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Temporary thread for Soul Quest this evening / any future instances where we can't play on our normal site, post your sheets for the 9th session of Soul Quest
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"Because I trust you won't do something horrible. You're a mare who's been through a lot, sure, but any bad choices so far I think have been more from stress from being a genuinely uncomfortable position than from you being a bad person."

Pain says, sincerely,

"I was wrong to shout at you earlier, again. Everyone here has things they plan to Wish for, whether it just because they want something, or they need it. If you were willing to give up everything, even friendship, for it, then clearly it's something you need. I won't press further."


When Pain mentions friendship to Alexis, Aether looks to the side and hums quietly, "Hmm…"


Arms still crossed, she raises an eyebrow, her whole face dripping with incredulity.

"That's really the angle you're going with, huh?"


"Hey I didn't say I'm gonna give up on my goal to get a Wish as well, just saying you can Wish for whatever you want, provided you get there."

Pain says, offering a small grin,

"You're made it this far, you can make it the rest of the way."


"That's not what I'm talking about." she says with irritation at his nice-guy act.

"Fine. But I'm keeping my eye on you. You touch a twig on his antlers and you're over."


"I do plan to touch that twig, but after the tournament."

Pain says, expression unchanging.


As the four ponies catch up with one another on the side of the Hall, soon the sound of a triumphant horn is called from the balcony, and a flurry of purple petals appear beneath the balcony on the floor as a purple-colored Fae, whom they recognize as 'Viola', one of the first Fae they met upon entry into the Villa, appears as though from thin-air on the floor. Up above, Rutinoi is holding up his hooves once again, the pink-colored Fae at his side as he looks down upon the proceedings with a smile.

"My beloved guests! The time has arrived! If you any food or drink left, finish it now, for the preparations are complete! I trust you've all had enough time to rest since the fighting has ceased, because it is time for it to re-bloom grander and more elegant than ever before! Ladies and gentlefae, the finals are about to begin!" A collection of cheers from the attendants gathered fills the Hall, all fighters and spectators giving a rousing cheer as Rutinoi holds up a hoof once more for calm. "First, of course, we must determine our match-ups for the sixteen proud Numeri gathered before us, which shall be determined by impartial and unbiased chance! Viola, my darling bride, if you would?"

Below, Viola offers a bow to the Lorde, an gives a swift wave of her hooves, as a violet magic extends forth from her horns to the ground in front of her. In an instant rise a small, unassuming red/black budded flower, but as the violet magic surrounds it, the budding flower begins to not only bloom, but grow exponentially in size, until it is the size of a large table. Meanwhile, Viola produces a bucket of acorns held in her hoof.

"This flower is a special creation of mine. It has exactly sixteen petals arranged in the order of the coming brackets, will at my command, spin non-stop until all sixteen seeds," she says bouncing the bucket lightly, "representing the sixteen finalists, have bounced and settled into each of the holes." As she finishes speaking, the flower finishes blooming, a series of red/black petals like a roulette splayed out in front of her as it begins to spin rapidly, turning faster and faster until the petals take on the appearance of a buzzsaw. With a mighty shout, Viola tosses the sixteen seeds onto the swirling flower, where upon its center they bounce and shuffle around. For several tense moments, each of the seeds eventually settles upon a pedal, and when the last one has ceased bouncing around and is caught onto the last remaining petal, the swirling flower finally begins to cease spinning, and Viola holds up a hoof. "The match-ups have been decided…!"



File: 1529388968117.png (13.63 KB, 586x465, bracket.png)

Upon inspect of the seeds and their falling slots in the petals, Viola steps in front of it closer to the center of the Grand Hall, holding up her hoof to draw everyone's attention.

"Hear me, finalists! This will be your first battles of the finals…

"In the first bracket, Aether vs Lila!"
"In the second, Rahseo vs Sir Ratton!"
"In the third, Getta vs Bal'boa!"
>You can hear a long, drown out call of 'YES' coming from the cactus that accompanies Elijah
"In the fourth, Pain Train vs Dead Tom!"
"In the fifth, Baron Elijah Bello of Swampbottom vs Obelisk!"
"In the sixth, Alexis vs Lachoc!"
"In the seventh, Castle Rock vs Piston!"
"And in the final bracket, Prince Hokkule shale face Princess Brunnhilde!"


