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File: 1493896318314.jpg (61.5 KB, 1280x720, tmp_28737-1493844534547-26….jpg)

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In which we bleat


Don't be silly, they haven't even fucked yet


We should meet and lewd


What'd be the excuse for it?
Generally speaking Gloria doesn't roam around in search of cock


This is where my plan always falls apart


>did more running in the past 2 hours than probably the whole year combined

Being in an army base again is making me slightly nostalgic


Be more proactive then.
Ask mommy for a mission that warrants night police assistance to complete, like capturing escaped monsters.
Repair and return the uniform jacket I gave you at the end of the illusion house.


Oh good point, I forgot about that


Also I don't have a mom


There is a difference between a mommy and a mother
I suppose you could also ask to have Gloria brought in as a showcase/study piece on werewolves


No there isn't
But it would be an excuse to visit the Popo HQ if I brought the jacket back


Does Gloria have some sins that need confessing?


I'll need to talk to both of you regarding the meet when you get on Steam.


That's gonna be a while
Gloria is not for sexually while at work.
Though she may inquire about the healing cream she uses for her burns since it was made with monster ingredients.
She has never really had a chance to consider such a question


After I shower


>Tfw not in the secret meet club
That's the only place I know to find you though


Just be warned that she is not very receptive when in full formal mode, as you've seen. If you want to meet her in a more casual context I can probably arrange a reason for her to need to visit Belladonna's house and thus also you.


>kinda want to play dead space 2 again
>have 1
>have 3
>don't actually own 2
This is just silly.


File: 1493901478323.gif (388.13 KB, 600x338, _gif__r_r____dj_pon_3_appr….gif)


File: 1493901657999.png (74.93 KB, 761x466, Obss2.png)


File: 1493901844317.jpg (111.56 KB, 801x997, 1407162131036.jpg)

Wanna mons in an hour?


Maybe I could invite her to come pick the coat up and show her my gratitude.


>You will never cuddle your pokes in your pijamas
so sad
sure thing


File: 1493902134258.jpg (158.67 KB, 728x1096, 303aa49a1af8f80ecfe4daaf8d….jpg)


File: 1493902172423.jpg (164.86 KB, 1920x2560, ttEGinN.jpg)


Wat a dank


That pic is way too lewd.
How about cuddling with 🍌🍌 in pajamas instead?


File: 1493902301103.jpg (4.88 MB, 4032x2268, 20170504_155116.jpg)

It is time


yea, sure


File: 1493903631024.jpg (4.13 MB, 4032x2268, 20170504_161326.jpg)

The fire rises


No thanks


Unf unf unf


I really hope OTR is still holding your interest


>Dad may have cancer

Chances are that it's nothing, like 50/50, and even if it's cancer it's likely limited and fairly easy to treat with surgery. They're doing more tests in a couple of days, but the results will take a week to come out which really sucks.


I don't want to miss out on the prison raid
And then trying to squeeze out more favors from the lords


What kind of cancer? Lung?


Damn. Fingers crossed, you have all my support.


Oh no, I really hope it turns out alright. Your dad was awesome.


Well that sucks, here's hoping it won't be trouble


its fine


File: 1493904478452.jpg (4.35 MB, 4032x2268, 20170504_162724.jpg)

They expect one of us in the wreckage brother


File: 1493904519808.png (504.5 KB, 1066x1168, 1377674173258.png)

sorry to hear that


Did you bring Amalganon with you to Sinport?
I hope so. I'm not sure if I should expedite the plot a bit to save it from the ded quest pile.


Well, I assumed he was with us
Honestly I lost track
We are with the whole party + Patches, the illusionist whose name I keep forgetting and amalganon, right?


Hope it's just a false alarm


File: 1493905100888.jpg (4.48 MB, 4032x2268, 20170504_163718.jpg)

Crashing this beef with no survivors
I wish we could have a summer Finland meet at a summer cabin


File: 1493905174825.jpg (32.06 KB, 488x564, 1487810763375.jpg)

>The Prethoryn Scourge crisis will now show up more often and the Unbidden less often
>More than doubled the base strength of the Prethoryn Scourge invasion fleets
>Doubled the base strength of the Extradimensional fleets, and their initial fleet has been more than quadrupled
>The power of crisis fleets now scales to the size of the galaxy
>The power of Fallen/Awakened empire fleets now scales somewhat to the size of the galaxy

Good fucking god.


Its not ded.


We're boned


Fucking finally. I can uninstall the "multiple crisis" mod now.


Some other interesting stuff

>Charismatic and Repugnant now only impact opinion of other empires (+25/-25 respectively) rather than affecting happiness

>Hive Minds can now choose to eat titanic life
>Terraforming-related technologies are now less rare, and even more likely to appear if you have the World Shaper ascension perk
>It is now possible to terraform inhabited planets if you have researched the new Ecological Adaptation tech
>Extradimensionals now turn planets barren after destroying colonies
>Boosted the damage output, shield hit points and hull points of military stations and frontier outposts substantially
>Hive Minds now get a +25% Pop Growth Speed
>Hive Minds now get +10% habitability
>Corporate Dominion civic no longer requires you to be Egalitarian


guys I feel like playing a game with people
what do


What game


File: 1493905954312.jpg (3.96 MB, 3000x2895, 1069723__safe_oc_cute_glas….jpg)

I don't really care


>starmind is no longer viable
[star silence]
Her name is rose
And I just wanted to check since you didn't interact with him since arriving
Idk maybe it's just me. It feels slow and kinda low energy. Maybe I just need to run it more often.


We did quite a bit last time thou, regarding the siege on the castle prison


My mistake


That is a cute cat

Also, name a game and we shall play!


File: 1493906460677.jpg (89 KB, 663x759, 1431410670753.jpg)

I dunno, what do you feel like doing?


It was a solid start to things yeah.
I'm mostly thinking whether or not to cut some faff and side plots to maintain this pace.


Risk of Rain?
Don't Starve Together?


File: 1493906575304.png (15.71 KB, 738x440, 1428734061113.png)

If that would be more fun for you to run.
I could seek out more dangerous dungeon like things


But faff and side plots are so good


I don't have it
Don't have it
Well, if we had a few that wanted it
don't have it
not fun


>Massive Hivemind buff
>No longer viable

If anything this will make it so you only need to take normal Adaptive instead of Extremely Adaptive.



I'm up for whatever, really!


Let's just HotS


You guys up for that?


Two more games of Shadowverse and I am all for it


Me and groves do plenty of not starving at least.
Well here's a short breakdown
>core plot
Prison Fortress escape
Facing the golden dragons
Taking on Fireheart
>secondary stuff (some of which could be left out)
Duna repairing Amalganon
Kelpie bonding with Coniferion
John continuing his thing with Night Ear
>final battle prep
The plot of Rose and her dad
Going back to Riverhold to see Nosey
Going back to the forest to make another deal with the witch
Doing more deals with the Sinport gangs
Meeting old Fingers to recruit them
Sabotaging golden dragon stuff to weaken them


Wait that's true, I read it wrong
I'm still thinking about making a second hivemind to have an alternative playstyle beyond GRAB ALL THE PLANETS



All very exciting things!!

and don't starve is kinda cool for a little fun anyway, we can do it sometime


File: 1493907412865.jpg (306.44 KB, 1366x768, 20170504151635_1.jpg)



The far east themed quest idea from earlier was also related, but that'd need to be more of a OTR2: Mists of Pandaria type of thing


That boobplate is truly !!!!


File: 1493907654277.png (1.71 MB, 853x1024, Dark Dragoon Forte 1014410….png)

Have a bigger image


pretty wings and vines


Is she a robot


No, she is a half dragon!

>3 ranks away from master in 5 months without having spent any money on the game

I feel somewhat accomplished


File: 1493907999769.png (1.06 MB, 1607x879, FUCKING.png)

>>>>90 minutes
>won a huge fight at the end but splitting up to assault the enemy base meant we couldn't defend our own throne despite everyone being dead



Good luck. At least the news so far isn't as bad as it could be, early detection is good


>90 mins without techies
To what end


File: 1493908087269.jpg (216.47 KB, 1366x768, 20170504152742_1.jpg)

The rank climb, just so you can visualize it a bit


They had no way to outfight us, but at the same time we had fuckall siege capability, so once all our structures were down there was nothing else they could do but lose fights or try to keep distracting us


This for your korean card game?


Yes! This is all stuff I want to do
You could also add a side plot for Duna to meet different Smiths and learn techniques with them
>90 minutes
I don't want to believe this is real
But the image confirms my fears
Sweet gosh man


the ears make me think its a robot


I think that is a tiara



pointy ears like that are used to symbolize robits in animue thou


>7 hours later

Yes, those twins


What about those twins?


Im trying to think about a nice drawing of them


How about the twins and Selena looking at the camera and smiling wide for a nice family facial?




I mean portait
A nice family portrait, for Selena to put on her bedside


Oh. not interested then[\s]


File: 1493911022334.png (389 KB, 827x911, 51297da8-b5ca-4602-b8a0-89….png)

Well gosh
Tell me when you come up with a better idea then


I'll extend the same question to you


I like the npcs and the party. I do not understand what is going on at a fundamental level


I was gonna suggest a gangbang but I know you wouldn't


Of course I would, silly


You are still On The Run
To clear your name, you need to find the one who actually ordered the assassination you are accused on
This is Fireheart, Son of Ironhide, leader of the Golden Dragon Clan
He is too powerful to attack head on thanks to his Clan, but for that end you are now obtaining help
The first major steps in this are both inside the Prison Fortress
-the mercenary captain Sir Ragamont
-several associates of the Sinport Gangs
With Ragamont's old mercs and the Gangs backing you up, you should be able to attack the Golden Dragons and capture their leader to clear your name.


When do we play card games


lets see how late the raid runs


Play what now?


Stream YuGiOh


>Watching that of all things


Which ep are you on?


bandit Keith just showed up


I fully expect you to incorporate them into OTR now


It appeals to our sense of narrative bullshit and game design


>Fireheart is a blue eyed Drakin with white scales


So in a world as diverse as the Reskin one, how would a TCG from there work?


Ancient magic and runes
I'm sure our Witch would have a blast


File: 1493917773236.jpg (73.83 KB, 382x528, 1464815901872.jpg)

We are an unstoppable team when we don't play a complete meme comp


>tfw no Zenyatta to steal PotG with
Last time I got a Lifesaver one, I failed to save the Rein who rushed in, died in 1 second, but managed to headshot half the enemy team


In this case I was talking about Heroes of the Storm


>She is even worse than a Jew, she is -may Allah forgive me for uttering this word- an Englishwoman


>progressively higher level players
>start getting abosultely memed on
>zarya tracer combo team
It got so bad, wow, if it wasn't for everyone I would have been sad.


File: 1493921496433.jpg (Spoiler Image, 696.2 KB, 816x875, 1493575063364.jpg)

HotS doesn't feel like a game where individual players can have huge impacts anyway
Level 10s being matched with level 30s just means Blizzard hates us for being too gud


It was teams of far more experienced players by the end.
You're probably right about the matching system thou. I don't think we did poorly at all.


I don't mean this in a braggy way but I was landing some clutch heals as solohealer, there's a reason I got so many MVPs.

You wouldn't need a good healer if Sylt and BDN didn't play so risky though!


