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Pretty Princess Pony edition


File: 1484231346581.jpeg (162.43 KB, 953x1024, large[1].jpeg)


File: 1484231384613.jpg (726.21 KB, 1276x1444, 1484131523546.jpg)


File: 1484231565405.png (259.22 KB, 506x493, 1322980475875.png)

Also enf is always great

And now I know this has a name.



Google it, nasse




Oblivion is unplayable withour oscuro


File: 1484232535190.png (288.43 KB, 650x530, 1389123675804.png)

Yeah, I'm using it. There's a noticeable improvement but I don't really like how it adds so much extra stuff like weapons with models athat aren't really consistent with the others, and all the extra strange factions like amazons, but I guess it had to make the fucktons of unused dungeons meaningful somehow.

That, and a lot of stuff like daedric items aren't actually in set locations, the 'guaranteed' chests for daedric gear aren't actually guaranteed, you only have one shot at getting either a helm or a shield for example since they come from the same chest. Some for weapons. And one of the things I do like Oblivion for are the ridiculously strong enchanted items you can find like the Neckless of Swords, but OOO nerfs them and doesn't put them in suitable places to hunt down and find, they remain in levelled lists to just roll until you find.

I'm really surprised there isn't just a mod that delevels areas and puts the good loot in Oblivion in set places, without nerfing them or doing anything else.


I guess OOO is only really better if you compare it to vanilla. "Oh wow, at least there's no bandits with daedric and glass armor anymore."

I was a bit confused when you complained about the combat in Oblivion some time ago, but now I do realize that nearly all of my memories of combat were in OOO, where it's not as bad.
My only run through vanilla was as a thief with maxed out sneak, where I could run stealthed past enemies in broad daylight and no one saw me.
The last few dungeons were basically doing everything stealth and never getting attacked.


Yes I am a huge fan of massive train delays
Please make me stand around more
Fucks sake


How long's the average delay?


You should come here


Minor delays of like 5 mins are common but I dislike these 20+ min ones.


Sending anduin home when
Streaming divine gremlin when


I liked that one time my train was delayed 90 minutes during winter


I think I inhaled so much thinner I'm feeling sick


>Trauma Center co-op speedrun

This is amazing


Woah link?




Aw, it's a twitch livestream
I'm not on my computer and the Internet here is just awful, so I won't be able to see


File: 1484241294320.jpg (40.12 KB, 1280x720, 1452956471891.jpg)

It's really amazing

>fucking subhumans on twitch chat don't aprreciate Trauma Center


What, there's a Gamesdonequick going on?
That's great, but I'll just watch it on youtube later.


File: 1484242026299.png (108.96 KB, 787x787, breezie_by_ve.png)


It really is!
And fuck those Twitch emote spamming Monkeys on Twitch, TC is such an amazing game. I remember the boner it gave me when I first saw it on TV when I was like 12-13


Sometime. It's been hard to gather people for stram lately.


File: 1484242453428.png (176.62 KB, 345x346, 1450753841654.png)

People are plebs


>playing Binding of Isaac the other day
>completely lucked into winning the Mega Satan fight on accident


I'm now available


File: 1484243875189.png (821.14 KB, 1280x720, 1307630.png)


File: 1484244002071.png (174.55 KB, 800x741, R3tXEDe.png)


For Horizons, possibly? Or your Victorian-era quest?


I meant to talk, but maybe I'll gather the energy to run after I eat lunch


I can manage just talk
How have your days been lately?


Lethargic, but I'm spoiling myself since grad school is starting soon


Don't feel bad about trating yourself, you're gonna miss it a lot once school starts
what are you studying?


My graduate program specializes in transatlantic studies


And what kind of job you planning to get with those studies?


>Studying trannies


I briefly considered visiting you again this coming summer


File: 1484245844676.png (266.59 KB, 442x493, 1483838826666.png)

Feel free to.


File: 1484245970678.gif (933.29 KB, 376x240, 1445799214674.gif)

>DM never considered to visit you in the summer
probally for the best


I'd die


Of course
If the heat doesn't get you, the Zika will


Brazil is one of those countries I'd like to avoid ever visiting. Kind of like India but not quite as bad.


Research professor

More like
>studying slaves

Fucking slaves I've had enough of reading about you


File: 1484246781501.jpg (67.99 KB, 680x383, 7sd14FB.jpg)

You're making the right choice, I don't think Brazil has anyredeeming qualities to be a good place for tourism anymore
Sounds fancy
What are you gonna research though? Sea stuffs?


That reminds me.
Can Selena buy some slave cows in Witherloo?


We really burned through last meta quickly!


Which is a good thing, is it not?


Sure. Anything happening?


File: 1484247879255.jpg (148.57 KB, 800x960, uW4koOL.jpg)

Nope, just watching the kids and watching some videos waiting for inspiration to strike
I should really do something productive


>decide to do some 1v1 in arcade to get some boxes
>lolno it's time for an update
Oh well.


My everything hurts

Is Andy or Sylt around?


I'm around :)



Your deer awakens in a dark room with a single door

I might be able to run for an hour or two soonish


Run what?


Sure, it's a trade city

I have my whole life to figure that out, aber ich bin ein deutsche Spezialist. (Of course, due to disuse, my language has decayed a bit…)


Nasse got an entire character and background and preferences done in like half an hour. He's joining us.

Think on it DM!


File: 1484249618465.jpg (96.41 KB, 634x492, 31872C4.jpg)

Finally someone to take care of Jolly!


Destiny is still dead, sadly, but I could try and plan a revival for it when I'm settled in in the UK



'1d10' beat the quest

gasp, you're bilingual too? that's rad!

Roll #1 2 = 2


Fair enough.



>buy cow
>it's Aloe


>Selena doesn't recognize her because she never really considered cows as "people" anyway and thus weren't worth differentiating between
>a cow's a cow, after all, unless it's a bull.


You beat the deer into a bloody pulp

I'll have to consult with Sylt and you on the topic



Nah, it's fine. I cut a lot of slack for people who are moving, occupied with school, or live in different time zones.


Yes, what I said!
But didn't you have to get settled in?


File: 1484250768460.jpg (24.42 KB, 533x355, Hattie McDaniel Gone with ….jpg)

She knows cows are smart now! She's gonna treat them well!
Like Mammy!


So she's been promoted from "milk slave" to "house zigger."
I'm sure she'd leap for joy.


I got fucking home, not to britbongistan!
I told you already!


My mind is like a sponge.
Full of holes.


File: 1484250990737.jpg (57.2 KB, 720x538, 425458.jpg)


Currently out to lunch

Be back in a bit


Cows are happier under pony overlordship!


File: 1484251667391.png (356.3 KB, 782x486, Cow.png)

The MOBA (Multinational Oxen-Bovine Alliance) will hear of this!


If they complained, I'd lash them.
Then sell them to the mines the next day!


File: 1484252738861.png (31.38 KB, 1145x738, Ah shit I thought that wou….png)

Now, see, this is the reason they started that alliance.


Giving cows rights was a mistake


Dixie had the right idea of enslaving unicorns. You're too uppity as a species. Need to be brought down a peg.




Pegasus, whatever.
They're uppity too. See how smug they are with their wings clipped.


I bet Curry would be one of them slave rights activists


The movement is doomed then.


What a good raid night. Only one wipe.


>there will never be a Pirates 3 to play a slaver character in


Are you saying whatever Curry touches turns into feces?


>E. Coli
<Turdy Touch>


File: 1484253558391.gif (125.98 KB, 960x540, 1483328411893.gif)


File: 1484253706950.gif (1.43 MB, 230x216, Experience tranquility.gif)

>Black Bean
Toot on Touch



File: 1484253776567.jpg (209.19 KB, 1024x768, Average Tracerfag.jpg)



>The Living Tombstone
>"Wonder where I read this name before"
>youtube search it
That's a blast from the past.


Anyone for OW/Stram?


I suppose we could finish those two episodes while we can


I'm good for whatevs


File: 1484255748757.jpg (98.9 KB, 398x403, Curry trying to have a ple….jpg)


This thing we're watching will be done in 30.


File: 1484257694830.jpg (71.67 KB, 640x640, mlfw8702_medium.jpg)


File: 1484257858171.jpg (308.23 KB, 1280x989, neEeEeEigh.jpg)


File: 1484257920635.png (651.75 KB, 1800x800, 1462277697437.png)


>anon gets pushed around by a pony
What a beta!


File: 1484258018142.jpeg (82.98 KB, 1280x720, 1440666767-f51a92fda52f41….jpeg)

Well that was something.


Did she have a bullet for herself?


I wish she had.


File: 1484258168921.jpg (237.94 KB, 829x714, Kurumi3.jpg)


She stopped being retarded for a brief period!



OW anyone?


Not tonight


File: 1484259238408.png (994.45 KB, 1920x1080, 1Vew6YM.png)


Just had my fill of getting my ass beat in that, so I'm afraid I'm done for now.



It did have some nice songs in it.


File: 1484259569764.png (138.93 KB, 919x870, urgh_by_lopoddity-d9ww1n4.png)


That one in particular reminded me of Katawa Shoujo for some reason

I really liked this track though


What a pair of cutes


File: 1484259674884.png (1.27 MB, 1070x1426, 1465278787376.png)



File: 1484259801518.gif (661.51 KB, 400x225, 1212525.gif)

What a colorful bzzz


I will once DM feels fully done on Steam


File: 1484259846798.jpg (600.41 KB, 1280x828, large (31).jpg)


Bzzz sheet?


File: 1484259904547.png (405.83 KB, 1280x709, berp.png)


I'll do it tonight


File: 1484259949567.png (1.17 MB, 1276x992, large.png)

OTR tomorrow?


As soon as we have the people gathered.



Not like it'll still be there tomorrow.


There's snow way of knowing.



Any slavers in your lewdquest?


There's an NPC who has made a brief appearance who had a slave, although it's probably worth mentioning that the entire upper class (magicians) rule through enslaving demons. So demon enslavement is a way of life.


File: 1484261362869.gif (2.42 MB, 572x518, 1330370.gif)

>demon enslavement
Well, it's not going to be for me then. I will read it every once in a while tho


It's on roll20, you can't read it!




Tomorrow is an ice storm for us.


