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In a time long past, before the coming of the Two, was a time of gods, heroes and monsters. A world as yet unexplored, an age of high adventure.

And in this age, eons ago, four wayward wanderers did find themselves crossing paths. Perhaps it was chance, or perhaps ordained by fate. I alone can elucidate the adventures of these four.

Hearken now to the Tales from the Age of Steel!
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I shrug my pack off my shoulder and tuck the ration packs into the top. Why would I need a bag? Pulling my pack back on, I grumble a quiet, "Thanks." and turn to leave.



Instead of bending the bars, Noghu hits the back of his spear into the stones holding the bars in place, skilled in finding fauntlines in stone.

> Shatter: recharge 2, weapon; Breaks the target's defenses to open them up for attack. Deals damage and increases the Crit Range for all attacks against them by 2 for two rounds. Can be used against inanimate objects or armor to break and damage them efficiently.

[1d10] DC-1

Roll #1 3 = 3


Sunbeam takes a Trakali coin out, and scratches a circle between two flowers on it, then gently places it in the bowl. "It may not be worth anything here, but if you are ever in Trakali, you will have a seat at any royal table." She reflects for a moment. "That coin is much like me… Worthless here, royalty there." She frowns and gently bows towards the beggar. "I do not mean to lecture you." She says, a bit awkward from speaking so much to someone who probably doesnt understand.


"Hmm.. Perhapss. What can you tell me of the city'ss lesss mundane sstores, is there a peddler of arcane waress? A city thiss large musst have ssomething of note, yess?"

Seeing Thungr trudge out, the Sorceress lingers long enough to hear the shopkeeper and thank her for the time, before following the hunter.


Briefly checking to see if the witch is following, I make my way outside town to start settin up camp.


As they approach the castle, for lack of suitable skulking places, Kalidan takes to playing the part of a tourist on a walk about town, stopping at various shrubberies and making a show about scrutinizing each one. Following whatever herbs, flowers or weeds that lead the way, he casually strolls right up to the edge of the empty moat (more like a glorified ditch, really), leaning down and running a toebean along the edge as if feeling the moss, or if there is none, checking the quality of the soil, all while actually eyeing the ditch for spikes, wires, or other obvious traps at the bottom. Would be a shame to sneak himself right into an embarrassing situation, especially in front of Neridah.

Continuing his jaunt-cum-survey roughly encircling the fortress while pretending to be interested in the local flora, he surreptitiously marks the guards, looking for any points of entry that may be unguarded for any amount of time.

Perception [1d10]

He picks the nicest, brightest looking flower he can find along his path, turning and presenting it to Neridah with a flourish and a sweet smile.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You give the stones a solid whack. It just glances off with a loud crack, and not much else happens. Someone's sure to have heard that.

There's not too many flowers in the arid places of the world, but you manage to find one. Neridah rolls her eyes at your display and swats your hand away. "Save it, lover boy. You couldn't handle me anyway."

You manage to find a way down into the ditch in the form of a broken stone path at the leftmost edge. Down below, you're a sitting duck for any guards that glance over, so you and Neridah will both have to be extra careful not to attract attention.

You hear a loud thwack of something hitting a stone wall from the other end of the castle. A few guards turn to investigate.

She blinks and looks down at the coin. She doesn't seem to understand, as you suspected, but seems to appreciate the gesture anyway. "Graza dona!" She gives you a big, toothy grin - you notice some teeth are missing as if she'd been punched in the face - and slinks off into the bazaar, soon vanishing completely.

She frowns. "We don't really do that sort of thing here… At least, I don't think we do… But I do know of someone who might be able to help if you're into… witchery." She lowers her voice a little, as if afraid someone might be listening in.

"She doesn't live here in the city, but out in the wilds, near Hangman's Canyon. She usually comes in a few times a cycle to gather supplies. A strange one, her. They say she speaks to wolves and birds, and sees faces in flames. You'll know her if you see her. A saurian, like yourself, hiding her face behind crimson robes. What her name is, I never heard, but the folks around here call her the Red Woman." She looks uncomfortable talking about her much.

You head back to Nadeem's Inn, finding Amari the barmaiden leaning on the counter, bored. She perks up as you enter. "Oh. Hello hello. How can I help?"


Scurrying as not to have his steak stolen, Noghu hides in the shadows.


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


I walk up and sit at the bar. "Food. Somethin hot." I glance over my shoulder to see if the witch is still followin me. If she is, I cock an eyebrow and ask,

"Y'all eat?"


Kalidan makes a show of being hurt at Neridah's rebuke, but winks at her before turning away.

At the loud stone-sound, he ducks close to the castle-side of the moat, hoping to remain hidden from any guards patrolling the wall. Shooting a sharp look at Neridah, he slinks along the surface, keeping an eye out for any opening in the wall of the moat, or any loose stones that might suggest a secret passage into the fortress.


"Graza… dona… to you as well." Sunbeam stands confused for a moment, then decides to return to the inn to check with her friends until sundown.


