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Haista la vittu, baby.
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It's not a mask, just a small implant in the nasal cavity.


Carol is getting major coverage, probably because she's the closest thing Marvel has to Wonder Woman. Kamala is just playing the diversity card again. I guess they finally caught on to the fact that nobody liked Whor or Blackman.

I did really enjoy Gwenpool though, shame that's not doing so hot. Marvel really has become the fad company.


I see I see.
so you're going to get a bigger nose


>If you’re looking for something simple, look into JUDYISM. This sect is most notable for making its members wear tiny hats. How fun! The Judys have been persecuted relentlessly throughout Earth’s history for their dedication to wearing smaller-than-normal hats, but yet here they are. Still on Earth, still wearing tiny hats. Very inspiring!

God I want S3 already so bad


I wonder who could be behind this


Supposedly Captain Falcon might be going the same way as Miles and Whor as there has been some implications that Marvel might be pushing to return to status quo with their original characters again.
Xmen is still a complete shitshow though due to complicated rights.


File: 1486592268772.jpg (820.87 KB, 300x240, CDR0000713970_Ink_LI.jpg)

No, because they'll be there


So you'll have an incredibly nasal bane voice with a verbal tic to insert random yiddish phrases into your speech


>Not all religions on Earth are peaceful. There’s one in particular known for its violent teachings and deranged, barbaric followers bent on throwing the world into chaos. It’s called VEGANISM, and its primary goal is the destruction and consumption of all plant and flora-based life in the universe. No civilized member of the Federation should ever be associated with this disgusting sect, and we do not support it. But as champions of all sentient life, it is our duty as a news organization to inform the public.


>a spanish jew


File: 1486592500606-0.jpg (1.02 MB, 1988x3056, Right even when he's wrong….jpg)

File: 1486592500606-1.jpg (1.29 MB, 1988x3056, Right even when he's wrong….jpg)

>tfw they're trying to strawman Captain Hyrdamerica as the villain but he keeps making decent points




>Easily the most disturbing service offered was held in an area known as the Petting Zoo. The space was filled with grotesque quadrupeds known as “goats,” bred solely for their sexual depravity. You could hear their sickening bleats of pleasure from anywhere in the market. We went to observe just what was happening in the petting zoo, but when we saw humans bringing their children into the pen, we got the hell out of there. It was sick. The BAD sick.


File: 1486592772637-0.jpg (269.3 KB, 790x1200, Right Wing Skull Squads.jpg)

File: 1486592772637-1.jpg (178.79 KB, 600x922, State of the Union.jpg)

Yeah, got those too.


File: 1486592821860.jpg (246.17 KB, 1000x1500, fffd2774-fe63-4ecc-b01e-b0….jpg)

Can't wait to hone my Smithing skills and make epic gear for the party
Only to have it decorate the wall of our hideout because witches and librarians don't use armor
I mean dang dude what can I even craft for those two nerds


File: 1486592828438.jpg (71.17 KB, 397x550, 4c2c91c9d0d10_58244b.jpg)

>writer has to make liberal heroes or lose his job so he makes the villains more sensible than the heroes


File: 1486592941258-0.jpg (63.46 KB, 633x337, It also can't compel decen….jpg)

The state of comic books, I guess. I haven't bought any in years.


>Trying to farm that very set
>Can't get the drops
Also that belt is inaccurate


The funny thing is that this happened forever. It's just that in the past writers actually knew you can't just shove it in people's faces and expect to have a good story.
Take X-Men, that's a reference to homosexual people, but it's never overtly said.
It's a weird thought to think that if X-Men was written now it would probably be "Gay Pride Parade: the Comic". Wolverine would probably have even more fabulous knives he uses on that self-hating Religioso, before going to dance naked on a float.


Oh that is for Wow then? Neat

So, how do you think Duna can solve this issue since the only one who could be the best suited for armor besides herself would be Eider


File: 1486593419383.jpg (137.29 KB, 510x748, guiding light.jpg)

yeah it's from wew
Gear for the prisoner army, for one.
If you managed to recover the giant aeon you could work on him too


Why are space goat so enticing?


File: 1486593517698.jpg (379.62 KB, 1101x1600, Spidey doesn't keep with p….jpg)

Oh, no, they have Daken the homosexual wolverine spawn for that.
And hell, the Spidey comics way back when were heavily objectivist because the writer was a goddamn nut, but he still didn't jam it down your throat.


Annoying voice pack, generally bad armor fit. Low tier race to play tbh. Females slightly better than males but ultimately they just look like bad female humans when fully geared. Nowhere near as bad as tauren/worgen or goblins/gnomes but still.


You don't understand
I'm blue badadibidiba


Well they dug themselves into this pit. Captain Falcon was actually one thing I liked, but I was never too attached to Steve in the first place.


Do you mean Taking the aeon soul/being and transposing it into a weapon that scales with intelligence?


If you want blue, night elves have a much more working rig when it comes to armor.
There is just something of a painfully clear difference between the allegorical nature of xmen being representations of homosexuality and dealing with the impacts of racism, and things like >>813126
No I mean taking a broken shell of a Reinhardt-tier huge aeon and fixing it back up
Can't say it's all too unexpected, since the movies will probably dictate a lot for some time to come. Maybe some like Kamala or Gwen might walk away unharmed though.


But sexy hooves


And yet no one sees it, at least no one in a position to do anything about it other than to stop buying comics.


Perhaps, or they'll get relegated to team books until they're gently retired because they're not Silver Age characters. Remember Kain and Aracely?


A fun idea but they really fuck up your efforts to make nice outfits because you don't get shoes.
Same with Tauren and Worgen.


Wew boy
That sounds like a real workout for a single Smith, I'll take it

still doesn't help with the issue of not being able to craft anything for the team though, but I guess it won't matter if we keep the simple 3-talent system we have


You want to go nuts, craft a vehicle or something.


File: 1486594675787.png (315.96 KB, 1085x421, Hector_New_Plan.png)


File: 1486594815907.gif (1.36 MB, 400x206, laugh.gif)

You got me hard
Especially with the sombreros


Hey man, where's the fun of being a smith if you can't be a LEGENDARY Smith that crafts weapons worthy of being wielded by Gods?


Truly, a masterpiece.


There's fun in being a widely respected because your metal bands and horseshoes are solidly made and durable, testaments of quality and workmanship that ensure you don't go out of business despite people seldom needing to come to you again for replacement items?


The banners on /j/ are pretty hilarious


File: 1486595084144.png (3.95 MB, 3000x2250, 626c9.png)


I'm too lazy to make a new thread


God fucking dammit Fidget this isn't a business plan, it's a quest



There are two kinds of legends, Maali.


NO, you do it


No, I'm lazy!


its turned out better than I imagined even



don't spoil him

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