File: 1484262002075.jpg (20.59 KB, 640x360, 1483908814785.jpg)

>actually mash together a character


File: 1484262064846.gif (168.8 KB, 390x290, congratulations.gif)


File: 1484262085512.gif (1.25 MB, 200x163, 1469364635049.gif)





File: 1484262207921.jpg (29.95 KB, 600x450, 1453493142765.jpg)


One spot left m8



File: 1484262873187.jpg (25.35 KB, 640x423, d08dab649d2a2a0ef74f23202c….jpg)


what a dog


File: 1484263635710.jpg (565.94 KB, 1448x2047, cAc0ZrH.jpg)

About time, I knew you could do it


>tfw you're so bad you make nopony leave


He's very sensitive


Now to count down how long it takes for me to regret everything.


That's cheating, DM, you already regret everything.


Your post was at exactly 21:00 (My time) at 12/01/2017


File: 1484264275979.png (207.21 KB, 900x704, 5fc.png)


The more time spent doing nothing, the closer that gets.


what a muddled pon


File: 1484266184893.jpg (137.28 KB, 800x595, 1408685369640.jpg)

>fire engine outside in my lot
>now an ambulance just arrived


Wolf moon over my city tonight



It was Sylt being a little bitch



Git carried :`)


I guess so


You sure did all the work again
If only gold medals actually meant anything

It was fun after he stopped being a cuck!


I dunno


you finish your breezy sheet?


If only they didn't mean a thing.


Wasn't it?
I mean, I was super tired so I wasn't doing all that well, but I enjoyed playing together


I guess


File: 1484271070746.jpg (179.25 KB, 750x519, GEikrl2.jpg)


File: 1484271842781.png (241.39 KB, 1850x1542, 1206477__safe_fluttershy_r….png)







File: 1484272736195.png (550.71 KB, 1280x975, 1404913121577.png)


File: 1484272849398.jpg (964.25 KB, 2988x5312, RWClg1y.jpg)

We need quest at these hours


Knighto-san will save us!


I'm working on it now


If only some DeerM was around at this time to run


I am really pleased with these characters developed for Timbuktu, they are all well rounded characters with both strengths and flaws with thoughtful personalities, yet still room to grow. Also a majority of the players said they were trying something new, which is great.


Is this b8? I have a physical description done by the way.


File: 1484273247462.png (135.72 KB, 1024x741, rarity___why_you__by_santa….png)

>wf will keep posting vague intriguing references to his game to get people to ask about it


Put it in your character sheet on roll20, no one can view each other's sheets.

And no, I'm really proud of DM especially. Once he found something that got his interest, he really started to get into writing and actually wanted to keep going even after I said I had enough to work with.

I don't want to be more specific so I can respect my players' privacy. I think you jut have a naturally curious personality!


That's pretty cool, hyped to see what he brings.


>I don't want to be more specific so I can respect my players' privacy.
That's why the upset rarity
>I think you jut have a naturally curious personality!
Anyone would be curious, its not just me.


Knight is too good for us
I have ideas but no players


File: 1484273859864.png (491.86 KB, 854x949, 1483395548975.png)


I want to finish Cyberpunk first.

Quick Overwatch question, if you go through the Dialogue wheel and ask for healing, doesn't it tell you where the healer is?



It doesn't


sometimes if I'm healer, I reply with 'hello' when someone far off asks, so they can find me


I use Group Up


I don't reply at all.


>when you start working on the basic plot of a campaign but then end up working on the cosmology of a setting


Darn, I was certain it was added when my PC was broken.

Oh, that's a very good idea.

What Healer do you usually play?


Ana, zen.


well, I only reply when I'm not close enough to heal, so its not really very often, ideally you wouldn't have time to reply and would just heal them


File: 1484274306526.png (1.09 MB, 793x850, KfX0i3w.png)

Not that quest, I ain't ready yet!
I was talking about the little breez adventure which sion and Wf showed interest but Sion is asleep at this time


>interested players aren't awake at this time
guess you don't need a quest then!


File: 1484274539130.jpg (68.8 KB, 640x478, sguDDtS.jpg)

D-don't say such things, everyone needs quest
It's good for your soul and inspiring you


File: 1484274563738.png (148.38 KB, 900x900, 1340259044011.png)


But how does this work?
at this point a doll would be for efficient


I'm assuming the heat makes the ink evaporate, possibly a flaw in the mixing.


*possibly a flaw or quirk of the ink formula.


File: 1484274814832.gif (183.04 KB, 600x600, 1343290587421.gif)

Erasable ink and heat.

And dolls aren't qt


>dolls aren't qt


I mean, depends on what kind! I'm only familliar with the creepy ones


File: 1484276094800.jpg (41.54 KB, 501x585, 1483457255173.jpg)

Fucking Asians magic.


Why are you still up, jesus fuck.


Got carried away in Skylines.


File: 1484276352848.jpg (64.08 KB, 695x645, 1317626000039.jpg)

>tfw sister overwrote my save file and I haven't had the will to work on another city since

I did a bit of work on a new one but then I realised I forgot to change the roads from barbarian right-hand to civilised left-hand traffic, and then I just gave up


>>tfw sister overwrote my save file and I haven't had the will to work on another city since
Did you strangle her?

>Not having multiple save files

The Disaster DLC stuff is pretty fun though. Mostly to see shit get wrecked.


File: 1484277778395.webm (2.64 MB, 1280x720, 1484275201191.webm)

No matter how low you fall
No matter how gay you become
You will never be
This guy right here.


I have to move to my desktop just to react to that


This better be a rare Burch.




File: 1484277968374.jpg (100.62 KB, 513x486, 1483853288591.jpg)

Rare Sukuna


Memes. He's just reaching for another bottle.


File: 1484277997779.png (62.32 KB, 238x260, 1327830838562.png)

What am I supposed to be seeing here?


The guy sniffing that girl's chair once she gets up?


I was wondering if I was reaching with that


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuC4YLLkqME Switch stuff in like 30 minutes if you care to watch


File: 1484278164289.jpg (67.76 KB, 650x600, 1464105877049.jpg)

Didn't waste any time. Went in while the scent was fresh. A true hunter.


File: 1484279214672.jpg (232.15 KB, 1600x2000, 0110 - 30vid6P.jpg)

>SCP-458 is considered safe and therefore is to be stored in the staff canteen at Site 17, with no access restrictions required.


File: 1484279360010.png (244.79 KB, 900x900, 1322954806797.png)

>remember that article that had some countdown to when a big machine would fail and stop protecting the world
>deadline comes, it's free to wreak havoc again
>it's just ayy lmao alium monsters xD




was it really?
Which one was that again? I forget.


>makes even homemade pizza
>someone just brings in pizza and puts it in the box


It should be starting around now.



the storyline is here, and it got real cheesy near the end.





>paid online

fuck you


Nintendo is done for.


No one here still buys Nintendo, right?


File: 1484280611283.png (349.76 KB, 1280x720, Fluttershy_meets_a_paraspr….png)

what are you talking about


>can only play 8 player local MP games
What's the point? Why limit the number of consoles you can connect?
Monster Hunter and pokemon are a thing.


Switch will have paid online


Fuck I hope this crashes and burns so bad but if a mianl;ine Pokemon comes out on it it won't






HD Rumble actually sounds cool, but I have to feel it to believe it


Agree, but the IR sensor is gonna be the ps4's touchpad all over again.


The "one two switch" sfx they have sounds suspiciously like an asset lifted from Rhythm Heaven


Who the fuck comes up with this shit
Who are they trying to sell to?


Wii's userbase.


>Japanese schoolgirl chooses an avatar with blonde hair and blue eyes

Really makes me think


If Mii boxing taught me anything is that this thing will tire you out in 1 round.


At least they took aweay region lock
But fuck paid online


So far
>Pay to play online
>no regionlock
>2.5 to 6 hours battery life
Things that won't be used but could be cool
>1 2 switch
Looks sorta fun. I doubt the fun will last though


>From chat
"I can't wait for legs"


>squid kid music remix


We're all squids now
We're all kids now


Ha! They have OW ults


This translator sounds rather uncertain of himself

Give the man a script!




>Not "Mario: Parallel Universes"

Looks like Galaxy+ though, and Galaxy was good.


I had a bad banjo 3 vibe.


>open world meme

And it looked so good too


They drew a lot of comparisons to 64 though, which was ""open world""

Obviously you travel between zones on your flying ship, like Galaxy


I actually do think the Mario looks fun but why are they telling us

>We're releasing in March. We will not have games until later this year.




>no waifus

This is barely like persona at all!


Persona ja nai!


>SMT 5(?)

I might have to get this after all
Ah, fuck


This translator is going to lose his job


Oh boy, 5 year old game on Switch!




I would love to take a look at all this but
>Ping: 329ms
Downliad speed: 0.19 bits per second


Wow this fucking translator




>expecting anything good from scp


So basically only Zelda:Botw at launch


>Gerudo is more of a waifu than Zelda


And now think. Pokemon gen 8 will have paid online.


File: 1484284166094.jpg (78.35 KB, 444x460, 1464425347369.jpg)

I don't want to think

Hope the Switch is hacked wide open even harder than the 3DS


What if I told you nintendo allowed the 3ds to be hacked to move units now that it's at the end of its life cycle?



I refreshed the Wikipedia page and it now has the official release date!


Not a bad idea, but this is Nintendo 'fuck fan content' we're talking about


Different branches. Secret operations. One doesn't exclude the other.




File: 1484284454680.jpg (29.4 KB, 512x384, 1471952219082.jpg)


I quite liked what they showed at last when I saw it, but then I've always liked zelda.


I sorta wanted to get a switch, but $360+ to play a single game is a bit much.
I'm sure it'll come with a number of gimmick minigames too, but those won't really hold anyone's attention for long. So I wouldn't really count them.


I feel ya. At this point it seems unlikely that I'd buy a console any more.


A console I was meant to be
Pretty much a cheap PC

By the way, even though I'm not playing, I'm pretty excited for OTR running today. It's good to see you getting back into the spirit.


Here's hoping. Taking a break was good for me.


I've been casting with the wrong catalyst this whole time.

Also, the Baneful Queen isn't hard as the path leading up to her.


Deploy anti bzz spray '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


I updated my sheet but not Ribbon's yet


What's up
Did Nintendon't talk about switch again?



She is hellish if you don't drain the arena first or go in solo with bad magic resist.
But burn the mill and the npc summon will solo her.


Baneful Queen is so ezmodo though, I barely remember she exists


I fought her once with the arena full of poison just to see how it is, but yeah she is really easy. Made even worse by how she is the boss of a rather annoying area. And that covetous demon was also easy.
Although it is possible my view is a bit skewed given how I always rushed her to get my ember ASAP, so I know that area all too well.