Sylt has the situational awareness of a blind snail that's in a coma, but that's okay

I thought that Nova was bad, but that fucking Tracer


File: 1493921873484.jpg (184.72 KB, 841x950, 1411308048796.jpg)

>feel like a quick dota match before bed
>remember my 'quick match' turned into a 90 minute epic a earlier


Diving's a dota habit
I feel like I can get out of any situation because of a ranged disable, but abilities in HotS feel so spammy and low impact, come to think of it.

That's the spirit


File: 1493921923990.png (131.94 KB, 800x647, 1493920456129.png)

I saw this and thought of you


Also maybe you just need to rethink your talent build, I feel like I get a lot done with my hero

Maybe you should try that witch girl who shoots the giant black bombs, those hurt like hell


I'm more looking for disables, even when I land a 3 man stun it feels like nothing comes out of it unless everyone is already there


All the stuns in HOTS are pretty short, 1.5s most of the time

I like it because I hate sitting helpless not playing the game


Listen, there are really only like… two characters who can successfully heal you up the way you'd like (from 25%), and its got the downside of that being literally all they can do, like lt. morales, who can't outsneeze a minion wave.
Healing just isn't reliable as a way to survive permadently, so you should back off to live.


File: 1493922371274.jpg (759.19 KB, 1920x1200, thumb-1920-111792.jpg)

Yes exactly


I'll just try Zul'jin next time, apparently he counters tracer


dehaka is supposed to be top stunner, I felt like muradin was still doing well in 2.0, very pleasantly surprised since I heard rumors of the changes being bad for him.


> nothing comes out of it unless everyone is already there
You need a good lane partner with high damage then


Recall pretty OP


I mean devouring Maw takes them out of the fight for 4 seconds too.


>Once every 15 seconds you can stun for 1.75s and drag them with you back into your lines
>Can move through enemies and self heal


that's true too

I mean we could try thinking more about our team comp to synchronize with each other, if we want to keep going.
I do like anubrack who can cacoon someone, so we could chain them to keep someone out of the fight even longer


>1,5 seconds of stun at most
>Remembered playing Dota early as a character with a 5 second stun


heh, maybe I should start taking the thunderclap heals talent


File: 1493923013372.webm (2.63 MB, 1280x720, 1411288198044.webm)

Doesn't feel like any one character can singlehandedly help to turn around a close fight. Even ults feel underwhelming tbh

Pic related is one of the longest stuns possible, that spinning symbol is how long the guy is supposed to be stunned for. It's a skillshot and needs to be fired from very far away for the full effect though

Anyone that can show up anywhere on the map and nuke down people?


uh, falstad or brightwing or dehakka ?
It says birdboy is free this week, maybe give him a try.


Anything resembling this?


Guy teleports to any friendly unit on the map, nukes down nearby enemies, resets his cooldowns, teeleports back to regain mana, then teleports into another fight immediately, basically.


Falstad flies and I've seen him kill pretty gud but I never played as him.

Brightwing moves like that, but isn't really a killing machine, its a support / control character.


A lot of internet places say that Illidan is the best mobility assassin

Plus he's a close-fighting melee hero that synergizes well with my pick, Rehgar


I watched a video about Illidan, he seems very divey, maybe you'd like him


>faerie dragon
Kawaii, I might use it

Might be cool, I;m only thinking of how funny it would be to face off against a Malfurion/Tyrande pair though

Also it's probably impossible but at 4:48 is one of the funniest things you can do with that hero




Oh. I didn't actually consider that, you do have to choose to make your diving ability better thou.


Illidan's abilities allow him to dash behind a target and bodyblock it while dealing a bunch of damage, self-healing, and the way he gets shorter CDs when he attacks is kinda like Genji's dash reflect


Well, I got shot as I was walking back from the burger place

Dangerous neighbourhood, this one


>Be Hungarian in Britain
>Get shot


Cumshots don't count as danger.


Shot at or shot?


Kids were shooting at each other with BB guns and someone missed and hit me instead

It didn't even hurt, but I was like "dudes, come on"


Oh my God
Where? Are you in the hospital?



Oh God fucking hell nopony
I thought you got shot by like an actual bullet from an actual gun




It makes sense though, since Genji has a high skill ceiling.


Blizzard are so dumb


File: 1493925537770.png (112.44 KB, 399x314, 2015-09-14 13.22.32.png)

I hate you so much


>tfw chest hurts no matter which pose I try to sleep in
[Slightly nervous and uncomfertable nosso]




File: 1493926310422.png (902.59 KB, 1280x900, 1425159__suggestive_artist….png)


>tfw no tail on your maid
Why live



How long until Delilah gets a succubus tail?


She doesn't have one already?


Only horns


I love the idea.


File: 1493926880205.png (1.4 MB, 1550x926, forced smile.png)


File: 1493926882423.jpg (731.51 KB, 1920x1080, 20170504153652_1.jpg)

The French have this clown car alliance with the Ottomans and Hungary and I nearly border them.


I love popeblobs


And they are allied with the Austrians


How long until I can grow succubus tails on humans?


>90 min raid
>zero wipes
>only 2 healers
>I was 3rd in DPS
What a good run


Depends on how you split your time between studying demons and monster girls


I needed that nap. Might even go to bed early tonight.


File: 1493928838716.png (253.48 KB, 332x507, 1492289465395.png)



That's like
Super tiny!


File: 1493928991937.png (734.94 KB, 3233x4000, 994459.png)

Wait until Wf gets his breezers on the shrink ray




>no cover
>no barrier
>enemy Widow has sights

Yep, he was actually being retarded


I was thinking maybe they buttbump or something.
Aira being really happy and Aria being grumpy and on coke


It just baffles me how can one person have so much anger
Oh that sounds cu-wait
On coke?
Excuse me?


File: 1493929454159.jpg (63.05 KB, 645x624, 1491667865270.jpg)

>That autistic battlescreech


File: 1493929492517.png (856.98 KB, 1600x898, 0W9p8wp.png)

Speaking of OW, anyone want to do some rounds?


It's not uncommon for children of single parents to become doped up degenerates.
And Aria has the excuse it's not illegal at least


I roll to slap a "Tinkerer Guild Members Only" sticker on the shrink ray


I was the one who brought it!


>inb4 they uyse it on each other


Technically it is Tinker Guild equipment.
I say technically because in the whole commotion a missing shrink ray is the least of the Guild concerns.


>being Lawful Annoying intensifies


As a good member of the Tinker Guild it would be your duty to prevent misuse of company material!


Punishment for not appropriating disappropriately used Tinker Equipment is public shaming


File: 1493930292298.gif (293.48 KB, 500x318, 1473146448620.gif)


Did you talk to Knighto about Macross?

In reality Fairweather is too grumpy and untrusting to point a shrink ray at anything she wasn't sure about shrinking, it's the same problem as Klava

That's why Wan is really cathartic to play


>give Wf shrink ray
>doesn't use it

Wf, I'm so disappointed in you.


You know I care a lot about commitment to storytelling, I can't bring myself to act out of character for personal hedonism

Plus it's way harder to tempt me when Timbuktu and Macross are filled with size content


Perhaps I should shrink Fairweather, so she can't use the equipment.


File: 1493930452508.png (1.5 MB, 1200x1357, 476931__safe_vinyl scratch….png)

Absolutely lewd


what will I do now?

Guess i'll have to find some other use for the shrink ray



But where will she travel?


File: 1493930647303.png (761.11 KB, 1280x1280, 41811f756317764983b3220ccb….png)

Pattern will don her emergency Tinker Guild panties


>One of the twins is good and kind and grows up to become a doctor and make Selena proud
>The other one becomes a junkie and a failure
This is too real


The junkie is the succesful one actually


Not exactly accurate, you don't have the full picture


In a paper lantern


But Fairweather doesn't glow!



That too can be solved. with a spell from a witch






File: 1493931238733.jpg (61.67 KB, 793x667, 1474269438239.jpg)

[Very small protesting]


Well, now you have to do this in game!
Free levels for everyone involved!


Explain further


Cocaine daughter is getting into corporate business

Clean daughter is a groupie for a smalltime musician



I figured this might interest you.


File: 1493931505899.png (321.85 KB, 505x505, 1493716957710.png)

>free levels for everyone


File: 1493931585667.png (1.59 MB, 4342x2079, 1493904442537.png)

There's one for everybody!


I've actually seen that already


>Hungary loaned some artillery pieces to the Germans to bombard French Belgium
Based Magyar of baguette removal


I should link you to the part where Selena visits Walloon Witherloo


File: 1493931901436.gif (1.95 MB, 462x360, 515111__safe_animated_cute….gif)


Plastic BBs, or the metal ones? I imagine they were plastic, because if they were metal and you aren't bleeding, then those would be some shit bb guns.


Yeah, just the kiddie plastic bb guns, not like airsoft or anything



Curses, I can't say no to Coco


I will start updating my sheet!


I don't think nopo said free level right now!


Indeed, I said anyone involved in this devililishly cute plot!


File: 1493932375253.gif (1.98 MB, 620x717, 1475565925299.gif)

I need some time to rest and recover


File: 1493932451801.png (513.82 KB, 626x570, 1493647826269.png)

Well I'm going to bed.

Any questions about free levels should be asked of nopo!


File: 1493932461853.jpg (61.94 KB, 1280x720, 1492976675900.jpg)



File: 1493932613877.gif (Spoiler Image, 917.93 KB, 360x225, i lied.gif)


>Local woman who almost died on gangrene gets new lease on life after getting bionic hands and foot


File: 1493934941396.png (451.25 KB, 836x437, 17353453_1927990380769085_….png)

How universal is pony?


File: 1493935118257.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 299.4 KB, 1280x923, large (24).jpeg)


File: 1493936637756.webm (3.82 MB, 640x360, berlin.webm)

For Sylt


File: 1493940141955.png (422.4 KB, 625x1991, 1440394272470.png)


File: 1493941575598.png (127.62 KB, 700x467, f634ded5-6ea4-42ca-8cd6-94….png)

It's time to sleep


File: 1493941732763.jpg (105.51 KB, 842x595, zenyatta_ra___overwatch_by….jpg)

Good night


File: 1493942235527.png (109.48 KB, 2000x2000, 1449977017923.png)


File: 1493943868303.gif (1.18 MB, 400x685, ce77b942b2d3c3296edc29f057….gif)


File: 1493944289705.jpeg (356.74 KB, 620x877, large (5).jpeg)


File: 1493946545520.png (192.59 KB, 745x900, And I woulda won it all ba….png)


Apple no Appling


File: 1493950467501.png (390.21 KB, 1280x892, Apples externally.png)


Fidjet that's lewd


File: 1493950657433.png (304.9 KB, 1200x1200, Apples internally.png)

Maybe a little bit.


That!s an incredibly lewd apple


File: 1493951416177.png (1.37 MB, 600x800, 1470899050641.png)


Well, apples were made for breeding, Nopo. Why do you think they're everywhere?
Though, Applejack is half Pear, on her mother's side.


File: 1493952957459.jpg (142.85 KB, 600x622, 1492904179523.jpg)


What if all ponies can have that many kids and the apples are just choosing to keep going since they have farms


That would make sense. Especially for earth ponies and their crazy (plant )fertility powers.


I like the idea of crystal ponies having lots of kids to try to make a big generation that can understand the times, now that they came back from time-suspension


But we've so few crystal foals that weren't already frozen in time. Not saying that there aren't any, since it's been at least two years since they popped back out, though.


I think that is because you just like the idea of breeding cute crystal ponoes


File: 1493954999467.gif (1.62 MB, 444x250, 1375871925568.gif)

Look at these cuties, we need more.


