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I will travel across the land.

Emily was facing off with Ivan. Everyone else was in Autumn Glen. Except Hannah: she's on the East Road outside of Covalent with the ghosties.
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Nod. "If its the traveler I got him to back off.. do you have your own pokemon?"


He nods. "Yes, most of us do."


"Louie it is. Welcome to the team."


"Okay. Then why would they throw rocks at the adults?"


Let's do it then!


And do it we do.


"Well, just because we have Pokemon friends doesn't mean we are really strong. It would be really easy for a really strong trainer to come bully their way into town. Just imagine if a really strong trainer came in with a Nidoking or something and defeated everyone and kicked us out. I mean, we have to protect the fairies. It's better to just scare them off without fighting."


You blink a few more times and you are back in the woods. Jigglypuff nods and tosses aside the cardboard tube it was using as a mic.


"Uh.. have you ever tried telling them that its just the rules?"


"Hop on and we'll head back to town first, then we'll go all the cities in the known world, Louie."


"The signs say no adults! If they came past the signs they don't care about the rules."

He grabs a hold of your backpack and climbs up.


Tilt my head. "There was a sign?"


"Yeah, I'll show you!"


Looks like the others are doing their own thing. I'll send them a text message that I'm taking off.

"Hold on. I don't think you've gone this fast before."

Head back into town, I want to see if there is a place to heal my Pokemon and make sure they are ready for the road ahead.


There's a Pokemon Center in the middle of town. The lights are off inside.

Emily (if you've met her?) is standing nearby talking to a kid local.


Go follow him to the sign.


You two head downstairs. There's a long hallway full of rows of urns. They're flanked by burial masks.

The hallway leads to a room down at the far end.

You arrive at the barricade.

"Uh… it's a little high for me. Can you help me up?"


I spare a glance at the burial masks as I go through. Are they all different?
"I guess everyone here is cremated."


I'll follow to say my goodbye.

"Hey, thanks for any help you've given Chris. Thanks to him I managed to sign up Louie here."

Point to Jigglypuffnon my backpack.


They look like they're custom designed to match real faces.


Lift him up over the barricade.
"Oh yea. Chris is a good guy." smile at the jiggly puff. "Are you gonna do the contest here?"


I frown.
"And they battle in this place? Seems a little weird…"


He gets a little huffy.

"I just meant a hand up! Don't tell anyone you picked me up."

He points to the sign on the side of the barricade.



Skate along with them.

"Nah, it's way over my head right now. Those guys are Pro's. I'm doing the amateur circuit. Come see us when you visit a city."

"You're going to be visiting the shrines, right? Where to next?"


That's nice of them.

"I'm sure they have a field for it somewhere…"
Continue on to the door at the end of the hallway.


giggle a bit. "I won't tell don't worry."
then stare at the sign how big is it? '1d10' "how come I didn't notice this at all before.."
"Fogmire, but I might take a break.. There is someone I need to look for."

Roll #1 2 = 2


"What are you looking at?"

"Huh, that's kinda cute for the kids. No adults allowed in their little clubhouse."


"An important sign."


This room is filled with more basins, but there's also a box of candles and a donation box here.

A very, very tall man in robes is working at a basin here.

"Ah, the two of you have come for the Pokemon Shrine."

"Tell him to go away!"

It's really big. You actually did see it before, but you must've forgotten.


"It's not exactly 'official' looking. If you'd like, Leo and I can make you some that look better. Even the Officers won't be able to tell the difference."


"Uh… yes! Although I'm not sure if I'm ready for a battle just yet…"


I cock my head.
"How did you know?"


Nod and set him back down.
"Kingsley you're upsetting him, that sign isn't silly its-… You'd make a new one? A really big official looking one? You know how important it is that adults stay out right?"


"It's the least we could do, and it isn't much. A few brightly colored signs, eye grabbing at all times, it's something I live for."


Look between the boy and Kingsley excitedly
"What do you think? A brighter sign would probably help!"


"Oh, I know a Pokemon trainer from miles away. And there's only two reasons people come here."

"Hey! Hey! I can get down on my own!"

"Well, okay, but he has to take it seriously."


"Of course you can. But like I said I want to help."
Smile brightly. "I haven't seen an artist work before. This will be fun…" and then look serious. "But super serious too, its important!"


"Hey, I know the value of a legitimately fake sign. You just gotta have some that look like they belong."

Call out Leo.

"Alright broseidon, we've got ourselves an important job here. We're going to mark of this area as being dangerous. That means warnings, sink hole pictures, the works. If you want, you can paint a whole tree."

Turn towards Emily's friend.

"If you have any tablets that look like street signs or are that size, bring 'em over."


File: 1389397790779.jpg (204.14 KB, 800x533, thug_life.jpg)

Leo paints some graffiti. He is clearly WAY too cool for this.

His coolness meters are off the charts. He has all of the coolness: all of it. At coolness, Leo simply cannot be beat.


Keep watching very with interest. Is he going somewhere with this? Look at the boy's reaction, '1d10', and observe Leo '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 6 = 6


"That works too. Regular people won't come in if they think they're going to get their stuff tagged."

Try my best to follow up his tagging. '1d10'

"Help find some posts or places we can hang any signs. We can make it look like a place the normals don't even want to come to."

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Are you the only one attending to this temple?"


"At least it looks authentic." I say, downtrodden. Guess my Muse wasn't answering her calls today.

"Louie, you want to try it out? We're helping your neighbors and friends out here."

Offer him some of my art tools.


"Alright. I'll look around. I know there is some paper in the day care.."


The boy doesn't seem very pleased with this.

Leo doesn't seem to care.

You are not nearly as good as Leo.


Right, wake up in the Pokecenter.

Check Chris and Kingsley's locations. And Emily too I guess.


Louie sucks on the end of the paintbrush thoughtlessly.


Right, with that sorted out, it's time for a bit of training. I'm falling behind everyone else, so I've really got to step it up.
…Kinda don't want to go hunting around in the Fairy forest, though. Doesn't seem right. Don't think I'm strong enough to take the shrinekeeper… so I guess I'll head to Fandango.


Oh and
>1k posts


"Well, yeah. Neither of us are dead…"

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