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Pretty Princess Pony edition
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File: 1484532282038.png (302.84 KB, 1024x768, adoptable__deer_centaur__c….png)


What a trashy orphan


File: 1484532931453.jpg (479.19 KB, 1600x1200, WgIjUI1.jpg)



Reminds me of the 2nd boss in BGE.


File: 1484533780057.jpg (1.34 MB, 1200x1200, 1483832056051.jpg)

Kind of wishing I had a group quest to run at this hour, since it seems it'll be the group of us here often.



I'm sure maali and wf would like that


Beyond Good and Evil.


File: 1484533958251.png (202.61 KB, 500x500, EEY2XHO.png)

Something Fallout-ish?
If not I still have Sympathy Pain for Cyberpunk


File: 1484534055335.jpg (48.79 KB, 356x450, 1459057545540.jpg)


File: 1484534143865.png (277.09 KB, 680x680, 780.png)


Man, I barely remember it.

It should at least include you, you're usually up at this hour.

You'll have to wait on Cheesy for that.


File: 1484534507247.jpg (988.61 KB, 1280x720, bge_hd_city_revolution_158….jpg)

It was a different, colorful time.


But Cheese is never really around much less to run
He just shows up to say something or talk about polemic stuffs


File: 1484535604561.jpg (33.65 KB, 402x368, 1482119952466.jpg)

I know, it sucks. I used to be here pretty much every day, now I'm barely here at all.


File: 1484536386925.jpg (124 KB, 1280x922, 1475986576891.jpg)

Come back to us please
We miss you
I miss youuu


No please
I can't quest well anymore


File: 1484537499163.jpg (52.66 KB, 800x450, 249752397.jpg)

Hopefully I'll be able to. It's just tough right now.


>talk about polemic stuffs
he's not that abrasive tbh




File: 1484538195804.png (144.25 KB, 500x454, 1468423064704.png)

I do have a tendency to get involved in divisive topics. That and complaining about my home life.

That, and I always have trouble thinking of something to talk about that might actually get talked about.


So what's your opinion on CNN?


File: 1484538949561.png (254.13 KB, 401x455, 1468514945586.png)

Really man?
They're just like every other news network these days: more focused on pushing a "narrative" in order to try and compensate for their rapidly declining viewers. They report news based on whether they think it will sell/grab people's attention, which has led to a decline in the actual quality of reporting, and are all too eager to capitalize on political mudslinging.


What if I told you this opinion right here is exactly the triumph of modern propaganda?


…Whose "modern propoganda?"
I hear new conspiracy theories about how the gays are a cover to try and get pedophilia legalized pretty much every other day; I'm going to need something more substantial than just your word.


Russia for one. The idea behind it is getting you to distrust literally everything. At that point, news about actual crap going over on the other side of the world might just be as fake as the shit they serve you about local news!
It's a dangerous road to thread, I saw it first hand in my roommate and his retarded ramblings.


>media is badd and based!!1!
>same people proceed to gobble up everything RT shits out

It'd be beautiful if it wasn't sickening


File: 1484539570137.jpg (72.63 KB, 1280x770, 1434466480374.jpg)

The world just feels oppressive


Do you think the Russians hacked the American Elections?
I find it funny how after the Right kept complaining about potentially hacked voting machines and the Democrats calling them dumb, they're now doing the exact same thing.
I think part of it's the fact that our tv's default channel tends to be Fox News; the stuff they report on is stuff that's happening, yes, but there's so much yelling and opinionating and trying to talk over each other that watching just gives me a headache.
At least I haven't fallen THAT far.


I'm pretty sure the russians worked relentlessly to meme trump into the white house. They ignited the spark /pol/ followed. And my main reason for thinking this is how much of a piece of shit Assange is.


…I'll be completely honest, that sounds like the the plot to a Call of Duty game.
>It was the Russians! They wanted to spread chaos, so they made sure the divisive candidate got elected!


Don't forget China!

The Nanyang vassals are finally bowing to them now that the other power that they could rely on is becoming fucked.


>spread chaos
If you want to call it that. They want to weaken other superpowers as much as possible. They have been funding separatist movements all over europe ever since the cold war ended. UKIP, Lega Nord, Front National, the spanish one, because a weaker EU means an easier time reassessing themselves over anything which once was red.
And a weaker USA means a weaker NATO, which means a stronger Russia.
And as BDN said. China.


Maybe they do have interests in that, but I think the solution is much simpler: the democrats were retards who picked the worst possible candidate with far too much baggage, gave her a forgettable campaign platform that I doubt most average joes remembered, and said "good enough" and assumed the election was already over.


That is also true, but don't ignore everything else. Everything is playing out too nicely for Mr Xi right now.


It's a compound issue, Hillary was a horrible candidate AND she was subject to a heavy propaganda campaign from foreign powers.
If you think that someone who's got the money and the power won't care for his needs, you are dead wrong.
Let me remind you:


And speaking of which, our military vehicles are still in the hands of their puppets. You really think they didn't plan to do this once it was time to cash in?


I guess I just think that if that's his plan, it might backfire on him if Trump actually goes through with the anti-China stuff he was saying on the campaign trail.
You make it very difficult to tell when you're serious and when you're memeing. I'm leaning towards the latter right now.


And so it happened, you don't trust a word I say.


Just about time for a new horse


To be fair, you did link me to what is essentially a youtube poop. I'm giving an argument backed up by that exactly as much credibility as it deserves.


No, no it won't. Not anything substantial in a way China can't retaliate in a more painful way against you. They're already consolidating allegiances here, something they've always wanted but never gotten. Literally what can the US do to China now? Nothing.



But you are not backing your argument up with anything other than feels and your own opinions. At least I did say Russia funds separatists and has marked interests in a weaker EU, US and NATO.


Of course they have interests in that, interests such as less missile bases right on their borders. I'm not saying Russia is some faultless saint of a nation but the Ukraine thing is not the Hitler invading Poland scenario so many see it as.


It's still a literal invasion.


Following a coup in an allied country. If it happened in Mexico the US would react similarly.


And they would have just as much claim to it as the Russians have on Ukraine. None.


Not really, if for no other reason than because Mexico's government has always been incredibly unstable.
Hell, they're in the middle of what amounts to war against the numerous gangs that have taken root, and we're not doing anything about that.


File: 1484573799829.jpg (6.9 KB, 228x223, 1480090909465.jpg)

Okay, dream time

This particular dream was a doozy, there was a Overwatch tournament with teams and such, and Wf was in one of those teams, they had cool rainbow team jackets too
For some reason I got to Play in the time in one of the matches and did really well as Reinhardt. I even remember the match was in Lijiang tower
We stomped so much that one of the members of the enemy team raged and just stopped playing and stormed out of the place

We won and then there was a break before the next match
But before it started I got a call from someone saying my mom got chased and captured by little pygmy Indians and I needed to be there, but that made me miss the next match of the tournament and Wf told me that "I was not getting the rainbow jacket"

Then I had a short nap with another, shorter dream
I was standing outside with family and looking in the sky we saw there were more than one sun, there were like, 3,and as we looked, some more started showing and some even moved, and then we saw they were actually meteors crashing down in the city. I woke up after the first one crashed down
This one played really similar to the dream I had where a nuclear bomb was dropped near my house

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