Basically what DM said. I actually have never beaten her without draining the poison, despite many hosts summoning me to try.


She had to be an ezboss with how frustrating the arena is. Could you imagine fighting Nameless King in that poison?


Well if the host is retarded you can just disconnect.


>hey Nasse we need you to find a website building and hosting site that lets you edit their basic template's code for free
I think I'm gonna die


Being summoned costs you nothing, so there's no reason not to try


Do they want to actually employ the website's services, or just plagerize the free template?


I like to imagine the tears of impotent rage when you know the guy has been trying to summon someone for half an hour but because Dark Souls' netcode is so shit it hasn't been working or there are no summon signs anywhere and then when he finally finds someone they just leave


And then you walk head first into smelter demon, resulting in easily the biggest leap in difficulty you'll find in the game


Smelter demon is actually highly predictable, it's funny. I used to have a helper character stationed by his door for summons.

The keep itself was more annoying for me. Fuuuuuuck fighting all those alonne knights


File: 1484293636946.png (37.39 KB, 256x256, token_1(1).png)


You can parry them ez at least
Plus, they drop the coolest armor


Smelter is one of those bosses who really becomes trivial the moment you get good at fighting him. He just throws a lot of people off with being a three phase boss you can't shield tank after two insanely simple ones.
The only other leap that big is magus to Freya, but that's more a joke on how easy magus is.


Throne defender set does not drop off Alonne knights, silly


Looks nice!


Are Daggers and Short Swords good? Once I got my strength up for the Drangleic Shield, I had enough for the Heavy Crossbow and the Axes, so I just ran with those.


I don't even want to bother with parrying them.

>Whoops, fucked up a parry, now you lose 1/3 of your life :^)

And the worst part is they had so much stagger resistance!


Not really. People say status builds are viable for PvE but it always seemed like it took too long for me to apply it.
>Short Swords
Any kind of sword does fine. Personally my favorite is the Puzzling Stone Sword.


If you want to make Ribbon a size larger for his next level, that's no prob since there'll be enough room next dun and his size will be less of a problem outside the Hollow too.


He's a growing kitty!


So hungry


Everything in the game is destroyed with a mace because lmao armored humanoid enemy or Ultra Greatsword.

>tfw Mastodon Greatsword looks cool but got shafted so bad as a greatsword and not UGS

Wearing Alonne armor was pretty much my only motivation to play DS2 to the end


>There are people who didn't give Rosabeth the Aurous set


Daggers are shit
Short swords are good but expect bosses to take a while. With a good str build grab the drake keeper sword or the viking sword from the wharf. Dex go for the puzzling stone sword or just go katana.


I gave her my spare Havel
Back in the day, throne defender sword was hilariously good. Mastodon would be fine if it had the good moveset off claymore.
The only place I remember maces being near mandatory was early pursuer, but I guess it was more noticeable if you used slashing weapons instead of normal swords or axes.


>have to vacuum the whole office
Yeaaaah, something tells me I'm not going to renew my contract here at the end of the month.


I just gave her a set of gloves


Unf unf unf unf unf


I'll take a screenshot of my character tomorrow. I collected the set of clothing from the Pyromancy Sorceress and I think it would fit her.

I like the little text for it.

Good night.


People generally give you assignments based on how useful you've shown yourself to be.



There are literally no jobs for an IT support person or a programmer here, the only jobs they have are for graphic design and printing stickers or posters, and those jobs are all taken by people with education in that stuff


Also I'm always alone in this computer room ;_;



>doesn't have to interact with filthy 3D humans



File: 1484300984953.webm (2.82 MB, 854x480, 425356.webm)


>Wow wow wow wow wow


>Red Letter Media


At least there's Dunkirk…


File: 1484301238262.png (47.5 KB, 512x512, 1483671263835.png)


File: 1484301462232.jpg (137.51 KB, 1024x723, 1473356470920.jpg)

You can choose to go into denial if you like!

I was going to make a joke where I say, "Do you think it would lose its impact if they called it World War II: Episode X: Dunkirk" where X is the number of world war 2 movies, but I lost count at 91 in the 1950s.

I do not claim to be right, but I am going to estimate there have been more than a thousand films about world war 2, but you are welcome to count

But hey, think of it this way, it's only the third movie about Dunkirk in the last 15 years.


She looks like she needs a belly rub


Programmer jobs are indeed probably more concentrated down here.


Would you?



I really ought to slp though, I absolutely HAVE to have a functional slp schedule by TOMORROW


With historical movies it's more about how they portray the events rather than originality, for obvious reasons.
Not gonna say we don't have enough WW2 movies already, but it at least looks like it's gonna be mildly entertaining. Overall though I'd agree with RLM that the movie industry has basically become McDonalds, but hey it sells so what does that say about the viewers?


>2014 had six American movies about WWII alone

My country is to blame for this more than any other, when it comes to WWII movies - that much is certain


File: 1484301881777.png (253.36 KB, 1271x854, 6eUoctT.png)

It's paying off!


File: 1484302101074.jpg (216.37 KB, 1366x768, 20170104144738_1.jpg)

>more than 60% is early game
>second game in a row where I draw lategame shit

Fucking fairies


File: 1484306335980.png (161.56 KB, 943x847, 1463698788164.png)


File: 1484306405885.jpg (111.42 KB, 800x675, tmp_9095-gote1824035608.jpg)


>Listening to radio while "working"
>ad break
>"Hey [my name]"
>"I'm pregnant"
>Get really spooked
>It's an insurance ad



File: 1484306692947.png (282.44 KB, 513x370, how horrible.png)

>accidentally signed up for an engineering class when I wanted to do a humanities one

It sounded exactly like one, fucking hell
Hopefully the other clases still have slots


File: 1484307864112.png (810.92 KB, 633x896, 77c8bed6553f16347b1fd6524d….png)

Urgh, I have a headache.


>tfw Nokia is coming back to the phone business

Praise be


File: 1484308672333.png (711.29 KB, 944x406, stam.png)

Excuse me Steam

What do you take me for


File: 1484309722635.jpg (112.79 KB, 640x749, 1366361.jpg)

I hope they won't try for another Microsoft phone deal.


File: 1484311497548.jpg (980.47 KB, 1414x2000, 1466263271127.jpg)


File: 1484312226010.jpg (197.75 KB, 752x1063, heroes_never_die__for_a_pr….jpg)

The comeback is real since they are switching to Android


File: 1484312381848.png (521.9 KB, 629x466, 0197f37853b3e4cb9733b6a6c8….png)


Literally all they have to do is include a flagship processor with a screen smaller than 5.5 inches and a micro SD card slot, and not have a shit OS like samshit lagwiz

Which is increasingly hard for phone makers for some reason


>Smaller screen
What are you, a fag?


File: 1484312541222.jpg (53.74 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

This is your guardian angel for today.


Phones should be easily used with one hand
5.5 inches is the upper limit


Also a battery that has a longer lifespan than an hour.


File: 1484312665203.png (113.68 KB, 326x359, 1467796955737.png)

Waaait, if she's an angel, why does she have horns?


That was actually one of the reasons I bought the S7, it seemed to have the largest battery of them all.
Now I'm sad because I can't upgrade over it ever or at least not until all the flagship phones are superceded by a SIMSD-card you insert directly into a slot grafted into your temple for enhanced reality.


Technically demons are merely fallen angels. Just ignore the horns, she's a good person to put your trust in.

I'm actually pretty pleased with my Samsung phone as well. Battery life isn't that bad.


That sounds logical.


Large battery does not directly translate to long battery life, make sure you toggle a fuckton of stuff in your settings and remove everything you don't like.

Got a HTC10 myself because of the abundance of custom ROMs, but Nougat update is taking fucking forever to arrive.


Oh yeah and the S7 was the first phone with the newest android at the time.
Also also yes I know how to do that.


>check battery usage statistics because interest
>Skype uses 36% battery even though I haven't used it in at least five months
Hahaha fuck you Microsoft


I want Shovel-Chan as my guardian angel


She's incompetent!


I want Mercy as my guardian angel!


She only fucked up once!
And with good reason!


One fuuckup is enough to ruin everything.



>How to kill Pharah as Junkrat

This is fucking brutal


File: 1484318531609.jpg (98.19 KB, 720x960, gRapSW6.jpg)


File: 1484319356652.jpg (2.99 MB, 4912x3264, tmp_9095-original401668841.jpg)


File: 1484319497171.jpg (161.69 KB, 700x873, no0XR1j.jpg)


>Tags: Illuminati, Memes
That explains it. I think.


File: 1484320982960.jpg (36.41 KB, 558x430, tmp_9095-CIsuXV_WwAAwTSw-6….jpg)


File: 1484321188081.jpg (78.82 KB, 594x444, drunk.jpg)


File: 1484321778247.jpg (129.93 KB, 577x1024, VD5c9CG.jpg)


>put up a sign
>for deer


File: 1484323753133.gif (497.97 KB, 702x861, sonata_confused.gif)


File: 1484323797531.jpg (32.03 KB, 542x431, 416129.jpg)


File: 1484323817407.gif (246.55 KB, 315x335, sonata_buzzing.gif)


File: 1484324071844.jpg (294.01 KB, 959x1280, Winking doggo.jpg)


File: 1484324099718.gif (1.82 MB, 250x313, doge di.gif)


What do breezies ride to battle?


Fairweather has a cat.
Hamsters, bunnies….


>A cat
Woaaah Woah


File: 1484324655254.png (208.48 KB, 848x942, 1381598711612.png)

[Initiating weekend]


File: 1484324799506.png (883.6 KB, 617x1920, Anti-Adventures 24.png)


File: 1484324849477.gif (1.43 MB, 800x450, 457710.gif)


>slept over 12 hours
"I'm fixing my sleep schedule!"


Moon pôny would be proud


File: 1484333071605.gif (434.43 KB, 505x506, 1285144.gif)

Here for OTR


Smelter Demon did in.

Was he supposed to gain any new attacks besides the Fire coming out of his sword?


he gains a fire damage aura
Waiting on the rest then


File: 1484333277058.png (170.27 KB, 716x814, 1427602358455-1.png)


Shit I didn't realize it was today. Agreed to go out with friends, sorry.


I guess since I'm a Magic User, I didn't feel the sting.

Also, that is some annoyingly tricky game design getting to him. It's safer NOT to lower that bridge, and you can't undo it.