File: 1493955105394.png (602.1 KB, 4000x4662, Scaredy pone.png)

But Andy, then they'll become a diamond dozen


File: 1493955166658.png (311.82 KB, 800x450, 800px-Happy_Crystal_Ponies….png)

this is fine


File: 1493955187936.png (82.28 KB, 450x411, 1415792904142.png)

Parents are busy at time
Someone needs to run a foal daycare


File: 1493955254299.png (192.54 KB, 444x399, 1392817248616.png)

I can watch these foals


File: 1493955278407.gif (1.47 MB, 434x454, Surprise.gif)

>those tiny crystal ewes
Wretchedly adorable little things.


File: 1493955424644.gif (377.15 KB, 435x392, tmp_30118-1487825119784158….gif)

Friday niggaz


File: 1493955583247.png (98.46 KB, 575x612, Spending Friday on her hea….png)


File: 1493955707633.png (314.59 KB, 750x750, e5a08a1ff578945ca1624a11b5….png)


The Good
>Last class of the semester

The Bad
>7 days left to submit my final paper

The Ugly
>Promised I'd send revisions for a letter of rec by end of day today… e.g.: in the next hour


Is it already?



File: 1493955888902.png (162.37 KB, 1000x1000, 1346055635014.png)

It's terribly hard work. They're a real handful


You're doing an awful job since all these foals are being hella gay


This kind of reminds me of Sateo


>Hiroshima made a new board again


File: 1493956146127.png (22.83 KB, 1101x674, Sleep tight poner.png)

I'm gonna go die for a while. See you guys tomorrow.


The idea was pitched a while back for a flag board with no topic



What is it this time



No really


/bant/ - international random


To what end


Ask hiro


An attempt to clean up /int/ and /pol/


Mission impossible


Oyyyyy veyyyyyyy


Fug I feel tired


File: 1493959614836.png (204.07 KB, 480x640, 1380383678222.png)

poke me for poke




File: 1493963780445.png (9.77 KB, 665x365, tmp_30118-1493955321404-92….png)



Stop spurdoing the spede


Stop the bep


File: 1493969074666.gif (1.06 MB, 540x304, tmp_30118-1491222045337-38….gif)


My health score is -2.5 out of possible 5


File: 1493971744548.png (387.79 KB, 853x468, 1493223940615.png)


It's persona too cool to have real seasons?


Monsoon seasons are a thing


You're a mon soon


File: 1493974207492.png (153.63 KB, 600x693, 98158ff8-1cb7-4f6c-93e4-d6….png)

Good morning


>tfw thinking about subbing to netflox


To what possible end


To watch stuff while I'm bored


There are streaming sites for that


The church slink was hilarious
Netflix is the only one that doesn't embed ads though


Netflix is better than those because of the lack of advertising, the speed, the quality and the amount of content. And if you make it with friends it ends up being €3 a month.


Tell me about the Mercenary


He wears a mask


>Woke up due to headache
>Screen doesn't get any dimmer than this

If only I could fall asleep and nap through the pain


Take an ibuprofen.


Drink water, pop a couple of painkillers and go back to bed. Staring at a screen no matter how dim certainly won't help.


eat/drink/stab yourself with ibuprophen


File: 1493982517554.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.84 KB, 417x393, tmp_30118-1493943717151-10….jpg)

Warning: too lewd even for T


File: 1493983744787.png (229.6 KB, 764x1146, 19ffb3d4-f27c-4252-9560-fa….png)


File: 1493985262357.png (159.62 KB, 475x428, tmp_30118-1487836823453-19….png)

>capping off the week with a hour long meeting
Just just my just fam


File: 1493985421478.jpg (36.03 KB, 636x639, 1493531864422.jpg)


File: 1493985479813.png (89.89 KB, 540x600, 1461972893121.png)

>had a nightmare about going to the US for a job but not being able to find my friends who were supposedto come with me

Oh boy
I'm glad I woke up to find myself not stranded alone in a foreign country with no IRL friends to speak of!


While we wait for everyone to get here they are playing some music in the background.
I can best describe it as Islamic dubstep as done by Alvin and the chipmunks.


So long as you have Internet, you have us


File: 1493985726397.jpg (179.82 KB, 1026x434, Super lewd vibes.jpg)

>tfw that, had I joined, this would not be a joke
Truly, I am in fact too degenerate for Wf's lewd quest.


The degeneracy of T is a wide spectrum


File: 1493985978863.jpg (222.62 KB, 1366x768, 20170505040101_1.jpg)

That's my only solace

Jesus fucking Christ, Fidget, that's fucked up
Now please excuse me as I enjoy this literal shower of blood


File: 1493986118382.gif (1003.68 KB, 450x360, This is relevant to my int….gif)

There'd even be ear scratches and headpats.


How transitory


File: 1493986268941.jpg (129.99 KB, 1280x720, 1493761971307.jpg)

>tfw no Fidget in T
Time to resort to other means.


Believe me, Wf went in for the hard sell.


File: 1493986335177.jpg (83.6 KB, 800x1200, 11a28d08e9cbb853c3ad38657d….jpg)

You're a real degenerate, you know that?
You should have joined

>Groves post about T

Anything you want to tell us, Emma?


As the only one with cute fluffy ears, perhaps I should feel relieved


But would you have been a catboy or a catgirl?


File: 1493986697250.png (749.78 KB, 595x841, tmp_30118-1493955074780138….png)


We tossed ideas around, but I didn't feel like I'd be able to use them properly. They might show up otherwise, though, since Wf liked a couple of them.
Well, it's not like there'd be a shortage of ears to scratch.
Though, Gloria does seem a bit high-strung. I hear petting is good for blood pressure and general mental health.


>2 traps
>1 girl is a fucking nun from the holy order of cockblocks
>the third is an agressive wolf

I just want my hedonistic artist to no homo sex up everything, is that so much to ask for?



At least Gloria seems to be willing and available due to character development


Well we've been building it up how long now?


All of eternity
And the Night That Never Ends has merely begun


File: 1493987726585.png (471.21 KB, 1280x1243, 91159b1e-ae2d-4f80-9260-10….png)


What a cute hors


File: 1493987760107.png (139.32 KB, 565x518, Deercat warning.png)


Well consider the gender flip version
huge slut artist girl
shy nerd grill who gets wet from wearing pants
oppai loli demon hunter
manly bork


>huge slut artist girl
No need to imagine, already happened


File: 1493988286156.jpg (4.48 MB, 4032x2268, 20170505_154353.jpg)

Baneposting with Nasse at the Grill, every summer day, only on the sub


Flutter is super qt
I willing touch deercat appropriately
>Oppai loli


Because OL is hot


It's the most direct translation of Anselm's monster dong


File: 1493988584604.gif (5.69 KB, 152x114, Deercat weeps.gif)

depends on how oppai it is.
For me, though, the best OL is office lady.


I haven't heard of this office lady oppai loli


no you're missing that they both shorten to OL.


[Christian noises]


The day of the cock is coming for Emma and you know it


That's just a myth
[Petting intensifies]


We'll see soon enough


But she's celibate!


It isn't a sin if you take care of your fellow sisters' needs, Nopo. No such thing as premarital sex in a convent.


I was stopping you from changing the fetish​!


Well, if you really wanted to combine the two you'd just put your itty bitty titty monster into a business suit.


Not for long!


Miss police doggo please help me, there's an Arts major trying to molest me!


Is it though


Fear not citizen
I will shield you against his foul deeds


With what?


God's graceful light!


And a cudgel.



>bark bark bark
>contented dog noises


Anyway, it looks like I'm being dragged off to watch a movie.
See you guys later.


Post scarred Gloria


>Stella patch going live on Tuesday, the 1-year anniversary of the game's release date
Here's to another 5 years.


File: 1493990354370.png (123.22 KB, 658x1537, tmp_30118-1491328406782-21….png)

I only have this one on the phone


Unless someone wants to go grab the dress one off discord


File: 1493990718290.png (132.02 KB, 688x1500, gloriadress.png)

It's a Sub T Club Gold Membership Exclusive™


I should finish drawing that over the weekend


File: 1493991470041.jpg (413.71 KB, 1366x768, 20170505143727_1.jpg)

This deck is so unfair it's not even funny


File: 1493991658738.jpg (1.67 MB, 4032x3024, 1493129114938.jpg)


Prez-chan pls, at least wait until after finals


>actually putting research into 1900s fashion in order to make Gloria accurately fashion blind


There are many things that should be finished




What does 1900 police wear for uniform?


a chainmail bikini


File: 1493993951751.jpg (19.79 KB, 200x536, tmp_30118-814bd710111fa7d3….jpg)

Wf's description was rather different from what would be historically accurate, but that's probably just a case of the night police having their own uniform code


File: 1493994043196.webm (1.16 MB, 966x544, 1492843022908.webm)

You're seeing your qt doctor and this happens. What do?


Whip it out babe


Andy and Fidget were both targeted hard, though I probably sold to Fidget harder but then felt bad about pressuring him later.

Catboi thief will probably be an NPC, and I'm going to keep the ideas I came up with for a red light district.



File: 1493994499116.jpeg (174.75 KB, 480x640, tmp_3808-219-1414768770.jpeg)

Now that percy has corrupted Gloria with ideas of clothing being more than utility, it's time to petition for some upgrades


Talk to McDonaugh, he'll indulge you


File: 1493994647871.png (1.75 MB, 1615x2195, 1491735537717.png)

>DM unveils his strongest fetish: Uniforms
Sehr gut, Fräulein Gloria.


File: 1493994679773-0.jpg (34.11 KB, 400x531, pentagramme-black-high-low….jpg)

File: 1493994679773-1.jpg (59.6 KB, 772x828, 25643f963a694fbc7cddcfea6d….jpg)

File: 1493994679773-2.jpg (6.5 KB, 225x225, mRg5goOg_eFmU-wVvTcy2PA.jpg)

He is personally a fan of swallow tailcoats/riding coats


File: 1493994786933.png (1.4 MB, 1736x1000, 1492749252869.png)

But she's going to use you as a test subject


I thought that would have been more Goldmane's domain
Bribery is a crime so don't get cute with gifts.
But she might wear one for him as a friend.
Needs more smol German captain


Bring it on

No I meant he is a fan of wearing tailcoats

The dress, the hairdresser and the suit of armor are gifts enough already.
He wants to spend money on trivial shit now that he can


Whoa slow down Beardsley
Where is your talking peanus


File: 1493995013538.jpg (173.57 KB, 2048x902, 1492451428381.jpg)

But then you'd have to give up on this



Maybe I should give drawing him another go


Wish I could view webms on my phone


Goldmane dispenses things that are made

McDonaugh makes new things


Tae > Sensei


Nah, no thanks
I am clinically immune to the teacher fetish because I come from a family of one

I was thinking about requesting that, but I'll need to figure out the details just a tad bit more


Please do.
As always, reference pictures help


File: 1493995214802.png (2.8 MB, 2039x2700, 1492453275294.png)

Tae was the only one that almost shook my strict stance against age gaps

Perfectly fine
Enjoy your doc


She's a cutie.

I'll start looking once I'm back from the store


The game was really heavy on those. It was kinda weird.
Sensei was pretty good, but I couldn't get into the maid thing. Doc was 10/10 all around. I liked reporter as well, even if her perks were garbage.


