough east, always hit the river. Right?"


Fast sighs and nods at you "Of course Agga. even farther west is a big city, you know I've never seen it.. I wonder if they will have pictures with them.."
you both go further south west.


Alright! Continue west, then!


You see three tents set up, a much different style than the ones you use at home, a more standardized pointy style, all the same as if they were all made by the same tanner.
You see the a two humans, an elf, and a half elf. They are standing around in between the tents talking over a map.
Fast Winds gives them a friendly wave as you get closer. "Hello Travelers! I'm glad I could catch up to you so quickly."


Let him do the talking. This isn't exactly my area of expertise. Just stand around trying to look strong but sort of in a non-threatening way?


You don't have to try to look strong, you look very strong, because you are very strong! I bet everyone feels stronger just by being near you, you're so full of muscles.
The half elf stands a little taller around you.
The two humans the full elf smile back.
"So, you are the famed wildlings?" The elf girl remarks with a tone of disinterest. She pulls her bow onto her lap.
"I think we saw one of yours earlier, we thought we'd passed you by." The more well-armored human remarks, his arms are almost comparable to yours even.
"Ah, as I thought, you're simply lost. The city is back that way." Fast winds points to the west. "I can help you find a route-"
"-that won't be necessary" the smaller human replies, his eyes as sharp as daggers. "We aren't going back to the city."
"Why not?" Fast replies
"No food, no jobs, no work. No place for us. We are better off in the wild."
Fast ponders this a moment. "Maybe things are bad in your city, but you can't stay here, this is our land. Sanctioned by the royal family and everything."
the four city folk grumble a bit at that.


Observe all quite and stoic like.

Fast probably knows how to handle this. If he doesn't, well, I can do my stuff.


roll to keep from getting too bored.


I got this!

What is it, Constitution?


Roll #1 14 = 14


You manage to listen to the whole conversation.
The small human does a lot of the talking, the elf girl commenting occasionally (usually in a rude way, to make the small human look bad), the larger human and the half elf both seem kind of annoyed with the whole situation.
You notice the conversation escalate until they are yelling at each other over a slip of paper that the large human dropped.
The elf draws her bow and glares at everyone "all of you shut up"

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