Ok so do we start without Sylt or postpone?


Go ahead without me.


File: 1484334501132.png (231.34 KB, 1500x1400, NUWROrG.png)

I'm okay if we post pone


File: 1484334544788.png (210.97 KB, 400x436, Smooze_ID_S5E7.png)

whatever you like


File: 1484334553767.jpg (634.53 KB, 996x1852, 1484206546908.jpg)


File: 1484334566531.gif (451.72 KB, 396x300, 1474607946979.gif)

I dunno man, I'm just a horse




I'm trying very hard to figure out what boss he is talking about
>can you repeat the question
If Nonny shows up we start


File: 1484335027577.png (558.02 KB, 1280x720, 1284065.png)


I think I managed to pack everything
I don't think I forgot anything




>massive ice storm this weekend
>attempting to use the slow cooker for the first time

This is going to be interesting. If this fails, I will be stuck with chicken breasts, eggs, and babby sausage links for two days.


Sticking some food in the oven and writing the opening post
This first session will be a recap/flashback more than anything


File: 1484336184506.jpeg (198.28 KB, 1160x804, 6xbW4vx0hS5zWKMQs.jpeg)


I've seen that on the news


File: 1484336355704.jpeg (256.15 KB, 1160x844, 6xbW4aOXG67JnqaIs.jpeg)

Apparently this fox thought the ice on the Danube was thick enough to walk on
He was wrong


>spring comes
>ice melts
>fox wakes up


>me IRL




File: 1484336480501.png (1003.04 KB, 1100x1000, weed.png)

While you're busy with that, I'll go ahead and "get into character".


File: 1484336558711.jpg (30.01 KB, 500x655, 7c1017adf5a02a3dcef977ab77….jpg)

I have very grim news for you Sion

>me IRL


I don't seem to have your new sheet saved, could you repost it?


John Corso
Things good at: Identifying antiques, finding things, haggling


You're playing a Pawn Stars character?


job at the palace?


Selling battletoads to prank callers.



File: 1484338266667.png (1.87 MB, 1722x2003, 1074850__solo_oc_oc only_s….png)

can you appraise this art for me?


Uhm, librarian?

No, it's from a movie

Slutty garbage


Very butt


I chuckled


File: 1484339106447.png (Spoiler Image, 728.01 KB, 1069x1200, 1472519569188.png)


"I recognize that bulge" territory


help me out here DM, what do we want from the dragon bois this time?


Info that can lead you to their boss and help you defeat him, or a way to get him on your side, or something to that effect.


>Next session: Killing the Old Gods


>Wanting to start playing 40k again
Someone stop me please


draw me a caper instead


I see, so ideally we want to meet up with their boss, and either kill or befriend him?


So, my char is supposed to already know all the team members?


yes, you have had ample time in universe to get to know them.
To facilitate this, we have this setup session.
Pretty much


File: 1484339868987.gif (1.58 MB, 447x373, 1117548.gif)


If it helps Kelpie is a teenage witch type, mostly likes to spook people, and is good at sneaking around.


Since I'm unreliable I probably won't play, but if you want, I can have the Drakin Maid be at base for faff reasons in the future.


Oh shit, I was supposed to draw today too.


Sure, "Faff reasons'


She's a pure maiden


Anyone else for OW?


Wow, Kelpie doesn't waste time, does she?


File: 1484342142798.png (221.16 KB, 1112x1124, 1374590247492.png)

Its where the fancy boss will show up, let's go look.


File: 1484342216517.jpg (252.58 KB, 809x923, pW5OyRe.jpg)

Kelpie is a huge slut!
So is your Drakin


Come to think of it, am I the only male in the group?


there are others, but they aren't saying anything right now?


Gonna be driving the folks around town, no chance.

I will try out Sombra next time.


Nonny's Drakin and Sylt's vampire
Don't go getting your hopes up Casanova




Excuse you


File: 1484343029580.gif (532.11 KB, 273x310, fggf.gif)




There are no males in Horizons

Although Flagon was part of it briefly. Imagine how different the quest might've been if Lemon had stayed!


File: 1484343331676.jpg (15.91 KB, 358x100, ScreenShot_17-01-13_22-34-….jpg)



he stopped playing to do quest


Why aren't you questing with us?


File: 1484343576141.png (302.17 KB, 611x602, 1467840527235.png)


Just taking a 20 minute break.


>being made to wake up thsi early on a weekend
This is a crime


Every hero is available in HOTS this weekend

Kinda want to try playing the two headed ogre just for fun


Sorry wf, I just don't like that game, too many memories associated with it.


File: 1484343900717.png (131.45 KB, 900x887, 1367448518923.png)

What, really? Why did you want to unlock stuff for the Nexus challenge?


File: 1484343973633.jpg (15.49 KB, 210x240, screaming_internally.jpg)


File: 1484344139903.png (169.27 KB, 816x807, 1431420759481.png)

Yes, I'm serious.
Well, you saw how I was kinda unconcerned about it, (you were asking about it far more than I even looked the dates). I just really like collecting things.


>I just really like collecting things
Dragoness confirmed


its more of a disease than a trait at this point


We all have our demons


Anyone wanna share me their battletags? I tend to play overwatch from time to time.


File: 1484346778465.png (183.29 KB, 278x391, bzzz_map_wip.png)


looks nice!


Well, that nap lasted longer than I expected.


Why would I have expected anything else


File: 1484347823512.png (76.95 KB, 512x512, 309440b2c.png)


I've got to stop playing the game in about half an hour, DM. Gotta get ready for work.


File: 1484348309762.jpg (8.87 KB, 480x155, WEa8Bae.jpg)



>posting the version with less hair


There's a hairy version?


File: 1484349499869.jpg (61.57 KB, 504x470, tmp_5384-fuck57477462.jpg)

I hate everything


File: 1484349547585.gif (28.46 KB, 100x100, Sweet science.gif)

What's got you down, BDN?


File: 1484349857883.gif (674.29 KB, 497x372, KefYV3y.gif)

>Phone goes off at 11% battery


File: 1484350020747.webm (561.92 KB, 550x402, 1475973248288.webm)

I'll go slp once this is done DM.


File: 1484350091681.png (452.18 KB, 1280x1280, 855eba20bddd984f7e645d8b23….png)


Nonny is heading to work too
We may need to pause then


yea that might be good


That's it for today then


File: 1484350511759.jpg (49.25 KB, 447x723, 1479627043131.jpg)

Thanks for running


good night


Corso's based on Depp in this movie


How did it feel


File: 1484351168698.gif (1.93 MB, 416x480, 1478825344019.gif)



Trip to mosquito-infested island
From 5am till 6pm tomorrow




Tomorrow I'll be sleeping in a distant land


Night Nopo.


Night m8
Have fun


So long old friend.


Don't crash.


Anyone want to join us watching Boku no Hero Academia?


Me, but I can't
And I'll have no Internet for a while

Have fun


Be safe nopo. You have a good day tomorrow
I'd love to try now that I seemed to have fixed the internet



Aaaa it barely loads
Thanks but seems like the internet is not fast enough yet


I'll join in, sure.


Small pause now
Back in a bit


File: 1484357875476.gif (79.32 KB, 177x210, tumblr_o56eypJaFw1r4jf9no1….gif)

Aight then. I'll be here.


I accidentally watched it all


So tired
So not wanting to sleep


File: 1484358282524.jpg (60.27 KB, 679x1000, 71506a9a9cfa27156aece15b55….jpg)

I bet you liked this.


play game


That'd make me tired-er!


two games?


Multi-game drifting?


Eh, she's only in a couple scenes total!


Will you join us for the next meet?


When will it be?


Dec 26 2017ish


I dunno, probably not. For a few reasons!

>I travel a lot with my family around the holidays

>It's hard to plan that far out
>People would think I'm crazy for going to Finland

Belgium was more reasonable since I speak German


>Not wanting to come to Winter Wonderland


>meeting people you've known for years
>several americans are coming




Gaius (hopefully) and Swatz.


How many languages do you speak Wf


If my exchange application doesn't go through I'll only be able to make it in December and the first week of January

If it does, we'll see


We're thinking 26 December to 4-6th of January.


That's actually perfect for me as of now


Just English and German, and a little bit of Spanish – I took a couple years of it in high school but I rarely use it so a lot has faded


File: 1484361101956.png (408.44 KB, 800x800, 1480376273.tamyra_eva_jarg….png)

Still pretty nice


>posting unprovoked lewd


File: 1484361628846.jpg (Spoiler Image, 252.13 KB, 850x963, __original_drawn_by_panpa_….jpg)

I just found it and wanted to post it to Wf before I forgot
Also this


What is that fairy in front even trying to do.


Thigh worship is pretty hot


I meant the one trying to force a cock larger than her trunk into her.


I already have these

The girl on the left always reminds me of Sunset Shimmer


You mean she isn't supposed to be her?


it'd be a little weird since none of the others are mlp girls


Maybe it's a mix?


File: 1484362306944.png (12.19 KB, 292x275, 1483031083529.png)

Just the tip is nice too
You did? That means I failed then
I'm very sad


Raynor: 2
Kerrigan: 7
Artanis: 4
Swann: 3
Vorazun: 7
Karax: 3
Alarak: 3
Stukov: 1

Kinda wanna knock out Raynor and Stukov tonight. Tomorrow I can work on Karax and Swann.


>Want to resist Trump? Buy this gay furry Islamic romance novel! t. Slate magazine

This is real. This is real life.



File: 1484365037538.jpg (39.72 KB, 480x711, 1484077519666.jpg)


Are they really that dumb?


>people are pointing this out in the comments
>this one guy keeps insisting "Laws don't reflect the actual people, they're just ways to control people, and some of them are outdated"
I think the problem is that these people lack a sense of humor. It would explain both why they don't see how stupid this stuff sounds and why they get so mad when other people make fun of it.


File: 1484365617490.jpg (12.5 KB, 480x360, Kyell Gold.jpg)

Best part is the writer saying how he didn't know much about Islam but used Tumblr and Wikipedia as his sources.


>that was the actual quote
>gay muslims

Is this a joke?




True. I honestly can't think of a different way to go about this. Racking my brain here.


File: 1484365962495.png (13.27 KB, 296x236, 1467796982126.png)

The tumblrites got memed too hard by Trump's election, and now they're going full retard apparently.
Also remember, the key is to BUY the books- you don't have to actually read what's inside of them, because who even reads anymore? Just trust us when we say it's good and helps beat Trump.