Tonight, the subs most hardcore quest will continue


The setup to this will now be integrated into the night that never ends


File: 1493998767444.png (590.24 KB, 801x600, 1493951761033.png)


when so?


who this girl? why she look like rei?


Doc in Persona 5 who's first interaction with you is >>845723
She agrees to sell you healing items if you become her guinea pig.


What a cute creepy girl


About an hour from now.


File: 1494000496594.png (324.8 KB, 900x675, My-Little-Pony-Friendship-….png)

prepare the maid horses




File: 1494000824994.png (1.16 MB, 1612x1683, 443685__solo_oc_anthro_que….png)

for cleaning up after the party


What party?


The one we're inviting all the kids in town too!


File: 1494003057206-0.jpg (244.99 KB, 1499x899, bat-face-crop.jpg)


File: 1494003335025.jpg (166.42 KB, 982x1200, 1491805149159.jpg)


Gremlin cat


File: 1494003773700-0.jpg (4.82 KB, 200x163, 2064792.jpg)




File: 1494004222227-0.jpg (128.34 KB, 1500x1500, sionbait.jpg)


File: 1494004291720.png (878.25 KB, 1200x906, 46a69a80b188056b53eb929522….png)


Why is Selena tattooed


Cause she's a slut



So, a thing about Guardians of the Galaxy 2: the really try and push it as a comedy.
Like, really hard.
Some jokes go over much better than others.


I thought that was the point of that franchise?


I hope Trigger sues them over that one sentence Drax said.



Don't believe in yourself, believe in the me who believes in you.


not cool
but will totally work on their audience


A bit, but there's still the matter of quality control. Like, jokes about nipple chafing are funny once, not so much during the climax of the movie.
At least Kurt Russel got a part as Ego the Living Planet.


It's even worse because in this version the sentence is never completed, unlike in TTGL where in the end it becomes believe in yourself.
Relying on others for approval is not a great message.
I also disliked how they missed a great chance for a zero-g fight in the core of ego.


Its more memeable this way
and fits for modern youth that has nothing of their own to be proud of


File: 1494005388509-0.png (Spoiler Image, 416.16 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_oovpa8bk0m1sjome3o1….png)

Someone should deploy Wf bait


But Sylt, if they had that then they wouldn't have been able to have Chris Pratt hit Kurt Russel with a giant Pac-Man.
God that part was so fucking stupid. Just make a giant fist or something.

At least Mantis was cute.




Youth today is not as proud because they have to compare themselves with the whole world.
Youth ages ago was a hundred times worse.
But Fidget, 'member the 80s?




File: 1494005558670.jpg (378.94 KB, 912x912, 565914__fluttershy_anthro_….jpg)


It's the meme about how the generation of the second WW was fucking awful but apparently spending time on the internet is more awful than that


Most likely true. so making each other less sad by relying on each other's approval makes sense


You're acting as if getting beaten by the belt of your father is bad.


I was born in 86, so only vaguely.


People are pretty awful on the internet thou.


Now imagine that in private.


I always knew humans were awful, so this is not difficult



Bzzzz is running


File: 1494005888171-0.gif (3.42 MB, 1273x713, rimshot.gif)

Imagine that as a private
Because soliers, get it?


File: 1494006014050.png (167.41 KB, 638x359, 539543__safe_screencap_rai….png)


File: 1494006190624-0.jpg (43.99 KB, 300x300, YCfQXVu.jpg)


please be happy mr. batty


File: 1494006429681-0.jpg (65.1 KB, 960x720, HkpZM5O.jpg)



psst fairweather, petilia, is that a happy squeak, or an 'I am going to eat you' squeak?


I'm 50% sure it's the good kind of squak!



File: 1494006727023.jpg (1.26 MB, 2576x1932, 20170505_145040.jpg)

I tried


That's pretty cool


>tfw should still build a battlewagon and convert a mega-armored warboss for my orks for tomorrow


>Got so focused drawing that the food went cold


File: 1494007785716.gif (222.58 KB, 500x369, Congrats.gif)

I'm sure DM will like it.


He did, which is nice
I just wish I didn't gotten so anxious during it like I always do


Anxiety is simply part of the process. It is the pain of creation.


Speaking of which what you think of Wf idea of American sub mansion with you and Andy?


Would be nice if it existed, but as it is it's only a pipe-dream.
I'd be somewhat reluctant to move in, though, since I'd have to learn Texan taxes and local laws. And which places are hiring, so I can actually contribute to upkeep of the place.


File: 1494008900388.jpg (467.44 KB, 636x900, 712976__safe_solo_twilight….jpg)


Well I'm sure they'd be easy to learn
Also you could do your part in some other way rather than just money


Good morning BDN


I'd look terrible in a maid outfit, Maali. That might be more your speed.


File: 1494010643212.gif (1020.68 KB, 375x212, 1493429638214.gif)


File: 1494010890541.png (Spoiler Image, 662.11 KB, 931x850, 1493006172961.png)

I'm not normally into fur art but I have to say I am coming around on fluffy tails

Or do you prefer even fluffier?


Well fine if you don't want to clean and cook I'll do it myself


>feeling like drawing another picture again
I don't understand, but I just finished a picture
What is this


For BDN or any other Persona 5 player





File: 1494011471591.jpg (182.16 KB, 624x1051, Luxurious tail cuddles.jpg)

As long as they're properly maintained and well-groomed, I'm good with anything from lightly fuzzed to "can be used as bedding" fluffy.


Might be
Which is weird because I usually hate drawing after I do one thing


What do you feel like drawing?


My cooking abilities are limited. And cleaning is something that I do when needed.
Today you're on a roll, I guess. You could do commission drawings.


File: 1494012376207-0.webm (1.17 MB, 640x276, Nopony as a co-GM.webm)


Some original things I suppose
Stuff that I used to draw when I was a kid
I'll teach you

Problem is I can't because I'm without my computer for now, is why I decided to draw on paper


>Stuff that I used to draw when I was a kid
What a qt idea


Its really not
I drew stuff like weird fantasy weapons and characters from the made-up anime me and old friends came up with over the course of a year






We'll determine that after seeing how boggle-eyed and deformed they are.
And how many of them are descended of extra-planar divinities.


Come on, like half our RP characters us fantasy weapons and have anime looks.


Oh believe me they were very boggles and deformed
But I lost all of them since my mom threw my box of drawings on the trash by accident
Well, sure, but this stuff is like
Waaay over the top fantasy ridiculous stuff


>want to go eat japanese
>all my friends don't like it
Eating jap alone is SAD!


File: 1494016607574.png (720.96 KB, 1000x1337, 404b45c02e54e8550f027e1eb1….png)


Fucking weeb

Oh dear


File: 1494016775977.png (782.41 KB, 1024x768, sensible.png)


Tell me about your favorite Japanese foods


File: 1494016932970.png (812.29 KB, 931x510, pasta_types.png)


File: 1494017026122.png (1.75 MB, 1500x1061, 1481730799956.png)


>American side doesn't want to also eat the other one
0/10 highly inaccurate


File: 1494017151400.jpg (106.47 KB, 640x480, Katsudon_and_miso_soup_by_….jpg)

It's called katsudon and I love making it at home when I'm bored.


File: 1494017172164.png (3.88 MB, 3250x1545, Battleship.png)


That's one weird ass image


File: 1494017309899.png (810.5 KB, 2480x3507, A fortunate angle.png)

Blame that ship girl anime for giving people the idea.
And for whoever drew these Wf baits.


File: 1494017400606.jpg (123.26 KB, 900x700, 1482384333366.jpg)

kanmusu are not giants.
Sometimes there is too much food


>implying you wouln't peep it


They do, however, have impressive ballistics.
I'm only human.


Oh my gosh I ea just thinking about katsudon the other day
Tell me more about the pic related, what's in the bowl?


I don't remember katsudon having that much cheese.
A lot of them don't, being destroyers.


That's egg white.
It's not my picture, that's from wikipedia!
It's just a standard katsudon.


In that lighting it looks more like mexican food.


All food is born equal under the lord's light.


I'm hungry now



File: 1494021130154.jpg (39.85 KB, 960x823, 69da4a6d4cabac2fca0d5fc558….jpg)

How disappointing


I wanted to post my own but it's on my sd card, can't really get to it right now.


thanks for running breezy


Thanks for playing!
Any remarks?


I hope they are okay with paper hats


Oh, don't worry
Sion and I already have plans best described as cartoonish and good old fashioned fun for the remaining cheese hat acquisition


>was just messing around being silly
>turned into a big thing
unknown feels


Trust me, if every player wants some good natured, pure an unadultered fun about being tiny breezis

This thing will blow the doors off


Actual list of things in the fridge
>Spring mix (appears to be a box of leaves?? Probably edible)
>Bag of small "babybel" packages (cheeses??)
>Sour cream
>Been dip
>Onion ranch dip
>Block of cheese
>Entirely uncooked whole chicken
>Egg x6
>Yoplait Light Yogurt x5
>Large bell pepper x6
>Can of tomato juice x6
>Eggo waffle x8
>Bottles of water xmany

I didn't omit anything, this is what I have to eat for the weekend


I believe in you


EZ, you can make a whole chicken last a whole week!


File: 1494022729651.png (473 KB, 3800x3558, 1343866575967.png)

show off


I don't know how to cook a raw chicken at all!


I have no idea how I will survive this

I subsist on frozen things I can heat up




Preparing foods is a domestic labor! I am totally unprepared for this task!


Whelp, better order pizza


We fridgeposting now?


I guess so


Good thing we are in the age of information.


I'm like a dorf who doesn't have the cooking labor enabled

Dabbling Cook


Well, that was a quick reminder of why I don't play Rise of the Triad. I'm fucking garbage at speedshooters.


File: 1494023676515.png (3.83 MB, 3840x2160, OKAu8HX.png)

This whole shitstorm in E:D is amazing. The most fun I ever had with this game and I haven't even booted it up in months!


I don't get it. Did he kill someone that no one thought would die because they're a bunch of RPers?


File: 1494023945880.jpg (1.29 MB, 2576x1932, 20170505_193447.jpg)

Alright! This is my fridge so far

-Sliced ham
-mozzarella cheese
-milk (box)
-milk (kettle)
-2 mayo pots
-half of a tomato sauce bag
-2 whole oranges
-yellow and red peppers
-1 bottle of water


So there are books and huge lore dumps outside the game, because the actual game is a shoebox with a trillion stars all looking the same and no actual story or lore to speak of.
From those out of game resources an in-game event was created, where groups of players gathered to escort some VIPs to certain systems.
This guy managed to snipe one of the VIPs and everyone and their mothers is salty about it.
Best part is, he could do that only because those protecting the VIP and the VIP himself were absolute idiots and let him get away with it all. Also because they have no idea how to play.


Ha. It was naive of them to think there wouldn't be at least ONE person who'd try something like that.
The guy's probably going to live on in infamy forever, thanks to that.


File: 1494024886439-0.jpg (1.36 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20170506_004139.jpg)

File: 1494024886439-1.jpg (1.77 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20170506_004330.jpg)

Are we kitchenposting?
€40 to €60 a month.

Also anyone wants to play OW?


>sylt is a fagioli


I was thinking a couple rounds of HotS, once Andy gets back from dinner.




File: 1494025153753.jpg (23.69 KB, 299x326, Well I dunno have you TRIE….jpg)

I'm just in it for the skins, Sylt.


How do you manage to live with so little money?


File: 1494025501218.jpg (35.18 KB, 448x560, 30d3a64b-8378-48a7-a55c-d9….jpg)

Good night


Night, Maali.