>"Damnit, I wanted you to headline against Bal'boa. Starting the finals by taking him out would've been a major score!"
>Market says in frustration, hitting a hoof against the table,
"Relax Market, he'll be next after Tom. You go and watch him while I'm battling, and then we can figure out what's his schtick."
>"Yeah but the chance'll be wasted by then, he'll have a finalist under his belt. Damn damn damn…"


The ghost girl gives one more annoyed look at Pain, before her attention is pulled to the deciding of the Finalists. As the wheel begins to turn, Alexis looks at it nervously.

>"Not Bal'boa, not Bal'boa, not Bal'boa…" she thinks to herself as the roulette slows to a stop, putting her up against Lachoc. She looks over at the old man with relief.

"I guess its you and me first then." she says to the ram.


"Lila?" Aether looks around to see if any eyes meet hers. She'd like to know what she's up against, as one would before having to fight them to the near-death.


"So did he decide your match-up for you? He literally used a plant he controls for the most impartial part of the process."

"Who's Piston, anyway?" I search the faces again, and check to see if the coppery mare if still glaring at me.


"Lila's the breezie-plant, Piston I think's the robot. And no, he didn't decide the matches for me." she says with offense.


"The breezie-plant…" she echoes to herself, still looking.


File: 1529391108038.png (378.54 KB, 600x543, Machine.png)

As you enthusiastically make this comment, you note Bal'boa nearby has caught you in his sights. He makes a sickly grin, staring you down as he does a 'cut-throat' motion across his neck with his gloves (you note that they seem different than before, flame-decals on top of them this time), as Dead Tom comes up from behind, adjusting his red cape behind him as the skeleton looks on at him.

"Yes, I must say that is a good idea… in fact, given the number of followers we have," he says, looking back at the others you have gathered, "I think we have enough to judge 'all' of the other fights simultaneously. Should be quite helpful…"

He looks on at you, his empty eye-holes suddenly quite serious. "Pain Train… I am eternally grateful to you for letting me accompany you thus far. It brought me no shortage of comfort to once again find myself around others I could trust. But…" he lowers his head. "I'm afraid Miss Alexis isn't the only one who needs to win. There is something I desperately, TRULY need the wish for… and so I hope you hold no grudge against me when I say I cannot afford to lose to you now. I will fight with every last ounce of strength in these bones to defeat you."

Lachoc looks up with surprise, sweat gathering on the old ram's face as he reaches up to scratch behind his head with a nervous chuckle. "Hehehehe… s-so it would seem. Just my luck to get one of you ponies in my first go round, too. Can't say I have much room to complain, though, I've literally been coasting by hanging around Pain since the Tournament started. You're actually going to be my FIRST official match of the tournament. So uh, go easy on me, will you?"

AEther can see said Breezie-plant waving excitedly from across the way, roughly a food-tall and with fluttering, leaf-like wings and a fairy-like plant form as she shouts, "Hello! Over here, I'm over here!" She says as she is about to fly in your direction, the golden condor that she was accompanying appearing to say something in protest before she speeds her way over, getting up swiftly into Aether's muzzle as she flutters about,

"Hey! We haven't met yet, but it's so so cool to meet you! You're only the third pony I've ever seen up close!" She bows her head as she flutters in mid-air. "I'm Lila! Yours is 'Aether', right? How do you do?"

As Alexis points out who Piston is, you feel a series of steps shaking the floor as said large machine begins moving his way closer to you, a gorilla-like shape to him as he holds up a metallic hand,
>"That would be me! Hello there."
His voice comes out like it's emitting from an old radio, but has a strong tone behind it that reeks of confidence.
>"Nice to see another Machine made it out here! Didn't get much of a chance to talk to you last night, but I knew I would get another chance. Can't say I'm too surprised that the only two Machines to have entered the Tournament BOTH made it into the finals."

He puts a metallic hand on his hip and another on his chin, looking over your chassis,
>"Said your name's Castle? Definitely haven't seen a design like THAT before… that just off the assembly line? Have to say, I like the cannon."