It makes a very slightly increased semblance of sense that he acknowledges Muslims as not the most gay friendly crowd

Looks like some fanfiction writer blown out of proportion


>boost winston on point
>he sits there emoting

This last match I had was the strangest shit. It's like people were TRYING to lose!


>WiiU can be emulated

Wow, uh

I guess I have to play Pikmin 3 now


File: 1484367827134.png (81.17 KB, 500x500, 1482030693812.png)


File: 1484368559663.png (2.18 MB, 2000x1200, 1476133307993.png)


Why do people play literally impossible comps in QP_


I'll join you


2late, I'm going to sleep now.


Dang it. I'll just do some Quick Play then


>wear one of those waterproof polyester shirts
>hours later there's barely any sign I sweat in it at all

Comfy as fuck, this shit is magic


File: 1484371203603.png (76.19 KB, 500x500, tmp_5384-1435841435206-773….png)

>Knight is finally free to quest
>not home


Next time.


>2nd trick box I open gives me the Poison Envy dice
Oh cool, nice. I was doing pretty well that game too; walling off almost every settlement before the halfway mark as Elyssia feels like a great accomplishment.
Too bad I kept drawing absolute crap for trickeries; I had so much gold, but for the life of me I could not draw the landmines I needed to spend it on.


File: 1484375013553.png (167.5 KB, 265x370, Untethered-Express-Aether-….png)

Damn, the new MTG looks cool as hell.


>15cms of snow fell overnight

Just great
I hope we crash the fucking car before we get anywhere near the airport
Or that someone else crashes the car causing bad traffic that we get stuck in so we can't get to it


>Have to be up in 7 hours to run Timbuktu



>flight in seven hours
>have to be there at least 5 and a half hours to be safe
>trip to Budapest is around 2 hours but snow and everything


>Surviving outside your fortified bunker home in Hungary for 5.5 hours straight

Should we just start planning the funeral now?


Another day


>feeling a bit nauseaus after drinking coffee

I think the nerves are getting to me
Shitty road conditions were the last thing I needed today


I hope you've packed your spear and magic helmet.


What if my magic helmet is on my spear?


Then you'll have to fuck your way into Valhalla, Nopo. Show them how a Hungarian handles his spear.


File: 1484377797935.jpg (Spoiler Image, 689.17 KB, 1131x1600, 11ef3a2db3c0167680979b5da4….jpg)

Maybe you're just excited for Britain


File: 1484378653373.jpg (150.93 KB, 1000x1146, 1484321507307.jpg)

>Each worth less than a Dollar
So which one are you getting?


I'm so vanilla, I think I'd take the fox girl, I enjoy the feeling of fur.


File: 1484379179241.jpg (2.06 MB, 4000x3000, tmp_5384-IMAG0342144289437….jpg)

This is nice


File: 1484379181988.png (338.24 KB, 512x724, 1477446352738.png)

It's pretty cute, and the way it holds its tail makes me think it's anxious about getting a home.

Shouldn't you be asleep so you can run your quest?



What would I even do with one? Make it my desk attendant?

>just realised Wf could very well be behind the whole tiny pone thing


File: 1484379457453.png (1.08 MB, 1500x1000, 1483815118524.png)

Seems like a good place to spend time thinking by yourself.

I'm sure Tiny Pone has been a thing since the Zecora episode. The comics even had one, it's probably hard for just one person to push it.


This field trip is turning out pretty nice

Minimal sun so the weather's good, and we're on the boat fishing for plankton for out analysis. We're going to be stargazing tonight.


It's a possibility
Also, I couldn't decide between the purple salamander and blue shark


Halfway to the airport
The snowing let up and most of the roads are cleared by now
Taking a coffee and bathroom break

Crisis averted,?


>Kind of want to marathon DB Super
>Also kind of want to wait and watch it along with /co/ on Toonami



>not sleeping


I slept and woke up twice, my body simply will not sleep more. I can just take the last two hours before game as prep time.


File: 1484397522844.jpg (153.93 KB, 1171x1550, 1477342931278.jpg)


You are so gonna crash.


Well yesterday I woke up at 4pm, I got to sleep around 1:30am. 9.5 hours awake is not much.

So I have an overabundance of sleep from yesterday that will carry me through.


File: 1484400512844.jpg (27.92 KB, 442x558, c96.jpg)

>Wf actually believes that
Good luck





Where are you seeing this?


File: 1484400773745.png (180.01 KB, 265x370, Peacekeeper-Colossus-Aethe….png)

It's all on magicspoiler of course


>got 'randomly selected' at security

Fucking unbelievable
I have a 100% selection rate there at this airport despite never doing anything wrong


It's not as though they remember you personally and want to search you again. They can just smell the Fidesz hate on you.


It's just security thinking you're a cutie and wanting to get a groping opportunity.


Ten minutes 'til gametime, I hope Nasso and DM are awake

Hey, that means Nopo's flight is soon too


>Finland is actually one hour further ahead than the rest of continental Europe
huh, never realized


>To save time, I went ahead and wrote the first posts for both DM and Nasso
>Neither showed

Y-you too


They're probably both still sleeping. Lazy Finns.


I'm logging in right now.


I specifically asked them if they could be awake by 3pm, and it's 4pm their time!


No you didn't


Definitely did! But you're here so it's okay

It's DM who has some splainin to do


He was really drunk yesterday, so he likely slipped into a coma.


>drinking alone
I worry for him.


He drank with us. We had a really good time.


File: 1484405617017.png (207.35 KB, 726x484, 1484369021474.png)

Reminder this exists.


File: 1484405728056.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.24 KB, 700x700, 1482394084057.jpg)

Reminder this exists.


Since we are doing reminders.
How does it work?


File: 1484405897252.jpg (86.67 KB, 1000x500, 1484388773911.jpg)

Speaking of horrible collector's editions!
Game not included.


Why not just sell it as merch. Literally all they had to do was not use the Collector's Edition memeword.




File: 1484406100453.png (1.48 MB, 1439x601, 1467828746706.png)

If DM drinks enough before bed he is both dead and alive until observed


If he drinks enough before bed, he's 1.5 hours late! Come on and get in roll20! Link on steam


File: 1484410693633.jpg (56.63 KB, 640x339, tmp_5384-14731305517471316….jpg)




News update
We got robbed
Thankfully I didn't lose anything but they took two phones and a tablet

Really ruined the lunch mood


Geez, that's awful Maali

Brazil is awful


Everything is awful
It's really sad too because the aunt of the lady that we're staying in was visiting for lunch, now she's going home without her phone


Can't they do the GPS thing to find it?


Yeah they will try that
They also got the car number and everything
The problem is that the police station is closed…



That sucks, Maali. At least no one got hurt, right?


well that's shitty, hope nobody got hurt


File: 1484413688268.jpg (295.65 KB, 1024x894, ab167d6e0ac4b9b899ed61e9bf….jpg)

Not physically at least


Hopefully the police will be able to bring them to justice before they fence your stuff.


Saint Bernards are nice dogs


File: 1484415616603.jpg (193.14 KB, 448x458, c4d.jpg)

Ayy, someone made a Gee Bill maymay of Symmetra




File: 1484415969065.jpg (21.92 KB, 326x302, 1483619308220.jpg)


Going without a hitch so far


Would you be free to play in like an hour?


>EU seriously debating giving AI rights before we even have sentient AI

I know you guys said we were retards for the Trump thing, but you gotta own up to this one



I thought the proposal was more about giving them no rights, so any damage caused by an AI is the responsibility of its creator and owner


That's not what the article says, but then, I don't know if I consider the Mirror a highly respectable publication

Will your intestines be collected enough for the rebound session?


They should be. I'm not at 100% here but it'll have to do.


Someone post the Isaac and his Isaac liked in an Isaac on an Isaac webm


I'm amazed at the quality of art people have ALREADY made of Ribbon Girl from Arms


Don't have the webm, but here's this.


Cheers love, I live in the UK now




We're about to start a rebound session of Timbuktu if you have some time, but I understand if you want to get settled in



The problem is I forgot the fucking sockets are different and I doubt I can find a charger adapter tonight


Everything's different in the UK


Well I went to tesco and got an usb charger for my phone at least
It didn't have adapters so I will have to look for one tomorrow in some electronics store




Slow cooker experiment was a success.


File: 1484429430053.png (1.3 MB, 900x1435, 1479587748675.png)


Got myself some pizza
Last few remaining % on my computer but I can post from my phone after that
I do have this to say




File: 1484430880832.gif (5.54 MB, 676x508, 1279670.gif)

Pretty ded around these parts


Don't even know what to do.


File: 1484431075366.jpg (339.55 KB, 768x1024, 1478883567546.jpg)


You can tell me the spell doc where you got your bzzzz spells again, because I lost/forgot it. Such as Lullaby and Tic.

Like where?


yah no eh


Gaius, your redneck is showing.


That's midwestern you communist.


I lost it too.

Level: 0 Affliction
Casting Time: 1 full action
Distance: Close
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Will negates (terminal)
Effect: One living character twitches, sneezes, hiccups or otherwise involuntarily spasms, making concentration difficult. The target must immediately make a Resolve/Concentrate check against a mild distraction (see Fantasy Craft, page 80).

Level: 0 Charm
Casting Time: 1 half action
Distance: Local Area: 10 ft. penetrating sphere
Duration: Concentration + 1 round per Casting Level (dismissible)
Saving Throw: Will negates
Effect: Characters in the Area become drowsy and inattentive, suffering a –4 penalty with Notice checks.


File: 1484431517427.png (343.52 KB, 1715x744, 1477753657499.png)

Like here and now


M-midwestern redneck!

Also, Daze, Enthrall, Bane, Doom, Hideous Laughter, Wrath, Disease, Modify Memory



Level: 0 Charm
Casting Time: 1 half action
Distance: Close
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Will negates
Effect: One character loses his next half action.

Level: 3 Charm
Effect: As Daze, except affecting a number of characters up to your Casting Level.

Level: 1 Charm
Casting Time: 1 full action
Distance: Close
Duration: Concentration + 1d3 rounds, up to 1 hour Saving Throw: Will negates (repeatable, terminal)
Effect: You captivate one character with a performance, preventing either of you from taking other actions for the Duration.

Level: 6 Charm
Effect: As Enthrall, except targeting a number of characters up to your Casting Level.