Cooking doesn't have to be expensive.


>our house has 2 fridges, a deep-freezer, a large drawer-cupboard, and two additional cupboards
I suspect I am the odd one out here.


I eat a lot of pasta. Pasta is cheap.


A true patriot you are


looks so full


File: 1494027500117.png (107.23 KB, 225x341, 1391354182784.png)

sounds normal for a family


Say, just asking, but does anyone want to join Andy and I in HotS for a few matches?


I will if you guys are still playing when I get off in an hour and a half. It'll be my last chance to play properly since I'm busy tomorrow



waiting on EU


I'm pretty sure we can keep playing that long.


I'll join you when I get off work. Break ending now, see ya.


Just drove past "bara church"


I should've just been patient and posted about it after getting home

>Bara church

Sounds like a counterpart to Anselm's


File: 1494029655799.png (959.52 KB, 1530x724, Untitled.png)


>in cyberpunk this a serious thing
>games are marketed as memes
>its considered the same as 'history'


Literally how do you have time for this while playing?

Are you like Son Goku wearing training weights while playing with us in HOTS?


Ah yes.
the training weights on my fingers were heavy
but really it wasbetween rounds


Getting food and drink, join you in about 15


File: 1494034885865.jpg (151.49 KB, 1280x1250, 1493999412538.jpg)


File: 1494035419235.png (1007.55 KB, 874x1140, 544904__safe_solo_twilight….png)


File: 1494035467057.jpg (43.19 KB, 231x340, 1362613718931.jpg)


File: 1494035624307.jpg (39.41 KB, 350x487, Zul'jinWallpaperCrop1.jpg)

>meme on others
>be memed upon

Oh, yes, I missed this genre


Do not


I was being sarcastic
At least one thing is still true
It can be fun with friends, and it can be less bad to lose if you lose with friends. I'm not salty or upset, just slightly disappointed because we had some very nice games today


And by that I do not mean I am disappointed we had good games
I'm disappointed we could't end on a high note


File: 1494036042209.jpg (650.58 KB, 750x1000, 1493999446402.jpg)

It's the best of the new skins for so many reasons.


File: 1494036577263.png (405.93 KB, 446x413, Don't let it become a feti….png)


File: 1494037565363.jpg (77.19 KB, 457x695, grass type akko.jpg)


Who uses a fork to eat sliced bread?


The Japanese are a mysterious race of people.


Italians on TV do


What Italians do you even have on TV!?!?


File: 1494038208134.jpg (198.34 KB, 504x648, 1346328045414.jpg)

A cute blonde girl and 2 guys who travel around showing off italian places


File: 1494038264776.jpg (151.92 KB, 1248x592, 31599__safe_solo_twilight ….jpg)

Love those shows

There's one where people travel around Japan and show off stuff like hot springs and make it look like the comfiest place in the world


Dash is a poptart


Travel channel is a gift from heaven


>last match has the two supports intentionally feed the entire time, ending with a five-level difference between us and the other team
Well, at least the report function works.


You need help?


I am so mad still
I don't think I can play any vidya until sunday just to take a break
jesus christ


[Comforting hippie pone noises]


Poni is gonna get punched if she tries making sloppy spit sounds at my ears


Why hasn't there been a pony episode about how to help a friend who is anger?

We could H or I could teach you to play sc2 coop, I can carry brutals now


Also I Have a quest for vs AI games in hots, that could be soothing


Nah, thanks to Andy, Knight, and Nopo, I've got my Hong Kong Cop for D.va.
Knight might still be on.


File: 1494040027450.png (104.37 KB, 1100x1000, 1344837360593.png)


I don't really feel like any of these


I just wanted to cheer up green pone, but you're welcome to get carried in coop too.

It's free, you can play with the starter edition!


Wanna stram us a kemono friends episode?


My match should end in a few minutes for HOTS


Got your skin yet?


File: 1494040274462.gif (139.56 KB, 853x480, 1346736359096.gif)

I can't, streaming sites don't work for me anymore.
I think I'll just sit around stewing in anger instead.


Woah nelly


Nope, 2 more games


File: 1494040405750.png (309.13 KB, 567x559, 1334670605184.png)


Alright, I'll get on to halp


I am personally happy to see that as the master of salt and bringer of tilt, somehow I managed to not be the most affected by this.

If I could do it, you could too


Either of you want to help Knight-kun?

If you joined us we'd have a full five, no risk of being memed


I'm played out for today.


Same as Fidget, I don't have a problem with doing games but I'd rather do it tomorrow, I played a lot already today


Alright, sure then, we'll go duo


File: 1494040798247.png (1.23 MB, 1200x580, Enraged_Starfire.png)

You think so huh

Literally. No.
Sorry, not tonight.
Go ask someone else.


Yeah! I do!
I tilt at the drop of a hat sometimes and get super angry, but even I managed to just give some bitter remarks and don't mind that much!


Too many disconnects while searching for a match, we're not doing the HOTS tonight

Anyone want to coop SC2 with me?


>All these character crashes
We got meme'd on by the Blizzard programming


Pity I'm out now or I'd mons


I don't have SC2, sorry.


The free starter edition works for coop!!


You can even play as your bug waifu Zagara


File: 1494041101492.png (1.13 MB, 1776x1335, 1343238873325.png)

I did calm down
but then I got angry again
then I calmed down again
and then I got pissed off
and then I got super happy
and now I'm really furious

simply awful


There's a free version of SC2?

Woah, mood swings much?


Have you kept up with horse?


over the course of 2 hours this is perfectly acceptable


No, I'm usually busy in the morning saturday, and will be again tomorrow


I mean, I had some serious mood swings too, but that's because I finished Outlast 2 and am left somewhat traumatized and confused
So I suppose it is, but y'know, don't give anger the satisfaction, it wants you to be angry!


That's unfortunate. I'm gonna miss it as well, but then again I never really watch it while it streams…


File: 1494041594695.jpg (47 KB, 462x465, 1391458030359.jpg)

I have a lot of good reasons to be angry.
Its fine to let it be there sometimes.


File: 1494041862624.png (30.24 KB, 932x1272, 1429639__safe_artist-colon….png)

I can't argue with that

So have a crystal ponoe


Yes! Just set your bnet downloader to download the starter free edition

And I will guide you


You know what, not tonight.

I'm just being put on meme teams. I'm turning it off for the night


Also you could get on Mumble if you want me to walk you through it


It's 5 AM already, so I am all for playing some SC together sometimes, but not today, if you don't mind


It's fine


I'll download this too so we can play it someday soon


Ooh, how many people can coop?


File: 1494042579962.png (141.51 KB, 452x453, 1346313472273.png)

I thought it was a 4 player game, but I don't actually know…


I know nothing about the coop function of SC2 or how it works


Coop missions are 2 at a time


File: 1494042803349.jpg (58.12 KB, 600x361, 1349104499502.jpg)

Yea, me either.
>jumping right in to face pro player wf


Are they coop against peope or against some AI stuff?


it just dawned on me
today is friday
that's why we were getting memed so hard
Why didn't I realize this was the worst day to PVP for a PVP event


File: 1494043093071.gif (2.11 MB, 350x233, 1275389857_naked-gun-facep….gif)

Fuck, you're right


The coop missions are special campaign-like missions versus AI

We could play in 2v2s (or even up to 4v4) but I enjoy these little coop missions where you each choose a commander with special powers


And I won't get off until Saturday evening, so the same will happen then…

Seeing as I have Jury duty Monday, I'll try and run in the Afternoon then.


Some of them involve attacking objectives, others you have to hold points like KOTH


File: 1494043284438.jpg (38.64 KB, 500x356, 1377015037897.jpg)

I see
2v2 might be fun, and easy enough to arrange randomly.

We're retarded
now I can't stop laughing

fill me in on what's happening tomorrow sometime


I will say I am absolutely fucking hot trash garbage with zerg because my macro is trash

I do best with Protoss because they can just Deathball and cast


File: 1494043385692.jpg (139.44 KB, 696x747, 1470887297153.jpg)

How could we be so blind


I can carry brutal coop so it's okay if yo're bad


I meant four of us sub members playing in teams of two, is that a thing?


2v2s and 4v4s exist


but you have to swap teams every match so its fair


If you want, I can fire it up if Nopo wants to join. It's free, right?


File: 1494043651284.gif (188.34 KB, 350x350, 1394888637082.gif)

I'm so ashamed


It's been forever since I played SC2, whoever is with Wf will just win if we were to play against each other instead of coop

Also, I'll DL it tomorrow so we can play it sometime


File: 1494043693696.jpg (53.59 KB, 640x640, 1474533569707.jpg)

I was honestly not thinking about what day it was either


I'm downloading it overnight


Yeah, I wasn't expecting 30 gigaroos. I'm letting it download while I clear out the emails and post on /pfg/


Don't worry too much about winning, the AI campaign missions can be fun too


I'm not worried about winning, I'd actually like some kind of game we can chill together with.

post about fox humans


With the free version you get
>First five missions of the solo campaign
>Unlimited Arcade (custom maps) - stuff like EVOLVES, Night of the Dead, Runling Run, Bunker Wars, Mafia, etc.
>Can play Coop Missions and Multiplayer if invited to a party by someone who owns the game


Oh, that's neat
I played the SC2 campaing from a torrented version, only watched YT of Heart of the swarm, didn't even bother with LotV


File: 1494045213487.jpg (66.26 KB, 503x1334, tumblr_opamdea1Uk1sfo1z9o4….jpg)

Can't wait for the DLC for Outlast 2 by the way so I can actually try and understand the story without a headache


Here are some summaries of the (free) commanders you can choose for coop


Raynor: Infantry-based with some mech units, gets a bonus to barracks training speed
Swann: Strong defensive choice with powerful turrets and laser drill, only builds from factory, grants bonus gas to both players - good for high tech teams
Kerrigan: Builds strongest zerg units like hydras, ultras, mutas, and brood lords
Zagara: Gets half supply but instant-build lings and free spawned banelings, swamps enemies with waves of units
Artanis: Can warp in units (infantry, robotics, or even flying) anywhere on the map. High archons with all the benefits of templar + archons.
Karax: Most powerful support commander, very powerful defensive structures and great solar core abilities that let him contribute without even making units (though he can, strong expensive robotics units mostly)
Vorazun: Very technical commander, has very powerful cloaked units, requires good micro to take down detectors but potentially the most rewarding


We'll see
I'll have to decide between Zagara and Artanis


Swann sounds like my style


File: 1494046437657.jpg (63.26 KB, 284x480, Kitsune.jpg)

Fun thing I learned, the Paizo Kitsune look like this rather than the anime stuff that one funposter keeps posting in the OP.


Karax and Vorazun seem entertaining.


File: 1494046539405.png (1.64 MB, 1920x1080, 1494024314392.png)

I can give you a hint towards what people have pieced together so far.
From the "Miscarried Profits" document in Outlast 1:
"Was reviewing some old test records from the early days of Project Walrider and something sparked my interest. Were you following the project back in 2010? Apparently we had issues with female employees experiencing psychosomatic pregnancies, something to do with how the Morphogenic Engine interacts with the immune system? (All Greek to me. Am I right?) It was more often fatal than not, and these were employees not patients, so a little harder to sweep under the rug. But…


They also change into full fox or full human at will


Yep, that note from Whistleblower.