>one more note: you also see that you've re-captured the copper-mare's glare, but now it seems to have only intensified in hatred as she now seems fixated on shifting between you and Piston. You see her trying to put it out of her mind, looking away from you as she shakes her head clean of distractions


"Ah!" she yelps when she suddenly find a small, winged creature fly up into her face. She would have swatted it away if it hadn't talked soon enough.

"Oh, hi," she says as she awkwardly bows back, "That's right, I'm Aether. Aether Bright. I'm, uh, doing okay, I guess." After a few seconds, she scratches her head and says, "Uh, are we supposed to be nice to each other? I guess we're supposed to, uh, be going up against each other very soon. You seem nice, though. I wouldn't like to fight you." Aether then looks down and murmurs to herself, "Maybe that's what you're trying to do…"


File: 1529391775094.png (1.06 MB, 650x1004, astra gloves.png)

>also note: the decals on Bal'boa's gloves aren't flames, they look more like the gloves in pic-related


"Hello…" I reply, taken off guard by the construct's amicable tone. "Well uh, you know what they say… Be a fast machine. Keep your motor clean…"

"Yeah, it's a new manufacturing line. Reboot of an old design."

"Say, you wouldn't know who that is, would you?" I indicate the mare to Piston with some subtlety.


Alexis tries to think of a response, some witty reassurance, but coming up with nothing just says.

"I can't."


Pain clutches his chest as Bal'boa gestures towards him, exasperatedly letting his head fall to the table and closing his eyes, sticking out his tongue pantomiming dying. As Dead Tom speaks him, he jumps to attention and smirks towards Bal'boa, then turning to Tom.

"Tom the only grudge I'd hold towards you is if you didn't fight with your all. I won't hold back as well, but if you defeat me, you'll have my graces and my best wishes in towards winning the tournament."

Pain says, wiping the goofy expression from taunting Bal'boa off his face and looking sternly at Tom in the eye sockets,

"I hope you won't hold it against me that I'll give my all as well."


Lila smiles, "That's good! I'm glad to hear that you're good. I'm good too! Been having a LOT of fun around here, normally m'lord doesn't let me do anything this fun for this long but since we're having a one on one fight, I don't think he'd mind if I spent time saying hello myself!"

As you comment about if you're supposed to be nice to each other, she frowns, sitting cross-legged in the air as she flutters. "Oh… I guess that's a good point. I'm not sure if we're supposed to be nice to each other right before a fight either, I guess that does seem a little weird…" she turns her head, "Well, m'lord says appearances are important, and it's better for someone to think you're nice than mean, so… I think it's alright." She chuckles. "You're nice too. I wouldn't like to fight either but, it's a fighting tournament!" She shrugs, "What can you do?"

Lachoc chuckles, "Hehe… well, can't say it wasn't worth a shot." He cricks his neck a little, stretching out his limbs. "Guess I'll just have to give it my all then and hope it doesn't come up too short. Guess I have to admit, I'm MUCH more glad to be up against you than some of these other bruisers out there…" he pauses, "Oh, heh, not to make you sound like you're weak or anything just, you know, less likely to leave this ol' ram a pasty pancake than that Bal'boa guy."

Piston sounds a metallic-sounding laugh.
>"Can't say I heard that one, but it's not bad."
He nods his head in approval as you mention it's a reboot.
>"Ah, must be falling behind on my model catalog, don't recognize it. So much new Tech being developed these days even I have trouble keeping up with it all."

As you ask him about the copper mare, the machine looks between you and her repeatedly, seemingly caught of guard.
He asks, his volume suddenly a bit lower than its bombastic level a moment ago.
>"You never laid eyes on Princess Brunnhilde before? I assume you 'are' from Osterlich, right?"
He shakes his head, and whispers
>"Well at any rate, best just let the cold stares bounce off your chassis, understand? If it were ANYONE else I'd be laying them out straight in a milisecond, but no sense giving our princess trouble over a little bad oil. Few decades at the most, she'll probably convert anyh-"

"If you cowardly piles of scrap metal are going to speak ill of me, ze least you could do is zey it outloud to my face!" The copper pony shouts angrily in a distinctly Germane accent, turning her muzzle up at the two of you.


Bal'boa snarls out the sides of his mouth as you mock him from afar, pushing himself towards your direction before his manager gets in the way, mumbling to him about saving his energy for the fight as he prevents an early confrontation and pushes him to the side.