Level: 1 Affliction (Curse)
Casting Time: 1 half action
Distance: Close Area: 50 ft. penetrating sphere
Duration: 1 minute Casting Level
Saving Throw: Will negates
Effect: Adversaries in the Area when the spell is cast suffer a –1 morale penalty with attack checks and Will saves.


Level: 1 Affliction (Curse)
Casting Time: 1 half action
Distance: Touch Duration: 1 round per Casting Level (dismissible)
Saving Throw: Will negates
Effect: One character becomes shaken for the Duration. Each character may only suffer this effect from one Doom casting at a time.

Level: 4 Affliction (Curse)
Distance: Personal Area: 30 ft. penetrating cone
Effect: As Doom, except affecting a number of characters in the Area up to your Casting Level.

Level: 2 Affliction (Curse)
Casting Time: 1 half action
Distance: Touch
Duration: 1 round per Casting Level (repeatable, dismissible)
Saving Throw: Will negates (repeatable, terminal)
Effect: One character with an Intelligence score of 7 or higher laughs uncontrollably, remaining sprawled for the Duration.

Level: 5 Affliction (Curse)
Distance: Personal Area: 30 ft. penetrating cone
Effect: As Hideous Laughter, except affecting a number of characters in the Area up to your Casting Level.

Level: 2 Affliction (Curse)
Casting Time: 1 half action
Distance: Touch
Duration: 1 round per Casting Level
Saving Throw: Will negates (dismissible)
Effect: One character becomes enraged.

Level: 5 Affliction (Curse)
Distance: Personal Area: 30 ft. penetrating cone
Effect: As Wrath, except affecting a number of characters in the Area up to your Casting Level.

Level: 3 Affliction (Curse)
Casting Time: 1 half action
Distance: Touch
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: As disease (dismissible, terminal)
Effect: One character is exposed to any 1 base disease (see Fantasy Craft, page 341). This disease may not feature upgrades.

Level: 7 Affliction (Curse)
Distance: Personal Area: 30 ft. penetrating cone
Effect: As Disease, except affecting a number of characters in the Area up to your Casting Level. All targets are exposed to the same disease

Level: 4 Charm (Curse)
Casting Time: Varies (see Effect)
Distance: Touch
Duration: 1 week per Casting Level (dismissible, enduring)
Saving Throw: Will negates scene (terminal)
Effect: You implant, suppress, or rewrite a number of minutes of one NPC’s memory up to 1/2 your Casting Level (rounded up), spending the same amount of time casting this spell. If the altered memory is nonsensical or illogical it may be dismissed as a dream or idle fancy. Unless made permanent, modified memories often re-emerge slowly and can trigger traumatic or disturbing episodes.

Level: 6 Charm (Curse)
Effect: As Modify Memory I, except implanting, suppressing, or rewriting a number of minutes of memory up to your Casting Level.


Well Wf is running, and I still don't have a third…


Bleh, I'll have so much shit to take care of tomorrow
I just pray to God Maplins has the adapters I need


Greatly appreciated.
So when will Petilia start making witches brews and gobbling up ponies?

You'll need to provide context here.


Once she gets the feats for it!


File: 1484431957030.png (663.31 KB, 1280x720, Breezies_dancing_S4E16.png)

And the evil dances?


As soon as I have enough points in impress! Gotta find the blood of a newborn to bathe in before starting.


I was proposing to run something is all


So like a woman, you propose to do X by saying everything except that you wanna do X?


File: 1484432420849.jpg (106.61 KB, 503x900, 0WR4tCQ.jpg)

I also do it just to attention whore when it's really a terrible idea in the end


Without her evil dances how would she scare the bzzzs.


She can introduce them to Fairweather!


But as a hexer Petilia must be intimidating as well!


Petilia is an ugly Bitch


Jelly As Fuck.
She totes is. Intimidating as a little bundle of breez can be.


She's too qt


File: 1484434083135.jpg (322.87 KB, 1240x1285, Whining marshamallow ghost.jpg)

>family is still talking about politics, with the inauguration six days away
>still so much doomsaying because Hillary the walking embodiment of political entanglements lost to Trump
I can't wait until this is all over. After eight years they should have had their fill
of Democrat bungling.


Remind me tomorrow to save this rarara picture


I had a brief encounter with the guy living below my to called Ahmed
We said hello to each other and that was it


Don't get beheaded.


I'm sure you two will get along. Have a blast together.


My room that is
Since I pretty much live in one of those British attic rooms


He looks like a total nerd so I'm not too worried


Regular brit.


Bully him then.


Funniest thing was that even the nearby pizza place is run by Muslims, and when one guy left and said something I was like "I know I heard that somewhere before"
Then I realized it was the Thanks emote of Ana


For fuck sake Britain.


I see you're having fun in New Andalusia.


Heheh, I also know the Arabic word for 'thanks' because of OW.


>goes to Britain to learn English
>comes back with expert knowledge of Arabian


Maybe I'll see more white people at the uni


>When she emotes "Thanks" she says thanks in Arabic which is """Shokran" Or """Motshakera"


[dead inside intensifies]
Anyone wants to vidya?


Was it you who thought Nasse would get bored after one session?

I'm pretty proud of him, he did well for his first game and he's eager to come back for another.


Nope, not me. When's the party gonna meet?


>Did meet tier
DM & Nasse
>Almost met but didn't because of England Tier
Groves & Nopony
>Lonely Tier


This… Is my curse.
One day, I shall meet them all.



File: 1484437155723.jpg (366.36 KB, 2048x2033, tmp_5384-14711112511849672….jpg)


On a scale of 1-10, how lewd is lewdquest so far?


About 2.


Just wait until I get an adapter


>suddenly realize that now that Nopoop lives in the UK he can criticize my depiction of London during Vamp



Wow, you have a really high tolerance!


Doubt nopo will see much of london.


I live to do lewdstuffs


File: 1484437737334.jpg (41.09 KB, 633x470, QW1yFoD.jpg)

Morning BDN


Perhaps my lewd fu will improve over time

Though funny enough, I think DM is more interested in the serious plot. Just his style


You've got what it takes, it was fine enough already but too short and maybe a little tame.
DM invented sexting and now he hates his creation.


>start up DD
>into sequence
>end with both characters at death's door


>he didn't run into a shambler in the intro


At least you didn't encounter the mini boss stronger than most bosses except the ones in the final dungeon
It can happen and you can wipe


Getting super tired
Must be the 12 hours of travel



Going to stram Boku no Pico Hero Academia.


Sleep knowing I'm super jealous and happy for you


>super late
Guess no vidya it is!




I thought you were going to sleep.


I'm bad at that.



Yeah, a game or two. US or EU?


File: 1484444053111.png (1.02 MB, 595x1274, 1484441178757.png)

I want to believe.


File: 1484444211159.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.55 KB, 786x1200, C2JQ3tDVQAEt2Pn.jpg)


You know I despise that. Why would you link it.


You answered your own question.


Why do you hate me so?


Because I'm beb inside
Really though I want wf+6 to see that


He hates that as much as me.


Oh, I


Seriously he mentions it every time we talk about fetishes, he even called it his kryptonite.


You guys talk about fetishes?


You would know if you visited the sub!


I'm here like 24/7! I just glaze over most of the stuff you guys say since I don't have anything to do with it.


Sorry, got invited to a few games. I'm on EU


Go ahead and keep playing with them, I'm going to bed.


Hey Nasse, you have a pixiv account?
Some of the artists on there are probably up your alley.
This one isn't as excessive as you like them, but he still draws them pretty "filled out."


>Put up a pretty decent defense on Numbani
>Enemy team ragequits
Attack Zenyatta: For when you want to pay the game but no one else wants to heal.

It's really good on teams with Pharah or Reapers.

>Comp match on Nepal as Pharah

Except for the Winston, no one ever focuses me down, letting me rain justice from above with impunity


File: 1484446857452.jpg (16.33 KB, 300x400, 1399512176418.jpg)

>tfw everyone is up and about and I'm not home to do anything


Could be worse. You could be at home, raring to go, and no one would be here.


That's most of my time here


File: 1484447223088.gif (458.07 KB, 250x250, I am in despair.gif)

I blame time zones.


It makes me really sad


I understand. But there is little you or I can do by ourselves. Especially now that school is starting back up again.


What's this I hear about you kids and a new fetish quest?


It's Wf's Victorian era series of sex and science, lies and libido, wealth and wang-wrangling.


File: 1484448165180.png (174.05 KB, 800x535, 1431420926214.png)


File: 1484448214372.png (614.37 KB, 1280x1280, 6369de30-3a87-4712-811f-a0….png)

I'm sorry BDN
You could tell me what is up with you
Sometimes I don't pay attention or forget about things so I don't know why you're not homr


Barely more lewd than pirates or NL, all things said and done. Most of them are still getting settled in and learning about the world.

Gotta know what normal is before things go nuts.


>ywn see the world


Man those are some good groofs


I'm just busy on a field trip.

But this one of the few times I see everyone active on the sub and free, and yet I'm not available to join anything.


Aah, tell me about this trip
And know, it bothers me to see that too but maybe it's just us
I proposed to run something even but not many were interested


Confirmation bias.


You were the one who wanted to take it slow!


It helps building character!


>people staying up till my waking time
>quests starting up again so people ave reason to be here

Not really, it does feel more active now than most weekends.


File: 1484448925055.gif (20.99 KB, 228x200, She likes to watch.gif)

Ego draws good pony and pony-related things.



File: 1484449504427.png (457.01 KB, 990x698, 1396163179200.png)

Think about Amber's next steps instead
If I can get everyone together the expedition will be to the south


>the south
but then how will vee get to know a qt snow fox


Climb a mountain or two! It was tall enough to have snow even in the jungle climate.


Alola could be below the equator.


We always stram/vidya at these times during the weekend.



>meet a merchant with a bad case of wanderlust
for some reason I thought of you dorks


File: 1484450447444.jpg (505.05 KB, 2736x2052, 1454482982533.jpg)

Till so late?


File: 1484452782313.png (1.34 MB, 817x772, brown ponoe.png)

only when they're on a winning streak


It's not uncommon.


I like how the horse does horse things when idle



I mean yesterday we basically stayed up to this hour after chatting for a couple of hours in Mumble, doing nothing else really. Today we just strammed.


I had the excuse of being exceedingly drunk


Its very nice.


>The monster from The Last Guardian is named Treecko


>found shrine of Amana
Can I become a dragon now?


I'm so glad there's a Universal Century Gundam series on Toonami now so I can explain the setting and context. Makes the days' worth of time spent watching it truly worth it.
Also Unicorn Gundam is pretty good you should watch it.