The connection would be that Murkoff is behind the microwave tower aka the bright lights that keep blinding you and make you hallucinate and make you crazy. One of the outlast 2 documents also says this crazyness can cause a feedback loop so people who are already crazy spread that even more

One very good theory that I read was that the baby may be actually a manifestation of The Walrider


Makes me wonder how uch they spend on brushes and flea dip…

Next time DM runs a reskin quest, I want to try out a Drudge.


That's actually a pretty good theory, and would explain some of the story bits.

How was the gameplay? I've heard some people are frustrated by it turning into dying over and over until you figure out the exact right path you're supposed to go.


Oh yeah
The trial and error thing really takes away a lot from the spooky factor, but the atmoshpere is brilliant as always, and of course the game brutalizes the player both in and out of the game physically and mentally.
It was a lot more… cinematic than the first one too, I felt, although I have to admit I did not manage to get every note and recording so maybe there's more to explore if I am less of a little bitch.


File: 1494047889911.png (2.08 MB, 2500x3200, 1493688439468.png)




Buenas noches.

Buenos dias.


File: 1494048009153.jpg (249.39 KB, 777x790, i see you.jpg)


Hello there bord.

Guten Morgen.


There's a lot of variety for free commanders there are some paid ones that are pretty neat too, the sales of them fund new coop missions (which are always free for everyone) so I've continually shelled out out

>Abathur: Buffing/healing specialist, collects essence drops from enemies to make individual units stronger. If they hit 100 they evolve into super-strong brutalisk or leviathan

>Alarak: Evil Protoss, one single super-strong commander who can warp in tons of weak, tanky supplicants to empower him
>Stukov: Infested Terran, plays like a hybrid of Terran and Zerg. Spawns huge waves of free zombie units and can make powerful infested-mech units to support them.
>Nova: Another half-supply commander, but she's the opposite of Zagara. All her units are very strong specialists and she has a cooldown on training new ones. Hero can sabotage enemy bases to take out the strongest defenses before engaging. Extremely rewarding to those who can micro to keep units alive.
>Fenix: Synthetic Protoss commander. Rewards unit variety by downloading AI hero personalities into your units, one of each type. Therefore, having varied unit comp lets you have more heroes.


Fenix does sound interesting, but so does Abathur


File: 1494050506950.jpg (203.38 KB, 1543x2048, 652059__safe_solo_twilight….jpg)


File: 1494050745098.png (174.75 KB, 426x338, 1482352003446.png)


File: 1494050774403.png (234.92 KB, 610x343, __mlp___twilight_sparkle_w….png)

Such purple




File: 1494053835062.jpg (588.87 KB, 1280x1021, u4bvv2g.jpg)

Buenas noches.

I'm heading to bed 2


File: 1494054068311.png (254.95 KB, 684x684, 1492046967564.png)


File: 1494054143646.png (833.22 KB, 1280x720, 243554.png)

And now with everyone gone.
The Sub is mine!


File: 1494054562037.png (117.94 KB, 1170x1089, 0fb2c179-4b2f-4a01-9d29-40….png)

Good morning Sion




File: 1494056105079.png (381.39 KB, 1200x1000, 1451557973266.png)

I'm sorry but I can't let you rule the sub on your own




File: 1494058480528.png (144.59 KB, 800x600, 599053__safe_solo_twilight….png)



At least it's not so sunny today.


File: 1494064285881.jpeg (327.99 KB, 2000x2500, 1328382.jpeg)


2hot outside sun pls go


[drives axe through your cloud cover]






*Starts another ice age*


File: 1494068141691.jpg (102.64 KB, 1024x768, arnold_schwarzenegger_as_m….jpg)

I only have ice for you baby.


Everything is so bep
It's like you guys don't get up at 10am on saturdays


[disappears forever]


File: 1494069773371.png (728.03 KB, 1024x576, arnold mr freeze.png)

What happened Sun?
You used to be cool


File: 1494070632780.png (2.56 MB, 1920x1080, Pure salt.png)

>Playing best map with Lucio
>Our comp isn't great but at least it's better than the enemy team's comp
>We get fucking demolished against this complete pile of garbage of a team
That was such a deeply unpleasant game, I don't think I've gotten this angry at OW before.


File: 1494070778338.gif (1.72 MB, 540x300, 29624eafdcdb7b8a760aee62e9….gif)

>Fokboi wants to attack the objective

At least one person wants to!


Your comp is almost as bad and for sure your team's skill level is not up there.
I'd have switched to winston and carried. That's what makes it bearable.


Our comp wasn't great, that's what I said. But it wasn't as fucking awful as the enemy's comp. Their soldier and tracer carried them hard.

Our Hanzo of all people was the only person worth a damn.


>Nearly the entire roster of offensive heroes on the other team + Widow
These people
You're a true hero for picking Lucio


To be fair though, Lucio is my most played character by a fair margin and Oasis is my favorite map to play Lucio on.


Yesterday me and nopo had a sniper off. Me Hanzo, him Widow, everyone else a DPS character. Won Anubis attack.
One lone tank or healer is not always good if the team isn't playing with them!


Which is exactly what's so fucking infuriating. There's nothing I could do because my team was braindead.


File: 1494077084958.png (1.27 MB, 1169x1725, 1346554956138.png)


Dash pls go.


File: 1494077306381.jpg (139.96 KB, 1366x768, 20170505040532_1.jpg)

I wish I could single handedly bring forth the Apocalypse by giving the seed that births the Antichrist


Dosh gets very into character, I bet she'd be the best to quest with.


I think she'd make up the most ridiculous mary sue's!


I have to agree with Sion, she'd probably make some very obnoxious characters!


No way. You're just jealous that you don't know how to make characters good at things!


A well rounded character has some flaws too
Does her character have any flaws?

Dangerously awesome is not a flaw


I bet she'd get extremely mad about in-game drama.
Like more mad than we!


>more mad than we!
Pfft, with these faggots? Who are STILL not talking to each other over a quest from a million years ago?

Of course, her character takes a long time to do puzzles, and is allergic to the African Mongoose.


…the african mongoose?


Yes, they are little long shaped rodents that eat snakes and are totally bad ass.


But how do they have an Africa in ponylands.


But unless she goes to the zoo that's hardly a problem isn't it?


But that's just it!
Just imagine she had an assassin character like she had in that rpg episode.
And suddenly drama happens.
Not only would she go full in, like us.
But she'd still be talking about it right now.


I would listen to her talk about that all day

I'm 80% sure that fluttershy mentioned African species of animals before.

Its a very crippling allergy!


Would you run a quest fully dedicated to her character to cheer her up?


I still think Prima should have died even sooner.



File: 1494078936803.png (337.58 KB, 907x874, 1492358441235.png)


And why is no one talking about how everyone abused my character Smouldering Torch!


File: 1494079245383.png (190.95 KB, 601x651, 1440286308308.png)

>not running solo games for your waifu
what are you, a homo?


File: 1494079376903.gif (568.29 KB, 414x383, 1412005.gif)

I'd tell her to make me a sandwich and stop feeling like she couldn't get the spotlighti in a group of fellow characters. She's a star and she must show it to the world instead of just for me!


File: 1494079391083.gif (1.85 MB, 371x209, 1487325293678.gif)


Poor Smouldering, got abused by a ghost.


File: 1494079476509.jpg (112.09 KB, 776x600, coffee misato.jpg)

>he seriously wouldn't want to run a solo quest for Trixie
Think about it! You'd get to spend hours and hours alone with her, making her smile, and have a fun time.


And all the other wizards bullied him, especially Kilana and Id! It's a conspiracy I tell you!
I wish I could burn them both!
I hate them so much

Only if it's an ERP quest.
With live RP


>run quest for waifu
>rolls bad
>dies the first session

What do


I wouldn't have her die though. Her character would simply get captured!! Like in all my quests!


You don't let the waifu die, duh.


File: 1494079714135.png (58.68 KB, 295x336, Blushing Orc.png)

I barely even remember talking to Smouldering.

Following Sion's logic, bad rolls just result in sex, not death. So orc rape.


I remember.
I remember like it was yesterday!


GM, why is there STILL no orc rape in my quest?


The good rolls also result in sex!


>roll whatever
>it ends in sex


>All rolls result in sex
>Roll to look for key to door
>Results in sex

Tell me about it.

Because you haven't raped them yet, duh.


True. I only almost raped a spy.


It's a solo quest!
Why would it Need plot?!?


I remember when Id and Kilana wanted to open an Academy and didn't invite Smouldering!
And Id never listened to Smouldering's brilliant ideas!
No wonder Id became Smouldering's archnemesis


File: 1494080093137.gif (168.8 KB, 390x290, congratulations.gif)


File: 1494080108611.jpg (125.08 KB, 758x298, DM runs a quest.jpg)


File: 1494080213720.png (449.45 KB, 960x800, 1416162302729.png)

When you're super spys, that kind of thing just counts as foreplay.



Sounds like stuff ID wanted to do.
I think Kila asked like "oh, what kind of magic do you do?" and it wasn't necromancy so she went back to working on reviving her BFF


File: 1494080295868.jpg (125 KB, 637x476, 1488211672795.jpg)

This kind of thinking is why we need Andy in Timbuktu guys


I could tell by the way she acted afterwards.


File: 1494080443496.png (802.98 KB, 900x2410, Untitled.png)


But but I wanted wizard buddies!
And no one wanted tobe my buddy…
Except pumpkin but he wasn't a wizard!
They must all pay


But Wf what if she judges us for our disgusting fetishes


Andy would not go into any of the lewd channels because she's a pure maiden who only likes cuddling


>tfw NL ended without me getting my fiery revenge on Id


Also you were never around at the same time as me so I couldn't


>Smouldering was the prophet helping the bad guys all along


It's too late now.


For only 10 shekels I can give you the Smouldering Revenge Quest, goyim


It would probably end in a duel before Id asks, who are you again?


[autistic screeching]


Duels with Id are very relaxing.

Once he fought Radiant in a tournament and they just locked eyes for the whole match with Transfix until she collapsed!


Smouldering would use a lot of one liners.

Hey, Id! What killed the ponysaurs?
The fiery comet!

Stay hot, donkey!


Flameo Hotman


>Tfw no T


And when all the ponies are Crystal…Nopony will be


I will what


I'm not sure if this is a metal gear reference or an Incredibles reference.


File: 1494083334338.jpg (49.95 KB, 450x767, 444391.jpg)

Hey Maali


File: 1494084002025.png (773.14 KB, 973x610, 1344173866362.png)

is there pon?


It's a bane reference


Wendy doesn't even exist in BR, please stop


Should be.


new ep about to start get in here


>Fluttershy's not a qualified vet after all



>Ponyville had a real vet people use other than FS

She actually WAS a useless layabout all along


This has been known since S2


So why can't they just evict them back to their natural habitats


In Ponyworld, nature can't do anything on its own
>Have to manually wake up animals
>Have to manually make weather
>Have to manually remove snow and knock down leaves






episode so far is kinda shitty and only reinforces that fluttershy is some kind of clueless NEET.


It's dumb but for a different reason

At the end it's going to turn out Fluttershy was right all along and all these advisers are making things worse

But in reality even an animal sanctuary needs SOME blueprints


File: 1494086412858.png (11.27 KB, 434x572, 1494058544020.png)

It's qt enough
And focuses on a good hoers


3/10 it's shit



File: 1494086919828.png (612.58 KB, 1600x1200, 1452265517486.png)

Now that pony is over
What are you people doing for your weekend?


Gotta get at least 2.5 pages of final paper done each each until the due date, which sucks.