"Interessting.." mutters the saurian, lost in thought.

Making note of this, Vajra follows Thungr close behind into the inn.

"Indeed, a meal would be mosst appreciated." nods Vajra, eyeing the menu.


I nod. "Two of whatever she gets and some water."


In his effort to get away, Noghu runs headlong into Kalidan and Neridah, almost knocking the latter over. She curses in an unfamiliar language as she regains her footage, shooting one paw up to her mouth to stop herself, looking upwards nervously as you hear guards crossing the drawbridge. "What are you doing here?" she hisses to the Dog once the danger has subsided. "…What smells like olives?"

You are presented with menus. The local cuisine seems to consist largely of ground meats, flatbreads and spices, with items such as kebab, shawarma, falafel and shakshouka being included, along with meat or vegetable stews. You are also served a jug of water.

You see Sunbeam enter the inn.

The Felid just looks confused as you return the phrase. You're not sure whether you just mispronounced or whether the response doesn't make sense. Or both.

You return to the inn, where you find Thungr and Vajra just getting settled for a late lunch. Amari greets you with a smile. "Hello! Just passing through?"


"You!" Kalidan hisses, checking around nervously for guards. "First you lead the city guard on a spur-of-the-moment parade through the streets, now you crash my reconnaissance mission?"
He sniffs the air, then covers his nose. "Smells more like old fish." He narrows his eyes at the hyena in suspicion.

"Whatever. Don't get us caught. Did you hear that sound just now?" He pauses a moment, still squinting at the hyena. "Did you make that sound just now?"


"Ah, a meat sstew would be excellent." she says to the server, after looking into the menu.

Noticing the dragon, the sorceress waves her over.

"Ah, There you are. Have you come closser to paying out debt to Kothbiro?"


"Taking a break. Galatian can be exhausting." She says, taking a seat with Thungr and Vajra.

After hearing Vajra remind her of the debt she had entirely forgotten about, Sunbeam slams her head onto the table. "No." She groans. When she lifts her head up she speaks "What about yourself then?"


"Bad noses, is meat. Threw fish."

Noghu looks to Kalidan and then at the stones, pointing, "No, stone did."


Having already told her I want what the witch gets, I just take a swig of water out od the jug, wipe my mouth with the back of my hand, and quietly wait for my food without glancing at the menu.

I eye her and knit my brow. There it is again. Debt? Normally I wouldn't say anythin, but- "Y'all do remember we saved her? What're y'all goin on about with this 'debt' nonsens?"


"Hrmm. You are correct, but I wouldn't want to attract her anger. She seems to hold… recognition in this place." She says, with a twinge of fear.


I deadpan. "That don't answer my question."


"We did, but this is her territory. We are strangers, visitors." She stops and thinks for a moment. "I am not saying we must be good guests and servants but… She has the uh… being-at-home-help." she says, lost on the idiom.


She blinks, a bit confused by Noghu's vernacular. "…Why are you even here?" she asks, continuing to whisper. "I mean we have reason enough to be skulking about, but what brought you here? There's no food, it's just a hole in the ground. …I suppose I can see the appeal for you."

Thungr and Vajra's orders are processed, and Amari looks to Sunbeam, waiting patiently for her own order.


I pinch the bridge of my nose and let out a low "Hrrrm…" After a second I take a deep breath and say, "I mean about the debt. Why do we owe her?"


"Oh, she bought our rooms. I… I assumed you knew that."


I slowly shake my head and continue to stare at her, expecting more details.


"Sshe paid for our roomss, and iss currently holding our meeting with sstyr thenn over our headss. If we don't repay her, sshe will call it off."

"We have ssecured a contract with the guild. The death of two devilbirdss for my half to cover the room." explains the saurian, looking quite proud over the progress.


After Vajra's much better explanation, Sunbeam doesn't respond.

"Oh, I know this word. We are mercuries! Or… uh Mercedes… I do not know this word. But what is this contract?"


"Mercenariess, yess.. and our contract iss to kill the devilbirdss." says Vajra, nodding.

"Flightlesss, viciouss creaturess. The localss have created the contract, the birdss musst die, then we receive our payment."


I sigh and slouch over the counter. Costin me too much. Meetin with Mr.Then better be worth it. It's hard to get out of my mouth at first, but finally I manage to say, "How much?"


Kalidan blinks, shakes his head. "Whatever. Not sure why you're here, but we're looking for a way in. If you've got any ideas, I'm all ears." He tweaks his long pointy ears to punctuate the sentiment.

The felid leans in to murmur an aside to Neridah. "He may be a fool, but he's surprisingly good at putting his nose where it doesn't belong. Which is precisely where that gem probably ended up."


"Finding cave to sleep in. Good cave there." Noghu gestures beyond the bars. "Ponies try steal my food."

Noghu then looks up where the guards are, "Ponies may try steal again, may burrow in."


