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Friendship Meta
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I find it refreshingly simple and filling. Surprising because of the small portions, but that's also nice. actually kind of similiar to a hotdog: meat on or sandwhiched into a squishy carb. Most people use sauce, toppings, or spread to make it taste different. Takes more than one to fill you.


Sadly the comparison is lost on me because I always take my hot dogs to artisan level cuisine aka I throw a bunch of random shit on it not just the holy trinity of condiments


File: 1484868285066-0.png (466.04 KB, 980x636, USA USA USA USA USA.png)

Someone fucked up the A though.


what is U3R?


Obviously it was those nefarious Russian hackers. Who knew they could hack fireworks?


Oh, well that's fine, I usually just have ketchup or nothing myself. But its a little boring, so sometimes you put something else on it. nacho cheese is the most sickeningly good I've done


For me it's either just ketchup/mustard or (very rarely) chili/cheese.


You're making me feel like eating a hot dog now you fuckers.


Grilled dogs are best dogs.
Boiled is garbage, and don't even get me started on the sad state of microwaved hot dogs.


File: 1484868700831.png (56.03 KB, 557x605, 1454264893831.png)

>USSR hacked it

>holy trinity of condiments
>sweet corn
>purple onion
>the wurst
>grated cheese on top


>on a hot dog
The onion I can understand, but corn?


A chilly dog is something entirely different! Its fine to indulge there, I even put like onions or other things if they're available, and I almost never eat onion. since you should only eat one if you're also using fries


Just try it
It's fucking amazing
It's the perfect harmony of tastes


Get that fucking corn out of here and we have a deal.

Cheese is kind of optional as well.


What's your problem with corn?


It shouldn't go on a hot dog.


Is there anything wrong with just enjoying the sausage and the bun?
And maybe some mashed potatoes in it too



Too plain for me


File: 1484869079656.jpg (6.21 KB, 166x231, 131017250800120110725-2204….jpg)

Honestly, I'm from Kansas 'we grow corn and use it in everything' state here, and that's just too far


Nothing wrong with it, but it's kind of boring. I do hate it if there's too much shit on it too though. Sometimes the bread gets drenched in a liter of sauce which makes it disgusting.


Corn is great on anything


>mashed potatoes
>on your hotdog
what the fuck are you doing


A plain dog is fine too.
Hot dogs are unfortunately off the menu for the foreseeable future. I'm dragged into the "better living" diet of measured food and quinoa instead of rice.
I hate it so. The most decadent thing we've eaten was pancakes made out of protein powder. Save me.


I just really don't like making a mess on myself and the floor
Yeah yeah
Sometimes all you need to enjoy is the meat


Maali that's what plates are for. Or bowls.


But your mashed potato will fall onto the floor and everything that way, and you can't use gravy.


I bet you enjoy that meat all too often you little perv.


File: 1484869808264.jpg (56.23 KB, 652x408, 2jq4rvx6vn9r6avjfaw5zdxej.jpg)

Oh yeah sure
it's just that most of the hotdogs I had are like, on the go so I usually ask for them without so much stuff in them
Or if possible I ask if they can be pressed

The ones I usually eat at home are made with tomato sauce and these terrible potato things
What the hell is this… gravy?
Traditional sausages are the only pork meat I think I enjoy
I wonder if there exists chicken sausages


>what is gravy
I can't I'm out


Forgive him, Andy, for he lives in barbarous lands.


gravy is meat milk and it is disgusting in my opinion. Everyone else i've ever met loves the stuff though.


File: 1484870809313.gif (1.76 MB, 906x509, tumblr_o27nr3Ovlo1r3z8jzo1….gif)

Bring some gravy from the store when you come back
>meat milk


File: 1484871889859.jpg (208.38 KB, 1286x1358, 1484866171863.jpg)

Which one of these cards looks the best to you?


Not that kind of meat milk. It's a reductive sauce made from meat drippings from cooking, essentially.


Most legible, texturing on a business card is just kitsch.


Oh that does soounds gross
>Echoes of the time Sylt meme'd on me


No, it's good, it's not just oil and fat or whatever you're thinking of. It's kind of thick, not as thick as cheese sauce, and goes really well with potatoes.


File: 1484872542191.gif (5.92 MB, 482x200, 200.gif)


Allen, of course.
Anyone who thinks differently has 0taste


File: 1484872621181.jpg (47.38 KB, 736x443, 7ca3beb127abb5e90d92ede53f….jpg)

Wait shit
This is graavy, I remember everything now
I saw it before on coraline it was like this


Allen's is the best, though I'm a texturefag so Bryce's is my fave.
Yes, that's what it is.


Well dang, I feel stupid now


It's okay, we're probably missing out on some Brazilian food we've never heard of. I'd suggest something but I don't know any Brazilian food.


I throwed it on google translate and all I got was 'sauce' and 'meat juice'
And Brazillian foods aren't all that interesting
We have a dish that is made of a fried root


What like a potato?


No I mean it's literally a root
a trip to google shows it's called Cassava


Oh like a potato.


File: 1484873687142.jpg (175.51 KB, 512x635, 8ca840037a4d5b2baa4444f639….jpg)


Potatoes are basically roots, Maali. Though maybe a comparison to carrots would be more accurate?


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