Tom looks to you as you get serious, and bows his head. "No, of course I wouldn't hold a grudge against you. The only person I'd blame for my failure is myself. I will fight however hard I must in order to win, but you will have my best wishes as well should you succeed. I look forward to an excellent match, my friend… and let neither of us hold anything back."

He holds up a hoof, "If I may, I would ask an arrangement: should you win our duel, I will tell you everything I know of Bal'boa from my confrontation with him last evening. And should you win, I would ask if your manager might share anything he sees in 'his' fight while the two of us are ore-occupied."

As all of you converse with your opponents, you hear a call cry out from Viola once more as she raises her hoof.

"If you are all quite ready, it is time to begin the first round of the Finals! Please, pair yourself up with your designated opponent, and follow behind me as I lead you all to the first fighting grounds. All non-combatants, you will be escorted to the spectators' section to be part of the crowd."



Alexis: 6/2 [7/5]
>Glavo: NA / Sildo: NA / Ilo: NA

Kameron's expression twists into one of confusion. "Uhhh…. exactly like *who*? There another zebra I should know about?"
As you tell him how long you've been up, he exclaims, "Damn. Couldn't ask for better timing then, huh?" As you comment having come down for coffee, he adds on, "Here, lemme treat you." He says, grabbing for his bits. "Yeah I feel ya. Week and a half like that? I'd miss it too. I just sorta figured it'd be like, you know, waking up and not realizing you've been missing it all." He comments as he moves up to the barista, putting down his bits insistently before you can. "You sure you should be outta bed?"


"Its not that its just…its a really long story. And I don't even know if its safe to talk about it with you. I feel like I've been gone for months. The accident…it changed everything. I don't know what to do after this but for now–"

She exhales.

"I'm sorry. I'm still half-asleep. I'm probably sounding crazy."

"Well its too late now if I'm not. Besides. I feel good."


Kam nods. "Ah… okay, I think I get ya. Can't imagine what it's like, waking up after a week after… something like the accident." He shudders slightly. "Still shakes me up just thinking what coulda happened."

As you mention being half asleep, Kam spares a small smirk. "Well, crazy is about usual for you anyhow, so I guess you're not doing so bad. Think you just need to take it easy for now."

The barrista behind the counter coughs, "Ahem… hello, welcome to StarBucks, can I take your order?"
Kam looks up, "Uh, yeah, gimme a mocha, large, and something for her." He nods to you. "Go ahead."


The former ghost looks over at Kameron, visually uncomfortable. She pauses, wanting to say something about how bitterly shaken up he was when something *did* happen, or how comforting or unnerving the teasing was. As she is still trying to think of what to say the barrista coughs, shocking her out of her trance.

"Right. Sorry. Alot on my mind." she says, looking up at the menu.

"I want a mocha coffee, a crepe, a blueberry muffin…one of those croissants with fruit in it, an eclaire, and one of those little bottles of milk. And a green iced tea."


Kam's eyes open a little wider as you place your order, before he reaches for his wallet to pull out a couple extra bits to cover the pastries. "Uh… I think I'll add on a couple of scones too, man."
"Coming right up. I'll bring them over to your table if you'd like." the barrista states, going behind the counter to start brewing the coffee and the tea, and digging through the pastry rack to collect the treats.

Kam moves over to the table he was sitting at before with his back-pack, and offers a chair. "Hungry, I'm guessin'?"


The girl looks slightly embarrassed as she slides into the chair opposite him.

"Very. Its been awhile since I've eaten anything." she says, her bare hooves feeling cold in the small corner cafe, enjoying the uncomfortable sensation. She reaches over for a few napkins and begins wiping up his spittake, which currently covers whats left of his old scones.

"Thanks for visiting, by the way. It means alot."


"Fuck, yeah I can imagine. Almost two weeks without any real food? I'd have eaten the first moving thing I saw. If you're still hungry we can hit up somewhere else that has some substance." As you start wiping up the spit-take, Kam's cheeks flush, "T-thanks. I was gonna get that, you just kinda caught me by surprise."