Sunbeam looks back at Amari, just as expectant. "I am unfamiliar with food of this land. What would you recommend?" She says, looking at the menu confused.

"Ah. Sounds not that difficult. We have been through much worse, yes Scalekin?" She says with a sense of camaraderie.


"Stealing food, eh? How low can you get?" There's a strong hint of irony in his sardonic grin. He huddles close to the wall of the moat to hide from the guards around the fortress and begins to sneak his way around the rear, in the direction indicated by the wild dog. After a few steps he turns to look back over his shoulder.

"Well? You coming?"


Neridah nods. "Might be useful, as long as we can keep him on a leash. Maybe literally."

"That's… that's not a cave," she says bluntly. "That's a castle. And it's crawling with ponies. Probably the worst place you could possibly pick to sleep in."

"So what," Neridah asks Noghu, "you found a way in then, or…?" She shoots a glance upwards at the guards, who are beginning to congregate at the ditch. You hear some winged guards fly down around the corner from you. Unless you find somewhere else to hide, it seems nearly unavoidable they'll spot you.

Amari blinks in surprise. "Oh. You're not too familiar with our cuisine then? Here, let me give you a hand…"

She explains the options a bit better, going through what their cuisine entails. After a bit of deliberation, you end up settling on a spicy butter chicken curry.

After a bit of waiting, your orders are brought out and served. The stew and curry are both equally hearty and delicious.


"Food discarded, they fight anyways."

Noghu shrugs, following


"Cui-sine. What an interesting word. And ha-nd. I have not heard of that." She says, enjoying her curry.

"Is this similar to cui-sine from your land Vajra? Or yours Thungr?"


Kalidan continues circling along the bottom of the depression, ears folded back, trying to think of what he'll tell the guards when they are inevitably caught.

Perception [1d10]

He whispers to Neridah. "Okay, if they talk to us, this is our story. We followed our 'dimwitted friend' down here, concerned for his welfare, see? But then we all got stuck and we're just looking for a way out." He brushes his whiskers nervously. "If that doesn't work, we name drop Kothbiro. After that I'm about out of ideas."

Roll #1 1 = 1


I rub my eyes with my thumb and forefinger and grumble. Dern dragon lost in her own world. "I said," I repeat. "How much?"

I take a little bit to quietly savor the stew. Feels like it's been too long since I've had a decent, hot meal not dried out by the fire. Least a week. I pick up the spoon and set it down by the bowl. With one hand, I lift the bowl up and slurp it down, attempting not to get too much in my beard. Once it's half gone, I set the bowl back down, wipe my beard, and let out a satisfied sigh.

[1d10]Wiping stew from shaggy food trap

Pretty well survive on stews back at my cabin. This one is dern good, though. I grunt and nod.

Roll #1 4 = 4



[1d10] perception

Hearing the guards approach, Noghu looks to his meat, then to the cats. "We talk later."

[1d10+2] Burrow

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9


"I did not have these sorts of stews often. Not a great idea to leave a bowl of food unattended in Trakali."
"Oh! What we borrowed from Kothbiro? It was sixty. Sixty uh… what you call them."


File: 1589598484466.gif (989.7 KB, 500x270, tumblr_mra0uh9nLF1rf0wwwo1….gif)

"Ssixty bitss for both of uss." grumbles the sorceress, gesturing to Sunbeam. "..My half exactly from the birdss."

"Yess, thosse creaturess are not a concern, flightlesss as they are."

With the stew arriving hot, the sorceress blows on her bowl before sipping.


"Mm.. It iss filling, and not dissimilar to the foodss of Abysssinia."

"The flavorss of the river are a unique flavor that iss difficult to find elssewhere."


I nod. Was a little afraid I'd have'ta pay for 'em. Sounds like they got it under control with the bounty. Least the witch does.


"Sspicess and sseassonings, mosstly. Abbyssinia iss a major sstop on the sspice road, after all."



"Sounds like a plan," Neridah muses.

As you go around to the opposite end, Noghu starts digging a hole into the dirt, enough to conceal himself. He doesn't get too far before hitting solid rock though, only about 6 feet deep.

"Hey!" You are suddenly aware of two armored guards standing at the top, glaring down at you with javelins in hoof. "You can't be down there!" the left guard continues to berate. "The castle is off limits to citizens." She shakes her javelin threateningly.


"Oh, I know those words. Traders from Keslik come with those. Some are quite strong." She says, trying to remember the name of a certain spice.


Noghu stays quiet, waiting to hear the cats' responses.


As the dog disappears, Kalidan's confident smirk disappears, replaced with surprised annoyance. "Where the hell do you think you're going?"

Immediately frozen at the sound of the guard, Kalidan hisses a slight curse between his pointed teeth before turning up toward the voice, a confident smile on his face.

"Ah, excuse us..! We were just looking for our friend. We thought he wandered down here. He's… a little slow," he shrugs apologetically. "We would never intend to trespass!"

Persuade [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2

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