You should chat up Gaius and DM


It will take time getting used to things here


File: 1484477446142.jpg (249.87 KB, 1024x708, 1482937335413.jpg)



Fucking Brits, BDN
They drive on the wrong side of the road


I'll just leave this here before I head off to bed. I have a 5th edition game I'm working on that will run on mondays from 6 PST until 10 or 11 PST.

The game will early on revolve around the players doing quests for folks in the beginning city, raising their reputation their while getting some cash. After they gain enough fame, they'll get a quest that sends them more on an adventure.

I only have two player slots available, so let me know if you want to play and add me on steam. I should be on DM, Maali or BDN's friends list, named "Nonny"


File: 1484481774345.png (Spoiler Image, 568.5 KB, 1300x1073, 1484252458963.png)


File: 1484482086881.jpg (705.51 KB, 1920x3484, obtaining gremlin.jpg)


>the coffee machine plays classical music while it dispenses coffee


File: 1484483397377.jpg (100.92 KB, 807x605, 1475978366180.jpg)


What's with all the cheetahposting recently?


File: 1484483962477.jpg (Spoiler Image, 380.87 KB, 1228x1678, Merci.jpg)

Did you find an adaptor?


File: 1484484132162.png (145.82 KB, 182x339, 1383836646133.png)

That's the actual correct side you barbarian



>tfw I unconciously keep checking the wrong sides even after I conciously check the correct way


Are you gonna play in Wf's quest then?


File: 1484485209243.jpg (73.04 KB, 540x960, 1475789080064.jpg)

They're pretty neat


How did you get robbed? Did they invade your home or mug you on the street?


File: 1484485329563.webm (2.73 MB, 976x550, 1473291709562.webm)

Well duh
Of course
I already played in the first sess

They are, that's true


File: 1484487612244.jpg (39.35 KB, 400x400, 1478822493056.jpg)

The lady we're staying in is the owner of a hair salon downstairs. She was there with her aunt and friend when some dudes showed up with a gun
Thankfully me and my mom were upstairs but that still sucked




Oh man, that sucks
also unf unf unf unf


File: 1484488805710.png (195.74 KB, 932x830, 1478828061074.png)

I thought you liked Chell >>803172
I'll live


File: 1484489138932.gif (441.46 KB, 432x288, totally not a blowjob.gif)

Also, only because she is the only girl in an animated movie for kids who gives a blowjob off-screen


unf unf unf unf


>ywn have an oversized cat lay on top of you
Why continue the struggle?


On one hand, keeping a large cat would be great
On the other hand, having experienced the destructive power of a fucking housecat made me realize that I'd never want to have anything larger than an ocelot
Having one of those would be cool as shit though


It's okay if you can mentally dominate it.


File: 1484491267762.png (541.45 KB, 1024x932, 1475984065788.png)

Geez you're so lame
What are you unfing about?


Yes, it works in some parts
For example my cat knows to give the Hookah a wide berth and not even come close to it and even when he plays and his toy gets near it, he either abandons it or very carefully and slowly takes it away
But they are still animals, and do rash things and have explosive energy sometimes, which often leads to someone getting hurt

Why is that cat looking so seductively at me


No I meant mentally dominate.


Is it not mental domination that a young cat fucking stops playing when he accidentally gets too close to a place I forbid him to go near?
Also, if he does some stupid shit and I simply stand up and scorningly say his name, he just throws himself onto his side with lowered head to submit (not on his back, cats on their backs are exhibiting an agressive fighting pose, not a submissive one)




File: 1484491640375.webm (3.6 MB, 720x720, balls of steel.webm)


It is a khajiit trick.


File: 1484491709977.webm (956.98 KB, 460x460, Loki.webm)

Good morning.


I'm sorry, in your absence, Milli has sent Loki to Meowswitzch


I will D-Day her ass if she tries.


What are you going to do, challenge her to a battle of minds?


Nah. I will put baby noises in her head at night.


So beb


draw capper


File: 1484496837202.png (141.92 KB, 372x518, Sniper tears.png)

>Solo healing on Anubis Defense with a D.Va, Hog and Zarya to take care of
>Have to focus on keeping the tanks alive so our Widow starts spamming Need Healing to me
>Lose point A after enemy Widow picks me off
>Our Widow gets incredibly salty, tell him to fuck off and stop healing him altogether
>Win the match with 42% healing done


File: 1484496866368.jpg (Spoiler Image, 433.44 KB, 849x1200, 3545c946-ae94-4e8a-b9b8-3c….jpg)


I have a thing I need to draw before I can draw caper, but I just haven't been feeling like drawing recently.


Pretty good art, shame the tits are so… Impossible.


I share the opinion of Sylt


You guys are fags.


Disgusting cowtits are a sin against human anatomy.


You all need to turn in your opinion licenses right now


Small > large udders.


Cowtits are as bad as inflation.


You can't be too greedy, Nasse, and must excercise restraint.
That holds for tit size.


File: 1484497867805.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.74 KB, 1280x1707, Celestits.jpg)

No it doesn't
Bigger is better to a point
And the point is this


It's literally not even a pair of tits anymore at that point
It's that fleshy expanding thing from that anime


Well, that's where you're just wrong.


Nasse, I like tits too,m but you're just taking things too far here.

Roll #1 2 = 2


They are literally not shaped like tits
They are just oversized, skin colored bean bags


Still wrong
I didn't ask to start this whole conversation again!


Man they look like deformities.


No they don't.


You've never actually seen breasts IRL, have you.


Is that question even neccessary


Apparently so.


Of course.


Then you should agree that none of what you posted look anything like them.




Are just clinically blind then?


Don't lie.


No, but I should get glasses for far sight.
Well okay, they don't look like real boobs you'd see irl but that just makes them better.


>4 different complaints about my nightly howls
>even the priests
I might have a problem.


File: 1484498996794.jpg (683.49 KB, 700x938, 5e5e3e1a-58d6-456e-b375-e9….jpg)

Why are we having this talk again?


Why do you howl at night?


It happens whenver we play OW.


Because Nasse is very aggressive about his bad opinions
Everyone is entitled to have bad opinions, but you don't get to berate others over them


Well, stop being a retard?


Because the others still can't understand that some people like stuff they don't.


We didn't tell you not to enjoy it, we just formed our own opinion on it


except the parts where you were.


Don't you people have anything better to talk about?



Sylt and I just commented for Maali that it is nice art, but a shame about the tits


File: 1484499700077.jpg (172.21 KB, 547x830, 1476638564333.jpg)

Like Deers


I didn't even want to start but they forced my hand!


I'd feed a deer


File: 1484500234346.jpg (80.09 KB, 550x700, 1472342942101.jpg)

You kinda did since no one said anything to you until you called them faggots
What would you feed deer?
A nutritional rich cookie?


Something else entirely
a cyanide pill


I didn't ask them for their false opinions!


>immensely triggered when his opinion is called shit
>calls other people's opinions shit


Excuse me?

Well you were being rude first


You've heard me


But why?


Because they keep gnawing the flowers off the grave of my great-grandparents


Well they're not the owners of those flowers
Unless you're talking about flowers people bring to them
In that case I'm sorry


It's flowers me and my father plant and nourish there


Poor flowers
Well it's not the deers fault, they don't know the importance of the human grave


How's things in bongland anyway?


If only you could own and operate a gun, and hunt deer legally.
I suppose you'll have to make due with crossbows and traps.


You can buy hunting rifles with a license.


>Not allowed to hunt deer with a glock in Italy


You know the saying.
If you touch a glock in jail they you will be lock.


>trying to draw humans


Could do it, but what's the point?
The deer in our town have it grand in the cemetery, they cannot ever be driven out

I'm not actually upset at them

I just learned that it is literally impossible to climb these narrow, tiny stairs without spilling the tea in the mug
So I probably should buy a bigger, deeper mug for myself


Also, couldn't get my student card and school starts tomorrow and I don't even know my schedule yet, so that's a bit of a bummer, but I suppose they won't mind too much if I just miss the first week doing administration stuff


Sounds like you need to reintroduce wolves to the area.


That's an awful idea


It'd take care of the deer!


File: 1484503246548.jpg (228.67 KB, 1360x768, 1484083892119.jpg)

I find that hard to believe


Isn't there an attendance requirement in British schools?


It's difficult, ja? Do you need help with anything?


You two want to stram a bit in an hour or 2?


There's an attendance requirement in every university
But the girl who studied here told me you get only a warning if you miss 40% of the classes or something
And that's just a warning
Also, I'm pretty sure "Nigger I just arrived, the site didn't list my stuff and I couldn't even get a student card so I couldn't attend' is a valid enough reason for them to turn a blind eye to one or two missed classes


It would fuck the farmers
And also the hunters of which there are many


Nopo always lies
Nopo always lies
Nopo always lies


>There's an attendance requirement in every university
Not mine. Which is why I'm so fucked.


Oh yeah, I had forgotten, everything in London is fucking tiny, house wise

It's the opposite of Texas


I always lie

Now there's a paradox

Also cause your dumb

I'm not in London though


>he didn't take the milli bait


File: 1484503884212.webm (3.34 MB, 640x360, 425950.webm)


Her face when?


File: 1484504033081.jpg (79.03 KB, 720x719, 425896.jpg)

When someone throws a half-watermelon at her nuts while tied to a chair and wearing a babby mask


Most everything since I've only drawn shit like capras for so long


She has strange strange dreams.


File: 1484504292594.webm (887.8 KB, 639x360, 425696.webm)

She is a psi-gal after all!


File: 1484504553889.jpg (1.46 MB, 3840x2160, 1484392951595.jpg)

>screenshots from Star Citizen 3.0


File: 1484504575078.jpg (1.48 MB, 3840x2160, 1484393333356.jpg)


Where are these coming from?


those screen shots are from star citizen 3.0


Devs released them as preview.


They look real good, but it's going to be annoying to configure my xbone controller for it.


>tfw a cute Mermaid girl will never fall in love with you at first sight



>that not-so-subtle innuendo with the fish diving into the anemone


I bet Marina drowns people for fun as well.

Really messed up.


This animation is just so perfect in every way

I'm pretty sure the Mermaid is not malicious, just delusional.


File: 1484508199718.gif (803.67 KB, 700x394, Rimshot.gif)

Oh please. She knows for a fact landponies can't breath underwater.
Well, she is a woman.