He shakes his head, "You don't gotta thank me, was the least I can do. We were all really worried about you. I-" his eyes open wide. "Oh wait, shit, almost forgot. I got you a card-" he digs into his back-pack, moving through his laptop and papers to pull out a small Hallmark card. He hands it over across the table, where you see it is a picture of a ursa major with the flu, a comically over-sized thermometer in its mouth and ice-pack on its head. Underneath, it says 'Hope things aren't too un-bear-able'.

"…do you get it?"


"You realize I'm not five right?" she says with feigned annoyance as she takes the card.

"And to be honest? Things were kind of unbearable for awhile. They still kind of are. I'm glad you're here though. After the crash, I started to think I'd never talk to you or anypony else I knew again."


"Course not. Just, I thought it was cheesy and maybe a cheesy joke would help after you woke up. Plus Flawless and Bitter already got you like, five sports ones, I wanted to be original."

As you comment on how unbearable things have been, a frown passes across Kameron's face. "I'm sorry. I can't begin to imagine how scary it's gotta be, waking up after something like that." He pauses for a moment, thinking of what to say next. "If you don't feel like talking about it, I totally get it but, what was like? Do you remember the accident, or…?"

"Here we go!" The barrista interrupts, carrying a tray full of food with him. "Two mochas, one order of scones, crepe, blueberry muffin, croissant, eclair, milk and green iced tea."
"Oh-" Kam turns his attention, grabbing at his coffee as it's handed to him while the food is set down on the table. "Thanks."


"I don't get why I needed so many cards in the first place. Its not like I could read them while I was gone." she says flicking it onto the table casually, before he asks her about the accident.

"I remember it. I had alot of time to think about it too, to figure out more about what happened. Most of what happened at the time was a blur. It hit me right after I saw it. I was walking home. I had just said bye to Bitter, who started walking down the intersection to her street, down that one road that goes kind of downhill a few blocks from mine? I turned around and-"

"If I hadn't have looked back. If I'd just gotten out of the way, none of this might have happened. And I wouldn't be here. You don't even feel it at first. You'd think a car hitting you, head on, you'd FEEL it right? You don't. At least, not at first. All I felt, was all the air being sucked out of my throat, like someone was pulling it out of my throat with a vacuum. Everything after that happened so fast I only found out what happened after. When it hit me, it dragged me under the car, instead of over the windshield. Something in the chassis, cut and dug into my chest and dragged me with the car about twenty feet leaving a blood streak in the road, before it hit a bump and I popped loose. That's when I felt it. It was like somepony had set a grand piano on top of my chest. I wasn't even in pain, I just…I couldn't move. I don't even know how many bones I broke, but I found one later there was a hole going through my lung. One of those, tube things that goes under the car, had went straight through it. Thats probably what dragged me through the street. After that, there really wasn't much that happened. I didn't see a light, or…you know how in the movies, its always really dramatic when somepony dies? And they see their whole life flash before their eyes, or they just sit there looking at the sky for ten minutes thinking about what had happened. Its…its nothing like that. It couldn't have been more then a few minutes between it hitting me and me passing out."

"All I remember thinking was this panicked realization that I'd been hit. Not even that I was going to die, just shock. And that was it. I was still thinking about it, staring across the street when I passed out. When I woke up, that was it." she says, just as the food is set down.


"No, but you could read them all after you woke up and find out how much ponies missed you while you were out."

Kam listens to you silently, taking in the full description calmly. As you start getting into more vivid detail about how it 'felt', to have been stabbed in the chest by something underneath the car and being dragged by it, his nerve wavers a bit, a bit of color draining from his cheeks. He doesn't stop you however, continuing to listen to your whole story, and only after it finishes, does his head turn down. "…damn. Just… damn." He takes a slow sip of his coffee, thinking over his response. "I'm a little surprised you remember it that well. Something like that, I sorta figured it'd be something that happened so fast when you woke up you'd barely recall the whole thing. But having THAT on your mind soon as you wake up is just… I'm sorry."

"It's different than I thought. When I asked the doc what was wrong he said you managed to miss a full-on collision and the worst injury was to your head. That you'd be able to walk around and shit if y-… when you woke up."


"Like I said, I had a lot of time to figure out more about it later. It was alot worse then-" she pauses, raising her head and looks around, before ducking her head down.

"Kameron what difference would it have made if it hit me head on or on the side if it was going sixty miles an hour?"