Brother's birthday party tonight

Just wanna relax and play vidya gaems


Witch/Hero when?


File: 1494087509011.png (591.81 KB, 800x765, 721052__safe_solo_twilight….png)

Want to go to the doujin con tomorrow but I also have to go for physical training

Wondering if I should mons or slp now


Eating now, but soonish.

We wanna not starve/stella or something aftetwards?


In the evening I could


It's already evening m8


Do you still need games for your cop gremlin skin?


I do
K I'll talk with my wew guys to see how we manage this


I want to see if I can play Heroes from this meme house


I mean if you'd rather wew that's fine too.

I've been thinking of giving it another chance.


I would love to continue Don't Starve


I'm talking with the guild boss how we'll allocate time, since I promised to spend some time with her today. But I'll certainly do SOME Hots/Starve/whatnot and the strem. Just boop me when we want to get going.


I can strem soon.

Who's here?



I should last long enough before slp


eugh, I don't enjoy B-day parties myself either
What I like to do on my birthdays is go to the mall with my mom, watch a movie, eat food and have a milkshake
We used to do that every year, but this year might not be possible
>Doujin con
go on

Also don't run, go slp please


Go on without me, I'M not in the mood for lilwitches


Honestly I'd rather we do stuff together, since this is one of the few times of the week when our schedules align.


Well I'm up for anything really, jsut let me know


Lil witches first then we can see.

Gonna start in 10.


Standing by


Feeling very tired, but I should be here


I'm up for Don't Starve after you're done with it


Can I try to not stave with you people?


You'll have to ask DM and Groves, since I'm not very good at the game! We'll need to amp up food production if you do, I think


That's okay I'm not very good either
and I can get my own food too!


File: 1494094536130.jpg (48.49 KB, 739x699, 6PYnGMO.jpg)


File: 1494094701054.jpg (136.09 KB, 852x1136, 1456881727246.jpg)



Just a post to let wf know im on a loteral German beer fest with girls in dirndls and he is in texas



File: 1494095591576.jpg (68.37 KB, 599x449, 4ae.jpg)

I'm sure he'll be super jealous
>Get the fuck in the caminhoneta


Such is life


File: 1494096694548.png (118.29 KB, 255x240, Smugest Wolfie.png)


The first objective they take is so fitting.


File: 1494097004626.jpg (333.72 KB, 781x1100, 1491065679289.jpg)


File: 1494097064144.png (1018.71 KB, 757x1900, 0ObXFmQ.png)

I understand very little of this but it's hilarious


File: 1494097098946.jpg (33.99 KB, 720x576, 25-06-21.jpg)


What's on your mind, Green Andelian?


File: 1494097215207.jpg (244.52 KB, 1280x720, 1479066956734.jpg)

the world


That's very broad
Anything specific in the world?


File: 1494097417434.png (517.64 KB, 566x800, 1476275114342.png)

She means XXI (The World), a major arcana tarot

The World represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool.


Za Warudo


Indeed, wf is accurate.


File: 1494097553896.gif (1.4 MB, 960x540, 1467502784637.gif)


File: 1494097564454.jpg (52.56 KB, 768x960, 0htOKXc.jpg)

Oh I see, so it's a jojo reference


Wat a bukd pank


>Last night: So mad I can't play vidya this weekend at all!
>This morning: [In Quick Match]

So, you wanna learn to play SC2?


File: 1494097677819.png (816.44 KB, 1062x902, 1d53hew.png)

I cannot hope to understand you like Wf does


This offer is also extended to you but I suspect you're starving


I haven't DL-it still


Just a post to let maali know I was at a German beer fest with deer dancing on the screen and he was in brazil


File: 1494097791513.jpg (162.98 KB, 1280x720, 444462.jpg)


I was helping out my friend to get their quest, after they delayed it twice this week on me.
Just having to explain this is annoying.


File: 1494097903927.jpg (24.6 KB, 480x517, 1465342365335.jpg)


I'm sure Maali will be super jealous


They literally don't have anyone else to play with, and its a party only quest.
You know that.


I know

I can sympathize


File: 1494098003651.gif (1.39 MB, 439x484, 1117797.gif)


Anyway, I still don't really want to do anything, sorry.


File: 1494098579208.png (1.18 MB, 2400x2800, 1432780872905-1.png)

What is his name, Sub?


>it's THAT ONE earth picture
I'm slightly amused.


Dick Pickings


Duke nukem.


Dammit you two



crown of thorns?


File: 1494099547936.jpg (26.76 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


But you're Brazilian, I thought you'd understand most of the spanish! Especially since the majority of the people throwing it around don't actually understand it!


Scale Bait




Just fucking kill me right now


No I meant the game!
Can you imagine though
In dragon language he has a cool title given to his talent of ambushing, but when translated it literally means "Scaly Trap"
>A Warrior
>Bending over ever



Well, he is a warrior of a type, so possibly


Well, you did say he's a stealth-type, so bending over to get out of sight would come in handy.

And the game is ARMA III, and it seems straightforward to me. It's essentially a game of Control Points, with American Border Patrol on one side and Mexicans on the other.


Would you let him join your party/clan/guild?
You're just too lewd

It seems like a fun huge game, do you play it?


I think so, a sneaky little drakin would be useful.
Is it canon that females are larger?


You should ask DM that. I'm not in charge of the Reskin universe
But if I ran a quest in this setting I would definetly make that a thing


>Meet a short female drakin
>it's a trap


Hey, who knows. It can be fun to break race stereotypes in races like a not wild, civilized drudge or a very gentle and knowledgeable hork


File: 1494103350134.jpg (240.62 KB, 1000x1000, 1491064002031.jpg)

Female lizards are the larger ones if I recall biology class. ~




File: 1494103486521.png (451.42 KB, 783x937, Drakass.png)

>do you play it
Nah, I don't have nearly the level of hardware or time required for ARMA games. It is pretty well-known for being one of the best combat simulator games on the market.

And it's not my fault that the reskin races are all super-lewd.


What's with the sudden femdom?


Not even operation flashpoint?


File: 1494103834658.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, 1485953070258.png)

I don't want a big strong scaly lizard girl to dominate me


We should all try wildstar before they close it down.




I have before
it performs very poorly on my PC


File: 1494104673276.jpg (48.58 KB, 1197x813, 1491098570780.jpg)


I think they fixed that since the first release.


File: 1494104818805.gif (479.41 KB, 320x180, 1491067021464.gif)

Did they?


I wouldn't know, never played it.


File: 1494104932374.jpg (128.39 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

It's only natural, with us all talking about Timbuktu lately

After all, Andy isn't a delicate flower or anything, she comes from the same 4chan we do.


Is it shutting down? Only news post I could find is from last month and they said everything is fine


No but I wouldn't count on it surviving long either.


File: 1494105038159.jpg (139.58 KB, 1040x1665, 1491084290593.jpg)

I literally couldn't get out of the starting area because it was playing so poorly
Hope it works for you.

I lost interest in it now


They acted like it's doing fine, but I suppose they would…


Sure. It sounds like a dumb idea anyway.


I know you want that MMO feel back
I'd play super casually and get behind anyway


Yeah no I cannot afford that MMO feel.


Reminds me of how that guy managed to hit 70 in like 20 hours or something after BC launch

They had one guy tag mobs and a raid of other players DPS them down so he got all the XP


File: 1494105829834-0.png (667.38 KB, 636x900, Fire mage.png)

File: 1494105829834-1.png (686.82 KB, 636x900, Frost mage.png)


Yes I'll take the ice one please and thank you


I'm sorry, but Fuzzybutt Heating and Cooling only distributes them in pairs. They die of loneliness otherwise.


I wonder if I'll die if I leave my window open for the night…


File: 1494107429279.png (224.44 KB, 502x301, 1464340663966.png)

>We need one of those ice rabbits to put out the fire
>What do you mean you'll only send it out with a fire rabbit, we have enough fire already


It needs the emotional support.


>jessica jones pulled a Dead Space 2
Uncalled for.



You seen the show?
You played the game?
Stick a needle in your eye


Sounds like the Purple Man is at it again.




File: 1494112946253.png (784.44 KB, 1280x1005, d3a65deb-a1b5-411d-bd96-83….png)


Hey Sion
So do I have greenlight to draw twin bumping?


Punished Selena

A mother denied her retirement


Our voice is the perfect match.
But your life I'll now


Kill wf '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You mean Fulton wf


So it's a yes, okay
I assume you'll want fully colors and shades right? So that'll be the regular price plus +5 for additional character
But since you're my favorite customer I'll let that slide


I'm watching this italian movie from 2008 about Napoli and Camorra, and it's making me sad. Sad as fuck.


File: 1494114041775.jpg (2.36 MB, 2000x1429, 1422254654401.jpg)


It's a very sad country


>magic board games



With kindness?


Selena never had a holiday


Holidays are a capitalist invention to sell Disneyworld tickets.


If i told you the truth…


All jews would die.


>put old battered kevlar jacket on kid
>shoot them
>tell them they are a man now
>they look at the bruise with admiration


What about that time she visited a Natural holy site with her family?


File: 1494115282715.png (98.58 KB, 489x288, Whatcha sayin' rabbi.png)


Some day
When this final paper has passed me by
I'll sit around and wonder why
We never finished Maeda's story


Sion please
If you kill me this means no more Selena pictures




File: 1494117655880.jpg (469.18 KB, 1280x853, 1477338514420.jpg)

>GM derails herself with time travel plot


File: 1494117956944.jpg (20.61 KB, 500x500, 1423065052490.jpg)

DM cameo incoming



I think we need the Time-warden up in this.


Radiant cameo when


have they found the golem cave yet


All in Time my friend


But what if time is just a construct of human perception?


Time is a bowl of water
Try not to tip it over by making too many waves


I can't do anything, I'm only a clock.


But you tick and you tock, like any other clock?
Sounds like you're doing something.


God this movie.
It's heart-rending till the very last.



Wibbly wobbly timey wimey?


File: 1494119343465.jpg (461.94 KB, 2356x2504, 1494112562045.jpg)


Hehe, yes that.


File: 1494119694427.png (86.06 KB, 1130x994, 1390738243407.png)

>pumpkin posting
why watching such sadness


It's a documentary.


File: 1494119734978.png (334.96 KB, 1600x1050, 1448565278286.png)

what a precious little pumpkin


File: 1494120126757.png (69.8 KB, 330x440, Fungoid_17.png)

Why not Beanpost instead


File: 1494120223435.jpg (108.8 KB, 620x497, the plague on our server.jpg)

What about roseposting?


File: 1494120370991.png (429.97 KB, 916x1024, Roseluck.png)


File: 1494120383528.jpg (232.44 KB, 1600x974, Giant Squid3.jpg)

squid posting


File: 1494120404920.png (490.68 KB, 755x967, Mooo.png)

I rather post cute things


File: 1494120441852.gif (2.7 MB, 320x240, 1385405058142.gif)

What poni is that?


File: 1494120478067.gif (3.99 MB, 285x263, 1494099380946.gif)




It's (You)


File: 1494120552681.jpg (74.87 KB, 500x720, wander.jpg)

Cuddly pony


File: 1494120588102.jpg (150.41 KB, 624x632, BoneSpider.jpg)


spider posting?