File: 1484508308376.jpg (32.2 KB, 480x270, eyyy.jpg)


5 out of 11 commanders are full level now

3 more on Swann, Karax, and Alark
4 for Artanis
7 for Kerrigan and Vorazun


So, any plans for the day?


No plans


A bit of OW?

I wouldn't mind the quest of Wf after that though


I could do a few rounds, yeah.


Euro server I assume?


I'm playin on America right now

As for Timbuktu, I can't run it today, I ran for like 8 hours yesterday and it's exhausting to run 5 different stories for that long, need to recover



Internet should be fine to handle Murrica I guess


Just finishing off an update and I'll be along shortly.


I'll bite. Not long though.


File: 1484509230335.gif (808.94 KB, 250x168, 1306268659656.gif)


Mermaids are top cute


File: 1484509270528.jpg (113.83 KB, 580x578, This is fucking bullshit y….jpg)

>26MB update finishes
>starts a 10MB one
>that one finishes
>ha ha here's another 45MB update


File: 1484509442223.gif (991.04 KB, 500x375, Bitch don't get cute with ….gif)


>not owning a hotas
In 20


File: 1484512873591.jpg (225.03 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_obwklqcDVv1qgqcqmo2….jpg)


File: 1484513389286.jpg (368.67 KB, 1494x1495, 1479148241294.jpg)


File: 1484513523389.png (490.02 KB, 1739x1353, 1477610030.higgly.town.her….png)


File: 1484513889295.png (67.74 KB, 906x881, litten_by_hikariviny-da253….png)


File: 1484513985438.jpg (624.99 KB, 2048x1365, 1484011295535.jpg)


what a soft cat


Pet all of them

Roll #1 2 = 2


>you can't pet every cat.vid


Watch me.

Roll #1 9 = 9


File: 1484516574297.jpg (154.94 KB, 640x720, planning and running a que….jpg)

Well this was one uneventful sunday
Time to slp





I can do it

Roll #1 4 = 4


File: 1484518993680.jpg (64.92 KB, 500x463, You Tried.jpg)


This won't be good for Sylt's ego


>tfw it sounds different non-digitally because you can actually hear the cat breathe
>tfw no cat for half a year



File: 1484522182972.jpg (127.78 KB, 549x685, 1484500865440.jpg)

Remember, Fun is not allowed.
It is strictly forbidden, actually.


File: 1484523327728.jpg (113.97 KB, 500x520, 1467395578.akkacrow_holihl….jpg)

I'll allow fun


File: 1484523410651.gif (7 MB, 270x446, get (84).gif)

I want to bully a cat then


File: 1484523726202.png (735.36 KB, 1024x1160, rockruff_and_litten_by_dra….png)


I know the one weakness of cats
Caw at it through a window

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


File: 1484523969716.jpg (17.83 KB, 448x300, scared_cat_2.jpg)


Bully harder!

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10




File: 1484524458402.gif (1.98 MB, 350x240, cat fight.gif)

Finally, justice is served!



>Kripp Arena but every time he complains it gets faster

This has been a long time coming


File: 1484529896208.png (1.7 MB, 853x1024, 1484514966866.png)



Good night.

Enjoy Britbongistan


File: 1484531564851.jpg (445.1 KB, 1000x898, 1484101257936.jpg)


File: 1484531819121.png (54.21 KB, 148x169, 1483237371124.png)



File: 1484532282038.png (302.84 KB, 1024x768, adoptable__deer_centaur__c….png)


What a trashy orphan


File: 1484532931453.jpg (479.19 KB, 1600x1200, WgIjUI1.jpg)



Reminds me of the 2nd boss in BGE.


File: 1484533780057.jpg (1.34 MB, 1200x1200, 1483832056051.jpg)

Kind of wishing I had a group quest to run at this hour, since it seems it'll be the group of us here often.



I'm sure maali and wf would like that


Beyond Good and Evil.


File: 1484533958251.png (202.61 KB, 500x500, EEY2XHO.png)

Something Fallout-ish?
If not I still have Sympathy Pain for Cyberpunk


File: 1484534055335.jpg (48.79 KB, 356x450, 1459057545540.jpg)


File: 1484534143865.png (277.09 KB, 680x680, 780.png)


Man, I barely remember it.

It should at least include you, you're usually up at this hour.

You'll have to wait on Cheesy for that.


File: 1484534507247.jpg (988.61 KB, 1280x720, bge_hd_city_revolution_158….jpg)

It was a different, colorful time.


But Cheese is never really around much less to run
He just shows up to say something or talk about polemic stuffs


File: 1484535604561.jpg (33.65 KB, 402x368, 1482119952466.jpg)

I know, it sucks. I used to be here pretty much every day, now I'm barely here at all.


File: 1484536386925.jpg (124 KB, 1280x922, 1475986576891.jpg)

Come back to us please
We miss you
I miss youuu


No please
I can't quest well anymore


File: 1484537499163.jpg (52.66 KB, 800x450, 249752397.jpg)

Hopefully I'll be able to. It's just tough right now.


>talk about polemic stuffs
he's not that abrasive tbh




File: 1484538195804.png (144.25 KB, 500x454, 1468423064704.png)

I do have a tendency to get involved in divisive topics. That and complaining about my home life.

That, and I always have trouble thinking of something to talk about that might actually get talked about.


So what's your opinion on CNN?


File: 1484538949561.png (254.13 KB, 401x455, 1468514945586.png)

Really man?
They're just like every other news network these days: more focused on pushing a "narrative" in order to try and compensate for their rapidly declining viewers. They report news based on whether they think it will sell/grab people's attention, which has led to a decline in the actual quality of reporting, and are all too eager to capitalize on political mudslinging.


What if I told you this opinion right here is exactly the triumph of modern propaganda?


…Whose "modern propoganda?"
I hear new conspiracy theories about how the gays are a cover to try and get pedophilia legalized pretty much every other day; I'm going to need something more substantial than just your word.


Russia for one. The idea behind it is getting you to distrust literally everything. At that point, news about actual crap going over on the other side of the world might just be as fake as the shit they serve you about local news!
It's a dangerous road to thread, I saw it first hand in my roommate and his retarded ramblings.


>media is badd and based!!1!
>same people proceed to gobble up everything RT shits out

It'd be beautiful if it wasn't sickening


File: 1484539570137.jpg (72.63 KB, 1280x770, 1434466480374.jpg)

The world just feels oppressive


Do you think the Russians hacked the American Elections?
I find it funny how after the Right kept complaining about potentially hacked voting machines and the Democrats calling them dumb, they're now doing the exact same thing.
I think part of it's the fact that our tv's default channel tends to be Fox News; the stuff they report on is stuff that's happening, yes, but there's so much yelling and opinionating and trying to talk over each other that watching just gives me a headache.
At least I haven't fallen THAT far.


I'm pretty sure the russians worked relentlessly to meme trump into the white house. They ignited the spark /pol/ followed. And my main reason for thinking this is how much of a piece of shit Assange is.


…I'll be completely honest, that sounds like the the plot to a Call of Duty game.
>It was the Russians! They wanted to spread chaos, so they made sure the divisive candidate got elected!


Don't forget China!

The Nanyang vassals are finally bowing to them now that the other power that they could rely on is becoming fucked.


>spread chaos
If you want to call it that. They want to weaken other superpowers as much as possible. They have been funding separatist movements all over europe ever since the cold war ended. UKIP, Lega Nord, Front National, the spanish one, because a weaker EU means an easier time reassessing themselves over anything which once was red.
And a weaker USA means a weaker NATO, which means a stronger Russia.
And as BDN said. China.


Maybe they do have interests in that, but I think the solution is much simpler: the democrats were retards who picked the worst possible candidate with far too much baggage, gave her a forgettable campaign platform that I doubt most average joes remembered, and said "good enough" and assumed the election was already over.


That is also true, but don't ignore everything else. Everything is playing out too nicely for Mr Xi right now.


It's a compound issue, Hillary was a horrible candidate AND she was subject to a heavy propaganda campaign from foreign powers.
If you think that someone who's got the money and the power won't care for his needs, you are dead wrong.
Let me remind you:


And speaking of which, our military vehicles are still in the hands of their puppets. You really think they didn't plan to do this once it was time to cash in?


I guess I just think that if that's his plan, it might backfire on him if Trump actually goes through with the anti-China stuff he was saying on the campaign trail.
You make it very difficult to tell when you're serious and when you're memeing. I'm leaning towards the latter right now.


And so it happened, you don't trust a word I say.


Just about time for a new horse


To be fair, you did link me to what is essentially a youtube poop. I'm giving an argument backed up by that exactly as much credibility as it deserves.


No, no it won't. Not anything substantial in a way China can't retaliate in a more painful way against you. They're already consolidating allegiances here, something they've always wanted but never gotten. Literally what can the US do to China now? Nothing.



But you are not backing your argument up with anything other than feels and your own opinions. At least I did say Russia funds separatists and has marked interests in a weaker EU, US and NATO.


Of course they have interests in that, interests such as less missile bases right on their borders. I'm not saying Russia is some faultless saint of a nation but the Ukraine thing is not the Hitler invading Poland scenario so many see it as.


It's still a literal invasion.


Following a coup in an allied country. If it happened in Mexico the US would react similarly.


And they would have just as much claim to it as the Russians have on Ukraine. None.


Not really, if for no other reason than because Mexico's government has always been incredibly unstable.
Hell, they're in the middle of what amounts to war against the numerous gangs that have taken root, and we're not doing anything about that.


File: 1484573799829.jpg (6.9 KB, 228x223, 1480090909465.jpg)

Okay, dream time

This particular dream was a doozy, there was a Overwatch tournament with teams and such, and Wf was in one of those teams, they had cool rainbow team jackets too
For some reason I got to Play in the time in one of the matches and did really well as Reinhardt. I even remember the match was in Lijiang tower
We stomped so much that one of the members of the enemy team raged and just stopped playing and stormed out of the place

We won and then there was a break before the next match
But before it started I got a call from someone saying my mom got chased and captured by little pygmy Indians and I needed to be there, but that made me miss the next match of the tournament and Wf told me that "I was not getting the rainbow jacket"

Then I had a short nap with another, shorter dream
I was standing outside with family and looking in the sky we saw there were more than one sun, there were like, 3,and as we looked, some more started showing and some even moved, and then we saw they were actually meteors crashing down in the city. I woke up after the first one crashed down
This one played really similar to the dream I had where a nuclear bomb was dropped near my house

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