Kameron's eyebrows perk up as you pause, seemingly curious as to what you were about to compare it to. As you duck your head down he seems confused, but then as you ask him that question he shakes his head.

"If you asked me that two weeks ago, I probably would have said not much. Ponies get fucked up in accidents where the car isn't even going twenty, even getting clipped by something going sixty is insane. But I guess you're living proof to the contrary. Doctor just said you got INSANELY lucky with how it hit you, how you landed, how fast they got you to ER. It was probably a miracle."


"Bullshit. That's bullshit and you know it." she says, speaking somewhat quietly, head ducked a little.


"Bullshit? What, am I supposed to complain you managed to live through something like that because it's unlikely?"


"Because its *impossible*. If Mare-Do-Well or Princess Luna, or fuck even your grandma got hit MAYBE. Anypony normal would be a pavement smear at half that speed. You don't find that the least bit suspicious?"


"I find it improbable, I think you must have gotten the luckiest hand dealt in the history of Equestria to make it out of that alive… should try buying a lottery ticket after this, come to think of it… but what's there to be suspicious of? You're standing here mostly unscathed after something that could have killed you. Like Granny Z says, 'Whether things are going North or South, you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.'"


"Trust me if you knew what I knew you'd think I was staring down its tonsils. I can PROVE something weird is going on here."


"For a filly who just cheated Death, you seem kinda unsatisfied. Hasn't weirder shit happened?"

He raises an eyebrow. "Prove? Prove what?"


"By this point, kind of, but this didn't happen. I'm in a matrix. And I can prove it." she says sitting her hooves down on the table.

"Anything you know, that I don't also know, you can't remember. I'll give you an example. Remember last year when you did that chemistry project and you had to memorize all the elements on the periodic table?"

"Tell me something about it I DON'T already know, like listing the noble gases, or telling me what 'noble gas' even means. Or what the numbers in the little element box mean."

"Or look at the coffee menu. Like half of those are just made up, they aren't even Prench."


As you bring up being in a matrix, Kam gives you a look as though you just spoke in a foreign language to him. "You're in a 'matrix'… like the movie, that Matrix?"

As you ask him about the elements, he responds "Alexis, I did that project a YEAR ago. We've both had a lot of shit coming down the pipe going up to graduation, I've forgotten most of what I crammed about the periodic table just trying to keep up with everything else."

He looks over at the menu, "You sure? I don't really memorize the menu, I just sort of order what I order."


"Yes like the movie. None of this is real. The doctor couldn't remember what an IV was earlier either. Look, take out your phone and google the Periodic Table. Or google anything you think you know, that I don't."

"I KNOW it sounds crazy, but its the truth. None of this is real."


Kam gives a dead-pan look. "We're in the Matrix… right. So, where's the part where we get to learn kung-fu?"

As you ask him to test out his theory, he pulls up his phone, "Alright, let's see." He opens it up, "Going into browser, typing 'periodic table', hitting search…" he bears a smug grin on his face, but it slowly turns into an annoyed frown, "No connection to Internet? What the hay, I was *just* streaming something."


"Its not funny. I'm really trapped in here." she reprimands.

"And see? Its not letting you online. Switch from the hospital's wifi to using the phone's internet. That's NEVER down in the city."


"I *am* using my phone's internet, it says it won't connect." He says, going through the motions of checking various settings. "Weird… maybe I hit my data limit for the month or something's just wrong with the hardware, I'm pretty sure there's better explanations than being stuck in the Matrix."

As you reprimand him for making jokes, he says, "Sorry for not taking it as seriously as I should, but come on: what would *you* say if I told you something like that?"


"I'd think you were crazy. Honestly I'm surprised you didn't start saying I had lost it, or freak out or something. If it was anypony else they'd be sending me up the river for a psyche referral."

"How do you stay so cool all the time?"


"I just smoke a ton of weed when you're not around." Kameron says extremely nonchalantly, making an obvious joke. He shrugs. "I dunno, that's just how I am. Maybe Granny rubs off on me."

"For the record though, I *do* think you're probably not thinking straight right now. You're minutes out of a hospital room and haven't eaten or drank anything in days, I think you should at least get a bite to eat before trying to convince me we're in a computer or something."

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