File: 1494120628221.png (376.19 KB, 965x958, Radiant.png)

you can hear the purring


File: 1494120664070.png (116.58 KB, 463x707, 1451776856198.png)


Oh my good god Andy NO
No spiders
No skids
no jellyfish
no shark
who's this pony


File: 1494120940358.png (1.77 MB, 1280x1920, Green shark mermaid.png)

What's wrong with sharks


Sharks are dangerous and scary
only thing worse than shark are piranhas, they're even more dangerous and scary


File: 1494121132830.jpg (507.78 KB, 2560x2143, 1489200150185.jpg)

Finally home, what are y'all playing?


A cool game
Called sleeping
Night Knight


They're only dangerous and scary if you run into them.
Piranhas are bad news regardless, I'll give you that.


Good night


File: 1494122759823.png (37.29 KB, 497x363, 1399477178874.png)

accidentally time travel subplot


File: 1494122974713.png (292.8 KB, 792x792, 1487016093762.png)

Mexican Border: Arma III style.

In reality though, not much, other than dealing with family.


Always entertaining.

You don't happen to have some time to get meme'd on in HotS? I need two more matches for the challenge.


Okay, just the two, US or EU?


The grave cannot hold me

Andy is still ABSOLUTELY Peeved from yesterday so let her relax


yea, if Wf or someone else could instead that would be better, but I don't want knight not to get it so I would go, just for those two matches,


I'm laughing.

Stick with EU? That's where I have my games for now.


okay, logging in


So, is "caminhoneta" a literal translation for a pick-up truck? Because I get the feeling there's more of an in-joke in there.



It is pick up truck, but for hidden jokes I am not aware of them.


I copy-pasted how Maali typed it, so either Brazilians spell it differently, or he flubbed the spelling.
I think in that situation the joke was him referring to the military transport as such, but I wanted to make sure.


File: 1494125416504.png (920.79 KB, 849x1064, 544912__safe_solo_twilight….png)

>wondering if I should bother going to the doujin con


>make a basic outline of some basic golf rules for D&D5e
>put them on /tg/
>get called an autist


File: 1494125702007.jpg (349.6 KB, 1280x720, 1493840714867.jpg)

>should I go to the legitimate Porn Convention?
Why is this even a question for you


/tg/… /tg/ has changed.


Well it's a legitimate question because I have no idea which answer would you take!


Because there won't be any porn


File: 1494125860852.webm (5.18 MB, 1280x720, 443038.webm)


And you call yourself a man?
Oh. In that case, I understand your hesitation.
What does it offer then?


File: 1494125989603.jpg (158.06 KB, 1137x1600, 8-8-2002 Sword of Tengu sk….jpg)

Do you have time and desire to go?

Post it here instead


I'm thinking about rules for some kind of golf game in D&D 5e. Now, I'm not necessarily a game designer, so I'm open to criticism. Here's what I've got so far:
-Play on a hex/square grid. Each space counts as 20 feet.
-You use different-sized dice, called distance dice, for how far you want to hit your ball. Dice increase in increments of 10 feet, so for farther distances you'd want to use the d20 for up to 200 feet, and as you get closer you use smaller dice. The dice measure distance/feet that the ball is being hit, not the degree of success.
-You use either STR or DEX as modifiers to the total distance hit, each increment equalling 10 feet similar to the distance dice. After rolling your distance dice, you can use up to your total modifier to adjust the distance. For example, if you want to hit it one-hundred feet but roll an 8, and you have 16 STR, you can adjust the total distance by +2(20 feet) to get the ball to your desired distance. This is used to simulate control over your ball and lower the luck aspect and better mirror the skill in the game.
-Characters with Proficiency- Golf roll twice as if they had advantage, but are able to choose the result that is closer to their desired distance. For example, if you want to hit a ball 130 feet, and you roll a 17 and 10, you can choose the 10, add your +3STR modifier, and get your preferred distance.

So that's all I have right now, hoping to get some input and advice on this that aren't just 'roll Athletics instead of making a ruleset.'


I thought that was a staff of some sort


Going means I can't run mons

No idea, which is one reason to go and see.


that wasn't really my question!
Go enjoy yourself if you want too


File: 1494126334909.jpg (10.43 KB, 250x191, 250px-3343.jpg)


File: 1494126440322.gif (235.39 KB, 750x750, 1491831888543.gif)

I like the idea of dice as distance
Perhaps allow people who have golfing points to subtract OR add distance up to their ranks in golf x10


Jack thoughts
Ashijack Shippers BTFO?


No, girls call me that.
I call myself self respecting, which means that going to a Japanese drawn porn convention is not one of my personal interests.


I'm fine with it either way, I don't have any expectations of the plot since Jack never really had a plot before.
Well it is for 5e instead of 3.5/etc. so it'd be Proficiency+STR/DEX.


File: 1494126646348.jpg (574.11 KB, 715x1023, 1320850006592.jpg)

I'll probably get bored really quickly since the works are going to be overwhelmingly about boys

I guess I can take a quick look and come home


File: 1494126736097-0.png (261.94 KB, 929x605, Marta pickaxe.png)

File: 1494126736097-1.jpg (738.05 KB, 1920x1080, MarthaBarrelBarn_04.jpg)

File: 1494126736097-2.jpg (21.48 KB, 480x480, 18251896_335141893568397_6….jpg)

I should put more signature weapons in my quests


>girls call me that
I thought they call you sis
Or Sissyboi


Sounds like you're merely curious.

I see
guess I can't help if its more based on 5e
I would say that you should let them perform powerful swings, at the price of some kind of fatigue


File: 1494126872905.jpg (6.47 KB, 166x231, 1314290871285.jpg)


It's fine. I'm just annoyed at being called an autist for coming up with some kind of rules that I thought would be fun.

By the way, have any of you read Ronin? Not-quite-cyberpunk/samurai manga by Frank Miller in his pre-crazy period?


I don't know why they would react that way….

No I haven't, is it fun?


There's also a thread going on at the same time about having Pokémon in 5e but I think that's very different.

It's cool, it's like a proto-Samurai Jack but there's no real connection between the two, just similar feels and moods.


Sounds like my kind of thing!


File: 1494127511846.png (49.77 KB, 600x500, free-vector-gatto-cat-clip….png)


It's more centralized on the main cast and takes place in one city, but it's a grungy future city with gangs and a big corporation.


File: 1494127579556-0.gif (489.24 KB, 499x355, cat hiss.gif)


File: 1494127595973.jpg (83.93 KB, 900x650, elf_street_samurai_by_pach….jpg)

I see!


Sirens were neat, then I realized I'm playing Overwatch. Maybe next time when we all get together to jam.

Go to Con first, then report for the army stuff? It's not like they don't expect people to deal with stuff.


File: 1494127679203.png (386.3 KB, 592x913, 1422042288971.png)


>tears of bitches and tears of laughter in the /co/ Samurai Jack thread


File: 1494127772322-0.webm (3.56 MB, 480x270, cat jaws.webm)


This is hilarious actually


File: 1494128066486.jpg (22.7 KB, 411x273, 1493957984219.jpg)


File: 1494128186920-0.gif (6.34 MB, 204x360, cat reflex.gif)

Probably not for the mouse!



File: 1494128744211.jpg (158.85 KB, 600x800, 1431234796853.jpg)

>the mouse got caught after all



well, it was just being a good kitty and doing its job!


I thought the choice of end music was really weird…

Jack is rap influenced so why choose such white music?


File: 1494128866640-0.webm (2.22 MB, 201x305, cat hunt.webm)


File: 1494129080169.jpg (80.34 KB, 700x520, 1491084438366.jpg)


File: 1494129222291-0.webm (3.81 MB, 854x480, awoo.webm)



File: 1494129271229.png (2.38 KB, 512x512, 1387416__safe_artist-colon….png)

I only have this doggo to share


File: 1494129318417.png (441.59 KB, 842x1024, 1431236490565.png)

I've seen the webm around before but it never showed the mouse being defeated
Catte did a gud job


File: 1494129794291-0.webm (192.92 KB, 406x720, cat chokehold.webm)


File: 1494130405514.gif (2 MB, 340x284, 1493232130162.gif)


File: 1494130434215.jpg (609.66 KB, 1000x1483, 1483391316297.jpg)

Be nice to maus


File: 1494130490247.jpg (272.39 KB, 1334x983, tibetan-tibetan-spaniel-do….jpg)




File: 1494130683530-0.gif (2.61 MB, 346x207, cat jedi.gif)


File: 1494130685517.jpg (50 KB, 1280x720, mouse can defend itself.jpg)

She just needs to buy a gun

Buenas noches



You'll be mean!



>tfw no cute quartet of rat assassins to hire


I understood nothing about what they were singing but it looked stylish.


It was a sales pitch
They were trying to convince cats that they are the rats for the assasination job to kill a mouse


No honor among micros


File: 1494132013058-0.jpeg (329.13 KB, 2000x3143, 1385401__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)



/v/ told me about this hero


I think it's what you want BDN
>Every 20 seconds can make a team portal that lasts 6 seconds, can evacuate people near death or help move the team across the map for big plays

Seems really game changing


The polymorph seems like it would be useful against Murderballs.


File: 1494133673088.jpg (460.24 KB, 684x1000, 1493992780588.jpg)

Face is kinda meh but wow, look at the amazing art on that body – the realism!


File: 1494134138538.png (581 KB, 700x738, mei_by_gearous-da4ou9k.png)

I'll admit that I can be as bad as Nopony when the enemy team has a Mei. I hate her Ultimate, since it's much more set and forget and you can't really do anything against it.

Fun to snipe with her and contest the door on the Mexico map.


You can play any character with mobility, be on a team with a Lucio, or just eat it with Dva


File: 1494134411339.png (898.63 KB, 1024x724, 1f4f455209854801b15373ecf0….png)

She always gets it right on me when I play Lucio, or the opposite direction of me as D.Va.

I forgot how fun it was to run into people with the mech.


File: 1494135544072.jpg (268.71 KB, 600x843, 1494121731376.jpg)

Anyway, I can't sleep anyways, so have a !dragon



File: 1494135786868.png (995 KB, 1024x1792, commission__anthro_mouse_o….png)

You're going to bed? Here, take this mouse to clean while you sleep.


I guess, it's 1AM now…


File: 1494136947192.jpg (59.89 KB, 736x928, cf1a800cc3e79f347b2c3ea548….jpg)

You should if you are tired.


File: 1494137145104.jpg (3.22 MB, 3000x4000, tmp_32644-IMAG058920042219….jpg)

There was a mercy


So you went to Doujincon after all huh?


Bought a monsbook from a friend and that was it


What's it about?


File: 1494138632987.png (Spoiler Image, 511.55 KB, 489x939, 1493834715020.png)

Can't remember why I saved this

It's barely even size difference

Oh well, someone might enjoy it, a lot of people here like /fit/ girls


File: 1494139200149.jpg (112.62 KB, 320x453, 56446771a929a69436a84c81_5….jpg)


Just some mons gijinka'd

And I can mons for you too in a bit if you're still here


I'll be headed to bed in a bit, so enjoy your day.


>Last post: 2 hours ago
We're the beppest thing since Michael Jackson


Had to do running in 32 degree sun today
I've stopped feeling like dying enough to post


File: 1494150722985.png (644.72 KB, 700x692, c40671fe-13e8-40bc-93c0-4d….png)


>be hangover as shit
>maybe some jack will help me
>turn off after 1min

I cannot deal with this right now


What happened? Did Ashi die?


File: 1494154244291.jpg (82.17 KB, 500x500, 5726911 _fda4c4c75a0db8d68….jpg)

>this whole episode



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